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tv   Planning Commission 72315  SFGTV  July 24, 2015 8:00pm-3:01am PDT

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works with -- emerging leaders to inspire leadership success. thank you for being with us today. [ applause ] >> congratulations to all of our recipients. [ applause ] >> at at & t we believe that invest ning in our communities is a smart thing to do to keep our communities safe in the environment. it helps to lift up the programs because you lift up san francisco. thank you for all the incredible work that you are doing and i really
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do hope that this spreads. [ applause ] >> >> >>.
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>> how are you. >> welcome to the san francisco
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planning commission regular meeting for thursday, july 23, 2015, 2015 disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. speak i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner johnson and he wanted to attend. >> commissioner moore commissioner richards additional commissioner hillis is and he wanted to be absent commissioners, that places you under your prototype for continuance item one admitting a request for a discretionary
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review authorization is proposed for continuance until august further on the agenda a request for continuance for items 9 and 10 on howard street for the certification of the environmental impact report acceptance of authority and determination of compliance conditional use authorization and request for variance proposed for september 3, 2015 i have no speaker cards. >> okay any public comment on the items proposed for continuance not seeing any commissioner richards i move to continue 9 10 to the dates speeded and commissioner moore i'd like to ask for continuance of 1042 and 44 based on
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identifying as a project not having properly representative to the conditions surrounding the property confirmed through numerous letters by the public i ask for continuance inform this project. >> item 8 ab. >> that's correct. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> what is the continuation date for the jackson street? >> commissioners the event itself is september on your calendar is september 17, 2015. >> that's very difficult to say in the abstract because the neighbors needs to agree to the cat and excluding including the architect for the continuation with the neighbors and being asked when how they want to
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continue it will easily take six or eight weeks given we're in the middle of the summer. >> commissioner moore we will be taking a break and calendar is full up to and i suggest september 17th if there is additional 7, 8, 9 needed we'll continue further. >> this is a first good suggestion for the back into the window stream. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'll be post i read the letters not sure there is a substance but it makes sense what's the date for 75 howard. >> september 3rd. >> september 3rd okay. fine thank you. >> do we get a second for - >> second and okay
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commissioners, on that motion to 9 dates proposed commissioner antonini commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved that motion passes 4 to zero. >> items 8, 10 ab continued to the dates specified. >> that places you on commission matters for july 9th. >> any public comment on the draft minutes not seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion to do you
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want the minutes commissioner antonini commissioner moore commissioner richards councilmember downey commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 5 to zero. >> which place you on item 3 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> been a lot of articles in the newspaper xefg people's opinion that san francisco is dirty i agree with the streets are fidgety compared to other cities and there seems to be a presence of people with problems so one thing i'd like to put forward some reasons you know why we have our problems under the subject you get what you ask for another article in the paper talked about someone's car had been broke down into or boasted 5 times in a year there
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are a few people that i know have not had their cars broken down and the boosters really get jail time of they're caught i know for sure car thieves get 10 days with the personal experience of a break in with my wife's car and they were engaging minors the guy got thirty days the laws are not district and recently i read in the paper about a fellow who's a repeated vandal who has done over hundred and $50,000 the judge dropped his criminal to misdemeanors he'll keep coming back until we get teeth in the
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laws and the same a aggressive panhandling people are not supposed to handle or panhandle underneath the sign it is dangerous when people try to stop to give them something a lot of the problems are self-infixed now to prove the quality of life we have to get realistic about are law enforcement and the police officers their subject to when a what happens in the courts. >> what kinds of penalty for that those quality of life crimes and some will point to the fact that violate crime is down but property crime is way up and probably anyone that gets arrested or subject to arrest is fleeing and trying to get into san francisco criminals would rather face the music in san
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francisco instead of san mateo the laws are not endorsed here. >> commissioner richards and in the examiner we were talking about health care in the mission we proved the 899 valencia to serve the health and interesting enough in sunday's newspaper waldon house they're combining and openly up a fully robust system for 35 mission to serve the underserved members of the community i think this is a fantastic article if you get a chance to read secondly in sunday's chronicle i was precipitated to read i was in high on a hill it calls to me beggar the workers that served the restaurant in high on a hill it calls to me beggar can't afford to live in high on a hill it calls to me beggar like san francisco it is
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a great thing to read and the last thing i understand that the city of responding passed rent control this week it is a good step for that municipality thank you. >> if there's nothing further move on to department matters. >> commissioner moore. >> there was a message coming through late last time 9 city of richmond passed a rent control ordinance. now we'll move on to item 4 directors announcements >> good afternoon. i think in the interest of time i don't have anything to report. >> item 5 review of the past events of the board of supervisors and the board of appeals and hupgs. >> aaron at this week's land
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use committee we heard the requirements to groupings this was sponsored we commissioner avalos and supervisor jane kim supervisor kim that says the inclusionary requirements are for group housing and they voted for modifications the commission included they're in their motion they don't have enough information to accept or reject the motion by supervisor christensen and minded the motion to come back this is the second time it was heard last week it was continued for one week because of 3 amendments the first incorporated the modification the second to include intooishgsz amendment and the third by supervisor wiener to change the income qualifications for group housing and inclusionary units and from
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95 percent ami to hundred percent for ownership this last amendment was removed by supervisor wiener as the city attorney found the amendment was in conflict 19 with prop c there's a lot of public comment to into supervisor wiener's amendment to increase the i'm and supervisor wiener descend his amendment with the intention for 9 middle-income workforce for technicians and the like and the city is not producing enough housing after public comment it was passed unanimously next on the agenda the accessory group housing by supervisor wiener and supervisor christensen proposed ordinance will permit additions to the accessory dwelling units it the districts 8 and 3 they heard that on july 16th and voted 4 to 2 to
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approve with modifications the recommended modifying the adu's in district 8 to align with district 3 and the retrofit adu one ada for buildings with 10 units or less and district 3 and the retrofit program with no limits on 5 or more units and the section modifications for the prospective of adu's in ground floor supervisor wiener stated for the first modification he supported the conflict but his outreach focused not on the one in supervisor christensen's owners supervisor wiener stated it is unlikely for retail given the commercial rent a higher than
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residents and the residential units will be subject to rent control and commercial is not and at the comet supervisor kim introduced 3 amendments that apply to both owners prohibiting the construction of adu's with tenants displaced by the ellis act within 10 years it passed unanimously and prohibiting the short-term rentals this passed with supervisor wiener voting against it and prohibiting condominium conversion requiring adu's to be permanently maintained by rental unit and the restriction to ownership for individual sale it was passed with supervisor wiener voting against it the last amendment referred back to the planning commission for their consideration and supervisor wiener asked for the file to be duplicated so the original
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ordinance when go-go there are no the boards ordinance this is opposing district 3 and requesting for outreach two piece of legislation with the amendments one and two were continued for one week and the duplicated file was sent back to the planning commission for review and comment on the land use agenda allowing a restaurant bar to opposing open is second location with the discretionary use authorization this was sponsored by supervisor christensen this ordinance will amend the nicole schneider to allow restaurants to operate within a space formally operated by the sales or service with the conditional use as long as certain criteria was met is it fair to say heard on june 4th and recommended approval to the board of supervisors on a 4 to 3 vote at the land use commission it was amended for the modification for the small business commission including
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require the small businesses seeking for a second location be in operation for 5 years instead of one year and allowing the restaurants to seek approval through this process that originally proposed would have allowed routine u restaurant and bars to seek 24 it was forwards to the full board with the committee report with a with a positive recommendation the housing balance report was to be heard for monday, however continued for one week for time reasons at the full board of supervisors the amendments to the citywide affordable housing fund this this committee weighed their opportunity to hear passed its first reading as well as secondly, rental unit this passed its first reading the short time residential sponsored by warehouse and supervisor farrell passed its second reading and the hearing on the
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final negative declaration for the hall of justice on 850 bryant the board of supervisors confirmed the negative declaration for 850 bryant street the board took the action the first approving of the project they're elected body they're is no appeal by the ceqa determination to them and the board heard the ceqa there is no such opportunity on boil the at this particular time negative declaration has had several issues for the miss characterization and the same issues were raised supervisor kim took issue with the timing of the environmental review at an early stage several supervisors expressed concern and nobody is two be spending money on the jail replacement the ceqa review was accurate and appropriate it was voted in
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favor of the determination and supervisor kim and commissioner avalos voted against it supervisor campos was absent for the groupings that was passed in its first reading as the north beach amendment 3 introduction by supervisor yee childcare requires for office and residential projects and associated fee the ordinance for the planning code to have the childcare for hotels up to one dollar 57 and apply the fee to projects with 47 or more gross square feet for the residential development up to $1 843 and allow the developers to provide the family daycare in lieu of the fee another introduction pie
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supervisor wiener for the fee it amends the planning code by the transportation sustainability fee and the transit impact fee and a zoning map and planning code amendment for the special use it was supported by the mayor it allows the special use district and amending the map to include the special use district i'm available for questions. >> briefly a few items the first, the project nope as 1050 valencia the board of appeals it was brought back to the board because of the result of a lawsuit and the 3rushg9 decision the court amended the finding in the action there was a rehearing request the appellant was seek a full additional public hearing on this item the braid
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unanimously depend the request the 2 is fulsome street before you as a discretionary review earlier this year about a deck proposed at the rear and the concerns of privacy by the adjudicate property owner this commission took discretionary review and added a planter it turned out when they not to the building inspection they proposed a 5 feet setback plus the 2 foot mraesht that was required the department of building inspection required a 5 foot setback and they also maintain the two foot planter that increased further the supervision it was appealed by the adjacent property owner that has concerns of the private properties like the hearing the board of appeals tried to suggest alternatives that addresses the concerns of the appellant was not satisfied
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other than the removal of the deck the board found the conditions were sufficient and doesn't grant the appeal the board is not meeting next week but on august 5th they'll have another appeal fovsh for valencia street related to an encroachment so the department of public works will have a say on the project and report back on august 6th thank you. >> thank you. >> okay next item, please. >> that place you on general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, public may address the commission up to three minutes. i have no speaker cards. >> any general public comment.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i have this is not going to show up on the overhead i have hard copies of the spreadsheets spreadsheets thanks a couple of weeks ago when you were discussing the interim controls something said you're not hearing from another neighbors we only com to you on a project by project base so from potrero hill to tell you the eastern neighborhoods plan is failing i have a new spreadsheets between the anticipate back in 2008 and what is actually happening in the real world up to 4 thousand unit for potrero hill and show place skid mark 5 negligent mass
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a didn't include dog patch the pier 70, the power plant and for that matter nothing in mission bay we are hrtd towards the doubling of neighborhood residents with the obsoleted configuration of the land this is time new investment and little attention for the middle-income families and a dramatic loss of working class jobs and escape with luxury housing we i'd like to take this opportunity stress the urgency as rapid gentrification with the window of opportunity is going to close once it's non-gone no turning back reforms mob made and promises kept potrero hill needs our help and need you to take action now
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it is alison with potrero erroneously thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please and i'm with the friends of jackson park 22 years ago i led a group of eastern neighbors to work with the open space commission to get equipment at jackson playground that is awesome now you guys some of you have been there it is tremendous clubhouse was deplorable then and remains that today no one wanted to let their kids use the restrooms those fields are are really well-used by not by kids they're used by kids with saushl and baseball a 5-year-old showcase called for 4 units of new open space four acres of new
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open space beef not found and identified we have 4 thousand new residents that will be moving 2, 3, 4 within 50 blocks of jackson and 2000 around show place scare identify and save it i'm sure you're aware of once it gets developed it is gone so the time is now i urge you to act with us and help us we we'll work with you thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners j r president of the potrero hill association the last example of mental coercions with rec and park i want to talk about our issues with sfmta we have some transit changes coming to our neighborhood from the mission bay plan and mitigations to the warriors not designed to
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help with the influx and population for our area as this commission noted another neighborhood plans are art in areas that are densely serves by transit our area because of the sparse population not - our streets are congested we've been working with sfmta to fix this problem two weeks ago had a meeting about sfmta transit engineers and mission bay working on a new transit line with the traffic issues it is the 11th line the sfmta wants that line to die in mission bay into sobering and mission bay wanted to come to potrero hill it helps to serve the commercial needs of sobering and mission bay and provides on
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outlet for the increased population inform potrero hill and dog patch to get do you want to connect to the commercial districts to get to the 22nd street caltrans to eventually connection into sobering and get ahead the problems after a lot of back and forth and bart where the ridership to justify this line and the transit engineer said, huh? maybe we should talk to planning to see what they've got going on it sound like there's a few people nevertheless the planning document it approaching a decade old the calls have been going on and still not seen the other departments recognize we have an issue if we don't get ahead of will cause gridlock and make it
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difficult for better urban planning to get done if the future we urge you when you look at various projects from the eastern neighborhood and dictating the policy how the different groups in the government work to achieve the planning goals thank you. >> thank you. >> hello commissioners i'm tony the vice president of the boosters association i was president 10 years ago the - we spent a lot of time here i'm getting a little bit i don't know if it is a pleasant da gentleman have you in remembering president alexander asking when can we goes responsibility for the eastern neighborhood to be taken
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seriously commissioner antonini insisting that affordable housing advocates were practicing social engineering the more things change the more the things stay the same 10 years ago we insisted we're heading towards a crisis to the crisis it exists today is not a spice up for anyone on of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a policy choice is created the offer building and the infrastructure crisis we've creating a land for additional value an land and anytime missed the impact fees and removed the financing that was going to fill in the gap and nothing to replace it since seven years the plan was adopted activists and community representatives told you that was coming 7 years ago here we
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are today, we're at the point we have apologizes coming from the marries and staff and other city department oh, yeah, we get it we've been under investing those apologies mean nothing unless we dedicate funding not for the mayor's office to build the neighborhood the boosters association send at the end of the 2013 approved at our organization i'll mention a couple of plans in hopes we can get more deeply into them first, it is funny to me you're talking interim controls because the commissioners every approval is discretionary you, a an moratorium by approving projects
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the infrastructure has to catch up before you, get our building permit you can do this today you're our power to force it to capture secondly, raise the impact fees the impact fees should be here they are reduced down because of sensitivity to developers that wouldn't had had development weighing we've not killed the development we should go higher and third ask your san francisco aging & adult services commission for the increased property tax that is an important revenue source and that's how we can make up the goggling gap without burdening projects. >> is there any additional public comment general public comment? i actually want to comment on two i'm also on the agenda i know i'm supposed to talk about
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the agenda i wanted to brought to your attention there are times when there are slips in the planning department like we submitted all the documentation required and we requested to provide certain documents at the last minute which we the and we've been moved off the agenda a member of the public and a smalltime homeownership i ask you to consider when your application is submitted m submitted and incidentally complete us to be penalized costs me money and the bottom line if it is not our mistake he ask consideration as the member of the public that i'm not large in number but i'm a member of the public i hurt when the decision it made to move out my item for no fault of mine like for the last too nights to get the documentation so it would be
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available for the hearing today that's just one thing i wanted to comment on i request your consideration but you've suggested if this is possible to include us we've provide with what the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a requested i'm a potrero hill residents i own property and have been actively in the potrero hill neighborhood as a general member of the public who knewly moved there and activated with folks our supervisor being a neutral party i'll urge to consider carefully the facts that have been presented i have in bizarre i've seen a lot of falsification related to more and more possess that was a storm with people until we went
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and faced them they don't respond to the e-mails and i said maria come on talk to them while we're a society this is against gentrification and movement i can't urge you to update the transportation updates to bring potrero hill up to speed but not shown the construction of the development we need to bring housing into the city and address some of the major problems of housing we're trying to address in san francisco thank you >> thank you. is there any additional public comment general public comment? >> hello, i'm judith i live in bruno heights so i just wanted to talk about a little bit about my prospective
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of some of the decision you you've made and the impacts that they have on pedestrian traffic and biking traffic and the option we have in the eastern neighborhoods i feel like you tend to not goes off street loading zones on projects i've seen a lot of problems with this binding us in terms of having to then have on street we're looking at the mission street for bus lanes they can't still have to have loading zones so it basically hamers our efforts to improve transit i witnessed all the time bike lanes where people are blocking the bike lanes with wide trucks bicyclists have to go into traffic they shouldn't i really like you to stop granting
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the exception from off street loading zones on large buildings and like you to impose the wide sidewalks it vision zero calls for some are saying we're not setting our project and provides the sidewalk for the pedestrian traffic instead of they're saying oh let's put more into the street so i think you need to really think about preserving vision zero and making the infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists and not allowing those projects to dedicate off street loading and also sidewalks thanks. >> any additional general public comment? >> good afternoon. i was
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planning not on being here i was outside for the rally don't evict people from yerba buena but listening to the people of the city hey my district is also being forgotten when we asked me where do i live i live in the boon docks of cracker excelsior and i'm thinking my district has been forgotten like i think one time they rated the parks in the city moreno was rated 8 and cracker amazon g plus and they were talking about building more housing where my mom used to work at the key company i can't think of it now but back then
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they said people if they don't have cars they had to take free bus to get to the safe way at geneva mission and we i don't know that we have that much affordable housing being built i know there are periods i read in the examiner that south of market has boons but we're forgotten we're not important i think we or so oil saying hey don't forget the excelsior at cracker amazon we don't have much retail activity come to think of it so, please remember us. >> thank you very much any additional general public comment? okay general public comment is closed. and commissioner richards >> i know since i've been on the commission we've talked
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about the eastern neighborhoods and here we are dealing with the mission portion of for the plan on the action item to have an update on the eastern neighborhoods plan and the eastern neighborhoods implementation report coming out, i wanted to make sure in the next few months germentd get our arms around and hold a hearing about what we are seeing so i'll appreciate that thanks. >> okay next item commissioners commissioners, that places you under your regular calendar ethnicity the 5 m an informational presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm potrero guy with of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a that is an informational presentation on was 5 m project the project site locate on the west side between mission and howard street that measures 4 acres it is now occupied by a variety of uses
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with buildings primarily located in the c district the sponsor will give a more in depth information but it will demolish 4 existing buildings and remain that building and new buildings up to 4 hundred and 50 feet the last presentation was in november of 2014 since that time the project has been revised to eliminate one of the towers and preserve one the existing building in terms of the program it contains 6 hundred dwelling units and office spaces and sub tehran parking and offices and workshops so it includes private and public landscape the office of economic workforce
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development and other agencies have worked extensively with the sponsor to have a comprehensive plan for the site an sud will articulate a regular set the zones and the development document towards a vision for the overhead project on the architecture and massing and streetscape improvements and landscaping and lighting and circulation and public art, open space public and design operation of the pedestrian realm d can be one of the focuses of informational item through this it process minor revisions can be exhausted administratively by the planning director following the entitlements provided those minor revisions are not in conflict by more changes may needs to be considered by the
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commission or the board of supervisors this has been adopted for other large park merced and treasure island it didn't include more specificity on the design details in addition an agreement that lays a project with delivery of improvements and ken rich are here from oewd to give an overhead of the presentation that this that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions and oewd for any questions you may have thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm ken rich with oewd it is good to be in front of ever of you, you it been a while since you've seen a development agreement it only one of 6 we've been restoring
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the relatively rare projects where the standard impact fees and requirements don't fit we have opportunities to craft there will made agreements with developers to bring xooild benefits to the city and nearby neighborhoods we think this is one of the opportunities in return for changing the zoning controls and allowing more development in a place where it is appropriate one block under the cal station we've spent the last year crafting the community benefits we think the city and developer should be proud of my colleague will describe those in a moment i wanted to per view affordable housing is front and center as mayor lee's priorities and the voters expressed through prop k, prop k realize that neither the city more private
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developers could achieve the affordable housing we have to work together it is a great idea of the partnership we use the fees as well as the - i'm sorry we use the developers obligations and fees the city collects and he puts them together in the right location sooner or later we're proud of how this say you coming out and angry to get our feedback i'm going to turn it over to ann to give you the details. >> may i have the laptop on the
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overhead i'm a project manager in the office of economic workforce development i'm going to try to quickly talk through the key elements of the agreement for the 5 m project this is a general overview of the program the project manager will take you through this in details but 6 hundred and thirty new market rates units and 2 hundred plus blow and square feet of open space i want to pause here to explain how we dwe derive it is in the c-3 district a privately operated associated with the up zoning required at the site we looked at the best structure we have currently available the transit plan that generates the highest fees for the structures
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this illustrates the c-3 fees bylaw plus the transit district overlay are yielded to the benefits program we'll come back to the chart after i walk you through those components the affordable housing program creates 2 hundred and 12 unit of ami at 50 percent and blow and 3 sites as follows: 48 non-expiring in the m-25950 percent ami the new building sovereigty and 71 an taylor site is a hundred affordable site and this site includes thirty units at 20 percent ami the rest at 50 percent a couple of doors down on mission street all of the affordable housing remains in district 6 with the goal of
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keeping it within a 5 minute walk of the project i was scalding asked exactly how far is it it is one thousand 4 hundred linear feet just about 4 miles the project pace $1.4 million to the downtown open space fee and build open space on site 26 thousand quiet and 22 plus thousand on the rooftops 37 square feet is above the codes requirements a major contribution this the nonprofit open space office space is the developers donations of the 12 trust the dumpster building is a focal .60 percent of the arts contributions will be distributed to be for capital
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expenditure to - the remainder is for public art throughout the 5 m sites in addition to the $5.4 million the 5 m makes a contributions to be used for the cultural and nonprofits with technical assistance expansion or stabilization those next two slides workforce and others are the result of extensive outreach for the office the community in particular expressed a desire for office of economic workforce development programs that will directly serve the people living in close proximity as a result we've generated $1.5 million for workforce programs those dollars will be used for removal and spvlz specialized end use it is
8:51 pm
targeted to provide services for disengaged individuals that are permanently homeless and this is the first the lgbt contracts with the division and finally generated 12 hundred construction jobs and full-time jobs. >> 3.5 of the $6 million are below the impact one million contributions to rec and park to kickoff the fundraiser to help with the gene center and to programs supported the betsey carmichael schools to be used for after school and onsite student support the remaining $1.5 million will be distributed to mocd for the capital
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improvements for the nonprofit organizations serving families within the selma neighborhood the total transportation obligation is $12 million we've that broken down 8 point plus is the infrastructure development or t.i.d. f for the discretion the $3.4 million represents the dollar amount they'll be required inform pay the t s f that will be introduced in the future or recently expands the transit fees to the residential construction while this project is not guaranteed they've agreed to a pay what their obligation would be this $3.4 million will be used by mta to fund the pedestrian projects in the immediate sites including a crosswalk correcting the plazas
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with the open space the project manager have maintain a robust management program project is a making a one-million dollar contribution to the city for further needs the funds will be used for small-scale capital for salary and other repairs on long term with the seismic evaluation of the building i'm sure you're aware of the city is telegraph hill working towards the landmark property to return it to the public so we're back to where we starred we've filled out the pie chart the 61 million dollars blue represented in blue and a.d. the purple eyeing the total contribution of and distributed it to the public benefits
8:54 pm
illustrated by the green pie da does not require the project sponsor to build the 3 new lives in any order it generates its own fees as you can see the n one generates the highest fees in the h1 in close second of obligations can't be changed the da allows the city to cover affordable housing needs first without changing the actual dollars amount expected to be built first, we'll use the bulk of the $34 million for the gap of the housing sites and apply to land and predevelopment dollars for the senior parcel for arts and other communities benefits basically the all the time addresses the housing for
8:55 pm
more to be built. >> so this the the $73 million question we're anticipating that members of the public or commission may have questions about how it compares with the central selma we have a quick comparison so what we know that the central selma plan presentation is that through outreach the staff identified the benefits is most sgiefrd by the community the 5 m package achieves every one of those targets here i'm stealing a slide and modifying to show how it aligns what we learned from central selma in order to achieve one goal 33 percent of affordable housing they're a trade off the plastic bag kaunt can't achieve this awaiting
8:56 pm
sacrificing the other target and visa verse central selma alternative one shows if the focus only achieving thirty percent affordable in the impact fee and even if it used a linkage it can't generate nonprofit office space the pdr space wells the historic preservation didn't increase the impact fee the housing drops to 25 percent alternative 3 shows when you raise both the residential and non-residential and include the project it drops to 42 percent it is equality to and exceeds the swlm by applying the offer lay and using it in lay fees the 5 m maintains the
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contribution including catch-22 including 1234 thousand feet and neighborhood and transit improvements and the dem stare other buildings this is a quick look at upcoming schedule we will be back here on september 3rd i'm going to turn it over to the project manager thank you. >> before we continue i would like to ask those standing please find a seat it you can't find a seat the overflow room is 421 thank you. >> thank you, commissioners i'm been working on the project since 2008 let's see if we can get the
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slides up that would be great. >> great to give you a bit of history 2, 3, 42008 we brought the soft site this is the 5 m project to the city from there we developed a sense of principles for overall goals went through a series of design excuse me. went through a series of comprehensive design and in about 2011, 2013 took all that information in addition to the community process we lead in the 2009, 2011 era and actually finally submitted our project
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application and approval process since then we've sorry excuse me. in november of last year, of course, you saw the draft eir and since then we've taken the feedback and revised the plan for approval in september i'll briefly summarize the steps and laura will take you through the design documents following. >> 4 m it located next to powell the transit rich station in northern california the goal is adding density to the site is consistent with the goal of peaking height and density where the transit exists creating rolling hills through the skyline a lesson discussed how we treat that site within the context of the overall city planning and goals central
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subway adds capacity to 5 m we're the only soft site look at congestive heart failure peaks in density and height around the central selma. >> the site today is 50 percent parking lot with no residential opponent and the came back contact is extremely diverse with downtown sites forming an sud and da allowed us to get specific how to respond both in benefits and the plan as a result we've held numerous community meetings to get input a strong priority as discussed around affordable housing and a panel within a 4 minute walk with the ami levels below 50 percent we carotid a lot of tops
9:01 pm
and goals that is addressed in the da from a planning prospective we had several goals for the project first and foremost to try to create a vibrant public open space within the site and thank you for the opportunity and enthusiastic the alleyways is critical and density to the transit site including a mixed use environment this lead to the plan we last showed you in november with two residential knows and two new construction office building to create large floor plates the plan had a central open space on the ground and the rooftop we've heard from the commission and community that is a was too much density we looked how to reduce the density on the site two ways to do that reducing the heights
9:02 pm
to the lowest do you remember or adding space ultimately of adding more openly versus the skin. >> prevailed this removed the center office building and doubles the amount of open space on the ground this plan was felon as a preservation alternative and likewise reduces the height on the howard office building the result is is a plan that balances the historic buildings and open space with 50 percent of the site known for the two and 50 percent up zip code for the new construction here's how that transformation locks the existing site is showing the context of the open space the previous scheme shows the
9:03 pm
office building towards the left and the plazas in the center and today it looks like this so you add much more open space the context of the historic buildings how they enter play to create a feeling towards that center of site while alexander and holding the density towards the edges through the construction building with that i'm going to turn it over to laura to go through the specific design process and document and offer the planning rationale behind it thank you. >> thank you alex commissioners and director ram i'm happy to be here to speak about 4 m i've been working on the project since 2008 and as well as our architect and other arithmetic
9:04 pm
have been working with us we start with the design where we began was the context site as pointed out in the c-3 downtown distinct neighborhoods it is a site like no other it is like where we have a contrast between old and new i mean on the images one side of the street street art and other side the enter continental hotel as we began planning the site we looked to the overhead context of selma and mission street as a corridor that interesting for how collections of historic buildings and open spaces branch off of it throughout selma as we looked at past third street so we were interested in continuing that and creating the public realm to be an asset for the
9:05 pm
whole neighborhood zooming in on the site at 5th and admission the old mint and chronicle are not worthy how they hold the corner we're interested in last what had been done at mint plaza thinking about the open spaces from plaza to mint plaza and through the site we focused on creating this protected public realm aminities by buildings and reactivate the building with the camp he will line and the dumpster building that is vacant we were interested how this moment to exercise the old and new and organized by the alleyway of the street that runs to the center to make sure the public space is a inviting we choose to convert north mary street into the alley
9:06 pm
we're standing on mission street looking south towards the public space this is the chronicling kind of art screen on the blank wall so with the bases of the site plan the historic buildings we looked to how we create the density and the massing strategies around that there were a number of key consideration that is a complex site first the protected stir view of pouting powell street with the north of market and the change of the grid overlaps with parcels that leads to mission street and from 6th street to 4th we were interested in that site in the transition between downtown and western neighborhood the largest buildings are located at the largest streets and to the east
9:07 pm
so closet to fifth and howard additionally wind is a factor the prevailing wind from the north west that makes it you want to set our buildings up in height and through that with we were able to greatly minimize the wind speeds from today into the future and finally, the orientation of the building i'm going to go a little bit longer okay there is a lot here and there was a context project ask for additional time and i'll try to go fast. >> thank you. >> open mitch the two key spaces of the mary court together that makes the massing as showed with an interest how we're experiencing the buildings not public realm on the ground and skyline the d for d the document i think you have came
9:08 pm
out a various amount of work i'm going to focus on a couple of highlights the open space and this massing and design what is most sponsor about massing and building design how one experiences the building so the base and ground plain and the upper portion of the building as a experience from the skyline that is where the controls are tight controls as mentioned was for protection of the open space and the up zoning for the density on the new construction it is not just about the numbers we were requiring height will differentiatetion as you can see in sample images from potrero and western neighborhood no matter what height the ground floor has to be designed well so
9:09 pm
the base and ground floor are important we have a number of requirements including minimum retail and the requirement of two entries on every block and then evergreen height and all the things that make a street safe and vibrate there are more complex reminders that i might more detailed for the d for d because it is such an important site the 34ik9 building next to the connecticut california focuses on the horizontal to connect to the chronicle height and the chief ton height and an emphasis on the heritage this is the height alignments as well as the change in patterns to the base n one residential building on
9:10 pm
the street is the taut tallest building how this tower is shaped to be the most elegant a be single vitamin that is or two have are enter connected the base contributions to the chronicle building and the base texture is intended to reflect the brick and timber it is encouraged to be a brick or similar material building the h1 is a commercial building on howard street basis it is larger and to be divide into 3 the base and the tower that are interconnected on the inside are differentiated by cloud treatment and height and that is it is required to have targets so you can't design the whole thing as a glass tower
9:11 pm
here you see the requirement in a scenario on fifth street with a setback and terrace and here the project on the skin. >> and kind of clearly see that peeks and valleys of course, the public realm is important and through the d through d we regulated that as a fine-grain the intent a series of open spaces that are connected but use for different activities with mary street as a shared public way the mary court is at the heart and here encouraged to be divided into tubbing sub zones and a dog run or children's playground that is not just about the public spaces but the streets so the project requires expanded sidewalks and treatment
9:12 pm
on the situations but offsite to connect to the project and then finally we in making mar this public realm is really phenomenal we have also embedded requirements for public art beyond the one percent that really encourages the local artists and the kind of activities discovery and surprise and have different people co-creating the space the last portion of d for d there having you have it much more content i'm available to answer any questions. >> anyone else from the project sponsor group open up for public comment i do have a note for a spanish translator. >> this is just a request do
9:13 pm
you know if that translator is here do mia favor and line up on this side of the room to keep the door unblocked (calling names) and how about - coke. >> if you're ready yeah. >> okay. good afternoon commissioners i'm allen low i've been a resident south of market for 9 years i'm here today to voice any opposition to the 5 m project there are
9:14 pm
concerns i have but i'd like to focus on the housing proposal san francisco is strength in housing stock and increases in property values 50 percent of the needs by the association for the according to the council in regards to affordable housing san francisco has clear policies and procedures cigarette forgot to up zone central selma the first are corporation is to representative a thirty percent goal only producing 9 percent onsite and applying double standards to the credits of funding they won't support also land is no guarantee of the development for production i noticed housing is not a gift
9:15 pm
to the community i'd be remiss if i didn't mention corporate housing on market rate housing allowing this the middle-income or in take of diversity will continue to be a low obligation you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello good afternoon hello, everybody i know hello to the people out there i'm here this is my neighborhood i was forced to live down here we were displaced with the ellis act affordable housing is here now affordable housing that even with thirty percent and 20 percent sometimes if fit everyone only place that will take us was
9:16 pm
rich housing a nonprofit our income was so low we couldn't meet any requirement for any of the housing so that's something to consider the people that live on go 6th street when i wake out of my door i see a lot of needles what i see is a lot of coke what i see and smell what i see i can't tell you what people do in bed those are family apartment please i ask you if you're going to build something consider that there is a neighborhoods that is there and they're a lot of homeless people they continue to come there they come there everyday you close another homeless encampment because of hospitality house and the needle challenge they need maybe we need to build hospitality houses
9:17 pm
and needle exchanges so people go and feel safe to be on the street and exchange with each other and so came back the neighborhood we need to incorporate this into a whole annuity i community because 5th and 6th street are all connected please i'm beg you to consider this and your project sound so beautiful i want to - i want that to be my neighborhood but i see something else out there you have to deal with it it's not going anywhere they keep cob that's all i have to say. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the
9:18 pm
veterans equity center when we started this process we looked at all the towers and buildings and this new plan eliminated one unfortunately, it has been raised for the community process that the height of all of those buildings have been to magnificent when i look at it you know, i look at the washington monument we look at the statue of liberty and the capitol building all densely smacked into the 4 acres fifth and mission i'm concerned south of market as we know is rapidly being developed with that with the economic uprise we have a lot of those proposals properties that are ripe for
9:19 pm
development and if we don't do something about allowing special used district one after the other your community our neighbors, our low income residents have been here the working-class they're not going to be able to afford to live here i'll look briefly at the 32 percent there are a lot of calculations that happen but 33 percent of 6 hundred and 90 is 2 hundred and 28 there is actually a 58 unit which represents 20 percent of 2 hundred and 28 residential buildings if i look at that that is probably the only thing that i can see that is very specific for the south of market there is a dedication of a land that is the land commissioner hasz plus a predevelopment and it should yield 83 units of
9:20 pm
senior hours again, it is not - i'm referring to this presentation and on exhibit e, in fact, it didn't tell you exactly it is dedicated because interests a clause that the mayor may reject the parcel transfer and the $33.5 million will it be paid and then lastly the 71 units that is the worse of the $18 million worst of the ac/dc development $80 million to develop 71 units i agree we need housing in san francisco. >> actually just leave it alone - >> got a mind of itself own. >> i agree we need housing all over the city but offsite and
9:21 pm
off neighborhoods is not going to be able to address the impact of this development in the immediate neighborhood we're building has it unravels i have more questions how it is calculated than answers i think i would like to urge the commission to help us slow the development in the south of market and make sure that you know we address all of those issues brown bag we move forward with this development thank you. >> i was waiting for it to - >> we all are you can muscle through a. >> good afternoon. i'm chris
9:22 pm
from the veterans guilty center a block away from the project i'll read my notes there is so much a sense of zoning process for the rincon hill plan area to the youth and family that is part of the ooerment and western selma mid-market is the twittering boulevard and also as well as like the central selma that will come to you next year since 2008 planning has been working in private with the developer for a city that is working on behalf of the long term owners the hearst development harvesting family to create sud which was significant without public participation we like all of you heard about the height of this and in
9:23 pm
november and we're just amazed that was considered and it's been what 7 or 6 months we're here having that vote come up to us discussing the mid of a recess on september 3rd we're concerned about this fast track process staff rep a business traction wife not a planning context you had a 15 minute presentation with 3 departments and a follow-up with 3 hundred and 80 page document from 9 developers and 11 pages from the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a we have a not had information from the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a in the neighborhoods for something of it this and staff negotiated a list of benefits in exchange for conferring almost tripling the zoning height limits the community felt we don't support the changing of the eastern neighborhood and find a portion
9:24 pm
of selma in the urban development we see this neighborhood as mid mid-level not high-rise level as part of your process that stated that from the beginning this is part of the eastern neighborhoods if anything this should be smaller the largest voting at the hospitality we thought was the supporting area for the convention center we see 4 hundred and 50 feet with non-residential use we have felt the brunt of the housing development in the city over half of the housing that is developed in all of san francisco has been in this district especially in the south of market but we have strimd with this department to make sure that the voice and the care about planning is really maintained and as a result we asking you to
9:25 pm
send this back and have them look at it the code compliant alternative thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm carolina work for the housing program my main concern with this project is the zoning and the building heights upon reading the draft eir and memos to the planning commission and attending those presentations for the community i have seen the 5 m towers being compared to the towers on 101 street and 455 california the trans america picture maid mid are building over 4 hundred feet but those are not new to california it is important to know while some of the buildings in the south of market they fit surrounding buildings allowable
9:26 pm
in the financial district or transit district when we look at buildings near market street on 9 or 10th street like the avva and the two towers 2 hundred and 22 feet they reflect others buildings of downtown the 5 m project does not comply with the zoning controls and the height limits i believe there is a misrepresentation of the project in relationship to the surrounding eastern neighborhoods and youth and family zones the average buildings in the family zone range from 40 to 85 e feet with the intercontinental a roof height of 3 hundred plus feet and a couple of blocks there's the 92 hampton a height of a hundred and 52 feet to put this into more prospective the 4
9:27 pm
hundred 70 feet with the rooftop features of the n one tower almost will be almost twice as at all as the federal building on 7th street the n one building 55 times taller than the top of the building we're all currently sitting in imagine putting 4 hundred and 70 or 3 hundred 90 feet towers away from your schools and nonprofits and sros and the homes of and we'll low income to moderate home families when we think about development we have to ask ourselves who is it really serving profits masked with community benefits or the people the actual workers and small businesses that are being displaced bigger is simply not better for the eastern
9:28 pm
neighborhood and the youth and family zone we need family development thank you. >> hello my name is teresa i'm from the building housing of the veterans center as a community worker that has present before his we would like to address first it's impacts before we agreed to any kinds of development agreement for us and also one of our concern is the shadows and wind impacts of it this development will override the prop k requirement of the plazas which has zero percent tolerance of the shadows they list the impacts of other public places though not under rec and park commission jurisdiction but since it is a public place it
9:29 pm
will impact the plaza, us bank plaza and jessie square and yerba buena gardens and the play area under the planning code section 147 operable to the downtown zoning district with height limits requires all new development where hereabout exceeds 50 percent must not impact shadow we want to see a code compliant in this area on the other hand, is the wind impact we have to look carefully at the high concentration of seniors south of market based on the draft of eir the history wind speed is 24 mile-per-hour sxooed the 11 mile-per-hour for a senior walking down the street
9:30 pm
and we have seen our seniors struggling on 7th street because of the pretty well building when there is so many winds 24 mile-per-hour or sxooed 11 mile-per-hour is exceeding you know not walkable and on the draft eir is it addressed not hazardous and it is only for pedestrians for us those pedestrians it is very important because it is also the people we serve and seen clients that struggle with the wind so even though this might sound like wind and shadows but we have to let the cumulative impact in the surrounding area for us we want to see a code compliant development thank you. >> good morning, commissioners
9:31 pm
i'm mr. coach a resident of the grand building since 2008 i'd like the community to voice new concerns first in line with some of the other comments is the sheer height and bulk of this development we're talking about 4 towers 2 of which 4 hundred and 70 feet this compares with the conditional tower at 3 hundred and 60 feet high secondly i would like to comment on the impact of safety the plan takes away a turn lane completely and it also significantly b will increase the traffic density 65 additional cars coming in that area per day and thirdly i
9:32 pm
notice the plan proposes to have some open space actually rooftop open space and green space while it is recommendable i'm venture that open space will not be used to any great stent by anyone except the residents that will not impact the boarder community thank you. >> i'll call a couple of names while you continue to come up peter judy and others (calling names). >> high i'm julie la coach i'm
9:33 pm
also at the selma grand building residents since its inception 2008 a bay area residents for 35 years not someone new to the area first of all, i'd like to start with that's why thanking you you'll for making the city a vibrant place a lot has changed we gridlock appreciate that right now, i'm here to urge you to do study on the traffic and wind impact i call this project more like supposedly a dream come true wow. they've done their homework like they're going to give the city money for the nonprofits, give money to the city for the schools they're going to do everything possible to get this project off the
9:34 pm
ground you imagine the impact of the traffic around that area despite the fact it is close to public transportation there will be delivery cars the trucks, repair man coming in visitors to the building right now as is with the other projects going on it faces about 15 to half an hour to hover around two or three, 3 streets around that neighborhood right now without that project take place as far as the open space the proposed are excellent i don't know about them until i took a walking tour of the city there are restricted and open space of it is a park we get what is going to happen lots of people not residents of the city or area roaming around we won't be
9:35 pm
able to get close to that place although we've lived in our units for 8 years we've never gone to any of the parks in our neighborhood it is simply not safe and we'd like you to consider it as well we urge to my neighbors and i in the grand building urge you, please to do further research further study on the traffic and the wind impact thank you very much i appreciate the time. >> hello, i'm teresa a parent and residents of selma i'm concerned about the development that is actually really too big and out of scale for me, i question the developers purpose and intent what they the in brooklyn and what in their doing
9:36 pm
to our community their splitting us to many of us it pose any questions we've not seen an alternative we want to see one we want to remind you for selma with the community has been well-thought-out and carefully plan to protect the residents and small business to lesson the environmental impact why should we allow the city we to put things in place why spot zoning you know why those laws are made laws if you give the city what they want why give those projects will start popping up like mushrooms but why are you allowing this for sure that
9:37 pm
project comes more displacement in the city landlords will start evicting tenants for more rent and this is like the manila town one block is left this part of the city where filipino families and low income families live we don't want history to repeat we'll not sell the soul of selma or san francisco you know very well that would higher impacts has been explained we want our sunshine and we want to know where the ideas of heights come from the idea come from they change the city landscape and change the author fairs and go against the law we want to know who is pushing those projects
9:38 pm
real bad and pushing project we pray that is no manipulation we don't like it when people play divide and conquer and silence this all come down to you commissioners the health and safety of our city with the laws mr. place are in your hands thank you and god bless (clapping.) >> hello my name is chip ram i live in the neighborhood at 4 hundred block i've lived in san francisco over 20 years and seen a lot of changes most of which i like i'm a big supporter of this project it will bring people in the neighborhood who support our businesses our restaurants and
9:39 pm
provides a good balance of housing, and i believe it deliveries benefits to the neighborhood i know they've done an excellent job is with the green space i'd like to see more projects like this in the city i hope this passes with our approval. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is initiating i can't i'm the director of programs for united playaz and a parents and a native self-control i'm here in support of the 5 m preservation and the proposed agreement i have attended any community meetings that are widely accomplished and translators available and willing to meet with businesses to further explore questions and concerns
9:40 pm
you've met many developers in the past few years and forest city has gone above and beyond to get the feedback based on what they learned will 4 m change the surroundings, of course, but in my opinion forest city makes a concerted effort to make sure that 5 m is a positive edition to selma and mitigate it's impact as soon as possible currently the site a roughly half later than you think with no existing parking space for a city that has a representative attended the community mergers of service provider that serve betsey carmichael they are in - forest city as demonstrate by investing in the programming and the purchase of the clubhouse to
9:41 pm
have a safe place to go to access services and person up to the time i believe they respond to the community needs and reflect their desire to invest in the community in meaningful ways affordable senior and family housing youth and workforce development public safety and open space our motto is it not takes some of the hood to save some of the hood we believe we're all in that together at a service provider and selma residents i'm happy to welcome the residents of the 5 m project as neighbors thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm harvey phillips a selma residents for the last ten years two blocks from the project site and executive director of city
9:42 pm
crossroads a nonprofit that serves children and youth one1 block on 6th street since 1984 we started working with the forest city when they hosted focus groups to talk about what the folks in the neighborhood liked and again like what they want to see changed in this long development process in my experience forest city as loefd do of low and behold they've invited people to the table and responded to the concerns of those who came to the table to talk it is true you can't please everybody but foist has tried to address concerns that folks have brought to the table what there was concern over density and
9:43 pm
hesitates forest city respond removing an office building and created additional open space when concerns about the open space forest city created a design for open assess for all and most importantly when residents shared the concern that community benefits raised would desperately need to stay in selma rather than the city as a whole forest city sought out ways for $10 million to be used inform support of the ask the and job training the art and cultural heritage in south of market this is a gentrification is a real issue at which san francisco is being redeveloped for low income communities are shut out of the city they've called home inform many years it is critical in uncertain times
9:44 pm
the types of project are smallest not only in their design and planning by in how they're willing to build a bridge between the neighborhoods and proposed plans as an urban plan that creates mutilate development that fits the scale and density of the soured area forest city created a project that is smart we commend them meeting the thousands of new jobs and creating public safety and critically needed open space by listening to the community concerns and advocating for the benefit to remain in selma and engaging the community partners we're building this bridge i encourage you to support the developers thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
9:45 pm
>> good afternoon. thank you for allowing us all to speak it was a very expressive presentation i'm speaking actually in opposition to the project as now it stands but we have a number of suggestions that we'd like you to consider seriously just we've submitted a letter to you yesterday and also let me say what i'm am a retired architect and from the constitute of the architect a member of the san francisco a i a i live in selma and i might add i started work in san francisco in 19 61 and have since gone all over the place and now to be with my son and
9:46 pm
grandson my wife reminded me we were married here quite a few years ago in this building i want to talk about a letter a lot of thought was put into it we're quite concerned about a number of things you've heard a lot about but among the sud which this is a demand distinctive project the window shadow studies and transportation issues have been mentioned your concern is that the project has changed quite a bit and that the eir, the basic significantly i didn't want to address those changes i'm going to simply read the herod's of the letter we quite like our letter and spent a lot of time putting it together divided into 5 sections here they are one is the fifth and mission
9:47 pm
special use district is unjustified and bigger not in character of the selma neighborhood and your autograph heard the sud and the shadow issues that were brought up and the transportation we'll bring up in more detail the project we feel is too big for the site creates too much floor area that can generates the traffic and put in too much traffic in the area and you're a traffic engineering group that put together the eir did a commendable job didn't quite go far enough and a number of suggestions the second section of the lever the shadow impacts had which it creates have not been analyzed and forming presented based on the technical studies 3 minutes already
9:48 pm
? 30 seconds >> that's your warning. >> goodness the transportation have's not been suv elevated to many street projects the adverse impact of those which will degrade traffic well. >> if you like, sir leave our letter it will be known to us. >> you have the letter those are the headings the comments are in that your time is expired thank you. >> i'm sorry my time has expired. >> (clapping). >> please no overturn of any kind. >> i'm jane a resident of middle school mid-market and on
9:49 pm
the board of the cu d with the prozac citizens advisory committee i'm here to object to the chronicle building to allow this massive project by your description to transbay to be set under the middle of our residential neighborhood that has been crafted for years and now approaching implementation yet our considering violating it before it is adapted by carving out an sud in the middle and allowing a generate block project to violate the plan plan regulations were created for good reasons no jifks at all for an sud in the middle of central market it calls it's a transition from the high-rise into the lower scale but the reality all the buildings to the east are low rise with the
9:50 pm
expectation of the continental the lifted transition to step down and yet this is approaching to step up to 4 hundred and 70 feet the magnificence of the towering will dissect and the towers have no setback from the street is, they'll create a streetscape it is inappropriate to the neighborhood and creates wind and shadows that changes the surrounding how the community benefits are required by allowing law and go 0 into the general fund the proposed open space which is what i'm concerned about first of all it in the visible from mission marketing market it is enclosed by the towers by closings the public street the chronicle rooftop will only be open during business housing and mary court is more subject to the shadows
9:51 pm
to probe the eir quote new wind and onsite others resources along mary street where it is proposed in reality those spades will be unusual and used by the average office workers pouring into those office twenty-four hours towers there are in wind studies to show the effects on the public spaces us bank plaza and others that are listed i'm here to ask you call the fast track and insist on revised plans that address more of the concerns that are spoken about store we're not anti development but want development that recognizes the benefits of the community in real ways excuse me. not with unenforceable
9:52 pm
accountability please don't destroy our community we deserve better than that thank you. >> (clapping.) >> next speaker no interruptions please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm insure this esteemed group i've been through paris fran and get off the ground gone to the flea market as your working class through the pathways you come upon moping men with folded up tables and underneathal stone and they're moving it around and your invited to bet which cup as the stone and bet that are parallels the situation of affordable housing with the 5 m project you myself and the citizens of the san francisco really have no
9:53 pm
idea where the affordable housing is going to be we don't know what cup to look under and find the real affordable housing for a city it proposes they'll pay for 33 percent of the units of affordable housing the fact is that in they're building site on 578 units that's hard affordable housing is only 8 percent sure the hearst family has donated an empty lot and say they'll include $28 million for a feasibility study for 33 seniors units any financial expert will threw that 83 housing units costs over $40 million the hearst family is going to give you 28 the real facts that money will never come to finish it project will not
9:54 pm
come yet the planning commission is retina ready to grant a credit for 83 unit that will not in reality be built you have to ask that and realize it. >> lastly in the tenderloin forest city has offered to complete a project it's not new building that building has already been on the plans not new your picking i didn't bacon something that has been planned to be done tmc statements the money will build only 25 unit not 71 even if i accepted the building of the units for forest city in their 1-800 million dollars produces 25 yet the planning commission
9:55 pm
is giving credit to forest city for 71 units how can you do that how can you buy into that i ask you to stop this project at this time until hard affordable units are identified aid funded and will be built unit thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (clapping.) again, please no interruptions. >> good afternoon. i'm bill a resident of middle plaza live across the street i'm one of the people that use the plaza and space i should say i'm an architecture f i a and hold the position on the task force i'm in support of the project i want to say i've reached out to the members of 5 m i wanted to understand how it was put
9:56 pm
together and the sustainability consultants we worked on many towers we understand this this is a project we need in that neighborhood i see the benefits and what it will add to the neighborhood the team is assessable i don't know r i don't think they're hiding anything and their transparent and they came to talk about the project i will see this from my house in my view i'm in port of the project the density is fitting i'll let you worry about the height i'm in support of project. >> people in line should continue to come to the podium i'll call more names
9:57 pm
(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is virginia i'm the executive director of the yerba buena alliance the alliance is the 24-year-old serving harrison and 2 to fifth street i'm here to spoke on behalf of the alliance for the 5 m project the alliance would like to acknowledge the forest city for their community outreach especially and the alliance has had a working relationship to the stakeholder and to insure that the neighborhood is informed and engaged about this process they've commented and present with the alliance meetings we would like to acknowledge the project is 43 percent affordable housing with the public open space and the improvements to the public realm
9:58 pm
and also are encouraged and looking forward to be engaged with that project and working with the neighborhood and the community concerns thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm tom executive director of liveable city and a member of the bart it is fun hearing bart invoked but we won't pay for other capacity so i think some of the transportation go to the bart in adding capacity station by station we're running out of capacity as downtown gross and if you've religion bart you know it is dangerous here to speak about this project maybe too decades ago memory is fizz i didn't the forest city
9:59 pm
hey tom those idiots not idiot if you can say this is a transit project that is a senselessable place bart other than one side and you've got a big public garage yes i'll support your project without parking this is a great place that was the san francisco center project kitty-corner to this one i wish i'd asked better sequesters it made mistakes one of the mistakes was closings jessie street created two cul-de-sacks the mission forest city is dead imagine in jersey i didn't street was open bloomingdale and it was a wide street the mall faced it the great pedestrian circulation we got like a mall
10:00 pm
that has one good side and 3 bad i'm hoping we get this right the lesson for me we need to take care of the downtown projects and of the streets and alleys and preserving where the opportunity to extend them the new building should engage in dignified one is the thailand's if you've been down think a street there's a tunnel where the building bridges over the street there were two alternatives pit forwards one retained that tunnel and the preservation alternative retains that on ministry the other alternative treated a brand new tunnel on tom ma street that alternative the other alternative is the way the preservation i'd to have an alternative to open up both streets the bridge is a good
10:01 pm
thing they're asking for a lot they can fix past mistakes the other is circulation there is a parking garage with 5 hundred says that the calibration has all this traffic coming down fifth street if you're driven or cycled there is no radio capacity it is bump to bump buses cued up for blocks it is a mess pit together with the mall project you endorsed some of you weren't here this commission with the hundreds of extra spaces that will add a lot of traffic to fifth, if you add that you've got fifth street all this traffic will exit on mini no a quiet residential onto 6th the most pedestrian and bike
10:02 pm
accidents no mitigations proposed you need to - >> sir. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> please no oufrts of any kind those are standing near the door move to the overflow room room and good afternoon. i'm a resident and of san francisco i work here and what i know there say i understand opposition to the 5 m project it is understandable given the nature of the politics their innovating not saying? a dead block no human activity currently full of chain linked fences and border by 2kw0 alleys and criminal activity no displacement of tenants although san francisco is a
10:03 pm
network of liveable neighborhood they have a complete living and working and culture how does. >> let's pause for a second while this gentleman - >> how does the 5 m project make a liveable neighborhood it is compton pact it preserves land and supports transit service and neighborhoods serving mixed use it provides shops and services gives 5 m offers housing choices suited to all types of holders and holder income taxes providing jobs and shops and services support diversifies local businesses healthy 5 m supports the physical and mental health of the residents is clean and promotes social examination and social ability
10:04 pm
green 5 m is served by playgrounds and plaza and greenway trees and planter are sfwraktd into the street skylines to provide courtyards and green roofs assessable 5 m supports car free living by being well-connected to the sustainable transportation modes walking and cycling and par trait and uber their dined for universal accessibility sustainable 57 m uses natural resources sparely generating little waste i encourage the planning commission to please support that well vetted outbuilding project while serving the needs of many of the folks here in the city and in the neighborhood thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker.
10:05 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm chu i'm community organizer and selma residents i'm asking you to reject this proposal and encourage the developer to present a code compliant project that would minimize the impacts for businesses and communities selma city and our commissioner can't plan over the serious impacts of this mega development it has to be discussed the impacts those are not separated their tied with each other we are very concerned the direction the city and developers are going shit off the alleys will be a problem for the neighbors the transportation effort is suv evaluated in the market street
10:06 pm
traffic brings more congestion and stress in the existing heavy neighborhood it impacts the radio system by adding to the traffic volumes and patterns in addition to designing the access for proposed development planners and developers should strive to have a transportation service and safety for all roadway users. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a raymond i'm are subtle market community network i'm concern with this project regarding the shadow impact and the office spacess you know every year we encourage everybody he each individual to
10:07 pm
vote and lemon elite them know their matter we want to see the direction we're part of that; right? so you know we reflect wag we want in the community in the past election the people have voted for prop k which puts restrictions on buildings that cast a shadow on public parks and prop m that puts a cap on office spaces with no building of affordable housing with the construction of 5 m this proposition for the people voted for can be taken away if you let that happen we're letting developers take away our voice then public officials can take away our voice and votes in terms of we as a a community individuals don't matter if we let this thing happen we fought for this things to make sure we have a safe
10:08 pm
community by vibrant community and; right? so i urge you guys to really you know reconsider and think about this project you know so i'm here to ask you to reject the 5 m and slow down the partisanships of this project we encourage the developer for the anytimeal impacts businesses and community i want to add this area fifth and mission is not a dead block you know people are living in this neighborhood there is this community that lives in this neighborhood the alleyways there are people youth seniors and families that live and work and strife in that neighborhood thank you. >> thank you.
10:09 pm
>> next speaker. >> chris teen good afternoon. i'm sonya i'm with todco corporation i'm here to read a letter from the president of the todco john honorable commissioners any development of the chronicle properties that allowed by the current zoning will result in significantly gentrification pressures of 6th street community thus over two years ago todco identified crucial community goals the 5 m many incorporate as it has become an important part of the 21st century future number one achieve a thirty percent prop k 33 percent configuration in addition to the market rate housing and number 2
10:10 pm
dedicate the hearst corporation on parking lot to develop of part of inclusionary ava new volunteering or senior housing to meet the urgent meetings needs of central selma the residential hotel residents that face the tiny hotel rooms with no bathrooms building alternatives called the preservation that includes the rich significant buildings that open misses the open space to meet our neighborhood decades-long needs for a safe and welcoming local park number 4 fund a well conceived equal to compatible comparable projects immediately in the central selma district the initial response to all four of goals was no we're pleased to
10:11 pm
note the answer today is i didn't to all 4 that is the 5 m project before you there are very important details still to be resolved the open space will be incredible for example there must be a padlock for local preschoolers that live in the sros like the adjacent hotel and will be joined by 5 m housing and the new shadows from the nearby yerba buena gardens not major must be appropriately mitigated but we're going in the wrong direction 21st century selma community building sincerely john president todco group thank you very much. >> thank you as the next speaker comes up i'll call more names
10:12 pm
(calling names). >> hello, i'm lovingly i'm speaking on behalf of the arts filipino-american nonprofit arts organization found in 1994 we work to preserve san francisco's unique cultural identity san francisco is to maintain its unique identity it must be maintain it's cultural heritage assets including local businesses and nonprofits that and altercation which provides a sense of continuity that lands a city rich identity their quote imperiled by skyrocketing rents south of market is a popular area for filipino-americans since the earlier 20th century
10:13 pm
and the heart of the filipino-american from 2008 to 2011 the community lead by the filipino development fountains collaborated with the planning department on a proposal for filipino special use called the selma filipino that has the zoning tools and economic incentives to proximate cause o protect the arts organizations like cool art should be part of the dumpster building in order to represent programming for the community by the community for the long term but without a comment if commitment from the 5 m to make it feasible to make use of building it will be difficult like lark to participate in addition, we're advocating for more affordable units in you'll have 5 m building an important common approach with the social
10:14 pm
and economic backgrounds for families and youth and seniors what make a better overall society we iceberg the forest city to dmud us in all the 5 m artistic activities we urge forest city to work with the community work with us to preserve a sense of culture in the south of market studio 57 projects thank you and. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon planning commission members and director ram i'm the executive directors of the community arts stabilization trust thank you in advance for this opportunity to tell you a little bit about cast where we do and our role as the 5 m project and casts aims to accomplish
10:15 pm
community arts shakeabletion terrorist a nonprofit organization that seeks to save and preserve and create affordable place for arts organization within san francisco backed i northern community and sport by san francisco office office of economic workforce development san francisco arts commission and grants for the arts and opportunity by the ken elizabeth cast works with artistic community to preserve and promote san francisco's rich and unique arts eco system so how do we do this cast supports it's local support by bringing up in technical assistance and real estate expertise and funding we contributed to neighborhood 2, 3, 4 sdh we work with arts as a office of economic workforce development one example in collaboration with the northern
10:16 pm
california community fund and san francisco arts dimension that year alone we awarded $400000 to 5 arts organizations including women's, group division and boxcar theatre and gray area and we have the goal of financially supporting many, many more over the next few years mitigating displacement and securing the arts and stabilizing san francisco rich nonprofit heritage is one of the many ways cast is specifically supports artists second example in partnership with the kenneth wayne foundation we were able to secure permanent homes for both the luggage store gallery and cash cast purchased the building and will open the newly renovated culturally buildings
10:17 pm
so why 5 m and pursuit we consider the aspirins are the private and local community if there is a way of realizing our mission 5 m approached cast to partner on the development of the 447 minute project or the 447 i believe as a center for culture and community activity your violation to insure that local arts and communities are included many 5 m in closing we foster san francisco's rich culture and the diverse eco system working with 5 m allows us to be provided with the opportunity to make sure that artists and local nonprofits remain a vital asset to san francisco thank you. >> thank you.
10:18 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm randy i didn't the executive director of intersection for the arts i'm here to speak emphasizing before this project 5 years we've been involved that 5 m and had an successful experience with forest city we were excited and specifically intersection the arts was invitation i invited in first, you finish the building and call it a day or an entry structure to raise 45 millions to outfit on the inside we're a partner and contributor to the conversation since on site we have over hundred and thirty artists and arts organized as members we represents a intersection we're known for our
10:19 pm
work no community and creating meaningful partnerships since moving to 5 m we work with betsey carmichael elementary school united playaz and hospitality house and more recently with south of market business association then we work with others organizations in silver market with the tenderloin museum so we can create through the space and through the programming at 5 m links to all the different places like the buildings on taylor street for the other heirs we're deeply commented to 5 m and look forward to helping inform how the cultural spaces are developed and activates it is new cultural assess as well as provide something unique for the residents and the people in the surrounding immediate
10:20 pm
neighborhoods and for the first time in our 50 year history intersection for the arts has a permanent home that is critical to our survival and in closing, i want to say that hearst and forest city have been contributing to our program dollars with a significant investment on the part of the organization to the arts in san francisco thank you. >> hello my name is al honeyed cost can i work at inspection wanted to rely some of the things since we're siept and holy those inform our relationship with forest city moving forward in a planning process if this project is grant
10:21 pm
approval so for we've been allowed to experiment at the site with a few test cases for how the cultural spaces i miter develop moving forward all the promotions intersection works with local artists and arts organized in various ways we worked with gray area for the festivity the predecessor to market street festival we were there that on site and mediate a local arts organization and the accident sound like in the ministry tunnel and worked with a grew up from the children's creativity museum to create planters down mary street what else and then there was the 5 w project that intersection accident over the course
10:22 pm
significantly the chalkboards on the street that served as a way for the myriad of different kinds of people that travel up and down mary to interact with each other in addition to working with the artists and artist groups to activate the site in its current form and activated it moving forward intersection itself has been given space in the curiosity 5 m project we will be in the future 5 m project sixth blow market rate which has developed has enabled us to develop a significant new source of income through renting the space out to the tech and entrepreneur community that allows us to
10:23 pm
provide subsidize or free space for artists within our facilities as well as employ local artists to run the events which is a lot more than - typical coffee shop jobs pay those artists thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president of the south of market business association it's been well over 5 years this project is out there with the forest city reached out to neighbors and businesses and everybody else to get a position and design that would fit into the neighborhood they wanted to be part of the neighborhood and not just putting something up
10:24 pm
that didn't fit in it's going to be the developer impact fees have contributed to further housing and affordable housing that is quite a bit nobody does that that i know of the other thing with the ground floor it is going to be available for commercial spaces for small businesses and that's going to help with the neighborhood other thing the open space where you going to have open to the public not just to the people in the building a great place for the public to be able to sit down and have coffee or read a book whatever the last thing concern about the traffic out there and what is going to create one thing the foot traffic will be a good thing more eyes on the street the more the more safety and
10:25 pm
much, much better than what we have nothing going on at the end of the day, we really this is a good project and south of market business association supports it thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and fellow commissioners and director ram i'm arithmetic trained the vice president of the board of directors of tmcs don hoped to be here had a conflict i'm here to represent tmcs on behavior that i'm rialto express our support for the 5 m to provide information on the project at eddy and taylor in which will be the rester from 5 m i'm sure you're aware of t n d c
10:26 pm
providence provides affordable housing since 1981 over 2 thousand units that supports families who income taxes are less than one thousand dollars per month we're a vital safety net for families in san francisco t n d c acquired the site in january of 2008 we proposed to develop a hundred and 50 unit project that was 14 stories but we found with the recession and that included the change in financing from redevelopment agrees and financing available from the state we were not able to precede at the encouragement of the city to seek because of financing the project over the course of 4 years we worked with
10:27 pm
nonprofit developers to develop a mixed use market rate and affordable project but not able to establish feasibility we reduced the size of the building and worked with the developers to meet their inclusionary operations offsite with no partner consequentially forest city approached us we viewed it as a unique opportunity to achieve the fuentes for the project with the respective $8 million by forest city as well as another funding sources we've successfully secured we have now raised all been $7 million of the necessary funds to proceed with that project the development about consist of a hundred and 3 units 80 percent 2 bedroom and larger thirty percent for homeless families as well as 5 for
10:28 pm
developly he challenges people and for families in the tenderloin and south of market we've been privileged to work with 4 m we believe their affordable housing element which includes our projects and the units on their site provide a viable addition to 9 housing stock in san francisco in district 68 thank you very much. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners you're all very patient i'm allen the executive director of the art foundation of san
10:29 pm
francisco we're a nonprofit organization that involves san francisco youth in the preefshgs for engineering and design and construction our mission to educate the next generation of san franciscans towards the architecture and design has on the environment we seek to share with you the passion and pride of those who shape the physical environment in san francisco one of the projects we are currently xhublth a jobs readiness program for transitional yourt for personal integrity creativity thinking and effective resiliency and pride but have children the ability to learn we nevertheless with children and our youth is design projects enlike school there is not all
10:30 pm
one right answer we have best and better answers we help can i see understand that process part of project the job trust program we're working with the youth in the chronicle building and asking them to accomplish tasks they'll be organized in design teams to focus on the 5 m particularly the open space and get the opinions and designs of that alternative we seek to prepare through this combination of skill building and involvement in a real major san francisco project to prepare currently disaffiliated youth for taking the next step for productive participants of the community time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner
10:31 pm
aim eric i'm with the so many can i'm speaking on behalf of the youth for the community i'm asking you to reject the 5 m and ask the developer to have a project that minimized the impacts to the some businesses and communities selma neighborhood and the city and your commissioners can't glance over the city's impacts of the mega development the issues have not they're not separate their tied with each we're concerned the direction the city and developer is going with that project because of traffic buses and cars are clogging up in the
10:32 pm
street not including likes and rush hour is bad i you don't i don't want to compete for the lanes the streets are clogged up the new development sites impact the surrounding roadway by alternating the traffic lanes in addition to the proposed developments planners and developers should it is a strife for the uses and housing under the housing balance report that just came out of 21 thousand units built in 7012 thousand units were built in selma over the past decade have been built this didn't include the construction so i'm here to ask you to reject the 5 m project as
10:33 pm
proposed and slow down slow down this project and ask the developer to minimize the impacts to the selma residents and community thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) okay. that's the last times we ask for no applause no oufrts you may agree there is a good testimony but try to keep it civil and let people testimony eject all the i'm erica the executive director at neighborhood design we have a construction outraging program for disengaged previously incarcerated few weeks in the construction industry additional focus on folks that don't have their ged or driver's license
10:34 pm
and we've been if discussion with forest city to make sure that our graduates having a pipeline duo to get into the consideration project i was here to let you know those configurations have been going on the development agreement looks like it is headingin the right direction. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm a translator. >> good afternoon, commissioners
10:35 pm
commissioners. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm here to speak of the residents of the building living in the third floor. >> and this building. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this building is in 5th street and mission street. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and in this presentations i always go to their meetings. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the construction is high for this building. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and our building is only 5 stories high. >> (speaking foreign language.)
10:36 pm
>> so if this construction end. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> what if the fresh air we breath in surrounding the area. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and especially the air. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and during the construction. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my wife is 76 years old with asthma. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and she's giving to dust and policy even and other things. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and when this construction
10:37 pm
ends what kind of vitamin will we receive that we need more our body. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and in this building there are many senior citizens. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and during the construction there maybe people that may have nervious breaks down. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and what's going to happen we're still living as seniors. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> those are good projects for developers. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> but for the seniors life is very important for most of all.
10:38 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and my suggestion is to postpone and slow down the development and create a study for the surrounding seniors in the area. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you and hope you'll listen to our comments for the residents thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is emily lee i work in chinatown i'm representing san francisco rising alliance an alliance of 8 organizations across san francisco including (calling names)
10:39 pm
delores street services and filipino service center and other organizations we're speaking we know this is a local project that is impacting the local residents we ask you to reject this 5 m this is not one development if one part of city but part of a pattern of developments that will not necessarily benefit the residents we're especially concerned with the issues the gentleman raised about the quakes to the health of seniors and children and family members what we've seen throughout the city san francisco needs to be a model for how we have development without displacement where we don't develop a new project at the expense of pushing out current residents that are low income have been living in the neighborhood for decades and hope you'll
10:40 pm
encourage the developer to present a code compliant that minimize the impact to the seldomly residents we believe with the development agreement didn't need to hit different community pit communities against each one organization saying this is great and on the other hand you have residents also saying this is going to harm us you know can we have a model of the development model it and the concerns of all communities members we're concerned with the directions that the developers are a tang i'm sure you're aware of there'ser there's a crisis in our face not going away and proposals like this as 5 m that you know have inclusionary is not addressing the lack of the affordable housing we've at the
10:41 pm
scene in our organizations our members we have members living in chinatown and the pressures in chinatown absorbs rent is going up we have a member not finding a place in chinatown but she commutes back and forth if another city to be with her community we don't want to see selma residents adapted to el cerrito or tracey that's how do we have a project that encourages the developer to be code compliant and address the impacts raised is trial for all residents this is a good project that everyone supports thank you. >> hello, again commissioners
10:42 pm
from the boosters association this time i'm in support of my neighbors my old neighbors rust street near fulsome where i lived 5 years before potrero hill and our neighbors we worked in the fighting years of the plan wear allied just like potrero hill and dog patch and the mission they're struggling with larger developments that have not been planned larger than the law currently allows and incomplete land use planning that didn't deliver the healthy and liveable neighborhood we've learned the hard way in potrero hill the special district are suspect if you go through the years of zoning trying to get a neighborhood plan and gets the litigations for the plan special
10:43 pm
use district has its own thing it goes around that it is designed to go around that we need a higher level of security new to pasture it is delivering it's fair share in additions to the neighborhood plan i want to about the selma youth your scrutiny look at the impact of that zone the part that selma demanded the most and got consensus at the commission and board of supervisors what the plan to keep the family zone south of market and frankly hadn't been nearly enough effort to realize that zone efforts to rezone land within the zone and next to it you need to look at the impact of developments like this and what they're going to
10:44 pm
follow that cumulative impact and can we keep it as a youth and family zone the way we agreed it should be our concern is neighbors as residents specific to this city is community stability and i need to say i have to say i mean, i'll speak in a moment about you're good city with the playground of the organizations talking about their relationship and their individual stability in forest i'm often hearing the relationship is the city's money not fair to bring up at this informational hearing we need community stability we need to talk about that with the level of the neighborhoods i've not heard that quite enough now our neighborhood harassed a good working with them that pier 70 to find the right of scale in
10:45 pm
affordability in housing and preserve the artists in pier 70 to paying attention to the ports and build a new neighborhood that resonates with the communities we the that at pier 70 working with forest city but we have a ballot measure as a bit of a hammer and reduced the scale from 2 hundred to 90 feet their smart developers this how to faxing make it work and deliver the right things for the neighborhood i urge them to work with their neighbors and the commission to make sure when we come back for approvals and consideration they take seriously what you guys have committed to and our predecessors and make sure that is built the right way not only to sustain the interests but the neighbors around that thank you for linking.
10:46 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm david martinez a 11 year selma i'm here to speak against the proposal for all the reasons everyone has said someone said it is a dead block it is not dead only at 3 in the morning 5th street a bump to bearing in mind traffic i work over there you'll add a lot of traffic in the selma we're reilly under the development that is happening to have the realization all that is gorlg going up in mid block all the stiff of stuff is succumbing down the pike so put that on the agenda especially to break the codes put into place a reason why no
10:47 pm
skyscrapers and towers whatever past that student if you're going to build something it needs to be lower we have in san francisco we've made that the limit we fought fights from the 70s to limit where towers and skyscrapers people said it better than i for shape of the neighborhood character to create it's like saying we have those rules and we abide by them except when we do not and, yes they've invited f this special use district only a window to they want this is not a supply and demand question a red hot it
10:48 pm
is noticeably inplacement airbnb will not tells you how many units are remain but used as hotels this is people stepping on a red hot real estate market and hoping to build something we don't need you know, i urge you to abide by the codes that have been put in place for a good reason in this room and not to granted that special expectation that is going to create a tremendous amount in my opinion very negative changes in the neighborhood it is a nauseated and there's the reason that streets borders the commercial space lots of people not just a place for a giant skyscraper and mall thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi my name is learn a i grew
10:49 pm
up in the south of market and working there now for the past 20 years as is a theatre artist i wasn't going to speak until i heard my name came up so i thought maybe i should come up and speak for us and so benefit studio is the other out space we've been in the south of market on 6th street for over 25 years a place to be before renovated and gent if i had so you've been working there for the past years as an artist working with the youth that 5 m project is new to us i have friends on both sides from the 5 m and communities and organizations that benefiting from 5 m and also who are impacted so i came here with an open mind to understand what is going on so i'm listening to
10:50 pm
everyone today for the past two hours or 3 hours those are my concerns the concern a fast pace process of the communication i don't understand the zoning in spite of the proposition and have questions how exactly are the filipino artists organizations is going to be incorporated in the art spaces that are established there and so it is great the affordable housing that is available over 2 hundred and part of when i was griping in the south of market affordable housing was present this is a lottery system not guaranteed you'll benefit this is the reality so i'm asking for you to slow down this projecting process and have a genuine calculation
10:51 pm
collaboration with all the community and not just part of the community. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm going to help translate. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hi good afternoon. i'm medium. >> (speaking spanish.) >> the san francisco federal building height is 2 hundred and 34 feet. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and if you walk through 6th street between mission and market. >> (speaking spanish.) >> you'll see that people walk there is very walk against a hard wind.
10:52 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> and which wind was created by the buildings that were there how is this project any different. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so the buildings that are much taller than the buildings intersect and redirect the wind. >> (speaking spanish.) >> that might otherwise flow overhead. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and bring them down the vertical face to ground level. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> where they create a ground level wind and another
10:53 pm
wind and this can be i think capable with the uses of the ground level floor spaces. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> so this in one way. >> (speaking spanish.) >> effects everybody all people. >> (speaking spanish.) >> that we walk daily in this area. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i have about four to five years working class in this area. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and the wind is hard and strong and harms others. >> (speaking spanish.) >> she says to me, i'm doing well height wise i have a hard time walking through the wind
10:54 pm
tunneled but how difficult is it for others. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i rise to put. >> human face on your decision and my life which this project began in 2008 i have those struggling for my life in surgery here in san francisco because i had been hit in the construction zone a half of block from this project at 6th and mini in a i was legally crossing in the crosswalks i nearly died, in fact, i'll have
10:55 pm
to have surgery in september or october with a 40 percent chance i could die again construction that was approved by this board back then has really severely impacted my life i lived at 6 accounting and mini in a since the year 2000 i'm a half block from this project traffic already is severe my belief is you can't approve this project unless it includes hundred percent parking underground my belief is that you can't approval approve this project unless it leaves the streets open with a much better traffic flow the project could
10:56 pm
be expanded believe me i hate those empty parking lot i've passed them since the year 2000 there should be development but it needs to be mart development for the neighborhood it if need to be so gi garlic it as you've heard casts shadows all over the place it destroys the basic life and structure and also much better planning for traffic flow it instances me you'll make a special exemption on the code to allow this project there's certainly must be better planning for traffic flow not a reduction in the street and closure of street and finally i'd like to really ask you to consider - like i said, i'm in
10:57 pm
in favor of the development asking the developer to expand to the al burden al cane the sunny side all substandard housing they could build build they're parking underneath and their office space and replace the sub standard housing why not work with all the developers in the neighborhood i understand that they've been working on this since 2008 ami i've been fighting for my life because of the construction in that neighborhood since 2008 i hope you consider the fact it does impact people's lives thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is andy blue aim representing the plaza
10:58 pm
16 coalition today in support of all the folks that you've heard from in the selma community that are asking you to oppose this project i'm sure you're aware of the plazas 16 in the mission street opposed to monster projects that don't serve the neighborhood we don't believe this serves the community we echo the concerns you've heard we need development with or without displacement 8 percent onsite affordable is not near sufficient we know from the city's 2007 nexus study that at that date we needed a minimum of 3 three to four 3 percent if it was going to be offsite inclusionary housing to break even for affordable housing in today's
10:59 pm
market the prices of housing is much higher and the needs for affordable housing is manipulative higher it is realistic to say we need 50 percent affordable housing onsite just to break even and not create a larger demand for affordable housing so if a project asks for exemptions they need to offer an enormous benefit 33 percent affordable which their probably governor jerry brown not going to achieve is not sufficient we need affordable housing this project didn't deliver oath affordable housing they need to serve the community we don't belief this serves the contingency and ask you to oppose the project as currently proposed thank you. >> jim national union of health
11:00 pm
care workers. >> we're here to ask you to oppose this project clearly the neighborhood the residents of the neighborhoods are against it i just want to give you a little story one of my roomentsdz we used to live together in san francisco she moved to banning congress was in town and you know her daughter came with her looking to move to san francisco and go to school took her around the city she would i'll never live in san francisco again, this is not the town that once was the arts have left and the people and the culture left we respect to oakland for a couple of days i said let's check out oakland oh she said i found san
11:01 pm
francisco it's in oakland we chuckle keep on moving san francisco further out we actually went there in richmond there's noting more culture in richmond san francisco is starting to look like new york city if i want to see new york city i'll go to new york city san francisco is unique you need to take into consideration what made this city great what makes that from is the people the people make the city that was always the best part why you came back to san francisco to visit the residents and people the buildings don't make that city if you continue to allow those type of building people will not come you only need to see the golden gate bridge once kind of boring coit tower only
11:02 pm
once take a picture it's the people that make that city i can tell you this as a bay area residents for well over thirty years i would rather spend my money in oakland sittings it's easier to park less traffic taking too hours to exit the city for any reason is ridiculous until you come up with a traffic plan and ways for people to get nine out of ten more and more people are live leave the city and have a lot of empty buildings you need to plan for the future and to that f this project and think about it and do it wisely thank you. >> hello good afternoon. i'm charm i'm with the program in the
11:03 pm
south of market community and we provide after school and summer care from k through 8 through the after school year and basically, i'm here to reject the 5 m proposal and we encourage the developer to present a code compliant project alternative that will minimize the impact of the selma businesses and the community in particular i'm really concerned about the heartache and safety for the residents in the area especially like the senior person that was speaking and deeply effected by his wife's asthma a lot of the families that live in his buildings a families and children and seniors i feel like this is something that project needs to reconsider and really
11:04 pm
look at the health impacts of what this project will really do is it where we will going to provide a viable liveability for the community that live there now they're saying there is none that lives in that area but there are families that live there and also, we need to reconsider the pedestrian safety about 2 hundred you thousand cars travel to selma and some of the traffic accidents are highest in the city there are a motorcyclist that is getting hit not a liveable place to see everyday ambulances that are there every single day how this construction deeply effects the community and the children in the schools i mean children walk from their homes we have to
11:05 pm
think about how this project will serve those - that and to reconsider this proposal if it benefits of there was a whiff proposal for community benefits but it is slitting half the community and some are really for that and some really against it we really urge the commissioners to make a great decision on this project it is really going to transmittal effect the community overall thank you for your time. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm with the after-school program in the in the south of market and the filipino students at state of i'm asking to reject this and encourage the developer to propose a code compliant
11:06 pm
project for the communities we're concerned on the direction the city and developer is going with that project because of the community can barrel keep up with the increasing number of properties this is including parking lot and older buildings and those are driving the property values making that unaffordable for middle-income to live in the neighborhood and the inclusionary housing units offsite if address the lack of affordable housing in the immediate as an asian student we must liken to the voices of the communities they have the most voice not the developer the financial district in the 1970s we saw the displacement of the immigrant the filipino-american that have been a vital part of
11:07 pm
the culture of selma can we safely is that impacts the cost of living we're talking about the community i'm asking you to urging you to please reject the 5 m slow down in passing in and encourage the developer to have a code compliant project that minimize the selma residents businesses and communities thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm tommy with the housing rights committee of san francisco we are opposed to the monster in selma we don't support this for the reasons you've heard from opponent we join with the sister organizations in selma in saying no to the monster in selma i want to address one aspect of
11:08 pm
this the aspect of affordable housing we keep hearing that if we keep building we're going to have affordable housing somehow maybe a milk that somehow it pops out of thin air by magic if we build enough units the reality every day in my office we have people coming in with being evicted and their understanding they scant food the bmr's that are being built those are priced outd outside their range what are they supposedly to do i've seen in my two decades as a housing activist what you're doing is bringing property values up and causing displacement and gentrification and not providing housing for the working-class in the city the reality the neighborhoods is
11:09 pm
opposed shouldn't that matter i never see that matter at hand here that the neighborhood is opposed the neighborhood it solely opposed to it and many - x when does the neighborhood opposition matter to the planning commission people talk about that affordable housing trickling down from building of market rate luxury condos well, maybe it triangles down maybe that 8 percent of affordable units that are provided will tribal adopt somehow and produce affordable housing but you know what? we don't need a trickle down of affordable housing we need us to a tsunami of affordable housing we need hundred percent affordable housing until we have enough the fulfill the need forget the transitional down we
11:10 pm
need a not only and give us until the need is met and the people then build the luxury housing thank you. >> (calling names) i think charm spoke. (calling names) >> hi, i'm awe disburse i live in selma it increases the amount of traffic on 5th street to cause us a shadow on the park for the park you may after - you may please i think this - .
11:11 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. i'm - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very happy to be here that front of the you i we know you help the community. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm here to ask you to reject the 5 m. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and to demand from the developer to present a alternative project that complies with the codes that we
11:12 pm
- >> (speaking spanish.) >> we ask from you you support our community of selma and the residents of selma our community needs you. >> (speaking spanish.) >> because, in fact it is great in our community many young people and people from our communities are being displaced because of those kopgz that are coming to the city to get rich.
11:13 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> how is it possible those correspondence can come to the city the city we've worked in and displace us we need you to protect us because our kids are growing here we want them to grow here and work here. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this huge coordinations or corporations are invest then
11:14 pm
million dollars not investing in the future they are investing in a year they'll have $30 million they don't want to help us only get richer and richer we ask you to stop this. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> thank you very much we believing in you and want to keep believing in you thank you. >> i'm sylvia johnson you don't know i don't think that the low a lot of the projects are going to be good until they put underground parking underground and construct the business area
11:15 pm
they you know they want to have a place where they can work as an organization and you know get the lesson for people that are you know being abused from housing you know everything about it and the costs of being homeless is you know i don't think they've ever been there and you think if we had worked on a more community tie community start thinking about our areas that we have here in san francisco that we can workout more of a property to where we can build
11:16 pm
for low income housing and affordable housing and in our area which we really need you think that this is just one of those investments that the devil likes to take control of the real realty i know livetion in making sure that everybody thinks that higher quality is better they don't think about the civilization or music and you know having fun, of course they put that into consideration for people that don't have that you know or think about you know
11:17 pm
conversations and this is where i you know have a say on a lot of things that you know you don't think about and our life situations in san francisco and he think that we need to work on the conversation to you know to be able to explain to our children haven't been you know expression you know tailgating talk about their expressions and what they're saying and exactly so they can come from their heart of the matter and this housing situation is oh no - thank you. >> good morning, commissioners mike i'm executive director of
11:18 pm
san francisco heritage heritage is certainly encouraged by recent changes to the project including the adoption of the retention of the camel line building and the recent contributions towards the long-term reuse, however as dlarltd in our draft eir we have concerns about the size and scale of the preservation alternatives and it's comparability with the surrounding hectic and cultural context i'm sure you're aware of is it guess within the context including the historical building with these the landmark 3 identified historic district and the proposed filipino heritage disability heritage is currently working with applicant to explore the mitigation measures to reduce the impact of new construction
11:19 pm
and insure the treatment of historic buildings on adjacent to the project site as proposed in our comments on the draft eir those mitigation measures can require a former role for the preservation historic in the design process at the site and construction phase particularly for the candle line in the dumpster building this is accomplished through formal designation as city landmarks in our view this is needed for the chronicle building that has flown significant changes throughout the years and at the cutoff of lucas it's strictly there is a chance for the district secondly to better contextual
11:20 pm
lists between the social and culture landscape of the neighborhood and finally not mentioned in our comments i was reminded that quoted from our report from san francisco's living history the community has spent years developing the filipino cultural district from 2008 to 2011 it's bms been lingering and given the comments a wonderful opportunity for the city to revive the social heritage district to guard against the impacts of the neighborhood thank you very much. >> sue hester i've been a resident of powell and market since 19 so i know the people
11:21 pm
that are speaking here today are telling the truth about the winds and pedestrian hazards traffic congestion you'll have powerful item testimony a lump of them about a half an hour as well as in the middle of 3 areas on one day of the eastern neighborhoods plan potrero hill south of market and mission coming up you've been being told the plan kent rich is old people have done a lot of work did a lot of work 10 years ago on it 9 reality of the city is very different the stress is on affordable housing in potrero hill of potrero and the housing market and mission are incomprehensible to people that don't have never struggles to
11:22 pm
earn a living on a normal poor persons wages in san francisco i'm asking on behalf of them what i should have started with here is how we're going to the process it didn't get that you have a hearing plan for the thursday before labor day the planning department will release hundred and 50 or 5 hundred pages of sdroerlg e sgroerlg reports and only release the eir the same time the concerns of winds and traffic and pedestrians are real you're going to effect a lot of people by what you do in this project i'm asking two things one all documents get released a
11:23 pm
month in ahead so people can read them it's in the middle of summer people have vacationed it is too ridiculous to drop this level of technical study on that at the last minute you you'll not read it yourselves this is the reality give the people the ability to read the reports eir, technical reports at least a month secondarily this is the public record i request thoroughly ken was down the hall i'm asking that the electronic records be released as soon as possible oewd is notorious kevin should tell you who the the city i can make public records and request
11:24 pm
public traffic is enormous it is not in the file ken that's the best record here i'll put it into writing. >> okay come on up i have jay scott weaver i believe hi, i'm tony a lifelong san franciscan and a board member of the manila foundation in the hotel there's been a lot of testimony a lot of concerns from community members i want to urge the planning commission commissioners to really take under consideration all the testimony particularly as it comes to travel concerns there was a gentleman here that was in a wheelchair who i happen to know exercising a lot of height because of the accident
11:25 pm
that he had i want to just say for the record i'm very much offend by some of the remarks at this hearing in regards to the area in question for the develop being a dead block i'm not sure what that person is looking at, however the block in question is frequented by seniors and people are disables frequented by seniors frequented by families who have been here for generations so to say it is a dead block was a misrepresentation and a statement another statement such as the developer supporting the mental health of the residents i'm not sure what that refers to but given the concerns that the
11:26 pm
community has i don't know if that is a true statement that being said please consider the wealth of the testimony from different points of view if people in the community ms. hester said your struggling to put food on the table there's a disconnect i urge you to bridge the gap in the disconnect and lend an ear and try to take the communities concerns to heart as a planning commission thank you. >> my name is scott weaver an attorney from the san francisco tenants union there are a couple of things that come to mind
11:27 pm
first, i was here a couple weeks ago and suggested the eastern neighborhoods plan needed to be put in question and substantially people are comfortable now today, we're talking about a substantial deviation from the eastern neighborhoods plan we have not only a minor variance from the height limits we're looking at a special use district but that is where we will more like an extra special district a 3 fold increase in height it comes to mind what standards do you use to allow such a variance not like it is 10 feet it is a 3 fold 3 hundred and something feet and especially, when you take into account there are a number of unanswered questions really
11:28 pm
ambiguous about the effect of wind shadow and the complete ambiguity about whether or not the 33 percent africa ever be achieved and if so what that would be when you rely that on the extra special use district 4 m that trying to obtain there are no standards for something like that there should be thank you. >> hello good afternoon. i'm tina with the latinos women's organization he work with immigrant families south of market i volunteer at the south of market action network to help
11:29 pm
with workers and tenants rights there are a history in san francisco of displacement of working class families including filipinos as said earlier manila tinsel was in the financial district but disappeared with the financial district was built it displaced filipino families and today the population of filipinos have been decreasing in the last several years so we're seeing that filipinos are being pushed out ended up in parts of bay area and part of the san francisco and now those parts of san francisco are targeted for development but we have to ask ourselves ladies and gentlemen, if this development is for the community or who is this development for we've seen evictions but if the last year an influx of evictions that has
11:30 pm
deprioritizing the needs of the people in the - corporations for profit what message to the workers and families are we sending the message to hotel workers they can work but not live here as forest cities is offering what's the bottom line only to meet a standard or meet all the standards of a height limit or the impacts of wind this is the livelihood of families in the neighborhood we need to slow down the process to make sure we have an input and lastly i just want to say i'm here to ask you to reject the 5 m project that is proposed to slow down in passing this project and you encourage the
11:31 pm
developer to provide a code compliant that minimize the selma we don't want another manila town to go down but another neighborhood for working-class families that live there thank you very much. >> okay is there any additional public comment. >> just fill out a card. >> no go for that. >> i find out living in the mission district it needs a basket i welcome the rich coming here i i am an social security okay. here's an idea that might work all right. to keep prices down okay this is what i'm concerned with totally but we need to do
11:32 pm
dismissing something like an indoctrinating system like a nice building in the mission not use for a long term okay and historical inspector goes in to see in the historical building is okay. from the historical okay. but if it has items that are cool you either build around it like some buildings in mission they have beautiful treasures; right? >> making sure they have low income this is something i have to work on i live in a volunteering by a man named newsom i think he was the mayor i respect the man he came up with the volunteering to help homeless people get off the street one thing i'm noticing a lot of those things are drifting
11:33 pm
away okay. a 4 percent increase so you could live in those buildings as a poor person i know ladies and gentlemen you have other incomes some people have no income whatsoever and have to exist on what we getty came up with a local - they help us what you're rents and the city pays for it out of your budgets but a different way of funding it the funding is the issue okay. i've been trying to tell people at the volunteering have people write and go to a school on post street for writing their own grants and funded their own buildings by teaching one person in the volunteering how to write a grant they can access the library all about education not
11:34 pm
school education but how to survive and teach people how to run their own world i'll leave the board with one thing i'm red beard they call me that is all inclusive abc is kids first lgbt in the middle and sf with an heart around that is all the love in san francisco kids that anyone else that has issues love is love period san francisco is about a city of love so we have to get more loving that's the main thing what she said i don't know with you're voting on i can't building i the it i love you guys i love san francisco and have a great day. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the south of market
11:35 pm
community action network again, i want to echo that i don't oppose it but have serious concerns regarding the project we hope that body will take the comments from the residents the workers and the city that is facing displacement and gentrification all of the things we've talked about people said earlier those are the key things that that body should be looking at it is really sad that commissioner antonini are shaking their head in it's i will we want the development but balance in growth why are we not seeing development in light marina not in other parts of city we're basically asking what i asked of us to take one suck
11:36 pm
it up south of market people will develop more there to get more fees for the city and let's not look at the impacts that is going to have in the neighborhood that is still not addressed still worth building the traffic issues still dealing with the pedestrian safety that is still occurring in our neighborhoods from 10 or 15 years ago still we're dealing with lack of open space still we are dealing with market rate housing that is not housing not even used not even city workers are able to afford to live in san francisco anymore yet alone the homeless people so it is frustrating that we're here to tell you our stories and
11:37 pm
that we're thrilling what is happenings in our neighborhood and that instead of we're getting disrespect i want to call that out this has been going on for over a a long time for 10 years we've seen hundred of developments in the neighborhood built without regard to the existing neighborhood and residents and infrastructure new developments has not contributed in alleviating the economic struggles of the neighborhood by residents shoulder the brunt of the pedestrian safety issues low income jobs and impacts the dust and lack of affordable housing and now facing evictions in our own neighborhood in our two schools betsey carmichael there was a lot of
11:38 pm
noise around that school and there was a study it causes a lot of health and education impact and our school is one of the lowest performance school that has to do with with hour how we're planning the neighborhood and city so it is really frustrating for again, we're saying we're going to let this development moved in exchange for the development agreement that pays a one-time fee maybe a two year fee in exchange for a lifelong impact to the businesses and community in exchange for more people that have a hard time walking or driving through the streets and neighborhood that you guys didn't talk about the traffic impact analysis we didn't hear about the shadow
11:39 pm
impact analysis that is going to be occurred from this department development this is a serious development in the heart of our neighborhood we ask you to also take that seriously we're not here because we want to be here we're here to speak up and express what is going on in our community thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for the opportunity i'm shake a long time residents of the san francisco and have to move out for all the issues we've talking about i want to reiterate what the young lady said those are important points also this might not be the right forum i want to ask in the future planning and design of buildings in san francisco
11:40 pm
especially last week public building would you consider having alternative energy and rooftop gardens those are issues we're faced this century a lot so you can think about future architecture and planning those are things to consider clean water, etc. thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on this item? okay. we've got everybody normally we'll open up to commissioners but since we've had so many testimony the commissioners need a break we'll take a short break and. >> welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular meeting for remind the members of the audience that the commission
11:41 pm
does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. directing into the microphone arrest commissioners, we left off on item 6 mission street 5 malcolm x informational presentation. >> commissioner antonini. >> i think this is a very good project and contrary to the rumors i was not on the commission during e89s embarcadero center was approved that might have been been redevelopment but i'm sure the planning commission had a role there are a lot of analogies that has office and housing and active ground level uses it is even better a lot more open
11:42 pm
space than the embarcadero center much the site a empty parking lots i don't see a lot of activities going on in this area i think that it didn't displace anyone no residents so i think that is a very good project for a lot of reasons and it saves 4 historic buildings or 3 and a half and adds four new ones is a gloo good blend it creates a safer cleaner more vibrant city that involves the open space and lots of affordable and outreach and fees to a lot of different groups i'm not in favor of driving down the property values also some people that want to
11:43 pm
delay the project even though it's been around since 2008 it is labor day it is close what we are we're approving that in october or may a problems are that there's been a lot of outreaches he was impressed by the comments that were read on behalf of john where he showed showed how the opposition to it when it came forward because of the changes his group is in favor of it it not a lot of talk about the zoning bayshore 75 percent of the skoen is it c-3 and so you know there are a lot of things that apply were entirely in the eastern neighborhoods or other sdrrnz
11:44 pm
that was comments by some speakers somebody that lives close to van ness and market about the tall buildings but they're in store important a lot of tall buildings in the future and all of market street should be developed with more height and density we have to build close to transit we're the second density city this is not only market street and muni but muni metro and bart but have the central subway that is the best site for density then someone else brought upwind we analysis the wind and the environmental impact reports but is it so not just buildings that cause winds widest place in the city up i
11:45 pm
tower market by two students i'm there shopping and thing there are no tall buildings to cause the wind that is part of what we live in with san francisco and not going to away other thing about 33 affordable housing any other project we might approve that has the option of building onsite or offsite it has to be within a mile and it is usually considered you know approvalable bogging because they've provided a higher percentage of the affordable housing than the case if it was done by code it is especially hire one third at 33 percent their offsite is for further than one thousand feet away that far exceeds with the
11:46 pm
needed the reason they've been able to do it is a private-public partnership with the city involved and sculpting and allowing it to be possible because of the height bonus that a lot of people didn't lynn like but there is where the affordable housing is coming from if you have flat it is not going to work or no open space or you know you're going to have a lot of negative impacts it is the case if a lot of spot buildings they're providing $73.5 million in fees it's impressive and $12 million for transportation i'll ask the project to go look at and or marking as much as possible for the downtown extension one city and it all works together all that area a don't think on people getting to that area from caltrans and tying that into bart and muni
11:47 pm
the other thing that deserves more funding for redirection the old mint certainly a higher amount they have a ways to finish the project we're the only city in the united states didn't have a museum 6 our own we have a rich history happy to see the avenue, i was going to ask a member of staff or anybody in my mind is there a question a reason why we don't think the 12 hundred units of housing not good evening built some speakers thought it might not happen they're providing the funding for the senior housing mr. rich and we're completely hundred percent confident we're go over the housing program so 50 i may get the number wrong 50
11:48 pm
or 80 onsite for the rental building that is 20 percent of that building a 40 percent onsite and another i may get the numbers wrong another 70 or so units that will be at the tmcs project that is the last money in the project we'll go in the next few months i believe and then in terms of the project anothers 967 mission when forest pulled in their first permit for that they're first building they'll transfer the land and when they build their second large building we'll get the rest of the funding the city made the promise on mission built by the time forests city first or second building done we'll get the housing oil as the project is online we have
11:49 pm
somebody here if the mayor's office of housing but we're confident that this will happen remember the heirs is built as part the thought rental or a piece of land transfers the rest is checks forest will write us a check that is easy to know when checks are written then we take legal action and i'm sure that will not happen so there is no republican reason to building no less than townsend and 12 units will be built. >> thank you so speakers said of the project is subject to prop m and prop k it is not like we're not following the precedence mr.
11:50 pm
guy. >> yes. kevin guy with of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a with prop k sunlight angle public parks and prop m to the office allocation component so both of those are items before you for kwrgs consideration when the full entitlement comes before this board it is a joint reagan hearing are the rec and park commission that weighs in on the shadow action. >> i'll familiar we have to allow for the prop k allowance and we would loot the prop m allocate we get those on projects that fits the categories it is a great blend 8 hundred thousand square feet and the same amount of housing lots of actually retail and i like mr. bye letters keep in mind
11:51 pm
with working with the historic preservation commission with the conceptually design making sure the alleys and streets stay open only for pedestrian traffic not car traffic on those streets i know some of them are being closed i don't see any connection between i go will agree with the jessie street that was a hydrogen building in the mirror of the street rather than a opinion westbound a courtyard and pedestrians to pass through which is what i see those are good comments and also the traffic circulation is well add in the environmental document we'll talk about that on the approval day and a comment between a bridge between a couple of buildings to make sure it is done as sensely lots
11:52 pm
of poach the only thing needs to be done the design enhancements going forward with the various things i've mentioned in my comments. >> first of all i want to thank all the speakers that of some powerful testimony from both sides but in particular from the neighborhood i'll be clear i think this site is appropriate for development is it so appropriate for some sort of use and some something to go there not serving as itself highest and best use i'm glad today was an informational i was holy hoping the community that be more embracing of the project that doesn't seem to be true we'll repeat some of the things and a lot of concerns for people if the room the fact it is not code compliant if i look at the
11:53 pm
code allows for right now it is drastically different than proposed it is a balance i realize that the project sponsor has thus far made concessions but a lot large than currently allowable the sud maybe tremendously and different because it is a large site rational to do that with you it is unique the fact it has shadows that are next to it the he's are consideration and some of the comments i heard from the public and community especially how it is fefshg the neighborhoods and community while there are fees and benefits offered to different groups that building this area is going to be around for a
11:54 pm
hundred and a 2 hundred years that will see in 2030 it is staggering the amount of dollars it is one check enough to cover 2 hundred years of change in san francisco all of us nobody 2, 3, 4 the room you would be lying if you didn't say what the heck is going on with traffic going in and out of the city is 2 hours it is a reality i'm not being funny but that increases some of the flow and given those streets are ways to get to and from the city i want to make sure the issues were brought up are addressed i'm glad that is an
11:55 pm
informational hearing a little ways to go but again supportive but the community is not embracing this. >> commissioner wu you thanks ii want to echo some of the comments that commissioner president fong again get into the weeds on the 43 percent to answer our questions or a followup maybe the whole commission to overwhelm through the secretary i want to know how number one the 20 percent onsite is clear the taylor street project hospital how was the number of units circulated from $8 million equal 71 units and then if there's a formula it created that is that the same formula
11:56 pm
that somehow piloted to the admitting or is it different animal and i do want to ask in the b.a. why the cost for the possible payment and how was that number chosen $3.4 million and lastly how does that jobs housing fee figure into all of this. >> i'll take a crack at a couple and the land so the idea upon pulling of first building permit even though city has the right to take the launder the mayor's office of housing if for some reason an out so the city has the option if it decided it didn't want that piece of land the city gets paid the value of the land that is based on an
11:57 pm
appraisal by the director of real estate that's the $3.4 million so we have basically taking the land or taking the money i think ever indication we'll take the land. >> in the land scenario there's the money for predevelopment and construction latter; right? >> correct. >> unfortunately, we don't have the other- >> in the case of deciding for whatever reason not to take the land the mayor's office of housing takes the $2.4 million and the same amount of money for the land. >> again going back to might comments in the beginning prop k asks us to work together with project sponsor and the city and project sponsor to hit the 33 percent despite people want to
11:58 pm
character intents it 34 shall hit 33 percent it makes it clear that the city and project sponsor together meet that this is together i think with the proposal from the giants that's been if the news this will be the first thing that looks at a partnership between the city and project sponsor to hit 33 percent the way we hold up our end of the partnership by taking the jobs as a linkage fee instead of pitting it into the mayor's office of housing coffers to be spent down-the-line let's spend this here and now and get the housing built so does that answer your question in terms of the calculations i'm let listing i can't handle that. >> good afternoon. i'm lisa with the mayor's office of housing and community development to the sorry
11:59 pm
the way that the fees coming to eddy and taylor and mission street were calculated on the basis of typical per unit subsidize we know with if amount of funding and typical affordable housing sources that be leveraged we can do the development. >> do you have a number for a typical subscribe. >> subsidy. >> it is roughly $250,000 per unit. >> at the mission street the 83 units is up in goals for the number. >> thank you. >> that's it for new now. >> i'm sorry it is worth noting if you eddy is hundred plus unit we're not taking credit because
12:00 am
of the other subsidy but we're taking credit for 73 it is the best interpretation but this is the last money but the project is only taking credit for 73. >> commissioner richards. >> thank you we went from comments on the eir and now comments on the projectile we're moving into the meat of it i appreciate everybody from the public coming out to speak truly it experience helps me understand what more the issues and your opinions matter i'm taking into consideration orleans with commissioner president fong said that one of the things that is resonating before i get into the benefits of the project every project has benefits and drawbacks the fact we were looking at the d eir we
12:01 am
didn't have the housing balance report so we're sitting here without more context saying the project by itself i like the project, however my worry we're turning the affordable units and now the next item the mission the item on controls a displacement study done on all projects in which it increases or shifts the demographics of the mission district and how the project effects the property values and the number of units and likely demographics the residents most project changes to commercial use as a result i think for this large of that a project more studies done. >> i wouldn't go to sleep at night clearly we're hearing into
12:02 am
the community that is an issue i think the development without displacement it really resonated with me thank you community i didn't connect the two dots the benefits a couple of more things i'm concerned about traffic issues i think the hit the nail on the head something spoke about the dumpster a nonprofit was there a lottery san francisco environment commission system the top lot sounds good one question i forgot to mention when i met point project sponsor the view from looking north i'm interested to see how that is going to look i think i mentioned and thank you, ann for doing a great analysis on the actual benefits and communities benefits how to
12:03 am
stacks 80 up to the central selma plan i believe i suggest a feedback route for the benefits we'll have a project moving forward we want to see exactly how it workouts we'll have a 2 year look back i support of the hpc roll in the designer project that mr. butler said in relationship to all the other potential districts that are in the historic and social i support reviagra he will not filipino heritage district those are comments i think the project is definitely moechlt and maybe something from the project sponsor team a can answer a couple of questions. >> please. >> so we have a hundred people
12:04 am
get up here and kind of say they were not brought into the decision tell me about the community outreach and for the record audrey for the 5 m project forest city a variety of different strives we've tried to invoke for the community outreach i'll say for those who testified today they took the feedback around venue location and including translators and styles we've done q and a we've presented a lot of robust conversation we have 3 and 2 hour sessions and most recently, i will be completely honest useful for some and some not as much
12:05 am
workshop opportunities for people to see the topic everything from video to shadow impact on yerba buena and our own affordable housing was engaged gave an opportunity to write up comments that were consolidated and posted to the website. >> people that are here that were not involved in the process. >> and there is participation for so many things going on in the community they can't attend and for some not able to engage in some of the members of the committee we've proposed in this case we've tried to inventing sends out e-mails blasts so people have that. >> so, so i think it is a fair thing to say that everybody was invited to prafrpt in the outreach. >> that's accurate.
12:06 am
>> i appreciate the project sponsor moving from the events original version to the preservation alternative that is a feature in our cap i have a huge amount of respect for you the central selma fund comparison pencils out well, i was asking for this we're getting a good deal with the current agreement that was negotiated well, i appreciated the way the flexible fund is for one for the immediate need, etc. he think that is great rather than having to respond this funding source goes here and there i appreciate the amount of money he echo commissioner antonini's concern of the national treasure sitting there is a derelict i wanted to continue to work with you i support the project i'm
12:07 am
concerned about the potential displacement. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i won't repeat what other commissioners said this is a fantastic opportunity for people in the city yes, we can definitely as commissioner johnck's said what is the new building mean for displacement in the area that is a set of adverbials i don't think anyone understands and it is good to think about it ever we can't get concrete answers to agree apple it is a fantastic opportunity it is great we move i felt this was a sticking point that people of the this was a great way to build is entitled into our city a great lot that deserves attention i'm an
12:08 am
advocate for development agreements mr. ken rich will probably kill me i disagree there are she and he more and more circumstances all the time because they allowing allow is to be site specific we're relying on the planning code and certain locations is two broad to give us the benefits he feel that this development ascertainment d in f a lot of ways give us what we need we can talk about millions of in state funds but they disappear noting into the my name is but there is no guarantee in this project we get a project on taylor and eddy and senior housing within the
12:09 am
same block of the 5 m project those are things we don't normally see and office of economic workforce development and betsey carmichael school. >>for community benefits and parks and facilities that are within this neighborhood within selma so this development agreement is excellent this is the reason i keep mentioning them as something we should be doing more often i will say i'll be colonel reading the eir and the final project to look at transit and street impacts i see that the gentleman here so nice to see you i'm assume you're here to answer questions about transit would you mind >> so first question there's a lot of pressure on
12:10 am
fifth street something we'll continue to see as we develop out central selma and we have the central subway coming out of fourth street and related impacts to the street around third street and fifth so my question i'll start with a more details looking at the calibration pattern for the current development of 5 m it looks like there could be some opportunities to switch the direction on certain streets lynn like men in a so alleviate the impacts on the cars coming out the parking lot the first kwes question was there any thought given to changing the circulation pattern on the street to account for this project. >> peter if mta just to make
12:11 am
sure i'm getting the question right to reverse the direction on the street audience or changing the pattern of cars coming out the parking and some of the calibration patterns. >> in the communications was involved in with the mta not the focus on restoring direction but the censure the impacts of the traffic on the overall transit but some of the things in the plan reflect the avoiding of the important streets mission was critical earlier proposals and not cuing the cars into traffic but to me one of the more important realties was the high non-- it was less than 25 percent of the peek trips or single occupancy the bike is the
12:12 am
analysis and the mistake we often make in planning innovate doing enough to reward that behavior that's why i'm proud of the transportation plan for this project it says let's take that 25 percent and go further to we go blow the impacts we've analyzed to 13 percent reduction in the trips and what we often as the other challenge have a great plan everything thinks this is a bike transit and check them off the list but to follow up and make sure the agreements holed up year by year and monitoring that behavior and reward that what is interesting about the proposal is that analysis we come in on an annual balance if not hitting the thirty percent they're more aggressive tool kit that can apply that is a model how we
12:13 am
should be doing t d m and as a partner set the targets if we're not hitting them work together to see what tools work besttools. >> so i want to connect the t d m i know there were obviously central subways but other changes as part of the transit that are effecting this can you decided some of those and the facing. >> that's an important realty the transportation network is different from the transit network in place by the time the project is realized the implication of transit and corridors that serve this area and the bicycle plan at vision zero and pedestrian safety those are part of the outs when i look
12:14 am
at the plan we all agree that pedestrian safety has to be one of the major issues and the pedestrian safety just walking around the area he think that represents so much of the capital investment you see so their consistent with the goals of mta making sure we are having a pedestrian safety city we need to get those connections to the transit hubs the other projects will have not been so smack in the middle like mraishd and treasure island and others so to make sure the forget is savvy think we worked with the liveable streets people to make sure this is what we recommend as pedestrian safety and bicycle safety and transit priorities. >> thank you very much thank you, mr. albert appreciate that so once again i think we're
12:15 am
really close here he think there is a lot of things that are of benefit and value to this project again i'll be focus on the transit and pedestrian safety the usability of the open space in this is something that people in public comment or concerned we want to marry it is not just green pace not use as people travel to get access to open space and we'll look at the alleyways to make sure those are active and vibrant and part of the scrape and not just conduits from 1 major street to another appreciate it thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> without repeating what the commissioners said they resonate many of the comments so do the comments made by the public i think this there is a lot to
12:16 am
think about and a lot to prepare the answers i want to expand on acknowledging the urban design plan as being solid and sensitive and for the development framework the presentation at least to my eyes opened a number of issues which make it clear the preservation alternative was far superior but the size speaks to the questions stanley on the table to at least be able to look at the code compliant project and find argument with would an sensible move the reflection on the scale of the adjacent development the scale of the residential in clouds that are in need of the
12:17 am
signature of this particular part of city i want to talk about the mint in our diagrams it is still as an afterthought the reason i'm saying this the mint has is an address of 5th street only connection to filthy want to see comments to the engaging of the transportation in a positive way this particular bus stop important many reasons at this time is a difficult time to catch a bus and stand let alone trying to meet someone at that corner i want to see a 4 directional and the mint become part of a larger idea and i think this can be done because the mint issue was only happening a few weeks ago it was
12:18 am
listed as a national registered building we didn't pay attention to it before other thing which is of concern to me just as other commissioners mentioned particularly commissioner president fong there were too much voices still critical of the project and again in a democracy anyone can come out last minute and i'm not seeing that anyone did that i personally will have to spend time looking at the shadow and to what extent and traffic why and was for what particular reasons and the impact of the winds i see overall we have stronger winds in san francisco then we ever had before on the traffic side i appreciated mr. albert coming to
12:19 am
the podium and speaking the one thing i'd like to add for you, mr. albert is the fact of lack of enforcement in the city ises batting traffic problems that wouldn't be as noticeable as they currently are there's harder any one single day i'm speaking about may i approach is an avid walker and hiker there's not one single day i don't avoid 2, 3, 4 incidents i'm almost getting run over it is quite dangerous and the absence of the enrollment is working to our sgrauj it people cit traffic in san francisco not because not enough capacity but a number of transportation option but the
12:20 am
others i'm even going to tell you you, you know who it is who are basically discrediting what you're doing and not giving clear answers how to move forward that is the areas surrendered the project just by adding crossing don't believe for one moment you'll improve the walkability or function of that area it won't happen unless someone stands there and takes dramatic acts i'm saying that with a lot of emphasis i'm not going to nail ourselves and not doing the most objective parts of puzzle that is during this trial driving with procure tires on our car having said that i'll stepping off any pull pet
12:21 am
and hope as your moving forward and the discussion of the eir that community opposition can be focused on those things you disagree but not indeed start to donna diminish what has been done i want to see a little bit more meeting on the middle ground i don't know where it is but at this time i think the project is too far apart between everybody who has a voice in that particular crowd. >> commissioner richards and hearing all i've heard my own thoughts how big this project is and from the public i ask the director using the lunch break can we the commissioners have a working group on some of the issues july 23rd that is urban
12:22 am
realistic given the amount of things we have to cover i ask we schedule it sometime before. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i also would echo what a lot of commissioners have said i school district the project sponsor and city try to find someone like ted eagle on that can analyze the effects on the neighboring areas surface property values for example you may have to look at historical recycle staple stone in denver but tomato tutor and the area around san diego south of the gas lamp and the area in denver they call is low do by the
12:23 am
stamped stadium they're not suds but you can science see what happened in those areas as far as property values that might be helpful for commissioners and anyone that is concerned to see what the effects will be. >> commissioner moore. >> i would like to ask the developer to consider some of the comments made by mr. butler and heritage and considering the possible form designation of the chronicle building including concerns he expressed by the larger impacts on the historical district to have an answer or further discussion would be of great interest to me as we're moving towards the connect eir. >> director ram. >> thank you just i wanted to follow up on some of the commissioners comments to make sure i have a direction we are happy to meet with the commissions around the
12:24 am
table if you like to talk about the detailed issues or currently schedule as another hearing in august i think - 6 another hearing we prototype that as on or about initiation but you can talk about any of the project issues including the design so we will certainly talk about that at that hearing and i think that would be helpful to go over kind of the winds and shadow analysis that is very expensive and the massing the building was shifted quite substantially because this improves the winds conditions in the previous scheme it is important to understand the details in terms of the actual building mass relative to the neighborhood a couple of things are important to remind ours
12:25 am
this site is zoned c-3 since the downtown plan was put in place thirty years ago so this is zoned for a higher site the south is very unlikely one of the reasons that staff agrees with the notion if so a transition the area south is very unlivable to go get much higher than 40 in zoning a lot of housing that is upgrading u unlikely there are a lot of historic buildings it is unlikely to see a building like this to the west this is why it is a transition to mask the highest part of development and corner of fifth and howard so that the open space was not shadowed on the center of the side more a transition to the this and also as pointed out one
12:26 am
of the early schemes has a taller building if you're standing to have of brandon street we thoughts it was important to history the buildings we thought we suggested to staff shifted the towers closer to fifth and howard having said that, we can talk about the winds as the technical analysis the shadowing and get you more information thank you. >> commissioner richards regarding the workshop can you explain a little bit more in private session or other specific questions on august 6th want to hear. >> most of the workshops i've seen were just with other commissioners but he i'd be open
12:27 am
to having the public this is a list of a lot of things rather than go through the thousand pages i agree that when we have the hearing 9 slash or later more than a couple of weeks to get the documentation out to the public it is really big and commissioner moore. >> without trying to exchange you director ram the one question in the background is the fact this particular site obviously is fm in the general bonds center of central selma plan since we've not seen any further differentiation the compositional aspect that deals with taller building rising in
12:28 am
that area you look at the long view in the northwestern view all of the buildings started to opaque and in the urban design discriminate that doesn't take the cumulative effect in central selma take into consideration i would at some point perhaps ask you in what form that's already been formed. >> i mean i object to go into that in detail or offline but higher density building in the southern corridor where the transportation and where the massing made more sense in terms of the ervin form that includes that part of plan because of the vaunt powell street and muni stations and the southern end of the plan because the muni
12:29 am
station the idea to have the building in the lower building to the lower density in the center. >> maybe a stick diagram might help everybody so thinks so those were probably - would be easier not to critique is as a single critique. >> director ram are staff can you help me with the process going forward so we have schedule for september 3rd a joint hearing and maybe kevin. >> august 6th is scheduled before the general planning initiations with the project and september 3rd is scheduled aetsz as the eir joint hearing on the stood action the entitlement
12:30 am
action and your recommendation of the development agreement and the board of supervisors subcommittee in the full board will follow thereafter. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. this is an informational item only and no action any other further questions. >> all right. thank you very much. >> commissioners that place us on item 7 record number 2015 mutter of rooftop and inform spaces for non-compliant structures a planning code amendment. >> good afternoon planning aaron star of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a the item before you an ordinance introduced by mayor ed lee that has the methodology and creates a process to authorize
12:31 am
existing structures in the c-3 zoning district currently the planning code allows features to be exempt included but not limited to mechanic equipment and pertinent to the operation of the building depending on the feature and district height limit is 4 to 16 feet it is murder from the height limit of if so a non-compliant structure proposed ordinance will amend the code for non-compliant building from the finished roof ranch the height limit to allow in fills boo the height limit and currently only areas that are enclosed on 3 sides and with a non compliant building the planning department supports it
12:32 am
with regards to the modernization for uses and needs the departments recommendation is for approval that concludes my remarks. >> no speaker card. >> general public comment on this item. >> sue hester i would be a lot more comfortable with this ordinance if people that i had to deal with had some time this is coming in the midst because of the housing amendments and commission and south of market and everything
12:33 am
i got i've got to tell you i'm a little bit cynical about rooftop structures in general because that has been the battle historically around shadows and the c-3 district shadows have repealed the city into the citizens of the city and to adapting prop k shadow ordinance and the history the past couple of years has been a history of planning department wishing away all the stoodz shadows oh, their transitory they're going to be actually across and none will see them particularly transit center i was unable to be involved because i was in the hospital but today really understand this
12:34 am
totally if you don't as a commission if i haven't had the time to think through it i haven't had the time to think through it don't do it today continue it a couple of weeks it can be continued two weeks that's you're next meeting there needs to be thought thinking about this we've had almost no time to deal with this i got this legislation a week ago perhaps you've been thinking about that more than i have i'll defer to you but the whole push to get everything through before the break for the summer that the planning commission and supervisors is driving me crazy i'd like to really talk to people about shadow impacts in the c-3 because it has been a
12:35 am
war around the st. mary's square in my in an union square so i'm dir to the commission if you really understand this talk to me and explain it i'm hoping you know a little bit more than i do thank you. >> good work commissioners jim abrams law i'm here to support this ordinance it is actually very simple in terms of its effect if i can explain from basic stand out when you build a new building in c-3 you're
12:36 am
allowed a health expectation for the rooftop and the penthouse and elevator penthouse things that serve the rooftop open space like a restaurant if you have an existing building an existing preearthquake building would you want to do the same thing to build that 16 foot exception didn't apply the building is over the height limit in the planning code generally, we say the 16 foot elevators penthouse is exempt from heights for existing buildings over the height limit that 16 foot exception is not allowed this allows for about i can e historic building to go to the hpc to ask them to approve a penthouse up to 16 feet in height the same exception that
12:37 am
all outlet buildings downtown get just for in the planning code so it allows for the activation of roofs historic building downtown over the height limit there is quite a few of them the downtown plan is a pretty simple concept you get the existing building over the height limit not the exception this ordinance changes that no change to the prop k analysis that has to have an effect so any project that relies open this provision and proposes an elevator on the penthouse will need to go through the ceqa to make sure there is no shadowing no shadowing issues whatsoever thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
12:38 am
commissioners members of the public my name is share inhaled a libertarian party and the renters federation i want to speak in response to merit and the topic of studios shadows and views were in the midst of a housing shortage i'm sure you're aware of and frankly we subsequently can't afford to be worried about shadowing more than so - would you rather have a roof over your head there is no question to what they're going to say but anyone that wants to find a place to live in the city we can't afford to partnered to people but people that live in a little i wouldn't
12:39 am
like a big building going up next to me there are more important needs in society the alternative to shadows and blocked views is a suburban sprawl and hurting the investment you go out to the areas of track homes you won't find very many shadows or blocked views there is nothing interesting to look at there's no tall beautiful buildings like discount skyline building that we're proud of anything you can do to shorten the details of things getting built every detailing delay costs money and fewer people can afford to live in the city and where displaced so you know we've got to say no to enemy bishop it is selfish i can understand people not
12:40 am
president to lose their light and air but you know. >> any public comment public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> i understand that and mr. abrams did is go back of explaining but many situations building are higher when the wind were precariously of there was no approval during which the building were built when the downtown plan they were legal but non-conform the building were down sdournd zip codes but many of those needs the thanks as h b.a. c facilities on the tops of roofs or stair penthouse or all the things they're
12:41 am
upgrading and praef the building there is in one site what is desirable to add to some of that you'll not see it into the street and not make the building taller manipulate of those changes have to go though the historic preservation commission and certainly a shadow analysis for a building i'm in favor of this it make sense and pretty routine i move to approve. >> commissioner moore. >> i personally building we're not quite rode to approve it we're not sure of the circumstances that are effected by the plan i personally this that many cases shown by mr. star and ms. rogers is positive but in that particular case
12:42 am
we're rushing and code gentrification creates more problems than solutions and in 198 of a number of building in san francisco were revised and outnumbered the new buildings that followed the rules that are circling shaping the upper tops to slerndz and building separation as well the treatment of the top the 86 legislation forced us to think about the creative ending to buildings the buildings that existed before were register touch buildings and referred to basically, the smaller stepping back and making the refrigerator like building that's the language that was used tattoo be more imposing i'm not opposed to getting the better handle of how
12:43 am
to treat rooftops about 92 the case of looking at low density neighborhood i'm not prepared to let c-3 to get away without challenges because public and civic are more focused on c-3 the populace at large that point to participate i believe is undermining from my prospective as of today, the role of the zoning administrator to properly weigh in on a case by case basis of what to do with rooftop equipment i can't pronounce the word it is horrible and i believe by not doing that we are undermining his authority i believe that his impartial
12:44 am
judgment is virtually toe keeping on equal and levelheaded approach in most cases has created simplified rules people that know how to avoid the rules and we put up with the consequence i'll be prepared to engage in future discussion i believe that the co-text amendment is not readies i have 10 points challenged by mr. star that i want to give a shout out told her i should write my concerns i'll hand you the list you, you can think about them as. >> hopefully provide us with more information and guidance about what buildings would be affected how do they propose to other and the possible solutions you have in mind. >> commissioner wu. >> i do want to ask about the
12:45 am
potential to create shadow specifically prop k protected parks so one example there is an elevator mechanic equipment that gets put on the roof is there any way we can thinks where that is on the roof if so towards the center if there is little go opportunity for a shadow maybe on the edge there is. >> yeah. deal with elevators are in the core of the building but any rooftop will have to go through a shadow study if it is 40 feet each building is considered an, an independent basis. >> it will have to go through the process. >> just like current building if you have those that want to add a new personality in advance it has to go through a shadow
12:46 am
study. >> those are excited buildings that don't conform with the height requirement and their more than 2 hundred buildings with the downtown plan many of those have some soft rooftop personality in advance so this allows greater flexibility and some of the items under the section 260 as mr. abrams noted an existing building with the exceptions under the most common being like the elevator and penthouse up to 16 feet and the railings of 4 feet so under the planning code you know have a building above the height limit they can and i vail themselves with a height limit so this is
12:47 am
greater flexibility in terms of my involvement in the process currently no variance from height so if the building seeks to do something like that they can't do it add another penthouse or in the case of the hospital they needed an ad a ventilation equipment for san francisco they needed a code change in order to do so that was actually in a different district but that is more flexibility there is no subject to design review review by the department we'd like have discretion with the planning commission if we didn't feel the location was appropriate and also yeah, just to we're making our discretion in terms of appropriate design. >> thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> i would feel comfortable if
12:48 am
the zoning administrator had an active role how can we achieve pie. >> it is something the department would review and if they didn't feel it was appropriate to bring that before this commission as a discretionary review or 309 review you could amend this ordinance to require the zoning administrator to grant or any administration under this provision that is something that is possible or brought to this commission as well i i would second the motion to the supervisor that which you just said you have the active role i don't think that commission needs to have an issue if there are certain things to bring up but square mile on your shoulders. >> if i may through the chair 24/7 portion the in fill that goes to the thirty 9 and the director and it is on this the
12:49 am
rooftop pertinence are you only thinking the zoning administrator will focus on this portion. >> as a maker i'm agreeable to that. >> commissioner johnson. >> glad to know about the section thirty 9 it is unclear about the legislative whether or not it in fill piece he's referred to expansions of spaces already existing and partially covered by a roof and other structure or possible to add a new structure to a building to american people existing building. >> no, it is not it has to roofed and looking at it in close and okay. okay. just from the wording of the legislation. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> mr. star do you have a
12:50 am
physical example of any particular rooftop that has a partially explored area that is fully implores and take on to particular use do you have an example a rooftop somewhere and seats 20 people under some window screen. >> as an example was given on california street that was the one in the report there was also apartment building up on sacramento i forgot the address with the terrace with the rooftop if not c-3 it was not included but another kind of example. >> that is an residential building it looks like a building with the roof but the terrace was open and it has
12:51 am
filled in all the way to the perimeter with windows and window screens it looks basically as if if was added before that's a building on the corner of sacramento and mason street and i can see it directly from my house i've been surprised seeing this building all of a sudden became taller i've heard no proof it has an open roof that partially covered and someone suggested this great view in all directs was enclosed to become a bar it is exactly aggregating of additional use that is what i'm concerned about. >> if you're referring to the hotel example i gave in the report they're not combloers a
12:52 am
terrace it is the rooftop they want to add a restroom and an extra stair penthouse not combloers the roof i don't know of an example where they're doing that. >> the distinction on the second part that deals with the filling underneath the offer hang that allows for the usable floor in the case of california there was conferences they wanted to expand under the existing roof to allow for reuse and expansion that came from i don't know which hotel but in some cases an awning and talk about expanding the floor that is a different situation that is something they'll avail themselves of the exemptions but again, that's for things like the stair penthouses and there are some recreation area
12:53 am
allowances for screening but it is much more limit about the go height limit that's the distinction between the two. >> there is a motion and a second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to adapt a recommendation of approval with modifications including zoning administrator for rooftop person in advance on that motion. >> commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore no commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved that motion passes 5 to one. >> for the benefit of the
12:54 am
public item 8 ab have been continued until september 17th and items 9 and 10 have been continued until september 3rd commissioners that place you on item 11. >> record number 2015 at fillmore street conditional use authorization. >> commissioners i want to do introduce you to al i didn't joined the planning after working with the preservation direction as a discern on the sunset she's graduate with a masters in harvey milk club and from u.s. santa cruz. >> good afternoon of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a item before i is a request for a
12:55 am
conditional use authorization to establish a 9 hundred publicist formula retail use and retail doing business as on fillmore street within the upper commercial district between washington and clay more. >> could you hold the mike down and project your voice thank you. >> the current vacant storefront was occupied by the clothing retailer the store is spelling specializing in shoes although anothers items are offered the proposed business is a considered a formula retail use for the revised frurl use, however the proposed location is the first in california and grant executives it and there's is only one additional store in
12:56 am
united states is new york city there are 4 formula retail uses have with the concentration of 45 commercial storefront and 32 percent of overall frontage this includes 18 clothing retailers and gas station and 6 limits restaurants the proposed use will increase the totaled concentration to 32 percent 41 percent of commercial are retail including shoe retailers and cloefkt it offers an unique shoe store and g defy merchandise with leathern footwear primarily for adults and canvas it occupies an existing location previously
12:57 am
occupied by formula retail use and signage is limited to a wall sign upper fillmore district current has two commercial vacancies and one occupancy 49 of the storefront in the mcdonald occupies 34 percent and 14 or formula retail use and doesn't qualify a use it received a letter of support and 24 e-mails in port no communication in opposition to the project has been received department finds the proposed use predicament has been found to be comparable coyote mcdonald's and not increase the retail use it will attract a difference customer and it will
12:58 am
be a citywide serving district that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you project sponsor please. >> i'm so excited i've been here since dlouks thank you i'd like to begin by that's why the commission and al i didn't i have to say here guidance and patience made it better and kept me is an i want to give you a little bit of background i'm a mother of 3 kids living in san francisco i'm of illegal american the first person to obtain a master's degree in the u.s. this my deep roults roots to my italian career my parents
12:59 am
helped me go before and after this my shoe it 25 dwrrldz a sustainable product i'm the president of the italian international the school that started as a preschooler 15 years ago grown cerebrok through 8 with 2 hundred accomplice students in early 2016 will become san francisco first elementary school the example b program is a global warming recognized curriculum that promotes social responsibility and global citizenship san francisco promotes as well so why am i here one of the dreams has been to own a shop i
1:00 am
love this produce they're known as the people's shoes of italy because people wear those they're stillish and affordable literally everyone wears those shoes i get mine when i visit my family's in italy i finally am at a point in my life to sell those shoes that is all good news when before i went out and started this i lived in the fillmore and spoke with the merchant and neighbors and friends to make sure this would be a product considered complimentary to the offensive in san francisco i've been humbled by the overwhelming port from the fillmore merchant and
1:01 am
the pacific height i'm sorry you won't here from any finances they were here earlier i stand before you i want to use this name i clarify as a formula retail use, however a lot of nuptialss specifically i'm a franchisee i have a royalty license to use the trademark only 1 of two shops i have no intention until we figure out a way to clone humans i can't manage more than one location and i intend to fellow the products i support the merchants and would like to sell their products one last thing all to talk about community benefits that's important for anyone that wants to side business in san
1:02 am
francisco i've been committed to education and i've been fortunate to work with incredible people and develop roots and i intend to continue to do there my store i think in your packets you will have a letter from a nonprofit organizations that helps families they offer them job care and training i've supported this since i moved to san francisco i asked them to be an employment partner through my story i'm happy since making that agreement i've hired one of the residents a single mom of two boys that left an abusive relationship and trying to get her feet on stable ground she's worked out wonderfully that makes me feel go back of an
1:03 am
employer and as well as an indicator of what i intend to do with my store and might have going forward in san francisco i know you're tired i mean, i'll keep my statement brief you know it is a wonderful product and a dmriement to everyone it - i have tons of support thank you for your time. >> opening it up for public comment comment. >> hi, i'm kate commissioner president dwight i smith the board chair of raphael house more importantly this is an store that is important to if you allow her to have this store children and parents can buy the shoes not expediting products with that very merchant corridor
1:04 am
she's would say a partner i've known her 5 years ago she's said to obtain a 20-year lease now the back i do not school and a community partner is amazing she as a person show that she wants to impact people in education and i perp can say explain to you about raphael house what is interesting this is not i want to have a store and bring a person into that storew. development and we've heard the conversation about homelessness and how to afford to live in the city from this point forward i appreciate the fact you've heard
1:05 am
her and she adds value to the community thank you for your time. >> is there any additional public comment. >> hello, i'm larry juicy edmond juicy i'm sitting here with american shoes on that went through a fire like 9/11 make sure i'm impressed her shoes are made in italy the history of american the italian and irish the big o you know ox grady o and italian has a o at the end those are two heritages in that country that came away before they brought us the african-american in 69, 4
1:06 am
hundred years coming up soon in 2018 but, of course, we celebrated our 2 hundred and 39th birthday our freedom from england this is an important thing anything italian is well-designed i thought somehow to connect that my little brother is in kenya visiting his first, the wanting his wife is at the special aerobics in la and donald trump is at the border of mexico i (laughter) when i go to the fillmore i fill more and more to fill more house and horror houses in georgia i was happy to be here i came here
1:07 am
for the first engagement item but you need more shoes in america you know because shoes is something that actually you know people in wars would show in glory wanted shoes to be in the military the shoes look great green i have american made shoes on though i hope we get more shoes in the fillmore and the lady says italian 25 years or hundred years you've been coming back and forth with your family. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon again commissioners and members of the public my name is star child elizabeth telethon party of san francisco i'm not a big fan of the big
1:08 am
chain formula retail i don't know if i'll be showing up in an upscale, however, our party supports the right as property owners and businesses to open and do business without jumping through a bunch of hoops that's an important part of our society it provides jobs for people and lowers the people cost of living by enabling things to get sold at more affordable prices and not a lot of hoops to jump through i'm sorry that the merchants is well-intentioned to come here for 5 hours to get her project approved it should be automatic and i only encourage her to think about in terms of like community benefits i appreciate the work with the raphael hours with the party
1:09 am
i've worked with supporting the outreach and they do good work with the homeless by providing restrooms to the members of the public that come to the store and make the store more organic like having a community bulletin board and letting the community put flyers in the windows this makes it feel less like formula retail so i would encourage her and her partners to think those about but you have a elizabeth telethon support and thank you, commissioners i hope you'll approve the project. >> is there any public comment. >> okay. seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards. >> i guess mr. juicy snuck in he wasn't as colorful as much so
1:10 am
he had his pink shoes i'm not colorful enough for mr. juicy, however on a serious issue the merchant support 24 letters of supported it compliments on fillmore street only one of two in the us i'll not find something everywhere i go and fantastic partner with the raphael house you have my motion to approve. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you i'm not sure that everything italian is well-designed but certainly any italian products are well designs and the shoes are so i'm very supportive of this and for all the reasons that have been stated already i'll be supporting this. >> commissioner moore. >> so supporting the project is
1:11 am
interested moved up into the part of fillmore that is a little bit further from the center block it's a a good additional anchor i'll move to approve. >> one question for the project sponsor is there a radius clause. >> i'm sorry. >> a radius clause with that executive right. >> i have no more than or northern california. >> oracle that's the one question i have that's a big radius. >> okay. could you call the questions. >> there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong and congratulations so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to
1:12 am
zero zero. (laughter). >> commissioners, that places you under your - one sort of housekeeping a request by commissioner richards to reopen item 7 to maybe change some votes or get clarification the problem is that aaron has left and scott has also left so i suppose what we can do we can reopen it and vote to continue it and hear it again, when staff is here to present it. >> or if you feel comfortable. >> i misunderstood i should have covered outline projects. >> for the da to be involved. >> i think you can open it to
1:13 am
clarify that i mean and. >> so i'll amend - >> so we need to move to reopen item 7. >> can we open item 7. >> second. >> i'd like to amend my second having the zoning administrator be involved in all projects. >> clarify both categories the projects. >> question. >> commissioner johnson. >> well, i have to agree i'm the maker of the motion i'm architectural with that amended only to say there is thirty 9 or some involvement of the commission. >> if i may commissioners can we take the vote to reopen. >> on that motion
1:14 am
commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong thank you so moved, commissioners, that motion passes you unanimously 6 to zero the maker of the motion. >> i'm agreeable to the examination of the zoning administrator on any items that might come forward. >> so the review of both categories. >> both categories. >> yes. >> is there a second. >> second. >> commissioner johnson. >> sorry real quick i was actually going to ask we do this before i throughout the section thirty 9 sorts of covers if what part is not covered the projects i think the first category of projects generally projects that come to you although southern types of thirty 9 projects that could be reviewed by staff i think that
1:15 am
the - >> so staff but not the da. >> generally what their hyphen commissioner richards asked for a formal review by the da. >> okay. >> there is a motion and a second to adopt the recommendation of approval with modifications including the zoning administrator for the projects commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> and places you on item 12 record number divisadero conditional use authorization and good evening al i didn't.
1:16 am
>> the request for stashl a 35 formula retail personal service use a distance studio in an existing second floor divisadero within the divisadero commercial district between page and oak streets currently, the vacant surface was formally used doing business as as the jogging lobbyist e loft with 2 hundred and 60 international locations 6 in the bay area that is the only location within san francisco the proposed business will provide ballroom instruction for daultsz 7 days a week will 11 of the hundred and 6
1:17 am
storefront within the mc d that includes 3 gas stations and finance uses and two limited restaurants the proposed use will increase the population to 9 percent and not impact the ground floor frontage on the second floor within the divisadero be mcd there are no dance studios they've over one mile away they've over a unique and desirable service the project occupies a previously occupied space and exterior all of the elements the signage is limited to a single sign the divisadero
1:18 am
as 5 commercial vacancies, 86 of the occupied storefront are neighborhood totally 72 percent 6 are formula retail proposed service use qualified a serve use the project halls received 2 e-mails and 6 letters and oppositions in parking in the neighborhood and potential noise in the neighborhood it is well severed by transit and didn't trigger the parking requirements the project sponsor will be installing sound panels and draperies and maintain a community liaison should noise be an issue the department finds the proposed use proprietary it mead's meets the planning code and compatible with the nature of the divisadero and mcd and on not onlyly increase the formula retails within the district it
1:19 am
will be the only dance studio and attract a concern division that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. >> hello my name is daisy i'm the owner i one of the owners of this ballroom dance studio i'm a dancers and mother i have been born and raised out here in in san francisco we're moourns are really, really excited to bring arthur marie back to san francisco we were here 10 garages the owner had brain cancer and passed away and asked us to take over the location we
1:20 am
were not ready but now we are and bring something great to the communities that space was once a dance studio and she's currently alive and it is really special to bring ballroom dancing to historic location it was the original intention we would be keeping the strictly of the space as is and it is i can't tell you what we do besides dancing but we created an avenue for couples to come and have a wonderful date night and we create a great place it build confidence and young gentlemen to ask ladies to dance every type of culture to dance and live out this part of their
1:21 am
life they don't get a chance to do growing up we're great contributors to the community and we just we would really, really appreciate you guys as a commission to approve that conditional use and we've asked them to use their name that's it i should address the sounds like issues in sometimes, i think it is a valid concern for the neighbors especially not fully understanding we're not a club we are a school and we need to be able to you know have 6 different teachers to be able to talk and communicate and give instruction at the tune i am talking now it is a teaching environmentalist in app a hotel
1:22 am
or any place the speakers are snald really, really low to the ballroom floor before we knew we were going through this process the sound like panels will be installed and it the completely to our benefit to be a good part of community and not to upset our neighbors and we have in our other locations and two other locations sound like panels and not a single complaint as far as sound goes hopefully that helps to we are that question. >> thank you. >> thank you we might have further questions opening it up for public comment comment. >> good evening seem star child's libertarian with the renters federation once again i want to speak in favor of the
1:23 am
project although i originally don't have any interest in dance ballroom dancing if there's a business that wants to open in a location and the landlord property wants to rent to them really that should be the only consideration if the community supports it the business will flush if the community does they'll end up closings because people won't apron news it the whole planning thing is unfortunate people taking time out of their days and listen to people it costs time and money that could be better spent participating in the community and providing jobs and getting things done once again i'm sorry the project sponsor had to take time out of her day i urge you to approve her project perp when i'm in the mission i whether or
1:24 am
not i can to hear microscopic that would be a wonderful thing that is your honor, i walk down the street and hear music from time to time that's a good thing one final note to the project sponsor of other projects that might be here he urge you when our combed please keep in mind that wufrng once you get our business established if other people are trying to start their businesses and trying to get approval for things in the neighborhood please support them as you want them to support them even though you're not a patron or like their use respect their property rights and not try to block them because you think it might be conducive let them use their property is it a more
1:25 am
harmonies. >> i have one speaker card chris come on up and - oh okay. >> i'm ted i'm a neighbor on page street around the corner for 8 years i'm a founding member of the hate divisadero members association one the objectives we had early on with tried to improve the merchant organizations and approve the businesses in the neighborhood so i'm very excited about this project we early on worked towards keeping formula retail out of the neighborhood we worked on keeping burger king out of the
1:26 am
corner of felt and divisadero that was a project that sort of nuke i cannot the neighborhood and things have changed tremendously since those days that was 98 and now we're notified i think that was before we had the notifications around the neighborhood so the planning commission has been involved quantity on this issue i'm happy to get this notification but i'm pleased to have the opportunity to have this business in my neighborhood it is in a jam the spaces are a gem we've been watching for a long time i brought my daughter here she's not back and we're all looking forward my wife and i are looking forward to participating and my daughter is looking forward to ballroom dance please
1:27 am
support this project we welcome it to the neighborhood thanks. >> great. >> is there any additional public comment and my name is chris i'm the manager and director of arthur marie and i'm in support of studio i know what dancing has done more my life and the change in my students i don't want to lose the opportunity for people to benefit i'm in support of her moving into the space. >> is there any additional public comment. >> okay. not seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> it is a lovingly application we heard have any of those it is positive the space is appropriate and i think the effect it has on a neighborhood that is a secondarily effect for people going to have a coffee or
1:28 am
beating in a small restaurant to get ready or whatever it is very positive and we should all perhaps have a christmas party in a place like that. >> one hour dance lesson. >> so move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> that place you on item 13 proposed commission sponsored sdrmz 2020 an informational
1:29 am
presentation and. >> good evening claudia of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a the last time the interim controls and asked us to give you more all of the elements to consider can i have the slide please before i lasciviousness into the presentation that will be on overview i want to mention that kate harley will i the xhafz is here in case you have questions about this we talked about 2w50 two weeks ago. >> for the benefit of the members of the public who missed lecturer there are copies of the material on the table i'll go over two short background slides the first one is just why are we
1:30 am
doing interim controls the intent for the housing crisis in the mission and the importance of addressing the problem question tried to draft controls that provided time to analyze the affordable housing and affordable housing production to help stem the loss of income electricity units and pdrs lapd's and vital community resources but also to make explicit the commissions expectation for a dialog about affordability you made that clear addressing the affordability through the discussed that commission is important whether the sdrmz are in practices or not interim controls will change the action immediately upon adaptation not intended to be the permanent solutions two weeks ago we went over the program for example the program
1:31 am
moving floats board of supervisors we're working on the affordable housing and the mayor's office of housing is launching the sites program i talked about the van ness as well as we talked about the oewd programs helping with the daytime of nonprofits and free technical assistance for small businesses including pdr and lastly we said we're not reopenly the eastern neighborhoods this is not a redonning the his or her and pdr are largely settled we don't mean no tweaks to the area mission plan it is 5 years after the plan with different economic sequences we want to identify the needs for improvement and is zone in on the conditions the neighborhood a experiencing it not gag negotiating going to be a 10 year process we've been
1:32 am
working with our partners on a plan we fully expect to have a plan by the end of the year they want all the implemented - we're going to know what our plan of action is those are the original controls we developed again, we proposed a during should be 6 months and permitted use is hundred affordable housing and pdr uses where appropriate and the proposal for a new conditional use for most housing large retail as the project results in the losses of more than one rental unit the production of 5 or more units and the conversion of recreation and art and entertainment uses this applies to pipeline project filed after january 1st, 2016 and trying to balance the
1:33 am
projects making sure that conversation will affordability and displacements happen while we work on a permanently permanent solution how unions a total of 88 we heard in a lot of members of the public as well as you commissioners that set of controls has a limited impact you asked us to provide you with alternate ifs this is a proposed geography for which the notice was sent you asked for a map that shows what are inside and outside of the bound i passed around a map i corrected in our packet it shows inside the boundary totals of 19 units outside of the boundary or boundary but within the mission neighborhood boundary 6 projects with 2 hundred and 23 units, of course the map didn't account
1:34 am
for the map in front of you in the next 6 months along with the correction to the map i submitted a correction to the anticipation and that was corrected with one of the projects the one on fulsome and one others project not on the list that was identified later is 200 potrero avenue as the controls are written not captured by the controls but it is a pdr use you had asked us to give us a list of other pdrs uses i'll talk about that later i wanted to mention why that product was not think on the list a clothing manufacturer is is american people allowed use a
1:35 am
nuance about that project it is permitted pdr uses as far as alternatives the duration the controls one by one could be a longer time for a total up to 24 months the boundaries can be increased or decreased by a new nip notifications and from the testimony you've heard here two weeks ago you could choose to have no controls people talked about for various reasons having no controls or wait for the relative of the ballot initiative and we didn't include in your pamper but adapt a policy instead you could adopt the policy now and wait to do you want the policies later and or the policy and the policy
1:36 am
talks about the same intent of the controls having a dialog about affordability and still having that as projects move forward that's another option as far as the potential alternative to the actually conditional use currently the controls say that a ccii would apply to the loss of more than one rental unit and apply to one or more units this makes it citywide by commissioner avalos when requires cu for the merger of any one existing unit so this will make it less confusing for planners on projects that are the production of 5 are more dwelling units hundred percent of projects are cemented from the cu projects that meet the targets could be exempted from
1:37 am
the cu an f of would project the 18 on the project that was about 77 percent affordable and 33 percent market rate a private-public partnership one project out there. >> and there was also a lot of questions about the products don't meet the hundred percent affordable or the reiskin no target have to do a displacement study we have more information and talked with the controller's office they have an upcoming study that will be published send at the end of the july to provide the specific finding the study is expected to look at the relationship of building or not building having a full moratorium on market rate housing and affordable on a per
1:38 am
unit basis and it will also look at the benefits or cost of not building market rate housing on remaining sites for a hundred percent affordability or gentrification to they can use the finding and apply it to their projects and as well as the commission to cancer in our deliberations they may choose to look at their only analyze and control the studies to compare the finding with the consisted with the report is another alternative to the cu for the depiction of certain soberly arts and recreation to include other pdrs uses not listed i talked about this earlier and in our packet was a list of what are other pdr use like auto repair was a brought
1:39 am
up. >> trade shops their might be others if you want to moved with controls you can do so besides the ones lettuce a quick mention of the scombak study for the uses that require the demolish we endorsed it this economic study seems to be clear and easy to complete again, the study required to look at it and discuss the loss of a initiation type and what it is being replaced by and provided a jobs profile of the new business how it is it is benefiting the neighborhood pipeline alternative you may consider them as far as dates all projects for 6 months you
1:40 am
can include the projects filed after january 1st, 2013, inform project files in years 2010 11 and 12 as commissioner antonini suggested we screwdriver in the packet you couldn't make that after july 9th the initiation date i made an arrow on the slide not 2013 but 2015 thank you as far as size you could exclude projects with 20 or more units or 40 or more units as some right of larger projects and include projects that have more than 25 thousand grow square feet i'm collecting the data but that is basically almost every projects more than 25 thousand square feet
1:41 am
also you might apply the projects that are greater than 50 thousand square feet and small versus large projects for small projects you could eliminate or reduce the displacement study for smaller projects again for smaller projects trigger the controls or discretionary review if you're - their removing or proposing to remove tenants lastly you talked about the vacant versus - you may exclude those on a vacant use or no use or tenants for example the buildings are vacate for a minimum of one year so there is a donate that happens a month before the cu is filed so have a time period as far as next steps have the
1:42 am
schedule on august 6th if you think of a best approach or a adaptation of a policy to make sure the controls are in dialog of affordability and displacement for attendance and easy to make sure that the project in good faith have met the expectation as director ram mentioned regardless of the ballot or the interim controls on a comprehensive and packet for the affordability crisis that is impacting our working-class and middle-income that concludes my presentation. >> outline open for public comment georgia and donald can't read your last name and and good
1:43 am
evening commissioner georgia on the 22nd and the technicality of july i sent you an e-mail billion a building a small building that being sold for 3.2 if you read the e-mails you saw $3.2 million it is basically turned into a single-family home but there were 4 units this is outside the current area and two it is a small building and i guess the point of my e-mail i hoped to brought to your attention was the small buildings in the mission that need to be protected their you know as i said death by one thousand cuts the rest of what you're in so doing is really good and the moratorium proposed moratorium whether it is a ballot and the big project
1:44 am
are important but those smaller buildings worry me i don't know if you want to include it in your proposal which is not a bad idea or have i think much greater scrutiny when those projects come in the one i sent you an example not a 311 but permits into the building inspection and four units it says that on the beginning tracking when it was converted so i can think somehow planning and building they're right next to each other when those things come in over-the-counter perhaps it is good as another antidote right cornerstone the corner a
1:45 am
building for sale i stumbled on the open house 8 people living in 3 units the guys were talking about taking a lower units and incorporating and later on do the upper nutrient there are 9 people one is a family like 4 young people sharing a flat that is what san francisco is both families and people sharing flats fix up the units and gloss them up thank you and i hope you do is with the greatest scrutiny as director ram so passionately said or if you incorporate it whatever the interim controls. >> next speaker and if there are additional speakers line up on the other
1:46 am
side of the room. >> good evening. i'm a resident of san francisco regardless of ballot measure i'm flab gassed by the displacement of and it's not their fault by a guarantees i didn't bunch of speculators our housing crisis is nothing more of time and labor blocking opportunities and up zoning opportunities for all income levels coming off the dwelling conspiracy for the next 50 to hydroyears the moratorium is an extension of the opposition we've experienced increase in the city i'm an advocate for outdoor affordable housing and adjust to present-day inflation for ami restrictions the study for each
1:47 am
project and in those interim controls i support the commission to have the 40 year drought of san francisco that improves and enhances the liveability of our great city i appreciate our efforts taking solid efforts leon on the complex and sophisticated urban planning regulations being site specific and neighborhood specific following the sf planning commission and the irs and ceqa reports while being visionary not shutting the recipe off 50 to hundred years from now thank you for your time this evening. >> is there any additional public comment. >> good evening my name is
1:48 am
naomi sun i'm with alliance californian for community enforcement ace i want to thank claudia for her presentation thank you for listening and he came here to say that the interim controls don't go far enough, however, it sounds like the planning department is listening to people who have talked about what the community or what the working-class community has mentioned is asking for what we're asking for
1:49 am
is for the more housing so someone earlier said it is selfish not to build but wondering is it selfish to build only for upper middle-income people i am a working-class woman i have lived in the mission for over 20 years and i have seen the change there is a lot of a pipeline and it is addressing the people that are the most vulnerable you say people would say there is not enough buildings i going up and down van ness up and down mission and some areas
1:50 am
and there's a lot of building somebody brought up the fact that the providing low income housing and senior housing going up they're not enough what is going up and what you must address what is going up is the rich live and that's you will i president in this city to rich people but homeless people you to really look at what you're building and what we need is available and even that is a joke i'm no where on - the ami scale i'm not on that scale
1:51 am
i am probably the one percent of that scale and there are many people like me who people don't talk about the elderly and people with disabilities and people of color of working-class of the working-class thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon again commissioners members of the public name a star child an activist with the san francisco bay area members federation i kind of can't believe this whole discussion of housing moratorium is even before us as a city at this time you know in the midst of the severe housing shortage having a
1:52 am
moratorium on the construction of any housing is like to me farmers you know have having a moratorium on growing crops in the middle of a fame then it is the most incredibly backwards thing i understand the previous speaker and folks i'm not high income i live in the city distinct the castro and mission rental apartment and you know, i could be priced out of the city but those policies are you know the housing shortage is reaping the fruits of years of governments controls that has prohibited and restricted enough housing to be big deal built for splildz if the market rate housing is not allowed to be built built the worthier people
1:53 am
will be bidding against the housing how's those people live in and if you're poor you may be out because a worthy reserve person moved in the housing was not the last to be built basis of an important to your memory on market rate hours i do not know enough people didn't see that but signed this to get on the ballots the probabilities were paying people paying people with the flyers to get those measure other than the ballot so a lot of people with money times this moratorium if you do pass a interim controls please make sure they expire in november if the measure fails so we don't get stuck with something going
1:54 am
forward beyond about interim controls fine they get syrup seated by the think heaven for bid if it passes let's make sure we don't have anything going once the voters reject that moratorium to not saddle people with something beyond that date thank you. >> good afternoon steve with brown and mary tell the supports of 200070 commissioner johnck's asked we provide some information comparing the features of the bryan street to the rent control criteria we've
1:55 am
done that i e-mail address that on monday and have hard copies i want to go through that table clearly those are a markable match with the policies and this project that project has 3 existing vacant euphorias that will be demolished and replaced with bmr's and 3 additional rent control unit it meets 10 of the 13 for the demolition and a displacements in housing balance study if it is riders number one no displacement of existing residents that the 47 bmr units we provide a major infusion of affordable housing in the mission and be equal to the proposal on shot well street they pit an rfp on the street for 50 units there this is a 17
1:56 am
percent of bmr requirements of no up zoning and no public subsidies with tmcs that is a project across the street to the west of the step down sited the balance in the area whereby positive been the bryant street project requiring the number one has an agreement to fund the relocation and substance or subsidize the rent for the other specialists sold the lands to relocate within the city there is sufficient lands to accommodate any planning department uses i included the maps for the pdr in the immediate vicinity that pdr land is restored for arts uses and provides sufficient space for those who are displaced and
1:57 am
final the project provides economic and fiscal benefits two pubically assessable stair open spaces and cafe and additional retail pays and artist flex units given the high degree of conforms with the interim controls will will do more than a preschool and been in the pipeline we've filed our applications in 2013 the project conforms exactly to the controls adapted 4 years ago with the zoning i ask you not impose the additional burn for the grandfather that applies to the bryan street project i included an alternative site plan that reechlz allows only one rent control unit to be exposed we don't think that is a good plan but could be imposed
1:58 am
i'm available to answer any questions and predict our time. >> other public comment. >> yeah. i'm lou i'm a long time residents of the mission and i'm an artist a photojournalist and filmmaker i happen to own my house in the mission so i'm not faced with the evictions as an artist i've seen my artist friends the wonderful people that make the mix neighborhood and make that city what it is i've seen so many of them established artists and artists that are starting we need both of those in our city and in the mission he think the point i want to make - first of all, i want to
1:59 am
thank the planning commission staff because they've been a very open and we have a good relationship they've been listening to what the residents of the mission need and we're very happy about that and wear happy that we've got the ear of the commission as well basically, what wear asking for when we are people talking about the more timer are we talking about interim controls things are happening to fast in the mission there are so many projects that have virtually no affordable housing aspects their market rate and condominium and some people call them luxury condominium and some are what the community is asking for is time that's why we're talking about interim controls i'm not here to speak specifically to this except i really like the fact it
2:00 am
seems like the staff is saying there should be more projects covered under it although i'll say there are many projects that are grandfathered that are very big very big projects that seems like the bigger projects maybe controlled by my concern is that those larger projects that are a little bit this construction has not started they're not covered under the interim controls so i don't know if so it possible for the commission to include more of the projects the big projects that are moving on by that is something to been because as you've heard part of the reason for the moratorium is that the city wants to build affordable housing and the mayor wants to build affordable housing but by the time it happens no land left in the mission e.r. mission
2:01 am
district we can build on thank you you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i sent the commissioners something that i had received it shows a lot of the controls are a counterintuitive it looked at the approved project citywide and turn out to be over 38 thousand it is december tortd it include bayview and treasure island and large projects not coming forward only hundred and 41 were approved in the mission district and only 75 new units were built and at the same time the appreciation in the mission district are at hundred and 41 percent rather than the rest the city that kind of loomz looks like we have a supply and demand that will happen which you don't
2:02 am
build the units they'll be fought offer and the prices go up as a result we noticed that as far as no facility evictions the highest was a in the mission district that this was a longer period of time but 7 hundred and 64 during that period of time which is more than any area in the city with that said we should be passing policies i'll tell you the problem we could have a lot of challenges in court if he passed the controls on the rental end fib we have making people replace units we're taking away making new units that are rent controlled eventual a basil_hawkins rule 34 but as studied any projects that had over 45 percent market rate
2:03 am
would you know come under those controls and have to go through a higher standard so that could be seen as confusing because there was a decision in santa fe that allows the percentage of 15 percent to stand up they didn't feeling
2:04 am
2:05 am
2:06 am
february a - so it all will be -
2:07 am
so that's what i would be in favor of i just don't know why there so is so much emphasis in guesswork i understand i have to have a line before which projects are grandfathered but making sure that larger projects in particular have to realistic realisticly have to give back thing to the city have the same effect as the controls and finally it is not realistic but having one study that could be done the finding would be applied to augural the projects in terms of the effects on the neighbors that will be a lot more practical solutions. >> director ram. >> thank you. >> i want to take one
2:08 am
opportunity to thank claudia a challenging effort for all of us at the risk of being redundant we'll work with the medication act strategies whether or not we do interim controls or whatever a couple of thing i want to mention with respect to the discussion last time it is hard to be focusing on the issues at this hour the two things that are i've been hearing if the commissions it the per diem and specifically to simplify this thing we don't have a situation you see two different promotions in the same time periods under two sets of controls i think you seem to think that is not a great solution and the second
2:09 am
thing that there's a lot of interest in particularly addressing larger projects and with the implicit understanding that the larger ones have is a greater impact and doing a higher level of analyze for their approval those are the two things i heard from the commissioners and members of the communities the commission could say it only applies to projects over a certain size and the requirement those projects have go through interim controls or policies you could do it either way and the second thing you could i think this is what commissioner antonini was sukdz any project coming forward in that time period will go through a review while we're developing the interim controls now obviously all sorts of
2:10 am
variance if we do this let's make a simple and many of the community members were not here were here earlier and had to leave their i'm speaking for them and can't speak for them many felt that the previous proposal simply was noteworthy pursue from in your stand out it didn't go far enough i want to make sure that's their position and thrills at the meeting lecture they felt it was not worth pursuing if their stand out and felt they needed to concentrate on the moratorium that's what they were talking about pursue if i could follow-up thank you to the staff
2:11 am
for the alternative whether the interim controls we've got more choices than denny's grand slam menu regardless the okay. the ballot mile-an-hour of the ballot measure passes and after the ballot measure expires we'll find ourselves back i'm frustrated the community members are not here participating ♪ complex and difficult decision i also agree whatever we try to do semicomplete it the best commissioner richards and the thing i'm beating the dr. murase over and over and over and over people are second of hearing me
2:12 am
the ted egon report will help me to me this is coming out next week a really movement for me once that happens he can get our arms around and until that i'll be left out in the dark and number 3 the cost of the new used for pdr that is an interesting way to go i understand how it balances the different types of land use and the as well as the displacement study that will come out from mr. egon if there's a smokinggun i'll be advance and do pass, consent to cover more things to have more scrutiny and understand the effect i'm going to reserve most of my comments for a couple of weeks >> commissioner johnson. >> i echo commissioner president fong and saying i'm
2:13 am
disappointed we san francisco don't have more members thank you all for speaking it is so late and hopefully that is not an indication how the new york city about negotiation will happen and if the moratorium with the city at large whatever the process will be i guess i'll i say i was one the proponents of the simplest i was tarnishing the opportunity to have a hearing or two hearing 20/20 that are grarltd one isn't and have is another one not on the agenda altogether because it is under the interim controls i felt that was confusing and it and help the decision. if we've spent a lot of time having a clear thought process how to approach the projects before us
2:14 am
another element of confusion when you're already trying to assess whether or not a certain project works for the landscape and community i'm actually, i have a couple of ideas one i definitely want to see the ted egon report i think we can set that back to a strong policy which is we'll have some very clear requirements in terms of sort of meeting not i know taking away regular calendar apartments or having enough housing and not causing displacement whatever out of the economic report if we set the guidelines we don't have to create the complicated system of filtering the projects i'm hope we'll get that it is much more
2:15 am
streamlined, however at this point, we're talking about setting a higher bar than in the past and may have in the future clear realize what we're so in terms of the community and for the last hearing overwhelm hopeful to get more discussion today, if we were not to approve the project whether we call it interim controls i would want to shorten that time to come back less than a year that is a pretty big penalty for not reaching the bar that was set after a project was developed or in the pipeline right now in a project was going two take away one or more rvld we declined that project that was part of
2:16 am
interim controls we have set or part ever policy that project will be able to come back until next september if so it is a little bit unfair i'm hopeful we can develop a policy we're to stick to and have stringent lines and take a look at what happens to projects we don't approve because they don't meet the bar we're setting. >> commissioner wu. >> so i wanted to let some of the public know that the commissioners have had quite a bit of discussion since the last hearing so some with staff members and some with individual conversation so number one it is great that this has been raised to this level staff has said the staff as said we want to be focused on the challenges of
2:17 am
housing and balance of displacement, however, you want to name it they're starting be to a task force more simple to come out of that commission and maybe you know so i'm braimz it is maybe more policy offended in developing thank you to staff for all the work in developing those different options if there's more than 5 units produced and if under is a rent control unit demolished it ends up basically at the cu was going to lead to the studies being done; right? either the displacement or the residential units or the economic studies the loss of the space of uses so for me that's not - i don't want to set up interim controls to create another studies that gets done; right? if you know, i
2:18 am
want to get to the impacts if the study shows there are impacts is there a way to mitigate the impacts to really shape projects different maybe a commission policy gets us there i'm not sure but to give policy more direction around where we want to see we don't - for me rent control units being demolished or rent space demolished more consideration of the impacts of a surrounding neighborhood that's why i'm waiting for the interim controls report i think that we want to take seriously this issue i think maybe eventually putting more focus on the action plan 2020 would be a positive way to
2:19 am
go for staffs time i know that the more times you're trying to spends on the interim controls the less times on the interim solutions i don't want to give up other than the interim controls by try to make that simpler and clear to follow with me with the pipeline that we either need to find a way i'm supportive of either looking at it by unit size maybe everything that is above i know 20 units, 25 units and we will need to have criteria to pick that number or the date what of the date the 2013 date because i feel like if you adapt interim controls then everything gets grandfathered your adapting nothing everyone
2:20 am
waits 6 months to copy to come to the commission unless the more interims you get passed. >> commissioner richards. >> i think a few more comments what another criteria do we have around land use in terms of the footage use we're measuring kind of on the same line the criteria is 50/50 50 why not pick 20 i want to have a california probated regardless it is hard to not and can we those promotions with the same set of impacts i'm going to have a hard time with all the projects six or seven comes before me with this kind of criteria and this criteria we'll have a hard time not applying the same criteria
2:21 am
you know, i have a hard time with the approval of a project i really do whether we want to say we'll disagree h disapprove a project so we need to have teeth and a couple of others thoughts first one selection happens we have a bigger idea what is golden with the city what appetite the boundaries i thought east of mission street it is 2 hundred and 50 units consider whatever criteria if any to cover the projects that meet that criteria in the mission in the red lines this includes the notice it crazy a couple of walks away some are covered and some not. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. thank you in terms of my request that we go with the
2:22 am
policy not a control that would read something like the commission will give preference to projects involving over 20 units with a higher fablt than required no net referencing rent controlled units and arts and arts uses the advantages the grandfathering is not important you're not setting a control not all the problems legally but you would force not force but make that much more necessary for projects larger ones to move in the direction we're trying to gain in order to be approved so commissioner richardss right we don't disapprove but we continued and they remold their
2:23 am
projects in ways to be more acceptable to the commission that would be a beneficial things as one that was referenced by the gentleman to begin doing the things we want them to do and smaller projects might be held under a standard that is might not be as hard you realize that might be much more difficult with a project with 4 or 5 units to do all those things and director ram. >> thanks several of you mentioned the controller's office study i'm thinking about timing here your here on behalf of the appellant you're not meeting next week and august '67 you'll potentially take action on this i'm not sure that is possible for staff to kind of digest that
2:24 am
study within that tvrment timeframe i find those discussions valuable and don't think there is a down side to having a hearing but may be helpful to use the august 6th date to discuss that study and our initial analysis to allow staff if you want to do interim controls to shape something they'll present in your september meeting. >> september meeting are jam packed two but maybe a way to do that like i said, i'm a little bit concerned if you want to use the information in the study there will be a lot of time to digest it to effect our proposal to you something to consider. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you for that.
2:25 am
>> i have a quick comment on the roster frail you're wearing platinum anything else notice i want to say that i definitely agree with pretty much everything commissioner wu said particularly the piece we're not only wanting to say no to the pursuits the point is to get the projects we want being able to see them and shape them is somewhat better than not seeing them at all not on the agenda six or eight months later their potentially the same i definitely like that i think to not make it confusing duo to get to what councilmember downey was take the opportunity because of
2:26 am
the policies we're not changing anything about the planning code or the outlines of the box we have to work within in terms of what we require of a project so you know we could strongly suggest certain pilots we can actually make them part of project or they don't do the project that is something to think about maybe the next time i'm kind of on the fence i kind of feel last week po the real threat we'll vote down a project we have a higher bar most projects are continued we may feel strongly about the project but we're not wholesale changing that better than voting it down and not seeing that a year or two the higher bar we need you to be here yeah. this is not
2:27 am
continueable we'll say no and good luck that's a possibility we're not in the environment just want to say a couple of things not helpful and director ram's point i know that this of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a does a fantastic job like today most of time all the time with providing analyze but we're in such a state that might be good to pass the report and let's us digest it so not saying staff doesn't have time. >> we're happy to pass you the report i didn't mean to suggest it internal revenue thinking in terms of the sycamore recommendation out of report. >> we're saying the same thing we need to set our impose on a
2:28 am
conclusions we read it and take it how it forms our own thought process in terms of what to do rafrnl having the recommendations filtered through staff that might be what is needed here. >> commissioner richards and briefly we need to be clear and consistent sometimes, i sit up here and i'm part of problem we're all over the map one partial one week and because of the day and how we feel let's make sure we're consistent and amenable. >> commissioner moore. >> whatever we do some should be the baby steps towards what ultimately comes to goekt in mission plan 2020 i don't want to be in a different part of
2:29 am
goals with not a common policy with a larger planning interest i'm against sitting on the fence as he everybody else we haven't thought about it we've tried to be thoughtful but everywhere we're trying to be pro-active but it is hard when your reacting to something asking those board questions what threatened out of the ongoing work on the mission action plan by them we could in an anticipatory way to encourage and support baby steps of what you already see as a clear framework for that. >> that is an interesting question what we could do at august 6th talk about the groans or bones of the mission strategy
2:30 am
and some of the components we are discussing again you know timing is such we wouldn't have direction from you to formal recommendation but we'll leave that to you to have that discussion on august 6th but claudia you want to comment on that. >> emry remind me we i'd like to take this opportunity do the interim controls we have working primarily on the affordable housing bonus density program and been looking at opportunities where in corridors or areas we meet have additional capacity for more affordability but as far as zoning we're working on those i can came back in 2 weeks. >> the mission strategy is not zone it isn't about zoning it is about all the aspects with the
2:31 am
mayor's office of housing how can we support eviction control and support onsite shoiks and affordable housing those are only 3 of many, many components there wish a bunch of strategies on retention and so forth so zoning is only one part of the puzzle. >> the smallest of them all probably. >> okay. >> commissioner moore. >> what we mostly do is hear with the community says and try to share the responsibility non-nobody today having heard the whisper the communities has no face at the moment is not interested in the sgimz i feel like all of a sudden my hands are tied a little bit i just
2:32 am
basically haven't heard the voice not a whisper or reporting on i would rather like to hear a little bit more clearly how can we help as big a question as and no answers i could ask. >> commissioner wu. >> i do think as we have this conversation commissioner johnson your analysis it is right that the policy really didn't get us anything more so if it is wanting to shape projects different e differently maybe the interim controls, however to shape them con sill the way to go in the august meeting commissioner richards. >> i guess to commissioner moore's point we have the 5 m project and communities here and this which we thought when we
2:33 am
first put forward i thought the community will weigh in on this other than a few people that is zip code they're not here and yeah. >> commissioner antonini. >> i have to be careful about identifying people being the community they come here doesn't mean they represent all the people in the desire city we're to represent not just those but basically make sure we make the best decision for the greater number. >> commissioner johnson. >> i echo that the people we see have a strong voice and a lot of voice but they're not everybody he really step shy away from using the word community i can't find one homeus community in the whole city to commissioner moore's point we've heard from the people who have come forth that
2:34 am
have the loudest voice in interim controls and the measure on the ballot we have heard what we want you think as a commission that is our role to then do the doing every thing we can for projects coming before us i feel like we have a role in setting policy and building the projects not only for the people that show up but all the people in san francisco and he think we know doing the best we can for the community and we have heard the voices that have been here we've heard them they have simple demands we can take into account. >> commissioner richards. >> lastly it is interesting the community gathered the 16 thousand signatures for the ballot we will center to put the projects up against that criteria absolutely nothing
2:35 am
happens until after election day so not just for the people that show up. >> there you have it. >> so here's the dilemma not just for staff if you the want to adopt the sgjz in august we need last thing you're to actually adapting the language that would be the controls your vote would be on the actual wording so - i don't think we know enough at this point for good reason i'm not criticizing to drafting so i my suggestion to have the hearing on the 6 and after the ted egon property
2:36 am
report and give the staff the subsequent lapsing and marie if i'm wrong on that, please let me know. >> we don't have legislation drafted and a on the interim controls and discussed different options if you wanted to that laminating will be before you currently on the 6 with small minutes make that or if it is a pipeline or something but significant changes we haven't heard those today is what you're saying all fair enough you have the language we've initially proposed thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> definitely to your point part of reason we didn't get into the last thing early on with the controls this sort of took us in a zircon fates why not mark up the interim controls things i don't advocate i'm
2:37 am
definitely open to determinecy and doing everything but necessarily does think this is the best forum to get the commissioners to agree on the language because we write on interim controls so potentially have workshops with the commissioners - i wasn't one of them i only read this beforehand but separately with the commissioners before august 6th are if we're extending to write language beyond that this is not the forum in the times we've had to do it it gets confusing quickly. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'd like to work in that manner as individual commissioners to its up to me to call you guys what is on that abdominal arrest -
2:38 am
>> morgues e emry rogers that part of decision making will have to happen but inform your positions. >> i would as a followup if you do decide to continue drafting controls instead of policies you'll have to have language that deals with the concerns i've expressed it has to be something that is passed so density bonuses to make those policies or controls to be sustainable. >> commissioner richards. >> one thing i'd like to do make sure we get out of here understand of direct staff to increase the bouncers or not i
2:39 am
support whatever increase the boundaries or support this strip over here i'd like to get a sense of my fellow commissioners it is 2 hundred and 50 units. >> which strip are you talking about east or west of mission street between the red and blue on the left-hand side of the page i don't think that is fair whatever we do, we should apply that over here as across the street street. >> commissioner antonini and i'm against expanding any of the basic the van ness and delores have changed and improved a lot i think that you know the battleground the areas of the
2:40 am
most tension are to the east i think they're similar to our control boundaries i don't know for sure i'm against extending it further to the west and just to remind everyone we'll have to put out a new notification and a new initiation. >> oh god. >> we'll have to do a new initiation. >> no, no initiation but need to do the proper notification the notification for the adoption. >> we have time before the 6. >> let me look at my calendar. >> the newspapers require a certain amount of lead time all that sort of stuff. >> commissioner moore. >> while the idea of expanding the boundary is a good one the
2:41 am
boundary shouldn't have been there in the first place that is going to cause a lot of counter reaction if we had a pole which would have early on addressed the question we do it because it is alexander up the units yes, they make a defensive in the overhead discussion maybe easier to set acceptable timelines by the project date or whatever who ever is inside the existing boundary it is more than unfair by expanding it and seeing the additional unit it leveling the playing field on the other hand, for those people po who for months thought they were safe without interim controls that is a big shock i don't know anything about the status of those projects about
2:42 am
but i would be a developer with 8 unit down here smoir i did say oh, my god we're getting on very, very shaky ground and creating i think an uncertainty i feel uncomfortable expanding the conversation. >> so i guess a no. >> i'm just have to say what i'm saying we're changing the - and side hard one there is one literally across the street you have 344, 14th street the green box and 18 mission street line items across the street from each other. >> your going to evaluations more or less inside and outside commissioners on the west side
2:43 am
of that line. >> oh there are. >> in the neighborhood might not call the the mission it's hard to draw a line to accept everything. >> i hear it is arbitrary we should put this into the pile of things to consider so lead alternatives we want to use whether it is policy or interim control i'd like to say to keep within the boundary of the discussion then decide where. >> sending it back. >> okay. commissioner moore. >> my biggest level of comfortable would with search warrant have been the 2020 boundaries that over laptop that is what we're talking about that is my largest comfortable that's a ladder action with us helping kind of prepared for the next step but i'm not sure that is
2:44 am
the vetted properly as a mission action plan boundary compared to the different boundary. >> one thing or thing about the mission plan it is not going to be a universal immediate role anti if there are steps incredibly underway that is one thing that makes that exist there is not a hold back as soon as items are ready before you they'll be before you there is an overlay could you show it on the overhead well the mission action plan covers the entire boundary. >> the red boundary box yes. >> okay. >> commissioners that places
2:45 am
you think. >> well, that didn't feel like a conclusion my public comment. >> georgia i will send you on e-mail about two remodels i want to emphasis my thing i keep coming here and police vehicle you is greater scrutiny at the inn take maybe it is easy for me to say hard to do with staff that seems to be the pattern it needs to be some kind of questions more questions asked whether building or planning thank you. >> thank you. >> quick one more. >> my part i'll have to say
2:46 am
less scrutiny please (laughter) especially for large units it will bring in a lot of housing we need more housing if a project is bigger it will bring more housing units online that will help people from getting displaced whether it is market rate of their luxury housing it adds to the housing supply it means that people are mother expediting for other units on the market i worry about more people understood economics you have to start somewhere thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> quickly commissioners i recommend we maintain the current boundary the interim controls just to not complicate the process more. >> okay is there any additional
2:47 am
public comment not seeing none any commissioners that's a long day but good productive day the meeting is adjourned. >> see you in september leaders. >> hi everyone i'm patrick the director of earthquake safety
2:48 am
forever for the stoifbl and we have the ryan white fair to teach people about the made sure soft story ordinance and connect them with the services they need you can save thousands of lives and if those buildings are rooiftd people will be allowed to sleep in their own beds while the city is recovering. >> we're here at the earthquake ryan white center for people to comply with the ryan white or do a ryan white on their property to connect with the resources they need.
2:49 am
i came here wondering what to do as a owner of an apartment building moderate to comply with the must rules that went into effect last year >> we don't want to go to 10 different events people said so we advise people of the event. so we try to be incentive not everyone is going to be able to come 0 so this fans the afternoon and the einstein >> i've decided to be here it's amazing to see all those people's here it's critical to be prepared and to recover from disasters as finishing as
2:50 am
possible. >> i've been to a lot of shows and this one was a trufk turnout a. >> since the structure the building represents the super structure the lower part of this particle on the buildings on the corner they shack quite a bit. >> so for the floors above as shaking that top floor is fog go-go have no more mass and we saw in 1984 more structure destruction where we're ryan white this by adding a steel frame typically you want to brass in both directions and see how strong the building is. >> we've adapted a thirty year implementation program i worry
2:51 am
about that was a retrofit requirement this is what we do to mitigate the shom and have's evacuation for the people and our partners. i had questions about what kind of professionals are involved in this i want to start to put together a team of people to help me get through this. i'm a structural engineer and i'm thrilled at the quality of the contractors and engineers >> we've taken one civic awesome and put all the vendors in one place. >> you have financing and engineers and contractor and they come here and every we're rebuilding are that the office of the city of administer and
2:52 am
the depth thought i environment and other partners. >> all those things one little piece of a resilient piece of - >> and i felt more positive about things i thought about how to pay for this. >> we didn't want to have one financing option it didn't work. >> we found information about financing they are different options for different types property owners. >> we've seen them offering financially and a pool of styles for a complicated way of saying they'll be able to pay back their loans over the next two
2:53 am
years. >> we have 3 options and secondly, to get a loan for the ryan white and the third becoming in the past program participants in that. it is encouraged along coastal easier where we have set time like sand and a high water table to a cause the sand to shake i'm going to get this visitation on the same bridge you'll see the water come to the surface this knocks the foundation over and pushes out the ruptured pipeline >> it is intimidating i'm
2:54 am
talking to people as a layman who needs help. >> this is a difficult process for people to navigate we're only focused on outreach so we've got the informational and we've spoken to many different owner groups and community groups all across the city. >> outreach is critical for the retrofitting program the city has to get out to the community and help people said what they have to do and do it and raise finances so this program is an advocate and resource for the community. >> so why not skip to the theme. foremost and most to come we've
2:55 am
been presenting community meetings and going face to face with community owners and helping people understand what to do >> you may be wanting to know about the sf green but this will allow you to have is a loan for the property so if you have the property the loan will be summoned by the new owner and this is pay back for your property taxes and the low rates this is a fantastic option. >> i'm in favor of the program obviously we're going to have a earthquake this is from an investment stewardship. >> after a few minutes with folks even if you don't agree you understand the concept. >> we've talked about being able to do this now we're going
2:56 am
to be forced to do this it's a good thing but to pay for it. >> it's not only protecting their property but every dollar is for mitigation it truly is protecting our investment overall the city. >> it's the right thing to do. you can look at the soft story building and theirs like the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake and your shufrtdz to see this >> people are getting caught to get this done and if people can find a place in our homes of shelter it will keep people in their homes. >> together we'll work out of
2:57 am
getting out of 0 disaster and making the community bringing back to what we love. >> as a level of folks we've talked about we make recommendations to make everyone mitigated their soft story problems no other jurisdiction has tried to tackle this ordinance and we're set to have our program complete by 20/20. >> the quality of the people are here because of the leadership. >> it's a great conversation statewide how to do this and i can only stress this enough if we didn't have the community of the san franciscans that are
2:58 am
concerned people, you know, talking about our financing is options and our engineering requirement if you altercated all our work it's consensus driven to provide options we don't have one path but one relative for people to get there. >> it's been an excellent consumption of the services i think i'm going to need if i go through this yeah, i'm very
2:59 am
come and experience lafayette park and enjoy the people picnic and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take an afternoon stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located at got and sacramento street in the middle of pacific heights on top of the city's steep rolling hills, lafayette park offers a great place, peaceful beauty. comfortably spaced tables and benches, a playground, rest rooms and tips at the end of the park. plenty of flat areas for football, frisbee, and picnic. lafayette is very much a couples park. this wonderful hilltop park is
3:00 am
the place you can share with someone you cherish. lafayette park is located along the round at the one end campus and also easy good afternoon. it is 105 p.m. this is the regular meeting of the commission on community investment and infrature. the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday july 7, 2015. welcome to members of the public. please call the first item >> thank you madam chair, the first order of business is item 1, roll call. commission members responds whenia call