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tv   TA Plans and Programs Committee 91515  SFGTV  September 15, 2015 11:30pm-2:01am PDT

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development area. looking at project readiness with the eye of a lessons learned, better evaluate the project schedule thoroughly and potentially think about whether we want to fund a few large projects that can more efficiently go through the process or smaller projects. last slide, this is just -- you're going to see update on cycle two next month. m.t.c. is currently doing outreach with stakeholders with the policies and proposals for obag. they will be bringing that through their board in november. then the projects beginning implementation in early 2017. we'll bring an item to you next month and talk about obag two in
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much more detail. we'll provide that update. >> great, thank you for your presentation. commissioner yee. >> thank you chair tang. thanks for the presentation. i want a clarification of your numbers. couple of questions, the total is 38.8. you have 33.5 million. move into $2.5 million for safe routes. only $1.2 million is from obag. i don't get it. >> yes. what was shown in the project total, there's also an increment of the obag funds that goes toward planning functions for
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the transportation authority. most of it goes to project but a small portion goes toward five years worth of oversight and planning for the transportation authority. the safe route to school now, we did program $2.5 million to safe routes to schools program. the rest of it was a component of chinatown chinatown broadway project. >> the whole thing is interesting. >> any other questions or comments from committee members? i look forward to working with all of you for cycle two.
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i know that on the west side of town, lot of our neighborhoods are not part of the p das. i understand why the funding will go towards the other half of the city. i do look forward to seeing if there are ways we can leverage some of the funding. we that, seeing no other questions oar comments. we'll open up item seven to public comment. specifically about the plan bay area program. >> chinatown. i go there everyday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. [inaudible] ç
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>> item 10. >> thank you very much, we are adjourned.
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>> i want to teach you something you say i will and i'll our goal and now we ♪ ♪ ♪ in this is a pouring out of honor for those who have passed away could the soundman give me a little bit of vacuum can you hear me in the back? can you hear me in the back live nation is the pouring out of liquor stores in honor of
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those who have passed away as i pour this liquid into this plan assault r j r j means bless you it men's amen you go it means uh-huh when i pour this water my voice vibrates through the liquid it becomes something special now livetion is pouring in every nation in the country of african that is the way we remembered those how came before us say r j (repeated.) >> i power outage love age love for all those 20 great africans that started the mark of certifytion two thousand miles
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up and down the river nile valley say r j i pour out a little bit of love. >> say r j. >> (repeated.) >> say r j. >> (repeated.) >> i pour out a little love for the millions of africans that reason marked across the interior to the west coast of african taken out into the atlantic and brought to north america to start the fight for freedom say r j a rip i will in the motion is for the africans that were enslaved for the million dollars say r j. >> (repeated.) and everyonen th i room has ann sherz everyone in the room has soldiers they inventing sends on and obligated we have to
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remember those who came before us the free speech fighters the ma rotundas and the run uaw slaveries going to south of florida that struck the first freedom blow say r j (repeated.) >> president douglas say right direction j. a man illicit of kansas say r j we pour livetion for those who have passed away we remember their names you say their names who people stop saying your names you are truly dead remember i pour out a little bit of love food bank for all the great indicators like dr. gunshot carve dr. charles. >> say r j i pour out a little
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bit of love for hawkins say r j and hills say r j and freedom fieshthd across the bayer in oakland say r j. i pour out a little bit of love a little bit of love for people that fought for their families say r j i pour out a little bit of love for diego rivera say right direction j i want you to to say the name of your ann sherz your grandma and grandfather and aunts and people are that have passed away fill the room say the names of your ann sherz a.m. democrat a.m. democrat say their names say their names say their names honor them
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in your hearts pour out a little bit of love for mr. graham say right direction j. >> (repeated.) live satisfaction is the pouring out of love for the people that have passed away the next time you have a drink of soda or water say the name of your ann cherries i pour out a little bit of love for others say right direction j right direction j right direction j. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you honor me by allowing me to
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pour this my name is brother clint give yourselves a hand (clapping.) every voice that sings to the hearts and heaven rings bring with the harmony of liability liberty let our
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reenjoying rise as high as the listening skies let it resound loud as the rolling sea sing a song for love the faith that the dictate past has taught us sing of a song for love the hope that present has brought us say sing the rising sun
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of our new day begun let us mark march on till victory is won god of our wearyness god of our silent tears though who has brought us up for oh, lord the way 34 who how fast by 34 mitigates
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let us into the light keep forever in the path we pray let our feet stray from the place as our god where we met theo until our hearts drug with the wine of the world's forget theo shadowed underneath 32 hand
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may we forever stand true our god, true to native land (clapping.) >> good morning good morning good morning good morning welcome to willie l. brown middle school (clapping.) on monday august 17, 2015, the founding teachers and staff of
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the willie l. brown middle school were opening the doors of this school for the 2 hundred plus pioneering students and families for the first day of school in the sfusd today, we the staff of willie l. brown middle school in san francisco unified school district leadership are honored to host all of the elected officials funder and community partnerships pa partners and students to our official ribbon cutting ceremony and tour (clapping) i am demetrious the founding principle of willie l. brown middle school (clapping.) and i'm humidity and honored to stand here before you today, we're gathered to celebrate a vision that strongly communicates to the children and
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families of san francisco that the adults of this city care about their futures. (clapping.) >> thank you san francisco san francisco unified district under the leadership of richard carranza and deputy superintendant superintendant guerrero tarnished articulated that vision in the unified school district vision 2025 guiding documents by reimagining public education in so for inform the next generation we're adjourned is did first stem middle school we designed on that vision we reimagine the space and time by creating longer course blocks for students to engage in deeper learning we call this the garage where students use the willie l. brown middle school thinking process to explore to imagine
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the prototypes for the hands on learning our curriculum was designed for students to experience the real life inexperience by technology every student at willie l. brown middle school will be assigned a laptop to assess the internet everyday in every class including their personalized learning plan we sure our students for the education program we want our students to be physically and ooeshlg healthy as well through the partnership with the department of education we have a health care clinic and the department of public health staff members please stand yeah (clapping.) our health care clinic will be
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staffed with the nurse practitioners a psychologist and social worker we work with the physical education to support our students we have a stem school focused on the whole child in addition to the core content math and scientific and english language and arts we're offering arts and spanish and youth leadership through our partnership are the san francisco beacon initiative funded by the children department of youth and families we'll provide the learning opportunity before, during, and after school to support our engagement efforts for the programming during this the school day can we have all our beacons and staff members please stand (clapping) okay there are in the back at
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this point that all the employees of willie l. brown middle school who are wearing our phenomenal drastically and powerful spark of creativity we like the staff of willie brown to step forward and join me here (clapping). >> yeah. >> come here come here come here this is the theme it is going to take us to the next level? the theme that will manifest vision
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2025 this is the willie brown founding staff of willie l. brown middle school. (clapping.) teachers transform lives and here at willie brown we'll be tromd to and from the lives during the prediction summer at a professional development training one of our teachers declared dem trust we're to crush it this year this is the spirit and enough of them that the founding staff of willie l. brown middle school will bring to our students everyday and every class to let's give up for our founding staff (clapping) as he present to conclude this this would not have happened without the cooperation of resources before within the san
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francisco unified school district and city agencies and public servants or servant and leading organization and families and parents and everyone in san francisco who has been extremely focused on willie l. brown middle school and it's construction so we want to acknowledge over the construction company if you're present please stand thank you (clapping.) and so i perp want to thank malia cohen district 10 supervisor (clapping.) carle carlene naming kelly the san francisco with julie la and jess and others
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to sarah and vin williams and emily and marshall of the san francisco black foundation reverend brown for the national association for the advancement of color people. (clapping.) >> willie loshgs junior the man himself thank you interest mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> mayor ed lee thank you, sir there are so many supporting organizations and individual that might welcome could wlaft for hours in the interest of times our students and families are filled with gratitude for all our support thank you to the spinsters and the departments
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under their leadership deputy superintendant lee and superintendant guerrero over the social justice and the entire central over 555 frankly including leslie and the dramatic julie ann bulk (clapping.) please step forward and please join us. (clapping.) >> thank you. >> this has support all corporate cooperate resources my success is every time of her talent and dedication now i'm pleased to bring to the podium
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richard (clapping.) a >> so what do i think about this the school in the heart of bayview (clapping.) i want to sincerely thank principle hobson we're really proud we searched the nation for a founding principle at willie l. brown middle school i think that we crushed it what do you think? (clapping.) so ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends and supporters san franciscans this is truly a wonderful day for us not only in the san francisco unified school district but in particular for us in san francisco to think that in the heart of bayview in the heart of one of the most dynamic communities in the city rich with history rich
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with passion, rich with artist address scientists and transitional leaderships of all strips a rich history we have a middle school in the heart of the bayview commemorate of the beautiful rich history in the community in which it resides (clapping) and i can think of no finer namesake than the mayor as he is effectively known willie lower-income brown yes (clapping.) i still remember a few months ago when we took him to see the rendering of what this would look like in his way asked deliberate questions about locations and color swatches, finishes, never quite asked if it was going to be marketable
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but we knew what he was think he was engaged and he always said i wanted to be useful to the families of the city not about i himself but about the community so thank you, mr. mayor for being our partner in the design of this school i want to point out if you look out this window in the right direction you'll see the willie loshgs brown bridge you might have heard me say the willie brown bridge to coverage brings people from the world 0 into this beautiful city of san francisco police commission san francisco and the willie l. brown middle school will take the students to all corners of the world to compressor explore
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their academic. >> i want to point of privilege and recognize individuals that are structural in us being here today to cut the ribbon on this beautiful school a group of individuals i'm very proud to serve with and to help to educate our students our elected board of education i'd like to recognize them by name. >> thank you for their leadership first, the vice president matt haney who is here with us (clapping) >> our medicine past pointing sandra fewer (clapping.) commissioner shamann walton (clapping
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(clapping.) (clapping.) commissioner norton (clapping.) and sending her regards she had to be out of town and absolutely wanted to our president of the board of education commissioner president murase. >> and also just a moment to recognize another two individuals who were critically important no longer serves been the board of education by part of the planning of seeking a bond of the voters so for the city of san francisco and a staunch supporter of us moving forward that is former commission kim moving us who honors us what her presence today thank you (clapping) >> if i may i want to recognize my immediate predecessor mr. garcia said the kids deserve a
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school that you are commemorate he couldn't be here but a shout h sweat shirt to carlos. >> so ladies and gentlemen, that where i go avenue scrip principle hobson has recognized our partners you've seen the staff and faculty the faculty and staff willie l. brown middle school we are count on you to crush it this year and future years when we said we were going to build this and have a stem school it is focused on a graduate profile the community has defined what is the graduate we want to produce and tracer the characterizations and if you think about everything that principle hobson to talked about it is landing aligned to our vision 2025 i will be very boost full unapologizely this is the
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finest middle school stem middle school in the nation right here in san francisco it is (clapping.) and for me, i think what is more important ladies and gentlemen, is that in san francisco in san francisco's public schools we're absolutely not interested in school improvement and we're not interested in school district improvements we're not interested in that i'll tell you and propose to you if you look at every indicator school systems are working exactly the way they're designed to work their sorting kids and certain kids get opportunity and some don't and students have pathway to high paying jobs and sustainable liveable jobs we're not interested in proving that
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system but system change and changing that system (clapping.) and one of the questions we're always asked it is beautiful rhetoric mr. superintendent that sounds really good but where the rubber meets the road ladies and gentlemen, look around this is where the rubber meets the road this is going to be the school it puts into effect how graduate appraisal for the 2 hundred and 16 students for the freshmen class for the pathway to be successful students in life, career and in the future and they're going to do that here at the willie l. brown middle school so we're interested this is our down up to that time to the city, to the bayview and country to educate our students particularly students not been served well by the system we call public education it changes here and it
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changes today (clapping.) so all i have to say we're counting on all of us to crush it not only this year but in the future years in my final comments one of the questions we were ask the posed to the question about the willie l. brown middle school if you build it will they come in our system where parents have full choice where necessary send their children to school it is a valid question when we opened the doors to our 2 hundred and 16 students on monday be understood there is over a hundred students on a waiting list who choose to come to willie l. brown middle school and there wasn't room yet so do people want to come absolutely they want to come who you look at the classrooms of willie l. brown middle school it is one,
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in fact, the most diverse middle school in san francisco it is the world right here in our neighborhood (clapping.) with that, i also want to thank one last person here as well he's been incredibly supportive he knows what he's a talking about and more importantly is ground in the realty of what it takes to support public education you can't have a world-class city without having a world-class public education system i want to thank our mayor, mayor ed lee for being here today and all your support (clapping.) so as and go forward ladies and gentlemen, i want you to get used to what this school looks like and celebrate in 10 years
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we've built a new school that is the first of many to come the world is changing and we're going to meet that change whether a conciliated area of poverty and disengage the only solution is concentrated great education that's what we're proud here at the willie l. brown middle school. >> with that, welcome. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> our home is your home and i have the incredible honor of introducing our congresswoman who is fighting for us and equality in washington, d.c. and if you think our hills are tough you should see that hill we're glad we we have a fighter that keep in mind it is a pleasure to invite congresswoman jackie
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speier (clapping.) >> thank you superintendent i want want you to stand up for a moment and i want you to see the incredible tie the superintendent has on that that matches the colors of the school willie brown watch out you've got competition in the style hear area mr. mayor to mayors family and the members of the school board and all the honored guests here what a privilege for me to join you today to cut this ribbon and announce the willie l. brown middle school now you may remember that there was an elementary school named after the mayor and now a middle school pea maybe someday if you live long enough a university named after you in fine design for fashion i'm not sure about
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that by the one thing i'm sure about is that this school is going to educate young people people into the century this is the kinds of skills they need to truly achieve your now i'm humored by the fact the mayor and i wouldn't be accepted we know nothing about civil engineering and such some of the classes offered here it may have our namesake but i don't think you'll be admitted here mr. mayor so hundred and 64 years ago in 1851 senator broderick in sacramento introduced legislation for the first public school system and district in
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california none other than san francisco (clapping.) so it's appropriate we're here today may the act it's been some 10 years brick and mortar before we've been in a situation? sterile school and beyond the kinds of stem classes that will be offended this is the only school in san francisco with a science lab a health clinic noble for the students but for the community and this particular facility here is not just an auditorium for the students but the community as well this is truly a community school and that the vision of the future and something we should attempt to achieve everywhere in this city i want to say a couple
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of words about the namesake of the school you'll be happy to know more money was spent on this school than any middle school $43 million i was told and, in fact, i was also told i do my doctrines when the school as named an; isn't that right dianne feinstein she people i didn't do up the money so get ready mr. mayor there maybe some opportunity as the school enjoys it's growing pain for in many years in san francisco i was the guest speaker i will say his best voting record was when i was here i had the great opportunity to observe him in action every single day
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and the young kids that are going to come here and learn about w0i8 lower-income brown will learn he transformed the legislation the city he's always been there taking care of those 90 in need and he's not forgotten his roots and not his sense of humor all has served him it's an honor to be with you mr. mayor as we death this school after you and look forward to accommodating this today (clapping.) next we'll have an assembly member david chiu
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(clapping.) >> good morning are we having a good day today excellent i want to thank you first and foremost more being part of the syringe take a moment and look around we represent every strip of the city we come from the government and private sector and nonprofit we are san francisco and couldn't be more proud i'm delighted to be here in celebration of a school named after one of our city's leaped i'm here representing the state assembly with the assembly members but i'm incredibly humbled to representative the east side of san francisco it was represented for 31 years by a man we honor today but the
12:13 am
longest serving speaker the california state seeming anywhere willie lower-income brown junior this is your legacy this rebirth because this is a school that looks at as good as our suits and it is fitting we're here because this is a school that is going to be on the cutting-edge not have technology or stem education but how we imagine what education should be in the 15 you're a mayor that presided over the beginning of the evolution of the city as an international center the innovation no technology it is fitting we're here in the heart of the bayview bayview so much history and passion and community and we know a part of our city has had
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so many challenges pear with the african-american community how many of you visited or spent time in the former willie brown school raise your hands i had a chance in the final weeks before that school closed it was hard to imagine the school we're in today but at a time of growing inequality we see all over the country and the state of california and, yes even here in san francisco it is appropriate that our city our san francisco leaders and school board and district has invested i'm quickly with jackie speier it wasn't 43 millions but more it was appropriate we have felt that because as i think many of
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us often say when bayview succeeds when our children if the bayview succeed finally all san franciscans can be successful. >> (clapping.) so let me close with the following i know from this school we're going to have young boys and girls maybe their names are ed or jackie or richard that someday been the next mayor the city will be the next members of congress or the school educators someday a young boy who walks stlos those school doors maybe his name is willie maybe he comes from a background and comes to this school and go to the top high schools in san francisco and perhaps the next mayor or speaker of the soberly
12:16 am
or next good afternoon maybe the next president of the united states with that thank you for being part of this and it's my honor to introduce the next speaker someone that learned about leadership and management if the man we're heroin today someone that is committed to schools and families and kids that helped to build san francisco as a center of nation your 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> wow. what a place to be at today on the eave of schools reopening we have an opportunity to be at the newest school named after my friend willie brown where's the mba trophy this is
12:17 am
where it should be base knowing the kind of initiatives of investments we're all making in the schools and teachers this is going to be a companionship school i know that i'm joking about an mba trophy that was talked about this morning that willie brown had as part of a radio show i predict and expect this school will earn the leadership of the administrator principle hobson's they'll earn more world-class trophies of excellence this is what we expect let me ask you or tell you i was recently asked a question mayor ed lee what's a good investment in san francisco and for a moment i paused
12:18 am
because i don't know whether he asked the question i was not the ceo of twitter even though my name gets associated or salesforce which i would love to be over and over myriad a success company that has shown up in the last few years to be tremblesly successful in the part of successive of the 36 percent employment in the city what's a good investment well, they may have been surprised i answered them truthfully the best investment you can make is to invest in our kids in san francisco that's the best investment. >> (clapping.) because the refinery will be
12:19 am
multiple decades of success more than just a few years of economic success for people it will be years of success of families growing up participating, innovating and kathy's that's why i'm happy to be in the room as i am all the time with the superintendent, with the elected school board and school board matched up with our city agencies, our department heads, people who themselves have invested in our city gridlock because we want everybody to be successful and this particular school is going to go well beyond equality it is going to be about total success if the city.
12:20 am
>> and for the individually selected teachers something that willie whispered in my ear all the teachers were individually selected you're going to find a lot of attraction to our pertain he is now, one of the 21 principles that i have adopted as part of middle grades with the salesforce initiative thank you to mark benny hoff and his passion for the city and he's about to receive one hundred thousand dollars innovation funds as being the principle in the middle schools something wife negotiated a while back with the other principles of middle schools because of the challenge they have not just in the bayview but the middle
12:21 am
schools are being challenged from the breakdown in parentsal engagement to the school sites to the teachers, and principles having to spend more and more of their times on less academics excellence and more on the quality of the school site we have it all here this investment of the willie l. brown middle school is a combination of many investments the city, the agencies, the foundations, the private companies we have the entire san francisco chamber of commerce a unite sf program to embrace the education 2 hundred 4 hundred technology companies that embrace all our public
12:22 am
schools and we have salesforce and a number of foundations that believed that if the mayor can focus a little bit on the most challenged grades they'll also make some serious investments well, they have and they have here not only with the offer $50 million of investments, with the very intellect or deliberate selection of the staff with the improvement to recruit the best talent out of chicago to offer his character and his enthusiasm for the kids and enticed the best companies to invest in the bayview and all the middle grades i say to you it is easier to answer that question more and
12:23 am
more in san francisco when people ask what is a good investment not necessarily the high-rise condo downtown or the buildings we'll build on market and van ness are market street there are plenty of those economic investments but i want a long term return on our investment i want to see our kids from the bayview be the department heads, the scientists, the ceo's, the police chiefs and fire chief of that great city i mean that you know we've acted on those are not entry promises those schools are here because the investments are real now we get to say to our kids we expect a return i'm going to look at those kids and we expect you to return on
12:24 am
our investment which means basically, you have to succeed we not going to let you fail we're going to embrace our success so i. here on a day of great happiness because it is not just the school season opening it is an opportunity to say once again associate what i've often been challenged within any careers in the past we don't just want people that operates things, willie before a knows the bureaucrats but wants people who produce excellence that's how we get the gold trim on city hall that's why we have the most noochtd companies coming to our city that's why mayor brown and i present those when 4 hundred mayors come to
12:25 am
visit our city we boost what you got? in short years we're going to say reverend brown what you got we got willie l. brown middle school in the bayview in san francisco with the most successful kids that will ever have this is the story of san francisco being the most initiative successful city in the country we make the right investments thank you for being part of that great investment we look forward you to being here on graduation day all the other celebrations will be here thanks very much (clapping.) >> oh, of course, well as we
12:26 am
look at to the this community and everyone else i have the undifferent privilege of inviting up here our former mayor and historic peculiar but someone on a daily basis that loves our community and loves interacting with them and continues to challenge me to be the best mayor, i, be to match his record welcome the mayor former mayor willie brown willie brown, jr. (clapping.) a >> mr. mayor, my former
12:27 am
seatmate jackie speier and david chiu, essential district i represented for so many years, to the members of the school board now and then and then and then and i'm talk about only about gene (laughter) let me say to all of you i am indeed honored beyond belief so honored something i've salesmen immensely do so they don't need security because some of the things i do generates hostile situations most of you have you could a know i have a family
12:28 am
because they fear they'll be the victims but they sound-proofed they come i sound-proofed they come for the occasion of this school and i want to have them stand as if they were part of your team dem trust and part of the decades and the heartache group or whatever they really constitute the foundation for everything that i've done and all the years and for whatever adherence that's bestowed on me it should be bestowed on willie brown family and it begins with blanching (clapping.)
12:29 am
susan who occurred more time (clapping.) robin who has responsible for the other two (clapping.) and one who joined. >> bus by way of of a marriage to any son michael a young woman that represents he everything michael that but with two children their grandchildren are here (clapping.) they e and then the granddaughters who decendents of ribbons so there's 4 grandkids that are here one is in school your kids at school; right? down in florida is that michael?
12:30 am
(laughter) my son michael (laughter) (clapping). >> and the two granddaughters whom i've said robin produced 5 grandchildren and all of them are here ma at a it is all part of the family group that we have and a couple other kids they're part of them i want you to see who those kids really are i must tell you a number of people ♪ room that worked with me for years and years and years they too deserve the, however, u honor because you don't get to anything or any place without an incredible bunch of people i had
12:31 am
the pleasure of being very cold may be mayor in 1995 i was the first person are that person the human rights executive director it was ed lee he's steeled moved up to run the city many of the days when he was running the process of moving up he did the process of what makes me landmark good throughout the city and county of san francisco and he still makes we look good in the city and county of san francisco except when we introduces me (laughter) but mr. mayor i'm really pleased with the relationship that all those staff people that you talk about who had with the city you're right this is an
12:32 am
incredible city and mr. superintendent when the that whole business of the willie brown dream school i don't know where you were at a time the dream school concept they took the old police academy no one else's wanted and tried to make it into a quality school and drew you took photographs you owned your first camera for that occasion he has broken it since then but groovy to come out here and do we we tried to do obviously that dream school and work suddenly the board of education of san francisco decided something differently should happen with the sites the voters we're sold mr. mayor, mr.
12:33 am
superintendent, school members and x members on the idea of doing something differently here and different is what you've heard about i can't imagine how anyone can con conceive many years ago what in physical structure would be like i i have to tell you people who i met for the first time that the architect and the construction folk mr. superintendent whom you put together they're all here celebrating and put a merit on their resume and they're entitled to do that because if at the didn't i want have claimed i designed this laughter >> so i want the public to see who those people are would those schools and construction people and architect and delicious
12:34 am
practical take you're right full place and stand and be acknowledged for all the things you did (clapping.) and then mr. mayor i was out here three or four months ago when we were under construction and a hard hat what a ceremony and dem trust brought us out here with an unveiling of a something that came from housing authority the housing authority decided to get rid of my bus it had to go somewhere the man who was the director of this project took it home and kept it at his home all that time and it was about 3 months ago they built the podium david where they wanted to put it and literally
12:35 am
had the podium done and came out and pulled the coffer off and showed it was there he was smiling i'm pleased business he apparently kept polishing it and polishing it and polishing it and i look better in that form ii want to thank him very much for that occasion and he too should stand up the man that directed the project where is he, he and his wife are here they are out there (clapping (clapping.) all those years it takes a long time to produce anything of real quality and this obviously took arrangement but it is, in fact, done and to have the idea of those windows you know, i went to a school didn't have any windows
12:36 am
in texas that little school had nothing but suddenly i'm going to tell everybody this is doyle the kind of school i went to. (laughter) and that's what it is that's what you designed to have just those windows those windows are unbelievable you see san francisco at it's by the evidence right front of the you that is part of who envisioned those students spiral to the families that are associated with this school when i walked out beyond and through the double or triple doors it looked a forum the whole circles where people subcontract with each other and do lecturers and soapboxs and all the things i
12:37 am
went strait ahead there it was the people doing the things not only the school kids but the whole community that's a far cry from the old nurse concept that explicit work well, now all of a sudden you're in the driver's seat for all the schools for all over the country think about it this is the kind of facility you'll only see where people pay 25, 35, $40,000 a year for each one the schools and the kids in the schools plus they do not another 15 plus and pay for the capital improvement that the voters of city of san francisco paid for mr. mayor when you outlined the number of people that were sharing their resources it eliminates to me
12:38 am
totally what families try to assume that burden this is the structure we have the business of selecting who will teach the kids and work their and specialists think of the krorments the principle had to get from the union and the teacher organizations and the administrative organizations in order to make it work this is really an incredible, incredible place it has the potential to go beyond anything we've done in the san francisco school system i have to tell you i'm going to work really hard in every way to assist i'm going to bug the principle and everybody including the mayor to make sure that those parents and those children get everybody they richly deserve (clapping.)
12:39 am
i really do - and mr. mayor you absolutely right. i really do want to see and david you talk about by name i really want to see coming out of this school the kind of youngsters that go to the schools and all the times they'll be reflective of the quality of the appropriations that have been done on their on behalf of i want them to continuing seek admission to this school that list of people waiting and trying to get in, i want to receive those calls upcoming parents still call i'm sure mr. mayor they call you more than me but help us get into the schools i want them to say can you help us to get into our school (laughter) of course, i'm going to say yes
12:40 am
>> (laughter). as i always do how is that any different i want that kind of effort to be exposed for obviously will be a spectacular educational opportunity and a spectacular environment for school perspires for public schools and i want mr. superintendent and mr. principle i want everyone one of my friends and relationships through this school i want them to see it i want mayor ed lee to make that the school he brings when people from other countries come to see what education is like in san francisco i want every aspect of the entertainment world to come and look at it their wanting to do something for schools alledgedly i want them here i want them participating, i want them to be a part of this
12:41 am
magnificent school looking at this achievement it is so many people are so dedicated jill i have no idea how you guys got the votes to name it after me i don't know what i was trading but to have it named after me and have it on the resume you're talking about bragging rights just wait until i see diane (laughter) and one of nancy pelosi's staff people gave me a note unfortunately, he couldn't usher here she's out of the country i'll read the note when she meets me out here to take the tour nancy needs to see this because nancy a clear was a part of the
12:42 am
effort to produce this without the kind of thing that nancy jackie and the people at the congressional level john burton needs to see this the clan over the years couldn't have happened all those things all those things and people deserve to be a part of whatever honor is being extend to me i accept it with all humbleness and nypd proud and if you'll just tolerant one more thing i'll be allowed to do i want the brown family to come up here and in fact, of the fact i said we were going downstairs i want the brown family to keep hybrid they're part of 21 chosen come on up, come on up yeah
12:43 am
(clapping.) i want the brown clan to come on up >> stay right here i want you right here. >> (laughter) all right. thank you thank you (clapping.) and to san francisco, thank you
12:44 am
(clapping.) nobody should have to follow mayor brown but i'm going to do my best good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> my name is matt haney i serve as the vice president of the board of education i have
12:45 am
the honor of providing closing remarks representing my colleagues on the board of education you know, i think the first thing and he felt this when i walked in here this is one thing to imagine that and see it on paper it is entirely thing to be here how beautiful is this how amazing is that i was able to come in earlier before most people were here and walked into the makers space i hope when you cut the ribbon you you'll thank you for the opportunity to walk around literally the first one that came to mind the immediate rush of joy but also a sense of why can't all our students have this why can't this realty in the school be available to every single student in san francisco and this community especially
12:46 am
here in the bayview deserves this school so much and for this to be happening and what that means for all the people part of all the hard work and struggle and fighting to get this school here i want to at a on behalf of my colleagues thank you that we share such tremendous excitement and pride and gratitude to all the people who made that possible to marry brown and mayor ed lee and jackie speier and soberly supervisor david chiu u david chiu all the people that faculty for this school to be what it is to be the beautiful almost unimaginable place we're sitting in here today from the given of this process of talking about rebuilding the school of willie l. brown middle school this started before you was on the school board there was one guiding promise one guiding goal this school board had that if we
12:47 am
were going to do this we were going to build a school that reflected the very best of what public education could be we weren't going to just build another school and name it after that willie brown we were going to build the best possible facility a 21st century modern place that inspired imagination and joy and it is such an sterile i know thirty thing to be here in reality but ever more one thing being here without the students but imagine when the students are here on monday when they come in not only the experience of being in this place and how we value them in the future it is also the kind of learning that will happen here the idea that young people every single young person should
12:48 am
is have the opportunity to fulfill their potential should be able to bring out their own energy every single child and the superintendent said for so many of our children we've not done that wife given up on kids the quality of education is going to be different we're making a commitment to side with this school and the children who show up on monday this is san francisco not designing more in the school and create a new model of what it truly means to serve the students where they can learn and it's different from my middle school i don't know about you it wasn't like this for me in order to do this we had a great leadership team from the board of education and the superintendent but it was a
12:49 am
community citywide effort all the folks who are in this room that are recognized the staff a for the willie l. brown middle school, the private partners of philanthropic parts community partners that said we believe in you and the children of san francisco, two i want to make sure we recognize phil is an incredible sponsor give him a round of applause for their partnership. >> if you notice it place looks at cool something about the design of what's happening is unusual very san francisco in ways and there are folks that building we can have a different vision of the school experience will look like i want to recognize the williams foundation for their leadership giving them a round of applause and heidi so many people made in
12:50 am
this possible the members of the communities are here and are going to actually lists the vision of what it is for the students who are here when they start on monday that last i know i want to close and scissors that are not as big as i thought is a quote that i love which is from president roosevelt he said we can't always build a future for our youth but we can go build our youth for the future the young people here in the heart of the bayview in this school the young people who coyote of this school will be equipped with the skills and knowledge the experience they need to lead this city in the future they'll be the next mayors the next artists and the
12:51 am
musicians in the city and for us all we'll be here together as a part this is is an extraordinary beautiful thing and the future it bright because of what is happenings thank you, again for being here and your support once again welcome to willie l. brown middle school and i guess we'll cut this ribbon thank you (clapping.) >> already here we here we go >> already here we here we gh,
12:52 am
3. >> yeah. >> as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good
12:53 am
food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over
12:54 am
teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night
12:55 am
life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our
12:56 am
choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased.
12:57 am
>> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie
12:58 am
wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that.
12:59 am
>> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out
1:00 am
figure out and find the future for
1:01 am
>> transportation director borden is anticipated director heinecke director nolan director ramos director rubke directors please be advised director brinkman will not be here phones, devices are prohibited at this meeting.
1:02 am
please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. do cause microphone trenches the board respectfully asked they be turned off approval of the minutes arrest second discussion. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it thank you. >> item 5 communications directors please be advised no anticipations discussion in closed session. >> introduction of new business by board members i'd like to ask the staff to prepare a report on paratransit i've been think the board for 10 years i'm trying to comboings i'd like to hear if the staff and providers consumers of the service the
1:03 am
drivers perhaps a comprehensive idea i've heard a number of things respect or recently about the longtime to get on the system to go anywhere in the city i is a say it is partially because of traffic time for a competitive traffic director reiskin can you put this together in mid-october. >> absolutely. >> then i want to mention well, an award we'll get from the mayor's coordinating council for the free muni for seniors and people with disabilities we'll send out a formal invitation at the library friday afternoon anyone else with new or unfinished business. >> item 7 director's report you, you good morning director
1:04 am
reiskin. >> good afternoon staff and members of the public a few staff recognized i'd like to ask jerold williams our industrial safety manager to present this quarters maintenance safety award. >> good afternoon arrest director reiskin and members of the board i'd like here to present the second quarter maintenance safety award that emancipation proclamation that hiss that unit that be focusing on which is best on safety but helping the agency to meet it's strategic goals with the under the influrence on safety i'd like to introduce michael and his team mr. henry with his team members showed significant efforts sherry anderson showed significant teamwork in our
1:05 am
injuries and safety training their d s c bringing the presidio facility to a zero count of injuries for the last i believe 6 months. >> all right. >> (clapping). >> thank you good afternoon chairman board members and mr. recess kin i take it my honor to accept this award on behalf of a group of individuals that support me and the thoughts of pertain to employee safety two of my staff members tim and dennis and another you can't gentleman those are the guys that helped to achieve that award it is known pub that nothing at presidio is done solely by one
1:06 am
person we hold our safety team weekly and good housekeeping records and question by question corroborate with the industry safety sherry anderson and through the support of her and donna we were able to achieve that award i appreciate that an on behalf of presidio we appreciate this award. >> thank you (clapping.) >> director reiskin so next, we will of president to recognize a member of executive team after a quick 16 years with the city asking is going to be moving on to better things alicia our chief of staff joined by two key assistants (laughter) alicia starting work with the city in 1999 with muni in 1999 i
1:07 am
learned one of her first jobs robbed to complaint letters that was when muni had complaints laura (laughter) she became the muni mta with as a budget decoration in difficult fiscal times and went to the san francisco city planning department and held a bunch of leadership and finished as chief of staff we lured her back to the mta about three years ago where she's been serving ann as the chief of staff what i'd like to do is ask a couple of members susan and john halley to come forward to speak on behalf of
1:08 am
all of us on the team and agency to acknowledge alicia and wish her well as he moves on. >> good afternoon tom nolan candice director ever communications i'm pleased and honored to be speaking on behalf of alicia alicia eye worked on the sfmta two weeks apart at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 we were capable from the start i knew i found a partner and someone i learn from as a working mother and as someone who truly wanted to make a difference no surprises to anyone that alicia lives up to our expectation and exceeded them in her time she is made a
1:09 am
defensive in 80 so many aspects of our work at sfmta it is easy to talk about from the transportation sustainability program and see it is moving introduce the legislative process now to the process to the passage of prop a with the $500 million general obligation bond to the projection to increasing our operator hiring and training so we're on our hundred and 5 consequence day of the prop goal; right? john alicia steadier the course so many of the achievements were high profile and visual but what is less visible how she went about her work at sfmta that left a legacy of hope at the agency are ii asked a few people
1:10 am
to share their prospective i'll read a couple of the quotes she has a unique ability to bring out the best for the goal of sfmta she going above and beyond to get the project outcomes she has the rare ability to know the policies well, she's not only unafraid but actually eager to tackle big issues she's fantastic at bringing together the right people from all walks of city government to get things done she's calm you feel that; right? with 4-year-old will twins sitting in the board meeting this was something i didn't know she's visited every con innocent in the antarctica
1:11 am
ocean alicia i know you'll be only away i'll miss you for quick laughs and i know the agency and everyone on the board will as well so on behalf of our executive team and staff and others members we'll miss you and we honor you and our honored to have you been a part of the our professional lives i'm going before i introduce john haley for additional words the team wants to present you with this gift and photo card (laughter) and it says for the record alicia changemaker for a better tomorrow
1:12 am
(clapping.) and i'll introduce john haley director of transit probations. >> good afternoon mr. haley thank you candice i'd like start by thanking my colleagues for providing me the opportunity to speak about alicias contributions and how much she'll be missed that is an honor as candice indicated to show our collective appreciation one the great debates raging for years and years in support history was billing russel and wilting charming listen for his tremendous permanent scoring records and russel the winner team player winning his position
1:13 am
in support and also won two matt championships was a regular rider of the 540 so that i couldn't verify but it makes sense televised in this discussion right thinking people came down on the side of russel in a team game he made his teammates better alicia is our version of bill russel in successful organizations like with sports teams goals are accomplished by working together per alicia focused and developed her role as chief of staff in collection with all of us to focus to achieve the agencies goals and objectives she focused
1:14 am
and galvanizing the resources within the organization to address them she tigerlessly brought individual and unit throughout the organization to get solutions to get a fair and equal attendance policy after most and most of tireless efforts she made the teammates betters as a leader shows without peer no knowing how to find the right person for the job mike henry if you'll stand up. way back when when we're at a crucial point trying to get a approval from a labor council to get proposition 8 to fund our future goal investments alicia suggested that mike henry might
1:15 am
be the guy to step up and advise the labor council mike is a terrific manager he's well liktd by all the employees and a good technical knows vehicles but i'm thinking labor council i don't know that's a lot to place michael in but to is a say mike next in order it out of park it was an example how she made her team better by working with us as a team as she also led the charge to pass the bond issue with her corroborate style she led meetings and visits for the
1:16 am
mayor's key counselor and advisors on the long term needs jonathan if you would john was one the staff alicia showcased to gain support for this key initiative yes. she made her teammates better led the process not only to establish the management fixture but ear skill and persistence i don't want to say he invented but pioneered the use of something called the action law. (laughter) now the action law has become not only a function it is your at every agency meeting regardless of division but it serves to reinforce the essential organizational core values of respect for others in
1:17 am
honoring our commitments again she made her teammates better alicia is the standard for treating everybody with respect there is no issue no grinds two small or insignificant that didn't require somebody looking at it and making sure we've dot all the i's and cross the t's and resolved it to that end stafrnd in for travis box is jonathan oh, there's travis i'm sorry traveling is recently been appoint at chief office and part of the duties to make sure he tracks down every issue to make sure we follow-up again incurring every feedback big or small just like mr. bill russel she makes her teammates betters i'm sure under different
1:18 am
circumstances alicia could run of the statistics like someone like wilting chamber lane but hats off to the we're far better for having the privilege to work with her and we'll miss her dearly (clapping) >> the board would like to thank and congratulate you for the grace you do our job very, very well, we wish you well. >> thank you very much i had all these things i was planning to say and touched by whatever you had to say thank you very much for that i was regretting as mentioned
1:19 am
earlier in 16 years i worked for the city i've been thinking about my past over the last 16 years and all the letters since 1999 people actually wrote letters they were hardcopy letters he was responding to and there were some of them were thanking us but the majority on other topics what i being the person i am i felt we should tell people why the bulls passes went up or the bus went out the service or the train door wouldn't open or the air conditioning was running full speed on the coldest day what happened on it day what i found was literally high-rise probably thousands of people who were working with extreme
1:20 am
commitment and daigs dedication to deliver transit city and circumstances is in which they especially\have the necessary resources and the bus was going out of service because it was thirty years old and you know, i tried to give them answers in the letters i left the mta inform about 8 years when i came back in 2012 obviously the mta has been bigger and more complex and has a broader mandate but what had remained constant there were literally thousands of people and mta everyday with complete dedication to deliver services for the city i've been proud to be most of you know them working on the projects i've been allowed to work on at the mta is special to me in i look at the whole cycle of my time with the city i started out by planning out for myself as
1:21 am
well as the many people writing letter what a lack of investment in our system will do in the last couple of years i've thank you for the opportunity to address the situation i was grateful to have had that privilege all of this going on particularly in the last 3 years i just want to acknowledge nothing i've done that would have been comfortable in isolation not the way things work i've tremendously enjoyed work for this board and appreciated our guidance and leadership and frankly our counselor in some of the different decisions and really appreciated it and really appreciate as leadership she's a clear vision of what the mta and challenged each of us and
1:22 am
entrusting me with work that is profound and impactful i also want to acknowledge my colleagues on the achieve team you you know i'm not sure we've been giving each other hi 5s but we worked well together and it is a group of people who just have again, this very deep commitment to serving san francisco and to making transportation really work in this ever changing city i'm grateful to have of the opportunity is it work with them and want to acknowledge my team like the others teams ranging from the team it came together on transportation 2030 and in transit and specifically wanted to mention 3 people that have a huge impact on the ability to move forward specifically sophia
1:23 am
i work with on a daily days and patricia and chief of staff that have contributed a tremendous amount and made it possible for me to do what i've done i'm going to grateful for the 16 years with the city and essential the past 3 years one thing i can't forget to do that i want to see thank you to my family that was a period of time in the front row there was a period of time we were working through the labor negotiations and were there was a lot of late nights and early moernlz and i'm grateful for them and being able to be here today so thank you very much
1:24 am
(clapping.) >> tough act to follow one the alicia kids going like this right now i can't wait another mormon detain things later this month we will be nirt and putting into place another round of service increases you passed the two year budget we're in the middle of the unprecedented 10 percent in the budget we did a big increase in
1:25 am
march the next one this september we'll be on september 26th increasing service by 80 thousand hours had brown will impact the routes that effect about hundred and 40 thousands of our customers so a really big significant increase in particular increasing the frequency on the crowded crosstown route the 22 and the 24 and little 43 as well as adding some rush hour trains on the k t and m line so focusing on the increases on the lines that are carrying a lot of people we are always implementing a number of route changes you approved specifically the 7 x and the 18 and 47 those routes are schaveng on the 26 and the final service
1:26 am
in the spring of 2016 but this after march this is the next really big one that be tangible increase those people will notice i'm kieftd about that good news coming one quick follow-up from recent meeting when you protectiveed the 5 fulton u full name along mcallister one from the public or board whether we can look at the idea of turning the signal to flashing red and yellow over knitted our traffic engineers looked at that we think this is doable so we'll test that when we install and see if this works and make adjustments as needed next some good news in terms of
1:27 am
dancing vision zero vision zero as you may know is built upon a few 3 legs of a stool making the design streets and enforcement that is the police department but your parking control officers and education is the thirds e of the stool and while i think everybody agrees that education and awareness is really critical in terms of changing behavior because we'll never be able to design out ever instance of bad behavior behavior changes is essential but everybody or everybody believes that outreach and education is essential but maybe not quite clear how to do that effectively you'll change behavior so we created along with the department of public
1:28 am
health walk sf and police department other partners in partnership of program called save streets sf it stops are here we've talked about that when we rolled it out earlier this year those are the billboards you've seen on building but particularly on the buses the program had numerous types of outreach but rather than throw it out there we tried to take an analytical approach with great support from the folks at the department of public health really targeted this so we can measure we choose 8 directs 4 we were going to target and 4 with a control group we tried a number of enforcement specific enforcement having folks out there with information the ads
1:29 am
on the buses and elsewhere to cut to the chase we actually were able to measure improvement in terms of driver compliance at the four sgrshgs as compared to the other 4 actually, the 4 where we had the focus was a compliant increase of three or four perpetrating not huge during that time we had a decrease we can't explain bend they were 10 percent apart in regards to jooeldz to pedestrians one of the primary collision factors we're trying to attack in vision zero we did a survey of residents to determine whether this was reaching people and what we found that 40 percent remembered
1:30 am
seeing one the slogans from the campaign or hearing simon smoking gun something on tv and those that saw those slogans are more likely to think they can do something about the problem the key philosophy the good news we're not that only be able to make an impact on the intersection it demonstrates with the right kind of prescription of outreach we can achieve behavior change we'll be using the lessons as we scale and add what can from the budget to get hundred and 65 thousand dollars or so to put targeted our outreach strategy that is associated with vision zero so but it was great work and john knox white was the lead but
1:31 am
collaboration within the agency and drive a behavior that is associated with those behaviors that make us safety this was good news and then want to let you know frail muni art or art on muni collaboration between sfmta and san francisco beautiful which is as you may know the organization that is got it start by helping to save the impracticable cars we've been replacing all of the interior advertising on 50 buses with art made by san francisco artists more our artist there were 10 if not lifts that included local grerp artists and institutions and somebody from the sfmta, the public voted in a
1:32 am
poll to determine the winning artist and the 56 artists with the most votes will be the ones with the art delayed in buses from october to the end of the year at least december and turn our buses into living art galleries for a brief period of time something we hope to do more of in the future great collaboration there upcoming at the end of this week september 26th and 27 the muni heritage weekend we've done in partnership with market street railway our nonprofit and this is the time to showcase the history of our system particular some the historic streetcar cars the 1934 vote trams and outside the crowd favorites they'll be out beginning september 2, '26
1:33 am
and 27 and we'll be bringing out the old buses from the 50s and 60s and 70s a sovereignly media contest with a hash tag muni heritage that will allow folks to win limited edition photo and generally gives us an opportunity to showcase the great history and invite all of san francisco for the under the influrence itself from across the country to take the train or take that to experience this great legacy we're proud of and happy to share with everyone so september 26th and 27 muni heritage weekend eaten the last one is the american public transportation association which is the main industry organization for transit in this country that is hosting emphasis
1:34 am
conference in san francisco october 4th through 7 at the hilton hotel in union square we at the mta are co-hosting this long with the authority regional partners bart and caltrain and ac the mtc transportation authority and all the leading transit agencies coming together to host two or three thousand public professionals from across the country we'll show off our technical tours and the first ever bike tour for the convention a multi in charge to the conference and it should be a great program anybody interested can go to the website if any board members are interested and alicia will use
1:35 am
her charm the united states secretary of transportation anthony owe the chairman of board sfmta will be welcoming you on monday morning october 5th so it is just a great opportunity to not just us at mta but throughout the region to showcase the transit a last notes folks have been reading about the state legislature somewhat came and went this summer without rotation it is not technically closed the legislative session can continue into the fall in response to the call to figure out how to better
1:36 am
fund transportation in california so while it is disappointing they didn't meet the september deadline to come up with the package we're hopefully and supporting effort to getting some done this this year a at the federal level the reauthorization as well as the federal budget will soon be expiring so we are continuing to work with our partners nationally including them to urge a good transportation bill as well as a transportation budget for october 1st, we'll keep you posted but our state and federal partners are not stepping up like prop a the
1:37 am
numerous forevers the transportation agency will be bringing up forward in 2014. >> one thing you remind we last week he attended an art show at the congregant church by a man that come to san francisco essentially homeless and living with aids and he got on the system as part of a place to rest he wrote he called this the yellow line and sat across from the yellow line it was about thirty or 40 of them it was a touching thing he was so grateful for the grace shown to him when he was struggling by our drivers i was touched and maybe sometime we'll invite him here it was a wonderful exhibit. >> he's gun in touch with the
1:38 am
market street railway you know on the way of the exhibit but we'll reach out. >> anyone from the public. >> mr. chairman none is interested to address the matters provided by the directors of transportation moving on this the other advisory committee recorded nun today and public comment are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. we have one speaker herbert wiener. >> good afternoon mr. wiener herbert wiener i wish to address the question of equality as stated for ever bicycle rider one car taken off the road well, for every passenger on muni several cars taken off the road imagine if all those
1:39 am
passengers drove well, the bicyclists are getting things in return thaig they're getting bike lanes and all sorts of goodies and what are the passengers getting in return now it is true they got free bus pays for seniors and teenagers okay but also they're having takeaways the demands will be reduced to blocks people are on injury duty not able to take the 47 bus line to the hall of justice this slows down the process significantly in my opinion also the 3 that will not run by san francisco general hospital any longer i don't think this is equalities at all those are takeaways and
1:40 am
basically the nitty-gritty passengers don't have police clout beehives do the board has to take into consideration it would have been simple with the transit project now known and muni forward to simply maintain the existing routes and added buses to the heavy runs not that many housing of planning now takeaways from the neighborhood i think we'll be severely impacted you look at the muni transportation map of 198095 percent are covered by transportation which makes it assessable and now we're reducing accessibility this is being done to the tune of billions of dollars now, if you say no resources foyer having the buses i don't think so prop a and all
1:41 am
the money that mta is getting certainly can do that if you don't want to have mta stand for more train wrecks ahead you better address that with the disabled and seniors who will be severely impacted by the bus alteration and bus deletions and consolidation of bus stops we're heading towards this disaster moving on towards over the cliff. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> those are this only people that turned in speaker cards. >> good afternoon mr. lee. >> good evening tom nolan e tom nolan and members now is a dangerous nationwide running the taxi local business becoming the big major giants in the country find a way this preservation convention coming you have to
1:42 am
find where the t nc by a local ownership only you can't allow the the whole taxi business in the world's is starting by san francisco where it starts when to end you have to begin what the tmc the baby tmc is not like the baby you reminder it the nationwide they have a mop monopoly this is one giant it is dangerous to our country's interests if nothing can happen no more transportation like bart's ownership is an important thing you can't allow one guy to kill the smaller guys business they allow you to share in the
1:43 am
economy and airbnb you have to have a building that you can do b and b but the people having cars they're killing another guy as a leadership of you, please begin again had this convention thank you for the opportunity to make louder don't go along with the politicians they share the economy because of the good stuff in their pocket they say oh, good good good you can't be getting with all this corruption and also taxi the low down my taxi is lower and lower why i pay more shiners fee every month. >> (calling names) the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon mr. kennedy. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm franklin kennedy's from bos worst street in san francisco on the 4 had line the 52 line, bart
1:44 am
and the 36 line it this story began on august 18th of 2015 i was the victim of a bank fraud by someone utilizing the bank of america atm 14 times i only used it once so the bank of america changed my card and reset the money to me that's a good thing, however, clipper i have my auto reload clipper decided to go gets their money it is fine but they don't go by the bank i called clipper b with bank of america on the line and discussed it and clipper supervisor told me it would be anywhere from 7 to 10 days for
1:45 am
this corrective action to take place i said whatever it takes please just get me so i have my september muni pass for adults on my card they said okay. they'll work on it i said fine they suspended my use of clipper soon after and in so doing they maids my clipper card inoperable on ever reader throughout the state it doesn't work so luckily i didn't see a pop officer and they restored everything on the lighting thanks to the help of the state of california municipal commission and carol as sfmta
1:46 am
i'd like to see if you continue your relationship with. >> sir. >> staff mr. ed reiskin is somebody here. >> the clipper is i know mr. kennedy knows it is run but is mtc so the relationship of the vendors deals are with those issues is the mtc but it sounds like he's connected with the staff person in the revenue division. >> you just want you guys to say to the clipper next time you have the responsibility of turning on and off. >> thank you very much i'll refer to the board thank you. >> next item. >> moving on to the consent calendar commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the
1:47 am
public, or staff so requests mr. chairman none from the public wishes to sever an item okay. >> come forward please. which item are you talking about? good afternoon. i'm robert freed beggar he drive s 23 which is been called a special or a senior medallion and on 9/11 we received allergies are allergies tlulsz of the intent to take the medallions from us i find it hard to speak to the board i came here today, i want to be comfortable and since we were given a year before the medallions that taken from us all my friends who have those medallions have asked me to
1:48 am
speak and i spoken to both kate tehran and page and i'd like to get my thoughts together to speak to the board the first i spoke for the mta i came front of the michael harris and chris and stooping stood up in front of my friends s-42 those guys died one year after getting the medallions we were the oldest and longest group of cab drivers you mr. adams i stood up and said thank you in front of the mta and the friends and the caregiver company and said for 35 years or 36 when you take this medallion i've driven a cab almost full-time in the city and
1:49 am
nobody ever gave me anything thank you to the sfmta and now we followed all the rules i've been told that cabs are not operated well, we were given conditions had to give them to the company and not operate on our own from the conditions that with respect given were broken it was not by us as i say i was there when s one and 42 there is thirty of us left in the first 50 >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so mr. chairman again, no members of the public have addressed this item. >> i think there are folks that want to address on one of the
1:50 am
consent calendar items. >> okay. >> or may not. >> item what. >> f what. >> (inaudible). >> so members mbes wishes to sever 6.2 f. >> that's the end of calendar. >> they said to be sure they are here to support it. >> got it. >> so we'll put it back in we're back on. >> the consent calendar remains intact. >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it thank you very much. >> moving on to the reagan agenda upcoming agenda mr. chairman adopting the 20-year capital plan. >> director reiskin. >> our capital planning managers the architect of our
1:51 am
20-year capital plan will presents the item. >> good afternoon, sir. >> thank you ed reiskin and thank you to tom nolan and members of the board i'm dart with the planning group with the sustainable streets division i'm here to walk you through the latest workshops the 20-year capital plan all right. so in summary i'll cover the why do we create a capital plan and the methodology and how we develop the plan and how we use it going forward so the first step is why do we have the capital plan probably helps to start what is the capital plan it is our one document they pull together all at capital needs so the investments in the capital
1:52 am
program we have a good accounting of ever that the city and agency could invest in one the key considerations here is that it is not con trained by any financial or physical resources so it is really looking at what types of investments could benefit the transportation system irrespective of the money we'll be able to bring in during this time period and the second point is about prioritization so we know which or are the most important based on the strategic plan the sfmta strategy plan and then the other point why it is important to have the capital plan it provides us with a tool to communicate what the city's transportation needs are at a local level, regional level and also at a national level it
1:53 am
indicates the level of investment that could be put to use here in san francisco >> now the capital plan is based a number of other plans studies analysis and as i mentioned the foundation of that is the statistics plan but a lot of the needs which are identified in the capital plan come from other studies which is the ones shown here we have the pedestrians safety strategy and the bicyclist streaming our repair assessment it indicates how much to reinvest in the system and the real estate division, community program all of those others studies funnel into this capital plan so it is really the collection of all the needs that have been identified.
1:54 am
through those individual studies and then in turn the capital plan serves as a basis for a lot of things that we contribute to the most immediate the basis for the capital improvement program so the capital plan is not financially constraints the mayors the fund for the upcoming 5 years we use the combination of capital plan and the cit to to the city's 10 year capital plan it is adopted by the board of supervisors every two years and a chartered on transportation which contribute to at the county level the transportation authority provides the san francisco transportation plan not only the sfmta but also the regional
1:55 am
provides like bart and caltrain we mentioned a few times the mayor's task force is one of the foundational documents for understanding what the investment needs for san francisco are and a lot of the projects and programs that were identified in 2030 were a direct result of information and finally at the regional level the municipality transportation put together the planned area so the region of transportation priorities this is this was last adopted three years ago we're in the beginning stages updating that plan this capital plan update will serve as a 4 o'clock for the
1:56 am
update to the regional plan as well so the next set walk you through how we develop the capital plan and establish the priorities it is really simplified to 3 step process where we develop the criteria by which we'll evaluate and prioritize those needs so the starting point is the strategic plan and the four goals within it are so and within each of those the goals we develop criteria that specifically are used to evaluate the benefits the project will have in meeting some of the strategic plan goals they mirror the objectives within the strategic plan but been at a later date to apply to
1:57 am
the capital investments won those 4 goals we've identified the 11 criteria the next step we went through to determine out of 11 how much wealthy should be given our executive team went through a process represented here they compare each the criteria against those each other and indicate whaich ones are more important in this case we're showing risk management versus improving the quality those are further into goal four in the strategic plan so they evaluate those and we come up with the
1:58 am
distribution of weigh like a hundred point scale a perfect project has to safer the strategic needs we get hundred points goal one in red is the safest and security goal roughly 28 percent of the goal or 28 points out of a hundred the largest component is goal two that is the transit goal 47 percent and goal 3 the financial and environmental sustainability this is 7 percent and the workforce workplace goals has 18 percent this sets up the points possible that the projects can be evaluated then we go to throw the process of capital needs this is an example from our accessibility program in this project in
1:59 am
particular is to replace a list this is on geneva with a mraurm that requires less appliances and provides you know more assess over time so we collect kind of a basic description of the needs and why it is important to this system and a rough order of progress for those so for each of those capital needs a to that's been identified we get a small team of the agency experts together and they go through a process of rating those capital needs against the criteria that the executive team establishes with that, same example of platinum on santa fe and geneva we're looking at the assess criteria and the 40 members that rates this project all felt this was a
2:00 am
major benefit to accessibility so then harking back to the pie chart that is the system assess 13 points out of a hundred this will get 13 points for the access criteria and we go through the 11 criteria for each project and then have our rating so then this charting shows that project in context with the other and can be made in the accessibility program in this case that that list replacement project will receive 78 out of a hundred points it is nearly impossible for a project to receive hundred points the highest rated project in the capital plan was other than 80 points so the scale is not meant to be you know out of l


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