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tv   Board of Education 102715  SFGTV  October 31, 2015 8:00am-11:41am PDT

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mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell mr. walton ms. wynns that he drum ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you the first item on the jauntdz is item a approval of board minutes in our packet is the minutes of the regular meeting of
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october 2015 may i have a motion and a second and so moved. >> second. >> thank you are there any corrections seeing none, ms. casco roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase that's 5 ids. >> thank you very much members of the public are remind if you wish to address the board of education your requested to complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and present to the which have assistant coming back to the board's rules and procedures speakers are not expected for an item arrested before the board and presentations to the board of education superintendent
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report. >> thank you president murase and good evening to everyone that is join us in person or watching tv or listening to the radio the sfauftdz has been awarded not one but two california board golden bell awards it is really the oscars of the education of the world and it is a rigorous process for the application our salesforce funded mayors middle initiative was one of the projects being recognized and the on the school ammunitions dining experience it is also being recognized unheard have to have more than one or one at all we're proud of all our staff that has been participating and the leadership
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our teams will be honored at conference and this particular award will be awarded on december 5th the recipients are awarded because they reflected the depth and breath of the education and the governor that supports those thinking programs not only are the programs honored but the board of education for their forward thinking leadership ♪ area outstanding recognize of a lot of hard work to please accept my congratulations and the board of education another recognize this past week the san francisco unified school district was accepted into an elicit mr. brown group of school district around the nation we are that in the initiative schools this is part of the promise a national coalition of school districts organized an independent nonprofit o that is
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authorized by congress is accelerate innovation and education we were selected one of the new districts select and i'm happy to report i just got off a plane our chief technology officer were in pittsburgh to accept the membership and to share your innovation work in san francisco and so see some of the initiative school programs happening across the city some of the initiative practices i was happy to report on the mayor's middle school initiative and in partnering with salesforce we're talked about the k through 12 the digital literacy our initiation lab did crowd platform as well as the partnership with uc berkley and stanford and all the partners to
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work to improve school ammunition it was wonderful to see the faces across the city as a they heard so kooutdz to everyone also this past saturday the enrollment fair the early enrollment fair i which is not here in town i understand it went well angle excellent turn out it was close to 10 thousand people that attended the enrollment fair i want to thank all the school communities for answering questions and speaking to families about the school as many of you may know it was a new venue all to sincerely thank city college of san francisco and the chancellor for louse us to the facilities for this event the collaboration allowed an opportunity for the parents and ask the to look beyond k through 12 and promote the culture so there is school after k through
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12 a reminder the first round applications radio due january 15, 2016, and enrollment workshops are held no november and december to assist the families with applications please check our website sfusd ed u and lastly the discovery day is on saturday from 10 to 4:00 p.m. the ball park will be a survives wonderful land and this is event it is free-for-all families i'll encourage you a lot of interesting things tights free p free thirty thousand people and spread out all over the ball park to inspire and entertain
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all ages i found myself last year playing a couple of games there will be opportunity to meet local scientists and engineers along with a whole range of fun and entertainment so you'll we'll be represented with our very own steam booth on the field we encourage you to come we'll recognize the last announcement but i want to say that a huge thank you and appreciation to all of our administrators in san francisco urban identified this is administrator appreciation month towards the end of the month so surprised it's your month but we want to recognize that and thank all the administrators for the hard work all year long thank you president murase >> thank you superintendent carranza the next stem a c recognize and resolutions of accommodations for superintendent carranza. >> thank you president murase
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this is always our favorite part of meeting we get to recognize some of the hard working talented staff people in stanford university so the first person welds to recognize this evening for a rave diminished award it sheryl redding i want to tall call principal jean rob who will read into the record. >> hello, everybody super excited absolutely giddy to be here tonight to honor sheryl redding she's been an employee of our district for 14 years she has taught kindergarten and first grade and present the literacy specialist at glen park school and works with 25 thirty kids throughout the day and
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distances a jig it is a school wide celebration she's kind and mutual and she's fair, with all of her students but holds the history standards for every single one of them this is a major award we brought her son to be part t of it i want to bring helping her up and not all of san francisco i said we're going to be on tv tonight sheryl all of san francisco will know how amazing and worthy you or i want to shout out to our colleague laura who wrote the accommodate that was received and honored by the great people so sheryl come up we'll give our major award (clapping.) it is -
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>> hi pardon me my voice it is the job this came to a complete surprise i had nodding to be nominated i was mr. earl surprised sometimes our jobs gets us down when i found out my colleague laura nominated me i have gratification that someone appreciate my hard work i want to thank jean she believed in me and has as urban wavering faith when i'm not sure and opted up opportunity without her i wouldn't be in this position any dream job thank you she's an excellent leader and spies me and lastly a thank you to my
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communities all those years i wouldn't have been a teacher without them i'm very blessed thank you (clapping (clapping.) >> we have the rave service award to our person and ask martha to come forward and read into the record why we'll honor this person. >> it's my pleasure to recognize and honor mr. crews of
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part of this sermon he's only a second grade teacher anothers third and marshall but made his presence known from the beginning served as the ask the government advisors our after-school program our building rep your filipino youth coalition sponsor and a general amazing person gabbing does this with a spirit of comrade and never losing his passion to when it goes against things he brings us together and works toward a common goal i'm grateful gabbing is part of our staff and grateful to his parents they encouraged him and now another generation will benefit from everything he brought to our
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children in san francisco (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you hi good evening want to thank the grandkid for board for recognizing the nomination and thank you to margaret for giving me a chance last year also want to thank another person that wrote the nomination and you say always what always rise this is freezing for your students and thank you to the family to support this long journey it was not easy especially, when i was a student myself (laughter). >> also want to shout out to the staff who supported me as a second year teacher and supported any ancestors and the
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partnership and the staff at the universities of the san francisco and most importantly the students that are the encounter teachers without them i wouldn't be here they are the reason i rise up and we're in the chairs so for the students and for a better san francisco and greater world thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you, thank you so much. >> gabbing we have a quick question do you go to san francisco public schools. >> that's okay. your teaching
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our students (laughter). >> there you go so good (clapping.) and did my homework at the we're keeping it in the family. >> i'd like to this evening and alluded to this this october is administrator appreciation month and recent studies were competed with the teachers were asked what was the number one reason you work at a special school or in a school district the number one non-was not pay or the low love of the school district matter the number one reason that people stayed where they are they love the kids and the administrator so the administrators make a huge difference in what happens in our school it is a tough job as a former principal hats off to every single one of the administrators we want to call
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forward president of the non-compliant administrator and part of as audience if you'll come forward with we a small token of our appreciation a certificate of after the accident preshgs /* /- - appreciation appreciation. >> this is someone else doing something okay. well hi, everybody this - this is the hardest job in the world i'll do a smack down but my husband and i yearly
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what works harder i tell him i do i'm so thierld to september e accept this and on behalf of of all administrators we're very, very committed to the kids and gabbing that touched my heart we're in that and supporting one thing i didn't mention sheryl was up here so matt trying to follow our lead sheryl got evicted and has to move to santa fe yes, it's true and breaking our heart i want everyone in the room to know we're the hardest worker people in the city i don't want to lose her my voice is shake she's that good thank you, richard and everyone on the board we like serving you. >> thank you.
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>> and for the final recognize this to i'm going to turn it over to president murase that will tell us about this special recognition. >> colleagues i was contacted earlier this year by two highly do respected of the japanese community making donations please allow me to introduce those individuals first on behalf of the family he'll be presenting trained to the city
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the secret prisoner exchange and the only family captured during world war ii a little known every time of president roosevelt's the order of removal of 20 thousand japanese-american from the west coast during world war ii immediately the fbi arrested japanese leader all 2 thousand three hundred from the coast they arrested 14 hundred germans and 200 and 64 aliens and the government removed over 4 thousand germans, 2 thousand plus japan and italians from 13 latino-american countries and brought them to the prisoner camps it is on a secret exchange
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program in texas a prisoner camp it captured japanese-american and latino-american that were kidnapped in the failed prisoner challenge program this gift is in memory of the parents and brother with father the bishop founded the san francisco church on bush street in japantown and his wife succeeded him as a reverend after his death brother met a death from illnesses whale the parents were incarcerated in the prisoner camp he survived all 5 brothers in san francisco and sent their children to our public schools and the founder
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of the japan be bilingual bio cultural programs today i'd like to invite the speakers to come to the podium just a couple of minutes to give remarks today a proud member of the 80 pass let me ask you that, of 1945 is bringing this by the professor of the american studies at uc davis a 33 career with the city and a parents of sfusd graduates his wife was a social worker and son carl is a national economics teacher it continues to inspire our students to create great things at the alumni school may or may not possible by the liabilities program with oral history if 5 that surviving members of the
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high school embarrass klass that graduated from half of the one of contraction camp and to organize the classmates of the folks behind hard wire thank you to san franciscan daisy if you could please stand (clapping.) she's another sfusd parents and mother of carolina as sfusd staff contributes to the staff everyday by supporting our teachers and a quote by norma blooms in the dessert it was really lining like to come of age in contemplation camp it is important who cherish the rights
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guaranteed but by our constitution to uphold rights please help me welcome the two folks (clapping.) >> thank you very much i'm here today to request that the book a train to christian city be allowed to be played in our high school and middle school and libraries as aside when the war started in 1941 i was going to raffle will in thirds grade known as rosa parks and i returned from chrysler city to john high school across the street here and on to poly tech high school
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this book is about a department of justice camp in texas during world war ii with the germans and japanese and italian men clarified as dangerous and enemy aliens with their wives and children children who are mostly american citizens this camp was designed to hold those captures as exchange for americans being held in japan and german i didn't this camp he would say approximately 3 thousand 5 hundred detains and a interns
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about 2 thousand japanese and one thousands of german december sent with a fitalians and others peruvians put into the camp this book talks about back to back collateral damage there was one german american girl with they are family was sent back to german i didn't as part of exchange the book comments them on a train and with a overhead fighter plane the book talks about the japanese-american girl a student who went to japan with her parents after the war and
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the war torn areas it was very difficult for both those people they were many, many people like that. >> many people know or knew about the camps as california which is referred to as relocation centers and known as concentration camps let you know about the department of justice camps that processed and held thousands of men that were picked up by the fbi after world war ii enhance such as any father that was picked up on january the 7 many of those men explicit get rolland released until after the war end any father and indispensable were released in september 1, 9472, years after
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the war ended thank you very much (clapping.) >> i'm a member the class of 1945 on top of as high school i want to give you a brief account of the events that led to our exposure to our schools and families and being placed in the concentration camp of 3 years the move to get the japanese off the west coast began before the bombing of pearl harbor the president campaigned against the peril within the state the passage of the law in 1913 and before that the chinese x clinician prevented the - the attack of pearl harbor was horrendous and many thousands of
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americans were killed one and 29 thousand in the united states looked like the enemy we are that capable of committing acts ofes in exchange in california apart from arizona western organ and washington pressure combrupz groups like the native sons and daughters of golden west and the politicians were already in existence the powerful landscaper that had a readship of many thousands urged the president frank deroosevelt that supported the members of congress to pass
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legislation to get to the power hearst newspapers urged the president franklin deroosevelt supported by members of congress to pass legislation to get the japanese off the west coast the president passed executive order 9066 and named general john dewitt to be in charge of the massive incarceration of the japanese of the west coast jen dewitt was well known for the slogan the only good japan is a dead japan i had a newspaper route in the western edition and on that day i remember exactly on the intersection of fillmore and sutter street a grown man yelled
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at me get off the street you god damned japan the loss of property and especially farmland was huge we could only take with us with our bear hands it ran a race track that was converted into a prisoner camp and around the assembly center the san annette race track was used as an assembly center and the assembly center off el camino housed 7 thousand japanese in the bloifr the stables were quickly white what should but the stench of the horseman you are was present the
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sacks were filled with the straw and the family's not housed in stables moved into the quickly counteracted basics and advertising were housed here with more permanent prison camps and for relocate centers were carefully constructed in 10 locations throughout the united states 80 percent was 8 thousand bayview residents that were to lane gush there for 3 years prisoners in the other concentration camps much experienced similar treatment in today's racially and multi diverse society with growing immigration and refugee issues
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those happens are very relevant a need to be vigilant and certain our voices are you are heard so such incarcerations never happened again, thank you. >> (clapping). >> so appreciate this gift to
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our lobby ms. fewer. >> so this book looks at fabulous lost in the desert is it looks like a great read and want to say to the gentleman thank you for having a fabulous son who is actually was my daughters teacher in high school and later on my daughter went to berkley baby sat our children and thank you for continuing i think our education around the japanese experience and definitely this is a great addition over reading for the ethics class thank you very much (clapping.) thank you again the next item on the squanders is student delegate report student delegate chang and mr. totiano. >> thank you president murase i want to take a recognition to
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the boards diner tonight what happened we are that given the privilege to have o colonel's culinary program so, so i want to give recognize because this is not the first time we've had o colonel and our chiefs joined us from john o'connor school a shout out to them thank you guys (clapping.) move on with the s ac c business we started we continued with those students projects that enables the students in the health committee has raised to to allocate halloween for the sfusd students living in shelters last night we created
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those bags given the halloween candy such candy and stickers and there is more to those things as students we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to celebrate halloween in the city as well as have happiness we're a we named the students morlsz more or less that a a motto this week we'll be presenting the goody bags to people not able to leave their shelters because of forfeiture of space we hope the city donates and support our students in transition at sfusd's if you want to make a donation send the donation for the superintendent
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ellis program on 5 franklin and there's 309 b sf california 94102 and feel free to contact salvador our corridor >> furthermore as of security guard our curriculum committee is happy to announce the program is at 13 elementary schools we want to thank our participating pranltz and staff for allowing the year leaders to be part of program as for the youth planning we're happy to announce the stated advisors council will be at fort mason we hope you're able to attend and witness the student leaders in action and be the student delegate pane we
8:37 am
post announcing and more to follow in addition, we collaborated to extend our support to willie l. brown middle school student council to follow up with that our students reached it out out to the the willie l. brown middle school program for aid in progressing the student council and actually be having tare elections this thursday october 29th and our next advisors council meeting is monday november at 215? the public council and anyone is welcome if you have presentations are you would like a copy of the agenda you can feel free to contact mr. salvador our corridor and again dinner will be provided thank
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you. >> thank you student delegates for this report. >> yes. >> yes students thank you very much i want to say if you i would like to do a workshop at our events in march i'll be happy to do it i've done it i don't know if i can add anything but it is so good but if you want many me to i'll be happy to. >> we feel welcome to have you you've been there two or three years and been in the to have you and like commissioner walton and commissioner vice president haney we would like to have you commissioners. >> all right. thank you very much for that report and look forward to this the next is e
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the advisory committee report i'd like to invite the african-american citizens advisory committee forward while they're coming forward any appointments to the advisors committees? >> seeing none, we will precede i want to i'm going to turn it over to superintendent carranza. >> thank you president murase as the african-american credits sires comes forward for their report i want to thank our special assistant lane done dickey to support and help with the oceanal process with the african-american ssi the leader will speak for themselves i county be prouder of this organization and the important voice to the decision of
8:40 am
equality so a pack for their report. >> socioas we're pulling up the packs report good evening again commissioners. >> thank you for this opportunity for the pack to share the work up this year and it has been my privilege over 0
8:41 am
the last several months to work with an incredible group of leaders and from the a pack folks who will share a report on the work to date. >> hi i'm a newly joined member of the african-american parents advisory committee and a active member of the outreach committee i have one child he attends that all revere in the special education department in the first grade i'm really excited to you look forward to this journey with any son and fully support him to achieve excellence for the best of his
8:42 am
academic and behavorial ability commissioners of the board of education student delegates and supreme court and folks thank you for inviting the african-american advisory committee our council a pack to present today this is our first presentation to the board we look forward to sharing the work we're taken place on this year our mission and vision at the organization the african-american parents advisory committee asserts that black lives matter across the city black communities are rising up to advocate for the district of black lives and their protection from violence from law enforcement in san francisco we always assert that black lives matter in order to pass the success we have to value their potential to be the next leader and the individuals that change the world for better
8:43 am
our objectives today that the a pack makes the board of education and the public aware of our activity and look for continued opportunities to engage with the board and in this year and coming years the mission of the african-american parents advisory committee a pack is to provide a form to hear the ideas of 70 san francisco unified school district african-american parents community and to respond to those ideas by educating and informing the parents of district policies and programs it is our goal to good afternoon the lives of all african-american children and families by providing the acknowledge and skill for a hive educational experience the a pack works to develop the resources that allows the parents to support of academic instruction their children
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receive and engage with catered and administrators in the san francisco unified school district we aim to live every parents voices and hopeless engaged parents find their voice through us in september 2013, the office of access and equality established the african-american citizens advisory committee as part of the process to interrupt unequal outcomes for african-american students in the district we are leader and the parents guardians and caregivers of the black children in the san francisco unified school district thank you. >> good evening, everyone my name is marlene a jackson i'm a member of a pack for the past
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year and a half i've been an active member of the outreach committee i have one child that attends the willie l. brown middle school who has an interest in attending mit and studying veterinarian medication the a pack it super excited to support of decision vision 2025 we're in agreement with the objective outline, however, we're concerned about those objectives that are not are currently within reach of many of our african-american students african-american parents care and are invested in in their children's outcomes we find ourselves navigation center a system that don't properly sincere our families for many decades african-american enrollment from the san francisco unified school district has actually decreased from 5 thousand seven hundred
8:46 am
students to 4 thousand 5 hundred students over the past 3 years the african-american population in san francisco as you can see is absent blur writingy on that slide under 56 to 48 thousand from 2011 to 2013 as our numbers in the city and the school district has dwindled we have double our attendance at the action park meeting we're super excited and have representation on 6 sites of a pack we're very proud that have accomplishment at 7 percent of the san francisco unified school district population we see disproportionate representative of our children among the suspend and high rates of
8:47 am
abdomen telling them on the a pack we know we can do better for the children their achieving african-american honorable role recognizes students that were 3.0 or higher and 14 of the 17 comprehensive high schools black students are taking on leadership and 90 percent of our students that graduate and go on to four-year constitution graduated over 5 years. >> hello, i'm carl barns i have been a member of the a pack for two years and active member of the planning committee have two children that attend abraham lincoln high school the oldest son graduates and plans to go to clark atlantic and my younger son a sophomore and planning on
8:48 am
being a teacher. >> we've accomplished our goals through subcommittees and have 3 celebs for this year in the next two months electing officers and having goals in each area this year we've already accomplished a number of tasks we - i have okay, here we go in september of 2015 the workshop fascinations of the black family day and the occupation of the letters supporting the mass sequence in october of 2015 the adoption of the action parking pack 2015-2016 operating quizzed workshops designed in fascination of the family of
8:49 am
conference and also selection of a pack corridor going forward we have the following recommendations that will continue to develop recommendations through the years opportunities to speak in front of the board on a regular basis and encourage the school site leadership to have local african-american parents advisory committee currently at hilt crest and paul revere and others elementary school abraham lincoln high school and high school the initiatives within the african-american achievement and leadership and my brothers and sisters my brother's keeper to include the p k elementary school and high school as we like to thank mr. lane done dickey the assistants to the african-american leadership
8:50 am
initiatives to emily wade chomz and ms. marshall thank you. >> (clapping.) we had one more slide. >> i must thank the committee for your report and hard work on the difficult issues and so glad to see the community coming around and helping us with with this i want to recognize the leadership of mr. dickey as well questions or comments commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i have a quick question where do house your meetings. >> there was one additional slide it listed our meetings and we do meet at lee oil in the
8:51 am
bayview on new come you're next meeting will be november 19th and you're welcome to attend we're inviting you all to come out okay. it is 5:30 to 8. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> ms. fewer so. >> thank you i'm sorry, i want to make some comments i think this is great our membership has grown and it is off the ground and started it is great so some of the things that i hope to see from the african-american committee is sort of i would say a concrete suggestion on about a critique about how this district served african-american parents and caregivers and their students so i would think that
8:52 am
you would be able to analyze the data i know that carl we've looked at data and analysis the data through the lens of a racial achievement gap and look at the disparity in our district i think this is impervious you put those out and hone in on some of them this is the interruption is the key to the change decades of what we've been doing rights so for those of us in the district a long time they have been broken promises we've had a suburban racial achievement gap so i want to see a citywide voice on suggestions of black families and black students and what is happening to our black communities that left san francisco i want to see an
8:53 am
investigation around experiences first hand experiences of black parents and schools their children that racially isolated and what is happening in those schools and then i'd like i'm thrilled there is representation from as though a lot of schools we have the west and east side and middle school that is great our problem is that we have such you know a small black population and one that is decimated by what was going on in san francisco in general i also have a question about the bs u it is great to have a black students population i want to make sure that the district your voice is heard and honored and respected we see that black
8:54 am
parents represented on our school site councils on our student body councils on other boards and committees that actually bring the black prospective to us as you can see on the board here we're the majority not black i think that anytime you bring to our attendance sofrlt insights on anthropologies we may be trying to pass or resolution i would appreciate and really respect to hear what you have to say it is necessary that that voice is heard so i want to say thank you, again. and i look forward to you know that you are also looking at having african-american heritage such as we do e lake once in a while
8:55 am
we'll work on that one we're at that time, we don't want separate voices but one whole voice looking at the disparticipant in our district for the decades i think that it is time we had a separate voice i feel that certain students actually experience things differently so we want to hear about that if we don't here we don't know and can't change i don't want you to be afraid or hesitate it's your truth that is the interruption of this cycle of non-energy thank you for coming and mr. dickey and splaen. >> i want to thank you for your report and service mr. dickey i went back in preparation and pulled up the
8:56 am
board resolution we passed last year, it was reflecting also on that meeting some of the questions and concerns that were raised what this board did in terms of making a commitment to prioritize african-american stoplights achievement at the highest level that's how i remember that all the decisions financial and human resources and capital physical capital buildings all of that we want the african-american students achievement to have the highest priority under how those decisions were made i think at that time when we did that mr. dickey lead that work with the superintendent and that led to the passing of this resolution i think there was a sense at the time what is going to be different this time around and not be the same thing but we
8:57 am
said at that moment a what could we do more honest and transparent and set up systems to hold ourselves account so i'm holy hoping that you all are seeing some change around that and hopefully leading a lot of that in terms of how we're moving forward with those goals and what we know that we flowed to do and that you see a new level of candidates to transparent and accountability and data and taking action i know we'll hear more later on together how our work interacts with the systems that were set up i know interest was the african-american communities council at least referenced in the resolution and then internal
8:58 am
committee how your work works with the structures and partnership with families and students and educators around how we do this and echo when commissioner fewer we hope you'll be honest and tells you what we need to do that's the commitment not on this do it but with the community and to be truthful will what we need to do to make it a reality we can take the tough news because this is what we know we have not done in the past so thank you for doing that tonight and moving forward that i think that is the only way this time is going to be different and see the changes we'll need to see. >> commissioner walton. >> thank you commissioner
8:59 am
president murase first of all, thank you to ms. carpenter and ms. johnson and mr. barns and all the members representing the a pack it truly takes a village not for the village i wouldn't be sitting here in front of you thank you for your hard work and going to do echo some of the things that commissioner vice president haney stated nevertheless of work we've been trying to do since i've been on the board making sure we focus on opportunities and positive outcomes for our kids and making sure that is not just lip service as you can see together we'll see in terms of financial candidates we're going to make
9:00 am
and, of course, for my colleagues we're focusing on ways to make sure that we can come and accomplish positive outcomes for your kids 3 that is happening on this side of the table remember to be truthfully about what you see and the things we can change and how we can work together for the positive outcomes we seek i have a question we know you mention on the slide for recommendations about balancing out the work and curious if there's a feeling
9:01 am
we're focusing more on one area a little bit more than we are in terms of the rest it seems like from the question we'll be focusing on too much on high school to make sure the prospective i'll clear that is why i was saying. >> a little bit odd to answer this question but what the parents shared as we were presenting for preparing for the presentation working on the second pathway you'll hear more later the initial work in terms of the work is finding on high school we send the youth in terms of the covert model to support of high school and elementary school students that
9:02 am
is where that recommendation came from the large amount of attention and the population at this point. >> thank you. i definitely can understand where it comes lives from that is strategic and their reasons and purposes for that and like mr. dickey said we're focusing on the strategies from elementary school to high school again, i appreciate our hard work we're in this together and pleased to hold us account if there is concerns that needs to be addressed please let me know we only know what you see on the other side if we have this dialogue so thank you, again, for coming. >> commissioner norton has joined us commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and then commissioner wynns. >> thank you thank you for bringing your presentation i want to comment
9:03 am
on a couple of things i think has been really wonderful which the african-american family resources we did at mission high school i thought what was great the workshop and the level of information that was going out to the families i just labored to growing that larger and larger than that was last year this was great on friday at the bs u students summit and they have an array of workshops information going out to them it was powerful for our students to be incurrempowered we don't gete really to address head on issues that speak to the challenges and successes that our young people are experiencing it was really great to hear doctor row from
9:04 am
the ecologist speak to our young people and address some of the issues we don't have the opportunity to talk about as freely as we want to it was a great space to be in and encouraged and i hope as you will all of us as parents encourage our young people to exercise those simentsz they don't see this as something to take advantage of i have a 17 year-old boy but that was really great that, you know, that we had so much support and encouragement for our stoplights to be there i want to point out two other things one of the internships and scholarships that colonel through where
9:05 am
through the organizations that provide scholarships for the young people and then the annual eavesdrops initiative is heading to the mayor and our department of workforce development we're partnering with the district and so great for the young people to get experience that leads them into pathways to college and career and the other piece i wanted to you know the department of the children and families is going out with the ascertainment that will be happening over the next three or four weeks we'll be doing outreach in the supervisorial district i won't get to the calendar of events if you please have the parents come out and speak on the community assessment forums that is where the city dollars allocate for the children's fund it takes care of the funning for
9:06 am
the family and youth we determine where the highest things are in our communities and those are the dollars that go out to the community-based organizations or various needs to the city the more voice and the more you identify the needs of the community and young people the more helpful to allocate those dollars to those so i looking forward to seeing many of you at the forums as well and thank you for your report. >> commissioner wynns and sxhoesh. >> thank you all for the work it is really exciting and important we've done so much work i appreciate some of you participated in setting up structures to interact with the parents in an organized way it is important there's a lot to
9:07 am
learn to help us so i really appreciate all the work prairie the times not demonstrated here as i want to say that this is just had a couple of example of our new structures the various advisory committee reporting on a regular basis thought the year i think that is working well and helpful to me appreciated you're being here he agree with all the things that have been said i'll not take the time to repeat i'll hoping there the initiative we'll be able to starts addressing issues of the ladyness for school and in the african-american communities so that our students when they come do us are well prepared we - it is interesting the comments
9:08 am
made about high school are perfectly jermaine and the contract on today is foreign initiatives following up on students after graduations i really think we need to focus look at go what happened before it comes to us and we there are lots of programs we don't communicate and not in touch with all the organized preschool programs or other kinds of programs that young children are in i'm hoping we'll turn our attention and have enough ours and time and attention to look there we shouldn't be playing capture all the time but really do what we can to level the
9:09 am
playing field i hope outline turn your attention and we'll be as we talked about our initiative and talk about that in a more focused and organized way than we have in the past thank you all again and thank you, mr. dickey for all the work being done. >> commissioner norton. >> i wanted to apologize for not hearing your report i'll read the materials carefully and watch on sfgovtv thankful that exists and also i have other questions thank you very much for the report. >> superintendent. >> great, thank you president murase i want to echo everything the board said about our presentation that was an important evening i think you'll be able to be a testament to the adoption and implementation of the candidates that the boards
9:10 am
made we as staff made around reilly taking a deeper dive look but bringing our voices to go how we're educating our students i shared this with the administrators all administrators meeting and many folks heard me talk about we're not interested in improving the school system not interested if the improvements the reason the 1775 comments thomas james weldon johnson we should have a two tier one for the learned and the laboring this two tier system we'll be able to call a few genius from the rubbish when i say to the entire community we're not interested in improving the system i'm not interested in improving that system i know you're not interested in improving the system we're interested in changing the system changing the
9:11 am
system so all students a have an equitable opportunities to say a great education it can happen anywhere and in san francisco i'll be cautiousy about why this is important to us tonight this is what the has a right will say the has a right will hateer will say you're trying to have special status why is your voice important at an other voices they'll look at what our saying and immediately say you're talking about me or my can i see let the haters hate we have other fish to fry we have every education who the group of students in our communities most at reflex their african-american students so this is a crisis and we are taking this seriously but your
9:12 am
voice is incredibly important we love to have our students if in the schools but they come home to you if you can help us and give us smiting insights that is the critical voice the board needs to hear at staff and quite frankly those pleading are broadcast our community needs to hear when we talk about trurptd seismic racism i used the words let me be clear when i talk about it, it is really fulfilling to say we're going to interrupt the systemic grade system the minute people do something about it they get pushed back and called racists and the minute the adults talk take to can i see of race and
9:13 am
class they get attacked just read the newspapers so i want to say very, very pubically your voice is incredibly important to keep the dialogue where it is i want to personally commend the a pack to the letter around the mass sequence this is an incredibly important voiced you need to be here our voices don't get heard if you're not here i don't want to improve the system i want you to be partners if changing the system quite frankly noted just engage our parents i want to empower our patents and study the issue i was where you defeated the letter and sentences in the paragraphs you took the time to be thoughtful
9:14 am
that is very important your voices needs to be heard i want to say you have all of us here we hope you feel we're our allies together we'll lift up the students and identify and interrupt it and late the haters hate because we have bigger things to do thank you for being here. >> thank you. i want to call the colleagues attendance to the letter in support of common core mass sequence submits on behalf of the african-american advisory committee many people we need to acknowledge i know that emily thomas and ms. marshall and jordan radio in the audience i want to acknowledge the work of the colleague that was here earlier pushing the company agenda. >> like the members of the a
9:15 am
pack to please stand and be recognized (clapping.) >> oh, yes commissioner walton and i'm sorry, i have one more comment i like to figure out how to get a shirt. >> thank you, again for your presentation we look forward to hearing from you again and love to have that shirt. >> all right. let's see. >> one second i think we shouldn't let that cbo by without recognizing two members of the pack are form members of the district pta thank you, very much. >> all right.
9:16 am
item f is public comment on content items only i don't have any for consent items item g the consent calendar i need a may i have a motion and a second on the consent calendar >> move the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> yes. madam president. >> president murase we do tonight withdrawn is two c on panning 28 and corrections to one 51 k-11 on 27 and cost is one thousand plus not $7,500 and correction to say 51 k under codes the amount of money is missing for both the first one the amount is 3 thousand plus the e it is $15,000 and in the request of waiver for k-29 a
9:17 am
correction november 2014 should be november 2015. >> thank you, mr. steel any items removed for first reading by the board? >> any items severed better late than never by the board for superintendent and vote i believe that commissioner walton has an announcement. >> yeah. i need to recuse myself on one 51 the k resolution my organization has a contractual relationship on this resolution so i need to recuse myself. >> thank you commissioner walton. >> roll call vote will take place under section o colleagues by custom we typically take general public comment at this time this is 7:30 i know we have a large team
9:18 am
of the custodians that open our schools in the morning if no objection i'll move item j to be next and begin general public comment any outlooks seeing none, i'd like to call the list of folks that have signed up for. and ask that people limits their comments to two minutes >> so i will call our names please come up and please step forward
9:19 am
(calling names) there are additional cards as well we'll start p there. >> good evening school board. >> my name is jonathan a custodian for the san francisco unified school district we have a major concern about overtime and impervious to one pay period that leaves glitches not paying bills and we'll appreciate our time to listen thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please good evening. i'm jody work for custodial and just like to have our checks separated from over time and stuff as many hours as is regular and on this
9:20 am
made $500 supra if we could separate them i'll that. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good evening, everybody i'm carlos pled over 3 two years working over time and i will appreciate if you take into the consideration you way you guys pay your over time we make two little money or money skills money don't last long and we will appreciate that we get separate checks thank you good night. >> thank you, mr. santos. >> hi sorry i'm josh i come back for the strict some of the custodians are not used to
9:21 am
public comment this over time issue is pretty serious we on each and every or average 80 percent is more one pay period late that means 21 days between the end of the pay period the average is absent over a month of waiting for the check their people that waited more one year for they've over time checks that is a significant ongoing problem we've started trying to address this in e in a systemic way been through labor regulations from being from seemingly approve to back to seemingly productive my hope we'll see action on this soon i want to enthusiastic of emphasis this is ongoing because it is so significant there is not really
9:22 am
much trust amongst the staff that's why we're coming here to air it to the public we want a commitment you'll follow the very calory labor law around over time you will payments and give me people payment on time what they earned the way the custodians time to see this over time on a separate check air are times the custodian gets paid for three or four over time they fall off the advice it is on the internet but there is not any more lines we've been told repeatedly by payroll spate it on to a check to the details are available that's what we would
9:23 am
>> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) thank you guys. >> mr. superintendent. >> sorry superintendent i was going to suggest we could hear this at a labor meeting i don't know. i don't quite said it for more clarification. >> i want to thank our hard working custodians you do a great job you're always the first ones work so you have my commitment and i know that personnel our finance folks labor and has been involved and commissioners will send you where we are but you have our commitment thank you for what you do you'll get paid so thank
9:24 am
you (clapping.) >> all right. continuing with. we have (calling names) to minutes please. okay there we go >> good evening, commissioners i'm wanting the united educators of san francisco i come do speak about the federal c grants for that the in house pipeline for the teachers certification usf recognizes the need to increase the pool of qualified teachers to teach in our classrooms i like the notion of supporting our power professionals that of the be teachers and supporting those individuals in the classrooms already the
9:25 am
fell c grants offers the opportunities for the need, however, aspects of the promoted program i find questionable i urge you to consider those we construct the solid certification program with a pathway that is scaleably aspects the program are model on the teachers of america models the first phase is the boats camp with the fast start skills panhandle on-line those recommend for that a school year position becoming a teacher is not like going to pray tennis not repeating the skills over and over teacher is teaching is a human vocation and vflz interaction and it takes time
9:26 am
and much than 6 weeks will the participants receive the same coaching that is currently embedded in the san francisco c program the report i read of the proposal emphasize the role of online course work and troubling coaching what happens to the human relationship the human experiences when we realize on online courses for the district once again if we are targeting the paraprofessionals it is an extra concern because there's a gap we want to see closed and members are not comfortable with the online matters and in any case it degrades the potential for the program i have been told in many different times the
9:27 am
non-restricted negotiable parts of the program participants have to pass a bar to earn certification and vivenl placement but what will this consist of we don't believe the students test scores should evaluate the teachers so i ask on the process who will be part of design and part of it will the program be based on our values and our goals so those are some of my concerns thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i'm lauren in a a paerntsd from guam school i'm the pta president i'm here because of the concerns first of all, we want to have another school it
9:28 am
is not fair that schools of almost students have only one feeder school our parents have to transfer out the kids to another school so i have grader i have up to 3 minutes - no rebuttal. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of the applied to different schools and hopefully, the one i choose my child didn't want to could go to a feeder school also behavior problems at the school a new principal the new principal i think they're doing a great job but needs to be followed through with another programs their assistants i don't know what the kids need and i don't think that is fair i as a parented have to sit with my kids in the classroom so they feel safe
9:29 am
because of the behavorial problems going on in the school and my daughter you as well the teachers have been hit and the kids have been hit i don't know. i don't know what's going on i want to get an answer and maybe a followup to our school and see what we can do about this issue. >> i'd like to connect you to the schools the two gentlemen are available to meet but if you can meet with them. >> is assistant superintendent so you can- >> we have talked about the middle feeders last year an issue i don't know. >> the gentleman will talk with you right now. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners
9:30 am
as you may know i represent numerous residents that live immediately adjacent to the francis scott key and a residents myself i'm recording this on record to the 2015 letter to the board and the supreme court come to our attention the city as started application for a permit to use this site despite strong opposition to plans expressed by members of the community particularly members of the community that are disenfranchised in many ways everyone as a second language and elderly and cut out of the process not executive inclusive on a pro bono basis has sited legal issues i believe demand a public hearing on this issue and
9:31 am
an order that the permit that is currently pursued suspected until those issues are properly considered number one there is no sfusd want for the youth that is being proposed at this time it should be considered and go to the board you can't finesse this issue an appropriate permit is required and given the scowling scope a board vote this, required two city ordinances have not be viewed and as stated in the letter to the commissioners there are several code that are at play perhaps sfusd code 10 b or 792 in either case wherever code proper procedures is not followed and those codes whatever code is applicable
9:32 am
should be followed and finally, the sfusd should be considered the proposed usage were for the actually provide the kind of i am punt that sfusd needs and consideration. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay my name is scott i teach physics at the high school sometime in the next few weeks a recommendation will be brought before you by the office of curriculum for a district wide science curriculum and this proposal could create real problems word out of of out of that office conceptual physics be the cores four outline ethnicity grades if this is the proposal that is put before you then the department i'm a member of the lowell high school along with the lincoln how and galileo
9:33 am
high school must and will oppose that i don't want to speak for thigh colleagues the reasons to share their oppositions allow me to tell you about one-size-fits-all and the i am position of the philharmonic first populated is harem full at lowell we have a large number of the students in engineering after and for engineering a rigorous algebra based physics class work to essential ethnicity grade conceptual physics didn't cut it such a course sew utterly worth less it didn't produce skills many matter of fact graders don't
9:34 am
have the algebra skills this go up is forced to take ethnicity grade physics is a waste of time and worse for many it will inspiring crowd out their schedules courses they need such physics one a course which ma ♪ group are preventing able to take others advanced courses we'll otherwise want to take them because the requirement to waste a year on a course that didn't benefit them san francisco unified went down this path and scraped it 5 years later please don't make the same mistake you'll hear more about this i'm sure >> thank you that concludes. thank you for the speakers that came forward today, we'll return to the orders in the agenda begin with item h supermarkets
9:35 am
acts south park one the bylaws was moved and seconds on august 2015 we will be dealing with the amendment by substitute motion an pages 9 through 14 may i have a report from the rules committee commissioner wynns >> the committee reviewed the thirds time revisions to the bylaw and the committee recommend the substitute motion before you be adopted and basically the change from the last version you've seen it takes out the protocol that we have discussed and throw out at the boards retreat about board
9:36 am
members introduction and staff review of resolutions and policy proposals we have of some southern from board members so our recommendations was that it be removed and that we come up with guidelines which is essentially having the same thing but give us a chance to operate under them before we make a decision about what we should include them in the bylaws and possible decide including them a necessary we'll make a reference so we can decide later after a period of time whether or not we on the protocols structure and procedures are working there is a the main representation thank you. >> thank you superintendent carranza for a reading of
9:37 am
resolution. >> i'm going to ask the general council. >> just to approve the bylaws to 9322 agenda and reading materials. >> thank you. >> there are no public comments signed up questions or comments from my colleagues? >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you on page one under agenda preparation is interest an opportunity to amend in language that sentence so it reads the superintendent shall have this can we write in the superintendent and board leadership should have the agendas for each regular meeting for the policy. >> no legal reason to write
9:38 am
that in. >> i believe that executive director. >> okay. >> okay. >> i'd like to suggest the amendments. >> is there a second to the amendment? >> is there any discussion on the amendment? >> do we need to votes on the amendment separately or included as part of proposal? >> i would think you'll need to votes on the amendment separately intoxicate clear what members are voting on. >> where my colleagues, i want to say that one sentence actually reenforces further the board president and vice president superintendent and you our denise should review the
9:39 am
spraundz adjourned over whether each item is according to board policy so i think that reinforcing what comes later and again so what i'm proposing colleagues, we add in under agenda preparation it currently states the superintendent should have the agenda in corners with board policy i'm suggesting question add in the superintendent and the boards leadership to develop the agendas in accordance with the regular policy thank you. >> commissioner wynns. >> actually, i wanted to its another issue i wanted to bring up the history of that commissioner norton raised which is not exactly this issue i'm happy to votes on the amended.
9:40 am
>> maybe we'll simmer afterward. >> i think we should discuss it separately. >> may i have - >> roll call vote on the amendment. >> ms. chin. >> mr. totiano mr. duffy mr. haney. ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton perpetually ms. wynns dr. murase >> 7 i's. >> i just have another proposal or consent. >> i'll summarize family commissioner bobbie wilson's i wrote general council health and cc accidentally the rules committee with a question about the in our previous i think two sets of rules ago a provision that was stated explicitly 4 members of the boards could ask for a policy in writing it was
9:41 am
revised for the boards policy that revision went away i realized i was not comfortable with the language because it seems to as on one hand that the president has the discussion to hold the resolution off for one meeting but also saying that the superintendents has the authority to decide what is in the jurisdiction of board my southern not so much about this board and our dynamics but alters some future board milestone might become divided that the president and the superintendent could prevent the majority of board from hearing an item so we hope assures me there are she buildings there are provisions and codes that will prevent that from happening we're protected from that my question is do we want to
9:42 am
explicitly state in the board's rules should there is much more divide and negative board i hope will not happen to have explicit procedures for the board to get an item heard from it in the superintendent and wanting don't agree. >> thank you. the reason at the time he was satisfied with the couples answer but on reflective i was think about the rule in the first place the rule stated not only had members of the board to put on an item that was done at that time, there was a lot of conflict between the superintendent and the board of education and the president of the board at a time with the superintendent refused to call a
9:43 am
meeting bans their authorities i actually think we needed, you know, that is the kind of thing that sxhoern described it often happens when whatever reason honestly it is when the superintendent is about to leave that theirs tensions and how those issues should be discussed we're i'm happy to be able to say and whoerldz agree that is hard to imagine but it has actually happened and it is kind of easy to imagine i don't see any ranlt here's - maybe as chair the rules committee i'll put the process outs there a minute we should pass this today, i know our general council is hoping we do it been
9:44 am
a while he should if we have coincidence to write that as part of title. >> legal council. >> so this may shock you i'll recommend that you send this back to committee if this is something you want to put if here's the reason he can't consecutive how the boards as a quorum determines to put something on the agendas without violating rules we need to hash through what you're trying to accomplish here because 4 board members need to get together to decide asking discuss weather to put something on the agendas it is hard to not see you're not be kwaej in the meeting not to be noticed perhaps another way to
9:45 am
addresses our concerns i'm not sure we should side that in this meeting. >> i completely see that we call a meeting the rules committee whoever attending other board members attends as augmented the committee rights that's how we have this discussion in public. >> but can't take action the committee on something you've not agendized i can't. >> county the chair put on an action item saying discussion about agendas. >> can i i'm sorry, i don't mean to wrestler the control if you're okay with sending this to committee we'll do that folded a problem i think that is pretty clear the provision we're talking about pain we can't find a legal way to describe we'll
9:46 am
not have an issue but it seems to me we need to be a separates section and therefore you don't think i don't have any objection to our passing this together and referring to the rules committee so even though it maybe cleaner which is it we'll redo the section of the baupz bylaws there is nothing wrong with adding this to the meeting procedures and agendas section of bylaws; is that correct. >> well, my only hesitation is adding the goal of being able to call and meeting or put someone o something on the agendas when you get into the language it is difficult to consecutive the language to be putting in here tonight. >> i'm against doing it
9:47 am
tonight i'll in favor of passing it this to the committee and the section be added. >> i agree i have commissioner fewer and commissioner walton for the record that i'm willing to look at this amendment i'm in the minority most of times hard to get 4 people to agree on something but having i know i seen it before because i've been in this district a long time i've seen the boards that are contention and fractured and seen the superintendent play roles they shouldn't play as a superintendent and i'm saying not this one but past ones we're stewards are we have a whether i
9:48 am
mean to say we're not here forever i'm willing to entertain that and ask commissioner norton if she has language contrasted i say this i'm in the miranda most of times a process that protection for further board who should be after hereafter 2016 i believe yeah. thank you. >> commissioner walton. >> i was going to do ask a sclaifr question to commissioner norton's point i think that could happen if we're in a committee meetings with more than 3 board members majority can put something on the committee or other instances you have a majority of board members not in violation of the
9:49 am
things something like that can happy and instances that fall under. >> so i understand your question from the committee has noticed an action item the establishment of an additional board meeting and then a majority of the board attendance this committee and rotates for that to happen; right? >> not necessarily 90s the action item but having a discussion about something we want to see happen and bring that up and getting it actionable whether it is in review the superintendent and leadership for the next agenda, etc. had people that know what is going on and want to see come forward. >> we don't have to get this straight right now.
9:50 am
>> i'll suggest one to go to committee that is how we schedule meetings now. >> if we had a rule that said any members of the board call a liaison will that will legal. >> it would be legal without talking about things out of sequence that's how the board members can get into trouble with the brown act. >> but we don't have an articulated rule that says any members of the boards can ask a liaison to poll the members. >> can i say i think this policy it is too vague i just think
9:51 am
there is a way of reading this policy from the presidents didn't want to put it on the agendas and the superintendent didn't want it on the agendas the rule allows them to do that i have a suggestion how to accomplish our concerns i'm happy to talk about tonight if if is pleasure the prude pleasu the board. >> if i formally ask that go into the next agendas. >> what is under consideration now is the policy as amended with the understanding that the issue of before i begin items forward for the agendas will be sent to the rules committee superintendent. >> thanks president murase i want to respectfully ask if it comes back to the rehabilitations from the rules
9:52 am
committee provides guidance how to evaluate whether the suggested portfolio is being commissioners, that places you under president reports and announcements herd to and move to a better articulated policy how will we know if it is working. >> so that will be discussed at the rules committee. >> i think we're ready for a vote ms. casco roll call vote. >> thank you as all the times by turf ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer. >> mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell moreno ms. norton mruflt ms. wynns president murase. >> next go do you want the board policies facilitiesless
9:53 am
moved and seconded superintendent carranza. >> thank you i'd like to ask michael to come forward and read into the record. >> thank you. the requested action the board of education the san francisco unified school district do you want policy board policy 7 61 charter school policies as provide in the attachment before you. >> thank you such. >> there are no public speakers i want to call colleagues attendance to the letter from the california's charter schools association about this proposal are there me questions or comments. >> seeing none, roll call vote please. thank you, commissioner. ms. chin mr. totiano
9:54 am
ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton's ms. wynns and drument >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much we are now on item example board members proposal number one none together and spell orders of business none on item l discussion of others educational issues. >> superintendent carranza you fouling follow-up up with the theme we're excited we the recondominium to come to the boards a at regular cerebral palsy and talk about the learning we call holy 3 i'd like to ask our special assistant the superintendent mr. dickey if you'll bring a number of partners with you to have an update on who we are and where
9:55 am
we are looking to go with this initiative mr. dickey. >> good evening again commissioners thank you for the opportunities to share the work of african-american achievement and leadership initiative about you and the partnership webinar public here as you may know i starred that work at the inn the winter of that past year and
9:56 am
we've taken several important step to moves forward and have many more steps in front of us i have 3 main objectives in speaking to you so first i'll provide a brief overview and refresher on the context of the african-americans leadership initiative second i'll share how we've begun to organize and track the work going forward and i plan to provide a well given what is take place under the theory of action and provides a deeper initiative that is the african-american post secondary pathways and joined by peter's koffman within the district the key partners and cbos from the communities
9:57 am
i'm sorry, i apologize but the sliesdz on the screen are slanting to the rights hopefully our presentation in front of you i'll noting not reads the slides verbiage barriers to the african-american students that result in a achievement gap and disproportionate we currently build on the work bring in the boarder community and develop the strategy with us and establish annual goals and work plans to support of chucht and focus for the any brooks my brother's keeper with the other
9:58 am
resolution in support of achievement and success of african-american students in the san francisco unified school district was passed in the month of may this year and it was comprehensive resolution that asked us to do several key things listed in front of you and list to close the discipline gap for the african-american students in 6 years required monitoring for regular students and school level data and strengthening the pathways for post secondary success and reducing the bias and empowering systemic issues for supporting african-american students the drawings on previous work done with the district and bring together different convenes ever
9:59 am
plans we've established our district has an ax or statement how we think to get to the outcomes to achieve that action is in front of you and states that if we tackle 4 components we will close the achievement gap if we deport to the it is a technical way of saying if we come together to building in the intelligence of our beautiful black students to the fixed they can achieve with the proper support if we focus on body camera and firmly and combvr the african-american families and wrap up around sport and readiness to learn and have the african-american with rigorous instruction we'll have rebuilt the trust of the african-american community our students and families and creating conditions for the
10:00 am
students to be prepared for life studies beyond their years consistent with vision 2025 there are medics metrics we're developing the scorecard in front of you to track our goals over the next 6 years we launched the african-american oversight committee and prepared to have the next meeting at the end of this month with the superintendent and deputy superintendent we've asked the heads to have the goals listed the strategies that are utilizing the african-american achievement and each department will be directed to set end of the year targets for others goals that led to the closing the gaps over the next 6 years
10:01 am
has been alluded to previously and calls think is resolution in order to achieve those goals it requires a different level of organizations in the district at the end of last year the african-american siding was any grad to strengthen the african-americans leaders and district leadership and the board of education we held our meeting inform august and hold our meeting on the third thursday you've received that in our packet earlier today our african-american external oversight committee launch and now the ends of the week a cohort of school sites identified for their african-americans achievement gap and the work of aa i o r with the strength of the policy and where you are policy has failed
10:02 am
to advance the african-american achievement and in the past of our annual student report you'll get a version in the winter of 2016 and a fill school report from the fall of 2016 following the releases of the a pack data and finally the african-american community council will connect the community-based leaders to provide inputs for the student report and deliver the recommendations as the district priorities that's slated to launch with the application process in the next month in november and this group will be a 4 partner with the student report. >> ultimately the level of organizations is only effective as it helps us to you achieve
10:03 am
the had convenes of our theory of action i'll move through deliberate speeds to give you what is happening over the 4 components of theory of action and do a deeper discussion of a body of work we started leading in the spring the african-american post secondary pathway so in terms of of how this looks at for the district and how we are thinking of the school work for the 2015-2016 supporting outline educators for a gross mindset that means looking to build on the work around self-affirmation we have a tool kits of strategies that are shown to improve attendance and we've started to permit that at
10:04 am
some of the school sites we seek so learn from how their mentioned and look to expand them to additional school sites for the racial equalities led by the office of equalities they're shifting their strategies to school sites part of my work to learn with the the implementation and bring that to others sites throughout the district in terms of focusing on how to effective engage and empower part of the early work to formula lists a pack and start to encourage and support of development of school site impacts to make sure that as a pack mentioned we're raising the voices in our communities the african-american communities council is a 4 part of our plan to empower and looking to launch
10:05 am
an african-american student week under the most month of january be an opportunity to revisit the opportunities and have a task to celebration of the african-american students at our sites this one a bold finding a deeper dive around our comprehensive wrap up around support some of the work underway is that through our p funding it is supporting the mid train program two additional school sites and take into account outreach to the african-american students to connect them to mentors and i'll share there the african-americans pathway to support and build a stronger post activities for african-american students.
10:06 am
>> and finally on the point around rigorous instruction and academic support we're leveraging our partnering for a structural achievement and holding a sfusd submit on november 13th that highlights those effective practices and also through the budgets that was passed in the spring we'll be looking to launch a school site fund specifically inform award to schools that are doing initiative work to sort of african-american achievement taking steps for culture and climate whether this guess african-american parental are parents advisory committee or other bodies of work so assistance i now wanted to turn to the african-american post secondary pathways how it relates to the theory of action components number 3.
10:07 am
>> so just to give you a little bit of background in the spring of 2015 we launched the african-american second post pathway and with the mayor's office and the san francisco foundation about a dozen based organizations the purpose of our work to approach the african-american achievement to start with the students and identify a group of african-american students and learn about the challenges flerp facing and providing a timely supports the unidentified focus on 12 graders from the brothers and sisters my brother's keeper took place in january of 2015 and a desire to insure that along with supporting as a districts of african-american stoplight we are tied to the broader objective around remaining the african-american population from the city and providing a pathway for the young people to access
10:08 am
high paying options that allow them to work and live in the city with this larger goal and as i've discussed with the a pack strongly respect their feedback the approach to support the grades k through 12 through with the pathway looks like we started off by identifying the number of students seek to service serve that is 2 med had had and 20 african-american students as recorded by sfusd and reached it out other cbos cbos to get an sense of the students they were serve and actually found end up with 200 and 53 that is explained 0 through identify themselves self-report their racial identity one of the key things we know
10:09 am
that our student families support also emphasize it is incredible important for our students to have a strong connection for the communities 0 community-based organizations to help to manage our families and pathways through the 9 to 12 grade and post secondary as i was going out the school sites and meeting the staff we found there or will one or one hundred 4 students that are associated with the community-based organizations in the posted secondary pathways with those students in one program and in the battalion in 2, 3, 4 programs this was a red flag it tells us about the school sites we haven't developed the rigor to insure that all our students are
10:10 am
connected that helps prepare them for college and career assess we strongly building a necessary compliant to the district through adams plan ahead and other course work to prepare the students for college in may again 200 and 80 african-american on the sfusd roles that one 13 students were transparent to a 2 or 4 year institutions this is an important proxy of the college education process we need provide stronger support to the students as we begin that process just to walk you through what this process and intervention looks like we leveraged the befrp with an erection calls i don't understand 12 and a grants
10:11 am
to provide access to the i don't understand 12 students and beyond the telephone program beyond 12 is alumni track record that helps us to monitor how this is post secondary and provided college coaching and an access to a app for college education he went to the 17 high schools sites within the i don't understand 12 and linked in to start to orient and support of students in developing a career profile that is crucial hair developing their successfully bridge to post secondary wherewith the ground we've linked in the the celebration that includes the college and
10:12 am
career workshops you mean by the time by the time we reached the summary we have one and 5 students enrolled from the beyond devil it is a wake up call we are encouraged to provide a service to the number of students know we need to work deliberately to make sure we remain all the students and if not through this service understanding an appropriate get students engaged now we've reached the fall we are leveraging our local universe the city colleges of san francisco and state of to connect with students to make sure their he receiving support our focus it city college we know that within 5 years of attending city college only 10 percent of our african-american students end up getting a degree
10:13 am
so move on to a four-year universities we feel a strong urgency to the students approximately the one and 7 students didn't submit a 2 or 4 year transcript to institutions. >> as you think about this work. >> intention to map backward we work that we've learned important messages and delivering the building of relationships going forward with through our grant we've received from the collaborative for change there provide us with $400,000 over the next two years to meet this we'll continue to engage the graduates and concerning a set of experience
10:14 am
and specifically we're working with a clafsh of cbo's to provide intake essentially for our derrick or determining but submitted to a four-year transcript we're learning about their educational history and helping them to develop a post secondary history to provide for actively of active case managements as we look at grades 9 through 12 we've been working closely with the college and career readiness in over high school team to articulate our goals with the students we want to insure there is increased participation in an avid program i'll be making a push in the
10:15 am
actual within the next month to connect with the black student units at the each the high schools and expose as to the to the programs to start the process of improperly our ethnicity graders supported matter of fact grade and i don't understand for a forum for that the african-americans ninth graders supposed to be tracking their plan college protocol portfolio which is an important readiness how they're prepared to ultimately navigate to the college and looking to repeat intervention we provide for the college beyond 12 linked in and summary job support another intervention working with some of our businesses included salesforce and linld in to xeshg
10:16 am
connect the students to job opportunities so this is a visible for those it, it is helpful what we're looking at to achieve through the bridge to high school to post secondary and a career option what is important about this work is that again, we made the decision to focus on the billboards to share this broadly with families and work towards specific targets in terms of the programs and it is indicative gordon's with the african-american oversight committee to provide support around specific students in middle school and he elementary school level
10:17 am
>> thank you, mr. dickey i don't have any public speakers so is there any skegz from my colleagues. >> scomplult commissioner walton thank you for your work mr. dickey and definitely see we can see the results of your work especially in this short period of time we have a couple of steams and questions how colons have we been working with the personnel on the ground for greatest outcomes involving the
10:18 am
community at the end of the day how we teach and how the students learn impest. >> so i would say negligence of the african-american post secondary pathways has a focus on wrap up around supports but as you look at the african-american oversight committee one the next things we'll be addressing at the upcoming meeting the intervention and what are the strategies we are employing at the districts and in the classroom to make sure is students have the platform to catch and in development request the work of career readiness through the summer programs and the rising go ninth graders and eight graders the acceleration
10:19 am
work for those students and then is obviously in terms of targeted initiatives specific african-americans students we're looking for the african-americans ornament committee. >> and the reason he ask that request, of course, we look at page of on the goal scorecard smaller balance assessments and saw the data in terms of how our black students across the district we have to come up with a robust strategy to work with the educators and school personnel oug everyday on slide had and we talked about this in terms of what schools have the best practices do we have a list of those schools i don't need that now i can think of a couple in my head a list of schools that are maybe have confusion
10:20 am
how to roll that out and teams work together to come up with some of the best practices solutions work in those schools. >> from the most aspect data we developed a listing of school sites and their map proficiency on the la proficiency for african-american students we're actual going to bring one the sites into the aa i oc meeting to have a deeper discussion in what practices to produce the higher statistics for the african-american sites so this is a list we can kind of fast track in terms of actually codifying the different strategies we're not quite there yet but have lists of schools
10:21 am
for stronger achieving african-american students. >> you thank you for the great work with the collective within the communities because we talked about this a pack prevention presentation that will take everyone to bring the communities together parents and cbos and across the city so thank you for the next level of work. >> commissioner norton commissioner vice president haney and then commissioner wynns. >> so my question actually about the class of 2016 it sounds like you learned a lot from the class of 2015 in the presentation that in 2015 after additional cbos you identified a 200 and 53 african-american students and i'm wondering have we
10:22 am
identified that for 2016 it seems like we - i think that is great we're thinking not only about seniors but raising eight graders and the whole high school continuum it seems like we learned a lot from the last class and reach out and identify those students that are qualified to attend a four-year college and encourage them to take that next step and is there any of that work go on. >> we relaying compleen a group around the african-american plus secondary packets we work with the college and career readiness have this information as part of any work i'll be visiting the brake sustainability meetings and
10:23 am
going to the principals with the african-americans students and the on track and off track data and starting to populate the cbos they're connected with again, much earlier in the academic year so, yeah we're from the lessons in the spring trying to be more intentional about the deliberate and quicker outreach and setting expectation but with we expect from our students we discussed earlier today where the earlier graze connection to the enrollment in a cbo and the enrollment of a post secondary plan so, yes we will be identifying the students. >> do you know how big that university is. >> i don't have the number off the top of my head but i'll be happy to share that data.
10:24 am
>> commissioner haney and then commissioner wynns. >> thank you for this presentation this work i think there's a lot of happening so congratulations on the amount of progress so 40 far i have a couch u couple questions one the data that was tracked by the external oversight committee so i think that we heard earlier that we're talking about roughly 45 hundred african-american students in your district i have some sense of what this looks like in the cohort and high school but will we have a way of tracking and analyzing that this part of interim committee for all the day or individuals listed day we are looking process and certain indicators
10:25 am
and interventions to have a way to systemize we talked about that the way i kind of understood that is like a system that tells us at certainty points something niece to be happening here is that how you would think so and where are we kind of that process and i don't understand the piece around the high schools i think is really intentional i think to have an understanding that is one piece of that and how howe these things in the supports practice but how all of this sort of comes to bring about institutional change in the districts so you know one of the things for example, here and commissioner walton brought up a question about certain schools
10:26 am
that are doing well and that kind of things one of the things new programs academic themes and so forth so go looking at where we are doing a better job how to replicate that in the process would be how you understand that life cycle ever change gordon's the african-american student report with a set of recommendations how and our budget year our you know board and the work of board district for recommendations around change understanding how this leads to the level of systemic institutional change and to sorts of specific things one is and this is brought up but kind of the role of student leadership in all of this and back student unions i know was
10:27 am
mentioned you know that it is that a part of goal the elevation of student leadership in this work and how are we working closely with our students and getting their ideas and thoughts and putting them at the forefront of this work we would like to know about that i saw in here the piece around the mentoring for second and the need to have more merntsz identified so i would love for anyone listening to put out the plug we are actually shorts adult mentors in our school district and need more caring adults rialto spends hair time with young people to step forward there are 4 hundred students who are have been identified and have asked for a mentor who we have yet to find a
10:28 am
mentor for and that's our forum so i know we're putting forward a plan anyone that is listening this is a need if you want to speak to that in terms of the role of mentors and the need for merpts as part of the african-american leadership initiative and see the work specifically. >> so starting back at the point around the use of data and what that looks like not just for the high school students but across the 3ru7 system as we have certain tools i've been leveraging with the communities department and the basic system that tracks the attention and as
10:29 am
well as the illuminate system we're using to create customized reports around their academic performance and ultimately planned to expand to track services their captured and illuminates i say that will to the cohort of schools we're pulling up more school sites by school sites and i assume we have a clean way to does it on a district wide level when it comes down to the student tracking introduce the rp a we have is pre k through the medics laid out and that's to regularly share with the african-american oversight committee but to your point part find what we need to do going forward is think about
10:30 am
the data short concept how we illuminate or ideal not a system but leverage the systems to be able to create that nimble report in terms of the tracking and intervention tracking it is easy for smaller cohorts aaron rather than is four to five hundred in terms of how we are thinking about instill change i say it is absolutely the african-american internal oversight committee as you think about the cycle for a subset of students learn the work and identify he have 0 the champs about our conversation of the r ti this thursday and you know from that those discussions really identify additional
10:31 am
resources or additional systems are approaches needed in order to bring the work to scale ambassador but that african-american report will be responsible for capturing the different - the way we assess our systems and bring forward the recommendations as we think about resource allocation and different processes the district needs to put in place as we think about the students leadership completely agree with you that is something that needs to be you know as i've cabin about the work something that is missing i've subtracted through the does the with the high school work but not circling them in a leadership but the black student through the 12 graders to think though how to identify student leaders that are interested in on a border
10:32 am
body regularly informed plans to be central that to with work so we believe strong because of the you know significant work and the work underway at the school sites to be encouraging leadership from those bodies that exist and cults the have and have not's that group and last think is mernts success point so i'll be having a conversation with that group actually in the coming weeks i agree i want to put a plug outs i'm planning on sign up as a mentors and for more outreach to get people involved in that program one the things i'll focus on as we move forward to better advertise and publicize that need to get it out to a
10:33 am
wider group. >> thank you science and then commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you i appreciate the report i have to say a couple of things are we serving charter schools what is 17 comprehensive high schools we have i don't think we have that many. >> so that includes the continuation schools so for the african-american post secondary pathways i haven't done an outreach at this time. >> you haven't. >> okay. you haven't don't (laughter). >> we have i mean it is really in that rather than the high school arena we are unique amongst any school districts but larger school districts many of our high school are extremely improve in my opinion it was my
10:34 am
intention i don't think we have 17 but i'll look up the list mainly i want to say i appreciate the work we're doing and the personas are partnerships i'm concerns on the internship on the kindergarten i'm not sure that is our core work so i really want to urge we have a lot important emphasis great we have those programs set them up and let them run i think so your funder and partners are interested i'm glad about frankly i think that in a sense this is a their core work our core work is educating k through 12 and preparing some pre k
10:35 am
students for the as many was we want to influence but i'm very interested in what specific plans we have i also would like to see if if there is so experience somebody can tell me about the theory of starting with the 12 grartsdz and the posters secondary and moving adopt to high school is actually effective because a i'm concerned we should be starting much earlier because this is you're always fighting against previous not only lack ever success but our own capacity dwichts at the other grades i'm hoping i'd like to to see a plan that says here's what we are doing this is a great and here's
10:36 am
our plan really for the whole continuum the reason he brought of pre k before because of the work that you're doing now we've done this year with the post secondary is the partnership with the outdoor partners cbos and donations, etc. in the pre k area i think our primary work should be with outside partners because one the main thing is formula cooperation all our students not certainly a small number in our early education system we actually have a way to contact them with deep relationships but also many are not in preschool at all we have work to do going back to you know prenatal work we do one the
10:37 am
contract points we really could capitalize is on birth that is most students most children born in san francisco are born under a hospital where the city and whoever we want to partner with can have an impact on the early very well times it is crucial but our own work with what we do in the pre k system see a specific plan that is more focused i think that is really important. >> superintendent would like to respondent respond. >> science you've brought up wonderful points i want to refocus all ever us on the guiding principles we talked about thai initiation of this organized work this is the most
10:38 am
orgdz the district is in a long time one point of of the things the pre k brought up we often want to eat the whole elephant in the first bite and not identifying strands of work what you're seeing a cereal identified strands analysis of where we're doing to make our steps forward so it may seem as if there is not a lot of work happening at the different levels of the organization but that lisa me to the second point that is really important to understand lands and dickey is not the african-american guy in the district it didn't rest with him that rests with all of us in the district in his, his pregnancy and update i can talk about that we're doing a lot
10:39 am
work under the chief bryant and her team and incredible eagle education level we are identifying can i see at a very, very early age of wrap around programs with the universities and city that is happening in the pre k as we've been supporting the teaching staff around the common core standards embedded within that professional development is the culturesly we've got to be honest with ourselves we have a bias if you look at the data and see that students of color are not having access to rigorous courses it is their fault or are is systems fault we are saying it is the systems fault with all due respect we're weighing weighing we've heard that we'll
10:40 am
have a conversation with people but the system we currently have in place is systemically not having kids to take the course work those are the top tough conversations we're having we're also southern h concerned how we are engaging with our labor unions around the work we're doing we're glad that save and supportive usf has come to the table and a lot of the work we're doing under that umbrella is social emotional learning and social support and practices we're working in that area as we going forward i don't want to be too long-winded but take the
10:41 am
meeting talking about discrete initiatives happening in every division in the district some in any way, shape, or form ties to the work around the african-american achievement yet i don't want quite frankly i want our chief academic officer to talk about that and the schools and the chief of early learning as depends they own the work and this is why, why that is very, very helpful in our curriculum meetings in our labor personnel meetings we have those conversations about what we're doing to support the kids all through the system i know that gets teased out but be explicit how san francisco make that connection we can see that not just a curriculum or professional issue it supports
10:42 am
work. >> i appreciate that i don't mean to apply but when we present this as the african-americans achievement initiative we don't have it does say anything about what we're doing, in fact, i think that puts more value to say it is connected to all say things we're going b when i say i want the plan to say what we are doing we're putting out something that is what we're doing about african-american it is not it is a components to look small and focused on relatively small slice but thank you tore is work for the
10:43 am
presentation. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> great. >> lane done how long have you been with us. >> i think about 9 or 10 ms. months about the ends of january. >> we're halfway through our school year whether you came in you were a a couple of months in what we took on the immediate niece the graduation of african-american seniors so i appreciate what you've done to recognize our immediacy impact could be and through the work over the last several months it is really bordering us to think about what we noted to prepare for the kids there is more that are graduating and the numbers be it impressive not enough rights so we know where our
10:44 am
baseline and how to prove improve that. >> so on this committee community-based organizations is one and hundred and four students we have coincidence low arriving the students that sent transcripts is association with the students that sent for those preliminarily the ones faucet with the communities based supports or was it random. >> i can get the specific data we didn't cross-reference those two lists to determine if if under those a over laptop. >> i'll venue venture to say they were post graduates ones that our students go through
10:45 am
their you know 9 times out of temple requires a transparent so it brings up the wrap around services that are provided outside of our school day what are some of the same questions to be asking the students that are being asked by the cbos i really appreciate what your team and you have done in making the connections with beyond 12 those are two incredible resources the students will benefit from trembling especially the tracking of our country's as and a they graduate i want to czechoslovakia in with the state college fence appreciating that we didn't want them to go and
10:46 am
not have some kind of a connection to us we know where you are and we're still here we want to what was that experience for the young people for city college and state. >> so particularly at city college there was so we had 20 students out of a projected 50 students and end up showing up to the initial orientation and 12 mentors and all the departments and city college there and the students were extremely engaged do have the opportunities to connect with the resources they'll need on campus so we maids positive connects with the students and i'd be able be able to follow up with the students some of the
10:47 am
students they gets job opportunities and college campus and abhorring that was presents that was an important launch for the is it so particularly in the city not necessarily a formally orientation its san francisco state university that was about imposing students to student groups i know a few of the city hall's that were involved enrolled in the black student union and some of the black fraternities so had a structured process to structure to the pier network so and gordon's we are looking to think about how 0 supplement with the africa support to those students. >> great i really want to thank the bs u
10:48 am
for their contributions i know the steam is here i'm not sure why you're here but you should be home studying i'm thinking who is the president of the bs u and linda's is structural in bringing together young people in the programs so thank you both for being here tonight not sure why we appreciate a long day and virginia and everything e.r. everybody else. >> this is a has there been anything you don't think you want to do again next year it is - you know i'm occurs only because it is you know to the superintendents point that is the most focused we've been and the tight it you've had some really great opportunities to
10:49 am
test a few things outs was there anything you you know tried and thought that would be helpful but it wasn't i mean, i imagine things you want to grow you've gone i can see those successes but curious on the other ends. >> so that as really good question i would honestly say nothing we've started i want to discontinue a lot more to do and more to grow and expands and i think that that that i have the to the one side the question part of the approach in that coming year to shift from rather than just putting in place sections in the 12 graders to come but learning the black student union and other groups
10:50 am
and not create new spaces but having respect for the current sites to encourage the african-american students and families and using that for a platform that is part of the idea with working with the cbos the existing strong relationships to identify more the touch points and even more aggressive with the oug outreach and really getting to the work with the students and families i'd like to to do a lot of that and off the top of my head not saying that we would discontinue at this point. >> my final comment what you're doing around is b f c regionally we are further along than most and how we've embedded
10:51 am
b f.k. in the piece of work and is folks you've gathered to insure that didn't drop off it really cycle to note and some of the folks that are coming to the table that have been in the community not coming to the tackle or showing up that is fine to the work that you've been doing thank you for everything. >> commission. >> so i'll try to keep my comments fairly shorts i want to refer to page of we're looking at the data the goal scorecard i think that it is one thing to reduce the high school dropout rate and floors the cohort rate but we also really as commissioner walton said we have to be conscious of the gap so
10:52 am
we're collecting data and loovbt the students performing highly and it is about the gap we're always looking at two sets of data and captain jason cherniss them to see if we are closing the gap if we don't do that we won't know we're closing the gap another thing on the goal scorecards mr. koffman about doing a deeper analysis i think of the students that do graduate and do catch up a lot of students that caught up; right? they're on track to graduate how are they making up that work is that online work and is online work compatible to a classroom setting what does the student lose or gain in preparation for
10:53 am
a 4-year college degree by completing tasks online ever completing that with an actual teacher and instructor we haven't heard about the plus or is negatives of that if we see i'm not saying but the students have to make up so much work some are other track or graduating they do a lot of capture work it is done by recovery that is done by online work so we also needs to analyze is classes our african-american are taking oliver's the other racial groups that are doing well, how many classes they take and online classes the way to say go with the african-americans their
10:54 am
solicited there's a smalg number ever them that gets to a college relationship of the data who are attending colleges so i don't know that answer we know that is not just you; right? we're talking about that steve and i whether if we dig down deep not the college but i mean the graduation is through the our pleasure of success one measure but the real measure is the 4 years after how do we do that? if their taking more than one or two cola's it this detrimental to a college experience and being successful in the college experience that is more competitive than the classes they're used to and commissioner fewer before you precedes. >> i want to excuse our speaks they are students.
10:55 am
>> thank you. >> and then the other thing so this is a one the measures but the other measure also i think that looking at course work that actually releases oppression i think we saw with ethics studies is releases depression and this got us surprising reluctance rights i don't think - i think we're missing the boat if we do recognize we're a system that is samuel oppress but last also all say institutions they say their moot was also o profess to them i think we need to look at this release of oppression they can
10:56 am
be anything so i feel like when i talk to the youths and my money e own folks and i'm not ready to handle another one otherwise i would volunteer that is taxing energy and many after being retired for the last of years i'm learning is that the lessons that i share with here is about the lessons how the game is played she knows ear game got her game down well, i see her game whether i see how our other is it so middle-income and the asians the skills they have different skills i feel like this is something that is helpful for them to be able to see that through a different
10:57 am
fought and lens how the game is played how do you get a teacher's recommendation and what example later on and being more successful or getting to our goals what would you ask of those people it is all this sort of i want to say i guess is that a game i know my children middle-income children not raised in a middle-income environment that kicking that badgering about what the follow-up the follow through the all the things we held and told her them to side she's not mixes like that another thing i want to say is that we call out here
10:58 am
empowerment you can't be empowered without what you do actually has an impact on our children's education and on our life i feel like this ethiccy has the non-restricted presents with the african-american families and so i think and our students i think that is an important thing we can't say empowerment without having a sense and how it is gains they're actually making change to their voice and their voice is heard that strains the african-american families and the students comes a number so it is really good to have an organizing component i want to say a little bit about page 4
10:59 am
for accelerating the african-americans 0 outcomes that is fab and identify students have a ohio concentration of african-americans not with the achievement a lot of times it not this school the people within the schools themselves i think it maybe is about structures and getting back to the racial isolations that makes us check ourselves how we are using the supplemental concentration grants money thank you very much someone said in the audience that is important and another thing if you use our own words mr. dickey this is what commissioner wynns was saying when we look at city college and i also went to city
11:00 am
college and took the displacement tests when our folks go to college west gave us the data they have to take two years of medial the graduation rates drops whether i was on the school boards i met with the board of trustees the late milton jr. and he said ms. sandra are do you know how many african-american students graduated 3. >> i meant 3 percent. >> he said "no." i meant 3 he named them all this starts with us quite frankly that is why those data points are so important about preparation are we prep our african-american students for successful at the 34 year universities they gotten
11:01 am
3-d instead of zero d asa they've not manages that this is work data is important we want to look who is graduating with ds that limits their opportunities to a four-year university sometimes even one d if our stanford university system. >> we should be looking at school wide behavorial plans it treat the environment we endorse this process a lot of the large schools their not recommended in large numbers so that means we have to do activities to and also within our own schools and in our classrooms to incorporate
11:02 am
it some inclusiveness so forcing ever talking you know maybe is teenagers you have to force them to talk but reinforce not just we talk about plans just for african-american students but do we have plans for a school wide culture that teachers are looking both their classrooms to share the ideas that is what our students need to be successful at a four-year universities or a 2 year universities okay. so i think i've said a lot and i also want to say i'm glad to see that happening and glad to see some sorts of structure but wanted to say if we find our analysis and ohio
11:03 am
hypotheses so we list those things you have a number ever series of actions it is wrong it is let's not be afraid to change that because we get moral students for a students 3 years hidden i don't want them to be 40 years behind it is hard and it is costing and not 100 percent because we didn't catch them all i wanted to say this various action it wrong let's be bold enough to change it and tweaking it so we get the results we're working hard to achieve thank you, again mr. dickey. >> i just have one major what i want to communicate i appreciate the goals scorecard
11:04 am
and data dashboard, however, i want to be sure we include in our approach is a strength based approach the carts on the scorecard don't suggest a lot of strength i was at the meeting earlier today with superintendant guerrero comploendz and the chief communications officer how we talk about vision zero and one the big loans in this series of meetings is that the trek to how we talk about vision 2025 boils down to stories what's is story we're telling and that reminds when we were in retreat this past summer we need to uplift
11:05 am
those success stories we have them they're out there particularly when it comes to african-american achievements and so chief communications officer brooikt asked us let's capture those stories i'm sure linda just for the record hats mission high school has many stories we heard if melinda jackson the founder of the next jean girls to grow the next generation of schools in science we have 12 hundred stories in the african-american how shall role we want to make sure while we focus think measurableables at the same time capturing the native of a strength based approach and capture some of those stories if no further comment i want to thank the team
11:06 am
for presenting tonight and look forward to you're next school boards thank you very much. >> (clapping). >> we are not on item m consent calendar resolution none tonight. >> item n votes on the consent calendar that was moved and seconded under second f ms. casco roll call vote and commissioner walton cads the one thing item he must be executed. >> okay so ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell except there's a lot in this book. >> k-8 through 15, k 18, k-6,
11:07 am
that was actually a correction on one that was checked off as a retro but wasn't it was k 24. >> k 24. >> those are penicillin exceptions. >> mr. walton is recusing himself on k-2 on page 79. >> thank you ms. wynns
11:08 am
dr. murase mr. walton do you want to - >> calendar. >> yes. but i'll recuse myself one 51 dash 27 k 22 resolution k-29 a thank you. >> thank you very much. >> we think item p this is a new formats for this item introduction of proposals and assignments intends for first reading so under the assignments there are none introduction of assignment of board there are none item x introductions for immediate action and a notice of specifications of board's rules so approval the resolution become subjects to the construction costs accounting procedures and braid policy i
11:09 am
need a may i have a motion and a second for a suspension of the rules. >> moved. >> roll call vote on suspension of rules. >> ms. fewer. >> mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> a may i have a motion and a second for formal introduction. >> so moved. >> is there a second and second thank you very much superintendent carranza. >> i'd like to ask the chief officer mr. gold man. >> good evening board of education i'll try my best to be brief an rather iconic resolution essentially we're introducing tonight sprints
11:10 am
proposal and resolution number 151 so dash 271950 one electing to be subject to the uniform construction cost urgent care procedures and revisions or a new board policy 311 regarding the boyd a little bit of gallbladders this should picking i didn't back on a memo to the board of education yesterday afternoon altercation school districts in california with required to increase the education code to pubically bid a labor material contract over $50,000 that is a law that has been in place over 50 years and it is never changed what has changes is the same
11:11 am
sister law like books and computers like $86,000 every year it rise there are exceptions to that law it allow the public school districts to modify that $15,000 thresholds that 15 you threshold is particularly important in the many, many maintenance and repair projects we have that are small ever scope less than hundred thousand dollars often less than hundred and $75,000 that require us to act rapid that are not emergencies and the public bidding process requiring drawings and specifications and $5,000 every time we advertise
11:12 am
is a cumbersome procedure everything costs 15 told us to do that so in our history when i first came here 10 years ago there was decision of adapting this procedure at the time as commissioner wynns and others know we were trying to get the department to understand the contracting in general and to get back on a path where we could procure and bid prongs and build up trust 10 years has gone by a new gentle council they ask we revisits the way we look at things and from her officer and my office we've taken a look at things we think will enable us to do business in a sufficient way to a safe is money and put
11:13 am
it into the prongs what that fingers us to do and by the way, we already follow the cost procedures the standard costs of math procedures the state of california follows this raise the told her to $40,000 on simple project with the prequalified list of contractor we can negotiate quickly and go do the work for the projects up to one and $75,000 list we can solicit and pick the most costs effective one and moved over one hundred $75,000 everything remains at same so in in a nut shell those are the two resolutions before you the reason why we have asked
11:14 am
this rules for suspended and heard tonight's if we want to put this in place by the first of year there are state protocols and procedures to select the pool of contractor for the fiscal year of january through december of 2016 we're ready to implement. >> so we have a quorum the requested action rather than reading the entire resolution i'll read the action the board of education approve the attached resolution number 1510 dash 27 s p for the construction cost accounting procedures and revised policy 311 for bidding that incorporates the boards
11:15 am
election with that, i'll answer any questions and my partner as well. >> thank you, mr. gold man commissioner president murase. >> one question thank you. >> mr. gold plan are agriculture the pre-qualified union or minimum wage contractors right now. >> every project which we do whether one dollar or $20 million or 50 millions is riders to be a prevailing budget so prevailing wage is an absolute current in the district the only projects that required to be union are those bonds projects over one million dollars that are subject to the project agreement. >> any questions seeing none, roll call vote. >> thank you. >> ms. fewer
11:16 am
i think i should say this i'm going to vote no, i don't know i don't understand it i would understand that better i have to vote no that's correct. >> mr. haney. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase 6 i's. >> so thank you. >> i have a quick question this is a process question actually on the resolution proposal to suspend the reilly's rules was there some time crunch why did we do that. >> rights so we have to initiate the state qualifications and . >> i think for the record we
11:17 am
should say that as a normal method of operating we don't suspend the reilly's rules substantive only when increase a time reason to side that so thank you very much. >> thank you we are now on s board members report outstanding committees and bred delegates starts from the ad hoc student assignment mr. haney. >> so we heard general update around our results or final results from the task the current year for general numbers around folks and students end up and movement that occurs at the given of the year we talked about the student assignment process the application process
11:18 am
moving forward and heard about the general timeline and discussed that a bit we discussed the use of technology in the application process so different things we're storing around ways to submit the applications and is to communicate with the families during the process and decided some of the issues we're going do explore as a committee what the secondary schools and sort of our broader portfolio. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney. >> next is a report from the policy and legislation committee previously ms. wynns reported on the board bylaws did you want to add. >> the informational was the update on the bill signed into
11:19 am
law by govern i'll mention the important ones we're interested so ab 1391 was passed is legislation will protect school boards but don't think that goes far enough i'm saying this because that is in the context of telling you our next meeting in front of 8 we'll consider the circuit courts legislative jaubdz for 2016 so i want you 80 all to get the february we'll be talking about and one will be if anyone has something to say to pursue a more permanence fix but is school districts open to lawsuits and then we must pass a policy
11:20 am
detailing our process for ethnicity grades math placement for the pressure internal revenue to say 2016-2017 school district it rids but is legislation passed into law you know about the good news of the passage ever sb one 72 students that don't pass the high school exits exam previously not just it year eligible we are we should be aware we fled to do as much as we can to you make sure we invite the students in that position as people receive certifies from certifies of completion if san francisco unified school district and not diplomas that are now eligible for the diplomas and remember we're strongly in supports of sb
11:21 am
277 legislation eliminating the personal beef for vaccinations signed but is govern and passed and you may not know that the efforts to recent efforts to practices place a repel has failed that stays in place we have asked for and expecting we'll have sometime this year an update on the status ever our vaccinations and as i said our next meeting is november 1, '86 o'clock will be argued please give us feedback and a or come to the meeting for the legislative hearing thank you. >> next the select report on the october 22nd meeting and yes i'll be happy to we had two items free muni for youth and i
11:22 am
believe every single board member got that report that was favorable and as a program i was - we have great pravrpts and the youth like muni so we hope to have muni riders for life that's great and then we heard about the city's policy of planning for student enrollment due to say impregnates forgive the school admission dates we've heard a lot of a lot of testimony from motorbike residents that it is a growing communities it is now a very large communities we shared our data with them about our projects and a large group i think every board members this be aware a large group of roefrnts and neighborhoods in a
11:23 am
organized way came out they want a school at motorbike we spoke a little bit about the site that has been out loud through san francisco school district to build a school and whether or not that meets the niece of increasing residentscy interest so it is a exultance that is growing and still growing that is what so the patterns were there and all say communities members e members say in order to serve this communities they need a new school on a 2016 bond actually, i think we'll be hearing more but actually, i thought that was very good to hear from them a lot of them have young children and doing informally surveying the large buildings of young parents that have children so see blood that is great information to have as we start to plan for the future.
11:24 am
>> commissioner fewer will you report on the personnel committee. >> we heard that informational classified civil service update about our temporary employees how we're going to try to make them permanent employees and an update that talked about hiring others and is federal seed grants the pipeline initiative that is a shorts timeline comes to the board members for a vote and that is where we discussing whether or not we will accept a grants that allows us to creates our own parents incredibly program within sfusd so we can create our own pipeline to teaches our next meeting will be november 19th at 6 o'clock.
11:25 am
>> thank you very much. >> commissioner norton. >> i want to announce the budget committee moose at 6:00 p.m. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i have a quick question about the labor meeting did you talk about the increase health insurance for the teachers. >> it was not agendas decided. >> is someone following up think on that. >> i left you a message i have a couple of announcements i went to the enrollments fair on saturday it was really great i liked the new face we're doing i hope the college continues to let us continue is parking was amazing and you know some people
11:26 am
had to pay 3 bucks bus worth it i want to thank you for coming out to the fair and helpful to corridor that as well that was filipino history month we're going to do be having a celebration on city hall at 6 o'clock on turns we put out halloween safety tips to the untraceable students reminds people of public safety tips for our young people halloween is on a saturdays this year which makes us absence more nerves because on a saturdays lots of not only kids activities please be safe while our out there there is a shared schoolyard at argon elementary opening every
11:27 am
saturday at a different sites and doing efforts through supervisor farrell and the park alliance and the city and there will be a halloween celebration at the argon this saturday from 10 to two please come out and finally graduate our warriors they are we still we're still winning. >> commissioner fewer. >> commissioner wynns. >> yes. i wanted to say on saturdays october 17th i attended the parents empowerment conference and want to thank everyone that helped to make that happen and it was a wonderful events nice to meets a lot of parents and thank the mo k communities for hosting it at the school and on october 15th i attended the lgbtq family diner
11:28 am
that was a fabulous awesome and so fun to meet so many families actually and see a lot of plans and teachers so i think i'm going to suggest also about the parents engagement empowerment conference next year we look at having a permanence funldz stream because of so many schools trying to get the attendance up at the wonderful events so more parents can par take. >> commissioner wynns and commissioner walton. >> thank you. i want to end my role as the schools representative to the boards to point out and talk about our conference at last meeting i think i mentioned the testing report was coming out it is worth noting and congratulations to the council that this report
11:29 am
which now is not in part give to the members of the public and online it is quite kind of dysfunctioning about the monument in the large cities and therefore, those are the members of the council this is a how we know that but students spends test taking and it's been it includes tests mandated by the states so doesn't include all the tests and test prep times it is really amazing i wanted to congratulate the superintendent and point out you've heard in recent days about the white house being characterized as back tracking to the president and secretary of education there is too much testing have to look
11:30 am
at percentage major advocates that is a stunning reversal and characterized by the media occults that is an indication where belong to the council of the great city schools and have an twinkies on positional making if you put in the time to influence those organizations that themselves have an opportunity to have a major policy developments so i thought we should be aware and congratulations to the council and superintendent. >> commissioner president murase. >> thank you president murase pr want to announce c stephen's and on the have an exist agenda for the november 2nd curriculum committee at 6 o'clock.
11:31 am
>> commissioner walton the labor personnel committee has stacks. >> that's right we should have that actually every labor and personnel meeting and superintendents make that happen thank you very much. >> i'd like to make a couple of announcements i joined superintendent carranza and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell at equal elementary school for the shakeout and mayor ed lee came to the elementary we want to congratulate principal steve i didn't for helping with the emergency preparedness on october's 15 and want to talk about the bell game distinct is
11:32 am
listening mustangs and is washington everybody else's on friday november 6th good luck to them all particular announcements for patterns families girls in grades a 6, 7 and 8 the horizon science fair the registration is open at san francisco state university on saturdays november 14th and you can find it go to expanding your hypothetical a 20 there's fee a fuel day at 245 science actives and do things like create necklaces like dna can sequence and learning to write our flames in bin and be a dentist for a day really interesting things going on october 15th gateway
11:33 am
public schools hosts ronnie lot for in their annual fundraiser i was joined by commissioner vice president haney and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell on october 20th i proclaimed in the kidnap schools lunch hosted at the gap and finally there are 3 teachers in our district i said to recognize on wednesday october 14th at geary boulevard lunch and executive director vice president susan solomon made a presentation this is the first they've honors our teacher and washington high school has been a teaching since 1979 and has been teaching sfusd's since 2009 and her 6 year at george
11:34 am
washington high school as a inclusion teacher since 2005 at the east bay in the teacher incredible for special after the accident and david par from the middle school has dedicated 40 years with with the last 2 of years as presidio high school and teaches american history to one dallas in 7 congratulating grade and teacher of my daughter that loved the class and finally steve i didn't at pea body elementary schools she's been working since 2013 she is a special day class teacher at injecting pea body school and wanted to say she couldn't be
11:35 am
happyer and wonderful does the students and communities so congratulates those 3 exceptionally teachers any other announcements seeing none, item s is others informational items there are none tonight and g is none and u closed session there is no closed session tonight's and rights of closing closed session action so i'll make a report of temps on closed session on october 20th the vote of one approved a resignation agreement in the matters of a l sfusd's case is boards by a votes to 6 one absent commissioner vice president haney gave the district the authority to pay up
11:36 am
to a you think disclosed amount and next case the boards by a vet of 6 i's one commissioner vice president haney. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> like all in 7 minutes laura the board by a votes of 6 i's and one be absent. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> to pay up to the is that i said you will amount and the boards by a vets of 67 i's and one absent commissioner vice president haney to pay up to the stipdz amount and finally in the matters the boards by a vet of of i's one absent commissioner vice president haney to pay up to the stipulated amount meeting
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