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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  July 28, 2015 2:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco -sorry. good afternoon and
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welcome to the the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of july 28, 2015. i see we have a council member from san jose. madam clerk can you call the roll. >> supervisor avalos, present.
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breed, present cht compose, present. christensen, present. cohen, present. farrell, present. kim, present. mar, present. tang, present. wiener present. yee, present. madam president all members of present >> ladies and gentlemen can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you madam clerk, are there any communications >> i center 2 communications that will be reported to the board during the 2 land use
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items >> okay. colleagues are there change tooz the june 23 or june 24 meeting of budget and finance meeting committee minutes? seeing none is there a motion to approve the minutes? motion by supervisor mar and second by supervisor farrell. without objection the minutes pass unanimously after public comment. madam clerk can you go to the consent ajund a >> 1-fiver are considered rutune. if a member objects a item may be considered separately. compose, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye tang, aye. wiener, aye.
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yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the ordinances finally passed unanimously. madam clerk we are going to call item number 8 first. >> item 8 is a ordinance to amend the building code to revise the fee schedule squz afirm the planning departments determination under sequa >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you madam president recollect comeges i vaquick amendment to item 8 t. is presented which corrects math and rounding errors for the building permits and planning fees t. is part of the cower budget items. it is a minor change and i understand we can vote on today accept for the amendment.
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>> okay, supervisor farrell made a motion to amend item 8. second by supervisor cristzianson. can we take the amendment without objection? without ubkwleckz amendment passes. and on the underlying item can we take this item same house same call? without objection item number 8 passes on the first reading as amended unanimously. madam clerk can you call item 6 and 7 >> comprise the annual budge squt appropriationords nns appropriating estimated receipts and expenditures for departmentoffs the city as of june 1 for fiscal year june 2016 and 17. enumerating the positions in the budget and appropriation ordinance for the same fiscal year june 30, 2016,
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2017. >> without objection these ordinances finally pass unanimously. matdm clerk can you call item 9-20? >> item 9-20 comprise the associated fees, fund, patient ratesx praeltation reumdursment direction to enter into contracts negotiation and amendment tooz the codes that are associated with the annual budget appropriation and salary ordinance. >> colleagues can we take these items same house same call? without objection the ordinances finally pass unanimously. item 21 >> item 21 is a ordnen to amend the administrative code to add cancer and heart pneumonia for industrial disability and death in the line of duty requirement blft frz the sheriff members of the city and county of san francisco employees retirement system
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>> without objection this ordinance is passed finally unanimously. madam clerk item fwoo >> item 22 is a ordinance to amend the business and tax regzulation code to exempt parking station squz hotels earning less than 40 thousand in gross annalial revenue from had requirements from obtaining a parking sknaund a certificate of authority and make muntly remintances >> same house same call? without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously >> item 23 is is ordinance to authorize the sale and appropriation of city owned property located at thurlt van ness avenue for not less than 80 million amount authorizeish [inaudible] 25.87 million in outstanding [inaudible] up to approximately 5.9 million in outstand ing principle amount
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of certificate of participation excluding the sale from the requirements of surplus property ordinance jufirming the planning detarmt sequa determination and adopting the other findings >> roll call vote. >> supervisor campos, aye. supervisor christensen, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, no. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, no. supervisor breed, aye. 9i and 2 no >> the ordinance is finally passed. supervisor campos >> my apologies i need to ask for resend that vote. >> supervisor campos made a motion to resend. second by supervisor cohen, without objection the motion to resend
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passes. madam clerk can you call the roll on item 23. >> item 23 supervisor campos, no. supervisor christensen, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, no. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, no. supervisor breed, aye. there are 8 aye and 3 no. >> this ordinance is finally passed. >> item 24 is ordinance tew amend the business and tax regulation code to conform the cities sknz real property transpir if tax to state law expand the circumstances and extend the time which the tax collector can issue business taxes and remake other revision tooz the sate rosales rules regarding refund of business
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tax and real property business taxes >> item 24, supervisor compose, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor breed, aye. >> the ordinance is passed unanimously >> item 25 sumending the planning code to asuraffordable housing [inaudible] change certain requirements for group housing projects allowing a zoning administrator partial waver fwraum the exposure requirement jz allowing on site units to be exempt from density calculations in certain circumstances among other
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provisions >> same house same call? without ubkwleckz ordinance is passed unanimously. >> itedm twakes is a ordinance to amend 28-15 which requires a construction emission minima jaigz monitoring plan for certain public works projects within a air pluntant exposure zone and establish controls on emissions producing equipment used for public works projects outside such zone jz clarify that ordinance 28-15 does not apply to existing contracts and will apply only to construction contracts advertised or initiated on or after-the effectiveidate of this ordinance >> same house same call. without objection the ordinance is pased >> iletm 27 is a orbd nns to amend the planning code to allow existing rest raint north beach special use district to open a second location with conditional use provided it meet certain critearier afirm
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the planning department sequa determination >> same house same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously. >> item 28 is a ordinance to extend administrative code to require a application for reduction of a escape tax assessment be file would the administrator with the appeals board noilate urthan 60 days of the mailing date on the tax bill or post mark >> same house same call. without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously. madam clerk can you read the next item >> item twain is a ordinance to ret row actively appropriate 5 million to over time in deappropriation the same amount from permanent salary premium pay and fringe benefit in the operating budget of sheriff police and public utilities commission to support each departments projected increase
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in overtime >> same house same call. woutd ubjuckz this ordinance is passed on the firs reading >> item 30 resolution to approve the terminal 3 nobb books inc. with 2, 1 year aupshz tooz extend >> without objection this resolution sudopted unanimously. item 31 >> item 31 is a resolution to approve amendment 2 to the domestic food and terminal lease with bay port concession squz city for replacement in terminal 1 and 3 extending the lease for terminal 1 ended sept2019 and modified lease for terminal 3 with 3, 1 yoor aumgzs to extend >> without objection this resolution is adopted >> item 32 [inaudible] in the
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domestic terminal building with gotham enterprise and the city for replacement premises in terminal 1 and extending the term of 2 years >> same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 3 approve 3 emergency public work cracktds under administrative code 660. [inaudible] geo stationization international for telegraph hill rock slope improvement to provide design support and stabilization. nob inwith a amount not to exceed 9.5 million >> without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously >> item 34 resolution to authderize the department of
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public health to enter into agreement with california health care service to receive reimbursement for healthy kids program to extend amount up to [inaudible] to refinance the policeman >> same house same call. without ubkwleckz resolution is adopted >> iletment 35 rez dugz tew prove and authserize the [inaudible] from kaiser foundation for approximately 54 thousand to be used by the city under the water system improvement program, the regional ground water storage and recoverry project adopted the sequa and other findings&without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 36 is a resolution to approve the acquisition of real praurnt at 490 south van ness, vunes alake and [inaudible]
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purchase price of approximately 18 million adopted the seek squu other findings >> supervisor campos >> i just want to take the opportunity to thank the mayor and his staff to acknowledge our offices have been working a over the past few week squz identifying property for affordable housing and this is a opportunity to do precisely that and it is very exciting prospect and hopefully there will be more opportunities like this to follow but this couldn't have happen at a better time and more needed time so we are excited about the possibility of building affordable houdsing on this site. i want to be added as a cosponsor >> thong supervisor cam possess. can we take this item same house and call? without ubkwreckz had resolution is adopted. >> itemthry 7 is a resolution
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[inaudible] accept and expabd 1thry 4 thousand dollar grant from san francisco parks alliance to support various recreation and park department operations for fiscal year 2013-14 >> same house same call. without objection the rez solution dopted unanimously. itemthry 8 >> resolution to retroactively authorize the airport commission to expand a 750 thousand dollar grant from water resources for a new facility at the [inaudible] for a 4 year term through december 31, 2018 >> same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously >> iletm 39 resolution taauthorize public health to accept 211 thousand dollar grant from the public health foundation enterprises to participate in a program entitled, san francisco bay
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clinical trial >> same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item please >> item 4o is authorize it sale on cities property consisting on 212 square feet of land at [inaudible] potraro avenue to pacific gas and electric for the price of [inaudible] >> same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. item 41 >> item 41 is a resolution to approve an grument with non profit owners association for administration, manage ment of the establish property based community district known as lower pollic community district >> same house same call. without objection the rez solution adopteduenen mississippily. item 4 2 >> urgency ordinance to approve
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interm [inaudible] 799 gross square feet in the [inaudible] special use district for 4 foiv days pursuant to california code section 65858 to afirm the planning department sequa department and other findings. >> supervisor campos >> thank you. once again i want to thank may rb lee and staff for the work we have done collectively with my office and his office on this very important matter. may of last year this board of supervisors unanimously pass adresolution creating the [inaudible] latino cultural district for a area of the mission surrounding 24 street. the purpose of establishing the latino cultural district is recognize the area of the center of latino culture and commerce in san francisco. this is a very special place and in this sense the latino cultural district is similar to other cultural
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centers in other parts of the city like china town, japan town and north beach. my office and with the mayor and residence, businesses and artist and community stake holders are engaged in a process to produce a special use district. we have been facilitating community process to development the components orphthe sud and continue to do so. we are aiming to introduce legislation for a special use district to be created effective jan of next year. we rin the process of working on that now, but because of the changes taking place we believe that the proposal which is actually very modest proposal provides the kinds of controls needed as the planning process continues. the [inaudible] makes sense for a number of reasons, among them is small
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business spaces are more affordable and accessible to many businesses, something which is very important in todays market where xhrjs rents are simply sky rocketing. one of the diverse neighborhoods servicing [inaudible] arts venues all of those need that small space to be able to be successful. as i noted the mayor and plan to seek a short extension of the controls and likely come back to you with a extension of 6-8 months the controls are in place while the body considered permit and controls. i know there are a number of individuals from the community in the chamber today and want to thank erica [inaudible] and so many other people from the community who have come to support this and again, colleagues these are pretty modest controls and i
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think the fact that the mayor and my office agree on something like this it has the support of people across the board to send the message that we need to act and we need to do so today so i ask respectfully for your support. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president. i want to just thank and acknowledge the entire coalition the community that is working on the cia venta quat row movement and all of the positive things happening in terms of the community organizing we see in the mission. i-in terms of this piece of legislation as i artic yltded in committee and why i voted against it is i am in complete agreement of having over the counter permits to
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merge commercial spaces on 24th street isn't a acceptable state of affair squz think a ban goes too far and would like to see conditional use requirement here. we have quite a few neighborhood commercial district restriction on mergers and space above a certain square footage but typically you have conditional use to allow merger when appropriate because we know there is always going to be exceptional situations where it makes sense for the xhrjs district to allow that merger to occur and this prohibition will not allow for any exceptions no matter what the circumstances. i'm class glad there is a longer term process around special use and hope that goes well, but in terms of this particular [inaudible] with respect of supervisor campos and appreciate his work with the
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community on this issue i will be dissenting today >> thank you sfr visor wiener. madam clerk can you call the roll. >> campos, aye. christensen, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, no. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor breed, aye. there are 10 aye and wn no with supervisor wiener in the descents >> this ordinance is passed. >> item 43 is a resolution to approve the disposition of land by the office of community investment and infrastrauck dhr to ma west joint venture between [inaudible] real estate corp and john buck company for 172.5 million purchase located on howard street between beel
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and main known as transbay block 5. >> roll call vote, >> supervisor campos, aye. supervisor christensen aye. for visor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor breed, aye. >>itism 44 approve the disposition of land by community of land and infrastructure to urban housing and tendser loin for purchase price of 71 million and make the required findings [inaudible] known as transbay block 8. >> same house same call?
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without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously y >> item 45 determine the transfer of type 21 off sale license to 2681 first street [inaudible] >> same house same call. without objection the resolution sudopted unanimously. item 46 >> item 46 is resolution to determine the issuance of type 42 on sale beer and wine premises lice nss for wine down located 685 folsom street >> same house same call. without objection this resolution is adoptedue unanimously. we are going to 2:30 comaccommodation. we'll go to supervisor cohen and then christensen and then supervisor avalos. supervisor cohen.
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>> looking-there he is. there is our man that we are honoring. as he slowly makes his way to the the front of the chamber. will you give a round of applause to john st. croix. john st. croix is a person i have come to know and admire in my time working not only on thboard of supervisors but also in my time in the mayors office on staff. i have found him to be professional, thoughtful, caring and very quick to get an answer when you have a question. today is a interesting day because i have a proxluimation before me that will acknowledge mr. st. croix years of service to the city and county of san francisco.
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now, as i reviewed the proclamation there is information i didn't know of and sure many of you didn't know. i will share a little information about mr. st. croix. under 10 years of leadership of san francisco ethics commission increased the staff of the department from 8 to 16 and budget of 8 hundred thousand to 4.5 million dollars and that wasn't wasteful spending. in addition to [inaudible] intelligent and professional staff, john saints croy served under 16 different members of the san francisco ethics commission and plire to the service to san francisco, he spent nearly 20 years of the staff member in united states senate. he served as chief of staff at new york city council and city director in the united states house of representatives. i think we may have been underutilizing
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you. john st. croix had a seconds career teaching essential studies, glx political science and plaus aef to high school and college students at san francisco state university. it is important to know this is not only a gentlemen but it is a scholar. he graduated from the university of massachusetts, obtained a master degree from harvard and served for 3 years as a cochair of [inaudible] kennedy schools bay area alum nigh association. on a personal note you should know this is a man that has a heart of gogold. in addition to the years of public sunchs he also volunteered for 7 years at the larken street youth foundation. he is also a ordained deacon in the presbyterian church. this is something i didn't know. and this is probably his most greatest accomplishment, he is a single dad who adopted
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his son timothy from foster care. ladies and gentlemen, the san francisco board of superizvisors extend and proclaims july 28, 2015 as john st. croix day in the city and county of san francisco in acknowledge to years of dedicated service as the director of the san francisco ethics commission. it is a pleasure to serve san francisco with you, john. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. i said i wasn't going to do this. this is very touching. thank you supervisor and thank all of you. i want to thank all the commissioners and served under for the opportunity to serve the people of san francisco for all this
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time and i want to thank my wundserful staff for making it possible for me to try to accomplish all we have done. this means a great deal to me, thank you all. >> john, don't leave yet. i have a few colleagues that would like to say a few remarks as well. >> supervisor tang >> thank you very much. thank you supervisor cohen for taking the time out of our days to honor a wond rbful director st. croix, u. thank you for your years of service. i'll share when i have a question about anything you have always encouraged us to call you and given us your cell phone number. one time i asked you something and you were in boston and you said it doesn't matter, i'm here to answer your questions so we follow the laws. i want to thank you for
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being there for me and answering my questions and sure for the rest of my colleagues i wish you the best as you return to the east coast and hope our paths will cross again. >> thank you, supervisor wiener >> thank you madam president. i wanted to say thank you for your service. i know running the ethics commission is not easy. there is a lot of really in some ways the heart of the structure of our political system in san francisco and we in san francisco are very passionate about politics in all the forms so i know there are times when the commission is sort of at the center of that storm but it exists because of the compassion we have in san francisco for good government and smart policy and the love of the city. i experience you to be a turfic
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administrator, someone who is responsive and cares about ethics in government and government transparency so thank you for your service and know there are more great things to come. thank you >> thank you supervisor wiener, congratulations on your retairmt mr. st. croix and thank you so much for all your service and support to the citizens of san francisco. >> thank you. okay supervisor christensen, you are up. >> i'm up. it is lovely in these dramatic chambers with
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all the tedious business of government that we do take time to acknowledge the real people out there, the people that we serve. today i speak on behalf of neighbor and friend nora lynndoll. nora worked as a psychiatric social worker for department of public health for 35 years dedicated to providing care to her clients, promoting their health and happiness. she is twhouchb longest standing memberoffs frebds of washington square and supporter of effort in north beach. she is a native of noreth beach raising 2 sons as a single mother and contributing to her city in the spirit of saint francis. mrs. lynndoll is a lover of beauty and appreciator of life in san francisco and her circumof friends and family. this sum of part on
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begins to describe nora. it is my privilege to honor nories many contsbutions by declaring today nory lynndoll day in the city and county of san francisco. i think we have ben here. would you like to say a few words? >> norby couldn't be here today so we would like to thank the board of supervisors and everybody who helped produce this wundserful honor. when i asked nora what she mightment to say the first thing she thought of is let people know how much she enjoyed working for chileds and family service squz think that speaks to her extraordinary cam passion and empathy. she also wanted to acknowledge all her coworkers. it is very difficult to ovestimate the positive impact
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of mental health workers in our community. i'm a little nervous, sorry. basically i would like it thanksgiving you all and all her friends who came out today and it is just a great honor, so thanks very much. >> congratulations. and, last but not least, we have supervisor avalos. >> thank you president breed. i would like to call up jose, luis mejia. i know you would
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bring that hat. one of your hats, actually. born and raised in san francisco and east oakland to immigrant from elsal vudor and quata malla. flipped the script from experiencing violence and the street economy to dedicating his life to creating positive change and opportunity in locum community and at the national level through direct service and policy. jose worked as a utengaget strategies, researcher, advocate, public trainer and advisor. he used his life experience to help others as a peer educator sharing our liferbs races and experiences. a stigma elimination program at the
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mental helt association of san francisco. jose served as national youth ambassador at the youth lead rbship institute, where i use d to work and community advisory panel at kqad. jose came to [inaudible] as a young adult advocate in 2009, worked to develop and over see [inaudible] and became associate director of [inaudible] he worked [inaudible] total of 6 years. jose is the heart of [inaudible] for many years keeping all of us grounded with commitment to validating the experiences of san franciscos young people and leading with quite strenge to insure these voices were at the tables when decisions about their lives were being made. no choice but but us without us was the tay
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sf motto which he lived by. remember that? he was ininstrumental in the successful advocacy [inaudible] tupe the age of 24. jose will continue this month with advocates as director of programs. i used to work at [inaudible] soon maybe you'll be in labor as well. maybe a supervisor. he is the proud father of 2 children [inaudible] one is here now. i want to read 32 to you one of jose luiss coats that is a guidance for life. i view my life as a tool to be used in suvs for or pupil in greatest need. jose luis mejia. >>-you want to share with us
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any words of wisdom you may have? >> well, i'm very humbleed by this. to be honest i was all most not going to come to this today because i feel a little weird about celebrating myself, even hosting my own birthday, it feels weird. i appreciate you and the youth commission for this. supervisor avalos and my beautiful daughter couldn't make it. the reason i chose to come is because i want my daughter to have these positive memories and knowing that whatever she chooses to do in her life that we help support our community in whatever way shape or form you choose to do that. okay mama?
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lastly, i want to thank all of you supervisors, i know you do tough work day to day and it isn't easy making decision in your district and city wide and hope moving forward and continue to work with you to improve the city for children families and those in biggest need. we know there is need when it come tooz housing foster youth and hope to stay engaged work wg you all. and thank you supervisor avalos and [inaudible] i know you do trumending work and i appreciate that so thank you very much. >> again, congratulations and
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thank you for joining us today. okay, madam clerk we are going to skip over our 3 pmp special order and go to committee reports. can you please call item number 71. >> item 71 and 72 are considered by the rules committee at are regular meeting thurz dade july 23 and forwarded as committee reports. item 71 is ordinance amending the environment code to define clean energy, green energy and renewable green house gas free energy oo san francisco residences and businesses
2:48 pm
accurate information regarding lect rg power and requiring department of environment to require [inaudible] nuclear power plants >> colleagues we have a unusual set of circumstances-i'll wait until the doors are closed so we can hear. colleagues we have a unusual set of circumstances related to item number 71. yesterday the rules committee passed both the originalversion of the initiative ordinance as well as duplicated amended version. we'll hear later file 150809 at a special board of supervisor meeting this friday 31, but we are under a very tight deadline to submit one of the 2 version by this friday. in order to insure one of the measures does get submitted in time, i move to approve item 71 subject to
2:49 pm
the follow conditions: if by 2 p.m. friday july 15, 2015 the board approved file 150809 which is the amended initiative ordinance on fridays agenda, the clerk will submit that ordinance to department of elections for the november ballot and will file item 71. if the board does not approve file 150809 by 2 p.m. friday then the clerk will submit item 71 file 150658 to the department of elections by 5 p.m. friday so i move that. second by supervisor wiener. colleagues can we take this amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes. and then that's it?
2:50 pm
>> you take item 71 >> at amended. colleagues can we take item 71 as amended same house same call? this motion is approved without objection unanimously. item 72 >> item 72 is a motion ato appoint paul wells to the bicycle committee [inaudible] >> same house same call. without objection the motion is approved unanimously. >> item 73-75 were considered by the land use and transportation committee at a reg yrblt meeting monday july 27 and forwarded as committee reports. a motion to order submit #250d the voters a ordinance amending the administrative code to update the surplus city property ordinance and expand criteria
2:51 pm
for housing developed. restrict 120 days any other disposition of surplus city property being considered for the transfer to the mayor office for dwementd of affordable housing. provide implementation of surplus statute and [inaudible] at a election to be held november 3, 2015 and affirm the planning department sequa determination >> supervisor kim. >> thank you president breed. i just wanted to do a quick summary of the ballot measure we are introducing for the ballot and thank my cosponsor supervisor avalos compose and mar. directs the city to prioritize the production of affordable housing and homeless housing development on public land that does not serve city function. as i often talk about i'm committed to insure
2:52 pm
we continue to do more so affordal and middle income housing and ichieve in the goal of 33 percent affordable housing and 50 percent including middle class housing mandated by proposition k last nrfb. the ballot measure adds aorttool to address the cities wereening housing crisis. the surplus property ordinance was written in 2002 and amended in 20 o5. this clarifys the cryteria and process where we deem property surplus underutilized or opportunity zone and therefore able to yoirf more sites we can build affordable and middle income housing. i want to recognize malia cohen for working closely with our office on a series of amendments that would help to
2:53 pm
clarify how this work and recognize the mayors office of housing, in particular ken rich, mike martin, nicky wheaten for providing feedback on how to make this a clear process for everyone. we know that one of the ways we can help produce affordable housing is do it on land that we own. land is the single large ss line item in any development in the city anded sheboo as creative at possible not just looking at land where we have zero city interest and looking at land where we underutileize lands or have a main use and can build on top of it. colleagues i ask for your support. thank you. >> thank you supervisor kim. colleagues can we take this item same house same call. without objection the motion suproved unanimously. madam clerk can we call items 74 and
2:54 pm
75 together? >> item 74 was recommended as a-minded with a new title, it is a ordinance amending the planning code [inaudible] also known as secondary or in law units within the boundaries of district 8 and require the planning department to monitor the use of adu as short term rental amending the administrationive code to correct references [inaudible] item 75 was amended with a new title as well, it is a ordinance amending the planning code to allow construction of developing units known as secondary or in law unit within the boundaries of district 3 and requiring the planning department to monitor the use of short term rental administrating the code [inaudible] making other appropriate findings.
2:55 pm
>> supervisor wiener >> thank you madam president. cault colleagues before us today is legislation for district 8 and supervisor christensen will discus district 3. this is the third piece of legislation i authred and you considered and thank you for passing the other 2 unanimously to allow for had addition of new in law units. the first is was fr the castro neighborhood and the second was for buildings under going seismic reto fit and this will extend the castro legislation to district 8. we know we rin a housing crisis and need housing of all varieties and all income ranges and allowing in law unit or dwelling units built into existing structures, not creating new height or bulk and throughout a neighborhood is a very very efficient way of
2:56 pm
creating new housing. the buildings already exist, the utilities are already there, it is just a very very good way of adding new housing in the city. we know in law units are the most affordable type of non subsidized housing. in addition under the legislation if the build sg aurmd rent controlled the new unit is rent control. we can create new ronet control and this legislation allows for that. the legislation has gotten broad support from a number of different neighborhood association in district 8 with respect to the original castro legislation and now with regard to this expansion and i ask for your support. we do have a minor amendment. there was apparently when the legislation was prepared there was
2:57 pm
reorganization and so there was a inadvertent omission. i'll hand it over to mr. gibner to explain that. it is easy piece of clean up that will not require a continuance >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor--oh. city attorney john gibner >> thank you. in the drafting provision was accidently deleted that provided that in accessry dwelling units under the seismic retrofit program the unit must be within the existing building envelope. i believe supervisor wieners recommended amendments would add to the district 8 ordinance a new section 207-c 4 b that
2:58 pm
would provide-sorry, c 5 b, that provides accessry dwelling unit is constructed within the existing building envelope or structure as it existed 3 years prior to the application for building permit and renumbering that follows. you don't need to amend the district 3 ordinance along the same lines because if they both pass it makes that amendment to the code >> thank you and colleagues one of the corner stones of the various accessry dwelling units is the units are in the existing building envelope in every piece of legislation including the seismic legislation but because of a over site in the legislation it was removed with respect to seismic legislation so we will reinsert it here so that is inmotion i make >> supervisor wiener made a motion, is there a second? 2nd
2:59 pm
by supervisor farrell. can we take the amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes. supervisor christensen. >> so i have a question for mr. gibner. so, mr. gibner, what is in our summary includes some of the amendments that were placed on a duplicateed file and sent to the planning commission. my understanding is based on actions that were taken monday those in the duplicated file but not the file we are voting on today? >> that is correct. there arethry different sets of amendments sent to the planning commission and one prohibits subdivision in the dwelling units so that the unit could be separately sold or financed from the existing building. one prohibiting dwelling units in building where sthr a ellis act eviction in the last 10 year jz the other prohibited
3:00 pm
shoret term rentals. all those amendments are considered in the planning commission in the next 90 days and come back. >> i want to thank supervisor wiener for picking this up. the adu is a topic that has come up with many years. i'm delighted to join supervisor wiener in trying to get our city to take a step in that direction. i'm supervisor of a district that struggles with how to do its part to help house all the people in the city. we also have a high percentage of seniors looking to remain in the neighborhood but find it difficult to manage the stairs and hills so we are always looking for ways we can better accommodate those in the district are limited mobility. there is a lot of things to like about the adu's. the fact they are eke logical and economical. the fact housing
3:01 pm
can be dispersed across the district rather in one place. the fact a lot of the units are likely to be more accessible-being supervisor of a district where nairkd character is important t is great to know we can add housing without changing the exterior configuration of build squgz the opportunities to add rent controlled housing in 2015 is exciting so i'm delighted to offer this for your support and hope that you will help district 8 and 3 move on in the housing quest and we will find other district in the city following suit >> thank you sfr supervisor christensen. supervisor kim >> i'll support 73 and 74 but i wanted to speak about the 3 amendments city attorney john gibner outlined because i introduced them. the first is
3:02 pm
prohibition of accessry dwelling units in building where there is a ellis act eviction in the previous 10 years and this will be going the planning commission as mr. gibner mentioned. i also propose 2 other amendments i want to briefly explain. one is actually aligning these 2 accessry dwelling units ledge slailgz to the one passed by then president david shoe prohibiting subdivision. this just insures that any rental-the new rental units which are here to actually add to the rental housing stock and will be under rent control are restricted to convert to unit of ownership for individual sale. the amendment that i introduced was a replicate of what was in daveuds shoes
3:03 pm
legislation. the third amendment is to prohibit short term rental in accessry dwelling units which should be primarily for primary residence and i also did have some questions on the ability of the planning department to be able to enforce short term rental in accessry dwelling units. i bow supervisor wiener mention there'd are ways to separate the addresses to insure that the primary home owner or tenant in a main unit couldn't use that address >> student to rent out full time a dwelling unit and hope we can continue to have that discussion as it moves through planning commission. i just have a fear that property owners will build a adu rks turn it into a full time spr and won't fulfill the need of which the legislation is in10 tendsed to impact which is ease some of the housing crisis by easily adding more units on to the market without adding
3:04 pm
height in most neighborhoods which i definite support. so, i'm look for the conversation with the planning commission and the 3 amendments coming back. i know there continues to be concern and i think this is something that i don't understand as much but continue to hear from the neighborhoods about the exception to 311 and 312 notification requirement frz increasing the height of the building to add adu. i know it isn't a big increase but some neighborhood groups said they would like notification and hopefully that is a conversation we can have. i will support the items before us today and look forward to the conversation on dwelling units. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor yee. >> i appreciate the authors willingness to look at how we are go-how we increase rental
3:05 pm
spots. just a question i thought i would ask at this point because i don't know if it is a question for city attorney gibner or city planning and i'm glad we are using accessry or adu because a lot of times we use in laws as if-i guess i'm stuck being hire in the 50 and 60 were one thing i now it seems in law is anything built illegally until we make it legal. most of the in laws i think about are in basements somewhere. does this legislation allow for building adu's in other floors? i'm a little confused with this. >> errhine star, manager of
3:06 pm
legislative affairs to planning department. the ordinance limits to unoccupied floor areas. in theory it could be added to a attic but that is economly infeasible. most of these will probably be added to garages or storage spaces on the ground floor that are not occupied by a existing dwelling unit. >> okay. and then are there rules or city rules around parking when we add units or does this not matter? >> adu's are exempt from parking and if you add one unit to a existing building, a normal unit you don't have to add parking as well. >> okay, thank you very much. i just wanted clarification. i guess for all when we move
3:07 pm
forward in the future when we do these types of legislation we should probably not use in laws >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor christensen. >> i'll just reply. i know in my district with large apartment building, 20, 30, 40 building with boiler rooms or storage space these will not be what you think of in laws so i think we are aiming more at the larger housing stock. i understand from mr. gibner we have a tiny typo in the legislation that requires a minor adjustment so if you could explain where that is. >> just for clarity is there a typo in both 74 and 75? okay, that you can. >> deputy city attorney. this is page 7 line 6. reference to section 20 d 4 and it should be
3:08 pm
207 d 4 >> supervisor christensen you move to amend. is there a second? second by supervisor wiener. colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection the item for 75 passes unanimously. okay, seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk for item 74 and 75 as amended can you please call the roll? >> supervisor campos, aye. supervisor christensen, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor breed, aye. there are 11i ayes >> the ordinances pass
3:09 pm
unanimously on the first reading as amended. madam clerk can we please go to our 3 p.m. special order? and let's start with items-3 p.m. special order starting with items 40-50. 47-50 >> comprise the special order of 3 p.m. for public hear ofg persons interested in the public works decision dating [inaudible] 2 units new construction condso minium located 639 peralta avenue. item 48, 49 and 50 are motions associate would the public hearing. >> supervisor campos >> thank you very much madam president. culeeges we continued this item before and because of the procedural
3:10 pm
history involved i am once again asking that we continue this item as the litigation proceeds and make a motion to continue this item to october 6 of this year. >> okay supervisor campos made a motion to continue this item to october 6. second by supervisor yee and at this time i'll open tupe public comment. if anyone wants to comment about the continuance public comment is open for that purpose. seeing no members who want to comment public comment is closed. colleagues can we take the motion to continue items 47-50 to october 6, 2015 without objection the without objection the motion passes unanimously. madam clerk can we go to item 51-54
3:11 pm
>> item 51-54 are public hearing of persons interested in public works decision dated june 19, 2015 determining a 6 unit condo minium submitted for 158-162 linda street is incomplete. item 52, 53 and 54 are the motions associate would that hearing and madam president we rin receipt of communication from the appellate mrs. romarie [inaudible] with drawing the appeal >> can we intertace tain a motion to table 51-54? colleagues can we take this without objection the motion to table passes unanimously. madam clerk let's go to item 55-58. >> colleagues i apalm jz i
3:12 pm
failed to take public comment on the motion to table item 51-54 so is there a motion to resend the vote? motion by supervisor cohen and second by supervisor yee. the motion to resend the vote on 51-54 passes and now i would like to open ope up the motion to table 51-54. i would like to open up to public comment. any member thofz public who would like to comments on the motion to table item 51-54 come up. seeing
3:13 pm
none closed. can we take the motion to table 51-54 without objection? without objection the motion to table 51-54 passes unanimously. okay madam clerk can we go to the next 3 p.m. special order? >> on the motion to--item 55-58 comprise special order at 3
3:14 pm
p.m. item 55 is public hearing of persons interested in a negative declaration for proposed agreement of soled waste at the [inaudible] issued by the planic commission may 21 and adopted june 1. item 56-57 and 58 are the motions that pertain to that public hearing >> my understanding on july 22 the planning department submitted a revised timeline determination for this matter impacting when the board should consider it so we want to entertain a motion to continue item 55-58 to sep 29, 2015. moved by supervisor yee, and second by supervisor kim. i would like to now open this item up to public comment. any member thofz public who would like to comnlt on the
3:15 pm
continuance of item 55-58. >> i'm sally johnson and suppose all this has been done under the supervision of legislation and there is [inaudible] listed on this part. [inaudible] >> thank you. are there members of the public who would like to comment on the continuance of 55-58, is in please come forward. >> [singing] long and [inaudible] continuing leads me back to your board of supervisors door. don't leave us waiting here. decide it very soon, won't you?
3:16 pm
>> thank you. are there members of the public who would like taprovide public comment at this time? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we take the motion to continue item 55-58 to the september 29, meeting without objection? without objection the motion passes unanimously. let's go to our next 3 p.m. specialordser. item 59 and 60. >> item 59 and 60 comprise special order of 3 p.m. pursuant to motion m 15112 approved july 14, 2015. convene for these items aa public hearing to consider objection to assessment cost paid by the director of department of building inspection included in the report contained in item 60 ruzlution to approve the report
3:17 pm
of delinquent charges for cost for code enforcement violations and fees perstudents various section of the building codes >> todays committee is conducted to hear public testimony on a report of delinquent charges for assessment cost submitted by the department of building inspection. for delinquents charges [inaudible] at this time let's open up the hearing. first we'll hear from the department and before we have a presentation are there questions? okay, department of building inspection >> good afternoon presidents breed and member oz thf board. this is 21 year the department has come before the board requesting special assessment cost. alan daveson senior housing inspection. previously
3:18 pm
transmitted to you is report of delinquent charges dating june 30, 2015. the department ha2 inhouse hearing to discuss outstanding fees. the department appreciates your support in approving the delinquent charges for a useful tool for regaining fee frz the department. i also like to thank angela [inaudible] and their support staff for all their help. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you. just a quick question, are any of these for illegal in law units? >> we went through all the cases myself and senior inspector and removed illegal conversions off the list. >> thank you very much i appreciate that. >> thank you, so are there question or comments from member thofz board? seeing
3:19 pm
none let's open this up to public comment. commenters for item 59 and 60 have up to 2 minutes so please come forward. >> good afternoon. i'm here because i am being punished for looking for help. i have a neighbor who hasn't been able to cooperate with us. i try to do anything that is required. i have my [inaudible] and have anything, but until my neighbor is able to get his plants i cannot go forward. i am being charged so much money because of him and i came to the sate to try to look for help and didn't get it. i feel like i'm being punished for looking for help, so right here i come because i received the letter i i'm supposed to pay a lot of money, which i don't have and i
3:20 pm
don't know what will happen. if i had the money will i get help and resolve the problems, what will happen if my neighbor doesn't want to cooperate? >> i want to say something too. we go to the building department and it seems like we get no help. they are not organized, they senld you to one site and aortsite and we get stuck on these things. we are willing to do our part, but it seems like the building department, i really don't understand. no help at all. >> thank you this is just public comment but there will be a opportunity when public comment is over. mr. daveson will step outside from the department and be able to meet with anybody who has a issue and try to resolve it so there will be a opportunity for your questions or concerns to be answered and now this is just a time to present public comment. >> some of the things that
3:21 pm
probably [inaudible] the first person that gets the information, he should know what is going on. they should give us information and say if you submit this this is what will happen so it is for the public to decide if they want to do it because they just fill the application and then you submit it and then the supervisor come and you ask question squz they say this is paperwork and blah blah blah and then you try to do what they ask you to do. i think there has to be more organization from that department to really inform the public how things work and what is going to happen so we don't have to waste money and our time and because it cost money to us and we don't have the money and we are trying to work things out but we don't get any help. >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> good afternoon everybody.
3:22 pm
my name is alisa roquea and this is the first time coming here. i belong to district 10 and i try to call my supervisor to let her know i'm having problem with the building inspector. they want to put a lien on my property and don't understand. look at all this, this is paperwork of things they ask me to do, but it is the most horrible experience to get the supervisor [inaudible] they tell you to get back by 4. you are back by 4 and they went home. you call the supervisor and don't return no calls. it is a nightmare. they asked me for a variance. i paid for the person to do the variance on it. they ask me for
3:23 pm
plans and i have a architect do the plan, then they want a [inaudible] you have just put the cover on it. you don't need people that will live there. then, i went there, they [inaudible] i paid 960 dollars for a permit i don't even know. now they say i haven't complied with the-what did they say? the punishment they put on it. so, i just don't know what to do or where to go. they want to talk to the architect and he passed away last november so unless they go in the grave they won't beep able to talk to him. i left messages to the building inspector who is there. he
3:24 pm
checks his messages. >> thank you mam. there is a opportunity to talk to staff after this hearing. next speaker please. >> my name is raleigh [inaudible] i was going to say something. i had it all planned but [inaudible] let me regroup. >> do you need more time and we can take the next speaker? >> no i'm okay. it is just a idea that came up with mr. campos's office. i'm a lot like her, i'm rather poor. i think it is a great idea and a historical inspector going in first instead of going in and rebuilding everything t. is big issue in san francisco as we speak, but here is what i came up with, a historical certification committee, a
3:25 pm
separate committee that does this in san francisco. they go in first before anybody else to see if the building is cool, if it is safe, don't tough it. if it has cool stuff then make it in the architecture if it can work. here is the thing at the other meeting which would have worked, it is different levels. it is just a committee i'm coming up with and a idea and i'll call it the historic certification committee. that is about it. i have 42 seconds left can she use the rest of my time? >> no, i'm sorry. thank you very much, next speaker, please >> my name is terri [inaudible] i'm the owner of [inaudible] 26 avenue. today i like to say something of the case. i don't get notice for the result.
3:26 pm
this is the first time i get a notice and that is why i'm here. the issue on this case is [inaudible] because [inaudible] it is in the market [inaudible] to do the job is not easy, that is why i am taking care on the april 25 and has been done for the [inaudible] so, now all of a sudden, not only for the penalty but also for the [inaudible] put together. however, i don't have any receipt or notice before. i repeat again, this is the first
3:27 pm
time i received and that is why i come here. building inspection department now has been [inaudible] from 1 percent to 100 percent. what does it mean? before the only one year issue, but now it is 100, it increased. [inaudible] i don't even see how [inaudible] complaint they put in 49 item in there. so, i believe the supervisors should look at that to see what is going on for this happening. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. there will be staff after the meeting to answer your question and help with your concerns. >> on these violations that you
3:28 pm
have going on, this is supposed to be [inaudible] how satan likes to work. i think that we can be more considerate on our inspection and how we do different ways. i'm trying to [inaudible] that you mentioned earlier and i'll try to work on that so we can have a better san francisco and not charge like, you know [inaudible] get
3:29 pm
along with prices and [inaudible] nothing ever got back to the [inaudible] he told me before i left here let's change it back to [inaudible] high prices and make everybody go mad over money. this doesn't have anything to do with [inaudible] >> thank you very much, ma'am.
3:30 pm
next speaker, please. >> [singing] you fix a building where the rain gents in and stops your vine from wandering. you fill in the building cracks that ran through the door, and when your mind goes wandering where the money will go on all the dough, i don't know. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> my first time to speak before the board of supervisors and i my name is francisco [inaudible] and i'm coowner of one majestic with my wife, maria who could not come here. she is at work. the main
3:31 pm
reason i'm here is to ask consideration from the board members that we are being charged some 20 - 2 thousand dollars of non completion of the work being asked of us since last year. i want to read a copy of the letter we wrote. in the interest of time and important priorities of the mayor and board, the owners of above subject property, number 1, majestic avenue we are compelled to write our semp explanatory lelter in response to said numerous vilailgzs all most all of which are being
3:32 pm
perpetrated from well orstraighted and planned personal complaints by the city officer who is a neighbor from the other side of cane avenue, which is the next block. with whom we share 25 feet of the rear fence. the rear street neighbor which whom we share 25 on cane avenue for the past 15 wreers is calling rather anommississippily a number of department offices of the city as documented such as the fire department, the department of health, the department of public works and- >> thank you sir, your time is up at this time. there will be a opportunity to talk to someone about your issue. are there any other members of the public who would like to speak at this time? >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is judy bishop is this
3:33 pm
isn't my first appearance in regards with the city and planning, but there has been some leans on the property at 4801 third street, which i know we have been abiding by paying the abandoned building fee, but we were in litigation since 2009 and the litigation is over, however, we were in conference with the city in a project in which that this-these assessments and leans-some of the leans they are applying to us, should have been identified in the settlement when the city hit the building back in 2009, then again in 2013. there was supposed to have been no leans but it seems like we have paying our abandoned fee
3:34 pm
however, we are being charged additional charges for administrative fees and other fees that they tack on in terms of supervisor fees and things like that so my comment was that i show a record where we have been paying since 2011, we paid 1496 dollars to prevent any directors penalties. this was the first time we were going court after 2009 on this property. then again, on 2012 we paid 765. again on 2014 we paid 675, then we got another notice and then we submitted 1038 dollars. we are trying to figure what year wree be assessed for.
3:35 pm
>> thank you very much. there will be a opportunity to talk to staff. any other commenters? >> from time to time, i have been in the audience watching. this city, this city and county of san francisco named after saint francesis of asissy has no compassion. you have [inaudible] talking to the building inspection. you have expediteers and give them a little money, they can deliver anything on a platter. i was watching as this lady was explaining to you that people are stressing her out. no compassion. this city has no compassion. if the developers come here, you lick them all over the place. no compassion.
3:36 pm
now, since we are booming and we have billions of dollars, why don't we set aside some money so that probono attorneys can address the concerns of our constituents? why not? why don't we have a small group in the building inspection and wish [inaudible] was here to join me because i go way back when. why don't we do that? i'm not saying you guys work with the city and make over 100 thousand dollars or maybe less but sure you make 100 thousands with benefits, why don't you show compassion. every time i come here the t is disgusting, despicable. when will we learn to have some compassion? thank you very much.
3:37 pm
>> thank you, are there member thofz public who would like to speak? >> hello. >> hello >> my name is [inaudible] i own 210 eagle street and i'm here to address the issue of the [inaudible] i would like feedback from the top as to what a property owner can do if [inaudible] a, there is a abuse of the process and 2, possible misconduct in the enforcement of the code enforcement process. i just want that open and general before i discuss my case in particular. but the general thing is, a neighbor
3:38 pm
has maliciously reported a case on my property where he was a active violation of the code. i have spent all most 15 thousand dollars in the court system to finally have the judge agree that i can sue, not make a judgment, agreed i can see the plaintiff and his attorney for perjury and malice on this particular case. if there is a active permit, why does the department of building inspection before the permit has expired is so interested in enforcing the law and telling
3:39 pm
you to complete a nugleted change to a building >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who would like to comment on this item? at this time seeing none public comment is closed. this hearing has been held and is now filed and we will now reconvene as a board of supervisors. colleagues before we consider the underlying resolution, we shall now take a break on this particular item to allow members of the public to confirm with the department in the hall way their concerns so mr. daveudsson will go outside the chambers so those who have come to speak about your issues he will be out in the hall and meet with you to address your concerns directly. would you like to add something? >> i just say thank you very much >> can we do this without objection? without objection
3:40 pm
we'll move forward and see you in a little bit. madam clerk we'll move on to our next hearings. can you call item 61 and 62 >> pursuant to resolution 19715 adopted june 2 the board will convene for item 61 and 62 to consider the renewal and expansion of property based assessment district known as yerba bren acommunity district and item 62 is the resolution to establish renew and expand the praurptd based business imprivement districtordsering levy and collection of assessment against property located in the district for 15 years beginning with fy 15/16, the purpsh is the hear testimony on levo of assessment of business and improvalment district named the yerba bena district. pursuant to board of
3:41 pm
supervisor resolution of intention adopted june 2, 2015. as described in the plan the district will be approximately 2123 identified parcels located on 20 whole or partial blocks. details of the covered area are in the file. at the conclusion nof public hearing the department of elications tabulate the ballot and report to the board of supervisors. member thofz public may view the ballot tabulation on the basement level of sitee hall in room 59. the board of supervisors will neither lev athe assessment [inaudible] without objection the public testimony will be as follows... we'll hear from speak aers in support of the district 2 minute max and then hear from
3:42 pm
speakers in opposition to the proposed assessment district. during the hearing a property owner wishing to change his or her vote or who has not yet voted may speak with department of election staff at a table just outside the board chamber. they will provide you with the affidavit [inaudible] after the hearing closes the ballot will be counted. at this time supervisor kim since this is in your district would you like to make a comment? >> i want to recognize the hard work of the yerba brena cbd and staff. i see the [inaudible] and andrew robinson and a really dedicated boards of directors. this is cbd i'm proud to work with. they build a identity of a neighborhood that didn't exist before but
3:43 pm
doing great services for our residence small businesses, our museums, cultural attractions. i think this is a neighborhood that all of san francisco can be proud ouf of whether you are a worker or tourist or residents. i believe the ballot turn out will how spoteive the property owners are of the work you do >> any comments by city staff? >> thank you president breed. [inaudible] senior project manager office of economic and work force development. as stated in the resolution this is renewal i expansion of the yerba bine community district. i like to thank supervisor kim and staffer for her support during the process #6789 i also like tocu-mind cathy mop the exectev director. the community engagement process is the model for all. i would like to thank the departments
3:44 pm
that provided support during the process, the clerk of the board and the department of elections, in particular alisa sumera, erica major, andria osberry [inaudible] >> thank you very much and at this time we'll open up to public testimony for those speakers who are in support of the assessment district. first speaker please you will have 2 minutes each. >> please come forward and those interested in speaking as well can line up to my left. >> good afternoon, thank you president breed supervisors [inaudible] in the heart of yerba bena. i also serve as chairman of the [inaudible] currently. i volunteered for the past 2 and a half years and
3:45 pm
a great board of directors who are results orientsed. you can see that from looking at our application. one of the things walking through our neighborhood is trying to imagine what it would be like without the ybcbd. what would it look like without the clean team representative removing the 25 thousand pieces of graffiti within the past 7 years in the neighborhoods? it is evident the quality of life has improved at least in the short time i was involved as well as through the 7 years of the life. i urge the board to approve our ybcbd. thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hello supervisors. my name is michele [inaudible] and the ybcbd [inaudible] i have been down in the area for about 20 years. i went to academy of
3:46 pm
art college and [inaudible] before the ybcbd was there things were a little messy and so having them there is just so much bet frr our community and i really support the community group. >> thank you next speaker please >> good afternoon president breed and member thofz board of supervisors. candice sue [inaudible] i'm proud to serve as vice chair of board of directors at ybcbd. at sfmta we have 2 parking garages within t district and we are among the largest payers into the cbd. as part of the district we durive a lot of benefits from the suvss they provide. they promote the area and make it safe and clean and
3:47 pm
we are very supportive of what they do. i want to spend a moment to talk about the staff and echo what [inaudible] also said. having work would the cbd for about a year now i have a tremendous respect for exectev director cathy mopeen and her team. they work really hard to understand the processes of the city and do so with a high level of integ rutry on behalf of the neighborhood they serve. as a member of the renewal committee i saw what went into the process and the methodology it use today come windup the renewal. cathy mopen is thoughtful in her approach to insure they serve the needs of the people in the area, both the residence and non profits and businesses and museums and cultural centers woo value as well as visitors and went above
3:48 pm
and beyond to conduct outreach for the community that is a model. in addition she is done so with the ininvolvement with the board. we are impressed with the cbd and think the neighborhood gets better and hope you support this renewal. >> thank you very much, next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. lawrence lee recollect the administrative director at spur and we ralocated in the community benefit district and just wanted to show strong support because of their support for non profit institutions like ours as well as art institutions. the support they give us include streetscape programs they implement, those large and small. they improve public spaces with public art plans, greening programs, bike racks, alley design jz more all supporting the visitors that come to our institutions.
3:49 pm
yerba bena night which is organized by ybcbd celebrates with dance arts and musing and perform squns attended by 10 thousand people last year and draws attention to all the cultural attractions in the neighborhood. it is one of my favorite events. also provides grants to neighborhoods groups and non profits like us and they support efforts such as family programs, public art projects and cultural exhibits. this type of support also just engages our neighbors and people in the neighborhood and it is just really important to have that neighborhood cohesion and celebration. also just for us one of the most direct impacts is simply every time one of our visitors comes to visit spur they see a clean safe and inviting neighborhood and the [inaudible] return and
3:50 pm
support other similar institutions. so, the renewal is vital for our visitors as well and i please ask you to support renewal. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good evening. rea bobt and operate 715 harrison street which [inaudible] we have been there for 28 years and we are one of the sort of small store fronts that really benefit tremendously from the ybcbd. there is so many different elements of the organization that is helpful to our small business as you are well aware, the neighborhood when we got there 28 years ago is completely different from what it is now. we have mu scony and visitor squz att park. we have so many people and so many
3:51 pm
residence and what the cbd does is serves as vehicle to bring so many different dynamics of the community together and we benefit from that. we benefit from the 10 b program they provide police serves for community. the neighborhood guides who are also trained in dealing directly with homelessness issues, so it is great orgzism we are happy with cathy and the staff and everything taking place in regards to what it has done. the graffiti removal, it goes on and on, it is a great project, so we strongly recommend that you renew it. it does a great service to the community and we want to say thank you >> thank you next speaker please. >> [singing]. yerba brena here
3:52 pm
we come right in the big city sun. open up that, expand that golden gate and please don't be late. yerba benny, please fix it up. >> thank you next speaker please. >> sally johnson and i like to [inaudible] new ways of doing things [inaudible] making things better. i did already put housing building and i haven't done that much because
3:53 pm
i have been doing-dealing with physical issues and it is getting better and they said that i was a fairly maintained being alive. [inaudible] these are one of the benefits that we are advised by and support the newer establishes to rebuild buildings. this is where it comes about for our cheaper place of living. we have really been [inaudible] because the things that we haven't been
3:54 pm
able to explain. i never did get anything in [inaudible] and mental ward for 2 years and i never get a chance to really [inaudible] because the health issue and just started it for 2 months >> that you -thank you very much >> my name is peter heart and resident home owner at 300 third street and chairman of cbd streets and public space committee. from the committee stand point we are dedicated to emproving the public realm in the neighborhood and thirng you heard some of the projects we have done. we have oreb 30 projects in streetscape improvement plan. a good
3:55 pm
example is [inaudible] where we have been able to create a new public open space and have a graut laut of great projects in the future. from a resident standpoint i want to tell if you can imagine what it might be like living in a neighborhood where there isn't a community benefits district and visit friends of mine and they ask about it and i tell them what we do and say this is great because we don't have a organization like that we can reach out to if we have safety issues, if we have trash or graffiti issues. they feel like they have to reach a remote city bureaucracy to deal with the issue or may pick up the phone and call you and your office, so having the community benefits district in the neighborhood to provide these services is a very extremely responsive. people know who to
3:56 pm
call and take care of the problem right away. so, i just urge you to keep this great service going forward and to support the renewal. thank you. >> thank you next speaker please. >> good afternoon haun rbl members of the board of supervisors and city staff. my name is rea moisa, i'm with the yerba bena gardens festival and hear representing the yerba benny gaurdance festival to speak on support to renew the community benefit district. i would thrike read a few statements from a letter submitted by our board of directors at the yerba bena gardens festival and artistic director in support of the vote. the board of directors and staff support the renewal.
3:57 pm
ybcbd offers vital neighborhood services and built productive partnerships with the city residence business and cultural organizations. ybcbd provides needed grants to art projects that help make the nairblds a wonderful place to live. yerba ben agardens festival is the organization that produces and present more than 100 outdoor free and live performing art programs in yerba bena gardens and outside public spaces of the yerba bena gardens including the esplanade, jessie square, the childrens garden and east garden [inaudible] attune to the public street scape, live ability and attraction and attractability
3:58 pm
of the city, ybcbd is a valuable partdner making sure the city and yerba ben agardens sutractive and lively place and visitors and residence and workers and they are a nice birch of people to work with. >> thank you, sir. thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm summer [inaudible] exectev director at [inaudible] i have worked in the yerba bena neighborhood for 17 years and there is a lot of change. 30 years ago the redevelopment agency had a vision and this vision has come to play a new path and the yurby buena community district helped keep us together as a community, helped give us a voice and provide vision, helped look to the feature and i think it is
3:59 pm
essential to keep the yerba buena community district together for another 15 years to make sure that all of the projects that are on the plate already in progress will have a very nice and cohes irfb and neighborhood application and all have a voice together and hope you will approve the renewal. >> thank you every much next speaker please >> good afternoon my name is cathy mop and the exectev director of yuba brena [inaudible] thank you for the opportunity to come before you today. i want to reiterate why this is important for the neighborhood. there are a lot of changes since we were formed in 2008. 5 thousand more residence moved into the neighborhood which doubled the population from 5 to 10 thousand people in the neighborhood. we had thousands
4:00 pm
more workers as buildings have been refurbished and we'll see the expansion of sf [inaudible] in the spring of next year and expansion of mu sconey will bring 10s of thousands or more people in the neighborhood. i also want to say i feel we have done a good job about the public outreach. making a effort to reach out to all asspects of the neighborhood. we held more 70 public meet squgz tons of one on one meet wgz property ownersism we heard a lot of things from the neighborhood. we are excited about expanding services and will double down on the cleaning because you can never be clean enough. we'll add more money to streetscape impruchbment projects and we are excited working with sfmta to develop some pulestren safety and traffic enforcement initiative frz the neighborhood because like it or not wree a
4:01 pm
on and off ramp to the free way. this wouldn't have happened without the support of the board of direct rbz. i want to thank them and all the supporters that came out and want to recognize and thachck supervisor kim and her staff for their incredible and staunch storet e support and willingness to listen and enter into dialogue with us as we work to improve the neighborhood >> thank you very mump. any other members of the public who would like to speak in support? >> i want to state history. the area we are talking about was taken over by redevelopment where a lot of gentrification took place. it is true this community benefits district will do this and that, but one of the things they need to do is outreach to the black community and to the filipinos so that they have a opportunity
4:02 pm
to bring back what was lost. i hope that this district will pay a significant amount of attention to south park where at one time that entire area was owned by blacks. having said that, we know what redevelopment is doing all over the city and some of us who are asleep we should awaken up and see what has happened to the fillmore. we know like what is happening in district 10 and who is fast asleep in that cockpit. this community benefit district depends on leadership. good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way and it seems from the comments that the people are making here, they are making
4:03 pm
good comments about the present, but they need to reach out to the past so that you can do it. it is just opposite saint patricks church. you have a beautiful garden. i have written many of my poems 15-20 years ago sitting in that garden. who maintains that garden, kudos to them and- >> thank you very much. your time is up. are there any hoar or the memberoffs the public who would like to speak in support of forming the cbd? seeing none we'll move to those who would like to speak in oppositionism any members of the public who would like to speak in opposition of the cbd? seeing none if there are no other speakers we would like to
4:04 pm
close-you want to speak in opposition? okay. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. my name is soomial woo. i represent a owner of several properties in the community benefits district. i would urge the board to obtain or move to continue the vote on this because there are serious issues in terms of both the formation of the district as well as how different property owners were or are included in the current and future benefits district. in addition to that, there is really no way to either contest the assessments or to figure out why certain
4:05 pm
property owners are now paying 3 to 400 percent more for their assessments when the actual budget itself is less than 100 percent more. this quasi government agency lacks oversight, transparency as well as accountability and until those answers are resolved, it makes sense to ubstain from a vote on this issue. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hello good afternoon my name is richard bird and manage paurpts on clar street. i have a few quick questions and in our particular our yerba bena cbd went from 160 dollars to 722 dollars, so roughly 4 times the original amount so that like your sunday paper goes
4:06 pm
from 3 to 12 dollars or muni from 2.25 to 9 dollars. curious what justifies 400 percent increase. also, ask the increase proportioninate across the board. for instance the intercontinental hotel pay 25 thousand dollars. would they go up to 100 thousand dollars, is it is a proportioninate thing or subjected to different properties and use. lastly, i was curious where might i find where the votes were tallied from the original ballots on the measure? i was looking and unable to find it so curious if there is anywhere i can see the previously tallied ballots >> thank you. any other members of the public who would like to speak in opposition of
4:07 pm
the cbd? seeing none public comment is closed. and is there a motion to continue the hearing? or would we like to close the hearing? supervisor kim, did you have any remarks? >> no i made my remarks in the beginning. i believe the votes are being tallied and announced in the meeting, is that correct >> yes >> make a motion to close the hearing >> is there a second? second by supervisor yee. colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection the hearing is closed. at this time the tabulation will now begin and we'll continue with our business on the boards ajendsa. when the tabulation of the ballots is complete our board will announce the votes and that will happen as i said
4:08 pm
down stairs in the department of elections. >> okay, madam clerk we are going return to item number 59 and 60. mr. davidson are you ready to go? >> so, the property that is removed from the report are as follows, majestic is removed. 6201 geary street is removed. 317 [inaudible] 210 is [inaudible] 225 [inaudible] is removed. 80 melrose is removed. 2278 42 avenue. 753 coalkohl and 763 kohl removed. >> colleagues can we have a motion to amend the report
4:09 pm
based on the list provided by mr. davidson? motion by supervisor mar, second by supervisor cohen. can we take the amendments without objection? without objection the amendment passes. and madam clerk can we take the item as amended same house came call? without objection the item as amended is passed unanimously. thank you. okay, we'll skip to item 63 and 64. madam clerk can you call those items? >> pursuant to resolution 199-fine eapproved june 9, the board of superizer vooz will conseen for item 63 and 64, public hear toog consider the establish oment of property based assessment to be known as the greater rincon hill district pursuant to california and property business
4:10 pm
improvement district law of 1994 and san francisco business and tax reg llgz code. item sick 4 is resolution to sfb the property base improvement district as greater rincon hill district and order levy and collection of assessment gaens property located in the district for the next 15 years commencing with approval of the item >> colleagues the purpose of the hearing is hear testimony on the proposed levy of assessment of the proposed property and business improvement district to be named the greater rincon hill community district pursuant to resolution intention adopted june 9, 2015 and to hear testimony on amendments to the proposed management district plan and engineers report dated july 2015 and file would the board july 15, 2015. after the adoption of the june 9, 2015 resolution the city mailed
4:11 pm
ballots to property owners then the greater rincon hill community business district committee submitted amended management districates plan and engineers report dated july 2015 that removed 2 parcels fwraum the edge of the district. details are in the file. the proposed rincon hill community benefit district under the amendsed july 2015 management district plan contained 3277 identified parcels located on approximate 57 whole or partal blocks in the transbay rincon hill area. detailoffs the streets are in the file as well. that conclusion of the public hearing the department of elections will tabulate the ballots and report to the board och supervisors. member thofz public may view the ballot tabulation by the department of election on basement level of
4:12 pm
city hall in room 59. the board of supervisor will neither levy the assessment or apruchb the establish. of inkistricate is there is mu jrt protest. without objection the public testimony is as follows. we first hear from speaker isupport of assessment 2 minutes mac. then hear from speakers in opposition to be assessment district 2 minutes max per person. during a hearing a property owner wishing to change their vote or not yet voted may speak with department of election staff at a table outside the board chambers. they will provide with a affidavit and ballots. after the hearing closes the ballots will be countsed. at this time i would like to recognize supervisor kim >> thank you president breed. also want to recognize many individuals that worked on developing and creating the new
4:13 pm
xhinety district in district 6. i think our district has the most cbd. this is a new and developing neighborhood formally industrial neighborhood but now has many residence employees and workers. the cbd really comes on the tail thofz mell rose district which we supported and passed unanimously last septwith full support of this board and the mayors office and now the cbd will also work to enhance many of the existing but also future needs och the growing neighborhood. i want to recognize mary mu cue who is active with ourt cbd and mgm for helping to lead and using eperatize and experience as well as jim chapel and residence vaubed in the rincon hill cbd. [inaudible] john cromwell, catena johnson, sara
4:14 pm
mac tire and marilyn stuart and also to some of the property owners and developers in the neighborhood [inaudible] and tony [inaudible] the cbd will provide services as the yerba bena cbd for public safety and maintenance of the streets and our new open space which is coming down the line whether it is transbay roof top park or [inaudible] really looking forward to the pass chblg othe cbd and want to thank you. it is hard to start a new cbd and gain support among property owners so want to recognize a tremendous effort initiative. >> thank you supervisor kim. is there any comments from staff? >> thank you president breed and supervisors. [inaudible] senior project manager, office of economic and work force development. today you hear
4:15 pm
the rez dugz to establish the rincon hill cdbd. the resolution removes 2 parcels [inaudible] apn 37770-001 from the eastern edge of the district. the boundaries adjusted in the management plan and engineers report. this resolution will alsoerize the formation of this district mpt the testimony you will hear is in regards to the proposed formation and amendment tooz the management plan and engineers report. at the end of public comment they will tabulate the results and if no [inaudible] approve the rez dugz to establish. i would like to thank supervisor kim for her office support. i would like to cu-mind the committee that led all the work through this all most 4 year campaign specifically conteena johnson and loren post. i would like to highlight the
4:16 pm
work of mgm management group for their hard work on this and furter more jun just thanksgivinging the clerks office and department of election on this in this campaign >> thank you very much. at this time we will open it up to public testimony for anyone who wants to speak in support of the assessment district. if you can come forward and line up to my left. first speaker please >> [singing]. my kind of hill. rincon is my kind of district hill. it is one bill that i hope you'll pass and you'll get your fill. it is my kind of hill and i hope you vote on it and you all agree with all your will. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> good afternoon. my name is
4:17 pm
john graham 8 year resident of the neighborhood and live in infenty. i'm fully support the cbd for rincon hill and think it is a proven example of infrastruck dhoor support the city services. i this can everyone knows who walks athround neighborhood dollar is a significant need for additional security, cleanliness and maintenance of things such as current and future parks and i think this is way to go from good to great in our neighborhood so hope you'll support this. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> my name is tony [inaudible] with [inaudible] we are a business owner and operator in the greater rincon hill neighborhood and very excited to support the community benefit district. we think it is great resource tooz the neighborhood and make for a better quality of life for the tenants and neighbors so we support the creation of the
4:18 pm
cbd. >> thank you next speaker please >> my name is marilyn stuart and i want to make a personal statement and a statement as a residents of a smaller condo minium building. as a personal statement i spent my first few menths in san francisco in the yerba bena district and saw the benefit of the cbd. then i moved to my current unit which was just across second street from yerba bena and discovered how badly we need a cbd in our neighborhood. now, i'm representing one effort which is a small building, we only have about 50 unit in it so compared to other buildsings you may think of, we are pretty small. we would not be able to afford to fund the security and clean up of kinds of activities that need to go on in our
4:19 pm
neighborhood. the need is great and we really want to follow the model of what is successful and we fully support this. it will be a great improvement to the neighborhood. >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon madam president and members of the board. i also want to thank supervisor kim for her support. my name is loren post, i'm a resident and as you heard from the cultural leaders and business owners and residents och yerba bena we are neighbor tooz the east and we want what they have. we are very inviious of their quality of life and need improvement in our neighborhood and feel our cbd will bringfelt our neighborhood is planned for over a does chb high rise towers residential and xhrjs with new housing units being affordable. we hope they bring in families and working people who deserve a lovey
4:20 pm
neighborhood and what will be the busiest neighborhoods in san francisco budding the financial district and home to new transbay transit terminal and what we think is the most exciting and biggest district in the opportunity for opportunity for all. please support supervisor kim to establish the greater rin onhill community district. >> my name is catena johnson, thank you for having us today. i have been a rez dent of rincon hill for 6 year jz if you notice i said area not neighborhood because we are not quite there yet. we don't have a grocery store in walking businesses. we don't have schools or parks but the good newicize most of thesethis are coming, especially the parks which was the initial reason for form thg cbd. pulling together to support for the cbd is a team eeffort lead by the
4:21 pm
other residence who are here to speak today. as part of this effort i have explained and promoted the cbd to neighbors and in person and [inaudible] once i explain the benefits verses the cost the response has been positive. it is imperative this cbd be approveredism rincon hill is barring the brunt of the construction actirfbty. we need 15 million in infrastructure financing that will come as a result of the cbd. we need the cbd for the parks to be maintained. there is no plan b for parkmancy and that is troublesome. nearly ever space in the area will be residential in the next few years. my ask is you approve and support the greaten rincon hill cbd. >> thank you next speaker
4:22 pm
please. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. my name is john cor well and 21 year resident of south of market and the president of port side home owners association. there is a huge enlargement of the residential pop ylshz that is happening more now. the cbd is critical not just a business standpoint but for resident. most of the new developments are very vertical and what is developing is a bunch of disconducted islands. there needs to be some organization that brings everyone today as a neighborhood and community and handles the spaces between them. in terms of security, i live said in the area for over 20 year jz the amount of street crime not just property crime, but crime involving weapons has gone up in the past 3 yearsism
4:23 pm
there was a armed autorobbery in our garage last week. that was someone that appeared to come in right off the street so we need this from a quality of life and safety standpoint and everybody i have spoke toon views this as a valuable benefit to being in the district and urge you to support it. for ll the right reasons-i can't think of any reason you wouldn't. there is a infrastructure development fund that represents [inaudible] unless there is a entity like the cbd to take control of that and manage it, it is going unutilized so i urge you to support the cbd >> that you can very much next speaker please >> thank you supervisor. jim chapel from mgm management and urban planner by craft and supposed to be retired but come
4:24 pm
out of retirement to work with mary mu cue and cbd formation because i so believe in cbd thaz ultimate in grass roots democracy. the paest several years we had scores of community meeltings representing thousands of person hours working through issue squz the type of services that the community needs and wants and what cbd's are in addition to providing the clean and safe kinds of services eothers have spoken about are a community building exercise and that is what is so exciting for me. to work with a group of people to figure out what they want their neighborhood to be. none of this would have been possible without supervisor kim and her staff who have been so supportive and helpful all along and in deed the rest of
4:25 pm
the city staff, chrisa atono who has been with us since the beginning, chris cor gs and other city staff so thank you to all of you and thank you to the great number of people in the neighborhood, the stirring committee and other speakers here today asking for your support and i too ask for your support. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> androbryant from mgm and speak on behalf ofmery mu cue who is vg trouble to move around. [inaudible] mayors office of economic and work force development and supervisor kim and your office for the support as we work to have this cbd formed. it is a great plexor to work the with steering committee and that ground swofel support to create
4:26 pm
a cbd. it is also gratifying to me, i chs on the formation committee years ago to form the ybcbd and hear the testimony. i sat here knowing in 15 years you will hear that same thing from residence who had to be one over because the services are tremendous. i believe the neighborhood will be better off and mgm is glad to support the committee. i encourage you to support it. >> any other members of the public who would like to speak in support of the cbd? seeing none we'll move to those members of the public who would like to speak in opposition to the cbd. any members of the public who would like to speak in opposition to the cbd >> my name is auto duffy and
4:27 pm
like to speak in opposition to it. seems to me that the cbd's generally-there is limitations on the amount of taxes that the government, any government can collect. it goes back to jaurfbs gan. i think it is coming on 40 years now and now with the cbd it allows a marginal amount more resources to go into a neighborhood but it is in violation of what the people and the big corpications of america have decided should be the limits of gurfbergence and attempts to drive us back to a third world country. 40 years now even though the democratic party is dahmsinant in california that remains the case so that tells you the limitation of conventional politics. forgive me if none of you understand this, but i live in a neighborhood where a
4:28 pm
sro hotel room days like today it gets stuchy and hot and excuse me for excessively wordy but it is nice in this air conditioned environment. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who would like to speak in opposition? >> it isn't a opposition but have a question, why haven't they paid their back taxes? i'm a american and every time i buy a soda and pay sales tax. corporations are great but they never pay sales tax. every time they buy a billion dollar corporation there is a billion in sales tax. every time someone buys something they don't pay sales tax. every time i buy smck i pay sales tax. i love corporations i rich people and everything but can't understand if i bought a
4:29 pm
dollars worth of something or combine stuff, if i bought another business for a dollar i had to pay sales tax. corporations do want to be considered a single man, that is what they said in something recently, pay your sales tax. that is all i have to say. my name is ronaldue gene davey lee and i'm here to say pay your taxes or the irs should collect the back taxes >> any other members of the public who would like to speak in opposition of the cbd? seeing none public comment is closed. if there is no motion to continue this hearing we will now close this hearing. at this time we will tabulate the ballot and continue
4:30 pm
business of the board. when the tabulation is complete our clerk will announce the results. thank you everyone for your comments. madam clerk let's move to the next public hearing, item 65 and 66. >> pursuant to resolution 198-15 adopted june 9, the board of supervisors will convene for item 65 and 66. item 65 is public hearing to consider the establishment of assessment district to be known as dog patch and north west potrero hill. item 66 is rezitution to establish business improvement district ordering the levy and collection of assessment against property located in the dishricate for the next 10 years commencing 15, 16 >> the purpose of this hearing is to hear testimony on the
4:31 pm
proposed levelly of assessment of the property and business improvement district named the dog patch and north west potrero hill green benefit district. pursuant to board of supervisor resolution adopted june 9, 2015. described in the plan the proposed district would be approximately 1382 identified parcels located on approximately 69 whole or partial blocks. detailoffs the covered area are in the file. at the conclusion of the public hear thg department of elections will tabulate the ballots and report to the board of supervisors. member thofz public may view the ballot tabulation on the basement level in city hall in room 59. the board of supervisors will ether 92 levy the assessment or approve the establishment of the district if there is majority protest. without
4:32 pm
objection the public testimony will be as follows. we will first hear from all speakers in support of inassessment district with 2 minutes maximum per person. we'll hear from all speakers in opposition to the assessment 2 minute maximum per person and during a hearing a property owner wishing to change their vote or has not yet voted may speak with department of election staff at a table outside of the board chambers. they will provide with the ach davit and a ballot. after the hearing closes the ballots will be counted. at this time i would like tarecognize supervisor cohen >> we had 2 hearings on community benefit districts but today you will hear on a green benefit district. are you excited? this is exciting
4:33 pm
because-thank you president breed. i appreciate your genuine enthuse yaism. let me tell you why this is exciting because if pass san francisco would once again be the leader in the way by establishing the first green benefits district in the nation. not many people can say they are the first in the nation, but we hope we will be able to. the ballot today is the culmination of 3 wrores of community based planning and special legislation that i authored. a few years ai worked in a group of dedicated neighbors a hand full are here today and praeb property owners on creative solutions to funds open space improvement and maintenance in the eastern neighborhoods. at the time time i worked legislation [inaudible] can voluntarily assess themselves to pay forome proving and creating public
4:34 pm
parks and open space. the model is nerly identical for community bft districts as well as business impruchbment district but this is the first time residential and xhrjs property owners are participating ina sessment district and these funds can be used for a wider variety of services such as graffiti removal, capital improvement, tree planning, park maintenance, these things we don't have enough money for. you heard me discuss the challenges we are facing, fund{prioritizing the new infrastructure in the eastern neighborhood which are rapidly developing as we speak. this is one creative strategy where the city and neighbors take up the challenge to create and maintain needed parks and public realm and park
4:35 pm
improvement. we have already heard from other neighborhood groups across the city looking for model something similararve the work done in the dog patch and north west potrero hill. look out scott wiener i got word constituents are interested and david compose. [inaudible] our friends and neighbors as well as property owners and work with my office to get to this point. so, forgive me but i most show a moment of gratefulness to bruce hewy [inaudible] tony kelly, [inaudible] shar main curtis [inaudible] david [inaudible] i
4:36 pm
also want to thank city staff who spent numerous hours with my office reviewing documents after documents helping the committee to get us to this point. particulary of course i want to give acknowledge to chrisy atawny who received accolades for work with oawd. she started the process and jonathan goldburg from dpw help finish this project. robert brian and city attorneys office i want to thank you for your help in draft thg necessary documents over and over again with the changing amendments. that is a inside joke. just want to let you know that we are grateful for your assistance in helping move this project forward. madam president i think we shouldopethen hearing at this time. >> okay before we open the
4:37 pm
hearing madam supervisor, we would like to give the staff a opportunity to make a comment >> brief comment, please staff. >> that you can president breed and supervisor cohen. jonathan goldburg green benefit district program manager with public works. i'll tree to chemothe comments brief. the efforts to transform green benefit dishricate into reality can be described [inaudible] without long term vision of supervisor cohen and staff particularly nob waub we under not be here today. thank you for your leadership for believing in and empowering the community. i like to acknowledge the formation consultant [inaudible] staff hanna smith [inaudible] for continuing to push the 3 plus year formation process inspite of each set back and small victory. the assessment engineer [inaudible] creative word smithing
4:38 pm
[inaudible] city attorney. also the city attorneys office and staff robert brian for considering the countless argument and reviewing data sets and engineer reports. the hard work for election staff [inaudible] and perhaps one of the most significant behind the scenes contributesers my colleagues senior project manager [inaudible] her professional guidance innovative thought process and mentorship to [inaudible] success has not gone unnoticed particularly at public works. thank you >> thank you very much. at this time we'll open this item up for public testimony and so i would like to call on the first speaker in support of the assessment district. there will be a opportunity to anyone oppose d to speak after. >> my name is susan [inaudible]
4:39 pm
dog patch resident and gbd formation committee member. in the past 2 and a half years we presented to over 15 different public meetings and work shops focused on building awareness and sulitsing feed back on the concept of green benefit district in dog patch and potrero hill. we were met with interest and enthusiasm for this way to fr residence to invest in the beautiful of the neighborhood. knowing in the next few wreers dog patch will have over 1 thousand yinets which provides minimal open green space. our residence and property owner understand the value and have the design to [inaudible] green space, parks informal community garden and [inaudible] to improve the long
4:40 pm
term eclogical helths of the neighborhood. thanksgivings -thank you for your support >> [inaudible] north west potrero and want to thank supervisor cohen for her help in this business. nort west potrero is a smail neighborhood joined by dog patch. about 60 years ago a free way was but through the neighborhood and it divided the neighborhood in 2. that was the 101 free way and neighbors over the fast 15 years have worked on taking the land that is arounds the free way that is right of way land and seeing if it can be turned into public parks. dpw helped with that. we had a park
4:41 pm
formed and reck-we need to provide maintenance so we look forward to having the green benefit district hen maintain this area as well as beautify the streets. thank you very much and hope we have your support >> thank you next speaker please >> i'm going to be brief and look at the [inaudible] my name is bruce heely. i live a half block from the 280 freway across from muni woods repair lot and down the street from a former whole sale fish market. the nairbld is changes into more residence. i would thrike ask and welcome your partnership with dpw and supervisor cohens office in moving ahead with this objective. we would thrike to establish after 3 long years. we consider that long because
4:42 pm
it is changing. we have a number of street parks put in over the past fee yoors and double capacity on street parks. we need maintenance for that. after your support with the gbd and thank you for your time >> thank you next speaker please. >> hi everyone rbs my name is brook rea smith and executive director of [inaudible] mission bays non profit organization working with supervisor coo00 and formation knhity to facilitate the formation of gbd. the mission is empower neighborhoods to fund build and maintain high cault public spaces in san francisco and hopefully some day beyond. we are proud to play a role in theriation of the first gbd
4:43 pm
securing grants and designing a state of the arts community survey to cublthing over 15 community out reach meetings and workshops over the past several years. the team worked tirelessly and partly probono. from the start the gbd is intend today be a prototype to bereplicated. our gone is engage and empower citizen tooz improve their naird realm in partnership with the city efforts. we look forward to continuing our work in close collaboration with san francisco toward the shared goal of making san franciscos public wellm safe clean and inviting for all. >> that you -thank you, next speaker >> [singing]. green green it is green they say on west
4:44 pm
potrero hill. make it better with all your [inaudible] green green t is green they say on the north west potrero hill. green green, and i know you'll vote good and vote as i know you [inaudible] green green. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> [inaudible] tony kelly [inaudible] neighborhood association and a cochair of green benefit district. thanksgiving frz considering this today and thank you supervisor cohen for moving this forward which was a painful process but appreciate you helping design this. this is a glimmer in our neighborhood since the mayors open space task force in 2007 and it is important in this neighborhood because we vaneighborhood self [inaudible] with open space where
4:45 pm
individual guerilla gaurdners find places of public owned land, planting plants then asking state agencies permission >> student to let the plant grow. this is next step for these spaces as we continue and create more. we have enough plans in the area in the development pipeline in the planning department to triple the population of zip code 94107. we do not have enough open space today. this kind of tool is a way we can work on our own ahead of reck and park and the slow planning process to get open space to support the growing neighborhoods. we look forward to a subsessful vote during the petition process. the cochair worked hard and got petition
4:46 pm
signatures from more than half of the locally owned land so look forward to the election result squz thank you for your support >> thank you next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is joboss. i live in dog patch. i was helped with the committee and i just have to say we really do need the green benefit district and my only warning or negativity could be if the city departments recognize there is another source of funding that they don't back away from what they are supplying now. i understand there was a study done and so forth, but it is the board of supervisors and their budget committee that have to hold line on that sort of thing. the departments have
4:47 pm
been very helpful and so supervisors and-let's move forward. thank you >> thank you very much nerks speaker >> my name is scott wilkinson and [inaudible] would like to offer our support. all those in the building who voted and believe it is 27 or 28 voted 100 in favor of the gbd. the hoa supports the small green space to the tune of 215 thousand a year something we can't maintain doing which is why this is so important. i urge your support. thank you very much. malia, we love you. >> that -thank you, next speaker please. >> hello may nime is cary glancey and partner and director of operations at puchino in the dag patch. i'm
4:48 pm
here to support the green benefit district. the owners couldn't be here today but they rin support and worked very hard on this as well. we are landlords that are the building and property owners in support and have employees that own property in the dog patch and keeping the neighborhood green is very san francisco feeling and supporting livable cities so thank you for your support >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who would like to speak in support of the gbd? see enone we'll allow for a opportunity for anyone who would like to speak in opposition. are there member thofz public who would like to speak in opposition of the gbd? seeing no members who would like to speak in opposition public comment is closed. we would like to-if
4:49 pm
there is no motion to continue the hearing without objection we'll close this hearing. at this time the tabulation of the ballots will begin and we'll continue with our other board business. when the ballots are counted, when the count is umpleat the clerk will announce the results and at this time madam clerk can you please call the next item? >> item 67-70 comprise special order for public hearing of persons interested in the public works decision approving 91 residential units and 1 xhrjs units mixed use new construction project at 645 texas street. 68 is notion to approve the public works position and map for the texas street project. item 69 is
4:50 pm
disapprove the public works decision and map. [inaudible] disapprove the 10ative map for the texas street project >> okay, colleagues we have before us a appeal of the 10ative map for the project located at 645 texas street. for this hearing we'll considering whether the 10ative map for 645 texas street is consist wnt the general plan or any plan that applies. without objection we'll proceed as follows: up to 10 ments for appellant to describe grounds for appeal. tupe 2 minutes for fublic commenters to speak in support. up to 10 minutes for representatives of department of public works and planning department to describe the grounds for their decision to approve the 10ative map chblt up to 10 minutes for the real
4:51 pm
party in interest to present and up to 2 minutes for public commenters to speak in support of the real party. finally, the appellate will have up to 3 minutes for rebuttal. colleagues at this time we will begin our hearing without objection. supervisor cohen you have comments? >> thank you i have a few brief comments. i did have a opportunity to work with the project sponsor and several neighbors on the project when it was first proposed all most 2 years ago roughly. have ultimately this project is approved by the planning commission. i am looking forward to the hearing-just kidding, i'm actually not. i understand it is a process.
4:52 pm
i'm just being honest. anyway, the appellate look forward to hear the information presented today so without furter ado thank you >> thank you supervisor cohen. at this time weope toon the appellates to describe the grounds for their appeal. you have up to 10 minutes. the appellates are not here. let's make it-- >> my name is david inlow [inaudible] is having eye surgery. i will reiterate her appeal. she feels like the project cast too much shadow on her property. the bulking doesn't seem right that that project is in a block that is characterized by single or 25 foot wide lots with single
4:53 pm
family residence, victorians and old wood frame buildings. it appears suitable for the down hill type of development, but it is the first project on this particular block and doesn't seem to suit the character of that block. i understand a few lots were consolidated to make this property and it is the first property on the block. the bulking seems to over wellm the other lots on that particular block. thank you. now i'll open this up to public comment for anyone who wants to speak in support of the appeal. you have up to 2 minutes. >> [singing]. i wish you good
4:54 pm
luck with texas and all the stars up in the sky. i wish you all good luck with [inaudible] texas and thank you all you guys. >> thank you very much. are there any members of the public who would like to speak in support of the appeal? seeing none public comment is closed. and now we will move to up to 10 minutes for the representatives from the department of public works and the planning department to present their case. and the grounds if their decision to approve the tentative map. >> bruce [inaudible] city county surveyor. this is pretty sfrait forward. we
4:55 pm
haven't received anything that is indicative of a objection to technicalimators merits of the map so very little to say. i can give the run down on the chronology of it. we gave a tentative map approval in june, it looks like the 28 and the appeals was filed on july 6. >> okay. are there anyone from the planning department like to present at this time? >> good afternoon i'm eliz bet wadding. the project at 645 texas includes the demolition of 2 buildsings and nob 91 dwellb units and 600 square feet of commercial. the project had a benefit of public process including review and approval by the planning
4:56 pm
commission august freen, 2014. the planning commission considered the project scale, density and rear year dimension and sthr were sig cnts public input no appeal was filed. in addition there was no appeal of the sequa determination either. following the approval the planning department recommended approval of the parcel map june, 4, 2015. the appellate filed a peal 2 days later. the appellate could have addressed her concerns related to access of sun light at the time the planning commission considered approval of the project rather than part of the subdivision that creates parcel that can be sold [inaudible] at the time the planning commission considered this project. the commission found the scale of the project compat wbl the neighborhood. the project volume is minimized at the
4:57 pm
northern side of the site. the large court and light well provide sun light along the northern edge. at the north end along texas street the forth floor is set away from the praurnt line reduce thg shadow ozthen appellates property. the project sponsor work would the community thrut the process reducing the height and epreliminating roof deck. some loss of light is to be expected as a more dense development at the titecyte the loss of light isn't out of character for smaller jaisance properties. the project is compat wbl 2 to 3 stories buildings in the neighborhood and compareable size the buildsings across texas and mississippi street. the project undergone a public process and received a thorough review by the planning commission. the planning commission finds consistency with the policies a benefits
4:58 pm
including neighborhoods servinging retail and [inaudible] we request the board reject the appeal and approve the partal map >> at this time we will open it up. any questions? no names on the roster. we will open tupe the real party interest to present for up to 10 minutes >> good afternoon president and members of the board. my name is alexa pulossy [inaudible] the project sponsor. ip to thank staff for their very thorough and diligent review of the case before yoi this afternoon and they have covered just about everything i wanted to cover in my presentation. as was stated mrs. watty the project was proposed in 2012 and approved by the planning commission in august of last
4:59 pm
year. there was no appeal. the project sponsor has diligently pursued the project andant to show a picture of what is going on on the site for your information. as you can see demnition has occurred. the project spauser is underway with construction and i'll turn it over to jessie stuart from [inaudible] will talk about the community outreach that is done and if you have questions please let me know. >> good afternoon madam president squl supervisors. my name is jessie stuart and develop manager for [inaudible] thank you for the opportunity to speak today. i would tyke-like to explain the [inaudible] dog patch and potrero hill [inaudible] since early 2013 we worked with the local neighborhood talk toog the residence and munchant neighbors. [inaudible]
5:00 pm
additionally we walked the area to lel let people know about the development. we had numerous community and one on one meetings resulting in neighborhood support including 14 letters of support and over 80 signature of support. we presented our projects to the dog patch neighborhood association and the potrero booster and receiveredue maninous support. we made many change tooz design including revised the buildings facade to add visual dep tooth create a more town house design. we added 6 ground floor walk in units on mississippi and 22 street. we eliminate thd building at the corn orf mississippi and 22 street to reduce building height. we made revision to court yard lay out. we added retail space on corner of mississippi and 22 to provide