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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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is a triangle configured in awe of short places we are there 67 days a week i'm going to make a motion we approve with a second retail space somewhere along the western side of the valencia street with a minimum dimension of it hundred and 80 square feet. >> and we'll leave it up to you to figure out where you're putting it and do i hear a second. >> how do you come up with 2 hundred hundred and 80. >> the other is kind of small if 245ur sell their own products they can have a smaller spates it didn't have to the accessed from the outdoor in my motion you could have an interior access but the one that your
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creating everywhere has to a have an exterior access. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i appreciate commissioner antonini's attempt at a motion i agree with the sentiments of the activation along valencia street, however, i bore designing in the commission meeting and making that requirement is a step towards that that's my stance on how i view the commission i do agriculture with the sentimental law along valencia street one of the things i said was i like this use because it brings a different perspective to the
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meaning of activation most people think of activation you're going into a to make a long story short into a retail and people think of things that are not retailers are commercial establishment and not park as not active i think that a medical use can be active but the designs here the design changes rather get part of the way but not most of the way to me the real bar the retail space and the waiting room space is are in the same corner so those alone most of storefront on valencia yes, it is maybe you guys tried to make that visible interesting i appreciate but to me, you see people sitting and walking around coming in and out of the door and have to be retail but has to have a human element but it is missing from
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the storefront on valencia i was hoping more for a reconfiguring adding a retail space making that independent we've talked about the additional infrastructure and whatnot for the independent business person will not are part of the medical use but i got to see much more people wise frankly along valencia street not concerned about 20th street but the valencia corridor with one we spend time energy i'm hoping reconfiguration of the medical use space not necessarily added new views to create the activation. >> commissioner johnck's i leaned over to commissioner antonini and said i'll second with the retail space, however, i hear this is noticing not
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going to work. >> commissioner moore. >> we're up against the size constraint i believe the requirements they're putting forward are reasonable but the requirements for commercial including adding a second space requires the second back of a house so i have to assume it the space because of their space is urban suitable for that the desired mix we're responsible for partially we were heavy criticized for years of bringing more retail activity now that's working we have a great great deal responsibility and port that activation as we move of valencia street is still our responsibility for that reason they don't seem to come up with another place i make a motion
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not to approve. >> second. >> excuse me. >> commissioners maybe the secretary was about to say something. >> if you're going to make a motion to disagree we should allow staff a motion to continue and i was looking any by line i was not properly saying it thank you for that reminder and that motion. >> commissioner antonini and i'd like to make a motion to continue what was what commissioner hillis came up with that he give the project sponsor one more opportunity to not have to do it five minutes on the floor but come up with something that satisfies the commissioners and make our project approveable and allow commissioner hillis to take part in the vote. >> do i hear a second and
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second. >> is there a particular date to continue. >> how long project sponsor do you think you need to come up with a month? >> just the 23rd. >> commissioner hillis is not back he's gone. >> they don't want more time. >> commission for the record. >> i'm sorry commissioners the motions you're asking us to come back in a month to put another effort into a different solution set. >> or longer so we won't have a full commission for a month. >> i think went up appreciate the commissions flexibility and attempt to make that work we're at a place we have put our best foot forward and - >> you want to withdraw.
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>> we wanted to look for a conclusion today. >> i withdraw my second. >> okay. so we've withdrawn the second for a continuance there was a motion to intent to disparagraph. >> they're basically saying they can't say do it and really? >> you're so close come on this is like car max. >> i mean if i if i may i think retail and the in and out and pedestrians but i think there is such an important factor to have to service and the commission you've gotten over some of the biggest hurdle i think what they're trying to is the commercial even art wall and not
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intooerg is a exam room is a compromise solution it seems a shame a to walk away. >> we can provide more visual interests i'm hearing from you, you want retail space i mean that's what i'm hearing and we provide health care we know the configuration that we need to make that work for our patients and our caregivers and taking out that space totally changes the workflow of the area we've already accommodated one less examine room that was in there, we've you know crunched down the waiting space we feel we've made our best effort to
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make that work the way you want it i don't think - the reason we're being hardball we've actually look at this design from so many different was and we don't see where we can come up with a retail space in the north. >> commissioner richards. >> when we talked about yesterday you got the right neighborhood but in the wrong location they've existing vacancies i hope you'll stay in the neighborhood and find the appropriate space and hope to see you back here really soon. >> commissioner johnson. >> since it looks like we're coming to a vote i'm disappointed in the way that things are going pushing for retail space but i would have been happy with being more o
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seeing more activation along valencia and to reconfigure without carving out space moving the retail from one end of the building to another would have been helpful i understand you guys are spending time and money and if you're not willing to do more hopefully, you'll find another place as commissioner antonini. >> i would feel like this would be appropriate but don't feel there is 4 of me we wouldn't need the other retail but as much quadriplegicsactivation rather than seeing the movement in the corridor and we definitely time to do this project and be as thrilled as what we're planning can you gives guidance of what
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you'll accept in that space if not retail we could - try and make that look more vibrant i thought it was vibrant people moving it is work and art, it's know going to look as vibrant as a storefront or a yogurt shop empty if i can give us guidance that meets our approval. >> i'll defer to commissioner johnson and yes. >> you can express what you think. >> i know she's first and you want to shoot an idea and before and after. >> yeah. i think there might be two things i can only speak from my prospective if you're willing
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to reconsider the reconversion of our current pace separating out the retail is not separate or the they're using our bathroom and moving that interest valencia south along developing and configuring our medical center people coming in and out and moving the retail from one end of the building from valencia if you're willing to reconfigure we'll need to see for specific outlet around the zone how interactive to make us feel there is more activation i
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live in mission bay so i personally am familiar with those large storefront areas some of blank walls i'll tell you it could be a detriment to the neighborhood not that every doorway a has to be a restaurant but make people feel like they're part of the street i'm itch more flexible that didn't have to be a store to go and spend money there are other options not enough specific outlet for me to support it today. >> commissioner moore. >> i think the existing building is already nights in itself to given the if a facade is not set up for in this large-scale use it is set up for the awnings and signs, etc.,
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etc. but to ask to animate in itself has serious limitation we can't say anything to make this space work for them they have technical requirements and turning ada requirements needs for a width feel a corridor so i think we're trying to make something happen that is almost impossible and i'd like them to a try but not expect they can i've tried and they've met their own wrong word limitations but the limbs for the space we're not designing a building but working with an existing specific building that is set up for another use we're trying to squeeze go it there is 0 nothing to be said by call the question
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and i'll ask you a question donna you don't think that win the retail will move it away from the front door adding a atm i'm not crazy about atms but some poster projection into the wall. >> i believe personally in the requirement they interesting have for privacy is in contradiction atheism tried their best but just not working the building is not set up for that. >> commissioner johnson and sorry. >> director ram. >> i'm been struggling with a solution that might work for everyone sounds like the commission is comfortable with the uses and the overall size of the use that's in front of you i'm wondering if there's a solution that takes the last bay
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called the medical zone and give it a different architectural expression on the street to make it looking at look like a frontage it is visual just to give it a separate awning or things that you have the continuous planter is somewhat problematic and if there's a way to design it not an independent storefront without with or without commissioner johnsons recommendation that is retail space be moved ideally having the retail space but give it a different look. >> in color and surface. >> they're nodding not an awning but do something that's quits dwindles active from the rest of the street front.
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>> thank you director ram staff were drawing mraerlz some sort of exterior treatment i think this is an interesting idea but again, i think on the exterior of the building is where wearing what we're talking about. >> commissioner antonini year and a half think there is a flower stop called the bud stop on union and steiner no debt at all just a couple of feet telling me they have flowers and there's an awning that guess popular and it would take very little space to put-down something like that p there it could be fairly long and not interfere with the activities that is something that allows our uses and mask the uses from
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the the outside some service maybe coming out of that you're only talking about two to three feet. >> you're thinking about exactly the solution i'm thinking about. >> commissioner richards. >> i love that idea. >> (laughter) commissioner wu. >> what do you guys think about flowers. >> it's not enough just working the as far as the 1, 2, 3 feet of the front facade not truly meeting the original intent director ram the footage and the u size in alternate world i'd like to see 3 retail fronts i put blame on the commercial real estate brokers whoever they were
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there was tension when passed in 2009. >> commissioner antonini and yeah. i think we talk about the bud stop it could be i don't know what is behind it that maybe a realtor i've not thought about it you look at only buying the flowers it is an area you should see it anywhere near valentine's day people talk flowers at the it is busy a use like that that stretches further along the sfront is a good retail use and not a lot of debt i hope we continue this discussion i mean, i'll not support this but try again to continue this. >> commissioner moore that is
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access to water and the built to shutter the thing at night is in contradiction of what building behind it is trying to do the front of the building is high and the ceiling heights would have to go the physical length of the height of the facade and tie into a glass facade so i'm hesitant to let the idea of animation of the run away train examine it. >> director ram. >> commissioners that i might make a suggestion because the motion to deny would active have to be an intent come back to the commission for a final vote it seems to me one of the things to do have two potential actions happy you'll take the final
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motion and 38 they can come back to see the technical issues and the design issues could be revolved roved one it intent to disprove and one to approve. >> we need to ask them if it is acceptable. >> that's an option it has to colorado come back to you anyway. >> so we'll come back to the commission to be determined day. >> yeah. come back to the commission for a final vote anyway, if they deny it so it will come back for a final denial or a revised front situation. >> yeah. something we'll have to do we'll accept that.
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>> so what's our date. >> two weeks out is july 16th with the joint hearing with the replying commission commissioner hillis will be out. >> he won't be back until august 6th but it is extremely full. >> july 16 is the proposed continuance. >> all right. commission there is a motion and a second that's been seconded for an intent to disapprove and continue this matter to july 16th there's the option of them proposing on amended project at this point. >> yeah. i think the motion would be if the maker of motion the motion is a motion of intent to deny and for staff to bring back an alternative motion of approval if the project sponsor submits plans for the exterior modifications along the line by
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the commissioner antonini and commissioner johnson and others. >> is that amenable. >> two motions otherwise a motion to deny. >> sure. >> on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis excuse me. commissioner johnson. >> commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioner, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero commissioners that will place us on item 12 for case no. california street this is a question for conditional use authorization. >> commissioner. i'd like to introduce you to another new planner you've not met yet excuse me. one minute folks have
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the conversation out in the hall please. excuse me. susan sorry could we take the conversation out in the hall sorry. >> i wanted to introduce you to another new planner is joined the department as a planner one on small projects she began as a interim and worked on the storefront she has a batch in architecture from the university of illinois and holds a master from the school of the arts in chicago we welcome her. >> thank you good afternoon commissioner president fong and members the commission i'm planning department staff case before you is a request for qualifying inform allow the standards 5 and dime a hardware and general store to expand over
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5 thousand dollars 894 feet california street south side between spruce and local streets and in the lower village shopping center within the shopping center district it was previously occupied i a formula retail store the project is considered a formula retail due to the formula ace hardware for the purposing rates, however standard 5 and dime is a family business operating on california street since it's construction in 1950 with the regards to kwufrgs the planning commission is required to consider the following criteria with the finding the exit concentration of formula retail use the availability of other similar
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retail use, the capability compatibility of the argument standards and the exist vacancy rate and the neighborhood serving retail uses within the lower shopping center 13 other retail uses charles schwab and pete's coffee wells fargo are union bank noah's bag he lives starbuck's and first republic bank and others in addition the space has been vacant there are approximately 3 other vacancies within a quarter of the radius of the project site it is comparable with the authentic character of the surrounding neighborhood it is
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limited to minor taergz for the storefront the existing dry side along the footage the two storefront strangers are being retained as part of the project to do i date the department has received lowers of support from the lower heights and the lower village association as well a petition of approximately 4 hundred signatures department not aware of any opposition to this project the department has found the project to be necessary and desirable the project is the original store dedicated to the retail sales and attracts the viability of the shopping center the project will fill a vacant
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by a closure of another retail use not increasing the formula retail within the shopping center this is appropriate for the shopping center appropriate with the sizes along the lower villages and maintains the preference of the two existing entrances along california street the department recommends you approve the with recommendation that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> project sponsor please. good afternoon mark reuben, junius & rose thank you north america lastly for a great presentation he have a few things to add 5 and dime
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has been in san francisco since the thirty and law school heights since the 40 there's been a lot of talk and this commission has had presentations about legacy businesses and maintaining legacy businesses in san francisco and this is exactly the kind of business that we should be allowing a slight expansion jeff took overrunning the business from his father who started the business as a starting started working in san francisco as a collect took over the business in sunset or robbed and made their way to laurel heights what exactly is going to be taking place in the new space the store itself is like a lot of hardware and variety stores they have a lot of stuff and
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materials for people to buy and quite frankly sometimes stores like that get accredited the new says that a called stan kitchen featuring only home wear as was said it has a separate storefront enter from the street basically, all the project sponsor is going to be doing knocking a hole in the wall so that customers can get from one storefront to the other the project sponsor jeff is here and we're available for any questions thank you very much. >> okay any public comment on this item? okay. not seeing none, any public comment is closed. commissioner richards and completely agree with project sponsor this is kind of a dying breeds of businesses we want to