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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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portfolios are pretty strong. we have a pretty long lease requirements that are required by the city so they're using five with another five year extension. i think we're pretty safe for the next year that we're here. it's a good question for us to look at those lease and those master leases and see when we may have an increase in in those costs. right now we're pretty steady. we are still -- because the ones weç÷ñ?ñ?ñ? 0ó( increase, increase in the service systems thathave we're providing. we're also looking at that in terms of the supportive part. that may increase. we just heard that conversation not long ago. i have had conversations withc our housing, staff that are concerned about that as our
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residents age. their staffing needs maybe different. >> there is one more thing that i fail to point out, which i should for the record. because of the size of it, if you look at the i.t. initiatives in your packet, there is a significant amount of revenue about $25 million worth of revenue that's budgeted with a corresponding transfer out expenditure. we've been working with the mayor's office and the controllers office on what the multiyear strategy is for funding the ehr program. they agreed to allow us to budget essentially $25 million worth of revenue over and above what we had previously anticipated with the transfer of that revenue into the ehr project.
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what that really does for us is it allows us to -- if we do better than anticipated on our revenue, it allows us to capture some of those revenues into the project rather than going through the normal close out process that you would have if we did not budget those revenues. that gives us another point of reflect that we have not had in the pass. if the city can afford to do so, we have the option of capturing those funds for the project. >> any public comment? >> i have not received any request. >> i wanted to make several observations which are important. to bring also the question of as i understood it the responsibility of the commission for the last 20 something odd years. commission is responsible to
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have fiscal oversight and once we get the budget, as you know we're responsible to work together to work the administration and if there are -- as we have had in the past deficits where we're required to make additional cuts, commission is first off in those types of activities. the mayor, our current mayor has taken a different approach towards budgets also. it has been a much more collaborative approach. we had the opportunity to submit a budget to the mayor. previously there was a hard deadline but the items that went towards the mayor were those in which the administration and the commission would then agree to. at times he would work that out. then of course it became the mayor's budget and at that point, the mayor often the
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mayor whoever the mayor was, would massage the budget as the mayor chose. mr.wagner is quite well acquainted with in process coming from that side of the house. i'm sure he would agree this is really a much more collaborative effort in which the commission and the department and the mayor are working for a budget that becomes the mayor's budget as it's submitted to the supervisors. who then of course takes their shot at various components. they either add or subtract different things and then we start the cycle again monitoring the budget we get and then working on next year's budget. that's kind of -- i thought you had a pretty good snapshot. it's kind of a little bureaucratic but it does allow for input. in this case, i watched a number
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of budgets -- as a matter of fact when the commission started, one of the very important aspects of the commission was to be sure that we had credibility over at city hall. both in the mayor's office and the board of supervisors. it's taken many years. then we were able to develop that and we've been building on it. this is probably the best iteration with mr. wagner here and the relationship with a mayor in which we've had. now the ability to create even essentially an enterprise fund for a particular enterprise. barbara has been able to get the mayor to agree to fully fund [inaudible]. gvhj
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now this last iteration -- the summary you've given, i have to commend you. i think part of it was driven from my request to look at trends and look at it in larger segments than just simply line items. which are necessary. then, also you've taken now each by the various activities and we've now been able to see the significant changes in the two year budget process. i think you saw the questions from the commission being much more meaningful. not just on specific programs but the overall trend of where we're going. i think your department your division there, your leadership that needs to be commended. i took an extra three minutes to thank our department for really putting this together and gaining the credibility of both the mayor's office and what we hope will also be the board of
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supervisors. jn? as our last function today then, we need to actually pass these last initiatives over to the mayor'si5f >> if i could thank you for those comments. i want to recognize all our management within the department. they held from asking from things knowing that the electronic health record i got that correct, to really focus on that. they really changed directions of what they thought they were going to do in the budget to really have a big focus. i do want to commend our managers of all of our areas who have been through financial discipline. that's one of the goals i've had as director, to ensure that we have financial discipline to ensure that we have the basic foundation of what we need as a delivery system. i do want to thank all the
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managers for all their work. >> well said. that certainly is the commission also. we now have the ability to make a motion to pass this last iteration of the budget to the mayor's office. somebody wishes to make a motion. i see a motion. and a second. any further discussion? if not,u pkú all of those in favor please say aye. all of those opposed. so the mayor's budget, if final budget proposal is unanimously approved to go to the mayor's office. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners move on to item 11 has other business -- which is other business. updated version of committee assignments.
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>> the commissioners assignment is before you before the coming years. we thank our commissioner taylor-mcghee on the community and public health committee. dr.pating will lead that at this time. all the remaining assignments are as noted. >> only thing for the commissioners, the time of that meeting changed from 1:00 to 4:00. in case you want to drop in. >> okay thank you. >> that started this month's meeting? >> i'm sorry? >> will that start at this month's meeting? >> that starts now. correct. as of this announcement.
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is there any other business anybody like to bring under this item? if not we go on to the next item. >> next item is the joint conference committee report. commissioner chow is in front of you as a note for the april 28 2015 meeting. >> i think you saw the agenda and we did discuss all the items on the agenda. ??ñ?ñ?ñ? also =rñ?ñ?reviewed the medicine rules and closed session.ílñ?ñ?ñ? if any of our commissioners also want tobeñ?ñ? add anything, that would be fine. any other joint conference? >> no i have(÷ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ not received public comment for a request for that item. >> next itembxñ?ñ? please.
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>> we're at adjournment vote. >> a motion for adjournment is in order. i see a motion!cñ?ñ?%k< g!l@gvag p!ca )n┌@yjauwif
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welcome to treasure island. i know a lot of you don't get out here too often except on emergencies. we are standing in front of the new station 48 which is a critical public safety facility on treasure island. there is only one fire station. months ago when mohamed and i and staff visited that station, we heard personal testimony from firefighters about the living conditions, and, you know, part from being their office, firefighters have to live here on a 24/7 bases. so we walked through it and realized we had a substandard station on many different accounts. i was a pprised by
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this by our union leadership and as i have with treasure island in general and i'm thankful to bob beck for being here. he is the infrastructure type guy and i had a chance to work with him through public works and mohamed to make sure this project got done on time and within budget. that's true, right, mohamed? [ laughter ] that's why i think the entire fire commission is here because not only do they know how important this is, but they also wanted to show their appreciation for the work that was done here because it is the quality of life that the firefighters have to live on a daily basis in being out here. i want to just thank everyone from the union, the firefighters themselves, battalion chiefs, the chief herself who led me on
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a personal tour here and of course treasure island and all the different agencies represented here from the department of emergency management to our building inspectors and inspection was done here by the fire department and staff. we all collaborated together to make sure this got done. i'm thankful because the station will be occupied immediately. people want to make sure they are living in good conditions as they then sacrifice for anything that would happen on this island and given the status of this island and this infrastructure, anything can happen and it has happened. i know that we are in that turning point in recreating and island for many residents and businesses and it's about to happen towards the end of this year but in looking forward to that we need to make sure the
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emergency services are here intact tried go -- read to go and i want to make sure that happens. we have to make sure our island is safe and the people who provide that service are safe as well. we are thinking about all the different angles to make sure this is accomplished. we are also here not just to celebrate this addition but some funding that we planned with the board of supervisors. she knows firsthand and in fact she's been in my office more than once and when her presence is there, it's felt i say that with a lot of love. we are making great progress to keep our city and our residents safe. this is at a time when we are experience ag
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strong growth in our neighborhoods. as you know we recently opened or public safety building in mission bay and that includes a dedicated campus to or police department and headquarters and brand new fire station which i'm very proud of because it's showing some of the state of the art facilities that hopefully the few station have including the cleaning apparatus. we hear how firefighters are impacted in their lives that those toxic agreed audience -- ingredients are not washed off quickly. working with the fire department staff we announced additional fire staff to the fire department that will be replacing more than 40% of our
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ambulance fleet and working to reduce the 911 systems and demands and we made those announcements with so very dedicated work that the group put together. we put together a time line we would use to invest in a new facility to employ the statute and keef our residents safe. we are all doing this with an eye towards the growing neighborhoods in the city and across the city and making sure we are prepared for a big event as well as the >>council >>council member don -- day events to make sure we have the resources to ensure the fire department grows at the same time our city grows. the next 2-year budget will include two,
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tom, two new emergency medical teams, our paramedic academies over the next 2 fiscal years, with the very first graduates expected to be in the field at the end of june of this year and the second class to be conducted in the summer of 2016. this was an $8.6 million investment that will make sure that more than 33 emt's are on our streets and responding to 911 calls. in addition we will have and conduct four firefighter training academies with our first graduates expected to be in the field by the end of this year, december 2015. that is an additional $6 million investment. that would deliver some 82 new firefighters to our ranks. [ applause ] it's got to be there. you know
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the fire department never works alone. they have to work in tandem with the 911 dispatching center. so we've taken this opportunity to announce threonine -- 911 emergency dispatching classes working over time in order to address our increasing call volume. those at task will be taking the 911 emergency calls summer of 2015 and this is a $3 million investment. i know that people here are happy not just because they get resources, but because their jobs are all about making sure they are at a standard in which they can tell the residents and neighborhoods we will be there in time in case something happens. they can't say that without this incredible investment we are making and we are glad to do it. we will continue to fund emergency
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vehicles including ambulances, fire engines and fire trucks. and we'll fund infrastructure improvements to fire stations a public safety radio station to fire and police departments. together these it and infrastructure investment will represent an additional total of $12.2 million in new investments. we'll continue to invest in technology and innovation and with data initiatives that analyze all the 911 calls to make sure that we are meeting all the emergency service metrics that we are held up and accountable for. as i announced earlier this month we will invest in a team that will care for patients that rely on the 911 system for health care to prevent and maybe reduce the 911 calls that has been our objective. we would do that by working with our home teams and
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our hot teams in assigning paramedics and outreach specialist to help connect patients to non-emergency resources to decrease the 911 calls. so all told, today's announcement is increasing our fire department budget by $35.7 million in the next 2 years and [ applause ] thank you. and also increasing our department of emergency management's budget by $11.6 million both total $47.3 million in the next 2 years. this, i think represents a lot of discusses, a lot of assessments, a lot of going forward and analyzing need but also responding to the call that our public needs more. i was at yet again another budget town hall and have gone to a total
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of 11 of them and by golly, fire department, you have a lot of constituents that know about your budget and they know the details and the number of the paramedics that i need to put on the street. they have been telling me that they would really appreciate when the calls come there is a paramedic literally to respond on these calls because sometimes it isn't just fires anymore, it's all kinds of emergencies that the chief knows very well w that, i think this is not only good news but a reflection of the economy that this city has. we are glad to do this. this is an important part of our city and we spend a couple of hours with them telling me how we need to get things done properly. emergency medical response is critical to our
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neighborhood. i would like to introduce someone who is no stranger to emergency management and also one that takes up this leadership in her capacity as board president and that's supervisor london breed. >>supervisor london breed: wow, mr. mayor. that is an incredible announcement. i'm really excited about this. if any of you have had the sad experience of waiting for an ambulance, a minute can feel like hours. as you know in the past year i have been a strong critic of some of the challenges in the department. as a result the mayor put together a task force of fire department leaders and other emergency personnel and folks in the mayor's office and my office to try to come up with a plan. i know that i'm a very impatient person so i wanted action yesterday, but putting together this plan and working with a number of
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different city officials to develop the right approach to dealing with this problem has gotten us here today. a lot of great suggestions. we have a lot of folks who are retiring. we have changes in our city infrastructure. we have changes in our population and we need to make sure that we are investing in the department now so that we can meet the needs of our growing population in the city and county of san francisco. public safety has been a real high priority for me and i appreciate the partnership that the mayor's office and the mayor and i have had over the years. we have worked together to try and resolve this problem. it's going to take a little time, once the investment is made. we are moving forward in the right direction. i'm excited about the graduate class, the new paramedics, 45 new paramedics will hit our
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streets. last year we put out 19 ambulance. we will hopefully deliver the results that we as city of san francisco deserves. i'm excited about this. i'm going to continue to make sure that i work with the mayor and work with our department to provide them the resources they need and to hold them accountable to use those resources in a quick manner to ensure public safety. this is a really great and really incredible investment. i don't recall this type of investment made before and we are going to make this investment to change the department for the better and move in this direction and i'm excited about not just for the city but the men and women who serve our fire
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department who wants to save lives and want to have the resources to do their jobs to serve the residents in our city. this is going to make it better for them and overall this is going to lead to better results for the residents of the county and city of san francisco. at this time i would like to bring forward the fire commission andrea evans. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. i also just want to thank everyone who is here. to me, at the end of the day, a budget is a reflection of your values. i want to really thank the mayor's office and the board of supervisors for valuing the fire department and the services that the fire department provides to our residents and the visitors to the city. as president breed touched on this is a huge investment and something that the chief and the commission and others here have been lobbying here and advocating for and as the mayor
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and citizens pointed out for the city and lobbying for these kinds of investments because there is a recognition. we provide first class service to the men and women of this department. when they respond, you will get the best care possible. but they need more resources. they want to be able to do more and do better and get to you faster. this will enable the fire department to improve and as the city grows we are able to meet the challenges with the growing city and population. i want to on behalf of the fire commission really thank the mayor and president breed for support and for recognizing the value that the fire department has in the city. thank you very much. i would like to introduce our leader chief joy and his wife. [ applause ] >> thank you, good morning, everyone. thank you for coming out to treasure island. the building behind us will become operational tomorrow. we are very excited about that and
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thankful to our members that have had less than pristine conditions in the past. they have been very patient. we would like to thank those this station 48. thank you for your patience. looking very sharp in his suit is captain mike dlan. thank you. he's been a great leader. i would like to thank the mayor for investing and advocating for public safety. he has always done so and it's very much appreciated. admittedly it's been a stormy period, no doubt about it but i'm happy to report that this storm is clearing and the fire department is heading in the right direction in terms of funding. it has been nearly a decade where we've had to reduce our operating budget and it's been very difficult. i'm very proud of the men and women of the fire department who have
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maintained their professionalism and dedication over the time. we have been able to provide services with reduced budgets. we are very excited to hear about the mayor's announcement and it came from a lot of teamwork. teamwork no. 1 to get this station built in record time and a beautiful facility. if you are interested in touring we are doing this right after this and all of those who took part in station 48, department of public works and department of building inspection and partnership with the dem making sure that's where it starts and they are true partners and sometimes the unsung heroes, the dispatchers and the calls that take us where we need to go. that's how the mayor runs his city with the expected teamwork.
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there is someone i want to point out. he should be standing up here. i just met him this morning. mr. taylor. he's a project manager on this. thank you very much. we have also section chief melanie brown, all 46 will be graduating friday this week. they will become emt's and will continue to move this department forward as we see our city growing and our economy improving. i would also like to acknowledge supervisor breed and for all of their effort and really it's truly the leadership of mayor lee and he gets it and we are very fortunate to have him as our city's leader. with that i would like to conclude. i'm happy to take individual questions after, but we are really proud of