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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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the mayor i want to thank the mercy staff this project has had a couple of project manager so thank you (clapping) but it started with jennifer our ceo and barbara (clapping) and then a long list of folks parker the wonderful property manager but julia and jackie and warren and nancy doing a fabulous commercial wait until you see the wonderful local businesses that move in you'll are incredibly happy mr. mayor and supervisors but also, if you raise your handicaps be everyone at mercy there's too many to
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list thank you for making this happen i always forgot to mention barbara with that i've made him wait long enough we have such an unrespectable mayor i've met with hundred and 50 of our closest friends discussing what the mayor and this board of supervisors will deepen the affordable housing it goes to show you how commit this mayor is to this violation for many, many years and deepened that effort so workplace i give mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> well doug i'll bring it down lower (laughter). >> first of all everyone glad to be here yet again with
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supervisor kim wife cherished those stunts to make sure we're opening up the housing opportunity for people we love opening up doors and give out keys i'll have to admit as we pulled up in fronted when i saw the fire truck i said oh that's my way of saying oh they're here to get their kudos for a job well, well done i want to personally thank you for putting this fire out and not losing end unit and forestalling this day. >> thank you san francisco fire department world-class (clapping) world-class. >> you know the everybody knows all the details so i know we have a lot to celebrate with the families already moved in the expression i'm glad i came in
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here to listen to some of the others speak a couple of impressions one that there is a history that we have to honor i know eugene talked about that a lot and we are doing so there's a lot of people on this waiting list in fact 20 thousand people have been waiting many, many years to get open i think this particular waiting list thousands waiting to get into those hundred and 49 units to be exact with the 50 unit units for homeless thousands on the streets we have to work hard one impression i got in linking to the contributions whether it was bank of america merl lynch or silicon valley or our community reinvestment or the
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agency that rezoning this land formally ocii all the myriad of agencies that came together with mercedes the impression those are complicated projects to build avenue and affordability for the incomes of people that are struggling in the city very complicated and, in fact, when eugene quoted that this issue was passed by the voter in 2006 and this is 2014 why does it tmc take us 9 years to build hundred and 50 units of affordable housing it shouldn't have to be that way it shouldn't be confronted with challenges like a fire or the slowness of brirz not everyone has the things to do but as a
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city who invites everyone from the world to be here we have to honor people with a much more robust aggressive program and this is why the board of supervisors and i are putting forth something i'm going to ask you all to help there is no way we can help thousands of people on those watts list if we move in 9 year increment in chinatown we owned and operated opened up apartment for folks it took them seven years for the financing mercy knows that olsen lee and others in the center of trying to put together the packages suffer from the bureaucracies that the federal and state and sometimes our government troiktsd the slowness that's why
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we're putting together 2 hundred and 50 thousand the board of supervisors and i, we will put a ballot this november and, of course, for those of you here are part of yes audience what you don't know what is happening behind the escapees to create something i know that bank of america and silicon valley and the community trust fund eject in particular putting together an accelerate fund so when we identify those sites and we have them just like we have another site that is about to break ground north of us for another 4 hundred and 88 i want those projects accelerated we have this very unique opportunity given the prosperity of our city
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the things moving along well in the business world we need to have that prosperity shared by everyone pull up the families in sunnydale and alice griffith and hunters point and charley hill and the people on those watts lists waiting for promises to be met with our leadership i've told time after time i'm not going to make new promises fulfill old ones old ones that were made by mayors and supervisors in the past (clapping) and everything should find a place to be able to have a culturally diverse society of all economic incomes be it able to enjoy the parks and bike ways the small businesses that will be here a stones throw away
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from a brand new fire department and police department and the giant and, of course, hopefully a soon to be developed basketball arena and transmitter center everybody deserves that and needs the good air so we're in a hurry to build thirty thousand units of housing in the city with a guarantee over half to be affordable to all families working class families and he guarantee 33 percent to l. folks he we're in a hurry to have you lucky enough to move in you have to tell your friends i city is going to do more and they want to be here and live a decent live in san francisco so when we're all celebrating we have to make a double down
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commitment there should be 12 or 13 thousand for people that could be celebrating i have center to get folks off the street a navigation center working with the task force to get people the support the mental health and more housing for them we've got an incredible decision in the mission i want the people to know in the mission i'm going to be aggressive in building the affordable housing open south van ness we saw 10 sites if we get control we can right now we can really have the banks accelerating that affordable housing this is how strong how city is we have to be strong for the folks it is disastrous we have a new minimum wage for
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folks in the city that's a what to help them and free transportation inform low income and youth and seniors ensue i've got to get the housing up so help the economy and get the wealthy into the places the successful city is for them as well as everyone else we see being successful will you help me will you all help me here i know that mercy is there they're part of my nonprofit development centers that will help me i need this story accelerated with everybody participation and if we do so then i can also talk about a city that is not only diverse and successful it is investor friendly we need our
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banks to be able to tell the banks you have the strongest investment and that will speak to the pension fund our own pension fund and labors and teachers fund as well but we're going to work with the teachers housing and work on a large sites you'll see more houses on we need that dialog at city hall that pushes us best bureaucratic let's get out p there perform and perform and it's an incredible die let's go to work and that's correct very much. >> as mayors do (clapping) by today is 1184th street day in san francisco
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(clapping.) the mayor as acknowledged this building would have been burned down and it would have taken years we'll have special folks from the san francisco fire department from the company dan and other battalion chief i've bunched the name but if you guys wouldn't mind coming up and taking credit for the tremendous work (clapping.) thank you mayor. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you that fire was
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incredible. >> (clapping.) you got it? >> thank you. >> that's correct guys. >> all right. we're almost through i want to thank the guys we added drama we have have live video feed a couple of folks we're close to the headquarter accident digit dignity how's house digit house and wing courtyard is named in honor of them for the tremendous work and mercy i want to thank floyd and others many of the others folks for the digit support and you know today really is about the residents and we want
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to you guess i want to say that is why we all do this work we're really here because this keeps us going the days when people move in whatever brief moment of your life we get to share but us working on the demonstration does it keeps us going we're fortunate mr. mistake williams was willing to come up and i don't know where she went she was borden in san francisco and raised around the bay area and now a permanent home in mission bay (clapping.) >> good afternoon. i have
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about 6 minutes bear with me while i share part of my life and i live on 11, 84th street thank you to the h a s and the e california housing services and the investors and resident and guests i'm just going to go ahead and start sorry i'm a little bit nervous we are altogether and people that protest this is different if i'm a little bit shaky and nervous i'm trying to get past that as a child i want to be a veterinarian i spent hours empowering any neighborhood and later as an adolescent i developed a nature talented for writing short
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steroids and singing and arts although the desire i lacked the support system to consult vat those skills month of my childhood dreams went away many things happened that stripped me of the formative years trying to savage the years i married and had a family of my own thought was to raids my children without the same negative influences attempting to heal my past never try to relive your life that is a bad idea i was a broken woman and had to heal on my own then have something to offer the world until then i created harmonic and every decision was a mirror in
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everyone my life was not everyone else fault i left my husband and went into the world of standpoint i never saw the responsibility trying to raise my children solo a poor life planning sent me into a homeless shelter i didn't believe that - i can check to become a homeless drug a.d. dick off my 3wu7b8g9 lettuce i'm not the nobel peace prize scientists, however, i'm making a difference in 2012 awhile not removed from the homeless style i become pregnant it through me into a tailspin i
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weighed the options find abortion or adaptation i live with me 24 month son he's been a inspiration to master any challenge that i experienced as a teen and as a family where i said have given up i look at my lovely like guy and remember i'm all he has now our past is behind us i'm stronger and wiseer and more enlightened and more conscious of the decision i make in this story i believe i'm capable of producing a future for any family housing has made the difference i have a renewed sense of hope the moment i got the approval to
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move into my apartment i tasted my super powers and hit the ground running but had to slow down for the details of the dream and do something i didn't want to do i had to get a job so what i did was give back to my community by volunteering in organizations on solving the problems of homelessness and end homeless i volunteered at e california community services on the coalition for homeless when i volunteered i offered the same energy into the lives they serve preservation i'm a employer doing something that i love serving the homeless (clapping) in addition to gainfully employment i am preparing for the startup for a or garlic system to help the low income
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families to help their awareness the sfoifkts hass and mercy housing partnered with the many teams who support and advocate for san francisco homeless population this dream team came to the rescue and families waiting for permanent housing for years held keys to permeate they call home this is the first time they've had a second chance a new lease on life that includes me in the san francisco ethics commission the homeless population are a priority mercedes management and the supportive services worked tireless to keep the ground up to par and insure our families needs are being met i give thanks to mercedes and the city of san francisco for helping me to realize the dream i, be the
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mother i wanted to 82 be thank you for helping 80 me to pick up the broken pieces you do it this by giving me a place called home i walk into my bathroom and look into the mirror this life has created i love my city it might be a little bit on the crazy side but it's anything like that special things thanks to people that welcomed me with open armed or arms sally ray (calling names) and the supportive team here at 11, 84th street thank you you so much
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(clapping.) >> everyone at mercy is used to me getting weepy i won't disappoint there's not much to audio thank you for sharing that story and the mayor and supervisors we need to do more if you share that story with anyone that will make a world of difference please enjoy this day was we cut the ribbon thank youas we cut the ribbon thank you
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(clapping). >> before you cut it give me a nice smile 1, 2, 3 okay. let's. >> yeah. (clapping) and that's what i was thinking of
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thanks. >> i example the first thing to point out is the first word is camp tlargz to be bugs and dirt and so long as you can get past that part in place is pretty awesome. you're going to get to our cabin and why is it so small well most of your time is spent outside. programming was our first step we wanted to offer a program that is, you know makes people happy and leaves them with memories. >> here and there. >> so more points. >> ready 1, 2, 3.
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i think a big part is it's coming from san francisco it is real estate a kind of vibe people relate to each other and everyone's living in the city and you can feel the breath of fetish air and the experience you get out here. i think it give us an opportunity to get away from technology you come out here and look at it here and not look at our iphones and you kind of lose users in the city and have a cup of coffee >> i'm corey a typical day increase no typical day.
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and just the first time being on the talent show and getting a huge applause and i never expected it is is r is a great experience i'm an executive chief here at kathy serve over one hundred meals a day for the camp mather folks. people love our meals and the idea they can pick up a meal and don't worry about shopping or doing dishes and enjoy and have a great time at camp mather >> grasping grab on. >> i like camp mather it is a lot of freedom and kids run around it's great. >> they have all the things i don't have to do the kids get to do what they want to do and we basically focus on them that's
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our only job. >> i like camp mather because i can ride my bike. >> i love camp mather. the children are up here playing around and riding their booiths bicycles that's a great place to see what the word is like outside of the city. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in well with the innovation capital world i can't think of a better k with the wifi connection in our city it is crossing different economic lines and neighborhoods it helps not only young people with their education but regular folks to find out where their muni bus is or their routine or opportunities in the city it was lead by the department the of technology they've proven themselves they wanted to take on such a great responsibility on market street i want to thank the department of technology they've found great partners with marcus in the valley along with mayor 42 boss of them gave
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us very expensive equipment to use but also gave us some great guidance how to do that the combination of the public private partnering was another compliment off our department the government some work with the technology to do those sorts of exist things and compliments all the things we're trying to do to use technology in a positive woo san francisco is one of the greatest city's in the world and suddenly give a support to a service that - wifi is a utility like power and water and it has to be available i think in all the public venues >> i will live in oakland i'm here on microsoft a lot and not familiar with the area especially the part