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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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question. >> good morning steve kim contract management this is actually a little bit over 8 years just under 9 years total and the nature of that solution most of the every time effort is from the set of plans in the initial set up it is more maintenance enhancement so we want to be able to take advantage of the model and we also the model was bans the evaluation of the county. >> so the assessment will be done every year what. >> basically needs ongoing needs and changes perhaps additional sizing those will be pretty much evaluated. >> if they're not doing the job
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do we have at option of canceling the contract. >> yes. we do. >> any other comments or questions comments or questions from the public? hearing none call the question all in favor, say i. any opposed thank you the motion carries >> item h requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with self-help for the seniors for july 2014 to june 30th 2018 in the amount of hundred and $50,000 plus plus a 10 percent contingency for a total not to exceed hundred and $73,000 plus the purpose to provide emergency short term homemaker and personal care services to eligible 57b8d individuals the grant will be
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funded through county general funds. >> hello, again commissioners as you stated the item is a new 3 year home care for seniors program the program itself as described sends out a person to complete the caregiver services open a short term basis the types of services provided fall under 3 personal care services and a shower services typically the clients most uncommon this program utilized by clients that have an application pend for state funding ssi services to cover that bridge and sometimes the clients running home from hospital or rehab facilities need short term health at the home and some referrals come in from clients need an occasional
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clean up around the house the provider is self-help for the elderly the current contractor we're awarding this contract as they were selected by the rfp process 634 was issued this past march i did the program monitoring for self-help in 2014-2015 and found they don't is a great job in administering this program both years they were in compliance and 2014-20152013-2014 they quoted the contract levels and 2014-2015 they're open pace to expose all the service levels again so one final thing to note on the first page of the budget their providing in kind fte they're providing funding this
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is they're in take and coordination staff member i mention this dos loves that when agencies are are ready to help and support those programs means getting more services to the client thank you. >> may i have a motion for discussion. >> second thank you one observation and that is hundred and 50 thousands of this contract is coming from federal fund. >> yes. >> that's a good thing and secondly the workers will be providing this emergency short term care. >> uh-huh. >> are they going to be held to the seem standards as ssi has to meet worker is one full-time employee she's been about the agency for 10 years she's familiar with the program and maintains a nursing assistant licensing and able to
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renew that through training of self-help. >> any comments or questions from the commission any questions or comments from the public increase hearing none call the question all in favor say i. any opposed the motion carries thank you item i requesting authorization to renew the grant with national council on angling for provision of the san francisco connected program during the period of july 1st, 2014, through june 2016 in the amount of $41,038 plus a 10 percent con city not to exceed $45,000 because arrest welcome aaron. >> i'm aaron although, the program manager thank you sherry reign for the lead in earlier
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i'll be belief this is my brief discussion before starting the co a as the national council on aging i'll provide a brief background even though sherry reign mentioned it and paul will present 4 to 6 provider we have as a brief background on september of 201070 o san francisco received $8 million from the national telecommunication to the 3wrbd uses this federal grant was known as broadband and known as b faup for 3 empowers and ended in september of 2013 dos graciously received a little bit over $3 million felt $8 million we installed over thirty computer and tech labs
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the labradors are located in senior unit and adult care and alzheimer's adult facilities at the end of the b top grant the city of san francisco recently continued to program the sf connect we've received funding from - for a fwi month period for the federal versus city fiscal 3 components an online support community technical support for the computers and train we seek to experience a one year opposed of the contract and extend the contact through 2016 i'll did you negotiation nc o a for the web-based community for seniors that are graduated from programs from stanford university the train is available in person and online
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the goal is to promote self-management support and skills to maintain or improve the graduates it is closed and monitored the website provides a safe investment for its members it provides the management monitor and hosting of the web applications that are 8 hundred and 55 members in the community and dos has monitored it for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 with no concerned of note this program received two award the first place innovation are award last year in 2014 a big check hanging networks to the directors office and we are named as one the tape 10 initiative programs in the city and county of san francisco pending our questions i seek approval to fund this contract. >> may i have another motion to
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decide. >> second. >> thank you i'd like to point out this is one of several contracts covered in a memorandum covering multiple one any questions or comments sxhimdz. >> commissioner sims. >> those are for service training and upkeep of the systems in place isn't that correct. >> there are 3 components one for the support of computer and the bulk of the money for the training provider and the third component the online community it is a little bit different than obviously the trainers that go out to the tech labs and things of the nature this hardware and software has a fairly short lifespan where's the capitalized expense on hardware and update and upgrades that's a good question the reason it is going to expand for
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one year the following year we'll try to get a new rfp so i'm trying to extend everything from the federal grant and we'll be three to four 0 diagonal and looking at people bring in their own devicess what exactly do we want to do to put it in place as any other questions or comments from the public hearing none call the question. >> > all in favor, say i. > opposed thank you the motion carries item j requesting authorization to renew the grant with the reliable technician with the provision of the sf connected program from july 1st, 2015, to
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june 30th, 2016, in the amount of $51,000 plus plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed 463 heed and $13 thank you aaron. >> thank you reliable tech has been providing the tech support and provide the support for the 200 and 50 computers in the locations across the city and satisfactory completed services requests in addition reimaged the system is we actually do both pro-active or preventive maintenance and reactive it has for scheduled unserviced calls in addition to provide for service the technical lab as the online issues and fm to provide
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savings to the program the computer originally had an extended waitress i didn't that expired that will cost 55 thousand dollars it is not unreasonable we called them for 8 service calls so i've asked reliable tech to provide supported they've asked for $6,000 that cover 4 to 6 computers depending on the attachs of service and they're supportive in the event and help with raffles they're a very good partner and they've monitored in 2013-2014 and starting in 2015-2016 and i seek approval for the contract may i have have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> thank you. any questions or comments from the commission.
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>> commissioner sims. >> it this a local entity. >> actually, the east bay they don't a lot of remotely it is local. >> any other questions any questions or comments from the public seeing none call the question all in favor, say i. any opposed thank you the motion carries. >> k requesting authorization to renew the grant with candor house with the provision of the sf connected program during the period of july 5th, 2014 to 2016 nauchld of $62,000 plus plus a 10 percent contingency for the total grant in the amount of not to exceed not to exceed. >> thank you, very much. and commissioners and director i'm paul i'm the program analyst in
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the sf program as mentioned aaron low sf connected helped the seniors and disabled co-author house was in the deintoxicate and it the sf grantee they provide the community services for people living with serious illness and provided the computers in 9 locations throughout the tenderloin and market area they provide trainers in the located this trainer will cover top from training to job readiness train with the boot camp and investment training to allow individuals to get dos training in the community they if find it monitored with this year and for
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fiscal year 2015-2016 their training hundred and 50 consumers and conducted 11 hundred hours we request approval of this grant renewable. >> thank you may i have a motion to discussion. >> so moved. >> any questions or comments from the commission questions or comments from the public commissioner sims. >> yeah. how are those programs quantified in the end result. >> right in all the scopes for this training component for the sf connected program there's outcome objectives and for the fiscal year 2013-2014 we put out a consumer satisfaction survey and most of them we've met the percentage that was allocated for it to achieve a lot of them were about 85 percent for example the satisfactory we've
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reached a 92 percent savings. >> so it is consumer relax rebates go they've graded whether or not it was beneficial. >> right >> is there any view open who employment was achieved as one of the goals of the training for example. >> for conner house specifically they do have that data i have a role quick summary in 2013-2014 they had will 59 applicant and 29 graduated that means their graduated on call basis to be the better completed for co-author. >> questions from the public hamburger none. > all in favor, say i. > any opposed thank you the motion carries. >> item l
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requesting authorization to renew the grant with self-help for the elderly with the sf corrected program from 2014 to june 30th, 2016 nauchld of 55 thousand dollars plus plus a 10 percent contingency for a total grant not to exceed $60,000 plus dollars. >> welcome back. >> like self-help for the elderly a original topic a sf connected greet their dedicated to the quality of life by providing multi lingual services and this is through the sf kek9d program from the stat they've been effective in multiple lingual labs in san francisco dos didn't have any performance
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issues when it was monitored on march 19 century 19 of this year we sunshine - russian or vitamins for the consumers is it help is proposing to achieve monitored hours we request approval of this grant rule. >> may i have have a motion so moved. >> any questions or comments under the commission comments or questions from the public? hearing none call the question all in favor, say i. any opposed thank you. the motion carries m requesting authorization to renew the grant p with community campaigns with the sf krek9d program during the period of july 1st through june 2016 amount of time of $4,000 plus plus will 10 percent contingency
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for a total not to exceed hundred and $26,000 plus again paul >> thank you commissioner vice president serlina. >> the c lc was oriental san franciscans was sf connected grant to empower the people with disability with the isolation and economic and other barriers to aging in their own homes a component the c lc provide it in english and spanish and cantonese and offer regular train through skype and other methods training is provided to participate that attended the services in the adult centers in san francisco the integral and establishment of the technician which offers strategic planning and effective collaboration
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among other stakeholder this fiscal year 2015-2016 the l credit will provide volunteer hours and other hours for consumers dos didn't find any consumer problems we request approval of this grant. >> may i have a motion to discuss. >> thank you. any questions or comments under the commission. any questions or comments from the public hearing none >> i'd like to comment that marie just one the jefferson award it was mined that - (clapping) maria does a lot of things what of the highlighted in the award was this program so thank you. >> again call the question all
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in favor, say i. any opposed the motion carries thank you i know this will break our heart we're at the last major item to renew the provision of the sf connected program july 1st relationship 2014 through june 2016 nauchltd of $200,000 plus plus a total not to exceed 200 and $32,000 plus yet again paulo. >> like all the other organizations preceding this community knowledge the workers c p m was in the grantee it unit the community and provides the
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broadband tlain in english and chinese and cantonese and spanish they provide workshops on the inteblthd safety and technology is monitored on march 15 this year and those are found to adapt the determination of satisfactory in 2015-2016 they'll train consumers to 55 structural hours and volunteer hours we request approval of this grant. >> thank you very much may i have a motion for approval. >> thank you very much any questions or comments from the commission any questions or comments from the public? hearing none call the question > all in favor, say i. > any opposed thank you the motion carries item 9 announcements sherry reign. >> commissioners, i want you to
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get occupy your calendar the adult baudz days on april 12th in the main library and we'll be screening the film alive inside and have a q and a from the director and have a number of people present from the ac l a joint event with ac l number 9 so some folks will be there and hoping some folks if the board of supervisors and the mayor's office will be there. >> that's a world elderly awareness you abuse day. >> 1:30 june 12 car rat room of the main library. >> thank you any other announcements?
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any remaining public comment hearing none motion to adjourn >> by a rising vote thank you excellent work by the staff
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events weddings picnics, and the county fair building. for any athletic fields and neighborhood parks, 831-5510. you can also write us. 501 san francisco, calif. 94117. or just walk in and say hello. and of course you can find more information and reach us at >> president commissioner singer. commissioner chung. the second item on the agenda is the approval of minutes on april 21, 2015. there's a revised portion under the item eight