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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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eradicate gun that will allow people to line us behind as us and commissioner avalos for affordable housing in the mission on van ness for the market street studies into affordable housing that's a milestone in the history of san francisco in saving the mission i'm deeply grateful and jane kim for making sure we have 1/3rd of affordable housing at the giants stadium in my neighborhood i appreciate you accomplishing that commissioner avalos has gotten the most votes he ran for mayor he came in a close second and become close to be the mayor ed lee he's gotten more votes of anyone in the chamber thank you very much thank you all. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> >> i am a stupid white
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person well in room temperature anyways my issue is the decision making that's my issue formerly president tom ammiano said there are other issues but i've not found them wasting our times perhaps for instance the decision making in the election process that is one of the big issues the possibility of a candidate getting elected without a real system but you learn as a neighborhood activist if it looks like it takes 3 years to get accomplished take on 3 years we can have a better election process and the issue runs across political lines in this room you know so i go to the tmcs board meetings there's one vote
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that is deservant going back to the committee that is like thirty years you know smfr my issues on the location form as we get a more subsequence board we'll see more of a board thing when the decisions with inaugural crafted it is better we get one more vote and make is that to 4 people are obviously skateal plastic it doesn't take that much to get one more vote a procedural or more to we have mayor ed lee and leading and we owe it to them. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> are /* hi larry juicy edmond i want you to see this here this is city hall san francisco we do city hall we do enjoy okay- we do at city hall we do love justice and peace and love for all of us that's what you see think the cover we're tenaciously i'm looking at san francisco and our world as they look at us an their resumes as supervisors house man how they contribute to guns and kids to say is and kids on drugs and
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coke and african-americans in san francisco chicago and battling citizens and non-sirp everyone fingertip and social security and we know what terraces is in our city and country it's up to us to set those standards about marriages one more thing i want to read about marriages that is one of marriages in all 50 states it used to be like get in book it is called in their own words it talks about marriages that says when it is dissected some- old nigger no good news master are going to pave all he wanted was one that was healthy whether she was ugly and lead you to the gun
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i'm your master we have to know where we are today in this country it all about - >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gilbert we can't outlaw tragedies of the unique and random set of circumstances that create those awful situations hoping help to evict them and improve systems and thankful we're not drinking from a cup of - remember sanctiony was created because of
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the i think humane dedeplorable conditions easing was created to make a brand new ha, ha between the mayor again is silly and petty i said before i didn't want this mayor building thirty affordable units and ask the bonds i still don't want him to do either of them going i don't want a bonds to pass did you on san francisco's public bank but i don't want the mayor to do nothing i'd like to see him combine with supervisor wiener's office and to put a name on every campaign dollars that comes into the city this mayor has externals in funding
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building it would be great to clean up the campaign funds rather than the mayor that turned the san francisco into a bedroom community for silicon valley going to a new mayor next year he say we outlaw ellis act evicts and froze market rate renters those are against the seattle state rules and regulations we have to go against the regulation to have a healthy communities thank you very much. >> are there any public comments seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk can you please read the notations o months ago for adoption. >> they're being considered for immediate adaptation a single
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roll call vote vote a member may sever the item and have it considered separately. >> supervisor cohen. >> i want to sever item 61. >> supervisor farrell and 52. >> supervisor yee 42 madam clerk call the roll on items 54 through 57. >> on items commissioner avalos supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar commissioner hwang i supervisor katie tang pursue supervisor wiener supervisor yee there are 11 i's oversee o months ago are approved unanimously madam clerk item 51. >> resolution to commemorate the asphyxiating port
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dispatcher and urge the president of the united states toes rate with the designation of honorable discharge. >> supervisor cohen. >> you heard earlier my special xhoopgs accommodations i like to have the port incident and also recognize the brave soldiers involved including the chicago trial resolution acknowledges the anniversary and urges the president and others to exonerate the soldiers in this trial thank you for your sponsoring and lloyd i'd like to go recognize the rest of the board for their corp. on this resolution i'd like to request that your support for this resolution.
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>> colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this resolution z is adapted unanimously madam clerk please call item 512. >> resolution to declare july 24th as dr. joseph berry step outside the box in the city and county of san francisco supervisor farrell. >> thank you, colleagues. i want to take a few moments to honor the life and the commitment of awe leaf with our community dr. joseph burdening at the scene that passed away he served as a soldier and dedicated person born in brooklyn and graduated from the al message from the honorable sorority in terms of before drafted into the korean war as a doctor he was a fight surgeon and closer
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to the front lines and he returned to san francisco after meeting helen and implemented his life residency at sf ucsf to a trains vietnamese doctors and treated patients in the hospital he is survived and loving father and grasp he loves art and literature and golf and was the football teams physician and the club president he and his wife received an award for the service a vociferated husband and father he put himself in harm's way as well as tirelessly serving his communities and
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faithfully fulfilled his life and i want everyone to consider this as dr. joseph day. >> colleagues can we take that without objection? same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that is adopted unanimously madam clerk item 53 >> to request the planning department to develop a white paper for family-friendly housing in the city and supervisor yee. >> thank you very much this is a fairly simple request the reason why i pulled it just to change. >> a term to make a slight amendment after talking with director ram i hoped that the task could be implemented in 6 months he felt like he would be able to do it in the months i'd like to make an amendment to delete it and
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make it 9 months >> you want to amend it to change the time period under the guidelines from 60 to 90. >> from 6 months to 9 months. >> yes. thank you okay supervisor yee has made a motion to amend is there a second cowen objection? we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendments pass colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. item 53 is the resolution is adapted unanimously as amended madam clerk can you please read it in memoriams >> today's meeting is adjourned in the following on behalf of the supervisor tang's for the latest ms. bridges. >> madam clerk, any other business before this commission? >> that concludes our business
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for today. >> colleagues thank you for being here and members of the public we're. >> good morning, everyone yeah. today, i'm very proud to you know have this meeting because we are very luke in our you know city history we have the best leader you know leading us you
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know we've even though i feel everybody agree with me our mayor is the best you know working and dictated that's why we learn from him the department of building inspection our mission so to protect life and property for the public that's why today we are proudly to have our honorable mayor mayor ed lee to come over to you know make that announcement please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> director i'd like to give a quick interpretation.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) (laughter). >> i just want to say thank you to the young people here to the family people here and not so young folks that are here to come together to receive this very good news of our city's willingness to support grants that are aimed another residents small business owners are property owners as well and visitors get educated about the very strong possibility of the next big earthquake
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i wanted to first of all, say thank you to tom when i was a young attorney many, many years ago my for at a in chinatown was to do hours i want to venture have an active department of building inspection speeding i also wanted to make sure i always had is strongest district supervisor as we have in julie christensen. >> (speaking foreign language.)
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>> and i do have now as the mayor very strong representatives of very important departments like our fire chief our department of the emergency services and our police department and whitens our rec and park department that are all here together to join not only in this announcement but in the various roles they'll play in preparing people so for the expected earthquake in the next 25 years.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> most importantly is you who are the residents people that work in chinatown, people that live here and the people you invite and also the invaluable services leaders like sarah or other youth person speeding i know that many of you in in this room in english or chinese saw the san andreas movie that is i'm not sure i cannot but we have 3 serious facility lines
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that come into the city and county of san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor christensen and i have had many discussions about making sure that our communities all over the city but particularly those that maybe immigrant and low income communities like chinatown and mission and other areas of the city get attention when it comes to education and preparation to withstand and survive successfully an earthquake.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very fortunate and so are other agencies to have a department of building inspection leader in the name of tom huey that made sure the building fees results in education and preparation for people like families and seniors to be better prepared in a multi cultural way. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we're now and then two specific grants today each for a hundred thousand dollars those
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grants will be granted to c y c and to conduct the training workshops to have practices in sro's buildings to have finally communications with youth in our city with seniors and family anybody's not only to prepare but practice everything from cpr to having enough applies to making sure there are ways in which to contact family madam clerk, any other business before this committee? men's all with a goal of making sure that everybody survivors successfully after a major
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earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> chinatown is particularly important to us because of the historically old buildings that people live in and the number of people that are condenses in this area we want to make sure you're all safe. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thanks to the leadership of our rec and park we're here at a major center our for the square to make sure that the education
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programs can be conducted safely deeply in different languages but also do so at the willie playgrounds where c y c community colleges their sessions between my sessions of playing ping-pong (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and again thanks to our leader and department of emergency here collaboration with our fire chief i want to especially thank her and her
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staff makes sure we're stave during the 4th of july weekend and we were but we're also working outside find chinatown to prepare young people and seniors and their families to make sure they have all the training and preparation we must do this on occasion every if one or years people move out and forgot we have better technology to help us and better practices as we learn i want to thank everybody that joins us to make sure that everybody is safer and make sure we don't have the devastation but people that are well prepared school sites, parks, recreation centers, sro's our senior housing complexed our family housing collections and nonprofits all engaged in a very
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good ongoing dialog to support each other that's why we will be a city that will survive the major earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so let me now introduce someone that is a fanatic and already shown herself to be a great supervisor not only working on this but helping to create a lot of senior housing we'll, make those announcement in the short weeks to create more housing opportunity for
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chinatown and north beach but champion from the district let me introduce to you our supervisor julie christensen (clapping.) just. >> good morning. i think the best time is when we have leadership like our mayor ed lee and our department heads and they're working closely together with nonprofits like c y c and self-help for the elderly and the residents of the community to do good thing for chinatown in district 3 i'm excited bmw this program is a good example of the way city government worked with the nonprofits in the community and we all benefit but especially important that peep brarpt in this program they come to the train an earthquake will happen you know someday
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there will be a occasion we'll need the information i want everybody in this room to be among those people that know what to do that have the supplies and the information they need not only so keeping you informed we know keep ourselves save but be helpful to our neighbors and friends in the community i'm encouraging everybody to participate as a volunteer and an advocate in the neighborhood before i was supervisor i was always asking the city for money and support please give me money for this park or street or for that project it is wonderful as a periphery now to be the giver of these things to the community so i'm very grateful to mayor ed lee and to my colleagues at the board for being so generous this year with chinatown we have money for the nonprofits we have money for safety we're going to make kearny street
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safer and our situations near lady shaw safe we have money to do do have money for the parks it is a good year for chinatown and district 3 with the budget i'd like to mention it is related to the earthquake safety program we have a project with the fire department and roof deck we'll put free smoke alarms in people's houses you only have to call - sorry.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> yeah, he get excited all that 234u78z very are a free smoke alarm call and basically contact and union contributes will put a free smoke alarm in our house to you and your neighbors will be safer please support in program and please give big thanks to the mayor and the c y c and self-help this is a great program (clapping)