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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> all right, good morning, welcome to our plan and programs committee meeting of our sfgta, for may 12, 2015, and i'm katie tang and to my right is christensen, our vice chair and commissioner breed to my left. and we have our clerk with us today and sfgov tv. and i think that our other colleagues will join us shortly and so with that, we can proceed to item one. >> item one, roll call.
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>> commissioner breed. >> here. >> commissioner christensen. >> here. >> commissioner farrell >> absent. >> tang. >> present. >> yee. >> absent. >> we have a quorum. >> could you call item two. >> citizen's advisory committee report, and this is an information item. >> thank you if we could have chris come up. >> is he here today? >> okay. and we have maria. >> good morning, and chief deputy and i want to confirm that to continue this to the end of the meeting? >> all right. so without the objection we can continue this to later in the meeting. all right. if we could call item three? >> item three, approve the minutes of the april 21, 2015, this is action item. >> do we have any public comment on the minutes for april, 21, 2015, seeing none public comment is closed we have a motion to approve, and thank you, commissioner breed and seconded by christensen,
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without objection the minutes are approved, item four, roll call. >> i am sorry. >> roll call. >> item three, roll call. >> item three, breed. >> aye. >> christensen fl >> aye. >> farrell. >> absent. >> tang. >> aye. >> yee. >> absent. >> the item passes. >> thank you. all right, now we can call item four. >> item four, recommend at pointing of two members to a citizen's advisory committee and this is an action item. >> thank you, and i think that we have mike from the ta here? >> good morning, chair and committee members i am the transportation planner. >> the citizen advisory committee has eleven members, and the plans and program committee recommends and the board appoints individuals to fill anything, and any vacancy and neither staff or the cac itself make the recommendations on the appointment to qualify for the appointment, the applicants must be a san francisco resident and must appear before the committee at least one to speak to the
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interest in qualifications and the current list is attachment two, and the materials for each can be found in the inclosure and attachment one shows the information about the current committee members and the vacancy under very craition today are the results of the term expiration, of when iny, and whitney, expiration, due to prior obligations, we understand that he is not able to be here, and we understand that he has appeared in the committee in the past, and there are 23 applicant and we can take any questions. >> thank you, commissioner christensen? >> just wanted to speak on mr. whitney's behalf. and he has been an excellent participate in this, and representative of the district and i think that an asset to the group as a whole and i endorse his continuing in this position. >> thank you, so at this time, then i will open it up, and see if there are any candidates who are here for this item? item four come up to speak.
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>> yeah. >> and good day, my name is peter i am an applicant for the qualifications and we start chronologically i got an degree, and i went to a school of law and got my -- there and practiced law for 40 years and last 15 of which i was the managing attorney for my law firm and i am also in district two for ferrill and in the early 90s we worked and drafted the new ordinance is currently in effect. and in the early 90s i was a member of the city's street advisory commission for 30 years and, and right now, i sit on the board of the community, association, and i have also been a member of the board of san francisco, which is a non-profit which is dedicated to creating and protecting the beauty and livebility of our
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city and i am a passed president of that organization from 2012 do 2014, and right now, i wish today that i, and i think that the traffic congestion is one of the biggest problems that our city faces and i would like to direct my efforts to that and i am a retired attorney and i have plenty of time to do that. >> thank you. >> if you would not mind and for any presenters who are coming up if you could just mr. fortune, if you could share with us more detail about some of the things that you would like to work on, i know that you spoke about traffic congestion, any particulars that you would like to work on? >> through, my efforts at least, and i have been involved in the city's car share program in the pilot to put the cars, more car sharing cars on the street and pods. and i have worked with that and i have studied the data behind that, and to remove, the
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automobiles from our street by putting or getting more into car shares and i have also had exposure with, and learned about the moving forward project and what it is doing around the city, and i support the city's transit first policy, and it is difficult to determine what one can do to solve the need, and the traffic congestion problem that the city is just getting worse and that is what i would like to focus my attention on. >> thank you very much. >> any other questions from the committee members, no? seeing none, if you next applicant would couple come on up? >> good morning, supervisor and before i began, i would like to address your question and concern that you just brought up in particular, and i am, and i am very well versed and knowledged in the city transportation issue everything from the central subway to the
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transit first policy to the adapted bus down, and in the geneva. >> would you mind stating your name for the record. >> yes. i will get into tha, my name is roger and i am 45 years old. and i have native and a life long resident of san francisco, 201 samson street in district three, and i purchased a condo in district three 2007 and i have lived there paply for the last 18 years with my 13-year-old daughter, and besides being a parent i am also an entrepreneur, and volunteer with several on a regular basis, including glide, and the san francisco food and the project grimmer and the background goes back and at age 12 i began to ride the line down the avenue to return home each day after school and now i have been riding san francisco transit ever since and i do not own a car and i regularly ride,
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35 different muni lines daily from the district three home, to date i bring every line in the city, with the exception of the 54, and the 56 rutlige. >> impressive. >> since the majority of the line turn in district three and it is involved and a crucial component in the system and with my intimate until of district three and union in general, i feel that i am uniquely qualified for this appointment, and in addition, i am also an active bicyclist and pedestrian. and if appointed to the cac, my goal would be to assist the transportation authority, and in shaping up in the city's transportation and land use policies for the next decade and beyond. and i would see our city benefit from the safer and improved system with increased street access for bicyclists, and continued considerations for the disabled, and elderly and the children and in general, continuing our city's
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transit first policy. >> and in addition to my business and entrepreneurial expertise, i also bring in a keen interest in technology, public policy issues, and have the innate ability to create subsequent solutions for those issues. and having discussed this opportunity with tim, and the supervisor scott weiner, i am excited to serve as a member of the cac, and i want to put in the time and effort and dedicate my full resources to make the transportation systems in the city even better. >> thank you very much, any questions? >> seeing none, are there any other applicants who are up today? please come on up. >> i am jim more i son and i cannot top that becausevy been here in san francisco for 16 years and it is my adopt cedar city and as a former city
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counciler in massachusetts and as well as being on the city property committee and i have kept myself out of politics because the 8 years was not easy and i am willing to tackle it now as i am. i am the director for the institute and i commute every day across the bridge, and so i am very interested in commuter issues, also my daughter is disabled and lives in the tender loin and she uses muni and bart very frequently not having a car and so i am very interested in disabled issues as well as being a city, and excuse me, a citizen's advocate, i am very interested?
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the impact of the parking and fees, on individuals, particularly people in the lower and middle and working classes in the city, and and i have brought up and in the past, and at a city council, and in the north hamp ton and a parking ban that happened in the winter that impacted the renters that could not park and it took me four years and i got it pass and they didn't have to, and not park when there wasn't snow, and which seemed to be kind of a no brainer, but, he could not, wrap their mind around it, and i am also interested in environmental issues, and in getting the city greener but also in the congestion, but in the sense that i would like to see,
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looking for those who cannot afford the meter fees as opposed to the downtown. >> i am a senior citizen i am 69 years old and i am ready and able to assist. >> thank you very much and any questions or complaints from colleagues. >> seeing none, any other ap mri indicates who are here for item four? >> all right. seeing none, then, if there are no other questions and perhaps we can go to the public comment first. i know that the seats, and we will fill the slots for the certain districts and just to be clear which districts we are filling right now. >> and i, and so the seats are
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not technically tied to a district, and but, we have had a member of representing each district, and but as it was, whitney and was in district three, and angela had been in district eleven and so those are the two seats. >> okay. >> any reason that i asked, i assume that mr. fortune was here from district two and i know that there are applicants that i don't know and look forward to getting to know them but mr. fortune and i have worked on a number of projects and he is amazing and he would be an amazing person to be on which committee, and i appreciate that we have the protocol about the different districts and so i am happy to continue that tradition if you will. but, mr. fortune, i didn't know that you were going to be here and if you want to be part of that i would be more than happy to support you and you are the type of person that we would love to have on this. >> commissioner breed, thank you.
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>> i wanted to know if supervisor avalos made me recommendations because i know that we have postponed making a decision on the district, well the seat number 1 1. and which is the typically tied to the district eleven, and i do know that it is not necessarily written in the by laws per se but i do think that it is important that there is representation, on this body from the people who live all over the city, and so, from my perspective, i do think that someone from the district eleven which is kind of in the further, parts of the cities and, someone who is probably dealing with a lot of neighborhood that is dealing with a lot of challenges with the public transportation and getting around in the city, and some cases we tend to focus on the middle of the city, and the center of the city and the downtown city area and i think that perspective is important and if supervisor and, let me also add, that we have three
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outstanding candidates, that we really especially impressed with roger and his knowledge and understanding of riding muni i too was a native had along with supervisor, actually almost everybody here. and you know, we have had years of experience of riding the lines all over the city and it is appreciated, and using the public transportation system and knows, first hand the knowledge of the experiences, that folks face on a day-to-day basis. and but, i will say that since we don't have a recommendation, we do? >> actually, and he actually had to appear before the
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committee and that is why we postponed the decision. >> and i want to make a recommendation for mr. more son and i am glad that supervisor avalos is supportive as well. >> commissioner christensen? >> i just want to speak to district three and so, it is certainly a tough one for me, and mr. whitney has served very well and like you is an avid transit rider and i will suggest that in my district we, have created a supervisor, transportation advisory committee and i think that you just spoke with gary mccoy and i would like you to engage at that level, surely and you made a tough decision for us and i hope to engage you at our level for sure and see if you can take advantage of some of that information that you have. >> thank you, commissioner, christensen. >> and so i think that, and first of all i do want to thank
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all three candidates for appearing today and we really appreciate the interest that you show in this topic and a very important one and so we hope that even if you are not appointed today you will continue to be involved on these issues with our city and with that, i am hearing that we have a recommendation for mr. john morriso in and wells whitney for the reappointment for the district three representative seat and even though i understand that it is not tied to the district. >> and so do we have a motion for that then? >> all right, motion by commissioner feral and seconded by christensen and, since it has changed do a roll call. >> on a motion to appoint john morriso in whitney. >> breed. >> aye. >> christensen. >> aye >> farrell >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> okay. and the members are appointed. >> congratulations to mr.
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morrison and to mr. whitney. >> and all right if we could call item five, please recommend allocation of $772,900 in prop k funds with conditions and appropriation of $90,000 in prop k funds subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedule >> thank you. mike, is here. and say that again. >> and hey, we had a four, prop k request including two signal and project and two, neighborhood transportation improvement projects and, you see, and you can see the requests for each scope of the descriptions and the staff recommendation and memo attachesment 1 to 3. we have the contracts, to install new signals on factors collision history and traffic volumes and proximity to schools and senior centers. and five of these intersections
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are on the vision zero high injury network and in addition to the new signals with the accessibility and the project will design, 15 to 20 new ramp and schedule for completing in june of 2016. and next, is the first of the two, prop k, requests and the district ten, and the capitol request to support, the conceptual engineering for the intersection of the chavez and
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the commonly known as the hair ball, and entined%backer tended to strengthen the pipelines and advance the neighborhoods scale, projects especially in the communities of concern. and the capital funding is intended to advance, one small and mid sized project in the next five years in each district up to $500,000 in lot match funds and the first capitol allocation, and on the planning department's 2012, east community design plan. and the project will result in design drawing fors a widened path or a separated pathways and providing the east and west, pathways and accessibility up grades to the steep, that is goes under the u.s., 101 southbound ramp and that is signified by the g on the map and it will create the conceptual designs, and separated by facility.
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and the project will also produce a lighting plan for the inner change area and sfmta will conduct, out reach, including the involvement and the walking and the bike audit and develop, the design for the segment and the san francisco public works will perform the suproject is schedule for completing in june of 2016. and for the second request, i would like to bring amber >> good morning, deputy director, and this is a study to look at how to forward to manage
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the congestion and there will be involvement throughout property ses and we anticipate completing by december 2015 and bringing it back to you with the form of report, we would be happy to answer any questions that you have and there is staff here from the requesting
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agencies. >> any questions or comments? >> commissioner christensen? >> i just want to say as we start to throw around the big numbers, and there is a lot of big numbers and a lot of things in here, that a lot of things that of interest and the traffic signal, and this is actually at the corner of the broad way, and not too far from bay, and and the odd angle of the intersection and we are looking for ward to this being expedite and polk street there is a lot of discussion about the bicycle lanes but this is also a really important pedestrian safety project, and i am anxious for the signal improvements to augment that part of it. the congestion, at lumbard that is a situation that begins in supervisor farrell's district and cascades into mine and what is going on with the van, ness, and the polk street changes and
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i am interested to see if this study can tie all of those loose ends together and because i know that it is certainly an issue for the neighborhood and increasing and so, and and to untaningle that poor example of the mid, 20th century intersection planning and so i am delighted that some of the things in here, and look forward to the information, and for those that will be studied further. >> thank you, commissioner and commissioner farrell. >> i want to thank the ta for working on especially the street project and to the team and the mta and everyone else who has workd on it and this is an issue that spills over as was noted not just to one, but on the entire neighborhood and to get the district as well and look forward to that and look forward to working on that. >> thank you, any other questions or comments? >> all right seeing none i think that we will go to public
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comment on this item. item 5, all right. seeing no members of the public for item five, public comment is closed. do we have a motion then on item five? >> so moved. >> and all right >> second. >> all right, the motion to approve, item five by commissioner breed and seconded by christensen, and without objection, and this item is passed. >> all right, item 6. >> item six, major capital --. >> i am sorry, should we go back to item two then? >> okay, we will go gabing to item two, since cri has now arrived from our cac. >> there are two things that i want to bring up to, item four and the tac membership and the members who want to address their desire to let you know, that you know, we are starting to get a lot of men on the
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committee and so to just keep that in mind as the new commissioners or the members are being nominated to just remember the gender balance and the affiliation balance and the racial balance of our committee, and that is just to make sure that they are the ones that are represented as well as possible. >> and, ilt em number five, that you just heard, and i will, echo, both of your praises for all of these projects and i think that the cac was very supportive of these, and the one item, the hair ball, there was an item on our agenda that was not added in that has been added in since, and i was just, omitted, accidentally by mta but it was part of section n, i think on the map. so for me personally, this is a big deal, being the rep for district ten and thes a huge, connectivity issue for us and getting to the city from the bay view and from the valley and i too am very excited to
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see this going forward. and so thank you, that is where we are heading. >> all right. thank you very much. >> all right, we will keep all of your comments in mind moving forward. and any other questions or comments. okay, anything none, then do we have any public comment on item two, cac report? >> seeing none, public comment on item two is closed and now we will go to item s. >> item, 6, major capitol projects up date, presidio parkway. >> swre john. >> john will be coming moment arly, and i am lee, and the deputy director with the transportation authority and this is our regular up date on major capitol projects and john fisher and don is going to be the lead consultant for the transportation authority with this project, and for some time, and a principally involved with phase two, being done as a public private partnership and he will be doing the presentation today, and for the end of the presentation, john will mention
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that we have a major happy milestone coming up and we are about to open the final roadway to traffic. and so with that i will introduce, josh fisher. >> thanks, lee and, madam chair and members of the commission, i am pleased to be here and on the eve of this major milestone to give you an up date. and i will show you, the agenda that i intend to discover, the project scope and schedule and the budget and funding and property ject status, which he kind of stole my thunder, and up date on the dbe, sbe westboundinger force development program and some of the challenges, the upcoming traffic switch and opening celebration. and happy to take any of your questions. so if you see, the diagram in front of you, yellow segments are the segments that were completed in 2012 as part of
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phase one, and the blue segments are what will be the finish of the project, and estimated completion of the final acceptance of mid, 2016. and like many projects before you, these major projects take multiple sources of funding, the, for the 2016, up date, the for the prop k, and i think that i just skipped one slide. and i can go back. i defendant's exhibit want to gloss over the costs these are the construction costs broken down in phase one and phase two
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and the phase two costs represent what the sponsors will be paying to the developer, once construction is completed at the milestone payment which we are nearing later this year. and as you can see, phase one and phase two, costs about $500 million and $360 million, respectively. >> and now the funding, the multiple sources that you are familiar with, and most notably 66 million in prop k funds, and the region has come in with 160 million dollars in contribution from the metropolitan transportation commission, and the golden gate bridge and the highway transportation district and the county and the state is making a contribution with the largest shares coming from both the state and federal sources for this program. and now, a