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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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in fact increases. and so i think it's an important point that people have been saying all along and especially most recently is that if we are really serious about ending bias, that's something that happened not only at the police out in the street level but happens at every step along the way. were you asking about if in terms of arrest, the disparity gap, this reports says between black and white arrest in san francisco continues to rise even as the proportion of black people in this city is decreasing dramatically. and also the rest of the state of california actually that disparity is going down, but not in san francisco. i think it's kind of shameful and time to figure out what's going on here. this report is the what and the next is the why and the solutions to it. i
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invite the board of supervisors and other people to come to the reentry council meeting. it's this coming tuesday, june 23rd, at the marks auditorium. >> ms. shane, could you report how people can get that report. >> we will be posting it on our website. sf >> good afternoon, supervisors. adele, carpenter of the youth commission. youth commission apologizes they can't be here today. due to the cost-of-living they are working to be able to serve the city. i want
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to thank you for having this discussion today. i think the shooting at emmanuel church in charleston, serves that way white supremacy and antiblack race manifest themselves. this is the time we collect and grapple with the way that racism shows in our system and not just a problem of the elsewhere. so it's also a timely discussion because it's budget season and youth commissioners are watching closely the discussion this week about population based policing and the upcoming academy classes. they have not taken a position on that. i just want to really underscore in the discussions happening in our office that we want to see discussions about how policing is happening in
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our city and about effectiveness and not about the quantity of police in our departments and police. we think a real corner stone of that is is ensuring that how officers are trained and deal with young people. community members have been calling for it since 2012 since there was a joint police commission hearing in this chamber. recommended that it be a skill base and dealing with escalation skills. chief suhr did commit to doing that in 2012. what i want to emphasize is that between 2012-2015 that's a long time in young people's lives in this city. it's a lot of lives of young people with dealing with police in those intervening years. the perception that they have of police and how that's going to affect communicated
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relations long-term and we know that issues of training around youth and dealing with training in our police department but we think it's part of the discussions. thank you for making this essential today. >> thank you. i'm going to call more. i'm going to say they are going to continue the jail hearing for another day. melody corral fagan, camerea, diana block from the california coalition of women prisoners. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is joyce clagz, with senior and digit action and i just went to a meeting with coalition on the homelessness. the
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two phrases that come to mind are way back when deviant behavior is a normal reaction to an unusual situation. deviant behavior is a normal reaction to an unusual situation. also in the west dominican province, we learned through catholic teaching that all humans no matter who have a right to be treated with worth of dignity because we are created in image and likeness of god. as st. theresa an avila said a diamond is a diamond even though it's dragged through the mud. a diamond is a diamond even though it's dragged through the mud. so connected with the policing and i know it used to
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be with education commission. he also is a filipino. he was treated in unhumanly when he was arrest. i think there is desensitizing we need to do. if we can get a bunch of people to get experiences of injustice, get the root causes and then, anyway. that's the step to sensitizing folks to be able to get rid of the biases to reach in the human being and likeness of god. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, my name is camilia johnson with the center on juvenile and
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criminal justice in san francisco living wage coalition. money spent on jail expansion and more police will better serve families and communities by providing opportunities for success. the money will be better spent on genuine pay on job training programs and more permanent civil service positions that will provide viable services for the community. providing long-term jobs would help build our community and promote stability among families specifically children and teens who would be properly supervised. and lastly this will provide a
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services to those on welfare. i too am a consumer of the criminal justice system and i hope you guys make the right decision. thank you. >> thank you. ms. taylor. >> my name is is fran taylor. today i got the report from the national poverty law center. a very respected organization from montgomery, alabama. unfortunately, our police made the national press with an article of six bullet point examples of racist behavior. a police officer who dressed up his young daughter dress like a police officer and had her
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dress up like klu klux klan member. and then we get to the san francisco police department and our text message. some people, white people who live in los la la land think having more police officers would make them safe. i will pass this along to our supervisors. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i'm iris piblo, lived in the mission district for yeefrments retired nurse. if san francisco increases sfpd and jail, we are going in exactly
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the wrong direction. we need to get a with a from jail and get people out of the prisons and into the community. we know better and we know who is going to be incarcerated. especially men and youth of color, people who are mentally ill and people who are homeless. how to have community safety. i know greg suhr there will be an increase of officers in the streets which to me will only increase public hazards and decrease safety. what will increase public safety is change the ratio and economic inequities in san francisco. e
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evictions have increased 40%. gentrification may have something to do with that. people with mental illness i think between 20 and 50% of people in the jail have mental illness and often have a history of trauma and abuse addition. they often get longer and the relationships in the jails and prince prince. -- prisons. this is no place for mental illness. families are traumatized when their family members are in jail. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> end the poverty scholar and always in struggle for $1. i'm the
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poverty skol affirmative what you going to do, arrest me? i'm in your city. i'm the scholar and we did jail time just trying to stay alive. first of all i want to thank you david and eric for doing this today. for not letting this billion dollar planning commission going without voices. that's no. 1, no. 2, we heard about the racist institution, the agents, the slave catchers that would feed the billion dollar jail and like my mentor dorsi said, we don't need another institution that the agents will fill. but the reality as i was blessed to be in a report on punishing the poorest today from our comrades on coalition of homelessness and advocacy project as more of us get thrown on the street, more of us get into the new
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public housing which is the jail system. of course they are building this jail, the ginormous institution to put all of us homeless in. everybody in this room knows. we are making those beds available at the same time as making sure that poor people no longer have somewhere to sleep. i know you tried to put a moratorium on the people. i know that didn't go through because of the politics and the rich people. i will say that because the public space and no longer becomes public. we will rise up and we could not let this happen. we could not let this system continue to incarcerate every poor person it gets. >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. coalition on homelessness. i appreciate we have the opportunity to be able to discuss this. many in the community were reeling with a feeling of nothing and points of law in the face of continued racism throughout our criminal justice system. a lot of people are referring to a report that was released punishing the poorest and how san francisco person petuates the poverty. in speaking to earlier, one of the links i want to make between incarceration that black respondents, homeless black folks reported the
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highest rate. 74%, african americans have been incarcerated compared to 51% of white respondents. >> also that bad people are in the system. this is not true. we also know that the other city departments are inherently using racism to make policies. so in the controllers report regarding the jail population what they noticed is the african american population example decreased by
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8% in 2010 and therefore they project the continued decline of our jail population. >> tore, how can people get a copy of this report. >> you can go online and get that report and the stories behind it. >> now i know from jane kim's office through her aid ivy that supervisor kim is urging the jail rebuild hearing be heard with the government and audit committee. people that have already signed up, i would urge them to go to the meeting to testify. if you have to stay around and you need to testify, we will be allowing people to speak after this item as well. so, i have just learned of this and i need to
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know a little bit more of why this is going on. i don't want to disrupt our hearing on this item no. 1 right now. the next speaker and i will call a few names. amy fisherman and justin stout from legal and children services. next speaker, ma'am? >> good afternoon and thank you for hearing us all today. i'm actually here for the day. my name issala mean, a program coordinator, we provide medical and legal advocacy for women in the state prisons as well as the jail. i'm kind of here on both issues and i'm sorry i did hear you say. i'm promised to read statements from women inside the jails. i have five
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statements from san francisco county definition of rehabilitation actually makes life harder upon relief. the world is moving fast, and no air in the facility. it's all recycled air and it's bad air we need to remove the barriers. helping with jobs and education, that's where the money should go. helping to build bridges inside and outside. i would like to you please use the money instead of building a jail, but use it for more schooling. the prosecutors don't read the discovery packet. it seems to me that they look at your charges and priers. they should really read over the packets before they throw out offers. also they tend to do a lot of racial profiling here in san francisco county. my name is "mona
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lisa" davinci and i would like the san francisco to give more programs instead of punishment for the 1st time offenders instead of giving them a first strike. on a personal note, i'm a san francisco native. i'm 60 years old, born and raised here. at the age of 12, officers for justice came to my community and their approach to my community was a lot different than today. i don't know what's going on. all my years now, i truly feel that all of this is from not being able to afford housing. >> thank you, ma'am. could you
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leave the statements for us? >> next speaker? >> my name is diana block with the california coalition for women prisoners also. i want to back up a number of things that my colleague said so articulately and the statements from the women inside. i really hope that you will look at them. sometimes the statements from the people who are actually living it and impacted are the ones that are never heard. i hope you consider those statements as well as the many others that you receive. i want to point out a couple of things. one is that message you receive about women which is as shocking as the one talked about in general. that is that almost 50% of the women arrested in san francisco are african american. 50% in the city where the women's
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population african american population is lower than 4%. so you can look at all the statistics and talk about how we deal with bias, you can see it will take more than one training class even if you get the budget to do it. you really need to see that if you say, go ahead, build a new jail, expand those cells even though we don't need them instead of putting it into alternatives, that will be the message that police officers here. it won't be the message of the anti-bias training. it will be another jail to fill. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is
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jessie stout. i live in san francisco. legal services for prisoners for children. we advocate for incarcerated people to relieve human suffering and we find more social services. the jail to build would be the most expensive construction project in the history of our city and county and it will be an enormous indirect cost to environmental harm. along with two other san franciscans i filed an appeal the san francisco court is having a hearing here in city hall. i would like to ask all board of supervisors to hear the hearing in planning commission here in 400 city hall to request the planning commission to go ahead and do the environmental impact report so we san
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franciscans can learn about the real cost to this jail project and how it will affect our city and neighborhoods and people. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i forgot to call francisco department garte. i apologize. michael and aroma guy. >> next speaker? >> hi. my name is melody. i just want to make a couple comments. i have two friends that work in the unified school district as teachers and they refer to the unified school district as feeder schools to the san francisco jails. because they are not funded
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enough to give students what they need to not wind up in jail. so i just want to put that out there. it fits in the big picture somewhere. i haven't heard anybody say for sure exactly that the police department actually has been doing and conducting the anti-bias training. i have heard them use the term training, but i have never heard chief suhr or any of the police officers say we've had anti-bias training. so i would just really like to encourage you to support that or fund it or pressure them to do that. i think that's a really crucial step to what needs to happen in our city. i don't want to throw out our police department, but i just think that in the right support of environment that they can really be a lot more
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effective in a positive way. thank you. >> thank you. i did want to thank deputy chief alley for staying for the whole hearing. thank you for staying. >> hello, my name is corral fagan and member of critical resistance and advocacy project. the western regional advocacy project is an organization that seeks to cite the roots of homeless causes. in san francisco there are ordinances upon ordinances that restrict what visibly poor people can do in public including essential things such as eating, lying and sharing food. the san francisco police target poor people through these ordinances. this is not a problem of more training for the police or more technology
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for police accountability. this is a problem of people who have access to the things that they actually need to survive to exist and to thrive. we do not need more police training or the new proposed jail. we need real solutions for the people in san francisco for the people in my community. thank you. >> hi, any other name is jess feigne with the political justice commission. i hope you saw the people's report which we gather together from the input of a lot of community organizations in this room to expose the human impacts of building a new jail at this moment in san francisco. it's available on our
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website. i will leave a copy for reference. so it's shocking that the city is entertaining a massive increase of sfpd while it's very clear that the police department resistant to investing $5,000 compared to the million dollars for the cadet schools for these training. this demonstrates that there is a deep rooted unaccountability. i'm not advocating for accountability as the answer. we see this in splikably linked to serves that they need to thrive and to resources such as housing, education and other things we are seeing dwindling in the public at this moment. also the d. a. spoke at the link of people convicted in the jail
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system. i heard repeated baffle by folks by the way the police are unaccountable to the d. a.'s office. we know this is why there was cage fighting instigating by the sheriff's system. i'm begging you not to expand this system. that this system is going to continue to function as it is doing very well. so i have heard you say before, if any city than san francisco would, so if any city is going to -- >> thank you. could you leave the report? >> yes.
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>> hi, my name is cameal oligo . this is my second time here this week. i'm really amazed at the level of hypocrisy going on. it's one thing to come here and talk about our status. we know what happened in south carolina. we need to talk about white supremacy, i'm talking about the board of supervisors. ms. julie christensen. you talked about dead black people. >> please do not address individuals. >> a deputy to get a new
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microphone for people who were speaking after a mother who talked about being here for 4 hours with her son who police officers pulled guns on him. wiener asked for a new microphone. are you people serious? is it just me because i have been here twice in a week so maybe my level of tolerance is lower for this ridiculous of white supremacy like for more officers when it was intentional when you came out thursday evening and only gave us 3 days to do it and it was to organize and in those 3 days somehow malia cohen had 20 minutes to listen to multiple police officers but less to public comment. when you put this much money into a city, we could not act that the outcome is