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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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gone ought to do education and outreach and held conferences and placed as a policy priority for the department to work on human trafficking issues legitimate businesses should welcome a strong regulatory infrastructure for the unfair businesses that doesn't comply that is not as punitive but for the protection of public and prosecution is expensive there's. >> human cost most vulnerable people are engaged as victims of human trafficking immigrants humans and children's this is between 13 and 14 years of age those victims can't speak for themselves that's why we're here today. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm beverly i'm the director of governmental affairs
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c n t c didn't care about the permit we've been mandated to keep prostitution and the sex industry out of the massage through the certificate program last year, we got some information of the incident reports for sexual activity with the trafficking and we've taken action on all of them unlike san francisco they've don't make arrests and fines are not issued and no doj reports if the city didn't give us information we'll not be able to take action personally i hope you lower the standards to the illicit people don't come through the program san francisco has yet to conform
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one victim perhaps since 2004 or rescue anyone is a shame to the profession and the rest of the california cities and counties can't codify working with the organization and disciplining those with sexual services in 20 years of speaking on it is city council meetings where the ordinances were being considered i've not seen with without representation and the 6 heed an hour attorneys have not been at any hearings it is the illicit industry sees no threat if this ordinance thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i just wanted to since this is a representative i want to conform our speaking on behalf of whole c m t c if you can
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state it in the microphone. >> this is a i have not had a chance to run my comments through the board this is our position we do not want - we want city and counties to regulate prostitution and to work with us and it is also the position of the legislator of the city and county in the attempt of ab for the cities and counties to share information. >> only want to clarify c m t c is in favor of the enforcement i want to make sure which position before i call up the next speakers i want to call up a few more cards
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(calling names). >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for considering the point of view of the industry my name is adams the owner of example 0 therapy i employ 3 therapist and thank you to commissioner chan for the amendments on the legalization and to supervisor wiener so for the proposed trailing legislation that sounds like workable solutions as far as being treated fairly and the representative from the department of public health we're misleading our constituents in saying we're being treated unfairly we've spoken many time as being clarified as a healing arts profession like chiropractors and number of censory medical professionals when we look at
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the regulatory professionals none of them have to go through what we do and other businesses that are going through we see medical cannabis dispensary and bars and businesses that generally have a huge amount of capital and are not healing or professionals we're often smaller and lower funded professional services the other thing that are worth booemd a patch use of land use & transportation committee where massage therapist therapy is not weeded out in a number of districts there where there is a good purpose to have those massage and other healing professionals will be allowed the reason on the state level the massage therapist felt they were being treated unso thank
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you very much. >> all right. good afternoon. i'm a certified person in the anyone else therapist and the owner of a massage place in bruno heights in my practice i treat serious injuries and acute disorders yet because i provide hands on therapy the proposed legislation will have background checks and fingerprinting at the state level it is regulated as adult entertainment i appreciate supervisor tang's for practitioners and businesses, however, the current language is unclear how needed functions and practitioners the proposed
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amnesty will cost $2,000 if a space is shared by 4 practitioners that office has to be inspected by fire and health and planning by at a cost of $8,000 for not only a single room in the mission it is radically out of scale for the practitioners business possible a year share of rent and deprive those of earning a living clinicians need to pay triple that amount to pay for the permit and seek the anyone else establishment in exist commercial or medical buildings to meet the establishment is by no means certain thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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my name is grant i'm a enforced massage therapist i want to say it feels having this legislation that the fraction as put in place is not fair to someone as myself a solo practitioner i could have amnesty or being grandfathered in i hadn't had the resources under those conditions as many people said i feel that human trafficking is a big concern but don't see the language that differentiate or sets the get that is going to have an impact on the issue it makes setting up large-scale hurdle for people in small business thank you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors i'm wesley mines run a city attorney is that a in hayes valley we serve three to four clients a lot of san francisco bay area clients i'm in fulfill absolute support of the legislation that is going to put an end to human suffering and the abuse of individuals, however i don't feel this legislation is doing that i know you'll have all the liability massage businesses but not the illegal businesses in our radar and i'll actually be i don't see how we'll be in a different situations where there is more idea of where those illegal massage let's not call it a massage illegal action is take place
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as sergeant said the people in this this room are not the ones evict the ones going to have to bear the burden of making this legislation happen financing with our time you still won't know if where the bad actors are and i guess my main concern is that myself having a business in the city establishment for 10 years i'm worried about this creating a huge hurdle i don't know if among is allowed in hayes valley without a conditional use permit it is confusing so i'm concerned that good businesses are going to be burdened by this and new massage practitioners won't be able to practice in the city. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please good afternoon. my name
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is a kathleen i'm a recent c m t c massage therapist i'm not not practicing but one today hoping to have a business in the city i'm concerned about the permits and the licensing and the c p processing i do thank supervisor tang for being concerned about human trafficking i am too but i feel that a legitimate practitioner are being swept florida the same umbrella i would like more time to look at the legislation and see how it is going to impact me to work in the city in the future thank you. >> thank you i'm going to call
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up a few more speaker cards (calling names). >> i would like to just echo should some of my fellow massage therapists on item 2 the permits i have been a massage therapist from the 1y678 and c amt c permitted person and gone through and gotten my permit for act purchase from the california acupuncture board and concerned with those i'll be unable to open up an be establishment and i'd like to offer massages i'm
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definitely concerned with some of the issues of supervisor wiener co-location and if i want to have a business that is run by two people and not co-loeks had is member gallo it difficult to open up an establishment it is unfair for an acupuncture it to not have one thieved to relocation this permit practice like any other people in the progression it is going to prevent us from being in business you'll say an "x" different around other cities in the area. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm nancy goldberg here wearing a few hats involved with the coalition to end human
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trafficking co-chair with the san francisco collaborative against human trafficking and immediate past and present jewish president on the where had i've heard compelling things said by both sides i still feel that this legislation gives us the tools it we need to regulate the massage businesses. >> we have on a adult health care center in the sunset and the massage parlor business around that priefkz one closed and other up and it is a very - it feels not safe for a lot of
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the clients other folks have come to see the what we've done in san francisco and i just want to thank commissioner chan and certainly deanna for all they've done and i just urge this be passed and someway to commodity both sides thank you very much. >> thank you and i think i see reverend? anyone that didn't fill out a card (calling names) >> i apologize if i can't read some of the handwriting.
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>> (calling names). >> >> next speaker. >> let's go. >> good afternoon supervisor cohen and commissioner chan and supervisor wiener my name is carol i'm a former president of the status of women and a long time advocate for women and immigrant women that suffered in terms of abuse and take advantage i want to thank deanna and engine. >> for going doing this investigation as fiona the board of equalization she made attempts there are holes in that attempt some things worked i believe that the current legislation effecting the health code and planning code will bring us up to date to see what we can manage better the massage
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therapist are concerned about their businesses i am a small business owner and i realize what the cost of doing business in the city, however, through perhaps working this through the board of supervisors i'm not understand all the complaints but overall the legislation and intent is to not only regulating a legitimate business but providing save services but to protect the overall population that is take advantage of you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm a student and the holistic institute i have not a statement
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but many of the therapists ones the one side r other side of the fence i want to make a statement i agree with supervisor wiener when we stayed about the whoisht having center massage therapists on hand that is the allied wellness centers they usually have two or three chiropractor or acupunctures businesses like that will be hurt big time like i said there are two or three on hand all the time what are they going to do and, of course myself i like other health care practitioners i am health care practitioners massage is not a touch you're done we do things
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for people and bring health and wellness to the body that's all i want to say that like supervisor wiener said something should be add in the bill we're health care practitioners not massage therapists thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a mary a resident on the west side in san francisco and member of the status of women massage practitioners emily murase was talking about it was an eye opener if you haven't gone to an inspection tours go i want to thank engine. >> so for working hard on this issue and supervisor wiener and supervisor cohen for your thoughtful suggestions and thoughtful questions we're going
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in the right direction i know this from personal experience getting a professional massage sometimes successfully and one time not successful that was an eye opener two this permit is could the help weed out some of the bad actors a lot of businesses require the conditional use permit and why shouldn't massage parlors be different i heard one the tvers talk about the high costs it is not that high i know that people are complaining about that and i get that being a small business owner but if you know of anyone that is in this situation a family member or friend if you can save one life wouldn't you
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want to do that i'm asking to support in protective >> thank you i'm going to call up a few more cards (calling names) if you could please line up if i haven't called your name come up to the window thank you. >> good afternoon i'm a massage therapist and sole provider and i'd like to stick to conditional use permitting ab 11347 was given back to the city with the timgs we're regulated without like health care practitioners acupuncture i thought and chiropractors, etc.
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and chiropractor and acupuncture i was needs a professional and business license to operate in the city i don't think we can speak enough that we do not want to see more than probably any other industry those bad actors hiding with our storefronts we're not massage parlors we're legitimate businesses i want to speak we're the smallest of small businesses i have an wonderful opportunity to be a part of a massage establishment with one therapist that brought on me the second or first staff therapist we get busy and a third or fourth one day i'd like to have my own establishment but with the conditional use permit i'll not get beyond me that's my
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future stuck as your full practitioner or employee and not having the opportunity and many prashgsz that would like that opportunity it wouldn't be here today. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm antonio a c mc massage therapist and thank you to the supervisors that goes far but not far enough you're putting regulations at the top of a regulation we've taken a lot long term for massage therapy to be a viable health practice to have folks live a productive life when you put
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massage therapists out of business those people that want to seek a massage they're going to go to a massage parlor but you're taking away the health practice people think there goes to get a massage but they might get flipped under the rug and woman not understanding what is going ab 1147 in the section it is the intent of the legislators ever lufshgs that the stakeholders and the massage professionals work together to improve communication and increase the value of the statewide prelims of this act to develop a model ordinance for the best practices and regulation for cities and counties for local control and patient privacy and the dignity you're going against this is
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double speak i hope our realizing your giving taxation without representation that is what our country was founded on tuesday. >> good afternoon. i'm a certified acupuncture i thought by the ncca i want to thank the supervisors in the department for the efforts in halting human trafficking no one is argued i see the sergeant report that the police department becomes aware of victims from victims themselves and their outreach programs i believe that this is very well intended legislation, however, it didn't pier to be the appropriate way to go about it without assessing numerous
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excess fees to numerous businesses regarding the location an important point often acupuncture i was and therapist have multiple workers and other health care providers have multiple offices in multiple cities so the same thing with the massage therapists the one by one pole location is problematic i'd appreciate if you look at that and the problem with the human traffickingers to prosecute them this is not the best way to accomplish that i want to ask the board take additional time for outreach and review thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm not a massage therapist a
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nature of san francisco born and raised in the western edition i'm concerned this legislation regards to the achievement will have the opposite effects this argument is misleading it is sdrirmenty and one is going back and when it is good for legislation it massage is growing this legislation is putting c a mc p certified massage thieved and singling them out as separated more vicarious restrictive there is no evidence in 2006 law did anything to effecting reduce prostitution or human trafficking we- what it does
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that hamper the small businesses that the conditional use is a planning tool and if there's a stigma what massage no justification for proliferation of massage as healing arts each easy access to massage is a great thing for people that need it the multiple departments will - i'm out of time - all right. >> i guess i'm done. >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> my name is she recall i'm a c m t c certified massage therapist i've kept my licenses they were to over reside the need for individual licenses for
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cities and counties but today an earlier presentation with photographs war shown with a massage parlor looks like we don't run parlors as c m t c therapists we run liability parlors we're not running massage parlors the language is important and i think that simply from looking at the photographs law enforcement and those who are against human trafficking are no were w where to begin their investigations and where to prosecute thank you. >> my name is lewis i'm an it technician i see no one from the tech community here most of this exists on line and grazing list or that's where you find those the tools are available all i see it taxation of hard
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working people and more gent indication for people in san francisco i see people moving to oakland this will make that easy for massage corporations the small businesses will be kicked out and bride ground for this they operate through online adds it is easy to find those places it's a massage or a cheap neon i appreciate this i come from columbia and i'm amazed we're talking about this it is amazing u amazing i'm not not for human trafficking but this legislation is something from 1995 we're in the tech hub of the world google is down the street where are the tech