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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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american, chinese korea, we should hold hands, not against. you don't need a comfort women statue. where don't agree we have to hold hands to show the children [inaudible] we as americans. you don't want to build a statue. you dig up all the histories. we are the american, you live in san francisco. this is not the korea countries. this is issue different. this is a u.s., we are living america. don't fight, please. everyone hold hand. i do not agree for this statue. thanks. >> thank you. just remind
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members of the audience if you want to express approval or disapprove you can use silent hands zaz fingers thumbs up or down. next speaker. >> [inaudible] i live in saint francis square, the long shormans coopand hope you will be leroy caings saturday. up stairs i have a korean family married to a american gi who is in kaiser now. we wouldn't have kaiser if not for ww 2. there isn't a difference between local or international, this is san franciscoment people came from all ovthe world. ww 2 is out of basis peer from hunters point to allah meada, concord, [inaudible] you name it. these issues are real, they are
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historical and i feel the same way. i'm a social worker without a portfolio but these things need to be resolved. japan and germany were late to the game. germany and europe dement with this historic ish oo uz. the diplomat who chose san francisco for the unit nation frz the suffering in europe and asia, we had a big shindig in the 60th because [inaudible] funded it. the 70th and scaert general was here, mayor ed lee and [inaudible] officiated as chief of protocol. charlotte and orange gourg have their names on the carriage way across van ness. we need to do historical reck nl silluation discussion about how to deal with these issues because our children in
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proschool, k-12 and higher ed we have to deal with the issues. the many spent is in san francisco. you need finance capital to fund military aggression instead of diplomacy and education and senior housing. let's-- >> thank you very much, next speaker. >> [inaudible] i say that in many languages because that is how we say good morning in america to so many people that made this country great. as we look here, justice and pride and love we do [inaudible] i
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want you to know this lady here , her name is [inaudible] she is a [inaudible] used to live in the city of san francisco but now she sin oakland and we miss her. one thing about the lady, we have [inaudible] separate and divide us for [inaudible] [not speaking into the mic]. we are here today to talk about, i look at all the things in america now is about how [inaudible] police killings, people shooting up churchs. we don't know who is in our country but we take
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advantage of citizens and non citizens. we have housing that want no guns and killings. we know where you are at and it is time in san francisco to step up and know that everybody's should have a place you can be found and don't let the 5 percent play on people who are coming here to live and people already here living. people should lib in the complaintry like it is supposed to be. we are a [inaudible] all our troubles-- >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> tom gillgirty, war of guns [inaudible] bayonets drones. wars. human moments of regret, many. switching time in 1965,
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15 years old, romantic adadventurer going to cuba and cutting sugar cane. brauv bauvo obama. 1965 [inaudible] i finished the race looking at the leaders pass the line. where may never be a gifted speak squr still will ask for a bonus minute. say if you come here to this podium 2 times in a row the third time you come you get the third minute and can roll that out as long as you keep coming. maybe the clerk of the board can set that up. thinking outside of the box. before i get going into the housing i'll take a moment to go to laguna and marina
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boulevard. terrible corner. bicycle, runners [inaudible] cars, quality of life. i don't think so. it demenshs. same corner, 28 bus. the past weekend waiting for a half hour bus for the 28 line seeing 5 uber taxis pull up and pull away taking about 15 people away brt 30 people later board the bus. this is the future. you don't have to look too far away to see google driveerless buses and taxies on the streets. we can work this thing together. again i can't get to housing because i run out of time. thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any other member of the public who would like public
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comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. can i make a motion to excuse supervisor breed and christensen? motion by supervisor farrell and veckd by supervisor mar. without objection that is the order. madam clerk can you please read the adoption without committee reprapher >> item 72 and 73 are considered without adoption. a [inaudible] if a member objects a imet may be removed and considered separately >> anyone like to remove a item? >> we'll take the 2 separately. madam clerk will you call item number 72? >> resolution to urge the city to establish a memorial for comfort women. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you i would like to move to refer to committee naunk to all the speakers qu cosponsors of the item
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>> that sh prerogative of any member so this item is sent to committee. item 73 >> motion >> student authorize preparation of written proopponent and aopponent arguments and rebuttal argument for submitted to the voters at #thry, 2015 general election >> my understanding is this isn't quite ready because titles are worked out. can i have a plexion >> student continue item 73 one week? motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor yee. colleagues can we take that without objection? without objection that sth the order. >> to july 28. >> july 28. madam clerk can you read the in memoriam >> todays meeting is adjourned in memory thof following individual. on behalf of supervisor christensen for
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author austin [inaudible] >> okay and madam clerk is there any other business before the board? >> that concludes the business for today >> okay, then we are adjourned.
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issue. >> homeless in san francisco is a challenging issue that effects owner in the city in many
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different was as of the 2014 homeless census over 64 homeless in individual in the city to try to address the issue we've got a program for chronic homeless welcome to the navigation center. >> this pilot project is for people living on the street what makes it different the navigation center is able to accommodate homeless encampments lowell u allowing people to keep their pets and bring their personal bloonlz. >> the full realization that people don't want to be homeless not refuse services but from the services don't meet them and not relevant they're not going to be
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successful if you look at the budget losses we've got a community sacrifice important people to get food and laundry we're standing next to the bathrooms it is designed to be a dynamic and brief residential experience where right of on this site city staff to connect you to homeless places to return to family dine is up for medi-cal and all those things that are complicated for people. >> the other exciting thing city agencies come on site and provided the services for folks this is existed to see when the goal of streamlining a a whole processes of getting people on go gentle assistance into housing as much as possible. >> way totally different you can come and agree as please and
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get laundry services and showers any time of the day and night it's twenty-four hours a day whatever and twhefr it's not like any other she recalls. >> they come and help people for what it is they're required the issues they need and reach out and do what we can to say okay how can we accommodate you to get you set up and straight never in my mind imagined a program like this this place it different and a a lot a lot that better it works. >> the navigation is center is a collaboration of partnerships too city departments one is the homeless outreach team managed by the san francisco distributing i look forward to the navigation center we'll have our agents go out and help and say don't go
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anymore over and over send our dayshift out they've meet the population and hang out and hang in the encampment and transport people and be with them and make immediate impacts with me and my staff. >> bringing our wloongz whatever you go presents a problem this place their help with the storage i don't have to worry about it staying here you know you're getting things done they need to get things down done to get off the street avenue of the hope alsoness is gone. >> they help you if you're hungry go eat if e you need to go places go.
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>> they're 4th district it awe auto. >> it was funded through a unanimous donation and of may 2015 an additional $3 million to help to continue the program beyond 18 months. >> you see people coming out they're ready to being so the future homes you know how variable the navigation center is my message for the constituents yes something can be done do break chronic homelessness it is being done. >> this is a community that sets an example but i how to pick an area that was funky they've seen we're trying to do is help their neighbors they've seen getting sicker and more frail and broken down on the streets and welcomed us that's a powerful statement people are exist and president
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in they're becoming to see the movement for folks and people on the streets are only survival modes where is there next meal and their itch more carefree. >> the staff here is interpretation the first day i have a appointment and everything was made all you do is go through them this makes a huge difference. >> to get settled in a helping hand to get on my feet take care of the issues i have and get out of bed and help. >> even though the navigation center has been up in march 2014 the program is creating successful outreach for it's
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clients. >> a month ago they came to me and asked me to go into a new program i moved into here and now 3 months later i have my own place it is mine i lock my door don't worry about my stuff it feels human again.
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>> we all know a major earthquake will eventually hit san francisco are reproerl presented san francisco is making sure we are with the public safety buildings. >> this consists of 4 consultants the police headquarters with the from 850 with a brand new fire station number 4 to serve mission bay swimming pools at office of economic workforce development in the fire station thirty. >> is the the hall of justice on bryant the new home for 2 hundred and 50 uniform and voiven compresses we all it was opened in 19 so sociothat is a
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50-year improvement as far as structure and work environment had that will be a great place to work. >> when construction began in 2011 this was with an clear goal to make sure with the big one heights the resident will will have a function police department those are the highly seismic standards it is up to operate up to 96 hours from the police department perspective that building is self-sufficient for a main made arrest in all disastrous zake ever after we will run our operational from here no matter what happens this building and the people that serve the businesses will continue to function building is designed to meet lead goal certification and also
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to art installations on the campus that was designed and constructed to better sense of ability so for example we're using solar water heaters we're also urging gray water for reuse inform flush water and rainwater for the cooling and irrigation locked on third street and mission rock is it serves the motorbike neighborhood and motorbike i moiks is a growing neighborhood and the intent of the bond to have please and fire serves to serve the community. >> hemming helping to keep the building and the stay safe was the not the only opportunity it creates many jobs with 82 bleb businesses overall san franciscans contributed one hundred and 87 thousand hours to
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help to complete the project it shows the city of san francisco the elected officials and police officers and more importantly the voters that paid for the building this is what we can do with when we wrorpt this is a beacon when we need to build new extra we can trust them with the money and the plan they did a good job the san francisco public is a reminder of the importance of being presented and will continue to serve the residents for decades to come
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in well with the innovation capital world i can't think of a better k with the wifi connection in our city it is crossing different economic lines and neighborhoods it helps not only young people with their education but regular folks to find out where their muni bus is or their routine or
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opportunities in the city it was lead by the department the of technology they've proven themselves they wanted to take on such a great responsibility on market street i want to thank the department of technology they've found great partners with marcus in the valley along with mayor 42 boss of them gave us very expensive equipment to use but also gave us some great guidance how to do that the combination of the public private partnering was another compliment off our department the government some work with the technology to do those sorts of exist things and compliments all the things we're trying to do to use technology in a positive woo
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san francisco is one of the greatest city's in the world and suddenly give a support to a service that - wifi is a utility like power and water and it has to be available i think in all the public venues >> i will live in oakland i'm here on microsoft a lot and not familiar with the area especially the part of market street so be able to navigate around is really, really helpful and i appreciate the fact the city is doing it's civic duty in providing a connection to everyone there was a huge manpower effort 3 shops involved with the overhead the underground cable company and the radio shop doing
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all the turn on and trouble shooting all of the shops put in at least 3 months of manpower hours time and six or eight people in each shop no issues are the app the access ptsz points out to the system there were a sophisticated innocent that was broadcasting the signal ate. >> as far as mobile devices we can use a public-private partnering to hit up the corridors corridors across the city where people traverse with small businesses and transit corridors and they want to get online with their education folks connecting with friends are looking for a job i think we have a lot of people in the city veterans they're not just on market street they're all over
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the city and want that. >> it is an old market street has been did you live up several times since installed we had to run links to link the conduits system to get the links to the fiber $3.1 million is a lot to pull that is the fiber to our shop procuring it getting it to the job. >> we pay a good amount of taxes in san francisco it would easy the burden to have access r sees to wifi we won't have to pay egregious cell phone bills when they can connect to the intersect is it so kind of silly why not. >> free internet and wifi is a
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way forward for the division of the city across the country oakland and san jose and chicago and filled we're saying we want our families and kids particular from backgrounds with they're used a to be an great deprived people can look for jobs or a game for the 21st century is it it is about making sure we take care of the good afternoon everybody
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and welcome to the board of supervisors meeting of july 21, 2015. madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos, present. president breed here. compose, not present. supervisor christensen, present. supervisor cohen, present. supervisor farrell, present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar not present. supervisor tang, present. supervisor wiener, present. supervisor yee, present. madam president you vaquorum. ladies and gentlemen