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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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total of 530, 5 six [inaudible] sent out to property owners where invoices were paid allowing the city to recover 514 thousand dollars. the property owners elected to have the property owners placed under property tax. in this report we are submitting 13 properties with outstanding invoices total 10, 002.08. 6 properties were removed from thepairment and one property was removed for staff to work with the property owners to resolve upstanding issues. this completes my report
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>> thank you very much and at this time we'll open up for public comment. for those mobes when would like to speak and for clarity there is a opportunity for speak with department of public work inspector after the hearing and public comment has been heard in order to address your individual case. first member of the public. and just for clarity, this is not not general public comment. thank you >> i would like to see you fix up the sidewalk [inaudible] [singing] fixing up the sidewalk, fix it the best you can. fix it up great, we can hardly wait, fix up the sidewalk woman supervisor and men. fix it up the sidewalk if you can, won't you do it woman and man,
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so we'll be safe, the best that you can. thank you >> thank you, next speaker please >> my name is rob, i live in the city 26 years and i it is a lovely city we live in. i dopet want to get negative or anything but half the cars in the city are texting all the time. our bike riders which is really dangerous >> this is not general public comment this is comment about the hearing regarding sidewalk repairs specifically >> i see. when can we do that? that is later on. we'll have to hold this hearing and have a few more items. are there any other members of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none-- >> just a quick comment, david
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eliant lewis 31 residents of the city and someone who tripd way too many times on the poorly maintained sidewalk so anything you can do to allocate city funds to sidewalk maintenance would help me as a pedestrian. i'm not a car owner, i'm a walker. i don't use muni, i walk and trip. it is nugleted for tee many years. thank you for your time >> thank you mr. lewis. next speaker >> tom gill burt ate when we address the sidewalk, please the smallest percentage of rain run off slant to the sidewalk us wheelchair people would appreciate because the slant that you need to have the drops of water run off the side walk into the gutter means when you push a wheelchair you push with
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one arm against that slant the entire time so if it is a long block it is a long block. the smallest we can make that angle, that percentage oaf run off, one of my arms would really appreciate it and sure there are others that would appreciate it. >> thank you any other members of the public who would like to speak ton thisimem? seeing none public common is closed and if there are members of the public who would like mr. quan to address there issue he'll step outside the hall and come back with a verdict. if you can step outside and meet with individuals. colleagues at this team time we'll return to
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the the agenda and get back to that item at a later time. madam clerk can you please call item number 25 >> item 25 is a motion tew point [inaudible] maria waters [inaudible] alson lee, with the residency requirement waver and rob [inaudible] terms yet to be determined to the children youth and family oversight [inaudible] >> i want to thank committee members and rules committee for the work on the motion and the number of people moving forward for the oversight committee for dc yurks f. this was set up with legislation for prop c that we authorize the childrens fund and [inaudible] i'm excited about the body. i served on the equivalent before when it was called the citizens
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advisory committee, i was a member when it began in 2001. in writing the legislation in the criteria for the leave saets we looked at creating a diverse body represents many voices in san francisco and want to make sure we have the best members with the least conflict of interest. this was a priority for them as well. we are please would the candidate especially recommending for seat 7x 89 and 11. they represent a great breath of knowledge and experience in early child education, transsitional age youth, parent voices and [inaudible] but in the process while workic on these appointments we found that there was a member and it is hard because one of the members alson lee suzukeee who has tremendous talent in early
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education she works at [inaudible] and we want to make sure we have the representation on the committee as possibility. she is the only chinese member on there but according to the the city attorney and legislation that we have creating a body that she isn't eligible because she receives funding through dcyf. we anticipated this can happen in the rules committee and talked this was a 10ative assignment and hope that we can actually-she can actually refeign the seat but it appears that is not the case so i have to make a motion on the motion to-for the body is strike her name and also strike out on page 1 line 1 is strike her name and on the same page line 3-4 striking the requirement
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that is being waved and on page 2 line 3 and 6 by striking the entire paragraph out that starts alson lee suzukey and ends with term yet to be determined and on page 2 line 103 page 3 line 7 by striking the residency requirement waver. this isn't happy i'm happy about doing. i believe mrs. lee suzooky is a qualified person because of speernss but because of the language we have built fl to the ordinance making sure no one that is part of a staff receiving funds from dcyf can serve on the committee. we want to make sure that language is retained and that is a a legal requirement so we would have to submit to take her name off. i would like to send this one seat, move the rest of the motion forward but this one seat back to the committee where it will be heard with the
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seats that the mayor is going to be proposing and then we can look at along with the names and people that the mayor presented we can consider someone for this remaining seat from the board of supervisors that can assure we get to kind of diversity and representation we want on the committee. ilegal we we'll have someone that is a native cantonese speaker who is chinese. we also need representation from someone who is spanish speaking as well. that is my motion to change the language on the motion and send this one seat back to committee >> supervisor avalos made a motion to strike completely the seat 10 and return that item back to committee for recommend aigds. do we have a second? second fwie supervisor mar. can we take the amendment
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without objection? without objection the amendment pass es. on item 25 is there anything else for the item? >> just want to thank the colleagues on rules committee for looking at all the can didate >> colleagues can we take item 25 as amepded same house same call? without objection this motion suproved unanimously as amened. madam clerk can we return-is dpw ready? we'll return to the 3 p.m. special order and hear from mr. quan from dpw. >> thank you madam president. i went out to the chambers to wait for anyone who wished to
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take issue of our list and seeing no one i asked that the list be approved >> okay colleagues do we have a motion to approve the blighted property list? motion by supervirez yee. second by supervisor tang. without objection this item passes. madam clerk let's go to the next item please >> item 26 and-pardon me item 28 and 29wer c considered by the budget and fimanse meeting and forwarded as committee report. iteal twoith is recommended by a new title resolution designated the examiner for july 1-december 31, 2015 and [inaudible] to be the official nirep of the sate
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and county of san francisco for advertising >> colleagues can we take these items same house, same call >> item 29 resolution to desinginate the newspaper to be the oitreach new 067 san francisco for outreach advertising for 2015-16. small business exchange, bay area reporter for lgbt [inaudible] chinese community, s f. weekly for african american [inaudible] the central city extra for central city neighborhood. the jasmine blue [inaudible] putraro hill dog patch, bay view soma mission bay neighborhood >> colleagues can we take this item same house same call?
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without objection these are adopted unanimously. can we go to roll call for introduction >> yes supervisor wiener is the first supervisor to introduce new business >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues i have one item today which i think is is good news and thinkarve wn should be happy about. for many many years we had a recuring issue in san francisco that we all heard about where people who have their cars stolen and dumped in san francisco often it takes a while for them to find out where their cars are. they only get a 4 hour grace period in terms of storage fees by auto return and they end having to pay significant not just tow ging fees but storage fees that are sometimes worth more than the vehicle so they end up forfitting the vehicle. it produzing huge hardship and it one of those things hanging
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out there for a long time and caused harm to a lot of people. auto return contract expires at the end of july and the mta issued a rfp. mta requested a 8 month extenshz of the currents contract but the mta will revise the fees in connection to the extension to instead of providing a 4 hour grace period for people to retrieval stolen cars, residence receive 48 hours and non residence receive 24 hours so it is a significant increase in terms of giving people the ability to get their cars without having to pay storage fees. in addition, the tow g ing administrative fee will be waved for residence and cut in half for non residence. this is a significant step forward in terms of something that is just unfair. if your car has
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been stolen you have been victimized and to show up to get your car back when you did nothing wrong and told you have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars is just unfair. the mta is balancing its own financial situation so there are trade offs and cost but this is a step in the right direction and will set a precedent for the longer term contract that will come to us next year. today i'm introduce thg rez dugz to extend the auto return contract and as part of that the mta will revise its fees. thank you >> thank you supervisor wean. supervisor yee >> thank you madam clerkm colleagues earlier this year i requested from the budget and legislative analyst office about the potential of installing vehicle telematics or aka block boxes across the city fleet. the initial
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motivation sucess whether or not equipting the city vehicles can improve the driving behavior of the sate workers. the city paid out 76.9 million in settlements and judgments over the past 5 years. the report highlighted the many advantages of the black boxes including fuel efficient [inaudible] this technology has also proven cost savings in other cities that adopted sauch program. the city of sacramento reports 60 thousand dollars in fuel savings in just the first month after installing the system in 184 of its vehicles. in the eastern municipal boarder riverside county rfx the employees drove
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165 thousand fewer miles and saved 354 thousand dollars in the first 6 months. our city has blax boxes in in 2 [inaudible] with plan for 776 more. there are [inaudible] in the fleet that don't require instullation. i'm scg the city attorney to work with my office to mandate the installation of black boxes across the city fleet and development a program that offers probust data analysis for departments to maximize efficiently. there are 2 main issues i have been spear heading since taking office, one is vision zero, increase pedestrian safety by 2024 and increase efficiency by
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using city fund in a smart manner to help in the long run. the legislation man date the instullation of black boxes in every vehicle by jan 1, 2017. the city administrators will monitor the cyst 78 and utilize the data [inaudible] i want to make sure that the board of supervisors will be part of that conversation and the legislation requiring a annual report to be submit today the board. there is some ovlap between what supervisor farrell spoke of today and i believe that this just strengthen the effort he is looking at. so, i want to-and i want to thank my staff who worked on this for the past few months.
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[inaudible] and also want to thank my cosponsors in this, supervisors avalos, supervisor kim and the other items i just want to say real quickly that i [inaudible] victims of the massacre in charleston north carolina i think it is. the rest i subimate >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor avalos >> colleagues today i'm introducing a rez dugz that would establish a multidisciplineary process for determineling police staffing levels and essentially want to go through a factual array of study to determine what are the best way tooz establish what our police staffing levels. i think it is essential to determine the police staffing
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level should be is what the community says what they are comfortable with. we should look at notanic dotal reasons but real data to drive what staffing levels make most sens. it is important to start off the process with collecting what is done out there in the world in policing in the united states and so this resolution requests the legislative analyst to review public process best practice to evaluate police staffing levels and would like that sent to public safety committee. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. supervisor christensen >> 2 items. concerning the project at sea wall lot 351 also known as 8 washington. this project has become a example of probably how not to
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manage a water front planning project. not only is the project a lightening rod but the under lying premptions and foundidations are determined to be shaky. i'm introduce a motion today to resend the final environmental impact report for the 8 washington site. this is needed in order for us to comply with recent orders of the san francisco superior cort but it is also needed to clear the slate and allow a new beginning in considering the future of this site and the north eastern water front. i also am introducing a ordinance amending the planning code. north beach has some of the most expensive planning codes in san francisco with while these restrictions have served the neighborhood well in many cases, as time passed and retail and entertainment trend and need evolved, some of these
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restrictions resulted in a large number of empy store fronts and acamany negligent and delay. [inaudible] reflect what we learned in the past 10 or 15 wreers and reflect current retail and economic condition. the ordinance i'm proposing allows a narrow [inaudible] it will low the neighborhood beloved mamas restaurant and specialty market to occupy a large invisible building that stood vacant and dark for nearly a decades mptd having this prominent location in a tattered state reduced the viability [inaudible] this ordinance is a small step in addressing the larger economic and planning issues but it is good step forward for our merchants residence and
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visitors. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor christensen. supervisor cohen >> thank you very much. good evening colleagues i have a in memoriam that i would like to close the board meeting out and recognition of the life and contribution of mr. douglas melon. douglas scott junior. he was the first born sun born april 15, 1945 a native of san francisco. born to mill drid [inaudible] attended ben franklin middle school and graduated from galileo high and moved to san francisco city college where he played football with a passion. mr. scott was accepted in a apprenticeship program
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[inaudible] and attended langly porter college and oakland. he continued with department of public works for 15 years after which he #3450u6bed to san francisco municipal rail way into department over head lines where he retired after 3 dwoyears of sunchs mpts it was during this time mr. scott reconnected with the love och his life nob carolyn [inaudible] and they married. mr. scott assisted carline random with camp work and retreat into american baptist church where he earned the name hugy bear. mr. millen scott leaves his loving wife of 38 years, mrs. carolyn ransom scott, 4 siblings [inaudible] jacklen scott, brenda joyce,
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[inaudible] as well as [inaudible] a mother in law, mrs. martha ransom and several nieces to chairs cherish his memory. i ask that we close the board meetic in his memory >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim >> falloge up on the 9 lives lost in the shooting at [inaudible] methodist church in charleston south carolina, i ask that this board adjourn in the memory of these 9 lifens. [inaudible] ethyl lee lance. depain middleten doctor. [inaudible] daniel simens. sure aunda colman singleton and miruthompson. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor kim >> colleagues can we take
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supervisor kims suggestion without objection? without objection we'll adjourn on behalf thointeeur board >> supervisor mar >> thank you. colleagues today i introduce a rez dugz in support of racial justice. it is a assembly bill 953. [inaudible] it has been introduced by assembly woman shurly weber and strongly advocateed by police accountability groups of aclu of california to many other oregs. this pornts piece of legislation promotes equal justice and fairness. i also want to thank colleagues supervisor kim, cohen, avalos [inaudible] ferguson and baltimore to san francisco and oakland our attention is ignite today the problem of bias and
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racist policing at home and afar. at our hearing last thursday addressing racism, sexism, homeo phobia and [inaudible] and other forms of bigotry in the cities justice system we heard from community organizations including the aclu of california, center of cjcj. the asian yaub caucus [inaudible] whether it is bias and discrimination there is no security or effective policing in light of the homeo phobic text discovered between several san francisco police officers. it is important we support and implement not only city wide solutions but also staid wide solutions that have concrete impacts on the communities to make them safer. the bill will modernize profiling for
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identity characteristic beyond race and [inaudible] enhance training on fair and impartial policing and establish a advisory board state wide that develop solutions to curb profiles. we see evident of identity in san francisco and throughout the bay area. many other police departments on the number of stops made by different groups african american drivers make up 17 percent of all traffic stops in san francisco despite comprising 6 percent of the city. [inaudible] 85 african americans in california believe african americans and people of color don't believe equal treatment. profiling based on race misdirects limited resources away from evident based policing. the state
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legislative analyst office found californias current law prohibiting profiling by law enforcement fails to account for identity beyond race. this will tighten up the policy and bake it better to prevent racial profiling and [inaudible] we must encourage the state to take the necessary steps in the bill. the bill is a step in the right direction to identify and address current problems in collecting police data and implementing [inaudible] colleagues i urge you to join me i other colleagues in supporting the bill. i want to thank sclu chauncy smith [inaudible] also i introduce with all the members of the board of supervisors a rez dugz to
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doclar july every year americans with disabilities month. it is 25 year anniversary of ada. i want to say it is grass roots organizations people with disabilities them sevl squz their direct action in history of their civil rights movement connect would so many other movements are why we have laws like ada. [inaudible] sijeing of the land mark ada. the first world wide and creates a national man date for elimination of barriers. 25 years ago with the passage of ada [inaudible] people can disabilities and create equal opportunities for them in employment housing and so many other areas. the board will be procl