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tv   BOS Replay Full Board of Supervisors 92215  SFGTV  September 22, 2015 6:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the life i live speak for me and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good afternoon. welcome and welcome to the full board of supervisors meeting excuse me. can i have order in the chamber please
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can you presidential keep our voices down so we can get started with the meeting thank you very much this is an osterman room 263 thank you for being here and welcome to the full board of supervisors of tuesday, september 22, 2015, madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen not present supervisor christensen present supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim kim not present supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener commissioner wu
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man and woman a quorum ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pillages for the pillages united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> mr. clerk any communications. >> i have no communications madam president please read the jeanette item 1 through 4 consent calendar commission. unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> seeing no members on the rosters call roll on supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim supervisor mar supervisor tang
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supervisor wiener supervisor yee commissioner avalos supervisor president breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 11 items. >> those items are approved unanimously item 5 an ordinance to amend the miranda for the disastrous energy reform or recovery fund to a category 8 funds and designated how the city uses the fund roll call vote. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos no supervisor president london breed
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supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 10 i's and one no commissioner avalos in the decendents okay. those. >> madam president i believe that supervisor campos wanted to resend. >> my apologies madam president i'd like to make a motion to resends the vote. >> okay sending we supervisor farrell colleagues we'll take that without objection. the vote is resend madam clerk call the roll on item 5 supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee no commissioner avalos no supervisor breed supervisor campos no
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supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 8 i's and no with supervisor yee and supervisor campos in descent the item 678 an ordinance to authorize the department of human resources to accept and extend a hundred and 35 to tell us grant for students for engineering and meat arithmetic for a grants funded position in 0 manager if september 2015 to september 2016. >> roll call vote supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos
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supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 11 i's the owners is finally passes unanimously item 7 a rule resolution to approve the prt w services for the citation and support to extend the agreement to october 31st, 2016, with on option to extend for two years and to increase the amendment not to exceed ever $62.7 million same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this is adapted unanimously item 8. >> item 8 resolution to authorize the acquisition of an easement a sub surface prmentd sub surface connection and connection water from costco wholesaling important one and $90,000 for the water system
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regional ground storage and recovery process same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this is adapted unanimously madam clerk call items 9 and 10 total. >> an ordnance to revising the zoning for dagget between 19th street and 6th street from the imagining mixed use 68 height and bulk to public open space as part of the establishment of dagget park to approve an agreement with the port ever san francisco and arts dagget place for the land transfer to authorize the enter dulling departmental an encroachment to facilitate the exchange. >> sxhoeg. >> thank you very much colleagues those two items before us will help to deliver a one a new one acre open space park to the potrero hill community known as dagget park
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as part of the eastern that accepted the growth and density they were promised an array of amenities that include new public parks after years of negotiations and securing the necessary resources for the park those action before us today will deliver on one of the promises the structure of this transaction insures the community with those desperately needed open space that the stay has a mechanism to insure it maintains emperor up to the time the pathways of legislation before us today sets out all of the necessary approvals needed to create the new park and also included rezoning space the space to a public use and vacates the street and allows the city to accept this as a
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gift maintenance of the park and approvals the necessary encroachment permits needed colleagues, i holy hope you'll accept those they came out of land use commission with a positive representation and with that colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. those ordinances pass on the first reading item number 11. >> an ordinance to amend the miranda to consider the rents stabilization and ordinance. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you, president breed today, the board can support the strongest protection and curve the frivolous evictions with the at that particular time motivation is greed and stabilize the exist residents in
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san francisco we all know the status all right. according cots eviction report 2 thousand hundred and 20 for the year 2015 this is a 54.7 percent increase since 7 years ago thanks to the attendance by the media we've seen a decline in the ellis act eviction notice yet a rise of number of allow fault evictions that increased by 7 or 82 point percentage it is likely higher as many evictions go unreported as evidenced by the citywide balance reports releases and authorized by our office san francisco is running in place only affordable housing is one of the most expensive housing
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market in the country we added 6 hundred plo's plus housing unit but lost 5 thousand 4 hundred and 70 rental units with the middle-income housing in san francisco from protected status through a no fault and low fault evictions loud by stalling this demonstrates our work is every bit important to have the construction of new affordable housing according come to the report the 5 leading cases of evictions in order are one breach of lease two nuisance and 3 owner month in and ellis act and 5 finally illegal use much attention on no fault evictions like move on in we find the leading cause breach of lease nuisance and illegal use radio
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increasing awhile ill he is and those on the decline we have needing assistance by people evicted seniors and immigrants and residents with disability i know we've heard the stories of eviction i'll share one sill you can't have a face for the legislation is one of the many tenants targeted by the landlord that is environmental impact attendance across 9 buildings in on that motion to approve mission and the castro and north beach she's a former postal wish worker since the landlords bought itself building i've gotten notices excluding being a drug dealer and now her grandsons have moved in my grandson moved in for the record in order to take care of me because of my disability i've only become sicker from the
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stress many of the residents that received those are seniors and residents with disabilities and immigrants and our housing counselor are overwhelmed and sadder we make them after they can't find housing a couple of months ago in the mission as supervisor campos district i met a senior who is necessary navigation center i conserved how long she's on the streets she would only 6 months i asked her how she is on the street she was evicted when a new property owner bought the building that will - this this was brought to us by the folks that have seen the case loads i want to recognize supervisor campos and supervisor mar and those are the
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authorities and the city attorney to make those amendments i want to summarize the amendments in the legislation one to require the eviction notice are in languages and include what the tenants get help and requiring the landlord to have it in tagalog and russian and chinese and other languages for the retirement board and two stop no fault evictions on harm less mistakes they must prove we had a russian family who got an eviction their son was sued of using drugs no prove offered those 3 tenants must be given a reasonable amount of time they - we have seniors in chinatown that are
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evicted from the sro because they're hanging laundry outside of their window we've heard from tenants for leaving their bike or baby strongly that allows the tenant to stop this breach of eviction and 4 clarifies the housing not for dwelling units and commercial spaces or in-law units are the sole reason for eviction we want to recognize malia cohen that seen a lot of illegal notices that offend an false imprisonment amendment to clarify when a units is not legal the landlord is not allowed to stay in the unit or reside there and finally this amendment codifies availability rent control loudly under state law that a landlord or property
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owner that terminates a lease or requires a tenant to relogically because of capital repair or less remediation the following tenant or current tenant moves on at&t rent of the current tenant i want to recognize supervisor wiener that i accepted a cap of 5 years which is reasonable for the number of units for the years that the advantage control taken together this passage provides protection for the most vulnerable attendance during the speculative market and takes away the greed those important amendments will impact the vulnerable residents and reduces the incentive in order to rent at a higher rent i want to recognize the tenants that work with the office that helped to
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shape this legislation i also want to recognize several groups that have been working on the legislation over the past 6 months the housing program and chinatown community vehement and is tenants and the detectives and the collaborative and housing rights and senior disabled and south america's and tenderloin housing clinic i finally want to recognize two of my staff april who started this legislation and ivy who spent countless hours working with the stakeholders to strike the balance to make sure we're protecting the tenants out of greed and put in protection for the landlord they'll not be exist by bad tenant
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so colleagues, i ask for your support and look forward to this discretion on this proposed legislation. >> thank you, supervisor kim and before we move on i wanted to let the public know that the overflow room room 263 is full, however, the north light court is open for people that want to watch the proceeding. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president thank you, supervisor kim for bringing forward this important using issue for this housing crisis where it is just hard to believe when you see some of the residence that are being charged it is seemed like it can't get worse then it does and completely out of control one of the most important things we can do in addition to build the affordable housing keeping people stable in to the housing
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and making sure that people are not being pushed out particularly do to bogus lease violations i want to thank you, supervisor kim so for raising the landlord she was at a politic not to mention the name i did a sobering pathic person who has been buying up buildings and terrorize the tenants to get them out of the building and the horror stores you in meeting with the tenants and their daily lives what we live with no human being should have to go through and what she's doing is highly illegal under current what are you this is why the city attorney wisely is susie her and her behavior has to place in san francisco it is important to
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acknowledge that most landlords don't engage in that kind of behavior there are people that do bad and illegal and harassing things and many don't we've heard from landlord about abusive tenants although there are tenants that are abusive and violating the lease or law the vast majority are trying to live hair lives the handwriting majority of people landlords and tenants are trying to go about their lives and some people on the landlord side that are doing inappropriate thing we're making a law pasture that it applies wisely to everyone and that is going to allow a robust rental market we'll keep tenants stable in their housing and have well-managed building i support and will be voting for the
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significant majority of that legislation with one exception he'll get to in a minute i want to thank the land use commission for accepting two of the 3 amendments i offered in committee and thank you to the tenants and the pertain advocates for working collaboratively to come up with good solutions i completely agree people should not be evicted from their units for any reason lease violations their i think inherently contextual and some of the stories about laundry or people painting a wall not supposed to paint people shouldn't be evicted i'm supportive we limit those kinds of evictions to serious violation your impacting not only the landlords but other tenants in the building the language around evictions for all of a sudden nuisance we were
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able to work with the tenants grounds and the landlord groups to come up with focused language to say in order to evict for nuisance serious or concurring or continuing not a mirror visitation that is really great language i'm green glad we were able to get it done and in addition the language around move on evictions the way it was initially drafted if someone did a move on and lived in the units for 25 years you'll voluntary to go with the 25-year-old rent that was created sensitive to do the ellis act voigsz evictions after 5 years and the last thing we want to do is sensitive vices the ellis act in order a one move on is one eviction and the ellis act is of the entire
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building thank you, supervisor kim and it makes it a better vehicle so there's a lot of good stuff in this legislation that will protect taxicabs and keep people safe one section i could not support i voted begins in committee and will be voting against today as well self-the section that basically eliminates in my view ferry building eliminates the landlord to limit the number of tenants in a building and raise it up to the fire code as opposed to the landlord not been able to manage the number of tenants i support flexibility in bringing in roommates the current code has it allows people to bring in their child or parents or grandparent or brothers and sisters or spouse are domestic partner right now regardless of
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what the lease says you can bring those family members not only the direct but a grandparent or grandchild or spouse or domestic partner 15 years ago the boards topped lou for roommate if you have a roommate it monarchs he can bring in another roommate we don't want a person to lose a unit as i indicated in committee i'll be supportive of having additional flexibilities to allow one person to bring in one additional roommate but i can't support which one landlord rents a 2 bedroom apartment and in person brings in 3 roommates without effectively any say so by the landlords it effects the landlords and other tenants bus of the all of a sudden united states number of people living
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in the building doubles or quad disrupts it effects all the tenants and the landlords can technically try to withhold consent they can't effectively withhold consent because of the number of tenants i'll be supportive of flexibility around roommates i can't support this i think we'll have a lot of unintended consequences i'll be asking at the conclusion or now separately vote on page 8 line 9 through line 11 that one page has nothing to do with i'll be voting in favor of everything else and voting against that one subsection. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you
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president breed i want to thank supervisor kim for authorizing thirty this piece of legislation it is something that really niece to be done many of the provisions that are in there i'm if he supportive in regards to the low fault types of evictions we don't want that to be a weapon situation in san francisco this will act to counteract that a lot of what supervisor wiener has said i agree with and i want to be supportive of this piece of legislation but one piece i have concerns about is the one that supervisor wiener pointed out with the provision had legislation especially talking about the roommate i understand accountable crisis the city is going introduce i believe in the principle of respecting the
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terms of contract and uncomfortable changing those with the conversations with the two parties so colleagues i'll be supporting the call to - to separate the question on this one. >> thank you supervisor chiu supervisor tang thank you i too would like to thank the author of this legislation i know it is disheartening no neighborhood in san francisco that are affordable for rents last week my colleagues before me supervisor wiener and supervisor yee he agree with the majority of legislation especially with it comes to the minor issues that landlord are seeking to evict some of the attendants for but i have questions regarding the and my comments will be centered after the additional occupants and so i have received conflicting information about the rights of
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additional occupant will be for example, if i'm a master lease holder and i decide i'm going to bring on you know a friend or two to join me in my living situation had what rights do those individuals have and there's terms where their sub lease he or co-tenants so i'm wort wording in the city attorney's office or the rent board can answer that question for me and supervisor director the rent board under the rent ordinance a sub tenants is considered a tenant, however, a sub tenants their landlord it the master tenant the person that brings them in as long as they pay rent to the person and not the landlords if they continue to may rent to the landlord and the landlord starts
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treating them as a tenant for example, putting their name on rent increases they can actually create a landlord/tenant relationship otherwise if they steer clear the behaviors the person that gets brought in as long as it sub tenant pace represent when their tenancies when their occupant is gone the landlord can raise the rent basil_hawkins and my lawyers tell me the tenancies can be extinguished the landlord should not have them and a landlord/tenant relationship is the lynch pin in the situation again, i'm the master lease holder and want to bring an additional roommates what if we get into a dispute what happens i'm a tenant but also serving as a landlord
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you know and those things happen it is not to think those don't occur so if you can explain. >> whatever i got those calls i say go to the community aboard and workout the master tenant has the right to evict the tenant without a just cause reason only the landlords need one of the master tenant people shouldn't have to live together but have to disclose the tenancies to the sub tenant by by way of as your master tenant i can evict you without a just cause if they don't give the disclosure it will not be a pretty picture. >> what happens that was not disclosed. >> they don't have the right to evict like a landlord have have to have. >> i'm a master lease holder
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what kind of recourse i have to get private action. >> anytime you're talking about eviction people are penny wise not to seek an attorney. >> we're trying to help the tenants you can in this situation by allowing you know masters lease holders to bring on occupant in some cases some of the occupant that will be joining the master lease holder will not have full protections i guess the typical tenant has so that is one of the concerns and what happens if i'm a master lewis lease holder i need to move out of the city what happens to the friends i brought office of the city administrator on board. >> if their unapproved then that's just cause for the landlords to evict in the
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landlord approvals them and subsequent to our rules and regulations we have procedures for the landlords to you approve them and not unreasonably withhold but from the last tenant vacancy they can't be evicted without a just cause but the arraignment can be increased under basil_hawkins when the last tenants no longer resides and a rent increase is tantamount to an eviction. >> so what if it was involuntaryy i decided to leave there was actually a just cause eviction again, i'm the mart lease 40er8d what happens to everyone else i brought on board. >> it depends on if they're approved by the rules and regulations and if their unapproved if they are unapproved the landlord can
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evicts unapproved sub tenants if they're approved the landlords has to have a just cause reason no matter if you left for whatever reason they'll center to have a just cause reason and if not they'll get a basil_hawkins that will constructively. >> i want to clarify on the reformed my understanding the tenants will not have the full rights under the board so that's a huge concern it depends on what the situation and the landlords how they recognize or not recognize the additional occupant in the building okay. so thank you for answering those questions i think that you know even with that clarification i worry about this particular
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provision nen even myself in a rent-controlled unit building i find this provision troubling you know, i entered into an agreement with my landlord knowing there are a certain number of units i have issues with some of the tenants in the building and whether it is noise or whatnot i don't think that justifies an eviction but try to imagine that is additional occupants brought into the building when it means for resources and people in the building i may not know that may be written into a lease those are concerns i have so you know at this time i think i'll not been able to support that but will be able to support the rest. >> thank you supervisor tang supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much i too have a couple of questions first, i think that supervisor kim thank you for bringing this before us this is a healthy
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decision to have is here at the board we grapple the legislation is also provides for the landlord to petition the rent board for an increase based on new occupants to cover the addition of the maintenance which is reasonable; is that correct. >> it does provide for landlords to file a petition to recover whether it is reasonable depends on if you're talking to the landlords or the tenants. >> okay. and i was wording if you yourselves as a professional dealing with the rent board if you have an opinion specifically on this one clause we're trying to team out and discuss about additional occupants or roommates. >> i am here to give you information about what the law provides for but the policy decisions are you objective up to you.
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>> fair enough one of the scenarios and supervisor tang brought gave a great illustration of something i've concerned about so i'm living in a one bedroom for example, and bring in a tenant with a rent-controlled what happens now two adults live in the one bedroom apartment confronting is allowable under the state code. >> i believe that 2 individuals are allowed in a one bedroom apartment. >> what happens in the utility go up is that costs passed on to the landlords or to the attendance. >> the landlords we have a provision for utility pass through in your ordinance a landlord can pass the increase in utility do not have to file a
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petition but calculate it gets difficult whether which there are no meters but there are provision for the pass through utility costs. >> okay. >> the current draft legislation allowed for an unlimited additional tenant beyond any rental agreement or leased provision up to the allowance under the housekeeping what supervisor wiener is paroling up to one additional tenant in a unit beyond a rental agreement up did 0 o the allowance in addition to other lounges under existing law is that it. >> that's what he is suggesting have you seen in our years of experience any conflicts that
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will relate to supervisor wiener's amendment. >> supervisor wiener's amendment is certainly more conservative than the language in the legislation if there is conflicts i imagine it would be less. >> i understand it is invisible that it will naturally arises this issue with one of the main purposes. >> excuse me. councilmember cole through the president to supervisor cowen i don't believe that was the specific part of supervisor wiener's amendment. >> okay. thank you for that clarification. >> okay. that's my interpretation of what i understood his language to be. >> i said it wrongly the divided portion. >> okay. well could you stayed what the divided portion.
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>> i'll call supervisor wiener and others on the roster not able to speak. >> i'll reserve the rest for the portion of that. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you i'd like to just ask supervisor kim if she can sort of expand on sort of the comments that were made in response to some of the comments that were made i guess i'm perhaps missing the point here i'm very troubled by the discussion that would actually remove this section of the ordinance because respectfully i think that this conversation that would essentially limit the protections that are given to tenants in terms of adding additional tenants it problematic to me it is
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disconnected from the reality of san francisco the fact is the only way so many people can live in san francisco because they have a lot of people living in an apartment i can tell you that the young people that i have work with in city hall and different efforts to a number of them have multiply units roommates and that's the way that folks are able to afford to live in san francisco and so the requested that stowaway we're limiting the ability of people to do that is problematic to me i think that is actually going to create make housing crisis worse the second piece having been a tenant for most of my life especially with immigrant
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communities you know, i have to say that you know my family's concept of what it means to be a family unit to live if a apartment might be different from other people for many immigrant communities there is a different relationship that family few minutes ago of what it means to be a family living under one households i don't know that limiting the ability of people to do this helps and can disproportionate effect communities as well i'm troubled by this and i would like to ask the author if she can respond to some of the comments seem to me if we're taking that portion out we're defeating the purpose. >> so are you asking a question
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can we get back to supervisor kim after the other supervisors inventing to speak. >> supervisor kim. >> i want to clarify some misunderstanding about the legislation first of all, landlords have a right of refusal to - in fact, a tenant has inform recourse in the tenant decided to refuse the additional occupant the landlords decision want be basis on the number of occupants but basis what the housing and fire code allows but for example, over the use of common area that is considered potentially reasonable reason to refused what the reasonable will be determined by the rent board not determined or dictated by us in
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how landlords can provide the discretion roommates added to the protection will not be automatically located this is where the tenants will sneak in addition tenants and gain the tenants rights as long as the landlords runs a credit check that is not true and ms. wolf delineate how that relationship occurs i should say i left a rental units rental unit and then my roommate replied me the landlord refused to accept his check he also there over 10 years when my roommate left the individual will not be protected and the landlord can raise the rents on my friend i want to clarify that also the landlords
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can't petition rent board for additional costs and request a raise those automatic raise specified in the lease are not legal, however, they should be based the costs accrued by the property owner i'll say this finally in terms of how a number of occupant are accepted by the landlords this should not be accepted articulating we have a fire code that determines the amount of tenants we have a reasonable code san francisco itself doesn't department of environmental health set unreasonable amounts of occupancy 2 for a one bedroom and 3 for a two bedrooms and this should determine the amount of occupants not a articulate arbitrary decision a landlord
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can refuse a tenant based on not truly on a number i want to emphasize this at middle of the road we could have written it stronger we wanted to make sure that was reasonable to the community and landlord as well. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you to supervisor kim for the explanation of questions posed by supervisor campos i want to especially change supervisor malia cowen and the land use commission also for too long pourgz with lots of information but really making sure that this justify cause 2.0 get to the for the deliberations i want to say too that the tenants working with supervisor jane kim's have been clear those are reasonable reforms that are
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common sense reforms not going to stop speculation and the displacement going on and the loopholes that the attorneys and others are using to displace people but software with upgraded for fixes just cause 2.0 with our tenant movement and communities groups effort to close the loopholes with small fixes it is meaningful for the thousands of people that are facing evictions got you evicts and other types of evictions for those like me as a renter to hearing something i might do used as an excuse for a got you i want to thank supervisor campos for raising the limbs on the portion of the legislation it is important to keep to the legislation thank you to this supervisor kim and the organization and supervisor malia cowen for making sure this
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emigrate go the to the full board. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor christensen. >> so a couple of questions i don't know whether to go to supervisor kim or back to the rent board but i prime then no limit on the number of apartments in a building that could take advantage of this in terms of if we have a 10 unit building with 2 apartments every one of the 10 units i presume can take advantage of this. >> so, yes that's correct if there are 10, 2 bedroom units the maximum allowable under our housing fire and building code is 4 people. >> i understand 2 per bedroom and one per living room. >> so the fire code allows the additional floating person. >> thank you for that question so we base it on the housing and
6:48 pm
fire code but the lesser of the 3 cozy. >> that's helpful if 20 people living in a 10 unit this could increase to 40 by a two bedroom. >> that's right. >> if i'm living in a two-bedroom apartment and all my neighbors take in extra people i pay their water bill in a building without metered utilities for each units i would land up paying the water bill not only for me and my roommate but a percentage that is now a 40 person building instead of a 20 person building. >> is that a question directed at me and it don't be so how the tenancies many landlords pay informing for those in san francisco if there is a big increase in the water bill the
6:49 pm
landlords can file something call a maintenance petition with our office and that's also what will probably happen it is difficult to parcel out what costs are attributable but the operating and maintenance petition is somewhat an odious two years of agriculture get bills not cherry pick the ones that went up but a mechanism for the landlords to pass on the costs. >> i wanted to clarification and i think that is important to protect the housing units i represent a district 95 percent of building are more than 40 years old i present supervisor kim's effort to this in the laundry incident she mentions that took place many any
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district i was able to enter seeds and stop the tenants from being evicted we got the abusive property manager fired but the codified protection is welcome you've been looking for ways to incentivize and protect our small property owners we have a lot of mom and pop owners in the district i've been trying to find ways to protect their interests and not have the specific active landowners council and the large management companies and take over the building i appreciate the efforts of supervisor yee and supervisor malia cowen in making adjustment to this in order to be fair to the small property owners we need to continue to think of them as we protect housing in our city if you. >> thank you, supervisor
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christensen supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president first, i misspoken about the line numbers i'd like to separate the question on page 8 line 9 through page line 9 through 19 i apologize for miss speaking i've not matt made a motion to amend just so we're not talking about 99 - a couple of things first in terms of the purpose of this legislation supervisor campos referred to the this is somehow the purpose of legislation i know this is the i think perhaps the disputed part this is the heart of the legislation i've followed this legislation carefully from when supervisor kim announced she was moving forward and the two things i've
6:52 pm
heard one of the advantage control provision if someone does an owner move on you can't raise the rents and number two the got you or minor lease violation evicts those have been the areas we've heard again and again and understandable we've amended in committee stronger than they were original were and i suspect if those don't pass unanimously today it will be we're talking about this secret part of the legislation in terms of i need to be clear and supervisor kim mentioned that i want to reiterate it, yes landlords continue to have the right to quote/unquote with remarkably worldwide consent but to be clear withholding the
6:53 pm
consent is not based the number of tenants in the lease only if you steady our codes so we are effectively eliminating the ability of owners to say this is too many people living in this building you can support that and it is a reasonable point of view but let's be clear about what theatre doing you can't say no, if is too many people or exceeds the lease what it requires a question for ms. wolf you mentioned the possibility of a utility pass through and a rent adjustment with an additional roommate how often do landlords successfully get the pass there is no. >> the utility pass there is no are not that that complicated and not a hearing in our office so there's especially the landlords in the big building
6:54 pm
used for route the operating and maintenance petition that is we'll be using for the cost toibl to the additional occupants to be honest mostly occur when a transfer of property the new owner has new mortgage and a operational assessment their costs are are above the increase that must be absorbed by the owner but water and insurance and garbage those things go up permitting the rate of inflation and the allowable increase is 60 percent the amount above is neglectable some people don't file a petition and document 2 years of extensions on the building it is chump chain and my understanding in terms of the practice of it is it is pretty rare a landlord
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will go down to try to get an adjustment to the rents because they know the chances of it happening are pretty slim. >> currently there are no grounds for a rent increase based on an additional tenant that is prohibited by law it self-have a mechanism this is the property and maintenance acceptance those expenses have to be part of the aggregate for the expenses on the building. >> no a simple check the box again, when everyone point of view on this this is fine reasonable minds can differ not a situation we'll see significant increases person occupants per unit that also the landlords will give them and get passes not going to happen this
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is the reality of how it ends up i'm confident so in supporting or opposing it we shouldn't it should be otherwise. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor tang pursue. >> this is regarding the additional occupants i know that the expiration says a first right of refusal but based on the number of people the offer use many wolf said the offer use of common areas dictated by the rent board can be a reasonable refusal or grounds for that supervisor kim in seebs seeshsz it is based on the number of occupants you don't know who is going to coupling and the i want to talk about the refusal i don't see
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any this provision will political to all existing leases not starting with the new leases begin so depending on whether the landlords will screen the tenants i know through this legislation i just have trouble believing that a landlord has the first right of refusal there is no choice i wanted to find out from you ms. wolf what those things might be dictated by the rent board's. >> to be honest i'm sure we have not had this legislation come before us and ultimate you up to a judge in the court of law if a landlords tries to breach and it was reasonable that will ultimate be up to a judge but the fact that people deny or replace a roommate it is not credit worthy if you're not going to be liable for paying
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the rents our credit is not relevance. >> the legislation says i can't check their background. >> that's right. >> again, i'm having trouble understanding that situation may come about where interest is reasonable ground for refusal in taking in addition tenants so i don't know from the sponsor has a response as well. >> i'm happy to respond as the author the legislation it maybe difficult to ask ms. wolf how we designed the legislation but we specific as ms. wolf pointed out there are only two reasons that are not considered a reasonable refusal it may not be based one wants following one is supervisor mentioned lack of credit worthiness if that person is not legally obligated to pay
6:59 pm
for the rents of the landlords if they are then a credit check can be run only in the case the new tenant will not be legally to pay for the whole rent and the two 0 reasons that are outlined as not being a reasonable refusal we actually give broad creation to the rent board's and the landlords 0 for a number of reasons they can reasonably refuse an additional occupant request we do that purposefully so certifying. >> supervisor katie tang anything further. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you. i agree with supervisor wiener he do think there is a different prospective that people may have on this and i believe that the competently
7:00 pm
clinician is a significant exclusion if this goes forward we'll eventually have to address that issue it will be a problem i believe that but i want to point out a couple of things first of all, none has disputed the fact that even with this provision landlords ultimately have the right to refuse the qualify a tenant to add a roommate reasonable i mean courts have been trying to define the word reasonable for decades the reason we have bodies like the rent board is precisely to give them the flexibility and the ability to decide based on the circumstances what is reasonable and i would trust the rent board before i would trust quite frankly anyone of us here who is
7:01 pm
not an expert in those issues in deciding what reasonable is the reason why that standards of reasonable exists as a matter of law in the common law is to give the trier of fact and the sdooigz body the opportunity to look at the facts and circumstances that's one thing the second point i think that it is quite remarkable this board on this issue when it comes to protecting tenants is so concerned about the number of people living in a unit and yet that hasn't been a concern when it comes to the housing situation that is out there when you have landlords that have decided to make a killing on some of those apartment units where i see some of the
7:02 pm
apartment being rented for $10,000 a month or 8 thousands a month the reason they can afford it they have bunk beds in those bedrooms i don't see the board of supervisors talking about that then and yet here we are doing that then it is interesting i mean kind of shocking to hear some of the comments made i know god knows how many people are going to be coming out those buildings we're not going to know you know you're not going to know who lives in our building where were the arguments about the short-term rentals legislation where's the concern people are talking about the need to control people in the building and arrives to have the ability to allow anyone would wants to do short-term rentals whatever they want it is it is a very significant
7:03 pm
point and it illustrates not just what people think about the specific issue but tells us a lot about the priorities of this board and you know people may disagree with my position and agree with supervisor wiener's position but it is definitely a different view of the world and my view is a mistake given the imbalance between a landlords and tenant to tip a scale that is already tipped in favor of the landlords in such a way i think that is a mistake i think this provision should be left in this legislation and i hope that is the outcome that happens today thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos supervisor kim. >> thank you. i will make some final comments on this provision it looks there is broad support for the rest of it i thank the
7:04 pm
colleagues, i agree that is a small part largely we were middle the road whether we articulated this roommate provision i can't say tell you the number etch folks at public comment were are trying to add their child's or grandmother that couldn't afford to live in san francisco to move in and often in this your preventing someone from being on the center there are rare cases of people taking advantage of the living situation it is a because you have a friend or member of you are family that is losing their housing and not b be in the shelter sheltered system, and, secondly, the rent is high you need to share that so many couples with moving in not because of the relationship but
7:05 pm
it is the right decision for their pocket book it is a reasonable provision we're limiting the number of occupants based on what the city determines the number of occupants in a one bedroom studio, 3 bedroom, etc. we don't place unreasonable number of occupants on our units so for this board not to support our own codes in terms of what an allowable number of occupants would be unfortunate and the finally our city is moving towards smaller living spaces several years ago we passed a measure to lower the number of square footage for a micro unions or efficiency down to hundred and 50 square feet of. >> unit we're building smaller and smaller units so the concern of overcrowding is something unusual given this is the type of housing the developers are
7:06 pm
building smaller and smaller unit the second is short-term rental not an issue when you put a family on a couch in the living room so the landlord can make more rent money when we talk a long term tenant that will be a better community member their long term in the community apartment that is suddenly an issue it wasn't an issue for short-term rentals we didn't place a limit on the number of people that tenant or landlord can accept on a vacation basis i don't see why we would do this here and now especially we're not setting a standard but what the city is determined reasonable for a unit so colleagues, i do ask for your popularity on the entire legislation that before us today and that those are my comments.
7:07 pm
>> okay seeing no other names on the roster madam clerk supervisor wiener has requested to divide questions supervisors on page 8 line 9 page 9 line 19 we will call the roll on that particular item first. >> supervisor farrell's. >> to be clear the portion that sxh carried out we'll be voting and the entire line item second. >> yes. >> supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no is supervisor chiu no supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos
7:08 pm
supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 7 i's and four notices with supervisor farrell, supervisor tang and supervisor wiener and supervisor yee. >> this item is fold back to the orientals madam clerk call the roll on - arrest supervisor wiener you. >> we're voting now on everything except for that it is not fold in - >> after this it is fold in thank you, supervisor wiener. >> madam clerk on the item on the rest of the item can you madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee commissioner avalos
7:09 pm
supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> okay. that ordinance has passed unanimously other than the first reading it is past 2:30 and we have two accommodations question start with the supervisor from district 5 that would be me i have an accomodation for the chief of staff for the san francisco mta and i library on her way into the room hopefully ok
7:10 pm
okay. >> come on forward. >> alicia john by that time it's you're retiring no, i'm just kidnapping today, i want to commend the service of alicia at the san francisco municipal transportation agency she will be leaving this friday to join spur as they're new deputy director in her nearly 3 years as a mta's excessive of staff alicia move forward the agency forward in chief of police the goals from the negotiation of labor agreements to jump starting our culture improvement initiatives alicia played a pivotal role she got critical furnished for the sfmta laying the foundation for the
7:11 pm
$500 million the general funds brought forward we voters last year and developing plans to institute the transportation sustainability fee that is establishing new transportation needs throughout the city she started off as a special assistant in 1999 she respond to complaint letters but quickly promoted to the head of communication for muni and become muni being the director we left to work in the city's planning department before returning in 2012 her time in public service for the city totals 16 years every position that she served in she did see with a sense of pride with organizational skills and she could almost work with anyone according to her colleagues they said a lot of wonderful things about your work you truly inspired them to do
7:12 pm
neither best work on behalf of city and county of san francisco and great to honor you, we serve millions of people every single do and the reason our city is great because of public servant that take pride in their work and work hard and roll up their sleerlt or sleelz every single day to make it a better place for snolgz san franciscans to get around on behalf of the board of supervisors it is my honor to acknowledge your work to the city and county of san francisco and we know that you're only a bus ride away we look forward to your work at spur and congratulations on your new position (clapping.) oh. >> commissioner avalos would like to say a few words as well. >> great thank you supervisor
7:13 pm
president london breed and want to say thank you to alicia for your great work you helped to drive our 2030 effort to invest in our transportation system san francisco and i know with your a big part of the effort we didn't get everybody norms of the revenue sources but your work helped to move us forward in a positive direction we hadn't had this movement in san francisco you left our mark we'll see it in terms of transportation in san francisco i also really said to thank you for your work if the commutes we are we were landmarking at a charter amendment to try to focus on equality for how it would what can decisions and
7:14 pm
invest in new lines or capital improvement you helped to puss that in place we didn't feed feed the chapter amendment if you for your working and listening ability and great skills a great example of what fine people that work with the city and county of san francisco are so thank you for your services. >> now i'd like to ask supervisor kim with a few words. >> i won't say as much your accomplishments i've really enjoyed get to work with you i interest have a tremendous amount of respect for you and your transportation and city i'm super sad you're leaving i got you to know you on a trip to cop even hastening i have to say it
7:15 pm
is also a amazing to me public certainties are committed to the service that is not a burrito that doesn't care the only thing that gives me some pause to be sad you'll still continue to work with us at spur so i look forward to that continued relationship and thank you very much for all you've done (clapping.) thanks supervisor wiener want to say a few words. >> thank you i wanted to say thank you for your service i know that supervisor kim and supervisor president london breed have spoken your work in the planning department and mta which are the two departments that my office work works with every single conceivable transportation issue and you you've been a real pleasure to work with we always
7:16 pm
know we get out, get out answers in you to move forward and also you had trial by fire whether around a t s p or other measures you've been remarkably wonderful about it maybe not inside but extraordinarily you'll be a huge aspect to spur with the enter departmental i look forward to working with you. >> now the floor is yours. >> thank you so much supervisor president london breed and supervisors i'm truly - >> oh, supervisor cowen i'm sorry, i didn't see your name. >> i wanted to say i'm excited for you i think this is the world is our those stare a
7:17 pm
bitter sweat sweet moment you'll not be far but done a fantastic job with the department and staff i know when you came in it was a bumpy road but a tremendous asset and a privilege to work with you and your future just seems to be so bright our so smart and talented it is a thankless job sometimes. >> now i'm on how thank you very much supervisors i feel incredibly honored to receive a accommodations i've regretted on the 16 years i've spent with the city most striking is that you know i've been to work with work that is meaning i'm grateful the reality everything is in participating with other people with the thoughtful and
7:18 pm
inspiring leadership from the board and from the 3 mayors i've worked for and some of the department heads the probable most i am impactful thing has been the hsdz of city staff and community leaders i had an opportunity to work with i feel that has come back to me one hundred fold i thought about making the final decision to leave the city after 167 years i made a list of people when i got to hundred hundred i thought you might not be predictive if i read a couple of hundred people into the record thank you to all the people the hundreds of people that have shared my dedication and commitment to public service it's been a joy
7:19 pm
to work but i'll miss it is hard to leave i'm touched very grateful for this experience thank you very much and i look forward to being in touch thank you (clapping.)
7:20 pm
>> congratulations and we read into the record to working you with in your new role i'll call upon the sprafr in the district that supervisor yee. >> well, thank you i'm looking for any staff to come in. >> wait, wait, wait ms. come on up. >> i think you're being asked to come up thank you for your patience
7:21 pm
here. >> lots of surprises. >> this is an operation i'm presenting that is going to be a bittersweet operation this is going to be special for me and my staff many people don't realize how difficult to be a public servant and especially for legislators or elected officials today we have a special accomodation i've gotten the pleasure to work with over is 3 years this person served the city for 13 years in the same office in the same capacity this week we'll be celebrating a good forensic and colleague olivia that will be transitioning if from my office at the board of supervisors for
7:22 pm
a new opportunity at the san francisco fire department olivia joined the office in not 2013 but 2003 and has served 3 not only one but 3 supervisors up to 6, 7 and, of course, i'm here favorite and most of the lazarus don't last more than one cycle of supervisors yet she's on her third and maybe time for her to do something different that can provide growth but olivia came if ireland and what was a special planner it for many years before hired to work at city hall over a decade she's been a rock in the office
7:23 pm
solving constituents issues from 19th street to create a brand new open space in the district we'll celebrate this tell you and she brings humor to the community she's a loving mother of 3 young children that adore her and is - not only a tireless aid but someone that carries about the greater communities and she's often seen volunteering at the irish center o levy will not go far but sorely missed in the office and district as a token of our utmost prediction for they are setting the bars as the longest
7:24 pm
aid at the board of supervisors we want to oh, her an accomodation in the form of a operation today we will honor olivia as olivia day for her civilless dedication of the citizens to the citizens of district 67 of san francisco today we will now be known as olivia day in san francisco so olivia we'll surely miss you and transfer many constituents calls even you're not working for my office to you anyways i want to say congratulations to our special day (clapping.) >> supervisor tang
7:25 pm
thank you very much thank you supervisor yee for your word and olivia i'm sad you go i've going on known you at city hall and been through a lot together i met i you were friends of mine of my cammy blackstone's and so you aren't e couldn't concentrates of our beautiful angling sent but who or whether your prospective how to deal with the troubles in our neighborhood but policy matters i appreciate your prospective taking into consideration so i'm going to miss you dealerly i hope you'll have a wonderful journey ahead in our new department thank you very much for not only district 7 but san francisco. >> thank you commissioner renne commissioner chung supervisor farrell.
7:26 pm
>> thank you supervisor president breed. >> boy olivia i can't believe the time has come thank you for everything you've done for my staff and me it was you and carmen and katie that provided the guidance and but pleased you've become a great friend and a stalwart in the irish community and done all that work i've admired how you've balanced the work and kids i know this is job one but congratulations and norman's is losing an amazing aid but you'll side awesome it is a great opportunities and looking forward to being in touch thashgs for everything. >> thank you commissioners. >> it's been a pleasure to
7:27 pm
watch you grow as a professional and you've been a lady even under pressure you've been grace fellowship full and respectful and when you found yourselves in a disagreeableable position you were curiousus but also for the board of supervisors watching you balance our career as well as motherhood a inspiring i'm looking forward to watch our career further as you go on to other things and commissioner avalos. >> thank you olivia this is probably two other people well, there is two other people that work in the room longer than me on the board of supervisors it is you and our clerk angela the longest person as a legislative aide i was a former lazarus working with you i you know it's
7:28 pm
been a real pleasure to work with you and you've been straightforward person to work with and just want to say thank you for your service and looking forward to seeing what more you can do in the city and county of san francisco and it will be different not having you here on the board of supervisors. >> now you'll hear the voice that confused me when i went to ireland everything in ireland was olivia olivia. >> thank you very much (clapping.) >> so i had no idea that was happening so i'm shocked but it is a bittersweet moment i came in here i was newly married no children now i walk out with 3 beautiful children and made so
7:29 pm
many good friends i've learned so much in city hall as a legislative aide the one thing never think you know everything the day you think you know everything is the day you stop growing so my time here had ups and downs but always been a fun time at city hall when we say city family is really is a city family with ups and downs and disagreements sgraurments but for me, i happening happen to enjoy my jobs i said to my colleagues to supervisor yee i always use in my head honey ero vinegar when with constituent that screamed at me it is nicer to be nice they can't be nasty to you honey over vinegar i llgd
7:30 pm
lived by and tried to be nice regardless of what comes back at you i want to thank everybody on the boarding especially supervisor yee my current boss and supervisor alice burn and he's you know my self and shawn fight lick brothers and sisters and an amazing 9 years together now it comes to an end he move on to something new and exciting i hope i can make a difference and work with. >> all and appreciate this honor and appreciate everybody i've worked with for the past 12 years thank you
7:31 pm
(clapping.) congratulations olivia you'll be missed around city hall you'll not be too far away thank you before we return to our agenda i
7:32 pm
like to wish reverend selling kill williams a happy 86 birthday (clapping.) reverend williams has a rich history fighting for civil rights and taking care of those in need not only in the tenderloin but all over the city your truly a jewel in the city we are so grateful for our lifetime of service to the city and county of san francisco happy birthday. >> thank you for joining us today. >> now i'd like to return to the regular agenda are madam clerk going to item 12. >> item 12 a motion to confirm the mayor's appoint to the successor for a term ending november 3rd, 2016. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much
7:33 pm
madam president i want to say this is not something lighting but port this person in a position before but in the advisory committee of the comments from the mission communities about the rock of responsive in essence or consideration for the concerns of the community i'll be voting no on this appointment today. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much thank you madam president i'll wish supporting her nomination i had the pleasure of working with her on various capacities inside and outside of city hall found her to be a thoughtful and
7:34 pm
committed person i think she'll be a great addition to this commission i'll be voting yes. >> thank you supervisor christensen. >> i'd like to second that i've known her for quite some. and regret supervisor campos has experienced but i've found her to be intelligent and responsiveness so i'm delighted to support her. >> supervisor. >> i'll be supporting the appointment of her who is a thoughtful and courageous woman who has accepted the call for public services this is a woman who has not - stepped up into a leadership role with no title and no recognize needs she saw and continues it is a job it
7:35 pm
needs to be done i also want to point out that we're in a city that has a diminishing african-american population is encumber to be captivity with our words and actions and continue to support her talents in the african-american community thank you. >> thank you supervisor cowen madam clerk can you please madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos no supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 10 i's one no with
7:36 pm
supervisor campos in the descent the motion is approved madam clerk item 13. >> a motion to appoint supervisor jane kim term ending june 1st, 2016, to the re-entry council. >> okay. can i have a motion to excuse supervisor kim we'll take that without objection. supervisor kim is excused roll call vote madam clerk. >> supervisor farrell supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 10 i's this motion is approved unanimously madam clerk let's 0 go to the
7:37 pm
committee reports. >> item 14 and 15 were considered by the committee as a regular meeting our thursday september 17th and forwarded as committee report a rule to urge the city to establish a memorial for comfort women. >> supervisor mar i feel tremendous pride in those chambers as a chinese-american but a member of the asian pacific islander communities i have strong faith that this chambers here and san francisco values of unity and justice will prevail as we vote on this reduces in an act of a memorial i want to say the last few weeks in a very emotional hearing like
7:38 pm
in the public and communities have given me hope that people will come together because of a better future for the children i think of my 15-year-old daughter who is a chinese-american and japanese-american heritage i want to learn a lot from grandmother lee is things that popped out from your board meeting last week speaking truth to power is one critical lesson i've learned from grandmother lee and breaking silence ero generations and decades is what we're talking about here today and lessons for miss me as a parent i'm a fiercely individual young daughter that is learn about life so much in those teaching motel we're learning
7:39 pm
together i also want to say that san francisco is the foundz the united nations we have memorials that not only to the holocaust but many genocide that is depended on by the people of various place and the public space i hope we develop a memoriam for the 2 hundred thousand women and girls and the 2.09 people that are human trafficking everyday throughout the world that memoriam will fit in nicely with our values that san franciscans i want to shift the power the of the room and is 11 members of the board of supervisors often hold outline i all the power but it is, it is emanating from you especially from grandmother lee and who has come to us from
7:40 pm
seoul with a tremendous gift of peace and love and justice i wanted to say that her strength renewing to be a victim is something that i will never forget. >> her strength of standing up to people that deny history she is living history a living testament of suffering but a feeling about justice as well she's about future generations in our future healing comes not easily often and my hope is that we are not looking at healing with band-aids and false words per minute or words but feelings that bring together community with sympathy and passion for justice we feel in our hearts
7:41 pm
deep listening it critical grandmother lee's is transformation and beautiful she and is women's movement of korea and u.s. and asia are transforming us in the chambers and will for future generations and future memorials spread throughout this country and world i think that is important we listen to her not just kind of a fake shallow listening but deep listening and listening to other victims of opposition of true tellers of history is about we're being transformed in those chambers to be more humans as a person from detroit said transformed to be more yes, ma'am authentic for people surviving and sexual slaveries
7:42 pm
of women and girls and transformed to really think about empathy for the hufkz as pope francis calls global slavery i want to thank the coalition the comfort judged coalition for teaching me what it means to be an elected official and want to say i also as a 16 teacher of asian-american studies they often go to any long term held mentors and resources one poem that i would like to say our janice is in the room and thank you to sesimple civil rights but one poem gets to the heart of the consistent justice women and girls has done over the several months to build an asian women
7:43 pm
and civil rights leadership in the coalition but the poem is called fire pot from a book called times decrees from third world poets and people of color poets one of the communities i want to read fire pot by janice different shores language torn relocated guilted and asian we share a common structuring for those who will split our tongues and chop our minds to common needs to maintain each other through though we speak in different dialogues we are born from different routes korea and japan and vietnamese and southeast asia you must experience our connections the japanese-american and chinatown chinese-american and filipino-american we've been
7:44 pm
fractured made to look at each other as though we are divided but seeing with clear eyes we're bound by common shackle asia china to the islands and hire show to the treasure island development authority board and creek to the recognized mission to the valleys bounds by the survival and strength fire pot a soup of many ingredients we come together from our races and cults and if this book our individual sean the fire pot the brothers and sisters are a sample the different flavors they speaks for itself seeing their own rhythms and understand the pain naebt our yell brown skin and many
7:45 pm
(calling names) planning go trees nutritious us taste this it means thank you to janice with the spirit to bring us together colleagues join me that passing 2, 3, 4 resolution unanimously stand with the justice for consistent women's coalition and so many to develop a memorial in san francisco to send a message from our beautiful city of san francisco a clear message of the captioning and declaring neither again to allow atrocities to allows us to silence the movement for justice and healing thank you to supervisor jane kim and supervisor cowen
7:46 pm
supervisor christensen and supervisor yee and supervisor farrell and supervisor campos and commissioner avalos so for being the co-sponsors of this resolution i think that is important we're doing our best to be inclusive and stop the human trafficking of women and girls the resolution was heard on thursday at neighborhoods services committee thank you to supervisor christensen and supervisor campos for moving that forward with an unanimous support we were moved toe hear grandmother lee stories and testimony of nearly 4 hours of public comments from numerous organizations and individuals grandmother lee and the members the leadership in the asian pacific islander communities have worked renewally to race awareness the women that sarandon's suffered but the
7:47 pm
resolution also supports memorial for the so-called confront women but also it a first step towards education to make sure we never forget the memorial will provide a sacred place for astonishment for women and girls that are referred to quote/unquote confront women that are kidnapped and forced both sexual slavery by the japanese armed forces from the 1930s through the during of world war ii we made sincere efforts to work closely with the women and the mayor's office but with women's civil service and based members from the chinese-american and japanese-american chunts to
7:48 pm
draft this in the commission of the united states in moving forward this city we are fwladz it have grandmother lee she's an example of living history of sorrow turned go healing and justice her courage and bravery and leadership is something i'll never 1st district she speaks against the japanese forcing people into sexual slavery but speaks about the future of that we can heal and come together as well thank you for fighting for justice and dignity for people i can't say thank everyone from the coalition but want to single out victor from my is to have staffing to help to move forward
7:49 pm
the legislation and our policy interim and during the summer from the london school of economics and ucla for their work with the coalition colleagues he have several minor amendments that you all have at your chairs that emphasis for not for sale from the human task force and acknowledges the japanese-american shared experience of the japanese and is horrors of the hundred and 20 thousand people of japanese ann cherry who were courtyard into u.s. concentration campgrounds californians it emphasize it will be a public memorial so everyone can benefit from the
7:50 pm
healing and the learning from our memorial for comfortable women i'm perceptive of the work of supervisor yee and supervisor wiener to bring about another language change i'll be support the next steps after the resolution passes the hard work begins after it passes believe it or not i'm working with the mayor's office and others to satiate establish a working group that will join the coalition the justice comfortable and others officials in implementing the memorial within a year i'm also working with the asian pacific islanders for the university leaders to cooperate and teach the building events similar to the gay remembrance in the japanese communities with the executive order that sent hundred and 20 thousand people into camps or is
7:51 pm
december 13th the recommendation brans and the genocide april days but about the days of remembrance but with the school district and city departments and curriculum to make sure that the spirit of grandmother lee and others are not informational and as we build for the future of peace and justice for everyone we're making history in san francisco today not because of of her presence but in her comments on thursday and before the board she said we hate the crimes that were done but not hate the people she also said to despite denial and right wing and national jap shrines and history no matter what we try to do the truth will come out because of the coalition and lee
7:52 pm
and so many others from la and the civil right and the national coalition for redress that insures that history will come out thank you to the korean chamber of commerce and the center for their amazing work the korean-american are forum and the leaders that caught the chinese companies and others to our regional chinese would he ever hydroorganization supporting that the chinese-american organization of chamber of commerce and julie the commission on the status of women and from the filipino gabriel usa and ailment for peace and justice a tremendous organization building the coalition thank you to our pr
7:53 pm
jeff adachi as well and expresses his solidarity and support i wanted to also thank besides the judges william sing and jewel tang from the regional coalition and the heart of the comfortable women coalition but new leaders last week kim lee from the decottontion well latest we're making history here in san francisco and he wanted to thank my co-sponsors we're breaking the silence for a future of healing a justice for generations to come grandmother lee thank you thank you so much for being here (clapping.) colleagues i'd like to know if any others have comments i've introduced any amendments before you and urge unanimous support.
7:54 pm
>> so supervisor mar has made a motion to amend the legislation is there a second. >> sect by supervisor kim okay supervisor kim. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor mar and his office for their leadership around this work i think when it was introduced it was largely views as something that will pass easily and unanimously by this board but, of course, with any major penalties and atrocity there is a lot of debate and discussion that people want to continue to have i just say a couple of things why this resolution is too important to me perp when we recognized grandmother lee i grew up hearing stories of young korean girls were awe abducted
7:55 pm
to serve the military for years and later as a young adult i read many of the stories reads by the comfortable women what were raped 20 and thirty and 40 times a day over and over again and human ladies and incredibly young to serve warfare you know later i went to see the museums where month many of those stories were exhibited and finally heard from the women themselves will those stories it is terribly hard to listen to terribly hard to building this can happen to anyone ♪ world i know when a think when is so important about recognizing oversee cities violence against women continues until this day and this country throughout the worlds and so it is i think incumbent to
7:56 pm
recognize those brave women that told those stories so, so hard to tell and even in the chamber it we've seen a small example woke up are accused of lying not that bad or 20 district attorney happen so you know, i just want to again, thank you the leadership to continue to keep those stories alive and want to recognize i think some thought concerns that were said this is one awe electrician example of human trafficking and violence against women not a - it was no right for the military but so say this is a reflective of an entire people is definitely wrong and as someone who later read the barefoot novel of the
7:57 pm
6-year-old boy grew up in home share shim watched his family die interests think outside the box bad experiences on both sides of war we must recognize that but this story as well and finally we want to thank grandmother lee foretelling our story and making sure that we don't forget and i said this last week but it is simply reducesy you survived and decided to dedicate our life to telling a story so if doesn't happen to young women again. (calling names) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) so colleagues, i look forward to
7:58 pm
your support that roll call i'm introducing legislation to start a task force to help young women on college campuses to report on rape and sexual assault this was spider by grandmother lee globally we must be end violence against women in our city thank you for inspiring us to do so much more. >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> thank you park and thank you to everyone on all iss having the passion to be involved when we recognized was a terrible,
7:59 pm
terrible chapter in human history i want to thank grandmother lee for having the courage and strength to come to san francisco and welcome to san francisco and the strengths and encourage to travel to a lot of places to tell you our story over and over and over and over again and i as someone who can't imagine what it was last week to go through what you went through the strengths it takes to keep recounting that story not a story but the truth what happened to you i can't begin to fathom the courage so welcome to san francisco and thank you for your encourage and leadership it is critically important we remember and memorialize and learn what happened to the
8:00 pm
comfortable women i hate using that phrase because it really is a youthism i know that is the phrase that was used and it is so important we remember and we teach and learn so that we don't forget so it never happens again, i think we have absolutely and you must not in the building and throughout the city that's why it is this process has been particularly painful we've seen a divides workplace your p.a.p. communities that broad community among leaders leaders in areas of social and economic just the leaders to end human trafficking and make sure that women have treated fairly and equally and as a full member of the community its been painful to
8:01 pm
see incredible i consider friends for many, many years be at odds particularly added it's core everyone agrees of the horror of what happened in during and before world war ii to those many women so i as i think everyone in the room knows we week or two ago i as the at the computer and see if we can't desolates and bring the asian womenal listed women together and deslate the situation and remember what he said had a he had that to the comfortable women the amendments frankly have been miss chairs in some quarter that
8:02 pm
is unfortunately, the members if remove a single word from supervisor mar's resolution not one word was deleted the resolution had a clear unequal enforcement for the amendment what it did include first of all, to acknowledge and embrace the contributions of our japanese-american opportunity i comment to acknowledge your japanese-american community was placed in concentration camps here in the western united states in world war ii and to acknowledge the broader context of human trafficking and abuse and victimization of women to acknowledge that what the japan imperial army did was horroric
8:03 pm
and unforgivable but very, very sadly this didn't happen in a vacuum this is the story of women in this word from the beginning of time x ever example of cultures victimizing and enslave women and this was the point of the amendment i know that some kept saying that is watering it down in didn't water anything down by placed this horrible incident in context and then said we should have a memorial specific to comfortable women we learn and never forget and some said various people said as a scott as a juicy
8:04 pm
whether what about a holocaust memorial that was an interesting question the answer is colleagues you've heard me talk about the holocaust 6 million people in my community were place in ovens and killed in ovens base they were jewish we in the jewish community talk about the holocaust we have one in washington, d.c. and jerusalem that are specific to the holocaust like this will be specific to the comfort women we talk about the holocaust place it in the bigger context not running away from a genocide in cambodia or in armenian we embrace the fact the holocaust as unique as it was it also part
8:05 pm
of a broader context of human history where people at times massacre others for who they are that didn't party water down the remembrance and the recommendation brans the holocaust so it never happens again, it strength it we are saying is it can so easily happen again, it has happened repeating between the end of the holocaust in cambodia and other places and imperfect we don't look at those things in a vacuum but also remember the broader context so and so those amendments were intended in that spirit in that spirit here we are i want to thank supervisor mar that incorporated many of our discussion and is discretions against the
8:06 pm
japanese-american community i want to supervisor yee and i have worked on a motive amendment in terms of recognizing this did not happen in a vacuum but another countries that abuse welcome i have a distributed this amendment and i want to make one change to what i distributed instead of saying excused japanese action it would says excuse the action of the japanese imperial army whereas the victimization of women happened in other countries but not excuse the japanese imperial arm army this will amend the page and line members of the public has changes after is whereas clause in that it talks about the other cities that have established memorials so i'll make that motion. >> okay supervisor wiener has
8:07 pm
made a motion to amend is there a second seconded by supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee thank you very much supervisor president breed and thank you, supervisor wiener so for introducing the amendment first of all, i really wanted to thank supervisor mar for bringing this up and when we first brought this up and gave us notice i jumped on it and said i want to co-sponsor this is sponsor for myself i grew up with those stories also and didn't realize as a kid what my parents were talking about but later i read about it i want to thank the coalition
8:08 pm
- i want to thank the coalition members for working on this and making it a reality thank you grandmother for lee for being here from korea and being the person that we identify and say yes that is a real story we know that and made that more real you know a it is important to remember your history whether or not it is good or bad we shy away and need to learn to rise up against any illegal acts that come along the amendment that i'm supporting allows us to continue to focus on the issue of comfortable women but i think to make that resolution stronger it gives us an opportunity to remember what happened but also you gives us an opportunity to address things that come up in
8:09 pm
the future basically saying this let's build a stringboard let's care about that and other issues as we know whether come up and not be afraid to say stop it and we saw what happened in the past if in the not us to say stop who will i want to again keep this short i fully am looking forward to having a memorial b be plat in the public grounds. >> supervisor tang. >> i'm going to keep my comments short there's been a lot of dialogue but seeing everyone here who's been involved in the resolution today, i hope we can harness this energy to do good in the communities to make sure nothing like this happens again and
8:10 pm
collectively address those to eliminate the violence against women and human trafficking i want to thank you all for being here i want to move on in the communities to being productive. >> thank you supervisor tang supervisor christensen. >> i'll try to be brief i said in committee that i think that is very important that we recognize and remember and condemn despicable acts wherever they occurred 90 years a long time to wait for condemning this despicable act i'm grateful to grandmother lee to come to inspire us for those who working hard to come to this day and my colleagues and supervisor mar who participated in this i hope it is noted by the communities our deliberations have not been about whether a monument 80
8:11 pm
should exist by how it is framed i have people that are respect that seen this on both sides i echo the concerns it is painful to see people disagreeing with each other especially with women disagreeing with women women so i'm grateful to supervisor wiener and supervisor yee and especially supervisor mar for concerning look at of the healing balm in the language to make sure we in trying to properly memorialize one group of people don't unfairly ma line another group i'm grateful and this is a been the focus of our deliberations and so i'm appreciative to all it is a big experience to go through all of the testimony and the thought on this i'm happy to see us move
8:12 pm
forward and begin talking about the form that this memorial may take. >> supervisor president london breed. >> thank you supervisor mar through the chair i had a question regarding the word public in our amendment more specifically your use of that word is vague i wanted to understand exactly what that complies. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you i want to say there were threats from some individuals in san francisco that they would not let a memorial on public lands so this is everything from golden gate park to lincoln park to japantown a number of memorials from the peace to the california japantown landmark project monument bronz that
8:13 pm
depicts the japanese-americans experience it an effort to make sure that the most assessable place it chosen on parks like hundreds of our memorials and plagues and statutes are in san francisco. >> that includes a separate public process to make it possible. >> yeah. the private funds that are raised like others from the genocide to other memorials really is an outpouring of support from the women's coalition and well over i think hundred and $40,000 that was raised my work with the city departments from the artists to the rec and park department along with the task force will be about what is the most appropriate design and location for the potential memorial so it is to really insure that it is going to be a public space that
8:14 pm
are assessable to people. >> supervisor president breed. >> okay i guess my only concern about including public is limits it to only a public space rather than any space that could exist for the possibility of having this so and then also want to make sure they're not an exception it somehow we're obligated to fund this without the appropriate process in place. >> no, i on the coalition has already been merging with denny and phil ginsburg with the rec and park and many departments and my conversations with tom the head of the arts commission working through the family and the mayor's office to half-hour that that is a process that move forward that many people can be involved from the comfortable
8:15 pm
women have reached out to the jeans community we want this to be an explicit x claim possess but the word is the talents that this is to acknowledge an assessable place that the task force and all the departments can agree on. >> i want to make a couple of comments as the periphery that represents japantown during world war ii as we know many japanese-american were taken to intermediates qualms in the western edition community which had a population of a large population of both african-american and japanese-american we lived in the community and grew up together in the community when our japanese brothers and sisters were taken from the communities many of our families moved into their homes there's a lot of documents about the
8:16 pm
relationship that exists is after world war ii was over and many japanese returned to the communities african-americans opened the doors there were actually a play at a.c.t. basically paid tribute to that rip over many generations there were terrible crimes committed during world war ii in europe and and in america we must never forget we have a moral obligation by come ratings the past should be about healing wounds not reopening them today, i hope we can move in that direction i know this debate has been painful for so many people last week committee meeting i watched it on video and honestly
8:17 pm
it was hard for me to watch it was emotional and just really difficult to just process all of the emotion as a result of the hearing 70 years after the end of world war ii we're trying to heal as the communities and city we must come together we have to if found unity i'm proud to represent a district that includes japantown as well as a large population of korea and chinese-american we can build a comfortable women memorial to korean and chinese victims without an attack on japanese-american just as we've built holocaust museums not an attack on germans it is about respect i want to see us build a memorial that respect the victims and bring our community
8:18 pm
do i together i hope supervisor mar you'll take the lead in interrogating and making our community work together and heal are the mainstreams that are proposed reinforce that tone and now the responsibility is on us all to carry forward the greek e polygrapher said healing is a motivator of time but also a matter of the opportunity 7 decades after the last fire was fired let's thank you for the opportunity to come together and heal those wounds thank you. >> thank you supervisor president breed. >> colleagues, any other comments that is actually - >> supervisor mar thank you supervisor president breed and colleagues, i just
8:19 pm
wanted to thank you for listening to grandmother lee's coalition that is growing and has been emerging from the korean-american japanese-american and filipino-american women's and civil rights communities thank you so much for listening and grandmother lee you've changed san francisco as we move forward to pass this resolution and commit ourselves u ourselves to establishing a memorial p to it may not mention you, your heart and strength and encourage will forever be in san francisco thank you so moved so much colleagues he urge a anonymous vote. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you supervisor president breed and supervisor mar for your leadership and your staff victor listening to supervisor yee and supervisor wiener i don't want to repeat but on a
8:20 pm
personal level i want to thank grandmother lee for coming to san francisco you have given the city and county of san francisco a great gift it is the gift of truth and it is the gift that will keep on give i'm grateful that for years to come to many generations of san franciscans will learn about what happened here and this is in great part because of the encourage of grandmother lee thank you and on behalf of the certainly the districts i represent but more importantly on the future generations that have a lot to learn will be because of you thank you very much. >> director ramos and and seeing no other names on the roster for the amendments proposed by commissioner mccarthy and seconded colleagues
8:21 pm
we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. those amendments pass and on the. >> (cheering). (clapping.) >> and colleagues on the amendment proposed by supervisor wiener and supervisor yee colleagues that amendment we'll take that without objection. that amendment passes and on the underlying items (clapping.) on the underlying item madam clerk can you please call roll. >> excuse me. can we have order in the chamber please thank you. >> madam clerk please call the roll. >> on the item as amended. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos
8:22 pm
supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 11 i's the resolution is adapted unanimously (cheering) (clapping.) madam clerk can you please call item number 15 item 15 is a resolution to determine that the transfer. >> excuse me. ladies and gentlemen, we have business to enact if you're to exit the chambers please do so quietly and no talking in the chambers. >> item 15. >> a resolution to determine that the transfer of a type 21 general license if bryant street to 2111 harrison street a 5
8:23 pm
minute recess. >> all right. folks we are back to conduct our business of the board of supervisors madam clerk were you able to call item 15 way the recollect license for halves roll call vote supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar not absent supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen there are 10 i's. >> okay. that resolution is adopted unanimously let's go to roll call vote for the introduction.
8:24 pm
>> first up to introduce must business supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam clerk one item this is a in the process of a months long of people inside of city hall this is near and dear to my heart our city parks center and open spaces are a big affordability and drive the quality of life from the golden gate park to the field to delores and mclaren park serve as a points of pride four over city the great equalize any person can assess and joy which afternoon city park the use of city parks is at an all-time high in the rec and park department is working tirelessly to address the in a nut shell issues that the community cares about unfortunately finland from
8:25 pm
the rec and park department has not kept pass with the issues that needs to be all the time in the neighborhood parks recent analysis from the rec and park department has lagged during a period when the local economy is strong just as an e in the year 2000 our rec and park department received 2.4 percent of general fund this parse fiscal year on this 1.3ers of general fund a recent analysis but is coordinators show do the rec and park department is nearly entirely requested on ceqa driven over 99 percent of the maintenance is done on an emergency basis to less than 20th century 1 percent of the receptionist represents is for preventive maintenance work clearly we need to addresses those issues if we want a clean and safe park over the past few months along with the members of
8:26 pm
the parks lions i've been merging that the residents to see when at the point improved and meeting after meeting the residents want to see the in a nut shell of extra addressed and more framing at the recreation center and the potential to get more open space with this community feedback in meeting after meeting with a process i'm formally introduced for june primer election a ballot initiative with the support of my supervisors supervisor christensen and supervisor wiener and councilmember mcmanus xhaifr and supervisor yee and the supports of our own m it as charter amendment that guarantees over $350 million for the rec and park over the next 15 years to address the
8:27 pm
shortfall and to make sure we have clean open parks across the city this measures needs the employee costs and the rec and park department will see over $200 million of new funding our the neglecting next 15 years it provides for guidance and affordability measures to make sure our residents make sure that the additional fund we're spending in the rec and park department is going to resources and neighborhood needs that are transparent this mandates that is upgraded and provides a mechanism that allows the rec and park department and prozac to look at the strategy plan for feedback put to the public and to insure those dollars are spent wisely is mandates the city will conduct an audit audit to make sure thats mandated in
8:28 pm
the strategic plan i'll say this setback was done in a responsible manner a slow ramp with the additional 3 madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> over the next 10 years and in any recession period the increases that are anticipated in this measure will go away for that year i'm a firmer believer that that enhances the quality of life and provides economic and health benefits for all the residents a world-class park system which is it deserves a sustainable funding source to make the movement by the freed from fixing the broken springs to adding custodian and others for the neighborhood parks i want to assure we have's gun continue to grow the future san franciscans don't we're whether we'll ask more open space or replace the
8:29 pm
rusty monkey bars all upgrades will come in the future to benefit all san franciscans i want to thank a number of people that were working hard over the past few months in anticipates of the hard work into next year first of all, to my staff member gallo go and jess that who went to neighborhood merging and the remark and alliance in drafting this to my co-sponsors on the board of supervisors thank you to the san francisco parks alliance i see kelly the challenge of the board and todd david and their staff done an incredible job we're lucky to have many and mayor ed lee to his budget item they were integral and ben rosenfeld to
8:30 pm
our reply receptionist and for the residents for their support and feedback we all thinks the importance of uh our city parks and look forward to earn our voters approval and colleagues hope to have all support the rest i submit. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you, madam clerk i've mentioned today, i'm introducing the safer school task force with a major noupt by george gascon and university and the ucsf interim police chief mike who agreed to establish a memorandum of understanding with the city's education to combat sexual assault an campuses and support victims that bravely come out in march i shared the story of the
8:31 pm
dreaded he north korea my freshmen year of college she called don't tell me about the previous night someone followed her into the bathroom she tried to push him off when she left the bathroom she didn't tell anyone until she called me i was enraged i knew that would happy not only necessarily to someone i knew but perhaps me read this states one overturn 5 or 7 get raped in college it didn't matter the odds were too high i wasn't expecting i disincurred she felt was there a place on campus a community off conveys organization to thrill if we
8:32 pm
called what would happen i didn't encourage her at 18 i was paving aware the city hall would not protect us she would be victimized if she drank or i feel bad about this and no perpetrators will be held responsible we joined 9 out of 10 conveys i campuses you was among the college women that are raped and not report it we need to look at the statistics with with 40 percent of our colleges and universities say they've not investigated a single not a single sexual assault in 5 years years i think the reasons are equivocally e crystal clear why young people are not seeking help and young perpetrates radio
8:33 pm
not accountability i consider myself a feminist but i'm not certain i would report a sexual assault first place a college i'm familiar with the trauma that often follows the reporting i'm more obligated and a policymaker to make sure we have a system i would feel safe reporting the crime and wanted to recognize the young brave women like grorm lee and women that are speaking up on college campuses we need to report that we can he said sexual violations on college conveys the resolution i'm introducing will form a task force with the
8:34 pm
federal and state legislation concerning on campus sexual assault san francisco must be able to establish the best practices to prevent sexual assault and protect us regardless of passage of the campus affordability toolbox act at the federal level the benefit and impact of any law will be effective if only fully complemented commented it provides a blunt to fully utilizes the laws to make the communities a reality we can build a campus cultural that is safer it is on all of us in san francisco so say we get out, get out rid of sexually assaulted on colleges we are excited about the institutions like ucsf that have committed to
8:35 pm
the memorandum of understanding and recognize the jurisdictions with sfpd and the ucsf police to make sure we are supporting women and others victims that are coming out about as a result and campuses and working with them and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues i'll be hosting a tenant rights town hall we call it our richmond no vibrations it will be held cement 26 at richmond rec center an 18 and clemente tenants rights including the tenants together and san francisco communities land trust and ace formally ac corn will be there providing information for victims from the evictions no eviction town hall is part of tenant movement that includes the acquisition fund and the
8:36 pm
establishment of a richmond service center that includes modesty lingual to talk about the eviction crisis the displacement of lower-income and microorganisms has been growing and dealt with a comprehensive manner this gathering is a great way to bring the tenants to share information and good afternoon them and lastly i'm asking the boarding to end the meeting in honor of a tremendous labor leader david the former technological 21 many of your staff are members of local 21 he was one of my mentor and a close friend 82 years old skiefrdz by his wife and children but also his grandchildren of
8:37 pm
san francisco david was a leader that contributed to the growth and strength of local 21 from 1981 to 2006 they grow from 4 hundred members to over 8 thousand that is building our base and your membership he spent highs life and scare fighting for workers rights and worked for other unions ucsf and the american federation for the all of those coy and served as chair as the engineers and science and vice president of the international federation of the technical engineers what in
8:38 pm
the bay area and labor counsels and a executive director of the labor council he's been a university college professor and san francisco state university and san francisco cunningham lead a fruitful life for social justice issues thank you the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you madam clerk first of all, i want to thank supervisor farrell for bringing this charter amendment on rec and park funding and i also - i just want to announce we're going to have a ribbon cutting of some now open space in district 7 along ocean avenue associated with one of the public library branches and working with puc as a partner we were able to expand
8:39 pm
the garden area to 4 times the capacity of what it is now first any expansion of open space in district 7 probably in like a hundred years or something the so - colleagues as you may know small businesses are vulnerable annual to our city and communities they provide 2 hundred and 83 jobs in the local economy a a wide array to our visitors i know we're committed to styling the process to business owners are not over-burdened by red tape one of the issues that the small businesses have to do are fees for various permits and licenses and serves on the past few months i've been working with
8:40 pm
the controller's office to look at fees that could be potentially eliminated due to their lack of. >> use and up to date in nature quite a few fees we collect from businesses that have a very minimal impact on adding to the burden of what small business owners face i'm making a formal request to draft legislation that eliminates the number of those archaic business fees i hope we'll able to identify other ways to support those local small businesses thank you and its third reading. >> thank you supervisor yee commissioner avalos. >> knew madam clerk today i'm introducing along with supervisor president london breed and supervisor kim and supervisor mar and supervisor wiener the bike ordinance this is in the works for a few months
8:41 pm
but an idea been around for many, many years especially a big increase no cycling i've been cycling before 1992 that bike lane went ♪ 1985 i'm a pedestrian and i'm a muni rider as well i use all forms of modes of transportation and it is important that all of us as wear using our streets we are well warn the dangers we create and the people that are very fearful of dangers and a hierarchy how we want to use our streets and sidewalks and our pedestrians are the top of our hierarchy for safety on our public right-of-way so this legislation has been a lot of hysteria that is worked up about this legislation what it does and really about requiring
8:42 pm
cyclists to yield at stop signs and requiring cyclists to yield to pedestrians at stop signs we're promoting safe cycling in san francisco this legislation is about shifting traffic enforcement resources to the highest risk violations on our street and so a high-risk visitations violation is a cyclists that blows through a stop sign we're not telling the police department to enforce those in fact, i want the police department to ticket a cyclist it is bible unsafe for people that use our situations and streets in an unsafeway we focus on those higher risk violations we're actually doing the work to good afternoon us to maximum miss our vision zero effort when
8:43 pm
we are focused on the greatest violations and risk we're going we're using townhouses our resources so for cyclists is a low priority to enforce ticketing on cyclists that come to stones with yelled where they come to a stop or slow down but recognize there are pedestrians and giving the right-of-way they're not be ticketed this is freeing up the ability for law enforcement to do the greater work of protecting our streets for everyone on the higher risk activities this legislation, of course, is sponsored by the san francisco bike coalition i'm happy they're on board but they're also came an board when we talked about protectiveing it and had to go through their own deliberations
8:44 pm
and the bicycle safety has come out in support of this the advisory committee has given us ideas about how to reinforce this legislation and i'm considering their recommendations some of them talk about the kind of way that cyclists should come to stop signs and slow down and what directions to give to the pedestrians and those are important things to consider as we have this legislation come forward at the board of supervisors i was really disappointed to see the police chief has come out with a - against this legislation i feel we were to be clear what are the highest priorities for law enforcement on endorsing traffic we're helping them to do their jobs better and protecting all of us
8:45 pm
by moving them into the higher risk violations colleagues this comes before us in november and i really want to urge you're open mindness and supports we're seeing cycling increase from 10 years ago that trend will continue we have to figure out how to promote safer cycling and people thinks that cycling is an activist we enjoy and don't have to fear what is save cycling so colleagues, i hope to have our support >> thank you for the micro sponsoring. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam clerk i know we have a number of folks in the aid for this item i
8:46 pm
want to thank them for their patience in being here today it is my privilege to introduce a set of professionals o proposals a package of 3 different proposals that address the tragedy that happened recently here in san francisco which is the traevenl killings of kate steinle following that tragedy you have people like donald trump and quite frankly other elected officials throughout this country who have joined extreme it groups in scapegoating immigrants made it a point to stir up hate and racism in this country so the proposal the 3 prong proposal i'm putting forward today is an effort to
8:47 pm
stop the hate the fear monk jerry and have a thoughtful discussion about what reforms are needed not only to protect the safety of all all sflgz but in a way that the consistent with the values of the city the last few weeks i've been working with the communities many immigrant rights groups and organizations that have been working on those issues for years and also been working with our da george gascon and want to thank my board of supervisors colleagues that co-sponsor this commissioner avalos and supervisor mar and let me talk about what we're proposing first, we need to address the issue of the fact that the
8:48 pm
incidents that took place happened because you had a gun that got in the wrong hands so the first piece of proposal which will happen next week will be the introduction of an ordinance that addresses a loophole that allows weapons guns that are ultimately that ultimately belong to law enforcement to end up in the hands of people that should not have them the fact is that this is not an isolated incidents we've seen in the last few weeks i want that guns that belong to law enforcement were stolen and found to be in the position of people who had no business having them so we have an ordinance that will be introduced next week that will will close a loophole in the existing law by insuring that
8:49 pm
public safety officers that they actually secure their guns in lock building inspection commissions when they're off duty right now you have a requirement if they're on duties they lock those guns but nothing applies to the times we're off duty the second point and this is a very important point i want to thank combujz we need to stop the needless transfers of people from immigration to our county jail if you look at what happened with this tragedy from the policy that i'm proposing had been in place we believe this tragedy would have been prevented i've been working with
8:50 pm
george gascon to create a procedure for the local law enforcement to context in about outstanding warrants before people be transferred to san francisco to resolution urges the district attorney, the san francisco police department the adult probation department and sheriff to develop policies and procedures prior to seeking the person on a our own warrant to see if this leads to an percentage prosecution if procedure the sheriff that contacted the district attorney the district attorney offices would have informed the sheriff in this case there would be no prosecution and therefore the transfer would not have happened the third piece this is an important pieced we're actually following the lead of the local
8:51 pm
san francisco democratic party ♪ power point in the midst of this anti immigrant hysteria by those groups we in san francisco need to recomment commit to do consist in law enforcement we're following the lead of san francisco democratic central committee that past week unanimously passes a resolution that yourselves the board of supervisors not to for the city and county of san francisco not to participate in the priority enforcement program also known as pap we commend the democratic party and consistent that that call on this board we believe that we need to follow that
8:52 pm
example and so i have a second resolution that makes it clear that san francisco remains a sanctuary city and being a sanctuary city in this case means no coordination with the federal government with involvement with pap it is the same thing as the communities that program we and this board have actually opted opposed before in 2010 did board of supervisors took a clear stance against s coming because we did that cities and couldn't across the united nations have fold suit we have to follow the lead and make that clear that p.a.p. is eskimo with another name the
8:53 pm
federal government has tried to put lipstick on a pig but the pig is still a pig san francisco needs to call it out i want to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor mar their support i belive what we need when you look at this situation is thoughtful rational policy discussions that provide solutions that does not try to fan the flames of hatred throughout this country i'm hopefully colleagues if this process of reviewing this proposal moves forward to have the support of the entire board of supervisors i believe it is important to continue to remain united in our supporters of sanctuary i also believe that is important for us to provide common sense to this stwraemg
8:54 pm
what this proposal has in that will prevent the tragedy from happening it is times for real solution not more hatred its third reading are its third reading i want to acknowledge the tremendous work of the coalition that's been working with my office and commissioner avalos and his staff in particular hillary with that, before i close i want to ask all the people in the chamber to support this effort to please stand up and thank you fewer being here it can't eastbound heard but it can, felt >> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor christensen. >> i want to thank supervisor farrell for his proposal
8:55 pm
standing furd for the rec and park department i've spent the last 20 years remodeling and - i recently visit two of the parks we completed a decade ago i find them in need of repair is it is somewhat dishastening for us each park took 6 years from concept to opening regular maintenance didn't escape them in their pristine i look forward to having the maintenance for the park system today, i'm introducing substitute legislation regarding our neighborhood preference program the existing substitute ordinance expands the displaced educator to includes the tenants through no fault evictions and
8:56 pm
tenants living in units with affordability contracts expanding new and affordable housing in san francisco and creates a third preference for residents in the neighborhood to find as the supervisorial district the substitute legislation i'll introducing today amazing this program stronger by xandz neighborhoods to include a one half mile buffer and adds a priority for tenants displaced from the neighborhood and it insures a minimum of 6 years for displaced tenants to be eligible for the priority i'm introducing and accept and expands for the puc for additional funds from the so lesson county for the prelims of the water conservatism program funding for the puc to incentivize the high gunshotcy toilets and puc to promote water
8:57 pm
conservatism to help meets it's goal of 10 mile gallons of recycled water in san francisco by 2018 i'm happy to join the mayor in establishing a fund to expand the navigation center program to accept private matching funds specifically for this program i'm a great fan of the navigation center the current center operated 5 months have processed homeless and many sent outing home to family and friends with $3 million of donated funds the funds the mayor is proposing we will establish and receive demons for navigation centers that will be matched by the city to help further this productive program the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor christensen supervisor cohen.
8:58 pm
>> madam president seeing no other speakers that concludes the introduction. >> m please read. of the board pursuant as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. items 18 through 25 >> sorry and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. items one through 15 unfinished business or the community business pursuant direct our remarks to the board as a whole more to the audience speakers using interpretation will be given the twice the amount of time and when you have a document put it on screen and
8:59 pm
remove that after you are done. >> first speakers ray heart for san francisco open government and on the screen you'll see the order of determination which reads in part as follows: the dishonest task force finders supervisor president breed self-violation of sunshine ordinance a for failure to respond to the immediate requests in a timely and complete manner in addition the sunshine ordinance finds supervisor president london breed the board of supervisors in violation of the administrative code section 67 is the sunshine ordinance for failure to send a knowledgeable represent to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> thomas teaches willful
9:00 pm
ignorance is a mortal sin you wouldn't look at me because of your e-mails or basically, he have a hard time understanding how an elected official who took an oath will blatantly and knowingly violate the citizens rights under the law but i've got 24 orders of determination that shows length officials appointed officials and commissions to side exactly that because basically, they consider once they put they're back side on the seat their above the law she knew that was a legal request and failed to do anything for 4 months and prt


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