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tv   BOS Public Safety and Neighborhood Services 71615  SFGTV  July 26, 2015 1:00am-3:01am PDT

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applause ] >> congratulations to all of our recipients. [ applause ] >> at at & t we believe that invest ning in our communities is a smart thing to do to keep our communities safe in the environment. it helps to lift up the programs because you lift up san francisco. thank you for all the incredible work that you are doing and i really do hope that this spreads. [ applause ]
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>> >> >> good evening. this is the meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee of board of supervisors. my name is eric
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mar, our colleague david campos will not be here today. >> city clerk: >> i think we need a motion to excuse our colleague. it's been moved that we excused david campos from this meeting. can we do that without objection? thank you. >> we have five items on our agenda, two liquor licenses at the very end. item no. 3 is supervisor jane kim is on the health code. my understand is she wants to continue that item to the call of the chair. we'll continue item 3. if anybody is here to speak on
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that, we'll hear on that during public testimony. >> please call no. 1. >> city clerk: item no. 1. hearing implementation of civil service rule 115. >>supervisor eric mar: supervisor christensen reminded me that item no. 2 will be continued too. >> i also neglected to mention that sf govtv is televising us today. i want to thank them for televising us as well. >> item no. 1 is a continuation of hearings that we've held since 2014
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from june 2014 over a year ago. this is a hearing to update this is for community based organizations working with the department of human resources and office of mayor's office on disabilities and employee rights. it's also to advance civil rights and employment rights for people with disabilities and our goal to increase employment efforts and opportunities for disabled people and also a goal to improve and implement better rule 115 which maybe called by some access sf as well.
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>> we are holding a hearing for the anniversary of the passage of the americans with disabilities act and the disability rights movement occupation for the federal building here. the longest occupation of the federal building in u.s. history but also other occupations in other cities as well. the 504 actions in the movement came out in the celebrations a couple weeks ago. i think the tone and the spirit from the people with disabilities and the movement was that we are patient no more was one of the comments. that's a great exhibit going on now at the ed roberts campus in berkeley that will soon come to san francisco state for the exhibit of the activist organizers and leaders of the movements to advance disability rights. also, the
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slogan, "it doesn't stop here" for the ada opened my eyes how a law can be fought for and won and there is still a fight to make sure it's implemented right for civil rights in our city. i want to thank those of the democratic club and many others of the members of the members office on the mayor's office for disability council for keeping that spirit alive and this whole month there is a number of events going on so this hearing is held in the context in on going movement for civil rights for people with disabilities. san francisco's civil service commission in 2000 enacted rule 115 which we discussed at length last year at this hearing. rule 115 was to provide a
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process for qualified individuals with disabilities going through the workforce without going through a civil service examination. the disabilities community is diverse in san francisco and nationwide. one of the form of disabilities, one of the many forms of physical disabilities from physical to cognitive and many are not able to tell. san francisco is a part of the vibrant community and communities made up of tremendous organizations and leaders from our community. they contribute significantly to san francisco's politics and our progress. i see in this hearing we'll hear from a number of leaders and organizers from the disabled community. i see them as valuable resources. by san francisco government hiring with people
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with disabilities in all of our city's departments we can bring valuable perspective to city hall and into our city to i mprove our work culture for all in san francisco and communities. we are finding the task force that we reestablished that had done a lot of work roughly 10 years ago and has been restarted again since december. it's been about 6 months of our task force also called employing people with disabilities. i want to thank those from the different human resources who are working with carla johnson from the mayor's office on disabilities to advise city government. the task force has met monthly since december and includes two represents of the community and leaders of the disability community many of whom will be speaking today. in a few moments we'll
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also hear from the various city departments and community organizations and i want to thank donna kit key, the workforce director and the management specialist with the department of human resources. and donna and ed will provide an overview of rule 115. progress reports and department of human resources plan that they have developed with the task force to hire people with disabilities and the accomplishment short and long-term goals of the task force. also i would like to thank especially the mayor's office of disability for their amazing work and support for the task force, carla johnson is the director and she'll be presenting on the task forces four main recommendation and then we'll hear from other members of the task force through public comment and i want to thank jonathan lions from the club who really initiated
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this by refusing to remain silent. i will just say that and standing up for the fdr club and bringing amazing educational data and slides and really educating me and my staff on a lot of the issues. he really is deserves a lot of credit for raising the issue and in a way that is organized in a new task force and moved the city forward in many ways. also ann steiner who has been part of the task force and a representative back in the 80s of the original task force that was established by a former mayor that really tried to address the issues of people with disabilities. i want to thank her for here participation in the task force. sienna hines at the independent living resource center. i think a lot of spirit that will come in september with the prides
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celebration and the movement. fiona with the independent living resource center and the movement is part of the vibe sea of the disability rights community today. kate is a leader for the lighthouse for the blind and impaired and with the library and stephanie is a quality assurance supervisor at the golden gate regional center and i wanted to thank especially formally with the arc kelly goodwin from the task force and from our previous task force, terry now is a deputy director at best buddy jobs as well. lastly gabriel rog an, executive director at the area board 5 at the developmental with
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disabilities. and there are a number of leaders and task force that may also be speaking today. lastly i wanted to say and reaped us from our previous hearings that san francisco has been a leader in hiring policies and a lot of amazing work from our city government should not be overlooked. civil service rule 115 is very important for san francisco and disability rights. however, it's one people of opportunities for people, but our city departments in conjunction with the board and mayor's office i think must be vigilant to ensure that we are expanding as many opportunities as we can for people with disabilities. last year in june when we held the initial hearing to discuss employment access for people with disabilities there was a lot of confusion about what had been done 10 years ago with the previous task force. there is confusion how it was being implemented if at all
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and even borrow -- broch urs and others for providing equal employment opportunities in san francisco and there is a lot of work to be done and i think the task force is credited for not only for the past but looking forward to hiring a person with a specific role of ensuring that people with disabilities have equal rights and access in our city employment processes as well. i wanted to also say that there are a number of goals that will come up at the end of this hearing and i think it's important that hiring a person with the department of human resources was the key goal of the task force. a person that would not be focused on a bunch of different things at once but really focus
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primarily on hiring and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. no. 2, a way to gather the data to assess the problems what they are and the tremendous gap that most people see nationwide for the lack of opportunities for people with disabilities who want to work and contribute but don't have those opportunities. so surveys and data with a critical. no. 3, establish goals and time tables for employment of people with disabilities as a key grouping of people that deserve i think many more opportunities. so, goals and time tables. goals and setting of some bench marks and times that we would accomplish the goals. and lastly, i think continued support and a formalizing of the task force so it doesn't fade away in history after people are gone, but that it continues to build off the movement of previous generations but also the
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thinking and analysis of people today. those are the four current goals and my hope is that we accomplish that. first up, department of human resources. i want to thank donna cat key and ed wong for the task force and the progress made thus far and then carla johnson from the mayor's office on disabilities. >> thank you, i want to thank you for working on this issue and i want to thank my colleagues that we've been working with in the past 7 or 8 months. they are great partners and we've established a really good collaboration and working relationship and can definitely move the issue forward. if i may start with the brief
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overview about civil service rule 115. as you know the city's hiring processes are governed by civil service rule which means everybody must pass a civil service exam in order to be hired. in 1995 with the passage of proposition a, it provided increased opportunities for the hiring of people with disabilities. allowed departments to hire people for various positions who are qualified and increase the diversity of our city's workforce. it allows for people with disabilities to enter into city employment without having to take a civil service exam and put them what we call in exempt positions. positions which are exempt from civil
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service. to qualify the person must meet the minimum qualifications and able to perform the essential job function and the individual must have a certificate of disability from the state and department of rehabilitation. after 1 year after successful job performance it will be a permanent civil service position. it does increase. it's one pass that people with disabilities can come into the the city employment. at the same time it's allowing our city departments to hire someone who is qualified in a very quick manner. that's kind of important for us especially as the economy improves and we have more competition for
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potential employees. so, if i may kind of stepping back to 2008 and 2007, hr did establish the advisory panel who did come up with several recommendations which we were calling the 2008 recommendations with the down turn of the economy a lot of employees were being laid off and there was not much hiring being done and the work of the task force as you indicated had kind of dropped off. that's not to say that none of the recommendations weren't implemented. in fact many of them were implemented. some of them include more accessibility and disabled user friendly resources like the dhr lobby, the dhr website job apps and system of people and employees can apply for jobs. we also provided reasonable accommodations training both
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for our exam analyst as well as to supervisors and human resources of professionals throughout the city about the accommodation process. we also did some outreach to the human resources community about rule 115 and how it's implemented. but of course there is still much more to do. i see this past year being a rebuilding year with a refocus on revitalizing the hiring of people with disabilities. so as you indicated in december of last year, we started the advisory panel again working with the mayor's office of disability to collaborate and review the 2008 recommendations. to see if things needed updating and also determining how we were going to move forward. we began meeting in
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december and since that time we followed up in the 2008 recommendations. we had a presentation and discussed how civil service rule 115 works and what the city's hiring process as complicated as it is and we discussed specifically what could be done to improve the hiring process for people with disabilities around education and outreach and civil service rule 115 and recruitment and examination and retention and how to obtain a certificate of disability and by the veterans administration and we had a person from the city of seattle come talk to us about their program as well. that's kind of what we've been doing. i would like to talk briefly about some of the recommendations that we have
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come up with. i don't want to go through all of them but i will highlight some of them. i think we all agree that education is really pivotal to the success of this program. again some from the 2008 and updating to 2005. what this means is continuing to do outreach among our city departments and hiring manager and informing them about rule 115 as far as hiring people with disabilities. we want to ensure they understand the process and more importantly recognize that people with disabilities do have the required appropriate and great skill sets to get their jobs done. we also need to improve our outreach to the community partners and especially job developers to understand how rule 115 work and be able to contact us when those
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opportunities arise. there are several things that have been done to date. first of all rename the rule 115 program which is a boring name that no one really knows what that means to access sf. a path for city employment for people with disabilities. again to emphasize this is only one way for employment. dhr in conjunction with the advisory panel are currently working for revising outreach material such as the dhr website. we conducted outreach to several city departments and pro actively working on several potential rule 115 placements. we also developed and distributed a list to the cbo, community based organization. a list of job classification which do qualify for entry level positions with the city and we also distributed a list of
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potential city level internships to qualify for. that's kind of what we've done. we realize there is still more to do. once the outreach materials are finalized we want to go to our partners and do an educational forum about city employment with people with disabilities and we want to also look at developing and are delivering training to city employees awareness training about working with people with disabilities. secondly, i wanted to address in 2008, there was a recommendation to have a specific liaison with the community and since that time we have the department of human resources has hired ed wong who is here who is our city recruiter who was hired last year. this is one of his focus areas for recruitment
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and besides ed and myself we have one additional person, linda who also works with us. so there is three of us working part-time on that. this year the advisory panel recommended that a dedicated be hired to work on this focus specifically and again, thank you very much for your commitment to this issue and with the additional funding that you provided dhr is committed to this and we are working on a plan to accomplish this. a couple of other issues. one was the survey of the existing employees. i know this was an item from the 2008 recommendation and again was raised as wanting a baseline to know where we are at in the city around the hiring of people with disabilities. several comments talked about how the federal government does the survey and i wanted to report that our
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human resources director mickey callaghan reached out to her colleagues and received information from the merits system protection board of the federal government who indicated that they do request information about disabilities. however that's done at the time of appointment only. the survey done in 2005 was a specific focus to see if people with disabilities were disadvantaged as far as employing engagement or perception of fairness or other types of topics. it was a small sam -- sample of employees that they surveyed. however the department of disabilities did do a survey and we are waiting for the legal opinion. however in the meantime we plan to schedule a meeting with the mayor's office
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of disabilities to discuss other options to gather some data. lastly there is pending longer term issues which need more discussion and research and those would be some charter and rule revisions. again, some of these are raised in 2008 and continued in the 2015 recommendations. some of these include changing the limitation from entry level job classification to other job classification. leaving the terms from severely disabled in the rule and possible civil service exams. other services required. we've moved forward
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with our advisory panel but there is so much more work to do we look forward to work with people with disabilities and much more needs to be done to provide pathways. i would like to have ed talk about some things he's done in the past. >> thank you. some of the outreach i have conducted with different departments with human services agency for 115 for human service social worker and engineer and working with the department of public health with community on behavioral health program. it's for designation of positions and classifications in progress right now. for sfmta there is also a parking
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control officer that we are trying to as well for the rule 115 we are still working on that. so far have reached out to the public health, general services agency. sfo and other agency to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities and then we'll discuss the initiative at the upcoming first citywide recruitment forum meeting. also outreach with other community based organization such as lighthouse for the blind, the arc of san francisco and other community based organizations. also we've reached out to department of veteran affairs, the edd for work service disabled program. additionally i attended two job fares. one for the deaf counseling and agency. there was a job fair june 30th,
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in san lleandro and we engaged 30 candidates and offered career advice on-the-job application process and basically promoting san francisco as the employer of choice. additional job fares, we also attended the san francisco mayor committee for employment of persons with disabilities on march 18th. and we engaged with about 28 different candidates at our table again offering career advice and encouraging individuals to apply and also offering advice on the process. thank you. >> i was going to to ask you, mr. wong, do you know how many people have applied through rule 115 since june of last year? >> i don't have that figure yet, but i can look into it. >> i know in the draft borrow --
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brochures for as well as community and city government. do you know how many community based organizations are on that list? >> i would have to look at that. i don't have that offhand. >> thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> now, carla johnson who has been the driving task force for the mayor's office on disabilities. >> thank you, chair mar and supervisor christensen. i'm the supervisor for the mayor's with disabilities and 2 years ago we signed the americans with disabilities act and we had more than 500 people come and the theme was "it doesn't stop here" the reason is under the dream of the ada employment
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is really the portion that is unfulfilled. we really have not reached the numbers that i think the founders really expected when the ada was first signed and much of the public testimony back in 1988 and 1989 about the needs for this civil rights legislation focused on employment as an issue. people with disabilities is only 1/3 as likely to be employed from people without disabilities and their income is dramatically lower than a peer who doesn't have a disability. on average we only earn between 20 and $26,000 a year and nobody can live on that in san francisco. we can't truly lead independent lives until we have economic independence and meaningful jobs. i want to thank you, supervisor mar for scheduling this hearing today and also for starting this
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conversation about employing people with disabilities. and like you, i also want to thank jonathan lions for the legwork that he put into this effort to bring this issue to all of our attention. it was also exactly 1 year ago that you held this hearing. in your june 2014 hearing was a catalyst to reignite the conversation with the department of human resources. the department of human resources donna and ed and mickey and linda, they really deserve a lot of credit for all of the work that they have put into organizing this advisory committee. if you were to go through the reams of paper and e-mail they have distributed they have been the glue that he would this together. i really want to thank them for that. i wanted to talk a little bit about the disability community. we have this saying "nothing about us without us" if you look at the make-up of the
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advisory committee. there is over 17 different advocacy organizations included and i'm not going to list them all but some of them. the arc sf, regional center, lighthouse for the blind, jbs, department of rehab, rams, and the san francisco library which has really been one of our champions for rule 115 placement and so also have our academy of sciences been a real success story for hiring people. i know we are going to hear a lot from our community members. these are truly the experts, the organizations that have employment programs, the folks who really know how to hire people with disabilities and our conclusion, in our committee work has really been the city needs to use all the tools that it has at it's disposal in rule 115 or access
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san francisco is really one of those tools. other tools include a better awareness and understanding of how reasonable accommodations need to be integrated into the entire employment process. as donna mentioned our primary efforts, our recommendations are really about outreach, recruitment, examinations, appointments and retention. our committee came up with 30 recommendations. and we actually broke those up into short-term things that we thought could be accomplished quickly as well as the long-term list. and donna, i think really focused on the larger list, but i wanted to focus really on the four issues. the first is that we designate a new position at human resources that is dedicated to hiring people with disabilities. i really appreciate the work that hr has done to working with this responsibility but having a
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single person responsible for this makes it a one stop shopping, allows for accountability and focus and the ability to really build that deep specialization. we look forward to working with the human resources as they structure this new position. the second recommends to focus on is hiring goals. some of the testimony you heard is that we really don't know how many people are currently employed in the city and county of san francisco who have disabilities and we don't know how many rule 115 placements there have been in the the last 30 years. by setting goals, it's really, it gives us that opportunity to really establish a measurable outcome to these recommendations. i know that sometimes there are concerned when we see hiring goals listed as a concept but
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i'm sure we can navigate those goals. the third item is the survey to reach our goals. it gives us the opportunity to identify city employees who might be interested in joining a group. the only way for us to measure success is to start with the baseline and the department has human resources i know shares some of the concerns to talk about confidentiality. i feel that our group can constructively address these concerns by making the survey completely volunteer and also anonymous and our office has offered to manage the survey to create a firewall so people don't feel their answers are connected to their job security. by identifying employees who are interested in joining affinity group to figure out
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how to make this process better. the last recommendation would be to continue the work of the committee and set up a mechanism to report back to members of the board of supervisors to seek your guidance and support for the next steps. i feel that we have really started this tidal wave, this tsunami of community activity with that list of long-term goals. i would argue that continuing to work with the committee might be the support of the recommendation that has come out because we need to act ifl change the culture and perceptions around hiring people with disability. we want people with disabilities to be viewed as an asset to an organization. i know with the people i work for in my office, we are over achievers and we try really hard and extremely loyal. studies have
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shown that employees with disabilities are great employees and in my experience, they are the best. so we deserve a chance in the county and city of san francisco. >> i have to say we are going to recess this meeting for a short period. supervisor christensen will have to testify for the commission. she'll be right back. when we come back. public comment will be opened and people will be allowed to speak. my apologies to everyone. mr. evans we are going to recess this meeting for >> thank you, everyone. the meeting is called back to order. thank you to speedy julie christensen for getting back to us quickly. now we'll
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open up for public comment and thank you very much to monica and carla johnson, director of the mayor's office on disabilities. now we'll open up for public comment and the first speaker is jonathan lions. thank you very much for bringing awareness to this issue. >> thank you, jonathan lions, president of the democratic club for people with disabilities. first of all to be totally clear i am a proud city and county employee speaking on my time. i wanted to bring sincere gratitude from our members because of the support from you supervisor mar and the entire board of supervisors have added back in this budget go around to fund a position to actually mobilize and really
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be the sphere head, the czar for getting support for people with disabilities. a lot has been touched on already and i won't rehash them because i don't have the time. two of the biggest issues is we need to hire this position immediately. not to take anything away from the work of the department of human resources. but this issue is big enough to warrant a full time position to really sphere head this issue. 8 out of 10 people with disabilities remain outside of the workforce and that warrants at least a full time position for a 30,000 workforce. we need data. the first day of public policy school they taught me, you cannot craft good public policy in the ab sence
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of data. i would encourage the city to step forward and find a way to compromise to get data to help us drive this process. in closing, i want to thank the board, i want to thank you in particular supervisor march as our members uniformly said you are the loudest and steady person we have in elected office. i want to thank you for all the work you have done and your colleagues and done an ed wong and special thanks to carla johnson for her leadership on this and i want to thank all of my colleagues on the advisory committee. too many to mention today because i will inevitably forget one. i want to thank all of them for their tireless work. many of them live day in and day out. i will go back to my job and that will have nothing to do with this. but
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these people have dedicated their lives to empowering people with disabilities. that's really what our members believe. we believe in empowerment through employment and that's what we believe the city and board of supervisors will continue with moving forward. thank you very much. >>supervisor eric mar: thank you and thank you to the fdr club as well iechl want to say for public comment we are going to limit speakers to 2 minutes, there is a softer buzzer that goes off. some people need more than 2 minutes and committee members can ask that question at that time. i have already called a few names. ann steiner, stephanie nichols, colleen stall eo, kerry goodwin. there is a number of speaker cards. people don't have to come up in that order. i have cards from ron from the department of
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public health and from the department alliance and denise from the mayor's disability council. anybody wishing to speak can come forward. people can just come forward when you can to speed up the testimony process. >> thank you. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is ann steiner with the department for people with disabilities. i have been working in disability and employment almost all of my adult life. i have been a service provider and i have worked in human resources. i have been a trainer and consultant and working with specialized organizations. in 1981 and 82 i was working on a grant for the
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county of san mateo. thanks to everybody. we are a great team, i will tell you. the grant was to start an optional alternative program for people with disabilities. in the after math of section 504 of the rehab act. local government and state government were required to have local committees of advocates that we have now that looked at the entity that we did for people with disabilities. for employment one of the things that san francisco wanted to do. the advocates in san francisco was they wanted to start their own version of a hiring program. since i was coordinating that at the time i was asked in fact to come up and explain why the program was not special
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treatment. i see i'm already starting to see i'm running out of time. >> can i ask you a question. the federal rehabilitation act section 504 required local committees to set up these programs. when did that mandate go away? >> they weren't required to set up special programs. what they were required to do was within the input of the community evaluate everything that the entity did and come up with a self evaluation plan. part of what came out of as a result of these committees was transition plan laying out architectural barriers needed to be removed. various measures such as providing on-site sign language interpreters and we worked on a lot of
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those committees. for san francisco, what was then rule 34 until the charter amendment that was one of the recommendations the community wanted at that point. during the 80s the san francisco from my perspective was fairly active. you actually had a person in your human resources department, anita skondar who chaired a lot of projects and had a fairly good reputation for hiring people with disabilities. unfortunately after the earthquake she didn't want to cross the bridge anymore and went to immediate alameda county and sphere headed those programs. in my job placement i couldn't give anyone to give anyone of my tech students an internship. i would talk to people in hr here and it seemed
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like 115 was dead. it seemed like the competitive hiring process went no where. i had tons of candidates on your list who never got anywhere. for me to hear that you guys and you in particular supervisor mar was sphere heading this at some point again, i thought thank god we are not going to have to recreate 1982 and 2008 and to me the two most important things are the hiring of a point person and there is a lot of things i can talk about if you are interested. the ingredients that i would see and some of this is already mentioned but you want the point person who is a coordinator an have the responsibility to other non-disability related efforts and you want them to have the responsibility and you also want them to have the authority. that is my last point that i think is extremely important. >> you've noticed, supervisor mar how things in local government tend to
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happen in a flurry and then kind of die off. who knows exactly what is implemented or how successful those efforts were. >> thank you, ms. steiner. next speaker, fiona. >> fiona, community organizer at the independent resources center, san francisco. again, we wanted to echo the sentiments of my colleagues from the panel and human resources. to thank supervisor mar and the board of supervisors and the hr. we at
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independent living resource center are in the business of getting people back to work. so we feel that one of the key aspects would be education to community based organizations so that we can that our consumers know about what job opportunities are available. again like everyone else has said like jonathan and carla has echoed the importance of getting data so we have a good baseline for what we are measuring in terms of people who have disabilities. again we also want to echo the sentiments of everybody that wants to continue the great work that our colleagues
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are doing on the panel. and we would like to thank the board of supervisors for their continued support on this very important issue. >> thank you for organizing the september 25th and 26 disability unity festival and parade. we'll get the information out. thank you for being such a great organizer. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker? >> thank you, supervisor mar. my name is kate williams and i'm with the center for the blind in san francisco. i have been here 20 years of my life and i have always known that the city of san francisco is the one innovator, the city that puts things on the map first and we follow through with them. look at what we started here ten or 15 years ago that last month we were able to celebrate with. i think that's where we are now with our work with
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our disability communities. i think it's one of the cities that leads the nation in how we work with our people in our workforce that are disabled. it's a real opportunity. serving on this panel has been such a pleasure. i thank every single representative from your service supervisors from that committee came to that meeting and where we would talk about concepts and ideas and nothing would happen. i can tell under your leadership under your hr department with donna, ed, linda and with the mayor's office on disability with carla and joanna, this has been different. we were able to look at issues and talk about concepts and then we came up with objectives and what i think is most important is we came up with actual action items. whenever there are action items, there are going to be
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results. and i think those results are that in a few years from now we are going to look back at this time when we started our movement not to just create opportunities but for people with disabilities that we are able to appreciate their abilities and how they are going to be enriching the landscape of the work force in san francisco. just one more thing, please. i have to thank the generosity of jonathan lions for actually taking his personal time and getting out there and getting himself and sometimes others in front of your board of supervisors who are kind enough to listen to us and to pass the budget to have someone on your committee in the hr department. we are so very grateful for that. thank you. >> thank you, ms. williams. next speaker. >> public speaker: good afternoon supervisors, my name is marty
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goddard from the san francisco public library. for rule 115 recruiting a diverse group in san francisco is easy. for jobs that represent many racial and cultural groups are applicable. however we don't find many mriblts -- applicants with disabilities and i'm glad that san francisco represents all kinds of diversity. i will say that san francisco benefits where people are hired to share their experience. the sf service center always has one staff member with a disability. having an employee who represents the community service has helped it to make it a place community members value and support. right now a librarian and technical assistant who are
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deaf hired someone without finding a way and others through the hr process and many have k-12 education and others have temperature ability for reading and math in their work and children come to project read. when we decided to hire a community outreach worker the man hired to do the work on a contract, he made it natural to have the job and the typical hr process was very difficult for him. through rule 115 we brought a board a successful team member who really knows he understands him. finally the library for the disabled our braillist who is an employee. there are a couple positions in the
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city. when our long time braillist retired there was no list of potential employees to survey for the vacant position. through the rule 115 process we found a large pool of qualified applicants and the braillist we hired through this process is the valued member of the lgbt team. to conclude we have individuals that represent all the communities served by the library. >> thank you very much for being here. next speaker? >> my name is jose santa maria. i'm actively looking for a job and i learned about the 115. one of the things i have experienced it seems there is a lack of knowledge
1:56 am
about this rule within the city departments. i have not seen a job that has been designated as 115 on the hr department. the other thing is i don't know if there is any work that's been done in mainstreaming for instance of applying for the one rule 115. i had to go to hr to find out about it and then i was sent to the department of rehab and come back and give that certificate to hr. i don't see why hr couldn't do that themselves. the other thing if you could possibly not only make entry level positions as a rule 115. i think ms. johnson touched about the average person with disabilities earns 20,000
1:57 am
or $26,000. we have added expenses as persons with disabilities and we need to have the at some point to work at a decent wages our able bodies. thank you. >> thank you, i know the task force is looking at the definition of severely disabled, but also the entry level versus expanding the different opportunities to those are some key issues that they are recommending to make hopefully changes and expand our policy. >> that's one other thing about the certificate. it's certifies that i was severely disabled. >> thank you for testifying. next speaker? >> public speaker: hi. my name is stephanie. i'm with the lighthouse for the blind. we are very lucky in
1:58 am
san francisco. we have a great city. our employees should reflect that diversity. rule 115 will enable the city to fillmore jobs quicker. employees with disabilities tend to be extremely loyal to their employees. they tend to stay longer at a job. city jobs are career jobs. they offer competitive salaries. people with disabilities need to continue to advance entry level jobs are not appropriate for all of us. some of us have skills that would but put this in -- us in management positions. this rule just looking at if you just, if this rule just applies to entry level jobs, it's leaving out a huge part of
1:59 am
the disabled workforce. all levels of government should be included. i would also like to thank the committee and also supervisor mar for continuing to look at all of this, but the employment of people with disabilities. i also am really glad that there is going to be someone in the hr department who will be watching out for our interest. i hope to see in the next year a lot more people with disabilities on this city payroll. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. ms. goodwin? >> public speaker: hi, i'm terry goodwin with deaf buddies job program. i would like to say thank you, donna and ed for all of your work in facilitating the committee and supervisor mar for continuing to advocate for this key effort to increase jobs for people with
2:00 am
disabilities in the city. i only have a few comments. i think the one thing that is really clear is that we need clear timelines for all the recommendations. we have a lot of recommendations. we need to get specific and move forward specifically related to the education piece. educating the hiring managers about rule 115. i think we really need to make that connection. also, i'm very excited that the position has been allocated. that's terrific. i hope to have feedback related to that position particularly in light of the information we've gotten through best practices and what has worked for instance the seattle program has been very successful particularly with getting people with developmental disabilities hired with the office services position. hopefully we can
2:01 am
give some feedback towards the role of that position. also as what's already been mentioned is making sure we establish placement goals so it's really clear and that we can measure our success and last but not least one of the key things as i think we still need the mayor to do it's challenge to the department head to keep the momentum going. and i also agree with all of the recommendations that have been made with carla and donna and jonathan as well. thank you. >> thank you. scene next speaker. >> public speaker: gabriel with the department of disability. i want to applaud the steps that san francisco is taking. as others have alluded to san francisco is the leader in this effort and i know others will try to
2:02 am
replicate what you do. just a couple of other key success. clear measurable high level goes that are trackable so everyone in the city and county can rally around them. 1 person designated to lead this effort and i would echo the point that making sure that person has the authority to get what needs to be >> don orsillo: and finally making sure the person who is designated within hr to sphere head this has competencies to do job development. in my experience, it's a fairly rare skill set and not everyone can do it well. there are some members in your advisory committee who knows that very well and hopefully they are focused on the what competencity is for that purpose. part of our role is to gather best practices from around the state and the country. if
2:03 am
anything we can do to support your effort, let us know. >> mr. rog an, is the state council representative different people from all regions in the state or how is? >> yes, i'm the manager of our bay area office and we have 5 counties but we are throughout the state. >> is there an oversight body and the staff department? >> it is a staff department and there is a council that sits in sacramento and oversees our work. >> and that effort is appointed by a council? >> yes. >> thank you. next speaker. >> public speaker: good afternoon thank you for the opportunity to come before you today. my name is denise senhaux. i want to thank you
2:04 am
for being with us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ada history and thank you for your resolution in going forward and making july ada month. thank you very much for that support. i pretty much wanted to talk to you about something that is close to my heart in the mayor's disability council heart is around employment opportunities and i want to speak to you not only as a council member but an individual with a disability and a non-apparent one which is ian invisible one. i'm fortunate to be engaged in the private sector for 5 years and my employer is accommodating in place in the hiring practices in the interview and i have been able to compete and bid for jobs, not based on my disability, but based on my skill set, my knowledge and my education. i appreciate what the ada has done in giving me an even playing field in
2:05 am
doing so. so i'm very proud that i'm able to not only work for a fortune 500 company and not be given a job in just an entry level position. i have been able to move through that process and as i have mentioned i'm extremely fortunate. i appreciate you looking at this and myself working for the council and the advisory committee. thank you for your time. >> thank you, next speaker. >> public speaker: hi, i'm stephanie. i will be very short. i just wanted to echo how important i think that we have one point person who deals with getting people with disabilities into employment. i think what we should really not underestimate is that that needs to be a person who really has a
2:06 am
depth of understanding on all kind of disabilities. that is a group of people who are so easily left behind. so i would like the idea of concrete goals and concrete timelines. i think we can't be too ambitious with that. the last point i want to make is i hope we will have a stability with rule 115 that allows us to not exclude best practices that we have seen in other models. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> public speaker: >> hi. i'm collin from arc san francisco at the employment department. at arc we support over 700 clients with disabilities. the rule 115 task force along with the mayor's office on disability, hr and numerous
2:07 am
community based organizations and founded said rule 115 continues to be misunderstood and under utilized and we do feel that funding a specific recruiter or lease -- liaison to support and educate the department and be able to help bring candidates from under a talent pool would be very very important. one major thing is utilizing these community based organizations as that knowledge base. for instance in the past year, the arc has we helped 161 clients obtain employment. we have 92% retention rate. so the private sector has really caught on to this and we want to see the success in the city and county level as well. we are on the right steps like we said that specific point person will help collecting data,
2:08 am
will help as well. we need to have some sort of a baseline so we can set those goals. otherwise we don't really, it's hard to look forward when we don't have those baseline parts of information. but lastly, we are heading in the right direction. i want to thank the airport commission for taking the first step in partnering with the arc to continue to work with people with disabilities and head their internship program and this is going to create a great pipeline for civil service employment. something like this needs to happen a lot more. thank you very much for your time. >> actually, mr. sell io are there other departments. i know the california science center was mentioned but are there other departments? >> there is is public library and cal academy and there is another one and that is it for right now. >> thank you very much. next
2:09 am
speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. ron for the department of public health. i'm the human resources director there. i learned about 115. i met an employee hired through 115 and that employee works directly for me and taking on more challenging assignments and the more challenging assignments i give the more they step up to do it. so i'm an advocate of rule 115. also on behalf of our department director, robert garcia and donna and ed wong and jonathan lions who i have done some work with, carla johnson and the others, the members of this group, i think you have a great initiative going here and we are more than happy to support it. we have done a lot of rework in our hiring program and there is a lot of opportunities to forward that work. so i look forward to doing that. >> thank you very much. are
2:10 am
there any other speakers on this item? >> public speaker: my name is wendy and i'm a member of the public. i just wanted to say that i came up with some suggestions that if you could possibly implement quickly. for example, the sf mpa has a muni accessibility advisory committee. meets monthly. it would be nice if this was a stipend position. and i would also like the city to consider that any commission that is held should have some of us on
2:11 am
their commission also again with a stipend. some outside contractors, the para transit coordinating council, they meet every other month or six weeks. 6 weeks. people are disabled and use the para transit and again, a stipend position. some of us have to cobble together various pieces in order to try to survive in san francisco. it gets harder and harder for us to survive. thank you.
2:12 am
>> thank you. next speaker. >> >> public speaker: hi, i really appreciate your efforts supervisor mar in pushing this forward. i think last time you had a hearing we had folks that were partnering with ucsf with and relate that to the need for a point person. we were able to place a point person there, one of our employees at uc sf and we had great success with placements there for folks with developmental and intellectual disabilities. they are now making more than their job coaches are because they are at uc sf. we are happy to see that but the hires with large employees with multiple departments that don't necessarily as best as they can to reaching out to department heads and meeting with them and talking
2:13 am
about the workforce that we have available for you when the expertise that we have in place with people with jobs. just to continue to advocate these efforts within the task force as well as gathering that information now. thank you. >> thank you as well. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you very much to everyone for being here. i think a tremendous progress has been made. my thanks to the task force, the advisory committee and dhr, the mayor's office on disability. i'm going to recommend that we keep this hearing continue it to the call of the chair so we can have regular updates and my hope is that as the recommendations that people have gin today not only the four that carla johnson and others, but many
2:14 am
others from the great recommendations from wendy on the stipends and commission and internship programs that i know we talked about in previous hearings that are a pathway to hiring to the entry level position expanding that to other ways that we are looking at rule 115 as only one role of the range of opportunities for people. i think it's an example of how much value the resources from the community there is in our city and what great department staff and departments that we have. so with everyone working together with a more permanent task force, i think we can accomplish a great deal more for this city. it was wonderful that for mr. rog an from the state council that we don't operate in a vacuole and we should be looking at state
2:15 am
practice and how others will look to us to expand opportunities and civil rights and not just here but everywhere. i really appreciate the great work and i will again plug the disability festival for september 25th and 26 for california's ada 25 conference coming up. as fiona mentioned, it's also about park -- pride and unity. i think there will be a lot of great awareness as we are moving towards september and this month is disability awareness month and with the board of supervisors there is acknowledgment and leadership from the community and that's coming up. with the task force, i will continue with the real real hard work with victor lynn and we'll continue to work with you and to empower people and look forward to a lot of these great
2:16 am
recommendations. with that, supervisor christensen single >> just a brief comment. i want to thank you for allowing me to leave briefly. i want to thank all of you for this community. i have a colleague and friend that i worked with on the project tunnel who lost his eyesight during surgery and i watched his transition as he continued to find ways to work. i turned to chris in the past for his advice on the topic. so i have certainly recognized firsthand both the struggles and the opportunity that are there icon congratulate all
2:17 am
those who are surmounting and thank you all for being here today. >> thank you, supervisor christensen, i forgot to mentioned that of the four specific goals we'll work with department of human resources with donna and ed wong on the recommendations coming out of this committee but especially in establishing the process for highering a person. it does seem the task force should be involved in the criteria for hiring someone with experience in the area where they will be doing the recruiting and implementation. also as they come back from the city attorney on surveys being done anonymously and voluntarily to be with joanna and others advice as well and how to set realistic measurable hiring goals and some bench marks and timelines as people recommendeded and how we
2:18 am
extend the task force so it continues on. great work, everyone. thank you very much. so we've moved to continue this to the call of the chair and can we do that without objection. thank you everyone. >> mr. ever evans please call item no. 2. hearing implementation and compliance of language access ordinance. hearing in conjunction with the release of the 2015 language access ordinance annual compliance report to receive a status update report. >>supervisor eric mar: i'm going to move this item to the call of the chair. is there is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we continue this call without objection. please call item no. 3. city clerk: item no. 3
2:19 am
enforcement of service station bathroom requirements and fines. >> at the urging of supervisor kim we are continuing this one to the call of the chair. i will make that motion after hearing public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we continue this to the call of the chair without objection. thank you. please call the liquor license transfer item no. 4. liquor license transfer hearing to consider that the transfer of a type 21 off sale general license 2681, 21 street. >> with us is lieutenant cal zone. >> supervisors. today is a type 21 license. if approved it will allow the applicant to sell wine and
2:20 am
distilled spirits. this is the second opening if approved well the store is actually opening but for liquor at a target express which is a much smaller foot print than a traditional target store. i would point out there is no record of protest. i had no record of support but i was advised toy by council that perhaps that a lot of letters of support have come to your office but they haven't been to us. it is located in the area of -- bear with me one second. it's located in the area of low crime and it is located in area of undue concentration. we have no objection from our station, tara vel station with the following conditions. sale of alcohol shall be
2:21 am
permitted from 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. daily except new year's day. the public square footage, and no. 3, the sale of distilled and beer to be sold is strictly prohibited. micro brewery and designation as stout porter iba. this condition is intended to limit high and low alcohol products but not a special craft beer products. no. 5.
2:22 am
containers larger that 32 ounces is prohibited. no purchase more than four packs per sale and no wine shall be sold in less than manufactured prepackaged multiunit quantity of 4. no. 7. no greater than 15% by volume except for dinner wine aged 2 years or more. condition no. 8. wine shall not be sold in bottles containing 750 ml unless sold in packages. and the powder beverage product is prohibits. with this we are recommending this application for approval and they are here. >> thank you lieutenant and thank you
2:23 am
for slipping in condition no. 9 on the powder alcohol and that condition too. i want to acknowledge that yes, we have received letters of support that have come in in the past few days. now, from target express, i believe beth or someone representing target is here. >> hello, my name is bethany wilson, the target manager. i'm happy to be here on behalf of target and happy to bring a new name to san francisco. the target express model much like what you have seen in our location in the financial district aims to roll out a smaller foot print in the existing urban spaces to fit the integrity and culture of the neighborhood. target has been we received within the community
2:24 am
including our partnership with mission hiring hall that allows us to hire city san franciscans in this city. in 2014 targeted provided over $1 million to schools and organizations in san francisco. target is committed to being a partner and through sale and wide array of products in our store. because of this i encourage to you approve this liquor license on ocean avenue. >> thank you. i should note that supervisor norman yee whose district this sits in has acknowledged that he is supportive of this process. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. there is a motion to approve
2:25 am
by supervisor christensen. thank you everyone. >> please call the next item. >> item no. 5. hearing to consider that the issuance of type 42 on sale beer and wine public premise license to sarah garnd. thank you. lieutenant? >> supervisor in this case is a type 42 liquor license and if approved it will allow them to sell beer and wine in the premise environment which is everyone is 21 years of age or older. there have been 22 letters of support. they were included in our report to you. i would point out this premise is located in an area of high crime and undue concentration. we have no record of opposition and our district has
2:26 am
stated no opposition to this and we are recommending this application with the following conditions. no. 1 sale of alcohol beverage shall be sold between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. through midnight thursday through sunday and new year's and memorial day and labor day. the operation of consumption outdoors is prohibited. and aimlessly is not allowed. condition no. 4. the petitioner is responsible for maintaining the areas. no. 5,
2:27 am
the premise shall be equipped to make discernable the appearance of all properties surrounding the premises and shall not disturb the residents. no noise shall be audible in the area out of the control of the licensee. with these conditions we recommending the licenses for praufl. approval. >> thank you, now we have the applicant jamie hirschey. >> good afternoon. i'm jamie hishgey and this is my partner. a wine and craft beer bar in our type 42 license application. it will replace a small office space. it serves a
2:28 am
public convenience. there is a lack of gathering spots in the immediate area. there are only three other license 42 in the area. having worked for san francisco in the past years. we under the value of building strong community relationships. during the past 18 months we have great ly learned to know the community. too renaissance entrepreneurship for the resources and the community. it maybe sent to mailings to all of 301 residented and took the opportunity to speak to businesses, local residents. the individuals associated with the yerba buena alliance, community
2:29 am
district, south beach mission bay and among others. >> in many reasons they cheered about working in a wine bar. community leaders were thrilled to see a minority women owned business bringing diversity to the field. business owners were delighted to hear we would revitalize the ground floor in an office space. office workers were excited to finally have a reason to stay in the neighborhood after work. we enjoyed the process. we have met a lot of people and building strong partnerships. we were thrilled about this. >> we've also met with the directors and their staff. sarah and i are committed to being hands-on mental retardation --
2:30 am
managers in the bar everyday. we are committed to being good neighbors and in addition to our reasonable hours we will ensure there is no liter, loitering our loud music to disturb the neighborhood. thank you very much for your consideration. >> thank you. there are any questions? i will just say that very impressive amount of support and really thoughtful letters as well. a good model of how that outreach and support to be built in communities. thank you. let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak. please come forward. >> we have a representative from
2:31 am
supervisor kim's office. thank you for being here. >> >> public speaker: hello, my name is casey moffat. i'm a personal friend of sarah and jamie. i'm in support of the liquor license. this area would benefit from having a wine and craft beer bar and for an area with so many office workers and increasing number of residents, this part of soma have a place for workers to have a drink and it would provide a neighborhood to enjoy a nice place of quality beer and wine. sarah and -- they have a great friendship and now trying to create a solution. thank you for your time. >> thank you, next speaker?
2:32 am
>> good evening commissioners. nor a rodgers. the vice-president of the mission bay neighborhood association and cochair of the retail task force of that association. i want to confirm the outreach that these wonderful women made and enthusiastically say that we support them. we are just thrilled to have an enthusiastic creative new small business enterprises finally acknowledging our area. so, we support them. thank you. >> thank you for your letter, written letter and e-mailing it as well, ms. rodgers, thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we have a motion on this item. motion to approve. we can do it without objection.
2:33 am
>> thank you. mr. evans, please call the next item. >> there are no more items. >> very good. meeting adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>. >> good morning, everyone yeah. today, i'm very proud to you know have this meeting because we are very luke in our you know city history we have the best leader you know leading us you know we've even though i feel everybody agree with me our mayor is the best you know
2:34 am
working and dictated that's why we learn from him the department of building inspection our mission so to protect life and property for the public that's why today we are proudly to have our honorable mayor mayor ed lee to come over to you know make that announcement please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> director i'd like to give a quick interpretation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> .
2:35 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) (laughter). >> i just want to say thank you to the young people here to the family people here and not so young folks that are here to come together to receive this very good news of our city's willingness to support grants that are aimed another residents small business owners are property owners as well and visitors get educated about the very strong possibility of the next big earthquake i wanted to first of all, say thank you to tom when i was a young attorney many, many years ago my for at a in chinatown was
2:36 am
to do hours i want to venture have an active department of building inspection speeding i also wanted to make sure i always had is strongest district supervisor as we have in julie christensen. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i do have now as the mayor very strong representatives of very important departments like our
2:37 am
fire chief our department of the emergency services and our police department and whitens our rec and park department that are all here together to join not only in this announcement but in the various roles they'll play in preparing people so for the expected earthquake in the next 25 years. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> most importantly is you who are the residents people that work in chinatown, people that live here and the people you
2:38 am
invite and also the invaluable services leaders like sarah or other youth person speeding i know that many of you in in this room in english or chinese saw the san andreas movie that is i'm not sure i cannot but we have 3 serious facility lines that come into the city and county of san francisco.
2:39 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor christensen and i have had many discussions about making sure that our communities all over the city but particularly those that maybe immigrant and low income communities like chinatown and mission and other areas of the city get attention when it comes to education and preparation to withstand and survive successfully an earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very fortunate and so are other agencies to have a department of building
2:40 am
inspection leader in the name of tom huey that made sure the building fees results in education and preparation for people like families and seniors to be better prepared in a multi cultural way. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we're now and then two specific grants today each for a hundred thousand dollars those grants will be granted to c y c and to conduct the training
2:41 am
workshops to have practices in sro's buildings to have finally communications with youth in our city with seniors and family anybody's not only to prepare but practice everything from cpr to having enough applies to making sure there are ways in which to contact family madam clerk, any other business before this committee? men's all with a goal of making sure that everybody survivors successfully after a major
2:42 am
earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> chinatown is particularly important to us because of the historically old buildings that people live in and the number of people that are condenses in this area we want to make sure you're all safe. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thanks to the leadership of our rec and park we're here at a major center our for the square to make sure that the education programs can be conducted safely deeply in different languages but also do so at the willie
2:43 am
playgrounds where c y c community colleges their sessions between my sessions of playing ping-pong (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and again thanks to our leader and department of emergency here collaboration with our fire chief i want to especially thank her and her staff makes sure we're stave during the 4th of july weekend and we were but we're also
2:44 am
working outside find chinatown to prepare young people and seniors and their families to make sure they have all the training and preparation we must do this on occasion every if one or years people move out and forgot we have better technology to help us and better practices as we learn i want to thank everybody that joins us to make sure that everybody is safer and make sure we don't have the devastation but people that are well prepared school sites, parks, recreation centers, sro's our senior housing complexed our family housing collections and nonprofits all engaged in a very good ongoing dialog to support each other that's why we will be a city that will survive the major earthquake.
2:45 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so let me now introduce someone that is a fanatic and already shown herself to be a great supervisor not only working on this but helping to create a lot of senior housing we'll, make those announcement in the short weeks to create more housing opportunity for chinatown and north beach but champion from the district let me introduce to you our
2:46 am
supervisor julie christensen (clapping.) just. >> good morning. i think the best time is when we have leadership like our mayor ed lee and our department heads and they're working closely together with nonprofits like c y c and self-help for the elderly and the residents of the community to do good thing for chinatown in district 3 i'm excited bmw this program is a good example of the way city government worked with the nonprofits in the community and we all benefit but especially important that peep brarpt in this program they come to the train an earthquake will happen you know someday there will be a occasion we'll need the information i want everybody in this room to be among those people that know
2:47 am
what to do that have the supplies and the information they need not only so keeping you informed we know keep ourselves save but be helpful to our neighbors and friends in the community i'm encouraging everybody to participate as a volunteer and an advocate in the neighborhood before i was supervisor i was always asking the city for money and support please give me money for this park or street or for that project it is wonderful as a periphery now to be the giver of these things to the community so i'm very grateful to mayor ed lee and to my colleagues at the board for being so generous this year with chinatown we have money for the nonprofits we have money for safety we're going to make kearny street safer and our situations near lady shaw safe we have money to
2:48 am
do do have money for the parks it is a good year for chinatown and district 3 with the budget i'd like to mention it is related to the earthquake safety program we have a project with the fire department and roof deck we'll put free smoke alarms in people's houses you only have to call - sorry.
2:49 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> yeah, he get excited all that 234u78z very are a free smoke alarm call and basically contact and union contributes will put a free smoke alarm in our house to you and your neighbors will be safer please support in program and please give big thanks to the mayor and the c y c and self-help this is a great program (clapping)
2:50 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> first of all, i need to thank you supervisor christensen you know for coming to talk to you today first of all i want to tell you a story regarding myself you you know a person that touched was prepare this is very important for earthquake i joined the city one day before city earthquake as a service as luke the united nations is a major u.n. loss of the tragedy but i do the training bra i join the city and internet buildings but i helped the other departments how to internet and all those
2:51 am
those i feel you know this is my duty to help you when there's a major event you need to do it yourselves that's why we put the fund for you know both like the mayor echo with the mayor said the young generation to help and then you know we don't want let me say people with respect and be treating as our angle to help out to reach out to make sure the public know how to prepare themselves during the major event but you know this program takes some time more an year with the mayors and supervisors help my department willing to fund the education we'll do more our
2:52 am
department efficiently to do outreach before i'd like to ask a person from c y c to come up and say a few words (clapping) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you thank you tom especially for the department of building inspection to make this possible also especially to the leadership of mayor ed lee and
2:53 am
sxhieshgsz and all the department heads to make that possible but c y c we're going to launch this in partnership with the rec and park to offer working groups on community festers and have a display at the clubhouse for seniors and residents and business owners to get more prepared for the big earthquake coming in the next thirty years thank you for all the support and the program to be the presenter and outreach to the owns and seniors and residents in chinatown in their own language chinese and interesting and others to reach out we really hope the outreach is extended to the rest of the city thank you, mayor ed lee and others to make this possible.
2:54 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you (clapping.) now i'd like to ask you know
2:55 am
annie annie choung. >> mayor sxhieshgz may i announces everyday you're coming to the square clubhouse. >> (laughter) this morning i was kind of worried we captain david has been wonderful every time we have to do something major he sends the officers to gentle talk to the folks outside and there's a nice environment but thank you to rec and park i wish they were here to see how both sarah and i from the c y c have been able to work siding with rec and park to bring this for the youth and residents in
2:56 am
chinatown but today, i want on on behalf of the elderly on behalf of the self-help to ask our seniors today to give a big big applause to mayor ed lee (clapping)
2:57 am
speeding i want to announce that
2:58 am
as of july thanks to tom from dbi and mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen we sarah and myself are going to put on weekly education working groups so the idea starting on july 20th we'll have a class every monday in the afternoon and go around you know and sign up all of the residents and all of the merchant and i sometimes here nonprofits workers our city workers may not be living within walking distance to chinatown and so we really need all the residents no chinatown to be prepared and educated thank you to do police department and department of emergency and rec and park to work on this project together thank you all
2:59 am
(clapping.) >> okay. before i end the presentation also i would you know repeat again to people here the mayor that leads here a sxhieshgsz is here and the fire chief kings and the department of emergency and ann is here also bob that rec and park and, of course everybody you know captain lazzaro is here and also i want to mention about. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. choung from david chiu office our supervisor is our senator and assemblyman sorry and thanks to everybody coming to join us and stay over to go through a demonstration to see
3:00 am
how to prepare yourselves for the next major event but this is not only earthquake we are aware of fire you know and other hopefully, you can enjoy and learn quite a bit from this thank you very much (clapping)