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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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>> (clapping.) thank you very much thanks for being here unusually i'm on that does but i'll be on this side today, today we get to see some of the rendering the idea of what this event is going to look like and it is very exciting i saw some of this stuff yesterday it
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is the event imyou've ever covered a super bowl or a gone to a super bowl or rod i didn't played in the super bowl (clapping) you but you know what a mom neglect thank or thing this is every year the super bowl is one of the most watched event it attracts more than one hundred million people vultures watch it on tv and people going come to the venue and what better place to stage this thing in san francisco bay area the world will find what we know this is trowel the greatest plays in the world to live and play and live the nfl will be showcasing this thing to this the 50th anniversary of the super bowl and so it will be a monumental event to say the least did you
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know though they tell me super bowl week has 8 days this is the week prey second street super bowl sunday and the latter one in san francisco, in fact, right adjacent to where we are you'll see the detailed the city of san francisco will be able to show case all it has to offer to millions of visitors but coming here to televisions, in fact, the bay area will show case was it has to offer that's why people are here the super bowl 50 the hosting committee will continue to groundhog increase still a few months, in fact, i look at it and the days 2 hundred and 91 days and counting down all to introduce the chairman the man that set the
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violation for super bowl 50 to be the most giving super bowl yet we'll talk about that, please welcome to the stage chairman daniel leary daniel (clapping.) thank you you'll for being here and thank you, ken from the beginning super bowl 50 is also been about more just a game we see super bowl 50 as a powerful catalytic for change for the entire region and that's why the occupant i opportunity to make a lasting impact on to our economy drives all decisions we make it actually go back to a phone number phone call i made to my dear friend robby i said words he said this can't be about just the passion for this game
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it's got to be about the compassion for the community and that's why we pledge from day one that is about our community first and that's why we chart a courts from the beginning to every dollars we'll take 25 percent of that and reinvested it back into our bay area community through the 50 fund 25 percent of every directing going back to the community so and so same principles will deprive our experience here in san francisco santa clara and throughout the region not only are recreating experiences but designed to introduce the super bowl fans to all the be sure has to offer but showcasing the 50 fund grantees to those guests around the globe that is our chance to show off
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wasn't san francisco volumes is a big part it super bowl 50 is positive for the bay area and is a celebration that every single person has a chance to enjoy so today, i and we have existed to unveil the name and logo of the host community super bowl 50 fan village our free fan vinyl here in san francisco destined with the public in mind the host committee is produced to introduce super bowl city (clapping) keith gets to show the renderings but that is our logo i was excited by that logo so san francisco will be one of the main hubs of energy during super
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bowl wing we expect over 100-0000 tans fans to come through the city we wanted a name of san francisco's identity aid spirit in the logo you'll come up and see that more closely you'll see the icons from super bowl city out those sty the embarcadero city aided it coit tower and it ferry building and the bay bridge capacity in the letters throughout super bowl 50 the bay area will shown on a global stage we is he look forward to playing on to celebration for a super bowl that is uniquely bay area ken you're up (clapping) thank you. >> daniel yeah, you go anywhere in the country not dui main or
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san francisco this is the bay area so perfect design showdown there now to share more details about super bowl city which is expected to attract a million people over the course of super bowl week i want to the guy that has been leading the undertook taxing i see him in the exhilarated they're in how building and that's the only time this is a good stands still and he's a businessman for more than 25 years his xroerns includes 13 super bowls not his first rod yes he's the driving litter to deliver the best super bowl laechl the host ceo keith bruce
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(clapping). >> thank you, ken i hope everyone likes this super bowl city logo as much as we do i coincident be more existed to be here to give you a lot into super bowl city and in connection over the next 42 weeks as we count down to super bowl we're on a admission mission make sure that benefits our region we're putting a lot of time and poster to making this super bowl an unforgettable experience for the fans and visitors one is super bowl city that will offer a fun and free way for you bay area locals and our visitors to enjoy the celebration of the milestone super bowl so today i'd like to walk you through some of the super bowl
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week and show you two artist rendering how the san francisco waterfront will be trofrpd into super bowl city so here we go it worked the drop worked (laughter) we have another image for the back half of the room of the render there you go the on the embarcadero with the mainly gate at the foot of san francisco market street and super bowl city there have family-friendly activities this hub will offer things for the fans and kids and families and tourist and international visitors it is being designed to show case the best that the bay area has to offer with interact games that highlight it technology our currently and cultural diversity
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from performing and displays have highlight the regime to locally grown foods and wine it capture the bay areas spirits we have nfl activity and fun show cases produced by our post community and partners we'll have activity it celebrate fall our vthd milestone anniversary and the bay professional plays ronnie was a big part we won 8 of the trophies we should be proud of in the bay area in addition to fan activities speaking city produces the national broadcast which will think broadcasting from the plaza super bowl week the plazas is in the center off the
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buildings the cbs studio consultant will capture iconic views tiftd all over the world and from live each day with our goal of setting a new standard informative super bowl we'll be that the unprecedent and offering super bowl city for an center weekend for the capitol hill opportunity to see super bowl city before the out of town guests around arrive p will be open 8 days before super bowl 50 an incredible opening celebration with the days activity by the official relighting of the iconic on the
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willie brown jr. bay bridge. >> the may walked in adding to the exist in the nfl experience pro football theme park with football troiksdz and other activities the nfl experience will open on january 30th on the moscone center north and south i handsomely am incredibly existed and proud of the process we and how teem and the host committee planted our super bowl 50 and 2, 3, 4 particular our plans for super bowl city we are very proud and thanks to mayor ed lee and his entire staff for their incredible support for this existing endeavor we believe this reflect the spirit
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and personality of the host city and our entire regional and bring the mask of super bowl to the weeks leading up to game day i look forward to sharing the plans ♪ the coming most thank you very much for coming today ken book over to thank you (clapping.) thank you very much keith willie is take me on, however hour to get over the willie brown bay bridge but i enjoyed every minute of the of want to invite up our favorable player please welcome him to the stage (clapping) well, everybody i think all those words and pictures are
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neat and special but i've got to tell you you have no idea until you come and interpreters that in the 2 hundred and 90 days we're in for a treat super bowl is a mavenal experience as the 49ers we're proud to be part of the host committee just seeing the region connect obviously all the activity during the week is in san francisco we connect the dots on super bowl sunday at levi stadium and to see the whole be sure to come together is really special we're many in for a treat because of daniel and keating those guys are fantastic i've been at 15 super bowls those guys work hard but it is a special experience and
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you know, i can't tell you how much at the 49ers by the enjoy being part of committee but we want to be two of the honored guests we're on the host committee and helping introduce who other teams especially our teams will be bummed out we hope to be part of this a lot of red and gold we might as well get that in this is a really fantastic day and this is for something special i'll be part of that so without further ado i get to introduce one of the best defensive players in certainly one of the best 49ers mr. ronnie lot
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(clapping.) >> thank you, thank you wow. this is so existing it is amount to me that 50 years ago i was playing in the super bowl here and i'm hoping that you have the same experience i had i'm hoping that not only do you have the experience but what a great place we had it the great mayor at this point it was the the supervisor and welcomed us we have a had a wonderful time the best part all of you here you made the difference and i think what is so existing i can sit here and talk about the raiders and talk about the 49ers but really bits the fans to me when i think about this opportunity one felt great things being
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around daniel you find ours look at the fan that might not have an opportunity to participate and opening willie like i know willie he's looking at that fan and knowing koeth and their looking at the fan i hope when we take the opportunity to celebrate we look at the one fan that might not have an opportunity to participate i want to thank you all for being here this is a great day i'm so existed and more importantly all the people associated are the national football legacy i'll say this today is the day when you lose someone when which we lost bob sinclair not all to pay my
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respects to him what we give to san francisco i would be remiss you not all of us to guy our redz hides for one second god bless you guys we're going to have a great time thanks so much (clapping.) thank you very much ronnie i thank you our next speaker is san francisco 43rd mayor that made history as the first asian-american mayor has had greater and greater success why you can't get a parking space since taking office he keeps economic recovery on track and created 20 thousand new jobs and
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has nitty-gritty success it is among the most violent in the nation of course, hermosa beach to pitch san francisco and the golden to the san francisco during heights campaign ed lee gets it done well we're glad he helped to get this down along with with the santa clara ladies and gentlemen san francisco mayor, mayor ed lee (clapping.) well, i guess i'm the last play i'll make sure i run it across the line to ken (laughter) see you got it it took you a second i'm going to have to teach you how to bike willie and ken
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officially ladies and gentlemen i want to welcome you all officially to the super bowl city of san francisco what on criminal logo dean he will you and keith and the entire host committee shu 84 thank you to everyone a lot of volunteer hours but we've been celebrating ever since there was a node from the nfl we'll host the 50th this is the 50th and we're standing right here next to the lombardy trophy that means so much to the fans and visitor and the super bowl city that logo is special because it is a week-long celebration that is free to the public free to people who wanted to be part of this experience that might not been able to do it with thoughts of other fans we
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get to open this on january 30th that's incredible i want to continue to say thank you to the fellow mayors and matthew. >> chuck reed now, it's san la arrested and libby shaft we're working together to make sure this event is a shared success for everyone and through transportation housing to all of the visitors that come here to the incredible hotels and restaurant we have to share to the city department that are working hard to make sure everybody is safety and successful this event will be world-class we will take note not everyone what call themselves super bowl city it has kind of a ring of repetition maybe that is an exciting first of many to come but this is an incredible celebration of the
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50th year a lot of free things right here at the hotel next to it we can violation lists what's been diagramed here for the city and to have role lighting of the willie brown jr. bay bridge during that week is more special because we all come to appreciate how invaluable that artisty of lights has been shared by thousand of international visitors this is not just the san francisco bay area this is the 0 whole world i've had investor from china saying we're coming to the super bowl right yeah come people from which they think are interested in the super bowl celebration in san francisco that's incredible i also want to say again, a special thanks to the host
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committee for oh, the most of the philanthropic super bowl i think will ever see and hopefully, a strong trend in all the super bowls i think that will when our raising over $40 million money is raised in the philanthropic world because of the attention bay area nonprofits and their contributions to all of the quality of life many the entire area to know that our companies legally really want to associated and tasked but with not goal 49ers have that they've been part of that history in san francisco and the entire bay area no less where the super bowl i want to say thank you. welcome the clock is tick but more so because we're about to have an "x" ambulance that's welcome to people across the world and local fans that have a
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week-long celebration with the cultural emancipation proclamation curtain hosting we'll do here with the exchange of the history of football as a sport but now nufls the philanthropic contributions to the entire world that will be great we hope to keep this trophy here for a long long time having earned that before i our local team and, yes red and gold are good colors thank you, everybody and keep the work done right we're rode to start celebrating thank you to all of the people on the host committee but the fans who have a chance to be here and everyone in san francisco deep our success strong for everyone a shared
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prosperity and thank you all very much (clapping.) all right. that concludes it thank you very much mr. mayor and the mayor will be here for the month and voters as will director heinecke he will and ronnie will sting around and others so 2 hundred and 90 days we'll tailgate outside thanks for coming good afternoon everyone
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and welcome to the board supervisors meeting of april 21, 2015. also i would like to announce now thathe chamber is flow we have a overflow room in room 26