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tv   MTA Board of Directors 11315  SFGTV  November 4, 2015 1:00pm-3:01pm PST

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affect traffic or pedestrian safety because the low traffic times anyways? >> to answer your second concern that absolutely is a pattern of how street. we do notice the traffic gets very light in the morning. the original proposal was to try to slow loading hours of loading hours be at a specific time. that based on correlating all the schedules with the businesses we could not pursue that. so we were with 24-hour access for all business loading could also commercial loading under section the street 24 hour commercial loading and no restrictions. for the northern part the block from o'farrell to hear he, passenger loading similar 24 hours no restriction. without doing any hourly restrictions at this time. future plan we may find that it makes sense to restrict hours when the pedestrian peak between 3 pm and about eight-9 pm on weekdays. and the
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weekend. so we can look at that. >> is it your sense then there are remaining concerns about loading or unloading were such as more of a concern about the future dominant plan that businesspeople want to make sure were cognizant of? >> is minor say that this plan does include all the comments of the sticker. it does address all the concerns >> great. i think that's fantastic because look, at the end like i said, it's a triangle the interest. if no thousand the businesses there can't get the stuff they need to serve the taurus you get the whole point. >> again congratulations and thanks for your hard work. >> is a motion on the amendment >> motion >> second >> we don't need to put it in but mr. dr. weaver commitment on the check back. always a
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part of this should be ongoing feedback to go with the people who should appear today shown they're interested i know you'll do that anyways. is nice to have it on the record. >> sure. absolute below motion and second. all those in favor say, aye. opposed, nay. the aye habits. would take a
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>> what we are looking to do day is not just those actions agree with the expenditure plan is also to make sure this adequate orientation for project and interim interview process with dr. we were short powerpoint presentation with bite me, my colleague they office of economic workforce development. this came from city planning will talk briefly about errata barred attitude environment record but as you all know this hearing today the bus because of action that happened earlier today the oci commission adopted ceqa findings including the mitigation measures and mmr p reporting plan of the golden state warrior's event center. arena. i think i'm getting that
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terminology right. any help let me jump into the powerpoint plan because it helps to understand visually. i can decide what were looking at as we go through. we'll go to a project description. this is been two years in amazement tomato member this is not the first site that we were talking about in the arena for the up oregon would look at for a year and have. the change in that location meant transportation assumption good luck women able to work with the policy advisory group of the sport as well as the citizens advisory committee to bring in some fundamental changes alive today. the key part of this would be the transportation management plan and self, the outreach which a significant part of reshaping this project this new location. adam-will walk you through the financial discussion and then there will be the board action item. the structure of the project it's a 11 acre site surrounded by
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[inaudible]. the arena will be 18,000 seats. the leave 580,000 ft.2 of office. 125,000 ft.2 of retail. 950 parking stalls on second there's parking that were tapping into as part of a strategic strength rotation plan. then there's also 3.2 acres of open space this id. you could live in because it expends a lot of complexity of trying to scale a transportation plan for complicated enterprise like prn. which is er there's a lot of variety of frequency and volume in the arena. we talked and often about the warriors games which are big part of it. that's the highest glucometer acme 70,000 seats but it's important to understand that the scheduling of the year might be smaller that related
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to conferences disney on ice family events concerts. this would the arena is meant to be is a multipurpose entertainment and recreation destination for mission bay. now run you through a few visuals. you got the only major transportation to the arena. throughout getting up off the station at the south end and third. were walking on the plaza which is given patient's room for people to gather with her tight across the street were hang out in front of the restaurant the light rail. working away towards the arena, which is right here so there's visual presence of the arena which is actually between the two office building. what you saw there was a lot of open space to activate even when there's not an event going on in the ring. as a 24 hour open space for the community. when we talk about the transportation planning one thing i've learned in all the committee outreach that we done that you want to knowledge my colleague have been very front
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and center making this transportation plan work. aaron miller of my staff who really did a tremendous job pulling together all modes of transportation, all strategies in all technical group to make this a plan that mta could adores. we start with a recognition that what happens today is what people, with in a moment and won't happen come 2019 when the arena is opening this very different transportation investments that lift the quality of overall transportation service. that's racing as our baseline. acknowledgment that as of today right now there is a bust line was running between the park station at 16th and mission date of 255 which wasn't there a year ago. that was opened in concert with the hospital but our long-term vision is to make that rapid bus that's on the 22 one. the central subway opens in 2019. the shoreline rights out of the arena in a long line ugly down to the hunters point they area but always with double the train length
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increased frequency and service into chinatown with the connection to box. we have caltrain electric line by 2020 and that parens an opportunity. the chronicle ran a whole series of articles last week in the designation doesn't happen between this year and 2020 k should coco tran stands out because that actually offers them the ability to be much more nimble much more frequent and much more with acceleration deceleration speed almost like a bod like service where for 19th-century rail system that we know today. the e line made its debut in the weekend but happy overtime service eventually. in addition to other transit investment there's a blue greenway bicycle pedestrian vision for the ultimate vision of linking it to hunters point and some streets that are opened-not open the complete but not open for service. they really
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connect the disconnected. admission date. all of these elements are really what were stylesheet as a baseline. we analyze that for capacity liability and accommodation of what would it arena would need and we realized we still needed more. so, working with sfm mta traffic modes, we've augmented what we call the transportation service plan this event center. the augmentation includes lines we studied they need to be run in addition to that baseline service you socket princess, you see we use in the very smiley to run a special shuttle from an older part of the city into the mission and connecting with the vanness metro station with a bart station getting to the arena from the west. we have extra shuttles we running and a shuttle along the waterfront afternoons. but shuttles the fair terminal transit terminal, bart is intercepted at three points. embarcadero how street at 16.
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what were doing is making sure not overwhelming any particular station could would distribute people so their arty halfway where they want to go. were recognizing the importance of that two-mile connection between the arena and future regional transit lines like bart the ferry service and caltrain. no part of the agreement my colleague will talk about more including the funding, are some of the expenditures that come up but for this but these were revenues we would not realize the san francisco mta exit for having the project embrace. what we are able to do with the mta cooperation picture we protected what we needed so we could operate a service that is minimal impact on her base levels as possible. i love to say it has no impact on our baselevel messily we planned it were hoping that's the way it's going to go, but we make that happen to anticipate how many light rail vehicles you need to make sure not overcrowding the system to the poor people don't want to ride light rail to the
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rank of wheezing about before by rail vehicles to be crowded but nothing so overwhelming it be considered a failure in terms of what people would accept two of us get that transit mode to everyone. we figured out we need crossover tracks. we need the flexibility to get around the station so that the base service up a number p jack would not be impacted by the event trains to and welcoming people to and from the arena. we also included a platform that's now seen as a variance. in the project. if you know the t third at third and south this two separate platforms northbound platform and sub on time both know. both were closing to make data center platform. it's wider. it allows more capacity both southbound and northbound directions. that helps us better from the pin safety perspective in some
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capacity perspective that something mta really cared about it we also carried out signage and signalization did i said these capital investments because this is what we show we needed to base an operating plan that would work for this event center. we figure out the cost of these elements are and we put them into the funding strategy that adam will highlight the expensive we need this with to pay for them hardly congress that the good news is there's a way. so, in addition to those big picture items like for car new by rail services there's a lot of traffic engineering intimidation planning that's gone into this. this diagram highlights very simply some complicated capacity design of the roads themselves entering the grudges understand what streets might have to be temporary closed for major events. but we would make sure that were not overwhelming the street with these huge also people coming and going into
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the arena. some classic traffic engineering there. we also do think :-) but the curve itself. that is card designated for cats, curb for paratransit. curb for the buses stored to make sure they can run after the event special shuttles. what that meant for the traffic lanes themselves good with a be operate within the closed off two of these extra services to get out and move volumes of people out of the way. so the answers of all this complex multimodal transportation planning are shown in the simple diagrams. the point is, this the kind of thinking we should always be doing around major event centers so we can manage transportation impacts before they become a problem by being smart about traffic lane and curbs in staging buses and actually, dating flow buses in the bonds we need parking control officers with a capacity that this grade allows us to use it for smart. an example of the post event shall plan showing where we would stage those buses going east-west, north-south. above me on the regular service. i'm
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working what we call the local hospital accident and has been one of the major achievements in the last few months of our work with the warriors, with our own staff it mta with the city planning department and with the opposite community investment and infrastructure. we have here is an understanding that people are smarter than signals. when humans are deployed to menshevik they can do things like unlock the box. they can hold traffic deliver longer let pedestrians cross they can make sure the voice of people needing to get the transit can get to the platform the drink and just wait three more seconds. this is what we done successfully a letter special event planning. so, we built a plan that says not only do we use these people to manage traffic special bands. we recognize that at 7 pm at night were around then, there's a nurse shift at uca but that needs people to come-i figure
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something like at that nurse station. they cannot afford to be stuck in traffic of people going to arena. so we took this basic plan of how we would handle parking patrol officers and being smart about the street with good out a level. in addition to having on-site consultation management center which of the red start and the blue stars with the parking control officers dispatched to train operatives and hope things flow better, we did an analysis that said if we put some people little farther out and they can help at some key vantage points, key entry points into the mission bay brinson said seven street were just under the freeway on the 16th st. from the hospital, rashly started to be able to manage the traffic at the periphery. so if you're going to the arena you can actually be helping in terms of whether the mode of pedestrian traffic
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but you can also use these people as resources don't you find parking spaces to avoid the problem people drive around unfamiliar. they know there's a concert they never been your. these ptos become the ambassadors. and the topic managers at the same time. isn't quite enough we want to the axis loads of the nurses in hospitals as well as local residents who just want to get to the part of town. so we threw another range of pco resources out there. this is what this diagram were present. those blue streets are streets that in the core part of mission bay campus. i don't have value to the arena. but they are the blue streets that help nurses arrived to the front door of the hospital and to the nurse stations. the blue streets don't offer anything for people trying to park they mean everything people try to get to work on time. in addition to identifying the streets the matter for the local and hospital axis plan, in the purple line indicates and important for loco. not this people trying to go to the arena that people try to go
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from north south. we added additional pco's whose job it is to direct people to the arena way from these internal streets and make sure those streets are operating only for people who need to be there. would it work with uca unabashed system on these big events and jewel that's especially, when this event happen at the john's park and southern happening at the arena, that the people who need to get to the hospital sure badge get to the pco control system because the party got the understanding. use those blue streets and get to the front door. but i do not highlight here, it's very important point, if there's an emergency axis plan because east-west and north-south. if you're trying if you're in an ambulance or emergency vehicle and you to get to the hospital that private or that transportation access routes that is the t-third becomes an emergency vehicle in. it's permitted by the california
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vehicle code. these ptos make sure that that transit lane is protected for that function. in addition, those pco's can help make sure somebody's got a medical emergency i got a flashing light son vehicle to get onto that transit lane and get to the front door of the hospital exhibit become more than just traffic manager. become part of the light safety axis plan this whole network. this pretty innovative sight. we look at a bunch of cities in america that have event menu then use that to hospital did we saw nothing like it we would have been able to build this without the cooperation of ucsf. and the neighbors omission did it so supportive of cushman we think is very in tune to the particular use of the neighborhood allowing this
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event. to know when the real-time trains are coming but also people about grudge availability. we also want to make sure that-becomes an important. these are not noticeable writers. these people arraigned caltrain or part with clippers as the passport to getting to and from the arena, that helps the transit mode stay high. we also put their vending facility on-site soupy book and add value and a standard making [inaudible] that hope is with those modes sponsoring a bike share statement a spinning bikes alley even by the transit fare into the transit ticket is out. that's yet another incentive for people to feel comfortable taking transit. this is part of how we make sure all those investments make sense. it's one thing to spend
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millions of dollars in capital investment. it's another thing to note people and using the way we'd need them to. i'm a most wrapping up onto my overview which is would be complete without parking. the plot concerns about parking because parking is a factor in the condition of traffic. in addition to the transportation management brochure on the side of the arena this location just a bit south is about intersect parking. the two parking facilities were with were the court to clear back in resource of the neighborhood and for that special them to a spot where 19th should be 250 spaces. a large one about 100 spaces down there sievers shamus and third about. 80. those are venues we would not only older people to their not turning around the time find a place apart but they would be met with a special vent so they don't have to worry about the parking they have in their
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space vacated that level of stress is taken of the equation to get to and from the arena. introduces the condition around dogpatch run mission they run the hospital. the outreach is how we got to this level of a plan. these ideas are just from enunciate other way of some great ideas at mta. these came from the community and the businesses and the ballpark mission they transportation coordinating committee. who helped me indelibly in making sure we have the vantage point of the life science community residence, the giants, ucsf. we met with the mission bay. we met with neighbors in mission bay, dogpatch, bicycle walk sf is also the people that help shape this plan. if 12 meetings with the mission they and that's pretty important group to knowledge because they cannot with a full endorsement. i think 8 october. that this plan address their concerns about the arena in their neighborhood. we had a similar
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but the life science businesses in the vicinity where they came to write a supportive letter in october about this project. so, i just always want to go with the outreach is been a big part of our success, but the bottom line is how we pay for it. i think it would be fair to say the people would've felt confident endorsing the project they were convinced we had a good financial plan. to talk about the financial and i had my phone to my colleague adam- >> you heard people talk about unanimous provable from-formal endorsement from the hospital across the street. formal endorsement from the community that surrounds the site. that's all there is a large work a
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number of folks in the room might be hearing from charlotte. also to real and concrete plans for enacting some of these proposals and putting into place resource to find him. we commissioned at the beginning of this process the warriors elected to move to the site in asian babe in 2014. we engaged economic and planning system outside consultants to concert of early look at the revenues that would be generated by the site. i'm talking that the property tax increment that stays in the redevelopment project area for affordable housing and for infrastructure. those revenues that come to the city, with a dedicated unrestricted or available for discretionary use. we wanted to be absolutely certain in those numbers that we had-a second independent outside consultant peer review
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those funds. we engage our comptrollers office conferred and those results. the results indicated that the arena once operational would generate about $14.1 million in annual tax receipts to the city and county. all go to the specific listings but they are detailed in the slide before you. these are everything from sales and parking in property taxes to payroll and special dedicated source.when we look at the use side of that, there are some forms that are dedicate by chartered by the voters or library, children, open space county transportation authority, public safety type funds. that totals about 2.9 million were not touching those funds could those go to their dedicated source. our total city operating cost mta related but also include the sf pd for extra public safety foot patrol in the neighborhood and libido funding from the department of public works to active management in terms of street
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sweeping and cleanliness in the neighborhood. the total $6.1 million. i'll talk for about some of the capital improvement that peter mentioned. in that of the one-time sources there's a debt service payment to make sure that we can deliver those costs without impacting the mta operating budget. that totals about $2.7 million. we need to fund. one is a dual event fun, which in today's dollars about 900,000 hours by the time arena opens about $1 million. that is really about those peaks scenarios when you have an event at at&t park and event at the arena. keep in mind that call in baseball are very complement three. you may watch the world series just including earlier this week and made also watch the warriors were now four games into their season. and off to a roaring start. so there's really only overlap at the pre-and post season the children of either season is really when there's a concert or private event in one venue
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and a sporting event at the other but when that happens we want to make sure there's added resources so we give flexibility to the director of transportation and his staff to put into play extra service whether that be parking control officers, transit bus service so we know people can get their by another their mode of choice. they're still remaining balance of $1.5 million. in the first several fiscal years when including that in a fund that talk about charlie to build up some accruals in case there are things that we do not perceive in our analysis. on the capital side your peter talked about were going to be purchasing for the new siemens light rail vehicles. crossover tracks to provide extra reliability on the t-third service. spinning the platform closest to the
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arena and installing some signals and closed-circuit tvs and other upgrades to the transportation management center on-site. those capital prevents total about $55 million one-time. the resolution before you today has the allocation of the one-time transportation impact development fee, real property transfer tax and some construction related sales and use taxes. towards that one-time cost leaving an available balance finance and that's about 2.7 million i discovered in the previous slide. in october 6 we introduced to the board of supervisors in mission bay transportation improvement fund. it was supported by the mayor and 10 of the 11 supervisors. it will be heard by the budget and finance committee and the board of supervisors on monday the ninth. then it if ordered out
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of the committee the full board of several supervisors in december. that fund, which we cannot act on intuitive certification, which we just had from oci office of committee investment and infrastructure, just a few hours ago certifying eir. would do a number of things. it would appropriate on an annual basis-still subject to annual appropriations by the board of supervisors-in the first five fiscal years the folder this project generated sources estimate about comptroller's office. i'll go to surface i described and buildout will we think will be a reserve to address any unforeseen circumstances. there is built in public review and accountability so that if a future mayor of future board and appropriations authority should decide to make a different appropriation to the fund it triggers a number of
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public hearings to make it a very transparent process that preserves the right new future fiscal urgency to appropriate different. it creates a five number advisory committee. these five seats include representative and ownership of the warriors. representative of the university of california san francisco, representative of the residential neighborhood in mission bay, where the immediately surrounding neighborhoods, and represent of the commercial interest of mission bay hospital and warriors and designee of the district supervisor. so that five member body will be making suggestions and recommendations to the mta as part of their annual budgeting process as part of the expenditure some most discretionary funds. again, that action is countered for this coming monday. so, if he focusing exclusively on the mta, you heard me talk about $6.1 million in operating cost. about 5.1 million of that is dedicated to the mta. that's consists of two sources. one is
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charter formula mandates to the mta of about $3 million. the others about 2.1 million from general fund discussion resources that passed through the mission bay transportation improvement fund. there's a $2.7 million payment for capital movements and the .9 million-dollar dual event reserve. so, it's 3 million and charter funds at about 5.7 from the city resources. the superstrong commitment from the mayor and board of supervisors to put transportation resources into this neighborhood from the project and do it in such a way that it does not impact the mta operating budget. so, finally today the action item before you is a resolution. it does a number of things. first, it adopts findings in a stupid statement of overriding consideration in the auto
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subsequent eir including the mitigation monitoring and reporting program. whose elements of the project under your jurisdiction is the mta. it agrees to the expenditure plan for transportation capital and operating costs that you want to pause and thank the numerous members of the mta staff who put a lot of blood sweat and tears into creating that expansion plan the current management plan that transportation service plan, and really proactively looking at to what this neighborhood is going look like in 2016 and also excepting the proposed terms in the mission bay ordinance as proposed by the board of supervisors and authorizing the director of transportation to continue with obtaining otherwise necessary approvals to carry out the actions to implement the project. so, i think we have before you today is a very robust and transit first multimodal transportation plan to serve not only the arena,
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but mission bay and the full growing southeast part of san francisco. with that, i think will be happy to entertain any question to >> thank you. the public first. >> i did want to also allow chris-to talk a little bit about the environmental review. >> good afternoon chairman on the members of the board. chris currently my mental planning division of city planning and i just wanted to cover a few minor revisions to the mitigation monitoring and reporting program, which is adam mentioned, you be considering adopting today. these are changes that were made at the oci i mission hearing and the certification of the eir. so, beginning with mitigation measure m-wwe have
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added all-league searcher. avoid the use of light configuration similar to those the city with uses of help at landing area and where feasible locate primary outdoor lighting displays and television away from project property line at project property line at 16th st., south street or third street and instruct the word feasible at the end of that sentence. next, mitigation measure mno 40. i'm not. i'll measure. it's a lengthy but just note, we have corrected the measure to reference the police code and not the municipal code. that was just a typo. mitigation measure m-the commission offset. again i won't read the whole measure. we made an important change. this is regarding payment
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offset fee td area bay area quality management district to offset but check in the amount of not to exceed $18,030 per weighted time to no less than $18,030 per ton. then, finally, i correction. we incorrectly in the and art tea table into places state that the full text of the transportation manager plan is attached to the mrp that is not correct. a summary table is included as part of the [inaudible] not the full patch. that's all. >> thank you. let's hear from the members of the public. >> karen was followed by catherine sharp and then nick malone
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>> good afternoon. >> good afternoon commissioner. my name is karen was. i gently mission bay citizens advisory committee. i represent the mission bay cac i group called the ballpark mission bay transportation correlating committee. we spent the last 15 years surviving the giants in our neighborhood. we've learned a lot. while the things we learned that adequate funding for mta, whether was for transit or for pc is or for whatever is needed, was critical to having our neighborhood survive the kind of impact we get. that's why this transportation fund is so critically important, because what happened during the
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recession was that your budget that cuts. therefore, the number of pco's and all other resources available when we had still 40,000 people coming to ball games got cut. so, when we first started talking to the warriors but having this arena and this was when we were still thinking of doing it at 3032, we said you got to fund. you cannot just say wave a magic wand and expect the city to pay for these services. well, we are glad to see the funding happened. would glad to see that there's this support. there is still kind of a disconnect between the requirements of the eir transportation and this new funds in the way it's going to be managed. we are still working with peter albert.
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thank god he is here. and aron and the group. to try and make these things connect with each other. so that we can use the benefit of what we learned on the- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> catherine shumpert nick pallone pat valentino >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. catherine sharp. to many affairs. we are one of the 13 companies in the life science industry in san francisco that issued a letter of support for the arena. one of the things that was critical for us making his final decision was a resolution is currently before you. in our minds, this is actually a tipping point. without the commitment of both the city and your agency the money and the commitment to the city to concede that these actions are
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followed through this would not work. but we felt with the work that has been done, the effort that's been put into this, the coronation we been able to engender with the warriors themselves that we could make this work. therefore, we issue for submission the letter of agreement and support. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> nick bonnie, pat valentino, tom o'connor. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon my name is nick bolan. nice to see all the name is nick bolan. i'm a native san francisco lifelong resident. i'm here to support the work hesitation fund. this fund will ensure that at least another 10 million annual will be spent on traffic mitigation for the life of the arena. this is something i know is great
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because i deal in the richmond district 2 giant concerts and know-how you need to have those during those times so this is great have the funding for its. you know, it's good to have a dedicated funding for the neighborhood guys been asking for something great to have being the vp of neighborhood association i know how hard it is to get these funds so this would be a wonderful thing for the neighborhood to have. it's great that the worst work with the city and ucsf to address the committee's concerns on traffic. it's been something i keep hearing when dealing with this isn't something that's conjuring to be addressed at all times. something that you guys should be commented on working on this. the committee focus has allowed the team to develop a competent plan that will be paid for fully and funded solely by new revenues by the worst project. the transportation improvement fund is designed to guarantee the resources we place immense the full burden of visitors and
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traffic and transit in the area around the arena once it opens. again, i know how does doing with concerts. so it's something that's major to have for this neighborhood. i hope you guys support this resolution did it would be great. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is patrick ballantine get on the present of the south beach merchants association at muscle here is a neighbor who lives in the south beach mission bay area. as transportation fund is critical. i think there's several pieces of good news that come of this. number one, the worst was the grant we seems up the evolution over the past year. number two, the funding that were going to see happen in the upgrades are needed and where i think we'll see is the net benefit after this is done. a lot of folks in
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the neighborhood are actually really excited about this project coming online for the benefit of the transit could i also have to give credit to peter and adam. these guys really are incredibly thoughtful in putting together this transportation program. it's insane i start to do some research to see if other arenas had similar transit plans but i cannot find anything on the peter mentioned there's no other arena but put something next hospital where i could not find essentially anything. when slp were jogging an icon slicing jogging to our neighborhood and he stopped his is talking about transit solutions. that to me is to dedication. the guys running not clear his head but thinking about we could do this. we also to the 9000 seat event arena goes for america's cup. i know
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that the ranges will go up and down for this arena but 9000 is the approximate average group having achieved an 82% transit split the thing that's incredibly important to look at. we get people and transit the bike coalition is accurate i think this bike from the arena you get this transit funds you get a transit friendly arena. you go one most bike friendly arenas look at all the things moving in the right judgment so please support this fun. thank you so much >> next speaker, please. >> on tom o'connor. present of the sentences go firefighters. so the active-duty this symphysis go fire department i'm here to talk about what's this aspect in regard to this proposal that emergency vehicle access and ucsf. as part of this agreement ucsf the city and warriors have a new mission bay transportation improvement fund that's been created. this new fund would be fully paid for by the new revenues manage
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the flow of visitors and-as a huge sum of money that we have available for traffic mitigation for the life of the arena on top of the $40 million in other revenue that will be created. this funnel pay for alternate way to make sure transportation plan is successful for this development. with the new expanded by realization for new light rail cars increase service before and after the events. cable traffic control officers for all of us. the fund also these for local access plan to ensure emergency vehicles, doctors nurses and visitors to the hospital are not waylaid by traffic. this is critical to your first responders because at all the hospitals around san francisco there isn't a dedicated lane for emergency responders to get to hospitals. so to have the foresight i had time to put this in to the plan is really near and dear to us and will make a vital and critical difference that san franciscans and visitors and one has to visit the hospital so we wish that every other hospital had this relaxes. were glad were thinking ahead and we urge you to support this proposed. >> next speaker, please.
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>> when the ranch elaborate campaign was done they ran out of money for the renovation of bayview library. the late linda books burden came to me and said elaborate get commission we got $1 million of operating money. to actually create a great. during that process there's been a lot of nights on the third and revere platform waiting for the t locket that there was no way the t line could serve an additional 20,000. i looked into it a lot further and saw the report that-did about the different
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ways that transit is operated in the city for poor people as opposed to things like that twitter bus. it would have directly from caltrans. i guess the bart airport connector case is that you can't favor high income, more desirable customers. over low income. that's what our california environmental justice law specifically prohibits. so, this plan doesn't address the fact that the t line regina. >> next speaker, please.
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>>other today we did provide public comment. in support of the project. when the war is first announced its intent to build a new event center mixed-use development in mission bay we began to take a hard look at how such a development would impact our mission bay campus in particular attention to a new hospital which serves women and children and cancer patients. as we study the project are concerns quickly focused on traffic impacts and specifically to the impact that event center would have on these hospitals for emergency vehicles, patients, and families as well as the more than 3000 employees work at those hospitals. in analyzing the project we focus on traffic though degenerating during period when event center be hosting a large week a evening
1:47 pm
non-basketball events. at the same time that the giants are in town playing at home. we looked at these particular circumstances which could bring up to 60,000 people into the neighborhood because we identify that is likely having the most impact on her patients and employees trying to get to the hospital. during this time our chancellor publicly announced wildlife support for the plan pending an agreement with the city a few weeks ago were happy to announce we reach that agreement. i want to the plan were discussed today including local hospital access plan. so, all these things together brings us a high degree of confidence that the level of traffic monitoring and management is sufficient, more than sufficient, to ensure the people that need to get to our hospital will be a will to do so and for those reasons who supported the project any items before you. we encourage your support.
1:48 pm
>>my name is [inaudible] mission nylons. about with me a letter per pair by my colleague pat-separate e-mails. apologize for not having enough for each members of the board. but to highlight a couple of portions of this love. the first point i want to raise is that the failure to include a chance petition management plan transit service plan within ceqa i'm sorry-within the final
1:49 pm
eir is a failure to comply with ceqa. this not just a technical foul. the failure to analyze its feasibility and efficacy and particularly the disability inefficacy alternatives means that the final eir is inadequate. the second point of it to raise is that the fair share fee obligation that are contained in the project have not been adequately analyzed under ceqa. specifically, the decision in the anderson first coalition requires that the plan be enforceable in the payment for the hall mitigation measures be assured and proceed to enforceable mechanism. there is no such mechanism here. i should say more than half of the financing is to come from the city budget and in fact the staff has fair for the sfmta
1:50 pm
concedes this point. the final thing i want to bring up today is that in financing several very significant transportation improvement there is a public subsidy for the developer. the government code there is a public subsidy for the developer. the government code section 53083 this body is required to do to follow the careful substantive regulations including carefully studied those thing. and having a public hearing on that issue. take your time >> next speaker, please. >> last speaker is tom whitby >> thereafter. >> gotten my name is tom libby also present the missionary alliance. i want to speak you enroll as responsible agency. without your approval of matters before you the project does not happen. so you do have an important role in the process here. it's not just that you're adding on value which a lot of us speakers were referring to the transportation fund is been important value-added feature. so question the project is going
1:51 pm
to happen and that is a value-added feature, but the question is whether the project should go forward in your findings under ceqa have to meet the apartments of law. i would encourage you to look at the ceqa comments submitted yesterday and today by the legal team from mission bay alliance. a lot of developers the abolition impacts are vented to be significant in the eir. the mitigation for that semester by the bay area quality of the was of funding amount providedfor the offset. it turns out the bay area air quality management district says that's not enough. does not set forth in the eir based on that license amendment back
1:52 pm
into the cost into the cost about $600,000 and right of the city in the project sponsor agree to that sort of moment is no basis to find that that impact is likely significant at your findings they are asked to approve today say those impacts are less than significant but the evidentiary basis for that finding is now gone. as a letter dated yesterday from-mr. barajas made the argument is alternative offset option in addition monitoring program. but there's nothing in the record that would suggest alternative offset program is feasible. were attainable and therefore don't have the evidence to make these findings. >> anyone else? seeing none, members of the board, questions or comments? >> yes, we do have this come to policy and governance with some good discussions were very impressed with the work that has been done by mr. albert. one of the things that we
1:53 pm
talked about, it was the fact that during these special bands is a former colleague director minus people are willing to walk a lot further than they normally will in everyday life and director ramos put out a whopping as part of the event and we can see that with the improvement the bicycle romberg and get a significant percentage of people coming on foot, bicycle which i think is going to be great. one thing i neglected to ask a policy and government is the point brought up by the gentleman of the speakers back about what does this bring to the bayview hunters point. mr. albert, you just go into that a little bit because i want to make sure that we acknowledge and talk about how this project and how these transportation prevents concert of flow-through towards those neighborhoods. >> thank you. peter albert mta. the question treated back to make sure i'm getting correctly will be the benefit
1:54 pm
this project might extend to the bayview. the one lesson we learned from how at&t park luncheon was the impact on the whole light rail line for special been happening at at&t park. so, while we used all the extra capacity and reliability that went to the central subway plan including the two-car trains the shoreline, we do want to compromise all those investments having a large event on site. so by building the passover tracks by adding the four streetcars will be done is we let the baseline remained the baseline demand the special been. it's to the extra capacity the shuttles add value to anybody living in the area. see my be in.patch started going to the warriors. the goods arrive all those extra vent service to that part of the city. don't extend all down to probably that cesar chavez and mr. ambitious walker, but the point of that is making sure that we don't
1:55 pm
have a negative impact on the quality of service is a big part of our civil service investment.project we cannot talk about but we have talked about in a narrative environmental document is the ferry service by the waterfront. it's not in the eir because it is something we analyzed the survey has been in impetus with and working with-looking at of it terminal at 16th and the water. if that feasibility also shows that it's a feasible project, the ferry operator is one to do that we know that already the warriors and the-x restaurants but i can see everybody the ballpark michigan transportation loves it. that gives additional multimodal access to the whole southern one commit messages people the chance please be transit asked. that is reliant upon. so the benefits of this conversation about the worst extend well beyond week utilizing the eir in show the party-the coalition of people working together as
1:56 pm
looking-leveraging this project to but so much more transit investment that would otherwise know. >> thank you. >> can i add to that cleat isn't any time they come into a service change we doing equity analysis because of our funding anyway. >> title vi. >> right. it seems it would cover us, to cleat >> title vi analysis is by this but that's what one of the database on because it's not an impact on service. >> living also the addition with the central subway actually helps the joneses how long it takes you the shortcut on the t line that'll help about. i think this is an innovative project in the transportation demand management all the different topics you taken i think is
1:57 pm
really to be commended to think about this. they were so fortunate we learned a lot from the giant and actually think traffic congestion is a lot better to love other cities who have downtown stadiums because of how well we've got it down with the trains and a few people to drives. as a concert. recent trends have extra parking lot is not highly utilized. i really commend you for taking all those things through. respect of the speakers who came out and been a part of this post. broken hospital honestly is very very critical making sure we improve transportation improvement botches the short-term but the long-term happiness fund and having that advisory group that can help way into a sure course should things not be working well makes a lot of sense. but these are really great development for the city is the just addition we improved exponentially in this area. as
1:58 pm
a consequence so think of a much for your work on this. >> if i may, or elaborate on those comments because i get some basher mentioned earlier. a lot of the just addition investment that came out in this warriors project came from a much bigger overview of the whole waterfront was conducted by this agency over the last three years. so we want to make sure we were not doing transportation planning project to project that we knew the big picture deficiency in johnson. social just was a big part of his earlier presentation waterfront has rotation assessments. i can tell you about his work on the worst project took an element of that assessment and understood transportation and whole waterfront region better because of that. we understand the need for pedestrian safety is to bicycle capacity in bayview, all those were helping us make sure we were not making a mistake, solving thinking moves over the production creating new problems. by looking at that bigger waterfront issue. >> thank you. again, mr.
1:59 pm
albert and mr. van water, this is been
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>> good afternoon welcome to the san francisco transportation authority personnel committee meeting i'm supervisor wiener the chair of the committee to my right is supervisor katie tang your vice chair and to my left is madam chair rosales. >> mr. clerk, any announcements? >> >> the roll call is now done move to item 2. >> roll call. >> you want want to do roll call. >> commissioner avalos supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> we have quorum okay. >> technical 2.
2:29 pm
>> approval of the minutes of december 2, 2014, an action item any, any changes to the minutes from almost a i don't know any public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. and i guess call the roll >> commissioner avalos supervisor tang supervisor wiener the minutes are approved item 3. >> recommend a program ends york clarification and any clarifying two positions an action item. >> ms. wong deputy director for the finance administration in may 2014 you may recall this committee approved the staff reorientation for the staff capability with the existing workload issues and the session planning will at the
2:30 pm
time, we added 8 new position for the transportation authority from 4 three to four 1 hired 7 of the 8 positions we've been monitoring importantly the workload management for the practices that have viewed since the implementation of the enterprise system back in september 2015 that was system has been simplified a number of procedures in the agency would those two items in mind we'll seeing seeking to reclarify the transportation authority organization chart two senior engineer one in the policy and programming that is a senior engineer we'll to reclarify to a program analyst and a position within the senior position within the capital project to
2:31 pm
the program and reclarify that we have a job description on the attachment one for the program analyst and this program analyst will be working to support the analyticalic work and monitor and assist with data management and program managing we have a job description on the troichlt of the principle planner and we have a proposed organization chart we'll be reclarify the two senior to one program analyst and one in the program and policy decision and one principle planner in that position in terms in terms of cca this didn't go before them in terms of the the reclassification the engineer clarification to a program
2:32 pm
analyst will save 49 thousands $20 and the reclassification from the engineer to a transportation planner will have no cost savings no additional cost because the exact same similarly position with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions great. thank you very much colleagues, any questions or comments on item 3 seeing none, any public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and okay a motion to approve a second and ca colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> for the selection job clarifications an action item. >> on to item 4 what i have before you is a
2:33 pm
rough salary survey by the cove and associates in december 2014 the commissioner avalos asked for a salary for the executive director that is in align with the salaries so for the entire agency so we've had a salary survey in f 2012, 2013 the last for the executive director was in fiscal year 2006 now koffman and associates we used for the last survey in 2013 they kept to the same medicine metrological to scare survey the positions and asked them to look at 15 positions because the other 9 portions were within the series of the 15 from that point the results indicate that from that point we identified which
2:34 pm
agencies to a compare the agencies to the alameda the contra costa transportation authority, the san francisco municipal transportation agency and the metropolitan and the santa clara valley and the san mateo transportation authority those are the 6 agencies we compared in terms of results 87 positions were blow the market medium, however, we are seeking a salary range income not the actual compensation increase for the position those will be provided at the time of the evaluation but seek an increase in 3 position those positions that are 9 percent below the market medium the executive director position or the senior
2:35 pm
engineer position and senior planner position i would like to and take our attention to attachment number one which has 3 different pages it is the salary survey data from cove and associates that indicates the 6 compare active agencies the different positions their compared to in the monthly salaries and the effective date of those increases the next promoted increase the next percentage of increase and were the transportation authority is grant number 5 for the executive director out of the various agencies and the bottom ranging for the senior engineer and senior planner position. >> the next item i'd like to show you is a comparative agency
2:36 pm
table you have a document on at our desks if we can put that on the screen for additional reference for this item a table put together listing 3 agencies and indicates the number of board members and staff the sales tax whether or not those agencies have a c m a a transit operators how much sales revenue for 2014-2015 and in addition how much expenditures for 2013-2014 and fiscal year 2013-2014 was the common data for all the agencies more so this item was put before you a frame of reference of agencies we're comparing them two.
2:37 pm
>> continuing on within the memo there is table one as i indicated we're only looking at increasing the sailors for positions blow the 9 percent of the market medium that those 3 positions we were walk through and one this is translating into 6 different positions at the transportation authority because of the series we have an engineering series a principle engineer and senior engineer a planner transportation planner that starts off with a principle and a senior transportation planner and senior planner and then in terms of the cca the item didn't go before the cca in
2:38 pm
terms of fiscal impact those are only the salary and the increases are made at the staff preference performances evaluation with that, he shouldn't this is a lot of data to absorb we're looking to propose the increases in table one table with an the proposed increases for the position that the transportation authority this represents 6 positions out of 024. >> okay thank you very much. >> colleagues questions or comments okay. seeing none we'll move to public comment any public comment? seeing none, public comment is clos closed. >> motion to approve second and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> we'll move to item 5
2:39 pm
introduction of new items any items introduced colleagues? >> seeing none, is any public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. and that is an informational item any general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and then item 7 is adjournment so we're adjourned thank you >>
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