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tv   Disaster Council 92115  SFGTV  October 18, 2015 11:00am-11:41am PDT

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as we bring events in the city, and know that we have partnerships throughout the communities, i think, there is a lot more confidence about what we're doing and it's exhibited by the people who tap into our you remember that? [laughter ] , as well as the very enthusiastic support we have for our nert program. and for the ongoing resiliency programs that a number of people have had, and to our resiliency officer, who is helping dem and city administrator think through things around the corner that we need to pay attention to. there are a couple of things that i also want to do. let me say thank you to all of you who have also helped in the
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lake county/sonoma, napa and butte areas in their disaster and maybe a quick moment in our own minds and hearts about the lost lives there. i think it's appreciated. and i also want to give particular thank you to our fire department, and our firefighters, who over the past week have not only gone up there in as many volunteer hours as possible, with equipment, hopefully we never have to use down here and hopefully, we keep our fires down, but in response to that tremendous disaster that you you already know the statistics on. 800 homes, thousands of people's lives destroyed, that were there to assist. if it isn't medical and now perhaps our public health is being asked to submit mental health professionals to help.
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as our firefighters giving toys to kids who lost everything and giving them a chance to have some play as people rebuild their lives. that reminds me this is the 10th anniversary of katrina, and knowing that a huge disaster happens in the other counties constantly we're more than observing and engaged in those not just to help, but to take lessons learned and about rebuilding and recovery and things we have been associating ourselves with ever since katrina where mayor gavin newsome allows me and others to represent the city and we took the opportunity not only to bring lawn mowers to help certain areas, but took our time to stand in areas that were devastated and wondered
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how our city would prevent that from happening? and in those moments it wasn't just wishful thinking, but brought that opportunity back and that is what began a more solid resiliency plan and volunteers and people from both berkeley and harvard. that studied it from all over the country, if not the world, to see what san francisco and other places could do to anticipate better our expected challenges on both an earthquake, but also now more and more it can be the expected el nino, plus an earthquake, plus drought, plus anything else. and so this is my way of saying that we take every opportunity that we can to support you the others that are doing and then we learn. and then we take it back here.
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for el nino, as all of you know, all of the experts are predicting historic levels of flooding. i have already asked harlan for his favorite list of catch-basin sites that he and public works have already identified, and can already vacuum-suck all of that stuff and make sure that we don't have backups that will compromise our pedestrian/vehicle, and access safety for everybody. but that is just the small stuff, relatively small, i think. we need to concentrate on those areas of flooding, but also prepare people for that particular aspect of our weather while we're still into how we're going to get out of this drought. and that is taking the opportunity to say thank you to the puc, because all of you there have been working hard to make sure that we do everything
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that we can to respond to the drought. i think we have done it effectively, that we're at historic-levels of conservation. i can use my bill as one example. but i know that we're always cautious of our water use in the city and i noticed everybody has got dirty cars, fine. i'm accepting of dirty cars. i also want to say thank you to our city administrator. she has kept me very much informed on our lifelines, utility councils and what each of the big utilities are doing and practicing. again, on the eve of yet again our -- i guess this will be the 26th anniversary of loma prieta next month, that we are also taking that as an opportunity to remind everyone that yes, that there were real shakes in piedmont, along the
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hayward fault. that is extremely -- that is right there -- it's close. and it's close enough that there is earthquake experts that are zeroing in on all of the different plate movements that are going on in northern california if not even in the cascade mountains that i have been studying a little bit, because i have relatives up that way as well. we need to be very cognizant of that, and the same experts and some of them are working on early earthquake warning systems and i'm glad to see now there is a growing investment, where we can have a warning system that would allow us to do some early things while the precious seconds are there trembling. we can also have some maybe automated things that help our fire departments keep the doors open, elevators get unstuck, these are all important things to consider as kind of
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lessons-learned and let's do better and let's keep on investing in the proper protocols for that. i know that we're investing in our disaster workers program with our city employees. and making sure that we have both through the lifeline council and through our hr a robust return as best we can knowing there will be participation challenges. that we have to have the multiple modes coming back into the city, so that utilities and lifesaving support systems can be up. most importantly, i need to remind everyone here to make sure you are personally prepared. there is no excuse for us not to be in the situation that we have, and we are the center of leadership and so we have got to have our own families and friends ready for this at any
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time. and then to have your departments that you are in charge of, you do the same thing for your top management. you ask them to be personally prepared, and to work on those things that get them freed up, so that we do what we do best, which is serve the public. i want the public to know that our investments in nert in resiliency programs is all in an effort to prepare for those 72 hours and we should never, ever be caught in an unprepared way. we should always expect this disaster to happen. then it's a planned response, not a surprise response. and that is the huge difference in san francisco. we always want our disasters planned out in advance, so that we can take care of a lot more things, and i think we have
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found out that when we do pre-planning whether it's in our fiscal arena or in any other event planning, we always have a great deal of success. and no less for disaster response and to be planned in every jurisdiction we have interviewed since katrina knows that when you make the fundamental investment, you will have some clear and better results, and the residents will feel that. because they will be directly engaged in that effort. so with that, i just want to say thank you for being part of this council. i'm proud of what the city is doing. let's keep doing it and let's keep having an attitude of always been prepared. that is how less fear and more about the engagement that we have in front of us is going to be the standard always to be working with our communities. i know there is a lot more things that people want us to do, whether it's potable water on the west side, whether it's more paramedics to make sure
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ambulance responses are there, whether it's ongoing investments like we have done with hiring more firefighters, paramedics and 911 callers and more equipment and more police officers, i think we have those resources. we have demonstrated in the budget this year with the no-cuts budget for the city that queer we're willing to invest in all these things to make our city. nowhere else do i think it's adequately prepared dem, and i know we'll be on display for fleet week as we emphasize well-beyond the celebration of our military is the practice of a number of things that i have already seen the scheduled for and i'm excited to be participating in everything from the practice zones to the
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desktop practices with our you our coast guard, with our military, that would most likely be here in a major disaster. this continued practicing with them, so that our cultures within departments can get used to the names, the acronyms that they use, that we use, that we understand each other's acronyms and get used to those things so we have good partners coming in and bringing good equipment and have the places to do it. everything from debris management to supplies has to be here and we have to anticipate that. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much, mr. mayor. as the mayor mentioned we are responding currently to the valley fire that was a very fast-moving fire, started a week ago saturday with 40 acres and by the time we woke up on sunday morning, i think it was almost at 40,000. so it was very quick.
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about 75,000 acres have burned now, and three lives have been lost, which is just very sad. over a thousand structures. it's going to take them a long time to rebuild. the city has deployed from the fire department, from my office, from public health and from the puc, up to help in lake county. at the same time, the fire department is also still currently in butte county. i think you have six engine companies up there is deployed. so we really are providing a lot of mutual aid for our partners here in california during this very rough fire season. we have is deployed a total of 17 personnel just to the valley fire so far, and again, as i mentioned, we'll probably going on for many, many weeks we will be asked for help over that period of time.
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i wanted to mention just really briefly that we finished our urban shield exercise a weeking a. urban shield has grown into a comprehensive full-scale regional preparedness exercise, assessing the overall bay area and the regional response capabilities related to multi-disciplinary planning policies and procedures and specifically san francisco was very involved with the yellow command exercise, which happened a week ago friday. what we were doing in full-scale exercise was simulating three different events around the bay area. stimulated terrorist-type of events or that is what we thought, but of course as you are in the middle of it, you really don't know what is happening. so as things are taking place in different counties, trying to pull the
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intel together, the information we had our joint information center activated. we had many, many personnel involved. we did a stimulation down at levi stadium for a soccer game. what happened is some kind of explosive device went off there, and so i think we learned a lot from urban shield. and every year it gets tighter and more people participate. san francisco had the most staff participating this year from fire, police, my office, health, puc. it was many, many different departments were participating. and it really is viewed on the national-level as the exercise to emulate. i was at the fema's national advisory council in washington, d.c. last week. i had the honor of sitting on it and representing san francisco and i can't begin to
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tell you how many people came up and asked me about urban shield specifically? and if they could come out and to partner with us and find out what we do. so more to come on that. i wanted to mention that fema requires us to do a hazard mitigation plan and keep it updated every three years. we did complete our hazard mitigation plan at the end of 2014. we covered climate change, and sea-level rise, temperature rise, precipitation changes, and we received many national accolades and requests for guidance to integrate those new components into other people's hazard mitigation plans. so again, i think we are viewed as leading the pack in that. since our last meeting, we have had a number of different
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exercises. i mentioned urban shield and we had ebooltabletop series a 3-part series. we did a mass-feeding tabletop. we did fleet week logistic tabletop and as the mayor mentioned and you will hear more about today, there are additional exercises occurring in next week. we activated the eoc a number of times last year for the wonderful giant's playoff and world series. the world series parade, our winter storms of 2014, it's rather difficult to even think about winter storms today when it's 90 degrees out. but new year's eve, the warriors nba finals just to mention a few. the last thing i'm going to mention we try all the time to really reach the community about being more prepared. i think most of you, hopefully, all of you are aware of our
11:18 am we use our outreach. we try to use special events to get the word out to people. this year in a very innovative fashion, i think we were at out lands with the table and simulating what people would do in an earthquake at outside lands and used the opening of the "san andreas" movie, the premiere as an opportunity to have a panel to discuss what you do in an earthquake? and to just you again highlight what we as a city are trying to do. any means that we have to bring people into the fold and get them to be prepared at home and at work is something had a what that we look for. so thank you very much. and we'll move on to the next item on the agenda our el nino citywide planning. mike dayton our ems director is
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going to be presenting to us. >> thank you. i just wanted today to give you a little flavor of how the planning effort is going. some of the assumptions that were based in the plans on, obviously on previous events. we had the great benefit of having our executive director anne serve as incident commander during the el nino 1997-1998 event. if the predictions hold true we anticipate see a lot of mudslides. in '78-highway 101 in pasco cific pacificka was shut down at one point we had 80,000 people in san francisco without power and if you think about people with access and functional needs things can really turn south when the power is out for an extended period of time. that is going to be informing our planning efforts. we opened up temporary shelters
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for the homeless and obviously, if it's like last winter when we opened up, activated the eoc during the winter storm for three operational periods, we expect with el nino type of events it's going to be a marathon of storms for the winter months. we're planing for a more extensive operational period. also in 1997-98 we declared a state of emergency with $14 million in damages. so we're anticipating similar damages during this year with if the predictions again, hold true. during the next month we'll be convening smaller plan groups and also holding a meeting october 2nd within our faith council and thank you michael for pulling that together.
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and by november 1st we'll have a revised concept of operations. we had a con-op last year and we're taking that and revising the base and dem will be staying in constant contact monitoring what the national weather service will be in contact with state. and the feds and if there is a forecast for severe weather, and i mean that is high winds with a large amount of rain and isolated areas, then we will host a coordination call with all city departments and brief them on what forecast is. if the national weather service agrees that earlier briefing to be part of the call, so you can hear it from the scientists and not the emergency managers. based on those conference calls we'll take actions whether or not to activate? and that is all in support -- i know there is already pre-planning efforts going on with the puc, the department of public works and we look forward to pulling
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them together with 311, and our dispatch center to really focus on the communications in next month to have a solid con-ops. that is where we are at with planning for el nino. thank you. >> thank you. any questions about our planning efforts? [ inaudible ] >> agencies should be prepared, because it's not going to be as fast a recovery -- [ inaudible ]
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>> thank you. any other comments or questions? thank you, michael. >> thank you. >> okay. next on the agenda is our super bowl l update. we're all excited about super bowl l, anna sop is our dem operations coordinator and she is going to be presenteding. >> hello and thank you for having me. i'm here today to share our super bowl l planning efforts. we have been working with the host committee and work in partnership with the afl and events planned for the bay area. as many of you know the game is scheduled sunday february 7, 2016. prior to that a week long series of events will be hosted in san francisco. nfl experience and we're
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working with our first-responders to identify how to continue to provide essentially you city services seamlessly. this obviously requires multiple -- requires coordination with multiple safety agencies, a mix of federal, state and local municipalities and private sector. within san francisco, we have developed branches that we can work from that can be a point of contact for us. for instance law enforcement and sfpd has been working with us and escorts, traffic safety, tactical response. for the fire branch we have with chief francisco working with fire-related focus. for san francisco, we have the
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city services branch working with peter albert for transportation, public health, and all of the other different functions that are actually impacted with these events coming to the city. and we started to really when we focused on this with dem, we really looked to our first-responders for a collaborative effort. so that we can maintain early communication and begin a series of exercises and we could look at operational awareness, planned development, and validation, training and exercise, and ultimately, leading up to operational coordination. we will have our emergency operations center active during the super bowl events. all stakeholders are invited to participate and assist with coordination and can i probably speak for the police department and multiple dpw and fire department will be operating in different instances. so we had three dates for the exercise
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series we held last month, the planning review workshop. we looked at planned assumptions and worked with martha cohen and moving forward we're going to look next month in november 18th, good day tabletop exercise. this will be an opportunity to test our response plans locally, regionally as well with our federal agencies. reviewing a list of events, looking at the street closures, sanctioned events, maybe unsanctioned events knowing that a lot of this may change, but really for us we want to know how we can provide, if we have an alarm fire how go we send response and ingress/egress for emergency response vehicles? and then the third series of that would be the bad-day tabletop. we just want to focus really for this it's an opportunity to focus multi--level response, say for instance a natural or
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manmade incident, say an extreme weather event, how do we integrate response and response in a timely fashion? ultimately the objective for us is to test local and regional plan, santa clara and san mateo are all heavily involved and how to maintain a common operating picture and share information? not just vertically, but also horizontally. what systems are we using? what do we need to know? when do we need to know it? in closing that has been really for me personally and i think i can speak for at anne, we started early planning efforts in collaborating and finding out who needs to know information and our first-responders have been very helpful communicationwise. that is all i have. we look forward to a very successful event and happy to be part of the process. any questions? >> the impact will be to have
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good communication for downtown construction because there will be a week delay how to do the delivery, our office will work closely -- because street closures in those areas for construction and delivering materials and so forth. >> that is part of that transportation -- we're contemplating how we accommodate the necessary movement such as commercial loading and construction that would be happening. [ inaudible ] parts of downtown that are essentially closed off, they are still buildings that are operating and construction and accommodate those needs. >> mr. mayor f i may?
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working closely with dpw -- [ inaudible ] i know those conversations are ongoing. we have been in two meetings last week -- director hui's questions and points -- [ inaudible ] >> >> thank you, martha. do you have anything to add as martha said? [ inaudible ]
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any other comments or questions? moving right along then. thank you, anna. i'm going to do a real quick fleet week brief. fleet week is right right around the corner. in addition, to the blue angels and spectacular airshow that we see the public-facing side of fleet week, as well as the ships that come into san francisco bay. there is a whole bunch of other activities that take place as well:the city and county of san francisco is organizing with the fleet week center for humanitarian assistance in disaster relief a series of events to help us train and prepare and get better as the mayor mentioned, responding with our military partners. so fleet week brings all of the
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first responders, federal, state and local government disaster response agencies together with the department of defense services to develop these relationships and plans in advance. so that when we need mutual assistance, when we do have some large event here in san francisco, we know how to talk to each other already, and we have those relationships established. so just to highlight a few things that are going on outside of what you see in the air and on the bay, on monday october 5th we're having a defense support civilian authorities discussion. rehearsal of concept exercise. this is taking place at pier 50, exercise is designed and conducted by dem, in partnership with the port of san francisco and the humanitarian assistance disaster relief group of fleet week. and we will rehearse decking
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the uss somerset outside of the bay, and then bringing it in and offloading supplies and staging at pier 50. so it's going to be a really good exercise and we're looking forward to it. on the 2nd -- the 6th of october rather, the marine corps will demonstrate the delivery of urban search-and-rescue teams to san francisco's post-disaster, mv22, that will land at moffett field and pick up teams and deliver them back to moffett field. also on tuesday the 6th we're going to be doing an interoperable training with fire department, and ems ride alongs. on wednesday, we'll be doing the fire department every year does urban search-and-rescue and we have gotten feedback from military, who have gone through that; that they have been able to use the skills
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that they have picked up from sffd in place likes haiti, when they have gone to respond and found it very useful and worthwhile. on the 7th of october a medical pier-to pier exchange at the marine's memorial and on the 7th senior leadership seminars day one. we do two-day seminars tackling immediately subjects with the military and these are our seniors leaders throughout the entire bay area region. the first day of the seminar will focus on energy restoration. i know that is one of the mayor's interest areas with the lifelines council. and the day concludes with a tour of the ship docked at piers 30-32. day 2 is the second day of the
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senior leadership seminar. on thursday, we also have an interoperable training with the navy and on saturday, actually friday/saturday/sunday this year, everyone who can should make it down to the marina green. we have a static display there at the humanitarian village, humanitarian assistance village and get lots of great information from all of the presenters and the different organizations who have booths there, along with being able to see the actual military capabilities that would be brought to san francisco. so all in all, it's a very exciting week, and we are very happy to be partners with the fleet week association. we've identified a citywide concept of operations plan. we do this every year. we'll be meeting next week to go over it with our key
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partners in the city, and this plan is designed to provide situational awareness for all of us. to just make sure that fleet week is not only a fun event, but it's also a useful one that brings good learning-lessons for us. yes, micki? >> i have a question about your october 6th event veterans employment. we have currently a veterans hiring project that dhr where we're seeing to be the employer of choice for veterans. so we're hoping that there is a coordination. please reach out to our workforce development staff to ensure that as the largest employer in san francisco to make sure we're there and part of the program and talking to our veterans about what opportunities in san francisco employment as well? >> i believe that you are there already, but -- no, i'm
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really glad that you mentioned that. we will make sure that that happens. but we have been working with your department. >> fantastic. thank you. >> also i would like to -- -- [ inaudible ] >> who is your contact? >> you can start with me. >> great. other comments or questions? everybody come out and have a good time with fleet week. i hope that you all participate. are there any -- we're drawing to a close here. are there any updates from disaster council members? we have a roundtable here. anything that you wish to present?
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[ [ inaudible ] holding a number of trainings of personnel -- to go through that at the eoc. so finance and admin can continue to participate and related to el nino specifically, we are notifying all departments that because of the gradual or marathon nature of el nino we're activating all the time keeping codes in an automated way, as well as in the accounting system. so your cfos will get messaging on this, so that they can calmly practice it before the storms come underway. if it doesn't come to pass at least they have a chance to practice with it. >> excellent, thank you, todd.
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any other announcements? yes, tom? >> last year -- actually this year because of the delay of the grants we have $200,000, chinatown for outreach. we have additional with two more districts we're going to do another $100,000 for each district. one is western edition and one bay and hopefully we have enough people to outreach for the public to learn how to prepare for the seismic safety. >> thank you. anything else? any public comment? october is a very busy month. 26th anniversary of loma prieta as the mayor mentioned and shake-up is in october.
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if you haven't signed up for it yet, please do. fleet week, we're going to have a lot of things going on in san francisco. and again, i thank you all for being here today. be safe, and thank you all you also for your partnership in helping us to be better prepared and planned. thank you.
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