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tv   Police Commission 9215  SFGTV  September 13, 2015 7:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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may be precluded as a result of the box 5 development. >> there are other alignments that can get us over to the east bay in the future. >> that is correct. >> studied by mtc and the various partners or the city, i don't know who's studying what. >> the tjpa has certainly studied those. i don't know the expect that mtc has weighed in on those at this point. >> the conceptual alignments, who are they being proposed by? >> i think there are a variety of folks who have proposed conceptual alignments but the tjpa team certainly has looked at them. >> i will move approval. >> second. >> i will go ahead and note that director kim is absent. with that, director lee, yes. director riskin, aye. vice
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chair nuru, aye. chair harper, aye. that's four ayes and item 17 is approved and directors that concludes your agenda for today. >> is that it? we are adjourned. >> thank you. (meeting adjourned). >> good morning. today is september 9, 2015. welcome to
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the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is john avalos, chair of the committee and to my right is katy tang and to my left is president london breed who is here in place of supervisor cohen. our clerk today is alisa somera and the meeting is brought by sfgtv. madam clerk do we have any announcements? >> s yes, please silent all cell phones and documents should be submitted to the clerk. items will be on the september 22 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great. thank you. first could we have a motion to excuse supervisor cohen. >> so moved. >> and seconded by supervisor breed and take that without objection and item 1. >> item 1 is a motion of
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reappointment to have bryant tan for the successor agency commiss entertainment commission. >> hello and please introduce yourself what you hope to do with the reappointment. >> thank you. i am bryant tan and seeking reappointment for another term on the entertainment commission. i just completed by three year term. i served on the commission sense january 12 and in the last two years as the commission president. incidentally i was reelected to a third term of president despite my term officially expiring and hopefully this goes well. i worked hard to be a leader with the commissioners to find solutions in regulating and promoting san francisco and helps the task with neighbors
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be neighborly and holding owners and permit holders to a high standard of responsibility. it's required us to inform the broader public as well as yourself as city officials to see the importance of night life in san francisco. under my term as president as a commissioner and specifically the urban planning representative which is the seat i am looking for reappointment for i played an active role in preserving night life in the western soma plan. there were several options considered during that time that some were a lot less friendly to night life, some more, and i think we went away with one more friendly to night life and in respect of the residents there i chaired the interdepartmental late night group and staffed wonderfully and our director jocelyn king and i designed the residential review process.
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thank you supervisor breed for your legislation to protect night time businesses as our city continues to grow and build housing so i worked hard at this and honored to take on this role. i think my leadership is apparent with my thoughtfulness and kindness and humor. a little bit about me personally. i am born and raised in san francisco, the tenderloin to be specific and graduated from the high school there and go cardinals and i work for the department of children, youth, and their families and design, fund and evaluate and provide assistance to the many non-profits here in san francisco that work and serve our children and families. i'm deeply, deeply committed and just passionate and love san francisco, and so when i was asked to take on this role is was because not only because of the passion and that story of being a san franciscan but because when i was in my 20's
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worked as a youth worker outreach in club frs hiv and helt for the lgbt community and i i'm an active person and enjoy the night life here in san francisco and specifically the mayor is looking to fill this role as a urban planning rep and graduated with a degree in urban planning and working with the chinese community development center i was honored to take this on initially and honored to be considered again today so that wraps it up. i am happy to take questions and i emailed you all this morning sorry i have been off line for a couple of weeks so i would have reached out sooner if i was online and here i am in person. >> thank you very much and thank you for serving on the entertainment commission as well. one of the things we ask people who are coming this year, we had four applicants for the
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ethics commission what's your favorite venue in san san francisco? >> good question. wow i hate playing favorites. one of my favorite venues is the rick shaw stop. it is small. it is really well run, and they have lots of emerging artists coming through all the time and i think they play to very different crowds. i'm a gay asian male and there is a gay asian male party they throw on a monthly bands and they have indie band and i talked to the owners and everyone there and they love the crowds they pull out because i think they see themselves as an important place to nurture entertainment in the community and nurture new artists and create a safe space for all types of people and they have a great sound system too. >> great thank you. well based on your leadership
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position on the entertainment commission and your work with western soma and lait night transportation and other issues youy waked in on well and balancing neighborhoods with promoting night life i totally support your reappointment and i am sure that my colleagues will be the same as well, so any other questions from the committee so we can go on to public comment. >> great thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so this item is open up for public comment. >> [inaudible] talk about entertainment commission. first statement [inaudible] stress it's meaning, [inaudible] of life and [inaudible]. avenue and balboa and next week the second statement still time [inaudible] but for me everyday
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it's both. it's life and meaning both together and [inaudible] accomplish how to use the life span. >> thank you. any other members of the public who would wish to comment seeing none. public comment is now closed and colleagues -- >> thank you very much. i just want to thank commissioner tan for his interest in serving all of the work already but moving forward as well and i am perfectly find with sending forward this motion approving -- i guess amend the motion of approving bryant tan to go to the full board and as a committee report. >> great. supervisor breed. >> great. i will second the motion and i want to thank him for the help on the commission and your assistance with helping my office with the night life legislation we passed this year. i am looking forward to make sure we continue to have commissioners serve on this
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body that really support and promote night life, but more importantly bridge the gap between the changes in san francisco and making night life important part of those changes as well, so thank you for your work in that and with that i am happy to second the motion. >> great. thank you. so we have a motion to approve the recommendation as a committee report to the full board and take that without objection. thank you. congratulations. next item there's. >> item two is a motion approving the appointment of leah pimentel for the successor agency commonly known as the commission on community investment and infrastructure for a term ending november 3, 2016. >> if you could come to the podium and welcome and talk about your interest in the
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successor agency and your experience and what you would like to accomplish that would be great. >> good morning supervisors. i am leah pimentel and born and raised third generation from bay view. my mother grew up in affordable housing on channel street and worked in the shipyard and they were able to buy a home in which they still own. my entire clear has dealt with work force developments. at grid alternatives i provided homeowners throughout the state of california with low cost solar panels and with work force development to make sure they're getting jobs in the organization as well. i feel there is a need for developments that have multiple rooms, three plus, for families and need for child care centers and they're drawing interest from companies that that have a affordable child care center. there are numerous
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families in san francisco and that's one of the barriers of keeping them here, affordable child care and a parking lot and make accommodations for everyone that uses various types of transportation in san francisco as well. i also would like to increase the amount of minority contractors on projects as well, and also encouraging and working with youth and school to expose them to the construction field to increase them in that area. if they know about these careers it will spark their interest and also get them into those fields as well. >> great thank you. i really appreciate what you have to say about promoting the needs and interests of working people, working family and with home ownership and child care and issues that affect them and give opportunities and how does that link directly to the work of the successor agency? >> could you repeat it because i have a hard time hearing.
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>> sure. i appreciate your mentioning your work and experience in home ownership and child care and work force and they're important in terms of advancing for working people in san francisco. how do you see the successor agency playing a role in that? >> as they're building it's having them making sure we're building the units with one, two and three rooms in there, so if a family is a family of two you need more than one room, so for building those units with multiple rooms it's attracting the families. if we're having the child care centers you're drawing the people working for companies to let them know you can have a family and stay in san francisco and work and have an affordable place for your children and the accommodations to live and stay in san francisco. >> great. thank you. what do you see are the areas of the city the successor agency will have the most impact on?
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>> bay view, the southeast sector of san francisco with the shipyard homes, a lot of the affordable housing development. in mission bay i helped a fourth generation in bay view i worked with and got into an affordable housing development. she didn't understand the paperwork and i was working with grid alternatives i had the pleasure of helping the seniors with the paperwork since i have been doing it for years it was something i was able to do for them, so i was able to help you understand the paperwork and advocate with and talk to and she was able to stay in san francisco and have an boardable place to live and that is important to me and people are able to stay here. >> thank you. i don't believe that the city does enough to support the homeowners especially southern southeast part of san francisco. we've had a huge problem with
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defaults and foreclosures that hasn't been recognized in san francisco, and we have a whole body under the mayor's office that is involved in housing under the mayor's office of housing, and i have been trying to push and promote greater awareness of homeowner needs and supporting homeowner in the city, and you wouldn't be under the moh but have a relationship with them under the successor agency and i would like to see if there is a way to partner up if you're appointmented to get more attention to the needs for the mayor's office of housing and not just from the successor agency in terms of promoting home ownership. >> i agree with you. three years ago there was a large promotion of home ownership and it builds community and to this day my parents live close to me and i walk my son back and
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forth and you see the owners there their entire life and it builds community. you leave your garage door open and someone will close it and let you know and that's how i grew up and we do it often and builds the community of trust and understanding of people and there needs to be more of the home ownership to build the community and preserve history. >> so i would like to see a way to strengthen the interdepartmental efforts around supporting existing only owners, because there is work around prospective and first time homeowners and the resources there but they're not ulght liezed effective. >> exactly. because i feel a lot of people -- i was at a meeting yesterday and a woman said "i don't know if i will be here next year" and she's in her 70's and grew up in the community and people don't know if they're going to be there and understanding the power of the property that you have and finding ways to preserve, keep and pass it down to your family
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members. >> great. thank you. president breed. >> thank you. i just had a few questions. i know -- i do agree with supervisor avalos in that the agency and the -- now the successor agency hasn't been enough to really focus on preservation and retention. as a former commissioner i know oftentimes we would work with communities when they were in trouble in order to provide under writing so they can borrow the funding necessary to do rehabilitation in order to preserve affordable housing, but it was always on a case by case basis. there was no real plan or mechanisms for support for home ownership outside of building new homes reserve preserving old and i know there are a lot of limitations because of the changes in state law and
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i am wondering if there are ideas for what is planned? we know what is planned with the shipyard and with everything that the successor agency has to work on and close out with the projects on the pipeline but do you have suggestions or plans for any proposed changes that could enhance what's left to do as a result of the changes in state law that now have a somewhat limited in our abilities? >> i think it comes with outreach and education. as you said it's often on a case by case basis when it's an urgent situation and reaching out to the individuals and letting them know about the resources. when i worked with hope sf on outreach helping them understand the target market and the affordable housing element oftentimes that flier makes it to one person but not the person that actually needs it so working with community based
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organizations, having listening sessions, letting them know about the option or maybe giving them a micro loan where the individuals can rehabilitate their home or renting it out and preserve if the son is out of college or leaving and renting it out so you could stay in san francisco as well. >> so as you know i along with other supervisors introduced neighborhood preference legislation. sadly you know the other frustration i had as a commissioner is we would support building new affordable housing. we would build new affordable housing and me, my friends, my community would watch as we may have qualified for this housing but we didn't have access to this housing. we would be in a lottery system with hundreds of names hoping that we could get pulled and it never happened and i think sadly that's what changed the kaish of many of
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our -- character of many of our neighborhoods: access, access to affordable housing, access to new affordable housing and i think this neighborhood preference legislation will change that, and i am asking you if you were able to serve on this body would you be -- would you include outreach? would you push for outreach and support to the community especially the bay view hunter's point community and they're aware so they're applying for this affordable housing and as you said hunters point is going to be impacted significantly because most of the new units we're building now are in the southeast sector of the city and we want to make sure that folks that live in that neighborhood also feel they have access to that housing so will you be a supporter and pushing outreach to make sure
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folks know about the community preference would exist once the legislation is passed? >> yes, i would. last week i had a conversation with my neighbor, a family of four living in a one bedroom and they want to stay in san francisco. she said there is affordable housing but it's difficult to get in. we don't know how to get in. can you help us? do you know about habitat for humanity and the mayor's office for housing and bridge housing and they don't understand the paperwork and they're hesitant to try because they feel there is no hope and i think it's important to show them there is help and this is a face of someone you know that got the affordable housing unit and they can help the individuals and it's important to keep them here. they love the community and neighbors and they're feelful they can't stay because not getting the units they need. >> thank you. that's all the questions i have. thank you. >> thank you. i think that's all the questions we have from the committee and thank you for
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your interest in serving and we will go on to public comment. >> okay. thank you very much supervisors. >> thank you. >> may i please continue. off statistic equality of [inaudible] for true freedom, legal liberty of proper judgment, public measure, public guideline of equality -- >> thank you. >> help the people in the tenderloin all their live -- >> i want to make sure -- thank you. >> [inaudible] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is shi mar walton and executive director of young community developers in bay view hunt hunt and i came to speak on support of the mayor's appointee to the commission, ms. leah pimentel. someone who lives and works is from the bayview community i think it's hrnt to
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have someone who has experience and working with our community in several capacities. we need someone that made job connection and developed opportunities in the communities, both for members of the community as well as for small businesses and ms. pimentel has played a major role in that and as an example when she was working with grid alternatives and they're providing solar installation training and provides people to provide training within our programs but she helped us provide employment connections for solar installers who actually had the opportunity to install in their community and working on projects that are under redevelopment and ocii's auspices. and also leah provided support in those areas but even with that she's a dedicated mother, a dedicated wife and spensd a lot of time she's is taken care of family
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while out in the community and doing her work and the last thing i wanted to say on her behalf she is definitely a big huge vessel of information for the community. information she gets she definitely does a great job of sharing it and making sure that community is able to access the information, so i want to support her appointment to the office of community investment and infrastructure. thank you. >> thank you. i would to recognize you as the school board commissioner as mr. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors. my name is jackie flynn and the executive director of the [inaudible] randolph institute in san francisco and here in support of leah's appointment to the ocii. i appreciate the lens that she actually views our city through. just around the comments in home ownership we often neglect to see the challenges that many people face just to acquire a home. imagine being low income and struggling to make it in the city. it's
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people like her and help the families when they want to live here in san francisco. i think it's important for whoever takes the seat at ocii to have a strong understanding of the goals of the former redevelopment agency and important to understand the history and culture of bay view, tenderloin. leah has a vast network of professional connections and supporters that made policy efforts effective in the city and has a wealth of knowledge and experience not just in the city but state wide, and personally she to me is multifaceted and fearless. i met her at one of my first turkey days in hunter's view passing out turkeys. she's very well grounded and did grass root efforts since i met her and i
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think that is important to really working with families that have difficulties living here in san francisco. i appreciate all your time. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. gone of supervisors. my name is jackie and i i'm a district 9 resident. i live in the mission and i am here to wholeheartedly support the candidacy of leah pimentel and she's one of my work sisters and i worked with her over three years and worked in the bay view hunter's point neighborhood. we have gone to alice griffith up to double rock to talk to residents about some of the changes happening in the southeast neighborhoods and one of the remarkable things about leah is as a third generation bay view resident she is able to connect to individuals there and understand the struggles and histories and stories. it's something when she goes and talks to community members about
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walking her grand father and father at candlestick and talks about her mother growing up in the housing projects and what that experience is like and that cannot be duplicated by someone without the breath of experiences she has and she's a mother and advocates for children and women and understands the struggles of staying here in san francisco and they're real and she has concrete solutions how to address those and thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hello supervisor. my name is jennifer garcia and i'm a proud resident of district 10 and she is one our fiercest advocates in the district. i am happy to call her a friend and a neighbor. her commitments to families is unmatched. as you know she was recognized by the chronicle as the bay area for
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famy loose and worked -- families and worked with habitat for humanity and worked with others and replacement electrical, construction and plumbing and i am proud to be here to support her. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is dj and deputy director of young community developers and a resident of bay view hunter's point and i think everyone articulated the great work she's done scpawlt things she wants to do and i briefly want to state and talk to her character since my time being in san francisco. leah is the individual when my niece is one on the 15th was born was there and we're talking about affordable care for children. how to pleghta of places that we can contact for my one year old niece to get child care. that's the type of commissioner i want to see on ocii, an individual that not only happeneds and has the deep knowledge that leah and
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cares about the community and residents and district 10 and all of san francisco. i worked along leah in so many clubs and vast areas and arenas and i just think she would be a phenomenal fit for ocii and the commission and what they're looking for so thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good morning supervisors. my name is derek. and a district 5 resident, community organizer in the district and officer in the democratic club. i am here to support pimentel's appointment to the commission. leah -- i want to speak to her character. she has been a good friend to me, reached out and available to offer advice and guidance. she has shown she's a strong leader. i was asked to join the club and it dwindled to six members. leah took time away from her busy schedules and meet with me in person and talk at length about the challenges
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of rebuilding an active club in the neighborhood. the leadership and guidance she provided me lead me to accept the position and four months later our membership has grown seven fold. recently i worked with her to organize the democratic club for the upcoming november meeting and endorse paloosa and i knew she would have a clear vision of what she wanted, a plan to achieve that vision, coordinating over a dozen democratic clubs for one event is no small feat but when she adopted pragmatic and creative solutions when necessary and comfortable with delegating tasks and motivating others the event was a rousing success. these are two examples of the times i worked withly a she's a leader and a force on the commission and i ask that you advance her
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nomination to the full board for consideration. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors, madam president. as somebody who has known leah for better part of a decade i wholeheartedly support her nomination and move on to the full board. best i can sum it up is family, education, jobs, community have all been part of the fabric of what she's done, her commitment to looking at policies and as you have heard from the other speakers working with individuals, not just in district 10 but across the city to really find solutions and help people achieve. i think that kind of vision and that kind of voice is what we need on the ocii commission and i wholeheartedly support you guys supporting her. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon
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commissioners, supervisors, committee members, i am speaking individually and a community liaison for local 261. individually speaking i couldn't speak in stronger terms about what pimentel can do on this commission. i have known her for six years. we just figured out and the city has a groundbreaking solar problem not engaged by low income community members and we teamed up with dr. espinola jackson to put low income solar on the map memorial day 2009. she was a hard worker, believes in the community and the environment. you heard her talking about housing and she hasn't stopped since that time to continue that work so i think what she can do there in terms of a broader set of opportunities and housing and one of the things she talked
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about and she's a quick study and in doing research for the commission she had a conversation "wait a second. the ocii employment policy for local hiring is good faith. how is that good faith and you did it mandatory at the board of supervisors for the city?" i said "what do you think ?" . "we should do something about that and that is exciting and you have heard all of the reasons and i supplement one of the reasons that our union strongly supports her appointment and request your support today too. thanks. >> thank you. i believe you already spoke. >> (inaudible). >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> yeah, thank you. i think we're okay. okay. just our rule -- you have already spoken on your own behalf. you can't
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do someone's elses. okay. this item is live before us. colleagues i'm a supporter of ms. pimentel going forward. supervisor tang. >> thank you very much. i want to thank everyone for coming out. obviously i think that all has been said about ms. pimentel and how much she's demonstrated over the course of the years how much she's dedicated to our city and i don't think i need to reiterate what has been said in public comment so at this time i am thankful that the mayor selected someone so fitting for this role so i would be happy to i guess approve the motion confirms the mayor's appointment and send that forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> okay. and supervisor breed. >> yes, i would like to second that motion. i think leah is an amazing individual who works really hard for the community and has a proven track record of being effective, and i think
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that's most important when serving on these kinds of bodies is someone who is apart of the community, someone who understands the issues, someone who is willing to go out of their way to educate the public about some of the challenges that exist and someone who is willing to question staff on issues that are important to the community, so i think a good decision was made, and suggested to move her forward for this particular body and look forward to some changes as a result of it, so congratulations, and i am happy to second the motion. >> great. so we have a motion to approve. seconded by president breed, and i will be happy to support it as well, and i just want to thank future commissioner pimentel for your work and clearly you have a lot of experience going back generations in san francisco and very helpful for this post, so congratulations, and we will take that without objection.
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[gavel] next item please. >> item number 3 is a motion appointing supervisor jane kim term ending june 1, 2016 to the reentry council. >> okay. this is pretty much a pro forma item. i don't expect supervisor kim to come but we will open this up for public comment. public comment is now open. >> (inaudible). >> well, we have someone before you. thank you. >> my name is karen shane. i'm a reentry policy planner with adult probation and staff the council. i am here for questions if you have any. we're excited and thrilled of having the possibility of supervisor kim joining us at the reentry council which has you know has embarked on a very important trek through justice reinvestment for our city and county. we have promised her ols that we're going to change
7:37 pm
the day of the week on the meetings and has been on tuesdays and hard for supervisors to attend so we're changing that starting next year and we certainly hope this gets approved. thank you. >> great. thank you. just a question for you. what are your main policy goals? do you next year or next couple of years? >> sure. we have been working on justice reinvestment which has a three pronged strategy. one is reduce the time that people are on probation. a second is to reduce the number of people in the san francisco county jail through -- well not through bail reform but by expanding pretrail release flew pretrail diversion and the third is -- >> >> let goal is eliminate racial disproportionality in the justice system. it's a lofty goal. i hope i'm not evaluated in terms of the immediate effects and we have a plan and
7:38 pm
that is going to be the central focus for the reentry council for the foreseeable future. >> great. so you're aware of some of the things that come up in my district they think are important for the reentry council to be aware of. a lot of concerns about property crime, and when i hear the police department talking to residents they feel like their hands are tied because there's too much leniency for people that actually get assisted for property crime,. >> arrested for property crime and they feel the hand recess tied and it's important and it runs counter to what the goals of the reentry council are that i actually agree with how do reduce recidivism? keep people out of the jails and the influences that jails can provide that lead to recidivism? and i hear the opposite wanting to fill the jails up so i think
7:39 pm
it's important that the reentry council can actually connect with our offices to understand what that is going on in our neighborhoods as well, so i welcome supervisor kim being on there, but that's just something i think is important to be aware of. >> thank you. we're aware of that and one of the things we're doing as the initiative and we will come to your office and talk about it directly that we want to hold community meetings throughout -- particularly those areas of the city that have been identified through the recent burns report as having the highest levels of disproportionality which happens to be the highest levels of crime. to have a frank discussion how to make the community safer and at the same time as just as possible. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] passion of the
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destiny, of the wisdom, of everything and the principle, of the individualized [inaudible] also marriage of your family, of your career, of your holiness, of your virtue, of your -- >> please keep this to the item that is before us. thank you. seeing no other member ever the public am -- of the public come forward we will close public comment. [gavel] thank you. supervisor tang. >> i am happy to support this motion appointing supervisor kim to the reentry council. i think she's a perfect fit for this and send it forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> very good. motion by supervisor tang and second by president breed and we can take that without objection. thank you. next item please. >> item 4 is a hearing considering one member to the san francisco health authority. there is one seat and one applicant.
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>> okay. mr. pictins please come forward. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is roland pickens and proud to be here today and have you consider my candidacy for a seat for the san francisco general hospital seat on the san francisco health authority . i'm a 24 year resident of supervisor breed's district 5. i have been a member of the third baptist church in san francisco for that time. i have been an active member there, served in the choir and the church musician at the same time working in the public sector for san francisco. first for 10 years at ucsf and was a practitioner manager and ran the offices and internal medicine and family practice. i ran the san francisco airport clinic for five years and recruited by ceo of san francisco gene o'connell to join her staff as associated
7:42 pm
hospital administrator and the chief operating officer for seven years and serve as the director of san francisco health network reporting to barbara garcia and the interim ceo as san francisco general as we recruit for a new executive officer. i'm a lifelong health care administrator. my first job was when i was 16 high school student and a certified nursing aid and taking care of patients. how does a 16 year old become a certified nursing assistant? while not a san francisco naifit it's my second home but i am from houston texas and i was in the privilege of a city with a school system that partnered with the medical school to have professions for high schoolers and the first in the country and in 1976 and i graduated as 1981 as i date myself but basically it was a
7:43 pm
great public private partnership that exposed high school students to the various careers available within health care. we were both vocational and academic training. we were all trained as medical assistants so we went to our classes part of the day. the other part of the day we worked in hospitals and clinics in the texas medical center but we had a rigorous academic education and including science and physiology and all of those things and it was nice. some people grew up wanting to be a doctor or nurse and i grew up wanting to be an administrator and i asked who runs the place and it was the administrator and i pursued a bachelor's degree in public health and masters in education and i have been in health care ever since, and as i said i have been a san francisco resident for 24 years. i currently
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serve on the board of the san francisco general hospital foundation and am proud of the work we have done there in terms of helping to fund raise to support the opening of a new san francisco general hospital. i also serve locally as the president of my under graduate university's alumni university and dillards university in louisiana and my role is the recruitment of bay area students and venture down to new orlean and have a educational experience at a historical black college and that's the focus there. i am committed to the san francisco community. it's my home. i worked in the public sector here and feel that i'm hopefully have the qualifications to fill the seat on the health authority board and i am happy to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you. based on the
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lifelong experience in health care and administration i would say you're very qualified. what you see the issues that the health authority would weigh in on that you can contribute to? >> i think the biggest one is the implementation of the affordable care act lawmakerring sure we have -- making sure we have no stone unturned and everyone eligible gets medi-cal expansion or covered california. we had great success here in san francisco, more so than most countries in the -- counties in the country and not let time be the enemy and be aggressive and sign up campaigns. i think our goal is too as people that make too much to qualify for medi-cal expansion are able to qualify for covered california. how do we make sure it's affordable?
7:46 pm
we know we're working on the bridge plan which would take part of the employer contribution of the city option to healthy san francisco and make it available to san francisco residents to help provide premium support for purchase of covered california insurance so i see that as a big activity that the health authority will be at the forefront on in the next year or so. >> thank you. how does the emergence of new hospitals being built affect the work of the authority and making sure that we're doing enrollment and meeting the needs around low income people in receiving health care? >> i think the agreement between the city and cpmc goes a long way in making sure they provide a valuable service in terms of making their hospital available to local residents of the tenderloin; that they provide primary care homes for
7:47 pm
those residents. they're also providing assistance to the department of public health and san francisco general in terms of providing access to specialty services that we have long waits for so the citizens that either have medi-cal or covered california can see a specialist there more sooner within our own institution so i think all the hospitals have a role to play. we're lucky to have a charity care ordinance here in san francisco that shines a light on the contributions that our hospitals make which i think compared to most communities our hospitals do a really good job, but there's always room for improvement, and i think as long as we can continue to have transparency in terms of the public benefit that the local hospitals give to us we will be in good stead. >> thank you. does the health authority have a role in ensuring the access of those
7:48 pm
institutions happen? >> absolutely. access is a key component of the health authority to the extent that it can influence and implement public policy there's definitely a role, and because the health authority has a -- i don't want to say bipartisan but representation from throughout the health care of the hospital industry in the city i think it's a good place to make sure we've got everyone looking keeping an eye on the prize. >> great. thank you. other questions from the committee? so we can go on to public comment and thank you for your service and your interest in the authority. >> thank you. >> thank you. okay. this item is up open for public comment. >> thank you. [inaudible] all of -- of your -- [inaudible]
7:49 pm
physical have -- life [inaudible] of your personal glory, of your fame, of your money, of your sex. please understand, please realize that -- [inaudible] fame and position are all temporary for making success of some nature accomplishment and [inaudible] >> okay. any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] okay. colleagues. supervisor tang. >> all right. well again another person before us who i think has their resume speaks for itself so i am very happy then to move forward or appoint roland pickens to seat three of the san francisco health authority and send that forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> and seconded -- >> yes, happy to second that recommendation. >> president breed and
7:50 pm
colleagues we will take that without objection. thank you. next item i think we're at number 5 now. is that right? >> item 5 is a hearing to consider the mayor's appointments of carmen sosa, vida bonilla, mollie matull, patricia siegel, and michael wald to the children, youth and their families oversight and advisory committee for terms yet to be determined. >> okay. very good. i'm not sure if everyone is here that applied, and i know some have been here twice because they came before us when we had the board appointments. let's take them in the order that we have, and carmen sosa. is carmen here? please come forward. good morning. >> good morning. hi board of supervisors. my name is carmen sosa. i'm a recent graduate of san francisco flex academy. i'm 18 years old from the mission
7:51 pm
district. i'm going for seat one. some of the organizations that i have been a part of is boys and girls club. i have been going since i -- i don't know how long, for the past 11 years or so. when i became a teen i was able to work i started going as a teen pass and involved in the teen leadership, their keystone program. i have been president for three years and because of all of my work with the boys and girls club i was awarded youth of the youth for san francisco through the boys and girls club. i also have been a big part of the san francisco public library. i have been on their board of advising youth for the past several years helping and create their new teen center and media and visual lab that is now
7:52 pm
open. through the san francisco public library i was also to be part of the annual youth advocacy day through -- sorry, and i was also a part of yac which is the youth advisory council through dcyf. another organization i was part of is -- i was part of the youth employment program with the exploreiorum and funded by them also and i have a lot of experience with dcyf programs. a little bit about myself. i'm the first born in america and child of two immigrated parents. something that i have struggled with is the english language just growing up in general. neither of my parents or sisters spoke english. getting my
7:53 pm
homework done. i had to do it myself or figure out how to do it at school. we were also low income,. both of my parents were incarcerated at different times. after my parents got divorced my mother became disabled. after a new years of her fighting she passed and we were put in the foster care system and something i noticed that we struggled with is the social workers, something they would like to -- [inaudible] sorry. and yeah so i believe that i have -- my background has a wide diversity and i feel like i can advocate for a lot of youth in san francisco on
7:54 pm
various topics. just being able to be on the board i would love to have a youth involvement, youth voice. i know there's a lot of youth in san francisco that don't feel like they have a voice, and that they feel like they wouldn't -- it wouldn't matter what they say pretty much. something that i look forward to is that being able to advocate not only through the san francisco unified school district and i noticed a lot and we outreach a lot through the school district, but personally i was never part of the school district. i went to charter schools for the past 13 years of my life and i never knew about most of the -- i never knew about most of the resources available because i was in a
7:55 pm
charter school so just being able to outreach outside of the school district through the dcyf funded programs and the communities itself. >> great thank you. >> any questions? >> well thank you for sharing all this about yourself as well. i think it's the second time you were here too and you were here earlier and thank you for coming forward and your interest. [inaudible] >> yeah. >> does i mention that before? >> yeah. >> okay. well great thank you for your presentation. supervisor tang has a question for you. >> thank you. i don't have a question. i want to thank you for the interest. i am glad we have youth seats on this body and it's really important and just what you stated in your presentation i think it's important for students. it doesn't matter if you're in sfusd or charter school or
7:56 pm
private schools you're students and you need access for information for all the services that we offer in the city and i am glad to bring that perspective to this body or if you're appointed and again thank you for the work on that and look forward to having you on there. >> okay. great thank you. >> thank you. >> so we can go on to our next appointee, vida bonilla. is vida here? >> good morning supervisors. i am adele and vida has class this morning and provided a letter and application for the committee to review. is it okay that i share highlights? so youth commissioners recommended vida bonilla as long as with carmen sosa for the mayor's appointment for seats one and two of the committee and carmen
7:57 pm
sosa's qualifications speak for themselves and she also spoke to them. vida bonilla is an excelsior resident and grew up in the san francisco public schools and a city college student, 18 years old. she maintains a role in caring for her siblings and looking out for children and youth services across the life span. she's worked with community am preprograms for years and with lyric and an intern and educator and project pull, enterprise for high school students and she's a homework tutor at her library so we were happy to have such amazing applicants for the two youth seats and thrilled there will be young people on sitting on the body and look forward to supporting them. >> great. it's great to hear that the excelsior is represented as well and have a large number of schools and
7:58 pm
children under the age of 18, and i don't think vida is under the agent of 18 but she would have a great perspective of being around that able as well. >> yeah, youth commissioners thought so too. >> great. okay. next person is mollie matull. >> [inaudible] >> okay. she's want going to be able to make it and patty siegel. i don't see -- oh she is here. welcome again. >> i upon happy to be back. >> it kind of worked out because we had other appointees from the board and i was hoping that the mayor would put your name forward. >> right, i remember. thank you so much. i am pleased to be back and since you heard before i will be brief. i lived in san francisco and district 5 actually since 1968. i'm the proud parent of three children
7:59 pm
who are wonderful graduates of the san francisco public schools and now four grandchildren who are benefiting from public services including child care right down stairs in city hall with my grandson attends. my granddaughter is at pacific primary benefiting from preschool for all and my grandsons are at roof top and we're well served and it's a multi-generational commitment. my late husband who died last year and worked in the school system and i bring his perspective as well. my life's work has been to help families to find and access child care. i started way back in 1971 when i couldn't get my play group in my inner sunset neighborhood down to the park at golden gate
8:00 pm
park and lincoln way might have been the mississippi river and there were no crosswalks and crossing the street with a grouch toddler was -- group of toddlers was taking their life in the hands and i was in on committee chaired by supervisor dianne feinstein and we got the stop lights and every time i go through the intersections with my grandchildren now in tow i am grateful that the board of supervisors supported parents from throughout the inner sunset and haight ashbury and having access to a great resource that wasn't available. i learned in that play group working with 12 families in my neighborhood that unmet child care needs were then sadly in 1971, 72, a huge issue, not just for my family, not just for other families in district
8:01 pm
5 and the inner sunset but throughout the city and with a grant from the rosenberg foundation i was happy to be part of a collect ofive that started the -- collective that started the child care switch board and sounds ancient now and it's an oxymoron and our goal was to help parents get affordable child care and i wish i could say we achieved that goal. we have a lot ways go and why i am excited about the potential of being appointed to this oversight committee but one thing i learned about listening to parents on the telephone in those days and now we listen on computers and other ways as well, that unmet needs were rampant in the city. the unmute needs for parents that work non traditional hours and this continues to be a challenge. not everyone in the city works 9:00 o'clock to 5:00 o'clock.
8:02 pm
not everyone has the privilege of having a schedule that is predictable so we figured out we needed flexible child care arrangements for parents in addition to formal settings and care for infants asked to hers and searched for any funds available. we were fortunate to receive a grant from the department i think it was called social rehabilitation services to do a neighborhood based recruitment and training project for home based license child care providers. we worked in hunters point, in the western edition, two sessions in chinatown, one in mander rin and one in cantonese in the district and i am proud to say many of the graduates are providing care today and that was back in 1974 but we learned a horrible thing that believe it or not in 1974 if you didn't speak english in san francisco you couldn't
8:03 pm
get licensed as a home based child care provider. we didn't accept that. it was a county rule at the time and done not locally and we sued the state of california and said it was unfair. we got great representation from the employment law center and we over turned that very injust regulation and it opened the door to really begin to build communities of providers throughout the city, not just those who had the privilege of growing up speaking english. that's one of the things and we realized we needed training materials that were relevant for all types of child care providers so that was one of the things at the child care switch board that i was most proud of. i worked hard. as a result of that lawsuit we met jerry brown in the first incarnation and thought what we were doing
8:04 pm
mattered and authored legislation and child care services became a state wide program and i served for nine years throughout the two terms as governor as the chair of the child development advisory committee and i learned a lot working with advisory committee and working with diverse constituents and i think i would bring some of the skills. i went on ultimately in 1980 to my retirement in 2012 to lead the california network and we're reverse pioneers in california. we started the first r and r in san francisco and known as the childrens' council but we spread that throughout california and ultimately the country. i worked hard at the federal level because we never had enough money to do the things that we needed to do and we still don't so i was a state representative to the national coalition that
8:05 pm
passed the child care and development block grant which continues to be the major source of funding for child care. back here in california i was an adive supporter of -- avid supporter of prop 10 and by antonio reynoso to serve on first 5 commission and i learned a lot there and serving on a diverse commission and getting in touch with all of the member agent agencies and counties in california with the incredible diverse needs and i think at times in san francisco we can be very insulated in terms we have so many benefits available, so much -- i mean one of the reasons i am anxious to serve on this commission is i feel like we have resources that believe me other counties drool over,
8:06 pm
and so we have an opportunity to lead the way and we also have the opportunity to learn from some of the good practices that happen in other counties in california and throughout the country and that's one of the things i think i would bring. one of the last two projects that i did at the r and r network, the one i am most proud of and legacy work is something called "parent voices." when i started the switch board i had two children under three and twins and by the time i was testifying in sacramento and washington i was the parent of high school kids and i wasn't an authentic voice for the young kids and i was impressed with leah pimentel that talked about the opportunitys in her communities and i know carmen and the others will bring that perspective from their families
8:07 pm
but what i wanted to see if there was a way for parents to actually have a voice here in city hall and sacramento and washington, d.c. so with support from the margaret casey foundation and now the pepper corn foundation and womens' foundation of california parents voices started and helping low income parents become very informed and engaged and what matters more than to each of them and it's their childrens' future and i am glad the parents advocates and marie lois torres and i hired way back then they stuck it with the children and not just the early years but high school and beyond, and the last thing and i mentioned it earlier was the growing learning caring project which was funded by the state of california to really look at those workers who are lowest income and in the non traditional hours because not
8:08 pm
every family has access to the wonderful preschools and child care centers that we have and we have to find ways to make sure that those services are not just available to people that fit the 9-5 category but to all families so in short i'm very honored to be considered now by the mayor and if appointed i pledge to you that i have a lot of time and energy to give, and i look forward to working with all of you in the months and years to come. thank you. >> great. thank you very much. i think it was very thorough presentation, and i am happy to have you back again and look forward to you serving. >> thank you. >> thank you. next up is michael wald. >> thank you supervisors. i'm michael wald. i actually had
8:09 pm
sent you all of the committee members a statement of qualifications. i think that supervisor breed prejudicial didn't. >> >> probably didn't get one because i sent it to supervisor cohen so i won't go over in detail things that i covered in the statement, but i have been appointed to seat five for which i'm very honored and very pleased to have this opportunity to serve. that is the seat that where there is either expertise or experiences in working with low income children and under served children and families. i actually believe that if you have any expertise it comes from experiences that you need to work with people to develop, and i hope that my qualifications
8:10 pm
fit on both sides of that. i have been working on childrens' issues for over 48 years. my entire professional career has been devoted to childrens' issues. i lived in san francisco for the last 28 years and i'm going to mostly focus on that but actually going back earlier in 1971, 72, i was a lawyer at then the youth law center working with some people you know: james bell and jaim morales and others and i was on the board of san francisco neighborhood legal assistance foundation at that time, so i go back early in terms of san francisco. i did -- [inaudible] i had stanford as a teaching base during this time. i was actively engaged in east palo
8:11 pm
alto and teaching in a day school set up by gert triewd wilks and eaching on the east palo alto community and the board founded and being involved in promoting particularly special education needs of children in east palo alto. over the last 28 years while in san francisco i had the opportunity to serve in a number of capacities which i think relate to all of them give me background through the five or six things that the statute lays out for the commission to do to look at outcomes for children, to look at evaluation, to think about how to apply data to think about funding processes, to think about programming, and
8:12 pm
capacity and have community engagement. as i think you know i was appointed by mayor brown as head of the human services agency and served in that capacity in 1996 and 97. worked closely with a wide range of people in the community and set up a community task force in which we developed a plan which i think has worked well in making san francisco one of the most progressive places in terms of supporting lower income families. i then had the opportunity to -- i was appointed by mayor newsom to co-chair with another person [inaudible] catherine casellis and foster youth and wonderful advocate who is up now in sacramento advocating. i
8:13 pm
co-chaired the [inaudible] transitional youth board and the most disconnected kids. i have a copy if you haven't had that report in which we tried to think how you get 18-24 year olds out of work and out of school reconnected to supportive sets of services, and i was very pleased as part of the charter amendment dcyf is now focusing on 18-24 year olds which was one of our recommendations in that report. it gave me an opportunity to work with a number of really wonderful people in the community there, and finally most recently i was chair of the youth council of the work workforce investment board again focusing on getting work force and education for youth particularly those who were struggling. i brought the attention of the youth council and our funding to the students in the alternative schools who
8:14 pm
are the most at risk students in san francisco, and brought work force training and other programs to connect with their academic studies and i hope in serving on this i can bring these various experiences to bear for fulfilling the obligations of the committee. i am happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you very much. your work is well represented in terms of the issues that are going to be important for the oversight committee and just want to appreciate your wanting to be part of it and i think your expertise will be a great asset there. thank you. okay. so we can open this item up for public comment. >> please allow me. jane kim supervisor. i like her as a
8:15 pm
person -- no worry. nothing worry. still worry about -- [inaudible] life and outcomes for the future, of marriage, of life, and family and terms of son and father, and in life -- passion, wisdom -- destiny, who would want to have -- i mean a person would like to have completeness of true self nature and life of destiny for oneself and family and engage on to career of headquarter center [inaudible] position -- anyway -- >> okay. very good. thank you. next speaker please. >> hello. there. my name is molly brown and with huckleberry
8:16 pm
youth programs but here as capacity of the youth coalition and sub-committee. i want to thank you for the patience during the process and on the board's side and the mayor's side. it's taken longer than we expected. however we are thrilled with the candidates before you today and carmen and patty and michael and vida we think they're well qualified and represent their communities and constituents and have expertise and will do a fabulous job so we are thrilled that the mayor appointed such qualified people and we're excited for the work to begin and the committee to be beginning and i wanted to come and thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. thank you for your work as well and shaping the charter amendment. any other speakers? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] and colleagues these items are live before us. president breed.
8:17 pm
>> thank you. i just want to thank the individuals who came today to meet or to introduce yourself to let us know who you are, what you have been doing, and as some of you know i am filling in for supervisor cohen so i came in a little bit later and didn't have a chance to thoroughly review the materials, but hearing from you gave me a good idea that you all have some great expertise, and will provide a lot of great information and support necessary to make this advisory committee successful. i do want to express some concern, and i do apologize again for not being completely prepared, but i would like to know specifically if -- molly i guess was not here but has the mayor made any
8:18 pm
appointments of any african-americans in the list of his appointments? and does anyone have information regarding that? no one is here from the mayor's office; right? okay. and i guess having the information for -- i don't recall exactly who we as members of the board appoint the but i was wondering if there are any african-americans on the list and if someone can get that information for me? and the reason i am bringing this issue up because i am very concerned that the african-american drop out rate in our public school system is higher almost than any other group. you have the latino drop out rate is high and the african-american drop out rate in the system is high and when we're looking at a advisory committee of reflective of that demographic so i am very concerned about that and i do apologize for not being completely prepared in order to
8:19 pm
understand the makeup of what the advisory committee would be. >> yeah supervisor i don't believe there is any. we did receive another notice of appointment from the mayor for seat six so i don't know what -- >> and seat three? >> i don't know -- [inaudible] >> okay. >> we also had concern about representation from other ethnic groups as well that were important to represent. we barely made it with i believe the chinese person, someone who speaks chinese and asian to be on the committee, and i think with ms. sossa we have a latina there but no other representations from the latino community as well so it's an issue and there was a lot of
8:20 pm
work to reach out and encourage people to apply and i believe with the mayor's office that was the case as well and we were hoping that the mayor's office could deal with the diversity issues and we had a lot of difficulty to get the mayor to come forward in a timely way with the appointments because they're about a month and a half late. >> and i will say that as someone who was previously run a non-profit that was funded by dcyf i think one of my biggest frustrations was the fact there were different organizations that would apply for funding, they would receive funding because they were good at applying for funding but they're not the organizations doing the work effectively for the community and i want to make sure that the kinds of folks that serve on this body are people not just looking at how well somebody writes a proposal but more importantly where are
8:21 pm
the services needed? and we know there are certain neighborhoods with more challenges but when we look at where money is going for violence prevention in particular and we have the bay view hunter's point community and significant violence unfortunately and a huge homicide rate compared to anyplace in the city yet the dollars are not reflective of that in terms of the funds we give out is a call for concern which is why i feel we need to make sure the representation on this body, which is a really important advisory body for the distributions of millions of dollars to programs that serve our young population i want to make sure this is a solid group of people with a diverse representation. >> well, thank you. i actually -- i do believe in terms of peoples' actual representations, the composition of the committee in terms of
8:22 pm
ethnicity and race not as diverse as we can be. i believe in experience and in terms of the work we have done. we approved just on tuesday someone who is chinese that does a lot of great work in the community and the chinese community and knows the neighborhood of san francisco very well, so i believe that we have that -- a lot of people who have a broad experience who have connections with our communities who are there, and i think supervisor tang has some news too they think is important to share. >> sure thank you. so i believe that mayor lee actually this week appointed an african-american woman to this body and so again i do agree that absolutely there should be incredible diversity on a body such as well, so i believe that will potentially be coming forward to us, but that decision was made this week. >> thank you supervisor tang, and i want to add that it's not
8:23 pm
just about diversity in terms of racial makeup but diversity in terms of experience because i think there is a real disconnect in this city when we talk about the population of african-americans, when we talk about the number of young people in our public school systems that are dropping out, and the lack of targeted support around this particular population it is really frustrating, and i just again want to make sure that they're individuals on this body that understand that there are a lot of challenges out there, and everything is not as simple as you know this is a systematic way of doing things, but more importantly how are we being innovative? are are we truly progressive about providing the right kinds of programs and making sure we're funding not just the status quo but we're funding new innovative programs or finding creative ways in order to support this
8:24 pm
population? and i also want to add that one of the ways i was able to get a lot of the young people who were challenges to work with in the community was we basically paid stipends and now stipends are under attack. dcyf has basically put a cap on the amount of dollars that could be paid as a stipend to young people, and unfortunately you know we had challenges with capacity in order to as the minimum wage went up and as funding somewhat stabilized we didn't have the financial support to hire an hr team in order to manage our youth so they were actual employees so we used stipends as a way to work with young people and keep them actively involved in our programs so they were around positive people. they received support, and they were a -- a
8:25 pm
lot turned out to be successful individuals that work for example the city, attending city cleefnlght one graduated from san jose state last year so again i just want to make sure that we are not putting obstacless in the way of trying to work with a challenging population, and that we understand what those challenges are, and we're prepared to do what it takes in order to support those programs, especially the ones that are finding creative innovative ways that are not always what the city wants us to do, but it's more what we need to do in order to support that population, and so i just want to put that out there, and i'm glad that the mayor has someone, but i'm hoping that person also understands the challenges. i would like to see more funding directed at more communities where it's truly needed to more programs that are effectively serving our most challenging
8:26 pm
population here in the city. thank you. >> thank you. and i think that's the advisory and oversight committee will be a body where that -- where those type of comments are important to be directed to as well so it's not just the appointees but the work of that body that will create the innovation that will meet our needs so i agree the appointments are going to be important, but that's not the end all so colleagues these are live before us; and we're most -- mostly reviewing these and the mayor's appointments go forward and we send to the full board -- no, we don't send to the full board? >> no. this is a hearing that you file. >> so this is an information item. do we need to take action like file or anything? >> yes, you can file and continue to the call of the chair. >> can we have a motion? >> i make a motion to file the
8:27 pm
hearing. >> seconded by president breed. >> second. >> and we will take that without objection. again i want to thank everyone for being here today and presenting and your interest in the committee. next item please. >> item number 6 is a hearing consider pointing two members terms ending april 27, 2016 to the sunshine ordinance task force. there are two seats and two applicants. >> great thank you. and first up we will have mr. rumold. welcome. >> thank you. thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear before you today and for considering my application. my name is mark rumold. i previously served in on the task force in this seat. in march this year i moved from san francisco to the east bay and i had to resign
8:28 pm
because of the residence restrictions. in my time on the task force i helped the task force make important improvements to operate more efficiently, operate more credibly and those are things i would like to help the task force continue doing. a bit about me. i am a staff attorney at the electric frontier foundation. i do work primarily on transparency and surveillance issues in the national security context so there's not a lot of national security issues that come up before the task force but my transparency work -- i am familiar with federal transparency laws and state transparency laws. on the prior time on the task force i became familiar with the ordinance too so i guess in closing when i was appointed initially i agreed to serve for two years and with the committee's approval i would like to fulfill that commitment.
8:29 pm
>> great. how was your experience for that personally on that and what were your consideration contributions at that time. >> >> i was surprised by the time commitment. it ended being a more significant commitment than i expected but in terms of -- (chanting in the hallway) i think part of the work that needs to be done to help the task force to operate better is make the meetings go more smoothly and more efficient, and in my time we set up a system where committees would consider complaints before the full task force meeting so the full task force would only approve or deny the recommendations of the committee and i thought that set up the meetings a lot and helped
8:30 pm
both members of san francisco agencies and members of the public operate in a more transparent fashion. >> great. okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> next up is eric. last name isn't before me right now. >> hi there. my name is eric eldon and chief -- [inaudible] neighborhood publication in san francisco. our primary focus is cultural civic and local business issues, and i would like to talk a little bit about what we do because it's important context why i care about being on this committee. i will also tell you about a little about myself. our neighborhoods are primarily located in districts three, five, six, eight. our daily
8:31 pm
news coverage is unique way that residents get the news. 80% of the stories that we publish wouldn't be considered stories by other publications because they're simply too granule. at this time we found a significant audience in terms what we're doing. in terms of our staff we hire from every community in where we're located and write stories that are relevant to everybody. as i believe is the case with the other handful neighborhood (paused) and we have written about regularly. it's really seems public service. personally i spend more than a decade as a reporter and editor covering
8:32 pm
technology and business news at technology publications in silicon valley so i am familiar with that world. i work at hood line because i believe in the local news and the mission and i was burned out covering silicon valley and wanted to do something more community oriented and i now live in oakland for the usual reasons. i couldn't afford to stay here but i continue to work in the city and manage our team across different neighborhoods. in terms of the sunshine ordinance task force i believe that transparency in government helps citizens believe the best how the tax dollars are spent, how the votes are going to work and when they believe in government they're willing to invest time and money and energy and build communities in the city. hood line and myself have benefits from the efforts of city agencies and the board of
8:33 pm
supervisors to be more transparent. the data sf site is a huge tool for us to understand what is going on, basic issues like permits and business changes and all sorts of things like that, and i realize while times it can be challenging to deal with the public and the scrutiny they may have however well or poorly founded it maybe we understand as journalists understand what supervisors and agencies go through and we believe the effort and the discourse of transparency and that transparency allows is hugely important for building the civic life of the city and my hope as a member i can help the city and the residents to understand this and build trust and questions from the task force and i am looking forward to serving on the committee with your consideration. thank you very much. >> thank you. so you haven't searched on the committee
8:34 pm
before. >> served on the committee before? have you attended? can you talk about your impressions? >> i was talking about this earlier. there is certain a lot of process involve the. i think on the one understand the committee is providing a voice to anyone who has questions about how the city is working and its balance and efficiency and giving everyone due consideration without allowing any one person to derail the efforts of the overall committee, so i think the work that mark is taking about is important. i think there are a lot of possibilities in the future for making it even more efficient allowing people to submit on line and share on line and have the questions reviewed online. i think there are are a ton of opportunities in that area and i can't say i inventory done. >>
8:35 pm
>> i haven't done it before and i will learn more about being involved but i think the right structure is there and just needs to be improved. >> great. thank you and in terms enforcement and accountability do you have ideas around that and people responding and elected officials or departments responding to requests or the public engaging the task force to get service? -- >> can you repeat the last part? >> in terms of enforcement do you see ways to make it more efficient and departments to be enforced or for the public to people be more efficient in the use of using the task force? >> it's always a tough balance in terms of analyzing the questions of citizens, and
8:36 pm
forcing more transparency in some cases. they're often legitimate reasons why agencies don't want all of the information disclosed and i would want to consider that carefully. i think anything that could be auto mated should be and the chief technology officer around making the data sets produced by the agencies available online and a hugely baseline tool for allowing that. just to understand to look at things like anything from crime incidents to street repairs to education to everything else that is happening in each neighborhood that can actually be put online and a lot of the questions that people have i think around this they're going to be more and more ways that the city can present it to them so they can get the answers they're looking for without going through the committee process. >> great thank you. is this
8:37 pm
any interest for hood line expanding their neighborhoods? we have a lot of granules in district 11. >> i would love to. i wrote an article about your work for the medical cannabis dispensary zoning review you're working on last year and earlier this year, and i think that's a great example of an issue in your district that has not been covered in that much detail by city press. that would be a very important for us to delve into but the issues we were hearing about bay view, all the housing issues there, all of those sorts of things are important to be covered and there's want enough media in the city just bringing those issues up making citizens aware of what is happening and i would love to work on that. >> that's great. we can talk about that off line. district 11 is uniquely ignored by a lot of media institutions. >> right. >> and anything we can do to change that would be great.
8:38 pm
>> i appreciate it. >> okay. president breed. >> thank you. i had a question and i guess i will be asking the city attorney a little bit about conflict of interest because hood line does make sunshine request and do you think some of the decisions you make as a member of the task force maybe in conflict? for example in you made a request to any department or supervisor for a particular matter and eventually that particular issue came before the sunshine task force would that impact the decision you would make or see that as a conflict? >> if i was personally involved i would recuse myself or qualify my opinions to the other committee members. i think for the position that i'm going for the society of professional
8:39 pm
journalists and representing that and i have to deal with that conflict if i write about anything in the city and i am open to the feedback. i want to to be a fair process for everyone and i see myself on the committee as representing the interest of society of professional journalists and journalists at large in the city and not just hood line and my own position. >> for example, there are similar complaints that come before your body that are not necessarily directly involving hood line but maybe similar to situations that you faced do you see yourself -- i mean how do you see yourself dealing with those kinds of situations? and how do you separate what your personal -- not personal, but more professional opinion based on your desires are to get the information you need in order to produce your story? like how do you separate that what could be a conflict in terms of the
8:40 pm
right decision on the issue? >> it's a great question and i don't have a perfect answer for it. i would say that hood line is not advocacy journalism. we're trying to writing objectivity and it maybe an impossible goal but we strive for it. it's valuable to people and they appreciate we're trying to be fair and i would say any question like that i would take the approach what is fair for the citizens of the city? i think in the sense our audience is essentially the same as ours. >> and let me just get more specific. i have a different opinion about like the calendar requests in terms -- i mean there's a thin line between public information and then also being nosy and wanting to know what someone is doing all the time, so more specifically if there is a request asking me as an official did i meet with a particular individual and if the public wants to know details
8:41 pm
about that or what have you i think it's appropriate. i think it's appropriate to share that information with the public, but i don't think it's appropriate for the public to know my whereabouts 24 hours a day, all of my information, anything personal, my patterns and so on and so forth so i have a difference of opinion about that, so that particular issue continues to to be an issue with the sunshine task force because i bump heads with people who i would consider mentally unstable that constantly request my calendar and -- >> i was at the july meeting where this came up and it's a complicated issue what is your personal life and what is your public life. hillary clinton herself is going through some of the questions on the national stage with her emails. i think a lot of this stuff is laid out and you know past case studies and past situations and with
8:42 pm
the sunshine task force do i try to go for the pretty straightforward interpretation of what is on the books already. i would listen to the advice of the city attorney. i would probably talk to independent lawyers who are familiar with these types of issues and come to a conclusion based on all of that rather than my personal interest in the matter or the interest of particular people that come before the committee. >> so do you think that public officials should have to share their calendars if requested? >> i would -- i'm not a lawyer, and i'm not exactly sure what's on the books for that. in general for this sort of thing and my experience working for news organizations i try to have one personal email account and everything where i manage that and one where i manage my professional life. for public officials all of it can potentially as i understand come
8:43 pm
under review, and i don't honesty know the answer. i haven't heard a clear answer from other people. i just heard a lot of opinions and i can't say i have decided on that right now. >> okay. and then i think -- yeah, that's it. that's all i have. thank you. >> thank you mr. eldon. we will go to public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment please come forward. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm richard nee speaking on behalf of the society of professional journalists northern california chapter. we're the organization that nominated these two fine gentlemen to the task force. the process that we go through, the process of vetting and interviewing the people who want to serve on the task force it's
8:44 pm
extensive and intensive and we look at their credentials. we look at their cvs. we interview them on their views on various sunshine related matters, and we believe that mr. rumold and mr. eldon have the competence, certainly the good sunshine intent that will make them welcome additions to the task force, and having served on the task force for 12 years i can tell you that some of the cases and some of the issues that come before the task force can be quite contentious, and we are confident that mr. eldon and mr. rumold have the temperament
8:45 pm
necessary to go through these things and to do so in a fair and objective manner and come to decisions that will serve the interest of sunshine. >> great. thank you very much. and seeing no other member of the public we will close public comment. [gavel] >> i did have a question sir. i'm sorry. i forgot your name. >> [inaudible] >> mr. knee; richard knee, just like elbow. yes, ma'am? >> were you identify to local residents for this and both are from oakland. i am
8:46 pm
not comfortable with this and it's challenging to support a residency requirement especially if i know they're qualified san franciscans that can serve on these bodies and i am trying to understand was there any san francisco residents that you looked at or any outreach to possible recommendations you could make with residents of the city? >> okay. in the case of mr. rumold he wants to continue on the task force, sort to resume service on the task force so we didn't really reach out to anybody else. he served the task force ably and well in the past, and we believe that he would continue to do so. in the case of -- >> i'm sorry. mr. rumold lived in san francisco but he had to move out -- >> he moved to oakland, and that forced him to leave the
8:47 pm
task force. now he wants to come back on it with the waiver requirement waived. in the case of journalist seat, seat number two, no, we were not able to find any san francisco residents for that. we did have another applicant who works i believe in novato and lives in richmond, the city of richmond, so given that we believe that it was in our best interest and in your best interest to nominate mr. eldon. both mr. eldon and mr. rumold work a stone's throw from city hall so their attendance at meetings will not be a problem and we urge the residency requirement be waived. >> thank you. i believe the work of mr. rumold is a good
8:48 pm
choice for this seat and nature. again one of the challenges i have is we are exhausting all public options for residents of the city first. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. it was -- it's again that we get a residency requirement waiver request, and so i understand your concern. i also think it's important to have very qualified people who know the terrain very well, who are on the task force, so it's that kind of uncomfortable balance that we have to strike all the time. president breed. >> okay. so with that i think i will say that i'm not completely familiar with mr. rumold -- i hope i'm saying your name right, but as someone
8:49 pm
who has served on the task force before i'm comfortable with moving forward -- hesitantly so with moving forward with waiving the residency requirement, and i'm definitely very comfortable with mr. eldon because again familiar with his involvement and understanding of the city landscape and thinks -- and i believe that he would do a really good job on the task force and i i'm glad he has the interest in steps outside just the neighborhoods and doing something in city hall that could really make a big difference for our city, so with that i would like to make a motion to waive the residency requirement for seat one and for seat two, and move forward with positive recommendation to the full board both individuals,
8:50 pm
mark rumold for seat one and eric eldon for seat two. >> i second that. >> okay. and colleagues we can take that without objection. [gavel] thank you. okay. madam clerk do we have any other items before us? >> no mr. chair. that concludes everything today. >> we are adjourned thank you. [gavel]
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
>> it has been amazing. the people have been so gracious and so supportive of what we're doing. the energy here is fantastic with so many couples getting married. it's just been an absolutely fantastic experience, so wonderful. >> by the power vested in me, i declare you spouses for life. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> to actually be able to get married and be a part of this time in history and time in our history is amazing. >> this is a momentous occasion for us to be able to actually have this opportunity to have equal rights. >> we have been together for 14 years. everyone is so welcoming. it's been all set up and people have guided us from step to
8:53 pm
step. it's been easy. there was live music. people are so friendly and excited. so excited for us. >> it's really great. >> yeah. >> and salvador is party a here to known as party a. >> on the out it looks pretty simple. you come in, you made your appointment. you pay. you go here for your license. you got there to get married. you go there if you want to purchase a certified copy. behind the scenes, there was just this monumental just mountain of work, the details into everything that we had to do and we quickly realized that we were not ready to issue the numbers of licenses that people are anticipating that we would need to issue. we definitely did not want people waiting in long lines. this is somebody's wedding. you want to be able to plan and invite your family and friends.
8:54 pm
know what time you are able to get your marriage license, know what time you're going to have your ceremony. >> thanks for volunteering. >> we got city volunteers, we got members of the public volunteering. we had our regular volunteers volunteering. we had such an overwhelming response from city employees, from the members of the general public that we had way more volunteers than we could ever have hoped for. we had to come up with a training program. i mean, there are different functions of this whole operation. you were either, you know a check-in person. you were a greeter. you were part of the license issuing unit. you were deputy marriage commissioner, or you were on the recording side. each one of those functions required a different set of skills, a different oath of office if they needed to be
8:55 pm
sworn in as a deputy county clerk to issue marriage licenses or as a deputy county recorder if they were going to register the marriage licenses or the deputy marriage commissioner if they were going to be performing ceremonies. >> donna, place the ring on her ring finger. >> the marriage commissioner training was only about a half hour. it was very simple. very well run, very smooth and then we were all sworn in. >> they said we would get our scheduled sunday night and so 7:00, 8:00, 10:00, you know, i got it at 11:00. this person who was orchestrating all of the shifts and the volunteers and who does what, you know, said from her office sunday night at 11:00. they are just really helping each other. it's a wonderful atmosphere in that way. >> have you filled out an application? >> not yet. you want to do that. >> take this right over there. >> all right. >> take it tout counter when
8:56 pm
you're done. >> very good. >> congratulations, you guys. >> for those volunteers, what a gift for them as well as us that they would take up their time and contribute that time, but also that they would in return receive so much more back because they're part of the narrative of someone else's love and expression of love in life. >> this isn't anything that we had budgeted for, so it was basically we asked our i.t. director to do the best you can, you know, belling, borrow, steal if you have to and get us what you need to do this. and he knew what the mission was. he knew what our goal was. and, you know, with our i.t. grids and our software vender, they really came together and pulled it together for us. it made it possible for us to be able to serve as many couples as we have been. >> so once you're ready, you and your husband to be or wife need to be need to check in here and check in again, ok.
8:57 pm
are you also going to get married today? >> yeah. >> let's process you one by one. do your license in, exit and re-enter again check in at that desk. >> our wedding is at 3:00. >> as long as we get you in today. >> we're getting married at 2:30. >> don't worry about the time line. we're greeting people at the doorway and either directing them to the services they need on this side which is licensing or the services on this side which is actually getting the ceremony performed. >> this is an opportunity to choose to be a part of history. many times history happens to us, but in this case, you can choose to be a part of it. this is a very historic day and so i'm very, very proud to be here. >> i have been volunteering. last monday i performed 12 different marriage smones. the least amount of time that any of the couples that i married have been together is two years.
8:58 pm
most of the couples have been together eight, nine, 10, i'd say 70% have been together at least that long if not longer. >> there is a lot of misconception about who gay and lesbian people are. it's important that people see that we love our husbands and wives to be and love our children and have the right to have families just like everyone else. >> it's important that we have experienced our own families, our own friends, and the excitement of the volunteers when we get here has made us feel wonderful and accepted and celebrated. >> there is a lot of city agencies, city departments, divisions that offer up their employees to help us out since overwhelming response, it's unbelievable at how city government works. this is the time that san
8:59 pm
francisco city employees have really outshined san francisco's clerk's office didn't need to hear from the mayor to say what's your plan. they offered a plan and said here is our strategy. here is what we can do. we can add all of these computers here and there. we can connect our databases, we can expand our capacity by x. we can open up early and stay late and stay open on the weekends. it's unbelievable. we can coordinate all of the training for our volunteers and them in as deputy marriage commissioners and make sure it's signed and certified. that's an example and a model for others. this is -- what happens is when people prove that things can be done, it just raises the bar for what is possible for everyone else. >> it kind of went cooled plan and this is what we planned for. in some respects, people have kind of commented to me, oh, my
9:00 pm
god, you were a part of history and how many couples did we mary? how many families did we start? how many dreams did we make come true? the whole part of being part of history is something that we are here and we are charged with this responsibility to carry out. >> call the meeting to order.
9:01 pm
>> okay. >> roll call, commissioner katz. >> here. >> adams. >> here. woo ho. >> here. >> item two, approval of minutes for the july, 14, 2015 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? >> minutes are approved. >> item three, public comment and executive session? >> public comment on executive session? seeing none, public comment is closed, executive session? >> so motion to move into executive session. >> move to move into executive session. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> and now we will move into executive session. >> okay, executive session, public >> a pologize. >> do we reconvene? >> yes. >> we recessed after closed session. >> i will return after open session. >> correct. >> and there should be a
9:02 pm
motion, whether or not to disclose any of the closed session, discussions? >> even though we just recessed it? >> i am sorry, we can do that at the very end. sorry. >> so, voted? >> number six? >> pledge of allegiance. >> please be advised that the ringing of cell phones and other devices are prohibited at this meeting and be advised that the chair may order the removal for any of the person responsible for the ringing of or the use of the pager or cell phone or device.
9:03 pm
and be advised that a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to make permanent public comments on each agenda item, unless the commission, adopts a shorter period on any item. >> item 8, public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> next item? >> item 9 a, executive director's report >> good afternoon, commissioner and members of the public and thank you for joining us on a gorgeous day and i hope that you enjoy the coolness of the room in here and so welcome. we have not met since july and so i have a little bit of a executive director's report but i hope that you will enjoy most of it at least. the first thing that i want to report on is the great success of the la cocina san francisco street food festival that was held at pier 70, in building 12 on august, 15 and 16th which was a weekend. >> as you know, ne host an annual street food festival every year as a fund-raiser and
9:04 pm
it is a kitchen for women and immigrant food and entrepreneur and frankly there are really, a great resource, for low income, food entrepreneurs to be able to have some shared facilities and have access to the field there and in the business and they have been running this fund-raiser/street food festival for over 6 years. and they out grew their space, where they were holding it at mission. and this year, well, we are able to come to pier 70 and host it in building 12. and the festival featured over 100 food and craft vendors and they had all kinds of small businesses, owner operated businesses, and 30 businesses that grew from la cocina low income entrepreneur program and the developer of that area hosted a booth at the site to make the visitors aware of the future vision of the pier 70, and as the plans for the park and the development of the
9:05 pm
historic building. and they got an overwhelmingly positive response. and so, it was just a fantastic weekend. for everyone. and they had marked the two years, since the building 12 has been opened as a way to engage the public back to pier 70, to enjoy it in a way that it has never been enjoyinged since it was heretofore, a public and a working pier. and in the two years that it has been opened to the public for events, it is estimated that 120,000 visitors have experienced some pier 70 and gotten a bit of a taste of what pier 70 will be going forward following the development. and so it is exciting news for us. if you have not had a chance to come to an event at pier 70, i hope that you can and because it is one of the most in my humble unbiased opinion, beautiful places for the san francisco water front. and so really, hope that you will come and share it too and the weather is fantastic there. so, on your way over, i am sure that you did not notice the
9:06 pm
very, very large event that is being built across the street. but this thursday, september the 10th, the nfl will be kicking off its season leading into the super bowl 50. and so super bowl 50 is hosted here in the san francisco in the bay area. they will kick their season off here in san francisco, so they will do so, by from 3:30 to 5:30, hosting a free concert across the street here at justin herman plaza and feature elie, golding and our very own grammy award winning band, train which should be really awesome. and so they will be doing a couple of other events on the port property, the plaza is not property. but there will be a free open to the public kids zone in the parklet that is between piers 9 and 15. and there will be a kick off 2015, photo opportunity at pier 35, where the public can come
9:07 pm
in and see the vince lumbardy trophy and hang out with the oakland 46ers and greats and get the autographs and if you want the information of what all will be going on you can go to the nfl website and search for kick off 2015, that is what is happening. if you did not see it have you to have them looking at the beautiful day to have missed all that is going on across the street. >> and then, right, in the following week from september, 13th to 18th is the dream, annual dream force conference here in san francisco, as you know, the dream force is the world's largest technology conference that takes place at the m*f center area. and it is historically, feeds, i forget how many, but it is quite a large number of attendees from all over the country. this year as part of dream
9:08 pm
force, sales force has crrlted with the sellty cruise line to use the celebrity infinity cruise ship as a hotel ship here at pythagorean 27, so the infinity will be coming into port loaded with 2,000 passengers who would have sailed a regular cruise and they bill disembark on the sunday, and sales force will begin the charter on september, 13th and going through friday, september the 18th. and at which point, 2,000 celebrity infinity passengers will load up on the ship and sale out on to the great seas once again during the time that they have chartered ship, we are expecting 1200 guest and they will be chrisening the ship as the dream boat it sounds very much like a former tv show. but it is actually in keeping with the dream force event the only thing that will be
9:09 pm
happening on the pier is the hosting of the passengers in the room. so shuttle service between the pythagoreaner 27 and the center will be provided by the port's ten anlts bower transportation and it is a lot of good, work for our partner and we are looking forward to a very good event in that use of our cruise ship terminal. and i just want to say that, the use of ships in hotel mode, is something that we do as a normal part of our business typically. they say that one to two nights not usually five nights, but it is something that we provide as an accommodation to all of the cruise line and we are looking forward to see how this attribute of the cruise business can work for san francisco in concert with a city wide event.
9:10 pm
>> also, as part of the dream force event, as you probably know, dream force typically hosts a one-night gala which is also a fund-raising event, traditionally that has been at the civic center plaza this year it will be at pier 70 and it will be on september, 17th at 8:00 p.m. and the concert and they will be hosting a concert to benefit, ucsf, children's hospital and the goal is to raise, 10 million for the children's hospital. and concert headliners are foofighter and gary clark junior, and the cocktails start at seven for those of you who are going and the concert is at 8:00 p.m. and again, that is excuse me, thursday, september 1th at pier 70, at 8:00 p.m. >> okay, and then, on september the 18th, we are pleased to be opening the bay view gateway park and so there is a ribbon cutting celebration, september 18th, which is a friday, at
9:11 pm
4:00 p.m. and that bay view, gateway park which is a new open space bordering the creek at third street and cargo way. and so friday, september 18th at 4:00 p.m., please come and join us. this is a new one acre, gateway to the bay view. the passive open space, where everyone can come to enjoy. and the project came with some funding from the 2008, open space general obligation bond. and it employed 84 construction jobs. and the work was prepared by the bowman landscaping and construction, and the marine, demolition company both of these firms are local firms and did a great job in completing the project. the landscape improvements were locally sourced where possible, so the concrete, came from central concrete and the plantings came from bay natives. and the project is designed to retain storm run off on site
9:12 pm
and reduce the demand with the drought tolerant planting. and so we are excited about the opening of this park and we will also install some art, which is under going, there you are, which is under going a competitive process and hopefully there will be an announcement about that coming forward in a month. yeah, great, so i hope that you can all come out and join us on friday, september the 18th. >> saturday, september the 19th is the annual california, coastal clean up day. and taking place from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and as you know, coastal clean up day goes back to 1985, so this marks the 30th anniversary of coastal clean up day. and approximately 2500 californians joined in the initial clean up and now it is well over 50,000 people who joined and in fact it is so big that it has made the book of world records for the largest garbage collection ever. and so we want to keep up that status. but it is also an opportunity for the community to demonstrate how important it is for us to have clean shore
9:13 pm
lines, and to have a healthy marine life. and so please, if you can come out and join us at any number of locations. all told that there are seven locations along the port, where you can come. the first is at the head park which will be captained by the green of the san francisco, rec and park department. and the second site is the india bay and bay keeper, and the third is the park and the captain is kayaks unlimited and the fourth is north, and stewart hall high school, schools of the sacred heart. and the fifth is mission bay, park and captain is sea scavenger and the 7th is warm water, cove, captain green trust san francisco and the san francisco public works department will be also bringing in their clean team at warm water cove it kick off the event as well. no excuses and please come out
9:14 pm
for the 30th annual clean up day and help to us keep, not only our record in place, but also to keep our shore line, as invite and gorgeous as it is today. >> and then the following week, the mission day, development group with the office of community infrainstruct stewer and the port will host a community workshop to discuss the design for mission bay front. it is between, 16th and south streets along the bay. it is along the water front and the meeting will be on september 23rd, and it will be held at the mission creek park which is located at 290 channel street so not, and on the other
9:15 pm
side of mission bay >> the city is proceeding with a second sale of the 2012, clean and safe neighborhood parks general obligation bonds, $13.2 million of the sale will be for support parks, and and the design of the park, and the park being, near kelley's mission rock. completing in spring of 2016 and we are proceeding with designing the mission bay park and the agua vice ta portion and be ready for construction on that, and so 13.2 million in the upcoming bond sale. both will be reporting back in the coming months >> that was all of the fun
9:16 pm
stuff. lastly then, we want to take a moment to recognize evan rose who passed at a young age. he will be remembered by spur on friday, september the 25th. and at their offices at 654 mission street. and evan was a former senior urban designer for the department of the city planning and also, a co-founder of the site lab and the studio in new york and so, evan was a young man and born in 1964 and he left us on july 13th of this year, 2015, he was only, 51 years old for those of you trying to do the math. he was battling a rare form of cancer, and survived by his wife and son and hundreds of students and colleagues, and
9:17 pm
just the friends and all of the places that he was able to work and to lend his. he earned his masters at uc berkeley and started as a senior, urban designer at the san francisco planning department and he in fact wrote or co-wrote, i guess, the award winning access plan, and he initiated and implemented san francisco's acclaimed, downtown street scape plan. and he was a designer for 21 years and he led the urban, design plus, and a new york based practice and prior to that he was a principal at smwm for nearly ten years.
9:18 pm
that concludes my report. >> any comment on the executive director areport? >> next item? >> item 9 b, port commissioner's report. >> would i like to say that on july 25th, we had a home
9:19 pm
growing certify pony for the late leroy king and it was well attended by politicians and labor leaders and community people and i think that it is a blessing to live to be 91, 92, years old. and you look around and if you don't see a lot of people your age, you have out lived your contemptary and so, leroy was one of those people and it started off with a really really nice, speech from the leader pelosi and she was there with her daughter, and the day that he died, nancy was at the capitol and she took down the flag and gave it to mr. king's family. and from local two spoke and the president of the iow, i said a few words and the mayor was there. and there was a mixture of people to say the nice things, it would be nice to tell the people what we felt about them what you are alive, when you are dead you never hear what the people think about you, and i want to thank the port and renne and i know that it goes
9:20 pm
back a long way with king and i want to thank the delancey street for hosting the stuff like that. i just wanted to share that, that mr. king will not be forgotten, it is just that his parents will be felt just a regular working guy and we have people of all to pay to a regular man, thank you. >> thank you. >> notice that there is more and more discussion and this may come under new business and i did notice that several other city departments are doing an assessment and preparing for el nino. and wanted to just acknowledge that others are doing that. and i am not sure if this the right time to ask, that perhaps, we start looking at what may be the impacts on the
9:21 pm
port, if we have a significant storm. >> we are involved in the city planning and we will be back when we have more to report. >> thank you. >> i will list it under new business. >> thank you. >> next item? >> items on the consent calendar, item 10 a, request the approval of the travel port commissioner and port staff to attend the 16th friendship sister ports conference in china, on october, 27, 29, and resolution --. >> we just want to do them separately. >> we want to do the 10 a first. >> no, it is for the record i am from the attorney office. and we will be traveling on official port business and so you don't need to recuse yourself on this matter and then you would not have a quorum.
9:22 pm
>> okay. >> item 10 b, request approval for the resolution of support for the san francisco bay area water trail being implemented by the california coastal commission. >> is there a motion to approve the consent calendar? >> sexd. >> is there any public comment? >> seeing none, all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? >> 10 a and b carry. >> item 11 a, request approval to amend the previously approved appreciation for the fiscal year, 15, 16, capitol budget in including the ten additional projects and increasing the project funding by $6.2 million. >>
9:23 pm
>> i am meg began wal ace from the port finance and i am here to request an increase to the
9:24 pm
capitol supply mental for the 2015, 16 budget. and this is upon, you know, with the port commission's approval, the staff would like to take this item to the city's capitol planning committee. and then, first for the further review with the mayor and ultimately the introduction with the board of supervisors. >> so, to recap, in february, port staff brought in a capitol supply mental to the port commission and this is an increase to the original, physical year, 2015, capitol budget and the original amount was $12.8 million and increased it by $19.5, for $32.3, million capitol budget. and as you can see, from these diagrams, the majority of that funding was in the southern water front. and as well on repair and replacement projects there was a large component for enhancement work and that was mostly in the southern water front for the back lands
9:25 pm
project, that was $8.5 million. >> the proposal before you today is to increase the capitol budget by an additional 6.2 million and the funding source is additional, and it is additional surplus from the fiscal year, 2014, 15, budget and as you will recall, i recently gave a presentation on the revenue performance. and so these funds, are surplus, operating revenue, as well as expenditure savings from the last fiscal year. and as you can see from this chart, we continue to request and invest in the southern water front. and you will see the project, related to the northern water front as well as port wide, benefiting projects. but we are looking at 38.5 million in total capitol fund and what this chart tries to show is the historical need verses it is actual spending and you can see the bottom
9:26 pm
chart the line in blue is trend, closer to 12 million dollars or so. and in order to really meet our capitol spending need and identified in the ten year, capitol plan. and we need to spend upwards of $40 million. and so the staff is really excited to be able to say that this fiscal year, upon approval of the supply mental will be getting pretty close to what we should be spending, but unfortunately, we don't, currently have resources in land to continue this level of spending. >> staff brought in the one mill object project proposal and but at this time, we recommend, 500,000 to get the project under way to improve our skylights. and additionally, terminal float repairs are needed all along the water front, this
9:27 pm
particular, 520,000 proposal will be specifically for the china, based and ferry floats and so servicing the customers coming in for the giant's baseball games. >> and then, $100,000 for the emergency crap toll funds and this will bring in our total funding available to $800,000 >> in the southern water front, the staff proposes an additional $400,000 to fully repave the roadway around the lead rail road project and you will be familiar with this project as a way to, and we are trying to improve, and upgrade, the railway. and to help to support, our maritime industry.
9:28 pm
and the currently funded project, only funds, one-third of the road repaving, and this would repave the remaining amount. and it is just an over all efficiency measure to do it all at one point in time. >> additionally, there is 300,000 for the pier 70, setment cap and so off of the crane cove park there is an area of sedimentation that the staff is working to contain through the crane cove park project. however, there is a portion of it that is not funded, through the park. 2.2 for a pile removal and over all strategy. and staff has been looking in the southern water front and recognizes there a number of
9:29 pm
areas where the piles are hanging out and marring the over all visual appeal of the southern water front and a lot of these piles are treated and so they have a variety of chemicals that are leaching in the water that is not good for the environment or the human health and the people are exposed to the water and this proposed funding includes 200,000 from the coastal grant and you have already approved this. in terms of looking at the over all approach to improving the water front. this grant is going to address the piers 82, through 84. and then additionally the staff is proposing this $2.2 million to address the pier 90, as well as the pier 98 terminal and this map helps depicts the areas proposed for immediate work. and so at the very top you can see the piers 82, to 84, and
9:30 pm
that is where the coastal converse ancy comes in. and pier 90, and you can see that the red area is for the wharf area and on the bottom left, the pier 98 is near the park. and then the other two projects in yellow are the pier 90, grain siloand pier 70, and both of those projects are very expensive and they require a longer term permitting processes so the staff recommends deferring, funding, at this point of time, so that we can move forward and complete the permit processes as well as try to secure the external funds and for example, the funding and they have the fill removal requirements through the bcdc permitting. herans head park is actually receiving settlement funds as a result of the coast of the oil
9:31 pm
spill, 665,000 was allocated to the port. from the settlement amount of $1.1 million, and the remaining amount actually went to the recreation and parks department for a project and as you can see to the bottom left of the page and you can see in the park, there is sort of a land area that is filling with water that area needs to be stabilized and if it is not, the sediment could become subject to regulatory action and because the it could become a problem. >> and then we have the project proposals twill allow us to improve the belt line building. so right in the same complex is the new cruise terminal and we have the beautiful historic building and i believe that it
9:32 pm
is the front is circa 1911, and the back is the 40 and by improving this, we will be able to do retail on the bottom level and the office in the back area. and this funding will do, complete ada improvements and prep it for being a leasing space. and we are looking at about, 100,000 of new annual revenue from this project. the substructure is in need to release it out and this bulk head facility which is beautiful and suffered from a fire in 2012, and has been rebuilt and now it is ready to lease it out bye-bye completing the substructure improvements, the life of the facility will be extended for ten to 20 years. it is receiving $2 million in
9:33 pm
insurance, and this at dishal $700,000 will close the gap. and i have this diagram so that you can sort of connect the dots to what i am proposing today and what you have heard from the engineering 2.5 million is the construction costs of the funding that we are proposing under the bulk head area and it is addressing the deferred maint nens need in the substructure and as you can see there are other deferred requirements father along under the pier as well as on the super structure of the shed and depending on the use of the facility, we might trigger the need to improve the conditions of the facility. >> and lastly asking for a one
9:34 pm
million contengency and we have a number of projects proposed to you. and here on the left is pier 31. you recently approved for the staff to go out for bid on approving that facility, and the bottom right is the belt like we are seeing it come in higher than estimated and it will allow them to move forward with the projects should they come in over budget and the staff will return to the commission to award and we will be presenting budgets and that might include this amount for the individual projects. so just in conclusion, we are looking to increase the budget and the total amount will be $38.5 million and really we see
9:35 pm
this as solving our helping to support a lot of interests on the port. and the southern water front and the northern water front and the facilities for leasing. and human and environmental health and safety and over all, by increasing revenues in a number of facilities will be improving the port's financial position. >> i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment? >> seeing none, commissioners? >> i just want to say to commend you all for being able to find the extra funding obviously very good to see that coming out of our operating surplus in addition to what has been approved. and i don't really have the comments on the specific projects and so i think that it is important that we hopefully will continue to see in another report like this. and that is over an excess of what our policy is.
9:36 pm
>> mr. adams? >> megan, this is going to tell you in the committee, this is good work and i think that it says it right there. these capitol investments will improve the southern water front and the environmental safety for commercial leasing in the port's financial position and so that i think this is money well spent and i think that the committee did their due diligence and i support it, thanks. >> i echo my colleagues comments. and i also want to thanks commissioner brandon, who is ill today and, so we wish her a speedy recovery. but she has really been very focused on insuring that we move those pilings that are in the southern water front. and i am just sorry she can't be here today to hear that it will be going forward, she really has been very vocal about insuring that happens, and i want kutos to her and she will be please and hopefully she is home watching this. but i want to thank you and your team and it is excite and these are things that are
9:37 pm
needed and that we have been able to find the additional funding that makes these projects happen. thank you. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> resolution, 1528 carries. >> and item 12 a, request approval for lease, number l-15908 for premises located at pier 22 and a half in the northern water front of the port of san francisco and the queens louisiana po-boy cafe llc for a term of 5 years and the action constitutes at proval action for the project for the purposes of ceqa purchase su ant to section 3:singer 1.04, of the san francisco administrative code. >> good afternoon, commissioners jay edwards the senior property manager and so i am here today to request approval for the above lease that amy has just referenced and i would like to just give you a brief background and this is akoum lacing of the work to
9:38 pm
renovate, and it goes along to the port asset and this started out as a former fire house and it has been reno vait and it we have leased the upper floors and we have a new lease that is move ining here shortly and now this is the ground floor opportunity that we issue an rfp for the pilot rfp program and we are delighted to have the queens, and the queens cafe as the selected respondent and we have been to the commission previously, to present the result and enter into a negotiation period which we have concluded and today we are here to hopefully seek your approval for the lease and basically in the staff report, it outlines the conditions that pretty much follow the rfp and they are in the process that we
9:39 pm
are engaged in prior and we went through this. and concluded in here and it is just to give you a brief summary there is a bli that contains the business terms but the main differential between what we had presented before and today is that we have agreed to a period of time for permitting construction and brief start up period to offset the cost associated with this. and that is a total of 270 days, it is a firm day, and beyond that, there will be responsible for paying rent and so, we feel that this over all represents a great opportunity to launch this pilot rfp program. for diverse, well received believesinger community based restaurant that is run by a lovely couple, troy and danielle reessxe, we are optimistic that it will all work out and they have the lease and have not signed it yet and they are doing the final reviews but we are very hopeful that that will all
9:40 pm
happen here, based on your approval. >> and i thank you and i am available to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners? >> i really don't have any comments and i think that we worked on this for quite some time and it looks like it is coming to a successful conclusion and i appreciate that and it is great that we are meeting the objectives with the school and the lb and the diversety efforts that are paying off and i am looking forward to seeing this getting executed. >> mr. adams? >> yeah, i just want to personally thank you guys, and this was a long, it has been a long road. and it was time so i kind of thought that this thing was going to fall through the cracks and it didn't and we stayed the course, and we have been pushing for a while to give the small guide an opportunity and, there are small business, and we will last in the diversety to the
9:41 pm
port and i am happy about that and louisiana the good, food down here in the port will be good. and to entertain our 27 million passengers a year that walk up and down this water front. and the people that come to our beautiful city. and so i just want to say thank you. >> and again, jay and susan and everyone else that worked on this it was exciting. and i think to really take a novel approach to making opportunities available to people all throughout our city. and i hope that other departments take a look at what we have done and i just want to thank you all for that i am excited to see this team come in here. and so i think that i mentioned last time that i think that i am one of the few commissioners that has patronized the establishment on occasions and i am looking forward to having it done on the water front. so all in favor? >> we need a motion. >> i am sorry. >> so a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? , motion carries, thank you.
9:42 pm
>> item 13 a, request approval of the amended maritime industrial preservation policy. >> good afternoon, commissioner and members of the public i'm john davy, the chief here in the san francisco and in the maritime department. i come before you today to seek your approval of an amendment to the port's maritime city, precertify preservation policy. >> it was in september of 2011, this department, originally brought before the port
9:43 pm
commission, this policy. which formalizes and prioritizes the maritime assets throughout the port. at that time, it focused on the preservation and the deep water bursts and we recognized over the course of the past four years, the need for us to up date this policy, to be more comprehensive to include, all of the types of maritime industries throughout the port. >> particularly in the past four years, there has been some notable improvements and the changes to the maritime portfolio. and we know about the herman cruise terminal, and we also initiated the water taxi services up and down the water front and we also took on the day-to-day management and assumed all of the staff from the south beach recreational
9:44 pm
harbor down near the park and so we found that that was timely with the with the up date of the land use plan and to amend this and to be comprehensive to include all of these industries, and throughout the policy itself, those up dates are represented by being, double underlined. so, with this, maritime policy, we believe that it is going to be useful and very collaborative tool as a part of the land use updates, by identifying and acknowledging the court's maritime inventory and to insure the protections of the plan and to insure more detaed inventory of the needs. and to go more specific to the policy itself, you know the port as we say, hosts an array of maritime industries.
9:45 pm
and not only, in the deep water, realm and cruise, and cargo operations, but also in the ferry operations, and the water taxis, and the harbor service and tugs, our ship repair yard, and commercial fishing. and now more than ever, with your recreational boating facilities. >> out of a certain for the protection of these maritime industries, the san francisco, water, land use plan, identifies the need to balance, both the come mers and the non-come mers in the public access and since its initial adoption of the water front plan, the port commission has approved the amendments that provided the guy ans for the water front and the development of the public spaces and so we bring it forward to you again, an amendment to the maritime industry, preservation policy to further augment. >> and the priority of the water front, land use plan is to insure that there are water
9:46 pm
dependent activities, that have the priority along our water front. and so this policy is to insure that there are strategies to support this current collection of our maritime facility and to enumerate specifically the policies of which there are seven, number one is to encourage the development and the rehabilitation of the port assets that enhance the water dependant uses are the port priority areas, and number two is to protect the natural deep water, by requiring that such bursts be utilized by vessels that are active capacity. and in other words, we don't want to use our deep water for vessels that are idle or that lay up, or that don't actually engage in maritime come mers. >> number three is to put, or to promote the port's
9:47 pm
development and the historic rehabilitation projects that incorporate the improvements and including the associated needed repair or equipment requirements and so, the port will seek the future development and the property that includes, the investment for the parties to enhance and protect the facilities and uses of development sites that have maritime access, the port will also seek the development opportunities on the sea wall lots and other properties without water access and include the upper portion and physical therapy contribution for the precertifiation projects number four, to discourage the location of the non-water dependant in the uses and facilities other than parks on sites, with water front access. number five, and this, is related to our capitol plan. maintain adequate, water depths and to accommodate the future
9:48 pm
and the port and maritime activities by using the efforts to prioritize the funding for the levels for the dredging in the plan. >> and set the internal goal that 50 percent of the operating expenditures excluding, bond and grant, proceeds and for up grades to such facilities, and dredging, and apron, and repair, and up grades to the fisherman's wharf and the harbor and the water, taxi main nens and development and the rail, improvements and the cargo, warehouse and structural main nens. number six, when promoting recreational uses of the port, minimize the conflicts of the current and future developments between the vessels and said recreational uses. and number seven, prioritize, water dependent use and not allow for -- pardon me.
9:49 pm
i can't say it. perspective policy, and to -- okay. to standard operating procedures and docking periods for the purpose of accommodating adjacent non-maritime uses or public access and except, as otherwise, identified in the port's water front land use plan. >> and so, i have prepared in the port, in has worked with our maritime advisory committee and real estate and development, and to put together some of the maps that are comprehensively, showed the maritime use and some attributes about them and both, current and some futures. so he will start on the water front and this is actually the central water front and so there we go. >> that is north. >> there we go. >> the southern water front.
9:50 pm
and the area is already under the maritime use and pier 94, and 80, and the shipyard and pier 50. and with our tug and harbor service and operations. in the central water front, and the large pink area is the south beach harbor which we will require to involve with the recreational business. we have the china basin, ferry terminals and the capitol plan and we have the money to do the refurbishment and the dry docking of those. and around the ferry building, and you know, we and, there is going to be the future expansion of ferry docks and the ongoing, operations that are successful and in fact this past weekend, picked up a lot of the weight of the closure of the park tunnels. >> the pier 15, dock is kind of
9:51 pm
small and hard to see. but it is actually, going to be delivered in and completed by the end of the year. and we will be in the process of amending our water taxi agreement to allow for expanded water taxi, landings, at the exporatorium at pier 15. >> and man, i can't hit the button right. >> and then, in the northern water front. you can see, the pier 27 area, and the future developments in and around, the pier 31 and 33 that we have talked about. and the cruise terminal. and the harbor where we have the projects under way to rehab tait the fishing wharfs and the fishing lagoon, and of course, the park which is an open water basin. >> and so, this industry, precertifiation policy is meant
9:52 pm
to guide the tenants and the developers and the importance of maintaining the port's vital assets and acknowledges that the port of san francisco heritage and the perpetual mission and the port staff and we use the time, industry and policy to determine whether it is in the best interest of the port to recommend to the commission to grant a request of the ten ate or a developer to develop or to renew a port asset. and with that, icon include, my presentation. >> i have christensen and after that i have john, so you are all prepared. and captain ray ship way.
9:53 pm
and then, chris kenny. >> all right. >> and i am christopher christensen with the ilwu and i am just here to say that we do support, this projector what he just said, i am sorry. >> and the policy, thank you and i am so sorry. >> and just reading it as he was talking. and so, and we just opened that you do, and you keep in mind that this is a historic and very beautiful water front and that you, with it, you keep some of the maritime come mers here and that is all. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, listeners and i am ellen and i am the co-chair of the advisory committee along with maria and i am really happy, and in fact, thrilled that this policy, is come before you today. with the amendments that we
9:54 pm
have been working on at our committee meeting. and in fact, we spent a good two meetings, talking about additional language, and working on the maps and i want to thank, don and jerry for the terrific job that has been done on the maps and we are happy to see those because we think that they provide added clarity and welcomed clarity to the definition of the valuable maritime assets on the water front here. and i wanted to mention too, that we are and the underlying john pointed out that the underlying language which we support and strongly encourage your endorsement of the resolution. s and and we finally add td the ferry and the water taxis to the list of the industries and so we are really happy to
9:55 pm
finally do that. we look forward to having an active involvement in the water use plan up date process. and in fact, i am reminded that it was two years ago, that we had a mission to the board of supervisors, and our committee, wi spent the day with the board informing them and describing the maritime, policy and talking about several projects with which we wanted their attention on and it may be timely during the water front land use up date process to do that again we support the industry and call on us for any time for further advice. thank you. >> thank you, and great job for
9:56 pm
the updating of the maritime policy. and we thank you for including the reference and the reference for the terri and the water taxi and the services and i, as the representative for the master mason, in the state of california, deal directly with the group and that is all of my folks that work here as well as los angeles and the three key industries for which the mmp members in the san francisco water front all worked at blue and gold and west, and the bay delta and the tide line water taxi. we have asked you to go fur step further with the language that have you already created
9:57 pm
here we would like to present you with a copy of what we presented to you neokay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well what that actually says is that we encourage the private investment in the ferry facilities and the water taxis and landings and the proposed water side development and the commercial projects in support of these maritime industries and we would like to put more language in this maritime preservation that says that if you are going to build on the water front we want to include the landings and so forth for the water taxis and for, the ferry service.
9:58 pm
and it is a different size vesle and it can be accommodated easily and the expense should not have to be fought for every time that someone wants to build on the water front and so i appreciate your time. thank you. >> sure. >> thank you. >> hold on. >> next? >> you are perfect. >> good afternoon i am the ka cape tain, for the club we have about 300 members, and sailors and power boaters and tug boat, and marines and commercial fisherman. it has made us the unofficial defacto to the recreational boaters. and when i look at the work and
9:59 pm
i am glad to see the recreational boating included in several new passages here. and i just want to thank everybody on the commission to doing that work. >> thank you. >> and any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. do i have a motion? >> >> moelt to insert. >> i am sorry, i need a motion on the item itself. >> approve? >> a second? >> second. >> is there a motion to amend. >> yes, i have an motion to amend. and the language that was proposed by the mmp to the report of san francisco in the maritime, policy and i will say this is a friendly amendment. >> would you like a copy.
10:00 pm
>> that way we can follow the commissioner's directions. >> did you give him and did you give dave, a copy. >> thank you, no witherries. >> so one more second, commissioner and i will be able. >> and the language repeat was encourage the private investment in the ferry afacility and water and it should be taxi, landings and proposed water side development or commercial projects in support of these maritime industries and the region's water transportation network. i am not sure if we want to include the word. >> and how about if i could ask, if you give us direction to find a place to put this in, rather than where we puted it in, is that all right? >> absolutely. >>


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