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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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worsening shortage in the future this didn't take into account the 5 percent growth in the area we've made phone numbers and 4 of the practices are completely closed to new patient and 10 practices have over a 4 week wait for services we're building a hundred and 20 bed hospital anothers st. luke's and this is slayed to open in 2019 7 blocks away from the clinic the current st. luke's clinic is aging and our proposal to bring primary care into the area we are experts at recruiting physicians and those physicians would be in support of st. luke's hospital and revitalizing that new hospital and new clinic that will go take into account we believe with the valencia care is a win-win for the community and again to
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revitalize st. luke and bring needed health care to the community a healthy community needs a diversity of goods and services and the foot traffic and the care center we're proposing will be fabl comparable to 3 storefront that will have transparent and approach ability the volume is anticipated to be about 20 visitors per hour an average of over 3 visits per physician and we also as an doesn't include the walk in these i'm going to turn it over to henry our architect right now to explain how we're integrating that design of the care center and what we've done that is different from the last proposal. >> good afternoon can i have
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expended time or is this it (beep). >> what do you have there. >> i want to brief walk you through how we responded to the embroider development it is up to you. >> commissioners i think this is an important project. >> if you can do it quickly we'll have a few questions. >> great after we met we i don't see the images on the screen that's okay. after we met we studied the floor plan and studied this in terms of brown where the retail will be more prominently and highly transplant and be the most connected to the pedestrian traffic we studied on the north end but unfortunately, that had
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too many consequences of nature in terms of loss of patient care space and difficulty in patient circulation in terms of elevations we've developed and subdivided the internal expression to 3 tiers to try to create a sense of activity we have retail and entry zones an art and historic art wall facing valencia as well as the mural a medical work zone characterizing an active open care space along 20th a direct visible connection as well as a connection it is important to the greek within the space we also continued to create a
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vibrant active well lit friendly greeting zone we believe that heel starts here as well as another similar staff entrance work zone for openwork area care delivery and essentially all of this together we're able to meet health care delivery objectives provide retail as well as to pedestrian experience along valencia and 20th. >> thank you. we might have questions for the project sponsor. >> opening it up for public comment and i do have a number of cards johnson wang janet riling i believe she lefteilly
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i believe she left (calling names). >> hi good afternoon. i'm johnson wang the chief financial officer for northeast medical supervisors ever services in san francisco we're a qualified health plan i want to comment about our relationship with the foundation with our 32 medi-cal management care population we use partnership and i'm here really here to provide support for the valencia street clinic thank you. >> commissioner president fong and honorable members of the commission i'm david a .22 residents of gerrero we're going out of order commissioner
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president fong to get our groceries and kids i was before you and wanted to reiterate the need for this facility from a family neighborhood prospective having access to this high quality of care and physicians both adult and pediatric care within the valencia corridor we have a host of amenity this is a healthy addition to the neighborhood thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is jude i'm the director for the pacific foundation and in the medical program we have a care center and healing store on california street just after fillmore we opted in 19did 8 very successful and like i would
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by the community and we refer maturing to our merchant in the area on fillmore i h s supports the health and healing for the products that support well-being 12k3wr5k9 active medication through nutritional counseling and fundamental and acupuncture and health we support all of those with our retail services some of that through the palmer suicidal supplements and the larger part of the store is consists of crafts from local artists and small statutes and jewel and natural stretching and experience type of equipment and support for emotion and relaxtion techniques your space
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is a healing atmosphere is it smells wonderful and we understand also it is not just the look and feel of the space but the people that creates the healing atmosphere so our receptionist our retail clerks are nurses all understand as attributing to the healing process we serve when i stand as the director in our store ear and watch people walk into our space the universal response is a large say and feeling of being welcomed and a at home and kerdz for this is the kind of experience that people have at the valencia space retail center and store thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is judy jones a primary care decrease in the mission district i came to san francisco 20 years ago as a resident in family and community at sf general and been committed to serving the needs ever sense i'm here to support a new primary care urgent care center on valencia i currently work in the mission at the st. luke's for the s p m k everyday i hear how happy people are to have their decrease in the neighborhood i have all new patient from all walks of life the other decrease and i came from a public heartache background and he worked at san francisco general there's a typically a two to
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three hour wait to arrange follow-up for primary care is difficult so few primary care decreases were accepting new patient with the 5ek9 more people are looking at the clinic we take almost all insurance and this way we sometimes help off the bottle next in 3-r report and it is not only 3-r report that needs primary care we see everyone from the civil engineers if perris and living in homeless hotels and not only those folks necessary primary care but a large group of people that decreases are retiring as the doctor was saying who needs primary care that is surprisingly to find a 90-year-old that is looking for
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a new decrease this happens all the time thank you. >> hi my name is katherine i live on hill street two blocks from the proposed clinic i'm in favor and for personal convenience we that he picked a pedestrian tribune but they're after hours officer is on the other side of town the last time my daughter had an area ache it was 5 minutes into diagram by the time we got here to the other side of town we missed the hours for walgreens in our neighborhood i held a sob child while my husband ran to the after hours wells fargo had to get in and wait for the
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prescription and the medicines had to take effect so i'm looking forward to the day we can walk two blocks when she says mommy my area hurts and i walk to the wells fargo this is an awesome resource those drop in hours are good for everyday needs owe want to walk to my regular blood work i need particularly seniors and complex patients relaying regular monitor it is such a hassle because our neighborhood is underserved that i get them the blood tests less frequently this sort of extend sincere or care is a neighborhood credence having develops the new shopping is
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coming in but i don't use it weekly i want to see the more divide resources convenient primary care at the walkability for the workers i don't want to - i walk to the businesses that's how i discover new retailed i specialize in sanity for health care people can't food time off of work he the underserved end up in the e.r. many times un12krish8. >> the southeast neighborhoods. >> thanks ma'am, your time is up. >> ma'am. >> thank you.
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>> hi lisa of the liberty hill association some of us made it clear to the foundation they need a workable transportation plan we mediating met and proposed they insensitive vices so staff could access public transit we've asked for shuttle for patients and staff and improvements in the valencia park and last minute response our proposals were dismissed instead their securing the parking spaces for the residents on valencia when you pay two to $3 million for a condo you're not going to be sub leasing our parking
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garage and attempting us with the same lease scheme at the over full embarcadero garage and it's been abandon all those negotiations are for the convenience of the doctors and technicians it's assuming they'll drive to work it's noting nothing it easy the burn burden for the rest of the staff those are unenforceable and unacceptable solutions this facility will become a parking magnet and only contribute to travel congestion our narrow streets like 20 and 21st traffic congestion is cumulative and growing with every new condo and retail space in the hill and our fear is that the lines of cars on those streets make it difficult and
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dangerous for emergency vehicles to pass those those streets are narrow we never meant to hold the amount of traffic when the river gets narrow the flow is a trickle and then add more traffic the flow stops the primary care is in the wrong place st. luke's is only 6 blocks away 7 hundred square feet for one doctor and 4 hundred square feet store competing with numerous nearby valencia shops wouldn't make a healthy neighborhood we don't want the neighborhood to be used by st. luke it will be gent if i had in a neighborhood that is
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more and more awe influenced please delay the authorization until there's a clear assessment on the da. >> commissioner president fong i'm bob apprentices i'm here for the jobs and just the coalition of over 50 labor coalitions that is actually and - i'm guessing one of the letters was one of the ones we sent thank you we're - the concern we have this scope of this is not just about a conditional use authorizations but it has potential implementations for an agreement we're hoping outline consider that as you make your decision about this and i'm referring specifically to the reference to the construction of a medical office building that is on the
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site of the current hospital once the new hospital is completed they'll raise the hospital and build an office building there is a contingency it will needle a commitment of agreements of 75 percent occupancy of the new building it is a uncertainty what we're hoping that you along with the health department that shares the monitoring of the agreement will make an assessment of the potentially implementation of this on the conditions that leads to the construction of the medical office building our request you'll defer the decision on this would ask the health department to work with the reasonable projections about the prospects of creating a medical office building and what the clinic applies for that
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thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner johns and the rest of the commission my name is taken place steven i'm. an architect on lexington 2 hundred feet from the proposal on the corner of 20th and valencia the strongly oppose the project on the basis of the scale of the project the size of the project, is more than twice what was agreed upon of the b project about four or five years ago and more independent small retailers along valencia street the model is working on 20th and 8th project we want to see that yes ma'am last day in
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the may 21st meeting i thought commissioner johnson commissioner wu and commissioner hillis we have a good discussion about independent vendors and what constitutes independent merchant the number of doorways and the independent retail along valley street what makes it vibrate the designation retail is different than the designation health care you will not with a sick child not stroll for 4 hours and sild suddenly take your child in for a area act or blood work the parking streets on 20th and valencia are very different the analysis of off-street parking there's been slithering o pack at the moment the number of condo owners that
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will give up parking spaces on 20th and vanessa e valencia is not vetted to c pmc center staff we transmittal ask that going back to the may 21st meeting that more independent storefronts are truly not part of this project tether this to st. luke's 6 blocks away the salvation army sites deeper into the mission if you truly want to serve or serve the disserved or help st. luke's the sites between the 3 hundred radius are necessary thank you. >> kilogram
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natural union the health care workers we're asking you today to defer this decision until you can work with the health department to come up with solutions to the problems. implementing c pmc has reached their agreement with the van ness property and from the units prospective i think the nurses will agree there are problems with the da that c pmc has not fulfilled the traffic issues are under c pmc they agreed to pay for clipper cards for employees they've not lived up to that this matter needs more attention and hold their feet to the fire on this issue so, please defer to the health department and come back at another date thank you
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>> i must have forgotten a card. >> i'm david i spoke last time as a independent rarmentd on valencia i'm here reporting the coalition we're oppose the conditional use permit we've met with the proponents and were unwilling to work with the plan suggested by the planning commission it faces to live - they've made no attempt to address the concerns that the commissioners brought up at the last hearing their solutions were rendering the bart images of offering trees on the sidewalks plaza balances their noting refusing to be good neighbors we believe there is a need for this type of
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service and welcome them to the neighborhood if it they find better spaces there are vacant spaces a block away as for the c u hearing the commercial spates be broken into smaller spaces for the appropriate for retail and to combine is into one retail is a step in the wrong direction respectfully b c m a. >> commissioners good afternoon peter cohen council of community housing organizations i promise that is the last item i'm here for today i thought i would be here for a short time thank you, thank you you've
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heard speakers very long and detailed development agreement that was negotiated over a period of time and to the previous couple of speakers point it is important to not see this independently of the campus expansion and how they relate to each other the medical companions that c mc have are related to each other even though their listed as independent from ground level to make sure you're taking our time and looking at the this with the hunt to understand it's implication with st. luke and the committee how they trigger each other's movement forward is not to suggest it is to make sure you're doing it right and i also want to make a point as a
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civilian, if you will, on the corridor i'm a bicyclist this is a high injury corridor a lot of bike traffic one of the things i live on noah street it there is a lot of traffic and tendency for a lot of drops off it didn't matter if someone is stopping for 30 seconds or thirty minutes by the tendency for shuttle or folks dropping off patients or a doctor running in it high how it is migrated i'm sure the promotions promoter will say shouldn't be underestimated an emphasis to fidget how this activity fits in a dense
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urbanized 1ri6r789 where we're promoting pedestrian and bicyclist activity thank you. >> sue hester i want to follow up on the commenters that raised the issue of c pmc and st. luke's hospital it is where it came into planning dealing with the oldsmobile days what you have here is a facility you have the large amount of money to develop a place they can develop a decent place and not on valencia this is should be one of the things that the planning commission looked at valencia is a neighborhood retail street the eastern neighborhoods plan, which that commission approves this project they focused on
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small-scale retail that's a lifeblood of the mission on valencia street we have a different type of construction and space on mission street than valencia street their taking the valencia centers spate for a mission street size sea it doesn't pedestrian traffic is not don't want on this facility the developer will be happy he has a fixed budget they'll be paying their rent and not have the problems that retail tenants have i understand the motivation for the developer he makes auto like a bandit he gets a deep pocket client with no problems you should be concerned about how valencia will work valencia needs to work as a
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retail designation in small spaces the people if you take the facility like this and plop it down it hurts the other people around it c p n or mc could move to mission street and do an numerously great program in another location this should be not your consideration your consideration is what is best for planning or the neighborhood what's best for your deal for many years on c p m for st. luke's what's best for the retail development volunteer streets it's uniting in my neighborhood, too i live in bruno heights i'm asking you to stop this is not what we had in
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mind for this location when we diverse individual up the retail space go to another place c pmc you can do it they have enormous resources. >> is there any additional public comment. >> public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. it's interesting we hear option defending all the high-end valencia street that are the target of opposition themselves so it is kind of i'm sure there would be equal or other arguments on mission street or close to the st. luke's it has more trench with the medical office building but tenth the mission is under south side of when i was in dental school