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tv   BOS Rules Committee 73115  SFGTV  August 15, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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school today and as we wait for the light this is a beautiful shot it is well-polished okay. we'll see it on the side good doesn't we today, we hosted our step up orientation for over one and 10 of our students to be act made to the school our entire staff was there with enthusiasm to engage all the students and families as we prepare for monday august 17th willie brown middle school is a school destined on the founding principles specifically the 6 at least and dispopulations of our vision 2025 they must be master for the 21st century to for the
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skills to be employable and have a global identity embedded in the core of our program the students will have access to world education to extend their education beyond the textbook our students will be supported by pier resources to develop the leadership models inside willie brown middle school a purpose of self the shifts that are listed in the vision 2025 are shifts taking place across the country willie brown middle school in the design of our state and federal consulate personalized pathway and two in the space and time in our mission statement we specifically call out the fact
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we want our students to have the skills and abilities to major in stem degrees we wanted our students have the option and freedom in the future to choose stem crazy san francisco economy demands those tool to explore the identity and expand the possibilities and be of service to others our students to be advocates of social justice for the expansion of the rights of humanity with the willie brown middle school so the action into 9 action of willie brown memorial day begins with the in coming sight graders we designed an academic program and a social program and healthy program so when our students leave in eight
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grade they meet the 6 dispopulations of the profile our strategic priorities are steward around the academic achievements as well as emotional development that means that the students are the core of our model outside surrounding it our family engagement strategy and communities involvements as well as staff development it is approved monthly and weekly and daily four academic achievement the first to open a ucsf for the standards for the next generation of scientific in sf i was most of complex construction to make sure that every student
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is focused on developing math and science teacher at willie brown middle school we expand the construction do our e l a and social departments 3 times a year we'll offer the opportunity to students to be engaged in the hands on learning we'll invite the community to give feedback during exposition week for the design process we're oh, the extended classroom and have a partnership with a local education management organization to support our personalized learning plan so how students will have a plan unique to them and the abilities support if the teachers for the learning task as well as individual technology skills
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four our psycho emotional development we're beginning our academic as well as behavorial performance at willie brown middle school we've create smaller class our crews and in our advisors class up to minutes two or three times a week 15 students work to support them into the academic growth as well as reflection on their goals beyond willie brown middle school and as well as college in their career we have a partnerships are stanford university to help us build the acclamation practices so all our students know they're in a welcome place and perform in high levels through sfusd your teachers are dpw the restorative practices for the learning
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curriculum and our mission we have the resources as part of the directive supporting our youth development the healthy habits of mind lifestyle we're offering a health class to the saith graders all students are enrolled in a pe course and we'll continue to offer that heartache class 3 to 8th grading grade are a partnership with the public health and this is managed through our partnership i mentioned our beacon director is wanting we're in a position to offer not only family engagement but before and after-school programs we have a student club sports for involving and basketball and boys and girls to attack boys and girls we're offering anyone
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else events that was our parents organization aligned with our student organization. >> great i want to highlight the tremendous highlights many of the work streams are in blue tare indicated they're coming to a close and green is highlighting this week a focused on the family and faculties and this will happen as mentioned we really all those directions are coming to a close as wire getting ready to open on monday. >> our fundraiser forevers have been incredible the stem phone call is a huge draw for many companies supervisor yee can spoke earlier about the tremendous support of a the of us and as you walk the halls of
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were about to see the support for our students our health and wellness center is supported by the department of public health and we have additional learning opportunities for many in kind supports at this point, we're looking for $40,000 which will go to both students and family programming and the tech and help the elements at willie brown school enrollment we as of this morning have 2 hundred and 15 students enrolled you can see how the wait list has moved forward if round one we have 33 students and parents knocking on our doors trying to get their students into the school we have met the 10 percent and ready to start in terms of gender it is split
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evenly slightly more male students but the concern was that initially shared is that not coming to fruition we're happy to welcome everybody our ethnicity breakdown is the most diverse we're 38 elementary schools that are represented. >> staffing model for those schools are based on - the staffing model for the willie brown middle school it bans all of those funding supports allows us to hire a stem corresponded to help with the cooperation of the stem practices at willie brown middle school two math and two science and two social science teachers and one inclusion teachers to support
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the high rate of students for the individual listed plans at the willie brown middle school in connection with is have two educators and at the bottom engineering and design class feldz and art class resources are world language is spanish for this year and offer a librarian library class in the support staff one custodian and two security officers and for the health and wellness the wellness nurse and . >> community outreach from ucsf august those are the you mean events some have taken place we welcome the middle school with the ceremony to support emphasis
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legacy drive career in san francisco and i believe 75 families came out to the family pioneering engagement and was held at the park it was a success students really had a great time families connecting with the teachers fun building positive relationships today, we started out prooirp as a student step up the parents were there from 8 to 10 and students involved in the orientation and to note the teachers as well as the angular staff august 14th this friday the ribbon cutting term for the community support that event begins at 11:00 a.m. and have the weekend for the staff to move into willie brown
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middle school for the first day of school at 815 for willie brown middle school what is so unique about the success of this school prep to open in less than one week than all the support of san francisco unified school district what aligned in a strategic way to insure we were prepared to not only recruit the families from our folks from january but prepared to recruit teachers and prepared to continue to fund all of the instructions from our district leaders to the department and the superintendent we appreciate you beyond words for our hard work in supporting us in our department and for the construction social justice we appreciate you
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superintendant guerrero in united airlines our teams to give us the guidance we need more willie brown middle school we have a special appreciation to the supreme court and the board of education for all the commissioners for all the hard work to promote willie brown middle school and specifically i want to shout out the entire middle school support team in the leadership of jamie the site construction manager vasquez and julia for the cooperation of the work we're on our way again, thank you, thank you thank you on behalf of all the families and students of willie brown middle school. >> so just to wrap up commissioner hopefully, this evening is a nice quick summary
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as we prepare to open the campus for the newest middle school students we focus on as key goals in the district to remain focused to keep our promises and share the accountability just over a year ago a tall order in charge was issued that we not just make sure we complete a physical plant a facility that reflects the schools engagement in the design but recruit the leadership we erect educators that are dynamic that we make sure and fill every single open seats they reflect the definition community, that we engage the community along the way and you've been part of effort and hopefully, we've be able to deliver in time of opening the first day of school commissioners. >> thank you very much i did not have any speaker cards
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i do know that commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell is out of team would have liked to congratulate the team many of us knocked on doors to get parents centered in improperly it is good to notice the process commissioner norton. >> thank you to the team and the entire team wear i think all of us are really excited i'm so excited to come on friday and walk around i the have a quick question you mentioned in our presentation the special education model you're using for 3 inclusionary teachers i don't think will have questions and do you know how many students are come in. >> 20 percent of our students population have i e p i'm sure
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if the numbers moved from the waiting list but 40 or 38 ask the specifically all the students will be supported in the directly in excuse me. general education class all the support mr. be given direct support in the physical ed south. >> is it a different model at willie brown that the middle schools that are tweaks and changes you've made or what the district is doing in other schools to support the students in the general population. >> we're using the framework step by step so we have a co-taken care of model for the students based on the minutes they need the support services we're united airlines or openly up clusters in the general classrooms bans the i p so the teaching will be directly and
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collaborating with the students for the lessons so all students access the content. >> thank you. >> other questions or comments commissioner wynns thank you, thank you i want to thank you for the work i want to ask you, we knocked on people's doors and said is soccer so is it kid enrolled. >> absolutely and principle hobson is working with the grooirz so this is honored wore not part of soccer legacy but this is going to be upheld. >> i told you he was going to a charter school before we went to his house (laughter) commissioner i'm impressed she knew the name of the student you
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were mentioning that's a testament to how well, we know our students. >> i'll be out there to visit. >> korea commissioner walton thank you for the past work to get the communities and kids ready for the school i've been in and around bayview hunters point there's not been a time period as of recent where the communities is more excited about something that is coming in the community so willie brown middle school has the community fired up and the young people we're all excited what is 49 in terms of the mr. wiener environment at willie brown and also we're, of course, all going to be supportive and be spending time making sure we are adhering
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to the projects to our students and communities again, thank you for your hard work over the psa past weeks i was at the school still a little bit of work to do to get ready for monday but you have faith we'll be ready to welcome our students and the last thing nobody told me to wear my shirt so thank you. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> i want to congratulate you and thank you to the entire team for all of your hard work i think a year ago it felt like a dream and therefore to be about to open and be a real place and have students there is just so exist to see everything that has come to fruition to things i want to ask one is you know, i think that there's been so many
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folks part of this effort and a long list of folks to thank i want to ask and especially on tv and the radio how can the public continue to support what's happening at willie brown and their opportunities for it to be tutor to mentor how can we truly make this a community effort so that anyone who is hearing this who wants to warn partner with us and support what is happening how can they do that and another quick question i was really excited to hear this i did is hopefully, a direction in the future of having all the students be signed a crone book how exactly how e how does that work and what kind of supports the staff to the willie brown has had in terms of what this means for continuing the use of
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this technology and how that is rolled out and how it will continue to roll out and influence what taken care of and learning is like and lastly this is a pet issue not one but i feel is important i don't see it listed are you going to have a student government someone that is responsibly and adequately supportive i'm looking forward to friday and more importantly to see the experience that all of our staff and community and i did not care people have at that school so thank you. >> we're extremely excited to accept any volunteers we have brooms. (laughter) to we have brooms so sweep up dust from the construction site in regards to little volunteers specifically one i'd like to give out the school phone number
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(414) 642-8901 that phenomenon will be answered by the phenomenal micro the school secretary and she'll take aau down requests for willie brown middle school but to support the community-based organizations that want to support our program at willie brown middle school we're in the process of developing a formal but now a classic sfusd application anyone that is interested in supporting our structural program wear stocking our stem lab our makers face the makers garage is there's a little bit of equipment to be purchased to completely fill out this space we'll grow into our science lab is stocked at the basic level we would like to enhance the materials that the
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students need 40 in the hands on in the mirena burns middle school specific community based on organizations could go to the website this is linked for sfusd under our home package the opportunities to download the application and apply oh, we literally have a group form that's an update if yesterday i didn't want to a google form so one all of our teachers who have using teaching in the stem lab and engineering and design class have been trained on my yes, a digital version for sfusd they're the teachers are teaching coding on the cloud through the chrome books and the learning mroormd
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our students are using the chrome books for the academic growths yes, we'll have student governments one of the teachers in the professional development session last week was extremely excited to be the advisor for our student government and our beacon will support the development of the student government and pier resources with the pier developers at willie brown middle school >> commissioner walton. >> i'm sure principle hobson i have two follow-up questions one so for the stem lab equipment is that the $40,000 you've referred to. >> the gap that exists. >> this is not this is additional just coming out of a partnership with the ideal
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support firm it is not we just purchased the basics but again that is the full staffed conceives lab we'll need support for . >> we got the day on the students statistics do we have the similar make up of the personnel can we respond to that are send over the information. >> we don't have that but will dale follow-up. >> you annunciations a telephone number share the address for the general public comment for folks not familiar. >> give me 258:005 silver avenue san francisco, california 94124
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>> thank you. i said want to invite the superintendent. >> i'm here like a katie couldn't be prouder of the team the incredible teacher i've thank you for the opportunity to sit in on the mergers with willie brown and delusional get out of the way they're building someone that is phenomenal at willie brown and that goes to the district that has actuallyaled around the facilities depth and the leadership of david golden everyone has come to the table with a unidentified approach to launching willie brown i want to answer one of the questions that was asked about what can the public do to support willie brown middle school i think we all know we have a choice system in san francisco and the word of mouth is golden in san francisco i'm just going to predict if you
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are a parent of a fifth grader you better get on the ball it is the hottest ticketed in the attain wait until you see the list it is going to be long at willie brown and get up to speed at willie brown the parents at willie brown this year to actually talk to their friends and their yoga partners and the people in the cubicle carrots the office from them and share the windfall things happening added willie brown i couldn't be more 24r50i68d in the heart of the city in the bayview in the form of willie brown middle school what's happening at willie brown and i'll tell you as a preview of coming attractions many of the wealthy of work that is being implemented is what is coming for the rest of the school
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district watch their, their doing we'll not say after this year everywhere we've not side that the faculty will show you we're doing it and having great success having a communities that is saying we expect this in everyone of our schools and students that are well prepared and be able to talk shop at a high-level when they get to high school high school better being paying attention those can i see will come in really, really well-informed of their future i know you probably want me to say a few words i could speak all nights of the efforts and wish willie brown a successful launch we'll be there friday and monday to welcome the students on the first day and principle hobson thank you for coming to san
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francisco and making this your home we're incredibly to have you at the helm and whatever you need for us to make that transition to the new school successful we're on your team. >> thank you very much mr. superintendent. >> thank you to all of who 0 joined us i'll not be there friday but monday. >> the next item is exploring the probability the shipyard chiu's campuses we'd like to have one public speaker and then discussion thank you.
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>> so dr. murase i'd like to ask our chief development laura morand who has been the point along with the deputy director and officer david golden in those open up for public comment this is going to be a brief introduction to the board and public around some of the conversation and the ideas we're engaging in the conversation with the city partners and lennar and for the future the san francisco and the san francisco unified school district but with that, i'm going to turn it over to our chief development officer laura thank you superintendant carranza and i'll be sharing this with our deputies this is an exist opportunity for us as many of you may know the shipyards is under construction and is a


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