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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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amen tore program to help them get started and the program is very successful and something that i was very proud of and i'm happy to be here tonight with all of you. >> welcome. >> delighted to have you. >> okay. all right. just want to remind everybody next week is small business week and would you like for us to to do calendar invites for the different activities? >> yes. >> that are before us and so we do have flavors for the kick off. we have the boards and wednesday night is the vip reception and then friday is the all-day conversation day conference and there's a couple of other activities happening throughout that week and i'll make sure we get meeting invites and you had the calendar of activities ahead of time so and just really excited,
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you know, to have a really great great week again this year. in your packet is our quart ly dashboard for january through march and so just wanted to provide you with our client services numbers so total over previous year 2014 we're down 9 percent some of this has to do obviously with staffing and we did have to close the office in february for a couple of days due to vacation schedules but we are now working and staffed up so that should change. we've provided a list of our borrowers that we worked with this past quarter and i won't go into great detail. in your binder last meeting and i forgot to note this
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but two dates since the office has become a trust ye we've done 8 loans for a total of 83 $83,000 worth of lending to the small businesses and so very proud of that and want to highlight some of our trends that we see in -- at at the at the counter is food and beverage obviously and manufacturing and sales continues you know to be a trend and certain interesting items such as such as -- bill bill tong a type of south african jerky and beer and alcohol production is a great interest and technology business continues to be a good business and then
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children's play and activity centers including workshop rooms art studios and indoor playgrounds tend to be interesting things that we're seeing and the next page we've highlighted out our clients by industry and percentages and a couple of interesting -- i asked the counselors to pull out some interesting cases that are a little unusual or kind of very san francisco and the first one was a woman is a pilot and she wants to utilize drones to help her husband's business in doing soil engineering so and she wants to be based in san francisco even though likely the drones would be not in san francisco not much soil engineering i mean the kind of soil engineering she wants to do with drones and that's interesting and of course we have a mission native
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who came to our office because he has sort of developed a -- he worked on some bean ies with the logo system the logo sam sam and he wanted to know how to trade mark his name and get the business going and develop it as a product so then there is -- jane went over the business portal information for you so i won't repeat that and you have that here in terms of the first quarter of 2015 some accomplishments for the office and a couple of elements with the legacy business registry program commissioner adams talked about a meeting he was part of with dr. hudson and dr. lescent-giles and
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lisa paul, an attorney who does mostly residential condo conversions and also worked on the commercial side, doing some discussion what's involved taking a look at this so that we can -- so that the staff can start putting together this information to put it in front of you -- what would be involved and i think from that meeting we did really, you know, our next step is to really kind of work with the small property owners and the real estate industry to kindly of discuss and take a look at well, if we really pushed this kind of program, could it have some other kinds of impact to the real estate market that we may not necessarily think of -- what's the cause and effect and also for the small property owners -- who would be an incentive for them to subdivide -- you know, do a vertical subdivision and
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retain the residential portion and be willing to sell off the commercial portion -- so those are some things to take a look at and then i also did have a meeting with sf heritage the historical preservation staff and tim fry and sf travel again doing some exploratory discussions around criteria and also how can we work to work together to sort of leverage what will then be when we establish a legacy business registry how did we leverage it from all 3 entities's perspectives and now that brian is here i'll have the bandwidth to start focusing on that and developing the materials to put in front of you. and then i also -- in response to you know the
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work that supervisor tang has done around the massage and understanding just the difficulties that businesses go through, she has called for a hearing -- it was specifically with dbi and with planning to ask them about you know, what they can do they can do to improve the process not just with this particular industry but what can they do to improve the process so the hearing date has not been scheduled yet but i will let you know when it is so you know just note her continued interest but just because she's working on the legislation gets it passed but she's not you know -- she's continuing moving on wanting to ensure that things improve around the permitting process. so i think those are start of the most significant things to bring to your attention and with that if you have any questions?
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>> is the meeting about the cu system how to simplify it for supervisor tang or -- >> it's more than just the cu because with dbi -- so with dbi there's you know recently a small solo practitioner shared her experience of getting her business her business open and so you know this is somebody -- they are opening in in a 291 square foot place and putting paint on the wall and not doing anything else yet but yet we're asking them for architectural drawings so there's a lot of little nuances that have room room for improvement. >> all right. thank you. >> shall we move onto the next item. >> yes. item number 9 the president's report.
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>> i don't have anything to report except that last week i attended two events and they were very successful and that continues to be a great initiative here in the city and of course next week small business week i encourage everyone to participate as much as they can and straus events has done a fantastic job of organizing it as always that's all i have. >> the the vice president's report? >> nothing to report. >> item 11, commissioner reports? >> no? >> item 12 new business. >> nothing for tonight. >> then so item number 13 is adjournment. >> mr. dwight motion to adjourn do we have a second? >> mr. white seconded it. all in favor. it is 7: 14. >> thank you.
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>>. >> good afternoon, everyone. ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon we are going to begin thank you for your patience this good afternoon the the meeting will come to order that is the regular meeting of land use commission i am supervisor cohen i'm the chair to the right is supervisor wiener vice chair and ttd is supervisor campos who will be sitting in for supervisor kim so
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for today is meeting our clerk andrea ashbury also want to recognize john did i live iron and jennifer lowe as a point housekeeping is a room 263 the overflow room. >> before we oh, madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the june 2nd board of supervisors board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much okay. so before we begin we call before today's items i want to outline for the members of the public what you're process will be here in hearing those items
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all three of those items will be can you do together and public comment will be taken once all 3 items once we hear all the items please file obvious our speaker cards blue cardio's located on the railing please return to the clerk before tang public comment we'll hear from each the sponsors and the planning department and hear from the budget analyst and finally, the office of economic analyst madam clerk calls 1, 2, 3 together. >> item one an owners to rise the short-term rentals to no more than 60 days per calendar year the second item is the short-term rental no more than hundred and 20 are dlaurndz and
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3 amending administrative code to prohibit units from the use of short-term rentals. >> thank you madam clerk first opening statements from supervisor avalos. >> i think that supervisor cohen runs a tight ship i'll try to on behalf of here thank you, madam chair i'll start by saying i imagine it is probably something that all of us can agree on the existing law is not working the system is a broken legislation i have introduced along with supervisor mar and commissioner avalos as co-sponsors creates a short-term rental lay that works by adding strong enforcement mechanisms
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specifically requiring hosting platforms to list r0r7b8gd unit and rigging them to provide data to the city and creating a 60 day limit on the short-term rentals as i've said optometry occasion i'm repeat it i support home sharer i or that home share has a place in san francisco i want to thank the home shares thank you for hearing from you my door remains open for dialog i support casual hosts that are using this as a way to make ends meet it is the only way to stay in san francisco for some we recognize that but left you think regulated this industry about continue to stop the housing by incentivizing taking off the home rental markets a
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number of things have taken place which pointed two facts one short-term rentals are impacting housing, and without and second without strong enforcement short-term rentals the law that regulated them is might have seen also, we should look at what has happened in other parts the country in approving or disapproving we learned that enforcement of the short-term rentals a impossible when platforms they recently changed the laws to host platforms with unregistered units in sacramento r santa monica that he abandoned hosting out right a unanimous vote of
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that body and on the city's like la s are caring option there is a right report in la more than 7 thousand housing and apartments have been taken off the rental market in la for short-term rentals and here i want to it is harvey rose and fred and his team we have a report issued by the budget analyst which was issued last thursday that found airbnb is having a significant impact on the how's market taking up 13 hundred and 2 thousand entire units off the housing in the city and county of san francisco i want to note this report is urban equitable conservative it is based on 2013 data by it
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confirmed airbnb rentals are vice chair a detrimental impact on long term hours for our residents we need strong measures that effectively endorse the law in the middle of the housing crisis it industry is q and a baiting the problem i want to distinguish between two types of hoftsdz in the report casual and commercial hosts how discussing the short-term rentals of housing casual hosts are those who rent occult their homes for less than 48 days and commercial for registration longer than that the reports have casual hosts are not impacting the housing vainl availability and again not on the casual hosts but the casual users the airbnb 3 rent out entire units are having a
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detrimental impact on housing citywide commercial hoeftsz those who rent their units for more than hundred and 58 days represent 23 percent of all vacant a quarter of all vacant units in the mission as high as 40 percent of vacant units are aaron airbnb in the hate it is 43 percent and the castro up to 35 percent, in potrero hill up to 32 percent and disturbing here in the mission have seen the highest nukes of evictions and one of the largest number of airbnbed unit we have 2 and a half months of looking at those reports we have a problem we
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can't address this housing crisis without improperly ritz carlton short-term rentals and i want to thank the budget analyst so for the recommendations it provide one requiring host platforms to provide data to the city it involves the addresses of short-term rentals where they're taking place and the number of nights their booked and second requiring the hosting platforms to list the registered units on the website we are talking about those are both part of my registration and the budget analyst recommendations that we cap the number of nights of short-term rentals they state that a 4 to 60 day cap i'm proposing will lead to a 27 percent reduction i have airbnb units the fact that short-term rentals are taking housing off the marketed in the middle of this brutal housing
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crisis is unacceptable between 13 hundred and 9 hundred units are off the market in san francisco we need to provide context we heard from the mayor and i support having a housing bonds on the ballot this year, the mayor is proposing a $250 million housing bond i think this is important to go to the voters and ask they help fund affordable housing yet if you use the desirability of that $250 million your talking building one thousand units of affordable housing yet when it comes to short-term rentals backings bans this report we're losing as much as do you believe that amount so as a voter i think we need to ask okay. we have a role to play in funding affordable housing i'm happy to do that but why give
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the city for money if the city can't deal with this crisis when the double amount of units are taken off the market why should the voters be the ones that foot the bill for a crisis it's a alone confessing e exacerbated by this $20 billion corporation many voters will have that question when it goes to the voters in november i've been accused of changing the regulations to the short-term rental industry willow at the same time talking about a 1 o'clock housing moratorium in my district let me be clear i don't believe that the positions are inconsistent i'll say relative to the luxury housing moratorium it is within
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the confines of supply and demand how the market works the only way that the city is going to be competitive and actually acquiring the limited land available to build affordable housing we have a pause on luxury hours so the city can buy the land and build affordable housing for the middle-class and for the working-class we're seeing the impact of the urban regulated airbnb and in the commission rentals are being taken off the market because of the lack of registration so colleagues, i ask you to support any legislation this is a critical legislation to protect the long term housing it is the best affordable housing we have i think uncommon keflt said the
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affordable housing that has been built we need to protect that affordable housing this is what that is about i'll ask airbnb i don't agree with the chronicle but they acknowledged the heirs market is being impacted by the airbnb but the chronicle remedies the average is correct instead of trashing us they have recognize this system right now is broken and what we're facing in neighborhoods like the mission is incredible they need to take responsibility for the fatigue that their business model hases batted this housing crisis
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we have a legislation from supervisor kim i want to note a couple of key points what we're mroep first a key component is prohibiting the airbnb platforms not on the short term register and feinstein them if they list the units unregistered the fact that implementation is not going to happen unless we hold airbnb accountable and right now no affordability a on the only a couple hundred of units are registered and thousand of units are being listed on airbnb platform alone they know their
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listing unit and making money off the illegal activity and emily rogers of the planning department has received to the penalties i quote as the lynch pin felt city's plan i want to acknowledge that the planning commission didn't ultimately recommend this affliction a 3 4 split even with pleading with the staffers i'm sorry the commission didn't listen to its own staff the 3 board appoints i see commissioner richards supported this i'm grateful he did that you know those of us who follow what happens in city hall probably shocked to read in the examiner how that vote went down it is sad that is how it happened second point in any legislation inquires the hosting platforms
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to provide data to the planning department i understand that the plant has a different position now but for the first if i months for the last few months of this debate planning department has staff has been clear that they're now going to be able to enforce the law without the data the budget analyst came to the same ku klux klan conclusion i think that is correct i disagree with the new position i have yet to understand how they're to enforce the law without the data and thirldz to have the planning department i want to be clear we are going to protect the confident of the information as a taxpayer i pay my taxes and small businesses pay taxes to the government provide confidential information and the city protects the confidentiality of that
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information that will be afforded to the protection through this process and the fourth thing amend the definition the parties so we provide stability to protect their interests and the final couple of points allowing the interested parties to take mrarmdz to court where an application in a building in short-term rentals to 60 days i'll say and end with this i think that what we do or not do in this committee and substantially at the board of supervisors will be a very important point in terms of how this board of supervisors and how the city government is seen by san francisco are we're going to be intimidate
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by the tactics of a $20 billion corporation or actually going to hear from our neighbors and respond to their concerns i hope that the skewer is is we'll hear if the communities and pass regulations that actually regulate this industry but ultimate if we fail to do that this decision is not going to be decisions here in people in the building fail to do the right thing we know in the end this item will be and should be taken to the voters and if city hall fails to do its job the city and county of san francisco will have the final say now i want to add one more point supervisor kim and i have spoken about an amendment she'll like to see in my proposal i'm willing to amend my private
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right of action to he will amend it to shorten the 60 day waiting period after on interested party files a complaint to shoirlg it to thirty o thirty days if this amendment a maid she'll withdraw the private right of action in her proposal so at the predicament time apologizing i'd like to make a motion to make that amendment. >> thank you supervisor campos at the appropriate time we'll discuss the amendment ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to give supervisor farrell an opportunity to make opening remarks at this time. >> thank you, madam chair last year, we passed a regulatory framework for short-term rentals we know that topic is having a thousand points of view from my prospective that was a starting
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point incidence that times interested parties out of city hall have continued to look at the legislation and it's backs and towards an effort to get the law right i fully believe we should support home sharers in san francisco but we must protect it to protect the housing stock that will be enforceable and streamline the city's registration so that host and others individuals that want to comply with the law are able to do that we want them to be good actors in the law we must insure to keep our city from turn go short-term rentals and strike a billion necessary to achieve that so our residents can thrive and share their home to