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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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development offers at the yerba buena gardens artists today oil be speaking on behalf of arts alliance one the pill last year's that upside down the reputations is the arts san francisco's reputation as a city built on the backs of artists we have a cultural designation for people from around the region and around the world there is more art available to be experienced in san francisco in a single day than month cities offer in an entire year arts organizations help to fuel the economic engine of the city we employ people and we buy goods and services locally yet in the time of economic prosperity in san francisco and the increased in the city budget by 70 percent over the 10 year period grants for the arts
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commission has decreased by thirty percent compound by the affordability crisis particular in housing this deep funding has an outsized impact on artist and the arts organizations they serve artists are being driven from the city in small and mid sized organization very existence being threatened as a member of the loinsz we supported the position that any increase in the civic arts be helpful to that end we support and encourage you to include the 2 percent cost of living by the grants for the arts and supportive of the grants for the better art we've at&t yerba buena arts. >> thank you, sir. >> sir. >> excuse me, sir.
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>> thank you your two minutes are up we have to respect those waiting in line. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello lead organizer more arts for a better burr along with the flight today we the members of our allies want to talk about an important liveability art and cultural we're asking for an $8 million investment since we began in january over 5 hundred people are attended our meeting represent 20 organizations and 48 have worked the budget and policy recommendation our community engaged survey has 4 hundred from the top priorities to preventive displacement and the support of arts is the path development and opportunity and
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cultural equality and fair recommendation of the art we have areas of alignment with the aorta and grants for the art $10 million including $2 million for the daytime and emphasis on arts and cultural centers and substantial investment in the all over the grant and operating support for the mid sized organization while the cost of living and doing business the city has increased pits budget by 70 percent fined for art are under resources and remain expanding flat we have a cause for a program that supports youth opportunity and his own and neighborhood programs such as the art collaborative and neighborhood vital grant we believe this is the new frontier the equality san francisco needs
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art and culture to thrive european and intelligently please encourage the mayor to provide fund for the art ♪ year's budget thank you >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm going to start by addressing some of the my neighbors are artists i'm an artist being vooektd my michael and carlos and others so just to name a few i only have 2 minutes so i'd like to talk on behalf of emerald tablet on a in which arts organization their lease it up in two months in their facing
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a double rent increase also the corner museum is being evicted or has been evicted a lot of young people go to there i'm also disturbed about that but not as disturbed as any friend todd brown from the poppy arts center his rent was increased 27 percent the rent on third and fulsome a viable place and i'm asking maybe a rent increase can help the red poppy is a viable to my neighborhood and a lot of people came out of the red poppy and to note this issue ignores the cultural life in san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors give
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this i'm marie are we at that particular time with organizations as a member of the san francisco's art and cultural community we appreciate the opportunity to weigh in on the city's budget we believe in the power of art to change lives we're asking for a eco system in san francisco and the museums cannot survive without a thriving arts community as cost of living and doing business in san francisco has resign fund for the arts have not kept pace artists are struggling to stay in san francisco to stay assessable to everyone in a time of economic boom the arts in san francisco are gross under fund over the past 10 years the city budget has increased by 40 percent or $3.5 billion in
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comparison through the funding of grant and arts commission has decrease by thirty percent the portion of the city budget allocated to the art are from 41 percent in 2004 and 5 to 34 in 2014-2015 we recognize the cultural inequalities the housing affordability crisis hits the small and medium art and artists are being driven out of san francisco increase the investment funding by $2 million to address displacement, capital improvement and code compliant and develop a task force open the issue the hoirdz for artist and another low to madam clerk, any announcements? we have opening our doors to guests and the world we want to continue
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our history of engage with local artist and help. >> thanks ma'am thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and him amy a founder and director we've been fighting social i think equality and saying to increasing i'm a participating member of the art for the better area and the cultural preservation two citywide organization together in strategic action for the continued existence and could create a bright future that enrefreshes or rushed our neighborhood from the sf general plan here's the art wording roll number one recognize the arts as necessary to the quality of life for all sectors of san francisco and additional calls to action include coordinated city
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policies and code to better meet the need of the art and space and prefrp performance spades in san francisco mohammed nuru of the dpw recently declared a housing crisis on the navigation center let's declare a crisis of the arts due to the rapidly cultural organizations and the organization that serve our public utility in my neighborhood we've lost did off center and the big umbrella now we stand to allows many important cultures lib will elbow room and inner mission that was form on bryant and calling on the general goals to preacher the performance spaces let's make sure we secure a
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placement for the daytime of venues and increase support and funding funding for neighborhood culture institutions and cultural makers thank you, thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisor my name is a chris event 10 i work at sf performs i'm here that on on behalf of the arts alliance and art and culture are a key component of the neighborhood and the sf performance i have the privilege of facilitate that by world renown arts in schools and work with the inspiring traefrn teacher that create innovation we work with the marina middle school and schools of art among anothers it is important to bridge a disconnect
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of community that don't typically have access to the arts or arts education all reach out to different community in order to make the art and the impacts on experience culture and more widely available all of us in of the arts communities are supporting this goal of assess and inclusion we will continue to work together to make the arts an essential part of every neighborhood san francisco performances as a member of the arts alliance supports the position any increase in the artist fund used to address the cultural equality and bring small and mid sized organization to its goal. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i'm quickbites coffee thank you representing o d c a center for
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sdaung dance and education in support of our fellow colleagues, i that you see he theme and understand you've heard about the arts in a previous hamburger some of you allowed allowed to the importance we are trying to reframe the art it is not something spate but a part of the liveability for creative expression and place for all recipe past, present, and future to have and explore their creative expression the affordable housing crisis hits our organization and artists are being driven out of san francisco we must do more in the city's time of prosperity we're grateful and inspired by the art for a better bay area and supportive of the budget recommendations as well as the additional fund by entrapment
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for the art we all building that together we can and should invest and continue arts abduct sees and inclusion the arts as a key component to the culture fabric of our neighborhoods and city is an important part of creating a better future. >> thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> thank you supervisor i'm brad the executive director of the theatre for theatre and dance we represent over 3 hundred theatre and distance keypads and hundred of the companies nearly half of the artists are in san francisco we strongly back the recommendations we've been hearing i think an unprecedented unit of voice i want to give credit to many folks for their leadership the art have though
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the spoken with one voice we need more fund and an enhancement and that fund needs to go to small and mid sized organization and individual artist and looked at it cultural equality i want to thank you supervisor mar for your words before the soul the city and losing the artist and at the hunters point this hamburger are here because of the enterex e enterex to make our neighborhood liveable and the services thank you for your time. >> actually through the chair from last year and the year before there of the acquisitions of a number of arts organizations being quote/unquote diffuse i'll say as you and others said that that is the harder criticism to take i feel from what i've said today and over the years some small artists groups are trying to
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recognize for neighborhoods that is a - the last thing being diffuse i appreciate our approach right now thank you brad. >> already. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> supervisors i'm the executive director of the youth art exchange we serve public school stunt by pain and suffering them with the practicing artists to develop the thinkers and artist in san francisco thank you for providing this opportunity to share the importance of youth aortas opportunity for neighborhood by vital and liveability i'm saying this an, an arts administrator as someone both loves san francisco and participated in the art for a better bay area process as mentioned earlier the youth opportunity was the top opportunity demonstrating the portions in san francisco
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in neighborhoods youth arts program are core centers for gathering and positive youth development and the strength of our neighborhoods we've contributed to the landscape of those by building palates and host event and providing learning not available in the school and holding other activities that are culturally relevant to those in the neighborhood ouch families are engaged through their youth and through their younger family participate and this engagement makes our neighborhood vital to our collaborative work we want to increase the performs and exhibitions and internships those services are more important when the graduation rates are dropping please increase fund for the opportunity to youth in the city thank you. >> thanks very much>> thank
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you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. i'm charles a seminar sedating action and other advocacy groups first of all, i'd like to thank commissioner ow and supervisor mar so for spearheading the advocate for free muni for disabled and seniors as did society aged we have more problems, of course, and living longer and we need more help as a demonstration in front of city hall we need inauguratesal help and transport address help in the homes to keep us in the homes if we're in need of help the quality of life care so you know the quality of a society historically it bans intellectually off ramp on the treatment of women and the treatment of children and disabled
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i was here a couple weeks ago the chief of police was asking for more money and the majority of this board were on their knees asking for anything i wanted and then the city had to settle bus the chief was convicted so they sheltered out of court hundred and $25,000 would help fund the senior centers in the city so there's money around here and the population i worked that dwep for a time and a lot of us helped to build and maintain the city we need services now we ask you would you talk and think about giving us more. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm michelle
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a program director with the arts a larger dance- i can assure that you that did arts and cultural is a neighborhood vital issue and the dancers group serves a regime home o to over 8 hundred dance institution doesn't include the artist and makes us the diversities institution in the nation, we have a responsibility to the artists and organizations here we serve the vast majority have budget under $35,000 a requester that includes the money they live on the housing crisis is a might have seen one to the arts and cultural sector art here in the bay area work in
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neighborhoods like the red poppy art houses in the mission and dance mission the cultural center and the bay area opera house support of the neighborhoods we cherish and supervisor mar i appreciate our connection to the planning department earlier initiative for the heart of the city in quotes and 40e67 to pluralize that to the hearts of city. >> you thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm speaking today as chair of the be sure trans and alliance so i know that there are many alliance alliance is a member of alba we ask you to support of the recommendation and honor the priority for the cultural artist and artist housing and services for the city youth i say this as an
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artist a queer person of color and person that was pushed out of the mission after many years of living in the city the lions urges you to support of the budget and of the city's senior and disability rights group we're part of the rich fabric a fasten by the sdrablthd and immigrant family members the small social justice organization that keeps us alive and safe please support alba and all of us we need each other thank you. >> my name is patrick i work in the community in external regulations at the simplify if i and proud resident of district 4 thank you for license us to talk
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about the arts independent arts organizations have a presence in nearly every public school in san francisco and our programs are important for the expensive education to the student we have gather organization and hispanic the environment we we share and help to better understand our community in the past 10 years the city budget increased 70 percent but the grants to the arts commission has decreased thirty percent and hotel tax increases if the hotel formula was the same arts organizations across the city would have access to $90 million in the past 10 years it effects our neighborhood and neighbors we
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fully support of the elements as the additional fund for the- i delivered the support for the recommendations to each the supervisors offices today, i urge you to remember how important arts are to this city and neighborhoods much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors my name is susan i'm the managing director of the cutting ball theatre i was invited to speak because to my organization is a small one we make a big impact on the city specifically on the local that tenderloin i serve on the local board in the tenderloin cutting ball you can buy ticket and no one is turned away first floor for a lack of fund it expands the imagination and depraved liveability for everyone we hire
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prime minister local artist that bring art and create a delegates for over 5 thousand people that activate your parked locally, however, like a hundred and 49 other small and mid sized organizations we're under relative to the - the general operating support allows us to pay our rent ♪ increasing expensive - we're going facing a hundred percent increase in rent i ask you to support of funding and in addition further increase g fta budget and recommended by the agencies to improve the funding for small mid sized art on may 2nd theatres join me and
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i've brought a copy and those are diners are are the african-american shapes and crowded theatre and other theatres, etc. thank you very much for your support >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm katie the director of the community and external regulations across the street and it's my pleasure to serve as the echoing the comments of my colleagues in the art we're truly a unified front to support all the aorta in san francisco the performing art rely on a group of artist and provide employment a for myself a resident in the decreasing of
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funding for the art it is important to note as my colleague appointment the hotel tax dollars we've lost out on significant fund $95 million over the last 10 years have been locked out before the formula that is on a 8 percent total not going to the arts presently as i mentioned the art are a unified front we ask for the increases in the small and mid sized art organization and the modest 2 percent cost of living allocation proposed by the grant for the art please consider those priorities in the budget process we urge you to bmw or think about the arts at fabric of our neighborhood and city as they are critical an important part of the san francisco and makes
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it special. >> police vehicle mr. chair can i ask a question. >> last week's budget jorge on gront for the arts there was a discussion on the fund formula for historically over a 25 period with a great report we look the jeff jones report from the todd's and the arts task force from a few years ago it was suggests we should be looking at models of combaelt cadet to support of the small and middle arts groups and the smaller ones have historically been having an advantage by looking at the formula from the size of the organization i'm curious with the simplified view is it is great you're here and as nicole and others have composed people there seem like a strong citizen ability for the
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art equality. >> the san francisco simplify you've heard from the partners including the san francisco more than that art and yerba buena, etc. we feel strongly again, we're advocating for a small modest 2 percent conditional we believe strongly in the thyself communicated relies on artist so we do believe at this time supporting small and mid sized organization is critical to our cultural friends in san francisco we can't exist without one another we rely on each other for everybody everything we can't single out organizations we need to are is a united front on what i've asked. >> thank you so much for supporting what i'm hearing structural changes within the keep but for the music and all
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the great programming that happens at the symphony year. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm todd a practicing artist and i'm also the founder of the red poppy how did in the mission district that put on 70 festivals since 2003 that use garages and it's a pop up cultural in the mission my rent just went up 2 that percent the majority of my colleagues are already adapted they're already out of the city it feels like a crisis in the mission it is a battlefield longer than the lines i have a simple statement i wanted to say our city and country social frantic is characterizations by a consumer relationship to life and living
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we collectively actually know that cultural strengthened t is not healthy in contrast to a consumer shaped existence there's a forum the art are structural to the city by diffusely the way in which we explore the issues not only the voids where they're coming from but the way we explore and investigate so it's not a matter of art and currently we're here to discuss but a matter of health of a democracy and many people feel it is too lastly late in the city it has gone to the dogs displaced and tiny