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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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test test test test test test >> for low and middle income families. between local state and federal sources of funding we will have built a 2.7 billion dollar pipe line over the next 20 years to address
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the cities affordability crisis. the 250 million dollar phaund sth largest bond every in the city and it is just one part of a much larnler affordability agenda to build housing in san francisco. i do want to thank the finance and housing experts and the community who came together to craft the proposal. i welcome the support from the supervisors as well. let's get to supervisor tangs question >> at this timet teeum i would like to recognize supervisor catty tank for district 4 >> thauchck mayor lee for being here today so my question isn't quite new, but something that would like a update on. one of the biggest complaint we hear from small business owner is the citys [inaudible] process is too difficult. how they site isues such as high
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cost for permit squz the lenty time to get through the process. when their project involved review by multiple departments in addition to planning and [inaudible] the process becomes more lengthy and unpredictable. given the importance of the small business community, what is your office and the relevant city defarmt apartments departments doing to kraestz these challenges >> thank you supervisor tang therefore being a part number on pursuing good government reforms that support the stities small business. we all agree small business is the heart and sole of the cities economy and that is quhie i support small business a priority sense day one. from new small business funds to invest in neighborhoods we work across the stity to help small business owner start, stay and
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succeed in san francisco. falloge through on a promise i made in my campaign to leverage technology and make more government more effective and efficient we launched the san francisco business porltal in november of last year. the san francisco business portal is award winning on line tool that helps small business owners understand what they need to do to open and operate a business in san francisco. we collected and consolidated nrfgz from 18 deparms and more than 400 permit squz providing a road map. we packaged it in the ease of use website and made it available in 9 different languages. thank you supervisor tang and many on the board for your support on the success of this ambitious project, but this is just the beginning. we want small businesses to complete their forms on line. we are working on a feature that allows small business owners to create a personal account on the portal
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that can one day be a hub for all their interactions with the city. while we made it easier to understand and navigate the process we must make the process itself better. that is bhie for the past 6 month an interagency team of departments work would the controllers office to develop recommendation frz significantly improving the permit application process as a whole. this report will be completed later this month with implementation of the recommends to follow. the focus of this report is on food and beverage related businesses given their complexity and number of permits required, but it is my goal to stream line the permit process for all smauz business across the city. i know small business owner time is val squbl and a hour at
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city hall is a hour they can spend with their customer. that is why i look forward to continue work wg you to insure our small business across the city grow and thrive and succeed in the city. thank you >> thank you mr. mayor and thank you for being here with us today. ment with that we'll move on to our regular business. madam clerk can you call iletal fwo >> ordinance 92 amend the building administrative planning to prese codes to [inaudible] exterior noise for new structures acoustical analysis and field testing [inaudible] near a place of entertainment and require the project sponsor to participate and authorize the commission to measure conditions and provide comments and recommendation to the planning department and department of bilgding inspection and require the
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disclose urof lezees and purchasers [inaudible] to consider nysissues when reviewing residential project squz specify factors concerning the nysof entertainment [inaudible] and making the required findings >> madam clerk can you please call the roll rr >> on item fwo supervisor cohen. >> aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. tang, aye. wiener aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. comp osaye. christensen, aye. >> this item passing unanimously. without objection i would like to skip overitem 3
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now and go to item for >> item 4 is deprogeserate 9.6 million from [inaudible] power for resale and appropriate 9.6 million to over time in the sheriffs department, department of emergency management, fire department, department of public health and public utilities commission. operating to support the projected increase over time and places 192 thousand of the sheriff appropriation on controllers reserve and madam president this ordinance requires 2/3 evote of the board of supervisors as applied to the 105 thousand portion to the public utilities commission >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues can we take this item same house, same call? without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously >> item 5 is authorize the public utilities to use
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froforma agreement to purchase and sell electricity [inaudible] authrise thg general manager of the puc ichb such agreement to deviate from certain otherwise requirements of city law under certain circumstances and authorize puc within specified parameters [inaudible] renewable and green house gas power and related procts and services >> sthra minor aamendment i would like to add to the thise particular item on page 11 beginning on line 11 adding on number 6. within 30 dayoffs any agreement and our contracts authorized by the ledgeilation the final agreement or contract shall be provide today the clerk of the board for inyugz
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in the official file. i wonder if a member of the board objects to that? okay, so i move that item. 2nd by supervisor mar. amendment passes. can we take this item same house and call? without objection this ordinance is passed on the first reading. madam clerk can you call iletm 6 >> apruchb a lease agreement between [inaudible] and the city for approximately 50 thousand squeer feet of space in west field cargo building number 632. with a estimated rent of 7.55 million with a 3 year term and one year tupgz extend >> same house same call. without objection this rez solution adopted unanimousically
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>> item 7 approve the termination of lease agreement between the body shop and city for border area f pharmacy store and beauty sale lease >> same house, same call. without objection this rez solution adopted unanimously >> item 8 resolution to authorize a 5 year option toextend the lease with brct 13907 market for 10 thousand square feet for a total rent of 480 thousand in the initial year for the use of children youth and families through november 30, 2020 >> without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously >> item nize resolution to ret row authorize [inaudible] public health [inaudible] 213 thousand dollar grant from the university of california to participate in the preterm
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burkt project >> without objection this resolution is adopted unanimousically lee >> item 10 is a ordinance to amend it health code to revise regulation of massage practitioners [inaudible] eliminated exemption for massage [inaudible] permits and regulatory authority from the department of public health to increase the number of ininstructional hours, deny permits to those convicted of human acktz weilate today traffic and [inaudible] incorporate and enforce state human traffics posting requirements into louckal law. to ubdate permit applications and license fees in making change tooz enhance clarity and promout compliance. the question is shall this
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ordinance be passed on first reading >> thank you. should we call these 2 items, item 10 and 11 together. >> item laevl [inaudible] establish a lunit muization program to make conforming amendments aforming the california [inaudible] and making a rerequired findings >> supervisor tang >> thank you very much colleagues. i know many youf scr spent a lot of time chatting with me about these 2 items. for both of these items whether it is a amendment to the health or planning code if we want to git giv had planning departments the tools to regulate of what is happening in massage establishment some which isn't massage happening in there. we-i know one of the main component is the requirement if the conditional
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use permit process moving forward of for new massage establishments. we work with the planching department and public health to make surthose existing business in operation as long thaiz prove certainthis they can continue, but the goal ask making sure moving forward we have all the establishments in the system to track and enforce. we ran into issues in 2009 state law changed and created entirely different set of permitting system and essentially thereby create ad2 part system. a dual permitting system within san francisco. i do want to take the opportunities thank a couple people thal wurked hard on this legislation. diana cezon from my office that answered questions daily [inaudible] diego sanchise from planning department, our department on
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the status of women and the stake holders. they provided us with good suggestions we tried to incorporate in the legislation. with that i know there small business commission expressed concerned about the cu process but feel it a important way to properly enforce our massage establishments moving forward. i know in land use committee supervisor wiener recommended follow up amendments and were interested in working with his office do so i know he'll probably take time to explain what those are. i want to thank you my colleagues to listage to me explaining what this legislation is and urge your support on this package >> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor u >> thank you president breed. first of all, i want to thank supervisor tang for taking leadership on this issue. i
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know she personally have worked on this issue for a long time. she is correct that i believe that the issues that she is describing does hit every district and impacts san francisco all together. i really appreciate the fact because this is a glai area where there is really some many legitimate masseuse that do this as a legitimate business --and there is always going to be people that abuse it and turn it into something else so grad you are taking this head on. also, with the sensitivity of existing people that are doing this as a legitimate
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lifestyle and trying to make a living because i know that there are many masseuse including my late sister who was a masseuse that was very legitimate and so i thank you and if i could be added as cosponsor i would love to be. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor wiener >> thank you to supervisor tang and her office to fr for doing a lot of work. it is a very challenging one which is why it is taken several iterations. i know it ping-ponged between san francisco and sacramento and here we are today. there are 2 reasons why this has been so challenging and we know we have a problem in san francisco
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around human traffics. it is embarrassing that san francisco is a epiy center in the kunt ey of human trafficking, not just around the fake massage parlers but are human trafficking establishments, but well beyond that. we know san francisco and the bay area we vareal problem and think it is important to address that. we heard a lot of feedback from the massage community and that made it a challenging issue because the massage therapy community is concerned they are being somehow swept in with the human traffickers when we know there are so many hundred percent legitimate professional establishments out there and
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great practitioner and know no one is swooepiing them in, but i understand why they feel thrai grouped in with horrible people that are trafficking other human beings. there is the other issue of it is so challenging to start and grow a small business in san francisco and the conditional use process is a really challenging one especially for smaller businesses and so i very much understand the concern about your-we are a legitimate business and haet human traffickers as much as anyone else and are forced to go into a conditional use process. i very much understand those concerns and think it is important to acknowledge that there are so many completely legitimate massage therapy practitioners out there it that help people to heal and stay
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healthy and shouldn't be confused with the fronts for human trafficking. i want to thank supervisor tang the amendments she made in terms of grand fathers and helping the existing businesses mpt as i mentioned in committee weal will work on trailing legislation in a collaborative way with the massage community with supervisor tang and can't guarantee any of these are going to succeed, but we are going to consider them and work on them and see if we can make them succeed and brief the issues we are going to work on. one, is to change the title of not just massage establishment, but make it clear this is a health related professional. also with the issue of currently if you are a massage establishment in a location where your rent gets jacked up or you are evected and have to move, seeing if it is possible the move doesn't trigger a
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conditional use. the legislation we are voting on today ex. s solo massage practitioners to seek conditional use and allows up to 4 practitioners to colocate together without having to get a conditional use. if you
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