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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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kes a decision. first they sought to remand theicate to federal court and they relied on a law that applies to institution. when sflugzs want to challenge the substance of a accredidation decision they have to go to court. we were the people and not the institution and didn't believe were tethered in our ven sue. that we won. the asked the court ubstain from hearing this case because city college was on their own administratively appealing. it termination of accredidation through the acjc own process. the court found not persuaded. then the acjcc had all sorts of doctrine that believed deprived the city and the people from challenging the process they conducted the accredidation. first they said they were notd a business, but they charge institution frz the accredidations activities and
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have paid staff. they also said the acts they committed were not unlawful or unfair. they said they were like courts so actions should be barred by judicial immunity. they said our action is preimpative but the united states department of education acknowledges accredters and said [inaudible] called nora penningten which protects certain political speech. all these there ease were shot down by the court. we had a series of dooling motions for summary adudeication trying to widdle down what would be kwide at trial. we won a very small portion thofe motion, but the court wanted to have a trial. wanted a trial quickly and the trial was set for the last week
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of oct2014. the trial lasted 5 days. there were numerous witnesses who gave testimony. we presented life experlt testimony. the court also permitted to submit testimony in the form of deposition transscripts. the court heard the arguments, considered all the evidence and issued a tentative decision and that decision found that the ajcc violated the law. not it violated on every theory we raised, but on due process. before a accredter in cl is going to strip a institution of accredidation that institution has a right to know what the deficiencies are so they can respond. it is classic due process, notice and the opportunity to be heard is what the court found city college
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had been deprived of. the court then issued the final judgment and included an injunction that mandated the accjc permit city college if it chose to opt into a prosthat would confer upon it the due process st. had lacked. required the accjc submitted a report with all the deficiencies and gave the callling a opportunity to respond. city college was not a party in our carcand as the court acknowledged that limited what the court could do or command city college to do. but the-in the end i think the lute achieved really important objectives. first the reliminary injunction gave city
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college time where the termination decision wasn't held in advance. it also gave the accjc [inaudible] city college pass adnew process. new process it presented to the city college. it was called restoration. restoration was aprosthat the accjc unfolded to give the college a opportunity to reactivate or come from under the termination decision. if not for the lawsuit city college may have closed. there are-city college has amazing support, but the accjc is the only accredter and losing accredidation is a hefty price as many who speak will explain.
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at this point the courts injunction is valid. city college opted into the process where it is seeking review of the-it is seeking the remedy the court laid out so it is in the process and opted in and in the process of reviewing the written report and making comments. the city attorneys office wants to do everything and has done everything it can to keep city college open and we are heartened city college opted in. that process isn't concluded, but it should conclude in the coming months. i'm happy to take questions or comments, but that the status of the litigation at present >> supervisor compose >> i thank you very much. i don't have comment, just want to thank the deputy city
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attorney [inaudible] and also the city attorney for the work that they have done on this. i do think that if the city attorney had not filed this lute that city college would be closed by now and so i think the city, the city college community that owes the city attorney a great deal of gratitude and so i just want to make that clear and the realty is that besides those on the board of supervisors who have been talking about the need to save this institution is t is the city attorney foilthing that fight >> mrs. amu an i wanted to say it was so great to see the save city college coalition packing the court room and you and your team in action, but thank city attorney dens
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[inaudible] it was a collective effort. i want to give a shout out to [inaudible] formally from the guards men to other media outlets. i think the community coverage in the press was helpful as well, but they think for the efforts and for being here. the speakers are chancellor author tyler and president raufial mandalman from the board of trustees. alex randolph is here as well as sunel williams from the board of trustees. [inaudible] >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm going to begin by echoing what you said about the city attorneys office and the extraordinary work that [inaudible] and colleagues
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there did. all most immediately following the accjc announcement it would terminate city colleges accredidation in 2013, i think the city attorney got where the accjc was taking college wasn't a good place and he and his office stepped up in a huge way to protect this vital civic institution. some attorneys i know are involved, i may not name all of them, evon [inaudible] tom [inaudible] and matte goldburg all just incredible wurks and get calls from them on weekends and night. they were working all the time for about a 6 month period i think on this. evon talked a little about what we got out of it and agree with everything that she said. securing the injunction from
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judge car now the accjc cannot terminate accredidation until had case had run the course, the city attorneys office [inaudible] would not be able to can close city college without some measure of over site and that is a thing that we are concerned about is the body doesn't have responsible oversight. i think that lawsuit was a critical part in building the pressure from letter accjc taking city college over the cliff and resulted not just from the [inaudible] but from lots of people in the creation of the restoration status we are surviving under t. is important to remember when the city attorney blot the lawsuit it wasn't universely welcomeed in
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san francisco. the chronicle editorial was against and a lault of people that thought it wasn't necessary and think it is a important thing for city college that the city attorney took this on. i want to thank the member thofz board of supervisors because think you got it from the beginning what was happening at city college of terminated a public educational institution that city college was doing is not acceptable and not a outcome we should considerment you rallied with us and held hearings and commissioned ecnocic impact reports as supervisor mar noted, identified 300 million of economic impact from city college and so thank this bodfry all that work. where we are now and i'm not going to sugar coat this for you. it is going to take time and think it
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likely take years for city college to fully recover from its recent near death experience. it may be risen from the dead but close to being dud isn't good for you so there is a lot to do. some of the immediate challenges i worry about, the first is accredidation and the restoration status that we are under gives additional time until the beginning of jan 2017 to fully meet all accredidation standards. the remaining standards where we are believed to be particularly deficient relate to student services and equity across the campus and integrated planning in the institution. the idea you set your goals and budget and planning documents align and push toward what your goals are as a institution. both of those are things i think are
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responsible and reasonable accredder is within their rights to raise and work on. we need to have it done by the ends of 2016 basically. we have to do that in a environment where you already noted supervisor mar, our enrollment plummeted. dependent how you count and what your you look at it may be enrollment has gone down by 37 percent and that is tie today the funding available. thanks to center [inaudible] and state chancellor and california federation orphteachers and xhineies affirmative action san francisco played a important role in this and got stabilization funding. unique in the state, nobody else is getting this. when our enrollment declined and the funding along with, we are not held harmless, we are taking a 5 percent cut each year but the blow is softened and not
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experiencing the 10s of millions of dollars. the trouble is that money ges away in 2 years so if the enrollment isn't back up by that time, the future there is concerning to me. in that environment our faculty are underpaid and staff over worked. the faculty haven't received a raise since 2007 and among the lowest paid in the bay. the staff are doing more jobs than anyone should be expected to do because so many people have been laid off and they are so under staffed. we vaclalg och attracting and retaining excellent administrators which we need. the 50 something administrators we need to run the college we are missing about 15. that sound about right? and we talked about civic center and the closeier
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of civic center. the seismic safety issues add civic center are related to facility maintenance issues across the system that someone estimated 400 million dollars. we have huge facilities needs and mistrust. faculty staff, administrators board of trustees and broader community, there is distrust in many directions and all i can say is we have to do all this in that environment. there is a lot of uncertainty. one thing that is certain and positive news is city college is here to stay and if we learned anything since the accredidation crisis began in 2012 it is city college is too important to be allowed to fail. the fact it is stillopeson testament to the efforts of many. the city
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attorney absolutely but also the state chancellor critically. community college ceo's from around the state who came toort and brought together by the state chancellor to tell had accjc they can not shut city college down. [inaudible] from nancy pulosy's office and [inaudible] department of education and state legislation, organized labor, our mayor and our business community frankly has come together for city college. i profoundly hope we never ever have to make the case for city colleges survival again, but if we do have to fight that fight we'll fight it and within it again. it is a great institution. it is open and accredited and providing a excellence education and resource for the communities.
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one of the wounds of the process is the loss of the edemocratly elected governing boretd. the good news and there is a lot of lack of clarity where we are with the governing board. in november the state chancellor made a plan for restoration of the board. it was tied to the local board assuming leadership. some are troubled by that concept, but i was gratifyed the state chancellor came windup a plan for restoration and it has moved at a accelerated place. in march we begain running our meet jgz took on responsibility for student service. this month weep take on every bullet finance and in july we take on all the colleges affairs. the
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special trustee will remain with us. he is a special trustee that has the capacity to make board decision that are [inaudible] or financial stability. as a practical matter that isn't going to change. the state is giving us 10s of millions of dollars that no other district in the state getting so they want and the state legislator made clear they want eyes on the ground not just as a resource for the board but for the administration to guide the college and be the state challengelers person on the ground. i have found this special trustee needs to be extremely knowledgeable, a resorcer i'm relying on and believe it is a complicated
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balance of board and special thustee can i will work. with that i'll turn this over to a guy that i think one of the harder jobs in san francisco right now which is our chancellor, art [inaudible] >> before chancellor tyler talks supervisor campos had a comment >> i want to thank president mandolin for the leadership he demonstrated since he got elected to the board of trustees. i think he played a very critical role and agree with everything you said. where i will part ways with you because i have yelt to hear concrete evidence to the contrary is i know we want to be nice, but i don't understand exactly what the mayor has done on this issue. my understanding from what the mayor said is he was siding with the accjc and critical when he filed the lute and my
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understanding from folks in sacramento is he is one of the reasons why the board of trustees isn't restored. he wants to go slow on that even though he provided a replacement to the board of trustees. i agree with every you said, but think we have to be honest but what happened here and i think that if it had been left to the mayor i don't know if we would be here today. i say that as someone who is working on the mayor with a number of issues and believe this issue he had radifferent perspective that sided with the entity that is the main reason why we're here. i think facts do matter
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>> not to get into a qual quee about it and i'm going to[inaudible] and i think there were a lot who failed to recognize the challenges that the accjc presented when it was first presented. it was the unusual people on the board including yourself that recognized the accjc neetded to be responded to. i think that our board of trustees was known throughout the state as a example of dysfunction. one of the things i have been able to do with aft 2121 and cft since the night maer began has been to go to other community colleges and talk about what happened in san francisco and why what happened here is wrong. i met a number of people who knew about our board and knew about a board that
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seemed to be utterly dysfunctional. that isn't a basis for removing a democratly elected board, but i don't think that the mayor's distrust of local control, i don't share it and don't think he is unique about having doubt of the board of trustees and believe we are proving the doubters wrong. i don't know what all the mayor has done. i do knew a few things. i know he played a role in arguing for and lobbying for the restoration process to be created which is what is keeping us going anyhow. i know that there have been significantly administrators resources-one of the problemicize the total lack of administrative cupeacety. we don't have enough people to do the work at city college.
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faculty and staff do a great job. in the administration we don't have capacity to do what needs to be done and believe the mayors office [inaudible] in terms of insureing that to the extent we dispose of assets, real property assets which is a controversial thing, but given that our students hp one reason we may be losing students is the fact that people can't afford to live in san francisco anymore and the fact that affordable housing is a critical priority for the city and also the college. my understanding is that the mayors office has a helpful force and i hope that we will continue to work with the mayor and board of supervisors to insure to the extent that the
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college stops using some of the property and the property is a public benefit and does generate significant affordable housing. i don't think it is true that they have been absent. i disagree on a key points over the last couple years which was the initial response to the accjc, but thing they have been present and helpful in a number of other ways jrfxz thank you president mand ltdman. chancellor art tyler >> thank you supervisors for allowing the opportunity to update you on the kats of city college. i think it goes without saying that the college is part of the city and in fact reflects the things that are probably most unique but also most special about the city of san francisco. the nearly 80 thousand students and 3 thousand employees that we have are just a microcosm of the
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benefit we get from being a partner in this city. i want to take a couple minutes and also leave time for my president to come back, but first you heard about accredidation. i got here and had approximately 323 different items that needed attention and nobody made any distinction about the fact that they were not needed to be corrected. today i'm here to tell you that we had a visit from the largest accrediting team in the history of scal in november. 26 people, 2 chairs, came to visit and looked in every nook and cranny and yus we still have work to do, but we are down to 32 items across the 4 basic standards and 21 eligibility
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requirements. to get restoration we had to first apply and then assure the accredters we met the 21 eligibility requirements. we wrote the largest report in the history of the college and dist receive restoration having had that visit from those 26 people. i think it is safe to say we are on the road to recovery. it dozen mean we don't have lot of work to do because we sloutly do. min in many cases we donetd have the band width to do a lot of things that would be nice to do, but will get done the things that we must. that i can assure this wonderful city of. you heard us mention the
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issue of enrollment. the funding is stabilized at the same thesh hold as 3 years ago. it is a unusual practice and never happened in this state and have to figure how we get back the confidence of the people, the confidence of the business community and cofds of the city and county departments to allow us to continue to be the most remarkable training agency and most remarkable employment agency that this cuntsry has ever seen. we have the where with all to provide training in all most every skill category and that is in addition to what we do for those of us who like me want to come back to school and do life long learning. that is part of our legacy and what of what we do in addition to transferring
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more student to sf state and perhaps even berkeley and stan ford than any other community college does. we are not just here as a resource of education. the first time i met supervisor compose the mission campus was being used as a ref eug for those folks that were burned out of their homes. i was happy to see him there and know our centers and campuses are more than we look at when we talk about educational institutions. we are different than everyone else. most community comages thairks builds a college and aerfbd everybody comes. city college goes to the community through the center and tries to meet the needs of a diverse and
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wonderful community. for the first time we are spending ova million dollars to try to reach out and let people know that as was stated, we are alive and strong. if you look at our report card on the chancellors website we have the strongest evidence that we are a quality institution second to none in the state and probably second to none in the country. with the process of up dated student service and most important in that aspect is we'll provide equity. we can't provide equal service because nothing is ever equal, but we'll make sure at the centers we provide the same quality support and services to every student possible. i just finished hiring a new vice chancellor for student development and he is going to
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help me accomplish that critical mission. one of the things that i'm very proud of is the way we respond and interact with our educational partner. just a week or so ago we had our third frisco day where we invite high school seniors to visit the college and preenroll. get through the agony of taking assessment tests. as a open access institution we still have some requirement jz those requirements are minimal, but they do help us find the right place for each and every student. we had all most 1 thousand students at the door step and happy to say we more than doubled enrollment over last year from that high school group and plan to do more in that regard. we just built a new summer bridge program and thanks to the governors awards,
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the governor had 14 awards for all of higher education this past year. we won 2 of them with our partners. the first focuses on the bridge to success. some may remember that the [inaudible] foundidation funded the bridge to success and that money went away and wrote a proposal and funded to the tune of 3 million dollars to reestablish that program. our meteral program and partnership with sf state beared the fiduciary on that grant and we are fiduciaryary to bridge to success grant was a 3 million dollar deal to help the student make that