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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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dataset. we have moved in the second bullet underneath end to end it referenced sept, we moved that to october 1 so we could use the merged dataset as part of the testing rounds so that was a good reason to move that date to early october. once we have gone through end to end both the first round which covers the bulk of the functionality we'll have the catch up the first of october to cover the 2 perch list items and anything out of the first round that needs to be adjusted. at that point if things are in good shape, we'll have the meeting with tom hewy and team scheduled for october 8 and thereat is when they confirm a go live date.
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assuming we have gotten over our [inaudible] which is good results from the end to end simulation. as for citizens. these are escalated
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at the highest level but we do have the one blocking ivr that is opened for 28 days and the ivr was working well up until we had a upgrade to 7336 release of excela. part of being hosted and agree to take the upgrades. you get them first in the test environment but that upgrade of made the ivr-basically there is a call that goes from the ivr plat form to excela to check if instreckzs are available or inspections are exceeded and so that interface stopped working so3 4 f1 engineers are working on that. [inaudible] they assure
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they have resources to fix that. on aca there is a issue with license professional look up so as you create a permit on line or within the excela platform used in the dbi building, it does a real time look up to the state of california license board to check that the contractor you are associate would the permit has a valid license in place and the insurance when required. that interface was working well and that has stopped. we are not sure if we center the direct correlation with the upgrade but that is looked at as well by excela engineering. that has the potential to impact the start of end to end simulation because those 2 things both
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have to be working, ivr and web portal because we can conduct that test. >> it makes sense. >> the second bullet is the -there is issue we had around performance. the planning department on the production platform and compared to dbi they have a much smaller set of data and transactions they perform. they noted performance issues. they are quantifying those now so we give excela what time of day and the trangz action we are doing and the response time they experienced because they need those details to investigate, but we also had a similar performance issue on our test platform a month and a half ago where a transckz scheduling inspections on a existing permit, normally once you put in the details you
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schedule the time of day and date it is 2 to 3 seconds before you get the confirmation. in this case we did it a few times and it took up to 8 minutes which is completely unacceptable. that was escalated and a support ticket input. we did have notice from excela and operation on july 6 and-junjune 2 and july 2 that they had issues at the west coast data center. we got later messages saying they were resolved but don't know what the frb was or the action to fix it. we do have a meet ging next week where they are going to come on
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site and tell us about what is the performance issue squz the root cause and the resolution. we are also looking for information about what are they doing to make sure that their sizing the system properly. much like buildings and structural beams to size them to a certain load, the same in computer system. we want to make sure they take dbi's load coming and size the plat forms to make sure they accommodate the volume. >> i have a question there for you. the system that we purchased, are you saying that it should be able to handle our load? that isn't the issue. are they saying the system in place isn't big enough to handle the load? >> it is the former. the system is capable of handling
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the jurisdiction. the sizing exercise is about the hardware you are on. if you do thousands of transactions a day you want to have adequate cpu and memory, your data network and transactions to the data bases. all that has to be sized appropriately for that capacity. you always put 30 to 40 percent on top of that to handle unexpected peek squz monitor it continuously so as trangz action volumes grow you ahead of the curve and never fall behind on capacity. >> okay. >> that's a function of implementing anything whether hosted or site but it is something we are axis about now that we have seen performance
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issues. >> commissioner walker >> are we getting adequate response from our vendors? i know at some point we- >> what i can say is when i put a ticket in and do get a response and again, i jen rel get a response within 12 hours which on a test platform is not unexpected however giving the history of the project and the difficulty of the project, we are expecting that they would respond quicker than that even though we are in a test situation. in terms of the engineering response, that is where they are lacking. i wouldn't have expected the ivr ixue to be open a month. >> can we maybe invite them to come to the next meeting until this is finished so they are
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here and can explain themselves? >> absolutely. we'll make sure they are scheduled for next months meeting. >> thank you henry. >> thank you. >> public comment on item 7? seeing none item 8 commissions question and matters. 8 a, inquiries to staff. at this time commissioners may make inquiries to staff of interest to the commission. >> commissioner mar, did you want to say something? >> i think we'll get a more detailed report but i want to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i went to a staff meeting yesterday and that was great. one of the things i know, we'll wait for a while to bring in the users to test it, but think it may be good as part of the report either from the staff or
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[inaudible] what can the users reasonably expect that they will be able to access and what can they see? both from the side of the users in terms of the contractor whether getting their permit or if the permit is held up and they can really pin point into where it is, which i know is a big issue sometimes. the contractors know the permits held up but the big question is where so they can know the person or the department to call. and then from the community standpoint, a lot of times there are questions about either unpermitted work going on or maybe permits that have been pulled, but they have blown up the whole house. they got a permit for a bath and kitchen remodel and half the house is
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gone and only the facade is going. from the community activist view, can they log on and see what permit has been pulled, who pulled it and what is supposed to be happening versus what is actually happening. thinks things like that. i know we are not ready to launch but ied with like a preliminary discussion for both the users that would log on and see what can they reasonably expect to see. and then there won't be surprisesism if they can't see it, they caept can't see it. otherwise i hate to launch and said we never expected you to see this. you are not going to be able to log on and look for this. >> these are agenda items.
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>> more detail. >> i'm sure not sure if a lot of that will be answered with the testing later on. to his point, i guess at a later date-would you be saying that-all the tests and the other stakeholders sign off before you go live? >> right. we give all our stakeholders a heads up on what is reasonable to expect and it helps us to jump ahead of complaints. >> in terms of citizen access, since it doesn't require looking up a license professional to see what permits and complaints are there, that is functioning in the test environment today. we
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can speak in great detail about what they can view and the access they'll have. >> as a citizen. okay. perfect. anymore? just for me, i want to thank commissioner mar for last months stepping in at the last minute to cover me. i know you were probably in a lot of pain and wouldn't have been for the meeting. we know the tragied of berkeley and what happened there. reading the media reports i know the director and i mentioned it to each other, there is a lot of policy changes and how they look at balconys over there in berkeley and so i'm quite sure we have a lot of policies in place that would have prevent a tragied
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and think it is a good time to revisit that and get the findings what happened in berkeley and we can use that to maybe have a further discussion. i want to acknowledge the berkeley response from the building department to the emergency of the police and ambulance. we hope if we had a tragied like that in the city our community would resinate like that. it was a very difficult job they put together and i would like to thank them and hope we never have a situation like that. there was a lot of lessens learned if that should happen i think would be good as a department to learn from there
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and what we implement we have on the ground running if we had a huge emergency of that magnitude. >> i agree with you totally. the date of the accident i feel bad and right away we look for our [inaudible] and make sure update it and then we have a meeting internally. maybe this time i want to introduce my assistant director with my-send you an e-mail [inaudible] he [inaudible] i also give this assignment to work with both deputies from inspection and [inaudible] and work with technical service and also chief building inspector rose mary and also patrick from
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chief building inspector. besides looking at the rez dlsh i want to make sure there is more commercial also to make sure we capture all and make sure the buildings are safe and they will-internal meeting and look through the building code. what we want to improve from the existing one to make sure we move forward to have the building safe. probably most of you know already. >> particularly with the high density towns, these small little patio areas or juliets are really your only out door experience you have in some of the buildsings so it is something we need to keep a close eye on to make sure. i'm confident our inspections and-is up to par and this is just a very unique situation.
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i also felt that we could learn lessens from how the investigation happened afterwards. what are the right things to do, thfs right thing to do to take down the deck and take down the other decks. there are all these moving parts but think it is something we should focus on and have a more concrete man date type of policy in place where we know what the right steps would be to take if such a situation would happen here in the san francisco jurisdiction. >> [inaudible] >> good morning commissioners. thank you very much for the opportunity to serve the department at a capacity that sees more of the global and hualistic efforts that we make to provide safety for the department. through the
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department, for f the public. obviously this is in the news. it was in the news while i was on vacation in canada and people i think become acutely aware that they have potentially issues they have to deal with on their own property. it is incumbent to continue our routine inspections and have the outreach to the public to advice them how they may try to protect both the property and occupants of their buildings. often times we have seen this occur in the past where it hits the news because it is a large congregation of individuals celebrating a birthday or some event and ecseeds the capacity of the deck at the moment in time if it is comrumizeed by the weather especiallyly.
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normally you don't see this when it a built brand new. more than likely these are wood constructed decks and the deterioration over time, exposure to weather can occur. it is incumbent for the building owner to check it from time to time and not wait for inspection. hopefully the effort of the department and outreach programs and putting something on a website will elevate the awareness of the individuals who own property with these conditions. i look forward to working with our staff and working with our communications director to accomplish that outreach. thank you. >> thank you. >>iteal 8 b, future meetings and agendas. at this time may diss cus and take action to date a special meetjug
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determine the items placed on 24 ajepda of the next item and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. our next regular meeting is scheduled for august 19. >> how is everybody-is everybody around august 19? i guess we are. so much for a quick meeting today. >> any public comment on items 8 a and [inaudible] item 9, adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all commissioners in favor. >> aye. adjourned.
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>> good morning, everyone yeah. today, i'm very proud to you
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know have this meeting because we are very luke in our you know city history we have the best leader you know leading us you know we've even though i feel everybody agree with me our mayor is the best you know working and dictated that's why we learn from him the department of building inspection our mission so to protect life and property for the public that's why today we are proudly to have our honorable mayor mayor ed lee to come over to you know make that announcement please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> director i'd like to give a quick interpretation.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) (laughter). >> i just want to say thank you to the young people here to the family people here and not so young folks that are here to come together to receive this very good news of our city's willingness to support grants
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that are aimed another residents small business owners are property owners as well and visitors get educated about the very strong possibility of the next big earthquake i wanted to first of all, say thank you to tom when i was a young attorney many, many years ago my for at a in chinatown was to do hours i want to venture have an active department of building inspection speeding i also
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wanted to make sure i always had is strongest district supervisor as we have in julie christensen. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i do have now as the mayor very strong representatives of very important departments like our fire chief our department of the emergency services and our police department and whitens our rec and park department that are all here together to join not only in this announcement but in the various roles they'll play in preparing people so for the expected earthquake in the next