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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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. >> good morning today is june 8 2015, welcome to the rules committee i'm supervisor farrell's i'm not join by supervisor cowen and shortly by supervisor tang our clerk is alisa miller please have noichlt. >> completed speaker cards and documents to be included should
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be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the jungle 16 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated thank you and today is meeting it broadcast by sfgovtv staff jennifer lowe and charles kremenak thank you for your service marking call the first item. >> a motion pointd rita to the treasurer oversight committee. >> very good is she here >> a bottom i have to push no good morning supervisor avalos and supervisor cowen i'm rita the chief financial officer of the instead of and i'm here as the superintendents nominee to be designated to the treasurer oversight committee just to give you a background i've been with the cubit for 12 mrs. years the budget director
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tore the last 6 years and the newspaper cfo since january of this year i have a 20-year background in finance i've previously worked in the banking sector an mba in finance and accounting and - the treasurer oversight committee has in its chapter a designee to be appointed by the superintendent or the person from the oversight committee that's a critical role for the school district to be represented because i'm sure you're aware of the we participate in the investment pool that the city monitors and
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invests in our funds for the district constitute about 7 to 8 percent of the total city investment portfolio and it is very informational for me to - for someone from the district to be on the committee we constitute a large share of the investment pools and would like to be obviously familiar with what is happenings with the funds and the returns on the funds. other than that went up participate with the city on a consultant and cooperate with the city on our financing for this general fund and the city is a venue for us to voice our if there are concerns and know and get familiarity with what the economic condition is for
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the foreign market i'll be happy to answer any questions >> thank you and thank you for your presentation so in the past the superintendent has served as a member of this committee was that the superintendent allowed to designate someone else to be in his place. >> as the last 10 years the superintendent has designated the chief financial officer i've taken over from thank you retired and we have continuing that pattern. >> so i've been partnering on the committee hfa as rshz. >> i've been environmentalists until my son mansion happens. >> supervisor cowen. >> a followup
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to that statement so the body is comprised of the treasurer the controllers a representative from the county superintendent a chandelier of the public school do you occupy the chair before taking on this superintendent. >> no, when i assumed the cfo position i attended 2 meetings but because i'm not a confirmed member i attended as a member of the public. >> didn't vote on the item only observed on the meeting. >> was the superintendent at the meeting. >> no, he wasn't. >> okay. >> so the seat was just vacant the seat was vacate. >> yes. >> who was the designee for
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the or the appointed to this body thank you. i'll call think you - that's okay. >> no, i don't. >> not a problem i think there is a request for waive a rentcy waive; is that correct you answered any main questions have the attended a meeting. >> thank you and thank you for your work school board this seat was assigned so for the superintendent or the chief financial officer and given our economic vision it makes sure to serve on the committee despite the responsibilitycy wavier i'm
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happy to take part in waving that. >> i'm happy to support ms. >> ma heaven and thank you very much. >> we'll do public comment first. >> okay. >> thank you. >> hello supervisor avalos and supervisor tang two conditions for the funding problems for the full investment in the japanese and chinese and germany and french those are interesting for the people's young people the teenagers see so to go beyond our american cult it is higher level of culture thank you. >> i'd like to invite the woman that had the answer to the
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questions on who the appointees are maybe during. colleen >> colleen from the treasurers office ron is in the college serving as a designee. >> the member of the public is amy bro. >> and how that person selected and . >> we invited people to apply and came back to the committee with the person that was most qualified. >> so i'm unaware this is a member of the public that speaks to who - where do you go to advertise. >> i don't know the process. >> how long has this person served and the terms p are 2017.
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>> they expired together. >> okay. great thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you any other public comment is closed. we can have a motion to approve. >> so moved and as well. >> residency wavier. >> so moved and approval the person for the waive we'll take that without objection. >> next. >> resolution for harlan to an indefinite term for the district water authority. >> okay. we have our general manager from the pubs commission ron keeling. >> hi, i'm harlan kelly the
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achieve the san francisco water i want to thank you for the interpretation terminate of the regional finance authority ucsf the puc provided waits to 2.6 millions folks in the san francisco bay area between the retail customers and wholesale in the alameda, sacking arrest san mateo kontsdz this regional financing authority was created as part of the city bill 1870 jackie spear to make sure that san francisco is serious again investing in the water system and if san francisco were not to invest in a water system this financing authorize was a was for it to be 23i7bd so although we meet every 6 months no action was taken but an active board so
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with this reup to the time i'll continue to participate as one of the agencies that is responsible for a 1/3rd of the water use. >> so you said you meet every 6 months no action has been taken no action required to be taken or what is this actual nature of the meetings. >> well that is really in case san francisco doesn't finance it and we've invested over $6.5 million and wholesale customers the rate so if san francisco didn't step forward with the $3.6 million and refused to invest in the infrastructure this financing authority about r will raise the money to do the required
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repairs. >> thank you so you're already participating in the body only the reappointment and we're happy to make that happen. >> i'm happy to make the support. >> so open up for public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak please come forward seeing person with disabilities do we have a motion. >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection. >> congratulations. >> thank you let's go on to our next item please remain standing please. the charter amendment for the 16 and 7-year-old election on november 3rd, 2015, very good this is an item i've been working with the youth commission for about a year i believe but the youth commission has been working on this for a
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very, very long time i want to thank josh from district 11 this is spearheading the effort looking at 16 municipal elections at 6 and 17 youth a can participate in san francisco be something that has to go to the voters through a chapter amendment which is what we have bra us i'll let the youth commission talk about how this work and what the meeting behind it is this is an item that i've done and requested the youth commission and i was actually grateful to asked to be doing this by the youth commission over the years the youth orchestraer have been involved with young people vociferating and actually was able to do that
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in marin county and seeing young people getting involved in the initiative on the ballot andgalactia h great to see we're talking about going to the next level and how we can take part in the local elections of without further ado i'd like to invite the young people to speak and before you start we would like to hear our work. >> hello members of the rules committee i'm the district 10 youth commissioner i'm here with josh of district 11 and joyce from district 7 and representative from district one about the research have learned voting age to 6 before i began
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thank you thank you for your time and consideration and thank you to the committee members this is the beginning of summer break we explicit ask any students to come out but, however, those who are here i appreciate their time and support now we'll begin the presentation so - >> where the aspects begin 3 effort on the voting age was passed by the youth commission in 2005 the idea surfaced we felt the strong participation on the november 2014 ballot as well as a lot of issues that primarily effected you there was a great deal of interests a from the young people that couldn't we in on election day we could hosted a successful forum with balboa high school over hundred people turned out
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we learned from this there is a great deal of of interest by contrast there was a small voter turnout about 53 percent and this was the large number than the 229 percent last summer we are that pleased with the potential of 16 and 17 years old voting we passed is it in january. >> commissioner. district attorney's office i represent district 11 i'm josh the young voters in the growing national and international conversation there's a growing national
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conversation and we've seen increased voter efforts in voter id laws those specific effect young people of color and seniors as well as young voters and students the recent supreme court decision that instructs down the voter rights past the way for more voter efforts and same at the same time, we saw the chicago primary maryland and other central voters in useful elections and currently cities in massachusetts and vermont are going to follow suits and 16 and 17 years old are voting in austria and norway and some parts of unit kingdom this issue
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caught our attention with the 3 percent of central voters registered to vote in the - 85 percent went to the polls recently in california our state senator senator leno has had the amendment to allow the youth to participate in the election. >> the slide sorry about that the national picture how unfortunately, the united states has poor voter turnout 40 percent vote during the midterm elections and this is not compared well to the nations that average to 90 percent turnout nationally our turnout rate is the lowest since world
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war ii and we have the lowest in the age group with 2008 presidential election recent years it's been at the all-time low 56 percent voids last november and 29 in the november before the june elections are lower still in san francisco voter turnout is the lowest in the two neighborhoods that have the highest concentration of families the bayview and visitacion valley many children are living in household their families don't vote 29 percent were born outside of the united states and most have immigrant
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parent overall san francisco has been up and prolonged to reach 47.6 by 2025. >> next to slides are maps from the presidental election turn in november term elections you'll see this in the next slide the neighborhoods with the most with the highest concentration of young people in the visitacion valley and other areas had the lowest turnout in san francisco we account on the contributions of the youth and each participated in heavy issues on the ballet property taxes and
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soda tax despite the elected and low turn anti nationally san francisco their demonstrating the leadership like i said, we have the participation in the 2008 ballot and most may the record show the tobacco legislation that was passed this year we're a city with remarkable engagement efforts including the youth advocacy and the empowerment fund that was praetd created by the voter a few examples young are making returns on the civic leadership and i'm sure you're aware of young people and families in our city still face many challenges the youth and families make increasing small share from the population assignment we're facing champs like income
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inequality and water skater it but we'll help to solve and strongly believe we need all hands on deck to address those problems that means we want to insure that we are investing in a civics and development of young people now not later and i'd like to introduce my colleague joyce. >> jillian sorry. >> sorry commissioner my davis. >> okay. commissioner. >> hello, again so we're going to talk about why lower the voting agelogically the voting age is a robust voter participation that will have a healthier democracy we have have more live long voters for the
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future elections and he all know this is a sessions look issue, however, we've 2k3w5rg9sd a lot of information why this is a good thing for the youth to vote and continue. >> what does that mean the second issue. >> i guess something people will look at like twice this is an issue that people can consider and look at more into. >> some people. >> what do you mean i don't understand the statement. >> we'll look at it more. >> like the 16-year-old voertsd or who who is looking it. >> young people and when people get an idea awkward people look at the idea and dictator look at the research and a second look
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more in debt finding be understanding. >> why age 16 is better to vote - we care about local issues and develop their own opinions about the community and at the dinner table to express their ideas but no way of putting for the in their thoughts thoughts and that is by voting and however 8 years old are in translation from high school to college new responsibilities so voting is not a priority so the because of that a lot of young people don't vote until their late 20s by having the voting age to 161 is better for them to make voting their priorities and still be ambitious and i have a
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question does our research tell you why people don't vote until their late 20s the reasons why. >> the reasons why people don't vote until. >> 8 is a upheaval people are going to college and employment and maybe form new relationships so they're taking those priorities like employment and 0 college and graduate school and once settled they begin to have another dollars interesting like i said 16 people are stationary and have the opportunity to see the communities does that answer our question supervisor cowen. >> thank you. >> so, now we're going to talk about why 16 is important. >> so before that you're saying is if a young person is voting
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at 16 and 17 and then when we go through the period of up heavily to 16 to 25 their lots of changes going to school and living in different places and hard to connect they experience the voting which helps with the participation in elections so you might see less of a drop off in the vote that happens when a young person turns 18. >> okay. so moving to the 16 years old voting so the moments that someone votes very likely they'll keep voting then the earlier they'll continue to vote have a better chance of voting in the latter elections this breaks down to the number of most and can determine the likelihood of them voting in the future the earlier
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the better for the future we'll move on to commissioner julian. >> okay so 16 years old voting will increase the voter turnout over the long term as we see young voting with the trnsmittal effect on the peers it increases the voting the research showing you shows that once a 16 or 17 year-old talks about politics it is brought home or into in their classrooms they'll discuss the choices and voting choices with their family members and classmates and this converges people to vote and their peers
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to register and vote well, we also have seen when given the chance 16 and 17 years old will are vote as seen isn't there the criticize that are allowed to referendum like norway and germany and uc and austria this is shown by the 16 and 17 he remember recommendation and turnout to vote this also is true in the united states that have allowed it chicago primary and many maryland where 16 and 17 years old showed up 4 times as older voters. >> on the countries you've listed that have the votes are there restrictions on the vote such the ones that be restrictions on the youth in san francisco.
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>> i'm not sure about the restrictions in place. >> what restriction are here. >> for example the youth is only for municipal you'll not been able to vote on state or national politics and the question in norway or brazil and other countries so. >> so all the countries the working k they're on allowed to vote in local but in argentina i can vote like on the local elections without a problem. >> it sounds the youth vote is extended there is some limitations where it is just municipal like what we're taken care of here over and over you mentioned argentina it is national; is that correct not a carr blank so there are restrictions. >> there are restrictions like most of the restrictions in the
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united states like maryland they're allowed to vote in local elections very don't have the local authority for the municipal elections they can't participate in the national elections. >> i'm wondering if there are a commentary on the limits. >> like the thought i understand the local level they'll do it and make it invading like the uk when they saw actually my colleague will introduce moss more of the ideas but has concerns thank you. >> and really this is median we have jurisdiction over our panhandle election but not federal and state so i wouldn't call it a limitatio