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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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. >> all right. good morning and welcome to our tuesday, july 21, 2015 of the tangs meeting i'm katie tang we have supervisor christensen supervisor breed and supervisor farrell here today, i want to thank sfgovtv jason and others steve. >> roll call
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supervisor breed supervisor christensen supervisor farrell supervisor tang supervisor wiener kwhoopz supervisor yee we have quorum. >> thank you. we'll move on to item 2. >> citizens advisory committee an information item. >> we have chris our cca chair wanted to report on a few items on the agenda item 4 the question is the cac question whether the sales of the airport would close the funds during public comment it was brought up the current the current routes conflict with the code regarding the future railroad connections to the east bay those are the two items that came up this item passed item 7 the geary brt as often
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the case we on cac have questions on the corridor to which the cac staff addressed the concerns concerns as and do and the section of the item the cac question judge did san mateo and caltrain disagreement with the timing and san francisco proposal to move the bayshore station to the north but south assured the mayors process was work with the brisbane to address the concerns that passed item 8 an item the chinatown study i believe supervisor christensen you bracket this to this committee first so we'll be seeing this this month at our
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meeting for the allocation request item 9 the brt a great deal concern from the interactions from the community level they've told me he they've gotten help and support from the ta 11 level of engagement on the project was concern raised by the cac by the brt public housing we were assured it would create more routes for the housing that's all i have. >> thank you very much for your presentation colleagues, any questions or comments seeing open up for public comment item 2 okay seeing none public comment is closed and mr. clerk, call the consent calendar consent calendar three to four
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all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine staff will present to if you want to my any items might be removed separately. >> items three and four the minutes and the recommendations of the directors pressure release for funding here so i think we have to open up for public comment any public comments on the consent calendar seeing none, public comment is closed. roll call vote >> supervisor breed supervisor christensen supervisor farrell supervisor tang supervisor yee consent calendar passes. >> thank you very much and now we'll call up. >> item 56 recommended appointment of two members for the citizens advisory committee this is an action item. >> i'm michael picking for the record for the transportation authority the ssi has 11 members
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severing a 2 year term this board appoints any members for vacancies more the cac make recommendations on the appointment to quality applicants must be san franciscan and appear before this committee for the qualification it is attachment 2 and can detailed applications can be found in the enclosure is shows information about the current committee members this is the term of expiration and two members gone this is - a total of 24 applicants for the vacancies with that i'll take any questions all right. thank you very much any applicants that would like to speak today please come on up. >> good morning, commissioners
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i'm jackie saks fifth avenue on the citizens advisory committee since 1997 i was one of the 45 individuals i'm sure you're aware of that was structural in writing prop b i with wrote as prop k years later i've been working on with the presidio parkway project which was opened last weekend i went to the since 2000 i've been working on the central subway i've been involved in the transportation of the city since 1986 i saw prop b being thought-out and i with prop k a 33 year project i want to see is it get reauthorized and continue giving
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my gut to the ta and other committees and committee members i serve with thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. saks fifth avenue colleagues questions or comments we have another staff peter saks. >> morning members of the committee and supervisor tang thanks i'm peter saks a control since 2012 mooings live in the outer sunset community having talked that folks i'm excited about the chance to join the citizens advisory committee before i was a controller i was a beat reporter and give me the ability to get into the details and convert that technical jargon
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into terms people understand i'm from land use maps and readily anytime to radio to be a nerd especially, after talking that i eric we need to place a higher priority with the bike infrastructure as a controller my thoughts are towards safety and keeping the right changes not as piecemeal projects help us get closer to ground zero we have talked and agree we we're doing everything we can in the short time and long-term to make mounting viable my wife and i share one car and don't think muni as a proud union member and as a air traffic controller i
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saw the problems between management but know how to work collaboratively and movies an organization forward and meeting everyone's needs i'm interested in work working with the automobile union to make it beneficial to the city to address the service gaps as we work for more and more issues those are two of my questions happy to get started. >> those are the two applicant one a reemployment colleagues questions or comments well, i'll say colleagues i'm supportive of mr. peter saks with the form eric reiterating ledge he's been a wonderful safety member but look forward to working with mr. peter saks do contact our office
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for the transportation issues i think that i don't know if supervisor farrell has comments about district 2. >> thank you to ms. saks we saw each other at the presidio parkway opening and want to thank you for your advocacy and be happy to support her in a really win the district. >> colleagues if there is is motion for ms. saks reappointment and mr. saks. >> if we can we take those amendments without objection? all right. congratulations ms. saks and mr. saks item (laughter) item 6 please oh i'm sorry did we take public comment. any public comment on this item? item 5? all right. seeing none, public comment is closed
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all right. that item was adapted we'll take that without objection. arrest item 6 >> item 6 recommended appointment of one member to the geary bus rapt committee an action item. >> chester with the transportation center. >> good morning chester with the transportation planner one 0 member to the geary committee for a 2 year term it meets quarterly to size the design and outreach issues there are seats for each exact date as well as at large seats the project team solicited the application as well as the projects e-mail contact list we received one application this is included in our packet kooefrn stall he has pedestrian safety advocacy he's
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a transit rider and represents the neighborhood interests and the interests seniors 24 candidate has been - he is - he couldn't make it today. >> oh, he's here. >> i did not get that e-mail. >> just as a quick reminder for cac appointment no staff recommendation with pooled applicant i'll allow him to speak. >> sound like we have mr. kevin stall if you want to come up and make a brief presentation. >> good morning. i'm kevin stall i live in the tenderloin and district 6 neighborhood for almost 15 years an advocate for different citizen and community
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projects going in the neighborhood as far as pedestrian safety and public safety anything that involves improving the neighborhood and communities i'm very excited to try to work with other people on the geary bus rapt advisory committee i take muni all the time and i've noticed all the changes not only on the bus line but in the neighborhoods it connects to and eager to work with the neighborhood groups and businesses that continue to need to you know use the bus line to go to where they need to live at go to where they need to go to hospital or business whatever this is an steel growing city
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and i want to be a part of making this city and especially the tenderloin downtown area which is one of the most dangerous and growing communities to be able to yo and be more safer and have the communities input and voice as it is growing and changing so i want to make sure that i work - i'm also a member of the pedestrian safety committee another group that has works with other people who represent different people in the city different ideas and stuff to i'm able to work with other groups and agencies so i'm really would like eager to learn and be able to help do any part to make the city safer and better sorry. >> thank you very much for your
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presentation. >> colleagues questions or comments at this time open up for public comment any members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed so again colleagues this item for this particular seat we need a representative in the downtown area this individual comes with the recommendation of supervisor kim so can we have a motion for mr. stall. >> so moved. >> moved by supervisor yee and seconded by anyone. >> all right. supervisor christensen okay. and we'll take that without objection. congratulations mr. stall all right. item 7. >> item 7 recommended allocation of $38 million plus in prop k funds with conditions in an appropriation of 6 hundred plus thousand dollars for the cash flow distribution schedules.
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>> morning chad that the trtd you have 10 requests for the 40 the house thousand million dollars in prop k funds i'll provide an overview of the first 8 on the genie of the sfmta is requesting over $10 million for par a transit those funds cover the paratransit for the modes including tax and service and other communities services on paratransit is higher and complaints are generally although the next f the budget is a bit higher it includes additional needed improvements for the van service to reduce the passenger ride the for the travel times and the initiative
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that was spearheaded by supervisor yee the sfgov project will fund sfmta to upgrade the traffic you can see some of the improvements for the signal infrastructure and for transit the 3 year for the entire van ness including the brt and kwoerptd with the larger initiative and the improvements for the van ness corridor okay. the franklin upgrade requested funds to upgrade the traditional along franklin street and the divisadero street corridor for it to be upgraded like poles and larger more visible signals and the pedestrian consultant u compound signals here we have the potrero hill
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and traffic stop improvements project the june's project agenda included an item for the potrero hill transportation plan this request for the improvement capital funds help to fund one of the recommendations and leverages almost $500,000 in lifeline programs for the preparation and improvements that accommodates the traffic and increases the pedestrian safety is on 5 intersections shown on the screen those could be eyed to provide space for elevated complafrmd and bulb outs lombardi street corridor a request for nearly 8 hundred 50 thousands some area marked as capital funding the bulk of the request for the design of 14
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bulb outs both pedestrian that is coordinated and billed as part of the caltrain project that includes the construction funds for a number of pedestrian safety improvements and also $75,000 for transportation authority staff to provide support with the caltrans and overhead permitting it was included in the request of the public works 19th avenue is next the prop k funds funds transportation authority for technical sausages during the design stage if the department to provide continuity for similar to the bottom of the hill o lombardi vacationing situation some of the tasks constituent in the scope for the $75,000 will be to provide
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guidance with the caltrans rectify and permitting review and interpreting caltrans technical review for milestones throughout the project the plans and programs put in a request for the combined city project the design phase is signals that is part of the multi integrated bronze to different infrastructure an all in favor, signify by i including the better signals and for people walker and by the public works commission a transbay transit center communication overview the transbay joint powers authority is requesting money for the overview program math and property management formals f 2015-2016 this might look familiar the work that is fund similar to pass the allocations
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to the transbay joint powers authority that the transportation authority has made those funds are programmed for this purpose within prop k during item 10 on the agenda eel you'll hear an update on the cost increase for phase one that didn't impact the current request next is the given brt faeshltd study the prop k funds provide as part of the november transportation authority appropriation you'll hear more on 9 agenda recommending the report to that project with that i'm going to turn it over to chief suhr take care for the geary project. >> morning supervisor tang and members of the board this is for the geary bus rapt project this is in the environmental review
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stage 10 percent engineering design level transportation authority is the lead for this peace of the project but sfmta is is the leading agency and an individual from the mta is here to answer questions to release the document document in the fall and middle 2016 to bring an action item to the the right board to approve the project and close the environmental process the intent to advance the engineering design so this the improvements can be shovel ready the first of those requests is what we call the construction phase a lower set subset that could precede soon after the environmental process but the funds are for conceptual and final engineering design the improvements are the side running transit of the portion
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and the bus and pedestrian bouths and signal upgrades second request for the geary bus rapt is for phase 2 this includes the central bus lines and the mediums that go along with that portion of the corridor those will bring the improvements up to the thirty percent design level again the intent to start this work now so we can be closer to the shovel ready when the environmental process is completed does chad have any closings comments if not, we're done. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor tang this is not a question i wanted to make a comment i wanted to really thank there were a group of people that came to my office to point out the issue with the
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paratransit program in particular for those who are living on the west side the seniors and people that were not mobile but had a difficult times getting the services on the east side and sometimes, we don't come up with solutions and when we do come up with solutions working with sfmta and the transportation authority to say well, what do we need to get in fixed so this will be an acceptable time for people not sitting in a van for 3 hours to get the service only becomes one hour and 3 hours back to their homes i want to thank both organizations for being flexible