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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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han takes place in the henry loft house a bigger facility we're limited to capacity of 11 beds in had program we have a few clients that council treatment clients don't spend the night we're talking about the average of 12 to 13 clients using this classroom it is very small structure and you know they right now they're just using this one living room they can't use the main thousand a separate program and closing classes happening in that building throughout the day that is spate from those folks. >> thank you. >> any commissioners have any questions. >> opening it up for public comment. >> i have a couple of speaker card
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(calling names). >> i have 3 minutes. >> thank you. >> i'm sue valentine lived on hayes street for 22 years and join the northern property line as a said those are 3 separate lots i don't know why they're being treated as one until they somehow want to subvert the open space requirement i've brought this book written in 2013 about the historic neighborhood it states that 625 stooirn street is the old structure in the entire hectic district so on the proposed new construction would aversely effect this and fill in the garden says that the two sites offer - the two sites owned or 3 sites off several
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other places they can put classrooms other than trying to jam this building this in they've not increased the population of people fsz this is not oh, my gosh this is something nice to have okay and in addition i'd like to say that - there's been question whether or not the notice has been given notice the only notice they received was by the commission there's alleging a meeting at the house for the neighborhoods i don't know anyone who was invited they're unable to provide a list of people attended so we have withhold to - the other thing they began an illegal construction of building
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on the same site snirp asked to tear down i think they're not particularly interested in following san francisco recollections and requirement they put themselves above things i ask you to withhold support. >> applicant please. is - hi i was open the property dribble adjacent to the property structure the first i leader or learned what the commission was given notice but the sponsor of this had started construction labor illegal and unpermit i was going to the director it was to be a temporary storage unit and i believe that feels because there had been a shed there and
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building shed didn't require permitting and i learned they installed it with a window and built on cement posts like them on non-foundation i also would like to also draw the commissioners attention they did improvements to the structure last year they did what i would - i'd like to say a shoddy job not prepare precipitate or repair the rotted window frames or respect any windows the aluminum siding in the paint that it was virtuosa they painted over dirt and could be websites i've froiftd
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they have proposed to build a structure it files the entire backyard of the property if you look at the property line on 625 it joins my property and additionally after the industry upcoming they've built last year was taken down and found a smoke area we have a small 5 year-old child that has cancer her bedroom window is above the smoking area i asked them to take it down at the center and it was moved to the front of the building currently our neighbors and i have removed from our backyard it was original a deck cover any backyard on stereotyping it was removed prior to my living there 8 years so our moving in our neighbors were removed their
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backyard building they s had a cottage so what is happening there's no trees or gardens restoring to the original historical design the building to have backyards and if this project is approved that will reverse what is a positive neighborhood trend >> thank you. >> i think we have one more. >> for the university is there any other members of the public that wants to speak on this agenda item back to you commissioners. >> commissioner pearlman i have a question for the staff for the properties you know it shows it is 3 properties but used as one is there any issue
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with that i am not i see certain buildings cross over property lines it a little bit confusing as to what is part of what and the reason for the question has to do with the concern of losing open space it appears there's a vast open space when you combine those are those properties that face the web i'm curious how it lace out. >> can i get the overhead commission secretary? >> there it goes. >> i just want to be able to show you the site plan. >> so there are 3 properties
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3 lots preliminary largest lot implicit contains the historic mansion the smaller lot to the north contains the oldest building and there's a small lot that contains a structure which we believe might have been the carriage how is it matches the stonewall that surrendered this property it indicates some rip and newer structures accessory to the rehabilitation center which are located here, here and the opponent building that is located here and roughly rains i'm not sure with the historic building so there will be open space contained on its own lot and as well as the open space of the mansion building which will to the be disturbed at all
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when we we do look at this as one use it joins all 3 but the refresh my recollection on open space and rationalized requirements are all individually applied to each lot they've not requested to combine it so we've look at the requirement. >> does that answer our question. >> it does in terms of evaluating this in relationship to a variance there seems like a lot of open space if you take into account that particular lot relative to you know a standard lot in san francisco you might have a you know a house that fills the legislated of a 25 foot lot and backyard that was pushed to the north in terms of square footage it appears that
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there is you know probably more than 50 percent of the lot that is still be green space it that - >> approximately and it is an unusual development paper and probably to come up with the fact that is one of the earliest building but there's a lot of open space on this individual lot. >> this is visible it is connected to the area behind the main how is it appears a lot of green space thank you very much this answers that question and one other question i'm sorry one other question the outfits i forgot his name. >> yeah. you mentioned that the height of that is basically the height of the fence. >> the fence is 11 feet and the
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structure is 10 and a half feet. >> so from the neighborhoods. >> point of view. >> so it's visible from the 26r9 from the rear of the house. >> thank you commissioner johns. >> i think this is a fairly on the side the hill isn't it. >> up a steep slope above the intersects site a flat but elevated open the hill of the east side a red light and step up and retaining wall and on the other side a retaining wall wall and sloped landscaping on the south side but the main open space is all of this is open and there's on open space along the street. >> so what i was trying to -
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there seems discrepancy in the issue of how well, this can be seen from the street because of the slope of the hill it - >> it is not visible from either the streets is just because of the elevation among other things. >> that's what i thought t i kind of recall this it seems to me a suitcase last night plant on the right of the how did you see where the big tree is. >> yes. >> and there's a house with a porch and looks like a suitcase last night plant a palm and so the this structure that's proposed will be to behind that palms slightly to the left.
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>> right there. >> right there okay. so - >> didn't look like. >> on stilts i can't see it from the street audience thank you very much. >> you're welcome any other questions or comments. >> commissioners chair would you be so kind to close public comment. >> public comment is closed. >> commissioner johnck. >> sure i did my evaluation on the material i received in the mail and online and looked at the paragraph we alongside i thought that met the criteria we're needing to use to whether or not it can be seen and the scombruks position i'll be in
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favor of that. >> i second the motion. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a motion and a second to preview that with conditions. >> commissioner johnck commissioner johns. >> commissioner pearlman schneider so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero commissioners that place you on item 9 for case 45 avenue landmark designation work program item. >> good afternoon commissioner
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we get a - at 4 avenue those fresno could say were painted in 1945 used by the fund as discussed in the departments memo it is a spanish still building in 1932 and this was built at the same time the raven has shown both facilities are by a 1928 health bond developed by charles h sawyer the department was kabltd by lisa the representative of the terrace association about potentially
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expanding the effort for the health center and the adjacent hospital so that and this is provided by a supporting effort to landmark those buildings and the murals. >> earlier this month i met with mr. rothman sdugdz to combine those into a report they seemed amenable thus it was constituent in the application from reports prepared and the historic preservation commission consultant by the architecture in 2012 with when was drafted in connection with the sale by the city based on the review the report identifies that as a result master artist and finds the health center and significant artworks were created during a
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vital point of his life and considered for the landmarked it didn't effect the allen health center of the see emergency health center their historically prepared by artist but to better evaluate the thresholds as well as the knows the specifics questions including the state of health care in the city at the time those buildings were constructed how they served the neighborhood and if their potentially eligible for the association with community health care and their architecture one the item the office is supervisor campos if anything is drafting the legislation to protect that the city reserves the right to
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protect and no - to include the department finds the background and use of those buildings will meet the designation you have several option postpone any decision until a landmark application or choose to add one of both of the buildings to the landmark if you choose the latter get a application or direct the department to direct the landmark designation that's a lot see i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner pearlman i'm briefly reading or reading the letter has this group a group that has someone that can do
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some of the historic research or fall into the hands of the staff. >> during the meeting the colleague was a librarian but having a historic consultant wrap up the information both a nice package at this point she's here to speak to the item and can talk about that further. >> help us make decisions do we put it in the work program because the community came forward liquor we did or not okay thank you. >> does the project sponsor want to say. >> they're here and wish to speak think the item so, please step forward you have 10 minutes. >> thank you very much and thanks for postponing this for i
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was out of town actually because i got to meet lisa found out the communities interest i heard i thought the building was a mystery but this measure city councilal is a bigger mystery i found out from a daughter which one day the art commission found out from the department of real estate department of real estate that in the process of selling the building it is not a city landmark to supervisor avalos officer who i've been working with and crafted the language and very cooperative drafted language in the deed to saying that the city has rights to come in and take care of the building if you look at the picture in the report i gave you see the top part the two murals the top
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part is open and bottom whitewashed inappropriate pictures there i haven't found a picture of the bottom part to see what it looked like before it was white washed over and then also just introduced supervisor avalos resolution to have the building sold and it t as part to set up an ssi one to voices the periphery and the new owners how to preserve the building and open it up to the whub i went to lisa they didn't know being it and nobody in the community knew about that the last item was part of the public health the mental health office i went in there it was covered i
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don't see that there and for bernard he was one the artist at coit tower and stated to in dressing river and rec and park asked him to remove carl max name from the mural so twrng between that one and the ones and you will say that is opened this friday from 3 to 6 if you haven't seen them their worth seeing he painted this mural when my wife and i went into the building we didn't that that is so architecturally guest the reason i put the application in i wanted to get it start before the city sold the building and maybe the new owner who approve
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or have trouble to that's why it was my intention to get it in the pipeline before the sale of the building i don't know when the sale of building is all i know that is on the calendar more the budget committee hearing to have a resolution they want to do it in one resolution they won't come back after they get a sales price i've talked to the family they have no history of the mural knowing that is the son and one other went into the building there was a youtube video of them trying to start to clean it it off so this is really open important you know that kind of important artist in this time it represents his you know work you
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know coit tower this mural and ucsf mural are important in this social revolutionsocial revolution, he also did an mural, at the jewish community center this is before then. i just ask that you put this on the list you know i'm willing to do i give tools at qoit tower so i know about zakhiem, doing as much research as i can about him. i appreciate you putting this on the work list. if you have questions i would be happy to answer them. >> thank you commissioner boeckh. >> this is a sponsored presentation, we haven't gotten to the comments yet. is there
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any member of the public wish to speak on this agenda item? (speaking off the mic). >> afternoon commissioners, my name is lisa dunsel i'm a residence -- ten years, and wandering what is their story was, and feeling concerned about their delap dated state, i wasn't until march, at the history expo with professor gray brekin, who has done extensive work on the wpa on the map, i saw this spot on a map of my neighborhood i didn't know what it was. it was there because of the zahiem must
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recall -- must recallral -- the architecture and the style which is part of the system i didn't know about anything. the park emergency is already a city landmark, which has a wonderful story to it. i will say it as a note at the library where i work we have the ledgers, from the park emergency hospital in which you can see, on april 18th. 1906, the ledger of what was happening that day after the fire and earthquake it's a fascinating document to look at. there is the hospital system, which is part of the
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bigger picture of health care in the city, and the roll it played and the reputation the city had. it's related to the wpa, era, which government abatement appeals board state moneys were wriered to do these sorts of projects. very interesting, the context is everything. looking at san francisco now and how the politics and economics effect these issues and reflecting on how it was in the 1930s is kind of fun, digging all this up. so the more i'm learning about it i remember talking to neighbors, who remember going there, we have an older woman, that was a nurse there, i talked to a driver (buzzer) at the center. i'm learned about the community activist system. the neighbors had an occupy movement and they moved into the hospital over a month, provided services waxed
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the floors slept there and ate there, i'm here to say, i hope you agree it needs more study, for the department for research. or if you think it's better for professionals, to be hired, that would be fine with me. thank you. >> thank you. one more? please state your name if you wish. good afternoon commissioners, my name is david hooper i serve as the president of the new terrace, commissioners positions. i have served for the hospitals, and was treated at all of them. [laughter]. now people are transported via ambulance including mission emergency in general hospital. at it's time this hospital
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represented something completely different 80 plus years ago i would like to thank mr. rothman bringing our atent to these murals, and what these two adjacent buildings, mean to the community, throughout the city are familiar with the city that the particular historical stricts, are now there, in this rapidly changing city in our district, which is not in the middle of the hubbub as like it was in the mission, this is a real opportunity to see if we can explore and study the value of these buildings, by mr. mr. sawyer the city architecture tech in the context with the extension of health care to every else. same lukes, hospital, to keep medical care available in the southern side of the city this represents the initial push to
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make sure that basically working class neighborhoods, could have medical care it's a fascinating history so i would like to thank the staff for their study, i would like the community to know this will not be a burden on staff, and we will work with staff's direction, please give us an opportunity. thank you. >> thank you, any other members of the public? close public comment, and bring it back to the commission commissioner johns? >> i'm fascinated by this story about thank the public for bringing this to us particularly, i'm impressed that the health care is part