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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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we've been working with the department energy they have most of super computers with the capacity to down scale those models to bring those down to a region level to be useful for us to or us for planning for the next 20 or thirty or 40 years for the things we need to do so that's something we're again we're a non-earmark environment we can't do is as quickly but slowly getting done that's it for the moment i'll be delighted to take any questions you may have. >> i have a question on the ocean beach so the fund and the effort seems is around the nutrient piece of it.
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>> right. >> we've been working with spur to have a master plan to rebuild the area yes or no i can't imagine the ticket is that something that could be funded by the fed's. >> unlikely what we're looking at several pots of money you can assess through the core of engineers part of it threw the harbor maintenance trust fund that is outside inside and outside of the bridge one a beach initiate program and third a special section if you demonstrate you've survived harm as a result of dredging activities the fred's will fund hundred percent everything elegant is cost sharing thirty percent we had
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long discussions michael and i with the appropriations committee staff how to solve that and long term if it becomes necessary what we hope to do from the thirty percent to the remaining trust fund and the program over to that third account this is hundred percent fund by the fred's with a 50-year lifespan those are the federal fund resources i don't think those will apply to what you're talking about but i know the park services is an issue the sand that used to come other bluff by ocean beach a blowing into the highway and covering the mravrtsdz we're trucking it from the bluff and dumping it, it is entirely possible if we
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do the 3 hundred acre cubic yards of sand on the bluff at ocean beach it may not be as compelling to truck that sand off the parks service so the park may have an off affordable housing to fund federal fund it is too lighter late for the short answer. >> yeah. ocean beach it would be great to have a little bit of path forward even if the finance piece is not connected to figure out what that would be it is incumbent on us because of the assets on ocean beach to figure out something. >> the core things won we - they seem to think we can undertake this program next year
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i think it can be accomplished in a single season but optimistic to it t think that project will complete itself in 2016 if we go being so 2017 we have a clear picture of what the realties for trucking the stand to the south of the park service property and what under the circumstances might be available to try to figure out you know how to maximize that whole stretch and i'd like to to get an update at some point you know. >> we can actually schedule an update of ocean beach where we are we have an idea what the solution would be this is the fund and working with all parties to identify you know where we can off all contribute the fund to start the process so
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we can come back to you and give us a report on ocean beach. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me back again. >> next item. >> item 9 a consent calendar consent agenda are considered by the board to be routine and will be enacted by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately. 9 a approval of amendment number 2 with the time extension of '85 days with no change to the
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agreement amount and award the contract for a total invited $1 million plus to the lowest construction and c authorize the 5 years revocable license and d authorize number one to memorandum of agreement not to exceed 3 hundred and 10 thousands from january 2015 to july 2016. >> is there a request to remove any of the items from consent calendar. >> yes. >> i had a request to remove item 9-c for that a brief comment. >> may i have a motion. >> i'll content to move
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>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> >> opposed? the motion carries now we'll take up 9-c. >> david pill pal i had a concern reading the item about installing new toishl toishl /* initially turf i wanted to be safeguard the puc will not be on the hooks for potential liability for health concerns that may arise there is a lot of controversy in the city of artificial turf as it relates to use on to the pun suicidal.
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>> good afternoon real estate director this item came to our project review committee several weeks ago f it was commodity of environmental management and real estate services and sometimes our city attorney is interest and no issue brought up regarding the use of affordable turf any damages from this all the real estate agreements have strong indemnify provisions the state will be fully protected but i defer to our deputy city attorney here. >> moreen amber's i was landmarking those and you have the license before you and the item section 19 there's a full
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indemnification are you aware as of the action i don't know how much of the area that belongs to the puc will be involved in their projects to install initially artificial artificial. >> under on old permit we ask to renew the permit with the current city attorney mandated provisions 0 from what i understand the field is on it is very prized by the license we
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want to see it go forward if you agree. >> yes. david. >> thank you so if i could follow-up he support all the work with restraining order an is bringing things up to date i want to express the artificial turf if you approve it quietly look at the artificial turf on puc property ged it didn't seem like a good idea supportive of rose ann. >> commissioners do i have a motion to approve. >> i'll move >> >> i. >> opposed? motion carries. >> next item please. item 10 approval for the utility 9 and authorize the increasing
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agreement by 3 hundred thousand with a time extension of 3 years. >> so this item you you know we still have water system improvement bio regional programs and we still have projects so this amendment allows the puc to partner with city agrees and community-based organizations and labor partners to provide labor and workforce training for those projects. >> okay. it's been bring your attention we have to make an additional to the resolution. >> norway reign city attorney's office yes. i he was out on vacation there's a text we use in the resolve clause you authorize the general manager to negotiate and execute on amendment not to execute and this amendment is not the text of that is not before you or on
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the commission secretaries file your authorizing the general manager to negotiate the terms under which they'll use those funds not to actually execute something not written yet so the amendment will be and the resolve clause to add in the second after the first authorizes the general manager of the sfpuc to insert the word negotiate and execute this amendment in the amount of not to exceed $300,000, etc. >> i'll move that amendment. >> second. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the motion carries. >> now may i have have a motion. >> i'll move the whole item as amended. >> i'll second. >> >> all in favor, say i.
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>> i. >> opposed? the motion carries thank you. >> next item please. item 11 approve of the summation agreement for the existing contract from cb example government solution incorporated to llc. >> it is clear any questions on this item? i'll make a motion >> >> all in favor say i. >> i. >> opposed? motion carries would you like a break commissioners. >> do we have any remaining item 12 was as off. >> oh, i'm ahead of myself madam secretary could you read the items on closed session practical. >> item 15 unmitigated claim
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model art versus city and county of san francisco and item 16 existing litigation for pacific gas & electric versus city and county of san francisco and items 16 through 24 will noter heard today. >> we need to do wait let me finish. >> we did 11 public comment is closed. open the items to be heard in closed session anyone move to assert. >> i'll move to assert >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the motion carries so you want to take a break -
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>> any other new business seeing none this meeting is adjourned at 420 thank you to
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be. >> hi, i'm average i'm a personal analyst that the human resources examining and recruitment unit and suffix i started my career as a san francisco state university and got my bachelors in psyched and orientational psyche if they had we have a great relationship that the san francisco unified school district i exploded for american people interim shopping mall and become eligible for a permeate job. >> okay. perfect. >> i love working for our human resources services because of the agriculture we're laid-back with a professional mindset although human resources is a challenge we're light a hearted started as a intern guided
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through the process eventually one day a a deputy director or staying with the puc is where i love it
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(clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ celebrating the wow. turnout this is our third annual to celebrate pride we notice we didn't have community event for pride. we actual had 19 we had godzilla and are you ball weird names i think its unique we're able to have special event we're all women that relax and have fun you know everything is friendly
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and kind we're all equal i'm happy that