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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  September 26, 2015 4:40am-5:01am PDT

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pledge of allegiance of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> up about face david p david t dennis p, jermaine
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peter j. peter halls pr peter phil s. eddy bruce raymond e murphy raymond e downey raymond right direction joke richards do richard a. richard dj and then rikd junior rikd thank you for your time downey junior robert robert p, king junior robert go on the record robert borrowing tool robert man robert edward arrest robert f pursue robert j crawford. >> robert j. manor robert reagan robert laying a foundation everybody remembers where they
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were on 9/11 (inaudible) want to put in your memory forever lives were lost that day. >> thank you for taking on the challenge (inaudible) very grateful to have you wish you the best (inaudible) always place in our hearts and remember the sacrifice for that day i'd like to ask (inaudible). >> thank you chief joanne whilst good morning. >> good morning. >> it is my privilege and honor to join you in our city for the com arbitration for those past victims as well as heros 9/1114
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years ago all of us remember 14 years ago in 3 thousand miles away it seems like a distance but burned if in our memories as an event we'd like never forgot by most importantly we take lessons from that and continue support our san francisco fire department our police department, our responding and optimistic readies for anything i want to thank the chief the mission, our police chief and all those that worked together to make sure that our city is ready (inaudible) and i know that while we horn the first responder especially
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today, we take a moment to remember the specific names not trained as froerd for families flight tenant on american airlines she worked in communicating the very first event our own hero to let us you know your country's country was under attack mark batting i am remember him as in the airlines they were not going to lowest terrorists file their cabin those are some of the people's names that reacted that all to say that at the community please understand the
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sacrifice i do for sure i'm working and continue to work the excessive makes sure to remind us we have the resources the support and most important that the public precious what that day whether it is recording to a fire, whether there's an accidents on the street or you're on a very sometimes think an hourly basis treating the needs on the streets we know you're there and ready we know that you respond and intending to thank and let you know that those of us not only work but appreciate the work you do and your sacrifice and appreciate the ready i didn'tness we continue to be ready for days
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moving forward know this our city appreciate our role in our response our sacrifice and you're ready i didn'tness thank you for being here and rem remember we're a world-class fire department ready to be responding to anything that occurs. >> thank you, mayor ed lee i'd like to introduce (inaudible). >> thank you very much, mayor ed lee chief suhr and thank you for joining us this morning and chief joanne hayes-white and members from the team members of the (inaudible) we are joining the authority and
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(inaudible) andrea and our vice president covering ton come this morning to commemorate and acknowledge the sacrifice of those 3 hundred and 43 new york fire department members who gave the ultimate sacrifice to 40 doing their duty they gave the sacrifice of their lives no greater gift or sacrifice for public servants than to do that we acknowledge to those members are we at commission and command force of public service for the fire department dictate ours to serving the public (inaudible)
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the sacrifice discharging our duties and obligation thank you. >> now i'd like to ask (inaudibl (inaudible). >> for 4 hundred police officers and firefighters dyed it day another 14 hundred have passed over 9/11 nearly 25 thousand other people would have died we lost 3 thousand americans that day as chief joanne hayes-white says everybody remembers exactly where they were so as and stand here with the large class and an equal or larger group of police academy recruits up at police academy prepared to be that next
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generation to run in when everybody else runs away i'll finish with a quote from the president we take the devotion for the last measure of devotion to high resolve they'll not die in vain we can't forgot the firefighters and police officers that ran in when others ran away so we might survive
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