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tv   Planning Commission 10115  SFGTV  October 7, 2015 12:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards well expect commissioner wu to be absent commissioners, the first item on your agenda is consideration of items for continuance item 1 harrison street conditional use authorization is proposed for continuance until october 8, 2015, and further commissioners under our regular calendar
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redefining formula retail use is proposed until november 19, 2015, i have no speaker cards any public comment on the two items proposed for continuance not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini before i hopeful for the continuance up wanted to note 1532 did we originally continue this. >> we continued it because of the late hour on the 17 to the first, the project sponsor is asking for one more week. >> that being said i propose to continue item one until october 8th and 10 to october 19th a thank you commissioner antonini
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commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places under our to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item two case at jackson street conditional use authorization please note on september 17th after hearing the closing public comment it was an intent to disapprove and continue this matter item 3 on that concludes my
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report tool conditional use authorization there are no speaker cards. >> any public comment on item the two items on the consent calendar not seeing any, smallpox. >> the second item on the consent calendar is not on the calendar i have here. >> that's a miss print calendar new ones are being printed up missing a couple of pages and on jackson street took it off content we have to disapprove and see in the project manager is willing to move this was that the report. >> yeah. yeah. >> my second question on the content would be to disapprove the project. >> okay. >> was this the motion.
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>> yeah. motion to disapprove dot street and motion to approve portola avenue. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to disapprove item 2. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you under commission matters adaptation of draft minutes of the joint hearing of september and the regular hearing of september 17th. >> is there a motion? >> move. >> i'm sorry public comment on the draft minutes not seeing
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any, public comment is closed. >> so moved. >> on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously and places you on item 5 commissioner questions or comments. >> commissioner hillis. >> so last week, we talked about the article in sf magazine commissioner moore and director ram brought it up i've not had a chance to read it but now i see interesting points brought up in the article i want to take issue with many of the comments commissioner moore brought up on the planning department staff i disagree with those comments
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especially the comments around staff i come to this commission from a unique prospective i worked with the commission 15 years before this commissions for 3 and had the privilege of working with the planning department staff i want to commend them on the work they do it is quite a feat what the staff does if i look at the last 3 years that i've been on the commission the issues we've tackled we've not gotten along but at the urging and is leadership of the staff in-law units and major neighborhood in the central selma and increases the descended and short-term rentals, the urban forestry and transit and formula retail and diverse those are huge issues you know have had constituents
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on both sides not winners e.r. losing those are controversial projects that staff as weighed in and done a noble job i know from sitting on the citywide they don't often get the credit quote/unquote the ribbon cutting they're not the staff doing it i appreciate their efforts and that's not to say there are not still big issues certainly we hear that every week of affordability and gentrification but i think solutions will come the same way to the solution through important policy changes and debates and we've talked about them the small side acquisitions and increasing the revenues for affordability and the inclusionary percentages and
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reform i think we have looked to staff to help guide us and the board to them so i appreciate all your work and think we're the ernest very of most planning department in the city. >> commissioner richards. >> a couple of things in today's paper an article of the future of driving and whether you've had a chance to read it it in terms of i guess some of the projects we have coming brother us we have projects designed for the way we drive today but not the way driving will be tomorrow i want to make sure that lens is being looked at one of the projects with the director had additional requests for parking in today's world that mannered make sense i got from the gi f team information
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around the consensus when we have those cases they're asking for the parking data i asked to to be forwarded that is information you'll take on one project for that view but really interesting article in terms of the cars and people don't have a car anywhere thanks. >> commissioner antonini. >> in regards to have the article in sf i read it it brings up a lot of interesting challenges for the city and the commission and the staff as mentioned in the various comments from all the constraints not just commissioner moore i would take exception in my own case i does not i'm completely independent i amount my mind on issues i always have i don't care which
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way opinion it. >> commissioner johnson. >> thanks very much i'm not going to appeal pile on the san francisco magazine i agree with commissioner hillis we'll get to read articles and want to say and look at it more architecture and a lot of policy planning and forward thinking about the city we are with the commissions and i'll get to the staff commissioners are all very professionally capable and work hard with the commission we bring something relevant to wasn't we do in terms of staff you guys are like one of the hardest working go groups allison park i've been on the planning department for one year but i've seen around the country what i observed is not as thoughtful and hardworking
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cities don't have the same issues you guys do a fantastic job i hope that the commissioners will be doing the same i wanted to say a couple of things commissioner richards brought up on interesting point to add on to what how we're thinking about our infrastructure for cars today may not match what we're see in the near future in an article city planning what is the biggest change that uber and share ride companies and the self-drive car technology bring to the city what do you hope to be your impact he said i hope there's no such things as a a parking lot in a parking building so certainly i think we need to be more forward thinking about that as we look at it we
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have more projects in valencia street and others are that are looking at increased parking someone it is moving into a building in less than a generation we need to be thinking about in drop out active reuse for the infrastructure so for the next decade something after that not necessary we'll have all the empty spaces on the ground floor and late thing read an article in sunday times and can't pull it up in new york city they passed legislation to protect tenants against landowner that use necessary construction as a way to get tenants to move out in new york city they're talking about the building inspection beginning to enforce the line up
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on the screen side of the room like rehab the common areas a rent-controlled tenants will mount move out we're not focusing on but highlighting where legislators in this case the new york city council are thinking about those issues as a way to maintain affordable housing in the city and culture and diversity in their city last week we were talking about owner move-ins and other ways to protect evictions as a safety get net it struck me as new york city is taking steps i thought that was interesting. >> you can add on to the self-driving cars it is something commissioner johnson not to bring up a dialogue but
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comes back to what happens to garages, etc. is it is interesting to have a forum discussion of leadership with cars and traffic to see where we can forecast ourselves in the next 10 to 15 years and picking up the san francisco magazine article i want to be respectful to any of us who have a right to share that is important in those leadership roles not to call out a department or starch especially public we have the privilege of representing the city and all aspects of the city ensue an opportunity to tammy take it you been u up with the director and staff hopefully in the future those things will, done privately and not calling people out i want to thank the
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staff it is a tough decade in san francisco some call the best of time and some the worst i hope those comments are brought to light but bring everyone to fix the problems and not separate them. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to acknowledge commissioner hillis for precisely summarizing the strength of the department and this stands exceptional not only in the city and country i'm one of the people that have the future to speak about the strengths in terms of urban design nationally and internationally and my praise didn't fall short i'm basically in participating for the next the last 10 years and it is my intent to continue to support
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and future urban design in this department as a colleague and supporter and do it as a concrete in the form appropriate to the role i hold as a planning commissioner my comments in a discussion about public interest values have been taken out of context from a long conversation about a subject matter that is looking back as the essence of the urban design plans created in the 70s and early 80s a look back in order to have a frame of conversation about architecture is it is difficult to frame it then. >> it was more than that there was no intent to hurt or slander anyone i reilly repeat my comments from last week the department and doak director and everyone has my support as this commission who works with a lot
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of energy and diligence to tackle the issues. >> commissioner richards. >> one thing i forgot to mention couple of on commissioner president fong's comments on the best and worse decade if you have not watched the dock r documentary for san francisco it is a sobering look at san francisco today and what we're faced with in terms of balancing the growth and keeping the city the soul of the city i recommend that on hbo thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we wyoming can move on to department matters. >> good afternoon, commissioners one announcement regarding a piece that is noted in our written director's report about the bayshore study involved that the mta and the
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office of economic workforce development and ocii e occ a multiply or multiple study with san mateo the note around visitacion valley and the caltrain station and the at the end of the muni line to see if there are option for the transit service if area including the roefrj of the caltrans and not the extension of the muni like that to serve visitacion valley the shackling and no more than part find brisbane it is that kind of conjecture, if you will, in the south east side of the city for your and the public benefit an open house from 6 to 8 at the visitacion valley library this is at 201 leeland.
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>> thank you that concludes my presentation. >> commissioner moore can i ask director ram is that a possibility for you to start leadership in bringing mta and abag together it is obviously they have an ability to talk about their growth at the station you talked about last week the difficulties and merging all the desire to merger the large and smaller agencies that is a perfect subject to broaden the discussion including this. >> sure by county excuse me. there are because it is by county there are multiple agencies involved including mtc and their staff and mta and the transportation authority and brisbane and a series of people at the table an important kind of multi agency effort.
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>> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to the past event and board of supervisors no brotherhoods. >> good afternoon, commissioners at&t park planning department staff at the this last weeks land use commission we heard the establishment of the citywide sustainability fee the planning commission heard this on september 10th and voted to removed approval at the land use they heard presentations by the staff and director ram and public comment they debated the plans in particular the feasibility of raising the percentage to 33 percent and requiring the fees to hospitals that require the master plan after the discussion there was a consensus those need more research so the commission continued the item at the full
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board the dagget street rerezoning of on open space passed its second reading and the inclusionary housing bought up by supervisor kim passed it first reading and a appeal on the negative declaration for the disposal and hallway wood in the county it is an agreement between the city and ecology for the solid waste the results is the trusting truck trips in alameda county can go to say h the hay wood road with the physical impacts of the truck route is $2 million longer and it is brought up bye bye the orderly growth committee several of the public spoke and the investment of viable with the
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volume of waste some supervisors expressed the view any concerns the haywood landfill it was approved and at the end it was voted 11 to zero with the negative declaration and a motion by supervisor wiener and seconded by supervisor campos there were who introduction of note this week ago the first one the zimmermann extension on the mergers in the quatro special use sponsored by the supervisor campos and the interim prohibition on the mergers greater than 7 hundred and 9 grow square feet eased the quatro special use district and the affordable housing program sports by the mayor was introduced it received a lot of press and that concludes my remarks thank you. >> and the board of appeals
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didn't meet but back in action if next week and the historic preservation commission doesn't meet that places the commission on number 8 the housing balancing report. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissions i'm teresa senior planner with the citywide policy planning section i'm here to introduce the housing balance report this
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is for your information no action required what is the housing balance report in april of this year, the board of supervisors approved ordinance 531 to add section 1013 to the planning code this new code directs the planning commission to report the balance two market rate housing and new affordable housing production the housing balance is the proposition of all new affordable units to the total number of the net new housing units over 10 year housing balance period this ordinance requires a bye annual i'll be talking the the second report submitted last month it covers the quarter of
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2005 to the second quarter of 2015 we submitted did first in july and the second in september and our schedule for a hearing before the board of supervisors as well what are the housing balance targets one stated goal of the ordinances to make sure that the data on affordable housing tathsd citywide within neighborhoods informs the approval process for the new housing development to remind the commissioners are 3 tacks each with its own monitoring and reporting requirements the housing element announced bit little state to be updated per day sets a goal of 28 thousand new unit built between 2015 and 2012 it is commonly
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called the area goals that stands for the housing needs allocation 87 percent should be available to lower-income and other households with an annual report for the city's progress to the did depth of housing and economy development it is bans the production goals called the residential piecemeal dashboard prop c r prop k passed in 2014 set the goal this is the goal from the hours balance report will be aiming for mayor ed lee thirty thousand by 2020 set a goal of thirty thousand units the mayor's office of housing and community
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development prepares a dashboard highlighting towards this goal what has been the 10 year historic affordable housing production trend? affordable housing made up of thirty percent of net new units built in the last 10 years this is from quarter 32005 to the second quarter of 2015 the housing balance calculation looks at beyond housing construction the housing balance looked at when is collectively called the net affordable housing stock for the purposes of this report >> in addition to new housing production the housing calculation looking at looks at acquisitions and rehab and rad housing completely, rad instantly stand for rental
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assistance those are replacement of older projects and entitled the affordable units plusses and minuses minus singularly those are rent-controlled units that are removed from the rental market through the ellis act demolition, condo conversions and other no fault evictions the net affordable housing stock is the net new housing built and entitle units the figures are all for a 10 year reporting period so for the period covering the third quarter of 2005 to 2015 the net affordable housing stock totaled 4 thousand 9 hundred. >> this net avenue stock over
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326 hundred is 15 percent this is the citywide cumulative city balances over a 10 year period the ordinance requires that housing balances be calculated by the board of supervisors district and by planning department districts the housing balance for the board of supervisors districts range from negative hundred hundred 89 in district is 40 percent in district 5 negative balances are are cue to larger numbers of unit removed relative to new affordable housing built in the new housing units built overall district 8, 6 and 10 have positive balances this is 40 percent 25 percent and 20 percent respectfully the rest have negative balances
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this next slide show the distribution by the way are consistent with the boundaries used in the housing inadvertent reports again, a range if flex hundred and 95 percent in the outer sunset that is the grow. of the board of supervisors district 4 to about 39 percent in both the western edition and in downtown the ordinance also required or requires a projected housing balance essentially new unites be affordable as a proportion of total net units in projects that have received entitlements and yet to receive building permit this is showing the housing balance of 13 percent the housing balance ordinance also specifics 3 major projects that are entitled yet to receive
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the building permit not included doesn't did projected housing balance altogether those projects provide 237 hundred net new units of which 21 percent is affordable not included in the projects housing balance are ass also projects currently under review and rad projects slated to start rehabilitation in a few months 12 thousand plus under review 40 percent are hundred percent affordable housing projects another 17 manifest projects 10 thousand 5 hundred units will be subject to inclusionary affordable units and won those include one thousand 4 hundred and 25 units i believe that we have the rehabs will start as soon osz september what are the
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next steps the departments will stick to a boy annual report as stipulated in the ordinance the housing balance report will come out on the first of mark and the first of september every year and an annual hearings will be conducted before the board of supervisors and the planning commission before the first of april of every year the mayor's office of housing and community development the mayor's office and the department of building inspection and the city sxhiechlts will met the goals at the at annual meeting should the balance fall burglar the 33 percent moufd will determine the amount to bring it within the minimum 32 percent
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the planning department will create and maintain a website specifically for the housing balance report as required by the ordinance i'll be here for questions the commissioners may have thank you. >> okay opening it up for public comment on housing balance. >> good afternoon georgia i live in noah valley he read this this morning and i had questions before i start on page 10 table one you have the descriptions 11, 12 and 13 bruno heights and south central and the police station i look at those numbers i say boy that seems like a lot
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of stuff that's negative i guess my question what is this mean now and in the future is this the corridor that people want to live there bruno heights is hot and noah valley it is hot the patula i want to say the people get the idea they should go there but the loss ii guess what is going to happen in the future the other thing that surprised me well district 82.9 percent affordable but the demolitions in district 8 sins i've been following the noah valley thing for the last year and a half it has 32 demos for the last year's i found that many maybe the renovations i found that many in the last year
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and a half i guess my question i understand how hard to get the numbers but i just those are questions i'm raising about the report thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment? >> good afternoon, supervisors peter cotton with the housing organization we want to say how expressive the staff work this is a lot of data and taken several months to call it and clean it and this is the whole reason behind this new monitoring system was to provide you a clear and accurate and continuous snapshot of what is happening on the ground i want to enlightenment staff for the work and to remind us this was out of prop k last year it was a
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negotiated measure outing you out of a proposal it are a metering system i think you've heard the imbalance between market rate and the affordable housing and the conditions on the ground as you can see are disrupt active but one of the lynch pins of prop k to have a monitoring what is the natural housing balance coming out of the production system you're seeing this in front of you 15 percent 15 percentage affordable in comparison to the housing element that should be 60 percent but prop k goal of a minimum of 33 percent affordable we've got a big hole to climb out of if you look forward for the projected housing balance it was equally informative what was
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and look ahead and what's in the pipeline for entitlements we know will be built 11 percent affordable all the folks have a lot work to getting hit the minimum of 33 percent goal clearly the loss of units are the achilles heel on the affordable housing we can talk about production and are and frankly the city is arguing doing more in production there an the several years and hopefully, if we pass the bonds we have to recognize we're losing our existing housing stock this is a critical part of puzzle and the numbers on the chart are stunning so show how many hournt we losing therefore policies to intervene need to be
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taken seriously we realize it is challenges if splaksz. >> the fact of the matter it is balancing the housing if we could have the sequence for the vast vast number of san franciscans who are below grade this is a wonderful illustration by your department of range from 20 percent of ami to hundred and 40 percent of ami those are all the folks who are in that 15 percent we need to provide. >> thank you, sir, your time is up is there any additional public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners oil donald i'm a resident here in the city of san francisco and concerned about the housing crisis and i think this is report is wonderful i really appreciate the planning commission department for due diligence
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that is necessary to help us with the housing crisis and first and foremost it is really literally parent because of the housing obstruction finding we're witnessing can only blichl in our neighborhoods because we're not build until recently therefore we can build ourselves out of this crisis and the quicker the better that follows the cities code thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you now, it's on thanks thank you for staff for doing on a excellent job on that report i'd like to acknowledge in particular, the report is valid in terms of the new units that are being produced because
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the goals and prop k talk about the new unit not units that are lost from the market and so that is really around thirty percent that is not far from the 33 percent particularly when with we're not including treasure island and hunters point and park merced we know that transbay and certain other development areas mandate a high percentage of affordable so i think we're going to see a change in unit produced that we really should be measured when we look at net not apples to apples we're comparing apples and oranges because first of all, a rent-controlled unit is not nestle affordable many of the units lost coffin units that the rents were high if someone want to move in to their own units a occupancy type of evictions they will do if no
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matter the rents so also we have a lot of controls over some of the evictions and someone knows we can't control condo conversions are subject to legislation from last year a which lout those in the pipeline to come forward so many are the result of these owners actually owner move-ins able to remove their units from technically being rental unit they were in tics before the condo converges were allowed this is one that used the figures a little bit also demolitions and condo conversions are we have controls against those, in fact, the condo controls actually prohibit
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someone from the tic market from 10 years maybe 9 now from they're going going both chooifks and the dr or cu in most instances some we have no control the ellis act is a state issue owner move-ins their rights as owners of property if at the choose we can't do too much about that so i think but the biggest thing about it, it is important to note on a separate table of the units that have been taken out of not rent-controlled but to intact and try to prevented the units are you know are lower is not really the case what we're asked to do it is to have a certain
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percentage of units created be united that are deemed to be affordable not all rent-controlled units are available we have to do this but the net figure doesn't explicit make sense and should i see u choose some people over others some people move from renter status to owner status but someone has a different status we have to be careful how to interrupt interpret you i appreciate staff. >> commissioner richards. >> i'm sorry. >> you were first. >> all right. thank you. >> i echo obviously that is a legislation active mandated report but i appreciate the hard work and the staff did and where we are the data and the exploration
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of the data is helpful that's a big kudos to the planning department staff i want to point out a few things that came up and talked about the demos versus the renovations they should be demos whether or not they're under counted impacts are counting of the units being removed from the status i want to say point taken i'm not sure that is really going to impact the analysis up here those renovation really are strip down to the core and demolitions for all intents and purposes you can't live there my anyway so whether this actually considered as is an owner move-in or tenant nobody is living in the unit while worked on they're counted here the point taken i'm not sure excuse the results
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here i want to point out a couple of things this will come up in policy decisions for one thing i think i understand why the decision was made i can't remember prop k as a result of how we're going to produce the housing balance report the fact we left out park merced and hunters point to me is problematic and it is problematic for a couple of things a couple of reasons one it completely skewed our deduction to talk about the neighborhoods contested for awhile without having a conversation around where the population is going to shift in the city of we're talking about thirty thousand new units in district 10 the hunters point is double the population in district 10 this
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is disingenuous how the hotly contested neighborhoods their literally double in the next decade and in addition to dramatically bumming the housing balance number that no matter how this is calculated this is drastically shifted by those major projects we had a disservice by saying oh, well you know they are not there or parts of projects are not entitled let not worry about it their happening and real and real people that are live there i also want to point out you know the housing balance i understand it is fantastic we made this decision to do the housing balance not by supervisorial district and planning district especially, when you looking at the planning district it makes that clear
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we're focusing on certain areas with the i think that is insane we're talking about certain neighborhood will yes. the housing balance is in the negative we need to be worried about gentrification and depopulation of certain people and sort of reduction and diversity all those issues but the fact that we're not talking about the outer sunset with a negative 2 hundred percent housing balance i think i haven't had a conversation we've discussed the western neighborhoods the sunset i think that is something we've it is good to have it heard and keep in mind maybe projects that are coupling but to talk about
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certain neighbors with the "x" conclusion of others with a hop scottish approach to wait for another neighborhood to get hot and why their protesting other neighborhoods; right? i think we should have a citywide discussion and lastly in terms of even if i brought it up in questions or comments it is not how to create that safety net in terms of how do we look at affordable housing and in the lottery where people can go with neighborhood preference and keeping the diversity and doing everything we can but how we protect the units and i'm going to go out here and disagree with some of the things around owner move-in we eeblgd this around ellis act eviction and a whole
12:49 am
love noise but the balancing report there are more owner move-ins so i'm all for the property rights person if you own a property and in your best interests to live in the property that's what you want to do are not be a landlord anywhere that's our perspective but a smaller percentage of the population is another tool to be able to invest in your prompt i'm not sure going to say what the ratio is i have no idea i know because of a broad definition tool that people use not all of those people and entities take advantage of that tool are family who needs another bedroom that can't be true i think if we're going to put a lot of energy to the ellis
12:50 am
act vibrations from the prospective we maintain the units and put the energy into the other categories pursue broadly used i appreciate this it suldz we'll talk about those things the whole slew of affordable housing and continuing our conversation on displacement and neighborhood preference we'll wait until the 15 of object but certainly it is great it have this context to have that information and thank you, again to the staff for your hard work. >> commissioner richards. >> great as i mentioned i'm a big fan of the team that produced the data it is reliable and becomes public policy i'm a fan to shape the decision making policies a couple of questions for the lady you mentioned the
12:51 am
arena projects from 20th century noah 2 was the maneuvering housing built right here it includes this affordable as well okay what's interesting is when you 86 of - if you looked at the production to commissioner antonini's point production in 2010 hey, we're police vehicle it two or three 0 percent lower and what is entitled and affordable it falls into the 15 it is not apples and oranges but looked at what is happening to that point i want to see as commissioner johnson mentioned what effects hunters point and treasure island and park merced what could it look like things next week and things after the
12:52 am
policies and legislative changes around affordable housing bonus, etc. the effects of those 7 thousand units can we project with get an idea of when a how far to get us to the goal i want to see that that includes the big projects when i look at it on the face without the other stuff happening i go every time we produce the oojz we're having a bigger hole that didn't make me feel good percent was the goal it was a $7 million in housing element to get to prop k at 33 percent my question how many building probably 3 and a half that tells me we need a marsh plan on housing to get to the 33 i i
12:53 am
cannot imagine how we'll get that a $350 million bond is a great down payment that is my rough calculations i think to commissioner johnson's point about the section demos that resonates with me some maybe counted twice the numbers are not huge we fight over one rent-controlled units here and there on urban street a couple of weeks ago we're fighting owner is 11 and 2 but i'd like to see the puzzle how they add up to i guess let's see a question for mr. cohen you're the only person from affordable housing here so help me here
12:54 am
we don't make our goals looks like not a marshall plan what do you do. >> well commissioners there are two ways to decide a goal it might not a total number how to get to a goal of x thousands. >> i'm referring to the 33 percent. >> that's 33 percent let's call it 10 thousand units let's pretend how between our affordable housing subsidized by public resources and the housing provided by the maneuvering to inclusionary that's our marshall plan bringing it together the other way i'll argue whether it is 6 or 710 or whatever thousand between the affordable and the
12:55 am
market and that frankly is gentrification it is not the total number that balance between the production system that says again, if i had that chart alleyway those households the entire workforce from the folks from the back kitchens to montgomery street are sort of in relation moving i'll argue even more important goal we feel that is mercy housing in the public policy conversation that is the core of the meters. >> so the affordable housing nexus study came in 3.4 or 4.4 how does that tie-in it if you take a figure what concludes will be draw. >> it is part ever problem not to blame or passenger seat fingers but the reality the development creates impacts
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you've heard that on tsf an affordable housing and parks and community facilities you know the reality in our system we can't expect development to pay for the hundred percent of impact so there is a balance how much is paid if development and on the public coffers in the case of affordable housing we're more than paying half of the impact created by the manifest and it creates the balance to the extent we don't have the resources to catch with the other 50 percent of that demand we kind of ended up in this hole or spinning it is a complicated. >> a couple of other this marshall plan any other city in the u.s. that declared a war on marshall. >> you've heard about new york it is kind of tackling the issue of affordable head on and
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deblast has an baby boomer plan for the microfilm housing which we know is the attempt it raised the questions houch how much you're getting and giving i would suggest at this point probability new york is most similar to us you, you hear about other cities and the fact we're not dealing with the gentrification displacement we're where new york is. >> one other questions before i let you go i look at the number of workers needed and the stabilized housing we're losing not producing at the rate the post office workers and the people that serve coffee, etc. etc. we keep openly morality and delivering mail and meeting the workers the things that worry me the folks that do those services
12:58 am
where will they live when the average rents goes up what's the deal >> that's a good question some of the data from berkley and migration they're in the moderate range the commissioner paskin-jordan workforce that is the inverse of the smart theory to the point commissioner, i do disagree you with commissioner antonini that is apples and oranges the most affordable housing for the workforce that can't afford new housing is the hours they're in so when we lose rental housing and have evicts we have just added to the crisis it is a both and preserving what we've got first and foremost folks will not finds
12:59 am
replacements there are a different type. >> one last thoughts give me your comment when i look at the calculation we don't build more housing we'll be fighting for more scarce housing it didn't exist yet we're this that as a deficit. >> i want to be on the record we enter those interesting debates with no solution and move on to anti development this town is pro or against development you raise the interact frame we're not anti manifest development that is the way our system works but self-peer trying to achieve housing policy goals and trying to have shabl stabilization new our neighborhoods we can't assume that maneuvering is a
1:00 am
good thing we have to understand the down side and offset it. >> thanks one other wish for all this discussion we have a lot of advocate organizations to build the displacement side and nonprofit side i'd like to see those advocates take on the perspectives on the does it make sense to the holistic approach and maybe working together to work across those are get the conversation going with results. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to extend a moment supporting staff holding the sidebar as the hunters point, on time and on schedule and park merced are large projects with a credible amount of funding and infrastructure when to bring the affordable portion of those
1:01 am
housing projects onto the market is a question mark you wish there was a timeline by which which he come on line outline assume that the department would know they're also candle stick point and shackling and visitacion valley they have large obligations to accommodate the population and take bold steps to increase the affordable and deliver for housing for the status for that to happen i'm not sure the director and staff to take a looking glass and see when those things might happen and report to us their perhaps a form of marshall plan there maybe other large projects we can create a horizon so i see them actually, i see a positive
1:02 am
we don't throw them into the discussion and keep them as a positive sidebar in this particular set of numbers. >> commissioner hillis. >> so agreed thank you for this report it is a good, good policy tool just mr. cohen and commissioner richards brought of percentage versus the total number of doles we goals we should have those there tab periods there are that's it not a lot of maneuvering projects this is what we should be buying land and construction costs lower and producing affordable housing to make up for the times when the market is heated i'd like to see the set number of units queer peg is that that thirty thousand how well, we're doing because you take the flip side if we cut
1:03 am
the maneuvering we're not doing people favors out looking for housing but how to leverage the market rate housing is a good policy discussion we should have more than the 12 percent can we do better i think looking at those number is important and helps us not to skew what we're the goals are and we're trying to accomplish so i think that is a great report. >> thank you. >> also just a note on the total number have lost units we talked about that last week that is a big fabulous that leads to you know this is good for policymakers to see who are protectiveing what we do in the future i know there is restrictions one per building but kind of looking at those
1:04 am
numbers could help to shape 0 policy in the future this is a great report thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'd like to ask staff a couple of things in the future that make sense the first wherever we set policy have economic studies to back up those studies i question about the study that mr. cohen brought in about the theory of a hundred new market rate housing you'll generate 40 new lower-income i'm not sure where the line is supposed to be we need to do our own study to see if that is true we might create jobs maybe regional jobs those may not be jobs concentrated in the city or it might make people busier they'll got more hours of work not necessarily have an increase in the number of people needed
1:05 am
in gross terms and might not mean those jobs are regional ones may not necessarily have to live in san francisco if it services the entire bay area the other thing that is questionable your study shows from the period of 2005 to 2014 about 25 percent affordable in district 9 that maybe the case the ted el e egon talked about the construction during a period in the mission district but district 9 include intron heights i can e.r. check with the ted report much of what is built a largely because we built so little housing 54 percent is affordable building
1:06 am
maneuvering relative to other parts of city and commissioner johnson. >> thank you so, yeah just a quick couple of comments some things i've heard mr. cohen was asked wlelg from commissioner richards in the country are people grasping with the issues and it was mentioned new york city you you know new york city actually an article in van thank you fair about the mayor's of new york how the mayor is tackle an aggressive agenda and a housing what a big pair vanity fair is more gossip one thing it might have a ring of trouthd for the mayor to get this job deny it continually of market rate housing that is one of the reasons why he's supportive of the exultant in new york city but maybe doing
1:07 am
that to the detriment of neighbors not caring architecture or planning just wanting to make sure it is done i want to make that a point it is brought up that is interesting in san francisco sometimes, we fight against it and find it flult but a nuanced approach that maybe some of the approaches being taken in new york city will be 75 percent will work and some won't and the type of place that new york city is another quick thing i totally see where commissioner moore is coming from taking up the count i wanted to mention that you know kind of don't know when those things will happen for a couple of the projects hunters point and treasure island a redevelopment project their frill land some messyness when
1:08 am
things transfer and oh, we're going to transfer it now, now a year from now for me those are sort of fuzzyness around the edges the master plan communities have strike construction and all units coming online if you look at hunters point and the affordable units built by the city there is a successor agency inclusionary and whether those things will come online and the treasure island the starting data fuzzer we're missing a lot of the destruction by not discussing those projects because their will huge impacts in terms of the nucleus in the future and finally commissioner richards talked about you mentioned that before is it is true the economy
1:09 am
to san francisco in a way of economy but where will people live on the one side of the coin not just that in spectrum but the higher income spectrum unusual moved their hearing aids and bought the tower lyft is building up their engineering staff in seattle and moving their sales teams to the central part of america so those are issues if we don't begin to address them not just the lower-income spectrums we're to be concerned but higher income spectrums those businesses have to make decisions the article it talked about the title is sf tech workers carton afford the hours that's not hallowing out the middle i think that we need
1:10 am
to think about the entire spectrum. >> director ram. >> add my that's correct to teresa this is a calculation not the normal calculation a couple of things on the big projects those 3 big projects have their own internal meter in terms of each phase has to provide a certain amount of market rate housing us in terms of the number of market rate housing and he would suggest it is important to have that information not part of the calculations you have that information for the hearing this be that will be helpful if you look at the charts it is interesting as commissioner johnson appoint pointed out the
1:11 am
negative numbers in the sunset inner and outer sunset the total numbers of units is absolutely minimal sunset had a hundred units in 10 years this is a 10 year report 10 unit per year that is telling frankly the neighborhood with the most negative numbers are the neighborhood where the few it units have been built recordings i'll suggest there is a cause-and-effect to be honest the other thing that i will point out and several commissioners have raised this point about o m ii find it curious in period where the economy is the most robust suddenly owners want to move in to their units there are a lot of evictions and something i believe we can't
1:12 am
control so something i think this commission and the department should look at heavily. >> commissioner richards and i guess some follow-up comments to commissioner hillis point we got all those reports week after week and month after month i look at how well, he did i likely it to a product released in a private and it was jobs, jobs, jobs but when you release a product in someone calls for support you need to support our produce that is jobs, jobs, jobs jobs we're fabulously successful don't get me a wrong a double edge swords the 2008 to 2012 was the first time in the years if
1:13 am
you look at the environmental impact report the projects that internal revenue happening it will take an event to get that to things it will evaporate maybe moderation but in terms of units been proud and people go owner move-in i don't see that i think when this moderates it should be out it i think make sense commissioner johnson not just about building units if we want to live in fair housing let's move to the east block we don't have to ruin the city we can do it with better design and make it rather enhance the city not ruin the city that is absurd
1:14 am
the way we breakdown the housing balance report teresa i'd like to see that by neighborhood notification the 37 or 39 noah valley and deboss triangle you can do that by neighborhood i live in the bruno heights those are different neighborhoods they are different neighbors to commissioner antonini's point the idea of a study correct me if i am wrong we did do the study with the nexus study we did it with the mayor's office that is the study that we need jobs gouge to support this growth as i look at it maybe you can put this slide back up but the physical jobs are physical someone that serves your coffee those are the physical jobs you
1:15 am
see visual jobs commissioner antonini and commissioner johnson what about outsourced to seattle i we're that not building enough housing at the at income levels is not only a injustice but an economic we may be stopping our economic growth we talked about fisherman's wharf was complaining about the businesses they couldn't put enough workers that's to actually having jobs to support the city and lastly i touch on this and have this calculated think twitter are send to the secretary to submit poverty based on our in case the more you work the foster you are the
1:16 am
gets you in a cycle of poverty this really for anyone i'm a conservative fiscal guy if we're creating problems we're paying for how down the line economically we might as well invest in a solution rather than treat the social and economic issues around people that can't make it so those are my follow-up thoughts. >> commissioner moore. >> yes. a small point of clarifications maybe the director can weigh in treasure island and park merced are not environment projects treasure island you bowed of u out of redevelopment the beginning of the development agency they are governed by development agreements that have slightly different terms but slightly terms and lease rigor relative
1:17 am
to delivering affordable units it was the success of the project generates the income by which units are produced and heal i didn't front end infrastructure that is and treasure island is controlling everybody on the ground including the sea level to get the project properly kicked off. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to general public comment this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have two speaker cards. >> great.
1:18 am
>> (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bruce a resident of o'connor's heights and been a member of the improvement club i'm here to respectfully ask you to use our authority to sponsor legislation to amend the city's planning code to close a loophole that leads to the loss of affordable units we know the code requires conditional use authorization for all dwelling units to regulate the potential loss of housing, however, it didn't cover many or most of lot mergers even though the mergers of lots in an rfp zoning results in the loss of housing nothing
1:19 am
in the subsection code here's the problem for the purpose of building fewer but larger homes was unheard he have and lot mergers were not written into the section today developers have focused to build the highest of highest of homes the larger the better worth many millions of and square feet unaffordable for the vast majority this all comes at the comprehend of the lost of affordable units and affordability for example, a current building permit on commissioner bassham berry lands demolish a small modest home 8 hundred square feet on one lot the lot is vacant and contracting constructed a new it exists two
1:20 am
housing units only one affordable home will result this project and projects like it don't require the mandatory discretionary review or the conditional use authorization this results in the loss are regulated the same way it eats up the neighborhoods those buildable lots were identified as in fill in the city's revised and will - we have support on that proposal from a number of neighborhood organizations is and such as eureka valley and delores heights and cal and other income taxes are bruno heights and other design review in conclusion we propose to treat the lot mergers the same by requiring the conditional use
1:21 am
authorization citywide and the planning commission could consider the following questions like potential housing units lost as a lot merger of sound existing with obligation is the result and the lot merger for the advancement of affordability thank you. >> come up two other names (calling names). >> hello commissioners and wanting of planning department i'm with the nature in the city this is not on your agenda ii truly feel that is part of the discussion we should have you're having about affordability and smaller planning in other city dear commissioners i'm here on
1:22 am
behalf of the bayview hunters point that the san francisco planning commission grant housing infringements would build two housing permits that will destroy over local office space of asian pacific islander low phelps to have access to the homes the city will have to extend it into the space that is natural area the board of supervisors and the mayor ed lee in april designated as one of the 5 preservation areas of san francisco if this development is permitted the access road with asphalt and underground utilities will destroy this is managed rec and park reply reducing the open space to the densely neighborhood you've referred to will be a violation of san francisco rose plan
1:23 am
adapted as part of city's general plan more appropriate mr. sanchez places to build single-family units and asian pacific islander low open space is not one of them as commissioners and shurd we 62 urging to talk with the planning department and throb our concerns with the rose plan that is our open space in a dense populated area that is important to the community supervisor malia cowen has equally been concerned about the proposal and not in favor i could unfortunately not bring all the communities they're working every one of them to due to time one had to go back to work hundred and 60 signatures you know it is not one person but a community thank you.
1:24 am
>> hi, i'm mia living in abhorring to this open space it is one of the few open spaces to the next few parks for the kids i'm here to let you you know we use it and love it and appreciate that it is not just a patch of lands kids go up and play in the dirt and commuters can hang out and hard in the bayview also i had a tour by the rec and park last year they've pointed out rare plans that are natural i want to keep those are important species to keep alive if you look at the map not on the ground it is a weird space they've cut into public lands to extend the road i feel strongly
1:25 am
there is a use and value for keeping this open space for the bayview and youth a wonderful place to enjoy the outside thank you. >> commissioners peter cohen i want to take a minute to pick up a piece that was discussed with you over previous months as you may know jim mayor ed lee could died a month ago or so and it was a quick and very sad thing but he was a real soldier on an issue that did public comment the scaled 5 foot bump i want to let you or led you know many folks in chu chu together are noticing not going to let that issue go we continue to feel the extra height that was created in
1:26 am
a lot of the plan and the commercial corridors was for ground floor so-called you know gracious ceiling heights and needs to be clarified we can't have a system where cleaver brirldz use that we're crafting legislation to clean up and clarify that intent it is a little bit of a pause as we tried to regroup over jim's presence he was looking at thereby we hope to be back soon with legislative proposal from the board on that issue thank you. >> sue hester i would ask mind information from the city attorney with the city attorney's help
1:27 am
there is computertion of all the records expect you don't get feedback when a property it sold every time you approve a project 40 units plus as they're sold the city assessor gets the records the sale prices of the units is public knowledge to every real estate wheeler and dealer in town not to you and not to me pardon me a couple people from the audience that gets that information i would plead with you get the city attorney's help to mandate a feedback hoop after your project is - why are you not wanting that information right now the minutes you approved they're coming online what's the salt prices
1:28 am
represented when you were at planning commission you're not getting the information that you should do and the city attorney can draft it feedback from the assessor thank you come on up before someone's slides in there. >> careful not in the 15 minutes hi georgia the one thing i didn't mention in district 8 that's the highest number of evictions on that really interesting study that is staff did i think people in noah valley and district 8 should, worried about that 6 hundred and 99 anyway here i am again oral
1:29 am
they were listed as remodels but are demolitions it is one of 3 charming victorian and the ones in the back and another one from the side you can sort of see it from the front this think an interesting one two unit i don't know if somebody got evicted but this one either the data were not clear enough or demolished the whole thing at once and got caught i'm laultd this because i kind of think this is what goes most of the time no noah valley so the building inspection put a stop on them they've been arguing over and over that for 2 plus years the original permit said renovating two new
1:30 am
residence for the interior structural upgrade and plumbing and the building inspection caught it i think this is what goes on all the time not done at once that's any argument about illegal demolitions i don't know how you do it a facade remodel and all this extensive renovation in the interior maybe needs better scrutiny a 37 i don't know. i am raising the issue i don't have the solution only the question thank you very much. >> one more card i apologize henry. >> good afternoon mary here i'm here to speak about an issue
1:31 am
that is very dear to everyone's heart lack of enforcement of the zoning laws i'm actually here going to speak on a particular issue essentially commissioner richards brought up the matter thought it it would nice to have groups neglect together and work out a solution that are groups of citizens that are trying to workout a solution and come up with a plan or process that will not bring those issues to to your attention all the time since you know that anyway that would be nice for having another place to deal with that maybe that can happy i'm curious to know what the process is for dealing with infractions i don't believe the public a aware of the process i can go and file
1:32 am
and complaint and issues of watching and neighborhoods spying and stuff it seems there's a better knowledge among the public of the what the process is for filing complaints all for the purpose through when there are infractions that would be really good i'm going to request a simple chart made up like the ceqa chart and you know the building process this is what you do here, here and there if that doesn't happen do that that will be helpful and relieve the body of the discussions you have all the time other than that just be aware the fact there are people that are trying 0 work on solutions thank you. >> okay is there any
1:33 am
additional public comment? public comment is closed. commissioner richards >> the first speaker if delores heights i forgot his name i've been on this commission a year playing a role in policy and i looked at the advanced calendar if we have quarterly review for one of the meeting coming up i want to focus i believe it not on here but i think when we have that discussion he raised a good point like the board of appeals sent i'm not interested in that both sides legislate regulation but a rare expectation the board of appeals actually sent a polar to the board of supervisors on the demolition of the notification of tenants and demolition of available units i'm thinking when people bring issues like they did around that
1:34 am
we as a commission could discuss the issue and send an issue to the board if someone wants to pass legislation we welcome it, it is something to include an avenue for that make sense i think to ms. hester's point i look at the current sale of real estate per square feet and use a number i guess i know what it will be a feedback group wouldn't make sense that would help you guess in some way but at this point, i'm assuming they're going inform top dollars. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you the city attorney's is about to yell at me sorry to the first public candle stick park the bayview to file a discretionary review not free it sounds like a
1:35 am
number of i guys get together and file and raise the public comment and that will be helpful you guys know the issue better than we don't and when you bring that to us we'll look at the project either changes deny it or make other recommendations that's our avenue ms. skirmishing i love our recommendations i think the things you bring up the issues you highlighted today technically for renovations that is one of the things you say you can add a third-story e.r. change the plumbing and electrical that sounds like the whole house tow to me i don't know if anyone was expect it to not end up being what a it looks like a facade and maybe i'm not sure where the disconnect is we
1:36 am
don't call that a demolition certainly keep bringing up the point maybey should do something about 317 the late want i disagree with commissioner richards sometimes, the market rate is relative units will be here past our lifetime the current price when it is built brand new personally to me semi irrelevant how in relation po to what else the prices of the time and the units in the i think index and thanks and hope the city attorney didn't yell at me commissioners, if there's nothing further to your regular calendar item 9 for case at 2406 fwrooint
1:37 am
street a conditional use authorization. >> thank you good afternoon commissioner president fong and mixes claude i didn't assistant with the planning a request for a conditional use authorization to allow this as a limited restaurant to change within the rfp 3 this is under the processing program it is worth noting in 2007 they were granted a license, however, not a liquor license and it expired the conditional use authorization in addition to the conditional use you're to consider the eating and drinking in the area not steady 25 percent the front and located within the same district as it relate workplace the 3 hundred foot's radius and the
1:38 am
rh3 zoning no other eating or drinking establishment we've received a packet to date the department receives one opposition it is unbalanced and necessary and desirable with the surrounding neighborhood the existing concentration of eating and drinking 3 hundred feet within the rh3 only includes that restaurant lower than the 25 percent threshold and not increased as a result of this operation two the project will activate a ground floor to the commercial space for 60 years 3 a local business to have a plan for beer and wine onsite consumption and no exterior alteration and capable with the neighborhood and lastly the business will be closed 10:00 p.m. daily we recommend
1:39 am
you approve that and that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> thank you project manager please. >> hello my name is francisco hernandez i live in the mission district an 21st and bryant i live a block away from any job any place i want this to be compatible to other places around the area there is other restaurant they opened two new restaurants in the area they're selling beer and wine i want to be more competitive so i will ask you guys do please think about that we want to be competitive with the other places a block away from any
1:40 am
place this is my nephew he has something more. >> good afternoon members of the commission my uncle asked me to share time i'm with the restaurant what was established in 2002 to sharing prosperity for instance, the day we opened up free food to celebrity the restaurants opposing opening this an annual tradition and morph we've donated food to organizations and for equal rights and families and wages and in the community, state labor groups the more successful we do not to groups like (calling names)
1:41 am
in addition, we provide a reacted ray racked space with the company of families and friends we have a few letters we would like to give to the commission and mixes just as an example thank you, sir. >> jennifer thomas that worked at san francisco general quote conservatively years ago after the biggest of my child francisco offered me a male is demonstration of his concern and support end quote for the 25 anniversary we downloaded food for 5 hundred people a at a reduced price a staple in the district a story of hope and hard work and compassion and a
1:42 am
platform for organizations that don't have the means to get functions going and in fact, i think in the folder a layout of the restaurant you outside and it has approximately 13 tables and 26 chairs that is the way they operate since inception and provide some sort of beauty and colors would along with the colors and ethic we provide and before that i grew up in the mission district and i remember that place to be very lonely and trash all over the place the private ownership and the staff gives to the neighborhood is unique. >> thank you for your time. >> okay. thank you. >> we'll open up for public comment
1:43 am
(calling names). >> good afternoon. i moved my husband and i bought a home directly across the street from the restaurant in so 86 so i've been living across the street from the current restaurant for 29 years prior to that time as mentioned the area where the restaurant is now you know held a series of different businesses a corner grocery store a tv and lamp repair shop a loved well, where the owner retire throughout my 29 years of living across the street it has been
1:44 am
oftentimes dirty and unkept but when francisco moved in the place is an inviting place the community has opened up he has been careful of not studying keeping the restaurant open for longer - way into the night like restaurant do form i'm a member of a commission our group has several demons i'm a retired teacher from the san francisco unified school district a lot of my students frequent the restaurant and get support from francisco am i nervous here on behalf of myself and the family and the community asking to support the
1:45 am
extension of his business thank you. >> hello commissioners i come here in support of the extension of this project and also on behalf of my daughter in kindergarten couldn't be here that's her favorite place to frequent we've been going through for over a decade singles i e.r. she was a baby it is a wonderful restaurant and for you guys in front of you one of the thing is space people r with families not a lot of restaurants that have good space and feel that are family friendly it is family friendly the owners are greeting people and making them feel at home the tables and chairs
1:46 am
outside add to the ambiance without those the last few weeks it felt have an opportunity vacant and trash is there he picks up the tables and chairs are important we're here from expanding from the restaurant to a fulfilled service and having beer and wine with that type of food adds to the experience so again in full support thank you. >> good afternoon, commissions i'm william i'm vice chair the economic development agency and a empire in small business commission but i'm here as a san franciscan i was born and raised in the mission district i remember when francisco started the mission was not today is
1:47 am
mission but through hard work and food he's made the mission district stable we congregate and enjoy mexican food he be afforded the same opportunities to compete besides on a hot sunny day nothing washes down mexican food like a cold beer. >> hi, i'm marie i'm with the kayak and quatro i have been going there since they opened it is a great business good healthy food the people that work there are absolutely lovely everything you want to support i think and he's busy opening up
1:48 am
in that expand would make so much sense going in the earning there's a line to get in i can't - and everybody that spoke said the same thing all the new people come through that is really a little motorcycle coming of what is living in the mission so i really ask you to approve that this as fantastic restaurant with great morals and got the whole package thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment on that item not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> this project came in there concept given that is indeed a community process program it is easier to say i move to approve
1:49 am
i think that as lovely project and think it does all the right things and including the opening times and outdoor. >> okay. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm supportive but there were a series of letters in the packet between the staff and individual that asked whether or not the tackles and chairs on that outdoor of the restaurant not in the jurisdiction of planning but want to know what the answer it i'm supportive of this but to answer concerns that were sent to us i would assume that the owner has or will go through any kind of necessary permitting important that to happen and the tables and chairs are not under the purview of the planning commission but fy a permitting issue since removed the tables and filed for the proper permit and will be
1:50 am
granted shortly after this hearing and i totally agree it adds to the life of restaurants and should be able to have that that is not green before you but want to make sure it is taken care of commissioners another motion to approve commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> expirations that place us on 1110 was continued for the academy of the arts presentation. >> commissions i'm pleased to announce mary woods do of the experience working on large institutional uses and master
1:51 am
plans like the as far as i am concerned and usf and tina chang has been working on large project in so northeast quadrant they're generally impacted by the applications that are before you there are joined by liz helping them support for the current planning and joined the team as you may know in the past the environmental planning with chelsea and others and enforcement with others dedicated significant resources to this project and i'll let tina give you the update i know that allen murphy is here and he may want to have comments under public comment. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong tina chang planning department staff the item is an update on the academies project with the eir
1:52 am
and the master plan we seek the commission on the policies an update on the shadows and sites that are non-compliant staff want to share the progressing strategies which i'll outline in a minute with respect to the eir the draft eir was published february 2015 and brought before the planning commission on april 16th staff is working on the responses to clarify the final eir i'm sorry april 2016 at which point the item will be brought bra the planning commission on a environmental review will coffer the sites with the technical esp will have the effects on the 340 sites it
1:53 am
will be published and under go a public comment period as an informational item for review and comments the institutional master plan will be updated the planning commission accepted an institutional master plan from you 2011 and an update priority in 2013 and another due this november the staff will bring the item to the commission likely in december of this year or january of next year as mentioned the policy issues the staff want to bring up the first is regarding a shuttle services as an update the draft eir helped to facilitate this with the review both fixed and on demand shuttle that was disrespect to the neighborhood
1:54 am
the fixed shuttle were not analyzed in demands and not grand at outline sites since then they've developed the 0 program on program classes and a shuttle bus has improved it's developed as part of the eir that includes avoiding residential streets with established route and avoiding stops and off-street is - the second thing is the with regards to the non-compliant the uses within 9 properties that are not legalized under the planning code they involve the legalization and the loss of at risk uses including housing and pdr use it
1:55 am
is hundred and 49 housing units and 83 housing rooms and square footage staff seeks the commissions guidance and works with the commission hopefully to be permitting those legal shuns the third policy issue a experienced the moratorium become effective almost 22 most until november 3rd, 2016, the properties on 460 townsend can't be converted to permit their conversion it is possible that the conversion may not be permitted controlled and that will require legislative amendments for the a u staff wanted to bring this to your verdict finally staff want to
1:56 am
talk about the as mentioned the staff is aware of the property controlled by a you not having all the permits with the conditional use authorization and, of course, the 9 properties that can't be approved under the planning code prior to legalization of the thirty properties 18 require conditional use authorizations of which 9 need the legislative amendments the 9 properties can't be legalized because of the eir so staff recommend progressing those separately they're spread doubt u throughout the district staff evaluated 3 projects approaches before the commission and the by geography here's the map whereby
1:57 am
the staff will bring those to the commission by neighborhood the pose of that approach will be that this or that will be with respect to noticing to one another and reduced the sharing although located next to each other they might be bringing a variety of policy issues with various topics during the commission hearings and with respect to the processing of motion they're likely in different zoning district the - bringing the property is another approach the staff could bring the projects before the commission for processing for example, properties undergoing student housing or institutional eyes
1:58 am
brought before the commission at the same time but the benefits to the approach there will be a consistent theme at the planning commission hearing and sufficiency for the public to talk about the issues the projects maine maybe in different locations and members of the public needs multiple hearings and finally, the their way would be by zoning district and the benefit of this would be that would be efficiency especially they're the same project type and the zoning district maybe in close proximity to each other, however, in a different neighborhood resulting in multiple hearings that the public might have to attend and multiple varying project types
1:59 am
of the 3 options the department remedies by project type or zoning district or a hybrid of both generally not the same case they're in the same proximity a organizing the projects allows for discussion around significant issues and brings some efficiency to the motion and proclamations that concludes my presentation. i look forward to hearing the commissions feedback. >> opening it up for public comment marie and georgia. >> (inaudible).
2:00 am
>> georgia get up here. >> it's on 12 minutes you don't want me to speak that long (laughter) hi georgia you know, i read that report online and i have to say i was just you know everyone's talking about how great the staff is that was one of the best reports i could follow it i thought my reaction i understand what the issues are had should be sent to the uc berkley to the planning department so they could say this is a good template but i thought guaranteeing why did they spend all this time doing this report and working so hard and the staff hours that is to make up for somebody doing the wrong thing that's why i come here
2:01 am
talking about every week my reaction i don't think they should be given forgiveness they've had years and years and years of because of these or gaming the system i know that all this effort and people you'll have working on this i just think that is an unfair use of resources given the issues in the city i know you have to do it to so forth the problem it prospective as you precede and thank you. >> ms. elias. >> again, i'm basically here to speak about enforcement of this particular issue essentially you know what the
2:02 am
situation say we have major infractions going on for decades and it just would be a send a bad message to the public who's already upset about what's going on for this commission to pass on those infractions and just ignore them to that's one of the major reasons why the citizens group needs to meet together and workout a new process and take to the supervisors and hopefully, they'll pass something not to extend this situation the major ask is don't pass this thank you. >> i have a handout oh, my time is racing sue hester
2:03 am
handout of the conspirator of musk it happens to be right next door to the academy of article 150 hayes that's one or more of the big issues here my issues are this is been going on for an awful long time i was at the meeting in february of 2005 and supervisors president wesson kins office there were told bluntly do you you have to file the master plan that was alicia stevens and her attorney they were told in 2005 more than 10 years ago how long have they been out of compliance a u is out of experience since 1991
2:04 am
required by the law to file an institutional master plan tying their plans to locate and every other nonprofit dispute this is for profit institution a moneymaking institution for the stevens family they kept buying up buildings and never saying at the planning commission our policy is to render the housing stock of the city for the students we're never going to build housing and buildings none has the brace to tell me when they had an institutional master plan other suffusions that are nonprofit have built housing what i'm asking for the - it's not projected do you project what i have i'm suggesting you
2:05 am
take the following steps one use their base rod at 16 hundred and plus that's how many they have not the current enrollment have the first meeting an explanation of the institutional master plan ordinance it was drafted by a former planning commission president everyone else seems to have compiled with them except the academy of arts and the second meeting how are the nonprofits institution in the city providing housing for their students you have master plan for all of them where are relocated and have to have information about what policies - oh, so i can't speak very well
2:06 am
i apologize. >> allen murphy. >> thank you allen murphy on behalf of the academy i i'd like to take the opportunity as the academy council the academy is pleased the environmental impact is finally at a point for the approvals and it is important to the academy the goal to get fuel compliance in the planning codes we have worked to insure the city has all the information to complete the process and the application i want to comment there's a media report that seemed so suggest that the academy contests which buildings require permits but a u is in compliance we have one thought
2:07 am
and issue that is how to group academy approvals for the consideration we agree grouping by project type or zoning district we like the efficiency and documents reviewing process because of the complex project that reduces the process of errors as and think about the issue we ask you to keep in mind a few points first of all, the academy is a john tax base for profit institution is pays a significant amount of taxed in the past years they've paid many million dollars and $3.3 million for business and obviously the academy can't continue to operate if those numbers go on
2:08 am
they're a major employer nearly 2 thousand employees in san francisco and finally for those employees the academies provides opportunity to inspiring artists in a city where interest is fewer and four of opportunities this is to insure the affirmation of our workforce and hopefully the commission keep in mind over the most as the specific projects come before the commission for consideration thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi names a marie sorenson i'm with the quatro i guess i know what it is means that the saying has been thrown around city hall pay to play the fact that the academy of arts has not been
2:09 am
held affordable and they're not been gone after we're doing a project at our home if we is where an electrical inspector saying i didn't like the way those wires are the way he wants them through the walls we get dinged over that even though it is code compliant i like that smoke up the as we employ a lot of people how many of them get gins benefits and sick pay and how many above welcoming if you're going to grand stand how much you do this and that let's examine the in a nut shell e nuts and bolts what's the
2:10 am
planning commission been could go where are they letting this go i'm - i can't understand how this reaches so far and how they get away with that for so many years alicia i know or knows this is her kingdom i see her picture with every major person in san francisco is that what it takes there are certain codes everybody lives by and certainly in the planning department i don't think anything should be forgiven she should pay from 1991 to 2015 i see us back here in 10 years talking about the same issues nobody has the boldness to stand up to make them do do the right thing this is ridiculous this is absolutely
2:11 am
ridiculous this is been able to go on i say you can't know their accreditation until they step up to the plate thank you. >> thank you very much jackie certainly want to associate myself with the comments of previous speaker the general consensus of people that know about who is happening with the a u is exactly where she has land the question if you're going to be professional can you look at yourselves in the mirror and go to work he do what is right according to the moral outlet one of the justices the law represents the minimal of moral outlet or going to do work
2:12 am
and saying we did the right thing to do we don't have to read the full board of supervisors magazine but it puts the black eyes where we belong the owning and operating of the business can you please go air force them you have to city attorney perhaps you have to use the city attorney to get if help the people plugged in quote quiet the plugged in readers what's wrong with that city let's right what is wrong with the city and make sure the compliance is not just someone with the electrical problem has compliance with everyone or it contributes to the stem inning corruption you don't want to work here and be involved in the city people think we are corrupt it is hard enough to sit up in
2:13 am
the morning and go to work and say i have a tough problem to solve to be honest i solved it when i was on the board of supervisors working with the city attorney is go after over 60 plus buildings now it is 40 plus the legitimatization asking for legislative you know legalization it is pretty much absorb do the wrong thing and be awarded with breaking the law you've got to go after them who else bought property in san francisco under the city and county of san francisco they're the next largest property owner go ahead and do whatever you want you get away with with
2:14 am
please take the action we desire to enforce and if you have to come down with happen i didn't hammer please use the hammer thank you for your time. >> is there any additional public comment? okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards and i guess every time we have an a e discussion i turn to the zoning administrator and ask the question are you aware since the last time we met any additional violations any recorded. >> since the last hearing was in april there was an issue recommend to the property at the hotel 2550 van ness housing students our enforcement staff did investigate that violation and get that resolved with the students are no longer staying there we're monitoring that
2:15 am
situation. >> was the action taken at the hotel after that. >> i think that was something that can up as part of the profit. >> so the issue of the master plan they filed one in 2011 or 2013 what's the status that have what they need to do next. >> ms. hester said they're out of compliance with the requirement for sometime we notified them through an enforcement notice in 2006 they were out of in violation when they reviewed a permit they submitted they're first application in 2006, we brought it to to the planning commission for numerous hearings and numerous revisions the commission accepted the i mp and just want every two years they provided it in 2013 and they met
2:16 am
the requirement and now the next year update. >> so you think that will be here before the eir. >> so the deadline is november within the next year update our plan once we rectify that to bring that before you for a full hearing saying we've discussed in the past and having a robust discussion. >> great i agree with staff i like the project or use type best the reason i'd like to see more information on other tables on the report was very, very organized hats off to you for that we looked at residential dwelling units dweblz and student housing i'd like to see how many addresses is it 5 thousand units or 1 thousand units pdrs space when did they take over what is the context around it it allows us to get to
2:17 am
the impact is and the policy decision i'm glad mr. murphy is not representing the a u i understand aau i think i mentioned in the last hearing he held up the list of books and looked at the top universities for profit and nonprofit there were only one in housing the students so one of the people that got up today said f what if usf said from now on we're getting not going to be building housing for the students that that resonate what we're dealing with there will be a high bar why they are different so if there is a truth of the matter policy reason or great bills reason something i can get my
2:18 am
arms around but necessary and desirable aau i'm i'd like to see how much those add up to no one person is the problem but certainly it takes a chunk out of the housing stock how many units are held off pdrs is an issue so i like the property type i wanted to hear from the other commissioners what they think. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. to those who i know have been through the process what our policy as a city and commission if we find violations and we- the inadvertent in the active process of getting the permitting and correcting the violations they're allowed to continue and it's taken a looked
2:19 am
at there are things that staff is recorded they're doing better the health and safety violations are being take care of and there was a report that the shuttle has been somewhat improved as far as it's impact there is progress in some areas i understand the frustration that people will have taking so long i think that it is possible to work wrorp with an san francisco public utilities commission in is a have an an art college that does many good things for the city renovated theatres and done a lot of things and public uses this is a word not just to staff but also to the academists to work collectively with the city in areas we can't find the funding to save the sort of things we want to save, in fact,
2:20 am
many of the buildings they used were never housing many were church. >> other uses are seismically upgraded because we took them over and afford to do this where the previous owners couldn't they might have been demolished there are a lot of problems i agree there were questions raised about the concord a club those are held separate from an ownership and from the academy of arts universities separate, llcs ownership is not before us the use is that's where we have to enforce their environmental review and there are questions how we should supervisor should handle i know there are certain
2:21 am
number of the projects that involved housing and would need some sort of text contemplates for us to consider them i think that would be appropriate since they predate the student housing ordinance by a a long time and still my understanding of they have a text amendment needs cu approval that allows us to make decisions and all of the hours is not coming from preferential housing many have use like the young women's athletic association and other uses that were not housing uses so but the categories i agree with staff i think that category we should four or five hearings by zoning district or type of use that
2:22 am
make sense because some issues will be handled collectively depending on how the uses and save ourselves a lot of time by handing similarly uses particularly if they're in the same zoning district and i think i would encourage the academy to look into building housing for its students in the future and in addition to those who are preservation housed in the facilities they own they're not all universities and institutions in the city provide housing for their students, in fact, none that provide housing for all the students not that i'm aware of and a so it is a mixed impact the students will be there one way or another and housed in existing facilities or
2:23 am
new facilities or competing for what is out there that's an issue to work on and he appreciate the fact they do provide a lot of training for artists and other types of uses we're supportive but i think i'd like to get this completed and have the eir certify when it is appropriate and see the new institutional master plan and go to the cruz and cus and do the permit for the many projects that require different types of permitting, in fact, 10 of the projects are code compliant there are thirty that require some sort of type of action. >> commissioner johnson and thank you very much again, thank you to the staff one quick question for staff before i go into my comments about what you asked us to that about in the shuttle what
2:24 am
exactly are we being asked to comment on i've often thought about 3 it. >> a contingency issue. >> thank you teeny much appreciated mitigations none of them the planning department has any control i appreciate they need to keep on working on this that's my comment real quick i totally agree with the recommendation look at project type and fight the good fight in terms of consistent for policy prospective from the changes of use that we may allow for a example u and doing it by project type is an easy way by geography may make that easier for people in neighborhoods that
2:25 am
have been tracking those developments make that way easier for the commission in terms of the legislative amendments for legal listing 95 there may not be more noting in the draft eir i'm not in favor of blankly saying we oppose the amendments aau has multiple opportunity to build the campus the right way whether an institutional plan but how they're going to distributor their population across the city i don't know that we should going back to try to fix the fact that shortcuts were made important some of the sites hopefully, they'll come to us i agree with commissioner antonini some sites this is wrong and the conversion of space but looking
2:26 am
at the space on the ground something may not have had a useful life but for aa coming in and so i certainly allow for this opportunity but at a blanket sort of recommendations you're asking for thoughts from the commission my personal thought absolutely not so that will be that one i think what was the other than i was going to say something about pdr space sorry i apologize other than certainly we had this discussion talking about the draft eir what happens if we don't approve the projects some of many of the projects that are part of mitigation for the eir so for those who read it
2:27 am
carefully or don't know one of the things we've talked about careful was okay. we say there are south american uses whether or not you agree how they got there they're there we need topanga about how to do the mitigation part ever thinking making this absorption we're to approve many if not most of the sites part of aau housing strategies and this was the solution to my attention to some environmental land use impacts and asks at the time, of course not gotten to it what happens if we don't approve a good portion of the sites that are como us to cu user other legal listing or conversion where are we with the i p p and what will the department do with working with
2:28 am
aau to mitigate those decisions for building the campus. >> the eir be looked the instead area growth and the legalization of 6 project sites the commission is allowed to deny or approve any of the 40 sites the eir i mean the eir is 40 mini projects can be approves the eir did look at them acquiring 2 hundred and plus additional rooms if denied use those 2 hundred and 20 rooms to have them housed somewhere live if denied those permits for the existing housing units that are currently they can use the free market we can do additional analysis that required to look at them providing additional housing but this is what was assumed not eir.
2:29 am
>> thank you very much for that i don't want to hog time but we're talking about the draft eir and it is a concern we're zeroing in on the sites and the sites we're looking at and particularly the cross between the types of approval that we'll need up to and including the amendments we need to think about that we're going to find ourselves in a space for some portion of the site we're considered in mitigation for their growth because we're sort of making the assumption we'll approve that it there will be needed a plan b what this strategy for a and plan b around keeping the status quo. >> the eir found the population housing impacts were significant due to growth and we
2:30 am
didn't identify mitigation measures so there is no specific mitigation measures died i tied to the site 19 site it deal with housing we have mitigation for other things but not necessarily for the housing impacts. >> okay thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i commend staff for a structure of how to look at this this was an steel complicated thing the ability to organize by suggested abc helps us to look at the strategy but the answer not to be decided here today, the one thing which makes that particular situation difficult that the academy of art did not have angle academy bold
2:31 am
statement how to operate because like any other universities usf, etc. this is a clear compensation mission statement about a core campus and center of excellence around particular types of organs here we're in a situation the academy do not have an academic goal statement other than what their teaching not prioritize where the center of excellence that's why all of the sites have the opportunities sites that works to the disadvantaged of the neighbors of where they are the point i'm trying to make when we looked the abc there is somewhat something else missing against the measurement of the importance of the universities
2:32 am
wants to do and youe. end up saying the university wants to be a real estate assembly by which tare used remains unclear that's why there are so many violations p.i. i hope as institution master plan come forward we do bet it emigrate more and more clarity exactly what, if anything, they want to do and where so in a way shape how we move beyond where they currently are and direct them into the future many years ago with the director and staff weighing in pointed out to opportunity sites which were lying in neighborhoods for particular buildings we hoped there was a clearer statement of how to operate buildings were basically ready for adapt active reuse but nothing we suggested
2:33 am
has materialized around land units i hope as we move forward we will use all 3 criteria like laying of how you weigh the impact not about the site itself but every sites in context that's where i think determining what works to help them i'm not here to commend them but need to be clear where we make decisions and in what form so for example, there are certain areas a because the departments suggested building inspection commission and c particular areas in the van ness corridor where there is such a large concentration of believes that have issues we need to been how they effect the health of the
2:34 am
neighborhood i see similar things in the upper bush street sutter street corridor i walk interest a lot i hope the geography in particular parts the neighborhoods are criteria we consider i leave that as a statement the beginning points of will take thorough work to talk about this and weigh it from the most context angles hope we can find a way to this. >> commissioner richards and i have a question for the zoning administrator one other case that we actually went back in and found a violation by allowed legalization of 66, third street two floors of office to understand the potential for riding this out if we decide what happened if we decide there
2:35 am
are properties they can appeal it how long can this gone on 63 reading. >> 663 on the board of appeals soon we did pursue the enrollment and the decision is to come our enforcement process is less thanier once the complaint is identified they can pursue legalization that's what we do and the academy has done through those various applications through the eir environmental review and once the commission makes a choice to allow it it depends on the responses from to the parties in this case if at the choose with the planning commission we'll voluntarily scombom compliance that would be fantastic and ultimately appeal and we'll
2:36 am
pursue the enrollment and uphold to deny and continue with our enrollment process that was initiated by continue with our enforcement at this point. >> on the 663 for them not in compliance how much today. >> the penalties are on hold because it was appealed to the board of appeals so their penalties are not awe kruger but would be $250 a day and a quick get a big office building in pdr and getting rents $250 is not much how long can we pay. >> then we refer once we kind of exhausted our administrative process we refer to the city attorney one property that we had identified and pursued the action we had the board of
2:37 am
appeals hearing and probable in december of 2010 and referred the matter to the city attorney's and pens have been awe concurring approaching half a million dollars. >> that was academy of art. >> yes. >> one property not ratified. >> that's correct. >> to the city attorney one of the ms. stacey one of the speakers handed in something and said ask the city attorney help us on our latitude what we can and cannot do. >> kate stacey from the city attorney's office the commission what disapprove without ceqa review there are ways of
2:38 am
disapproving in the commission didn't want to disapprove the projects then you could continue the item if i want to consider approving what is a little bit unusual because we have an existing environment that preseeds the eir we'll have to look at those projects and see what was required generally speaking when you disapprove an application you don't have to have environmental review so we'll look at those individual projects. >> to commissioner johnson point i'm a betting man i'll bet we're not going to legalize 40 properties we don't have to have the internal revenue and mechanism we might be okay i'd rather than to start it sooner i
2:39 am
think if we disabusive approve with the union street we'll not create a shock to the system for the aau i say that to be fair they've not been fair with us but not by tomorrow to get everybody out of the building and allow for an orderly contribution i'd like to start this sooner. >> commissioner hillis. >> just some questions on the prosper not approveable under the code those are existing residential properties i think those give me the most trouble out here how to go about looking at these and either director heinecke denying or allowing how did they come about their presumably rent-controlled kind of properties
2:40 am
how did they make this switch from the residential to student housing do you know. >> they purchased the property and changed the use in terms of items. >> you can't say do that assuming there are tenants in there and part of this looking at the eviction histories of the buildings and we found looked at this at the commission directions not evictions in those buildings and through maybe other means of the tenants maybe the tenants left for left before the sale the tenants remained in place and acknowledged alongside the students that was something we found as well but in terms of the academies purchased the properties and moved in their students their properties that would have riders conditional use authorization to change from group housing to because we had
2:41 am
different categories of group housing and residential for educational institution that triggered the conditional use. >> so the residential ones could have been legalized through a cu process prior to the student housing legislation. >> that's correct, yes and the other properties the 601 brandon rezoned as part of we remember they had a garth precision that allowed for the used to be legal listed but had a time limit and expiring they'll not been able to go through the process under that grandfather provision. >> the ones not allowed under current code would they be non-conforming if we said no to
2:42 am
some of those depending on the project what happens is it a legal or non-conforming. >> it's a legal used if inform 40 no legislative amendment it cannot be legalized and purely an enforcement matter at this point. >> so that answers those are the most kind of i think troubling the housing you know we're obviously in a housing crisis and looking at units we take seriously as residential units are removed from the market so how ross those are treated is to me a leading issue on some of the other cus from institutional to office use you know there's less kind of policy issues to me but the housing is critical and
2:43 am
maybe i think sorted out what staff recommendation from the district supervisor may want to chime in before we start to been the other ones and if code changes required obviously goes to the board and people are amenable what do you get in return is that a da or a construction or affordable housing mitigation fees that's the kind of thing i think we need to start thinking about on a commission level not given a ton of thought this is the driving leading factor commissioner moore. >> i want to ask the question about the institutional master plan what's in front of us are 40
2:44 am
buildings i still need to see them in the context of the an institution few minutes attracting growing whatever and i still don't feel comfortable if we take ms. hester's discussion and have a discussion about the historical institution and why and what are the results that institution master plan allows us to use as you criteria by which to permit, deny or whatever we need to do i feel for comfortable having that as a backdrop to what we do you look at land use and zoning district and geography for all of the projects that is a huge c conglomerate that is supposed to be a university we need to have
2:45 am
a reference to look at it for a positive for better or worse i think it would help me to have a anchor all the good institution master plans we've reviewed over the years from san francisco general and all the ones large and small they all have given us an idea what the people are doing allison park never had that same feeling about this particular institutional master plan and the issues over the years. >> if i may i totally understand the point technically they're in experience with that particular issue of the i mp they've submitted the update the next one due no november the challenge of the academy compared with other institutions
2:46 am
they're not no one location and they don't a as you may know build their own buildings their prevailing have bought buildings as the opportunity arises so their approach has been quite different they will not identify in advance where they might grow because they don't- they don't know so it is a challenging situation as you may know in the eir it identifies i think 6 districts that within of the eir is analyzing where they could grow but it is a very different type of approach for an institution frankly that i've not dealt with either they don't identify where and how they want to grow and so i on the when we bring to you the update of the master
2:47 am
plan late this year there will be opportunity to have the discussion how they differ or not from other institution in their long-term thinking and within the commissions jurisdiction to say this master place is not acceptable and here's the changes even though they meet the technical requirements there are things we need to know. >> that's the constructive beginning of what we do here because we might have come to the critical tipping point in the area where the city at large given the incredible issues with housing and the incredible issues with pdr with that institutional somewhat loss model didn't work anywhere if we want to civil case direct them
2:48 am
where there are issues of the resources of land it is a continuum of landing acquisitions at the expense of other people here not having the appropriate housing or displaced are whatever the reasons this is the tipping point of the discussion i still think perhaps even with a short presentation we'll be well served to have an overview by the former president of the commission to take us through historically through the matt haney of which institutionalizing institute is way back when. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. he would expect when the update on the institutional master plan come forward will describe the university as it exists and at least give us a project of anticipated growth of
2:49 am
students inland needs and housing needs and some possible inkling what part is met by what the universities might build on its own and acquire that would be the minimal amount even if you i'd like to take this opportunity brekt predict where is the acquisitions are and the other question there it seems to me a question by commissioner moore about the ability that the universities could have gone through a cu process in the past for the various needs my understanding cus can't be reviewed until the environmental impact is done this is an extremely complicated eir because the fact the university is prepared.
2:50 am
>> over the entire city and complicated transportation issues we've not been able to approve any cus we could have denied things but agreed the process neatest to needs to be finish the eir and consider each the individual projects individually or as a group whether they should be approves >> that's correct. >> thank you. >> i just wanted to add you know, i feel the frustration and been part of this conversation for 6 years now and while certain people feel you know feel the pain of their wrongdoings one side this is the first and most positive direction we've had in a long time i want to support the direction that there is an open dialogue do not to take steps backwards and this is a privately owned company sooeps
2:51 am
to a private universities and i don't now and then in a degreey way but there are properties a u has picked up and particularly white elephants an example how retail chains and fisherman's wharf would have been did the for the consumer to exist the different thoughts and feelings related to the residential properties as far as the office uses. >> commissioner richards and i have a question for mr. murphy please. >> so since we've been going through this i've only been here a year this is been going on for quite a few of the the last hearing was april 1st it was due
2:52 am
to the a u growing between april and now; is that correct and the figures comparing fall of 2014 and 2015 show a decline in enrollment. >> no net increase in terms of housing so enrollment we have sufficient housing for the students at this point whether their sfrtdz or legalized or not. >> the academy provides housing for a small portion of students and the students finds housing for themselves. >> the question for your client wouldn't you rather understanding where we're going if we came back and said we don't approve of those x number of beds for students times goes on and things get expensive and acquisitions go away and land wouldn't you want to know that if there is a plan b more time to do it. >> that approach we'll the
2:53 am
commission will not have the opportunity to approve the projects is from the environmental impact environmental review is not done but considering wauth work out w without a path to approve normally the commission previews or disapproves. >> once he don't disapproval and do the probability approval wouldn't that send a signal we'll continue to the certification wouldn't that be something you would think. >> i wanted to defer to the city attorney how ceqa works in that scenario before discussing before the eir is finished i want to make sure there is no ceqa. >> i like commissioner hillis or commissioner johnson idea of starting off with the 9 that is not even approveable we should
2:54 am
start that and not waiting for the time but let's start with a banish batch it is the hairy it i think the longer than this goes on the worst is gets. >> one other points on the legislation because the board of supervisors objective will need to pass legislation for certain properties we'll sawing suggest the board consider whether they want to make the legislative amendment in the 9 properties and if so come back for consideration if not the commission can deny it at any point. >> i thought it worked the other way around we advised the board mr. sanchez, city attorney. >> the academy of art could submit that it will go through the commission with the recommendation to the board of
2:55 am
supervisors. >> that's correct. >> i'd rather start sooner than later and i total thinks where our coming before i know the commission may not want to approve any of those 9 or might not want to congressman i also - the only concern i have we can have a discussion it might be helpful to look at it holistically the challenge about the student housing i think commissioner johnson kind of alluded to this we are dealing with hundreds of people who then either don't have a place to go or challenged and kind of suddenly having a number of housing units i don't know i'm as frustrated as you are in terms of how longer this took and the eir so we're getting close
2:56 am
and i'll be perfectly blunt in the commission denies the approvals on some of the projects today, we'll be in the same situation. >> to our point on we have all this shock to the system the numbers of units vacant figure we do disapprove a phase out of or we get rid of the unit to put them on the arithmetic sooner rather than later is better assuming the crisis. >> commissioner antonini. >> navy e yeah, we shouldn't anticipate our discussion on any part until the board of supervisors had the opportunity to decide whether or not we're going to have the ability to approve that is you know we've waited this long we made it clear to have the environmental document in place and you know
2:57 am
what i mean on issues assuming what the decision is not prudent we have to look at individual case maybe student housing weren't rent-controlled units before maybe some that have a different approach to approving you have to look at those cases individually so i'm very much in favor of the schedule a long time coming and going to get the i mp update in november or december and the environmental impact report next year and quickly go through the cus. >> commissioner hillis. >> just a question i mean, if we wanted to have a hearing prior to the eir certification it is complicated i agree with fellow commissioner richards thoughts on the housing issues and what a elective approach would be part of it is it
2:58 am
mitigation or affordable units what are some of the options available to us. >> a hearing an informational hearing to give you more information. >> and even for the non-restricted - i group the others cus beyond the residential and you know get into a little bit more in depth on the land use context is because i agree they bifurcate as far as the cus and other residents commissioner moore. >> would that be a working group formulate or who this be a targeted action to take this action. >> the way i heard commissioner hillis it would not be an ax but the approaches you take what the eir is done specifically about the housing
2:59 am
and looking more deep doing a deeper dive on each site. >> perhaps i'm my understanding would you ask to move ahead with the 9 properties outside of eir. >> it would be hard the eir is certified in april i'd like to get more information before i make a decision hypothetically the decision it will be mitigation and two of those are approved and 6 not you can't take that package up i mean, i fear we'll start getting into well, we can't even talk about really the ones that maybe approved versus the ones that may not be approved weighing we'll dispredispose ourselves
3:00 am
i'd like to get more informed and think of the universe of possible action we could take. i think things like housing there is you know you could approve them and ask for themselves when taking housing off the marketed. >> commissioner richards and i like t it up and get information not a shock to us but fauld falls out of the eir so quite a few an orderly process to get more information and understand what we're dealing with would be with no decision but understanding great great idea. >> commissioner moore. >> just to restate commissioner hillis those are the 9 projects that currently don't have any tangible solution. >> i want to bifurcate and have one presentation on the other to dig deeper into the
3:01 am
other ones after the hearings they'll come together but i want two different hearings the approach to getting approvals or disapprovals are different one is the cu you know allowed under code but meet the cu thresholds others are not we want the board of supervisors to weigh in and kind of get a sense of their policy rational. >> the only suggestion i'll make the hearing on 9 proposed we have a hearing on all residential properties some are legalized if i can use that term but good to know the number of housing. >> director ram you would also reflect on the categories abc
3:02 am
but a broader framework how to look at them i'm really confront we can't just jump into that without being fully informed that is not what we'll do but to be well good to move into this. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. the commission will take a break a lunch break thank you. >> good afternoon welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, october 1, 2015, commissioners commissioners, we left off under our regular calendar the but first reprimand the members of the public to please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings.
3:03 am
it's diserupt and if you don't know how to silence them turn them off commissioners commissioners, we left off your regular calendar on item 12 valencia street a conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners doug with the department staff the project before you a request for a conditional use authorization for the proposed development at 1198 valencia street if includes the conversion of the gas station, demolition of the remaining improvements and construction of an approximately 73 thousand 55 hundred square feet mixed use building that fronts 23 street and santa fe avenue with 43 unions with 5 thousand pollute roof deck space and 5 thousand square feet plus
3:04 am
of retail space and 37 underground automobile parking and 52 bicycle parking spaces under those provisions for the variance for the projected this is seeking an rear yard you have this corner lot approximately 8 thousand plus square feet of usable open space on the first through third levels and the roof the building, however, the language was not included in the commissions agenda for today, the zoning administrator will consider this at his next regular hearing on october 28th so the 14 thousand plus square feet parcel was last used as a chevron gas station out of operation since 2007 the field dispensaries and ground tanks were removed in
3:05 am
2008, and the site is vacant located on northwest corner in the transit district from 14th street to cesar chavez prominently mixed use buildings with the commercial uses and upper story residential dwells the adjacent property is a third floor with commercial storefront and the property immediately to the south across 23 street is a 16 family dwell with with who commercial storefronts the city congests of mission campus that is on the subject block and the buena vista horseman school the properties hidden the proposed property along santa fe
3:06 am
avenue are vacant including apartments buildings you. >> since this report was published we've received 3 correspondences opposing it and the commission will be provided copies of those after analyzing the interacts of the project the department staff finds that is consistent with the planning code priority policies and the general plan the plaguing project respect the existing neighborhood character and an appropriate development that compliments the neighborhood pattern it replaces a gas station that with a mixed use development that provides 49 dwelling units that contain two or three bedroom it will not
3:07 am
displace tenants and provide 6 affordable units for ownership and the project will create ground floor commercial space with gracious ceiling height and a design is activates the portion of the valencia transit district the project will include landscape escape you would say and the project proposes the parking ratio the .75 spaces per dwelling units that is 37 spaces the maximum conditionally approved and finally contributes over $610,000 in impact fees to the eastern neighborhoods public benefit fund so based on those vkz and those described in our draft motion the staff recommends approval with conditions the project sponsor
3:08 am
is here and that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions project sponsor please. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioner president fong and commissioners i'm david silverman reuben, junius & rose work with the project sponsor j s sullivan like to take a moment to thank lou for his work as a result of the sponsorship evidences by the certified letters to the staff we've received and in our packets the signatures of supporter in the neighborhood as well as 7 letters written in support of project and a letter of support from the housing action coalition a central issue for the
3:09 am
residents of the mission wrarldz with regards to communication with regards to displacement we would like to highlight the project will be built on a vacated lot which is shown here it was formally used by a phil station closed 8 years ago if we could get the overhead thank you many local residents and businesses in the vicinity of the project welcome the investment this vacant lot its been primarily an eye score for the last year's and serves no purpose it is family oriented
3:10 am
with 53 units come pricing family housing this includes 23, one bedroom and 2, 3 bedroom units the project will eliminate 3 curve cuts that served the filing station and now on 23rd street all the parking is underground in summary this will improve the neighborhood and provided increased pedestrian activity resulting from the new retail businesses on have a seat street i'll to introduce you to nick from j s sullivan and the project architect thank you good morning, everyone. commissioners my name is nick i'm the project manager the j sullivan i'm
3:11 am
speaking on behalf of the project sponsor i wanted to start by give you a little bit of background the organizations name might seem new we're a third-generation irish run development company specializing in construction and new development over development and building experience dates to the 1960 a multi managed in house about 11 years ago j s sullivan is bringing the projects under one name you recognize projects by address an valencia street and sutter street and 15th and harrison street all were projects without a hiccup were acquired and titled built and sold under j organizations without changing
3:12 am
hands when 229 val street broke ground in 2010 noted as the first construction project under 10 units since the recession we're the commitment owner and building or builder in san francisco to find a completion a recognized by the action we have a long history of building in the mission from both sides of mission street we have built in the mission with the bmr units built onsite and analyzing how to leverage the city's density bonus for more affordable units in the city we've sensitive to the neighborhood where we build as well and have community outreach conducted the first meeting on october 2015 and the second outreach was attempted that involved reaching to
3:13 am
community members and merchant successors and the buena vista horace mann school additionally 3 highly organizations liberty hill and neighborhood association and meta and others neither liberty hill more meta choose to respond, however, i spoke to them as the length on- however, eric relied they're not supporting maneuvering projects and declined the meeting we have met with groups and after each noticing three to four responses were sent to me responded individually the time of the approval is mission at the highest and voted on the moratorium ted egans report
3:14 am
starbuck's talks about the mission it is that the mission is undergoing challenge and when trying to explain the theory behind tellings report his report says 5 thousand new residents are moving toe here but only 3 hundred units the mission needs more housing thank you and we'll having ask the architect to talk about the desi design. >> good afternoon is this working yes, sir. is it possible to get the laptop? >> laptop. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
3:15 am
commissioners my name is - i'm the principle of the local san francisco architecture firm and i'm the architect for this project at 1198 valencia street interest i want to bin by poitd our site plan and some of the obvious solutions we've arrived at we recognize this project a a 3 suicidesed lot and we recognize that val street is a commercial street with smaller scale residential storefronts 23rd street we consider somewhat of a transitional street it connects the corridors with the corridors to the east and west and santa fe street being more of a residential and smaller scale location
3:16 am
so our solution was to maintain the street wall that is existing along 23rd and valencia street so we created our building as a l-shaped that is opening up to the northwest with a curt that allows us bankruptcy green space towards the view of our residential areas luke if a view that is descriptive of corner of 23rd street and valencia here as you can see the articulation of the building and some of the material pallet we've chosen to employ we did part of our design goal to create a distinction within between the have the level and the levels above the commercial level while it has its own material itself
3:17 am
there's an articulation distinct the commercial level and the residential levels above to create what we consider a unified composition so look at closer at the materiality we've chosen we're looking for the storefronts area wear looking at a strong pallet of materials that strengthens the ability and also a sense of detail we're using board form to concrete for the bulk of the storefront that is interconnecting with the glazed brick unit and the scale to align with the traditional convenient legislature of the small boutique storefronts but also with a sense of contemporary design some of the other materials we're employing a natural workload veneer panel this is
3:18 am
posing a sense ever warm accounting and a contemporary approach to address the distinction between the residential level here as you can see in aging a little bit more approach in the street frontage along valencia this is focusing on the activation of the streets we've made an effort to provide continuous street form along val valencia with small-scale retail spaces and the residential entry we've avoid putting street storm drains along the building as we go around the corner of 23rd and santa fe but highlight specifically the 23rd streets faced building i recently mentioned there was a
3:19 am
transitional opportunities here we'll transition from the commercial street frontage to a more residential consultant we've pay attention to taking this language we've created open at valencia street side continuing it to create a i think if i had compositions for the building, however, it introduces new elements that respond specifically to the residential character of 23rd and santa fe i should point out the particular emphasis on the corner we think of the corners as an important feature on the corner lots and went ahead to make the move to that expresses that corner detail and continuing around the building this is a view looking from santa fe street in this view you can see the scale of the building starts to incorporate the scale that is of the context of the neighborhood
3:20 am
here we have a series of ground floor residential units and they're all assessable from the streets and the sense of like townhome type of units in addition, we have a unique feature to this project in the court we create the open space for the residential units have the capability to experience and a flow through planter part of the mitigation measure it creates an area for robust landscaping to dovetail here's a view looking at or looking at from the residential level looking towards santa fe street and looking through our residential court with the nature of the flow through planter an opportunity to provide robust landscaping and an opportunity for the
3:21 am
residents of the building to interact with the open space including elevations in the presentation to give you a sense of both technologies in the design one of the original oversees of both technical came in into a notation of mosaic type of art work we were thinking of cut paper art and done a subtle translation using the windows that change. >> their orientation as they go verizon up the building and is akin to the idea of folded and unfolded motif of administration this is the rhythm catered
3:22 am
around 23rd street side of building we've minimized our garage entry and continued the architecture vocabulary and language on the uphill side of the street santa fe on the left this is what we transition into our residential unit and worth noting we have two types of transitioned that occur one a vertical and 1 along the street level on the street level with the residential units we've assailant the residential intridz to create a buffer between the public and private realm to give an opportunity for the residents of the ground floor units to create some distinction with our unit with landscaping the vertical transition we've approached has an element dissolving where we have balconies at the top and here as you can see the santa fe
3:23 am
elevation is the flow through planter revealed and the sense of scale reduces towards the san francisco santa fe side thank you, again, for the prediction and i have materials to show if someone is interested >> okay. thank you opening it up for public comment a few speaker cards jackie if i call you can come up in any order. >> i'm jackie and i'm with plaza 16 coalition
3:24 am
i want to speak against this project firstly, the eir for this project has expired the eir was prepared for public review and comment at a public housing on august 7, 2030, and certified as being in compliance with ceqa but the developer is using the exception under ceqa section 14183 from actually conducting a further review an up to date eir also the promotions environmental analysis was incomplete it didn't include a biological report and has an potential environmental impact so transforming an old application gas station into a residential development is wrong when chevron was on the site
3:25 am
they stored tanks of petroleum in a single level of steelmaking of susceptible to wlaekz there's an incredible amount of altercation of concentration and the leaking underground database maintained by the dpa this project is in part griffin by the $1.5 million that the developer will collect in the underground storage tank clean up fund how will that be determined from the soil is sufficiently cleaned up have samples been compared with the screening levels set up by the water board they've uses is a
3:26 am
dual phase extraction to remeet the soil and ground water the nature the pollutants influence the effectiveness of technology so there's no surveillance that the ground and the water have been sufficiently cleaned up the clean up process will also generate waste, noxious fumes and emissions and noise, explosions and dust so finally this project shouldn't be granted a conditional use authorization because it didn't comply with the requirement that that project will not be detrimental to health, safety and convenient or general welfare of people working and residing in this
3:27 am
area. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm sharon you don't care i'm going to speak against this project. >> the microphone. >> oh, yeah, i'm sharpen i'm going to speak against this project i'll say the architect did a very nice drawing the project but there are a lot of variances being requested for this project and it also did not fit into the whole environment of the mission and first of all, i'd like to ask the notice placed on the fence by the project it said 52 units with 39 parking spaces and today someone said 49 united with 6 affordable units
3:28 am
and from my understanding they'll be condos so they're not in the market for one thing now the variances they're asking for from what i understand a variance on shadow cast their going to do have overhang on the building over the sidewalk that's it actually shows it in the picture there also asking for a variance on the height and it is a 5 story building in an area where 4 i mean 5 in a area where 4 stories is the code and it looks like the floors the
3:29 am
units the height is a lot higher than a normal apartment building it looks like lost height and according to the drawings as you can see that that is deceptive as to how high it really is unless you're really good at math because even being 5 stories it looks a lot higher than that so those are a couple of the variances it is going to cause even more congestion in this area it is already totally congested it is xhejdz parking wise, it is congested traffic wise, i understand i heard earlier today the concept of future traffic and future driving how we probability will be changing
3:30 am
that but right now we have tons of traffic i won't go into the tech buses that drive through the neighborhood thank you. >> that was my notice; right? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is a lindsay i'm a small business owner located next door to where decree plan on building this new location wall flower a small vin intentional store above us two units i'm speaking against this project for a muscled of reasons number one being that someone else should go through other than a 5 story building obviously we're past anything
3:31 am
but a condo and being a super bowl 50 i'm for retail space, however, this building alone will create so much shadow we'll loss the light in our store and blocking another windows we'll be boarding up a window you can't see in their plans and on top of there will be blocking foot traffic including myself to that street they shouldn't be allowed to have a 5 story building because the shadows it will be blocking light for a lot of people and mostly my case that's all i have to say about that. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello my name is leary ash i'm a local business owner across the street from the proposed project my business is
3:32 am
called the scarlet company in the mission for 20 years i recently purchased the business and bought it because the neighborhood is arriving an institution in some was and serves the communities serving the medical communities i'm against this project because of one of the shadow it will create on president's business alone out of the identity of the mission everything is victorian and above every level of building in the mission and only 3 stories high at least for equipped for city college that is 4 stories high that will you sixth block the sun in the afternoon and evening it is lovely for our customers i'd like to see it as a mixed
3:33 am
use public space concerned about the environmental impact certificate i don't know anyone that wants to live above an old gas station to be honest and having a mixed use space will benefit every single person in that neighborhood for that long and seeing the mission change dramatically we did a mixed use park space we'll benefit the residents and property values will got up and my concern it is not rental property noted fixing new housing crisis whatsoever and owned by people that potentially will not live there full-time another thing we're talking about molesters i understand it is going to potentially benefit one development company and they're going to leave and sell the condos isle i'll deal with that as a business owner and a mother
3:34 am
of two and have negative impacts in this district and stay a as a viable small business owner in san francisco. >> good afternoon. my name is a department of environmental health rick a residence of the anything's for 23 years lives on 23rd street for a good part ever that i've written something a statement that is a poetic statement and so it is geared towards the developments i've seen in the mission throwing up concrete slabs and glass repeating fraufrd micro decks the architect. gentrification can see a monodo retail space max security bring our auto and park it in the hole it took a year to dig because more cars more cars more cars
3:35 am
pro tem to rid the world the chance of something and less than what you hoped a bargained wire fence and empty space soon to be filed with more of the same a glad gather watch for something like the parks or small building that promise the equal future with the duty of the past that's two of to ask not enough money it will pass thank you. >> after that poetic enter lewd i'm part of quatro this is the kind of developments we've been fighting number one it is
3:36 am
oversized 5 stories that's the way too tall in our neighborhoods 3 at the max just because the eastern neighborhood plan that is updated needs to be done says it can go up 55 feet because it says so it is ridiculous don't high and these iepts i mean they'll maneuvering that means they'll be l units once again in the eastern neighborhood plan that's they say in their acknowledgement this is a transit first where why are we agreeinging having all those parking those people that buy the million dollars condos need a place to put their car transit fencing means in their first responders people with moderate income once again that is pay to play bake like the amend of art
3:37 am
this project does not need to go to this project should be for moderate income not the rich it is how much profit do they need i'm comes down to this when i see those projects people are making a lot of money well, they're from san francisco at least that money stays here we hope but really in the mission we need more truly affordable housing and the project is just too damn big anyway 5 stories the place next door is 3 stories around it, it is pretty much around everything that is pretty much 3 stories i only horrified by these anyway please reject
3:38 am
the plan thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm shannon bolt ann i'm small business owner i run any own dog walking company i lost work and i've chosen to spend four and a half hours i live at 11940 guerrero street two blocks away from the proposed development i had to walk by the site to find out it was a development and i think no notice that goes to show you how little this project about the community the fact it is purchased for sale luxury xondz with only 6 below-market-rate
3:39 am
units they're small units 3 of them or 1 bedroom and 2 are 3 bedroom and it focuses on the family sized units but not available to the lower-income families wear a renting community we need more renting stock if f doesn't pass in november i estimate about those units been short-term rentals and it is hard to believe any people will live in those units it is a great problem a problem for the cars as people mentioned there is less concern i personally would noting not be an opponent unless the units were for a building car share program one of the building planners points the democrat fwrafz of
3:40 am
the neighborhood has changed but focusing on lurk condo development in the neighborhood luckily i've lived there since 2009 i would not been able to move into my neighborhood today, i'm lucky to live in a rent-controlled building and let's see what else so there's a no, no neighborhood outreach and i'm really, really occurs about what part of the architecture of that building resonates with the style of the neighborhood already they're using brick while seismically unsound neighborhood virtual no wood in the neighborhood but i'm interested to hear that this is another 38 delores a hideous hid i didn't say building on market street and taylor's i encourage the developers to look at 1 and
3:41 am
delores there's a lovely buildi into the neighborhood and provides motor income housing. >> thank you and happy birthday. >> tim and donald. >> we have a motion and a second come on up simon's a peter corey i live half that block away from the proposed development i've been in came back and in couple touch with the developers since last october you'll see speak the feedback in the packets and in playground or large parts responsive to my thoughts and concerns i'm larger for the project neglected to mention that will access third street
3:42 am
has people living there and doors only sfo's it will be good for the neighborhoods one point they've addressed to a certain extent is looking to the diversity of housing it is a family living in the neighborhoods it would be nice to have less one and two bedroom spaces and more 3 bedrooms that accommodate some additional families from the neighborhood they've added 3 bedrooms i'd like to see more in the space so all of my comments with essentially in support a few design changes i'd like to see i went looking on valencia street loot new building i'm not impressed i find this older
3:43 am
building on the corner of valencia and started it to look at one of the things that really nice about that building is detail a lot of detail that is missing from the new development in here i've talked with the gentleman here they've made some changes i'd like to see more changes one of the other pieces i've also noted is the differentiation along valencia street is it so flat and auditorium a lot of it seems to look the same and honestly i'd like something more punchy and more interesting and not just sort playing to the lottery common denominators if you look at the storefront their
3:44 am
differentiateed and have ways on this space their tile space, there is this molding space around the different storefronts that allows the storefronts to express their own unique character i'd like to see some of those design elements incorporated into the building so the storefront can be differentiated and allow the building to stand out in large. >> your time is up thank you, sir. >> thank you. next speaker, please thank you. good afternoon. i'm mar, i have two main concerns of the proposal for valencia the first is the design of the building and how to fits in with the street character it is 5 stories is it so really going to be looming over the
3:45 am
street it is much good high a if you speakers pouted the two intersections are 3 stories and the school is one story perhaps the 5 floor should be eliminated or a 10 or 15 foot setback from the other new development on valencia street the projects on 8th street and 19th street and others have a creative setback on the top floor and the valencia street is hundred and 20 feet that is much wider than any of the building on valencia street and the repetition of the plate glass windows and the column i think would be improved by adding
3:46 am
details is not the same rigid form any second concern has nothing to do with has to do with with the him character of the mixtures this is great to say e.r. see that there are affordable units hardly enough to see people get affordable housing you heard the report earlier today about the affordable housing available in the city there was not very encouraging the time for below grade units is now per the time for more affordable housing in san francisco is today i'd like to see more affordable units in this development thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners tim costing on
3:47 am
behalf of the san francisco housing coalition that was brought before the review committee in december our members support that and like many things i'll say saw essay is provides a forum of a gas station comes up to be put into different units we provide a forum for people to say it is terrible after vacated for 8 years it is doing something beneficial for the neighborhood right now this process is difficult i'll say that i'd like remind you it complies with the eastern neighborhood area plan something as you planning commission said those are the rules that should be followed it is something we've adopted after 10 years of discussion and hundreds of communities meetings we would look to you to defend
3:48 am
the integrity of the eastern neighborhood plan that is a very good project for this area it fits in entirely beyond the site affordability we don't supports cu and ask for a little bit less bicycle parking on the question of affordability this displacement and hockey's is brutal and real the idea that new housing is somehow worsening that is staring the reasons arguments are starting to sound like unhinged the housing the challenges we are facing other than my side of town prices are exceeding we don't build anything we had a chance on one of the preemptor bike corridor in a great neighborhood on a
3:49 am
site that was vacant since when to do something that improves the neighborhood and activates 3 sides of lot that is a great project and no civic purpose served by holding that up any longer you should approve you that. >> good afternoon donald here i'm surprised that people exclaimed about the codes and this building is compliance with back in the day with gavin newsom and he was involved from the eastern neighborhoods plan yet 24 and they enforce them today, i want to point out to the commissioners that the beautifying of buena vista school is 4 stores high. >> kitty corner in the block
3:50 am
lot that cantonese the gas station in reviewing i want to personally see more affordable units possible up to 10 either studios and maybe 3 bedrooms but i'm surprised that business owners locally are opposing that it activates the block and adds more customers to the local businesses here on the busy intersection and i think would really highlight and enhance the neighborhood liveability scale and walking scale that is really a well-thought-out project that is completely compliant with the neighborhood plan thank you. i'm supportive. >> is there any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> i think this is a very good project does all the things in the eardrums even though in the
3:51 am
valencia one speaker early on that wrought up concerns about the environmental elevation it was in line but tells you more. >> that's correct i can't speak for environment planning staff the project went through the typical amount of environmental review and upon analyze it was found it project is consistent that the eir that was adopted for the eastern neighborhoods and in addition to that you know the department which you have a copy prepared a community plan exception that articulates why the project that consistent with that document. >> and any concerns about remediation for the tanks that may have already been done they have to meeting met a standard
3:52 am
and it has to be clean. >> absolutely it is a statewide national concern the project has to meet the substance control standards and a proper level for the residential development. >> thank you yeah. it is a good project i think that it is particularly good it is for sale a shortage in particular of condominium units and there are younger people today that work hard and save their money able to buy condominiums and a step towards a single-family home in the future it is on this going to drive them both trying to buy some of the other existing shock and cause that to be a bidding war this is ownership in a city that is had a has a shortage of ownership only 1/3rd of unit is
3:53 am
a great step in my estimation they do a lot of good thing the height is appropriate on a corner with 3 streets and i do share some of the suggestions that were made by one of the speakers we might try to see if we can institute more 3 bedroom unions not sure of the numbers but certainly at the expense of ones we could side an prevail up to 49 units but make that contingent or have finding are conditions that might ask for different distribution of units we'll have to work out architecturally i'm sure on the parking effort man spoke in favor of the higher concerns of
3:54 am
the teachers and others not finding park in the area he could be repetitive to a slightly lower lower - to a few car share does this project have any car share. >> maybe if we took away you a two or three of the dedicated categorizing but i'll leave it to the other commissioners to make suggestions but slightly less would be okay and then detailing i think the architecture is very nice but i think that any kind of detailing to differentiate the storefront is very important and using as many different tools as we can to make them look like separate storefronts everybody talked about the retail spaces we had a
3:55 am
huge discussion on valencia street in regards to a medical facility and it took many, many continuous either continuances and this project is building when what we tried to approve 5 small formula retail so it make sense to me i think the architecture is good i think there's been plenty of noticing i mean we have certified mail pits b that's been sent to the people mentioned earlier and they did receive that so i think it is a good project and it is going to generate about 7 hundred thousand in fees and so it's a local builder part of the san francisco scene for 3 generations from the ted egon report new market rate housing tends to lower prices of existing hours in the area that
3:56 am
is finding and he's got a lot of good parts of his report that subsequent that and this demand remains whether you build the housing or not i'm very much in favor small modifications of the plan but a good one. >> commissioner richards. >> i guess maybe staff could go through the health emotion i'm trying to coffer some of the issues the neighborhood raised exactly what needs to be done is interest a concern. >> a high-level process of review. >> good afternoon, commissioners sarah jones environmental review officer are you specifically asking about points hazardous materials litigation yes this is a sites prior to the changes to the ordinance that came through about two years ago or so this site would have had mitigation
3:57 am
measures applied by the ceqa process we went and essentially what those mediations measures worked through the department of public health to do a site mitigation plan to make sure that the soils were number one excavated in a manner not creating health hazard for workers or residents around the site and number two the site could you equaling cleaned up handed obey the duplicate we respect through the process of adjusting the ordinance through the board of supervisors process and that is now required through ordinance as part of building permit process it didn't need to be a separate mitigation under
3:58 am
ceqa. >> to the best of your knowledge that's been accomplished. >> i i don't remember the details but, yes they should be working through the department of public health have done the phase one analysis and measures identified that will be needed to be done, however, the project sponsor can give you a better sense of the status. >> project sponsor please. >> yes. thank you, commissioner two things the department of public health has approved the clean up plan that is ready for final sign off number and 2 this is excavated this part of project for the parking level so the aside from the clean up the soil will not be there. >> thank you. i guess staff mr. wu describe the notification
3:59 am
process. >> so this project like any other large project followed all the requirement innovations that are identified you know in our code before a submittal of the entitlement last year the project manager was required to have a preapplication meeting that constituent property owners in front of and behind and all the neighborhood successors in that area and for this particular project didn't have been that preapplication meeting was conducted and depth on october 20th of last year. >> commissioner richards the woman that spoke lives two blocks away that is outside of the case. >> thank you very much i'm supportive of the project it is on a vacant lot it is i would consider it light seeing the foitsdz and like the retail
4:00 am
spaces having those defined the project sponsor didn't have an issue with that two we discussed housing pretty much every meeting the best kind of affordable housing for people air in and i'm arguing with commissioner antonini if there is more people trying to move into the mission than the housing my numbers are scare writingy hopefully those people will not displace someone in an apartment that is rent-controlled that is actually adding to the solution rather than causing more problems i guess to the project sponsor have you considered any other legally available avenues to increase what is coming up down the pike. >> we're analyzing the density boys and girls for future projects i think that now that the project it has gone through
4:01 am
the environmental impact they'll e have to going to them. >> is that ineligible in the planned area. >> the way the density bonus program the legislation was introduced too days ago the plan areas have no limit on the density. >> thank you. i on the too the folks the business owners i'm a neighborhood guy i like to listen to concerns about construction and noise that will be mitigated as best from the developers point of view i do arguing wag one of the speakers having more people across the street invite for customers for businesses rather than the other way around i have a hard time to figure out how that works there is a shadow issue raised a
4:02 am
significant shadow here? >> department staff as part of our review process the staff conducted a shadow research 55 feet is compliant with the planning code was casting shadows on property in the jurisdiction of the rec and park department and there was not to be so - >> eject thank you. >> i thought see one of the questions for the staff or the attorney if prop i passes will this building not with a building permit be covered from the proposition we'll be voted on in november. >> commissioner kate stacey if the city attorney's office we don't give advise on proposition before passed or enacted i can't advise. >> i agree with commissioner antonini as well as even sf hawking some of the
4:03 am
neighborhoods the parking ratios are too high we're in t for transportation district the track zero show 57 percent of people in that track building and park own vehicles you're causing what i consider a negative devugs illustration on the flub of vehicles 27 percent need to work through the consensus so i'll support the project with a reduced park ratio and a lot of loving to have the project sponsor any comments on that. >> thank you, commissioner i understand where you're coming from i think that the project probably could for a point of
4:04 am
ratio rather than a .4575 from 37 to 29. >> so the amount above the .5 which is what is principally permitted one space that is a bmr parking space and 3 maneuvering a net loss of 3 parking spaces. >> no additional car car share. >> not required would you offer them. >> in addition to this. >> no assault. >> we could put many a car share. >> okay i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i think this is a extraordinarily well-designed project i think that does a lot more than any of the other projects of this size i've seen in recent past what really amazes me this
4:05 am
project other than most other asked for a 4 unit unit it is a strong point by not asking for it it has the ability to transition to san jose so the ability to also deal with different facades with a prominent building phase is a wonderful way of making this project look more interesting then renewally striving the facades we often finds ourselves with projects of similar size it transitioned the corner in an interesting way one of the strengths it looks residential is it partially because of the way the windows are residential
4:06 am
when you listen to the presentation you discover more and more about it's richness in response to be thoughtful of architecture i appreciate the open space and how to transitions to a lower units and santa fe santa fe street the detail is what we want as a invitation i don't think we can demand it to be rented only as small increments but design it that way we're giving it basically a full acknowledgement this is done successfully in contrast to who commissioner antonini touched on with that
4:07 am
rather painful discussion of another design this is delivering what we asked for another point i'd like to make is that i think the massing is good i that that the material choice is really sensitive and has enough richness and variability and overall i like to move we approve. >> second. >> commissioner hillis. >> so i just want to you agree with most everything agree the massing works and people talked about it being out the scale you walk up valencia and guerrero and see 4 stories buildings on lots it is this make sense two corner lot it as santa fe and valencia i agree with commissioner moore i like the way it steps down on santa fe to
4:08 am
react to the compensation he works well, i will echo commissioner richards about the retailing rail i'd like to have 5 retail spaces than before someone can come back and merger those spaces we're not getting what we asked for over and over shown i think that is important to have this kind of smaller sail so i think this is a good project and works well and it is well-designed and i'll also port a reduction in the parking. >> is that an amendment to the motion. >> sure. >> to recognize the 5 separate retail spaces and .6 that concludes my remarks to one ratio. >> that's part of motion. >> second. >> thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you yeah, so i thought strongly
4:09 am
about invoking our mission policy that is a building on a gas station there is nothing there so you want open space i heard someone in the same statement say they want open space and question why someone lives a lot of above a gas station and controls for gas stations i'm not sure i'm concerned but i want to it sounds like we have a motion to support i want to say throwing a whenever this is one of the most used transit and bicycle corridors in the city this is a bike lane 2 to market street and i appreciate that there are 52 bike parking spaces but looking at the configuration of them and myself being a cyclist
4:10 am
i don't know how practical it seems i'll ask the project sponsor g quick why are the ground spaces in the floor and not the garage. >> you think generally planning in the past like to see the park on the ground floor oftentimes we've put in in the basement they requested it be moved to the ground floor it's a policy. >> i think the only other thing i'll say is that i've reilly seen the double stacked parking upgrade or workout usual setting yourself up to damage and families that use cargo bikes or
4:11 am
not strong enough to lift their bikes over other ones i don't want to think about that i think your set up for bike parking works those need to be partially in the garage and certainly not the double stacking that that works i know that we look like we first, i support lower parking but i could be supportive of higher parking if we condition the car share space i don't know if we can lower the parking and make those car share so. >> if i can share with the commission from the project sponsor will provide any additional car share spaces in a emotion to the amount considered accessory for the rest of the project. >> that sounds like good do we
4:12 am
want to condition the car share spaces like 3. >> that sounds good. >> adding 3 car share spaces and ask a difficult questions i'm get yelled at can you project sponsor come up and talk about why they consider rental or looking at the basil_hawkins with the city. i know they don't have to >> no, i spoke a little bit in the begriming about jay sullivan and their tradition of building they've been a condo builder in future projects we're looking to hold you know projects and potentially have them rental in the long term and unfortunately for this project that is the course we've decided to based on our history as -
4:13 am
>> the builder. >> okay. okay. >> yeah. there are different business models i'll ask the question about particularly as we have a quick comment particularly we have some tools coming before us and the density bonus is i think incumbent to ask harder questions in opposition is not considered condo versus the other i appreciate the motion change on the car share. >> commissioner antonini. >> no on the car share the 3 spaces i think we might ask that one of the 3 be used for one of the below grade units unusually their unbundled might not be and it might be not demand that it that blaufrt but offered can we
4:14 am
condition that. >> their car share for everyone. >> the car share are for everyone so actually but i assume that the car share b will be used for everybody so it would be shared by multi once i'll take that back the only thing i'll ask the developer is there a chance to refigure we on have two or three bedrooms; is that correct. >> what's your breakdown on units. >> as prepared 2, 3 bedroom units. >> i'd like to see a minimum of 34, 3 bedrooms that make ups the difference of fewer one bedrooms or reconfigureing. >> them. >> thank you, commissioner we'll go up to 4, 3 bedrooms.
4:15 am
>> let's go up to 4, 3 bedrooms the same numbers of two's and possible certainly fewer ones to make everything workout. >> as at maker of motion i'd like to ask we do not use our affordable unit count we're lower the number of total units we're effecting the outcome on affordable so this is if i may if we're within the prescribed percentages not want to put other conditions on this project but - >> we're going to keep it at 49. >> i believe there are well over the 49 mix but this change will in the reduce the number of affordable units. >> acceptable. >> so i'm sure we're increasing the number of 3 bedroom units
4:16 am
but by one. >> two we're increasing by two. >> two additional. >> two additional i just wanted to let the commission know that the accessory parking is based on the number of units the reduction in the total you number of units may have an impact on the conditionally number of parking spaces. >> we're not reducing staying at a 49 units. >> commissioner richards a question on the additional parking spaces i heard bmr units those are unbundled when you offer a parking space to a bmr units i units is it a bmr price how many
4:17 am
abuse. >> 16. >> can you have more units. >> 6 bmr units. >> i'm sorry. >> you're a developer bmr they typically have a higher demands for a car or not. >> well, that is my person experience as a inplanner we talk about the low income families are more - >> 3 car share spaces the building the what it is configured you're going into a private garage so 3 car share spaces based on our understanding how much usage a car gets per capital fauchld.
4:18 am
>> this project it seems like a lot it is more prohibited by the code. >> i'd be open to having those additional spaces. >> bmr. >> yeah. bmr. >> is that acceptable. >> thanks. >> so we are up to clarify we're up to thirty assessable and one of them has to be for a bmr and the car share on top of that. >> let me read that back. >> clarify. >> okay commissioners i have to motion that is seconded to approve that to include 5, 6, 7 separate retail spaces and
4:19 am
appoint a ratio with thirty acceptable spaces off-street spaces within one important bmr is that - >> and two car share. >> with one for bmr. >> one additional bmr two car share not 3. >> a partridge in the pair tree. >> then commissioners there is a motion that's been seconded to approval that with conditions as amended to include 5 separates. >> the 3 bedrooms. >> 5 separate retail spaces, parking ratio with the off-street spaces one 0 bmr mr. bmr and two car share spaces and 3 - >> the project sponsor urge again to have 3 bmr's you'll add 4 i heard you say your debating
4:20 am
4. >> at .6, 29 parking spaces 25 where manifest and 4 bmr and you wanted to add one additional one; correct. >> that's right, 5 explicit. >> 29 independent and 5 dedicated to bmr. >> correct we added one more space agreed to have it thirty. >> one more. >> that was the one more so we'll have 6 bmr units. >> 56. >> according to - >> 5 bmr spaces. >> with the .6 permitted for 4 of them bmr. >> commissioner richards requested one additional 5 and so a total off thirty independent parking spaces and two car share. >> so thirty independently so
4:21 am
thirty with 5 bmr spaces. >> uh-huh. >> two car share spaces. >> yes. >> we're all good on the parking not exactly a point of parking space ratio on that motion commissioners commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner wong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero commissioners that place you think us on item 13 for the showcase square a waterfront presentation. >> if i could have the power
4:22 am
point please the computer congresswoman and members the commission i'm wade department staff the purpose of today's hearing to presents growth with the showcase square and central waterfront neighborhood including the projects from the eir and within the eastern neighborhoods regarding the transportation and open space improvements and the status of that growth and the upcoming eastern neighborhoods report in summary the development in the pipeline within the growth projections in the eir significant infrastructure improvements are delivered by the time it is accompanied occupied in those two neighbors with that i'll provide a quick
4:23 am
overview of the description and the growth projections in relation a pipeline development and the environmental project in the eastern neighborhoods and i am sorry to matt department staff and julie sfmta staff to discussion the infrastructure x in relation to the growth in the eastern neighborhood minor report we have a lot of information to cover but try to work through did slides quickly so as public comment talked about the last project but directing your attention the 1990s and the mission selma and agreements were changing and seeing the conflicts where residential and office development began to expedite with the industrial uses it began in 2001 while building the neighborhoods based on several
4:24 am
years of technical analysis the eardrums plan was adapted in 2008, that contributions the industrial areas to mixed use zip codes to encourage housing the other half was a reserve for pdrs uses would be maintained without competing with offense development and up and down in various locations the eastern neighborhoods is a comprehensive program that presented an analysis of prelims of the plan as well as the impacts under 3 proposed alternative as far as they are concerned, the eir utilized the growth and height changes the apparently to analyze the physical and environmental impact associated with that for the environmental tops the growth it bans a soft site the
4:25 am
summaries regarding the potential for them to say developed in 2025 and not the rezoning that will be created feeling or united airlines definitely we remember using the ceqa process considering whether it was covered from the eir not necessarily the plan this table illustrates those projections from the eir the eir tables included projection 210 west between the year 2000 and 2020 the year 2000 provides the scenarios so for the parcels effected not projected total from the year 2000 therefore estimates the projected growth are not including the parcels recently vemdz or had projects in the pipeline those are
4:26 am
included from the separate tables in the internal revenue those slides illustrate the growth he estimating the eir have not exceeded the future development that are relied on the rezoning from the eir additionally much of the growth in the pipeline has not been betsy carmichael and operational so those slides will focus on showcase square and potrero hill as you may know when the plan was adapted no 2008 it coincideed with the recession therefore the development activity if 2009 to 2012 was fairly limited this slide illustrates that some developments completed over the past couple of years in the neighborhoods overall no, not a lot of growth starting next year some of the larger developments are expected to come online with the largest
4:27 am
number of units in 2021 those slides are estimates from staff those estimates could be online earlier or later or not at all those projects are not issued briments this is estimates if 2015 i apologize for the people that don't have the slides they're hard to see in 20174 hundred units anticipated 2018 i think it might be one project 455 units and 2020 about 5 hundred units and then 2021 in total approximately 29 units of non-residential pdrs space are operational by 2021 along with 8
4:28 am
hydrothousand square feet of pdrs those were within the projections anticipated in the eir you may notice those numbers in the central waterfront are different than the pipeline report those figures represent projects with 10 units or larger and excluded the hope sf that is a stand alone eir not relying on the impacts from the eastern neighborhood eir and includes substantial over and above eastern neighborhoods eir move on on to the central waterfront a few more developments in the last couple of years than have occurred in potrero hill either the majority of growth is not expected online until 2018 or later so that next
4:29 am
slide is estimates for years 2016-2017 about two hundred units 2018, 8 hundred units, 2019, 2 hundred and by 2021 approximately total between that and that period approximately 17 hundred units and slight loss of non-residential pdrs use and about 3 hundred thousand square feet of loss of pdr again those projects are within those anticipated in the eir for the projects if eastern neighborhoods we first identified whether the project needs the density of the area plan that is through a determination by current and citywide planning department staff from the project meets the
4:30 am
density we conduct the environmental analysis to dorm if there are new impacts not anticipated in the eir a communities plan exception does not in a gait the needs for the study. >> furthermore for example, the air quality is updated air quality changes if new impacts are identified for the 90116th street you've hear we've got a environmental impact report if no impacts we'll issues the planning exemption in the project is adapted any mitigation 34urs from the ooirmz eir are adapted as conditions of approval that was a lot of information i'll be happy to answer any questions and i'm
4:31 am
going to turn it over to matt schneider and followed by julia for the remainder of the presentation. >> good afternoon commissioners matt commissioner president dwight department staff i'm touch upon some how we're going in terms of open space in the two neighbors but first of all, i want to back up and give a jeopardy overview of what the implementation plan had been for the eastern neighborhood or say so when the city adapted the eastern neighborhood plan staff reduced the implementation document or community benefits plan that pit forth the infrastructure needs for the new growths the central to this plan was the introduction of impact fees, however, i should say that the implementation document was largely pragmatic in its scope instead of for example, saying that as park needs to go in this exact parcel it that that we
4:32 am
were going to look to do one brand new park in each the 4 neighbors and a rehabilitation of an existing park or something commemorate to that so also structural to implementing that the implementation documents created the ssi to help to staff implement the implement the eastern neighborhoods plan but more specifically to help us program infrastructure projects as they came in so generally it was pragmatic because also a key truth of the matter this the plan the memorandum of understanding been the planning department one day and the sister implementing agency mta and dpw and rec and park to
4:33 am
identify some priority projects we've moved on first prior to others projects, in fact, required to spend 80 percent of impact fees on those projects prior to other projects i'll talk about what those projects are in the immediate area so for open space one of the priority projects was to do on south park plan for showcase square and staff went out to the community and identified 8 possible size in public way of right-of-way for a park and the cac did a process identified the dagget right-of-way as the best location for the park because there was a development have the opportunity to it that park you saw it maybe 3 weeks ago for approval that is being realized through an in kind agreements we're expecting that
4:34 am
to be open sometime in 2016 i mean, i'll touch on a park in each neighborhood that is occurring 17 and fulsome park outside of potrero is moving the rec and park is currently selecting a contractor for the park and expected completion in 2016 in showcase square sorry central waterfront you recently approved an in kind for dog patch art plaza at the dead end of 19th street this is not a full acre that will not take care of that requirement fofrmentdz inform or for the centralize waterfront but a start for getting going on the central waterfront the cracking were hearing from their
4:35 am
communities wanted to see modern in smaller chunks i responded to that we looked to rec and park staff their relationships with the friends of park groups to come up and identify some smaller projects we could get going on sooner in responded response to that we have franklin square we've funded this year and funded playground redistribution in jackson square and lighting for a trail a forget what we call it a safety school bus trail i should mention respond to that we created a grants through the community challenge grant program the community groups what apply for the in fact, the $0.49 funds and in fact, had our
4:36 am
first round announced last spring for eastern neighborhoods 4 projects within those neighborhoods that are moving forward through that neighborhoods and finally central waterfront technically not one of the identified priority in the mou we're putting a high priority eaten 22 street and moving forward opinion that quickly a sort of a lack of a connection of steep slope on the east side of coastline going down to dog patch a missing link a developer will provide a stair partially funded through an cuisine and the 22 street the main street of central waterfront and on top of we're also engaging with the central waterfront and the dog patch in creating a realm plan that is currently ongoing and i
4:37 am
think we're planning to have a plan completed in 2016 with that, i'm going to turn it over to julia with mta to walk interest the transit improvements in the area. >> good afternoon with me if you have questions at the end is also aerial what is our manager of capital financing analysis i'm - excited to be here to talk about the transit and transportation infrastructure that is in place to support this work i think we are in 0 a very strong position to develop and implement infrastructure in time in alignment what the development it is coming we have a strong plan walk us through the few minutes is in place to
4:38 am
verify that plan and the clearance needed for the work and much of the work is underway and in part under construction walk us through through the capital investments and through it the service investment on the capital does the kind of showpiece the 16th street investment it is a pretty streets project that will committed protected transit lanes as well as streetscape improvements and include peach investments we expect there's pedestrian crossings for example, and at key intersections that includes new traffic signals to facilitate that we've done a lot of work to have a design that provide save transit service and meeting the
4:39 am
needs of the community that is a graphic of what the property project will look like as recommended by staff it is a brt project with a twists headings in the east bay r eastbound project in the middle of the street a lot of the car traffic will be thank you for the opportunity right button potrero hill neighborhood and resistance bog down a turning lane and in the westbound they didn't want to see those blocked but getting in project in place is critical as this area begins to grow and change and while this prong mass been on the book for many years within the last 18 months saw the champ how the electrical 22
4:40 am
going to cross the electrical caltrans that is something that caltrain solved went to china but that is moving forward and the preliminary engineering on the project is moving forward the things paint lake the dedicated lanes daylight savings time for pedestrian safety those are think on the ground by 2015 and the straight investments and extending the it 2 fillmore into mission bay will be completed by 2020 the second project that is in construction is potrero potrero is an example of a try complete streets project it is everything from water and sewer replacement work, to streetscape and repaving led by dpw and transit
4:41 am
investments and curve extension from mta recommended to related to that is the 11 street investments outside of the project the local, state, and federal street project will help to enhance the transit reliability in place in construction on potrero like buses don't have to pull in and out of traffic and more room for shelter and shorter crossing distances for pedestrians the largest investment is clearly the central that will be in place by 2019 but many of the cars that are coming the extra cars will start rolling ♪ 2015 an opportunity to increase
4:42 am
service along third street as early as 2017 and then finally the last capital project i want to talk about caltrain that is a ripening significant and will sixth benefit this area and combined with shorter travel time and commute services that's the capital pieces and then the service piece we're rudolph the mta board approved a 12 percent services increase in 201410 percent what was included in the two year bucket the remaining 2 percent will be considered in the next 2 year budget this week we increased service on the nine rapid by almost thirty percent it is a neat
4:43 am
project what we did was we took the outer ends of the nine line that starts at the second to none daily public housing and linked that with the rapid stops folks traveling from visitacion valley have a quirk trip and potrero and 11 street have a limited service we added a rapid stop and went from 6 buses an hour to san francisco general so 14 buses an hour pursue the one of the first major investments in potrero hill which i started working on muni issues in 2007 potrero hill was one of the only neighborhoods not having direct ceasing access to do you only we extended the t line at the end of 2009 and a victim of its own
4:44 am
success putting more service in november of 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to monitored making that an outline night and sflipd in peak service business this spring from 20 minutes to 15 minute services all day and our goal is in the next fiscal year buckled to get to 10 minute services on this line the 11 downtown connector is a new route we were thinking the downtown connector would link up with fulsome street heading into the mission we've been doing with rincon hill we're recommending that route extend into mission bay we are culturally looking through opening statements where that
4:45 am
route terms there is interest in potrero hill bringing the 11 proposal across potrero hill ear currently evaluating as part of central subway in/13 increases substantially sailed that will begin as early as 2015 when is railway cars come but when it is rudolph there will be 7 it 8 minute peek service if you're 20 street and south three or four minute services in mission bay north in context is 7 or 8 minute service is on the n judah so even the long line of third is going to have the tape service in the city
4:46 am
the 22 fillmore both mission bay is a project that will be realized as we complete the capital work we are also as a gap measure have started the 65, 16th street that given if january of 2015 really at the i would say based on the guidance and leadership of the cac we know the capital project will take longer let's put something on the ground quickly it will be mr. plays until the 22 is extended so this is kind of how that pulls together this last map shows the capital together i know you guys have a long day if 31 any questions at the end i will will of want to briefly call complimenting the project
4:47 am
is a bicycle structure moving towards the vision zero goal and in anticipation of the growth and the there's activity in this area a lot of the early vchls have been been mr. place day lighting and the major corridors like potrero and 16th street street including the herb extension that shortens distances and escaping and potrero will be an enhanced bicycle lanes on potrero and also in part to accommodate the transit on 16th street we'll be moving the bike lines aliens to a high quality facility on 17ed street a lot of investments
4:48 am
underway in the transportation arena this is environmentally cleared and will be on the ground within the timeframe wade walked you through with the development >> okay. thank you very much very quickly mention on top of the 5 year monitoring to you in the ends of this fiscal year in june because of all the interest people are is in the eastern neighborhoods staff is taking it seriously the cac is taking it seriously they have assembled a you know what i mean to work with staff to a lot beyond the administrative code so this is more day than required at the end there is a thorough carefully thought-out set of sedate you and other decision-makers can tweak as you see fit i'll be happy to answer any questions.
4:49 am
>> thank you. >> okay opening it up for public comment there is one card tony kelly. >> jonas any more cards. >> i have something for the overheads and handouts please. can we get something up on the overhead please. i'd like to share documents that help with the discussion on this
4:50 am
situation that is so upgrade for us on quatro table cr-2 is the responses to the section in the eastern neighborhoods planning eir note the year 2000 baseline that is receipt on table 35 and consistently throughout the planned eir to take a projection for the entire 2020 period and compare it to a portion the development that occurred during the same period as a planning department has done is a apples and oranges comparison i want to direct your attention to the column this is what when was approved by the board on august 7, 2008, we've been looking at option the preferred project that should be considered in terms of max out the piecemeal secondly, several pages from the 2010 skulking
4:51 am
potrero hill monitoring report from 2006 the ends of 2010 and notes the plan comboilgsz 7 hundred additional units it mentioned the range of affordable with the dwellings differentials to talk about the fabric and the infrastructure improvements for the support of further development on page 28 the table it includes the major project twjz twnz 2007 and 2008 the units were included under the area plan they certainly should be considered now financially i've given you a list of projects if 2000 to 2015 the total units in this timeframe amazes to 4 thousand and 5 you can do an apples to
4:52 am
apples comparison with the preferred projects of 2 thousand plus units it is really discouraging so have those numbers ignored please take the time to ask questions and please make sure the promises to the eastern neighborhoods are kept thank you. >> hello commissioners tony kelly vice president the boosters and 3 minutes is not enough first, i'm surprised there was no discussion of design issues as you may know we have a lot of buildings with borrowing inimaginative designs we talked about how to move those standards that this is a not happened we need to consider that and improve the standards so the next wife wave of projects don't look the same
4:53 am
first 2000 is not the baseline for the eir what is there are dozens of sites in the eastern neighborhoods eir there are no sites of data to the baseline nun presented today and none in the eir your consultants that did the neighborhood needs and nexus study for the impact fees had to create the baseline in 2006 for their reduced assessment of neighborhood needs no data from planning. >> bob: or minor it ises transported more on that in a moment the specific project that was approved the cap of 3 hundred 80 unions including the impacts you can't pivot and speaking ever convenience less look at 2016 projection this was completed in 2016 the triangle
4:54 am
is 4 hundred and 70 units 2 henry adams i don't see brab in showcase square it is close to 13 hundred the number is 369 you have to question this presentation if you can't get the math right on your maps and ultimately well, no one more page 2021 those projects coming to you in the next few months in a way the reports is unfair as a commission you have to pronounce the case and for the purposes those take 6 years to build and ultimately the c ph is cooking the books have to take a higher number for the projects that are built to keep the eir viable and for the infrastructure you need to take the studies in the neighborhood that is in 2007
4:55 am
they reduced it a longer alternative and planning takes to further this one park per neighborhood it is full acres in the potrero hill and reduces it and get to the reduced impact fees and to 9 financing that was removed from the when i city improved the plan northbound 2008 that is the infrastructure that we are getting and paying for in the eastern neighborhoods plan so the facts on the ground don't match the report you just heard. >> thank you commissioners president of the potrero hill behaviors i'll start out taushg the transmitted mr. larkin that was presented and you know unfortunately, that transit planning and it's corresponds with the eastern neighborhood is
4:56 am
an accident not a function the plan a lot of these are same things through the t e p those are based on the strengthening transit and based on data prior to when the eastern neighborhoods plan was present it can help it's necessary but not sufficient to accommodate the increased population that was noted considered had those routes were plans and the same with the changes to service mission bay and the subway they are not mitigations for the increase of the population analyst it if you look at the list they're necessary they don't necessarily represent the increase in services for example, the 33 from the 22 where the 22 goes over the hill right now the 22 is a 8 minute every 8 minute line the 33 that will the increased to every 12 minute line that is not an
4:57 am
apples to apples it is a willful decrease in transit service to the hill it is the central subway wants to have a loop that has it southernmost stop at mission bay it another example how wild ultimately those transit plans are not designed to accommodate the eastern neighborhoods that loop will be further south people will be if it were designed to accommodate that population it is nice to hear the 11 plan p is getting a lake where why the 11 can go be useful it will be routed the densest population will be added to the eastern neighborhoods and where that will be at by other projects not in the eastern neighborhoods pleading pier 70 it is a environmental connection we'll need in order to make sure that
4:58 am
people can move around the maps you have in front of are flat they show things that are four dimensional think 17 street from 161017 is not two lines the 22 and the 55 are not running together they switch to the 22 you look at this and sees that are not there necessary but not sufficient look we can back away and divisible he quickly about the numbers but the in the matter if we're there a year from now we need a plan to get the mitigations together thank you, sir, your time is up.
4:59 am
>> my name is richard i live on potrero hill lived interest for 50 years won't repeat comments but i'd like to call outs. >> couple of things one of the things that is quite disturbing is as a resident the plan calls for new development to blends in with the existing neighborhoods we're getting at the bottom of the hill are monster ininteresting boxes they don't have much architecture merit and not to mention the scale and density of the what is coming by way of population the other things i take odds with with the limitation on parking i understand how that make sense for downtown office buildings to limit park because it encourages people to commute and most
5:00 am
people living in the city have a car and needs a place to put in the project next on the agenda they estimate there will will be still a demands of if 3 leonardo da vinci and 4 hundred plus parking spaces my question what mitigation can be for that we don't have any more spaces that is an issue that should be addressed i'm happy that the plans getting another look before you we're destroying what we're trying to save thank you. >> good afternoon. i live on potrero hill one points issue they didn't the pier addressed congestion remediation and a how
5:01 am
it fits within the eastern neighborhood plan traffic studies currently there are two areas of congestion which are very notable and boredom bothersome going along 16th street with this assume traffic in mission bay further west around there is a line of traffic for a mile the other areas traffic are into 6th street 7th street and mississippi into the 280 those are both areas that were recognized as needing emotion the traffic study as presented is i think complete and explicit
5:02 am
the emotion promoted will manage to hide the effects rather than remediate them and traffic is estimated impacts are estimated this congestion and details in 17 sections one of them mariposa and pennsylvania and 2 on 16th street at rhode island and potrero these are the only places where traffic is estimated cumulative effects are estimated for the entire northern side of hill at the does not they're not going to capture the effects of traffic from new projects at the olds concourse this and 2 henry
5:03 am
adams future the remediation for example, for the 280 freeway is singletion it will on paper reduce the delay in the intersection but push the line of traffic away further into the hill and in effect what the scaled remediation does it sweeps traffic under the carpet since this cumulative impact studies was used for eir and every prong on the hill i irregular that that be looked again in a way that is more relevant to the - >> okay is there any public commen comment? not seeing any, public comment is closed.
5:04 am
>> commissioner antonini. >> i have a question for staff not sure it is the total projected number of units being built i'm looking what you gave us in the report and you had a total of 2899 units i guess that's the period of time from the present beginning in 2013 all the way through 2021 the grand total for potrero hill showcase square and is central waterfront came up for the same period of 1729 now, some of the speakers brought a graph that on the preference project it showed a total of potrero hill 3180 and central waterfront 2020 p are
5:05 am
numbers higher than what you're projecting i don't understand what the conflict is unless their claiming not units that are not all right built i don't get it what was that - >> so part ever that confusion and i tried to mention that in the presentation was the baseline year that in the eir and in second we evaluated the project in this case we're evaluated the impacts of the rezoning and the height changes so projects that were already prafldz approved between 2000 and 2008 were built between that era were not an impact the eastern neighborhoods zoning and height changes so i think that is part of confusion and understandably so the tables say
5:06 am
2000 in the eastern neighborhoods eir and so completely was parking lot correct not necessarily a good baseline to actually a good baseline year to illustrate in the eir. >> in an environmental impact report you manufactured the delta that is caused by the project not what's already there you have to have baseline and from there you measure the delta that's part of the reason i guess other comment was the timeframe was not accurate that more are getting built sooner than later that's conjectural that's my question i think that answers that i'll have to find out how many units were built and if it makes a difference in regards it the environmental impact report that measures the impacts in the future my other question probably
5:07 am
transportation question i recently met with a member of the bart board peer short-sighted i know you've got to do something only so much spice e spaces an 16 street and potrero avenue and have a bolder concept supervisor wiener suggested less plan for subways or something in its right-of-way you'll are cars competing with buses or light rail whatever you run on surface level i discussed with the bart's people which maybe kind of a piecemeal dream but your a they're talking about a second tube to run bart on the second tube in the vicinity that will be a great solution not
5:08 am
only for potrero hill but all those people from the pencil who trafdz through downtown san francisco when in their going to the airport are people from the east bay could by a pass that i want to see coordination between the augmentation to speak i'll add it with two points the first we are participating with bart and caltrain in a regional rail capacitate study led by mtc that's answering the questions you're asking what is the next generation ever major rail investments look like including additional transbay subway assess but a second way i'd like to answer that is that the vchltsz we're macon 16 street are the
5:09 am
artificial investment in the folks travel behavior getting folks to have an investment under massachusetts place helps to build that market for the future in corridors like stockton we're building the central subway 25 thousand people on the stockton buses a day helps to build the market that becomes central subway. >> i'm not saying not to side but look at the long view another area that complaisance to me that 7th street you could have a light rail maybe a bus that is a clean shot from the area discussing all the way to do you only and light rail you correct connect with the subway think market street that is another way they could get to the hill and get to downtown so,
5:10 am
anyway that is - the other thing i want to make sure you didn't mention the great change with caltrain i couldn't see how that will work very well if you don't get caltrain or 167 second street on a different level preferring caltrain i would think. >> so by 2020 the plan is to have an accolade crossing on impact on the 22 when the gates go down for the caltrain the 22 will need to wait ultimately if there is a great separation alternative the 22 will not have that impact. >> i think if you don't mind we weighing in this is an important issue when the high speed rail came in the mta and planning and
5:11 am
the environment authority and transportation authority sent letters to the high speed rail surviving that the city's position the train needs to go blow 16 for the train to be up and the train to go underneath that will be devastating to the neighborhood that will further dick anybody whether it will happy overview happen it is a question of timing not likely to happen when caltrain tick if i had. >> to make sure the train drops below grade and not the street. >> the blockage will be more one bus that will be everything that is moving on the street it is an important corridor becoming foresee with the growths in potrero hill and
5:12 am
mission bay and the mission district and it is on this real elevate shot from one to another i think we ought to have a bold prospective and try to get this right because 2021 contribution indication is a link ways away one greatest separation has to be that expensive let's see what we can do the other thing i'm mention with the mike the parking part about parking in the area i think we have to be really realistic about potrero hill the fact we have an area that prominently a lot of single families an area pa that has been away from any public transit for a long time and trying to get from there to most parts of city is hard and those
5:13 am
new lines you're putting in people's habits not going to change cars they'll use them you'll have to make plans as those develop to have a higher parking ratio they'll have cars it depends on the project there may be some they have larger unions and families we have to look at more favorably on keeping the impacts down on the streets okay. thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> there's a lot here to be honest a lot of work done by staff i appreciate that everybody and mr. schmidt and on the communities as well we get actually communications from others in the communities not here today and i guess kind of trying to get this together
5:14 am
in my head i understand why people are confused around the eir i get some of the things you've said about hayes but we're using baseline i want to see if you're open to this the environmental impact report staff meeting e meeting with the gentleman and the communities members and going over how they get the numbers how we so far over and understanding the discrepancy it depends on this this rumor it didn't serve anything we do and ma mark you send us something and ms. jones the communities please sit down and try to reconcile the numbers in terms of that whole
5:15 am
segregation of 2008 and rezoning it is kind of hitting me as i sit here we have projects built 2000 to 2008 before the baseline the question i have it what type of emotion e mitigation and dollars available for that 0 po that mitigation was covered after 2008 or the rezoning we have a remediation and is dollars available when you add do prior and after sdroelg was interest enough emotion in dollars to meet the issues they're facing i'm hearing from the neighborhood just not enough. >> impact fees for the eastern neighborhoods was adopted in 2009 so no impact fees prior to that those projects between 2000 and 2009 does not pay impact fees to the eastern
5:16 am
neighborhoods. >> so those projects built to the tune of whatever thousands but no money paid for mitigation the residents moved in but no money to make the improvements. >> the impact fees and area plan impact fees are new in rincon hill they've been around for 10 years and impact fees the d d i tsif that was expand they're not paying impact fees. >> that's a light bulb that went on here's what was built and needed here's what we have taking that pot of money and spread that over more units this is getting us in the binds you
5:17 am
want to comment. >> i actually want to add to what mr. schmidt said that the impact fees under the eastern neighborhoods a couple of things they're not mitigating any second impacts their fees that are tied to value recapture under little rezoning the second point the eastern neighborhoods plan the growth toibl to the eardrums is the growth that is attributable to the rezoning all the developments between 2000 and 2008 was allowed under he zoning at the time, no benefit conferred on those in the form of new zoning and up zone and also those went through individual environmental review and an analysis of their impacts
5:18 am
on and whatever mitigation was fitting and feasible and appropriate for the individual project impacts by the way, the eastern neighborhoods eir let's us apply applications i mitigations on a global level. >> 2000 and 2009 how much was built in terms of thousands of units or hundreds of units any guesstimate? >> we've been looking those numbers carefully so i think we have this information. >> i'm sorry so i hope he can have those notes i thought i included them. >> you might have if you have i apologize. >> i'll get them to you i think i'll have to a look them up. >> what would be a good look the capacity to do this we add things to people's list and
5:19 am
second related what the impact and charged fees and what were we charging fees apples to apples the impact for the demands was created we're not saying that went away but what do we to mitigate that will clear up the condominium conversion every time the neighborhoods gets up we're playing capture i'm not sure yes. i mean as part of the monitoring report last year you approved the nexus study that had ratios we applied backwards and seeing the levels of project and moving forward. >> that will be fantastic. >> if i can enter jetting the way to think about the eastern neighborhoods eir is that it looked at the impact creates by
5:20 am
the up zone so all projects in 2000 and 2008 projects like it could have gone forward anyways to the point it is looking at the change in the zone this change didn't happen until 2009 and not denying the fact that the 2009 impacts, of course, it did. >> the point of eir to look at the change to the zoning. >> i'm saying we have the eir and impacts we said that it is a piece prior not saying it is related but i'd like to understand that so i completely agree with you. >> another piece sorry to combraek in another piece of information that might be helpful the proportion the impact structure to the impact fees they require a lot more
5:21 am
then just the impact fees they're serving i know we can gather fees co-authored to the nexus and he feasible for new development that didn't pay for the entitles of it and serving people already there. >> exactly thank you. >> one thing that is powerful we have a very long and steep presentation but sector before the bus routes and strapts a way to overlay the population increase with the service level on the same slides per year hey, we're alexander this bus line and this is the demands and supply of amenities we're getting it is harrowed to take that year and try to add the other year 10 pages down it is disjointed that is powerful i guess one other question this is
5:22 am
coming up in into the mission and out here especially another project we'll hear an eir from the gentleman you have it? we got this handout last week called the urban u m u zoning is a total failure we say had it is distribute this when i talked about to the gentleman in marries he was telling me a grand bargain you take above a street is a pdrs and the featuring back to the transition zoning did that happen ♪ area >> that's exactly. >> 16th street. >> it wasn't that clean it was part of it what happened we took half the area zoned i think that
5:23 am
mr. schneider mentions that and said half of that should stay in pdr that didn't allow office and half that could be converted to mou that allows housing so the grafrndz compromise ken refers to say exactly that about half the industrial zoned land became pdr protective of pdr and half allowed mixed use. >> so one of the other questions thank you we see some snarlly numbers from 2000 so 2021 go back to the plan itself what is the adverse around the pdr and economy how did that negative 311 fit with the planned area we see an increase in the showcase square i guess potrero hill came only i
5:24 am
summary that office and does show what we gains if pdrs are we trading pdrs and pdrs is bottom of the hill residential whatever number he came up with how does that jive. >> we talk about that the zoning over the course was supported to - i can tell you it didn't require preservation of pdr is understood that part of the zoning that pdr will be going away with the building of mixed use i know for some people language in the general plan and some intention you could have a pdrs that co-exists with residential within that interrogation it is upsetting so much pdr is going
5:25 am
away and test whether. >> that will be great. >> completely you have anything further you said 3 minutes is not enough take another minute or two. >> i really want to hear from the communities. >> i'll keep is brief to point the attempts and the studies for the neighborhood needs needs. >> have a mandate under harrison in 2006 that you neatest to consider the cumulative impacts you're approving changing pdrs to residential and so this is why the development stops during that time to complete the plans the stopping up to hundred projects and commissioner antonini can tell you more about that that it was there as well so that's that's example 2006 was baseline because staff was trying tee present but you have to count the development between be 2006 today that was included
5:26 am
if the 2010 monitoring report you have in front of you not to calculate those number is uncomfortable with the eastern neighborhoods explains rejected as impacts and also it was considering a lower density of the development than that has happened one point specifically on that. >> okay. >> and i'm binging e beginning to lose any train of thought. >> you'll sit down with the staff for an analysis. >> yeah. >> discrepancy analysis and is monitoring report with the objectives will tie this up with a red bow and make sure the gentlemen get this into their discussion. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you, again staff for this just real quick in terms of
5:27 am
the number of units i'm not confused the eir is different than the eastern neighborhoods plan itself those numbers no discretionary only different than the mission staff did an adequate job and continue to have a meeting about it that will be helpful that would be great but not insure that is the discrepancy just real quick i want to echo one suggestion that commissioner richards made about sort of having an overlay map that would be confusing to have everything like the population too much but have transit like and large map and population that will be helpful as we look at newer projects the sort of say where it the project ethics commission to bubbles of global
5:28 am
or projection on the map. >> wade with the department staff those are great recommendation who sort of a would you like us to vice rise the slide. >> so, yeah. >> do that in the form of a memo. >> and put it in the monitoring report is that okay. >> yeah. reference in the future i'll focus on the transit i appreciate the folks if sfmta i was going to say? not a replacement for my asking for the joint meeting with the sfmta i appreciated the information certainly one of the reasons i want to echo commissioner richards request again, i maintain and other commissioners have of agreement in the past before i was on the commission one of the troubles with the eastern neighborhoods plan in
5:29 am
terms of extra is if not a master plan development right this projection of units you'll get overall in terms of of the impact fees as a result of the eardrums plan but necessarily not have the connection between when you get those fees and when the infrastructure hemispheres and where generally in the neighborhood that is a good thing fees statewide but we really have not had the ability to say if you stop building the services will increase over here this is the first i've been able to not reading it myself match up the pockets of developments we're seeing projects come in clumps and where we see these service and infrastructure improvements over time ; right? so i think those
5:30 am
conversations need to continue to have with the sfmta i want to echo commissioner antonini not just increasing the massive of the infrastructure we have about saying do we need new systems for the density we're creating commissioner antonini mentions a couple of great ones light rail and totally agree with and be doing the place on 19th a class for the intersection and potentially in subways maybe a long 16th street those are large conversation the commission should be looking at together only if once a year as we make land use decisions again, i appreciate the work and it is a good first step
5:31 am
so i will certainly be using - i kind of wanted to inpack and maybe today is not the time completely made comments about open space and how the plans started as something much larger and taking out because of the way of unpacking what is the impact the development not looking at the buyer population no matter how it got there because of growth generally speaking we came to a smaller level of open space at at this time i'd like to unpack today is not the day the first 50 decks so it is a lot of information and others we need to think about that and highlight that something other than transit thank you staff and looking at to the joint hearing with the sfmta and commissioner moore. >> thank you to staff for an
5:32 am
incredible comprehensive piece of work the one thing i'd like to ask that the condominium conversion with the prebaseline versus baseline gordon's be depicted in one map with one color for capture only get the impact fees since the baseline and eir meetings needs to be done exactly where the areas are for the central of our improvements would help us a great deal to be more inclusion and have specific questions regarding the open space predict i'm puzzled that jackson square the historic heart of open space in one part of potrero was not
5:33 am
mentioned that is a great open space with a wonderful center of great, great importance yet with significant dennis herrera efficiency for children need to sit on the floor because no chairs but we walked in under and the kids had a great time sitting on the floor not conducive to the kind of learning for the contemporary schools where kids sits on a school and write and for the park itself it is a great piece lacks kind of many of the amenities particularly so over programmed for literally almost code compliant uses to be in neighborhoods parks in a neighborhoods amenities i said to ask that on the other hand, i'll ramp through the dagger
5:34 am
triangle as wonderful as a reuse of a piece of street is still a project park it is in the central of oversized anybody extension types of housing projects it is so huge i walked by it when it is wraps and finished but it is absolutely gi garlic wear naming them public but for project oriented spaces. >> i can kind of speak to both of them when staff created the showcase square open space plan when you approves side eastern neighborhoods approving jackson playground to extend to the right-of-way for which to
5:35 am
program i guess you have one space programmed and dagget triangle they did a priority sort of exercise with the cac and came out because of the abilities to move forward with dagget quickly they choose diego rivera net not jackson program over the implementation documents is not going to get attention on the money we mentioned for the quick sort of intervention for the playground we are looking to program one million dollars in the years for jackson playground wear hoping to work with rec and park staff the idea that will leverage additional money and rec and park staff is trying, trying to get the scope for jackson playground in terms of what will a full rehabilitation look like
5:36 am
i agree with you i think that is a park that make sense to have rehabbed given the amount of development around it dagget square you've recently approved yes approved as an in kind and will be maintained and will be maintained and paid for by the dispensary e.r. developer as you recall that is practiced into the plazas program includes the park that requires the operation be done by. >> third party to make sure that is tvbl programmed and maintenance a public presence we're hoping that program will take care of that kind of concern. >> it is fair to say relating limited money to go around $1 million for a substantial building at jackson park a
5:37 am
playground and public greenfield is not enough. >> it will not pay for the rehabilitation of jackson the intention to leverage other money and again how much and what that scope is yet to be determined. >> i'm not sure it is possible to mention there are overflow size with the port and substantial - i'm sure there was mentioning some other things and periphery on the outlet for the communities to get to green coffee and other things. >> a very robust sort of set of plans through 40 through crane coffee park one of the challenges in the eastern
5:38 am
neighborhoods how to get people you have a, if any, and steep slop one of the reasons we're wanting to pasta priority in 22 street to dog patch both those amenities. >> that's in terms of the feasibility and bring people into the center of mission bay. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis and just a capture of quick questions or comments one i've been out to the neighborhoods sort of with the neighborhoods about 16th street and mariposa and eir come up and came up today you know we can kind of hammer through them what is happening helpful how are we missing out on the infrastructure improvement i've asked that that the past and that would be good to get specific it is open space or
5:39 am
transit and one thing i've heard in a couple of visits in the intersection of 7th street and mission are there improvements and work with caltrans to relieve some of the congestion. >> wade department staff as part of mission bay development the northbound off-ramp a mariposa will be widened and owen street between 16th street and mariposa will come online sometime next year if not later this year, the vehicles that are traveling maybe on any, any or you know taking a left on
5:40 am
mariposa to any, any to 16th street we'll anticipate to go on owen street if they head to the hospital or whatever. >> that's under construction now. >> yes. >> that will be helpful in fire chief presentations i think i've been out there while that impact is visible that gives us a sense and then to comment on design you know, i think especially those projects radio large projects the site of potrero hill tends to be large in scale given their formally large-scale industrial sites and smaller in fill promotions we saw in the mission i think that design is critical and could help alleviate the impacts visually and breaking down those parcels i know that 16th street project is two different
5:41 am
architect if basically two different buildings i like to see these larger scale projects and some of the folks from dog patch i think they set a good standard how we can design on larger sites and the project 3 different annexation that came through so i think as we look at those prongs those larger scale projects design is critical so thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> i guess i forgot to ask mr. schneider it is 0 scoped for the eastern neighborhoods we looked our data staff will staff up at the beginning of the year due in june their have a draft to the cac in april and give a couple of months for feedback and hand to you june 30th and talk about
5:42 am
the overhead development employee and post eir i'd like to be included mr. wicker and mr. schneider thanks. >> okay very good commissioners commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll more often to number 14 for case scombrt and 12 hundred 17 it is the public housing on the environmental impact report written notes will be accepted until october 5, 2015. >> good evening commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm chris thomas the project before you on 16th street and 17 street environmental impact report or eir pursuant to sucking ceqa and
5:43 am
san francisco's local procedures for ceqa joining me that the planner the city's consulate and members the project manager team with here the notice available for the draft eir began and continue to 5:00 p.m. the promoted o proposed project will will be locate in the potrero hill the project site currently cantonese two shed and a modular structure and surface parts for storage a have a doubt bridge building that has been terms to be an ineligible historic resource that will entail the 4 lots into 5 lots and the preservation of the
5:44 am
office building construction of two thank you buildings sovereigty onsite on the 16th street a 6 story 58 story moscone with 2 hundred and a plus dwelling unit with gross square feet of says a 4 story residential mixed use building with a hundred and 35 transmittals and of hundred plus gross square feet of it will run from 16th street to 17 street and a residential use assessable to project will separate the 16th street and 17 street running west from mississippi that will result in 25 square feet and included off-street parking for 3 hundred accomplice vehicles and 5 hundred and 50
5:45 am
bikes and square feet for public open space and 33 thousand square feet of common office space to be shared pie this proposed residents the brick office building will be consistent the secretary of interior rehabilitation standard the draft found the archaeology resources will be mitigated to a letter effect the draft eir finds it results in significant and upcoming avoid cumulative impacts to land use relate to the loss the distribution in the environmental impact report as the office building will be rehabbed for a commercial use the craft eir xukz that will not have an impact and the draft eir
5:46 am
analyzed 3 alternative the reduced density and the metal shed alternative it is identified as the environmentally superior it is most of sponsors objectives awhile avoiding the impacts the proposal the metal shed was informed by feedback regarding the reuse the metal sheds and arts work places containing the modular office building in the parking lots on september 16th the historic preservation commission or hpc he would say and meeting on the draft eir and those associated with the proposed project the hpc considered this this site as an eligible historic resource the break-in office building the brick office building was to be listed in the register and it
5:47 am
including the metal shed was none an historic resource in summarizing theirs discussion the historic preservation commission made the following comments first, the scale and massing the promoted project caused on impact to the historic resource identified on the site the brick office building they recommended the project be revised considering the secretary of interior standard number 9 in regards to the adjacent construction the hpc recommended that the project sponsor consider restrictions that includes the materials and scale and massing from the metal shed alternative and 3 the hpc requests the proposed project be revised prior to the eir certification hearing staff is
5:48 am
not here comments will be transcribed and make restrictions to the draft eir as appropriate those who are interesting interested by writing or e-mail submit our comments to mission 555 by october 5th after the comment period ends october 5th the planning department will contain all the comments on the cavities eir and sent in writing to the planning department by 5:00 p.m. october 5th we anticipating anticipate the winner of 2016 and the eir certification in the spring of 2016 that concludes my presentation. wade and i and your consultant including christopher that prepared the evaluation are available to answer any
5:49 am
questions. >> thank you. go ahead and opening it up for public comment if you folks want to line up on that side of room your processes (calling names). >> good evening, commissioners 2011 a jim i'm a owner of property dribble across the street from this project the 1200 block of 17th street i own a building on mississippi one and a half to 2/3rd's away it fronts a quarter to a third of
5:50 am
the proposed building so if you have a sense of where you're i'm coming from i've had the pleasure of getting to know the architect i believe that josh shares align appreciation and taken steps with designs ♪ plan to enhance and improve that area that project will enhance the neighborhoods as i mentioned sorry i believe this project will be greatly helping and solving the housing drought i support the approval of that project currently, the area as frequently seen multiple all break in i've been a pertinent and a dumping of household and commercial materials in addition regular gratefulffiti i believe
5:51 am
this is a condition that is actually prepared. >> up the hill and effects the properties only mississippi street those conditions lead to a degradation in the area a new construction and population will help to alleviate 16th street will have a balance with the project on dagget he agree that the dagget project is amazing large this will be in correspondence and balance that that enhancements and improvements to transit is incredible necessary in this area that i think an area to be dealt what i'm glad
5:52 am
the previous presentation touched on those that is invitational i participated in the planning meeting and this is in alignment with the guidelines and goals he support this project and that's what i'm here to say >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm katherine an architecture historian in 2013 i was would to give my professional opinion whether it retains itself sixth united states of america the site the basic building forms at the steel warehouses was debated the overhead complex contains
5:53 am
key lemons the construction it's plan and massing and support and architecture vocabulary and most importantly the overall expression of a large-scale this cantonese it i find it in take for the historic organization with the middle company and convey it's character to be an historic resource the metal shadowing shed alternative is preferable it conveys the operation i endorse the metal shed and see it as a fastening opportunity to convey the industrial heritage of potrero hill while avoiding a treatment i urge the developer to put that into the final touch
5:54 am
of the design thank you. >> the overhead please jonas. >> sfgovtv will. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm f joseph butler and architect i'd like to make comments of the evaluation that was done for this site the pacific rolling mills company has a history in san francisco gun an potrero point in 4868 patrick notable was employed and thirty years later if potrero point to 16th street and mississippi up against texas on 17 with his first foundry and
5:55 am
move forward across the street as you can see on this map that was on the edge of the water that site was arrayed in metal sheds on the lands that was high and dry as they say 20 years as the president he left the company to his son edward took the company from 1920 into world war ii and caught the other ends the operations on castro hill slowed down and other uses filled the space that is is most qualify pdrs space you have in this whole skulking district it was the innovative building those people who fabricated steel in that building produced the fairmont and st. francis hotel and the crocker building and the flood building and the
5:56 am
state capital in sacramento that building the bell-air apartment addressed he pg&e in a varieties of different places the school of satisfaction at sfusd and the uc berkley jim in 1931 a post office, hospitals and libraries and bridges they built from those sheds the entire is an rap bridge at the end of saving a red brick building that is adequate what occurred on this site not even close the resleldz alternative should be the alternative it is environmentally saving the most high quality the most creative early structures of this type in the neighborhoods that is so
5:57 am
important to this communities because this is where people on potrero hill were trained in trade jobs had an association with the school, they trained people to come and craw and fabric steel with them a trade school and still exists to this day on potrero hill thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm corin woods i'm a neighbor of this project i live in mission creek and been involved in eastern neighborhoods planning mainly around mission bay but also engaged in the mission bay eastern neighborhoods planning process the t e p planning process are the e m process and is showcase
5:58 am
square open space planning process, and the project sponsor has been with us all the way he's engaged they're part ever communities they're very much involved with the ongoing discussions we're having as you heard in an earlier presentation we have big issues that are not addressed in the 7th street and 16th street high speed rail a lot of calibration circulations i prefer the reduced each time in this case mainly i don't know where that is a betters project but reduces the significant and unasideable they're caused by a deficit that r our neighborhood
5:59 am
inherits the eastern neighborhoods plan really i've i mean, if you seen dagget triangle you'll see we're kind of reilly with the amount of development that has been going on in the neighborhoods the cumulative impacts are not adequately funtsd by that the impact fees we can't be and city has to make a commitment to improvements in traffic circulation, transportation, all of those things that it is not anyone project that project sponsor is willing to go beyond a fair share contribution to mitigate some of those gangs i think that fairly helpful but it isn't any one project is not going to be able to solve the problems that we're going to be
6:00 am
seeing he support the project i urge you to approve the eir but i think we need to look at it a lot deeper into what we've got ourselves into with the rezoning the eastern neighborhoods thank you. >> it's not good afternoon we're into early good evening. i'm kathy i'm here to speak in support of project this is a neighborhoods i'm familiar with in world war ii my great uncle pete middle-income walked down as workers did to catch the army street car we worked in the shipyard towards this ends of
6:01 am
world war ii my unit moved into a flats on the gg park at mariposa ta to begin their landscape business in the rich soil to practice in and including the world war ii residents four generations living in 8 locates ton potrero hill i feel a real commitment and i myself recently earned a mba in enterprise development my capstone any prong was the 94107 san francisco one of those elements members thought that city's of 5 hundred thousand more or more population one of the things we learned was that sustainability success on the ground real life it part of
6:02 am
the process and product and waldon development has met the high is it so of would elements not only in the design project lemon raise may hand as is another person that hates the 17 and anyy the 17 and anyone straits but no one else the design of the project but also in the design process they brought us a interact active opportunities to have input and we were able to vote on what we liked not to see that that wasn't just something police said on us my experience of family and history brings me to support this prong i think that little waldon project go brought the spoken presentation
6:03 am
and interactive they will evaluate projects on kooeflg and i'd like to take it opportunities to remind the public comment this is for the adequacy and the accuracy or the draft environmental impact report if you contain our comments to that item we'll all appreciate it. >> good evening, commissioners i'm edward i'd like to sum this project up with one word. >> responsive i looked this project at the beginning of in the ma many years in planning and i've worked with the
6:04 am
developers and i actually pit forwarding my views i'm not an architect or scholar on metal but a person that worked with people and the developer and this development seems to have taken in consideration the people of the neighborhood i look at percentage as an important part of this eir and an important part of this developments here many of the developments that have begun if the past and slated in the future are not take into consideration the general public comment are not allowed to be able to go through the properties and assess other streets from the property and i think that is a consideration of a lot of the developers should follow suit looking at this project and looking at the core of the project how traffic is
6:05 am
able to flow in and out of that the major disruption on 17 street and on mainly on any, any street is very important because those are assess out to downtowns and back home and those are the ones we have to take total c of i think our developer did an excellent job in doing so i look forward to this project being implemented we can set a precedence important the rest of the block. >> again, this comment is for the accuracy and adequacy the drafts environmental impact reports not on the project itse itself. >> hello commissioners. i'm peter i've lived at 18 and any
6:06 am
missouri and direct the castro hill archive project for 29 years we're collected photos and anything to do with potrero hill history the parklet design for the core event site is a significant improvements over previous waldon plans this alternative has a reasonable scale it compliments the neighborhood and preserves the historic structure all remain on rolling mills history in our neighborhoods the rolling mill was the first steel founder in the he has rise following the service war and with the advent of steel framed building and san francisco rebuilding a after 1906 it was crucial in
6:07 am
rebuilding inspection the san francisco general hospital and the golden state and golden gate and one of the first industries drawing workers it is iniconic and sad that what kind core gatsdz metal it popular the building that inspired this industrial style are quickly stereotyping the opera at 18 india is torn down at this moment and center corrugated melted building on mariposa will be torn down i imagine in a year i have no do you recollect the san francisco gravel building will follow the draft eir funded entertainment commission's excluded them from history
6:08 am
preservation that is ridiculous their regularly alternated and a as he is needs arises to side extensive alterations city hall make them noticing historic kathy rinses detailed reports said their historic and deserve to be preserved a repurposing of those building for apartments and light industry serves the needs while persevere a crucial structure that gives the heart attack that residential love and visitors look for the potrero hill project is over flowing it's room in any basement historic space in waldon development dedicated for storage delay and organized the archive collects.
6:09 am
>> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> good evening from potrero hill my first comment about the eir which it will reiterate briefly some comments that maids earlier about the cumulative impacts as planned for in the area plan i like that cumulative impacts are as measured in the area eir are inadequate this project will channel a lot of traffic right into where on freeways traffic
6:10 am
is funneled from the entire hill and enabling i enabling projects some of that staff traffic will be pushed into neighboring streets like mariposa not evaluated in the area my second examine about open space in the plan most of open space in the proposed project in the original proposed project consists of too long narrow passages those are the legal standards not adequate for many of the purposes for which the open space people are not going to be able to walk their dogs and play ball for all those they're going to be going to jackson square park to the
6:11 am
impacts on open space will remain severe and that needs to be inadequately taken care of and lastly architecture as been said before but i'll say it again, i, think of 67 projects along 16th street and 17 street which are metal industrial we have them on 17 and have them on 16th street and the blue building and the condos behind that the it is ironic if we will have taken away every try metal shed building and let all those popular modern imitations as represented of the local style and i would - i urge you to
6:12 am
follow the metal shed alternatives that are entirely promoted by the communities not in the the original plan thank you. >> my name is lester i've been the merchant on potrero hill for thirty plus years i have reviewed the project i've read the eir and i support the project thank you. >> good evening i've been living in potrero hill for 8 years i'd like to touch on a couple penalize on the environmental impact report the first was the traffic and parking proposal i realize a topic beaten to deaths it is
6:13 am
important that the reporter makes no mention when talking about the project parking even today a be available at at&t park it is congested for hours and this despite the fact is the ball park is a mile uaw and in the meantime the eastearraign s didn't take much imagination when the parking will be for that reason i think this is one of the blind spots of is drafts report i hope it fixed my supports for the adapt active use for the reports shared by many potrero hill residents is it so straightforward a big
6:14 am
parts of potrero hill the connection to their colorful past in the case of potrero hill a working-class past that is starting building the sites their pelosi the kind knows we only loss the example we'll not be getting back anything done to the site those structures will be amiss opportunities and make potrero hill important it generic so i hope the local communities views will be take into consideration i can see that alternative is infeasible but i have not encountered i want to ask specifics what the feasible if it could be aforesaid into the final report
6:15 am
or the developer could it would be appreciated thank you. >> i'll call a few more names while the speaker comes up (calling names). >> good evening commissioners i'm rod co-founder of save the hill a grassroots for the potrero hill neighbors three years ago over three years ago concerns over the developments and sensitive site we're proud to have several hundred neighbors supporting us we believe the draft internal revenue is inadequate because of the historic integrity and loss of pdrs space and is significance because of mass scale and height we shared a draft southern i'll save those
6:16 am
for city planning i'd like to focus on the draft eir medal shed save the hill urges the planning commission to save it was drawn up and spider by the mixed use plan save the hill it seeks a middle gone are between the olympics and the communists concerns importantly will remain some space for lights pdrs use and provided up to hundred and 77 units of housing awhile reducing the mass and scale to better match the neighborhood that was substantial community outreach by save the hill and two weeks ago the historic preservation commission commissioners applaud that and courageous the developer to incorporate it into a final design that is a concern of the developers plan and yet here we
6:17 am
are struggling what the developers i'm sorry to say simply refuse to respect our worries about have repeatedly expressed opposition to what the developers are proposing we shared your reuse plan with the developers and offered to meet with them they refused here's what the developers are proposing on the overhead a before and after this give us an enact or idea of mass and scale they'll not give us another mission bay type of developments after we get the kaiser permanente project removed i'd like to remind the commissioners the city needs to individually look at the information provided by the developers regarding economic feasibility or infeasibility and shed the use
6:18 am
that is a case preservation versus the city of santa fe and those presents an extraordinarily opportunities for the potrero hill call for readapt uses we're seeing worldwide demolition loophole don't let this happen thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> alison castro hill responsible we've been talking about the maktd out residential piecemeal and expressed our concerns this draft eir is a misrepresentation my name the city moved do goalpost without talking about the benefits in the eastern neighborhoods plan perhaps overlooked in our fiscal
6:19 am
on the pipeline the eir vocal loss of pdr was we over build residential units the site were rezoned for mixed use zoning e zoning and 1.1.2 the ludicrously controls to protect against the wholesale displacements or pdrs despite the showcase square their experiencing the loss of pdrs of any thoughts eastern neighborhoods with selma and the mission combined this eliminates nearly hundred and square feet of active pdrs to build a massive housing complex the beast and then bryan would have eliminated 64 square feet keeping stable pdrs jobs in our neighborhood medians employment's but using the nexus formula one working for every
6:20 am
space of pdrs the conversion to the residential use are quit the loss of 3 hundred pdr jobs plus the metals shed resize alternative included 76 thousands of square feet for artists and maker square feet the contemporary to the transportation relate impacts will not differ between the medal shed a alternative and the 2008 eastern neighborhoods in the tsif nexus study pdr has the lowest impacts that offers a compelling mixed use urban project the pr's businesses fosters a difference economy and sure the economic availabilitycy the metal shed incorporates areas that encourages community
6:21 am
mixing homes and culture and reaction jobs for a difference workforce and reduces the impacts of the larger development it is active 24/7 along with a hundred hooper and cca it will emerge and involve with the wonderful new synergy a true benefit to our communities thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm richard i will live on mariposa i see by my neighbors a frustration not to express their opinion i share that with them understanding i want to focus on the traffic and what's going on i walked 3 blocks to usf give him i teach
6:22 am
there a little bit and it is hell now i mean getting across this intersection is unbelievable embody for bid i forgot to take the caesar chavez he live on mariposa streets been game day the traffic for another 20 minutes something wrong the traffic count was done on a saturday or somehow in my opinion misread it is a serious traffic concern and actively getting difficult to get home at any reasonable time so, anyway i hope you look at this report closer and see if it is accurate to what's happening over there. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners my name is a.d. draw my family has been there he own a house a
6:23 am
many concerns what this impact with the pr's businesses as it stands with usf currently operating not at half capacity twiven driving between home and work is a challenge with the giants home game it is gridlocked it is to be seriously address my second for the pdrs businesses in the neighborhoods lastly i've seen diminishing we are taking for gantd businesses i feel give the city it's character and take away those businesses from an urban neighborhoods you're left with the same inner escape that many people escaped if a landscape people by high ends workers with
6:24 am
no invested in f interest of the 16th street and 17 controllers lost multiple pdrs that are replaced by giant market rate housing the same going for skulking and dog patch as a art student i came to have compass and projects soerd and we couldn't have done it without you a custom cart built every one of those businesses has since close counsel in the over a period of 10 or 12 but in the past few years i find i have to go to oakland to get those things why go to oakland when i live in san francisco i believe san francisco is doing exactly with the u.s. has done left this country suffering i don't wanton
6:25 am
businesses in oakland i think so that things change but good and bad change more often i see san francisco change to meet the newcomers instead of catering to the longest residents to someone $0.55 a tell them of the city from a movie why now with the intifrn architecture far older cities manage to grow and keep the heritage why can't he do the same please go lower the bar for short money san francisco is far to special in closing please consider the draft when the development will be adapted to the existing structures and feel for accurately look at the characterization and history thank you. >> good evening. i'm ruth
6:26 am
miller i respectfully urge the planning commission to acknowledge the limitations the traffic data used in the drafts eir and update the status for peek commuter times with the accumulative growing area this brings and prioritized a transit first policy and sure adequate transportation before approving last year scale project with limited transportation replacement multiply area plans to preserve the buildings that have continuity and honor the typography of potrero hill and 16th street and the cumulative loss of aren't and replace space and supports and an alternative proposal that repurchases the industrial structures and reduces the scale and density of
6:27 am
the developers scale with new construction when the draft eir eloquently identifies as a metal shed alternative plan with some mosques be a solution to a number of aims of the developers and the communities concerns about transfer, lack of open space, lack of adequate transport and arts spaces could be addressed in combination with the consul friendly the industrial structures that make up that site is the sole reminder of the factory on the west coast the 5 holdings history places it would be best reuses of structure the structures provide the neighborhoods with a spooip era as well as a texture that can only be carotids over time and
6:28 am
not destroying all trays of the past i ask you to continue with the developers optimize this site and this entails updating the traffic studies and other day used in the drafts eir and revisiting the historic integrity and acknowledging this needs that lenses the designs the developers proposal pose a grave thoet treat to neighborhood congestion and encourages the slow creek of boxes i didn't architecture, however, not too late to look at the dialogue and determines and out right rewarding compromise that the sites history and the communities history thank you. >> commissioners, thank you i'm
6:29 am
david i live on mariposa own a house distinct mariposa and texas and missouri one block from the site we're quite attuned to the disruption that are associated with the construction zone and very concerned kwhaepd after the skruksz i construction is completed specifically the project as your heard in our opinion currently proposed is simply two massive for that site and overwhelms everything and various problems to be addressed in the draft eir especially traffic oongd by everyone that is not and i memorable to remediation that means apparently nothing can be done wore to suck it up and deal with that; right? what you're hearing here this is
6:30 am
an alternative suggestion that is at least limits somewhat the scale of the project and reduces potentially some of the panhandle options the metal shed slightly smaller and remains lease the awe assemblies the castro street and incorporates sort of modified lemons into a proposal we think that a good idea it avoids the application we consider ourselves we're a progressive place i personally think that bulldozer are railway progressive you have a chance to modify the forms to save the pdrs space and really prompt that progressive compromise
6:31 am
thanks >> good evening, commissioners i'm back again without repeating a lot of the things i'd like to emphasis that the eir draft eir says that there are unveilavoidable it isd up for blocks and the spill over parking not accommodated in the project the project as proposed i guess the developers preference option to wait but scale with the rest of the development in the neighborhoods i would simply sum up my comments by supporting the metal shed reuse alternative it
6:32 am
maintains make sense and ones mitigates all the negative impacts that have been talked about but certainly might some of them thank you. >> i live on mississippi streets i rrltd urge the planning commission to support the metal sheds reeye proposal and acknowledge the limitations the traffic data in the draft eir as a residence i walk that area with my dog everyday you during prime traffic hours any traffic calming manufacture the commission can exhaustive will be gridlock appreciated this will limit parking spots for its residents to fosters pedestrian and bike and public transportation i get that but as a city if we wanted to have a
6:33 am
transit first why hadn't traffic save and pedestrians been talked about in the drafts eir if we're adding hundreds of residents to the neighborhoods with the requested they'll use bicycles and public transit shouldn't they be in place before we build the sfmta for 7 hunters point and any, any says the intersection will degrade to an f by 2035 why does it mitigate those future impacts so a forecast is like a crystal ball it predicts the future if i knew 91 my family and friends were going to experience an epic fail in 2035 i'd do everything to
6:34 am
stop that the city is growing and changing it because the tech industry if our city is focus on the new. >> progressive shouldn't our decision be based on - maids on the newest information based on the traffic decision on the environmental impact reports as it is in the draft eir a study that is 17 years old heard seems and digital are high twern using faxing machines and listening to the spice girls on our walkman well, some feel us the late shore with david alert man was a relatively new show as mr. letterman retired that is time to retire this environmental impact report and start making
6:35 am
other current data with the future in mind. >> thank you. good evening commissioners my name is phil i'm an architect and i've also on the hill for thirty years the potrero hill neighborhood as many neighborhoods feels i was inundated with new architecture and change for the city sew inevitable but the quality of some of those buildings is from broerg bland bland to medicine try those architects involved are forced by the developers to create designs they'd prefer not to do the building are to maximize the square footage with the stopping point big bulky
6:36 am
building that share facades to awe that his local angry neighborhood groups to soften the impact of the structures another approach to urban design in san francisco that has particularly residents at 16th street and mississippi street to the creation of density limits based on factors such neighborhood character value and exist density each neighborhood could be given a recommended density and also a maximum allowable density of housing units per acre for a neighborhoods like castro hill the planning commission should consider the well-known and projects which has 63 unions per acre
6:37 am
perhaps a maximum of 65 dwelling units per acre could be used a goal for the new limits it might make sense to allow think increase of thirty percent to this number from the developer saves all historic structures on site and also preserves and reuses a minimum of restraining order percent of exist building onsite existing height limits will remain in effect. as such density limits were established in sensitive and historic neighborhoods like the potrero hill we will see an architecture design in the city plead from the need to over build their projects architect whether no longer be forced to create monster sized part time
6:38 am
buildings and of the find the task of rebuilding much more awarding their considering the creation of the design guidelines he building density would be an excellent start >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening i don't want to really be redundant everything has been speaking this evening i'll just say that i want to address the traffic i live two blocks from the madness the traffic data uses in the draft eir was collected on a single day in 2012 during the peak commute the eir didn't care data ore a period of time that includes the morning peak or a giants game
6:39 am
the internal revenue also fails to consider the cumulative impacts an parking if recent and long range projects we're all here i know that night two weeks ago september 1st-800 i've taken it upon myself to document at different times of the day the traffic congestion on mississippi and 16th street and 17 and mississippi, mariposa and pennsylvania street and mississippi and mariposa streets i've been e-mailing any daily traffic report tonight, i'm to e-mail them all to you each one of you it is compelling you're not really probably going to building how upcoming believable it is, it is actually it is
6:40 am
really dangerous down there i mean kaiser permanente is not occupied and most of 60 m b is unoccupied i took a long walk and i spoke with some people that worked in the live m b you know those complexed of huge paementsz anybody is two blocks from my house it is - it is unoccupied the majority of mission bay is unoccupied to intersection i'm send it to you every single can i different times a day it is quits compelling i think someone mentioned the fact that little golden state warriors center is not mentioned not addressed in the eir i'm the
6:41 am
last person i'll give you a quote you can put down the book and l.n. listening to bad music but not the ugly towering block okay. thank you. >> hello commissioners. i'm janet i live in the dog patch overwhelming going to make a particular dog patch we like to refer to our neighbors close closer to the project they have the rights to make opinions i'm here to say that i respectfully respect the staff josh and been part of the eastern neighborhoods planning for years not been underlying in and out with developers he wanted to make a project that is good for
6:42 am
the neighborhoods i'm here to have you ever given a for his intents and i hope that you'll make the best decision possible for the neighborhoods thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening names a joe boss i live in dog patch also i've been involved that quite a few eirs over the years they're not easy and simple the fact is that i do believe that josh has put together the best people he could to study the environmental impact i'm going to address the lack of real understanding the traffic in any of the studies within the last 5 years because it is ever changing and we don't
6:43 am
really have a transit authority like mta they don't have the money not related to this i serve on the eastern neighborhoods cac and one of the biggest frustration is when we started out with a pots spaes projected how much money we started out with a board of supervisors mandated priority projects so start out halfway down those priority projects were not necessarily to ease the current or then traffic deals they were predicated who had don't friends in city hall yes, this should be a one way or
6:44 am
transit only lanes i appreciate how that happens that happens that way for years but the realties we have not impact fees don't get close to cover the impacts secondly, we're faced with let's say administration that seize an endless source ever funds from general tax and don't particularly devote any of those to the particular issues we pass bonds issues there needs to have a overhaul i respect you guys and gals all said judicial error certainly has attended and helped the neighborhoods understand many projects and is
6:45 am
the kind of guy willing to say okay, of course, i'll get in trouble but 17 street should the the etc. west connector for bicycles not 16th street, not any of the others so the big hurdle is there as track that runs right tends of the 17 street before that gets a usf if we could build a pedestrian overpass and think you can get josh to help with that thank you. >> is there any public comment on the draft eir. >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> i think the draft eir is well done it presents alternatives and presents alternatives that were rejected in addition to the saving the shed alternatives a
6:46 am
reduced sized alternative and it is always prepared or in each project that is what we expect and it is well done i've read the traffic emotions, however, a lot of questions and comments and responses i'm sure we'll get clarifications on the issues raised tonight and clear on the zone and it is a u m u zone we talked about earlier when we talked about the whole eastern neighborhoods zone there were delineations that were more reverends for pdr use and other areas designated a m u m u that were more appropriate for other uses and no existing active pdrs on the site, however, you know, i think that much of that is
6:47 am
very well done and been comments about analyzing the impacts of the warriors stadium it is hard to analysis something not there yet building that can be done until we know what the true impact will be and there's a very good page in turning ball report that basically talks about the existing buildings on the site and saying that only the mall break-in office building is one that is significant and criteria and the other buildings doesn't have the dignity with the rolling mill that's the opinion of one not able historic firm that has analyzed this particular project i appreciate all the comments and certainly take into consideration. >> commissioner richards.
6:48 am
>> just a couple of things it is interesting because i don't want to come across saying this the wrong way it is interesting we grew up in the market octavia plan and had the same developer a different experience eastern neighborhoods plan market octavia has big different was pdrs space with the lots gas stations in the missions but no pdrs space but parallels and that is issue here we saw the eastern neighborhoods review a little with while ago it is sobering one of the thoughts it is roll in any mind eastern neighborhoods supervisor districts coffers that 3 of them maybe had we hear it into a couple of supervisors in the on the sub areas i know i don't know i'd like to hear from the supreme court in his district
6:49 am
about the larger issues that supervisor seize here moving forward with the things we've talked about i intend to cowl calling on that supervisor and talk being that person specific to the eir sorry that was just a bit of a tan detergents the question about the metal shed with the reports one from one lady and within from another gentleman it is like the dueling opinions i don't know is hpc apparently at one time removed it from the historic can anyone comment how that happened, sir staff somebody help me and the comments for the draft eir and i apologize i am just you know i'm not trained preservation i was i like it is hard to get two
6:50 am
different opinions the loss of pdrs we've heard before was not supposed to be replied a statement of considerations in the planned eir on that it worries me looking at this site cumulatively it concerned me a question about the feasibility and i think feasibility justification i guess economically someone brought up that issue that was a case that someone had to prove not feasible or infeasible that was a provocative statement i'd like to hear we have those things come up and a feasibility and infeasibility i know that is at sometime you have to go from your input based on the numbers of square footage the traffic
6:51 am
data a lot has happened tennis e since 2012 i share concerns around the year that was used we have a warriors arraign and not an arena but an eir what's the cost of two eirs for developments happening kind of at the same time how does one inform the other will be interesting to interest it's late i'm tired and that's the on comments on the eir itself. >> okay thanks just i'll make a few quick comments i'll follow-up with written comments in case you're looking the coffer the printed eir those dates have been adjust and written comments are accepted through monday october 5th at 5 o'clock. >> i'll keep is specific to the
6:52 am
issue that i want to bring up and see replenishment in the record is a southern the inclusion of the metal shed didn't meet the ceqa riling rule it is open-end one of the things the rule of reason talks about it says one or two is alternatives that form the discussion of the decision making body the board of supervisors and part of that what you do that by looking at the feasible that can be determined in a number of ways including an alternated you can agree about the reasons but is project manager concerning the quote/unquote project for the purposes of ceqa said the project is financially infeasible we computed included f that anyway that is for the
6:53 am
public participation and is he alternatives is skewed the conversation around the environmental alternatives and the alternatives not in daily in the internal revenue i'd like to have a more of an explanation why that alternative was included and how it sort of meets that ceqa rule of reason i also want to point out i saw some xhiventdz in the interpretation of. >> couple of things the first is interpretation in the statement of the considerations on the loss of pdrs space and certainly areas we have language that makes that sounds like we are saying that the rose of pdr says that a is an impact and is overriding we're assessing that loss and others parts we say the loss of pdrs is not an impact
6:54 am
for the same exact reason because of the statement of over and over riding consideration expelling the loss of pdrs space in any given project the cumulative loss of pdrs space is not an impact we'll accepted that already i want to see consistency and the final point of the eir the emotions some for transit and others that are less impactful but have significant unveiled transit impacts i don't think we are consistent on the emotions on their use and their ability to reduce the impacts of
6:55 am
unyield their infeasible they cost too much are the municipal transportation agency has indicates they're not approve that and we're not going to do analysis as an impact because the facts on the ground and the areas we have the same case i'm looking at the reduced alternative developments we have similar significant you think valuable impacts even though few minutes is not identified and issues are the mta approving those we are saying those can be used for emotions i'd like to to see consistency or the
6:56 am
description of why those are not consistent statements i want to see consistentcy for the facts on grounds so thank you. i didn't have much issue with any thoughts actually data oug for the many of the items that were looked and the eir and also be submitting written comments common core. >> of concern regarding the eir the density an urban form the mandate of the 2008 eastern neighborhoods plan is for complete neighborhoods consideration for proper density to match the exist developments like potrero hill on a he will it is a different kind of density and performs the d eir
6:57 am
should have a reduced alternative with the retention of some form of shed pdrs space the monotonous use of over residential in that part of potrero hill is of concern to me, you applied urban mixed use we're pca significant high numbers of hours into one area which almost makes that feels liegz the density of anybody are spelling underneath the freeway on to mission hill this is of concern the project by demands of the complete neighborhoods should take on a more broken down smaller increment of sail scale rather than creating the oversight we'll regret they are
6:58 am
not diminishing our neighborhoods i'll talking about gentrification that is an eir issue to the extents that we are replacing hundred plus thousand square feet of pdrs primarily by housing the issue we've not addressed to restate my point what is urban mixed use that is a significantly town square neighborhoods commercial street elements we sometimes talk about but no provision of that discussion as an independent elements for this transformation i'll agree we heard an impressive discussion of growth and public transit there were many ideas that somehow should find its way would this eir there was a discussion about
6:59 am
loss of production and distribution this should be into the eir and forefront there should be talk about open space that had a review on the previous agendas item should be properly reflected in the way the eir supported that with the data new to me in the detail i saw should find what way to be in this and has not been fully answered. >> commissioner richards. >> last comment i very well put commissioner johnson on the confusion around is pdrs there was a significant impact mitigated by the offer ryder's emotion i want to to see more consideration it confused me. >> commissioner moore and we had three or four sprertsdz
7:00 am
speaking to the medal o metal sheds he building that historic preservation commission like anything else is an area of expertise and varying opinions i'll strongly urge it eir take the issue further one opinion can't form all the issues of the historic preservation so the metal shed sdiefdz for us to make on informed decision as we're looking at a final eir and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think part of question about the pdrs was answered earlier today whether we talks about eastern neighborhoods and after 10 years of extensive stakeholders talk that was industrial and zoned m was half of it was zoned u m u m
7:01 am
and others pdrs uses and other areas referred or retired for pdrs that's one reap depending on how the zoning having overriding circumstances from the zone is such anothers uses or encouraged not outlawing the pdrs use entirely we have to look to pdrs where pdr was zoned during the eastern neighborhoods plan and we have some core pdr areas that are larger under i'd like further setting in the city this probably may explain how there a, with a conflict in the language we are using. >> thank you, commissioners commissioners, if there's nothing further that places us under public comment for which i have no speaker cards. >> i have within speaker card
7:02 am
(calling names). >> public comment? >> okay guess he's not here seen we're adjourned
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