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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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please stand by for sfgtv -public safety and neighborhood meeting 5-21-15
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>> good afternoon everyone.
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this is the thursday may 21, 2015 meeting of public safety neighborhood services committee. my name is arrack mar, to the right is campos, to the left jewel yae christensen. i would like to thank [inaudible] telecasting on sfgtv this afternoon. the clerk is mr. evans. >> make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. speaker [inaudible] submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be listed on the [inaudible] >> we have 3 items on the agenda this afternoon. hopefully without objection i would like to place item number 2 at the top, the hearing on
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cpmc cucheederal hill agreement >> hearing to review the california pacific medical center's compliance with the cathedral hill development agreement; and requesting the department of public health, the office of economic and workforce development, the san francisco municipal transportation agency, and the planning departm ent to report >> if i may with thissite nl i would like to quickly move to the presentations from the city as well as cpmc and turn it over to public comment. i know we have a number of people before we start delving into some of the questions the committee has. i was asked by
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the cpmc if doctor warren [inaudible] could make a brief announcement, statement, so i want to give the opportunity to do that. that's fine. whatever you- >> good afternoon supervisor campos, mar and delighted to meet you christensen and welt come to had mitt xhuy chblt i'm klighted to present the results of the 2013 development agreement acomplinets report as well as provide advance xhrgz rf nrfgz as to how we are doing with compliance in subsequent year. we are please today report we are found in compliness on all commitments by the city through had end of 2013, which was the report that we submitted. we surpassed the base line commitment and unduplicated lives and benefits to the poor and underserved insuch and by the end of 2013
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we already enrolled half of the medi-cal managed care commitment. we made progress in integrating medical staff [inaudible] established the health care and work force innovation funds fooa total of 6 and a half million dollars. exceeded the hiring goal in the worksporous fors as well as [inaudible] and funded over 25 million in cash commitments to the city and county of san francisco to support housing, transportation, public health and work force development. we also have worked diligently in 2014 whos report we'll submit shortly in 2015 and want to review some of those accomplishments with you as well as announce a new development. we have worked with the community partners and department of public health to
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meet the base line commitment and nishiated a agreement with san francisco general hospitalo we can continue to meet those goals. i'm pleased to tell you we are 12 thousand lives over the commitment we made. we are at 32 thousand live weez provide hospital ancillary service. today in partnership with nims and saint anthony clinics in the tenderloin we'll develop a new clinic there to provide services in the tenderloin. . we are conducting a audit of class [inaudible] all cpmc campuses as we have committed to becoming a class leader inploiding class services and we are ploizs the dibeaty program in particular at saint
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looks campus has increased access qu better kinical outcomes that include a remarkable low percentage of dibeaty complications, a shorter waiting time to get appointments and provision of services by bilingual staff members there. we nishiated community meetings at all the cpmc campuses, hired additional staff in cooperation with the mayors oewd to it enhance and refine commitment to high r san franciscans to entry level jobs. over 75 percent of the highers into those jobs from had city of san francisco have actually come from the neighborhoods targeted in the development agreement. we hired additional staff to work on transportation in management programs and implemented ped safety programs. we funded all the 2014 cash miments in a total of [inaudible] including
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7 million towards affordability housing and 5 million toward transportation and 2 million toward public health. most important of all from my perspective [inaudible] it came before the planning and health and board of sproovigezer, bh you drive by van ness and geary you see concrete down and steel going up and san francisco will have a new hospital there as well as a new hospital on cesar chav esstreet in the mission. i'm deloited that in 2019 san francisco will be able to receive care at 2 new seismicly safe hospitals at van ness and geary and at the saint lukes campus and you can see pictures there. thank you for your attention and we'll be in
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atenedference the hearing to take questions >> thank you i appreciate that. let's turn it over to the city presentations. i know we have folks from planning department, the department orphpublic health, mayors office perhaps >> great, thank you. good afternoon supervisorx i'm elizabeth watty with the planning department. john [inaudible] is unable to join. i am joined with greg [inaudible] economic and work force development and [inaudible] with department of public health. we prepared a presentation with focus on 4 key issues. first as a quick reminder, cpmc development agreement was aproveed by the board of supervisors in july 2013 >> we are joined by supervisor avalos as well >> the complinets period that
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was analyzed was parlt of this years review from august twen, 2013 to december 2013. reviewed by the planning and health commission on december 4, 2014 and the planning and helths directors issued compliance on jan 19, 2015. we want to provide with a brief overview oaf cpmc commitment for 2013 as outlined on the next 2 lides slides. i wopet go into a lot of detail as doctor [inaudible] already went into this already. this slide shows the action cpmc is required tord take. it includes work force and health care items as well as several other obligations and notes the city determination that cpmc is in compliance with these obligations. this slide provide a overview oaf the
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manitary payments cpmc was obligated to make and did make. it includes payment for public improvement, affordable housing, transportation and work force hiring. the planning and health director and the third party monitor lieu [inaudible] all found cpmc to be in compliance of the 2013 agreement and realized there were commitments that needed improve ment in the xhuck coming years. [inaudible] tenderloin [inaudible] which doctor browner spoke to already. since 2013 was a short compliance period some of todays presentation will include up dates after the reporting period to provide additional context to the important topics. with that i would like to turn it over to greg [inaudible] with economic and workforce development >> thank you, good afternoon.
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greg assay with the work force division. i will walk through the hiring provision in the development agreement. there is construction related and also operations are what we call end use requirements. let's start with construction. what you see here are the 4 different goals outdlined in the development agreement with construction. the first 2 deal with administrate v and engineering positions. the first is hires and the second is internships. the third is the nob nub graduates getting placed at the site and construction work and the last row is the one i thunk folkerize most interested in. the goal is a minimum of 30 percent of trade hours for union journeyman and aen in prtances performed by san francisco residence and now we are at 35 percent. for each
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of the 4 goals the project is hitting the mark. i will move to operations >> if i may interject here. when we talk about the [inaudible] program we talk about good faith efforts versus actual mandate on hiring and it looks like-i want to make sure that line is clear because i what the i see in the development agreement for cpmc is they do good faith effort for hiring residence. what is good about the construction side is that we already have a very robust program through city build and with the man date that we have on funded projects for local hiring it is easier to fulfill, so i do want to make a dist tinkss e tinction why construction will have good compliance numbers
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because of that program and also want to make sure we wh we talk about first source, really the-what you have to hit is a good faith effort qu not a hiring effort. i want to make sure that we are-you can actually make the distinction between the 2 because i think we are showing there is a strong effort or demonstration of hiring local residence, then i think we growing above what the va says and i want to make sure we are clear about that as your presentation goes forward >> i'll get into it it on the operations side. it is both, there is a good faith and hiring goals in the development agreement. unlike most first source project with simply good faith efforts there is a hiring goal attached to it and will get into that more on the operations side as well. this to your are point supervisor achb lose, on the operation side there is a hiring goal that 40 percent of intrelevel
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positionerize filled with [inaudible] the hiring years are august-jul. y. there is a provision in this in the development agreement that says, if in any given hiring year the 40 percent goal is not met, then the number of intrelevel positions contituteing a hiring deficit will roll over and be added to the next year so it has more teeth than the standard first source hiring has or the other employers covered by first source. just to explain more in detail, this is the example of in the development agreement. if in a hiring year let's say cpmc makes 100 entry level hires, at least 40 are supposed to be through our system. if they only make 30 in that hiring year there is a 10 higher deficit that roll tooz the next year and added on
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to the 40 percent that they are required to do fl that year. a later in the presentation i'll get into specific numbers, but just to explain this idea of the hiring goal and how any deficit continuing on until it is filled by cpmc. so another think to keep in mind with the development agreement, it has proprietor neighborhoods outlined here in terms of hiring entry level. western addition, tenderloin, [inaudible] china town and what the development agreement calls [inaudible] that is what the development agreement said. let's get into the number as little bit. on the next slide this is the operations project from the start through april of this year, there is 159 total
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entry level hires, 45 of them have been through the work force system so that constitutes 28 percent short of th40 percent required under the development agreement. i will say for this year in august cpmc is 35 percent so there is improvement but they signed a development agreement that says 40 percent so there is work to be done. the percent that are from the priority nirebds is 76 percent. what we have at this point at the end of april is a hiring deficit of 19. they have a ways to go to catch up with that, but we are on a upward trajectory. just a couple more slides, i thought this may be of interest. for the 45 system hires this breaks s down what occupations folks
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have gaulten at cpmc. maybe one way to look at this and how the system looks that the hires, if you look at clinical position and positions that deal with patient versus non clinical, 18 of the 45 oare clinical and 4 [inaudible] >> can i clarify one question? >> sur >> so the good faith effort are supposed to reach 40 percent of all entry level job openings, but what did you say was the prertage that they reached-19 percent deficit, what is the percentage they reached? >> on that slide if you look that third column they are at 28 percent #23r5u78 the project beginning through the most recent data available which is april 2015 and that creates a hiring deficit of 19 >> since they didn't meet the
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40 percent that deficit is added on top of 40 percent for the next period? >> exactly. let me say this, it is a 10 year commitment to hire 40 percent through the system. if at the end othf 10 years they have not made up the hiring deficit than the commitment continues to hire tup to whatever that deficit is and at that point they will have fulfilled their obligations under the development agreement. let me go to something that is in the development agreement and just kind of gettinggetting-taking form, which is good. the work force [inaudible] grant agreement. cpmc is required to make a 3 million dollar payment to a fund administered by the san francisco foundation in turn is awarding contracts to community base #d organizations
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focusing on [inaudible] and job training. the initial round of contractss was awarded in spring och 2015 so contracts just went out. what this does is create a pipe line of applicants from the work force system with training that is customized to work at cpmc and other medical settings so hopefully this will show a impact on hiring. the final slide to your initial point supervisor avalos, there are 2 ways to look at the projeblth, one is the 40 percent hiring go. it is important to note from a compliance standpoint with other employers subject to work force hiring the key is whether the employer made good faith efforts. so, what i listed here, the initial failings by cpmc, most notably
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the failure to submit entry level job notices until december 2013. the date of the notice was august 2013. a failure to submit entry level hiring projection until april 2014. there were 2 noticeable failures at the begin thofg project. there has been improvement and i listed some here. at this point we get daily submitting of the job notice said. for the currents hiring year we received entry level hiring projections. there is month late reporting which is helpful to us. the development agreement requires reporting every 6 month, cpmc is doing monthly. and some of the others listed there. regular meetings and conference call. we gather every 6 weeks to make sure the system is
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working and trouble shoot issues. this one i think is important, cpmc has done training of the hiring managers and made a better connection with the hiring managers, recently the community based organizations took a tour of cpmc and met hiring managers face to face. 2 more hiring events and applications work shops in priority neighborhoodss. airfb 6 weirs or so the office brought cpmc to the different priortaef neighborhoods. this is mentioned from the gentlemen of cpmc, they added stuff that is helpful in terms of the data and referm referral system. we are here to answer questions or take session
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suggestion >> i know the [inaudible] i can't stay long and have a clarifying question. i do see from the initial 2013 year which is actually very close to the end of that year was close to when we approved the [inaudible] compliance issues but given the start up and i understand that. it shows there has been improvement, but still a ways to go if we look at actual hires. i just want to be clear that the measurement is not the good faith effort, but the actual hires as you mentioned? >> there are 2. they are bound by the 40 percent, but when it comes to determining good faith effort the 40 percent is not a part of that determination per the development agreement. the good faith effort is consistent with good faith effort criteria for all employers covered by
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the law, which do we get the entry level hiring projections and does cp mc reserve [inaudible] only the candidates to be interviewed and hired. whether or not nay hit their 40 percentwe want them to hit the 4 percent but that isn't part of the good faith effort >> if there isn't foret percent they need to make it up the next year >> not meeting the 40 percent they are still on the hook for those jobs and continue to add up >> that is all my questions >> department of public health >> good afternoon supervisors choline [inaudible] department of public health here to update you on the helt care obligations and development agreement. this is a summary of the da provision relating to health care. i will go over
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just a few of this in the presentation today. base line charity care which says everything else in the development agreement that relate tooz helt care that cpmc does is in addition on to what it did when it enter thd agreement. making sure everything else is adding to what cpmc was contributing. you heard a announcement from doctor [inaudible] and talk about new med kale ben fishiaries and the 1500 that are located in the tenderloin. i'll give a update on the inooivation fundss similar to work force fund and held by the san francisco foundation where grants are given to support community based organizations fooprovide health care and avoid unnecessarily hospital ization. the other is the cull charl and link wisticly class
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standards. starting with the base line charity care, as doctor browner noted they must provide care to 30, 445 medi-cal or charity patients. last year we were notified they were likely to fall short of that obligation for 2014. the da provides for a 2 year rolling avrrj so the 30 thousand can be made up in any adjacent year to the year they fall short so we are working with them in 2015 to make up for the short fall they anticipated. we met in december with representative from san francisco general hospital to see if there were ways to have cpmc meet their obligation and reduce the waiting list at our own hospital for services that we provide that were low income patients are waiting at our own
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hospital. what we decided, we came upon a agreement where cpmc provides 1 thousand echo cardio grams and 400 pulmonary function togess for our patients waiting for those services a. a echo cardio gam a ult rosound that determines the causes of abnormmalitys of the heart [inaudible] we had significant wait list for these services affs. general hospital. several factors went into our decision of the services to choice and identity a partnership that is a benefit. we want #d to increase access of care for patients on waiting list so we looked at those services with a waiting list at san francisco againeral. the second is continuity of care. diagnoseests is nob nab surgeries or out