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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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s office and the liaisons from different companies we've toured companies to see what they offer to the communities, however, the youth to fully understand the potential we're hold a youth town hall on june 11th from 9 to 3:00 p.m. that includes during the course people to the mid-market area and city hall at the working groups and give the speakers including supervisor jane kim we'll have the opportunity to explain how they would like to get involved whether through the process or include but youth services to we don't have formal recommendations for today we hope to develop them after the
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youth town hall so we can accurately describe with that said, i'd like to pass to an to the next commissioner. >> hello supervisors my name is precious the youth commissioners if i ask all of you today what you think are the most basic necessities that everyone needs you'll probably respond with food and water and shelter and an education unfortunately 19 to 35 hundred youth in the city don't center access to 1, 2, 3 of the basic necessities that is why we want to urge you to declare 2015 as recognizing homeless youth this priority wouldn't have been potential without larkin a provider for
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youth they're here today i want to shout out and through our partnership we found out there are not enough available resources for homeless youth again as mentioned there is 3 hundred and 50 beds available for homeless youth and roughly 19 hundred to 35 hundred homeless youth it didn't add up so if we analyzed the true mean of those numbers there's actually one in 3 one out of 3 homeless youth in our city or in our nation are approached or recruited by a that i am of 48 hours of being on the street and many are part of the lgbt community and are substantial to
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harassment and incarceration those numbers made me analysis how i take things for granted i came to the conclusion that those homeless youth are a victim of their society they only want to get back on their feet there's not enough available resources available to them this is why we have our recommendations not only do we want to urge you all a declaratory 2015 used the year of recognizing homeless youth with you set aside funding from the 2015-2016 budget to support the oversight kourl services and intensive case managed and outpatient medical services and education programs and job placement programs for the housed youth honestly if you want to build a better eights we have to focus on the vulnerable
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young people in our city those are the homeless youth i want to bring back commissioner chang to talk about the hotels priorities. >> hello once again and card number ten to fully fund the hours for transitional youth there's detected youth they're a vulnerable population in san francisco as well and the youth commission decided to do you want a resolution in 2005 call on the then mayor gavin newsom to create a task force for this resolution and the creation was the mayors transitional task force the first one they did was created a report on this population and they came up with 16 competitive recommendations of the city agencies to aid many of the city agencies step forward and one of them was the
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mayor's office of housing to xhoej k housing and came up with a goal of the k housing plan to create 4 hundred additional unit for the k 2014 now it was the goal at the right now they're missing hundred and 58 units they still have to identify and plan and build it is important that we keep pushing forward and achieve the guideline in 2014 the youth commission hosted a town hall meeting many attends and the commission recommended the development of american people evaluations tool to measure the quality and the effectiveness of k housing and the services they've created this evaluation and the results should be out by the end of summer 2014 with that we recommend the mayor's office of housing department of
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public health and public services for the 2015-2016 documents and finish identifying the it hundred and 58 units with the completion of the assessment of we hope the city creates a new k housing goal and urge the mayor and the board of supervisors to find a commitment for onsite case management and other programs neatest lastly we urge the outcomes for k youth that might not be eligible thank you i'd like to bring back commissioner lee to talk about the in relation priority. >> hi so priority number 11 is the support of the democratic city quality of city since opposing its doors they've been known for the accessibility and the special classes it offices
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non-credit classes and remedial a classes and so much polar that are specifically as the formal incarcerated and lgbtq and the homeless populations but unfortunately since then ucsf has begun under a crisis that led to a change in government to the disempowerment to 9 brutes since then the educational feature are less transparent and the enrollment has dropped former supervisor david chiu introduced state legislation that introduced the ac jc bit providing for college and additional the community college bryce harris talked about the
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board of trustees with that said we thank this board to their attention to the matter and the closer the civic campus. >> the hearing committee on ucsf but we also hope that is the city will sure the city college that is dedicated to serving the needs of diverse students and take all measures to support the restoration of the democratic government and at the college to have the open college assess mission we hope the board that investigate ways to stop the grow up dprop drop of enrollment and finally finally in a decision for the ac d.c. to revoke the education thank you for your time i'd like to pass it on to the next
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commissioner. >> hello supervisors i'm emily i sits on the immigrant and employment committee and also a district 4 appointee i'm going to present the facts of the market street statistics in january 2015 they're saying women were displaced for the section time and deposition was 1973 to save and legal abortions probation officers a risk to young women when the access to the 47b9 youb youth maybe especially vulnerable to the things open market street leading gilroy's to unsafe action and the san francisco neighborhoods win wish the
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banners were dominated south of market are on the lowest income neighborhoods overall the services in san francisco occurred in areas with poverty we thank the mayor and board to help with the legislation for the bill of rights and for honestly passing a resolution opposing the same matters and the displacement we're your of the issues we hope that the proposed ordinance should be on city property for public health concerns may provide a guideline for up holding similar standards for health concerned therefore we respectfully urge the board
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of supervisors to hold a public hearing, talking about the anti-abortion on market street and encouraging the efforts to educate young people about the rise in health and the the mirror and board of supervisors to engage the public for the choice and during the nona the wade versus row and in order to - fellowship we urge the members of the board of supervisors for the lfblgs active avenue for amending the public works code to make sure that the public health information dominated about public events responsible and visual and in the best interests of public health with that i'm going to pass it to the next commissioner. >> so this is our late priority
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priority 13 the expansion of the 10 cultural training and efforts to track the lgbtq in services in 1999 the charter amended the lgbtq youthcy and the contractors received many thousands of dollars, however, that is an unfunded may or may not there was a hearing held and in 2014 working groups westbound held and supervisor avalos office the department of public health has been committed and piloting a training video as well as collecting videos and information on the clientele the recommendations we want to thank the board of supervisors for their involvement in telephone, and, secondly, we would like to urge the board of supervisors to identify and dedicate fund as it
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remains an unfunded mandate we urge the information on intact forms for the upcoming fiscal year. >> thank you so much for listening i want to thank you all for coming out and now we'll open up for any questions or comments. >> thank you for those who spoke and who those who didn't speak supervisor tang. >> thank you very much for your wonderful and grateful presentation i'm so impressed by all of you and the report you put together with the wide range that issued i've learned a lot from you i want to think i'm the youth commissioner on the board of supervisors being closer in angle that is helpful to see you collectively what are the pressing or the things you find
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are the most pregnancy so i can evaluate at the board level you've done so with my colleagues so for i'm patrolling interested i know that supervisor yee is as well i was at the press conference the mayor talked about the priorities to make sure we do insure that people that are applying fog the renewing especially for the youth applicant that the cost really shouldn't be to prosperity for people so people can find opportunity to work and find employment and be able to thrive independently here as they apply for other things so, i mean i could speak on all 13 of the issues i wanted to highlight that in particular i think that you know what we'll probably do i everything this is
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just before the budget committee but certainly hope you'll share your plan with each the 11 district supervisors and make sure we're aware of the issues i've brought forgot to assist you i want to thank you so much i know you have to balance our academic work this which grobl you're being paid for and everything between our extra curriculum i applaud you when i was your age i didn't know the youth commission existed you're well ahead and probably will continue to do a lot more as you continue to grow inside and outside of commission. >> supervisor yee. >> i want to thank the presenter and everyone that
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showed up for this portion off our committee mooefg till when i was your angle there was no such thing as a youth commission but my daughter was on the youth commission and continues to be active in trying to bring about social changes i told her recently that you know joyce is my appointee to the commission and i 24re6r8d that the youth commission is alive and well and, in fact, i know the work you're doing now compared to what they did when they were on the youth commission i hate to compare but it paldz to what you accomplished and the docket piece i'll continue with other supervisors to advocate for that
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piece and pretty positive i'm triple checking for make sure it is in the budget before making any final announcements on that other issues that you raised are familiar issues to me i'm certainly interested in looking at how practical some are they practical and others for me would take a little bit more thoughtfulness and seeing how we can move things forward i'm hoping for you some of you continue to advocate for those things and work with our office thank you very much. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you to all the youth commissioners that presented today i want to say that you're pretty amazing you focused not only on i think what mainstream or youth
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might focus on but focused on that voublg populations within our city whether lgbtq youth or homeless ugliest u youth with incarcerated parent undocumented youth it's clear our showing emphatic for others that need support much more support i said to say our aspirations of the expend hope e help to the youth is inspiration all to change the board rules our meeting are after 4:00 p.m. shows you you've been successful in making allows alleyways in the city i want to thank former youth commissioners noel and others but i can see the participation and then having
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allies like larkin is so important domestic violence police train for youth is an amazing list of issues i know you have to be strategic to focus on the key ones but the voices of young people on the children's fund and piece the new bodies that supervisor yee and supervisor avalos and others have created it is important you participation to that as supervisor yee mentioned the existence the youth commission is important my daughter perhaps in the j.c. but years ago it was youth led from the chinatown youth council to the bayview hunters point but hopefully the youth led like our showing here at city hall as well lastly i wanted to say that the focus on parks and equate
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analysis is so important from the mission playgrounds that you sited in our policy and priorities it highlights the conflicts the so-called newcomers from the long time mission district a district it is being adapted losing it's soul artists being pushed ousted the equality analysis of parks and open space people gather and communities is built but that's an important one as you highlight conflict and trying to come up with a solution how to make parked and open space open for people especially young people in our neighborhoods but thank you very much for the great work and i wanted to acknowledge what a unique youth commission and i'm proud of all the work and the great 13 priorities as well.
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>> supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. chairman i want to thank the commission it was informative and thank you for including proprietor number 3 around parks we've really struggled in san francisco to in terms of investing in our parks and making sure they're safe and in shape and not vandalized and usually by everyone and you know in a city where most of us don't have backyard or our own recreation area parks for so many people also are social economic in all backgrounds these are our yards where we go and gather and meet our friends and walk our dogs and experience it is so important for them to be in good shape i know there is a lot of communication 90 in city hall spending having better security
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and lighting and better recreational facilities and more programming available for youth for seniors and everyone and i definitely welcome the youth partnership in welcoming the push for that because supervisor mar mentioned the playground in my district it is interesting when you look at why we've seen in the intelligence we've seen at mission playground because we don't have enough solids in san francisco we need for soccer fields in the city it took so long for the recommendation process with the chattel soccer fields but we don't have enough and mission playground as soon as it emigrate roomed and the soccer field what was important amenable we shouldn't have to be fight over who uses the soccer field we should have enough
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soccer fields and budget u basketball courts thank you for highlighting >> thank you, supervisor wiener and again, thank you everyone for your hard work and being here and looking forward to working with you if any group wants to come talk with me during the heart of the budget process please do so i expect we'll leave that for the charts any closing statements. >> commissioner tang. >> thank you. i forgot one last comment i want to acknowledge the commission staff they worked hatred hard with the staff their trying to give them a round of applause it takes a great - allen in particular and, of course everyone else that is working with the different commissioners, i know that he's going to continue and everyone
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else will work to inspire the next generations the youth commissioners so i want to thank you, very much. >> why not open up item 14 for public comment anyone want to please step forward and we'll take you one at a time.
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>> the san francisco unified district the number of homeless children from 8 hundreds plus to 3 thousand homeless children
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today that's a huge increase and timely to prioritize our homeless population. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi supervisors i'm renee hawkins the secretary of the citizens advisory committee tiled take note that san francisco is a supportive city to the homeless population but can't help but notice the homeless youth population has not received the same amount of support in our country 3 thousand plus youth for the homeless on any given day in the united states and only 4 hundred youth shelter board of directors beds are available across the city homeless youth with the most vulnerable to the not the future i guess the question our concern
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today i'd like to share some specification will the homeless youth one in 34th of july youth with recruited by a that i am win the first 48 hours on the street according to the intuitively count survey 21 powers of holes youth traded sex or drugs for a place to sleep in the homeless youth population struggle as 47 say their - 23 percent report substance abuse as the prim cause of homeless today, we can decrease the number of youth but first to recognize the homeless youth exits and time to recognize that 2014 is the year of the
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homeless. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i saw people turned away every night the homeless shelter experienced trauma and we've would have benefited at all levels i'm 24 and living at one of the k affordable units and attend school adams ucsf on my way to becoming a community health worker i've known people that would in the receive a bed
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in a shelter or resources to go to college stability is the can you tell me to anyone else's success as i'm grateful i'm forced this is not true for everyone with my same story i hope you recognize how important the homeless youth will be for our future. >> thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for hearing us speak i'm jonathan co-chair of the youth citizens advisory committee for the larkin street i'm self-born and raised in potrero hill we are that evicted from our apartment in 201235 percent of homeless people said they were evicted right before
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bottom of the hill homeless we need to make sure our families can for the record to pay rent in san francisco and the children are safe and supported this resolution focuses on the support of focus and education and job placement we can ask annunciation that you support the homeless emergency services provider association request for $6.5 million and funding provided for housing subsidies to youth and others population as well as the halt evictions by fund 5 hundred families something that my family would have bend from any want to thank you and everyone tshths and speaking for myself and other youth that are effected by this appreciate it. >> thank you very