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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hamburger for thursday, may 7, 2015, disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. italian-american commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson and commissioner moore. >> commissioners, the first item on your agenda item one ab for cases at pacific avenue
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discretionary review and variance proposed until june next case pacific discretionary review and variance are proposed until june 4th no another items i have several speaker cards for the first two items. >> calling names of speaker cards sorry (calling names). >> hello, i'm eric i'm the son the project sponsor we're here to support the staff recommendation for continuance the hamburger until june 4th we
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requested may 21st, however foufd the dprer was not available we agreed to the fourth date there is currently angle dbi enforcement action that is, we may have to abate within the next thirty days on we don't know at this point. >> thank you good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the planning commission i'm kathleen the chair for the russian hill association this proposed project as ramifications beyond pacific after the results of this hearing will effect the surrounding neighborhood therefore i strongly request
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that if this commission choose not to take this project off calendar and investigate the issues and he'd them i strongly urge you to continue this project until july 2nd when all the dr requesters will be out the country or sulfate when all the dr requesters are present this issue deserved to be taken off calendar if not please continue it until the dr requesters are here. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm robin tucker the co-chair the pacific avenue neighborhood associations with any to my right is my colleague
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we're the dr requesters we oppose the continuance date of june 4th and please consider taking the agenda items the dr off calendar until much time as all issues and maertsd related to the property are fully disclosed and misunderstood we're asking for a july 2nd date when all the dr requesters can be present neither my colleague or might have are available for for the june 4th i request why would we go forward if the dr requesters can't be here i'll read two paragraphs to make sure we get this on the record. >> there is matter that we have
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no knowledge of when we filed two dates before april 23rd other matters that came to our attendance it's andrew u united way this relates to the subject properties and the cause of continuance request and continue to be the reason for the continuance request we are informed and building that those matters should be resolved from the dr and the properties the subject therefore can come before the commission we ask for the dr should be calendared or considered for a continuance i leave to the commission in our wisdom and our experience when it should be appropriated appropriately calendared or taken off calendar and the continuance not granted
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in the meantime 3 days before the hearings when this matter was calendared we were asked by e-mail we agreed we are were seriously invented as well as the the community now we're being asked a second time to continue that matter until all the dr requesters and stakeholders in the audience if you guys can raise our handicap some of them are present can't be present business asz and personal matters not vagsdz preclude us and we believe the continuance is all matters before they can be fully disclosed and understood we respectfully request the commission take the dr off the calendar or the
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alternative please allow a continuance date until july 2nd when the dr requesters can be present thank you very much. >> respected the commissions i'm a citizen of the united states of america i have business and family are interests in india my trip was postponed to go to the hearing i was lead to understand the people that wanted the hearing asked for a continuance 0 now substantially today they're asking we're asking for another continuances and all the dr requester people that filed the dr and worked on this
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foreclose to two years including my myself we're not going to be present on june 22nd reading we are asking for this to happen an july 2nd i may have my dates off but i don't know this is a big deal we want all to be present the people that worked open this so hard for 2 years and the fact that we've made concessions for the other side i represent submit any request to table the matter or shifted to july 2nd thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on the items proposed for continuance okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> i believe that the request
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for continuance stems from the request to clarify a number of issues in the background of this project which were not part of when this project was first scheduled to appear in front of us and those issues are technical in nature they need clarifications for the entire body before we schedule there are dbi violations and until their cleared the project needs to be to in my opinion looked like a submittal that intentionally did not fully explain the background of the project including the plans that were submitted i'll be clear i'm a person that wrote a complaint to the zoning administrator to raise those issues before they
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were even scheduled to appear here since that's not occurred and still in process all the matters a claertd including myself not planning to make that unworkable but first steps first before we agree to a specific date for the project to occur that's nothing like that and i asked we persian the specific date out further. >> commissioner antonini. >> well i think there should be a date if there is a date we revolve the issues i'm not familiar as commissioner moore but i think you put a date and mark in the sand if it is not ready it can be continued i'm fine for the continuance june is
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almost a month away i'll prove to the june figured out. >> is that a motion. >> that's a motion. >> commissioner johnck. >> having been on that side of the railing many, many times i realize realize you have plan our life around the hearings and childcare and all the things it is a hassle and if clearing the issues are severe enough i'll ask the deserve i'd like to make a motion to push the hearing out to july 2nd. >> second. >> so this los also involves a variance we had a avoidance on in item a little bit over a year ago in april of last year? a project that is ongoing at a time hearing i took the matter
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under advisement and respect through the discretionary review filed here before you prior to last year, we got a investigation and mr. guy can give you more details i'll confident an accurate submittal only june fourlt fourth and obviously want everyone to be in attention but we'll all benefit but leave the final date to this commission we should a date. >> commissioners for clarity commissioner antonini made a motion to june 4th i don't hear a second. >> >> commissioner richards. >> i agree mr. sanchez a date w is appropriate i think we had a
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hearing on a matter a week or two ago we set a date people came back from i understand so it is a little bit jerking around the public if we don't make a diet for sure have everybody here i think july 2nd and commissioners on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> on the surveillance continue to the same date one ab. >> commissioners under our consent calendar remove 3 from consent and three and four we'll
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hear that at the beginning the calendar commissioners consideration the approval of the minutes rules committee meeting and the regular meeting inform april 23 2015. >> any public comment on item draft minutes. >> move to approve on that motion to dove the minutes from april 23rd commissioner antonini. >> sxhifdz commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on item 6 commission questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you i'd like to give in my opinion on something i've watched the board of supervisors in san francisco for over 50 years and unfortunately, there's
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been regrettable legislation from that board one of the worse things i've heard considered is a moratorium on market rate housing in the mission in terms of housing less is not more even the premise is not accurate we got a report no our recent study on the san francisco housing inventory monk it was 10 unit produced if 3 and 75 unit i couldn't get ahold of staff not what is being built but not beingability betsy carmichael a proliferation of a lot of housing is not accurate to begin with and also the mission is a desirable place it is good for us but stopping housing production is not going
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to slow down the ability on raise the prices and everyone will bid it up i'm not alone in those feeling the perspective analysis produced a paper i gave to all the commissioners this year an california's high housing costs and they said the chief cost of the high costs particular in coastal areas is lack of building the housing to meet the demand and a bag produced a paper it says 5th development and driving up housing costs and also the author of the new geography of jobs who is also a mission district resident said in part of his book that deals with did you curtailing development makes
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little sense and will accelerate the displacement of resident and arbitrary new hours results in a higher real estate prices if there's a reduction of supply is reduce the housing. >> a gentleman named matthew who is very progressive in piss philanthropy he falsifies university health care and distribution but not in fair of less upcoming he wants less housing regulation and he in a book entitled my rent is too damn high the housing production adding new housing production gets slower rent most of the people that o pined and the experts agree with me i hope the
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board of supervisors is wise enough not to talk take up the measure and if the voters are asked it same to follow that the other thing a lot of talk about only ones welcomed in the midst district are a particular i believeal group everyone is welcome anywhere in our city or country and to try to restrict to with only group is reverse red line so that's my position. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to remind the public this commission acts as one body the commissioners comments reflect those who make them. >> commissioner richards. >> a couple of thing i mentioned to a few folks on
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staff last night i hope at some point we can make a determination through the nexus process this year to try to figure out once and for all new housing causes displacement we can have it now so we can mitigate it when it happens that helps the argument i don't know one way or the other the one thing i want to understand the staff is working with the people on the 20/20 plan in porsche in the next couple of weeks on the information what that it would be veryinformative. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further. >> item 7 directors in the amount. >> good job commissioner richards certainly we'll update
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open the mission district the fundamentals to that plan the strategy how to increase the number of affordable units and protection thank you pursue and the only other announcements let's see the public know related to short-term rentals we've created an online scheduling appointment system so those who want to register with the city for short-term rentals can schedule their appointments on online at planning dash short-term rentals this is the scheduling of on appointment not for submitting the application it is still required we come in that the applicant come in in person to submit the materials we must have the materials submitted in order to approve them the 6 hundred
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applications are from this week the numbers are rising we're continuing to accept appointments but the public can do it online rather than calling to make an appointment that concludes my report thank you. >> commissioners item 8 review the past appeals no historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon rearing ride share star we heard a message on massage establishment that eliminates the use for the condominium conversion for the california sate practitioners and prohibit the reestablishment of moojdz in the year where they have code violations and nowhere else or no longer consider the
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medical practitioners a massage use they recommended approval with modifications the planning commission modifications to be first require all new and existing mooshlts to get a permit in dpw and require the compliance with conditional use use approval and prohibit the mooshths in the same location that is closed due to planning health or other notice of violation for 3 years and allow them to continue to operate awhile getting land use and with one sole practitioner from conditional use authorization and with the recent article two changes and add an expedited c authorization for small businesses all but two of the
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recommendations were included in the final ordinance orleans only one sole practitioner for storefront and to dpws rules and the 3 year review for new establishments is not included that he land use commission the hearing from the small business commission and the status on the commission of women the focus was on enforcement efforts and the current number of locations on the massage establishment in the city the small business commission focused on the need on the legislation that didn't overburden legitimate massage establishment operators over and over or those o - >> on the utility of the legislation on human trafficking
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in san francisco it was split between against conditional use authorization to massage establishment in light of the cost and time of the process and the other was the need to provide cu as a result tool to reduce the incidents of human trafficking supervisor wiener raised an issue first the planning code could be amended for an establishing massage establishment to relocation but not get an entitle and the section one 02 to be changed to massage health massage service because the massage community felt it was a health professional fold and the third question the planning code to be amended for the which they shouldn't to add a health
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practitioner to their business without a cu and i cu 80 can be amended because of the supervisors felt the cu process was time in active and the cu can solve interest problem supervisor wiener asked the board to look at those 3 issues and supervisor wiener duplicate the file and moved to continue the duplicate file to the call of the chair and commissioner tang made a technical clarification amendment to the original version of the ordinances and the committee passed the ordinance to the full board unanimously the second item was internal equivocation for medical cannabis dispensary on eir i didn't and two other cds this interim would run states the mcd
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in the four sunset district and remove as part of the administration of the actual commercial use and use is not defined as a cu for cds one member of the public has an application pend coming out came out and spoke in opposition supervisor tang said those controls were state controls and sentiment that was reiterated by supervisor wiener with not other comment if the committee members it was with a positive recommendation the noise regulations related to the place of entertainment pasdz its first reading the landmark designation for golf street the dmrb building was continued until may 12th to allow the
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robotic team to set a machine on may 12th and the interim zoning controls supported by supervisor tang was adapted on a 9 to two vote with supervisor mar and supervisor avalos descend 3 introductions a planning code for the accessory use for western south of market district sponsored by supervisor jane kim that allows accessory use with a limited live performance south of market use next was an interim moratorium on new residential uses and the pdrs in a portion of the area this was sponsored by 4 supervisors approving any permit to convert or constrict hours on
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the issuance of any permit to demolish a defer or eliminate pdr uses and create an interim moratorium for hundred percent affordable housing projects as defined and to allow the eliminations of pr used for hundred affordable housing prongs in a portion the mission plan and the general plan the other item was a planning code amendment sponsored by the mire it is a measurement this or of rooftop i have to look at that. >> it is in the planning code by adding you knew subsection to modify the measurement methodology i'm sorry how would- >> say that again. >> (laughter).
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awe perpetrate and create a process to authorize certain floor and exist in the cross-examination 3 zoning district that's all thank you >> commissioner johnson. >> mr. star thank you and there are some legislative items generally speaking i know you write those ahead of time can you send those to us. >> i write them maybe a half hour ahead of time. >> maybe we can post them there is more to the spoiler legislation their public records but sometimes hard to follow when you we have a lot of items. >> i will try to overwhelm before the hearing. >> what before the hearing. >> commissioner johnson are you
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referring to his brief. >> his brief. >> his report. >> so i know aaron is writing his belief pretty close to the hearing but if we set up a paragraph e-mail it to the commissioners. >> mr. star will send it out on friday for the legislation maybe that's the thing in lieu of the commissioners friday summaries in lieu of sending the notes. >> similar to what you're reading. >> it's a brief summary but i'll send you both. >> intersect cd. >> okay. >> commissioner richards. >> i think, too commissioner johnson or so point you have them intend to up even right after you speak that's great. >> actually i'll do it