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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 10115  SFGTV  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> , sir any comments sir, do you have any comments on item number 3. >> (inaudible). >> all right. anyone else wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> through the chair a motion to extend this forward i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion pie supervisor katie tang we'll take that without objection. >> item 4. >> resolution approving a second amendment to the lease between the city and proximity development for a northeast corner of octavia boulevard to extend to january 31st and to revise the amendment. >> sponsored but supervisor breed and you stole my first item lazarus i'm with supervisor breed this is currently, the
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beer garden a tear use this resolution will spend that lease for 5 years i know the the budget analyst mr. rose has recommended a shorter lease but i'm offline recommending the release of mr. rose. >> mr. rose you can comment on his over coat later. >> the kidnapping the 5 year timeline offices the rfp we will have shoved o sheriff's office in the ground right around when in lease is conducting it is a really nice part of hayes valley the goal to build housing but the 5 year extension allows us to do it a mr. updyke will speak to that. >> thank you, mr. johnson mr.
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updyke. >> good afternoon, everyone. john updyke director of real estate chair farrell and members of the committee a brief power point to give the context of the market octavia and where this particular lease fits within that overall context so here today, we're talking about parcel l which is a community space used for several years under a lease we wish to extend for a 5 year period it is situated here the lease he is a depth the
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proposal will increase the current from 2 thesis delores a month to a little bit over $5,500 a month plus a base rate at the percentage as shown the 5.24 of grow average revenues that is a negotiated amount a credit involved to help the proximity for some improvements around the fencing that is for irrigation and vegetation around the edges of the property as you can see the annual escalations enclosed up to 2.5 percent the boarder context a reminder we have a slew of parcels moving forward through the development pipeline 22 parcels came to us from the state part of the central, if any, a undertook v and here we
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are talking about l l-22 a number we've set aside so for affordable housing and maneuvering and in 09 we did the interim it is a slashing success well received by the neighborhood and great activation those kinds of pop up used we want to encourage going forward so the big question addressing the budget analyst recommendation for the short time leases why 2021 terms date a to continue what is working so it is sort the don't mess with success theory second is he know in the piecemeal we have parcel k next door shown on the map ready to come online in 2021 as you can see the unit mix
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anticipated there thirdly, we have in the pipeline 5 other maneuvering proposals in r s and t staging and staggering those projects in a way that minimize the disruption to the neighborhood and it also take advantage of continuing increases inland values as well so while there would be a delay in the production of 15 units 5 years out we don't actually see that as a negative it is a positive because it is straelg out in a atheist full fashion with the development of the 22 parcels a few things to brought to your attention as well we have done a market after market octavia all the 22 parcels 9 hundred and 343 units will be produced in total ofs 4 hundred and 92 a
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affordable a 52 percent affordability rate for the market octavia and a broader context in the budget analyst report a certain walking distance this shows i was it was important to show you how we're focusing on affordability within the central freeway project lastly an amendment we desire to make and this is simply to add within thirty days a execution of the lease we will provide that to the boards we'll get it to linda later today so that that concludes my remarks and happy to entertain questions we have folks from the office of development and other associated with the activation on this parcel we will address. >> thank you sxhafr. >> just a quick question for
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mr. updyke parcel l and 15 unit slated for development what percentage or affordable you said of the overall parcels along octavia that area is 52 percent affordable up to 9 hundred and 40 but for parcel l what's the percentage and for parcel l as the current code into the pipeline today, the mandate would be 2.25 units would be affordable and the remainder will be maneuvering again, just the code provisions today not necessarily what the outcome of on rfp to speak to that physically while the property is leased we can put out the request for proposals for the development of this lot that's exactly what we intend to do in 3 years we will
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have craft the rfp addressing the affordability levels we seek and building it will take about two years to put shovels in the ground as connor noted a quick transition in the interim activations use to building those units how so it lob about two of the 1 units maybe affordable or at least that amount how 2 we'll reach for greater. >> and the ice cream and the coffee right adjacent it is similarly this is that amount of affordability as well. >> is that a hundred percent percent affordable project yes, in the ami. >> adjacent is the hundred hundred percent affordable i want to say i love patricia's green and the area around that with the temporary uses from the
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what did you call them the container structures and the use of temporary space from the beer gasped to the other activities we're looking affordable housing from the hayes valley garden spot to across the street to where those two parcels are but i'm looking forward to hearing mr. rose's suggestion but it is seems like the maximum use of the temporary space make sense i'm appreciative when supervisor president london breed comments as well. >> thank you. >> okay thanks mr. updyke and mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 4 of our report as mrucht has already can do the minimum annual rent will increase by 2.5 percent annually with the lease from january fwhithd i 31st one
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the rent of 3 hundred thousand because over the duration of the lease from 2015 to january 31st of 2011 it is shown in table two on page 2 of our report represent for the city maybe higher as mr. updyke indicated from the annual revenues is the percentage of rents that is higher than the minimal rent on page 5 of our report towards the bottom of the 22 parcels transferred by the state to the city from the street light freeway demolition parcel l is off the market at this time for a lease the the office of economic workforce development proposes to extend the parcel by 5 years and months rather than precede with a bid process to sell parcel l for market rate housing
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the board of supervisors should consider approving the short-term lease to allow the city to seal the process and sell the parcel for market rate housing as originally intended sooner 2021 and the high demands for the land to develop the housing to accept it will permit transportation and bicycle safety improvements and the examination of affordable housing in the development the only comment i'll make mr. updyke stayed there will be continued land prices this is conjunction we know right now that land values are high our recommendation on the page of page 6 we recommend you amend to
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have a short time lease and the office of economic workforce development should precede with pits sell bid to sell for molesters as overflow room intended we recommend you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues and supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i think that this is one of those interesting cases you know the city discussed we would fill the space temporarily with great uses and the communities and everyone loves it so much it is such a great opportunity to see what that space will look like once activate by i on the other hand, understand it was always intended for inform area to be development into hours mr. updyke i know that. >> kind of glossed offer this i want to see if you can talk more detail about the parcels and the construction work how it in terms of the timing all of the
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this coming online and how to impacts hayes valley my understanding i think it is good to stranger some of the construction work given the impacts on the neighborhood we're arrested seeing if you could hone in on the details of some of the other developments in the adjacent area that are coming online. >> are you speaking supervisor tang from the office of economic workforce development there kind of two you know the parcels along the freeway of those we've seen significant development already 6 market rate housing parcels every parcel equip for parcel l is in active negotiation we should see them moving forward with the entitlement and shovels in the ground with completion in 5 years we've already seen about 33 hundred units overall in the
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market octavia right now so 15 units is a drop in the bucket we expect things to move quibble on the parcels right now hope to close quickly and hope to take advantage the planning exception in the market octavia and get those units online as quickly as possible. >> also i know that pleasant mentioned that earlier but to reiterate the recommendation our budget analyst has given us shortening the lease to one year so it allows for a rfp process or the bidding process again want to emphasis or confirm on the record entering into a 5 year lease does not preclude the city from moving forward. >> that's right supervisor from two perspectives one we want to be assured the interim use is there and active up until
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development that provides - from the tenants prospective longer than terms allows them to make long term investment decisions we want to see this and it require capital it provides bro bo both sides between the interim and activation process in 2021. >> okay. seeing none no other questions that i am on item 4. >> one year lease as compared to 5 year lease section of the function always benefit for people i how, how- how you drive for the condition the lease how you try put- all into that part
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for the planning but good hope. >> anyone else wish to comment on this item please come on up. >> good morning. i'm robin levitt a 20 plus year residents of hayes valley i led the campaigns to replace central freeway with octavia boulevard the last ordinances was proposition i in 1999 i handed you copy of and i just want to hand you that to confirm what mr. rose said when proposition i passes in 1949 it called for the development of these parcels and the preys from this sale or lease of those
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parcels to go ignore transportation in the area of octavia boulevard the reason that parcel l is being used now for the beer gardens is because in 2008, when the market octavia the real estate crashed and the city decided to have temporary used 0 on those parcels until the real estate market recovered and sell the paralyze for a better rate we've recovered and we desperately need housing in the city hayes valley is grasping with a lot of transportation problems around oovnd and public safety and bicycle safety and so forth we need the funds from the sale of those paralyze to deal with those translation issues i love the beer garden don't get
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me wrong i love it the proximity to those sites but they were meant to be temporary uses until the market recovered we could sell the parcels for what they were intend to be i suggest i agree with mr. rose a short term lease until the city can get together the paperwork and all parcel l to sell it is is a better solution in the meantime. >> thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i have my card hi 24 years ago i had a store our hayes street and called caltrans about that freeway that got damages it should come down many places have come the sister or mother
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business to the beer garden has been there for 2 two years now i think douglas at proxy i couldn't remember and time he wasn't there he is a fabulous neighbor and the beer garden has many event a great meeting place right now with 0 so many new places coming online we need places to be together as a community so i'm in favor of expending the lease and i think that in 4 years that will be worth even more and you'll make even more money thank you. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi and sarah i've lived in hayes valley for 18 years and worked on prop i when my kid was in kindergarten
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he brought a sprout and no where to plant it he asked the beer garden to a plant it aaron and matt nurtured that into a beautiful sunflower and done the same in the communities in the form of a beer garden a rare grandfathering place to meet the neighbors with the massive amount of construction in hayes valley it make sense to hit the pause bottom and let the other projects be built and we won't be sacrificing but allowing the best possible use of the garden and be able to have a permanent use for the space in the meantime the beer garden is a place we celebrate and gather and it is a environmental use
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for that parcel it is the best possible use i would think thank you. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm kate a long term residents and thank you for supporting the beer garden i wanted to talk about showing how san francisco, california be a little bit not child friendly the beer garden is child friendly and the only place walking distance from my house he be with adults and kids at the same time and it is okay and nobody cares your kid cries if that he run off there's a fence owe someone is kooeb their and out and if we want to meet people at table they don't care if you bring in toddler snacks it is a place for little people to be together it is so environmental and important ask
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them to please continue it thank you. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i representing the over 80 contingent i've my husband chuck lives and aids home a assistant living facility at hayes and laguna and been there 8 months we happily experienced the beer garden into through e there two or three times a week the beer garden a second home chuck is in a blower and accommodated when at the goes there we've had great fun and met any new friends and enjoyed the wonderful food and introduced the beer garden to frame members and friends and other residents we just don't know what we'll do without the site i have many
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letters from the folks that visited the beer garden in interest of time a couple of listens if friends in sonoma the beer garden is an absolutely give me if one wants to understand and appreciate the neighborhood that make up san francisco and hayes valley then the beer garden provides a perfect example and in the ends they say it is a hidden gem should not be be hidden and thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good morning. i'm charles i am a hayes valley residents i live on page street octavia with my fiance and own a restaurant in hayes valley on hayes street i'm here to express my unanimous support for in project and it's extension the approximate development and
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beer garden has been integral if the success of the launch of my own small business and the team that operate that bar in any professional opinion some of the best operators i have come across in any professional experience it is a place that i patron misses with friends and out of town gift is adds a tremendous tremendous opportunity and draw bringing people from within the city and outside the city to the hayes valley community there incredibly supportive operators and give back so much from my own selfish beer and sausage loving needs as a small business owner as a fellow restaurant
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operator here to speak out in full support of the extension of this >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi, i'm jimmy lived in hayes valley for 12 years with any wife we're stronger sports supporters of expectation of the beer garden everything that was said is absolutely true how wonderful as professional operators and activation oversees and what hadn't been discussed you how much they give back to the community and the charity events they've been amazing while we were integral in developing the concept of the temporary uses this is a perfect example of one that is worked extremely well and it is sort of sent inspiration it out out to
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other people how to do temporary use well the comments that were made about this is a perfect opportunity to transition and be sure that the site remains active until it's ready to be shovel ready was very good you know get the rfp going and you know 3 years out this site will be complicated it faces parish screen the shadows issues will be complicated so having enough time to do this properly and have the site remain active is critical and supervisor tang made a good point about the amount of activity and having k and l go in from the at the same time is a blessing to the neighborhood we have incredible amounts of development we've welcomed and having them together more is more manageable
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so thank you very much thanks very much (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi maims and peggy i'm a 21 year residents of hayes valley i'm a small business owner i just want to speak in support of the extension of the lease for the beer garden and i've been there for 21 years count time a they've been there they've been we have very responsible and friendly and active in the community the beer gardens as served as a space i came from a meeting from parklet we're losing open space and green territory although beer garden didn't qualify we need open space to expending the lease will fill the need in other parcels around them that are dormant for example, the communities gardens has been
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overwhelmed and people got kicked out and it has remained vacant those can be developed while we get affordable housing in and maintain and develop public and open green spaces. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm i started here 232 years ago in hayes valley sorry and i think you know, i come from a place that has many beer gardens every part of town is important for the whole communities and also for the value of the houses that are standing around it so i think our little part of shaping hayes valley to what it is nowadays
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should be considered and now just like okay. now it is all nice you know let's develop it you know and make money out of it is not only about money it is really about county to build something from the ground up part of the organic movement and part the farmer's market and beer gardens what the city needs in order to have a civic life it is not only about two people more who have an apartment there it is more lightning like what do you want your city to be do you want it to be like developed everywhere and have bike lanes and building or like spaces with people in our age group what go with their children and have a great time altogether. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please hey, i'm speaking for the extension of the beer garden give you a little bit of background i'm jake i'm a native to the bay area originally from marin and owned and operated a juice comment 40 in san francisco is my two brothers and brother's wife i want to speak about the owners i met matt and aaron independent of the beer garden i remember just couldn't tell you what we talked about but leaving that conversation those are two special people that are compassionate and loving and caring this reflects within the beer garden what they've created you know they have a sense of community and i think from this specific things they over as well how they train their staff and how friendly it
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is a unique thing they've created with the douglas and others they've created some special especially in the city it is changing rapidly and hard to find those contestant based areas people conjugate what that woman said up here the fact all knows ages is really wonderful on any given day you know you can really find people lined up around the block the word is out it is a special plays and especially for the 5 year extension on any given day you you know you can talk to the owners you know their mother is literally going to be putting a blanket on your lap if if our cold they should definitely be here to stay. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm eric i'm a big fan the approximate project didn't plan on speaking i thought it was important to speak about community there's a lot that goes on when it get to the green area on any sunny day most days the communities how vibrant it is it is due to what is going on i give full support to the extension you talk to a lot of business owners and what the beer garden a lot of places it is kind giving the basis any given weekends whether with children or families friends find a vibrant spot if make sense to continue this for the 5 year leased or longer it is something that is wholly lacking in san francisco it is important for the community which again
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san francisco is unique and thank you. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm jake i'm a native the hails and a tenants i was going to speak to the community and what the beer garden represents to the community that was done so i'll speak to the place the beer garden helps to insure that hayes valley a designation for people throughout the bay area it is a place that people are excited to visit a mainstay of local communities i support the community the beer garden. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi greg hamburger a local hayes valley residents, developer and business owner. >> currently working and
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developing parcels h, j peculiar v and t with the city ten years ago, i started working in the neighborhood on 55 page street we had to sell over investors in the future of hayes valley and why this would be will a great neighborhood in san francisco it is far exceeded anything we could have imagined 10 years ago it speaks one of the great san francisco neighborhoods it is also i think kind of arrived to a whole new generation of san franciscans a lot of the locals have been there for a long term they knew that but given the central location the public transportation, the proximity to jobs, the great restaurants, the
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cultural institutions not everyone knew that i think that now with everything has going on the open space has become even more important with all the various parcels under construction and in different phases of development the neighborhoods in a really bind and i think keeping the beer garden under the approximate it and supporting them it is a vital part of neighborhood aaron and matt have been wonderful and support hd n a and provide fundraiser for the community they're great with their employees and created a designation i hope we can support them and help them moving go along thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on this item all right. seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor mar. >> thank you. i the president to say that i'm appreciative of
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mr. and mrs. report i think he raises good issues but to supervisor tang's points to the coordination of the parcels that make sense the extension of the lease i'll be supportive i have questions to sarah and stella on the affordability of the 2009 hundred units only 13 percent are affordable i know with the parcel k is hundred percent affordable to hundred 20 percent ami fritter homeowners but why only 13 percent of the roughly 3 thousand units in the pipeline affordable mr. updyke mentioned that over 50 percent should be affordable by the time the units are developed. >> to clarify what mr. updyke was saying over 50 percent of the former freeway the parcels
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we've been speaking about all the development on those friday parcels will, affordable the broader neighborhood was not covered by the neighborhood to inclusionary area caps the affordability at twelve e 12 percent my parcel not subject to city control as those parcel when i add the 50 we're able to achieve with control of them are parcels underway in hayes valley it gets delatitude the punch line without that the nature of affordability will be different. >> this highlights the hockey's with the rapid displacement and additions we're logging the affordable units to short-term rentals and other effort in the city and we're not this anywhere
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near enough the affordable units but the parcels on octavia boulevard we doing everything we can but it highlights the issues that working-class families are pushed out the hayes valley residents i'm supportive of the lease it is a tremendous lease with the david best temple it is a great community benefit i wish people will talk about the displacement rapid displacement in the mission district and how it is challenging us i'm supportive of the lease but brings up the broader issue i know it is coming up in another agenda item today thank you to sarah and mr. updyke for the presentations so i'm not going to be supportive of harvey rose suggestion you in the community
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benefits to a particular neighborhood but the challenge to build more affordable housing and to look at it every single project that comes before us in that lens as well thank you. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i do also agree with supervisor mar i appreciate the budget analyst recommendation to shorten the lease you, however, at this time i want to honor all the work that has gone into this area and when the site was intended for all along i think that the 5 year lease will still give the community the opportunity to have the open space and enjoy it while keep going up for the eventual project i want to make a motion to approve the item as is. >> supervisor tang has made a motion quickly before the vote i want to thank everyone for coming out and appreciate the recommendation from the budget analyst that comes down to the quality of life in the neighborhood i've heard from the
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neighbors in hayes valley and a few bar owners as well those who come out and spoke that is apparent with 3 young kids to have a safe haven it makes sense and supervisor mar said we're balancing the affordable housing with the quality of life as well that is a very good discussion but it is incredible for the neighborhoods we look forward to seeing this continue i'm happy to support that motion pie supervisor tang. >> through the chair there is a technical amendment posted by mr. updyke what you like to do you want that. >> we can perhaps rice the motion to accept the motion by unemployed and accept the line items we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item 5. >> item 5 is resolution
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approving and authorizing the termination of a lease and development agreement with the rehabilitation and the geneva office buildings with the given office building and power house and authorizing the general manager the rec and park department to execute a tremendous termination. >> >> good morning project director and the rec and park department designed by the reed brothers that designed the complaining hotel the geneva power how is it the last electrical railway it is was a city landmarked and listed on the historical place the receptionist represents acquired the building from muni and the star-spangled bannertion project was completed partnership with the geneva and power housing hours were
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instrumental in saving the building the vision of the building to create a arts center for job recommended arts transcribing for underserved youth and programming for all communities members from told her to seniors between 2007 and 2015 they got funding for the capital campaign as well as the youth arts in 2013, the given power house received the categorical from the balboa park central station from the development plan in 2014 to achieve the project developments goal the board of supervisors approved a lease disposition and future lease with the friends the rec and park department project partner for over a decade the renovated carbarn in design will empathize over 20 thousand square feet it is rehabilitation includes a seismic upgrades the
6:43 pm
modern facilities and ada assess and creative studios a cafe and exhibition place a communicate living room and retail spaces the secretary of interior standards and the treatment of historic places will be applied the building at a minimum will receive legal status bans the final documents the cost estimate for the project is now approximately $29 million and city funds and tax grants and foundations from individuals given the hi restoration the friends found the funds difficult the difficulty if raising the funds the city said in a study by the wallace group by the office of economic workforce development this purpose of study to investigate
6:44 pm
ailing alternative approaches to the renovation of the building 0 two-phase phase one just the power house and phase two the office section of the building after considering the proposal a multi agency coalition the rec and park the office of economic workforce development, commissioner avalos office and the san francisco arts commission determined that a phase approach will speed up the kafgs and generate new renewed interest this is important to know that pursuant to the strategy is just more chiefable for the power house is $8. million under the new approach the city has the responsibilities for the power house and it is part of the office of economic workforce development development in the pilot neighborhood assess
6:45 pm
activation program unfortunately adopting that termed the - rather than to waiting to terminate after the schedule excuse me. after the termination date and the performance the department of friends will terminate the lbd a early the friends want to continue to be involved in the success and welcome this participation the finances will likely focus in the future by providing input two the development of the building 31 thousand square feet and the programming vision will be maintained american people inexpensive beautiful place for community events the phase one power house is the simplified project and the improvements are hazmat and seismic stabilizations and landscape
6:46 pm
improvement a new roof and reversed windows and electrical systems lastly the planning department conducted that the phase one project will not be a substantial modification and that no impact on the determination for the review from the project in 2013 and okay. thank you very much supervisor mar you're on the roster any questions? ongoing mr. rose, can we go to your report >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 10 of our report based on a design development estimate preempted in july of 2015 the estimated office the carbarn is $29 million plus of which $6 million plus is for the phase one power house project and $22 million plus is for the phase two office building
6:47 pm
project as shown in table two on page 106 hundred thousand plus previously appropriate by the board of supervisors for phase one and leaving a balance of $6 million plus needed to be secured for phase one of power house project we recommend you approve that resolution. >> okay seeing none, inform other questions opening it up for public comment anybody wish to comment on this item. >> geneva ci city. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm beth for commissioner avalos office i'm here to support in termination the geneva carbarn is a tremendous building an incredible asset a heavy lift a
6:48 pm
big building with historic status and needs seismic upgrades that is an expensive project and not possible for a community group to do so we're very excited with our team approach working together with rec and park and nicole has been a tremendous project director on this project for many years and working with amy with the office of economic workforce development and our office the san francisco arts commission and also with the northern california community fund we feel with this very integrated multi disciplinary team we'll be able to make that happy to get the building activated as quickly as possible to have it as a community benefit but also to show private funders that is a viable project we are excited by the basically approach and look forward to opening the
6:49 pm
power house and 2011 everybody to participate. >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed i'll say thanks to rec and park and commissioner avalos office i actually was out there meeting with the geneva it is sad not going forward as talked about for quite a while we're in good hands with rec and park happy to see that moving forward as the city taking overflow room ownership. >> love to entertain a motion to accept this item and motion by supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk item 6. >> resolution authorizing the public health to submit a one year application to continue to receive funding for the expensive hiv preservation program for the california
6:50 pm
massage therapy council and requesting the fund if jan to 2016. >> dpw is here to speak. >> good afternoon. i'm john i'm here to represent the department along with dr. this will be the 5th year of our grants to - from the centers for disease control and prevention this is reaching the most vulnerable people effected by the hiv sex with men and injection and focuses on people with color the grants supports the risk activities within an emphasis on hiv testing with the organization as well medical settings i want to take this mom to recognize that grant over the directing has had cuts since
6:51 pm
2012 and the board of supervisors has been understanding of the needs of the san francisco community and have been making us whole i'm here to talk about any answer any questions about. >> why not move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item 6. >> action item number 6 grant application centers for disease control comprehensive preservation programs application the amount of $6 million plus totally totally misuse of tax
6:52 pm
versus funding it puts it into me it changes it to a better universe. >> anyone else wish to comment on item number 6 seeing none, public comment is closed just want to say thank you for coming forward with this and best of luck with that and certainly hopes it comes through we'll taken entertain a motion we'll take that without objection. madam clerk if you would call item no. 7. >> item no. 7 hearing on tax collection from enforcement of the short-term rental ordinance with the treasurers office and the office of short term rental administration and enforcement to report. >> okay. thank you madam clerk so this item was sponsored by supervisor campos who is just
6:53 pm
coming into the chambers i'll i'm going to turn it over to once he catches his breath. >> thank you very much mr. chairman. >> thank you to my colleagues for hearing that item today i'd like to thank kevin guy who is the new head of the office of short-term rentals and landlords to hearing from him a couple of points i know there are a number of people in the audience on both sides of this issue 18 months ago a short-term rental law that was written in from our prospective in a very close partnership with a multi billion dollars hosting playroom o playroom was passed the
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so-called airbnb law was by the the same the very planning department staff charged that enforcing that allow e law that law was deemed to be unworkable an urban enforceable we saw a report from the budget and legislative analysis i see mr. rose and his team are here that confirmed what we were hearing if over planning department staff that this law couldn't be enforced today, we are seeing the consequences of this broken law less than 6 percent of people that are doing short-term rentals in the city and county of san francisco have rent-controlled unit with the city that means that 94 percent of the people engaged in this
6:55 pm
business have breaking the law here in san francisco we know that based on at the numbers given to us by this agency we know that there are 6 hundred and 687 people that are duly registered as hosts but that we have about 10 thousand listing and actually more than 5 thousand listing from airbnb lee alone those numbers are unacceptable that means that less than one in 10 hosts are following the law in san francisco and we see so many examples not just simple violations by serious violations taking place the very recently story from the press about the house sitter that put his clients home on airbnb without the owner knowing that was happening i think the
6:56 pm
owner was at burning man and stories of attendance like susan west fields her landlord evicted her mac $250 a night year-round on apple rent control apartment a place she would for 15 years we're talking about fairness and affordability and more importantly the issue of the day about housing the impact of short-term rentals on san francisco housing stock has been brutal according to the reports that mr. rose and his team put together airbnb is fascist the loss of between one thousand to 19 hundred entire homes in the city and county of san francisco this is a by way of more than we will be lucky enough to build in
6:57 pm
prop a passes this november the impact is actually worse in some neighborhoods lake the mission up to 40 percent of vacant units are being airbnb and the hate it is 43 percent in the castro it is 35 percent and the numbers you know go on and on it is staggering we have a great deal of at stake a couple of months ago by way of a points of reference when the chief environmentalists did a studies on airbnb he indicated even the alleyways loss of one unity of housing is significant in san francisco that the loss of one unit of house of representatives in san francisco costs the city 2 hundred and
6:58 pm
$50,000 and it eliminates any positive impact that maybe brought forward through a tourist rental now too months ago mayor ed lee announced the creation of a new office the office of short-term rentals it was presented at that time as their solution to this crisis we are facing and so today, the purpose of that meeting to give mr. guy and his new office the opportunities to present to us on what they're doing i want to have a better understanding how this newly formed office is addressing the issue of enforcement considering that the law that was passed by this board does not enable this office to collect data nor does the law enable that only require
6:59 pm
that only registered hosts be puts on those websites i also want to note that there is no commission that is overseeing this new agency the office of short-term rentals there is also no commission that oversees the city administrator's office in turn oversees this agency the only oversight through the board of supervisors that's why we're hosting this hearing today with that, i'd like to again thank kevin guy that provided information to our office the director of this new office for being here today and i want to give him an opportunity to present i know that i have questions for him and i also want to thank our
7:00 pm
treasurer jose cisneros who couldn't be here today, we have a policy and elective manager amanda that works with us as well to provide information with that, mr. chairman kevin guy. >> thank you for the introduction supervisor campos so once i'm kevin guy the director off short-term rentals so your office was created for the short-term rentals property that went into effective february 1st of this year to recap the rules the program allows the residents to rent out their units for less than thirty days the most important condition the hosts must be the preliminary residents must live in the occupants our 2 hundred and 75 days out of the year only
7:01 pm
one unit rent-controlled unit per host no outstanding violations and not a below market rate and not the result of a ellis act eviction a registration from the tax clerk's office and must registration with our office of short-term rentals so once registered the unit may be rented out for not more than 2 hundred and 70 days the owner is not present during that stay maybe rent-controlled unit out for a hosted with a permanent host is in the residents taxes must paid on the rates from guests and they may not collection more than their monthly rent from the folks now shift to the status of our work we are relatively a young officials but all to highlight
7:02 pm
that sort of daily operations of the office two main function to register eligible individual that wish to host short-term rentals and the second aspect is the enforcement of the properties that are host short-term rentals without registration are in edition or violation of the rules first to summarize our status to date we have rent-controlled unit 6 hundred and 67 applications that is out of a total of 8 hundred and 66 applications submitted one hundred and 90 were rejected and some currently under review new summarize the enforcement forevers so february 1st of this year we've received hundred and 77 complaints 50 of over and over those complaints were investigated and closed for a variety of reasons either no violation was occurring or the property came in compliance with
7:03 pm
the issuance working with the office proactively or that we issued a notice of decision we found a violation we assessed the penalties and those penalties were paid so to date 9 of the notices of decision that have resulted in penalties totally one hundred and thousand dollars the enforcement including the assessment of penalties have been conducted under the enforcement provisions of the code the penalties i mentioned don't represent the entire enforcements are the penalties assessed for short-term rental violation the notice of decision he represent the okay of enforcement on cases investigated in the administrative code where we have a violation found in penalties assessed an ongoing process we continue to investigate cases and bringing them forward to the future
7:04 pm
meeting and if a violation is fined penalties will be assess current 2 hundred plus from the planning department process 0 hundred and 27 cases are being investigated i should mention the majority of cases have been filed within the last two years the office of short-term rentals coordinates with the planning department and the city attorney's office and the tax clerks and the department of building inspection and any other offices so the sense that concludes my presentation. but i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have thank you. >> thank you colleagues, i do have a number of questions for mr. guy can i get clarity in terms of the
7:05 pm
penalties the hundreds and thousands who are those penalties levied against. >> properties where we investigated we had a complaint files either but a member or another agency and over team investigated did find a violation that occurred we held a follower hearing and sdermdz are determined the violation had been occurring that's a mechanism we assess the penalties. >> have you issued any fines against aaron or any of the hosting platforms. >> no, it is situated around the individual properties in violation and is responsible parties. >> so i want to be clear so my understanding is that there were a hundred and 7 that complaints that were filed that there had
7:06 pm
an 2 hundred and 36 complaints that were investigated and closed since 2010; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> the case under the old planning enforcements as well as the administrative codes. >> out of those complaints has the city issues a fine against airbnb are anyone else. >> not to my knowledge none under our office the legislation and the process at least now looked at violations an individual properties and the responsible parties. >> and this is true even though i have only 6 hundred and 67 people registering yet 10 thousand people that are engaged in short-term rentals. >> yes. i've heard various
7:07 pm
figures the numbers flublt over time some of the number maybe multi listing under the same platforms yes, but prepared 6 hundred and 6 that currently. >> let me begin in terms of the enforcement plan what is your plan in terms of enforcement relative to the 94 percent of people that are engaged in short-term rentals but not rent-controlled unit with the city is violating the law. >> our priority in terms of enforcement are going after the egresses violators people that have multi units in the same building or across the city and looking at those cases where some of the negative impacts that can be associated with doing short-term rentals wrong can really be most fairly felt
7:08 pm
looking at again multiple violations across multiply properties the enforcement didn't focus on, on those people are violate because they're not living on the property or a permanent residents it is for those pens are not there to be public active but a deterrent but they need to come in and talk about their registration and demonstrate they are legal. >> so i thinks what you're saying are you going to go after unregistered hosts. >> yes. we're going after unregistered hosts. >> okay so i don't know what is your estimate how many hosts are out there if in the 10 thousand how
7:09 pm
many do you think are out there. >> to be honest it is difficult to put an exact figure again, the number of liz fluctuates and the number might not the same platforms with the same individuals across multiple properties i fully acknowledge that number it is changing and hard to pin down in non-registered non-registration and non-eligible about are taking units off the market are enforcement priorities. >> less is the number of liz we think 10 thousand is too high an estimate for the number of allergies. >> it's higher than the numbers i've heard but i would imagine there is certainly times where interested short-term rental has peaked around holidays and special events. >> how much staff does our
7:10 pm
agency have right now. >> we're a total depth of 6 we have myself the director and three staff that are essentially on line from the planning department that have been doing the enforcement and registration work taxicab we have several positions we're looking to staff up in the next several weeks. >> right now as of today, i guess today is wednesday, september 30, 2015, how many employees. >> we currently have 3 employees plus microfilm again, we're conducting interviews actually for the positions and spent to fill those shortly and work with the planning department especially we have cases of kind of overlapping planning issues and the administrative code issues it didn't necessarily represent the sum total of resources at our
7:11 pm
disposal we have folks if in the the office doing this work familiar with the cases and really set up the from of the progress so the additional hires should make those efforts more robust. >> i'm trying to said with 3 employees even though i have 3 on alone loan from planning how can you realistically go after the thousands of unlisted hosts. >> i'll point to the fact that statistics i've mends the hundred and 77 since the first of this year 50 have been investigated and closed is it fair to say not necessarily every complaint automatically leads to a violation of penalties there are certainly cases a neighbor another agency
7:12 pm
may building there's a violation we investigated and no violations occurred over and over those folks come into a compliance i'm characterize those as successes you're referring to as far as the larger number the reality is no as with any law you'll not been able to achieve hundred percent total experience but continuing to ramp up enforcement and assessing penalties when appropriate putting the message out there, there are real consequences for not following the law serves as a deterrent and someone will demonstrate they can do it right. >> none is asking for a hundred percent compliance but 6 percent compliance that is different than what you expect so you mentioned about the egregious violators and bad actors how do
7:13 pm
you find out who is an egregious violator or bad actor that you look at this case. >> rights it is a question of priorities we looked at every compliment we receive to make sure a violation is occurring the circumstances that fall under the umbrella of egregious is different we roanoke county an individual not even global for the program let alone their renting out a unit they don't live in that's kind of a textbook case of what someone takes a long-term residents from san franciscans we're looking at folks that we know potentially are multiple violations on different properties folks who may be renting out
7:14 pm
blaufrt units or ellis act evictions large properties with sort of a block of units would you tell us going into the specifics of ongoing cases declares a variety in the circumstances and characteristics of each individual case and we want to again, we want to put our resources to best use for the egregious violators but none it above the law to use that phrase and it is important for everyone that wants to do this activity to do it in the rights way. >> in terms of deciding whether to investigate someone that is might be an egregious elevator or violator is that based on a complaints driven investigation or are you on your own trying to figure out who is an egregious violators. >> it's a little bit of both
7:15 pm
but it is containment griffin i driven we pick up on multiple violations occurring across different properties maybe the same folks an individual may give us that information why this is an egregious case and people living in conditions are close together and multi units people tends know some of the information and willing to provide that i should mention that we do receive complaints referred by department of building inspection for instance, if they get a complaints about construction they may go out and find next slide, please an unpermitted construction but that resulted in a creation of short-term rentals that are - those are cases of good enter is agency and it is egregious with
7:16 pm
multiple violations across codes. >> is there any situation or investigation you have right now that was not complaint driven. >> again, i do want to get into the specifics of ongoing. >> i'm not asking about the specific information it is a general question any investigation you're working on not complaint during which and we're primer complaint driven but we find other violations and a pro-active follow-up on that specific complaint. >> you're going on record saying you have investigations that didn't arises out of complaint that was filed it was on your own no complaint. >> started with a claimed and through the investigation of that complaint our staff found other information. >> i want to be clear every
7:17 pm
single investigation that your engaged in right now started with a complaint at some point. >> right we're a complaint driven progress we have to make your capabilities and it is now more be robust. >> for you guys to investigate someone has to report the problem and make a complaint. >> to date that's been the process i will say that those things go hand in hand oftentimes the notion of someone being a egregious violator those are the units most obvious and subject to complaints. >> you can see why that is a problem rights you can see why you have thousands of unregistered people where you have you only filed 9 you know cases where there's been enforcement action that if
7:18 pm
i'm someone one of the thousands who those not rent-controlled units i'm looking at the odds the odds that you're going to actually go after them low unless someone is willing to come forward and quite frankly unless someone knows what i'm doing you'll not know about that. >> i want to reiterate again those are 9 decision letters are recent outcomes of concludes ever hearing undertook the administrative hearing we want to follow the process and before we issue violations make sure the violations are occurring those 9 represent an initial step moving forward of holding additional hearing and assessing the fees appropriate and the 9 letters issues as far pretty
7:19 pm
substantial penalties don't represent the whole issues prior to the creation of the office of short-term rentals was a violation great the planning code and through the process they've investigated and assessed penalties as appropriate and trying to gets folks both inclines and close those cases. >> can i ask you a general question how you measure going forward the success of our office let's say in a month from now we're still and same level of inclines in terms of registration how do you begin success. >> supervisor i think you make an excellence point success is we are relatively young again needs to definitely continue with the registration efforts holding outreach efforts in the communities and perhaps evening
7:20 pm
hours tried during the registration round when the law went into effect and quite successful in getting a lot of people coming in originally and explaining what the rules and get rid of myths and educating the public better will be a success and continue to successfully investigate and conclude complaints with penalties as appropriate to the case. >> did the mayor give you a target for specific set of goals that he want you to accomplish. >> i have not been necessarily given numbers like that but contrary that the mission of the office from overall and everyone and we're taking this to heart to take, a process that is working a good start and enhance and make more robust capacities
7:21 pm
and try to find efficiency in expedient cases and make that easy for the public to understand the rules and get registrations. >> so you don't have a target level of compliance 50 percent by the ends of the year or 75 percent bends of the year you don't have those kinds of targets. >> i wasn't mandated a number again, the mission of the office as i said two prong registration and registration for those who want to follow the rules and enforcement against those who don't and continuing the work and making those processes even betters. >> going back to the 9 cases that were filed with penalties levied in the past 8 months the city has founds 9 violations or
7:22 pm
any other violations. >> what that means those with were the 9 cases thorlg investigated and where we found violations and penalties assessed didn't mean that those are necessarily the only 9 people in the vast complaints that are in violation it means that the investigative work is ongoing for the remainder of cases bringing fords those cases and issuing penalties as appropriated. >> so there's a time one hundred and 77 complaints filed and then i see the numbers that you were unable to find fault in h and 68 it that what we're looking at i know if we pursued
7:23 pm
9 cases and 9 cases of violation what about the h and 68. >> the hundred will 77 complaints 50 were investigated and closes those those are essentially taken out of the total load of currently active cases since february won those are closed we found no violation occurred property owner are the person of interest contacted us proactively and brought it into experience before we issues a complaint or assessed the pentsz the penalties were paid intauth be those out one hundred and 27 open cases some are penalties to be paid from the notices of decision and other investigations ongoing so it's not as to those remaining open cases the
7:24 pm
investigation are going on the perk they taco take longer to investigate and determine what is going on and on an average how long a case to come to a close. >> i don't know that you can put a uniform timeframe each one is different o some of the those conclusion with the complaints that started the complaint was the first step complaints filed in june or july of this year so relatedly quick turn around for the cases to get done. >> before i go i know that supervisor mar wants to do a quick follow-up on a points you made. >> just mr. guy i don't envy our position given the 90 percent thousands and thousands of unregistered home sharing but
7:25 pm
on the complaint process how had had publicize people to file a complaint my understanding no information on anothers website how to file a complaint how easy it is shocking there is so few cases we know that word of mouth in the richmond district tons of violations going on how you encourage complaints if at all. >> so for those that are watching and interested in the issue we have an e-mail and a hotline that can will be contacted on complaints and violation so the address is short-term rentals and sf or our number 4155754179 the complaint can be done anonymously and is larger
7:26 pm
question is about outreach and getting the word how port of part of that by trying to publicize and assess the penalties and given the information what is rules are and how to register the right-of-way right way wear looking at doing this additional registration drive going out into the community and trying to partner with organizations sort of common areas of interest around this issue and letting the folks know those are straightforward maybe not everyone meets the eligibility and there in lies the problem people are doing did be loiblt but for those people to try to dispel the concerns of the aspects of rules that are not true. >> a clear gel our answer to
7:27 pm
supervisor campos answer there are not clear goals of a successful office for measurable goals for the unregistrations hosts your identifying even a clear multi lingual complaint on the websites or an educational for a moment the number per month your don't go many any different neighborhoods and communities i'm hearing complaints like crazy and people not working how to file if your setting goals and you've been up and running for several months a clear one making sure the complaint process is clear on the websites but also in our outreach efforts to allow people to file complainants right now hundred and 7. is outrage that is so few and a lack of goal setting for the officer. >> on that point i want to be
7:28 pm
clear i wasn't handed a mandate for a percentage or something like that it is clear we want to get more folks rent-controlled units that is absolutely true and not necessarily put a specific number at this point only get the registration up and make sure that the people know there is a process to remedying and a complaints those are great suggestions and in terms of the webbed we're looking at to enhance our housekeeping in terms of keeping the day about the number of registrations and the kind of data we've been talking about and macro that clear to file a complaint. >> i have a few more i have to say i'm kind of shocked to hear what you're saying i imagine if you're serious about enforcement that the message shouldn't be
7:29 pm
you know we like people to register and increase the number but the message should be everyone should be following the law hundred percent compliance with what the law requires i mean shouldn't that be the message if our office mr. guy. >> we want to get people to edge this is the determination of people doing that the rights way not just a matter of the submitting the paperwork it is demon you have eligibility your committed to keeping the registration in good standing by following the proper rules of not rent out more than 90 days unhosted we want to achieve hundred percent and one hundred percent registration those go hand in hand and a core mission
7:30 pm
to make those efforts continue and make them more cable and robust. >> following up you have it ideally i know the mayor's office didn't give you that start how long to achieve that goal. >> i can't put a timeline around it i'd like to say as quickly as possible again knowing that the picture of the number of listings is changing again, all the things about where those number of listings overall come from i don't think that realistically getting one hydropercent can happen but certainly we're working aggressively to let people know there is conflicts for not following the rule. >> what are the kinds of things
7:31 pm
that platforms can do to help you. >> under the current set of rules you've touched upon the rules we have in place wear looking at individualizing and individual properties that ain violation we incorporate those into our enforcement process. >> would it help if platforms only listed registrations units. >> so platforms are - individuals allergies are riders to identify the registration number once they become registered that did city so that is a in and of itself is a violation if you have a listing on one of the hosting platforms without a registration number listed again, i can't comment or speculate on the procedures that come down the line. >> so okay. so if airbnb is
7:32 pm
listing a unit that is not rent-controlled units that is a violation. >> it's a violation of the person doing that listing without being recommendations or having a registration new number. >> okay. so but airbnb is not violate is that what you're saying from our position the person is violating but not the platform. >> under the current set of rules the enforcement is fblgdz on the enforcement and the obligation is focused around the property and the host whether or not a they've gone through the demonstrateing of the tax clerk and our office. >> does that mean our office has no intention of going after the hosting. >> i'm not sure what you mean by going after the rules in
7:33 pm
place don't provide us with a mechanism necessarily for enforcing in mass an is hosting platforms but future legislation whether passed by the voters are observing a police radios weight of the testimony incorporate and so you don't have the authority to go after or fine a platform right now. >> no, we have the ability to go after individualizing, hosts in vision, folks with multiple allergies across multiple that platforms. >> i know we're going to move the hearing forward i do is are a question about sort of what to expect moving forward what kind of reporting do you anticipate providing the board of supervisors and the rest of the city going forward.
7:34 pm
>> well building on some of the suggestions of supervisor mar i think we would like to migrate to the overview of the process and upping the website the tax clerk's office can talk about the business world they've launched i'd like to see that migrate over that place to kind of get dashboard data kind of gross level the locations of the short-term rentals across the city and running day an open violations and penalties assess and collected all the kind of information the data points we're talking about today more robust place for information sharing not just to the board bow to the general public
7:35 pm
comment and welcome the opportunities to come to this committee or other agencies to report back periodically. >> i'd like to formally request a monthly report on your enforcement forevers and ankle that today is 30th maybe in a month get a sense of where things are you think that would be helpful to me and sheds a lot of lights on this i want to sorts of finish with one question do you feel that you have the resources you need to side your job. >> yes. >> i do. >> so 3 employees, 3 from planning is enough. >> so i do and for several reasons number one as i mentioned the folks that are migrated from the planning department are folks working on
7:36 pm
those cases really set up a lot of the infrastructure of the details of both registration and enforcement process we've all right a gained a lot of efficiency in that registration process by migrating on the scheduling and stealing our thurnl but a discussion about the launch of the business protocol there are a lot of efficiency in that place and ways for folks to not only educate themselves better about what the rules are and determine if fair eligible and get them registered quibble we have mechanisms in place to do our enforcement work more effectively i don't want to delve into the flails and the additional staff breaking and entering on while we enhances capabilities. >> well, i'm actually surprised by that response i know the
7:37 pm
planning commission recommended 6 employees i'm actually shocked you let say you have enough right now but if i'm one of the thousands of people yet to register i'll feel comfortable knowing that i'll be okay doing what i doing for a while i'm going to turn it over to our treasurers office. >> supervisor campos i think we have a few other explicit questions for mr. guy first of all, thank you for being here we need to acknowledge this is a lot of this in the inspection of political discussion we've had over the last year here at board of supervisors insides of city hall some of this feels like da just have you i want to few things to ask with i think that is really important i appreciate people are in line
7:38 pm
we may have difference of opinion a ballot measure that's been discussed around this topic we need a tack a step back from my prospective first of all, do you recall the most when registration was able to start happening i mean because a lot of the context gosh how many people are rent-controlled units tests been open for a few years or 10 years that may not sound like a lot by the registration process was beginning and its been less than a year a matter of months i was eluding to the earlier some of the methods metrological dissolution around the registration process i don't understand in the early days of the registration process the scheduling was a little bit
7:39 pm
different a surge of application people had to wait awhile to come in and complete their registration process and any graced to an online scheduling system people are typically getting in within a couple of days that's well, the outside edge a week but within a couple of days our support staff has been corroborative allowing people to e-mail the information further down the line when it becomes available to verify the residentscy without come in for is another appointment it is natural we'll have a surge of registrations initial and made a good point in the limit amount of time although it is not the entire picture it is a substantial amount of applications. >> gordon's with that the
7:40 pm
office of short-term rentals the legislation we passed that was created after february the office your heading up now i forget the time summer so further down the line a few months ago the office was created when did you come on the job here. >> 2 and a half weeks ago. >> so here's the context of from my prospective we need to talk about i appreciate the differences of political opinion but important for i think in the context of that discussion and kind of grissel i offer the numbers and why have not's you done there more that registration process starting in february that office was creates and you started our job 2 1/2 weeks ago whether it is outside
7:41 pm
of city government and a city business or inside of city hall and city agency being created i don't know of any others city department been created inns overwhelms we need to understand there are bumps along the roads and you'll learn as head of the office i heard the similar complaints come february that's why we set up this office the mayor was the leaders but i also find it humorous to grill people and criticize so shortly after the agency was created and expect and demands all the answers that is really important to acknowledge that the goal here from my prospective is hundred percent compliance is hundred
7:42 pm
percent enforcement and not so say and any means none receives on their laurltz but close to 7 hundred registrations it is up and running after the for the fierce few months do you know what the run rate do you have a run rate per registration per month renew. >> i don't have that in front of me we have 9 proclamations pending that is likely indicative of the applications that were we're reviewing to verify the day or have additional information it with the biggest spike after the adoption of rules. >> many any case i think that again, while we want this to be up and running effective immediately we all needs to acknowledge it is going to act a or take a percent to get the
7:43 pm
office up and running to have crystal listed opinions if you need resources droerdz and one thing i'm comment on as relates to reporting something that was a priority of supervisor christensen when we debated this they put in there a condition of the legislation we passed posts are required to report quarterly that is voluntary not kind of invasive the privacy and those are general tops that legislation has touched on but i think that is important to make sure we know gordon's we'll have quarterly indicate if registrations hosts and, you know, i think that is parts of the importance of that legislation and your discussions moving forward i want to make sure we have that context early
7:44 pm
in this discussion. >> okay supervisor campos. >> thank you i'd like to call on the our treasurer and let me say that i don't think that the criticism is levied at mr. guy he's doing the best he can in a difficult situation a tested time of and priority this is and the point that if we took this you know seriously are a fraction a sooirl as we take parking enforcements that would be a different situation and and it is mardz to imagine 3 enforcement agents properly endorsing parking but 3 folks in the agency to provide context you probably have an easier shot
7:45 pm
at winning the lottery so let's see turn to the treasurer. >> good morning supervisors amanda from the office of trier i apologize on behalf of the treasurer he couldn't be here today, i want to give a brief update and thank you to kevin guy we've met three or four times and probably on the phone for several hours i appreciate that collaboration and hope if continues you mean the first process in the hosts is to get a business host registration and we launched and saw a surge in the pending applications we rehabilitations early on the process was not as easy and worked quickly to fix that i
7:46 pm
think you've seen we've been chipping away at the issue probably longer than anyone the tax clerks registration in envelope the beginning of all this citing this action short-term rentals was subject to our t ot our hotel tax wife continues to plug away with the balance getting every cents of review that is owed to the city under the tax and balancing the needs of smallest taxpayers like the hosts come in and trying to complying with a set of laws wear excited to announce we announced we're the first city in the country i believe the world to come into agreement with airbnb to be a qualified website company the company has provided autopsy all the information we require we've had our requirements posts online
7:47 pm
for every hosting playroom the company has to get a certificate of the fort authority to remit the form and to collect and remit the t ot in corneas were our regulations that is important we have two potential operators we have hosts on the other hand, and is websites company it is confusing for the hosts to have their website company we paid the tax and go to say host you can prove that we wanted to set up a process that is easy for the host to make sure they're in compliance of tax law we can say we have this agreement moving forward and we have worked with the members of the board and thank you to supervisor wiener for sponsoring our small operator
7:48 pm
legislation that legislation was important for every host in san francisco regardless the platform you they eyed surviving craigslist and putting up notices ever yahoo if you earn less than 40 thousand a year in our t organization to 80 t the reminders is is similar you dwoo don't have to get and caretaker of authority and file and pay that once a year instead of every to it sets up an easier way the folks you hear if false imprisonment and i hear from we're trying to comply with the 7 hundred folks that came in when the gate opposite side we really wanted to keep their confidence we are that making the process easier for folks to come into experience on the tax
7:49 pm
side that's our obligation i encourage everybody to go online to the business portal i can't say enough about the business portal we work to put amp all the taxpayer content online at the business portal that means that is written in english and easy to understand there are nice graphic and a starter kit for every host not recommends please come and visit and download our starter kit it will tell you how to comply not only would the tax but the offense of short-term rentals it is easy mates that's myopia invitation we need every hosted to come into and registration the tax situation has cleared come on board no excuses and expect to see a lot
7:50 pm
of traffic and appreciate working with everyone on the board and in the city family on that. >> thank you. i just have a quick couple follows up with the collection of taxes we heard from mr. guy his presentation only less than 6 percent of hosts have registrations or listing are registrations do you collect tax only from registered listing how does that work. >> no, it is our duties in the codes duo to collection the tax due on every taxing transaction if someone is not following the law we need to make sure we collect every penny owed. >> the office of short-term rentals that is charged with enforcing the short-term rental law you have our office collecting taxes including from
7:51 pm
listing not registrations is interest coordination i mean, you have two thank you you it t two city agrees are you coordinating with them and letting them know that you have collected money from people not registrations? >> we're not permitted to share that information with outlets agencies under our taxpayer confident but we have a team of veterans affairs that find upcoming rent-controlled unit businesses and businesses not filing their third party tax the parking and such 15 people in the building of revenue and collaborating with mr. guy since his start and the planning department before that to make sure they send us referrals to add to the enforcements team, of course, our enforcement is focused on and on on business
7:52 pm
registration and tax that's our commitment to that efforts. >> has there been any violation found through those efforts. >> i'm not allowed to disclose. >> is if governed by local law or is it state of federal law. >> which pieces and your i think ability to disclose. >> it is 6.22. >> if we wanted to allow for disclosure we can change that section to let that happen. >> i believe we believe that taxpayer consist confidentiality is one of the reasons we're successful i ask a thorough discussion on the matter and certainly advice from the irs and the tax agencies on that. >> soy understand sort of how
7:53 pm
this works it is not clear to me so are you saying that as your collecting taxes and you find someone is breaking the law you're actually letting the office of shorelines know or no. >> we're - no, if we find on our side we don't look at any planning department uses in our investigation. >> okay. >> that's odd because i know forensic for instance, they get information about compliance with the business licenses. >> true a one-way street we work with the city agencies to help them to understand and wants an odd and a one way it insures that the city receives all the taxes owed.
7:54 pm
>> i want people to understand the significance of this essentially you have a treasurers office that is essentially not sharing information about non-compliance with registration and all those other things i think this is a surprise to a lot of people certainly a surprise to me let me ask you a question in terms of the taxes that your collecting given that the vast majority of hosts are not registrations how do you know you're actually collecting the right amount of taxes. >> so hosts everyone doing any type of business in san francisco needs to have a
7:55 pm
business registration step one for any business regardless of size we can go out and say you are doing something without a business registration that's a particular type of violation or if one has a business registration and they're not remitting the correct millennium we have several opportunities to investigate or audit observing a more severe complication. >> a mechanism for those hosts not using platforms that are not quality in terms of collecting taxes from them. >> until yesterday the hosts were given a monthly reminder to file which is a cutterscy notice to come online all the payments are online they have to report
7:56 pm
and remit like all hotels in the city now we're scoring every host to come back online to our new portal and tells you whether they're using a equaled website company and be designated as a small operator and we'll collect that bans the schedules. >> i know you can't share specific tax information there are about 60 platforms making money in san francisco do you know how many of them are actually remetro taxes. >> the only one we can speak of the one we deemed a qualified website company that's the way that companies have waved in their right to confidentiality. >> how many. >> one okay. so of the 60 platforms that are engaging in short-term rentals in san francisco there
7:57 pm
is on this one qualified website company a. >> correct. >> one out of 60. >> yes. most website companies they're a varieties of different business operations so we can follow a difference in collecting the payments from a guest directly and remitting it deregulation or serving as a liz agency that's an important distinction that's why we have this bye indicated responsibility and a website platform deemed as operators depending on how a website is structured that is you know we need to make sure we're getting the money from somebody and the onerous on the website company and the hosts to thrills. >> is it harder it complex which no website company. >> not harder per say for us. >> uh-huh. >> certainly a bigger list a lot of smaller taxpayers that is
7:58 pm
challenging for individual hosts to learn about tax laws and keep the business in compliance we moved to make that smart operator and changes to make that easier. >> who has the enrollments responsibility to make a platform a qualified website. >> the tax collector. >> so what's your strategy for increasing the number of qualified website companies from one to one out of 60 to 60 out of 60. >> from our vantage point we're responding to adversaries as they arise with taxpayers the first company out of the gate is the first, we building is the first agreement in the country of that type so we would have he had over regulations posted for the last year and do a lot of
7:59 pm
work to inform companies in violation of the lieu alu and continue to do that and bring them into experience compliance the last set of questions a number of business licenses for the purposes of engaging in short-term rentals that have been issued do you know how many. >> there are somewhere between 7 and 9 hundred and okay. if you have people who have secures those business licenses to do short-term rentals in san francisco but not registrations with the city are you sharing that information with anyone. >> all the business registration data is online date sf we post to it regularly so, yes it is contrary you can go on now and see who is registrations and not registrations. >> uh-huh. >> do you have an opinion as to whether the office of short-term
8:00 pm
rentals has enough staff. >> i'm familiar. >> colleagues ross are the questions. >> ms. reed thank you for all your work and you've been a great partner to establish the office of short-term rentals i think what was lost in a lot of the discussions where it should reside and who should be part of it and the online tool that was featured yesterday's or today in the paper thanks for being part of progress here. >> thank you. >> so colleagues that concludes the preservation portion the hearing he know there are a number of people that are here for public comment i'd like to to open that up to them the point i want to make and thank you to mr. guy in a short period of time 2 and a half weeks i think getting up to speak quicken the problem is not with mr. guy and the peep
8:01 pm
working there they're doing the best they can but the level of resources this city has given this agency and the fact we have jet to make that the priority thus, we have an agency where there is on this 3 employees for thousands of unregulated listing where there is no target goal in terms of inclines compliance and no measurable term in terms of the effectiveness you have at the same time at agency that is collecting tax and do a good job this is not sharing information about compliance even though the vast majorities of people that are paid are breaking the law so for me a very, very grave
8:02 pm
situation and not a very bright picture and that so thank you it for the opportunities to have this discussion. >> thank you supervisor campos we still have a quorum or the; right? i want to share i'm appreciative of the office of sheriff's airbnb feinstein paying it's back taxes this would not have happened without supervisor campos and others to keep the lights on this new industry that has arisen i worry about sometimes when announcements like today is announcements on the improvements that it is done so with takes us away from the millions of dollars it airbnb are pouring against prop t we're flooded in over homes with propaganda from one side i worry
8:03 pm
about pr and other efforts make that sound like that the city is doing something and no where near enough thank you supervisor campos and others for reasonable regulations he have one quick question i know you're not able to talk about mr. heeding e reed the amount of taxes from the treasurers office identified the back taxed ocean side how did we calculate the museum that was paid by airbnb after holding out for months and months until communities demanded it including is a matter of fact, feinstein. >> i'll certainly not talk about it in particular to a certain taxpayer but some of the tools our office uses are looking at the codes looking at the various penalties and interest structures that the codes affords us and marking determinations and making tax
8:04 pm
meetings to determine those issues those are some of the fools for any taxpayer not found in compliance. >> so ms. wong we've ask do question do - and supervisor campos. >> i'll call a few names. >> we'll open this up to public comment people that are here to speak (calling names). >> if you can come to the mike and line up to your right our left limit to 2 minutes a buzzer will go off and please could our best to be succinct ms. wellborn. >> we needs information about the number ever illegal and
8:05 pm
legal short-term rentals and who is paying tax how so the treasurer know it is getting all the taxed owed i haven't heard evidence about that there is so much we don't know i personally observed some of the 15 hearings that were held a couple of months ago and 15 hearings out of 10 thesis or so listing is almost a joke and most of those hearings were on violations that were started before the february law planning has failed us short-term rentals under thirty days were illegal anything else february and where was planning what was the city in terms of endorsing the law now we have a few cases where a few people got to have a hearing and awning what the folks bho
8:06 pm
who were enforcing the short-term law give them a notice in june you've been violating the law since february and any penalties that are assessed on this handful of people were only after that notice of june 30th date it is ridiculous that we have thousands and thousands of units individual and corporately run legally and have a tiny number that planning previously to february and short-term rentals since have actually taken action on we are losing housing we need to stop it now. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon
8:07 pm
i'm doug nielsen a homeownership and live in noah valley and lived in san francisco since 1975 retired i have an in-law unit the house i live in full-time and it depends on the income from short-term rentals to help me pay my property tax i'm strongly against proposition f i've registrations this units i'm with an of the hundred that have i have a business license and pay hotel tax and have additional insurance to cover the units if prop f passes i'll losses the short-term rental income i'm will ultimately have to sell any house which sincerely is a house i want to this in for the rest of my life and san francisco and this as well very well could stop me
8:08 pm
without this income and if prop f passes it will - what concerns me the protection. >> i actually you're not allowed to campaign in the chamber so i know there are people that are here each side of that issue i would ask that you whether i mean to our comments to this specific issue before the hearing without referring any ballots measure. >> i apologize if i've been wrong. >> the other issue the issue the privacy that is been brought up and what we need to report to the city and when i'm staying many my house the names of the guests that are staying at my house and all privacy issues are extremely savior and are concerns of mine the february in february
8:09 pm
legislation was passed we talked about that home sharing was passed he supports the regulation and unfortunately, the regulations i'm against evictions that took place of tenants for the person of home sharing this is not what i stand for . >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i have a few more names (calling names). >> my name is learning petty i'm a registered voter in san francisco since 1967 i'm very, very concerned there is no adequate enforcements of short-term rentals i'm concerned that time and good intentions can't say stop an affordable housing large number of illegal units from our
8:10 pm
housing stock without proper enforcement instead of small hosts making ends meet what we have here is corporate commercial hosts taking over the process and making enormous profits and a shrinkage of affordable units down to zero if there's an estimates of 10 thousand listing and 60 websites that is 10 thousand places that i and and friends and thousands of others permanent residents cannot rents it is vitalityville environmental to have effective - person-to-person relationship will be returned to us and a balanced number ofizing will be established i urge the budget committee and peripheries i
8:11 pm
think supervisor campos keep the pressure up and the - it seems clear up mr. guy department didn't have adequate few minutes to do the job thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i'm teresa from north beach where there are 22 units that have been operating as vacation rentals for years nothing has changed in that we have recorded these and department of planning mass come out and dbi has come out and all that was needs was for the rattler realtor that took had units out for permanent residents to do vacation rents is continuing to do that he said to planning and dbi no, i'm not
8:12 pm
no longer doing short-term rentals i'm no longer doing that just a few days ago i went by there the lockboxes and floods of people coming out of the same additional 22 units for years that have been vacation rentals they continue to be listed they have liens against building a long history of liens and still operating another units was add in one building 3 doors down from me so it is they don't have the tools they don't have the tools they need the tools and one is listing actual enforcement and having that data so thank you. >> thank you i'm going to read a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon my name is
8:13 pm
tony rob he lives with the manila town and with the senior disability action it is time to rein in the gravy train it was telling how much the communities push back the commentating community had to side to get the platforms to pair their outstanding taxes i find it alarming what is going on in the neighborhoods we're looking want mission with 40 percent of the vacant units being used by airbnb and other short-term rental platforms i know that 35 in castro and even larger in the hate you know the people we serve seniors and people with disabilities have been extremely hit hard by evictions that have been fueled by this hunger by
8:14 pm
any maples toes indicate people from their long term units to facilitate engaging in f this business model a cleaver for some people but meant very dire consequences for sentences and people with disabilities we need to give those departments tools which they can more effectively monitor and enforce the law which has been disregarded for such a long time thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> my name is karen i'm a licensed home sharer i'm i'd like to differ with one of the people that said 10 thousand rentals available our rental like even though hosts i have met through all the long campaign can't be a long term
8:15 pm
register not having a kitchen it as has a bedroom and bathroom i hope this hearing to get a report on tax collection and enrollment a perfectly - many of the questions lead to from the city is so concerned of registration why not do a public continental encouraging registration but stops local newspapers we have a lot of local newspapers and website there are places hosts maybe waiting before spending money to register for fear that the tax information will be handled over to - i agree with the supervisor
8:16 pm
farrell two months 9 violations and final side we should congratulate an office fotsdz not opposed with the speed especially with three staff i'd give more money to the office to do the registration, the public campaign also for people that want to file a complaint so i think we should give them time the new office and 86. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and we have a couch more names (calling names) then any must be who would like to please come on up. >> i'm ashlyly a tax paying sf residents for 9 years and have a
8:17 pm
subset and short time rented on airbnb a platform that collects and pace tax to the city whether wrenldz or not i pay all the tax and i have no problem sharing my personal information on to say i'm paying my fair share but not for the purposes the taxpayer protection sure we pay our taxis without fear and our personal information is not turned over to i cu it is not necessary to change that this information is dangerous thank you. >> hi i'm sarah with the human rights board members it is brother-in-lawly clear that
8:18 pm
office of short-term rentals is simply a faster not more than a political stunt shortly before an election the reason he know that is because it is become apparent that the whole ideas of actual enforcement is an afterthought i've been to the website no form of where you can file a complaint no information as to whether a citizen can file yet today, we found out that the kept is entirely reciprocated on citizen complaints yet at the same time, we know those people are hyde no plan site look at the listing on airbnb new stories of tenants been evicted for short-term rentals and people bragging how much money
8:19 pm
they make with short-term rentals while they travel throughout europe financing this and teaching classes their outs there you look at airbnb hi, i'm carolyn 13 units for rents why is the city not going to proactively go after those folks another important point mr. guy if they're in compliance if compliant we'll not continue the enforcement what does that mean in the past with the department of building inspection that is planet that simply a host can take the listing of the site no matter what he this in the past renting 50 units legally but not doing it any longer their noted in compliance. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is - we have a small
8:20 pm
unit we're pga our t o toshgs tax were in the western edition to the sharing of information i want to address myself i career about keeping san francisco a sanctuary city for immigrants you asked do tax collector to share with ice about dumped immigrants who pay taxed on a san francisco as to the number of 6 percent and 10 thousand months ago when mr. chiu it thousand suddenly 10 thousand what about the multiply listing on platforms let's cut it down stop with the number of 10 thousand let's going if you keep saying it often enough people will repeat it
8:21 pm
host are not registering due to activities part of it the honor stuff that was happening i think using the carrot mr. guy i think maximum will be a deterrence and fines i reads something to the effect one person is final side like 7 that thousand dollars if you don't think that will scare the hell out of a lot of people and make them go into compliance your not thinking or reading i'm one of the hosts that is rent-controlled units and will work very hard to get the hosts to register especially now that mr. guys office is making it skshl easier i will be working hard to get other people
8:22 pm
registrations. >> i have a few more names i don't know how to read the last name anyone else. >> i've eir vin hosts on airbnb for 6 years when people didn't know i'm ecstatic that airbnb is collecting my hotel tax as part of the million dollars per month their omitting for san francisco on behalf of hosts i watch my other competition on airbnb they've noticed a number of unhosted listing moved from the site disappeared i don't know because of the work mr. guys office or the departments or airbnb is doing but the results is the same bad actors are reechld from the site and fines are levied and selected that was
8:23 pm
everybody what is hoping for when the short-term rentals laws were passed implemented less than 9 months ago the bad actors lou gehrig's disease they'reizing and hundreds of thousands of fines in 8 months is too this and two slow this is san francisco it takes decades to make a new museum or take down a broken freeway we're a deliberate town give the legislation times to work one other thing mr. guy and his staff would be anymore effective if they could staying in the office instead of appearing before supervisor campos. >> i'm loraine i rent an room and baths think airbnb and had a probation officer experience both with the company and with
8:24 pm
my desk so i'm in february he objected a business license and registered with the planning department and since january i've filed t ot online and closed a note saying the tax have been collected and renot limited to by airbnb several months ago i was concerned about the tax situation that was not really clear what i was sloped supposed to do we were reshaurdz the information that we gave to the tax office was not shared with other government agencies i believe that this was the case on the state and federal level with the tax information is not shared with others governmental agencies that opens up something dangerous an urban i unwise i'm concerned about any consequences flowing from any restrictions to
8:25 pm
it protection we enjoy in our country so i just received notice on my overwhelm that airbnb is now a qualified website company and i just updated any information with that city short-term rental office and that shows me there is progress last week so many people have said give it went to work i've seen demonstrated evidence they're doing something so thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm esther a resident of san francisco for the last 20 years i have a room in my house that has been never in the math or market it is mostly empty i rent out to guest any neighbors come to me and ask me if i can rent to their relatives people that
8:26 pm
go to have medical procedures they stay at my place because homeless are too expensive they come to here to have interviews and rent out my space he have great experience we want to share the good news to everybody san francisco is making it easier for people who rents their homes to traveler to date the 40 percent he hotel altercation it is one of the highest taxed in compared with other cities that short-term rental are legal and their collecting hosts that rent inclusive airbnb now free from red tape when it comes to the city's hotel tax are that this news that makes people to come and register is what makes the process
8:27 pm
transparent you know you have tried to share information from from one agency to another agency it self-happen in any other states there is a federal and local level not going to help to the transcripts of system i urge you not to share information from the tax collectors to another agency the places, dates, and times arrested overloaded i don't think that will help thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> i want to thank commissioner richards for being here. >> i'm dennis a planning commission but as an individual i had the unfortunate opportunity to see them i recommend watch i wanted to thank mr. guy and is treasurers office i work with the planning
8:28 pm
department's and have nothing but respect and haven't worked with the treasurer office i'll put an analogy together we have 5 or 10 thousand riders on muni on 6 hundred and 67 pace the fair or 44 hadn't whatever the number someone excused someone of throwing yellow paint only 3 muni officer they stop all yellow people that is the anything else is not doing random missed checks i was hoping mr. guy we have random in his checks like muni people that don't may pa pair in their fair share and i'm it will get other
8:29 pm
people to pair their fair share for other resources. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm peter the founder of home sharer of san francisco a support group for the exultant of hosts over 2 thousand members we want to share but a couple of things first of all, i've heard by the comments today a lot of the comments at the websites companies particularly airbnb i'm tell you what the initial is about how ordinary person like me people trying to earner income from the home sharing this about obvious trying to stay in san francisco instead of putting the proclaim blame at housing units overview hooves for the housing shortage that helps homeowners to live in san
8:30 pm
francisco that's the first thing the second thing about registration there was a huge amount of interest among homeownership to get registrations in february since then it has changed a lot of interest on the rent-controlled units has been legal this is a politically charges issue in any particular ballot measure but the climate of fear and fingerpointing of the members that prefer to stay in the shadows and until the dust settled that put a damper on the hosts the him in to get registrations i'll urge supervisors to let this law work we're in favor of the enforcements in favor of the against the bad actors, and we're in favor of giving me the
8:31 pm
office of shortly or short-term rentals to resources they need to make sure that law works. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you for the opportunity i'm paula 20 years rinds in the europe sunsets supervisor yee's district the main point i'd like to to make i good as mentions support the enforcement of the registration process and permitting process i was number 70 in the permits it was a little bit bumpy i went to the treasurers office but thankfully things worked out i was happy to hear that the states of airbnb but put a face to it we recently had my daughter go to college last year that was an anniversary that year for being an airbnb host we have the availability a ram in our house
8:32 pm
to share that was a hurdle for us, to overcome sharing with unknown people but helping us to pay the tuition for my daughter a lot of the talk and suggestions are well intend matt haney you have to make the best for san francisco who will be harm's from the proposals overwhelm not only concerned about any liability but the validate to send my daughter to college and including some of the proposition proposals will seriously limit my guest and in fact, off market completely we hope you take into consideration and how the harm might occur to people like myself and my family consideration. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi, i'm gesture with the san francisco tenants union i
8:33 pm
have a lot of experience for enforcement issue so two years ago ted air force went to the city attorney's office i create a database of 3 hundred violations i knew in their names and violations and how many units and the da took one case a sexy case an ellis act involved but grdz the other 2 hundred blausz plus we emigrate an attorney that helped us bring 7 cases through dbi and went through the hearings kevin is talking about we were told despite the owners saying yes. we've been doing this for two years and presented in evidences and went undercover to pose as guest that because of the day of the hears the lisa was pulled that know no notice of violation
8:34 pm
was issued compliance is the exact same situation as long as you're not doing it on the day of the hearing that is fine that's going not going to work if you don't have penalties i've checked request the previous cases they're all online i've written a couple of them and there not following the rules we've brought 13 more cases to the participating nothing they stopped returning my overwhelms we need to get serious about penalties people will not registration and follow the rules thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i live in district one a house on second avenue for me home sharing is viable vertebrae have two kid and an entry room
8:35 pm
my parents come from developing and other family members we give a gift to my kids having them grouping in a home with other people from around the world's i'm trying to make it through preschool this is greatly helping us that's room that we would never rent out it is our house not rents it out you for the truth of the matter asserted and when we travel travel with i a wles for the whole house you count that as the 10 or 12 thousand units off the market that is simply not the case it helps us to go do connecticut i recommended immediately i'm happy to hear about the improvements it is getting easier that increases the rate of residence i'm happy to pay
8:36 pm
any tax i agree that the info about my tax should go to the tax collector it shouldn't be shared i'd be surprised if you want to opened a can of worms we should let the laws in place play out people are been knocking the what are you before it has a chance to work thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm dee reilly i am a native san franciscan junior high school and college short-term rental is let me save my family home my family moved on to higher grounts grounds without short-term rental i wouldn't have this income so
8:37 pm
presidential don't scare those other people we know they need compliance and regulation if you're going to scare people from registering by sharing more of our information you know big brother is around us every place we have to give this time yesterday they become a qualified website so let things develop here he building and not to be rude but some people are calling tension to proposition f and has nothing to do with with the taxes and getting people to comply on this another point to get the people that are really going to pay attention to what this law is about up in arms we need to be able to keep the
8:38 pm
privacy and not to so we can stay in the city and stay united in short i was aware of one case that went to the appeals that camera they used to approve the airbnb situation went through the sheer united airlines curtains and tell the piece of furniture where everything was eyed this will turn people against each other and who knows what kind of violence in our neighborhood please keep this private. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm leslie is a 35 year residents and president of the liability hill neighborhoods association i've been with airbnb about a year i've got a spare bedroom
8:39 pm
not part of housing stock but it allows me to keep pace with the rising costs of prices i was was first of the 6 hundred and 67 people who hot footed it down to the tax collectors office and is planning commission and rent-controlled units in february when i was supposed to do that it was not easy the forms were o trust and not really obvious in terms of adapting a short-term rental to say the business license situation and sfoeshth so that in and of itself has been a problem i guess they're working on it i'm not going to belabor the points i'm all for enforcement i'm all for compliance and it actually many
8:40 pm
of the people are not registering and i would like to give the city attorney and the short-term rental office to time to work on it after that, the city has to the done anything to address the situation so suddenly a finger is being pointed and an office that is barely months into existence should be allot to do hitsz its job and figure out what i where the problems are i'm concerned with the complaint driven enforcement is fine so other departments work i would not want that power given to citizens it leads to vigilantism. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon peter's cohen prosecute from the coincidental housing organization you heard the previous speaker saying she is angry so much lack of
8:41 pm
experience what you're hearing hearing are from the good person that are law-abiding that is less than 10 percent the listing so clearly the problem is the other 90 percent of hosts that don't want to play by the rules you know the implications not only for hotel tax that might not lost by way of i think the supervisors should think about the tax to mitigate the direct impact of the housing we have not that had or had that conversation our losing revenue and this non-compliance having a cow you boy culture it is - i want to tell you about the magnitude of the problem lyft housing how much short-term rentals has been part of that here's numbers in 2014
8:42 pm
cartoonish to the rear deck 6 thousand were removed just of the evictions over the course of last 10 years shows 4 thousand and 5 hundred plus rental units relocated and the consensus is where climdz over the last 10 years to have house 9 hundred plus what impact hasz has shfrlz been in the housing we need to enforce the rules what is at stake our 3 hundred and 65 housing units are going to be for residents or a playground like paris as struggles we ask you to get this right. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors ape dale with
8:43 pm
shared better san francisco thank you for holdings this hearing we hope you holds now since you're the commission of short-term rentals i'm sorry mr. freed left i'm glad mr. guy is here. >> she's back. >> some additional questions they've issues up to 9 hundred business licenses for short-term rentals and yet only 6 hundred - 67 registrations have been issues so ace understand they'll collect taxes for activities to the legal and business licenses for or that are not legal i don't think so that airbnb is eligible for some sort of privacy airbnb is not the tax pair ax is the conduit so how many people are they collecting
8:44 pm
and remid-market hotels tax on behalf of and how much are they pca paying and airbnb is claiming they pay hotel taxed until yesterday's they were authorized to do so you can't say take 3 people from the planning department and put them under a banner and say the law will work the law is fundamentally flawed you can't get away from the planning department recommendation if so law is going to work airbnb and the other 60 platforms have to have skin in the game and stop listing upcoming registered rentals. >> under the circumstances. >> enforcement all short-term rental special residents are complaint doctrine just like
8:45 pm
making a - thinking short-term rental not because of how much money from housing making and land use & economic development committee but true personal destiny all practice to having priorities with good manufacture to having destiny 80 percent of chinese people. >> sir any comments on short-term rentals thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon, supervisors aim i'm with the council of communities organizations we want to address a few questions of the privacy concerns that were race a nice web proclamation called ghost tree you can found out who is looking for day if you go into airbnb your data is being shared
8:46 pm
by double click facebook system and facebook kilogram outlet and google and google tag manager and oils so those of you out there concerned with your privacy betters stay of the airbnb websites we share information on airbnb i looked at a couple of them here one ideal bedroom he choose to interact with her gas stoves year around she has an entire apartment and a gardens studio that natalie has in mission terrace with the rates listed year around for that gardens studio matt haney that is not their primary place of residence i looked at a hectic apartment in the sunset that non-in a are
8:47 pm
renting we live in the flat upstairs but not building in micro hosts we're fully assessable and len in a and alex modern luxury can say a we respect our guests privacy our rental spaces are on a different level not their primary residence and those are the types of illegal actives we're hoping will be caught. >> thank you. any other member of the public seeing none, mr. chair that concludes public comment can we continue this to the call of the chair and one quick note i want to congratulate the founders of airbnb who had the distinction of making that time for the
8:48 pm
first time in the forbidding 4 hundred list 4 hundred wealthiest people in that country their worked out 3.3 employed and from the office of short-term rentals there's no interest in their platform they're okay so congratulations to the new boil nefarious. >> thank you so okay first of all, public comment is closed. and second supervisor mar continue to the call of the chair. >> continuation to the call of the >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk, any other business before this commission? >> there's no further business. >>
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> ever wonder about programs the city it working think to make san francisco the best place to work and will we bring shine to the programs and the people making them happen join us inside that edition of what's next sf sprech of market street between 6th is having a cinderella movement with the office of economic workforce development is it's fairy godmother telegraph hill engaged in the program and providing the reason to pass through the corridor and better reason to stay
8:51 pm
office of economic workforce development work to support the economic vital of all of san francisco we have 3 distinctions workforce and neighborhood investment i work in the tenderloin that has been the focus resulting in tax chgsz and 9 arts group totally around 2 hundred thousand square feet of office space as fits great as it's moved forward it is some of the place businesses engaged for the people that have living there for a long time and people that are coming into to work in the the item you have before you companies and the affordable housing in general people want a safe and clean community they see did changed coming is excited for every. >> oewd proits provides permits
8:52 pm
progress resulting in the growth of mid businesses hocking beggar has doubled in size. >> when we were just getting started we were a new business people never saturday a small business owner and been in the bike industry a long needed help in finding at space and sxug the that is a oewd and others agencies were a huge helped walked us through the process we couldn't have done it without you this is sloped to be your grand boulevard if so typically a way to get one way to the other it is supposed to be a beautiful boulevard and fellowship it is started to look like that. >> we have one goal that was the night to the neighborhood while the bigger project of developments as underway and
8:53 pm
also to bring bring a sense of community back to the neighborhood. >> we wanted to use the says that a a gathering space for people to have experience whether watching movies or a yoga or coming to lecture. >> that sb caliber shift on the street is awarding walking down the street and seeing people sitting outside address this building has been vacate and seeing this change is inspiringing. >> we've created a space where people walk in and have fun and it is great that as changed the neighborhood. >> oewd is oak on aortas a driver for san francisco. >> we've got to 23ri7b9 market and sun setting piano and it was
8:54 pm
on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and tune in next time forúx.
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>> we all know a major earthquake will eventually hit san francisco are reproerl presented san francisco is making sure we are with the public safety buildings. >> this consists of 4 consultants the police headquarters with the from 850
9:30 pm
with a brand new fire station number 4 to serve mission bay swimming pools at office of economic workforce development in the fire station thirty. >> is the the hall of justice on bryant the new home for 2 hundred and 50 uniform and voiven compresses we all it was opened in 19 so sociothat is a 50-year improvement as far as structure and work environment had that will be a great place to work. >> when construction began in 2011 this was with an clear goal to make sure with the big one heights the resident will will have a function police department those are the highly seismic standards it is up to operate up to 96 hours from the
9:31 pm
police department perspective that building is self-sufficient for a main made arrest in all disastrous zake ever after we will run our operational from here no matter what happens this building and the people that serve the businesses will continue to function building is designed to meet lead goal certification and also to art installations on the campus that was designed and constructed to better sense of ability so for example, we're using solar water heaters we're also urging gray water for reuse inform flush water and rainwater for the cooling and irrigation locked on third street and mission rock is it serves the motorbike neighborhood and
9:32 pm
motorbike i moiks is a growing neighborhood and the intent of the bond to have please and fire serves to serve the community. >> hemming helping to keep the building and the stay safe was the not the only opportunity it creates many jobs with 82 bleb businesses overall san franciscans contributed one hundred and 87 thousand hours to help to complete the project it shows the city of san francisco the elected officials and police officers and more importantly the voters that paid for the building this is what we can do with when we wrorpt this is a beacon when we need to build new extra we can trust them with the money and the plan they did a good job the san francisco
9:33 pm
public is a reminder of the importance of being presented and will continue to serve the residents for decades to come@p
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s [ gavel ] >> welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission. i will call the roll call. commissioner hayon. >>


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