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tv   LIVE BOS Land Use Committee  SFGTV  October 19, 2015 1:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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newsom for more go to aaron for the respect and however, the most respect i hope to get our support in november thank
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>> good afternoon good afternoon, everyone. everyone the meeting will come to order this is the regularly middle east of the san francisco land use & economic development committee to my right is is supervisor scott wiener and to my left is is supervisor jane kim our clerk alicia i'd like to thank jennifer lowe and jessie larson sfwr sfgovtv for broadcasting this meeting madam clerk madam clerk, any announcements? >> questions all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk.
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items acted upon today will appear on the october 27th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> all right. thank you so much call item one. >> on ordinance for 10 61 to change the sidewalk at the westerly at silver and portions of rearview mirror here and we have oh, possible if dpw and then i building a representative from the school district to comment mr. >> harry from the department of public works this is a standard sidewalks legislation louis a drop off in front of the willie l. brown middle school went through the standard calibrations and city planning as approved the task and fire department so all the major
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groups have agreed on the legislation and moving forward to the board any other questions i object to answer them. >> this is clean and straightforward representative from the school district to make a short presentation thank you, mr. rooir. >> hello. >> hello. >> are you speaking on this item or in 3789. >> cooperative you don't have is a public comment. >> a school district representative. >> no general contractor give me a minute you'll be able to speak. >> colleagues i don't know if you have any concerns let's go ahead and open up for public comment open up for public comment is open people have two minutes to speak and soft chime
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30 seconds remaining sir if you want to come up now is your opportunity and again, any member of the public can speak. >> thank you, welcome. >> i'm not sure i don't have is a comment noted sure. >> are you in favor. >> that's a comment we'd like to take it thank you. any other member that want to speech in favor or against this project. >> i'm francisco i filled out my card i think anyone chairs a meeting like this they have to respect the audience or the people who come here following some protocol this is an important issue not to be taken lightly it is a school millions of dollars have been spent it was an openly and
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is opening took place 9 of the manners of the americans with disabilities act was in patrolling place we have dpw and some other person didn't know why he's here but essential here and in favor of that so how can we spend millions of million dollars of dollars state of the art school the higher principal that apparently jumped ship that's not the point out today, the point is this city has to abide by the americans with disabilities act i was a project manager when i worked at the presidio of san francisco i took all the classes with at depth of the embroider i know something about it so
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supervisors that's not take things ashley make comments like straightforward english this is not about english this is about technicalities this is about standards, which leads tomorrow's ethics thank you very much. >> members of the commission public comment is closed. is clotted colleagues get to motion to i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation thank you very much looks like we have unanimous support so that motion carries unanimously thank you. >> all right. marking call u call item 2. >> an ordinance amending the planning code by the sustainability fee and the transit impact fee and declaring the homeless shelters
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declarations. >> colleagues we've heard this after making several amendments we were required to renotice the changes to the legislation we've been notified by the planning department of technical amendments they would like for the committee to clarify a change we made last week we have mr. corey here joining us from the planning department here to speak on that issue corey i'd like to call you up. >> thank you supervisor cowen and supervisors corey with the go planning the president those are not substantive but clarification the formulate in the document handed to you all is the same formulate as the last land use commission hearing i'll go through them page and line and i object to answer any questions on page 9 lines 9 to
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11 clarified grairt the way the language was drafted whether or not you were begin for gashth action a application was filed before a date or after a certain date as you may know they have multiple application you could have a application breaking and entering to make the language clear the intent that certain projects with application after certain date will not be subject to any grandfathering that is all the language that it does and on page 11 line 6 through 25 and then page 12 lines 6 through 17 we added a new subsection with a fee methodology as you recall you created a tiered fee
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for residential projects essentially a higher fee for any component of a residential project representing the one dwelling unit and above unfortunately, we didn't have a method for the one hundred units and above so the methodology we created a proportional methodology in the dwelling units at one hundred and above 25 percent of the dwelling units the higher rate will be applied to the entire rate for the project that includes thienz lobbies and hallways and other dwelling units essentials we just want the table to support that calculation and made that distinct and not additives so the higher squeegees and rents will pay both rates that's the clarification language and
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lastly on page 20 lines 6 and 7 we proposed amending the faebd looking at the feasibility by neighborhood and changed that to ear the definition of neighborhood is difficult and different for different people and adams the language to the extent possible i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you very much that's it on the staff presentation when i'd like to do is go to direct to public comment i see a few people in the audience public comment is open a reminder 2 minutes. >> public comment? >> oh, thank you. >> i'm sorry, i just got the speakers so first up
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(calling names). >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> good afternoon, members david with the hospital council i'm here again with the members of our council that stated shoulder or shoulder to shoulder unified in our position that the city's elimination and removal of the none for profit hospitals is public policy with kaiser permanente and chinese hospital are dignity and st. francis and you've heard from c pmc several put if this ordinance is adapted will decrease the resources for hospitals to do their charitable giving and spread out and increase the costs of health care for hospitals and their
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members the commercially insured and retirees and all those categories so we ask that the exception be restored and the ordinance thank you thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i guess my handwriting is not great abby with the sfrarns hospital i'm here 0 urge you for a run statement for the hospital transportation together the hospitals in san francisco serve the majority by far san francisco residents regardless of their ability to pay we worked together on a lot of the community benefits work clgdz the chinatown health fair st. francis focuses on the health felt residents some of the poorest and most difficult
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health outcomes of the residents in the tenderloin each the hospitals have a very focused community benefit work and together we very the san francisco height partner that has a retreat last week and look at it looked how to improve the health of the vulnerable across the city and reinstate the hospital exemption into the ordinance thank you. >> thank you next elizabeth. >> hello supervisors elizabeth from kaifrp thank you for having us here i wanted to ask on behalf of the kaiser permanente that we reinstate the hospital exemption modern hospital construction requires and we're happy happy to fulfill that our members have single private rooms within the hospitals your hospital have a larger footprint but not having more patients within the
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hospitals that means they're not janitor more trips with more people that is related to the seismic standards and the quality of patient within the hospital as well as the technology load within a patient's room is quite substantial all the hospital rooms have large monitor so the physicians and patient can enter fats without the physician making a round of applause there is quite a few of the equipment and a larger room than a previous hospital we're in support of transportation demand management program we support many, many programs within the thank you walking and biking and commuter ride sharers r ryder and other health systems chiu our mission bay wire working a transportation plan with uflsz and other institutions so we don't create mover traffic in
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the area i will say on behalf of the cookies would our hospital and our own hospital we keep the exception in thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm stuart fong at chievens hospital they support the run statements of the unfortunate hospitals in the equipment thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors dee dee workman from the chamber of commerce the chamber of commerce and our partners are really very confront with the legislation as amended in the last land use commission with the exception of removing the hospitals from the charitable exception we feel strongly the hospitals should fall under the charitable exception k exception they're the grandmother of all charitable services provider and as you've heard multiple times
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give the seismic retrofitting process they have too often stand the sites not expanding the patient load their employee numbers or the impacts on transportation so we feel strongly the hospitals should remain under the charitable exception the charm has been working with a broad range of groups looking for and trying to find new fivengd u fund to renovate, upgrade your transportation system we're a partner but we've supported you know the transportation bonds of l f and other federal, state, and local and taking the which i shouldn't programs is a departure and a bit of a breach of faith we urge you to put the hospitals back in under the charitable exception thank you.
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>> so supervisors normally when you get an agenda there is also legislative report and i spoke on one of the items and i got a report of all the legislative reports open every single item if you look at this agenda item it does not go too 0 deep with imperial data i don't know about the nonprofit hospitals but the sutter hospitals owe laugh money to the city billion dollars and that was discussed in this commission so that's not arley take all the hospitals under one umbrella but take to task an organization like the sutter hospital that
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has failed san franciscans having said that, there are a number of progressions out this that talk about affordable housing and when you go in that to look at the blueprints we find for example, linked to producing 5 kind scrapers and you supervisors does nothing of the high density buildings around the embarcadero and that's wrong so i don't we have the the city has we is a have some attorneys i think you all should represent the people because i know our board of supervisors has failed to represent the people of san francisco. >> thank you. >> we have many matter with
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the political distributors and distribution of president fullness should be removed from the mediation so clear up with self-nature sincerely of one wisdom with the working resolve the holy meeting of one destiny and self-nature that having a passion of feelings for relationship for the influence one is wisdom of self-nature of the combablts and cultural are part of the nature that could solve a nature of improvement and steps. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you for speaking out on this item. >> first colleagues may i have a motion on the technical amendments by the planning department thank you motion and
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second by my colleagues an unanimous motion that is approved thank you. >> is there a motion well, i'll back up colleagues, any discussion on the underlying. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam chair and i do believe we should put this out of committee but i'll raise one clarification before we do at the last committee hearing and this for the latter part of it we were voting commissioner avalos voting and supervisor kim and the only issue we voted on where potentially the positions of commenting a different outcome is on the hospital exception a 2 to one i voted to keep it in and so before we put this out i think that would be good to know that accurately reflected the views of the
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committee fine and if not can i have a motion 0 supervisor kim if commissioner avalos vote to remove the exemption is consistent with her point of view. >> i think i've expressed at committee meeting my concern for hospitals that i think do a lot of medi-cal and charity care and their ability to pay tsif pear for communities that don't have access to care at this time i'm not prepared to support this amendment i talked with the city attorney i apologize we called and left a voicemail not able to reach it was this more than he complete thinks to vet the different concepts will work i had a misunderstanding at land use commission an moped that was
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why a delay i, of course, want to be able to work with the committee workers and supervisor cohen and the members. >> so first place through the chair conceptually to make a motion to reinstate the hospital motion as previously drafted would i vote or noted vote. >> i'll not feel comfortable at this time. >> so based on that i'll not make the motion but i will make a motion to forward this item to the full board with a positive recommendation for the november 3rd board meeting. >> all right. great. thank you very much motion has been made and second required let's take a roll call vote on this motion. >> on the motion to remedy the ordinance as amended supervisor kim. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor cohen.
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>> madam chair you have 3ize. >> this is passed to the representation to the full board of supervisors. >> item 3 a resolution commissioners, on that motion interim controls in the transit plan area to restrict the size and height of signs within 200 feet and visual from the existing planning park and to restrict the signs in other areas. >> thank you very much supervisor kim is the author of this item and i will give her the mike at this time. >> thank you our office is still conducting emotions between stakeholders on this very issue we're requesting continuance two week continuance at land use commission and well, thank you very much that sounds great before we vote on the motion let's opening it up for public comment any members of
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the public that want to speak on item number 3 please come up. >> okay. so no members of the public. >> item speak on item 3 public comment is closed. at this time. >> and colleagues, we can take this motion to continue that item before us to. >> november 2nd. >> november 2nd thank you without objection. >> art without objection that item passes thank you, madam clerk call items 34 and 5. >> ordinances for the planning department and zoning map to create the jewish home located on silver avenue and allowing an increase in height with proportion. >> thank you commissioner avalos is the author of this item i believe we have
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legislative aide ms. shaw. >> ms. shaw from commissioner avalos before you we have to jeopardy plan amendment and the ordinance for the jewish special use district to allow for the expansion of that residential care facility in the excelsior located in the intersection of mission street and expanding the entire city block it has been serving the frail residents of the excelsior for over hundred years to expand their facilities with living space and other supportive uses we've been pleased with the community engagement on this process and worked collaborative with our office and neighbors in order to
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address the concerns of this type of development and make changes in order to better integrate the facility with the fabric of the neighborhood on mission street and along the corridor we hope to have your support so the jewish home can continue to serve the communities most needy and vulnerable both items were heard in august and received a unanimous vote and mr. chang will answer any questions you might have as well as representatives from the jewish home. >> i think the next speaker will be tina changing and followed up by daniel from the jewish home is daniel here and ms. chang. >> thank you good afternoon chronicling and supervisors those are the amendments to the
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general plan and zoning map amendment to establish the jewish home of san francisco the special use district the subject property coffers 9 acres with 5 buildings the may west building as shown in the red arrows to be demolished in the instead a construction of two new buildings the buildings 19 are 200 and 60 thousand square feet in size and providing approximately 200 and 10 residential care facility up to two hundred and 45 residents the home will create a square a new development it is buildings on the jewish campus to have a vied variability of uses by membership excuse me. o include medical officers and outpatient and focusing and salons and
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other centers. >> the home will provide up to 48 hundred square feet along the mission street frontage intended to activate the street to achieve the goals as described it creates a special use that requires a zoning map and planning code text amendment the amendment will simply remove the shading at the subject property for the height one of the zoning map amendments to add a boundary to the ftes as shown by the red doted line. >> the second amendment to 9 maps will include a plan map to the height and bulk where it currently shows a health and bulk of 50 x.
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>> and finally the planning code text amendment will add a section to establish the jewish home the sud will allow the non-residential uses within the district and allow a smaller floor within the special use district the above images are the proposed construction that is the admitting frontage that provides a presence along mission street activating and providing existing square feet part of building is set back to better respect the neighbors height and bulk. >> this last image is the the exist landscaping and is also lower in height to the surrounding residential uses that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. we don't have any questions i'd
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like to invite our colleague up to offer information on this item. >> good afternoon. my name is daniel ruth the wanting ceo of the jewish home in san francisco and held that post for the past 13 years next slide, please my expression of thanks our mission to enrich the jewish and non-jewish other jewish home provides services for over hundred and 45 years and serve the residents and patients on any given day the jewish home is the largest private nonprofit of nursing home care in the state and of the people that we serve on overwhelmingly amount of individuals on the medi-cal program we are rated as a 5 star
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facility for quality of care the highest possible next slide, please. >> more many years the jewish home ran into a deficit in 2012 the state cut our medi-cal reimbursements by thirty percent bans our hard work with the state we were successful in 2014 in reinstating our reimbursement rate for medi-cal and residents on a grord basis, however, we were left with an $18 million retroactive liability from the deep cuts that that experience alone underscores the yooush home to respond to the demographic facts and circumstances those include won the tidal wave of aging baby boomers and two the recognition
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those baby boomers have different need and expectations and demands from the prior generations and prefer to live at home or a residential type environmentalist and 3 the urge need to change the jewish final model to reduce the shining federal and state reimbursements as well unsustainable be levels of philanthropy and had the need to address the seismically challenged and updated centers that doesn't reflect the current standards so what are the results simply stated the proposed project is advances you are mission but allows us to remain in the excelsior district to serve an additional 200 and 48 residents on our campus in addition, we know that many older adults want to remain at home but it means at the suffer
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from depression and lonelyness and challenging for caregivers to take them to the myriad of appointments throughout the most next slide, please. >> so we are proposing a revolutionary new model one we call the square to support older adults their family members and caregivers that want to continue to live at home and come to one local to have their social and medical and other needs met, in fact, did muth commissions found our mission will create the accessibility of primary care among the city's growing population next slide, please in short that enhanced assisted living and memory care in the square allows us to better serve
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a bigger psychopath of members and involves a robin hill model the new uses help to subsidize our medi-cal's residents and better insult the homes from future budget cuts thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. rose presenter our work and service to the community let's - supervisor wiener your name is on the roster. >> thank you. >> all right. let's go ahead and take public comment at this time public comment is open. >> anybody who lives in district 9 and 11 passes by the jewish home and if you're more or less my age it is well known that this institution has done an excellent job
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what's important for this city to understand is that over 51 percent of our population are seniors and their noting not treated well and the city should look forward to an institution like the jewish home and there are a few others that the private foundations are kate so our seniors special those who are in ssi spend 90 percent of their income on rent and not taken care of. >> what the jewish community has 38 they have rich people i call them rich people who can if they
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follow the torah can setback monies charity care my family is tied to the jewish community they preserve the torah in a particular country for three hundred years so i'm like some people that think whatever my affection i appreciate what they're doing for others in extending the health to others thank you very much. >> for my money matter the principle once a original destiny are allowed the responsive pathways for making successful destiny for failed
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relationships for the transient flow leading a new way of virtue and accomplishment our well-being and personal reasoning are for holy pretends and wisdom one can apply tenant using everything for success and supervision and shatter decisions for creative action for prisoners of happening king virtual that fulfills the special force and well balance of harmonies for greater production of virtue of establishment holy nature to bring firm and secure of ones course of well planned and holy teachings and for these people and recognizing to be holy a
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principle of a superior freedom of united unit of the holy methodologies so like dragons and like horse expressing strongly great height with the process and at the end and enforcement for the virtue and defying if i had planning and second so traveling for true self-nature and for the california probation of the production and structure and order nature advantage for the society and policies of for the numerous people in populations. >> wow. >> next speaker. >> excuse me. i'm a little bit horse can you hear me. >> we can. >> i'm marlene norman wearing to hats today, i'm representing
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the vice president of the outer mission merchants better known as obama are i'm vice president and also worked at the jewish home i he was a social worker on the psychiatrist unit i reassigned but within 6 months i returned to the jewish home to return as a volunteer since i've been doing i have a profound appreciation for the home on the cutting-edge of elderly care with its ma many programs with the alzheimer's and units it serves the vunld members of the population i'm advocating for the proposed expansion of home i've tenant 3 community meetings to address the community concerns the first meeting was held at the home and
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substantially representatives came to a general meeting and district 11 would you be able meeting i believe as the home will increases not only the residents population that will always be reaching out to other members for the community including elderly caregivers and in conclusion i urge you to vote in favor the legislative expansion while showing some people are in denial about climatic change of climatic change but no one ca can a say that have not grow in the meeting of those needs thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is fran ginsburg and retired nurse sole practitioner and worked for kaiser permanente and managed care for kaiser permanente members of the jewish
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home and probably about every other nursing home in the city and daily city i can say personally and professionally that the jewish home is a very special place i've been interested in older folks since i was a younger folk and now i'm won the way past baby boomer age i can personally is a this is a place that needs to be and needs to grow and although i would prefer to die at home and live my last year's in my own house as bruno heights my he next choice is the jewish home thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i'm arlene as a long time service volunteer form board chair of the zuckerberg jewish home and now chair the jewish foundation i'm
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a true believer in the mission and work of the home to enrich the quality of life of older adults our mission is worthy serving the underserved senior population and needed service in san francisco the campus is up to date we understand the needs for the judiciously home to renovate, upgrade their campus please support this amendment to help insure the jewish home can serve the senior population thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a dawn i'm the parrot of anybody church in the excelsior district of san francisco i as pastor the governor bodies support the jewish home expansion and urge the city to approve approve this
2:28 pm
important project besides servicing the seniors they also partner with our church and distribute free groceries to those who are insecure in the neighborhood feeding three hundred families every saturday and their incredible partners we urge you from the bottom of my heart to support this jewish home for the entire excelsior neighborhood thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a steve i didn't the executive director of excelsior action group i'm here to express the supports for the approval of the general plan in the planning code that allows for the current expansion of the jewish home e a g is a great supporter and we believe that those amendments will allow the expansion of a much needed and supported resource in our community and
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add more density and aesthetically improve the character of the corridor we have exceeded the standards and expectation we like to regard ourselves as community members and support the implementation of the current plan and therefore support the proposed amendments that brings up this to fruition thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm dixie i'm and my husband dr. len walker move forward to san francisco 20 years ago a retired clinic fist and and a i was a most of the mother of 7 we had rich spiral perhaps at 87 my husband lift the bar but 6 months ago the state present challenges we county foresee and plan for or
2:30 pm
yield and len has claksdz and end up at the jewish home for a short time and long term care, he saw jewish home as a miracle for our dark lives the administrators are skilled but our advertiser was keep up me husband lived for the physicals therapy in the gym i got to sing high head off around the piano treat him with kindness and good sense of humor do ask me how they do that incidentally i'm getting used to the sound of tagalog i wonder how many projects you're presented that have as their core motivate plan old fathers service
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i encourage you to make their plans operational as a baby boomer age thank you. >> any other members of the public colleagues public comment is closed. at this time and colleagues the item is up for discussion. >> supervisor wiener i see your name on the roster. >> thank you, madam chair i just want to thank everybody that made this possible and strongly supportive i'll anytime it is personal this an institution that served many, many years and all are welcome at the jewish home for the an executive branch jewish
2:32 pm
clientele a large jewish population of seniors cared for huge i humanely and with respect at the intersection institution we know we have a growing senior population with so many needs in terms of making sure that people are getting the care they require to be healthy and have terrific lives and know that families need assistance in caring for the seniors in their lives who when they're struggling to tell you provide the care at home so the jewish home has been a wonderful community institution for so many years and allow to continue and increase the services is it provides i will also is that the aspect of this plan that will allow for seniors who are no did living at the senior home to come to a day
2:33 pm
i was exist to learn about that practicum we have a lot of seniors at home but sometimes become isolated at home and the more incidents to be in the community to be with other people to be engaged in various activities the healthier they'll be and good for the residents of the jewish home having people coming to spend the day it creates more of a beehive of activity and helps to keep everybody healthier this is a wonderful, wonderful project i sponsoring support it i move we forward items four and five to the full board of supervisors with a with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor kim and do you have a few remarks. >> just want to concur with what supervisor wiener said i'm happy to support that this is
2:34 pm
great to have a health write project to come before us and everybody's support. >> thank you very much i too am looking forward to this project and colleagues there's a motion made that i want to specific that items four and five will be forwarded for a committee report and seeing no objection that item passes unanimously thank you. >> madam clerk call item 6. >> item 6 an urgency ordinance approving the interim for the storefront mergers greater than 4 hundred and 99 in the special use district for an additional 10 months and 15 days. >> thank you very much supervisor campos is the author of this item and his legislative aide hillary to make a short presentation. >> thank you very much
2:35 pm
today, the mayor and supervisor campos are asking you to extend the interim controls the board passed that will prohibit of mergers that will result in a ground floor greater than 4 hundred and 989 square feet in the quatro special use district we're seeking an extension of 10 months and 15 days on saturday our windfall tax the economic & workforce development and the planning department host a community meeting on 24th street to begin to discuss the accept we expect to collect community feedback over 3 offices wall street with the mayor's office and the city attorney are in the process of drafting the sud we hope to have the proposal to introduce by the end of the year. >> and moiments the original needs for the interim controls and mergers remain many long term neighborhoods serving businesses in the cult district
2:36 pm
have been closed because of skoeth republicans and smaller place you are more assessable to small businesses we hope you'll put in place rules the state law requires the interim controls be for 10 months and 15 days, however, the sud is adapted earlier then those recusal will supersede the interim controls if you have any questions i'm here as well as diego sanchez and i think we're i object to answer any questions. >> fair market value that is a great legislation and my colleagues don't have any questions i'll go ahead and open up for public comment any is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak public comment is open at this time. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues i don't know if you have any last minute remarks okay there is a motion made by
2:37 pm
my supervisor wiener to move with a with a positive recommendation. >> i didn't make that motion. >> excuse me. i'm sorry. >> is there a motion? >> anyone? >> is there a motion? >> all right. thank you very much let's take this with a roll call vote. >> on the motion to recommend item 6. >> supervisor kim supervisor wiener no supervisor cohen thank you. this motion that item passes. >> that's 2 i's with one no with supervisor wiener is december sent. >> thank you very much this item passes okay ladies and gentlemen, why don't we take up items 7 and 8. >> item 7 to present finding from the annual balance report and item 89 to receive and
2:38 pm
approve the first bio annual report. >> supervisor kim is the authors supervisor kim anything you want to say new. >> thank you. i do want to thank chronicling and the committee for hearing this item today, i first of all, want to acknowledge the hard work the planning department i see our director john ram and many staff members that worked to collect that data since we passed the legislation in april of this year asking for data to have a better understanding of where the city is at in terms of hitting our goals of increasing the production of affordable housing but also where we were at in terms of loss of rental units housing in november of 2014 the voters approved a measure of prop k that said the city should set a goal of hitting 33 percent
2:39 pm
of affordable housing and 50 percent including madam clerk, any announcements? housing this is not a mandate but a goal we would like to achieve in making sure that many of the san franciscans get to continue to live here and that we can have a difference workforce that can live in san francisco as well i want to recognize>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> eagle on from the controller's office presenting on citywide income projects i am happy to report in the data to help to understand the impacts to our city's housing stock with the affordable and market-rate that helps policymakers to make more informed policy decisions but shows where the impacts are you think what is most striking about the report we read it in july was that we coming into close to our affordable housing
2:40 pm
production at 28 percent over the last event 10 years but we're hurt in the loss of rental units housing and to make sure we're acquiring existing housing stock is just as important as building and providing new affordable housing it is expected that certain districts will harbor more the development in san francisco than otherwise by virtue of the availability of lands or the approximate of transit but regardless of how much development in each district percentage wise all district should offer a positive housing balance the production of affordable units surpasses affordable housing lost to evictions or to unit being taken off the market unfortunately, the majority of our district here in the city have a negative balance ranging from negative one to negative
2:41 pm
hundred and 89 percent so we have a citywide 10 year cumulative balance of 15 percent including large projects 20 percent and the balance includes permitted units on top of those that were built i am, of course, very excited to see we're building a lot of housing 62 percent being built in this district and complooib with with supervisor cohen districts it is far in the majority i'm glad to see where we are building the housing a lot of affordable housing and, in fact, district 6 is 44 percent of the new affordable housing i think that it demonstrates it we have development that the city has work hard to insure that affordable housing is a part of any development that is being built and specialist the presence the
2:42 pm
ellis act that allowed for no fault evictions the report does reveal dramatically where those evictions occur in district 3 were less than 10 percent that has less than 10 percent of the construction that more than double no fault vibrations and district 8 more than triple when we look at where this is occurring the data is quite helpful in helping us understand where we want to target preservation collision so open up to community members if none open up to director ram. >> director ram. >> thank you, john ram with the planning department we're happy to be here to report on the first essentially the
2:43 pm
first housing balance i'm joined write teresa the author of the report she'll go into the details and other colleagues and emry rogers from the planning department. >> so then i think you, we thank ted egan for juan you quickly to go over what the housing balance report is and assistant in april as you may know the board passed ordinance 531 an ordinance to the planning code that directs the department to reports on the balances of new market-rate and other heirs over a 10 year period the affordable units to the net unites over that period it requires this report bio annually and the report to be done right away the one done two months ago i believe now we're on a regular schedule to the
2:44 pm
report koimdz comes out in the spring we've discussed the fact that the board will take action after the spring report is out so what is the housing balance target the goal to insure that the data is meeting the take the and informs the approval processes for new housing development 3 targets we looked in this report won the housing element it, of course, is mandated by the state to be upgraded period a goal of 28 thousand new funds i units within 2015 and the 2022 the rehousing allocation that goals percipients it 57 should be available to low and moderate hours the department sentiments a report to the department of
2:45 pm
housing. >> community development and prepare a report to the planning commission based on that goal and the second target is prop k, of course, which was passed by voters last year that set a goal that 33 percent of new units be affordable that is the goal it the housing balance aims for and the third the mayors gallows of thirty thousand set by 2020 with the housing visible to low income and middle-income i'll say as supervisor kim pointed out where the parts of city that are seeing the most development are where we are achieving the affordability goals because the housing development helped to pay for that and the department is eagle seeing and need to work with mohcd and other agencies on
2:46 pm
stabilizing the housing and this is an important point in the report kind of guiding us in the work with the mission street and hopefully other neighborhoods as we moving forward the stabilization, if you will, the neighborhoods roksz the senior development and the need to stabilize the rent-controlled unit how are you stockbroker with that, i'm going to turn it over to teresa to go over the details of the report thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. >> my name is teresa with senior planner with the citywide policy planning section i'll be presenting on the housing balance details as director wham ram mentioned the housing balance the portion of housing unit to the totals of new hournts over a 10 year housing
2:47 pm
balance period what is the 10 year historical production trend. >> if we are to look at just new housing production and affordable units made up of 29.7 or thirty percent of the net new housing units built in the last 10 period we're talking about the third quarter of 2005 is to the 2015 this presentation is actually on the second report you've received the housing balance clacks looks at beyond the calculation and the housing balance calculations looked at the choigsz and rehabilitations made and rad and
2:48 pm
replacement completed rad stands for rental demonstration he essentially the replacement of older public housing projects and entitled and permitted affordable units must units reformed from protected status sierra club the rental units are removed under ellis act or the demolition catalytic i have condominium conversion and other no fault evictions the housing stock is seen as as proposition for that netted new units built plus net new entitled and permitted units the figures are all for the 10 year reporting period. >> this presentation covers the second housing balance reports simply for the period we
2:49 pm
looked at net new oornz stock totaled 4 nine hundred the net affordability shocker is 15 percent the cumulative city balance over the 10 year period the ordinance also requires that the housing balance be calculate for the brown's district and by planning department direction the slide shows the balances for the board of supervisors district and this range from negative hundred and 89 percent if district 4 to 40 percent in district 5 the negative balances are due to larger number of units removed from protected status relative to the net new affordable units in the howe new housing units builds overall district 5, 6 and 10 positive
2:50 pm
baltz 40, 25 and 20 percent respect the rest of the negative balances. >> i'm sorry can you repeat that one more time you said district 5, 6 and 10. >> are positive housing balances. >> especially meaning we're building - and the affordable housing units built relative to the affordable housing units that are taken from the market they're more net units built relative to those. >> if i can say it more simply we're building more affordable housing than losing so districts 5, of and 10 are building more affordable housing than we're losing. >> thank you. >> this next slide shows the director of transportation by the pricilla chan district those districts by way of are
2:51 pm
consistent with the boundaries in the housing inadvertent reports again those arrange of balance from negative hundred 25 percent to the right-of-way approximately the geography of the board of supervisors district 4 and about 39 in the western edition and in downtown. >> the ordinance also requires a projected housing balance sierra club net new affordable units as a proposition of the total new units in projects that have received entitlements and yet to receive the building permit. >> this slide shows the balance is 13 percent the - this prolonged housing balance is provided the board of supervisors district and
2:52 pm
planning department levels. >> so what is not included the housing balance ordinance also specifics that 3 major projects have already been entitled but do not yet have building permits not included in the projected housing balance altogether those projects will provide about 23 thousand seven hundred net units of which 21 percent will be affordable not included in the projected housing balance are projects currently under review and rad projects that are slated to starts rehabilitation in a couple of months about 12 thousand nine hundred units goodwill review 40 percent are affordable units
2:53 pm
70 market-rate projects are a total of 10 thousand 5 hundred units subject to the inclusionary housing requirement at this time we do know how much they'll generate it depends on the option those projects take there are about 15 rad projects in phase one one thousand 4 hundred and 25 we have rrgs rehabilitation to start in december. >> what are the next steps the department sticks to the bilingual annual reporting schedule and stipulate the housing balance reports couples in the first of mark and september it was will conducted before the board of supervisors and before the first of april of
2:54 pm
mayor's office of housing and community development the mayor's office of housing the rent board and the department of building inspection and the city visit will present strategies for maintaining a health balance with the city's affordable meeting in april should a cumulative balance fall blow with a determined amount of funding for the city to be in the 33 percent the planning department's will create and maintain a website specifically for the housing balance report as required by the ordinance i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you very much for our thoughtful preservation i'd like to bring up mr. had a wood can you do us a favor and gives the
2:55 pm
highlight why this report is important and what are the key points it's trying go to communicate. >> happy to sophie hayward from the mayor's office of housing and community development thank you for having us here today, the housing balance report is one way to track the city's voter approved dowel to achieve a housing balance as memoriam listed through the prop k we at mohcd are responsible for the code requirement after the issuance of the second report if april i'm here to do today so out a in broad strokes of the work of mohcd for chief of police the goals of prop k we're tracking 3 inputs to the formula formula that creates the housing balance and for us as the new
2:56 pm
affordable housing production managing our priming specifically, and, secondly, findings new funds and resources and securing the resources to secure affordable housing and third managing or watching and doing our part for the loss of rent-controlled units so to that end in terms of new production mohcd current affordable housing pipeline projects the 3 thousand 5 hundred rehabbed affordable units by 2018 those will if i calculate takes the balance have to 26 percent i'll work with them online for the eligible accountability and in addition 3 thousand plus 2, 3, 4 predevelopment and that's part of our regular pipeline you've heard that from time to time by way of new funds i'd like to
2:57 pm
just take a few moments to highlight two new sources we know of and two potential source of other than first around the sb 107 for 3 thousand units that previously have fallen into the category with no identified funding in addition, we have the new the states cap & trade regulations recently eliminated the $15 million jurisdictional cap in the first rounds the allocations it means in the future multi projects within san francisco, california apply each for up to $15 million in individual award from the cap & trade funding we hope that is expedites are production of affordable housing and by a way of the two potential source of
2:58 pm
revenue the ab two, that was passed at the state level we're hoping that is favorable for san francisco we're not sure yet but provide you more information as we pull it together a number of criteria that are required in order to secure that funding but we're analyzing right now the city at various levels to see how that applies and, of course, the affordable housing bonds that railroad on the ballot this november and if this passes 4 hundred more rehabbed or new affordable units. >> loss of units is the third category i want to address this is challenging as a city and at mohcd in particular we don't have control over the loss of rental units p we have as a a city and continue to pursue efforts to slow evicts and the
2:59 pm
loss of those protected units at mohcd we'll continue to fund the defense programs fully and then we'll hopefully as you are the tenants rights legislation will slough the loss of protected units we're making process in establishing the framework for on accelerator fund to focus on the collision of larger rent-controlled units buildings to remove the tenants and that if i understand will serve as a compliment to the small sites program that seeks to acquire smaller rent-controlled units. >> so as i said we'll provide our formal response in the spring i hope this gives us an approach how we looking at the balances and i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you. we appreciate the -
3:00 pm
>> may i have. >> got a couple of questions for you. >> please. chair cowen. >> i talked about ab 2 at the board and incredibly interested what the stating means in treasure island we included in the da a we're recent to use an increment to go up to other thirty percent that was the original goal of affordable housing on the island but i also understand that ab two allows us based on a set of criteria to use tax cements on sensitive blocks maybe less of a question more of an ask or a request that mohcd look at the all the eligible tracks in the works so we can have a map of where we might be able to use this tool in san francisco and, of course,
3:01 pm
i've requested that the treasure island department are authority to look at how to mohcd tracks our affordability on treasure island and great to work with the mayor's office of housing as well. >> absolutely from when i understand this is our preliminary stages how we could potentially use our assess through ab 2 we need to start with the mapping the tracks that includes the tracks that are income eligible and work with on the vice presidents to layer in the data related to the other data. >> thank you. i'm glad that moh city as working on it is it a high bar given the fact they use the average medium income not san francisco i know your i'm is much higher than statewide hopefully, there will be sustained areas we can use is
3:02 pm
for, and, secondly, i'm glad to hear about the housing accelerator a huge supporter of the fund and excited to purchase 534 and 6 and in the mayor's office of housing it is sometimes hard with you realize our only by 5 or 7 units at that time, and have large rent-controlled units buildings thought san francisco is it would be amazing to acquire and add those to the portfolio and make a dent in adding to the acquisition i'm looking forward to hearing about that and the strategies how we start our identify potential sites. >> thank you. >> supervisor wiener do you have any questions. >> i have not a question but a comment that is very helpful and you know showing there are way
3:03 pm
too many vibrations in san francisco i want to note in terms of the housing balance when you look at the balance by district the supervisorial districts clearly the evictions radio a major factor in the significance of that balance we need intoxicate look at how many affordable units are being built for example in district 8 percent the district i represent that are too much evictions going on and also way too few affordable units being built and what we can see from this report is i think we all have known this that there are certain parts of city it are getting a lot of affordable units built and neighborhood where very little affordable units is being built i've had a lot of discusses with the mayor's
3:04 pm
office of housing and community development about the fact i'm via very, very happy a lot of affordable units is going in district 6 that's he terrific and happy we're seeing a lot of affordable housing in district 10 but also need in district 8 and 9 example and 5 and 4 and all over the city right now we don't center geography graphic equality there are plenty of rebates why we're in this place the good thing that political shift everywhere we've surrendering seen around housing many parts of city want affordable housing so we need to reduce the number of evictions absolutely but as popular we have to significantly improve the process faster and proceed is it to more parts of city of we reduce the number of vibrations to zero we'll be in a
3:05 pm
housing crisis because of the lack of affordable housing. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> okay. at this time, we'll take public comment on items 7 and 8. >> my name is francisco decost i think we really need to look at this issue very, very seriously with the imperial data so we really do not know when it comes to the figures thirty thousand units in this city. >> whether we have about three hundred and 84 thousand housing unit in total
3:06 pm
about our population if it is color to 8 hundred and 20 thousand and when the mayor talks about the thirty thousand units and some people take for granted they'll be units are going to be built in the southeast sector and you include the public housing they should be demolished if noted rehabbed anyone that is sensible tells me the infrastructure doesn't work the other thing we throw out the numbers be very, very careful not building in any area that is contaminated and going to liquefaction and flooding and not addressing quality of life ordinances you may think in district of a lot of affordable housing but do you all ask the people if their - if their suffering from asthma religious percent diseases i would like to
3:07 pm
remind that this is a lonely lands this is never mentioned and mellone has the inadvertently some people think this is fine to build luxurious units on treasure island but they'll suffer from the elements - >> (inaudible). >> next speaker >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> please come to the mike.
3:08 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm a president of the richmond community association and in regards to affordable housing it is a major, major issue as you may know in the city and there are many part inside the city that has not contribute and there's a good reason for that the worse part of city is built up and out we don't have the density as most other parrots of city now the new affordable housing density plan for example, has an effort to increase affordable housing and many areas of the city and in the richmond for example, you as you can see this house picture there are second story what is allowed in the affordable housing bonus plan as you may know to increase it
3:09 pm
stories above what it is designed for . >> affordable housing is really important to many of us in the richmond district we live in the richmond district we like the reconcile of the district and going online you know about the next door well, i posted this issue about the affordable housing affordable housing bonus plan and it is interesting to see what kind of comments came up the people who are homeownership's are really concerned oh, my god what is going to happen we'll loss our backyard or open space and privacy and selfishly property values on the other hand, there are other young people who are not established don't have families they could careless
3:10 pm
they want housing now and some of them with making comments don't to have a manhattan well unfortunately feel we don't have a manhattan transportation and it didn't meet the standards of department that is necessary so well, at the end the affordable bonus plan should be considered other than a case by case situation because otherwise there's will be a tremendous negative impact for some of the districts especially the richmond district and the richmond district 75 percent of blocks will have or could have an impact with this plan so i is one-size-fits-all thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> once the transit system in
3:11 pm
chinatown in chinatown most of the well fixture for about most of the departments of housing low, low low income people affordable housing and those conditions so terminal just terrible conditions that requires maybe our we're not a working scheme but remodeling and more construction involved in the housing structures over chinatown. >> thank you are any is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak public comment is closed. is closed for item 7 and 8 thank you. >> this matter is in the hands of the committee i'd like to make a motion that item 7 be filed and that item 8
3:12 pm
move forward to the full board. >> a i so moved on both of those. >> thank you. >> can this motion pass with or without we'll take that without objection. >> okay we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk any other items before i. >> no, that concludes our presentation today. >> madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> this meeting is now adjourned thank you. >> jessica was sophie
3:13 pm
3:14 pm
constantino and i'm a filmmaker. i'm the cinematographer producer, director. it's inevitable at some point that you want your movie to get out there and suddenly you realize it to be a community organizer sometime to get people together to see the story you have to tell. the conversations that can come out of a well-crafted film. they're pretty rich and interesting. what we do as the lakers, besides all the best way possible. so, i think that's where i do well learn everything. lighting, cinematography, i got your jobs
3:15 pm
as a stage manager at someplace that was a projectionist. i kind of mix and match as they went kept refining. i feel like it isn't just about making things that are beautiful and appealing and rich and thought-provoking the way their films but it has to tell a story. >> my name is to know-i'm a freelance multimedia producer. my project comprises mostly of free took up photography. with a few portraits of people that i interviewed. i'm going around san francisco and capturing the black life. as i decided to do this project because i read about the decline of the african-american population in san francisco, and i wondered where the remaining population was and what they were doing and how life was for them.
3:16 pm
>> i wasn't very inspired by school. i wasn't very inspired by continuing to be read and write and read and write and go to class. i watch a lot of movies. saw a lot of porn films and thought i had this very feminist bent and i thought there was not enough of a woman's vision on the stuff that we see, the movies that we make in the beginning the way that we look at woman that where we find them and the roles that we then take in the stories that are being told. so, they felt to a motion. they didn't feel complex. i felt like, yes, i have a different say and i like to see the world shaped by its. >> my grandmother was a
3:17 pm
teacher. she taught special education for 40 years in los angeles. when i was growing up, she inspired me to record. we recorded everything we record our conversation. we recorded the street. we recorded everything with a cassette players. learning multimedia skills led to some of the crossover informing opportunities for young people. someone who opened la seven cisco feels like a small town. these deluded western mission and when i visit someone to cut my hair i found a mate. he seemed like an interesting guy up in the neighborhood and he a lot to say about some of those honest foreign to me. that local perspective is so important to me because i think someone who isn't from here, knowing that history allows me to be more engaging the community that i live in. i
3:18 pm
want the same for others. i want people to move into a new neighborhood to know what was there before. who was there before. what businesses were here. and what cultural and historical influences we see today. >> my guiding principle have been you know, if you stick to something long enough if you know what it is then you go forth eventually get there. of course, you refine and refine. whenever you wanted to whenever you want to do is totally possible. it's not something to listen to. >>[music]
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3:25 pm
3:26 pm
g.r good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission and recreation and park commission joint hearing
3:27 pm
and i would like to remind members of public the commission doesn't tolerate any disruptions and please science silence any mobile devices and when speaking before the commission, to state your name, for the record. planning commission president fong? >> here. >> planning commission vice president wu. >> here. >> commissioner antonini. >> present. >> commissioner hillis. >> here. >> commission richards here. >> commissioner moore will be absent. >> commissioner buell. >> here. >> commissioner low. >> here. commissioner bonilla. >> here commissioner harrison. >> here. >> commissioner mcdonnell? >> here. >> commissioner levitan has an excuse the absence. >> please note the joint commissions will hold one public hearing for the public
3:28 pm
to provide testimony on all items listed below. following the public hearing, the recreation and park commission will act joinly with the planning commission in adopting findings under the california environmental quality act and recreation and park commission will consider making a recommendation to the planning commission regarding the possible adverse impact of shadow on gene friend recreation center. following action on those items the recreation and park commission will adjourn and planning commission will remain in session and separately consider all other items. items 1a, b, c, and d for case numbers 2011-0586k and x at 363 6th street. item is a is the discussion and possible joint action by the planning commission and recreation and park commission to raise the cumulative shadow limit for gene friend
3:29 pm
recreation center pursuant to the planning code section 295 [-eurpt/]ation memo adopted in 1989. this will be a planning commission/recreation and park commission joint action. item 1b is the discussion and possible action by the recreation and park commission to adopt a resolution to recommend to the planning commission that the new shadow cast on gene friend recreation center by the proposed project at 363 6th street will not be adverse to the use of the park as require by planning commission section 2956789 this is a recreation and park commission action only. following items 1a and b, the recreation and park commission will adjourn and the planning commission will remain in session. to separate consider the following items: 1c and d. for case numbers 2011-586k and x, adoption of findings and large project authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners. rich sucre, department staff, joineded by our shadow
3:30 pm
specialist from the planning department and stacey bradley from the recreation and park department. under the large project authorization, the project is seeking modifications to the planning code requirement for rear yard, permitted obstructions over the street, dwelling unit expose [kwra-urpb/] off-street park. per plasing code section 295 the planning commission and rm cc must grand authorization to you new construction projects that will cast shadow or shade upon any property under the jurisdiction of the recreation and park commission. the project will cast new shadow upon gene friend recreation center since gene friend recreation center poses shadow budget, to one, increase the shadow budget of the gene friend center. and two, adopt a motion that additional shadow caused by project will not be adverse to the use of gene friend recreation center. additional information on the shadow and its impact on gene
3:31 pm
friend will be provided by state. in it'lleds demolition of the existing two-story warehouse currently used as a church and the residential building with 104 dwelling units and approximately 700 square feet of ground floor space. 45 off-street parking spaces below gray. 102 class 2 bicycle parking states and seven class it [#2*-/] bicycle spaces. including dwelling unit mix con sifting of 56 two-bed radio room units, et cetera. the project includes common own space via ground floor, roof deck and private open space for three dwelling units via private terraces on ground floor. the entrances to the off-street parking through a 10' wide opening through clara state. to-date the department has received numerous correspondences about the proposed project both in support and in opposition. since publication of the commission packets on october 8th, i provided the additional correspondence received by the
3:32 pm
planning department to both commissions. the project has elected onsigh affordable housing alternative and since the project contains 104 dwelling units the project will provide 12 affordable housing units on-site will will be available for rent. since it's involving a rental agreement, the project sponsor has entered into an agreement with the city. in compliance are ordinance 70-15, the project sponsor reviewed the entertainment project can the entertainment commission and the entertainment commission requests that the planning commission adopt an additional condition of approval involving measures for noise attenuatation. the department notes that the ground floor retail use at [ko-erpbt/] of 6th and harrison street has han 18' floor-to-ceiling height and meets the requirement of planning code section 145. just it to note only non-residential use on the ground floor are required to
3:33 pm
have a minimum of 14' of ground floor height. further the floor to sealing height of the average residential plate is 8'4" and compliant with both building and planning code. the department staff recommends approval with conditions. specifically the project complis with the applicable requirements of the planning code, the project is consistent with the objectivity and policies of the gp. the project is located in zoning district where residential and ground floor uses are principally permitted. the project produced 104 dwelling unit and ground floor corner retail. the project is consistent with and respects the existing neighborhood character, and provides an appropriate matching and scale for a large scale block and will fully utilize the plan control and pay the appropriate development fees. the project sponsor and the recreation and parks commission staff are present and have prepared short presentations. this concludes my presentation. i am available for my questions. thank you.
3:34 pm
>> >> good afternoon, commissioners. stacey bladey deputy director at planning unit at rec and parks to discuss the shadow impacts on gene friend recreation center. as you know the site planning code section 295 from the voter-approved prop k, sunlight ordinance that voters approved in 1994. 1987-1989 two memos adjacently approved by the commission -- that define how's the shadow can qualitative and quantitative criteria and includes the definition of "solar year," and "day," the day from one hour after sunrise before unhour before sunset
3:35 pm
[ inaudible ] this map shows you the project at 6th street in relation to our two parks. [ inaudible ] >> do me a favor, wiggle the base. sorry, is that better? >> yes. much better. >> okay. >> you can see the map here -- with 363 6th street -- gene friend to the north. the project was analyzed to see if any new shadow hit either
3:36 pm
both and no new shadow -- the rest of my presentation delves into gene friend rec. the park details now -- just over an acre and existing shadow load is 22.94% of the total theoretical annual available sunlight on the park, on the open space of the park. it is 60.67 -- there is a shadow load of 60.67% when you include the recreation center building, which is always in shadow. this shows where the new general location of where the
3:37 pm
new shadow will be. the new shadow is . -- roughly .03% of the task. and would increase from 22.94 to 22.97 on the open space to 60.67% when the rec center building is included. now rpd trust for public lands to do a feasibility study on concept plan for the site. we're looking at redesigning the entire site. it is likely that the building will be roughly where it is now along the 6th street corridor and probably extend to folsom street. we'll also have similar features in the open space as it does now. the recreation center may or may not have outdoor recreation space on the rooftop. this provides a summary of the shadow analysis. the new shadow would occur in
3:38 pm
the morning within 30 minutes of the solar day, so that is about one hour after sunrise. and will occur no later than 8:40 in the morning. this is important as the park is currently opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00, currently closed sunday and monday, although it's available for afternoon programming and rentals on sunday and monday. the shadow, the new shadow will be on the park 20 days between september and march. the new shadowranges from one minute to 23 minute and average is 12 minutes. the largest footprint october 25th from 7:30 to 7:38 and will shadow just over 6,000 square feet of the park. it's approximately 13% of the total park area. the maximum shadow cast is 822 square foot hours on 10/25 and total square foot of the new shadow is just over 36,000 or
3:39 pm
.03%. location of the shadow is in the southern part of the property along folsom street -- right now it has a lawn area south of the playground. this shows you cumulative projects that we know in the pipeline. there is 363 6th street is highlighted in orange. just south of that is 988 harrison interest and has been determined that project will cast no new project on the park. that would have a minimal shadow of .07%. these two shadows interact. so the information of these projects is -- it lays over each other. so they may cast similar shadow. 999 folsom street is north of
3:40 pm
345 6th street and estimated to have 1% shadow load on the park. then 980 folsom street is lightly to the west along folsom and pending shadow studly, but will likely have a shadow impact as well. this image shows the worst-case scenario of 363 6th and also shows 345 6th street. i'm here with planning staff and we're available for any questions that you may have? also the project sponsor is here as well with a presentation. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor.
3:41 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners, alexis pelosi. the project sponsor and the president who is here today, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to present the project at 363 6th street. we have been work on this project with planning department staff and community and reflects the invaluable insight by both group and project that will bring much needed housing. real tek was formed with the focus to build housing that is affordable by design and housing that responds to and reflects the community and the neighborhoods where it is located. real tek has engaged if its neighbors and local businesses, non-profit and citywide entitis to design and integrate projects that weave into the local san francisco. cody, a real tek team member will be provide a summary of the project at 363, 6th street and i will provide an overview
3:42 pm
of the shadow and cody will conclude the sponsor's presentation with a brief summary of real tek's community out reach and community benefits. before turning it over to cody, we want to thank the planning department staff, and in particular rick sucre and david for their professionalism and guidance and we want to thank community members for working with real teks on the 363 6th street project and their comments and staff's work has resulted in a better project and one that we're honored to receive a favorable recommendation for approval from staff. here is cody, who will walk you through the details of the project. >> good afternoon, commission members. executive vice president of real tek. i would like to express my gratitude for the planning department's positive recommendation of the project and the hard work that they have put into this project to make it a better place to
3:43 pm
live, work, and play. as described by mr. sucre, 363 6th street is located at corner of 6th and clara street. thank you. our proposed project is an 85' tall mixed-use residential build. we envision our project transforepersoning this important, but underutilized gateway to downtown. given our proposed project provides a total of 104 luxury residential units, comprises of 28 studios, 21 bedroom and 56 two-bedroom units including 12 on-site inclusionary affordable units, 54% of our units are two-bedrooms far exceeding the 40% requirement. we have worked extensive with the planning department staff to activate the street, after meet communitying multiple one-on-one meetings with community leaders we have incorporated many of the changes into the project, and
3:44 pm
it's helped us improve the pedestrian experience. the ground floor fronting 6th street include a lobby, community room, 700 square foot commercial space, with frontages on both 6th street and clary clara street. it will be available for community members for meetings and events and were working to donate to local non-profits. working with david winslow we designed the clara street frontage to integrate the residential feel of clara street. the building is setback 10' above the 4th floor with three residential units fronting clara street on the ground-level. these units have raised entries and are setback 14' from curb creating separation from the street and privacy for the residents. our project provides approximately 8,000 square feet of combined open space,
3:45 pm
comprised on-grade rear yard and rooftop deck. now i would like to ask alexis pelosi to return and discuss the building's shadow and the relationship to the two parks located near the project. >> hi. i'm going to talk about shadow and i know stacey did a great job with overview of it. victoria manalo draves park and gene friend park. amd noble is here prepared a shadow study and based on the analysis it was determined it would not have a shadow impact on vped victoria manalo draves, but would catch a small shadow on gene friend recreation center. as indicated by stacey, gene friend is open tuesday through friday and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on saturdays and closed on mondays and sundays.
3:46 pm
at its maximum, the project's new shadow covers 13% of the park and averages for approximately 12 minute and located in passive recreation areas. in total, the net new shadow cast by the project is 0.02% increase in the existing shadow load on the park. to help visualize, the project sponsor has prepared a video of the worst shadow day, the day with the greatest new shadow and largest new shadow by area. the video is not required, nor proposition k or ceqa, but prepared and is being provided to help visualize the duration and location of the net new shadow. gene friend is outlined in yellow. and 363 6th street is in blue.
3:47 pm
as you can see the shadow has already left the park. the shadow occurs first thing in the morning, as you can see. and quickly moves off of the park. so off the park by 7:55 a.m. this is a still of the worst shadow day, which stacey also showed. on this day, again, this shadow covers 13% at maximum. and is gone by 7:55 a.m., which is over an hour before the park opens. to get a essence sense sense of where the shadow is cast, you can see the shadow cast on passive recreation areas such as walkways on the southeast corner of the park. the shadow cast before gene friend center is open, the latest shadow that occurs on the park at 8:41, 19 minutes before the park opens and covers at maximum 13% of the park. for all of these reasons and because of the limited size and duration of the shadow in relation to gene friend recreation center and existing
3:48 pm
shadow load, we agree with staff's determination it's nod adverse and does not interfere with use of park and to increase acl for gene friend center by 0.08%. here is cody to talk more about the project's community benefit and community outreach. >> real tek is contributing a combined 1.8 million dollars to the community in the form of impact fees, including $185,000 in contributions to local parks and youth programs. project provides 12 new below market-rate affordable units, 54% of the units will be two-bedroom and we're committed to hiring local, skilled trades people for the building's construction. since the inception of the project real tek has met with
3:49 pm
over 25 community organizations and providing letters of support from local neighbors. we developed a strong supportive relationship with seven major community organizations including walk sf, san francisco bicycle coalition, united players, city crossroadssom art, national federation of filipino-americans -- meeting with community leaders one-on-one has helped us understand the community's needs and shaped our project's design. recognizing the importance of local parks we have formed a partnership with the san francisco parks alliance to found youth sports program at gene friend rec center and sponsor a monthly movie night at victoria manalo draves park. we supported with the san francisco bicycle coalition's bike and roll to school day,
3:50 pm
walking sf pilot program, part of their safe routes to school andsom arts and sponsor a south of market youth collaborative, which provides summer programs for 175 at-risk children. we have engaged the filipino community with health symposium and proud sponsor of the victoria manalo draves vmd plaque that had an unveiling ceremony and support the asian-pacific islanders fundraising efforts. many closing i would like to thank the staff of the the planning department for positive recommendation on our project. thank you. >> we will open up to public comment. read something cards here. rudy, carlos. rudy asuncion.
3:51 pm
natasha r.. [ reading speakers' names ] >> i'm with the national federation of filipino-americans and i'm here to support realtek's project. realtek has proven themselves to be supportive of the community. and they have proven to be a valid community partner for the south of market area. but one of the things that i would really like about realtek is that they supported our project -- to us that is very
3:52 pm
important because filipinos have the highest rick in risk in the united states. i support their project strongly and ask that you also do the same. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners, my name is rudy also. i personally like shadows -- it's been hot lately. i am here to support realtek, they have willing to support our organizations and 175 kids for the next five years to help fund all of our fieldtrips for all kids, 175 kids. we we have been having genuine
3:53 pm
relationships and conversations with them. there were three requests that we made. we requested three and they did two out of the three, which is good. we're here to support the project. i also know there are a lot of people here who have construction work that they need done and hopefully they can help the brothers out, too. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. any name is natasha -- i'm here to actually support this project under realtek because i believe it will not only be beneficial for the community
3:54 pm
and they are going to provide i believe 300 jobs that are going to be -- they are going to be using local laborers and unions that will help the local economy and also help the middle-class and also low-income families. because we do really need it here in san francisco. also we are happy that they are supporting the filipino community. they have mentioned that they did support our health symposium that was done at the filipino consulate and victoria manalo draves -- that is close to me because it's also empowering filipino-americans and also empowering women. so i do truly support this project. thank you and have a good day. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:55 pm
come on up and i will call a couple more names. [speaker not [ reading speakers' names ] >> good afternoon commissioners, former member and president of the san francisco community college and port and public utilities commission. i'm here not to repeat what has already been said except to also express my support that those who support the filipino community in the south of market, which badly needs support, like realtek will get the support of the filipino community. so we endorse this project whole-heartedly. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. thank you for your time in allowing me to speak in favor of this project located at 363 6th street.
3:56 pm
i'm carlos duran and field representative for the carpenters union of which approximately 3,000 belong to local 22 here in san francisco. some of those members are here behind me today. carpenters local 22 fully supports this project for the following reasons, the vermont realtek has made a commitment to hire union general contractor to build this project. this will create good jobs that provide living wages, health, and pension benefits. this project also creates real opportunity for local san francisco residents to enter the carpenters apprentice project. furthermore this project completes 104 family units that addresses the crisis in affordable housing and middle-class housing in our great city. in conclusion i urge the commission to raise the cumulative shadow limit to push
3:57 pm
this project forward. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is heather phillips executive director at city crossroads located on 6th street across the street from howard on this project and also a community resident and friends of victoria manalo draves and gene friend rec center group. realtek has been engaged in the conversation for almost a year with the community asking in anticipation of the shadow how they could be of benefit to the community looking at the long-term? as rudy said they have supported youth collaborative, which city crossroads is a part by supporting fieldtrips for 175 kids for the next five summers. they have contributed funding to the friends of the park group through the parks alliance in order to fund youth sports at gene friend. and so i really feel like they have reached out and tried to create partnership in the community and not just trying
3:58 pm
to bump up the shadow limit, but to really look at mitigating those impacts with real things that address the needs that shadows on our park create. so i would urge you just to look at the way that this project affects and the way that this developer has looked to benefit the community. thank you. >> hello, my friends. my name is michelle alevis, resident of south of market and service provider and parent. i'm speaking today in support of the 363 project. development is a huge issue in our community, but i wish more folks would come to the table like these folks have and try to engage the community and find out what they can do to be a benefit? one of the things that i really appreciate is the interest and willingness to commit long-term to a five-year investment instead of just an investment
3:59 pm
upfront. when the project is being created, and that will provide services for young people for a few years to come and not just once the building is built. so we are confident that they will continue to be a member of the community, and find ways to contribute past the construction of this project. and so i just wanted to share my strong support. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners, thank you for being here. my name is kelly gross and i'm a member of both walk stanley morgan and the san francisco bicycle coalition. and they supported to letters of support i wanted to read into the public record. first from the bicycle coalition. thank you for your engagement in the community, the zero vision catalog and san francisco bicycle coalition as part of your outreach around the 363 6th street product. the project is located on a high injury corridor and on routes [tphrao-ebgt/]ed by people walking and biking.
4:00 pm
we appreciate your focus on ensuring that current and future residents have safe and attractive places to walk and bike. many of the current members of the community have been asking for safety in connective improvements for years. in particular we were excited to join you and your outreach team for community safety walk around the project. being able to walk the streets surrounding the proposed site location with members of vision zero coalition, help our coalition members discuss the importance of safety treatments with realtek team and share the vision that they have for a safer 6th street. this project is on a high injury corridor and located in communities of concern. so it's particularly critical you that addresses community safety concerns. we also very much appreciate your support and engagement with the carmichael school for bike and roll to school. this week was our most popular ever. finally, we are pleased to see that both projects provide significant bicycle parking space for residences and makes
4:01 pm
it possible for residents to have safe and healthy transportation options. we appreciate the chance to work with you and look forward to continuing work together to improve safety and provide safe, convenient and affordable transportation areas. sincerely policy director of the san francisco bicycle coalition. the next letter from walk san francisco. thank you for realtek's sponsorful of the betsy carmichael program. realtek's donation will support goals of safe routes to school to encourage children to walk to and from school and create safer environments in the neighborhood. walk san francisco is part of a growing movement to promote safe, sustainable and healthy
4:02 pm
transportation. thank you very much. >> hi, my name is fred. i own the insurance company and ensure about 250 small businesss in the geographical area we're looking at developing. i want to applaud realtek for reaching out to the community. what i'm saying here, i want you to look at every one of these faces. brothers and sisters, and i know what it's like, because i came here undocumented to this country. what jobs mean? the economy hasn't been that great.
4:03 pm
as thriving today, and these people finally have jobs. they just want to take care of their families. they just want basic rights. we know this organization has reached out to the community, doinging the right things. but you know what is more important to me? and some of you people on this board that have been in unions can understand, it's just taking care of the basic needs of the family. i'm glad that you guys are here and standing up, because we need jobs for you. i think the economy is going to drive thrive and families will five. businesses that are not been doing well are starting to thrive and now their businesses are becoming sustainable. you understand what it needs to make this happen? i hope you will approve this project i
4:04 pm
think they are doing the right thing. i if any know they are doing the right thing. i don't know the people very well, but what i care about is those people right there. have a nice day. thank you. >> thank you >> good afternoon commissioners and thanks for your time for allowing me to speak. dante johnson, born and raised in the mission district and a few years in the western addition. i went to galileo and city college of san francisco and decided i wanted to sell real estate, but that turn a turn for the worse. so i had no idea what i was going to do in an expensive city, you know, how the rent is here? so i joined the local 22 and became
4:05 pm
a carpenter and found it to be satisfying, creating something from nothing. there is a blank space there and you drop by and there is a building there. so i grew up inner-city kid with nothing, as a metaphor and now i have a career. so i also created something from nothing within myself. so i would just like to push this project to give more people like me to have the opportunity to create something from nothing. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. recreation and park commission, my name is joel copple and i work for the san francisco electrical and electrician's union and also speaking for
4:06 pm
other unions. i'm a san francisco resident from here, grew up hire. live right next to golden gate park and appreciate what the rec and parks commission does. i have a letter addressed to planning president fong that i would like to submit it now while everyone is here so we're all looking at the same piece of paper. it's great to see there is a large presence here of carpenters and it's great there is a commitment from the developer to work with the carpenters. i reached out to be here speaking in favor of the project. i want to be discreet about this. i know it's a very small town and i'm not here to burn any bridges or disrupt anything in the future. but as far as our local 32 contractors, sorry, we have 32,
4:07 pm
local contractors. and all of our 974 electricians that live in san francisco we're not -- we don't have a commitment from the developer on this project. so we look at this as developer versus community. developer benefits versus community benefits. and should we make deals with part of the community or all of the community? we would like to have a commitment from the developer just like the carpenters. last week we were here for 532 harrison and we have commitments from the developers and all of the other trades were here in support of the project. again, not that the whole commission is going to revolve
4:08 pm
around us, but for my members and my contractors, we're unfortunately opposing this project. >> henry -- -- any other public comment addition no in addition to henry? >> henry -- market business association. south of market has been [speaker not understood] there was a lot of work that was lost. also small business was lost. now we're faced with what we're going to more people coming in and more people living in the area and more small businesses that will be successful and thrive. we heavily endorse and support this project and hope that you
4:09 pm
will do so likewise. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm alice rogers from 10 south park. i'm here to address item is d, not dealing with the shadow issue, but the ground-floor project. i'm not opposed to this project being built. i think it will be an asset to the community. i'm thankful for the outreach that they have done, but ground-floor design of this project clearly is in violation and disregards your very own ground floor residential guidelines, which we were told have the force of law, even though they happen not to be clearly spelled out at this moment in the planning code. i would respectfully request
4:10 pm
that you continue the item and ask for a ground-floor redesign. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm reading a letter on behalf of jess young, who is from the soma arts executive director. she is sorry she couldn't make it today, but wanted to submit the record to be on the record for the commissioners. we want to thank realtek for engagement with community and with community-organizations as som art and bicycle coalition. we have been consistently impressed with how engaged and interested realtek has been in becoming part of the social fabric of the neighborhood. their willingness to participate in soma arts programming and learn about the significant cultural history.
4:11 pm
with constituents in need of affordable housing, we're pleased it their 12% affordable housing and within walking distance ofsoma arts. we look forward to welcoming future residents to join soma arts in engaging the power of the arts for just . inclusion. >> any further public comment? commissioner antonini. >> on our agenda is the consideration of the shadow and whether to raise cumulative limit? and as has been presented, the impact of this is very small .027% of the
4:12 pm
available amount of shadow over the entire year and it only affects 20 out of 365 days, with the duration of 5-22 minutings. and in all cases apparently the shadow is done well before the opening of the park and most of the shadow falls on the area that is the entryway to the park. there has been some talk although not finalized yet about a redesign of the structures which might end up putting structures on the area where the shadow is falling. but i think given the benefits that the project brings, and the fact that the impact is negligible and unless the hours are changed, has no effect on anybody inhabiting the park. i would be in favor of raising the cumulative limit to an
4:13 pm
amount that would allow this small increment to be allowed in this project. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you. so my first question is to staff. rec and parks staff outlined a number of projects that are going to be coming forward. i don't know, can you give us a framework how to think about the fact there will be three or four projects in a row, coming and asking for an increase in what was originally a zero percent allowance. >> the other projects in the pipeline, 345 th street and 904 folsom, the environmental review is still active and the department hasn't finish third commentary on the proposed design. while we provided initially
4:14 pm
framework for the massing relative to the cumulative study, so the commissioners are aware of the potential impact only the shadow, there is not -- there is not enough information available to basically provide additional information to the commission to consider. >> thank you. >> if i could just follow-up on that. rich, correct me if i'm wrong, the analysis that was shown by rec and parks staff was, i think it's fair to say is kind of the worst-case scenario. >> correct. >> as the projects move forward we work with the sponsors so it's further refined and wanted to give you a worst-case scenario. >> in the case, i think they used massing proposed by the sponsor, which isn't necessarily the massing supported by the department or future commission. >> thank you. to that point, if i could ask
4:15 pm
the developer or the architect, what would it take to design out the shadow? >> alexis pelosi again. that is something that the project sponsor hasn't spent a lot of time looking at that point. our understanding is given the sun access plane of the sun when it hits the building, hits the building pretty square on and adam noble is here and can talk about it as well. it captures a large mass of the building. so preliminary looks at it indicate that it would take off probably 2-3 stories of the building which would result in a decrease of how many units? a significant portion of those units. because it's not only cutting off the top of the building, but also the core. so it would impact probably two to three floors. >> is it across the entire two floors or a corner of the building? >> it's not a corner of the
4:16 pm
building. let me see if i can find an image. so the way that the building fronts along 6th street, the massing along 6th street over in that big corner. the way the building is designed with the said the bac with the rear yard, the core goes up to the roof and provides access to all floors. when you cut it off to take off the top floors you are also cutting off the core of the building and thereafter cannot have the units at that level. as a result, you know, if there were to be no shadow impact on the park, it would be a completely redesigned project and look completely different with a different layout and it's not as simple as cutting out a corner of the build. >> thank you. i say this every time, the '89 memo talks about the parks on cumulative list, also than 2 acres and -- i take that seriously. so it's hard when
4:17 pm
you don't have any options in front of you that are about shadowed versus non-shadow park. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you for the presentation. i think this is similar to the project we had when we met a while ago with 5m and this shadow is fairly minimal in areas of the park that are somewhat ancillary in during hours that the park is not open, which i think is significant and something that we should take into consideration. as always a balance between allowing for new development and in balancing that with impacts. but i think the impacts are significantly low enough here, that the project outweighs -- a couple of questions? first for planning staff. when we did transbay, we kind of looked at the shadow impact of that project on parks. did we do that when we did the east soma, eastern neighborhoods plan? and kind of increased the shadow limits
4:18 pm
in envelopes? was that something kind of new to transbay? >> i think the short answer, commissioner is that it was relatively new to transbay. because we knew what -- when you did transbay, you were looking at the specific projects and heights that we knew about. the difference is that in eastern neighborhoods we didn't know, because it was first of all a much bigger area and second of all, much more speculate i ive and so it's less impact, if you will tran transbay. that is a useful exercise. we didn't increase the shadow envelopes for that. so we're kind of talking out of both sides. i appreciate that we did it for transbay and not for this. second for rec and park, why
4:19 pm
is gene friend limited hours and victoria manalo draves is open dusk to dawn? just interested in that. >> i think actually the hours -- i'm not 100% of this, as i sit here and respond, i think the hours are quite similar. they are both gated. they were both designed with gated properties. so they are closed. they essentially both function from dusk to dawn. gene friend is more an active recreation site and like to have people in the building to program the space. which is a little different from the utility at vmd, where we welcome people to use the park and it may not actually be programmed or might not have people on-site. >> thank you. and then just finally, i think the mitigations proposed sounded like there was a lot of work with the community. in future, i think we did this on 5m, too. it would be great to formalize those. seems like they were done on
4:20 pm
the developer's initiative with community members, but it would be good in the future. i support them to make those more part of the approval process and have some kind of more formal mitigation for shadow impact. but i think what has been proposed is appropriate and i'm glad that they were brought here and talked about in a public forum. thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> the basis for determining whether the shadow is adverse or not, as we had with 5m is really hanging its hat on the hours of operation of the park. here we have a district that has a real probably the lowest of all in the supervisorial districts and maybe mr. ginsburg could help me, we're not increasing the number of parks in district 6. so the question i have at some point in the future would we increase the hours of operation that would include the time that the shadow is hitting the park?
4:21 pm
do we have any rec centers anywhere in the city that open up before work or before school, say 7:00 or 8:00 and do you have plans to actually look at this ?>>i will answer both parts of your question. we're looking at seriously at acquiring open space in district 6 and working with the open space task force and the planning department have identified a couple of possibilities. we're well-aware of the factor that the charting character of the neighborhood has changed and open space is acutely important. i want to underscore the difference between a recreational center and park and gene friend is fundamentally a recreational center and space that is actively programmed. in an ideal world we would operate all facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. in looking at gene friend, our goal is in recognition of the points that you have raised to
4:22 pm
expand programing at gene friend and actually increase space at gene friend. i think that the hours of operation are certainly on the table. >> okay. i think overall here we're looking at two public policy objectives. one is quality of public space and shadowing and affordable housing. i also do support commission hillis' ask that we formally mitigate impacts. >> commissioner low. >> i do have a question for stacey, what is the future plans for redevelopment of the gene friend rec center? do any of those plans include active play areas? integration of the sunlight with the rec center in the plans >> the plans are still in formation. we have four different options
4:23 pm
and i have images with me if you want to see them. the end goal will likely be something where the recreation center will be along 6th street because it's the most active part of the park. that is where we want to bring people into the park. it is going to have a play area, but the play area will likely be in a similar location to where it is today. somewhere on the harriet street side where it's more protected from the main street. that corner where this new shadow will be placed is likely to be part of the park -- i'm sorry, part of the recreation center. it may have a garden on top. so there may be rooftop access with either exercise equipment or green space. >> commissioner, let me kind of underscore the feasibility study we did was frankly, was largely a philanthropic gift and so we are very early in our
4:24 pm
planning and design stage. the different models based on do we renovate the existing site? do we knock the whole thing down and start over? or do we do something inbetween? that was the feasibility study that gave us some economic ranges. where we don't have actually -- we don't -- we're still work on a funding strategy for those. so i think there is plenty of opportunity remaining in a design process. we don't have an approved concept design. we haven't completed community planning. this is just showing a range of options for what a project at gene friend could reveal? so we actually have flexibility to design to maximize sunlight. >> just a follow-up question to that. what is the developer's community benefit package as it relates to parks? >> what is the community -- the develop r's community benefit package as it relates
4:25 pm
to parks? stacey. >> they provided $10,000 to the gene friend rec center for youth programming. that is what they were discussing with the 175 children over five years for programming. then they are also sponsoring a movie night at vmd. they provided a plaque. they worked with the filipino community to formalize a plaque on vmd, i think -- it was a temporary sign that is now a bronze sign that explains who victoria manalo draves is. >> okay. commissioner antonini. >> i would assume staff will work with any of the future projects that might cast a shadow on gene friend park as they have in this case to, minimize or eliminate that or make it a non-significant as possible? so that is something for the future.
4:26 pm
it doesn't have to do with our approvals today, but i'm certain that will continue to happen. also, i can attest to the fact that recreational areas on west side of the city have hours too and gates are closed and opened for security reasons and that makes a lot of sense. because they are programmed for active recreational uses, and so it's important to keep them secured during certain hours. so i would expect this is the same thing that applies to gene friend. i'm going to move for the planning commission to raise the allowable cumulative shadow limit on gene friend recreation center by the appropriate amount. i'll take direction from staff as to with a we should pell out spell out on that. >> i think it's .02788%.
4:27 pm
>> correct, it's in the draft >> [kph*-eurgs/] commissioner richards. >> are there any rec centers in the city now and prior that have been opened at 7:00 a.m. to the best of your knowledge? >> i think a lot of our aquatic centers are open early. and a basketball -- we try to program our facilities when we think we'll get the most amount of use. your points are well-taken and part of it depends on the programmatic elements of the center are? we would very much sort of support and encourage more programs inside the building. the key thing about gene friend is this is fundamentally a
4:28 pm
building structure. there is outdoor space and the outdoor space is important, but it's fundamentally the expansion that we're talking about is increasing indoor space, indoor programmatic space. >> thank you. >> commissioner harrison. >> this is the appropriate time, i would like to make a motion? >> you can. >> you want to call the request question separately? >> yes. >> i would like to ask a question about the 12 housing units that will be made available for rent. and do we have any idea of what the average rent costs would be for that? and how those units will be accessed? >> >> bmr units provided will follow our establish the program guided by the mayor's office on housing.
4:29 pm
for rental units they are required 55% at ami, which is right now around $70,000, i think, somewhere in that range. 55% of that. less than that? so less than that. >> commissioner, just so you know, there is a whole manual and policy that is established by the mayor's office of housing that the planning commission reviews every year. the units are required to be scattered through the building. so they can't be on one floor on the lower-levels or whatever. >> so we'll be following protocols on that? okay. thank you,. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> i know we're getting to call the question, so i will be brief. it seems to me as we're considering whether or not to raise the ceiling that the basis for it can and should be certainly stating the obvious, can and should be on the impact of the open space. it feels like a slippery slope when we begin to add to the consideration how good the company is.
4:30 pm
and i applaud realtek for their amazing commitment that has at least been described as others have done as well. so it's just a comment that makes me uncomfortable because that could be a slippery slope -- as the company gets better in the ways that we deem "good." that potentially -- forgiven, casts a shadow on the question of does the shadow have impact on the space? i think the data illustrates it has minimal impact on the space and that is really the point of question in my mind. >> thank you for that clarity. commissioner low. >> i also want to make sure this doesn't set a precedence for future projects coming before us. you know, we don't want another developer to come in to us and say, i made a $10,000 donation to parks alliance, and let me cast more shadow on a zero-tolerance park.
4:31 pm
>> i believe there is a motion and second from the planning commission and a motion and second from the recreation and park commission. >> do we have a second? >> yes, second. >> shall we call the question. >> please. >> commissioners, planning commission on that motion, to raise the cumulative shadow limit for gene friend recreation center, commissioner antioni. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis. >> aye. >> commissioner johnson. >> aye. >> commissioner richards >> aye. >> commissioner wu. >> no. >> that passes 5-1 with commission wu voting q. recreation and park commission, that motion passes. so we're now on item 1b recreation and park commission action only the discussion of possible action by the recreation and park commission to adopt a resolution to
4:32 pm
recommend to the planning commission that the new shadow cast on gene friend rec center by the proposed project at 363 6th street will not be adverse to the use of the park as required by planning code section 295, the sunlight ordinance. commissioners, do we have a motion or questions? >> so move >> second. >> okay. commission mcdonnell. >> aye. >> commissioner bonilla. >> aye. >> commissioner harrison. >> aye. >> commissioner low. >> aye. >> commissioner buell. >> aye. >> thank you, commissioners, that item passes. commission buell, would you like to adjourn now? >> i'd love to adjourn. is there a motion to adjourn the recreation and park commission? >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> so moved >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. why don we -- why don't we give them a minute. just for the benefit of the
4:33 pm
public, the recreation and park commission has adjourned, and will be leaving the chambers. the planning commission will remain in session to discuss the rest of the entitlements of the project. commissioners may we proceed? >> yes. >> okay, commissioners. then you have remaining items
4:34 pm
1c and 1 d for adoption of findings in the large project authorization. you may call those questions separately or together. commissioner antonini. >> i am in favor, but i just wanted to ask on the shadow issue, the shadows are effective one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. so it seems like and i'm not sure, this time of the year, the sun has been getting up a little later each day. and i'm wondering even though we're considering, there must obviously be sun during times of the day that are under consideration? it looks like many times of the year, the sun is barely risen by the time we're considering. i just thought i would make that point. obviously, there must be some sunlight there to analyze the shadow. but it's probably pretty
4:35 pm
minimal. and i am in favor based upon what has been presented before us to go ahead and support the regarding the use of the shadow allotment by this particular project. and i would make a motion to support that, to allow that to happen. >> commissioner antonini, the commissions have jointly acted on cumulative shadow. >> this is for adoption of findings. >> adoption of findings as the larger project authorization. >> we're doing them together. i didn't know we had to do another -- i thought we did one to raise the limit and hit a second one to allot that limit to this particular project? >> correct. if the shadow is adverse to the use of the park is the finding that the planning commission can make now. >> right.
4:36 pm
>> that is actually what i am making the motion on. that one segment on it. >> understood. >> if we want to do it separately, because they are two separate questions. >> they are. >> is there a second to that? >> second. >> thank you. >> commission er richards >> i will save my comments for the lpa. >> commissioner hillis? we're still on shadow? >> we're doing the findings first. >> commissioners on the motion, commissioner antijoini. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis. >> aye. >> commission johnson? >> aye. >> commissioner rickets? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> no. >> commission president fong. >> aye. >> that passes 5-1, with commission wu voting no. >> i think the project is appropriate here. i appreciate the outreach, the community benefits that the developer has given from the arts and non-profits. it provides city council
4:37 pm
housing on-site bmr, all good stuff. and i'm troubled by the allotment of the 5' and i would love to hear the process -- it looks apparent to me it one time recommended keeping the floor off to keep the project within the intent of the code. can you talk to me about the journey about the recommendation? >> as part of the eastern neighborhoods plan we introduced or the commission and the board introduced the kind of 5' bumps within the code. for example, previously within this area, we only had like an 80' height limit and eastern neighborhoods included an 85' limit that would accommodate ground floor uses particularly non-residential
4:38 pm
ground floor uses. under the code ground floor uses have to have a 14' floor-to-ceiling floor to floor height and the developer meets the intents of the code with providing floor-to-ceiling height for the commercial space at the ground floor-level. what it lent itself to for the remainder of the project is that by accommodating -- by providing for had a smaller floor plate, basically a smaller floor-to-ceiling site they were able to accommodate an additional floor of residential use on the other half of the building. so typically in an 85' height limit, you would have a 14' ground floor; right? if it was a non-residential ground floor. and then 8 floors -- sorry, excuse me, 7 floors above of residential use. in this case, we have nine floors total within an 85' inez
4:39 pm
tenenbaum limit. height limit. >> correct. we didn't find it adverse. question for project sponsor. >> thank you. >> we had 1532 harrison last week and why we came out actively supporting was a couple of reasons. one was that they went down 5' and all of their floors were 10' and addition they had a superior design where you could see through the building in two different places. i understand -- not to make any judgment on architecture, we have a completely different project, with pinched floors and a design that is good, but not superior. question i have is you have thought about going down 5' like 1532 harrison and creating the 10' floor-to-ceiling heights for each residential unit >> yes, we actually have. the reason for not doing that in this particular case is the project is located within a
4:40 pm
flood zone. so we have work very closely with dpw and public works and our civil engineer. building actually has to be raised 2 feet on the frontage at the corner of clara and 6th street and how the building relates it to that issue. we felt it presented a lot of issues. >> thank you. my other question for staff. the portion that is residential is not -- was never -- is not zoned commercial. it wasn't like the developer choose i want to put two units where we would have had a commercial space allowed. >> correct. >> okay. >> in case, the zoning district or in this particular site doesn't have any required ground floor commercial uses. so it's optional on their part whether or not they provide a commercial space or not. >> in our opinion a commercial space, from clara street and the other place where we have the two units on the bottom.
4:41 pm
what would you think about that? >> i would say given probably the character of 6th street we would probably recommend focusing the commercial towards 6th street. >> 6th correct is commercial? >> correct. >> thank you. >> they basically have their retail street on the corner of clara and 6th street. so they have frontage on clara and walk up on claraa basically. >> commissioner hillis. >> just a couple of questions along those lines of it's interest, we had 1532 harrison, which kind of did similar things and we heard similar feedback about kind of getting an additional -- getting an additional floor within the height limit, which i think on its face is good. right? we're adding more housing. is the housing well-designed? is it appropriate? so can you just clarify, the floor to
4:42 pm
height -- that height -- what is that? >> the floor-to-ceiling height as proposed is 8'6". >> that is of livable area. >> correct. from the level of the carpet is up to where the ceiling would hit. >> and what is the code minimum for that? >> it's 7' per dbi, what dbi would allow. >> okay. and what is the range we typically see in projects? >> typically, we'll accommodate like a floor-to-ceiling height of 10', knowing there is a floor slab of typically a foot, so 9' floor-to-ceiling on average. >> 6 inches lower than average, but still. >> right. >> allowing in the code. i guess getting to this 5' plum issue in market/octavia.
4:43 pm
>> a big misnomer is the 5' bump. any development would be allowed to build up to 85' no matter what. so there is no bonus beyond the 85' level. in 2006 when they rezoned the site, they basically accommodated for the 5' level basically as an increase in our zoning districts n our height districts, which were to help accommodate for more gracious ground floor spacing if you were chosen to do for example, pdr or retail space on the ground floor level. >> is the language the same in those other planned areas than in eastern neighborhoods? >> as far as i know, i'm fairly certainly market octavia is. >> in the nc corridors that sort of height as a quid pro
4:44 pm
quo, if you increase say the commercial area by 2' and it's a 55' limit, you get 52' for the building. one other thing i wanted to add, historically this area was rsd to allow conditional use. this 85' has been in place for a long time there. >> how tall does the building have to be to take advantage of being able to do an extra floor? 65' floor building take advantage -- is there enough room with same floor to ceiling height? could you do the same thing? >> in theory, they could. i know that in talking with the development team, they are also using a different construction model that is allowing them to keep -- correct? that is allowing them to keep. >> their slab. >> their slab smaller than
4:45 pm
what is typical. and probably given the height of the overall, it's different, you know? because depending on the height, it's a different range of construction that is basically allowed on these projects. >> okay. i'm supportive. i think it's a creative way, just as we saw on harrison street. you may prefer or not the harrison street project, but there is some issues of going down. also, i think we have the issue of having shorter floor-to-ceiling heights here. but i think it's an interesting way to get more housing and actually stay within the height highlights. so i'm supportive. i think maybe in the future we should perhaps take a look at how the market octavia plan works and how this does and clarify that language in the intent. i think ultimately it's good to get extra livable floors of housing and all that comes with it, fees and affordable housing. so i'm supportive. >> commissioner antonini.
4:46 pm
>> i have a couple of comments and a question. first of all i would urge project sponsor, if this should be approved to continue to work as the project moves forward to outreach to all parts of the community as far as how it's being built and who is going to build it and everything? it's not of course a condition, but it's certainly something that i would like to see the project sponsor to do. as per earlier conversation, in terms of the height, it's very clear that they have the 18' retail. which i have had some letters that have questioned that, but they satisfy all points as far as the height and it's allowed. and they have more than enough on the ground floor retail. the other question that was raised is a little confusing. it was that the ground entries to the ground floor units have
4:47 pm
to be 3-5' above grade. i'm hearing two different things. first of all, i think project sponsor said they had to raise the whole thing 2' to start with at clara and 6th and then i understand there is a 2' raise to the beginning of the porch, that will address the units and also i think that is an 8' porch and maybe mr. sucre could talk about that because that more that satisfies with it with a broad porch. >> correct. in looking at this with the urban design team, basically the ground floor residential design guidelines provide guidelines for what is typical. and what we would often ask an architect to consider, when developing walkup units basically at the street. it's not a strict -- it's not a strict formula in terms of options, like in terms of how you basically accommodate the
4:48 pm
effect we're looking for? this it case, since the project sponsor is only raising a couple of feet off the sidewalk grade, having a deeper courtyard was supported by our design team and our design professionals. because it still allows for enough activity basically at street and allows for privacy and usage of the private terraces that are basically fronting directly on to the street. so basically the higher you go, the shallower you can make that open space, the lower to the ground, the deep you are you want go to basically make sure that you accommodate for livability and privacy as well. >> thank you very much. i certainly support that. because i think of situations involving the two figure into each other and think it's a good compromise.
4:49 pm
>> commissioner hillis -- i'm sorry, commissioner wu. >> okay. so i just want to ask a couple of questions. i'm looking at the flan flan plan of the ground-floor. >> all of the frontage basically all of the space that fronts on to 6th street, the lobby, the community room and retail all have the 18' floor it ceiling height. >> okay. and on the drawing it says community room says "possible pg&e transformer room." is it in the condition of approval that it has to be a community room? >> correct, it does. so if they to accommodate a transformer room, obviously the community room would be likely reduced in size and ends up being a pg&e requirement, but they have to have the room on a public street, if they can't
4:50 pm
have the transformers poles on sidewalk. >> so it would likely be a corner of the room? >> correct. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> i would move to approve item 1d, large project authorization. >> second. commissioners a motion has been seconded to approve the large project authorization on that motion, commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis. >> aye. >> commission johnson. >> aye. >> commissioner richards. >> no >> commissioner wu. >> no. commission president fong. >> aye. >> passes 4-2 with commissioners richards and wu voting against. commissioners, that was the last item on this agenda, and i do apologize. i did not foresee us ending this so quickly. our next hearing cannot start before 3:00 p.m., so we'll have an extended break. >> okay, we'll take a little longer lunch break and
4:51 pm
reconvene here a little before 3:00.
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5:07 pm
the board of education >> good morning
5:08 pm
>> boys and girls you not to do this by yourself. you got a lot of help but i want to introduce you to someone and he's also the mayor of the city of san francisco. so, would you help me welcome mayor ed lee. >>[applause] >> actually, i kind of look like scott curry, don't i? i will say that anymore then. >> good morning everyone. >> good morning >> i'm really delighted to be here with all of these very important people from your school to your school district, from the district here in district 3, our supervisor with our elected officials, and with our police and fire chiefs. it's really great to be here
5:09 pm
together with you because we get to practice something that's really important for the city. how many of you have ever been in an earthquake? okay. how many of you get scared? >> i never felt that >> you never saw the? >>[chorus of voices] >> a lot of us were in a pretty big earthquake a few years ago, 1989, and it's about 26 years ago was a pretty big earthquake across the bay and brought down the date. it broke a piece off of our bay bridge and some buildings with brakes on it kind of fell off and hurt some people. so, i was around here in the city at that time. i made a promise to myself, to my family, >> good morning everyone we are
5:10 pm
going to practice our earthquake drill right now. [inaudible] called the quake shake up. what would you do is when i say soft cover were going to get under our desks and stay that way quietly until you hear me come back on and we like we do with a fire to. >> are you guys ready? >> remember how we practiced quietly? we are not talking. >>[chorus of children's voices]
5:11 pm
>> is it over yet? >> now the shaking has stopped and we are safe. it's time for us to evacuate like we do for a fire drill. >>[chorus of voices.]
5:12 pm
>> good morning, boys and girls. we can do better than that? good morning, boys and girls. there we go. i have to tell you, you did a great job in evacuate. give yourself a round of applause. you did a great job. everybody was in line. everybody is quite listening for instructions,
5:13 pm
taking care of each other. that's what you want to remember whenever we have a drill because if it ever happens in real life, you'll know what to do. so, we are thrilled to be here with you today to practice today, and i want to just say, thank you to all of our teachers and all of our paraprofessionals and of course to our principal for helping you be prepared. taking care of each other whenever there is an emergency. so, what i like to do at this point is introduce the mayor of the city and county of san francisco, would like to say a few words to you. with give a big welcome to mayor ed lee. >>[applause] >> thank you. good morning students. thank you. it is my honor to join you on this duck cover hold. we called the great shakeout of california. guess what? you're part of over 56,000 students in san francisco. all doing the same thing. getting ready, make sure you are compared,, following
5:14 pm
the instructions of your teachers and your school administrators to make sure you are safe, and then we have the entire state of california. this, to people signed up for this drill in all of the state of california? 350,000 people. that is a wonderful testament that people are not just afraid of earthquakes. they want to be better prepared and ready. if you are better prepared and ready, and we want to make sure that you and your families go to sf to make sure that you have the entire list give when you go home tonight, ask your parents, do they know about sf because that is the place where you learn all the things that you need to do at home as the same were doing at the schools and where
5:15 pm
i work come up to all be better prepared to make sure we're ready if there is an earthquake that happens. i want all of you , and this is why supervisor christiansen christiansen and i are here today, we want to experience this wonderful school that you are at, but most important we want to be with you because being with you means that we get to practice how to be safe if there's going to be an earthquake or any other big disaster. that's why we're all here together. with the police and fire chief with our school district and school board, and all the administrators and the other elected officials to do the right thing. so, please go home tonight and you are going to be , i think, asked by events did you learn today. 72 that's what you remember, okay? everybody say that. yes. thank you
5:16 pm
very much. and thank you for letting me join all of you in this wonderful school that you have. you are clean school. good organized school. we got great teachers and a great principle, and we are going to continue working very closely with all of you. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> good morning, everybody. i am really excited about being at this school. is one my favorite schools in the whole neighborhood. i know a lot of people who went to school here. some of them almost all grown up now and they'll still like the school a lot. so, why am i here this morning? you know, the mayor is kind of like the principal for the whole city. right? the mayor is one of make sure everyone is close to be and does what they're supposed to do. then, we have fire chief john he's white
5:17 pm
she's here this morning and police captain, chief sir they help keep us safe. my job is to look after your neighborhood, so if you and your mom and dad live around here, my job is to make sure that you have nice parks and nice libraries, and that it's safe to cross the street, and that we have traffic lights, and that everything you need to be safe and happy in your district comes your way. so, that's my job. so, it's really great that you guys are learning something today about earthquakes. you know, earthquakes are kind of crazy things. we think of the ground as being really solid, but if we have an earthquake the ground kind of shakes like you're at the amusement park or something. applicability gained all the houses shake the trees shake and the wires shake it so, learning to duck and cover is important so that you know what to do. like, what do you do when you're going to cross the street? what do you do?
5:18 pm
look both ways. right? when the ground starts shaking and you go, oh my goodness, what is an earthquake, what you do? duck and cover. i thought it was going to be a duck here today but i found out we were going to duck instead. so, make sure that you know what to do when this earthquake is all speak up on you like a surprise. you won't know so we have to be ready all the time. will we be ready? yes. okay thank you all for letting us come visit. bye. >> good morning, boys and girls. how are you? good. i'm your fire chief joanne hayes white. i'm also a monk it by three boys. i'm really glad to be standing with this man. for boys. he's a police chief. greg certain he'll say a few words in a moment but were kind of like one big team geared i'm delighted. i got participated before at the school sometimes we do read along but were grateful to be in this first
5:19 pm
grade class to participate in the drill in i know as fire chief, i don't think i would be in this position today it wasn't for the wonderful teachers that i had growing up here in san francisco. how about, boys and girls, you give a big round of applause to and so young and all the teachers and the staff here at the school. >>[applause] >> i'm also proud to be standing with some members of my department under the direction of capt. kevin party edge and 20. there your local files fire station so thanks for coming out today. >>[applause] >> a couple of things. i guess it merely is sort of the coach of the team. he's in charge of the whole city. he expects us to work together to be ready for anything. not just in the police and fire department. so,
5:20 pm
we are here today what we did today was practice. we practiced today that there isn't a true emergency so that when there is we that much better prepared. i would also like to ask you to go home and educate your families good the parents, grandparents, siblings, and talk about if you're at school or at that home what your plan is. how are you prepared to ask mary talks about 72 if you might have a different name at this point. sf 72. but another thing is everybody, sure at the school knows the emergency three digit number you got. what is secular everyone can say. >> 911 >> 911. image everyone knows that but not a lot of people would try to get people to get the message another takeover your parents if there's another really important three digit number that you can call if there is something that you have a question about what you want to report something that's not an emergency and does anyone at the school know what the three digit number is? raise your hand if you know what. yes. in the front with a redshirt.
5:21 pm
>> [inaudible] >> three digits. not 911 get it the nonemergency line would have all kinds of information. does anyone know? the chief is giving some hints. 311. excellent. that's another thing that sf 72 and 311. those are two important messages to bring home tonight. tell your parents and siblings about. they give you much, boys". it's been a pleasure being here and a very proud to introduce-i call my public safety part i don't like him standing by me because you never know was that happen and that streak chief greg sir. >> >>[applause] >> thanks chief joined. we do, we were right under the desk with a first grade class. was sold as boys and girls around. but in principle young is so lucky to have this student body to do the thing. so, if we really want to get good at something what you have to do? practice. right. so when we were little and growing up in san francisco we practiced so
5:22 pm
that when something happens, you don't even think about it. you just do it. so just like supervisor christiansen in principle mayor lee said as soon as something happens in an earthquake. you what? drop, cover and hold. exactly. so that's what we want you to do. this is just all about practice. you just the smartest little boys and go. please be good for your teachers and your principles. today, it's all about practice. so as you grew up in san francisco, but throughout oregon have an earthquake and everybody's can be safe if they just do with their teachers and parents tell them and then you can help your parents by practicing at home. okay? deal? deal. cool. where'd you remember, it's sf 72 for what could happen if it's bad, and it's 311 if we just want to get information or tell us something that's not really bad. right? those are the two things. okay get undone.
5:23 pm
fire chief took all the other stuff. >>[applause] >> okay. you guys did such a good job of listening. i know this is been really given. i just found out ms. young made a mistake. i thought it was duck cover and hold and i just got told, it dropped cover and hold. just like the police chief said. so when the earthquake lifted those words again. drop, cover and hold on. can you guys a really loud. thank you star visitors today. >> thank you. >> here is what you get it you know. just like we always do. you are going to look at your teacher and when your teacher.... >>[music]
5:24 pm
thanks. >> i example the first thing to point out is the first word is camp tlargz to be bugs and dirt and so long as you can get past that part in place is pretty awesome. you're going to get to our cabin and why is it so small well most of your time is spent outside. programming was our first step we wanted to offer a program that is, you know, makes people
5:25 pm
happy and leaves them with memories. >> here and there. >> so more points. >> ready 1, 2, 3. i think a big part is it's coming from san francisco it is real estate a kind of vibe people relate to each other and everyone's living in the city and you can feel the breath of fetish air and the experience you get out here. i think it give us an opportunity to get away from technology you come out here and look at it here and not look at our iphones and you kind of lose users in the city and have a cup of coffee >> i'm corey a typical day increase no typical day.
5:26 pm
and just the first time being on the talent show and getting a huge applause and i never expected it is is r is a great experience i'm an executive chief here at kathy serve over one hundred meals a day for the camp mather folks. people love our meals and the idea they can pick up a meal and don't worry about shopping or doing dishes and enjoy and have a great time at camp mather >> grasping grab on. >> i like camp mather it is a lot of freedom and kids run around it's great. >> they have all the things i
5:27 pm
don't have to do the kids get to do what they want to do and we basically focus on them that's our only job. >> i like camp mather because i can ride my bike. >> i love camp mather. the children are up here playing around and riding their booiths bicycles that's a great place to see what the word is like outside of the city.amazing district. some of you know that i grew up in public housing. i live there more than half my life, right down the street at eddie and laguna. >> good morning out, everything my name is linda and
5:28 pm
breed in him the supervisor for this amazing district. some of you know that i grew up in public housing. i lived more than half my leaf at eddie and laguna. when i became a supervisor and met with the mayor he asked me, what my three top priorities were on the board. and, number one, public housing. number two, public housing. number three, public housing. since then, the mayor and i have been working hand in hand to do something different. 1960 housing policies cannot solve our housing crisis in the city and county of san francisco. nor, can we continue to allow the residents of public housing to be neglected. the conditions that exist in many of these developments existed when i was growing up there. bad plumbing. rodents. no response to fixing the problem. discovering that
5:29 pm
we had about 10-$12 million to fix over 4000 public housing units, and we had over $200 million of the deferred maintenance, well, it really upset me because there was nothing that i felt that i could do to change the lives of the people who live here. so, i did working hard with the mayor, with edward lee to try and figure out something different. no, it's not a perfect solution, but it's what's going to change this community for the better. today, we have our amazing representative,, leader nancy pelosi, who continuously fights for san francisco and fights for the rights of those who
5:30 pm
don't have any fighting for them in congress. it is a battle she deals with every day. i've witnessed it personally. we are so appreciative of her hard work. we also have the hud secretary, julian castro, here today was a former mayor, and he has a few words that he wants to say and what's great about having the mayor and these incredible federal, national leaders, to talk to us today is that they get to see firsthand the experience of people who live here. they get to meet the residence. they get to see the conditions, and what i hope that they walk away with is a desire to want to do better. a desire to want to work hard for the folks who live in these units. every single day i know it's a struggle. i have not forgotten about where i came from. that is why, on the board of supervisors, it is been my priority to deal with changing the lives of folks here because even though i made it out, even
5:31 pm
though i'm a success story, even though so many people who i grew up with are proud of me, they deserve the same opportunity that i have and today, is a new day for that opportunity. so, at this time, i would like to welcome mayor ed lee to the podium. >>[applause] >> thank you. thank you, pres. lyndon breed. were very lucky to have you as not only a supervisor for this district but as our board president and obviously all of you can feel the passion she has and we have ours to share our family stories with each other for quite some time now. with the hopes that we would have a better outcome for our residents here in san francisco. let me begin by saying that it's not only a pleasure to work with the supervisor, it is a privilege because not only do we share the stories we get to do something about it. one of the
5:32 pm
things that we get to do about it, we get to and the description that oftentimes is made about public housing residents. that is to say that, i want to be here when all of us can say they're not public housing residents. the residents of san francisco. that's a difference. it's a complete difference in the relationship that we have with our housing authority, the relationship we have with the tenants association, the people that live in a just so happens, it might be economically challenged, but they've got the strength and hope like all of our families do. when we talk about our stories, we often talk about the strength of families, the hope that people have, the things they're doing for themselves and for each other to build strong communities. this is what i think, but it was all about when they first began to build
5:33 pm
these housing units and over the decades been challenged with all of the asset maintenance jones, the lack of funding, the lack of cooperation between local governments and the housing authority. we have been through all that. but we have new leadership. we have walking torres and all the new commissioners that are in line with the mayor's office of housing and the board of supervisors. we have a federal government that not only listens. they fight for all of us to make sure were doing the right thing. we have a hud secretary that i got to meet again. the last time sec. castro and i met we had not won the nba championship yet. of course, i probably stuck out my tie. welcome former mayor. san antonio. this is warriors ground. of course, he got it immediately but i also say to the secretary, too, having a
5:34 pm
former mayor in that position means an awful lot and will go into detail later on about that. i am here today to announce, again, that the robert pitts housing complex is the third of 15 sites that we've already begun. this result assistance demonstration program with our federal government. we arty started at hunters view. if you go down there, take a good look at it. without rebuilding public housing. rebuilding a community with residents formerly of public housing. you are part and parcel of that through a program that leader pelosi has helped that be so much hope sf. it is giving everybody the chance and hope to be part, equal parts, of building a stronger community. second project, up and center wasn't
5:35 pm
within urban and that's down that alice griffith. that's already underway. in fact, the senior housing is under construction and pretty soon see some of the seniors that will move over from the dilapidated housing bearing, public housing, into a very modern complex as we knock down and rebuild their housing. now, it's robert pitts is turned until the 15 sites for this, over $700 million effort that we call phase 1 of that. phase 1 of our rental assistance program. it is a program that is new, quite frankly, to hud and to all of us. because when we got together with supervisor breed and with all of our people in the city we no longer wanted to have a housing authority that would build and maintain poverty isolated
5:36 pm
housing. we wanted to invest in the people first. we had to make people believe that we are going to do a new model. something that involved them in their futures. so that we could try to do and demonstrate, what i think is a discussion all across the country. how do you and intergenerational poverty and needed to ask not just have poverty go from generation to generation, from kids to the grandkids, and it takes an entire village to do that. housing is a great part of it. affordable housing is a great part of it, and that's why we have a $310 million commitment on the ballot, opposition a to use that money, to use that resource to rebuild public housing but also in the private sector as well to upper middle classes as well as our low income residents have we built housing for them. but, we never lost sight of the other things that we have to do as a city to end poverty as well. our
5:37 pm
communities have to be safe. so we invest in our kids. we invest in education. if a good transportation system. will we rebuild all of this housing, it's going to also be accommodated by world-class transportation system. how does it feel to have our kids writing for free by the second year in a row. he didn't do that with having a strong city. they got municipal so excited after we got the google donation that now we have free invisible for our seniors and people with disabilities to ride a world-class transportation system that is accessible to everybody and used by so many people. don't have to own a car to get around to your job and anyplace else. you also have to be safe and that's why we are investing in
5:38 pm
not only police force, but in job programs. we have tech programs. we have healthy san francisco. we have so many programs that were investing in to make sure communities are strong. so, i say to you that i'm a in addition to a revitalized housing program for public housing residents, where we are no longer building isolated low income housing, their integrated communities. they are building the strength of our best nonprofits that are now integrated with our housing authority. in working with the residents to make sure they are part of the voice as to how these units are built, and we are hiring as many of our public housing residents to do the building themselves to city built. another great program that we've reached in to the heart of our residence in public housing and say, we can train you to build and to manage this housing at this same time. this is all part of what we call brad. it takes a
5:39 pm
lot of different parts of hard and i know that leader pelosi, every time i called her, she's been so wonderful in answering my calls as we explain the latest thing we have to do with hard and to make sure that everybody understands, because we are all subject to old ways of doing things. san francisco is subject to many old ways of doing things. that is why we didn't build enough affordable housing and how could we go for two decades without having an affordable housing in the city? are we embarrassed by that that we do not build housing in operation for young family to grow up in different ways? this is what were fighting against. old traditions of not building well, not building efficiently, not doing it in collaboration with our residents, and getting their talent involved in using the power of hope sf to do so. this is all part of those hours of conversation that i've had with london with the board of supervisors, with our housing authority, with our mayors office of housing, in our
5:40 pm
commissioners. so, we have a lot to celebrate as we begin these projects. robert pitts is going to be retouched, we first, all 203 units. guess what? we've got to make sure we do this to give hope to families that are headed up with people like marty anna johnson. you know, she is a 15 year resident of robert pitts, and i know having raised two children herself and being a strong family leader, she cannot be more excited than any of us to see a refurbished unit become her permanent home for her and her family and to have it not only upgraded, but maintained for the long period of time and having the touch of other residents feel the same,
5:41 pm
that they're not public housing residents. there residents of the great city of san francisco. so, i would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to someone who's working directly with us. as a parent, as a woman, as a strong leader of the tenant here, residence here, arianna johnson. >>[applause]hello. >> hello, good morning. my name is arianna johnson dominated here of san francisco. i resided here at robert pitts for 15 years and am the mother of two beautiful daughters. today is a very special day for me. my grandfather was james henry johnson almost san francisco first african american services group what an honor and blessing and for for me to be here. >>[applause] >> this project is also very special to me. not only is a resident here at the robert pitts community but also as a
5:42 pm
former employee of san francisco housing authority. i was a building concierge here for six years. we as residents affected by this process are excited for a new horizon. for generations, living conditions have been heartbreaking and challenging. the majority of us residents that live in low income housing desire a clean, peaceful, habitable, safe, functioning and desirable place to live. the majority of us are working or senior disabled persons that are committed to the improvement of our community and our family and refused to leave our great city. but, the reality is, our city is very expensive. so, we have to live here in low income housing. we are praying that the citywide that project is not only improves the living conditions at home, but that it also ratifies permanent jobs and great benefits for all us
5:43 pm
residents, such as san francisco housing authority has done for me and many other residents during its history. i'm currently in the application process for construction administration jobs and renewing my security certification license. we are hoping and praying for new youth services and violence prevention here. here, at the robert pitts community alone we have several mothers that lost children under the age of 25 years. so, i would like to say, let that stand forth. we knew, additional desire. we are the city of champions. the new, additional, desire, for all those who live here, welcome back, government officials and thank you. >>[applause] >> now you can see why arianna is our concierge. yes, thank you. thank you. well, i get excited every time i leader is able to come back to it ain't
5:44 pm
easy to maloney type working in dc these days. you all know that. we all read about it you will see it and you all feel it. every time that we in san francisco can demonstrate to our federal leaders what we've done locally, it gives them hope that all the arguments that they have to have them all the challenges that they have to meet on a day-to-day basis, back in dc, it is not forgotten. it is deeply appreciated by those of us that are here in san francisco, and someone who as i told you earlier, honestly takes our calls, goes into detail with her staff about what it is we need and what exceptions to different rules that we might want to be advocating for, but also gives us a forethought about where congress is going so that we can be prepared.. i have been with her when we got funding restored in hiv cuts
5:45 pm
and aids programs. i have been there when she says, hey they're not going to do but be prepared. start working with your folks. get ready. we are always ready and the constant partner for us. i so appreciate her every time her visits here that we have something else to announce because we are getting things done. that is of course democratic leader nancy pelosi. >>[applause] >> thank you very much mr. mayor for your very generous and for your tremendous leadership. and for making possible this coming together here today. we use the word demonstrate, and the rad rental assistance demonstration has that word demonstrate in it. so here we all are to demonstrate to the secretary as to how san francisco, not only responds to
5:46 pm
initiatives from the federal level, but really demonstrates how they could work and how they could work better. it's really an honor to be on the program with a arianna, james henry johnson, her grandfather is in a pretty exciting? how proud he would be to see you a leader carrying on in that tradition. wasn't she wonderful? >>[applause] >> san francisco is a very special pl., mr. sec., honored to welcome you here to see how we respect people. we respect our residents and when were going to have new housing is one-on-one replacing the residents who were here for those who want to continue to be here. it is also about their self-determination, about how a project will function, how it will be to run. this project, this will be a demonstration to
5:47 pm
the country of a way to get the job done. in san francisco were entrepreneurial in our thinking. we like to take advantage of exploits in the best possible way every opportunity that hard provides to grants and policy and the opportunity that the code enables us as low income tax credits and other tax considerations, which enables us to have public-private ownership joined with our nonprofit partners. really, demonstrating to the country how we can respect our residents, have them have affordable housing in a way that maintains community. because, this site over housing is a challenge that is about the soul of our city. we are a city that wants to be representative of every aspect of life in our community that cultural diversity as well's economic variation is something
5:48 pm
that is important to the father of who we are. our mayor has been such an incredible champion on this subject. he and london bridge, she said she was the supervisor from this area that she grew up in the neighborhood and the mayor acknowledged that she is the president of the board and has used that opportunity to benefit individuals. i salute london. mdm. chairman, mdm. pres. that has a nice ring to it. >>[applause] >> for your leadership. the mayor has done a great deal to bring jobs to san francisco and back dimension transportation mr. mayor because it gives me another opportunity to salute our president barack obama. under the recovery act that was passed we were able to do so many things for san francisco. you know why? because san francisco could demonstrate that they knew how to be a model to the nation. to have initiatives that were of national significance. it's a continuation of thursday rail, central subway, trans-bay
5:49 pm
terminal, the puppy whatever it is, jobs immediately promotion of commerce and transportation, cleaning the air, promoting quality-of-life, this is really important but sometimes those advances raise the price of housing in a community. so we have to mitigate for that one part of that success by addressing it directly. that is the mayor is the full package. job creation. transportation initiative. jobs immediately and jobs jobs long term but also recognizing the responsibility we have to have affordable housing in our community. this secretary is really remarkable. he was amir sue will grant him that. his brother served in congress with me. his twin brother. joachim castro former mayor of san antonio. we will talk about the spurs in the warriors just now.
5:50 pm
however, i had the privilege of being invited to his swearing in. i wish you could have been there. i went of course to pay tribute to the new secretary of hud but i mainly went because i was honored to be invited so i could say directly to his mother , rosie, congratulation kit woolsey's mom had was actually barefoot into archives. this is the american dream personified. she made a success of herself but these twin boys trailing along to public civic events, growing up with a sense of responsibility. of getting back. they had the advantage the best education someone say, that our country could provide, and they were prepared to give back. as i said, i served with walking in the house of representatives. his twin brother, and mayor caster went from being the mayor of san antonio to be the secretary of
5:51 pm
hud. on that day, read this i get it right. the president said, walking is a proven leader a champion for safe affordable housing and strong sustainable neighborhoods. in building a housing market we do some homelessness among veterans, thank you and connecting neighborhoods with good schools and good jobs that have our citizens succeed. he has in the one year he is been secretary, lowered mortgage insurance premiums to make ownership more affordable, help families access strong neighborhoods with sure housing choice vouchers and empowering local leaders with new tools to invest in their communities and that's one of the reasons we are here today. that is one of
5:52 pm
those new tools. in july of 2015, just a couple months ago, pres. obama wants one of secretary caster's signature project. connect home. which accelerates internet adoption in 20 communities providing broadband electronic devices to children living in public or assisted housing, secretary castro continues to strive to make housing a platform that helps folks achieve a better quality of life. how perfect. how perfect. these two measures, one for mayor my current mayor at that goal, to achieve a better quality of life for the people for whom we are responsible. we think, mr. sec., that san francisco is a model to the nation. we are very proud of the successes and the challenges, and the successes that we have had. we think that when we take on a project we will do it in a way that's about national significance. we are not competitive or anything. we are not proud or anything. we just want to help others and i know you did to. please let us welcome this wonderful great
5:53 pm
sec. of hud, boolean castro. >>[applause] >> thank you. thank you so much mdm. leader. it is wonderful to be here whoever world's great cities. i want to say thank you for hosting me. you know, my brother joachim is a privilege of serving with the majority with leader pelosi soon-to-be speaker pelosi. again. and by brother joachim, habitually introduce himself by saying a way that tells about since wetlands, minute other than he is. so, hope you'll disabuse them of that notion in the future. they told me that was unseasonably warm here in san francisco. some glad that i got home a couple days ago to 97° heat to practice for here. mayor, thank you for having me.
5:54 pm
this is not the first time that we've had a chance to spend time here in san francisco, but each time that you visit very impressed by the work that you and the board of supervisors and all the folks that you collaborate with are doing to provide housing opportunity for san franciscans. i also want to commend supervisor london reed could we are in her disappeared as she said, she is only talked about this she's lifted. because of that emma i know like me, she feels very blessed in her own life to had opportunities in the doing everything that she can for public service to give that opportunity to others. thank you supervisor breed for your leadership. >>[applause]i also want to recognize just briefly barbara smith the second director of this in francisco housing. what about ago? thank you for the work that you are doing here we cannot do it without a housing authority. and of course, to arianna johnson. great
5:55 pm
community involvement and tenant leadership is so important to success in all that we do, so thank you for your inspiring words today. keep it up. keep it up. i also want to just briefly recognize all of our private partners who are here. they're too many of them to name, but they are integral to the success the reynolds assistance budget please raise your hand if you're one of our private partners. >>[applause] >> thank you. we are here today because we believe that housing is a powerful platform for greater opportunity in people's lives. and because we believe that everyone ought to have access to good affordable housing, to build up to other american dream. we also know that our nation is in the midst of an a for the housing crisis. in fact, just a couple months ago the national low income housing coalition reported that in no single community, if you're working 40 hours a minimum wage, can you afford a two-bedroom apartment. that in
5:56 pm
very few places, could you even afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment. in fact, here in california the person would have to work 92 hours a week to afford a place. the affordable housing crisis comes at a time when our nation's public housing stock is particularly challenged. we have roughly 26 billion-dollar backlog in capital needs. we lose 10,000 units of public housing to disrepair every single year. now, we know that leader pelosi and folks like her have been fighting like crazy and then right on this issue. to ensure that the resources are there. we also know, though, we live in a resource constrained environment and for that reason, in 2012 hud wants the rental assistance demonstration.
5:57 pm
also known as rad. fundamentally, it is housing authorities and owners of assisted housing convert to long-term section 8 contracts. that allows them to better leverage private debt and equity to improve their properties. so, instead of falling into disrepair, they get renovated. i am proud to announce that this effort has established a proven record of success in just three years, that has leverage over $1 billion in new construction dollars of public housing properties throughout the united states. >>[applause] >> that is making a difference in communities throughout our nation and committees like this one.. the rack conversion of robert b woods apartments will of the san francisco housing authority and its partner to invest $31 to rehabilitate over 200 family units. this investment will help ensure that these families have a modern and safe, good place to live. we want to see rad make
5:58 pm
a difference in more communities. so hud is working with congress to lift a cap on this program so that we can help more families across this nation also have good housing. we know that the affordable housing crisis is growing, and we also know that that is part of a solution. i've had the opportunity now as hud secretary to travel to more than 50 cities in 14 months. i can tell you that san francisco is a national leader when it comes to collaboration and creativity in creating and sparking new housing opportunity. congratulations, to san francisco. >>[applause] >> so, we look forward to the renovation of these homes and to all the wonderful opportunities that will be made possible because of the work that you are doing here in this beautiful community. thank you very much.
5:59 pm
>>[applause] >> my pleasure to bring back up leader pelosi. >> thank you seconded. well, let me thank everyone here today. i see across this wonderful field a bevy of nonprofits that i know i can help us rebuild all of our communities from chinatown development to bridge to mercy to tabernacle to tenderloin, and then i also does a thank you to bank of america. they won the right to leverage. two words secretary breezy more often these days in san francisco. when teaching it to kids. we're teaching it to parents. that is, invest and leverage. invest and leverage. because the best investment anybody can make in san francisco is to start your family here because when you start a family, that means schools, transportation, housing, safety, are all been
6:00 pm
taken care. that's the best investment. then we got a leverage that by people participating making sure you vote and making sure we pass proposition a and all the things we need to do to build an rehab and stabilize our neighborhoods. thank you everybody very much. thank you to our federal representatives, two. >>[applause] >> good afternoon good afternoon, everyone. everyone the meeting will come to order this is the regularly middle east of the san francisco land use & economic development committee to my right is is supervisor scott wiener and to my left is is supervisor jane kim our clerk alicia i'd like to thank


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