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tv   LIVE BOS Budget Finance Committee  SFGTV  October 28, 2015 10:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the budget & finance committee wednesday, october 28, 2015, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing i'm joined by supervisor katie tang want to thank jennifer lowe and krakz coroner's office this human resources madam clerk, any announcements? >> questions
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all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 3rd board of supervisors board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated item one a resolution 30 years the district 2 to amend it's contract with health 316 for the services to enable the services for thirty thousand clients in community residential car facilities and increasing the contract to approximately, $107 million ending june we have dpw here to speak. >> i ran up here sorry i'm not that calm i work in dpw i want to apologize we had to continue this with respect a little bit inconsistent in the resolution the other thing about this contract this is confusing for
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us how to represent it was under an agency a called asian-american recovery services that merged with health right 360 they assume the contract that is why the contract changed we restarted when the contract transferred originally we were 6 years and 10 and back to 5 and a half that is the reason for the big reduction the contract merger happened mid year december 31st we inadvertently double counted the amount we thought we needed we're okay with the reduction that is incorporated into the write up there is to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote important service for the department to be able to provide less altercations services to the clients that keep them housed in emergency
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housing for example, a client wrap up around not feasible to have a contract for a variety of reasons we have contracted housing providers but we also need emergency housing so we take those or, get them and those entities provide that housing not through a contract but an mo u this is for example, how we use the vernld to reimburse informs o for those things thank you very much mr. rose, can we go to your report supervisor tang on page 3 of our report we report the actual estimated expenditures between dpw and health write 360 from december 31st, 2015, to $201,638,000,000 plus that is shown in table one on page 3
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human resources the total invited contract is increased busy 54 plus millions to $92.3 million on page 4 of our report as the department indicated this resolution should be amended to correct arrows on page 4 our recommendations are recommend you amend the proposed resolution and change 7 to 9 from an increasing the total amount by $69 million from 360 a tun t tenure to 2019 and increasing the total amount by 44 from 37 plus nor a contract of 23946 from december 31st,
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2015, to 2019 we also recommend the amend the proposed recommendation to change whereas in contract in the amount of 439 plus thus to whereas this contract is promoted in the monument of $94 million and recommend you prop to chance the linens 21 and 24 to $37 million plus for the term of july 1st, 2009, to 2013 to increase it to seven years for the contracting contract $44 million from $37 million plus for a total $92 million for a term of 5 years plus on december 2013 to 2014 and we recommend you approve that proposed resolution as amended.
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>> thank you very much mr. rose seeing no comment any public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. through the chair all the time everything that harvey said i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation to say full board. >> motion by a supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 2. >> execute on amendment with the board of equalization for the locals prepaid december surface collection act following the board approval for the act. >> we have amanda brother freed. >> from the office of tax collector that talks about the utility tax that san francisco passed in 2008, under prop i as our aware the telecommunications
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is rapid changing and statewide prepaid cells make up a large amount of the market our u d t is collected by apt apt /* /- at&t so that retailers like target the stat passed ab 17 to capture the prepaid wireless cells we're in a mandate from the board of equalization to collect the charges i want to note san francisco did not support ab 11717 we have the tools to adequately capture this revenue, however, now the law in order to continue to receive the revenue we are required to sign
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the contract i'll be back with an additional resolution to all our audit from ab 17 we will do with guess controller's office that also requires our approval and want to ask for one technical amendment online 10 we wanted to strike the word certain from the resolution if this is possible to do in committee thank you. >> okay. thank you ms. freed a different opinion from the city attorney mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman and supervisor katie tang the report on pages 9, 7 and 8 net administrative expenses 4 point plus an additional california utility tax revenues as a result of ab 17, however, given the
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uncertainty about the actual amount of additional mobile collections the controller's office estimated the implementation maybe 17 will likely result from a low of 2.5 to a high of 5 in addition tax revenue over the term of agreement therefore assuming the local tax is repealed by 2020 it is schedule to be it could be descended the ab 17 could result in addition general bond revenues to increase and we recommend you approve this resolution. >> thank you very much mr. rose. >> sorry supervisor tang. >> 0 do we think this may be extended past 2020. >> i think that is a little bit early to tell at this time. >> okay. thank you.
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>> opening it up for public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak. >> at&t, t mobile a lot of money by money staples purchased as s-4 and 89 months service if this communities have to pay for this and collected through the internet place for wifi see penalties of money you know - >> okay is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed a technical amendment requested a motion to send the item forward. >> so moved. >> a motion by commissioner tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item 3. >> and resolution authorizing
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the general manager of the puc and the treasure island development authority board director to enter into a long connection agreement with the poster of oakland for the davis electric substation for treasure island and yerba buena island for a term of 20 years following the boards approval of $28 million and mr. beck. >> thank you chair farrell supervisor tang also present is sam of the sfpuc in you have questions relating to the electrical service in treasure island when the navy stopped the operations in 1997 the city assumed the responsibilities on the island including the provision of utility services the sfpuc has provided electrical and other
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utility services on the island on on behalf of tida the district attorney's office substation was previously oakland by the navy and served both treasure island as well as the former oakland army base and the navy industrial supply center in oakland was transferred to the port of oakland along with the fleet and industrial supply center in 1998 at a time the sfpuc entered into an agreement with the port of oakland to continue services to the island providing power to the infrastructure including submarine cable that connects the davis substation to treasure island it regrurgz it if have an
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historical record to because the annual charge but was based on projects o projections did agreement anticipated by the new agreement when did treasure island development authority board was transferred to the city in 2008, the oakland arm base was transferred and the city entered into an agreement to continue to provide power to that area and the port recognized the cost to operate the substation exceeded the portion of share paid by the city under the prior agreement and the port advised tida and the city about that since that time tida and sfpuc have worked with the port of oakland to negotiate a new agreement and finalize this agreement this year as the transfer of property from the navy to the city became imminent we request the board of
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supervisors approval of this and the facilities that serve treasure island are all configured to bring power from the district attorney's office substation making that effectively service without a significant additional capital investment to connect the island to an alternative facility i'll take my questions and sam is here. >> thank you, mr. beck supervisor tang. >> mr. rose may get to this in his report but an increase in terms of of the cost so i know that his report pointed out this port of oakland lost for 14 out of the years can be talking about that loss and when it is what puc will pay under the new agreement. >> the new agreement is based on itself historical estimated
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cost that the port of oakland this is a established over the roughly 167 years they've been operating the facility at the time, we entered into the original connection they had no historical connection it was operated by the navy so that made projections on the cost obviously other projections were you low and directing your attention it was recognized those rates will be adjusted when we entered into the final agreement. >> okay. >> thank you very much mr. rose, can we go to your report on item 3 please. yes mr. chairman and supervisor tang just as a followup supervisor tang the puc did provide us with documentation showing that that loss from the period from october 1998 is 6
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hundred plus dollars on page 11 of our report as shown in table one based on the provisions contained in the agreement the sfpuc will pay the port of oakland approximately, $6,000 over the 20-year to provide electrical to treasure island and yerba buena island and pay for others extension the proposed not to exceed agreement of $8 million should be reduced by one million dollars for $7 million so the up to $7 million and on page 12 of our report at the top we speak to that loss and point out the cost of increasing where the sfpuc paid
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the port of oakland the most recent year for the electricity and now they'll pay one hundred $25,000 for the electric an increase of 2. and r hundred and 72 percent it increases by the consumer price index resulting in an estimated annual cost of 69 plus for the electricity agreement period i emphasis the electricity on page 11 of the report there are maintenance costs to this agreement so our recommendation is to amend on bottom of page 12 to amend the proposed to decrease the in the amount of not to exceed $8 million to $7 million and amend as proposed. >> thank you very much mr. rose i want to concur that
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everyone is in agreement with the amendment proposed. >> we are. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> through the chair i make a motion to amend the legislation as mr. rose's suggestion and send forward with a positive recommendation as amended and motion by supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk go forward and call item 7 please. >> item 7 a an organization phenomenon the one million dollar of hetch hetchy for the small renewable projects and having the proceeds for the energy bond for the sfpuc hetch hetchy small renewable projection and having appropriation on controllers reserve. >> we have the puc here.
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>> i'm carol the that motion carries budget director did the item before you is the appropriation request replacing the funding source on two renewable projects to appropriate one million dollars the two solar the police academy and the school were approved as part of powers 2015-2016 cappa program the puc got the renewable bonds those bonds were approved by this committee and this board of supervisors under the program the puc will receive a refundable tax credit for the $1.4 million will fund two projects the issuance costs and expense of the revenue bond oversight committee the original bond source will revert to hetch hetchys fund balance
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that concludes my presentation. thank you for your time if you have any questions i object to take them. >> i'm excited to see the project at marine middle school into this mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> chair farrell and supervisor tang on the bottom of page 25 in october of this year, the puc had the clean and renewable bonds the city received the proceeds it not to replace the bond precedes on the controllers bond contained in the legislation before you on page 26 as has been indicated we propose to deappropriate $1.4 million in hetch hetchy that was previously approved for the installation of solar energy and instead use the $4. million of renewable bond precedes this is shown in tables one and 2 on
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page 26 of our report the original appropriation $1.4 million was proposed to finance only the solar energy at the police academy and the marine middle school, however, in tables 2 on page 26 of our report the proposed appropriation should be amended to also fund the cost of owners of the bonds and the riders revenue bond in the oversight committee reflected in table 2 our recommendations on page 27 we recommend the amend it under the appropriation to appropriate $2 million plus instead of $28 million so the project one million dollars instead of 2 plus for the middle school solar project to include 70 thousand plus for the revenue bond we recommend you amend the proposed
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bills to amend it on the controllers reserve and we recommend you approve that as amended. >> thank you very much mr. rose no other questions any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. through the chair make a motion to accept all mr. rose's amendments and amended. >> okay supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk can we call 4, 56 and 6 together. >> item 4 the resolution for the further resolution to establish the infrastructure for the city and county of san francisco and port of san francisco and item 5 resolution for the intent to issue the bonds for the city and county of san francisco infrastructure financing district number 2 and item of a resolution retroactively 30 years the port
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of san francisco to accept and expend initiative $1.4 million in the department of homeland security for the for the grants program for 2013 to august 2016. >> why not take the one terrors or first and i'm very pleased to be here to represent the ordinance project team we're here let me discuss the two approvals for two resolution that enables the city to have a financing district on portland and pier 70 and the development project the infrastructure financing district will how us allow to say to capture the property tax to completely e complete 2 capital projects for the pier 70 and the ports capital plan the process of
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establishing the financing district from california government code and the legislator has established a specific mechanism for the port which we're following at the introduction of the resolution amending the intent to form to set up a sdreetd project area called g one and a resolution of the intent to issue bonds can i please go to the slide show thank you to the committee your leadership has helped us to deal with the deficit and capital but approved the capital supplemental that binges brings up us to a historical all the time and you saw the need we are really, really glaring glad for the capital support and some of it is under the water you've made this a priority we're
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grateful this chart demonstrates the diverse between what the port should spend and will spend in capital we're continuing to work with the capital improvement plan and the mayor's office to figure out how to chip away at the capital needs this slide reflect our management our strategic management strategy to address the capital the key point is that we are being careful how we use net revenue to deal with the capital program but it is really the external sources the go bond and others that are game chancellor we're grateful for those sources we have a legislative history to establish it i previously mentioned the california legislator has established unique mechanism for the port and at p.i. we are able to secure both the city's share of
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property tax and the states share this means that from the project the city's forgone tax it matched 7 to 3 from the states share. >> the project will generate $710,000 annually in tax accuracy without $49.2 million over the 45 years of district that equalities to $18 million in sources we can use for projects. >> we have prior legislation that enables this establishment a march 2012 intent to form june 2012 resolution to add a project area and importantly in july 2014 this board approved the 66 year lease and d b.a. at
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the time of that project approval and just as as reminder to the committee it is for the historic resolution of buildings on pier 70 along 20th street 21 square feet for the industrial use and at the time of the approval the board signals a portion the public improvements were going to be finances through sfpuc what are the next steps the intention to form and bond we will be completing the preparation of on infrastructure finance plan for the financial area we'll have a public hearing and we're working with the office on the scheduling and do you want the plan in the form of this and consider the issuance of bonds in the preparation of those documents i want to let you know
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we'll be reviewing the economic impact and the bond we'll be looking at other business sales tax so we're not you think witnessingly putting a burden on the taxpayers from the i f d forms and make sure that the general fund is in a good way for approval and looking at the policy you pass in 2012 which gives us guidance to form and showing you a detailed uses table as well as project details so thank you very much for your consideration and i'm here as well as the team to answer any questions. >> thank you, ms. foreclosures no questions mr. rose, can we go to your report on 4 to 5. >> chair farrell and supervisor tang on page 15 the proposed resolution the board of supervisors shall not be
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obligated to form this is stated in the resolution if you approve that you'll have the authority to not establish the i f d on page 17 of our report as shown in table one on page that's on page 17 the state law allows the waterfront i f d for the revenues to fund the ports public facilities so that 89 percent of credential practioners it collected and as mr. forbes stated they'll receive interest taxed on page 18 of our report we report that those specific infrastructure finance will be provided to the board of supervisors estimated on november 9, 2015, and, of course, that will be subject to
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our approval the board of supervisors approval prior to creating and issuing any bonds for the infrastructure it will a detail the arrangement for the city's general fund and the economic benefits for the project at pier 70 we recommend this is consistent with the board of supervisors previous policy we recommend you approve the proposed resolution. >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose. >> seeing no questions we'll open up for public comment four and five to public comment seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> thank you to the port for a really good thorough presentation and so again, this is thorough very much in line with what the board approval i make a recommendation to send four and five with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. madam clerk item 6
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please. mr. chair item 6 was called. >> chair farrell ms. foreclosures a simple accept and expend on september 24th the port was award one $.44 million from the port of homeland security and the grant is from cement first 2014 to august 2016 the port has a 25 percent match of 4 hundred plus million dollars and this supports 3 projects that benefits the port in terms of enhancing the security for security for pier 31 and poa 50 security and phase 3 of the systems in terms of the timeline we're awarded the grant september 2014 and we expect to have project implementation as august 2016 and here with the
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security director they'll answer any questions about the project. >> thank you very much supervisor tang. >> super quick i know you mentioned the 25 percent i want to confirm on the record the port has those funds. >> those fund with in 412014 and on capital budget. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks very much mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 22 we show in table 2 a total budget for the proposed security program of one million plus and we also note as has been stated those funds were previously appropriated by the board of supervisors in fiscal year 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 that is the match of 4 hundred and plus we recommend you approve that resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose
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we'll open up for public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. >> through the chair i'd like to move this to the full board. >> motion pie supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. madam clerk do we is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thank you, everybody we are
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>> ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the san fr >> ladies and gentlemen and
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>> ladies and gentlemen and
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welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> thank you madam president. supervisor avalos, not present, supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor weiner, supervisor yee. there is a quorum. >> ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge of allegiance, to the flag of the united states of america and to the rep ublic for which stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> madam clerk, are there any communications? >> yes madam president. we're in receipt of two communicates. first from supervisor mar and the second from previe supervisor avalos, educating their ab-- -- indicating their absence. >> motioned by supervisor campos. seconded by supervisor farrell. can we take this without objection without objection. they are excused. all right, let's go to our consent agenda. >> items one through eight comprise consent calendar. if a member objects, an item maybe removed and considered separately. >> roll call please. >> on consent, supervisor weiner, supervisor yee,
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supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor tang, there are nine ayes >> those items are adopted, passed on the first reading and finally passed unanimously. next item please. >> item nine is an ordinance to amend the police code to require firearms dealers to install maintain and operate video surveillance equipment and all ammunition sales to the police department. >> supervisor farrell. >> individuals here in san francisco across our state and across our country continue to have easy access to both guns ammunition. that access continues to be a major contributing factor towards senseless convenient crimes. even though city and state have some of the toughest gun control
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laws on the books, there still remains more we can do to protect public state o -- state. as we witness mass shootings, congress led by the nra and republican counterparts continue to fail us as citizen as they have yet to pass any gun safety laws. therefore, it becomes up to us as local jurisdictions to promote local gun safety legislation that will prioritize and protect the public safety of our resident. the legislation before us today is a step in that direction. sense introduction, this legislation has received an anticipated amount of attention because as a result of simply introducing it, the last remaining gun store in san francisco has decided to close its doors for business. again led bethe nra, this legislation has been criticized by those on the right who view
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themselves as standard barriers for their belief. if the last remaining gun store in san francisco wants to shut down because of my legislation, i'm all for it. i would much rather see a preschool, a coffee shop or senior center or some other neighborhood serving institutioning in -- institution in its place. the first portion will require that the video taping of all gun sales that take place within the city of san francisco. the video of sale will be made to our police department after they serve a search warrant. it will apply to other critical area of the business premises including all places where firearms and ammunitions are sold. currently no federal or california law imposes security requirements on firearm dealers during business hours or rear sellers to install burglar alarms. simply having video evidence of all gun sales will help deter
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guns and ammunitions. it will give law enforcement video records of any individual who buys a gun and if a shooting occurs and they will be able to easily track the gun purchased if it was used in a shooting. currently, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms at the federal level does no have the resources to properly check 138,000 firearm dealers licensed across the country. i want to give san francisco all the tools we need as a city to accurately track gun ammunition sales. with the atf being understaffly, they're lucky they're able to one check. washington post investigation a few years ago found that as a result of inadequate staffing, aff was able to. less -- atf was able to inspect less than
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10%. the second portion of the legislation will require the electronic transmission of ammunition sales. more than a dozen local jurisdictions in california have adopted ordinances requiring sellers to maintain records of these sells. jurisdictions that have adopted such ordinances have had great success utilizing such records to identify people who are legally possess firearms. september 2010 report by mayors against illegal guns, including routine inspections of gun dealers provided law enforcement with more opportunities to detect illegal gun activity including improper recordkeeping or a dealer who's gun inventory does not match the sales record. again, we need to do everything in our power to give our local law enforcement all the tools they need to prevent crime this piece will help.
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i do want to thank a number of people who worked on this legislation. catherine jeffrey from my office in particular, a number of national organizations around gun safety. the goals here are simple. to ensure that dealer operations within the city of san francisco will not be detrimental to our own public safety. prevent and detect illegal trafficking of firearms by dealers and their employees. previous the loss and theft of firearms from dealers. prevent and detect sale and firearms to person who are prohibited from law by these firearms. and benefit, we ose the last remaining retail gun store in san francisco, i believe all of us in san francisco will be better off. i hope to have your support. >> thank you supervisor farrell. seeing no other names on the roster. colleagues, can we take item number nine, same house same call. without objection, this passes unanimously on the first reading.
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colleagues, i wanted to go back on our agenda to the meeting minutes of september 22, 2015. is >> a motio motion to approve the amendments. motioned by supervisor christensen. seconded by supervisor campos. can we take this item without objection, the meeting minutes of september 22, 2015 will pass once public comment is completed. madam clerk, number ten please. >> item ten is an ordinance promoting approximately $27 million in fund balance, 675,000 in settlement proceeds. expenditures to support the commission, capital projects in fiscal years 2015 through 2016. >> same house same call. without objection, this ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. item 11 please.
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>> ordinance to appropriate approximately $3.5 million of city taxable general obligation bon 2015a in the seismic loan program in fiscal year 2015 through 2016. >> same house same call. without objection, this passes unanimously on the first reading. >> item 12 and 13 together. are two ordinances that adopt and implement eight number 7 through to the 2007 and 2018 between the city and firefighter local 78 by implementing specified terms and conditions of employment for fiscal years 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017 through 2018. same house same call. without objection, these
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ordinances pass unanimously. item 14 -- madam clerk please call items 14, 18 and 19 together. >> to recreation and park department and port commission. $8.7million of proceeds in safe neighborhood parks bond series 2015c and approximately $43.8 million proceeds from the 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond. to deappropriate and appropriate $1.4 million of 2012 clean and safe neighborhood park series. 2013a to support the renovation repair and construction of park and open space and placing approximately $52.5 million. item 18 is a resolution to safe
10:55 am
neighborhood parks. general obligation bonds 2008 series 2015c and to declare the city's intent to reimburse certain expenditures and grant general authority. in connection with the reauthorization and delivery of these bonds. item 19 is a resolution to authorize and directed the sale of approximately $43.8 million of clean and safe neighborhood parks general obligation bond. series 2015d to declare the city's intent to reimburse certain expenditures in connection with the authorization sale and delivery of said bonds. >> colleagues, can we take those items. same house same call. without objection, the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading and those two resolutions are adopted unanimously. item 15 please. >> a resolution to approve a
10:56 am
landscape maintenance agreement with the state of california allocating maintenance responsibility within state highways rights of way within san francisco and authorize director of public works on behalf of the city >> same house and same cough. the resolution is adopted unanimously. item 16 please. >> a resolution to retro actively authorize the public defenders office to spend $78,000 grant from the board of state to implement local juvenile justice accountability measures july 1, 2015 through june 30, 2016. >> same house same call. the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 17 is a resolution to authorize a license amendment extending the original low senses for 10 years beyond the current license expiration of
10:57 am
january 31, 2019 with the clay jones apartment owners association at approximately $11,000 monthly which shall increase annually beginning in 2016 in addition to one time fee $25,000, for approximately $163,000 total rent between november 1, 2015 through october 31, 2016. >> same house same call. without objection, the resolution is adopted unanimously. item 20 please. >> ordinance to amend ordinance number 1061 regulating the width of sidewalks to change the official sidewalk wirth at the westerly corner of the intersection of silver and revere avenues and forces of revere avenue, affirming the planning department and making other determinations. >> same call. this ordinance is passed
10:58 am
unanimously. >> item 21 is an urgency ordinance to approve an extension of the interim prohibition of score front mergers special use district for ten months and 15 days with the california government code affirming the planning department and making other appropriate findings. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president. i was wondering if ecould continue this for one week to november 3rd. i hereby make a motion to that. >> supervisor campos made a motion to continue the item for one week. is there a second? can we take that without objection. the continuance to the meeting of november 3 passes unanimously. item 22.
10:59 am
>> item 22 is a resolution to receive and approve the first biannual housing planning support. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i want to thank this board for your support for the housing balance. the purpose of the housing balance account is a follow up to the successful proposition k ballot measure which passed last november with the support of this board and the mayor. to have a stated goal of building no less than 33% of affordable housing and new construction and acquisition. a goal of 50% including middle income housing. this housing balance count report is a way for the city to be able to measure ourselves to see how we are producing and acquiring in relation to this goal. but also to have an understanding of the loss of units from protected rent
11:00 am
control status. this is the first report to come from the planning department. to establish this account. i do want to acknowledge they are hard work as well as the work of our comptroller office on presenting citywide income projection. the data is helping to understand the stock. in order for us to make more informed policy decisions. what i think was most striking about the report is not what we're producing but what we are losing. i think that the report makes clear that just as important as building and acquiring new affordable housing, it is just as important that we protect and support tenants in protected rent control house and to protect the housing stock which is housing for our middle class
11:01 am
households. some of the key points that i just wanted to point out. the citywide housing balance over the last ten years is 15%. this varies greatly by district. it goes negative 109% up to a positive 40% of affordable housing. we do have several districts that have lost more protected housing than they are building. this is largely due to the large number of units that is weth drawn from protection such as rent control relative to the total number of net units. the three major development projects identified in the ordinance in exclusion of housing of balanced calculation. if we do include these large sites, the balance will go up to 20%. i think what's good to note,
11:02 am
while we are on pace to build the number of housing units that we as a city and mayor's office committed to doing, we still have quite a bit of work to do to ensure and fight for more affordable and middle income units. colleague i ask for your support in approving this today. >> thank you supervisor kim. colleagues, can we take item number 22 same house same call. the resolution is adopted unanimously. can you please call items 23 through 26 together. >> 23 is a resolution to determine the issuance of type 22 wine license to cuong thanh tran for key tran located at 745 street. item 24 is a resolution to determine that the transfer of type 42 on sale beer and wine public premises lie sense --
11:03 am
license from 660 post street from trubnick johnson jones. item 26 is a resolution to determine that the transfer of a type 21 off sale general license from 500 laguna street will be in accordance with the california business control. >> colleagues, can we take these items, same house same call? resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can we skip over
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our 230. >> today supervisor wiener is the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> thank you very much madam clerk, colleague, today i am introducing legislation to make it easier to install simple gray water, water recycling for irrigation purposes in they are homes. water recycling is a crucial part of reforming our outdated water.
11:05 am
for outdoor irrigation in their homes. currently the state plumbing code requires permits for the installation of any residential gray water system. gray water being a system that uses water from sinks, showers and bathtubs for nonportable uses like irrigation and total flushing. however, the state plumbing code step lates that -- stipulates that a local agency can exempt simple gray water system discharging 250 gallons of water a day or less. can be exempted from permit requirements. legislation i'm introducing today adopts that state created
11:06 am
exemption for outdoorer allegatiooutdoor -- out door irrigation system. by removing this permit requirement, we can encourage more people to take action to reduce their water use. we must be forward thinking in how we use water. i look forward to working on this legislation with all of y you. thank you. >> thank you supervisor weiner. supervisor yee. president breed. >> thank you colleagues. i have two items for introduction today. the first is an ordinance related to our graffiti advisory board. last year, i had the effort to completely overhaul san francisco graffiti policy.
11:07 am
we created a digital system to track graffiti to bring lawsuit to one of the defenders. we strengthened regulations to protecting our parks. we got all the city departments that deal with graffiti to start working together on combating graffiti. i enjoyed working with all of them, the mta, the department of public works, 311 and the san francisco police department. of course, the graffiti advisory board, a 25 member body of city officials and members of the public that is critical to the cause of graffiti enforcement. the gavel was very involved in the crafting of my legislation last year. they have been very supportive in its implementation. i want to help them be
11:08 am
effective. the graffiti advisory board authorizing legislation in section feature article 18 passed in 1993. as you might imagine, it needs updating. currently, one of the members is supposed to be appointed bethe executive director of the department of park and traffic. the department that hasn't existed in the city and county of san francisco for over 13 years. the code does not have our standard provisions about minimum attendance, meeting frequency and sun set dates. the legislation i'm introducing today will bring the graffiti advisory board admin code up to date and help them to continue our efforts to combat graffiti citywide. this is a code cleanup to make the gray if ity advisory board more efficient. legislation is not always about writing new laws, steam --
11:09 am
sometimes it's about fixing the old one. graffiti cost san franciscoians over $20 million a year. it hurts residents and business owners who are often forced to clean up the crimes they fallen victim to. i want to thank my colleagues for supporting my legislation last year along with the multiple city, departments and the graffiti advisory board. we are launching new more effective and methods to combat graffiti in san francisco. my second item is the ash bury community and gas line ruptures. this is a hearing request about the five gas line ruptures and two sinkholes that have disrespected and endangered the community in the last few months. the city under the management of
11:10 am
the department of public works, began an infrastructure project this spring to install new water mains, replace sewers and repave haith streets. since april, the crews have ruptured gas lines on five separate occasions. you can imagine how frightening and disruptive this has been to the residents. the street has been completely closed for hours, stores have been forced to close, the smell of leaking gas has overpowered entire blocks. on one occasion, someone intron a haith street store and told everyone to evacuate only to be followed by someone else running into the store telling everyone to stay inside. the community and i had enough i asked dpw to stop all work on this project, which they have done. yesterday, i held a press
11:11 am
conference on haith street from leaders from the ash bury neighborhood council and the merchant association. there are a lot of questions. what happened here, why did these dangerous failures over and over again. who is responsible for keeping track of where gasolines are and ensuring they're not hit when work is gone. are pg -- what the safety record of the contractor and the subcontractor. how did they win these bids. is the city's employing any safeguards to ensure that companies are repeated safety violations are not able to continue working in our neighborhood. synergy came in at $1 million below other bidders and now we are left holding the bag.
11:12 am
do we need legislative changes to move away from a low bid requirement to a system that takes reliability safety and path, cost performance into consideration? what else do we need to do to prevent something like this from happening again or anywhere else in our great city? i don't want work -- to see work begin in the haight-ashbury community. until we're sure that our neighborhood will be safe. san franciscans deserve safety and accountability from their city government and from the companies that our government hires. companies that exceed their bid or provides shoddy work are repeatedly jeopardize public safety, should not be working on our streets. i'm requesting the department of public works, the san francisco and the california public utilities commission, synergy,
11:13 am
pg&e to participate in this hearing. i look forward to getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible. i rest i submit. before we move on with roll call for introductions, we are at 2:30. i like to acknowledge that two supervisors have accommodations to give today. excuse me. >> madam president, i have 2:36 on the computer. >> okay, madam clark, i like to acknowledge supervisor kim for the first commendation and then supervisor compos will give the second. >> thank you, october is filipino american history month. today it is my privilege to offer commendation to over 25
11:14 am
filipino veterans and supervisors here today -- survivors here today. let's give them round of applause of they are service and leadership on behalf of their country. [applause] last week, with the community, i introduced a resolution to urge our u.s. congress to award congressional gold medal to filipino ver -- veterans of world war ii. from 1941 to 1946, the men and women of philippines performed invaluable services by being a member of the u.s. armed service. serving with great distinction and courage. out of the estimated 300,000 loyal and courageous filipino
11:15 am
veterans, more than 57,000 made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives and service to the country. to the ideals of freedom and liberty. it is the very least that we can today to recognize their valor, sacrifice and service by awarding these veterans and their survivors the congressional gold medal. i want to recognize that many of the veterans have made san francisco, their home after their service to continue to support their families and their communities with the benefits that they fought to receive in recognition of their service. for decades, this country did not treat our veterans equitabl equitably.
11:16 am
to accept commendation today and later this board will be voting on the resolution asking the u.s. congress to award the gold medal to veterans. i did wanted to bring up, mr. felix, demill a long time resident of the south market neighborhood, mr. demill enlisted in the army on marc march 14, 1946. he served as a radio telephone operator who was responsible for all the communication between the officer in charge and the gunner and his unit. at the age of 93, mr. demill remains a voice for several veterans and advocating for the recognition of their service, the united states. not just serving our country ;3çç inç times oftçe
11:17 am
continuing to struggle and advocate and lead our until today. thank you so much for your service. mr. demill, if would come up to the podium to accept on behalf of the community that is here today. i do want to recognize that our philippines consulate general was here today to recognize our veterans. we have louisek,[zçñ7?#a center has been working on this site to recognize our men and women that have specificked -- served in the philippine wars. many who have came here today, bishop united fires and members of our community as well. thank you. actually, i'm really sorry, before you speak, supervisor yee also want to say a few words. >> thank you supervisor kim for
11:18 am
bringing this -- recognizing the soldiers of the philippines during world war ii. i'm so grateful to be able to cosponsor this also. this is long overdue in my mind. if it weren't for the 300,000 soldiers during world war ii, there's some thought in my mind that the results of the war might have been very different. because of your bravery, united states need to be recognizing what impacter you had during the war. when you look at the history after the war, what impact is it has to the whole american civilization. thank you very much for being here today and i'm really glad to be a cosponsor.
11:19 am
>> [inaudible] [applause]
11:20 am
>> congratulations, thank you for being here today. now i like to recognize supervisor campos with our next commendation for today. >> thank you madam president. it is my honor to call to the podium today, pretty impressive group delegation that is coming from el salvador. i'm proud to honor today the first ever transgender activist delegation that is visiting san francisco from the republic of el salvador. i want to welcome them to san francisco. they're here as part of a
11:21 am
historic delegation that is led by the central american resource center. we have certificates of honor for each one of them. we also have a certificate of honor for her doing quadra for making a priority for bringing these ladies to san francisco. it is not often that the issue of transgender rites is championed by any organization within the community. it's very inspiring. this incredible delegation, there's a lot of hyperbole that takes place. i think it is not a stretch to say that by being active in the fight for equal rights for the transgender community in this country. each one of these ladies is risking their lives. it is a safety challenge to be
11:22 am
gay in a country like el sal have 54. organization. to enhance the quality of life for transgender people in that country. to engage in hiv and aids prevention in different forms ou education. these fierce women are literally risking their lives. i am just really honored to be in their presence. i want to thank them. [speaking foreign language]
11:23 am
with that, i'll turn it over to them. again, i want to thank these amazing ladies. [applause] i know we have a translator. >> [speaking foreign language] >> thank you everyone. all in all in spanish, we have female and male tents. especially thank you to the supervisors for the recognition.
11:24 am
i'm the director. we also want to thank the foundation for bringing us out to the bay area. [speaking foreign language] >> the association for human
11:25 am
solidarity was founded by a group of transvestite of women and men. it was established to fill the empty holes, ther huge holes in service and attention and support for the transgender woman. it and fight against discrimination, stigma and ongoing abuses of human rights. [speaking foreigng:ç language]
11:26 am
>> our organization has put on the front line and challenge the true needs that community faces. organizations that is innovative who's priority is the trans community. with a team of volunteers, we have provided leadership in various political issueshnj$ or the advancement and the goal to establish that. also engagement and most recently and allowing women to participate in the elections with their own gender identity. they're also engaged in documenting on going hate crimes and denouncing all of these crimes and abuses towards their human rights. they use international
11:27 am
solidarity to strengthen their work in their region as well as their country. [speaking foreign language]>wncz >> our priorities and struggle are number one to establish and gender eat in our country that will protect their rights. identifying;%(pw÷ a physical sp. establishment of a transgender shelter because currently, this not on the translation, there's
11:28 am
not a single shelter in the -- continuing the work of education, both elementary, high school as well as university education where they are also discriminated. also advancing laws that will include the trans community in the labor force. also trying to invest or seeking investment in enterprise for tran gender woman. >> [speaking foreign language]
11:29 am
>> we invite you all to join our struggle and to contribute to our struggle and participate in some of the activities including this afternoon at the lgbt center in san francisco where there will be a panel and discussion. to build solid darety across communities. with that, she wants to say thank you on behalf of the group. i want to add to say, she committed to this group. we have the obligation and the commitment to defend the rights of all of a our central american brothers and sister. i cannot say enough about the human violations that they're experiencing. they have been targeted for murders both from the government and the military. it's currently the most violent country in the world that's not in war. they are in the front lines of that struggle. they do their work without any funding. they do their work out of their
11:30 am
hearts. they do it because it's simply the right thing to do. i want to personally on behalf of them, say thank you to the board and supervisor campos for this recognition. also to say thank you for the unanimous vote from you guys in collaborating with pep. they would be failing victims to pip. >> thank you. in the most violent country in the world, being part of the most targeted and heated group in that country, it's really an honor for us to do this. thank you.
11:31 am
>> congratulations again and thank you for all of your efforts. thank you.
11:32 am
we're going to return to roll call for introductions. supervisor campos you're up. would you like for us to refer you? >> we are continuing the item on special use district. look forward to a vote on that next week. i do want to talk a report that was issued today. the request to my office the budget and legislative panelist, looked at the issue of what would happen to the mission neighborhood if the current housing trend and the current housing strategy that we have followed continue. what would happen to the mission
11:33 am
if it became so that we only continued as we are doing now to focus on the building of luxury housing. what would happen to that neighborhood. what this report found is actually very alarming. it essentially means, based on the report, that we would lose this neighborhood as we currently know it. the mission so far has lost about 30% of its latino population. if the current trend continue bees, the missio -- continues, the mission in 2025 will be 25% latino. that is a significant reduction. from the years when this neighborhood was majority latino. it's not just the latino community that will be impacted. it would also mean that this neighborhood would lose its working class and middle class. that in fact, the percentage of individuals making $200,000 or
11:34 am
more a year, has increased by 105%. which means that if if trend cons, the mission will be a community that not only will not have the diversity that has characterized it but will be a community inhabited only bethe wealthy. the second piece of the report, which is very relevant to discussion around housing. is taking this argument that has been made in the solution and the answer is to build more housing. when faced with housing crisis, we just need to build more without necessarily focusing on what is built, the type of housing that is built. this report actually look at that issue and analyze how many units of housing would have to be built in san francisco for that argument to hold true and to have a situation where more housing would reduce to a reduction in housing costs.
11:35 am
by this estimate, this analysis, we would have to essentially double the housing that we presently have in san francisco. if that argument were to be followed to its logical next step, we would have to build another san francisco on top of this city today. in the mission, we would have to build another megs on -- mission on top of a mission for that argument to have the impact of reducing housing costs. the likelihood and the possibility of something leak -- like that being a reality in san francisco is essentially zero. how realistic is it to expect that we're going to build another san francisco on top of the existing city? it's not going to happen. the report notes that we would have to build about 400,000
11:36 am
units of housing to be able to get to the point where the supply housing would impact and reduce costs. in is not going to happen. it hasn't happened where we have situation where we're building about 2000 units each year. i want to thank harvey rose and his staff for this very important report. our hope is that it will shed light on this very important top i can. rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much madam clerk. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i wanted to take a moment to recognize our world war ii veterans that are here in the chambers. thank you for your service. elike to close today's meeting in memory of reverend dr. lee. who passed away october 18th at the age of 94. he was born in bluff springs texas and moved to california in
11:37 am
1946. he and his wife will go on to become the pastor and first lady of the baptist church in 1953. he accomplished a great deal during his time with us. not only in the religious arena but in the secular world. after serving 34 years, he retiered from the united states labor department in 1979. his involvement with the community was commendable. as we never grew tiered of doing what he believed to be the right thing. he served as a commissioner on the human rights competitio commission and also served at the bay and hunts point
11:38 am
community. i personally knew him and i know he touched the leaves of many -- lives of many people. may his legacy continue to give expert guidance and good work to lefting experts, touching hearts and leave. eleak to close the meeting out in his memory on behalf of the entire board of supervisors. >> ed in damn -- madam president. >> on behalf the entire board, we will close out today's meeting. thank you madam president. >> supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. today along with recognizing our filipino world war ii veterans, many who called the south of market their home. i'm introducing the -- to
11:39 am
encourage community development, preservation and stabilization over the course of the year. the filipino community has deep roots. living in the south of market. filipino immigrants have had a long standing presence in the south of market. many don't know that filipinos actually immigrated to the u.s. in the 1700s. have been in this country for over 300 years serving in many different capacities starting as fishermen, serving in our
11:40 am
military but also across the service sectors here in this country and of course here in san francisco. the introduction of this resolution over seven years in the work, i'm starting with the beginning, the initiation of the community. this creation is part of a multifaceted approach to acknowledge the area's rich history, preserve diversity and culture. its home of many of our filipi
11:41 am
filipino. these organizations are important part of the south of market and san francisco community. south market not only home for a thriving filipino community but also home to the betsy michael elementary school. we also are home to a park, fought for by this community which is named after the first ever filipino-american, a san francisco native to weapon the gold -- to win the gold medal. she actually swam in many of our rec centers. but was denied access to many of our swimming pools because she was filipino. she took on her mother'
11:42 am
mother's maiden name in order to pass white. beyond our small businesses, are many community based organizations such as south of market community action network, bishop, veterans equity center, even our gene fund rec center. we also host murals, festivals, theater and several thousand residents. our office is excited to introduce this legislation with the long standing suspect of this organizations. i want to recognize kris and angelica who work with our office to draft the combination of this resolution. i want to recognize him who we look forward to working with partnership with as we look to see how do we preserve our
11:43 am
community. how do we fight displacement so we can remain working class and middle class in fast changing city and neighborhood. i want to recognize this community. i want to recognize that on the corner of sedimen sixth and howard we're building close 100 units of affordable family houses. this building will be named after bill sorrow. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. that concludes the roll call for introduction of new business. >> thank you, can you please read public comment. >> at this time, the public may directly address the entire best
11:44 am
-- board of supervisors up to two minutes. items 29 through 32. public comment is not allowed where item has been previously discussed on public comment. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to the individual supervisor or audience. speakers using interpre use interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. >> [speaking foreign language]
11:45 am
>> thank you. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language]
11:46 am
>> thank you, first speaker please. >> family members and fans. we apply the principles of loving relationships. its a scan of what's love for close up relationship.
11:47 am
one can have in order to maximize a holiness nature. can be maximized with preservation. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon president breed and supervisors. if it could what would the
11:48 am
little building say to the beg monster building. what would it sing to it. it would sing -- ♪ ♪
11:49 am
11:50 am
>> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, i name is johnnie fetch, due to all the construction and developers, it is nothing but oversight. being in mindset like vice president joe biden, missing both. we need to come up with not a slush fund but $100 million trust fund. this will cover the recompense. so we don't wind up like the bay
11:51 am
bridge. the work that's going on now today is nothing new. it's hard to figure out whether they are patient under the law. we shouldn't have to suffer, especially the merchants and the residents. we can very much wind up being out in front, standing out there alongside of paulette brown. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. this is so sadly beautiful that i wanted to share it with you.
11:52 am
the midnight train is running low, i'm so lonesome, i could cry. i never seen a night so long, when time goes crawling, by, the moon just went behind the cloud, to hide its face and cry. you ever see a robin weep when leaves begin to die. that means he lost the will to live, i'm so lonesome, i could cry. the silence of a fallen star lights up a purple sky. as i wonder where you are, i'm so lonesome, i could cry. i have a little question. when did we stop singing lyrics and started screaming instead?
11:53 am
thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is helen batista. i'm a member of the board of the international hotel senior housing. since diane feinstein organized a committee to sure this building was built in 1978. i have a long track record. today i'm very proud that the board took action of honoring our veterans. this thing has been on the books in congress for several years. it got stalled and stalled. i'm hoping that you're backing this medal of honor. would really recompense the entire world war ii veterans.
11:54 am
secondly, supervisor kim, i have done -- [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> thank you president breed and other members. my name is christopher. in the season of celebrating menace, i rides to comment on the mental state of the republican party. the contradictions among such a mixed bag of motivations can be entertaining to watch. although appalling to live with. the most division these days is between the book pounders and the bookkeepers. the bookkeepers are feeling the need to fiddle with the tax system. their profit curves are losing
11:55 am
their profitable slope. their main problem is their political infantry, their feet on the ground, their fingers on the doorbells of rural and suburban party. tea party has fallen behind the fashion curb. critical credibility depend on success. the tea whit party is the problem and not the party. they think the public should just shove off. the many have tried it and few can carry off that attitude. never having implemented much in the way of big social systems, they are shocked and dismayed that obamacare is settling comfortably. what's a good look bookkeeper to do. if he want the best goodies that government can distribute, you do have to have functioning bureaucrats in a real
11:56 am
government. it's hard to do business when your trump card is acting the fool. thank you >> next speaker please. >> the united states is unique. this is only country who -- [inaudible]. you're sitting here -- can i say people? you're animals. you're worse than animals. they don't understand this. you understood.
11:57 am
you are animals. if you don't know that this five million homeless stay on this from new york to san francisco and los angeles, all the way around, anothe eating from garbage can. they bring this. know neve -- they never saw doctors. then they call doctor to confirm this person is dead. you animals. 85-year-old, slept on the
11:58 am
streets. people should live in houses and not on the street. animals live on the streets. you're worse than animals. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i'm kind of young compared to him. i was evicted too. i was evicted how of a landlord building in the mission district. i love my home. give me a moment to compose myself. i like to salute all the veterans and the philippines. my dad was in world war ii.
11:59 am
i have to salute to veterans in the philippines. that wasn't a proper salute. let me give a proper. i salute you. it's such a complicated problem. solving all the things that we have to do and do in such a little time. i try to come up with ideas and sometimes they allude me. i think we can get it done. i really do san francisco. this is the city of love. that's what we're known for. all we have to do is buckle up and look before we leap. we have to look carefully but still to see. even though i'm homeless, my friends, my rich friends that take good care of me. sometimes they don't. it's just a complicated mess. i think you can solve it.
12:00 pm
let's go san francisco. let's do it. we can do it. just do it right. thank you. mr. campos, thank you for being my champion. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my family is louise, i'm with the veterans equity center. i just wanted to do a couple of things. i want to thank you for -- well, there will be an adoption of a resolution supporting the congressional gold medal. once this land, whatever we have left, the filipino world war ii veteran and their families to encourage the united states congress to demand and not encourage that they act on it. it's been seven decades and we cannot wait too long simply because if we wait, one more
12:01 pm
congress, probably won't have anymore left to recognize for the congressional gold medal. second of all, i wanted to thank supervisor kim for introducing the filipino culture heritage district. it is a milestone for the community. the deference between this, we can celebrate in neighborhood, art, culture. one of the things that we're looking into is the preservation of the individual living in the south of market. the filipino community, the working class community. time and time again, we are reminded that the filipino community in the town. they were swallowed by the development of financial district. don't want that happening in the south of market. it is such a vibrant community of filipino working class and that is part of what we are
12:02 pm
reserving in the heritage district. >> next speaker please. >> i'm executive director of the filipino american foundation. it's been a very long road getting to today. i'm honored to be here representing the filipino american development foundation. partner organizations and so many community members. who have worked to see this district come to pass. thank you for your dedication. i thank interviews kim, avalos and mar for their leadership recognizing importance of the filipino community with introduction some of the philippines. the resolution today, for the filipino heritage district. thank you to everyone in the community who is working tirelessly to preserve and share filipino culture. for everyone working to keep filipino in san francisco. we celebrate this resolution
12:03 pm
together. i send a warm invitation in december. we're going to be celebrating our lantern festival on december 12th. we will be adding a food component at st. patrick's church so we can share our food and our culture. which is something that everyone enjoys. thank you again supervisors and for your support. >> thank you very much. next speaker. before i allow the next speaker to speak, can i remind the public that applause or local expression is prohibited in the chamber. you may use your silent finger.
12:04 pm
use your silent finger if you want to applaud. >> good afternoon, happy filipino american history month. thank you to all of you for your support of the resolution creating filipino heritage district. thank you to our supervisor jane kim was the main sponsor of this resolution. after this glorious day, the hard work will begin. it's the hard work that will bring true meaning to this resolution. i'm here to propose items that can be focus of your and our work together. it will be to keep the filipino community in south of market. without that, this is meaningless. eneed support for the people who are purveyors of our culture. the san francisco arts commission has a low investment
12:05 pm
in asian-american artist including philippines. it's a disgrace and we seek your support top change that. otherwise, how can our people community our heritage and shear it with the world. i will seek your support to have san francisco name its first ever filipino-american next year. third not the least, we need to have more filipinos appointed to public office. there is a wealth of advantage i -- talent. should you need help in any of these matters, i offer my personal -- our communities is the biggest asian-american population in california today. thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> next speaker please.
12:06 pm
>> good afternoon board of supervisors. i'm the founder and ceo of the filipino women's network. i'm also on the commission of community investment infrastructure. the agency to redevelopment. thank you supervisor jane kim for introducing this resolution. this really makes me very happy now. it sounds very good. 8 our own filipino town in a district that i have levered for more than -- lived for 20 years. there were 4000 displaced win we built the center. they were displaced. some of them are still living. this with 36,000 filipinos, this
12:07 pm
will currently filipinos to be garbage -- engaged. i want to thank you for helping us recognize our veterans. i think it's very important. they're part of the fabric of san francisco. this is filipino american history month. this is fitting to recognize and start the process of creating our own filipino town. it is also the time for filipino women where we hold our annual filipino summit. i invite all of you to come. we have a reception on thursday with the mayor. then october 30th, we honor filipino leaders. we have about over a dozen from out of the country to be here. so thank you so much. >> thank you commissioner. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, my name is tina shaff.
12:08 pm
i'm staff at the latino community center. today, the board of supervisors has heard the introduction of a resolution to establish the filipino cultural heritage district in the south of market. district six, supervisor jane kim, cosponsors supervisor john avalos and eric mar, introduced a resolution to establish the district in this historical home to philippines in the city. they represent the largest asian marine, group in california. it forced many philippines to leave san francisco. still the south of market remains a touch stone for many philippines to press and learn about their culture. the neighborhood continues to have the largest concentration of philippines in the city. at the press conference,
12:09 pm
diversity is something every san francisco takes proceed in. it is also something a we should actively protect. this is a very live and thriving neighborhood. the well being of communities like filipinos as well as latinos, chinese, black communities, other working class communities is also contributes to the rich history, culture and
12:10 pm
leadership. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> i'm diane ruiz. we thank supervisor kim, avalos and mar today for their leadership in introducing a resolution to establish sansome philippine. we hope that the supervisors who will be involved in establishing this district, make a priority for this year. so that it gets into the budget for next year. we know there are many people in the community that are willing to work with the supervisors and with the city departments to make this happen. the filipino community is a
12:11 pm
thriving community filipinos are a vulnerable population because of history of discrimination. in 1960 to 1970s the fangs of -- the 56 was mostly filipino seniors was a moment in education-american. during redevelopment of the -- filipinos were displaced. redevelopment, demolished 10,000 residential units and 700 businesses. many that supported filipino workers and seniors. today development pressures continue to plague the filipino community in selma.
12:12 pm
the city's fight against growing inequality, selma is the front night line. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> how many of you heard my call yesterday on k fax? show some hands. i thought nobody was listening. it was a long shot. john is coming to town on the 5th. elove john. -- i love john. he's my favorite. ewill never forget arguing over and oaf -- over and again. you're not going to win. we don't know when we'll die. honestly, this whole day, don't get your hopes up. i'm not seeing i will die, my chest is killing me.
12:13 pm
we don't know when we're going to die. if you die, you're all going to hell. all of you. david you have these transgenders in here. i want them to be saved. etried to talk to them. they said i was harassing them. i said look, you need to believe in jesus. he'll forever your sins. these people look like women. i don't know if they have testicles or penises. they're promoting this. there's a judgment day coming. this is the biggest day in history, jesus died. just another dead sinner. it's beg for us because you're going to hell and i'm going to heaven. its only by the grace of god i'm going to heaven. 33 seconds. jesus said or david said, my own familiar friend whom i trusted
12:14 pm
my bread. raise thou me up. this was a prophesy. jesus said when this takes place, you'll know him. all the religions are wrong. they don't have any prophesy. it's the spirit of prophesy. the bible alone gives us future events in daily. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i would like to thank the board of supervisors, especially jane kim for introducing resolution for that adoption of congressional gold medal for world war ii veterans and introduction reestablishment of philippines. personally, this two
12:15 pm
resolutionerresolutions are important. me grandfather was a world war ii veteran and survived. working at the veterans equity center, really showed how much the filipino really needs to have a vose in the city. i remember my first client what was a world war ii veteran and was homeless. we were having a hard time having him housed because the v.a. doesn't have enough evaluate for hosing the homeless veterans. we have also housed world war ii veterans in the condition that is ope inhabitable. they are living in such a small
12:16 pm
room. they're having a par technician -- partition. it roses the needs of the fel filipino community. i hope this continues on to be rosed of our existence here. >> resolution, recognition and respect. our community deserves a cultural heritage district. our community has served this city deeply and has been loyal in just being a part of san francisco. the late bill sorrow said once
12:17 pm
you lose a community be it's hard to bring it back. the seed was planted long ago. i would hope that this resolution would lead to some very concrete moves in the direction of getting this district established. we need to get this right. that's the concern that i have. when manila town was decimated by the financial interest of san francisco, that hurt our community. it hurt our community so deeply to have that hole in the ground with the international hotel stood for more than 30 years. that was our community's ground zero. it was because of our community and the dedication to having affordable housing in that spot and people leak my uncle that insisted that we have a manila
12:18 pm
county i--- it is an extension of that fight. its an extension to recognize our community, recognize people like larry and the workers that have come to san francisco and have contributed and being threatened by big developers. who don't give a dam about our history. but we do. we deserve it. we're a hard working loving community. we have values in our community that san francisco desperately needs. >> thank you very much. >> i am a member of the veterans equity center of bell sorrows housing program. also practice as an attorney.
12:19 pm
>> the other issue i support is the landmark resolution establishes, which is the first district named after the filipino community. i know that this a critical juncture in the city where many plan
12:20 pm
development thusly in the south market is going to be before you and i really urge you to look at our district in a way that recognizes the filipino people, the residents, the seniors, and the tireless community workers that stand to keep it together. lastly, i really want to stay in closing in support of these two resolutions that we can't say we believe in equality and then allow the continued inequities towards our dwindling populations of filipino world war ii veterans. we can stand here in support of some filipinos and allow these luxury condos to be built not for us, but for new community. we can stand here >> thank you very much. thank you. i'm sorry that we have to move onto the next speaker. next speaker, please. >> hello. ada chan project
12:21 pm
manager cultural heritage district with filipino american development foundation. the filipino american development foundation has been working on this idea of espousing cultural district for over the past decade. were very happy and want to thank the board of supervisors for moving this forward. we like to see move forward and heard this year. would appreciate if you could schedule it as soon as possible. if the longtime in the works would like to see it heard this year. and voted on this year. i'd also like to thank supervisor, justus for the study requested in relation to to the housing severity that's occurring in the city and the radio which develop and is occurring and not benefiting residents i really appreciate the specificity but would you ask that study and information will be useful useful for us in sonoma to add significant amount of development and as you know the workers of the city we have also been the
12:22 pm
people been displaced by the deference to jobs and financial district about an incident housing development. so thank you very much. somebody will be struggling with. but some of as filipinos and i also want to mention that the state has recognized the contributions of filipinos could the largest asian population in the state and were very happy that the city is now starting to include filipino community and recognize the leadership of the committee. thank you >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is-i've been a resident of san francisco, south market, for eight years. it's my home and i thank you for recognizing that we have a say in our community by establishing the cultural heritage district. >> thank you. next speaker, please
12:23 pm
>> hello. my name is teresa-a resident of-for over 40 years. i've actually went through four evictions through different owners. but, i want you to let you know that all community stands resolute in asking you, please, to pass these two resolutions. for the filipino community. my grandfather was actually tortured in world war ii. my uncle was executed in world war ii. i have an uncle who is a world war ii veteran and he passed away. many of my relatives passed away or were murdered and tortured during world war ii. now i want to thank you right here in front of you, that you, in essence, are considering to
12:24 pm
actually-considering i'm sorry. i'm about to cry. please help us. the community, we work so hard were invisible to you guys to all the previous administrations. we work so hard inside the community and fighting for all the different causes. i look at you right now. i am hoping that you are listening to me and i am hoping that you're not actually fiddling on your cell phones. we hope that, please, you pass this two resolutions that supervisor yee. thank you >> thank you. next he could, please. >> my name is mr. ignacio-now considered on a november 3 bout. you must write my name in.
12:25 pm
>> the gentleman there is no speaking about campaigning in the chambers. >> just stating a fact. i'm here to talk about mental health services across san francisco. men advocate for mental health rights. we must get more services open back to normal. south of market is currently close. all those people without therapy, without psychiatrist without any help. we need mental health services to be back intact throughout the city in every district. i then advocate for mental health rights for the last 15 years. i felt 2500 homeless people mental patients off the streets among personal finances. i'm advocate of life on the streets. it's not like. on the streets is like where to get if i can help to citizens when is a current mayor doing about? what are the supervisors doing
12:26 pm
about it connotes the south of market health services and close temporarily where all those patients getting their needs met gimmicks they are not. my name again is ignacio muniz that one poem to read you. believe can believe in what? leaving yourself. the powers within. believe that you will live a satisfying life of wishes and wonders. believe that you can and will. deliver a small existence. live life large and happy. spread joy around you. believe in what's real and your friends and family will help you reach your potential. believe in your dreams. they can come to. believe that the answers you seek are already inside you. reach deep and pull them out. that was written a week ago. i me and i had the help of many mental health officials to write only. we believe in the power of ourselves. thank you. >> thank you. next he could,
12:27 pm
please. >> good afternoon several but that my name is eric-with latino cultural district and were here in full support of the filipino cultural district in summer. we were designated may of 2014 as a cultural district. for us it really meant that we were acknowledged as a people in that community that we existed. that we have history in the neighborhood kids that we are really their living and thriving. so, it gave us a sense of empowerment that we actually did exist. there is a lot of work for us to do in the future developing our special use district and i think that's can be born in this particular piece is that this is a resolution and designation but the work is in the details and it's what you have for protections. i think we need to really look closely at what protections this
12:28 pm
community can have in soma around displacement around small business, around preserving arts and the cultural heritage of the filipino community just as we are doing in the mission district. so this is an important piece as far as acknowledgment goes but the real piece is the projections. that's the part that really going to be able to preserve these neighborhoods and diversity diverse. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>the overhead, please.the
12:29 pm
overhead is always tricky. the lighting is not good. enough to reach for it. that's my name. so, if you can see it, that is mining. back to the future.i submitted this little piece of paper to the board. the housing plan for the future. my five points were going to go straight to number five. the new residential formula down at the bottom. 30% open market,, it's 100 unit building in the tenderloin in the community center of the filipina area.
12:30 pm
the chinatown. 30% open market, open to everybody. 10%, 30 year residence vocals zip codes over 65 years old. waited for older folks. they get 10 units of that 100. the next is 50% or 15 units per people lived in the neighborhood in the local zip code for 20 years. then, 5% goes to san francisco residents that are 65 or older. and waited for the seniors. 10%, 10 units of this 100 unit building goes for teacher fire municipal and city workers. initial drivers. 30% left is community specific needs. low-income affordable homes, veterans graduated foster care seniors. this, if we did this for 1500
12:31 pm
unit building, we would have 150 units for seniors. to enter-goodbye >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> next picture, please. we will get this right., sir. >> hello. my name is-. i've been a resident of soma for nine years. what i'm seeing is that-when i was little it was always about what if is a
12:32 pm
filipino. what is it is always a binary are you this or that. people thought you are so sure of so few categories, but do we have an opportunity to recognize something that doesn't happen in a lot of other cities. we've done this for other demographics. we can do it for us, too. we can show that these are steps we can take to combat all this development and what it does or displacement. we all know what will happen if we continue development if we continue bringing in certain income categories and who'll be made to leave. now, if we can have these designations of cultural importance and preservation, if we can maintain cultivate and acknowledge people, continue to
12:33 pm
grow the special thing we have that other areas do not, we can show how it can be done. we can be the leaders. we can push back against the changes that are brought on by economics instead of community. let's find a way to work together. let's pass these and maintain what brings so many people here, so many kinds of people. thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
12:34 pm
>> it's not working. >> will take the next speaker and come back to you, this prompted next speaker, please. >> my name is jason bionic. on the program manager for-workshop with longest-running asian-american asian-pacific organization in the city and probably in the country. we work out of the soma district. we hope to continue to do so for a long time. we'd like to thank you for introducing these resolutions and real that you do pass them. i think that to
12:35 pm
pass them can go a long way to creating visibility for our communities and help us feel that our history and our stories do matter. i think a lot of the work we do is the great space for communities to tell their stories. a measure like this can go a long way. to the work people are doing to bring in their stories out there. as a person of color, you never really feel you must feel like you're outside. to be will to feel that you are part of the city, is important. to have that acknowledged, so thank you for introducing it but we hope you do passive. >> thank you very much. did we get it fixed ?[video]that's my
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
son. wayne on the gurney lifeless. because of homicide in san francisco. we have to stand outside in front of city hall as the government to protect our children. much like myself who lost our children to homicide. nine
12:38 pm
years.[video]something about unsolved homicides in san francisco. we need closure. [inaudible]. i love mice i lost my son nine ago. >> thank you very much, mrs. brown. next he could, please. >> good afternoon, supervise my name is glenn german, member of the [inaudible] i do want to
12:39 pm
say ms. brown that we stand with you in solidarity as you continue your fight for justice. i stand here before you because i want to thank you for your support of the filipino world war ii veterans. their families and communities that backed him up. i really feel san francisco is doing the right thing sending a message to congress saying well spent for justice and we stand with our veterans. with that said we look for to seeing you at the san francisco veterans day parade in a couple weeks. much for freedom we continue to march for the with them for just that i also want to thank supervisor kim for the heritage district. also for supervisor mar and obelisk for your continued support. the so the market community is very special place. as it has been the entry point for many newly arrived filipinos in this center. it's very unique as it
12:40 pm
includes with the pioneering filipino bilingual language program in the country, in a district and its leading the way in terms of bilingual education for newly arrived filipino families. there are a lot of services that allow people come here come to our communities to seek and provide culturally relevant culturally responsive services that allow them to find comfort income in san francisco and in the community. as a work with the mental health field and knowing that we have a community and a community that is stable where homes we are allowed to stay and contribute to greatly to mental health positively to mental health of our people. many people come here looking for their slice of the pie their american dream. they see a potential future they find a way to some of filipino. we have placed to go home and knowing i community is stabilized. the establishment of the district legitimizes the presence that our committee is serving for decades and [inaudible]. >> thank you. next he
12:41 pm
speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm resident of southern market ready to recognize my neighborhood of soma filipino. i live in soma and work in the same community. to me it is where filipinos started their american dream. the community is full of people like me. it's like back home in our new home. soma is the [inaudible] rent control for families. soma that make their way slowly down street. it's the family parks and get-togethers full of food, bluster and sainted soma to me has an organization that i trust to help when i need it most. soma celebrates filipino culture with performances. we have school that shows students with filipino budget we have [inaudible] all the bay area to celebrate with us. i know other people minutes he spent some of
12:42 pm
the way i see it but to me maybe to them it's not the neighborhood but my neighborhood like other filipino neighbors bear the brunt of that about pressures in san francisco's history from a little down to the fillmore. we are we appreciate the supervisors of avalos and mar and these thousand of the filipino cultural heritage. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is-i'm with the south of market community action network. some time was actually formed in 2000 by the different community leaders and residents that spoke to you to ensure that we actually have development without displacement in the south of market and to ensure that the
12:43 pm
working class and filipino community in the area will continue to live, thrive, and prosper in the neighborhood. i'm really just very honored to be part of this is a historical moment of having these two pieces of legislation in front of you. as of filipino that migrated here when i was a year old and started anticipating in our community, i started organizing in 2000 with the trinity tenants were being evicted by their landlord in 2000, and in 2003 to participating the veterans equity center to advocate for equality and recognition of veterans. until now, the ongoing fight to make sure that filipinos continue to stay in san francisco by establishing the soma filipino cultural heritage district. on sunday, was a larry-day and i was very
12:44 pm
honored to be able to be recognized as one of the farmworkers organizers, in the movement. i thought that was really overdue. that should've been commemorated earlier, but we also want to thank you for your continuing support in our community and we hope that we will continue to partner with you to ensure that this is not just a resolution but become a legislation that will keep our neighborhood intact. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is-i'm the director of we are one of the legacy organizations. arts organizations in san francisco, filipino arts. i want to thank the board for particularly kim for this historic moment. cool arts has been around for over 30 years. this resolution will
12:45 pm
really help bolster our ability to break more jobs, more opportunities to for artists to make a living. i urge you to support this. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is raymond custodio and i'm out of market action market. i guess will end with this. i want to share these quickly if you don't mind. it'll be less than 2 min. here we go. welcome to the web community and family is what we be. you can buy me in howard ip there are seven joined with the people of the-walk with me to the bmd parking racks is the place to be. we got children [inaudible] i can do this all day after school we can go to
12:46 pm
west bay. was struggling everyday living in the tenement [inaudible]. we got people to represent. let it be known this is soma will fight for. this is on. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yes. i think we all come here for common ground. today, i is a 19 foreman have come to show you pictures of 25 years of san francisco. here is a picture from-this is where people lives in home safe and secure. it seems like everyone is voting this year about billy
12:47 pm
san francisco the million man march she said i don't become gentrification like san francisco and she went to the million man march so she could see black people happy for a week. so, we know that when you cannot cook-what they're doing right now in the planning commission we have these things called group housing we cannot cook in your room with no more. the hotel is, we do have a epidemic. we have group housing. this is to show you, this when i first started in 1999. the gamete cheering on obama in 2008. this when lisa cook in a room but now we get attacked in our sros. i house is very important for all of us in san francisco. we know this is become a trend throughout the nation but the lady said that the million man march, this is how the room once loved. if you go online, 415 sf
12:48 pm
wp, at 1961-2015 it will show you how people have done our homes now. this shows you before to what you will see on that e-mail or how my building was built on 12-21 last year. so [inaudible]. you'll see the contrast. >> thank you. thank you very much. are there any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public common is closed >>[gavel] >> madam clerk can we go to the item for adoption without reference to committee? >> item 29-32 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. single rollcall vote may not these items and a member may object. to sever an
12:49 pm
item that considers utterly >> supervisor too much >> i like to sever items are to >> see no other names on the roster, madam clerk can you call the roll on the remaining items >> items 29-32, supervisor wiener aye you not aye breed aye, was aye christiansen aye, corridor aye farrell aye kim aye kim aye.9 aye >> those resolutions are adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> please go items are to >> item 32 is a motion to call united states congress to award the congressional gold medal to
12:50 pm
filipino veterans of world war ii and recognition of their loyal and selfless duty to the philippines and to the united states of america. >> supervisor kim >> thank you. i deserve one amendment i like to make in the copy of the resolution. it is an amendment to ensure this resolution is communicated to our area congressional representatives and i want to thank supervisor katie tang applied this for office one mange passes resolution on special rep. miller position here in san francisco and we are very clear about it. it is shameful as has been mentioned by many individuals here that we as a country have yet to recognize the veterans for the service and sacrifice. so, i do want to thank the board for joining me in urging congress to write this long-standing wrong with this resolution did i do want to reckon i supervisor molina cohen is added her name was to this resolution and to soma filipino. social cultural district. i asked the entire board would sign on as cosponsors for this item number 32. >> i see every member of that
12:51 pm
chicken i did supervisor kim some sure that's fine. supervisor kim has made a motion to amend. is there a second he was seconded by supervisor farrell can we take the amendment without objection get without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> on the remaining items as amended, can we take this item same house, same call? sorry. supervisor we not >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor kim for bringing this would be to add it as a cosponsor for this resolution the congressional gold medal and also for the pillow filipino heritage edition. >> thank you supervisor wiener. colleagues, take this item same house same house, same call? without objection the item passes as amended unanimously. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, can you read the next item.
12:52 pm
>> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individual on behalf of at the suggestion of supervisor: what behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the late rev. dr. victor lee majerus. >> this brings us to the end of our agenda get madam clerk, is there any other business before us today? >> that concludes our business for today >> thank you everyone. we are adjourned. >>[gavel]. >> it seems like everyone in san
12:53 pm
francisco is talking about housing san francisco housing prizes are among the highest it tops anyone million dollars and rent rise unfortunately, this is not the first time housing has been in the news thought california the cost of a home has made headline the medium prices for a house in the the $207,000 in california it is more than twice that amount and the laura u bay area is higher it's more than doubled the states so while more than half of the americans can afford the medium fewer in california and quarter in the bayer and now fewer than a 6th of san franciscans can afford it so why it housing in san francisco so go cheven condition tharz the
12:54 pm
obviously a high demand to live here the city is known for cultural diversities that attacks new residents and the credible opportunity our city diverse and will daytime committee grows jobs as a result we estimate the number of jobs is at ann an all-time 0 hive of 6 hundred thousand in the 80 the population was 6 hundred and 75 thousand now, it's grown steadily and quickly the recent estimate is 8 hundred and 40 thousand the highest in the city's history and it's not only san francisco it is greek the bay area has $2 million for residents and jobs then in the 80 and the growth is expected to continue by the year 20403.9
12:55 pm
million people unfortunately, our housing supply does not keep up with the demand i might not realize the majority of construction is housing that's been suspended for years due to the 2008 recession while population is increasing the housing is only increasing that i 9 percent if we don't pursues housing the cost of housing about only increase how do we plan the regional allocation identifies the total number of housing unit by affordable level to support the new residents san francisco incorporates it into the housing elements that guides the housing policies the arena data places it in the investment plans for the growth throughout
12:56 pm
san francisco those plans developed by years of community planning laid the ground work for the construction so the city he e sets the goals in broad terms the private sectors builds market rate housing and non-built affordability housing that majority of housing in san francisco as well as throughout the country market rate houses built by private developers within guidelines of the city some below market rate you howls paid pie public and private dollars and prized to be variable to certain population housing is considered affordable if it costs less than 1/3rd the medium income for a 2 percent householder is $70,000 this householder will have to pay no more than $7,150 to be
12:57 pm
affordable san francisco has see long applied federal, state and local money often built and nonprofit tint for individual families the news cities in california what the inclusive program requires that 10 or ottawa more units to certain blow income levels or contribute to the fund that supports the blow market rate unit almost 25 thousand have been supported by city funds and more than 6 nous thousand of the unit were built between 2000 and 2012 what you can't afford a million will home you're not alone in response san francisco mayor ed lee has set a goal of creating thirty thousand now e-mails homes by the year
12:58 pm
2020 most will be in outreach of the san franciscan with federal and state funds drying up the san francisco ethics commission is, taking an iv i of actually roll is providing housing across all levels we're working diligently for everyone to live here and mr. chair protect the housing semiand strengthen goals against evictions we're commented for housing needs for all san franciscans to learn more visit highway use and
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
transportation committee occurring on october 26, 2015 will begin shortly. >> good afternoon. i want to welcome you to the regular meet ofg land use and transportation. my name is malia cohen and the chair the committee and to the right is supervisor scott wiener and jane kim will join us. i like to thank sf


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