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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  September 1, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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not just residents live and work and the businesses are there but thousand of visitors everyday want to camp come and see the alleyways and see where the future cookie sheriff's deputies shops and the small restaurants and teahouses ross the unique parts of chinatown has to offer as part of the extraordinary center it is that is also where hundred if not thousands of people live i know the residents and the seniors appreciate this cleanliness it is to signal what supervisor christensen and i are going on a citywide basis but begins in chinatown getting everybody together let's respect our community and make sure we do that with the talent that is here i know the members of the chinatown clean campaign many of
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them live and participate in an alive way hats off to the to supervisor christensen to make sure that as a priority in here approach to the budget in district 3 and always thinking about the residents of chp and all the district and areas in district 3 but at the same time the newcomer service for the incredible work to help your gun points be a full pledge citizenship offering that traditional classes and help people and hold their hands to make sure they understand what to be a fulfill fledge residents that's that's the real story about immigration people want to have paths to citizenship the negativity on the national news the immigrants that come to chp
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we assist them documented a documented to make sure they're good participants this this is how we keep our chinatown robust and vibrant thank you to everybody that is here today let's go to work i've got my jacket off we'll work with our businesses and associations to do so and this is really how the strength of chinatown continues to be thriving our government working together with the businesses and our nonprofits to benefit the residents of this district thank you very much. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> everybody thank you (clapping.) >> thank you very much mayor ed lee for carrying out the visioning visions for a better chinatown next our supervisor julie christensen in the first three weeks on the job she was out there meeting the merchant to find out to how to improve and help out the merchant no
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chinatown i know every day she's helpings helping us in our communities thank you so much supervisor christensen (clapping.) >> so i'm just looking around isn't it beautiful the flags are flawing weaverly alley is clean it smells good we want it to be like this amendment so i'm very, very glad for all this attention as a commitment and supervisor i've been spending a lot of time talking to people knock on over 2 thousand doors in the last couple medias and spending time in chinatown in the buildings and sros and talking to business leaders the one thing it always comes up i wish chinatown was cleaner everybody mentioned that the pea mayor is here and oewd and public works to flower the
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fact we understand this is important it is important to the people that live in chinatown it is important to people like me that live nearby to shop and work and important to the visitors that help to keep our economy strong we know that is an important goal for chinatown i'm very grateful to the mayor for helping me with the funding to help keep chinatown clean we have extra money going to public works for additional street cleaning and steam cleaning i found guys out on saturday and sent them to a particular spot for more cleaning i'm grateful to rita and the folks at the chinese newcomer for spearheading this program in their great steward and i'm grateful for the success in getting from programming going and misrepresenting i see the
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folks as another partner to keep things clean so i think i've been in office maybe 2 weeks when i was traveling with the reporter florpt of one of the things and a big pizza box on the street i picked up when i see trash on the street the reporter is taking my picture offer it it okay for inform periphery to pick up trash on the sidewalk the truth is yes none of us are too important or too much in a hurry to not do our parting the other things about chinese newcomers we have the city that is going a lot public works picks up 7 tons of trash everyday in our city streets 7 tons public works is working with hard and the mayor and i have gotten extra money for extra cleaning by public works in chinatown and individuals needs to do
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their part property owners need to keep their sidewalk in front of their business and residence criterion so everybody needs to pitch in i see business owners out with their broom and dust palace out thank you. we as citizens do our part but the chinese newcomers fills in the gaps between the programs and helps to provide he special attention so we're grateful for their everyone, everyone needs to pick up one piece of trash a day and weave will i alley will look like this amendment thank you for your attention everybody. >> (clapping.) thank you so much supervisor christensen and the mayor in making sure we have a great community next we'll to invite todd from
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the office of economic workforce development their overseeing the program. >> thank you rita so much the mission of the office of economic workforce development is to support san francisco's trying cholesterol corridors and neighborhoods and small businesses and hope help to train and prepare the residents for good jobs through the mares job and supervisor christensen oewd is proud we have hundred amend $35,000 to fund the new experience o commerce i'm assessing it obviously helps to keep chinatown clean for residents and visitors and shoppers as well as the city to enjoy and second it provides job opportunities for chinatown residents good job training and work experience to prepare them for the workforce in san francisco but it is a part of i think an important broader initiative through the mares
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leadership and the mayor's office initiative this excludes direct outreach to san francisco and chinese merchant francis from the office of economic workforce development speaks mandarin and cantonese is reaching out to more than 9 hundred businesses every quarter visiting and connecting them to resources an important parts there the mayor and prioritization we're reaching out to merchant and providing the assistance they need, and, secondly, providing direct assistance to help businesses be stronger investing in important programs like helping businesses compile with the americans with disabilities act over a hundred businesses through the mayor's leadership and the supervisors advocacy program and investing in storefront and on powell and
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brooding and on stockton and finally focused on helping to drive new traffic newspaper visitors and shoppers to chinatown later actually in october a new program we're partnering with c y c is focused on halloween and helping to celebrate halloween here in chinatown another important one i'm proud the second year we're doing the shop chinatown campaign to help local merchants and bring more people to chinatown those are important initiatives that speaks to the marries direction to our office that we need to continue to invest in our neighbors and small businesses one final point i want acknowledge and thank to rita on partnering in that important program it thank you very much. >> chp. >> thank you todd and oewd next up we have from the dpw
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department of public works that helped to clean out streets is stephen is he here. >> oh, great, thank you. >> i'm here to work how about the rest of you laura thank you very much mayor ed lee and rita and it takes us altogether let's get to work and pick up the trash thank you. >> wait do you want to talk about our 311 program oh, great. >> this is partial i didn't you probably see here around chinatown and giving violations in none pay attention this is how peach i didn't informed dpw about the violation and help them to correct their
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situations. >> hello firstly i don't just give citations we is a whole team to make sure that people know of the codes if tare innovate aware that's when we inform them after several warns we give a citation we're not just a citation office there are many ways to report things i see and we do ask people if at the see something to report it firstly the city codes as an this is available on our website but 311, 311 is a free service if you have a smart phone you can download the app for the retirees i can show you later if you speak any kind of language tagalog or whatever if you call 311 and request for the specific language that you'd like they
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can accommodate you if you like to download the app it is free and they are different types of indications if there is a pole toppled over you can take a picture and report it to 311. >> can you list the things the kinds of things they can report. >> it is not - yes there are categories they can list types of things that you can report if it isn't there, there is a way to do it as well. >> the stoplights out. >> dimpling a you and street lights out an address not sufficient service broken curbs and situations thank you, mayor. >> potholes. >> lights that are not working
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any frovrment anything if if is not in the category there's a way to report it as well. >> they can download as sf 311. >> sf 311 is the app name, again it is free it is blue that yeah has the golden gate bridge it is golden gate bridge and says official at the bottom that is good. >> really good. >> yeah. a great app. >> okay. thank you so much peach i didn't if i have trouble or not the 311 app go to chinese newcomers facebook and download it we also have for the retirees all the brochures we have passed out to merchants to teach them about the codes and how to
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compile we're thankful to dpw to helping to keep chinatown criterion we all have to help expelling does a good clean up and have someone dump a how long bag of trash at pigeons attack it, it is no use we want everybody to help this year thank you and we have a message from one of our merchants mr. alumni from the boiling trim he's going to be one of the volunteers to help improve his business and get ready for the opening of the central subway mr. alumni. >> (speaking foreign language.) >>
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(clapping.) so thank you, mr. alumni he actually have's wifi if his restaurants noticing nobody know see about it it smaller than the business cards we'll help everybody to get the word out to hang out in a place to rest and going to have jenny our ambassador say a couple of words we can't have all our street
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cleaners come up she'll say a few wor
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few words. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) thank you so much and jenny thanks to our mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for all the work just a couple of words from our president of the board albert tan. >> good morning and welcome i'm the president of the chinese newcomers center on behalf of the center i'm here to show our support our city mayor, mayor ed lee and supervisor julie to continue to supports and funding of this program this program is virtually to the newly immigrants to provide a job while their locking to generate more revenue for the city to
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keep chinatown clean and more tourists doing they're shopping and diane so we both have an vantage on this we sincere since this proposal is running successfully as the mayor and julie and we have to keep both in the office okay. thank you very much (laughter) (clapping). >> great, thank you al better again, we cannot thank mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for working together on those programs so - >> we will okay. this is our prototype next week we'll be giving out the free trash can for the merchant to everybody is on board to keep chinatown clcl
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session for the unified school district forgive tuesday, august 11, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call please. thank you ms. fewer mr. haney mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase thank you and mr. - thank you i understand commissioner fewer is not feeling well but welcome to our student delegates please join me in the pledge of allegiance


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