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tv   Public Utilities Commission 72815  SFGTV  July 29, 2015 6:00am-8:31am PDT

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>>good afternoon. i would like
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to call to order the meeting of the san francisco public utilities commission. [roll call vote] >> item 4, public comment. costa. >> commissioner, the last timei was here they were not here. some of our
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constituents steve lawrence i could name another eight or nine. they paid their dues. what it means to pay their dues in the old days, as i can remember, you did your homework. if your heart was in the right place. you did what was right to make things right. so now, i know people come here and they listened to the deliberations. but you commissioners should ask yourselves, how many of you that are here really know the history of san francisco. how many of those who are here participated in the workshops, the sewer assistance improvement projects. and what
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was said about them that made sense. not the little things that were said about legalities by those that were to take us to a better place. if you look at a shipyard. any time you look at a shipyard, it is a superfund site. if you look at a shipyard, you have a, b c, all that has been conveyed. now, you commissioners have decided, although the shipyard is contaminated. although the shipyard has been mitigated and
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even though i have data. i have data from the floor to the ceiling twice that i have accumulated since 1976. so, we know that in the manholes and in the pipes there are a lot of asbestos dust in the pipes and the structures. so, what i am saying is and i am saying and i only have three seconds so i will say it fast. i have been pure gold data if your heart is in the right place if you can live with b, c, d, i want you to think of that
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>> my name is i just noticed to quick things. the calendar items and the footer items are on the wrong page. thank you very much >> thank you david >> and i approve these minutes to so there you go >> any other public comment? ca nine, the next item please. >> item 5 is communications . >> any comments? >> i have one comment about the sewer inspection. that is
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really outstanding. good you were going to say something about that >> good afternoon i am mr. voss the commissioner for the puc. one that day, we thought that was special because we did 27 miles. the target we had that day one that committee was 150 miles. also that did not look achievable, one that day, we achieved those miles. we got the trained and they did the job and i am very very proud that we met those goals.
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>> very good. i'm glad to hear that. on the last report you were very behind. >> every street that has been cleared to be paved has to be inspected. so what we have decided to do is instead of going down continuous blocks to get the mileage that is what slowed us down quite a bit. >> okay the final result is what is important. >> thank you >> any other comments or communications? >> moving now to other commissions business? ca nine. seeeing none. the next item
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please >> good afternoon just this march rebecca lee was to be our new vice chair. she will represent division iii. she has a lot of experience in the power and the price. we have passed for resolutions. one september september 9, 2014 and september 18, 2014 we adopted the ground resolution. we just adopted a sub resolution for the puc on the 16th. we just adopted environmental education on the
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sewer system program and clean power implementation assess. we do want to thank pres. kane for stopping by during our last meeting and we do want to encourage all the commissioners to stop by and see what we're doing and we would love to have you at our next meeting in august. i do want to acknowledge david coppell who was a long-term memo of the cac. and we also want to recognize amy. and i do want to thank david and recognize his involvement with the cac. >> thank you. i do want to
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encourage. you have been to a cac team meeting and i do want to encourage you to attend that. >> you see how much the cac has changed over the last year and a half and i'm very proud of the work that we're doing thank you >> you were teaming up for some new resolutions. do you have any am playing now? >> we will be working on clean power resolutions. we
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will be working on that and updating the information that is new on clean power >> the next time that we got the cac report, if you could encourage other members to come out so that we could get to know them as well. >> amy is new to the cac so i will encourage her to come out for the next meeting as well. thank you >> thank you >> david powell, i have a request to join the
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--subcommittee i really appreciated general manager kelly pointed out. >> well, david we haven't seen much of you since you joined the cac so it is nice to have you at this meeting. to she always pleased to attend a commission's meeting as well. >> next item. >> first, i would like tommy to come up and give update on what we have experienced as a whole that we solve one the
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pipe-- if you could come up and give us a update on that >> good afternoon. this is located on the corner of cargo and 42nd st. we have two types located. we have one that goes out a couple hundred feet past. 80. we had noticed there was some movement in the water. some air bubbles several days ago. that was on friday. what happened on thursday was that we saw there were a lot of birds and fishes in the area. it looked like the pool . week suspected something was going
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on there it is very murky and that water is very good difficult to see in their. he basically fell into a 10 foot pole. at this part of that they are pipe to the surface of the water is about 60 feet deep. what he stood one was the riffraff that was covering the pipe. so you can tell all the sludge around the area from the bag actually just created a whole that just plumes and the water came up. last night, we had divers with underwater resources go out and we created a flange and the divers went inside both pipes and determined that both lines are good. the 36 inch line and the
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area visibility is about two inches. at no time, was there any on treated sewage going into the bay. this is aft one. this is an area that we got ever go into except for in wet weather. we have repaired it. there is a temporary repair. in till we can do a more permanent fix. when we get the parts we will steal it from the inside, but that is what has happened as of now. the divers were out. the plant is getting started back up as we speak but that is the latest. if you have any questions i would be happy to answer them for you. >> what is the material the
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pipe? >> the material the pipe? the material type is cast iron. >> did it just they all? >> it just failed. it just cracked back basically. this pipe has been one line 24 seven for a very very long time 24 seven. >> how was your employee? is he okay? >> yes, he is okay. one of the wastewater divers is actually working for them now. he did a really good job. >> good, thank you. thank you for the report. we have a
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speaker. >> let me give you some history, way back in the two thousandswe had subcontractors dig a tunnel under the force main. your attorney knows about this. now, when a report like this is given-- now, i know this is a general report and you were just going over everything. but, generally speaking when a report is given
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to the puc and your attorney knows about this why was this close pipe that goes to peter adie compromised. and new allowed a constituent to do this? we need to know the constituents of san francisco we pick we need to know which types these are. i have said it before, and i will say it again. we have the technology to know the status of any pipe. has this been done? and, if it hasn't been done, why not we pick now, there is a group that has a website. there is a group
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that has been on this website. she has a group that regularly -- so called into a creek. do you commissioners know about this? is it true? is it not true? one of the reports that got a notice of violations is one of them that you have read
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commissioners. one of the assistant managers have told you some very general information. but, we can to get into this and we should go get into this. it compromises our bay. thank you very much. >> thank you. dr. jackson, please come forward. where have you been? >> good afternoon. i am dr. jackson. i am sorry i am late but there was a lot of traffic. when i saw the agenda today i wanted to make sure to be here early enough to find out what is going on in my community. i am receiving information all the time. people are accusatory because i am part of this. this piece of paper right here says bayview hunters
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point. my name is not on this list but it says that i represent a view hunters point. it's that i was and advisor for bayview city. and what bothered me about this is that i look to see if it had me as an advisor on here and i did not see bayview hunters point. it is funny how people keep forgetting that there's sewage plant is in zip code94124 . there is not one city commissioner here that a point
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individuals that live or have lived more than 10 years in bayview hunters point..let me know that you are not getting the right information. i attended a meeting last night. with a lot of youth that are dealing with the sewage plant to make what is going to look like. and i said, they didn't come up to make decisions on how-- was going to look. why are they coming up to make decisions on how bayview hunters point is going to look? my concern is that information is not flowing to my community. and also not you at least not correct information. my concern is, in 1982 when expansion of the sewage plant
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came about we were promised that there would be a crosstown tunnel. you remember that? it never happened. now they are talking about building. about going high. there are laws on the books. you are voters. i am a voter. and you can see there are height limits..height limits are going out the window. and no one is doing anything about what we have supported. i am tired of you sending people to my community who have only been here for two years that are tired of them trying to make decisions when they do not know anything about bayview hunters point. thank you very much. i'm sorry to take up your time. but i had to at least come here and tell
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you how i feel. i have talked you many times and you know how i feel. at 82 years of age i am the only one year that is laughed out of the big five that is still fighting the battle for bayview hunters point for over 50 years. i am nocturnal let you guys kill me. >> i would still like them to build a tunnel. >> they built the outfall at hunters beach and guess what happened to the outfall. like everything that happens in bayview hunters point all the money was gone. at least two years ago, i said, i want you to start laying the pipes in my
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community. the cc is running down the street in my community. i have not seen one pipe leak in my community. if you go out my community, guess what? there is so much construction out there. they are digging up these streets. guess what? i solve they have buses going through my community. they are checking out my community. we used to not have buses coming through there. i said, why do we have all these fine buses coming through. it is because of the development that is supposed to be coming through. i want you all to stop. just stop. do not send anyone to that shipyard. we black folk cannot afford to go there by you white folks they can afford to go there you're going to be dead
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because those pipes and i hope you understand me clearly have not been cleaned and will not be cleaned. thank you >> thank you. and thank you for your work this morning thank you >> mr. kelly, i think it is time that we schedule a joint meeting down in the south east. perhaps in september. >> yes, . we have been making a lot of presentations and we have been soliciting a lot of input on how the southeast should look like. so, i like to hear children and young people's view of what the treatment plan should look like. so, there are no decisions being made per se.
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we would love to kind of give the same presentation an informal presentation of our thoughts that we see from different groups and we are going out in the community to solicit more. so, we can definitely arrange for a meeting to update the southeast and our commission on the efforts that we are taking and some of the feedback that we receive on different groups. >> good. >> i would like to ask for the chair that we deliberately schedule that. because i would like to be there. >> okay, i would like to schedule that in september. 22
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september. >> we can definitely do that >> i would like to hear a report from the general manager. >> we discovered an issue in the pipe line. it is a riveted steel pipe. it was on our radars green and would need to be done eventually it served on the north and of the system. is particularly concerning because we have san andreas system down and out of service writenow so we would have to pipe lines down and out of service now. we allowed it to continue to flow and continue
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to leak because it allowed to keep the pressure down so that we could continue to serve customers. if we had not allowed to leak then we would've had customers out of water and we felt that would be inappropriate. we have continued to have workers in place to keep this intact and we have started to dewater the whole and be able to look at the pipeline. we hope to have that in place tonight so that we can fix it. we never like to have our customers out of water supply. also in the county park in san bruno, the
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water that leaked out dreams through a drainage way through the park and into a storm drain system and if they eventually merged into a drainage canal and drained into the cubic now which is its name . where that name i have no idea. we haven't got an exact but we have kept this up so that our customers could continue to be served. a very important thing to note about it is that there were no physical damage of any structures or facilities as often happens with main breaks but this actually happened in a geographically favorable position for this to happen. with that, any questions? >> thank you for the report.
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>> the slides are up. that was quick this time. i would like to give you an update on the drought. again, our reservoir storage schedules are above 90 percent. the water bank is starting to recover as we move the water downhill from cheery reservoir to powerhouse and through the water banks. we continue to move water through the system as we expected again, continual precipitation. you could see the red line in the flat space right now. it is kind of on top of both the 2007 and the 2014.. we had about the same
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precipitation this year. then we want to look at the total deliveries. you could see the green line which is above the black line which was our target and above our blue line which was last year's deliveries. it will probably go up again this week as we go into this hot spell here. i would not be surprised if we have an increase there as well. we do have a lot of information to report on folks usage. first, this is a table that i have shown one different graphs that depicts where our consumption has fallen on a per capita basis. and you could see the lowest have been in areas including san francisco. and you can see that it shows
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per day of all of the customers together. and i think we will see that in june as well. so as you can see people are using very little water per capita. and this will show that demand reductions by the region. you can see that it has went down 27 percent compared to the per capita level. again, those two things together mean that people are really saving water your. another way to look at
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that is that there are three columns there the first column is there was a target they were stars to achieve within the state or regulations. you can see that we are eight percent. what they actually achieved in june was that everybody did better than what their target was. the last column was how does that compare? how did you do how much better dude you do from your target? that was much better than the other agencies. again, better presented of of how well our customers are doing in san francisco. you can really see how we are conserving in this area as well as the bay area as well. next we would like to talk
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about the pilot program. we based this one continuous consumption which means that consumption never goes to zero. which we do is to take account of that in the middle of the night as we find the people did not use water in the middle of the night. of all that we had notified we have found about 75 percent of them notified have ceased. we fixed the leak and have taken some action of some kind to make sure that the problem was resolved. of the 25 percent we're actually beginning an investigation now. these are ones that have had more than one week beyond when they weren't notified. these are individual cases and we are trying to get the bottom of this. there are lots of possible reasons that we are
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trying to get to the bottom of this. we have to get to the customers themselves. maybe is a leak that has not been allocated. we will get back to that. we are kicking off that program tomorrow and we want people out there on the ground. lastly, the state water board we have talked about their programs. they have taken to recent enforcement actions that were worthy of note. these are two things that they haven't done before. on july 16 they have done a draft a cease and desist order issued to the website your edition district. website has a chance to request a public hearing which they will do..
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the second one was a proposed administrative civil liability which is a proposed penalty of $1.55 million the total liability that was a potential was $5.5 million. they proposed a penalty of $1.55 million. so they will have a hearing to state their case as to why they feel that was not an illegal action. penalties are tools we are using to divert these orders. at this time any questions? >> any update on water rights? >> we have not heard anything from the state water board since we responded to their content omen notices from ther
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we do not think that their rights should be court tailed and we've not heard back. >> thank you >> the last update is the cca update. >> you will see that there are no changes to our overall plan. we are overall on schedule. we will be coming to you hopefully in our next commission meeting on the 11th. with a request to offer that
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the generaauthorize.--we are also working diligently to request an offer to supply a date. we will be meeting with the general manager later this week to review where we are at and what our plan is. that is the latest one cca. i would be happy to answer any questions that you have. thank you. >> i do have a question. >> yes? >> are there any new problems that have occurred? >> no, we have some familiar problems that we're dealing
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with. >> you may want to mention % >> we do have some issues on the valley front. there have been some conversations that we have been participating in together with the mayor's office as to whether there are some accommodations that will bring those closer together and supportive. i think there is a scheduled hearing on thursday. that rules to bring us together in a public setting. and hopefully we'll see some of that on the ballot. >> thank you >> the one thing that i will caution about his august 3 is part of the critical path
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deadline. some of the other deadlines we have had have not been part of the critical path deadline but august 3 is part of the critical path deadline. august 3 is critical to the deadline of getting to the physical launch of the program. to touch base on the ballot measures that were discussed. and that will actually be meeting with the special rules committee on friday. we will have a full board of supervisors to-- we will discuss with supervisors today in case we cannot get form one friday. many supervisors had already made plans to be out of town so we are hoping to get the six people to make that decision on friday so hopefully we will have the compromised
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valid measure one friday one thing finally that popped in my head while i was sitting here with your staff and hadn't talked about this ahead of time with them is that you had talked about a special meeting in your general manager report it might be critical to pass around eight joint meeting and lunch this with the puc.. as we're getting to it might be critical to a joint meeting with the puc so that last go and your staff can work out a time to coordinate with your schedules and with my staff schedules and we should probably get on that sooner rather than later if we want to do that type of a joint meeting sooner rather than later this
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year. >> thank you. >> backward concludes my report. >> next item please. >> public comment, of course. >> seeing none, next item please. >> this will be acted upon upon a single vote of the commission the consent cowardly removed from the calendar and considered a single item. [inaudible] b, authorize a general manager to accept a
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additional board to 1042 to be dispersed to the county water agency and the high-efficiency toilet incentive agency and see approve the sewer system grant as approved by the statewide sanitary water quality water 206 0003. >> is there any request to remove any items? seeking none. do i have a motion? i will call for a vote. all in
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favor,? >>aye >> approved the consent to assignment agreement for planning and engineering services, central bayside system improvement project to adjust the terms to reflect changes necessary due to the assignment. >> i am going to skip over this because commissioner kope is not here.if we could go one to the next item please. >> item number 11 is authorized to general manager to execute a memorandum of agreement with the usg. >> good afternoon mdm. commissioner and commissioners. in the past we have worked
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together for improvement in the water system program this is to discuss the hydrologic model that they have that we would like to use to deal the watershed. >> all those in favor? >>aye >> motion carried. >> next item please >> item 12 workshop number two.
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>> let's revisit item 10. >> good afternoon commissioners. this is item number tend to approve the consent to assignment agreement for planning and engineering services for the central bayside system improvement project. in this instance, as
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a role of the improvement commissions member you are asking to be a role in the design and planning projects that we are asking to assignment the project to the joint venturer project with the americans >> i hope that you felt that it was appropriate the last time we spoke because only because i had not had all the details. the last time we spoke you gave me a blow-by-blow of the details and i want to thank you kathy for the work that you do. i was just uncomfortable with the line of questioning because i
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was unsure of where we were going to go with that. actually, i was ready to move the item before we adjourned last meeting but it won't happen again. >> i think that is okay. >> any public comment? >> just a question. are there any issues with the mergers out their army we have already lost amelia is there anything else? >> good question >> as of now, i think we have already addressed a lot of the conflicts thathave come up and i'm sure that we have addressed
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that acom will continue to do that. >> and they will continue to assist in anything that is merged into that conflict? >> and the general manager was pressured. i do have some concerns about this. it is a trend in that industry to consolidate. that has some implications for us. the contracting process is built on the presumption that there will be many participants within the process. that is becoming less and less true this particular acquisition has been costly to us as david had mentioned one
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thing that i would like to tee up for future role discussion and it may need to be an active discussion is how we should appropriately respond to the changing business climate. i do not know if this entails some revise contract or standard contract language that we would pursue or whether we need to be paying attention to mergers and acquisitions and have eigh trusted kind of revieww perhaps we need to modify some of our constituents as things change. i think we need to continue to modify some of those changes and don't suffer the cost that we are now
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facing. >> that is something that we deftly need to pay more attention to as the number of firms have dwindled. >> we have a long history of companies buying other companies and our contracts. you remember the water system program with bechtel? if you remember back to last. jacobs bought sudrift. and sudrift was bought by parsons and-- was bought out by parsons. this is resulted into some hardships are the cities. because as these are purchased they start
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laying off some of the employees that we were working with. now they have a deeper binge. that is one of the things that is concerning me. another thing that we need to consider are the options with the cost of the work. for instance, otis. if you start buying up all the companies then you have contractors buying contractors in and they are the only ones that can give you a big. professional contractors i am not concerned as much as long as we have a few firms to negotiate with and to bid with. but i do understand the whole limit of competition and i think that is something that you and i do share and that we do need to
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pay more attention to. i will definitely work with you and the city atty. to see what we can do to try to minimize the impact to the p uc and other city agencies as well. >> thank you >> excellent point >> mr. % >> commissioners, when you look at these huge problems you all have a tendency to talk about the montane. how about looking at their consultants? and what influence they have. you all have participated in the choosing and what role they will play and what role jacobs
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would play. what about going deep into play-by-play? what about looking at how amelio came. he is a good friend. some of us feel bad. some of us, i hope feel bad. did we know about that? of course we knew. but we took a chance and then what happened? of course, you know amelio will find something nice for ever he goes but for the layman, don't kid us. do not kid us that you didn't know what you were
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getting into. don't kid me that you chose to hire a geologist or archaeologist. we know those things. some of us know those things. there is always an explanation given. we need to get into the deeper class of blatant corruption with enterprises. i wrote in my blog today. i don't want to go to deep today. with the puc, they are placed with those
6:57 am
who the devils work.i can go right to the source. i can go right to the source and do as i do. i do not want to be too harsh on you commissioners. >> thank you. let's see, any other discussion? any public comment? i need a motion on this. >> i will move it >> all those in favor? all those opposed? >>aye. >> motion carries
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>> good afternoon commissioners. the first workshop we summarize our current circumstances and the challenges that we are facing. this workshop get into the details making recommendations for going forward. just by way of quick recap our existing business model is out of balance leaving our long-term financial stability at risk. in recent years, we have kept
6:59 am
our plan balanced. i was just mentioning sorry about that. now that i think we have covered our technical problem. i think i was mentioning by way of recap from our last meeting our existing business model is out of balance and that leaves are current business model at risk. what we are just looking at today is making sure that we can improvise for long-term financial stability. so let's look at our current financial plan in the current years we have looked at debt financing,
7:00 am
that is what we have been using. we have other options available. rather than continuing with those short-term tools there other options available. we are trying to provide lasting, long-term financial stability. so less of what you see on the left side of the screen and more of what you see on the right. revenue and cost containment. let's talk about the recommended strategies. these strategies are to change our operations and to change our spending priorities. the plan includes six strategies which you can see on the screen right here they support each other. they are designed first, inshore and provide high quality service to our
7:01 am
customers and to our base. these are operational strategies that increase revenues and decrease costs and provide excellence and these are across as their fundamental strategies there. next, we would like to talk about affordable access to pge's distribution grid providing affordable distribution asteroids to our
7:02 am
customers. affordability is provided by using this grid by distribution accessibility expiring pg&e agreement puts their distribution access at risk. these are higher than allowed by law. we utilize all you sources at our disposal to ensure that pge's resources are available as you know we have proposed in the form of a complaint filed against pge and we are prepared to litigate to get distribution services but we really hope to work things out through pge through a settlement process. we are actively engaged in that. our
7:03 am
success will avoid rate increases, cost-cutting and reductions in service. our second strategy is to bring supplies to san francisco and in doing so we will bring these patchy supplies and see revenue growth by doing so. the third is to have service requirements when you consider both the revenue and cost differences as you see here the highest value segment end that is where we provide
7:04 am
for the customers be what i would like to pause on this slide for a minute to give you a chance to look over the slide and make sure that you understand it and answer any questions you may have. >> i have a question. is that based on their willingness to buy? is that based on a time when their work is really a wash in value? is that higher than what they could get elsewhere? and by that they may not want to buy that? >> yes. it could be cca, it could be another supplier in
7:05 am
order to provide that greenhouse gas content that we are looking for. we may have zero or we may have more than we're estimating here but in any event we recognize that the cca program and the cca rate payers are looking for the most cost-effective supply alternatives there are. it could be hetchy, it could be someone else. please we see an increase of 150 megawatts over the next 10 years. we have looked at the growth within the city and the
7:06 am
services the city is providing. we have concentrated on the city and the market area but that growth will take some time to achieve the whole 150 maple watt increase. in the meantime, we will pursue some short and midterm wholesale contracts. like the cca opportunity that we talked about commissioner moran. as our commissioner portfolio grows. we have agreed to provide 400 cc when the supplies are up
7:07 am
available. we will better match our sales demands to our supplies and more fully utilize our existing supply capacity. hopefully this is familiar from our prior workshop. which you see here is where we're at today. with our existing customer base and are lower value of customer sales are high that is what you see in the green block which is the excess sold to our market. wall that little slice of purple in the slide is small at 10 percent in the purple one
7:08 am
the right. our excess sales dropped from 40 to 10 so that greenish box shrunk while our purchase needs increased from 10 to 30 percent. these purchase needs are manageable and we significantly increase them from our revenues. they persist year-round. year-over-year rather than varying with the weather as we currently solved today. with that change in marketing approach there are some marketing risks. first, by addressing the purchase price risk realized that that is a hedged risk because the
7:09 am
spot sales that we would make into the market that green box of sales into the market is perfectly matched up to 100 megawatts with the purchases that we would be making from that same market and getting that same price. as purchasing increases above 100 megawatts that purchasing price will be fixed through purchasing price contracts. are operationl risks are managed while they are scalable. compared to market revenues are market price will
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remain manageable. as you can see for the full serve customers we do incur some additional costs in order to provide services for them. that balances out the gray color on the slide. then we have the orange which is the additional room to cover most market price uncertainties. that is the market price uncertainty margin. that are the two margins that you will see providing hedging and uncertainty in the market. >> that is what we will see? >> yes this will provide additional benefits. this will allow us to diverse affia our
7:11 am
portfolio and provide fixed cost and allow us to diverse our utilities our growth strategy will make us net short we are paid among california's utilities. without forming an outlier with respect to public lee and utilities i am going to move off the risk topic here. before i do that i want to pause here and see if you have
7:12 am
any other further questions? could you give some examples of the full pay and full-service? >> yes. some examples would be the water enterprise their tenants the ferry building and their tenants. we charge the otherwise applicable pge rate. that distinguishes our customers from city hall and the applicable departments which are less than the pge rate >> which we will continue to
7:13 am
do? >> yes. part of our strategy is to make sure that we can do that financially. we have the wherewithal to continue that has to work practice. moving along then, we have beyond increasing our purchase needs reaching our growth targets requires work up front and that is providing a work structure for the services we provide. we will pursue free service offerings under the strategies to maximize the value under hetchy supplies and risks that are readily manageable. there are risks will not
7:14 am
be easy. we will have to offer price competitive and affordable services. we will have to provide affordable programs be pro active and get support from families. our third strategy is to reduce spending on supplies and tools sales grow to fully utilize our supplies and to lowers supply cost to be more cost-effective than our alternative to set the table, are quick refresh monarch in your financial plan. 50 percent of our spending as you see here in our 10 year financial plan is $1 billion. this is to operate and maintain our supply and transmission assets. in our
7:15 am
current model we maintain 380 maple watt subs supply and transmission lines to serve that demand. this results in excess capacity and redundancy than what is needed to provide reliable services. our hetchy system is expensive to maintain. it generate the capacity is larger than our current customer needs this is viewed strictly through our electric generation lands. we have three powerhouses as you know. moccasin is the smallest measured by installed capacity. arctan your plan includes $800 million in operating and capital spending
7:16 am
across the three powerhouses. most of that will be 435 million going to moccasin second two the mountain tunnel which should be 345 million. we spent most of that one transmission lines getting the energy from the powerhouses to the grid. altogether to maintain our supplies and get them to the grid is a total of $1 billion. this is regardless of the customers that we serve in is largely fixed regardless of how much energy is generated. so that is the picture now here is the picture of utilization 20 percent of our supplies
7:17 am
come from moccasin how does that work out in dollars per maple watt hour that is what you see here on slide here. including transmission supplies to get those supplies to market that is $124 per hour. that is more than you spend on kirkwood which is a comfortable $37 per hour. i say that is a comfortable amount because when you look at a comparison as you see here are the cars are lower than comparable to know all alternatives. including mountain tunnel, is what puts
7:18 am
moccasins class uncompetitive with renewable non-renewable alternatives. what does all of that to us? what are key takeaways? spending on supplies is more expensive than market alternatives we have to pace our spending on the improvements with sales growth. our implementation for the strategy is to reduce our deferred supplies spending until full-service sales grow. to bring supply cost more in line with all available alternatives. with that i am ready to move to strategy for and unless you have other questions. the fourth strategy is to streamline spending to reduce
7:19 am
transmission strategies and cost. this slide shows how transmission costs in california. the first is how transmission grid is controlled by california. we pay twice when we use both our transmission assets and the california grid to provide for our customers. the orange lines are used to get our supplies to the caiso grid which are shown in purple.
7:20 am
they cannot appear to be showing on the overheads of give me just a minute. we spend an additional 45 million that you see here for our transmission assets used to deliver supplies to the district we spend a number 27 million to get our supplies to new arc using this pathway our own system does not save. while these are used for the past ways these really have no
7:21 am
cost savings and no reliability benefits so what are options? first, to ensure that our cost specific to the district are were covered second, to cut back on the uses of redundant statement third to extend the pathway to avoid the caiso grid and four to become a participating transmission owner or partner with the grid. cutting back on the usage of our line reduces cost and risk exposer. that fourth option at this time is not a cost-effective or cost-efficient option for us. building out our transmission
7:22 am
system may be cost-effective as we grow. our thoughts on implantation. first we will develop a fair cost sharing in the district agreements then we'll cut back the use of the redundant statements and continue to pursue pto partnership. from that i'm one to number five. we have talked about the fact that we need to rely on pge's distribution system now we're going to talk about
7:23 am
prioritizing ours assets in our system. because our customers are intermingled with pge's customers it is beneficial for us to build and maintain a single distribution system. that will avoid redundancies within the system but there is a drawback. since that initial system was controlled by pge we are reliant on pge to establish fair usage terms and costs. the most cost-effective areas to invest in distribution and to rid dues need for pge's grit our redevelopment areas. where our interconnections with pge's grids are currently concentrated. where we are planning for sales growth. primarily through the eastern waterfront and midmarket areas. holding and maintaining our own lines even if this is
7:24 am
duplicitous with pge and this will avoid disputes with pge. we have to be strategic. a little strategic investment can go a long way to provide strength along with improvement of service quality and reliability. so in addition to strategy five we will look for opportunities in distribution investment starting with those that are both cost-effective and allowing us to to meet our goals. moving toward six strategy, strategy six is to
7:25 am
tune up or overhaul our operating practices and procedures to assure that we can act with commercial speed and efficiency. to assure and our success and carry out our strategies. we have our strengths to implement and carry out our strategies. some of them are still keeping me up at night at least. there are gaps that are still needing improvement within our programs. there are a broad range of efforts to make improvements are already underway with their procurement movements that we've talked about having successfully advanced with the board of supervisors with our efforts to reestablish our new cost of service study and read reforms for example. let's now turn to projected results. taking into consideration these strategies will provide tangible movements
7:26 am
in our growth and strength and projectable goals . this will better match our demand with our supplies. this will increase our strongest service offerings while decreasing our weakest service offerings. so what does that picture on the mate walks due to our revenue? this growth strategy will increase and stabilize our grids significantly. juicy our current grid revenue is at 128 million over the time. we were looking at a gross revenue. we . we are looking . we are
7:27 am
looking at 100000,000 to 6000,000 in we will be growing within san francisco while localizing our distribution network this value translates into reduced cost exposures and better long term balanced. we are investing in san francisco and our long-term san francisco assets and financial stability. these are lasting strategies that will help us deliver on our goals over the long-term. this will allow for more local funding benefits this will drive us toward achievement closer to 100 percent ghd free gas electric
7:28 am
goal. we will need to invest dollars time and resources. importantly, are projected results will incorporate our projected investment needs. this suggest a heavy lifting power and a shift in priorities. are coming budget cycle and long-term financial plan will include spending and financial requirements with implementation of these strategies we will implement rests with in the management process and we will report regularly to the commission at and regular adjustment. that completes the business plan reports and i'm happy to take any further questions and i want to thank you for your time and interest today.
7:29 am
>> first of all, that is a lot to absorb. i think we have to sit on it and reread it. any specific questions for ms. hill ? >> i do not have any questions i think there will be a lot of questions develop further including risk analysis. one comment though is that a lot of what we're doing now is we are finally having to adjust to the changes in the electric industry since the changes in 2002 prior to that time access to distribution and transmission was very difficult. our own options were pretty limited by the fact that the people controlling transmission and distribution was basically pge we were
7:30 am
protected by 2002 until now but those have expired and now we really have to make the adjustment into the new world and part of that is that we have some transmission assets that are stranded and we have some distribution issues with pge that we still need to resolve. the biggest change i think as you go through this it jumps out to me is that a lot of our financial feature depends one taking advantage of access to customers that we never had before that is going to be a very competitive
7:31 am
enterprise. the customer service and the offerings that we have to successfully compete in the environment are going to be important and also unfamiliar to us. i think we have some of the same issues with cca i think we will have a presentation in the next month or 21 ma but that is going to growing issue 1.. i think that is going to be a growing issue in the market. that is my take away on this and a lot of it is that things are changing and we are negotiating and litigating and we're going to work that stuff out. that is all familiar territory. the part of it that is not familiar territory is the customer orientation and we are going to have to develop that and that will be a culture change. >> yes, and that is one of the areas the keeps me up at night.
7:32 am
>> and we do have some customers that are online so baby steps >> yes, because quite a bit of this does depend on expanding our customer base which will be a challenge. >> first, i want to thank the staff. many times we are going over much information and believe me this is so complicated trying to put it into a presentation that is digestible is very challenging. i think the overall take home as the commissioner stated is that we have to change the way we do business. in order for us to pay for our assets we need to create more revenue.
7:33 am
the way that she do that is to look for opportunities where you have full cost and for paid customers. we're continuing to look for those opportunities meanwhile reducing expenditures and managing our capital cost. so knowing that we're going to have more customers out there we definitely have to be competitive. so, that is pretty much what the presentation is all about and how we're going to do it. so, it is challenging and you know, we ran a wastewater enterprise and we are going to run a power enterprise as well . >> i do want to recognize and
7:34 am
thank megan o'neill and-- there in the audience today and i just want to thank them for all of the time and energy they've spent on this as well so thank you. >> we have some public comment on this as well. >> commissioners, if you read the -- act we were supposed to give free electricity to public housing. we were supposed to give free electricity to government housing we do not do that anymore. we need to
7:35 am
review that. we did get the water but how do we distribute electricity. we need to ask ourselves that question. we need to review all litigation between pge and the puc and see who has won most of the litigations. we need to evaluate the megawatts and i have said this before and i'm not going to repeat this again and again-- when we have access to we had 400 maker watts from pittsburgh's pittsburgh's pittsburgh's pittsburgh's---we need to get
7:36 am
money and i don't know where we're going to get that money. the 7.5 miles-- remember all that land is prone to flooding. we had about 4 to 5 years of drought. we cannot rely one the reservoir being full all the time. commissioners, finally, i could have long
7:37 am
discussions about this. finally, we need to evaluate how well we are doing with water and how well we're doing was so work and is one of you commissioners said we need to a value we what is happening with marketing. is impossible to share everything that i have in my mind but in this two minutes i have given you a little so i hope you digest that. >> thank you. jason, would you like to speak to us again? >> first of all i would like to save it your staff did very well and has made it very easy to understand for the general public. i would like to discuss slide 15 and i understand this is a big picture average sort of thing but it is quite possible and i think i mentioned this last time when you were talking about this that you could provide a more premium product through the cca and through the
7:38 am
hetchy system but it is something to consider by i said this before the five cents may be worth it if they can get more out of that. and touching one that, do we expand what pge has done with this? you may want to expand the network and bring it all the way to the city so you can connect the shipyard development which is small now but it will be huge and you could expand your cost and why you're doing this you could expand and see what the customers you have right over the fence. and you can look at
7:39 am
all the ports and all the ports that the city and counties have done and find new customers and bring them in and build new customers and as you find new customers you could provide new ways to provide energy and you could say hey we can expand these key corridor spots and we may say hey, we're going to go right past this industrial center and sell it right to them and pge might say hey we will give you a better deal or give you something better or he may go somewhere else. otherwise, there may be customers that you want that they may try to steal back from
7:40 am
us if we do not do this. one other thing that you may want to do is find out if there is a way to do battery storage on the shipyards. i'm sure there will be blank spots that aren't fully utilized we could put batteries they are and what we are doing that we could give special prices to the shipboard folks and to their customers. then we do not have to pay pg&e for that storage and that would give unit vantage and not have to go over pge wires. it's all shipyard at that point. thank you. >> thank you. one that point, i'm sure there is a number. we've looked into that a number of times the width what is the ballpark of putting transmission-- of having earned transmission lines? >> we have discussed this and
7:41 am
currently we are in a financial situation where budget is barely balanced and we need some growth to have some space and with space we look for opportunities to grow and create more revenue and build more infrastructure. it is tough for us to envision making a transmission line because it is very costly unless we come up with a partner or something. another thing that we have discussed when we look at hunters point we thought this would happen in a certain period of time a short period time but it didn't. how many extra years did it take? where
7:42 am
we saw people come within five years and it didn't. so it is challenging and that is why we're just working and looking at what options we have. but that option is still on the table i think if we get more customers you know, full pay customers put in transmission that eventually it would make sense to start bringing in the distribution and transmission to those points. >> that make sense. certainly, we will talk about it. david? >> thank you. i have a number of comments i. was at a presentation with the subcommittee in may and i'm looking forward to the second part of that presentation today. we are looking at the asset even with a well maimed
7:43 am
break. the tunnel of the commission the ends the assets the investments. hopefully that will develop over time. i am hopeful that negotiations with pge will be positive. i do not know. i certainly have not been word any close session on that. i think the commissioner mauro ran and i and i think the people that were here today that were at the commission meeting 28 years ago when the original agreement was approved under duress of tony-- and pg&e
7:44 am
are feeling the effect of that. there are bart, caltrans, there may be some options of how to route back but there may be some options of how to do that. let's hear more on that. as for caiso, could we advocate for changing that rate, advocating on that based on distance is there way to advocate for that? that would be interesting. i do support targeted distribution investments in the city. i think the staff laid out the
7:45 am
case very well. we shouldn't do it . we should not do it everywhere but we should do it where he is are concentrated and where it makes sense. i am not suggesting that we change that but i'm interested in knowing whether we have a powerful or an infrastructure approach we have all said it should be water first but what if there are other options what does that do to the curve? it probably does some things. if i could just finish. there are couple of coded references in the presentation to the city family and to commercial speed. i am not sure what they meant. perhaps they are intentionally vague but that it would be something to hear about in the future. i think that we should still send some money over to the department of environment
7:46 am
for efficiency upgrades. i don't think that he's been much they think is something that we should keep back here if we're going to have energy efficiency part of the power enterprise. always to the extent that the general fund is paying more is good in a way if it is not covering both the current cost and the long-term costs then we need to examine a general fund rate increase. we cannot continue to have our long-term power increase here in the general fund paying less than that. i certainly do not support making money off the general fund but the general fund should be paying at least it's minimal share of operating and long-term costs. so, there is definitely some more long-term work to do here i think that we should be able to come back at some point as these things develop. thank
7:47 am
you very much. >> thank you. any other public comment? commissioners? okay, let's see where mya? thank you barbara. now on to: public comment. would you like me to call them? items is team item 16 for the city of san francisco item 17 and items 18 through 25 will not be heard
7:48 am
today. > session. >> [closed session] >> items 1516 and 17 were settled. items 17 and 18 were not hurt today. all those in favor? all those opposed?
7:49 am
seeing none, this meeting is adjourned at .
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>> good morning, everyone yeah. today, i'm very proud to you know have this meeting because we are very luke in our you know city history we have the best leader you know leading us you know we've even though i feel everybody agree with me our mayor is the best you know working and dictated that's why we learn from him the department of building inspection our mission so to protect life and property for the public that's why today we are proudly to have our honorable mayor
8:01 am
mayor ed lee to come over to you know make that announcement please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> director i'd like to give a quick interpretation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) (laughter). >> i just want to say thank you
8:02 am
to the young people here to the family people here and not so young folks that are here to come together to receive this very good news of our city's willingness to support grants that are aimed another residents small business owners are property owners as well and visitors get educated about the very strong possibility of the next big earthquake i wanted to first of all, say thank you to tom when i was a young attorney many, many years ago my for at a in chinatown was to do hours i want to venture have an active department of building
8:03 am
inspection speeding i also wanted to make sure i always had is strongest district supervisor as we have in julie christensen. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i do have now as the mayor very strong representatives of very important departments like our fire chief our department of the emergency services and our police department and whitens our rec and park department that are all here together to join not only in this announcement but in the various roles they'll
8:04 am
play in preparing people so for the expected earthquake in the next 25 years. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> most importantly is you who are the residents people that work in chinatown, people that live here and the people you invite and also the invaluable services leaders like sarah or other youth person speeding i
8:05 am
know that many of you in in this room in english or chinese saw the san andreas movie that is i'm not sure i cannot but we have 3 serious facility lines that come into the city and county of san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor christensen and i have had many discussions
8:06 am
about making sure that our communities all over the city but particularly those that maybe immigrant and low income communities like chinatown and mission and other areas of the city get attention when it comes to education and preparation to withstand and survive successfully an earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very fortunate and so are other agencies to have a department of building inspection leader in the name of tom huey that made sure the building fees results in education and preparation for people like families and seniors to be better prepared in a multi
8:07 am
cultural way. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we're now and then two specific grants today each for a hundred thousand dollars those grants will be granted to c y c and to conduct the training workshops to have practices in sro's buildings to have finally communications with youth in our city with seniors and family anybody's not only to prepare but practice everything from cpr
8:08 am
to having enough applies to making sure there are ways in which to contact family madam clerk, any other business before this committee? men's all with a goal of making sure that everybody survivors successfully after a major earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> chinatown is particularly important to us because of the historically old buildings that
8:09 am
people live in and the number of people that are condenses in this area we want to make sure you're all safe. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thanks to the leadership of our rec and park we're here at a major center our for the square to make sure that the education programs can be conducted safely deeply in different languages but also do so at the willie playgrounds where c y c community colleges their sessions between my sessions of playing ping-pong (laughter)
8:10 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and again thanks to our leader and department of emergency here collaboration with our fire chief i want to especially thank her and her staff makes sure we're stave during the 4th of july weekend and we were but we're also working outside find chinatown to prepare young people and seniors and their families to make sure they have all the training and preparation we must do this on occasion every if one or years people move out and forgot we have better technology
8:11 am
to help us and better practices as we learn i want to thank everybody that joins us to make sure that everybody is safer and make sure we don't have the devastation but people that are well prepared school sites, parks, recreation centers, sro's our senior housing complexed our family housing collections and nonprofits all engaged in a very good ongoing dialog to support each other that's why we will be a city that will survive the major earthquake.
8:12 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so let me now introduce someone that is a fanatic and already shown herself to be a great supervisor not only working on this but helping to create a lot of senior housing we'll, make those announcement in the short weeks to create more housing opportunity for chinatown and north beach but champion from the district let me introduce to you our supervisor julie christensen (clapping.) just. >> good morning. i think the best time is when we have leadership like our mayor ed lee and our department heads and they're working closely together with nonprofits like c y c and
8:13 am
self-help for the elderly and the residents of the community to do good thing for chinatown in district 3 i'm excited bmw this program is a good example of the way city government worked with the nonprofits in the community and we all benefit but especially important that peep brarpt in this program they come to the train an earthquake will happen you know someday there will be a occasion we'll need the information i want everybody in this room to be among those people that know what to do that have the supplies and the information they need not only so keeping you informed we know keep ourselves save but be helpful to our neighbors and friends in the community i'm encouraging everybody to participate as a volunteer and an advocate
8:14 am
in the neighborhood before i was supervisor i was always asking the city for money and support please give me money for this park or street or for that project it is wonderful as a periphery now to be the giver of these things to the community so i'm very grateful to mayor ed lee and to my colleagues at the board for being so generous this year with chinatown we have money for the nonprofits we have money for safety we're going to make kearny street safer and our situations near lady shaw safe we have money to do do have money for the parks it is a good year for chinatown and district 3 with the budget i'd like to mention it is related to the earthquake safety program we have a project with the fire department and roof
8:15 am
deck we'll put free smoke alarms in people's houses you only have to call - sorry. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> yeah, he get excited all that 234u78z very are a free smoke alarm call and basically contact and union contributes will put a free smoke alarm in
8:16 am
our house to you and your neighbors will be safer please support in program and please give big thanks to the mayor and the c y c and self-help this is a great program (clapping) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> first of all, i need to thank you supervisor christensen you know for coming to talk to
8:17 am
you today first of all i want to tell you a story regarding myself you you know a person that touched was prepare this is very important for earthquake i joined the city one day before city earthquake as a service as luke the united nations is a major u.n. loss of the tragedy but i do the training bra i join the city and internet buildings but i helped the other departments how to internet and all those those i feel you know this is my duty to help you when there's a major event you need to do it yourselves that's why we put the fund for you know both like the
8:18 am
mayor echo with the mayor said the young generation to help and then you know we don't want let me say people with respect and be treating as our angle to help out to reach out to make sure the public know how to prepare themselves during the major event but you know this program takes some time more an year with the mayors and supervisors help my department willing to fund the education we'll do more our department efficiently to do outreach before i'd like to ask a person from c y c to come up and say a
8:19 am
few words (clapping) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you thank you tom especially for the department of building inspection to make this possible also especially to the leadership of mayor ed lee and sxhieshgsz and all the department heads to make that possible but c y c we're going to launch this in partnership with the rec and park to offer working groups on community festers and have a
8:20 am
display at the clubhouse for seniors and residents and business owners to get more prepared for the big earthquake coming in the next thirty years thank you for all the support and the program to be the presenter and outreach to the owns and seniors and residents in chinatown in their own language chinese and interesting and others to reach out we really hope the outreach is extended to the rest of the city thank you, mayor ed lee and others to make this possible.
8:21 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you (clapping.) now i'd like to ask you know annie annie choung. >> mayor sxhieshgz may i announces everyday you're coming to the square clubhouse.
8:22 am
>> (laughter) this morning i was kind of worried we captain david has been wonderful every time we have to do something major he sends the officers to gentle talk to the folks outside and there's a nice environment but thank you to rec and park i wish they were here to see how both sarah and i from the c y c have been able to work siding with rec and park to bring this for the youth and residents in chinatown but today, i want on on behalf of the elderly on behalf of the self-help to ask our seniors today to give a big big applause to mayor ed lee
8:23 am
8:24 am
speeding i want to announce that as of july thanks to tom from dbi and mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen we sarah and myself are going to put on weekly education working groups so the idea starting on
8:25 am
july 20th we'll have a class every monday in the afternoon and go around you know and sign up all of the residents and all of the merchant and i sometimes here nonprofits workers our city workers may not be living within walking distance to chinatown and so we really need all the residents no chinatown to be prepared and educated thank you to do police department and department of emergency and rec and park to work on this project together thank you all (clapping.) >> okay. before i end the presentation also i would you know repeat again to people here the mayor that leads here a
8:26 am
sxhieshgsz is here and the fire chief kings and the department of emergency and ann is here also bob that rec and park and, of course everybody you know captain lazzaro is here and also i want to mention about. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. choung from david chiu office our supervisor is our senator and assemblyman sorry and thanks to everybody coming to join us and stay over to go through a demonstration to see how to prepare yourselves for the next major event but this is not only earthquake we are aware of fire you know and other hopefully, you can enjoy and learn quite a bit from this
8:27 am
thank you very much (clapping)
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
test. >> good afternoon, everyone welcome to the tuesday, july 21 2015 meeting of the taefblgs i'm bryan tan the president of the commission a couple of things please turn off our cell phones not to interrupt the meeting if you are a member of the public to speak on an item that is agendized fill out a card by the sfshgz and finally thank you to sfgovtv and media services for presenting this live every time we meet we'll start with a roll call and i'll move around a couple of agenda items considering our attention because commissioner vice president moshoyannis needs to leave earlier commissioner frost