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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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ing is a way we need to work together to insure affordability. a final way we may want to work together is a local solution of repeatable. as part of student success act the state moved in the way of discouraging life long learnersism we need to find the resource tooz do that and thatd may be a conversation we have with the city. continue to pay attention and keep the powder dry. i hope the fighting around accredidation is coming to a end, but it may not be and we may be in more fight in the future and if so i know we'll have the support of the community and the government >> i know supervisor compose raised this and hundreds of students at common hall demanded elimination of the special trustee with
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extraordinary powers. i know you mepgzed the powers are not strourd, pbut you can you comment why he isn't here on the students and others demands? >> i'm imagining he may not have known that he expected to be here. sometimes the communication around-i was-i don't know. i was not entirely sure how this would work until i called over yesterday. >> just a question about the special trustee and thank chancellor tile for all the work he has done and the work city college did around the fires in the mission. how much money does-the trustee guy make? do you know? >> i don't have that number, but it st. public information
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>> is it more than 200 thousand >> i don't believe so. he has a different contract than the previous special tustee had and his compensation is different and less. i don't know the exact number >> does he live in san francisco? >> no. he commutes from lake tahoe >> does city college compensate him for the commute? >> he has a vehicle that is a college vehicle >> does city college pay for his gas on the vehicle? >> i believe we do. >> how many hours a week does he work? >> he works at the college 4 days a week and then from home 1 day a week. sometimes it is 5 days a week dependent on whether we have training frafr the board and sometimes he compensates by going back home saying he works 3 day as week
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when he works on the weekends >> does he work at the college 3 or 4 days a week? >> it depends >> who does he report to? >> he report tooz the stat chancellors office and the stat chancellor himself >> is there a schedule showing how many hours he works during the 3 or fourb days he is at city college? >> i don't think we have a schedule >> does he put in 40 hours? >> i would say he puts in less than 40 hours in the office accept for those weeks where we have training and the weeks that we have a board meeting >> besides the salary and the amount that is paid for his commute what other compensation does he get >> he does get a place to live when he is here that is funded by the college as well >> city college pays for
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that? >> do you know how much that is? >> 3500 dollars a munt. is there any other employee at city college that gets housing allowance? >> no. >> i didn't to say the special trustee did say that he would be coming but then a decision was made that he did not come today, but at first we thought he was going to be here so we was invited >> is he working from home today? >> yes, i have been in contact with him and he is at home >> do you think we can pamp him in at his home? >> i have no idea >> i would give him the offer. we still have some time before the hearing ends. if
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someone can figure out what the exact salary is i know it is a public document so we'll figure that out. thank you >> thank you chancellor and president mandedman. i'll ask if sunel william alex [inaudible] or amie would like to say a few squurds then call public comment. you don't have to, but since you are trustees you can come forward. sumell, alex and amie. >> sunel william >> good afternoon supervisor mar, comp eskim and crist crnson. i served of student trustee for the past 2 years and president of ocean campus
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for a year. i want to thank all you and the dmunty students staff and faculty for all of the work. it is a lot of ups and downs over the past 3 year jz feel we are moving forward, but there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed and we invite the board of supervisors to continue to watch what happens at the college. special thanksgiving tooz city attorney hurarea because if we didn't have that 234 junction we would be closed. some administration have a different view, but we would be closed. it does take a village to save a college. i want to talk about the perspective of student. number one, the need to protect student voice and decision making and respect for student leadership and number tworks the need to stabilize student development which includes all of the student services that college. as student trustee i
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represent 80 thousand students. pleased the board meetings are happening now. i'm allowed to have some consul station. i work with sfudant leadership at each catchs and heard the need for student to be consulted and if isn't happening thrmpt are a number of decision roired by education code t sin title 5 that student are consulted before certain decision happen and it is unfortunate that isn't always the case and over the past 3 yearatize is consistently what happened. student are often at the end of decision making and not on the front end being included in that process. decisions like the closeier of the civic center campus, that was handed in a way that could have been done differently and if student had the opportunity to come together we could have offered solutions but we informed like
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all the other students. also major changes to the academic department. we see numerous restructuring of departments and within the administration structure and student are not always on the front end which is a requirement of education code. cancelation of classes, the cancelation of performing arts and education center which i think is a wonderful addition to fr the community especially for all the art students we have that would love a state of a art facility and have that canceled when voters aproveed that project, it makes no since and need to continue with that projict. a fiscal year went by before there was any meetings held around the citizen bond oversight committee which is required by law to meet 2 times a year. as someone appointed
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to that committee i wasn't notified the whole fiscal year and now was told there a student appointed to that committee >> because of the number of speaker cards we have could you please try to wrap up >> just to touch on enrollment. many student have been contacting me about cancelation of classes and availability of services and physical aid. this doesn't help enrollment go up so we need to look at the practices of registration. we have a vice chancellor and need to look at that issue with enrollment. i want to thank all you especially supervirez mar and compose and kim for all your support sw attention to the matter it is invalable so thank you >> thank you. doctor bakrac
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>> grood afternoon. i'm losing my voice. i want to echo the thank tooz the surprisers and city attorneys office for the support and for holding this hearing and want to express appreciation for the faculty and staff and student who have come out to support city college and your efforts and everyones efforts. i'll say from a board perspective we are going to be the best trained board in the state. we are getting a lut of education and a lot of training and i can't speak for everyone but i'm grateful for it. we are learning a lot about the ed code and community college system as a whole in california and the specific issues to san francisco and one of those specific issues we can't
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emphasis enough is enrollment and we have to get the enrollment up and look forward working together with this board and other constituency >> i know it only a few weeks but we have trustee randolph. >> helly supervisors. i'm prevologs and excited to be here. as you mentioned one of the newest trush trustees on the board. i meet students and faculty every day that show how important this institution is. the fact we took time out of the work schedule and class schedule shows how important the institution is to us. the chancellor touched upon but we saw with the closeier of heeld colleges how devastating any closeier of a educational
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institution is to the community and lives of the students. imagine what it would mean to the city and students and community if city college was to close. as someone whos family has a immigration background and first language isn't english, the civic center campus and having access to education especially in this area is dear to my heart and glad to hear administration and city college has a plan in place to have esl and classes here. i want to thank you for continue toog support city college. it takes alltuse continue to make it a seck sussful institution and looking forward to work with all of you and city and community tamake sure city college continues to provide the high quality education it has done for the
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last 80 years >> trustee [inaudible] >> i'm going to call names, gym [inaudible] james [inaudible] luatonia william, tom comprawno, surgeio vargs. trustee wizo >> thank you supervisor mar. i just got here and had an apountment earlier. i appreciate you holding this had hearing. i think it is important for people to be able to get out and comment like this at a time when we don't really have a functioning board of trustees at city college and don't get our powers back authority until july and we don't have committees yet. we don't any committees. there is no forum for us to talk about issues like this. i do
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appreciate it. there is one issue i want to bring forward and that is-has to do with undocumented students. a lot of our undocumented student don't meet the ab 540 requirement for in state tuition so they have to pay out of state tuition and this was a issue that supervisor or did a bit of work on and he was able to get a fund establishes for our undocumented students by the city that would help them enroll. the problem is that our enrollment process now that was instituted it isn't allowing people to enroll until
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they can pay and if they can't pay they can't enroll. this fund was set aside by the city to help these students enroll. unfortunately no funds have been distributed and wanted to quh here to ask if you supervisors could help release these funds bah we have students that want to come to city college and can't. the tuition they have to pay is quite high. it is close to 180 dollars a credit so if the funds can be released that would be a great thing. that is all i want to say. thank frz doing this >> with the public comment we'll limit to 2 minutes per person and one minute 30
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seconds there is a soft buzzer that's goes up. we have a bunch 067 speakers and you don't have to come up in the order you are called, but if you are called please come forward. i'll be calling a rolling number of speakers as well >> good eeskening and thank you for the hard work and would like to thank those here today for this hear ing. i'm here to discuss about the ccsf >> your name >> surgeio. student are undocumented and don't qualify for the ab 5 thourt do not have access to physical aid and must pay out of state tuition. i had a colleague that had to pay 2 thousand dollars out of pock further the semester and was unable to register the next semester due to payment policy. last spring the challengeler was noticed from the mayors office that we'll receive money from undocumented student effected by the payment policy
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and to this day we have not received this money. one of my colleagues spoke to [inaudible] vice chancellor of ccsf and said if undocumented student cannot pay for their education they shouldn't be allowed to register or should try to be residence. my colleague had suffered from this and that's it. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you very much. [inaudible] i wanted to talk about the continuing aura that hangs over us at city college which is sthil the accj. it is still there and have been slow to have been broken the law but
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continue to break the law around the state of california in particular they hang around in negotiations, labor negotiation that are supposed to be followed by labor law, not accjc unwritten standards. this came up yesterday a little in our negotiation sessions so people should understand this problem that we are seeing in the most dramatic way at city college is a kait wide issue. we also found out that sumowa college was also put on cause. it is the only college in sumowa. we see this problem all over. also this aura that hangs over us had incredible impact on the people who work at city college of san francisco. we are depressed and angry, we are frustrated
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and we are also ready to move to make things happen at the college in a forward way. we want positive things to be happening. i just want to say to everyone wree over worked and underpaid and looking forward to city college, how do you expect to maintain the quality of education at city college of san francisco when the faculty salaries are 3 and a half percent below 2007. with a 8 year plan that seems to flat line the salaries all most indefinitely. it is not a sustainable plan, there needs to be change. thank you very much >> thank you next speaker mr. tracey >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is james traizy with community housing partnership.
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today we have something to celebrate that tenderloin got its campus back. we applaud this and think it st. wonderful. i would like everyone who took to the streets and drem straighted and signed petitions and [inaudible] to please stand. we would like to thank fred sterner for his hard work. geny kim and the rest of the board of supervisors for supporting the community but know the work isn't done. we know city colleges has to reverse enrollment and stand to be partners but need to see you multilingry and ready to mingle in this neighborhood with a aggressive out reach strategy and every radio and flint
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central city extra and street sheet on every muni stop, we need to let the people know city college is back for them and we are going to be on you. we are going to be on you as dedicated but critical partner to make sure avenue 50 eddy is reopened and expanded to ready to serve the people because we cannot talk about digital divide in the tenderloin without city college to help make these dreams real. thank you >> thank you. the next speaker is [inaudible] mr. [inaudible] >> [inaudible] supervisor campos and i [inaudible] very critical moment [inaudible] yet
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i'm still there. [inaudible] the glass keelings in the 70's. i feel this is a led ceiling. [inaudible] conclusion what is happening there. i would like to see more [inaudible] maybe in july the trustees will come back. mean while it is you folks. mean while it is us folks. mean while trying to put toort and figure what is going on. it is being dismantled or chaipging. that is what i would like to know [inaudible] the mayors office is [inaudible] i would like to
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propose a [inaudible] ad hoc group with the mayors office and maybe you too or one of you and the board of supervisors to be [inaudible] try to figure out what is happening there because you can go above that led ceiling [inaudible] ask questions and perhaps just get answers. as far as the slry of the special tustee it is clear he said himself at the press conference where we met him, i believe it is 250 or 220 a year. >> thank you. i'm going call a few more names. surgeio lopez and [inaudible] samantha [inaudible] from young workers united. [inaudible] mecha save city college coalition. heidi
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espunosea [inaudible] ann. [inaudible] >> i'm a 35 year of experience teaching esl at city college. one suggestion i have that the city could do is put signs on the muni buses advertising city college. this could have been 3 years ago when the first crisis hit. we have seen a cultural change at city college since the crisis hit and an example is the push out policy of administration during the time of enrollment to actually push more than 1 thousand students out of the college for not paying up front all their fees. it doesn't make sense when each student
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brings in 4.600 dollars per student to push them out for the sake of a few dollars. that is one thing another cultural change and may seem insignificant but think it shows where the administrations are which is to change the names from mission campus to mission center and talk about the centers. if you look in the course schedule you see only one campus, the ocean campus, all the other campuses are now referred to as centers. i think this is emblematic. i want to ask people why this attack by the partnership of accjc and board of governors toort with san francisco chronicle who stands to gain on this attack of city college? i
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would submit a list to you. one, for profit schools frat have control of department of education in washington. student loan companies and banks that make a lot of money. 3, the business round table of the most profitable corporations in california to push through student success initiative, edtech and finally local reala state companies, the college admanstration work wg cbre >> thank you >> we got to keep a >> please finish up. thank you very much. i'm going to call a few more names and if you have been on the list come forward, if you are not on the list sign a speaker card ann fontanelo and surgeio lopez. i think i called these names. carolyn [inaudible] peter
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mendoza. rick balm and [inaudible] cook >> my name is lutonia william jz know the educational value city college provides but let's talk about the life saving work. prior to 234 roleing in city college i was stuck in a 20 year addiction, homeless and had multiple run in with the crimical justice system. because of the retention programs city college as such as second chance program to help matriculate in the educational system and stand here today a productive member of society. not only did i graduate from city college with 2 aa degrees but was city valedictorian. i'm now at san
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francisco state. it is taking the less desirable and placing them back into society is what city college does. the gentlemen before me summed it up, this sh value in giving marginalized and opressed populations education. there is money to be made in keeping opress populations oprosed. let's talk about who is to gain from this? that's all i will say >> i couldn't have said it better than that. supervisor tom tim prawno with harvey milk lbt. former president and former community college student who when was falling through the cracks in high school i was lifted up. in 2012 elisea meser spoke for the
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need to stand up for city college [inaudible] jumped at the chance to stand up and save our college and so today we are here continuing the fight. we know the manufacture accredidation crisis had on the college and we are oit telling folks the biggest thing they can do is enroll. i also want to thank supervisor compose for asking important questions about how money is being spent at city college. i read today that had 1 bedroom in san francisco is 3500 dollars and our special trustee is one of the few who can afford that. we know our teachers who haven't gautsen a raise in 8 years can't afford 3500 one bedrooms so now is the time to continue to pressure those making decisions at the college to invest in the students and teachers. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> my name is surge row lopez [inaudible] i want to apologize to a coworker [inaudible] she isn't here. i came here to talk about how city college is efoketing our community [inaudible] taking class at city college and i just want to say please stay with us and keep an eye on that and [inaudible] keep working on that. the job isn't done and we will [inaudible] ccsf [inaudible] i know we can do it so thank you and good afternoon. >> thank you. ilean wall, robert fitch, [inaudible] roma, dewane sears.