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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 5, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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>> hi good afternoon i'm sorry christine representing the law caucus thank you for your proficiency or patience there are a lot of speakers without further ado, i want to share a story i've been working with many, many families naming attendance this family is a family of 3 live in a two bedrooms and have guilt parents from china to the u.s. in 3 months from the starts of they're takency when he when they saw the unit they did ask the landlord is it possible for them to move in their parents with who will be golden state warriors to the u.s. the landlords adding and tell them they need to sign a lease with us and that will be fine your parents can live with
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you so, of course, the tenants moved in and 3 months later their parents emigrated to the u.s. and was able to move in six months later the landlords told they can't stay because the parents are not on the lease and unauthorized tenants and knowing that the parents doesn't have anything else only the children and being in the chinese culture we have to take care of our parents without allowing the parents to stay the tenants will have to leave and find another place this story tells us with this legislation being passed from the tenants are are will have the opportunity and time to formally request the landlords to allow their parents to stay
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and be authorized tenants without being the legislation - >> thank you, ms. >> good afternoon. i'm jersey with the pavl i was born and raised in san francisco thank you supervisor jane kim for sponsoring this legislation in the past it was the intent by fixing the loophole currently been exceeded to dan in some cases render homeless with the seniors and youth and those would exact date one extradition the landlord/tenant is based on an illegal 3 days eviction simply for renting out on illegal unit even when landlords fraudulently misrepresent
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currently i'm representing a disabled tenants living in their in-law unit for 8 years before they moved in the landlord stayed the unit was legal for separate use, in fact, the first time they learned the unit was not legal when her landlords served her with a 3 day notice to leave this legislation 6 that is included that is proposed about not bar landlord from position of a unit as many people have i think correctly testified it will on require the landlords serve the no fault eviction that provide relocation payment this is not only common sense but it is the originalal incident i ask you to pass this so tenants are not urban fairly
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forced out of their homes. >> thank you. >> i was advertent and inadvertently o my mind and i'm scott weaver. >> you weren't on the list i'm sorry can you call you later. >> i'm going to have to call you later scott i'm sorry, i have to be fair i'm going to have to ask you to wait i've been asking others to wait until their card is called. >> hello very much supervisor kim for this needed legislation it is just one bit we need because we need so much what's happening in our city is unconsciousable people are being thrown out of their homes for small reasons
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and made up reasons this is a human crisis i know we're dealing with legislation and laws and words but it is people that are being hurt by this and when you're being thrown out on the street and have no where to go what is going to happen to you those are seniors and families those are people who have been living this this city for a a long time i've been here since 1970 and rent mayor since then i've already paid my rent and never caused trouble i know that without legislation like this my landlord can make something up little and try to get me out he's tried ellis acting me i figure out and one i don't think he is through and what's happening in the city is not the small property owners
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those we're talking about the greedy big time landowner and people coming from other places and this is what is hurting our city and the soul of city we need to pass in legislation and it is just a patch we have been there is still a lot more work to do. >> thank you before our next speaker we'll be losing our. >> (speaking spanish.) >> translators i'm going but if you need spanish translation listen up and we'll take you ahead of other public comments. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so my name is carmen he
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live in district 9 and come in full support of this legislation. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so again, i'm in support of this legislation specifically working class family and families that are elderly members within within them and children with special needs and specifically they don't want the threat of displacement they don't want to go to schools and they don't want to go anywhere so i'm no support of this legislation and the message to
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the homeowners is that with all the money you should help to build for affordable housing in the city. >> thank you were you able to make the announcement in spanish thank you, thank you ms. rogers. >> thank you sure >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. supervisors i'm alice rogers in district 6 in a neighborhood not particularly effected by this issue thankful but i'm here in full support and appreciation that this legislation has come
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forward and i'm sincerely you're going supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener to support in with any amendments you workout amongst yourselves to clarify the language to make that stronger many say a bedrock issue that is fundamental san francisco needs this kind of integrity i find a residents i'm spent a a great deal of my time in hearings trying to speak out against people who are trying to expedite the loopholes and i'm going to the planning commission on thursday with a similar issue this one is fundamental move forward i appreciate it. >> thank you mrs. rogers we have speakers come up i'll call the next 10 speaker cards
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(calling names) i have a group card of (calling names) together another one chang link and peter chang and his wife and child allocate group card (calling names) thank you. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm from district 10 speeding i want to thank you supervisor jane kim for this legislation we're discussing today. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> first of all, because it keeps our families together. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and then helicopter i'm afraid of ending up on the street and not having a place to
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live. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and if you don't think there is a housing crisis i invite you to look underneath any bridge overpass any member of the public wish to speak on any item. >> everyday i take my children to school we see the tents under the bridges this is an embarrassment to our city any member of the public wish to speak on any item there's a housing crisis perp in san francisco caused by the ambitious to have more and more money. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't know how you expect us to pay monthly rents of $4,000 when our monthly slayers are so low. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we really need to push this legislation move forward and support how supervisor cowen.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> because your tints as supervisors the one you were asking for in relation to maintain our integrity as residents. >> (speaking spanish.) >> from the homeowners building this is not an issue i invite them to live how we live in those apartments. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. i'm
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alberto. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> i'm here because personally in i'm in the process of being evicted from my home. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i lived here for 25 years and perp i've also in this apartment for of months i've been evicted because people are living here illegally. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so 8 years ago i was being tired so i amateur that everything was part of that leased contract. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so what happened this time the landlord decided to evict me. >> (speaking spanish.) >> he started attacking every single person on the contract
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leased until i i was left there by myself. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and for the last seven years i've paid a monthly rents of $2,700 my myself. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i used up my life saving my daughter lives here and wants to go to high school i'm determined to stay here this is my city. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so he did i pay my rents on time and have for the last seven years the landlords gave me a letter to be evicted.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> so with the help i've sort out their assistance and they've said i don't have to live i paid the rents and i deserve to stay there it looks like i'll be able to. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so again if i lose it apartment there's no other part time to live so i hope you'll support this and move in legislation forward. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so again, thank you again thank you very much for proposing this and moving it forward. >> thank you.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is anton. >> i'm going to say much i'm a little bi >> (speaking spanish.) >> so unfortunately my wife passed awe on march of this year and i live with my daughter my landlord says i have no rights whatever happens you have no rights i'm worried about i'm going to end up on the streets.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> i believe i've been living in the same housing units i was front yard so i sought the assistance they're helping me but i'm very very front yard to end up on the streets i live in the mission district thank you very much. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is a teresa good afternoon. >> (speaking spanish.)
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>> i'm here - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a single person i'm in the process of being sector evicted but i'm in full support of the legislation and that it moves forward and passes thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is jim actually, i have great and whenever he have something to show the pictures of showing with the overlaid projector there is how the tenants destroy my housing okay. i'm a house owner of san francisco i have spent my hard labor and own money to buy my house i put $215,000 every month i have to pay the mortgage so 4 hundred and 8 hundred and pay property tax is about 13 there's to the city government i pay house shins about $3,000 because the
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tenants did not pay rents to me they've damaged my house you see think is projector are those worth unable to afford the monthly payment my house i have lost 36 3 hundred and 365 thousand dollars who will pay me back for 0 loss and damage i'll ask supervisor kim who and when that i can submit my request for they communication over three hundred and-$215,000 loss should the tenant balanced be protected for the rent control we house owners are to be protected those are my money not government money
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register laws are description sdroipgs supervisors stop the u.n. fair laws thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm james chang with the rent board commission i'm here to ask you to support the revocation protection i aspire to live here going i don't want to move into a city because the tenant before me get an eviction as someone that sets on the rent board in a city that provides more rent resources per capital improvement plan capita than sf the renter owners serve as you
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people and property owners as tenants i challenge property owners to use the rent board services for free emotion that creates a safe and dear space for everybody i want to remind everybody that revocation and rent control are meant to protect everybody frrns rent control has a guarantee clause that guarantees property owners a process so i don't want to take away anyone's personal experiences i want everybody to be checkout just clauses and checkout those laws t and if this is as alleged as true you property owners should contact the rent board don't let fear and misinformation be the reason that promotes instability for the vulnerable citizens and tenants as san francisco goes into o so goes the nation and
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please support of the eviction protection 2.0. >> thank you, mr. chang i want to acknowledge having an elected official for crossing the bay i appreciate you're being here to speak. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hello supervisors i live in san francisco a pertain i have already rent my housing for 4
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months. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my hand is broken i still working
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> yes. i also want to tell something i asked my attended to a pay me rents but they always consider us they have no money to pay for many me and i also request them to save for money to take the commission has
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increased the water fee and a lot of the utility fee subsidies i want them to help me and help my husband to save for water but my attendants really bad feints or tenants they take bad action and hand out for lunch or dinner around 5 to 12:00 p.m. and let my water - that helps my hours has already lost a thousand gallons ever water that is a lot and supervisor jane kim to know i strongly against the legislation you proposed and you can see that we work working hard in san francisco and working hard to earning our housing our housing is much
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stolen by others egging gregarious that work for working hard to purchase our housing you can see even my hand is still hurting but i have to work i hope you understand your house thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> is it so really bad for me for anything. >> thank you, ms. lamb. >> next speaker. >> hello my name is nancy chang i'm the homeownership and i went to in the sunset and this is actually, i wanted take back to my son he is 18-years old and has to study
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and not really - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> you can speak into the mike so let everybody speeding i
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really want to say no to this legislation proposed and i really think that this legislation really let our tenants to get our landlord take for example, my backyard is you know that the baseboard it owned by the landlord not owned by the tenants but our tenant is occupied that space and locked up our baseboard


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