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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 91515  SFGTV  September 19, 2015 5:00pm-7:16pm PDT

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>> good afternoon everybody. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of september 15, 2015. madam clerk, can you please call the roll? >> madam president. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee. madam president, all members are
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present. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge of allegiance, to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. >> thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> i have none today madam president. >> okay, madam clerk, can you please call the first item? >> yes the first item of business is the policy discussion between the honorable mayor edwin lee and the board of supervisors. the mayor may proud additional remarks up to five minutes. the mayor may recognize supervisor christensen. there maybe followed up questions asked. >> thank you very much, welcome
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mayor ed lee. do you have opening remarks at this time? >> i do. thank you again president breed and supervisors and guests to our city hall. supervisors welcome back from your recess. i know you're all eager to get to work. i like to use my time to talk about how we are working everyday to keep our city more affordable. that's our laser focus on housing, housing that's affordable to low and middle income families. we are using this time of prosperity in our city to make sure every resident benefits. we have already together, raised the minimum wage for our city. we've made muny free for low income kids for seniors and people with disabilities. we've invested in our public schools, the great equalizer to make sure our kids succeed. by providing affordable housing to low income families is an
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essential part of our affordability challenge that we must solve. even though we have a housing crisis that's decades in the making, we must act decisively together now to make sure that families stay in their homes and get access to an affordable one. that's why last year, 2014, i announced a pretty aggressive housing plan. build and rehabilitate 30,000 homes by 2020 making sure it's affordable to low income family and to middle income family. we're making sure this progress with the most housing we've ever seen built in our cities since the great earthquake. we need to do more. that's why last week we launched a blueprint to build an additional 10,000 homes.
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more than 10,000. while we set the ambitious goal of 10,000 affordable homes, with this package of legislation for the first time, we have a clear blueprint to meet and i believe that we will exceed, the goal of 10,000 affordable units by 2020. we're working together, the board and the mayor, championing legislative package of five key policies and programs that will help us reach our affordable housing goals. we are together fixing public housing. no more poverty housing but we'll rehab one thousand foreign and public housing units in 15 different sites in just phase one of our public housing rehab. we're giving existing residents the priority for affordable homes built in their communities through our neighborhood preference program. we're helping tenants who lost
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their homes to an eviction or no fault eviction. who had to leave below market rate with a displaced tenants preference. my thanks to supervisors christensen to breed and cohen and all the supervisors for your support on this legislation. we are revamping our inclusionary housing program by incentivizing developers to provide affordable units alongside market rate units. i along with supervisors farrell will introduce legislation today to create more 100% affordable housing developments entirely funded by the private sector and incentivize developers to provide affordable units at a greater range of income levels under private projects. for the first time in our city's history this package will help us to secure housing for families and rent controlled units and stabilize the rent at
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permanently affordable levels. finally, we are incentivizing developers to build projects that have low income, middle income and market rate ones side by side with our affordable housing bonus program. i'm excited about the package of legislation that will be introduced today and hopefully we will all work together to make sure that we ramp up our affordable housing production with our city's resources and with the private sector investment. if we talk about homes, we need to talk about homelessness. i'm eager to get to supervisor christensen's question. >> thank you mr. mayor. now i like to recognize the supervisor from district three. supervisor julie christensen. >> mr. mayor, good afternoon. i thought today will be a good opportunity to look at the
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homelessness issues. i know it affect all the district. our count of homeless persons is up 27% in district three. there's been some talk about impending celebrations that might be occurring. but this is a day-to-day fact for a lot of folks in the district. i thought this would be an opportunity to talk about how your office is addressing the issue specifically in our district. thank you. >> thank you supervisor christensen. you've asked a question that's been on my mind everyday. on the minds of all san franciscans. i'm sure each of your colleagues the same thing. as we all try to offer hope to people who are living on our streets. because of smart investments, there's no doubt our city changed many lives for the better. in fact, through housing or family reunification, the city has helped more than 19,000 people leave the streets with nearly 11,000 move into
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supportive housing since 2004. we are making progress in better serving homeless veterans. families and youth. in fact, we expect and we will end chronic homelessness for veterans in san francisco by the end of this year. we'll continue to make progress on family homelessness and youth. however, even with the strongest social safety net that we've all worked together and i think we're proud of it here in san francisco, we know that we must do more because we still have too many homeless people suffering on our streets and too many people unable to make the choices they need to save their own lives because of mental health and substance abuse. we have relaunched the homeless outreach team with over 55 members to directly engage with people on the streets and give direct care. we have integrated a 311 reservation system for shelter
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beds so no one has to wait in long lines to get shelter. we're using innovative approaches like rapid rehousing, reversing an historic spike in family member -- homelessness and cutting the shelter wait list by more than 50er%. i worked with many of you on these investments. the one i'm most excited about is our innovative navigation center. we started nearly five months ago and have already helped 200 people homeless san francisco cans change their lives. we're committed to continuing this model and increasing it and multipling it. many have joined me last week when we announced an additional $3 million to double down on our efforts to serve street homeless residents after an anonymous donor got the center going. we can't do it alone.
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we will need more donors. i join the supervisors to ask the private sector to step up is we can continue to intake new clients, provide meals, safe shelter and connect homeless people with social services. that's why we're starting the navigation partnership's fund. this will raise hopefully another $3 million or more and it will be deposited into the fund with a controllers office. we know there is much hard work in front of us to solve this. i'm willing to work with the board to make sure that we have a more robust answer to the mental health and behavorial challenges. i look forward to working with you supervisor and each the supervisors to making sure we're
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working together to create and continue our focus on this homelessness problem in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. thank you mr. their for being -- mayor for being here today. at this time, we're going to move on to the consent agenda. madam clerk read the consent agenda. >> items 2 through 5 comprised consent agenda. if a member objects, an item maybe removed and considered separately. >> seeing no names on the roster. madam clerk please call the roll. >> supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen -- there are 11 ayes
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>> these items are finally passed and approved unanimously. madam clerk, item number six. >> to clarify that the affordable housing program applies to housing projects including group housing projects. changing certain requirements and certain circumstances to allow affordable on sight units in group housing projects. for on sight units in group housing projects to be priced 75% of the maximum purchase price for studio units. to clarify the requirements for designated units in certain district, under section 124f to affirm the planning department and to make other appropriate findings. >> colleagues can we take that item? without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously. item seven. >> to require the sheriff and the police department to gather
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and regularly report data regarding detention and traffic stops. >> same house same call. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >> item eight please. to amend the administrative code to rename the disasterry recovery fund. to designated as a category eight fund and specify how the city may use the fund. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you president breed. today we have legislation before us. as you know, currently we have a san francisco disaster recovery fund. today this legislation will be amending it, not only is it for disaster recovery but for emergency perches. in particular, my intention for this legislation is to that we can expeditiously provide funding if there is an emergency
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situation in san francisco quickly, these are funds specifically from private donor who decide they would like to donate money to the city for particular purposes. we would also be expanding the fund to include four categories. one would designate they would like to donate money for infrastructure and repair replacement for emergency housing or for helping animals. if you don't designate the city administrator's office will be responsible for determining the allocation of the funds. in budget committee, we had amended the legislation so that not only is the city administrator's office and the controller's office completing a report as to how much funds we are getting and how we're spending the funds, they would have to submit an annual report to both the mayor and the board of supervisors regarding the use of the funds.
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the controllers office shall include the disaster and emergency response in its quarterly budget status report. the overall extension of this legislation is to allow us as a city to be able to obtain funds from private donors in the event of an emergency for quicker disaster recovery. but also for emergency response and to not have to go through a board process in order to do ho. often times we need to be able to provide funding quickly. this is what this legislation is intended to do. to date, we have only received $546 comprising 19 donations. that is between november 2011 and july 2013. to date, no expenditures have been made from this fund. we hope that by changing the way the fund is structured, that we're able to better be ready to accept private donations and to help those in need during a time of emergency. with that colleagues, i hope you
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will support the legislation as is. we have controllers office staff here ready to answer any questions you may have. i know there may have been some concerns about transparency and how we're spending the funds. i do want to give our deputy city controller an opportunity to speak to that. if that's okay? >> yes. >> good afternoon, todd, from deputy controller. i like to wish you a happy national disaster preparedness month. the month of september. the item before you today as highlighted by supervisor tang, is really a piece of legislation that does go to the next step as far as being prepared and responsive as well as recovery efforts. much like you've already done in your legislation for chapter 21
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as well as chapter 6 for public works contracting. this is the compliment on the private donation side. if there are particular questions, i will be happy to answer there. there are the additional reporting in transparency items mentioned by supervisor tang with the quarterly reporting back to you. >> thank you. supervisor tang is there anything else? thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you very much. appreciate supervisor tang's legislation here to make it easier for people to help on the emergency situation. while i support the intended resolution, san francisco being prepared in case of an emergency. i also understand that -- as supervisor tang mentioned -- there hasn't been a really whole lot of funds collected through
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this mechanism. of course, if we collect 2000 here and there, that can be great. i also know that when you have huge disasters and lot of times whether you read it in the news all the time, whether you want to go back to katrina where there was a lot of donations and nobody knew what happened to the funding or to other international situations, even in the quake, there was a donations that were unaccounted for. when it comes to huge disasters, the donations itself by private donors comes after the fact that we had city or state or federal government will react to the situation. part of what i want to do is amend this. again, i don't think it's going
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to really have much impact unless it's a major disaster. i would like us to not totally give away fiduciary responsibility and having a check and balance here. if we were indeed, to have over 100,000 and 500 is very far from 100,000, that the board would have to approve the expenditure, anything that's over 100,000. again, i don't think going to have much impact in terms of things like the fire and the mission. if it was 100,000 paid for about 130 victims for the three nights at $256 a night at a hotel. i'm asking support for this amendment so we don't give up
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our fiduciary responsibility as a board of supervisors. >> supervisor yee has made a motion to approve an amendment that he circulated to the members of the board. is there a second? seconded by supervisor avalos, supervisor tang. >> thank you very much. i appreciate everything that supervisor yee just stated. i do believe in transparency and accountability for even private donations. not just city funds but private donor who are trying to contribute to disaster recovery and emergency response. we do -- unfortunately respectfully disagree, it does defeat the purpose why we're doing this. we trying to bypass the board process only in the case of an emergency. for nothing else. that is why i proposed the amendment reporting annually.
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speaking to that concern, i do want to ask the controllers office if you can let us know what types of internal controls there are in terms of spending. again, we don't have much experience with this. however, do know there are internal controls in place as to how funding will be dolled out. >> deputy controller. this is a matter of balancing the fiduciary responsibility as well as the internal controls. specifically on the internal controls when donations are provided to the city, they are separately accounted for and tracked. the proposed legislation does specifically tell the controller as well as the city administrative office how it can very limit spend those funds. that's one of the delegations that you would have that's presently drafted. additionally with that required transparency and recording, you will hear from us when we give
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you the quartering budget updates of all the sources and uses for that fund as well as annually a full accounting of all sorts of end uses. i i know the amount before you today, you seen $500 in donations, very thankfully we have not had a major earthquake since 1989. we have not had thousands of people displaced. this will be a matter of where you feel comfortable delegating us with the oversight as well as the city administrator's office. the allocation of the funds is in consultation with our office as well as department of emergency management and the mayor's office. there are those internal controls in place that we would be accountable to you. >> supervisor cohen.
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>> thank you. first, i wanted to -- good afternoon everyone -- supervisor yee, i don't have your amendment. this is your amendment? thank you very much. what page? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. i do have a question for clarification. i think it's for you. on page 1, line 21 at the end, it says, san francisco disaster emergency response recovery fund is a category eight fund. can you tell me what category eight fund is? >> category eight fund specifically is allowed under the administrative code in so far as the appropriate spending of that money is allowed without coming back to you first as a board for approval. in this specific case, though, the legislation narrowly defines
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how it can be expressed into those four expressed categories. the legislation gives the automatic appropriatation but narrowly defines how it can be spent. in this case, it's nonpublic in an emergency response or recovery effort. specifically auto appropriation. it allows the donor's money to accrue interest and to be spent later or in a subsequent fiscal year. >> thank you. >> thank you, at this time, supervisor yee has made a motion to approve the amendments it was seconded by supervisor avalos. please call the roll on the
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vote. i don't see your name on the roster. supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president. just s question for the chair to supervisor tang to the author. what will be the concern if we pass the amendment that supervisor yee introduced? it seems like it provides more transparency and more oversight. i'm just wondering what the concern is. >> sure. i think as i stated in my opening comments, the whole purpose of this legislation so that if private donors want to make a donation to the city for emergency response, well dole out that funding for whatever that emergency is in a timely fashion. if you were to adopt the amendment, i understand the concern for transparency but if you adopt the amendment, it essentially really does away
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what this legislation is all about. which is only in the purpose for the emergency will be doling out this funding. i'm not generally speaking of category eight funds for the event of an emergency, i believe it is something that is appropriate. like mr. reed said from the controller's office, there are a lot of internal controls to make sure the funds is only spent in those four categories that we laid out in this legislation. >> okay. supervisor campos, anything else? thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor cohen -- no, supervisor farrell -- no, supervisor kim, aye supervisor mar -- mar, supervisor tang -- no, supervisor wiener-no,
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supervisor yee, aye supervisor avalos, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen -- no. there are four ayes and seven noes. >> okay, the amendment fails. madam clerk, please call the roll on the item. sorry, supervisor yee. >> i just wanted to be clear, i do appreciate the intent. i didn't think that we're going to reach $100,000. i will be voting no on this. not because i agree with the intent. we should be taking fiduciary responsibility on this item. if we're going to be fiscally responsible, we need to make a decision to do that. not back off that. >> thank you.
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madam clerk, can you please call the roll on the item? >> item eight, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed, supervisor campos supervisor christensen. there are eight ayes and three noes with supervisors yee, avalos and campos in the dissent. >> this ordinance passes on the first reading. i know that we have two accommodations. like to call on supervisor farrell for our first accommodations. >> thank you president breed. today it's pretty rare i think we get to honor people that have
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done amazing things that we can never even imagine doing here at the board. this summer, i remember watching tv and hearing this crazy idea that there was a woman who was attempting to interim from the island -- swim from the islands all the way to city of san francisco without a wet suit. she was going to do it straight without touching her boat. all the news coverage of her making that successful swim. then, as i was mentioning to her, i was with my wife and children this summer in a car and listening to an npr interview and her life story. i am so in awe of everything she accomplished. today we're honoring kimberly chambers who became the first woman in the world to swim from
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the islands to the city of san francisco. come up kimberly. [applause]. >> to put this in context, this is a swim of 30 miles of shark infested water. as some of my friends mentioned to me, the idea of proactively jumping into shark waters where they're known to eat in the islands in the dark, seems to be a bit of a crazy idea. it was nothing but admiration that everyone continues to talk about it. she did this feat in 17 hours and 12 minutes. which is unbelievable. i want to talk about background for everyone about your background. in 2007, she suffered an accident where doctors gave her a less than one percent chance of walking unassisted. former rower at berkeley, she
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spent two years rehabilitating her leg and started swimming six years ago for the first time since primary school. building a foundation for what you did is so incredible. she's a proud member of the knight swimmers who are here. all the group here, i know bob and some other folks here. simon who's there with them, was the man earlier this year that swam from san francisco and only to get pulled out the water because there was sharks circling around him. he was just a few miles away from the finish of that swim. something i could never imagine doing. any case, in 2012, some more history here. she joined a number of swimmers
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on a relay team from san francisco and santa barbara. swimming day and night. despite that, raised over a million dollars for charity. on september 2nd, she successfully swam the northern ireland to scotland north channel. which was seventh of the ocean seven swim, which was unbelievable. all that you've done. she's been nominated for so many women of the year awards. which is unbelievable. supervisor christensen is right nearby. we were talking about her earlier today. i want you to know how amazed so many of us of what you did. i'm sure you heard that a lot. on behalf of everyone here, congratulations. i know after hearing that interview, i realize what a team effort that is.
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what an amazing collective story of a group effort. but also, i want to make sure, you probably didn't set out to do it on purpose, i have a 9-year-old daughter who's on the swim team. the example that you have set and letting young women know that they can accomplish if they put their mind to it. this is obviously beyond mote everyone's dreams. so congratulations to you and thank you and congratulates for all that you've done. >> thank you so much. [applause]. >> thank you supervisor farrell and madam president and members of the board. i'm tremendously honored to be here. i'm trying not to cry. none of this as sunk in. you don't do these swims. they're not athletic events. these are very personal journeys of self-transformation. i was in a situation with an
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injury. it took me two years to walk again. swimming has really put me on this path of the self-discovery of realizing his dreams and realizing that we're all capable of far more than we think we are. it starts community. i am tremendously proud to have the support of my friends and san francisco, the swim clubs, dolphin clubs and most of all my night train swim team who are here behind me. everyone has encouraed me to dream big. to make these swims bigger than
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yourself, to do this more charity, i learned from my mentors i like to take a moment to introduce. >> okay, i'll say a couple of things. first of all, you didn't know that the fairline island belonged to san francisco. you own the ready and you have -- real estate and you have to abide by the rule. people started talking about, why don't we swim to san francisco. they toyed with that idea. they used to eat ham sandwiches and drink brandy about half way. in 1967 ted made it. he was the first to do that. he actually tried three times. once he didn't make it and second time he died. third time he made it. the dream what kim was thinking about was wouldn't be great if a woman can do that.
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san francisco has been a city of pioneers. the gold rush days. no limits, always tests whatever you can think of and dream of. we've all been proactive and the city of san francisco so cool and neat. i'll leave you with this. history is being made now, 20 years from now, you can say, i was at city hall when they honored kim chambers. this is history in the making. it's like a first person flying to the moon or doing something or flying across the atlantic. this is kim chambers. not to forget simon who laid the ground work. he showed her the road map. he swam three mile short. he was bleeding from his neck down because. he was so nervous. big hand for simon. [applause]. kim, your turn. >> thank you once again.
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i'm just tremendously honored to be here and don't be afraid to dream big. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, congratulations can. next commendation is erik mar.
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>> i wanted to say that it's a historic moment in this chambers that we're joined by an amazing leader all the way from seoul, korea that has an example of courage and breaking silence. she's an example of a growing movement led by women's organizations in korea and japan and in this country and the u.s. for justice for hundreds of thousands of girls and women that were kidnapped coerced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army from 1932 to 1945. i wanted to ask if our honoree can come forward. but also acknowledge that we're joined by judges, lillian singh and julie tang. we are also joined by phyllis kim from the korean american
5:40 pm
forum. she will be translating. the leader that we are here honoring today ms. eun sue lee. she's a courageous person showing perseverance. she represents and embodies the fighting spirit of women's movement in the pacific and in asia and in this country leading the struggle for justice. she's been leading it for about 20 years since she broke her silence along with other women. grandma lee was more than in 1928 in korea. she was 15 years old the age of my daughter as well. my japanese and chinese-american daughter, jade. grandma lee was 15 years old when she was lured out of her home in the middle of the night. she was taken to a comfort
5:41 pm
station for a unit in taiwan. she returned after the war and lived in silence. she lived in silence until 1992 when she registered with the korean government as a victim of the japanese military sexual slavery. tremendously courageous person. she thought what happened to her was an isolated incident. but soon realized so many other women well over 200,000 were subject to the statement horrors that she went through. i think some say that the average was 10 to 20 rapes of people per day. just the suffering and the horrors. since then, grandma lee has become a leader and an activist in the movement to demand an official apology and government reparations from the japanese government. grandma lee was one of the three
5:42 pm
supervisors that testify -- survivors that testified before the u.s. congress. grandma lee embodies courage and determination. she's making numerous trips around the globe including japan and to the u.s. to attend events, give talk and raise public awareness about the so called comfort women issue. i like to say that our justice for cuppard women coallation is growing because of the courage of grandma lee. she's getting around at the age of 87 to speak and to raise awareness to pressure the japanese government to formally apologize. she lives in korea. my was a is working with the justice for comfort women
5:43 pm
coalition to arrange for a conference. she's meetg with the mayor later today, i believe, also grace hugh has her and many other events that she's attending. on behalf of the justice for comfort women coalition, i wanted to ask those in the audience could stand from the rape of coalition and justice for comfort women coalition. stand in solidarity as we thank brand ma lee and give her -- grandma lee and give her remarks. thank you. [applause]
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>> president breed. >> [speaking foreign language] >> hello everyone, my name is sue lee. i am the living evidence of history. it's beautiful in san francisco no meet with you.
5:45 pm
i want to ask you, from the bottom of my heart, please let me get rid of my sadness in my heart by erecting a memorial in this beautiful city of san francisco. i came here as a witness of the history but now i am more than that. i came here as an activist who is trying to resolve the history for the sake of all women rights
5:46 pm
of the world. for the sake of the women's around the world, i am determined to resolve this problem. [speaking foreign language] enter all of you in san francisco, i give you my respect and will have and i sincerely ask you to erect a memorial in san francisco. i am very grateful, thank you. i love you everyone. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. [applause] thank you, at this time supervisor kim will say a few
5:47 pm
words. >> first of all i want to say a couple of of my own words as well. i grew up -- my parents integrated from korea to the u.s. in the 1970s. i grew up in my childhood hearing story about the occupation, the war and the story of women and wrung girls that were taken from their home to serve as sexual slaves for the japanese military. these are stories that i grew up hearing from so many women in my family. who are fearful that they could have been one of the victims. i want to thank you so much for what you were doing. the greatest revolution that you can give is not just to survive but survive and tell the stories.
5:48 pm
the experience and the story are humiliating and so haggling to -- challenging to hear. i know even more challenging to tell the public and share your experience. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your leadership and courage. it is so important we not only know our history but we remember the story so they won't happen again. i think that your contribution to women and girls across the world that are victimized is so incredibly important that we cannot rest until we end this type of violence against girls and women. so thank you again. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you supervisor kim.
5:49 pm
>> okay, thank you very much.
5:50 pm
okay, thank you to the paparazzi, we will now turn to the regular business of the board of supervisors. madam clerk, plaza go -- please go to item number nine. >> to levee property taxes to each 100 evaluation for the tax property. the bay area district. to establish a pass through rate of 0.020 for residential tenants. >> madam clerk please call the
5:51 pm
roll. >> cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor kim, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen. there are 11 ayes. >> this ordinary nans is -- unanimously passed. member of the public please sit quietly. thank you very much. madam clerk, can you please read the next item. >> item 10 is an ordinance to waive banner fees under public works code section 184.78 for up to 25 banners to be placed by the abraham lincoln high school to public sized 75th anniversary celebration gala.
5:52 pm
>> same call. without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously. >> item 11 is a resolution to approve amendment number one to terminal news specialty store lease between hudson group retail for relocation of another concession space and reduction of the minimum annual guarantee of the rent of approximately 555,000. >> please call the roll. >> supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, more absent, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos supervisor christensen. there are 10 ayes.
5:53 pm
>> this resolution is adopted unanimously. item 12 please. >> resolution to authorize the office of the district attorney to accept an expanded grant in the amount of approximately $2.1 million frtm the government claims board for the period july 1, 2015 through june 30, 2018. supervisor cohen, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed supervisor campos, supervisor christensen. there are 11 ayes. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. item 13. >> resolution to approve an emergency public works contract
5:54 pm
with kone evening to renovate and update the elevators. >> same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> item 14 resolution to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to negotiate and execute 25 year lease for approximately 199 acres. for water use and management aggravate conveyance for annual rental rate of 60,000 plus four percent. >> same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. can you read item 15 through 19. >> they are five resolutions that approve amendments are a modification to the various leases between the treasure island development authority and the united states navy to extend
5:55 pm
the term for one year for the period of december 1, 2015 through november 30, 2016. item 15 is amendment 40 to the treasure island land and structure master lease, item 16 is amendment number 31 to the treasure island south water front master lease. 17 is the amendment number 19 to the treasure island master lease. item 19 is a modification of the cooperative agreement to extend the term from october 1, 2015 until the earlier of the termination was conveyance agreement executed between the navy and the authority or the date that all parcels at the the treasure remind are -- island are conveyed. >> can we take those items. without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. item 20. >> resolution to authorize the department of public health behavorial health services to
5:56 pm
enter into an amendmented multiyear contract with the state department of healthcare services in the approximate amount of $40.4 million from july 1, 2014 through june 30, 2017. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. item 21. >> resolution to retroactively authorize the department of public department to accept and extend gifts from dr. laguna. in the amount of $400,000 from july 1, 2015 through june 30, 2035 and $100,000 to the development fund. july1, 2015 through june 30, 2025. >> without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> item 22, resolution to authorize the department public health to receive federal and state funding for certain
5:57 pm
nontransportation project through the department of transportation and to execute these agreements in any amendments. >> without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 23 resolution to authorize the recreation and park department to accept and extend a grant in place for the public land improvements to the buchanan street mall valued approximately $188,000, april 7, 2015 through october 31, 2015. >> without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. okay, madam clerk, can we go to our committee report? >> item 24 was considered bethe rules committee as a regular meeting on thursday september 10, it was forwarded as a committee report. it was recommended as amended with a new title. item 24 now reads, motion to approve the mayor's reappointment of bryant tan to
5:58 pm
the entertainment commission term ending july 1, 2019. >> this motion is approved unanimously. okay, let's go to roll call for introductions. >> first supervisor up to introduce new business is supervisor cohen. >> thank you madam clerk. i submit. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> i have two items today. first of all, is an item that i'm co-sponsoring and mayor yee is sponsoring around our inclusionary housing program. without a doubt, obviously our most pressing issue we continue to talk about inside of city hall with housing shortage and crisis. we've been doing a lot to create new housing and affordable units. a number of us came together over the past year plus to
5:59 pm
participate in the mayor's housing working group. we worked with a group of folks including our staff affordable housing advocates, community leaders. as a result of these meetings and a lot of back and forth between stakeholders, we arrived today what i am very much supporting and introducing the most substantive undates inclusionary housing program. today, mayor lee formally introduced these amendments that include number of items. first is the creation of an inclusionary dial, which adds option to increase a target of pricing of on or off sight units for providing more units. for rental units, sponsors will be able to dial up to 90% ami. all in exchange for producing a greater number of permanently
6:00 pm
affordable units. in addition, there's addition of small site alternative. where developers of small projects will have the option to direct their feed towards the acquisition of rental buildings in the neighborhood of the principle project. there's also strengthening the off site alternative where the developers will have the project to be located 1.5 miles of the market rate project. this allows for more time for an off sight project to be completed since there's difficulty in obtaining all the permits. our residents expect that we continue to work on this housing
6:01 pm
issue. i do believe as we all do, producing more affordable housing is one of the key things that we must focus on here in city hall. these are common sense reforms, overdue reforms and i'm glad that over a year of working together, we've introduced them. i do want to thank a number of people from the mayor and staff that have been working on this. jeff buckley, his senior housing advisor and all of the mayor, housing staff and planning staff including sophie hayward and everybody else who participated in these working groups. the second item i'm introducing today is something i mentioned earlier in the summer. that is around our gun control legislation and policies here in san francisco. easy access, obviously, two firearms continuing to be a contributing factor to senseless violence. not only here in san francisco but across our country.
6:02 pm
even though we have some of the toughest gun laws, there still remains more we can do in terms of public safety. there are gaps in our federal and state legislation that san francisco has yet to address, that a number of other counties in san francisco have already taken advantage of. that's why today i'm introducing legislation that would require the video taping of all gun and ammunition sales in san francisco. and require all stores transfer to the san francisco police department. i want to thank supervisor cohen who's been a strong leader in proposing gun control reforms. it is intended to fill the gaps that exist at the federal and state level and enhance public safety. i do believe we need to do everything within our power here inside of city hall. i hear about public safety concerns whether it's quality of
6:03 pm
life crimes or violent crimes. obviously, we can't go out and patrol the streets. what we can do inside the city hall is equally important. i do believe we need to continue to press forward. the first portion of the legislation would require the video taping of all gun and ammunition sales within the city of san francisco. including counters and safes, vaults and so forth. currently no federal or california law impose a security requirement during business hours. simply having this evidence of all gun sale and all gun handling within the stores will hopefully deter those are buying guns and ammunitions. as with both of these items, it will give our law enforcement
6:04 pm
personnel additional data and resources and tools in order to prosecute crimes and investigate them as well. the second portion would require the electronic transmission of ammunition sales data and transfers weekly to the san francisco police department. over a dozen local jurisdictions in california have already adopted ordinances requiring similar electronic transmission. california currently does not have anything similar in place. i do think the goal here are pretty simple and straightforward. to prevent and deter illegal traffic, to make sure our san francisco police department continues to have all the tools available to continue to force our public safety.
6:05 pm
hopefully this package will continue to aid in that progress to deter violence in our neighborhoods and on our streets. stop people are getting access to guns. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i look forward to the discussion on inclusionary reform. i'm curious as to how looking at reducing develop or obligations will build more affordable housing for our city. today i am making a request to our comptroller's office to study and develop a range of option for a citywide public toilet program expanding upon the successful tenderloin pit stop program which is piloting with public works. the critical component of what has made this pilot so successful is the regular maintenance and monitoring. only possible with staffing of our public works program. my first two years in office i
6:06 pm
heard over and over again that residents needed more public restrooms. not just the green bathrooms that often utilized not for bathroom purposes but became magnets and dangerous activities. our residents want to -- that would prevent them from being forced urinate or defecate on the streets. over the two years, we worked closestly with director muhammad and public works to develop it. last summer, we were able to launch three pit stops in
6:07 pm
district six. over the year, the data that we have collected has shown that they are a tremendous success. on average, everyday, almost 100 people use the three pit stops in the tenderloin. in july of 2015, these three pit stops were utilized 4500 times. we're noticing there's a tremendous increase even over the last two months. an example of one that i will share which is on ellis, right across from glide church in may, we saw 1235 uses. not only the programs are successful, they've been utilized as people grow to trust them and learn from them. in the first six months, we found that we were saving 240 gallons of water a month.
6:08 pm
it led to reduction in request in the neighborhood by over 60% in steam clean ask. these facilities have made our streets cleaner, we collected over 120 bags of garbages. i want to thank and recognize my colleagues for unanimously approving my budget request to make the pit stop permanent in january of this year and expanding a fourth location in the south of market on sixth street. over the last month, this program has now expanded to supervisor david campos's district and two more pit stops in our district on mid-market and civic center. even in the last two weeks, we're seeing utilizing one of the j.c. dacoe bathrooms. number of flushes are tripling. meaning more people are feeling safe and comfortable using these restrooms because they are monitored and cleaned on a regular basis.
6:09 pm
we, however, know this is a citywide issue. this isn't limit to district six and nine. we are hearing across the city, not only we need more places for all members of the public, whether they are tourists or families that are shopping, vendors on the streets that aren't able to access restrooms, of course the individuals call the streets their home and have nowhere else to go. this can be something to provide dignity for all residents and make streets cleaner. i live in south of market. i walk to work many days. there are not many days when i don't see examples of this or have to step over it. this is something that our city can address with financial support. today, i am asking the comptroller's office to examine the geographic need based on 311 and public works data, propose locationses throughout the city
6:10 pm
including existing resources that we can utilize. and examine alternatives like the innovative pit stops and the citizens proposed concepts like the pee plant on market street a few months ago. i'm making this request with supervisor campos and avalos. access to public restrooms is a basic human necessity. no one can stop going to the bathroom. that's just not a bodily function that we can control and we should not blame individuals on the streets for having to urinate or defecate on the street. we deserve to live and work in a city where we can walk down the streets without stepping over feces or smelling urine.
6:11 pm
we look forward to having a hearing on this item in the next couple of weeks. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues, i have several items on hunger piece and valley fires. i'm really hungry right now. we're in the middle of hunger action month. this week a number of community leaders are going through the snap challenge, the hunger challenge, trying to live off $4.72 per day. i only have to deal with this for a week. there's 42,000 san franciscans that live off food stamps everyday. there's one in four san francisco -- san franciscans that are at risk. i wanted to thank the san francisco marine food bank for challenging us. i wanted to thank project open
6:12 pm
hand for requiring the leadership of their organization to go through this at least week long experience. i'm living off extremely tight food budget. oatmeal, rice and beans, a positive thing is cooking more at home with my daughter. i think that's a benefit of building community and family. i'm hungry height now. by the time i -- i did this last year. my brain stops working about 3:00 p.m. i go to bed hungry everyday and every night. it's a good experience for policy makers like me to do this. i wanted to say, right now the cal fresh snap benefit is about $4.72 a day. i realize that for me it's only a simulated experience, it's not the same when i can go back to my regular habit at the end of the week. i still see a value of shipping my own perspective on the issue.
6:13 pm
really helping to ease the suffering that many people have everyday. together, i think with the food security task force, the tenderloin and many others, we can raise awareness and mobilize our public and hunger in san francisco. we as a board pass resolution to end hunger to significantly end it by 2020. we're trying to do that at the budget committee. we need everybody to help us do that. for more information, suggest of how to survive off $4 a day, go to sfmfoodbank.orghunger challenge 2015. it's opening my eyes. i wanted to say i'm helping to support an amazing event on september 19th on saturday. it's a third annual piece in the park in district one. it brings together the diverse
6:14 pm
san francisco and surrounded communities to unplug and explore activities of peace, joy and happiness in a fun, inspiring and healthy atmosphere. the festival was created in response to the growing concern that we are over stimulated 80t afflicted, i have to admit openly that i have add. we're a tech saturated culture. if you come with us, you'll be among some of the best artist,
6:15 pm
scientists and policy makers in the bay area at this event. the festival is offered free of charge by a coalition. for more information, go to peace in the park lastly, many people know, thousands of lives have been disrupted and touched by the valley fire that's raging in napa and lake counties. to date, 585 homes have been destroyed and hundreds of other structures have been destroyed as well. the loss is up there include the home of my friend and former aid, peter's parents. many of those affected have lost everything. there are various ways help. to give to the california fire foundation, go to w
6:16 pm
i wanted to say, i know how devastating home fires can be. in 2000, i lost my home and all of my family's belongs to a fire in the richmond district. my heart goes out to all of the families and residents struggling to get back on their feet. tricounty bank set up an account to benefit the victims. anyone like to donate can visit any bank of tri-county bank and make a deposit to the valley fire relief fund. the funds will be distributed to people in need through relief agencies and salvation army is accepting monetary donations. you can donate online or call 1-800-sfl army. >> thank you supervisor mar. with supervisor kim wish to speak to the hunger challenge. >> i want to thank supervisor mar for taking leadership of taking up the hunger challenge last year. my was a and including myself have joined ther hunger exactly
6:17 pm
as well. i have been participating sense yesterday and my entire staff including their families and three children are participating. i do agree with you, it is a really important challenge for policy makers to take on. i'm really committed to our healthy corner store program and food justice program in the tenderloin. because of that i'm shopping locally at our local corner store. figuring out how i can stretch my budget on $4.50 a day. which is something many of our residents are doing here in the city. i want to thank you for doing that. we want to continue to work on this issue. i want to recognize the food bank who is leading this challenge this year.
6:18 pm
i know what many of us come from families where our parents have immigrated to the united states to better unites. very proud that san francisco has always welcomed our immigrant community with open arms. in september 17, 1787, it was the signing of the u.s. constitution. back in 12, our city had launched a san francisco pathways to citizen initiative. since then, we have reached over one million bay area residents. we trained over 500 volunteers. i want to take some time to recognize and celebrate september 17th as constitution and citizenship day here in san francisco. with that i submit.
6:19 pm
>> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk. today i'm introducing a legislation to expedite the approval process for affordable housing. specifically to eliminate the conditional use requirement for any affordable housing project that contains 100% affordable units. we all agree that we need significantly more affordable housing in san francisco. it takes way too long to get affordable housing projects approved in the city. the conditional use process, which is a very useful process in many context, in the context of getting affordable housing built, can at times delay these projects by a year or more adding significant expense as well. we have seen projects that have been delayed through the
6:20 pm
conditional use process. it's not the best way to proceed. we need more affordable housing and it takes way too long to get affordable housing built in the city. legislation will also make it easier to use publicly owned land other than park, space or open space to build affordable housing. by eliminating the requirement that publicly owned land be rezoned in order to create affordable house. this is legislation applies only to projects that are affordable housing 100% in all the units are affordable housing to people making somewhere between zero and 120% of area median income. i look forward to discussion about this and other ways that we can build more affordable housing and make it easier, faster and less expensive to do so.
6:21 pm
i also will be joining supervisor yee in memorial for everett, she passed suddenly and tragically. was the principal at st. phillips. a school that's been there for many years. it's a real institution in the community. she was someone who was beloved by the school community and by the neighborhood. i know that people are in shock that she's gone and we'll all miss her dearly. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you madam clerk. i would like to adjourn today's meeting of a principal.
6:22 pm
she would be sorely missed. ms.everett passed away unexpectedly this weekend. nobody expected this. she is someone who has dedicated her life tirelessly to education. she was a loving and caring person and always made time to get to know each student. ms.everett will be missed so much and the st. phillips community. our thoughts are with her husband john and her two daughters. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. >> thank you, i have one in memoriam for ms. karalee. kara lee. i want to acknowledge karalee who passed away with her former
6:23 pm
husband mellee. ms.lee was born on december 5, 1941. mrs.lee dedicated her life to serving the public by working as an intake nurse at the california pacific medical center for her whole career until she retired in 2007. outside of work, mrs. lee was athletically talented. she enjoyed playing tennis and riding on horseback. she had a gift for water color painting. she liked to paint fruits, flowers and vegetables. a loving mother, mrs. lee is succeeded by her three children and three grandchildren. she will be truly missed. the rest i submit. >> thank you madam president.
6:24 pm
supervisor campos. >> submit. >> supervisor christensen. seeing no other names on the roster. that includes the introduction of new business. >> at this time, can you please read public comment. >> the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items, the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. to include the minutes, the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar, items 27 through 29. items 1 through 24. pursuant to the board's rules of board direct remarks to your board as a whole not to individual supervisors. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you would would like to display a document on the projector, please clearly state
6:25 pm
such and remove the document. >> okay, thank you. first speaker. welcome. >> thank you members of the board. i'm rabbi doug khan, director of the jewish community relations council. pleased to speak on the organized jewish community. honored to be a member of the coalition. we believe in the importance of memory. it will only be confined to the obscure history books.
6:26 pm
san francisco's holocaust memorial was established more than 30 years ago after mayor feinstein appointed a committee. i was privileged to staff that committee at lincoln park. as with this memorial, this one will do precisely the same in honoring memory and shining light on humanity. in honoring the survivors and serving as an opportunity for reconciliation. the effort to establish a monument to comfort women, resonates deeply for the jewish community. this is why our community is proud to support this important memorial. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please.
6:27 pm
>> i like to use the overhead. i haven't started yet. >> can you start the time please. >> i'm here concerning my son aubrey who was murdered to a semiautomatic gun. to my son, we just recently got through rallying right here in front of city hall. mothers demanding action for unsolved homicide. i've been doing this for nine years. august14th will be nine years since my son was murdered. still to justice or closure. we want to bring awareness to
6:28 pm
unsolved homicide so that mothers like myself can heal. we have no closure. i want to bring awareness to also that firearms are the third leading killers of our children ages 1 through 17. firearms, how many firearms are we going to let come here for people to get a hold of and go and commit senseless violence like this among our children? we need to stop these shop from opening that are carrying these guns for people to go and shop and get these guns and people are selling guns out of the trunk of their car to people with mental health to go and kill our children. like i said, i'm not only here about my child, we have other mothers and fathers that are suffering in silence concerning their children.
6:29 pm
these are all unsolved home sides and something needs to be done about it. we don't need to be left with this what i have to look at everyday. what i have to think about everyday concerning my son. this is something i'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. i shouldn't have to stand up and fight. >> thank you mrs. brown. next speaker please. >> overhead please. supervisors, director of san francisco. i showed you this list sast week. 24 wins. i don't need to tell the members of board of supervisors how hard it was to win 24 times. the public should be made aware of the awareness have been made
6:30 pm
to sabotage the sunshine ordinance task force. let's start the next six months to a year discussing some of these. let's start with the case of your president. i made a public record's request which the supervisor and her staff knowingly and willfully ignored. a request under the sunshine ordinance and the california public records act. supervisor breed didn't respond to me, didn't respond to the task force, didn't even send anybody to the hearing. after a month, her representative connor johnston, appeared only to moan about having to be there. he was dismissive both of me and the task force. didn't give a dam but the supervisor had violated my rights under the law just as
6:31 pm
these other 23 groups have done. i'm nobody special. i believe they probably treat other citizens the same way. my opinion would be that her representative exhibits the same dismissive attitude toward the open government that your board supervisor does. someone who rather than setting this type of example, should be setting a positive example and a couple of more of you which we'll talk about next week and the week after have chosen to follow that example by being dismissive of the fact that the citizens have rights -- >> thank you very much, next speaker please. thank you. next speaker. sir your time is up.
6:32 pm
>> there's a board rule that does not allow signs in the chamber. >> one second, we have a speaker at this time. sir. >> for two years, 85 years old, jew, holocaust survivor, sleeping on the streets, homeless because number 12 is lee. you don't have right, not human rights, not any right to put on the street a person -- [inaudible].
6:33 pm
85 years old holocaust survivor and you put him on the street for two years. only fascist country can do it. only hitler did it in 1940. by the way, you give me two -- two gave me one -- [inaudible]. after this you put me on the street. fascist. i ask jewish god to punish you. >> thank you next speaker please.
6:34 pm
>> the sfgov tv, the overhead projector please. >> can you zoom out please? >> it's too close. >> if you want to wait, we can figure it out so we can zoom in and take the next speaker. okay. >> my son and three other young boys were murdered j anuary 9th, quadruple homicide that happened in hays valley and eight months later there is no arrest. mind you, it has not been one
6:35 pm
penny of a reward put on these young men lives. i am outraged as a mother and state of shock that when i spoke with chief the other day, i asked him what was going on with the arrest. his words were, oh, that. oh that? i'm here for another case he said. that let me know that it's not priority as you claim a high profile case. that nothing like this is happened in san francisco yet. we as black mothers are losing our children in mass numbers. it's not being acknowledged. i'm coming to this board it's because something really needs to be done to comfort these mothers and families. we're suffering in high percentage and much of the focus is on the dollars. what do you expect us to do?
6:36 pm
we're asking that the mayor be contacted to demand an arrest because they do know who the killers are. they know the suspects but they claim they have no witnesses. they arrested someone with a stolen car and they let them go. if it was your child, what would do you? thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> i've been a teacher for the san francisco unified school district if 38 to 40 years. this is my grandson who i was at uc hospital. i was the first one to touch him. this is obituary of my grandson. who was murdered january 9, 2015. eight months and about five days. i was going tory tire last year. my grandson told me please don't
6:37 pm
leave. he didn't make it to the end. i'm here now. eight months, they know who the person are. i say make an arrest. i have serve san francisco unified school district for 38 plus years from high school, volunteering my services and working and touching all of those children who have been in the san francisco unified school district from pre-k to 12th grade. i say, how long does it take? i say make an arrest. my grandson, my first born, he has a brother left, 20 years old. he doesn't want to come back to the house. he's into his spirituality, i'm a hebrew. i say all lives matter. we've been here even before this happened to our children. i say who murdered my grandson?
6:38 pm
i say, make an arrest. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> thank you president breed and other members. my name is christopher. i like to comment on justice. victor hugo seems to have entertain among the first to claim that justice for the opressed is to be found in their crime. because oppressors are to bare the entire guilt for those crimes. he has said if a soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. the guilty one is not he who commits the sins but he who causes the darkness. i would give great weight to calling acts a revenge committed
6:39 pm
by the opressed among the oppressor. i could give no weight to arguing that crimes committed upon random passersby, among the innocent, upon the conveniently weak are anything more than simple crimes. when such crimes are committed upon neighbors, upon family and community, the destruction is even greater that tragedy is more personal and justice if any, even more distance. we all have an internal executive which orders our actions. we do what we will to do and nothing else. we are all able to manage our impulses whatever they may be if that is what we choose to do. thank you president breed. >> thank you. next speaker please.
6:40 pm
>> after 32 years of the san francisco superior court, i retired today so i can speak before you about the comfort woman resolution. i gave my career up so i can speak into justice and peace. this resolution is not japan bashing, it is holding japan accountable. the argument against resolution because other countries have also committed atrocities is absurd. if you follow that argument to the logical conclusion, you will end up doing nothing and holding no one accountable. what other atrocities and gay rights, black slavery, you cannot include every human rights violation when you remember certain crime against
6:41 pm
humanity. when you talk about gay rights, you focused about gay rights. when you talk about this resolution, you're you focus on japan's atrocity to what's 200,000 women. it is not all about the citizens of the world. the argument that this resolution will hurt japanese americans is simply wrong, wrong. japanese americans have done nothing to deserve such a association. japan did what japan did as a foreign government. japanese-americans were victims. they should not be associated with that and we will fight against hate crimes against japanese-americans because of this resolution. we are a multiethnic rights collaboration including many japanese americans like all americans, many japanese-americans want to hold japan accountable for its crimes
6:42 pm
against humanity. she said, my father went to jail because of the association -- >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hi, my name is judith. i'm a long time resident of the city of san francisco and member of the national lawyer guild. when i heard there was a controversy over the building of the memorial to the so called comfort women, i was more than puzzled. i decided yesterday to visit the holocaust memorial. it's hard to find but it's there. it was by coincidence very appropriate as it is now. as i stood there, i started thinking, although the memorial is very specific to the 6 million who parished during world war ii, it makes you think
6:43 pm
of holocaust from time in memorial and is happening to people today. in my mind, i also thought specifically about what's happening to syrian migrants right now in europe. what you also think about when you look at these kinds of memorials, it's about the people of humanity. how they lived, how they fought and their lives were taken away from them. that's what the germans did. they took away our humanity and we were less than animals. that's what happened to the comfort women. their very humanity was taken away. they were just women to be used during war. they were sexually violated and thrown away. we want to give that humanity back. next week is yom kippur.
6:44 pm
what better way to listen to the voices of those comfort women and to say to the women of the world, never again. >> thank you, next speaker plaza. -- please. >> good afternoon. john from san francisco. human life should not be left at the mercy of a money-making business that can't provide housing for all. we are prisoners in our own apartments. one afraid to complain because of fear of eviction and eviction is like a death sentence for many living on the streets of san francisco. no human being should have that kind of power over another.
6:45 pm
maybe we should come to the realization that we can't always count on the free market to provide ample shelter for everyone that needs it. my landlord is one of the exceptions. i know this board is trying hard. thank you. >> thank you next speaker please. >> my name is john. i'm here to speak in support of the comfort women memorial. i am a japanese-american who grew up in san francisco. i have been involved in the japanese american community for over five years. i worked actively as member of the san francisco chapter of the national coalition for reparations during more than decades long but ultimately successful movement to win a
6:46 pm
government apology and confrontation for surviving japanese-american who were incarcerated by u.s. government during world war ii. i have heard there are concerns what the memorial may cause or contribute to japan bashing or anti-japanese sentiments. as a japanese-american, i think these concerns are completely unfounded. the resolution targets the japanese militarist, not the japanese people or the japanese-americans as the perpetrators.
6:47 pm
>> thank you, next speaker please. >> good afternoon, my name is cathy, i'm co-chair of the nikkei civil rights. founded in 1980 to seek reparations for japanese-americans incarcerated during world war ii. we see this issue as an issue of human rights and women's rights. we to not see this issue as one of comfort woman issue, as one
6:48 pm
between countries of japan, china and korea. but one between japanese government and the women. we support their call for apology and for reparations from the japanese government and unfortunately, just like our government had to give reparations to the japanese-americans for what happened during world war ii, so too japan of today needs to be accountable for what world war ii japan did during that time to the comfort women. it'sed to share a couple of lessons. we have supported the glendale statue in los angeles. i want to dispel any thoughts that there was harassment our bullying. we called the police department of glendale and found no reports of bullying. we have as an organization have
6:49 pm
gotten no reports of that incident. in addition, i spoke to the regional director of the japanese-american citizens league. she heard no reports. our community is one that will hear reports and rumors like that. instead our experience has been one of being able to share where korean-american community our history and to be able to teach people who are new to this country and don't know our history. a dictation to something that our organization believes in. people don't know the history of japanese and other immigrants here in this country. we need to share that history in the lessons of redress. this is an opportunity to teach and build unity. >> next speaker please. >> i like that thank the board of supervisors for giving me and the others a platform to voice our opinions about the comfort women resolution. what we requesting to be memorialized is the memory of a
6:50 pm
singular, unique atrocity of a time of colonial rule and war that was marked by countless atrocities. comfort women is a misnomer it's like calling the women of auschwitz, contract labor. there are those who would have you not approve this resolution. these have been denialist, the revisionist and the nationalist. they'll tell you what every perpetrator and every rapist tell you. it was consensual. it was voluntary. they are exaggerating. they enjoyed it. they imagined it. it never happened.
6:51 pm
there's no evidence. the comfort women say, we are the evidence, our bodies are sars, are the truth. it was not consensual. it was a living hell. it happened over and over again. san francisco has a long history respecting even fighting for the rights of the oppressed, of being a beacon of justice. i humbly beseech the supervisor in that tradition to pass this proposal for our community for our city for the world for universal conscious. for the defiled and disrespected to a portion of quantum of dignity and rectification. >> your time is up. thank you. next speaker please.
6:52 pm
>> my name is michael wong. i'm a member of veterans for peace. i was born and raised and lived in san francisco. the reason that veterans for peace is involved in this issue and supports the memorial for comfort women, is because the peace movement in japan reached out to us and asked us to come and speak in support of this resolution. veterans have experienced not just the horrors of war but also the healing that can come from speaking painful truths openly and from making restitution and admitting when wrongs were committed. many vietnam veterans have gone back to vietnam, have met with civilians in the villages in which they operated and have
6:53 pm
done work including donating time and money to vietnamese orphanages, medical clinics, agent orange clean up. the result has been very much healing between both them and the vietnamese who suffered tiger the war. healing is possible but it can only happen when truth is spoken openly and sincerely and action is taken. thank you. >> thank you next speaker plaza. >> i am with korean american councilwoman california. you were just handed my response to the letter written by the mayor.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
these are the people including the prime minster and the national league, small group of people who also have sent $500 million in annual budget in order to fight this type of effort around the globe. i ask the leaders of san francisco to make a defining moment in this movement to recognize the history in accurate way so that people around the globe will look up to the city of san francisco just like it has been doing in the past decade. thank you so much. >> before i call the next speaker, reverend brown, would you like to come forward and speak?
6:56 pm
>> members of the board. i name is brown, president of the san francisco branch of the national association for the advancement of colored people. for us, color onlies in all colors. i rise to say that dr. elijah once said, if you can't think for yourself, someone else will to your thinking for you. whoever does your thinking for you will be your master and you their slave. i stand as a free thinker and president of the naacp and pastor of third baptist. i have looked at this matter. i talked to some of you who serve in this august body. i'm ashamed. let's think about it.
6:57 pm
the state of texas some days ago wanted to do some redaction of history. and to suggest the idea that slavery was not something that happened. they tried to put it in economic terms. i feel that we would do disservice to history and definitely do some redacting to suggest that what happened to these women was not real. it's like telling a woman who is raped that it didn't happen. i don't think we want to do that. i am standing in support of the statue and i also would appeal to us, to think clearly, to
6:58 pm
think logically, this is no blanket indictment of japan. it's just permitting people to say, we deserve to be considered and to remember the pain that we felt. >> thank you reverend brown. next speaker please. >> hello everyone, i come from korean-american senior center located 745 canyon. there is ms. london breed district number five.
6:59 pm
i would like to ask supporting the resolution as full board and district five. [inaudible] it's harder to understand in a
7:00 pm
modern perspective. but they are history colleague. we should not forget all. thank you. >> my name is joe. i was born and reared in the city's bay view district. currently i reside in district seven. i'm a product of immigrant grandparents who are proud to come to america for yugoslavia.
7:01 pm
i stand before you today in support of the board's resolution regarding memorial to the comfort women and to urge your affirmation of this resolution. the city that knows how has blossoms from the days of my grandparents into an array of beautiful diverse people and cultures. it has not been afraid to launch and pioneer issues that other cities would never entertain. a statue in memory of the comfort women will be an asset to the whole community. the city graciously received visitors from all over the globe, everyone wants to come to san francisco. they come to see its beauty, unique neighborhoods, sample the best food in the world. see the scene on the bay to name a few objects of their visit. with all the different statutes and color art work on the streets of the city, the
7:02 pm
addition of the statute in memory the comfort women will only add to what the city stands for, justice, pride, confidence, character, hope and love. it will be a place where all people can come and pay their respect as with any other memorial victims of war, disaster or the like. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> afternoon, i teach at city college in san francisco. i'm assuming that i'm speaking to the open minded and convinced, i'll try to stay within your two minute limit today. my intent is not to bash japan but to show my support for a very rational movement to inshrine the memorial to the women who suffered greatly and japan was not the only nation in
7:03 pm
history to commit this kind of sexual slavery. it did it on a much larger scale than most of the other countries. i have a background in the peace core and the army and labor movement. i've been a teacher at city college for 40 years. it's my view that the best way to write wrong is to seek forgiveness, to make amends and i think this memorial is certainly in that tradition. it would be not just a monument or a memorial to gender equity. japan is a great country. the literacy rate and longevity and the technological brilliants of japan are exemplary. and the overwhelming of the people oppose the government
7:04 pm
attempt to rescind the peace revision of the constitution. they also are critical of the union bashing and anti-worker initiatives. i believe that this statue will serve peace and reconciliation and i believe that the japanese people who are humane on this issue, want the government to make reparations. those are the true patriots. not the right wing zealots. it's those people who will help lead japan. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> my name is julie tang i'm a retired judge. i'm all too familiar with victims of sex trafficking. i have arraigned hundreds of sex workers. i see firsthand the faces of sex workers and the evils of sex trafficking. i have never seen a happy sex
7:05 pm
worker. the memorial is about them and about the largest victim of sex trafficking in world war ii that is to comfort women in modern day history. i want to urge the members to support the resolution as written. i understand there's an amendment proposed. the purpose of the amendment is transparently clear, to deny the japanese women. the resolution tells an account of what happened and why the resolution is necessary. nor should it be a vehicle to make the japanese military look
7:06 pm
better. japan committed serious atrocities during world war ii. one of which is a sexual enslavement of women and girl. japan should be held accountable. apology to the victims so that the healing process may begin. japan cannot try to behind other world evils. the memorial is not about bashing japan or japanese-americans, it is about historical truth and a positive step so what's peace and reconciliation. let the monument be built. it is a first step towards peace planted in the souls of san francisco. the comfort women who are suffering is most -- >> thank you, next speaker please. >> hello. good afternoon. i like to address three matters today. two are the leadership just been
7:07 pm
provided today by supervisor mar and supervisor kim. very appreciated in the issue of the comfort women and the courage they have in raising the issue and demanding justice is something that we must all applaud and not fall for phony excuses to absolve culpability for those crimes. other disappearances for 43 students in mexico. there was a resolution on this, that addressed the issue about the mexican government's investigation. recent international review determined that it was a bunch of you know what. it's the same bull that we faced in mexico and they're so used to. the third issue is a treatment an objection to the treatment of
7:08 pm
our courageous sisters regarding the treatment of their children. i find it ironic that in a meeting that has been overwhelmingly addressed, the violence against women, the militarism, here that we have grieving mothers in the amount of attention that it's taken to address grieving mothers when we have these pressing issues. i believe that is not correct to have hyper and overzealous efforts when the first amendment is evolved. there is no respect to first amendment. if we protest it discourages. i like to -- >> thank you very much. next speaker please.
7:09 pm
>> it's a very special monument. next, if 60 white boys from high school were killed within the city, i think police department will get on to a little bit better than they're doing with black lives. just wonderful things. i love glass. here is something -- the next time you go to a museum, take a small pair of glasses and then stand back from a painting and focus into the painting.
7:10 pm
the three mayors on the news program. they all three mayors, san jose, oakland, san francisco, thinking outside the box. and outside box has gotten us jobs, growth and in homes of 88% san -- san franciscans can't
7:11 pm
afford. the mayor wants to come up with it. we can do better. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. please read the items for adoption without committee reference? >> items 27 through 29 adoption without committee reference. single roll call vote may enact these items. a member may object and considered separately. >> seeing no members of the roster. please call the roll. >> items 27 through 29, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos,
7:12 pm
supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen. there are 11 ayes >> those items are adopted unanimously. madam clerks, please read the memoriam. >> on behalf of yee and wiener for the late and principal of st. phillips school, remy everett, on behalf of supervisor breed, wiener, yee and tang, for ms.kara lee. >> is there any other business before us? >> this concludes our business. >> we are adjourned.
7:13 pm
we are celebrating the glorious grand opening of the chinese rec center. ♪ 1951, 60 years ago, our first kids began to play in the chinese wrecks center -- rec center. >> i was 10 years old at the time. i spent just about my whole life here. >> i came here to learn dancing. by we came -- >> we had a good time. made a lot of friends here.
7:14 pm
crisises part of the 2008 clean neighborhood park fund, and this is so important to our families. for many people who live in chinatown, this is their backyard. this is where many people come to congregate, and we are so happy to be able to deliver this project on time and under budget. >> a reason we all agreed to name this memorex center is because it is part of the history of i hear -- to name this rec center, is because it is part of the history of san francisco. >> they took off from logan airport, and the call of duty was to alert american airlines that her plane was hijacked, and she stayed on the phone prior to the crash into the no. 9 world
7:15 pm
trade center. >> i would like to claim today the center and the naming of it. [applause] >> kmer i actually challenged me to a little bit of a ping pong -- the mayor actually challenge me to a little bit of a ping- pong, so i accept your challenge. ♪ >> it is an amazing spot. it is a state of the art center. >> is beautiful. quarkrights i would like to come here and join them


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