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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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from the staffer that work at the ymca and there are a few of them here today that are dedicated to the safety and well being of kids in the community as well as our volunteer board at the yma-c a and community dlaberators in district 5. that includes [inaudible] helps by bringing our groups toort and making sure all the kids not just kids in certain pockets get all the help they can get. i just notice today that there are 3 beacon centers that are recognized here and i want to say the [inaudible] ymca is proud to be work wg the western beacon addition with the director [inaudible] the beacon centers have been a great work for the city and we are supported by dcys department of children youth and faemlies and also the san
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francisco unified school district supports a lot of programs we do so it is a collaboration of people in the community and not just one organization or one person. i just want to say thank you for recognizing me and a lot of coodoes go to the rest of the community as well. thank you >> congratulation again
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rodney and thank you for your hard work in the communethy. next up supervisor campose from district 11 >> thank you madam president. district 9, but we'll take 11 too >> sorry, district 9. >> does that mean i get more time? kidding. i'll be very brief and to the point. there is nothing like work to actually demonstrate how committed people are to the community and every since that i-we saw the integration of the entire [inaudible] i am [inaudible] done by community empoument center. we have theresa dukea and a number of volunteers and staff. they have made it a priority to make
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sure the mon elingual cheenies community in the neighborhood that their needs are addressed. this is largely volunteer run non profit provide community members with education, services and referrals around issues such as crime prevention, human rights and family development and worker rights. they offer multiple job and training services as well as esl, computer and skills and ballroom dancing. the center advocate on member thofz community and you see them working with [inaudible] by empowering people in the community they help them have a voice in the sate. it is my honor today as we recognize this important month to recognize the work and honor the work of the xhounty empourment center
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>> thank you. good afternoon. my name is theresa dukea with exectsk director of [inaudible] started out as a support group at 2008 and become a center at twept 2011. we have more in the district more than 40 percent of our population are chinese speaking mono lingual. we provide esl classes [inaudible] we focus on basic needs and [inaudible] we have a large pop ulation of olderly and safety is the main concern. with supervisor campose support we help numerous safety meeting and by the way we'll is a safety meeting on may 17 of this month t is a tuesday. we are here to
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urge the board of supervisors to hire more [inaudible] police officer because we need them. we also notice a lut of new immigrants that need job skills and joub opportunity-we are in a housing crisis now and job crisis. a lot of people like us. we don't have a job and need to have train them. i would like to thank all our dedicated volunteers here especially like oddry, come here. come up here. oddry has been a very dedicated [inaudible] since-for 6 years. every saturday she goes there saturday, saturday for 6 years non stop. going to help the
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community. every saturday for 6 years >> [inaudible] happy to help the immigrants and english speaking people and need help and i'm happy when they come to our center and ask for help. i solve their problem and they come out and they are happy and i'm happy. they receive a letter from the government and don't understand and have [inaudible] what is that? i help with them and explain to them in their language and they understand that and are hpy and come out and face is happy and i'm happy for that. that is what helps me continue to do that every saturday. >> thank you.
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>> congratulations again and thank you for being here. at this time i would like to call on supervisor avalos and thank you so much for allowing sfr visor campose and i to recognize our honorees. >> thank you very much president breed. my honorees can't be here today but i want to talk about the work happening with their involvement. i'm honoring members of the ormy chinese chunty volved in creating a
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aurban agriculture project [inaudible] the project is called sisterhood farms and it is a project in the making for a couple years now. first initiated by peter bar net who lives in the brooks park area of the omi and works closely with the chinese community and other member thofz community to look at create agfarm. with the help of my office and ppw and reck and park as well as the chinese progegzive association we engage a part of the community that has not been actively involved before in this part of san francisco. we have actually with their participation increased the level of devrbsty of people involved in the farming project and without their participation it would be something different. not serving a large number of people, but a small number of people that get
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individual plots w. their participation we broaden who is involved in this project and anyone who wants to be there can. with the participation of memberoffs chinese community and support of chunies progressive we look how to expand for the city to provide for this part of san francisco including access to food and more play structure through the recreation problem jz family support programs that draw generation together within the chinese communesty. i want to thank in honor [inaudible] and caryn [inaudible] as well as theperticipation of caryn ing and emly yee for thaur work in lifting up civic participation effort in a part of san
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francisco that hasn't had a history of large amount of participation where we will see lot amount of change especially pr mur sed [inaudible] these are folks that shape what the city will be like and how it serves the community and think it is pornt we recognize this work and honor them. on behalf of the board of supervisors i'll list the names. parks [inaudible] [inaudible] and caryn quaung as well as tiffany yang and emily yee >> thank you. congratulations to all the honorees today. supervisor mar, did you want to say any final comments? with that thank you all very much. we appreciate all the work that you do tomeric our community better. amazing stories amazing work and we are just
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really honored as member thofz board to be able to take a moment in time and honor that great work ton behalf of the city and county of san francisco. thank you so much. now madam clerk at this time we'll rern to public comment. those members of the public who have not yet provided public comment, please come forwards. you have up to 2 minutes >> please come forward. >> my name is lary ed-mind and i would like to talk aboutilately we had a black gay
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man stabbed to death in district 6 and i have been told that black gay-if you are black or gay that your life doesn't count as black lives matter and we need to know why this man was murdered in the tl. he was stab today det because i have something to read to you here. it is called is gay the new black. bennett and mar leana interviewed gay african american activist blauger [inaudible] an attorney [inaudible] about the [inaudible] race and sexalty. [inaudible] both [inaudible] opinioned out the
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they find gay as the new black is over simplicity and divisive. they also noticed the [inaudible] lgbt african american people from the conversation when they are the most likely to serve between african american and lgbt community. we want people to [inaudible] we see a rerd number of gays are killed in california as well as blacks are killed across california and the nation. we think martin luther king-we have come together sex and race come toort and we have a division where we are not coming out supporting each other. >> thank you very much. next
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speaker, please >> hello. my name is merlin and a san francisco taxi driver. i came to talk about the uber lift side car ride share. i want to say thank you for the taxi lanes. i want to just say like you know, the population in san francisco has increased and not everyone is riding bicycles. the thing is like us taxi driversory pay decreased dramatically. uss a a industry are regulated for the rates. who set those, insurance and how it cabs are identified, but at the same time you knowubeer lift side car lide share those drivers can come from any city where san francisco cab drivers can only work in san francisco and oakland drivers can't work in
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san francisco. it seems like unfair that anybody quhoo lives in the surouning cities can get around being regulated by turning on a app and come and be a taxi for a day or on their vacation. i understand like people want-they are trying to fix problems with technology and stuff but it is kind of a step back because i attempted to go the ride share route and called progressive and gikeo and state farm and none of them offer their services in california yet. i'm not saying like-i'm say us taxi drivers have to have these regulations in insurance policies and high fees that we pay for medallions but pieces of papers are given to cell phone users who turn on
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a app and their new career and what we do every day and the worst part is they are not-some are from san francisco-but >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> good even, my name is alan mar teen ezand here to support the mooreatorium on construction in the mission. i fs looging through the neighborhood plan the aert day and it is a ubsurd document. the goals and intention of the document are in shambles. it is a disaster fwr the mission. during the writing of the long writing of the neighborhood plan and [inaudible] there were a variety of moore toniums in place while the plan is crafted so think it is reasonable to look at some forms of mooreatorium and control on construction while we rethink
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that plan. i think it does also bring up larger issues that when you spend 10 years writing a plan how responsive can it be to econompic sipuations that change year by year. i think this ought to be a opportunity to rethink the planning process in general because a plan that takes 10 years to right can't turn on a dime. there is also issues around-the suvars done in the mission didn't take into account latin american history after the 19th century. new information came to light and thing that is important and should inform whatever does happen with these neighborhood plan. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> michael lion from the san francisco gray panthers. i
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lived for 40 years in mission burnal heights district and rently had to move out for reasons i was lucky i wasn't forced out but i was a little while ago, several months ago i was supposed to meet someone on the corner of 16th and [inaudible] and the person was late and so i was reading something and walking toward the place where i was suppose today meet him and suddenly looked up from what i was reading and had no idea where i was. it was like i was picked up and put in a foreign city. i had to look around and find a street sign to see where i was and was on vulanceia near mission. it wasn't just the buildsings and stores that were different, it was the people that were different. this area
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has just been devastated. we look back at what happened to blacks in san francisco who really were driven out and we would say anybody would say never again this can never happen again. and yethis is about what is happening in the mission and it has to stop. >> thank you, next speakers please >> good afternoon supervisors my name is lesly [inaudible] residents native. i would like taspeak about the federal communication commission. the fcc safety guide line frz radiation exposure was developed in the 1960's not by health experts but by and for industry and military users. urm theal heating olf tissue is
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the standard use then and now. it is a valid standard when exposure is from x-ray [inaudible] technology greatly advanced since the 60's. the public is expose today a different form of raideration. microwave radiation. few people know this radiation as evidence of biological damage. cellular an tina, wifi [inaudible] expose to the non thermal radiation with chthe fcc has no safety goo idlines for. in 2002 norbt hanncon of the epa center for [inaudible] in the letter stated. this is termally based and does not apply to chronic non thermal exposure situation. the fcc
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exposure guideline is considered protective of the effect from a thermal mechanism, but not from all possible mechanisms therefore the generalization by many that guidelines protect human beings by harm isn't justified. federal hent and safety agencies have not developed policies concerning ringe from long term exposure. since the u.s. has no safety standards the fcc alouz for 100 million times more exposure to the population than the ostrien [inaudible] throughout public spaces >> thank you mam. your time is up. next speaker, please m. >> i'm [inaudible] certified nutritionist mpts broad band fiber internet can be a smart way to go until further
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research reveals wifiantenna can be attach today the cable. you end up with city wide wifay and another layer of microwave radiation. according to [inaudible] andrew while microwave radiation is more toxin [inaudible] including asbestoes led, [inaudible] radiation is radiation. it tears apart chromosomal dna causes increase in neurological dezize, autism, developmental disorder and cancer. long term damage can not be repaired rchlt in 2012 the rate of cancerse was 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women but it stated that statistic will reflect those men and women who-face devastating life threatening
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cancer. the rate of cancer increased in the same [inaudible] how many people do each know who have died from cancer or undergoing cheemo and radiation treatment? i know 7 cancer victims who died in the last year and 4 whos cancer metastasize td. cancer is at epidemer proportion and have a public hents emergency and most are so addicted to their electrons they stay in denial. city wide wifigives no choice and broad band does. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> tom gill burty. [inaudible] i'm going to
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recommend sfreens all of you. take the elevators at muni. go out of you way. you may as well start and take the elevators, cast row, church, van ness, but civic center, powal, go out of you weir and try to ride them. i'm not faulting the janitor service. [inaudible] doors are become unrepairable because of theureen. there are bathrooms but i fwleev it is federal that they won't open it. it is inconvenient but also at the same time take another bart and get off at ashby or rock ridge and see what elevators look like. we use them a lot, so i'm going to recommend a
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inconvenience to you guys. next on the buses again and tech and google, if they are not going be wheelchair accessible we find them 10 thousand dollars a stop for stops at 40 thousand, 2 trips a di, that is 80 thousand, 300 trips a year, we are talking 240 million dollars on a billion dollars. we are talking money. if it is a 10 billion dollar company becomes 2.4 percent money. it is a nuisance factor. maybe they'll get them fixed and hire wheelchair people. on the cabs , 25 thousand dollars a week is 100 thousand dollar a month for 12 month >> thank you very much. are there any other member thofz public that like to provide
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public comment at this time? seeing none public comment is closed. madam clerk can you read thudoption without committee reference >> twentd-tw 3 are considered for immediate adoption. singm roll call vote may enact the item. >> supervisor kim. thank you, i would like to sever item 20 >> okay >> i too howould like to sever item 20 >> on the item 21-23 >> christensen, aye. cohen yi. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye.
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breed, aye. compose aye. there are 11 aye's. the items are adopted. madam clerk can you read item 20 >> resolution to support sth implementation of the 22 fill moore transit priority project and urge the united states department of transportation to approve the 2015 tiger 7 grant application submitted by mu nisgrant aejss >> spravisor kim. >> i'm in sforet and have a minor nob nab it isn't for 20 thousand dollars, but 20 million dollars. small oversight. i would like to the make amendment on page 1 line 8 where sfmta 20 million dollar tiger grant application request and the typo showed up on page
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3 line 18 chairchging 20 thousand to 20 million >> before we move forward mr. city attorney can aioplease clarify whether or not we can discuss this or move the item forward in the impair tfs agenda >> john gibnerx you can discuss there item and make the amendment, and continue it until next weeks meeting when you qu finally pass it >> okay. >> just as a point of nrfshz had i know that was the actual amount of the item we would have requested it sent to committee and not on this section of the agenda >> okay, so supervisor kim for clarity is there is a timeline on when this item needs to be passed? >> there is not but i ask nicol wheaten at the mayors office to respond >> thank you sfr visor, nicol weeten. i think we have in a
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position to move this application forward in about a month so i think if this is on next weeks ajendsa that is fine >> okay. let me take the amendments from supervisor kim. supervisor kim made motion to amend. second by supervisor campose. can we take the amendments without objection? the objections pass. supervisor cohen >> i want to talk about item 20. support of this item because the 16ths street project is important to the increasing transportation to the south eastern neighborhoods. however, i didn't to state it is my understanding that mta remains committed to continuing the public engagement process. we started with the neighborhoods. mta assured me of inmission of
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the grant application doesn't limit the aatublt 24 respond to the neighborhood about the dephrine for improvements. i want to bring mat up too make sure i understand this correctly. >> good afternoon member thofz board of supervisors [inaudible] project manager for the 32 fill more transit project [inaudible] supervisor cohen you are absolutely correct. we continue the outreach we already [inaudible] have a up monopoly coming meeting may 16 and note dame plaza [inaudible] we are willing to work the w the community and associations and your office >> thauchck very thank you very much >>