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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 11415  SFGTV  November 11, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PST

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general fund. i have a report here i was asked to produce that looks at alternative development on the site. very similar development. current development is two commercial buildings one retail and arena. if you instead you take the arena out and build a facility that could host biotechnology companies of which there are wide variety in the neighborhood. what i found is the net impact on revenues of switching to biotech instead of an arena would be a positive impact on general fund revenues very conservatively estimated at $2 million per year. if you get a little more creative, in the construction of the building, you can raise those estimates to, as much as $7 million a year. so you can think of that as being the cost of bringing the warriors to town. you are giving up between $2 and $7 million of general fund revenue and to emphasize a biotech facility could house up
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to 2,000, perhaps more employees, whereas the arena will employee a mere 500 people 6789 thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> my name is iggy and my wife and i own a house and business in the mission. our son was born at ucsf with severe heart congenital defects. they took great care of us. we love that hospital and we love san francisco. we have invested our lives in the city. we strongly oppose the proposal to build the warriors arena across the street from the children's hospital. we have two concerns. first, when our son has a medical emergency, that is the only hospital he can go to in the hospital city that knows how to treat his condition. we are very concerned that the
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arena traffic will prevent our son from getting the care he needs. asking familis to deal with the noise and traffic from an arena on top of everything else they are going through is just adding insult to injury. ucsf leadership has been bullied into going along with this plan and in doing so they have let us down. i hope the board of supervisors will be brave enough to stand up for our families and our cities against big-money interests trying to build this arena. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is patti and i'm a san
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francisco native. as well as a potrero hill homeowner for going on 34 years now. so being a life-long san francisco resident, i'm sure you can well-imagine the numerous developments i have been witness to and you i continue to observe today and right now we can't go two blocks without seeing another construction crew. i have seen these impacts both positive and negative in the community and know those developments that succeed are spearheaded by organizations such as the golden state warrior who have been willing to come to the communities and hear our needs and you our concerns. i think the giant's at&t park actually symbolizes a development landmark that becomes an integral part of our community and i believe that the warriors are committed to taking the same thoughtful
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approach with their events center. for these reasons and we have raised our children and they are life-long fans of everything in san francisco and all that is san francisco, i would like you to approve the transportation >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. howard, for the sierra club. when san francisco first contemplated the downtown we now have because bart was coming, the first thing we did was limit the amount of parking you could provide for any office buildion. . so san francisco at that time limited parking to 2/10th parking space and here we are the rest of the city has one parking place. and then we hear about all of the traffic congestion. if we had the downtown controls in this area and downtown is
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what? a mile-and-a-half away, we would have very little of the downtown traffic congestion and wouldn't be worried about people having to drive their kids in emergencis to hospitals and muni would work better. all of this kind of stuff would work so much better and yet, here we are, we have almost approved it, 800 some more odd parking spaces, when 100 or so for the presidents and higher ups this work in the office buildings would be plenty. you know what you do that, what you are doing is really creating money for muni, because the parking fees and the parking taxes that was the next thing we did a few years later, would be so much more on less parking places and the neighborhood meters would have to be so much higher to take care of these things and muni gets all of that money. so here we are, i'm happy we're talking about money, but muni could get so much more, the city would get so much more if we really had a sensible
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parking plan for this project. otherwise, it's wonderful. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is jasmyn and i'm here to read a statement from one of our supporters who couldn't make it here, bruce agot, the transportation rep and board member of the rincon neighborhood association and wanted to provide comment as a resident of mission bay. i'm very pleased to see the approach taken by the warriors and city to address traffic and overall transportation concerns in regards to the warrior's events center. although it's a complex set of issues the warriors working with the city and ucsf have developed a best in class approach and agreement. in addition to performing a thorough eir, the parties listened very closely to the concerns of residents and businesss and they have come to agreement on several fronts to
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ensure transportation and other quality of life issues are resophed resolved through the approach including a development of in-depth public transportation plans including local hospital plans. a committed and secured funding source, the transportation improvement fund and lockbox agreement secures funding necessary to provide services, 3 stakeholder involvement, the creation of transportation improvement fund advisory committee consisting of representatives from each key stakeholder group and 4, accountability. under worst-case scenario, where traffic cannot be mitigated the warriors have agreed to limit overlapping events to 12 a year. a self-generated funding mechanism, stakeholder review, accountability and pre-determined corrective actions, this should be a model for all future san francisco projects. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors, thank you for hearing me out this afternoon, concerning the warrior's arena and transportation package. i'm originally from seat seattle and when the sonics came to the city and said you needed to upgrade the building the city council said no. therefore the basketball team left seattle and went to organic oklahoma city. i think we're very beneficial receiving a privately subsidized arena versus falling on the taxpayer's shoulders. within a mile there is about 9,000 parking space as valuable for visitors and great bart transportation from east bay to san francisco.
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to incentivize them and i ask that you please support this transportation package today. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [ reading speakers' names ]. my name is eddie conrad. i would like to say that first and foremost, i am a fan of san francisco before i'm a fan of anything else. i love this city. we're a world-class metropolitan facility and one thing that amazes me the warrior's organization, whenever an issue comes up, a negative issue, they have come up with a cohesive, conscientious and responsive plan to resolve those issues and would be easier for
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ambulance and emergency vehicles to get to the hospital on game day than on a regular game day because of the warrior's commit ment to designate lanes solely for getting to the hospital. the taxes that would be generated will be great for the city and the infrastructure. the jobs that will add and also i think we always talk about hidden costs and underestimating projects' complete costs. i think we're also underestimating how much benefit there will be because of the unforeseen things that will happen with this type of venue. for instance, republican or democratic convention. all of these things kind of bring tax dollars and tax money into the city. my job, i meet people from all over the world, from paris, milan, beijing and they all say the same thing, when they get money enough to visit a place, they go to san francisco.
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they don't go to oakland, or santa clara, they come to san francisco. so with all due respect, would i like to quote the words of another chairman of the board, who was when he was asked how he thought about san francisco many, many years ago he said, now there is one grown-up swinging town, baby. that is what frank sinatra said when he came here. i don't want to let them down. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm joel. i'm an electrician with electrickal workers 6 in san francisco. i grew up in the city playing basketball at the high school here, not playing basketball at college here, but attending college here in san francisco. i want to speak on behalf of our labor, the electricians local 6 and management today. the san francisco electrical contractors association, both of who are very much in favor
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of the project and think the transportation improvement fund is adequate than following the project through the process, speaking at the board of regents. both unanimous decisions last week, at the ocii commission and the planning commission. we'd like to also state we have been working closely with the office of economic and workforce development and city build to ensure that san francisco residents have a chance to work on this job. we're hiring residents. our contractors employee residents and we have members that live in the nearby vicinity and we have contractors based nearby the project site. these contractors are also inin favor of the project because this project is encouraging very fair competition management-wise. our companies pay their payroll taxes here and gross receipts here and the warriors have committed to working with us
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and our laborers and we would like to support the project today. >> thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> committee members my name is chris keller, a residence of las altos and i know about the work you do and want to thank you for the time and effort you put into your jobs. i'm here today as a member of the public to support this program, and this project, this arena for all of the same reasons that others have mentioned. i'll make my comments brief. i do currently drive for lyft and uber as a contractor. i'm not here to represent either of those organizations, but to the extent that they are changing the way that people move around the city, to alleviate traffic and parking concerns, and that is something that is helpful. i want to note in a couple of these meetings that i have been in, the amazing collaborative
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approach that the warriors have taken to solve problems that have come up, to resolve concerns in the community that have had issues with a project of this magnitude. rick welts and his team are a world-class organization and not only are the warriors currently creating a new type of game plan on the court, that other organizations are trying to copy, you can see that here in san francisco, with the collaboration between this organization, and the city, represents a playbook for other professional sports organizations to copy to, mimic the kind of success that they have had. lastly, i just want to say that i am a father. my wife and i have four girls, and raising kids is all about creating family memories. and for me and my wife, that includes watching games on tv and taking our kids to fun and interesting things. this arena, the images that i have seen so far is something
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that i look greatly forward to taking my kids to. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is stephany, and i run the gardens, which is san francisco's first transportable community garden. i just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do. but one of the things i know is that as i tried to get my support for nomad, i wanted to say that the warriors have done an amazing job to actually ask the community what they want? i'm just very proud to be part of that conversation, and to just tell you guys also, my background is in architect and urban design and think that the transportation plan that they have put in place is really very strong and robust. and i'm very supportive of them coming into the neighborhood, and would actually ask you guys to consider approving.
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thank you so much. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor farrell, supervisor tang, supervisor mar, my name is corinne and i chair the citizens advisory committee and i rent the mission bay cac on the ballpark, mission bay transportation committee. when the warriors first proposed the arena at pier 30-32, they listened to us when we said were were most concerned about transaction transportation issues. traffic and transportation are the keys to our neighborhood concerned abouton 13:21:33 transportation issues. concerned abouton surviving this especially after
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15 years of the giants and by approving the eir and by approving this transportation fund, you are helping us to move forward, hopefully with some flexibility. so that as we learn what the impacts are, we can address them as we have been with the bt cc over the years. i ask you to approve the transportation improvement fund and committee and let us move forward. thank you. >> thank you, ms. woods. next speaker, please. i will call a few more people as well. david lombardi, tony mobley. mike mcgongaling. >> i'm representative of the sheet workers in san francisco and we applaud rick welts and his team for collaborating with the building and construction
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trades council on this project. it will benefit local restaurants and local hotels, and furthermore, it will create thousands of good-paying jobs for local residents and contractors as my colleague alluded to. to take it a little further, it will also create career pathways for local youth through our state-approved building apprenticeship program. good paying jobs and pathways for kids in the bay view and hunters point and kids that are often overlooked that won't go on to be doctors, but highly skilled building trades people that our economy desperately
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need and urge you to support it. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is diane gray and i'm a native san franciscan, homeowner in the bayview-hunters point community and also the executive director of bay view association for youth, a college access program for the bay view middle and high school students. the warrior's proposed development is a win for our city and a win for our community in the southeast sector. the transportation improvement fund as it is currently drafted will also benefit the bay view transit system. last week the project received around of unanimous endorsements on the dine and design and environmental review and they have been strong partners in our city that --
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thanks for having me. any name is mike mcgonagle and i live in mission bay and strongly support the warrior's project. when i wife and i bought our home over three years ago, we knew that the neighborhood around us would change and change in a big way and we looked forward to the way. for those in the neighborhood, that change hasn't happened fast enough. this project will replace acres of empty space with a venue that san francisco has always needed and has lacked. it will also come with substantial transportation improvements that we have heard about today. those of you that think more biotech is the answer to a more livable neighborhood, i encourage you to walk the area
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at 7:00 or later. you will soon realize that all of us who live in mission bay already know, nothing is going on. these workers arrive in the morning and go home in the evening. leaving behind an empty and quiet area where crime can and does take place. the arena is a gift to the city and our neighborhood. it it will bring a vibrancy that has been sorely missed and will showcase the diversity that makes this city great. i encourage you to support this. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is stewart canning, i'm a resident of mission bay. thank you for having us here today. i'm also a 10-year resident of san francisco, and my entire ten years here i have worked
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for non-profit organizations that serve the community, and my goal, my work is to invest in san francisco and make san francisco a better place. so you have heard a lot of arguments, and a lot of value things that the warriors' stadium will bring to san francisco. i think there are some important discussion points that are also been raised about how we can bring the statement effectively into the community, but supervisor kim's most important point, i think, mission bay is a community that is building. so we have an opportunity to do it right, and clearly, the warriors are committed to do it the right. overall, i think all of us in this room are for the warriors' stadium and want san francisco to be the best city it can possibly about. with that, it's absolutely clear in my mind that the warriors are committed to that too, and we should bring the stadium to mission bay. i hope that you will approve all of the proposals before you today. thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
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next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is david lombardi and i live in the mission. just echoing and following-up up on that comment making san francisco the best city it could possibly be, i think a project like this is absolutely necessary for san francisco to be able to hold itself in world-class status and to zoom out and remember that very rarely does a project come to a city, you either hear about projects bankrupting cities and the warriors have come here to do something great for san francisco and have shown us the transportation plan that will not only assuage the plans to get to the arena. being a person who lives in the mission, i drive and use muni and understand how the flows of
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traffic and how some of the pains in getting around the city work. in this location, where you can get down to the bart 16th station or uptown, i think this is the most untapped transportation potential this city has on the eastern side. and with the plan that the warriors have presented, i think we can tap into the transportation potential at a cost that they're basically funding. so i urge you to approve this plan, it's a dream come true for a city that really needs this >> thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is howard picket, i just wanted to tell you that san francisco travel is committed to this project because we really believe it will create thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars in economic activity for the city.
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as know travel and tourism is one of our big economic drivers in the city. last year we welcomed over 18 million overnight visitors that supported about 87,000 jobs, and contributed $665 million to the general fund. while the numbers are very impressive, there is more we need to do to be competitive with cities. with the renovation of moscone center and our major customers, meeting and convention planners still point out how badly we need an indoor event venue like the one being proposed here this. project will give san francisco a spectacular venue to address this need and its excellent design, we believe will make the center easily
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accessible and ease crowd movement to make for safe and enjoyable events. for these reasons we believe that the new facility will create a great new venue in the city and will help us to stay very competitive with other cities around the country and around the world that we compete with. so we would ask you to please vote in favor of this. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. i will call up a few more cards. [ reading speakers' names ]. >> good afternoon, and thank you, commissioners for hosting this special meeting for the san francisco warriors' events center. my name is toni mobley and some of my friends know be as
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antonette, a loud, proud warrior's fan and we're talking about the transportation improvement fund. that t-train trying to get home on the giant's is just horrendous. it's been horrendous and i know the city has been meeting with the sfmta board and community to come up with strategies to calm that traffic around at&t park and mission bay. biotech companies talk about coming in and bringing 2,000 in there and they leave in the afternoon. and we're still -- they are still not addressing the issues of residents just wanting to get home after work. so this transportation improvement fund to me is very, very personal. i really appreciate the warrior's collaboration with all of the government entities, the bicycle coalition, but primarily, with the community. i mean, they stepped really up
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first-class and came out and have been talking with us over the last 18 months >> i mean they came out swinging, you know? i really, really appreciate for them. they couldn't have come with this plan at a better time, given that the central subway is in alignment with the rollout of the new events center. that will even further improve that little hub there, bringing in tracks where there is one platform, you see in that will accommodate more people. it's safer. you know, right now you have to go even if you are going to the eastside, you have to go over to that track and cross that street and cross that street and takes you five minutes, it's just kind of crazy, you know what i'm saying? so this plan makes sense. it just makes sense. and they are going to pay for it 100%, you can't ask for a better gift than that, okay? so go warriors. you all say yes to this plan.
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thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon pat valentino, south bay merchant association. we support the project and our association also supports this transportation improvement fund. i also should mention that i live in the neighborhood and travel through the neighborhood quite eight a bit on public transit and as several speakers mentioned how important this is overall. specifically it's been a community-oriented and i have run into peter albert running along the waterfront several times and he said i ran to clear my head and he starts to talk how he is going to find solutions, which he has obviously worked with the city to control come up for this
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project. the warriors have come to us and asked for our input and we have given it to them and they have come back with a highly strategic. a lot of us just commute in and out of the area and this will do wonders for our transit needs separate from the events center. looking at the events center itself and its use an average crowd of 9300, ranging from 5,000 up to 17,000, they are setting it up for 17,000. we're going to have an average of 9,000. america's cup arena was 9,000 and did fairly well with a very limited transit plan. i think we're going to be in really good shape to see the net benefits of this. we appreciate the strategy put into this fund. it's a strategic fund that will benefit the neighborhood and take care of the needs of both


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