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tv   Environment Commission 11915  SFGTV  November 11, 2015 6:00pm-10:01pm PST

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meeting periodically and augment that so board members can help to admonishment monitor the process. >> thank you very much. >> ms. chin. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns no. >> 5 i's. >> all right. so item p introduction of new proposals and assignment to committee for a to the new board rules i'll ask the superintendent for first reading and ask for a motion after i read frnl of them into the record and resolution authorization to grant the alternative renewal for the mission preparatory chapter
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school this has been through committee and back to the next board meeting and resolution sb 2 revision of board policy 4 is 11 students admissions for the rules pole and the boards resolution honoring the chicano-american by mr. duffy that was referred to the before you get committee and the proposals are read into the record may i have a motion and a second >> second. >> with permission of the vice president the board policy 5111 we discussed it at the review has to be approved or acted been by the board by january because the board will not have all the necessary rules and student assignment before january 1st, the discussion will refer that to the committee as a whole that
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is scheduled in december. >> oh. >> so we don't - >> then i'll ask the superintendent if we cancel the committee as a whole how would the board like to proceed the issue a new law that was passed requires that the school district have a policy if place by january 1st to investigate the stated residency issues we have to have the policy in place before january 1st in order to be compliant. >> so commissioner norton. >> within the chairs prerogative to bring it by a, to
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the full board and have it not go through the committee. >> we'll bring that back to the full board and likely have a discussion here. >> thank you so the committee as a whole next week? >> we have a committee as a whole next week but it is full. >> okay. we'll - >> we'll figure out this. >> for new cob here. >> okay. did we vote on this we don't need a vote? >> may i have a motion and - a procedure under the charter petition usually the report at the second reading. >> introduction and proposal
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for immediate action none tonight and the board members report as the standing committee can announce their respect dates of next meeting. >> oh, and also report got it okay. >> so. >> do you want me to start. >> give the dates i'll take the report from the program committee. >> commissioner walton. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney so we had a curriculum program committee on november 2nd we did look at the authorization to grant the alternative or deny the petition for preparatory chapter school and moving forward to the full board with no romanepresentatio
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have an update on the meeting we received an update on the arts master plan and over next meeting is on come back to me on that. >> all right. we will report from the budget and business service committee commissioner norton and yes. the budget and business services met on november 4th and considered two action items the mission and craft chart and the sustainable transportation resolution authored and commissioner vice president haney and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and heard several informational presentation one on the app prep examine allocations very interesting he encourage all of
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you to look at the handout were provided the numbers were interested and a policy from the review and mr. haney department of and review about agenda items the next meeting is wednesday december 2nd and special note to committee members i'll do that by quorum so we'll need physical quorum in the room i will be participating by phone and if you can decide which of you want to chair on that agenda also is a review the business services department that should be interesting we had a productive a little take we have one of the lowest administrative costs of most other districts so we're about 4 first compared to 12 for
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14 percent an interesting statistic. >> all right. back to commissioner walton. >> times next curriculum program committee meeting i promise is action a packs is december 7 at 6 p.m. >> all right. be there or be square the building grounds and a date set and we're working towards the date of the 30th we checked with those to see one of you is missing on the 16 and the other one on the 23 >> so commissioner walton. >> okay. >> 0 so november 30th is the next rules committee meeting. >> the rules of law policy.
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>> we'll have not have a meeting until january. >> off not on december 9th. >> the third wednesday is the usual meeting because let's see i don't have it an is 16. >> 18 it would have been the 18. >> no, no not a meeting in november; right? >> we thought we were okay. >> if we were having a meeting in november we could look at the policy that general council want to a okay november 1, '86 o'clock in the board meeting room and a policy. >> that solves all your
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problems. >> any of the ad hoc committee on this assignment will be until the new year at the ad hoc. >> we'll have an ad hoc on neglect and labor on november 17th i remember november 19th i'm looking at my december calendar so november 19th rae actually something that have brought up our substitute full and some of the challenges around having the substitute coverage. >> great and the city and deduct a there a date on that. >> i don't believe there is a meeting schedule this month thank you. >> all right. hiring yes. >> thank you commissioner vice
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president haney he wanted to take a minute recognize our new dr. jimenez he's come into the room recognize him on the new title (clapping.) congratulations oh, other board member reports. >> yeah. >> i would like to congratulated the richmond district center on 35 years of serving the community of the richmond district in which i live and they're having an event tomorrow evening on veterans day to the the courthouse so i think that is will a fabulous events i want to congratulate arts and services to the community but after-school programs to all the schools in the richmond district
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a stand a congratulations to them. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you. i want to announce and recognize one of the teachers keith is a theatre teach at james lick middle school from the engineering alliance from the arts a group of structural engineers that could into into psychological and teach after the basic structural engineering based learning where students with work the structural engineers to have a bridge that holds a brick their fanatic that was piloted the first middle school project for this o thank you very much. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i want to a
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couple of announcements and congratulations san francisco was selected as one of the 16 cities to participate with the natural league of cities children in nature project and 8 cities went to st. paul minnesota to provide the science curriculum joined the head of rec and park and myself a member of the presidio's trust to tall one what we do with our young people in getting them into nature and the best practices of the 15 cities san francisco giants had a play ball in the ports 11 on sunday and many of the students came out to learn about baseball and sign up you for the leaguer a lot from willie l. brown middle school i
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was existed to see them playing baseball i want to congratulate the san francisco unified school district it's been study department they've celebrated their 45 anniversary congratulations to mr. monotake care and his team the shared school yard initiative we do in collaboration with supervisor farrell and the mayor rec and park the police department expelling and 311 have been hosting the events at various middle school chris, i want to thank a gone elementary for host one people at the bathed on halloween for groould grattan elementary school and showing the skids and parents and the grattan player that was
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right-handed and looks at great i want to invite everyone to the our children and council and needs assessment community outreach meeting that are happening throughout every supervisorial district hosted by the usf and dcwf the allocation of the children's fund bans the high priority needs and it is amazing opportunity for families to come out and talk about what it takes to be successful in san francisco and what's the services for the children and families as well as where the gaps are what isn't working where you want to see more resources going towards quite a few of the meeting in november and december so, please come out i will rattle off the ones in
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nova scotia 10 which is tonight's we have one at link high school in district four on the 12 we'll have one at tenderloin rec center in district 6 on the 16 hosting a meeting at the southeast facilities in district 10 and on the 18 it will be hosting at commodore in district 7 so all families and organizations and anyone that helps to support our young people to come out and voice our thinking outside the box about where those should be prioritized. >> thank you. any announcements or reports. >> seeing none, we'll move on ton to other informational items two posted in the agenda tonight first is the 2015 williams and the notice of which they have had personnel tractions item t adjournment not
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a memoriam scombrrment i'll recess the regular meeting for the board to go into closed session and we will do that so if everyone that didn't need to be in closed session leave the room we'll be in the 2015 williams and the not e s all right. welcome back everyone he resume the regular board meeting i'm going to read auto the report no error. >> no report. >> this meeting is adjourned. >> wow, that was it you waited around for all that.
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>> that
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>> alfred welcome to your unit >> so we're going to take >> alfred welcome to your unit >> so we're going to take you. >> hi, i'm carl with the fisherman's we're thrilled to have you here i get to open a lot of buildings or buildings and none of them brings me more pleasure than today a one and 90 units of air force's affordable housing in the heart of san francisco mere jobs and near transit in the middle of the worst housing crisis to see this project come to reality having done this inspires and brings
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mayor edwin lee me pride a huge public-private partnership this deals dates back to chris daily in 2003 and in his office talking about what level of affordability we'll need what is now infinity that deal 12 years ago is finally give me rise to this project and the two at infinity close to 4 hundred uptsz among those 3 sites so i'm grateful to the supervisor to the supervisors predecessor grateful to the mayor and the mayors predecessor for the public and private partnering to make that happen and grateful to the mayor's office of housing who's down the logistics and more importantly thank you to don and n mtc that controlled that site and worked with us
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this is their product their housing we're thrilled to be partners with t n d c the labor life company that saw and put money into this project that helps to provide housing. >> jobs in san francisco and perry this is a huge public-private partnering but you explicit come here to hear from me we got a call could we pull the agenda for this forward i week i didn't see what a wonderful morning to be able to open one 90 units of affordable housing on the dawn of the mayor's re-election by more importantly the passing of prop a and the commitment to the housing bond in san francisco so congratulations to everyone (clapping.) with great pleasure introduce mayor ed lee that helped to make
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that happen congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you, carl. >> well campaigns is over we're going right to work and i am also grateful to carl and to your relationship with tndc to our work request supervisor kim and making this happen he was here already months ago looking at the some of the unit and visualizing what some of the new residents will see are a long, long time i'm glad they're here that is the exact the stories we're chasing when we said let's get a promotion up before the voter and get a $310 million which will be matched with other money from the budget thanks to the board of supervisors and us agreeing with a higher goal he,
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he we are already with this how do we do that? bond we're already locating nonprofit partners for more housing we are using the word carl something you and your investors know about investment and about leveraging and this was a parking lot that we invested in now we're leveraging it into residences one hundred 90 brand new unit all 100 percent affordable it an incredible story i told don earlier he's the only one that can tell the history how many hands and how many relationships had to be built and trust factor to be created in order for today to happen it is complicated i'll let don tell the story but those agencies that live to tell those
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stories i'm glad he's with us and not only do we have this particular site to celebrate but it is on the dawn of celebrating more we'll have a lot more keys given out to love people that need housing in the city the workforce is part of the success whether or not teachers the one teacher got in on an incredible lottery that she had to wind travels in order to get in but hopefully for teachers and health care workers people that work in restaurant and hotels make a good living but find it did to the will live in the city in is what the housing bond does as part of this this is what the private segment a dog more and more with us in government is trying to match up what they can do with us so you can literally
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see that people in the business whether the market-rate or low income housing can find that connection with government and be supportive to make sure that more units are affordable the obligation here targeted with one and 602 unit somehow and someway that story and that relationship was to solid with city government we reached up to one hundred 90 units that's what we want to do supervisor kim; right? we want to set a goal and see how we can steady this is what the incredible story is about we'll do that in many sites certainly with the package of prop k you are joint efforts to locate oil public land we've gun control sites and some of the developers with literally calling and saying what wee, we
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do together now the message is clear you can do more we can all be more successful if we work together that's the message our prop a, prop k, our incredible relationships with the private developers and certainly with community-based nonprofits i'm landmark to handing out keys and people will be happy to receive and having this incredible courtyard that is a positive experience right in the middle of san francisco are these center and we have a number of sites within two or three block radius that are going to be underdevelopment in the next few years that signals on i didn't believe amount of of affordable housing people will say it great that is guarantee close to
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transit and close to our civic center park and going to be center of a lot of good activities that people want to be close to as we want to live here and closeness to our arts organizations that continue to lead the effort along mid market and so there's a lot of good news and grad to see the office of economic workforce development is here and the department of building inspection, because we're all ready tarnishing not only the sites we're going to do housing on but ideas as to how to accelerate them and an accelerator fund maybe talk with our kwiblt partners to accelerate all the goals we want because i know that our labor folks don't have enough to do want more work; right? michael
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they want more work and do it the right way and get the housing up that is for the would it be fair to say as well thank you to you everybody all the partnerships we've had here and let's keep doing this more than slnlt let's go to work and get more done and video more smiles on families thank you. >> (clapping.) supervisor kim. >> first of all, i want to give a big congratulations to the mayor for winning his election 4 more years. >> (clapping.) we've not had much such a mayor and such an hour how were you to work with him and 24 particular we're seeing 80 percent of san francisco's development the statistic i'm proud of district 6 is building 44 percent in all of san francisco's affordable
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housing (clapping.) and i would not be possible not for first of all, the strong support of our mayor and working with us to push the envelope both looking for the nonprofit institution and our private developers who know how important to how's everyone in the city but also i want to recognize we have a strong institution of community-based organizations in the district that fight more affordable housing for decades and tenderloin corporation with search warrant r is one of them i want to acknowledge their work additional don fox leadership (clapping.) and building more affordable housing and we have several anymore sites i'm excited about mixed use p mission and howard and 4 and the forethought so when the revenue and the opportunities came forward we built affordable housing in the city where the land is
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incredibly scarce but what is exciting for me, i want to share a story in august i interviewed commissioners 3 applicants what was astonishing most of 3 applicant were recipients of the affordable housing program with an lived in my district court and the second was the housing magnitude by life-saving strfrtd and the third housing for 14 mists a tenderloin residents it is how for this work is it feels last week we're not building enough when you meet the youth and families in the neighborhood we've built affordable housing those are the most cranial moments i'm excited to welcome our recipe to the in and look forward to serving you finally he just want to give a shout out and thank the city for their support of building more
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affordable housing it has been 20 years since we last passed the affordable housing bond no 1996 for one hundred million dollars and last night for one hundred and $50 million that will have a tremendous impact not only to the district i represent across the city and we have a lot to do a lot to do when i came into the office we were building at 80 percent of low income housing needs that is good but have to keep up the numbers we were this only building others less than 12 percent we have to continue to build low income affordable housing we have to we must build more middle-income housing in san francisco in order to keep diverse san francisco whether it is giant on this site or you know with future projects i look forward to making sure we are
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doing the balance we need to see thank you very much and congratulations to everyone involved (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor kim i'm don fox ceo of the tenderloin development c n b c i'm tired those kind of projects have hundreds if not thousands i want to recognize our partners mayor ed lee supervisor kim and the mayor's office of housing tishman's and hundreds of others we just are part of progress and those don't happen without a collection of people the story of this site begins in 1998 and so if nothing else this is a story of perseverance bank of america owned a parking lot the bart or parking lot the purpose was because they were going to
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eventually need to expand the data center right next door they were going to need more computers well, it turn out because of the rapid growth of technology computers don't need more space but less space they declared it surplus land and argued to to proposal to sell the property in a bargain sale below the market value value in order for us to build housing it is 17 years later that's a very arduous and difficult process through recreations and boosts the detergent of affordable housing resources that are available from the state and federal government many challenges to overcome to produce housing like this i think that is important for me to say and for us to understand
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this is not mark farrell affordable housing not mark farrell dwelling units those are homes and home is the platform for opportunity for people if people have affordable homes they don't have to make the choice been paying rent and medical skewer and teacher of the hear of their children we do much more than off for you walls and a ceiling thank you very much for being here and ems to the next person that's correct (clapping.) >> we have two units that are open for anything that wants to go in and see the units what else am i supposed to say eric.
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>> but we thank everyone for coming that this is a great public partnering thank you to everyone for working together to make this >> when the new california academy of sciences opened in 2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party.
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>> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see
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people with a drink in their hands, getting to know maybe somebody new, may be looking for a day, or chatting with friends. there jellyfish. i mean, they are beautiful. >> the culmination of the animals. >> it is very impressive. we do not have this at home. >> tell us a little about some of the spider's we see here on display. >> at the california academy of sciences, there is a very large collection of preserved and live specimens, which are the evidence about evolution. we have the assassin spiders, which are spiders that exclusively kill and eat other spiders. they are under the microscope here. research done and the california academy's i rhinology lab suggests that the assassin spiders have been doing this for over 150 million years.
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this glassed in room is a real scientific laboratory, and the people in that room are preparing specimens of vertebrate, that is mammals and birds. the way they do this is to remove the skin, sew it together in a relatively lifelike pose, and ensure that it does not decompose. >> i am a really big class actress fan, so i am here to see them, and beer week. >> i wanted to learn something and have fun. >> i always enjoy it. i am not all is well -- always working as i am tonight. sometimes i come to enjoy the music and to dance. ♪ >> culturewire covers the arts
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in san francisco, and one of my favorite culture artists is here tonight. jason, thank you for being on culturewire. tell us about some of your posters that we have here today. >> most of the posters here are four specific shows or tours. i am hired by the bands or the venue. >> what is the inspiration behind these posters? >> no, disease of the related to the bay and, of course. music -- it is related to the band, of course the musical content or isn't related to the bed. album covers can come from anywhere. ♪ ♪
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>> class actress was great. we have been having so much fun. i did not realize how beautiful the cal academy looks than that. what other events take place here? >> we do corporate events that night on a regular basis. but nightlife is your best bet to come in as a regular person pharmacy the academy at night, and visit with friends. we have details for the next few weeks. you can get tickets online in advance or at the door. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching culturewire on sf gov tv.
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the monday, october 26, 2015, regularly he meeting of the ethics commission commissioner vice president andrews commissioner hayon commissioner hur commissioner keane and all 5 commissioners are here and accounted for thank you for the opportunity to item number 2 public comment on matters powering or not poirlg on the agendas any public comments at this time? >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm dr. derrick occurring a whistle blower does it not strike you as odd in the 20-year activity history of the ethics commission not a single whistle
6:47 pm
blower not one the civil grand jury ones thinks this issue should be examined the acting director's report has a staff plan that lists 10 topics for our consideration not one of them addresses our retaliation investigations and their failure to sustain any claims four months over the civil grand jury report without u appointed the problems that can be addressed there are no visible plans to address it. >> your draft annual report does not specify how many retaliation constraints were substantiated have to a to read between the lines and find that none were sustained. >> the annual report should
6:48 pm
periodic how many retaliation a category for that and the prominence displace of zeros year after year might lead someone to the ethics commission to realize that something is not rights thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> turning to item 3 discussion and possible action regarding exclaims received or initiated by the ethics commission concerning san francisco campaign and governmental section i think compatible activities with a possible closed session. >> ask for any public comment pertaining to agenda item 3?
6:49 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners my name is la net i need to shouldn't address you? >> can i address you on this item. >> i don't believe this item represents to you ms. sweet relates to our matter to a further item. >> i'm sorry my item said item 3. >> i think item 9. >> forgive me, i'm looking at something wrong. >> but we will get to yours
6:50 pm
square feet any other public comment. >> david pilpal want to inquiry why this was separately calendar from item 9 were there other matters in closed session. >> requested it it be put non-on the calendar for personal readings otherwise would have been. >> thank you very much. >> any do i hear any motion or discussion to hear this item 3 in closed session? >> i move we hear this matter in closed session. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> cards unanimously we will cbo into closed session. 3.
6:51 pm
>> (laughter). we county disclosure all right. back in public session >> ready? >> we're back if public session and commission is voted that it will not disclose the details that were discussed with in connection with item 3 but the commission has no probable cause. >> turn to item 4
6:52 pm
discussion and possible action regarding commission activities relate to. >> excuse me. you need to take a motion not to disclose. >> all right. we took the motion in. >> he's right you can do that in open session. >> want to make the motion. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> pack public discussion before we vote on that hearing none the motion is carried unanimously moving to item 4 delusion and polk action regarding the commission activities towards side expenditure lobbyist measure prop c essentially there is the number of appearances required of either the deputy director or
6:53 pm
myself as pretty well well dwindled to store with the election only a little over a week away and so i really have nothing to report other than to say a number of sessions in the earlier part of october. >> any public discussion on that turning to item 5 discussion and possible action on an annual report for fiscal year 2014-2015 and the interim decoration has a draft report any members of the commission have any discussions or comments
6:54 pm
concerning the draft report? >> yes. >> commissioner vice president andrews thank you, thank you very much for the work i appreciate it i have a couple of comments maybe a decision or a stylistic something well, one piece is stylistic under the budget on page 11 we list out fiscal year from 1994 to 2014-2015 and that's our budget and i'm wondering if it serves us better to have what we approved compared to what we spent generally in an annual report you'll put out the expenditures sometimes, you'll match it against budget tussles against budget is this what we spent or approved for . >> this was the actual budget
6:55 pm
so the actuals are a little bit different but pretty much in line the numbers are a little bit off about 10 thousand bucks so we could put at least for this year do the comparison budget. >> yeah. it is great to have a budget and see well, you did and the other thing a choice generally so to speak the governing documents particularly an annual report is a reflection in the past years and then you usually have another foundational organizational document that is forwarded to a stwraej plan have we always put in the forward thinking thing to be careful i understand we may be mandated or mandated ourselves to taking care of some
6:56 pm
of those things but generally mixing the past with the future and usually save those for other document that possible provides for context why you're doing what you're doing. >> in the past the future initiate has been included i tried to be careful given the sort of where we are as a commission so i said instead of will focus that happened in the past we put may focus and identifies some of the things on the work plan you guys opted in the spring but the ongoing things that are continuing to make sure but i would think that you know within the next few months sort of the ed position is settled a similar work plan type things to establish that what happens for the next
6:57 pm
year's. >> i'm fine i generally it a is decision an organizational decision. >> any thing. >> a suggestion mr. chair in regards to page 5 we have the reference in the second paragraph to you're putting prop c on the ballot i think that you're putting something on ballot is important to put in a couple of more things i'll suggest a couple of more things this is where that says at the june 2015 meeting the commission voted to place 24 from the 2015 ballot i'd like it so is that at the june 29, 2015, meeting after a hearing and after public
6:58 pm
interesting persons the dimension unanimously voted to place it on the ballot is seems like an afterthought to put something on the ballot i'd like to show the fair amount of consideration as interest was it was a lot of discussion interested persons hearing and then the vote was unanimous. >> sure. >> i have second commissioner keanes comment about the last part of it but troubled by the way the freaking in the first part sounds like it was ad hoc idea of commissioner keane coming out of the blue and i think we ought to put a little
6:59 pm
bit history in it we were specifically asked by the commission to look at i think we start with the requirement of former prop j which has been gutted and your when you came back with your report it was decided that well, we'll focus just on the expenditure lobbyist provisions putting off the other ones for future date so that i think it should show the number of mergers this subject matter that was prop c came in play i think you know that the principle objection that that raised against prop c by it's opponent was this was something done in the middle of
7:00 pm
the night no public input and that it was nobody was given a chance to discuss it which is just contrary to the facts you don't want to put into anything into the report that has credence to that concept so i strongly suggest we that paragraph be expanded and redrafted along the lines we've discussed i have a question related to that where there is a discussion about the meeting at which mr. steiner and mr. cook testified i don't think that was limited to specific item that received to
7:01 pm
there i know this prop c what became prop c was part of discussion at this time and that's what we referred to as the hearings was the fact that because i think it was at the time commissioner keane made his report that set up the public meeting with professor cook and mr. stern. >> that's correct mr. chair we discussed the matter itself going forward with the expenditure lobby requirement over the course of two hearings two of these hearings and in between a number of interested persons hearings and quite a bit of baej on
7:02 pm
behalf of members of the public of the organizations like finances of ethics and the civil grand jury i'll will concur with the chair it is where the way it is proposed it is almost put down like a throw away line finally an ad hoc committee and commissioner stephenson development the proposal and all of a sudden a light bulb went off over high head we don't get another two sentences about why c is on the ballot let's put in some full history, sir. >> fine with me i would say. >> when does this have to be filed. >> annually we can bring it back next week month are designate to the chair and
7:03 pm
approve the final language. >> i think that is a good suggestion. >> any other comments on the ethics report the other comment i have is on the future initiatives as you recall one of the future initiatives that was discussed and the whistle blower possible changes to the language and, in fact, i know commissioner hur at sometime in the future will divide this report concerning that. >> that's right mr. mini or the and i are working on it. >> that so be in there and
7:04 pm
there should be the language or the charge that was given to commissioner keane concerning looking at prop j and the related issues that put off and just deal with the expenditure lobbyists. >> that's ongoing that will surface next year mr. chair. >> i will suggest to include those in there. >> do i hear a motion to approve the draft other than the sentences made subject to my approval, however, you want to word it. >> i'll move about that we adopt the changes subject to the final approval by the chair. >> second.
7:05 pm
>> public discussion? >> good evening, commissioners charley here representing f o e we have several comments and some of it my require background i'll quickly go through them get our pencil and paper handy you'll do start sounding like a teacher when our doing you're this type of a document it's an opportunity for you to pitch your ideas and what it is you're doing to the public so the public gets a sense of who you are and what you're doing and what you know they're getting for their money to be candid it is a research document it is also good for auditing in the past there was a guy that went from department to
7:06 pm
department and he was originally what the city attorney's office and went into business writing annual reports those are standard item palates with a basically good public relations tenure an approach i think he was, in fact, more of a pr consultant at this point i'm not suggesting you put that hat on your supported supposed to be objective no mention in our understand you mentioned thirty thousand intact and the signs you actually didn't include the hundred and 91 k decision that is are increasing that number whether it is realized that ball is not out of your hands and city hall for collection also there were, in fact, 10
7:07 pm
hearings or hearing like processes regarding prop c so you did a very robust outreach on prop c you held numerous interested persons meeting you held public sessions during our mooefrgz on monday night nights and so you were quite aggressive in outreaching to the public and it is important for the public to understand that thing is not going to the ballot explicit occur out of the blue but methodology behind it i support both the chairman and the schains comments on that also in general you've done a lot of robust looking at outreach and you should note to the public those efforts and those improvements because that is
7:08 pm
what you're here for to outreach to the public ultimately and to talk to your bosss the citizens of the city you also basically taken up the question of prop j and you planned to study is that should be noted in the report. >> timer is on. >> i'll try to pass this on they don't know it as well i do but mr. pilpal has some comments in the meantime, i'll brief someone there is 4 more points thanks. >> thanks. >> i guess i'm next david pilpal speaking as an avoid a number of comments the logo is off centered it is driving me nuts and page one puts jesz i didn't see name under chair renee that is appropriate rather
7:09 pm
than in the beginning rather than the end and put the date on the cover and be sure not to send to the mayor and board but two copies to the library on a couple of points i agree with our discussion about prop c i would actually audio additional this will there is a reference to the at the end of the report to prop c it didn't tie is it back there was discussion later on in the report about the whistle blower report from the civil grand jury but nothing i saw about last year's civil grand jury report and the additional follow-up that was sent to i think tying this back to the other civil grand jury wants and the commission and staff made as a result is good would be good
7:10 pm
let's see - i was interested in this other section on the whistle blower ordinance a disclosure there was a whistle blower investigation conducted i didn't know that beforehand and not sure what the results were so how much more you can say about that but where there's an opportunity to make a disclosure after the fact of the result of the investigation without companionship the sources would be good to do so. >> the chart about the budget fiscal year 08, 09 didn't have 09. >> and the discussion about the staff didn't completely track to the organization chart so where are the titles whatever the title of the individual that
7:11 pm
should be properly rescued in both cases instead of discretions there with regards to each program that is some quantity active discussion of the number of accounted and the amount of fees and understand but not consistent on page 5 under the permit consultant section out of 90 ports 22 after the deadline explicit indicate how much was assessed in late fees or collected for each the programs i would include how many people recorded and how much was received and how much etc., ect there was a cumulative executive report in terms of quantity and has an equal active analysis but want the consequent
7:12 pm
active on the investigations and enforcement i would add a chart similar to the chart in the monthly a.d. report for june 30th, 2014, what was then pending what were all the transactions during the reporting period of 2014-2015 how many complaints were received or initiated in each category and how many resolved and remaining as of june 2015 a cumulative total and all the activity didn't disclosure the specifics but the information about the investigations and enforcement i think there was one other typo i'll look for it awhile you're hearing from the next speaker thank you. >> thanks. >> eileen form commission thank you
7:13 pm
i have a number of comments i appreciate that this is a first draft and i guess my first suggestion would be that this come back to the commission at the next meeting so that similar work could be done on the report and take public comment before you finalize that and in the interest of time i'll start at the back with future initiatives and as some of the previous comments have been stated i'm looking for more robust a more robust report and more specifics both in what we've done because and i think there is more that you have done not shouldn't say we but more that could be recorded on i keep looking for specifics and don't see the specifics your conversation about prop c is
7:14 pm
indicative of that but in terms of future initiatives i look at this list at the commission has a commitment to being more robust and a commitment to taco taking on more items yet i don't see those here for example, you stayed hire a permanent deputy director that's true what is also true the signal potentially of a large cultural shift in the organization more than hiring but looking at the commission as a whole it is making sure that staff morale is paying attention and what pro-active initiatives to take under the able to take under a new director i wonder specific for example, about the process of digging what gowns to future initiatives for example, at the last
7:15 pm
commission meeting complaints and whether or not it would be important to the commission to look at the process of hearing complaint for example, complaints are filed have a bearing on the upcoming election is there a way to take those complaint maybe out of order because if there are not decides on until after the campaign season is over almost who is the point so various commissioners concurred with my suggestion that that process be looked at so that ought to be kept track of somewhere and put on this list of potential future initiative there are a number of on the public has said that outreach in general from the commission is insufficient what to we want to do to create a more robust
7:16 pm
outreach program and robust in looking at policy initiatives and as opposed to to waiting for legislation to come to the commission i have others but i'll stop there. >> thank you. >> good evening with the friends of ethics coming this late in the process i'll repeat a couple of things but say them quickly one is what you've said about the discussion of measure c how measure c go the to the ballot i phrase it as four listens but 8 lines talking about the interns we what the interns have done i think that as you look at it, it is not just making sure that it includes everything you've talked about that was a robust public discussion you all were involved and you passed it unanimously but also how it is
7:17 pm
seen in relation to the other activities that was one of the biggest steps in the past year and seeing this was outstanding i was going to talk about the fines seem low in terms of $38,000 and the one i will talk about and mr. pilpal talked about it i tend to be a data person so i want to see the data and right now it is all in narrative you, you might think about the charts steady and the annual report you'll see it the 3 to 5 year tread line if you look at all the programs not just some but all the requirement how their implemented and what fines or enforcement actions if you watch a trendline for three or four years it will tell you a whole
7:18 pm
looting lot of how the commission is, acting and the programs successful or enforceable and where you have problems there should be looked at we know that one of the things for example, to use an example 10 years the budget when you look at the budget the budget is fairly flat i say what time i've heard so much over the past years i've dealt with the ethics commission that they always can't get things done because not enough staff why are we asking not for enough money for staff those kind of things out of the trend analysis the thing you'll add in terms of future activities is i did think there was some action on our part or interest on your part in hiring a commission secretary and so maybe you want
7:19 pm
to think about 3 putting that out as as action and i'll finish at one point we have multi lingual forms and pamphlets you talked about and it is in english we need multiple language issues thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners just a couple of other points to add to what has already been said one of the things that is recognizable to friends of ethic a robust effort to do a little bit more outreach but certainly could be more to units and develop trust with unions one of
7:20 pm
the things that has not been mentioned in the annual report the conversion to the electronics in the way of 7 form seven hundred important inform show the things that are accomplished in a short period of time that is especially important to building the trust not only with the units but the community of san francisco and to help change the image of the ethics commission is very important so thank you. >> is there any additional public comment there's a motion i'll call the >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries unanimously. >> turning to item number 6
7:21 pm
session of acting executive director report. >> sir. >> just as submitted nothing we're in the middle of campaign time so a lot going on i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commission have any questions or comments? >> mr. mini or the on point number ten sounds like discussion at the citywide about moving a lot of city departments on two years can you talk about in the way of background some of the meetings you've sat in ultimately. >> i can summarize what
7:22 pm
benefits but. >> i haven't sat in many mergers the day before this report we got a call from the mayor's office that telling us told you we're one of 37 departments they've chosen to or the next step in getting all the city departments on the two year plan we had a brief discussion that was the first time but well, i know about the general motion but the first time one of the designated departments so the mayor's office we have a pending meeting to talk with the budget analyst but especially the most interesting the way the second year budget might be sort of changed a little bit as ongoing needs change but essentially putting in last year
7:23 pm
a proposal for two years and their saying it is an essential fix. >> in many ways i understand that can hamstring you particularly when our advocating for more resources we've heard from the public it is an ongoing issue talking about resources that is a priority for me, the commission secretary i'm pay attention to and specifically as we move forward with the permanent executive director i'll want to prioritize how we identify how we advocate for the true needs of the commission and obviously there would be a window of opportunities somewhere in the period we can do advocacy but certainly having to put if a two year budget certainly it diminishes our
7:24 pm
opportunities to year by year but it will have to be quiet strategy moving forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> turning to item 7 items for future meetings. >> commissioners oh, public comment on the director's report i'm sorry. >> dipdz actually both my comments are recommend to budget on item 10 i'll hope once you select a new director reis public discussions about direction initiatives where we're going with that and in particular to the december to february not just a budget proposal for the january meeting with adoption without discussion this is the year we need two commission mergers to talk about
7:25 pm
the ideas and in terms of the budget requests i hope you'll plan so all of us can be involved that was item 10 on item 9 i'm hoping as part of budget work for next year the staff has an opportunity to reorganize the sub object codes i think that commissioner keane remembers the object in the budget system because those really the break out for refers go to older programs not with the public consultant and the other newer items it is helpful for you perhaps for the public to see for each program what the fees and fines are and then you know if there's a small amount for other but a large section for other ethics fines and allocated so for each program
7:26 pm
again even have or create budget revenue sub objects that would be helpful for reporting issues no issue two small thank you very much>> i. less than hanson on page go i guess it is number 3 campaign disclosure program i'm wondering if it is possible under status to have any more information we have a non, one of the filers is at small claims court no information on the others this is the but other previously have raised the one
7:27 pm
hundred $99,000 forfeiture of supervisor farrell that will be helpful for o for the public to understand where it is along with the other ones and if there is someway to report on where they are in process i think that would be useful to the public on the next page 9 the report we say that we have received 56 percent of anticipated revenues and yet we're in october so i'm wondering if there is a plan to receive the remaining revenues because of how the budget works they'll comment at the end of the year with the revenue or do we interrupt that interpret that we're in trouble with the 56 percent of anticipated revenues and it will be useful to compare
7:28 pm
that to expenditures so we understand an issue with being short on revenues next page number 11 under outreach and education i spoke earlier to the need for more robust outreach this second paragraph says that an e-mail invitation was sent to 50 union representatives to sign up for be in 0 the commissions i p list i understood that was a significant effort to reach out to nonprofit as well as unions as you may know that's the issue around practicing they're not outreached to and i disagree with some of my colleagues in terms of having robust outreach around prop c many, many nonprofits did not know this process was with going on and substantial they're running a
7:29 pm
fairly robust program against prop c i'm curious if we did the outreach to nonprofit or unions i think this is a great idea i know we're hold on putting dates until write a have an executive director once we moved on that that will filed in and every month a report on how we're reporting on the process on that calendar thank you. >> i think just to respond to the outreach my understanding is that acting director did send you p notices or innovations to a number of organizations not only to the unions; is that correct. >> we're saying that it outs on a month basis we started with
7:30 pm
political groups which was we sent out notices to about 60 that includes a few nonprofits the next source of information we have is the unions and so, now we should have, in fact, the list is probably on my desk but a list of nonprofits that will happen we had to take it in chunks 50 to 60 groups that we're sending it out to at one time. >> okay. thank you. >> let's your honor, i don't think there is any public comment. >> oh, is there more. >> charley again let's see i'm sure in the delinquent accounts that person maybe has to writ up a report maybe quarterly or something to
7:31 pm
his supervisors to keep the supervisors abreast and staff you might tap into that those documents may not be public but something you might be able to have personally i'm sure they'll trust you on outreach similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. planning department maintenance a appliance a very large database on community organization because their outreach under ceqa particularly has to be extremely robust so you might be able to tap into their preexist list or their database and do a solicitation for people people that want to be kept abreast in the letter to indicate to those people you have power to pout initiatives on the palate this is the opportunity for those orchestras
7:32 pm
to come and keep themselves advise of what you're doing since you have those unusual powers that most people don't think of. >> any other any public comment? >> turning next to item 7 items for future meetings commissioners suggestions or comments. >> i do want to make sure we have a continued discussion i don't know if? the right time but at least to think about a commission secretary and a job description or start doing drafts of some of the work that will fall under that position and i just would rather be prepared if there, there was a funding opportunity we'll submit it and be well prepared in understanding what the roles of
7:33 pm
responsibility are and even doing a little bit of this may happen over time found out the responsibilities of other commission secretaries i'm sure the police commission secretary is busy but just to get an understanding of the position would do and the roll tail play. >> i'd like to second i know that is not a motion but i agree the idea of us having secretary is important we should have secretary having the reference of the police commission jet i was on the police commission we relied very much on the commission secretary and would recycle to in the things that the police commission secretary did they will particularly the activities
7:34 pm
we do in terms of investigations of individuals what the status of those investigations are where they are now what complaints have been come in and how the staff has been responding to those complaints we should have secretary it is a big vacuum i think there should be someone who assists us not part of the staff itself and not certainly like for years relying upon the past executive director to fill that role and others roles was a big mistake and wound up losing a lot of the conference of the public and this commission we could get a lot of that back if we had
7:35 pm
secretary. >> a couple one thing i'll add thinking about when we should have a couple of mergers to talk about the budgets it was raised in the public i know altercation we did it in one meeting but that modesty make sense to have two do on analysis and have it come back to us. >> did you want to talk about the meeting schedule you mentioned that i'm not sure. >> well, you mean the november? >> well, i was going to discuss the meeting but that relates to item number ten. >> yeah. actually, if i could it maybe helpful to talk about the november regular meeting and when you want to meet at this time. >> the question for the
7:36 pm
commission is a regular meeting is scheduled for november 23rd i believe it is which is the week monday of the week of thanksgiving and i'd ask the city attorney chin to pull the board to see whether or not you'd be available if you wanted to reschedule that meeting for november 20th. >> which a friday. >> right specifically the afternoon a friday the 20th we'll have a potential meeting between one and 5 on that day. >> right. >> a couple of commissioners have respond and a couple haven't so just precede with the regular meeting. >> it wasn't clear i'm available on the 20th if it is a regular meeting he prefer the evening but available either
7:37 pm
date. >> i prefer the regular meeting as calendar. >> pardon me. >> i prefer the regular meeting. >> on the 21st. >> either date the 20 or the 23 i thought the 20th was the a choice for the other meeting. >> that was a date. >> i guess i didn't understand you were asking to make that an alternative egg meeting but the 20th or the 23 is fine. >> if i heard the commissions we have that meager on the 23 despite of the fact it is a thanksgiving week. >> yes. for me. >> all right. thank you for the clarification >> we'll go now keep that possible november 20th date if it is necessary after our november 13th meeting. >> hang onto that date as well
7:38 pm
okay. thank you. >> so i wanted to say i chair i have a red eye on the 23 so i object to be part of meeting but interested in making that red eye as well. >> when you say red and how red is that eye. >> 11. >> you'll make that. >> i'm a 10:30 to 9 will i make that. >> (laughter) item 7 i mean 8. >>. >> future items i'm sorry. >> david pilpal as individual two things i appreciate the discussions about the november meeting you might want to have a similar meeting about the december to hold that at the regiment of december and that impacts the two dissuasions possible about the budget if you
7:39 pm
don't have a regular meeting you'll figure it out in general on the items for future meetings the minute capture the discussion but i've not found a place those items get put whether in the work plan or the reporting or just on a list of things that have been requested that are calendar or may happen in the next 6 months over and over in the future if you can figure out a way to capture those things last month you captured the enforcement and now the secretary and other things a place to capture those for the staff and public that will be nice thank you. >> ill lien hanson i'll suggest for future 3450egz one as we've talked about the discussion of outreach, two discussion about the complaint process and for me
7:40 pm
what is involved in the complaint process i think there is review a number of things but the information that is reported out once the report is resolved and recorded to the public and two whether the commission is proactively taking a stance to be pro-active about complaints so instead of waiting for complaints to arrive they commission is there something that appears in public that the commission or the member or two of the commission feels is important to review that is something that the commission prioritize so i'm not sure i made myself clear but rather than being enlightenment driven the commission is looking at what is happening politically in the city and there's something
7:41 pm
that the commission feels is important to investigate you don't wait for a complaint you take that on yourselves which we know the commission can do but doesn't generally happen 3 the unanimous report again, i'd like to ask that will calendared next meeting for more public comment before it is finalize and four typically in past years i don't know the last time it happened an annual retreat at the beginning of the year to determine the priorities of the commission that is appoint and necessary with a new executive director the time for the commission to meet with the executive director to determine the provided and get to know each other and a public meeting a half day or full day to get some of the leaguer discussions at least a beginning of what you
7:42 pm
could take on in our calendar in the year how many large policy items can you handle how many smaller items to map out the year together thank you. >> back to e liens point she made a good one it is rather amazing to see major things come up in the press and then he called the executive director and say the commission investigating that they said no complaint because the public finds is confusing we the major nonprofit investigative report in the oppress and not see their local government taking some
7:43 pm
kind of an action or particularly interested now in the past we were under resources i'm not sure we have a lot of resourcing now to do robust pro-active investigation but this is something for the budget and that's some something for the new ed and this question is a good one for the ed as well as here to for you don't respond i've been told many times we don't initiate you have to summit and complaint i can't tell you how many i have over 20 years. >> eileen i apologize. i left out one of the items that are important to me the complaint review eir the investigations on enforcement that is the process and the procedures and the timing so back to the issue of
7:44 pm
if there are complaints filed may have a bearing on the rums of an election will or there is some procedure and policy to take those ahead of others complaints that are filed first thank you. >> turning to the minutes of the september 28, 2015, meeting. >> commissioners have any additions or corrects corrections i have one i may have said that i don't recall and you turn under item 6 discussion and possible action regarding the commissions search. a new executive director in the
7:45 pm
third paragraph has me stating mr. president, will be provided with 13 questions for the if i said that that is a miss statement they were provided with 4 questions and 13 questions that were given to commissioner vice president andrews and myself to use as our basis for questioning the candidates so this should reflect that is what i should have said if i didn't other than that i'm happy with the minutes >> toddo i hear a motion. >> second. >> and public comment? >> david pilpal
7:46 pm
several items on item 2 towards the bottom i believe d event has two ns only page 3 the discussion about the ed search that is the committee the commission a committee of the commission i don't think that is a subcommittee but a committee i suggest those references are the research committee on page four my public comment on item 8 i think it needs an a there dipped stated she was a great employee she'll be missed other than it makes me sound eastern europe pan on page 5 in the closed session and this is a comment i made relative to the previous minutes the reference that ed left the hearing room at
7:47 pm
748 didn't make clear what items he didn't participate in for items 1, 2, 3 not 4 and 5 by in the previous paragraph all commissioners, etc. remained in the hearing he building that should say commissioners commissioner renne commissioner hur and commissioner hayon since the other two commissioners were a little bit from the meeting it needs to reflect two were present in closed session for each item. >> i suggest we make as changes to the minutes. >> so moved. >> second. >> call the question on the amended minutes as amended. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of approval. > opposed? their unanimously approved
7:48 pm
turn to item 9 which is discussion and possible action regarding the complaints initiated by the ethics commission refers to have complaints and the questions first is whether or not we should discuss those in closed session. >> excuse me. schooerp in terms of the public comment before closed session i'll make one suggestion to take public comment on items 9 and 10 together so if people want to make public comment on item 10 they can noted have to stick around. >> i'll deal with 9 and then 10. >> i apologize. >> i thought i'd take one one at the time but tale with both 9
7:49 pm
and 10 assuming the commission votes to take both in closed session. >> thank you very much. >> dough hear a motion. >> and move we go into closed session one at that time for item 9 a second. >> any discussion are public comment? >> david pilpal something i'm confused we saw ms. square feet and commissioner renne you made a comment about item will 9 i belive at the last commission meeting there was to be a hearing on the merits regarding ms. sweet at the was continued by the request of the respondent mom and dad's that hearing on the merits was still before the commission am i confused has b
7:50 pm
there been subsequent events you can't zero. >> you may be right because your refreshing my recollection that it is not on the agenda. >> thank you. >> that's correct commissioner renne experienced the investigation so this is not one of the items 9 on the merits we'll hear at the next meeting or at some point in the future and i was mistaken it was. >> it's okay. so a question is ms. sweet clear of that about this she was here earlier. >> yeah. i don't think i'm at liberty to talk about why she tenant but she's clear about the
7:51 pm
action. >> okay. i don't think i have anything else and not know what those are about you'll take up item 10 before closed session. >> correct. >> thank you. >> i'll turn to item well, i'll call this. >> sorry a quick comment on 9 two questions he guess one is if you could do our best to let us know we'll be waiting to come back how long to wait that will be helpful and two i believe there is a public interest in knowing the decision you make so i'll just ask you to report out as much as you feel comfortable at the last commission meeting those of us who were here were told you county report on some items but that there would be a
7:52 pm
report on the website the next day or shortly it was confuse to me why you county report to the mbes members of the public that are here but report publicly on the website so if you can clarify that i'll appreciate it. >> so i building what we intend to do subject to how did commissioners feel to the extent that we for example, didn't disclosure the discussions in item 3 i think it was 3, yes, but he did give the ultimate conclusion of the discussions that was the disposition to the extent with those four items we will do so. >> i appreciate that i guess
7:53 pm
under those anything you intend to disclosure pub it is at some future point let me clarify let's say for this on the website i made a decision tonight but you're not saying there's mount difference if there is something to disclose you'll disclosure is tonight. >> this question when we anticipate to come back i suppose my guess would be what 815 what time is our fight and it's 10:30 so 815 sounds great it won't be before 815 by close to that. >> okay. thank you. >> no further comment i'm call
7:54 pm
the question. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we go into closed session. >> you mean approved we'll go into closed session item 10 a discussion and possible action regarding the commissions appointment of a new executive director do i hear a motion whether that should go into closed session. >> so moved. >> second. >> public discussion. >> dipped it if you explain to the public what your attention with item 10 my understanding i had a first round of interviews at the committee with 5
7:55 pm
applicants i don't know if you're discussing those or having further interviews or you talked about having a subsequent meeting on september 20th i'm trying to understand so i can inform others at this time. >> is intention to simply provide the commissioners with the resumes and background of the individuals who we are invite to meet with the full commission on november 13th. >> 13 okay. >> and that we are keeping open november 20th if for some reason the commissioners feel they want some further meetings concerning the hiring of on executive director part of the question is that of
7:56 pm
we arrive at the decision on the 13 there has to be some communication it will be the candidates and h.r. to work out the details before we can announce we've hired a new executive director but the we contemplate arriving at a decision hopefully on the 13th. >> okay. >> that may not be a public disclosure prior to november 20th or 23. >> if i suggest if you've made a choice that you've made a choice not who the individual is until the final acts and announce that on the website or whatever so the fact of a selection would be good news and welcome to the all of us you
7:57 pm
okay. >> so i hope you'll share the information with the other commissioners and city in the next three weeks with a new director that would be excellent. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment i'll call the question emphasize of going into closed session with the item 10 which is includeed in my estimate of 815 or 8:30 going back into closed >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? yeah. >> so shall i pound. >> not yet no. >> all right. the ethics
7:58 pm
commission is reneiman no open session and commissioner hur was exposed we have four and do i hear turning to item number 9 do i hear a motion? >> as to whether or not to disclose the discussion and the i don't understand disclosing the results of the four matters discussed under item number 9 a i move we not disclose 0 those matters mr. chair. >> all right. any public decision no public here i will call for vote all in favor, say i.
7:59 pm
> opposed? unanimously carried and for the record we will disclose that under item one the commission voted to dismiss under item 2 commission voted to dismiss, at under item 3 which is make sure i end up - that at regular meeting of the october 26, 2015, ethics commission approved the
8:00 pm
settlement agreement regarding the ethics complaint and the settlement agreement is a public document and will be posted to the commissions website at the regular meeting on october 26, 2015, the ethics commission go approved the ethics case and this settlement agreement is a public document will be posted to the commissions website. >> turning to item 10 do i hear a motion as to whether or not we should disclose what was discussed in connection with item 10. >> move to nondisclosure. >> any public discussion nun
8:01 pm
being present i'll >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? motion is approved unanimously i will entertain a motion to adjourn. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the meeting is adjourned -
8:02 pm
good morning hello hold on one second. >> tap the front. >> yeah. testing testing good morning good morning and welcome to the commission on aging & adult services meeting we're going to call the we have the roll call? >> commissioner president james commissioner serlina is absent decide commissioner loo is absent and commissioner ow is absent and commissioner roy >> and please note that executive director ann is present. >> because we do not have the opportunity quorum of another member we're going to just take
8:03 pm
not any action on the action items we just going to have the opportunity report because we don't have a quorum to vote on the action items okay we will hear the report and see with that, we'll move to we can't do approval of the minutes of the agenda more the consent calendar more the meeting minutes but all we're adopt to item 5 is there public comment at this time? >> good morning president james and commissioners i'm nike know you don't have a quorum at the last november meeting as a
8:04 pm
representative the center is he took the opportunity to thank ann for all the seniors services and particularly all the services to the senior center thank you for that ann. >> thank you. >> okay now we'll move to item 6 any other public comment? okay item 6 report and employee of the month from the department of aging & adult services will recognize agonize chang from the was the adult protect serviservice
8:05 pm
(clapping.) >> well step over here and - there we go you're fine you're fine and present this to egging in a to you so all of you only today it is so interesting; right? as was mentioned agnes works in the protective services been with us 19 years that's right it says that are here but a quiz for you today agnes carries and bilingual be case load and because of that because you have bilingual capacities is often tasked with
8:06 pm
serving folks who need you're special skills actually of being able to speak to the language folks and sort things out in multiple because a person needs to what you're working with someone that comes from another place; right? another culture it also says in the write up about you because you have officer of the day duties because of your bilingual talents useless frequently called out several times at a time and opposed to twice a lot more work and folks to be sgrak with and doing our best for just to remind us all department of aging & adult services is part of our protection services in that division we really tasked with making sure that people have all the rights and
8:07 pm
all the privileges that they have coming to them as an adult but looking at and investigating to determine if others are that take advantage if they have self-neglect issues and trying to pull those two things together for those of us who know that world only two well, this is a difficult job how not to tread on someone's rights but at the same time providing them all the possibility to make their life as safe and possible and healthy as possible will all the ap s staff stand yeah (clapping.) thank you it further agnes goes on i'll
8:08 pm
give this to you it says our a person of quiet strength and don't flinch with the hofb abuse situation i guess that is the part for many of us in the room we don't intimately know don't face on a regular basis some pretty dennis herrera san mateo stat and desire situation we know about that but don't face it is hard work and one a person has to keep themselves healthy to do; right? and so we thank you to you thank you >> thank you. >> (clapping). >> i have a little speech
8:09 pm
(laughter) i've prepared oh, thank you. >> thank you so much is it so my honor that i am the ms. november for that (laughter) i'm so excited and happy to stand here and receive this gift and all your blessings please allow me to express myself first thanks and honor and glory to any heavenly father who put me in ap s when i knew only one or two you, you i knew so the about hsa and facing the assessment and due date life was as
8:10 pm
difficult i don't know a lot of you and lonely back then but with god's mercy and grace i made a lot of friends and even case might be more difficult and complex i'm not will this thank you, god our good to me and secondly, i'd like to thank you all an 6th street ap s staff my director and the supervisors all the social workers and clerks and staff that have been supportive and encouraging you guys have such a fun crowd to be with and special thanks to teresa any supervisor that encouraged me to work on any life-saving she's available for inclusion on case my advocate and my shoe and there to back up
8:11 pm
when i deal with difficult cases and clients providers in the community which very unreasonable expectation from ap s and thank you unit 4310 when i needed our help and support and thank you for these who have been with me in my his and lows you've been willing to listen to me and oh, your help and willing to buy any lunch and 31 ice cream and the last last but not least thank you to my husband who is here carter who has been so flexible (clapping.) and available and mentioned i have to owe a lot of time i
8:12 pm
consider myself a queen he is flexible to leave work early to pick up my boys. >> thank you so much for every single one of you without you all i wouldn't make it to be the ms. november yeah (clapping.)
8:13 pm
>> (clapping). >> thank you. >> yes. i remember. >> thank you now we'll have item b director's report executive director ann hitting. >> so as the commissioners know this is my last commission meeting i'll be in d.c. in the first week in december doing some work for our local
8:14 pm
triple a our state association and for ann frank so i have a regular report to give but i wanted to say and few words before the normal report this is just to say it's been a credible pleasure to serve this community of older adults with disabilities a tremendous privilege for the commission and hopefully speak to those who were not here he was thinking about all the commission does and our dedication i think to fairness and our dedication to making sure that we serve our very diverse community and that our providers are as diverse as the community we provide
8:15 pm
services for and any number of critical questions have been asked in 2, 3, 4 meeting made us a community of people going and taking stock of what we're doing and how we're doing it is there another way to do it sometimes questions are we like commission to go - i've always said that if we've done our jobs well, that commission will be smooth but sometimes those critical questions questions can be i don't want to say annoying but catch up in the wrong place one day is r one way or another it makes us what we or so many people outside of our community work in san francisco all think and i like and we're this and
8:16 pm
that but we debate issues here and have a little bit of a different philosophy to give assistance to those at this commission we've taken our time and looked at it issues thoroughly the staff i think sporlts for this commission has been really unfailing so whether it is contracts or budget or program staff you had a team of people that have been the best i've had folks at events come up to me and say you think that team of people it gives stuff to our commission i don't know anyone that hadn't gotten an answer our team of people move faster mann than several departments will go unnamed that is really because people take their jobs very, very seriously
8:17 pm
and want to bring you the best information and be able to answer the questions you present and they want to have is followed the rules that are important to follow and at the same time use you know innovation and be creative as they can be and have that opportunity in some places and less in other places i want to say to the staff that is here today, it's been a tremendous opportunity to work with you and to see where we've come in the 10 years ago i've been here and in the 12 years since this did not have been an integrated department we started up off with different programs with the office of aging at the core 33 and a lot of work has to go into bringing folks together to make a department function well and when people i remember the
8:18 pm
office on aging staff they did everything that he worked in a small department with responsibility for budget and contracting and budgeting and moved into a department there was a whole structure that was different i can't say enough about what sherry reign did to anyone who wishes to speak that work it didn't happen overnight with la jolla dedication and commitment and the knowledge it can be really good in the end have to work at it to get there is a obviously a big thank you to home share reign anyone asked me if i was overjoyed about leaving it is pretty amazing to be in this position and have the opportunities that dos has had in the 10 years i've been here that is even in the downturn
8:19 pm
when we had to struggle overtaking money from nutrition and frhere and there been a tremendous community and for people to come together and pull ideas and figure out the best way when we needed to cut back and exciting to have the second year $6 million came and we were able to flush out the programs for disabilities and create the community living fund it is credible this was a part times job i wouldn't leave but not a part-time job and time to go i know we're having a party in december i'm not sure the folks that are here won't be able to be here one last thing to say i
8:20 pm
think that is really kind of the truth of who this department and commission and those providers are in that what which our son died i had the good fortune to join a support group i was amazed a group of families that lost children adult children and i was the only one in the group that when i went back to work i didn't have the opportunity problems that everyone else had those problems ran the range of people saying insensitive things you need to get over it and on with that people avoiding other people and it goes on i can only share and reflect on the fact when i came back to work i came back to
8:21 pm
people that are gracious and so filled with concern and compassion so able to say what was on their hearts and say it to me i know we come to those commission meetings and give staff awards i tried to highlight what our staff does and that's part of what they do it is so not surprisingly it is when you have a big event in our life that is indicating tropic people like our surrounded with like me is so generous with themselves i this is an all of you for the privilege i've had to be here it's a tremendous honor and now we'll get on with the regular so it is so cool yesterday in my e-mail a
8:22 pm
operation from the president of the united states i've never gotten an operation proclamation this is because of being in a conference i have no idea this was a plantation to announce that november is alzheimer's month you know, i just learned yesterday that the team dos which we created raised almost $30,000 in the walk so - >> proud of us (clapping.) you and tom being the leaders so the goals last year, we raised 15 or 16 thousand the goal this year was 20 and we got 29 thousand plus close to thirty that was great in proclamation
8:23 pm
come across any desk i'll share it we didn't just draw the attention i'll try to read it i've never seen that bear with me it says at the ends avenue all the hero to see and witness where of i have here into set this hand this 2 eight day of other of the independence of the united states the hundred and 40 the other couple i have things to mention i because i'm on the national association of aging board of directors have been invited to gay long retreat in
8:24 pm
colorado for the lgbt elderly it having kathy greenly from the administration of community living and they'll be attending a two-day event to look at strategies that address this particular population crossing across the country of what people are doing in different place to people shouldn't be surprised i make contact with you before i want to make sure i come with all i possible can to this meeting in early october the national village association of villages jacqueline is that right. >> village to village had hair conference in seattle and vac listen from the next vinyl and ata ate e kate from the san francisco vinyl and i assembly
8:25 pm
david chiu presented this conference on the work that san francisco has done in terms of the funding for the vinyl and the why david sorry chiu did a terrific set up for the whole community around why village work is so important and what it means for san francisco and why he and another supervisor got involved and we did our 1, 2, 3 on both what we were doing locally and the changes what it maples to have government money the kinds of things people has an opportunity had government funding before this is different from the membership i thought that was an interesting meeting met folks from all over the country and the focus on middle-income class people
8:26 pm
someone said so well at the scan conference last week with the huge population of boomers coming out the next and the fact that there is no agnes saying people purchasing long term care people don't have assess there is a concern as the boomers may spend down they'll join the folks in the medi-cal system at some point that system will exploded because of villages in san francisco that opportunity to look at what are the other things that can be done in this area that didn't cost as much money but serves a lot of folks it was an interesting conference
8:27 pm
and had a lot of opportunity to talk about what's been going on. >> and then just to scluk you've probably been seeing a lot of information in the paper about the variance women issues on the ballots i think i recorded here a few months ago the california association of aging has decided that it is throwing it's hat into the ring with one of the initiatives and having been looking to have a portion of the tax dollars go to programs that serve younger and older adults that work is moving forward we know there are 4 different initiatives and the variance initiatives are working together to see if they can't get that down to one as we saw in ohio or wherever voted down i
8:28 pm
heard on the news last night that vote was 67 people being able to control the growth and you know anything that will happen in that state relate to marijuana the same thing for children's rights a lot of things to look at in terms of product development and taxed what will be and won't be allowed it's not there yet we're seniors and the disabilities are part of the potential - there's a potential for revenue streams to come from that work that is exciting frankly no new money in years. >> i think that's all i have for my report. >> thank you. >> just briefly executive director just a couple of words we'll miss you and i've been on
8:29 pm
the commission for almost a year and i can say it's been delightful to work and serve and be part of dos with you as direct dr. decorate we hope to hear marrow from you and good luck and we'll miss you. >> i'll echo what the commissioner said i'm the newest member of the commission but your reputation for leadership and community building and everything you've done certainly preceded you and you'll very much be missed and hope you'll keep in touch with us and its community thank you for your credential legacy. >> thank you. i add to the group i think i guess i've been
8:30 pm
here quite a while on the advisors before ann came on i was on the advisory committee and with another director and ann and i have been working together in the department for quite e quite a while we've had disagreements on things that's all right. but it's been i know a tough job leading the department and trying to make everybody comfortable all the contracts and trying to meet what we're requesting and all the things around you trying to run a department head is a tremendous job and i want to commend you that you've done on excellent job in leading this department and i think we'll be known throughout the united
8:31 pm
states as a very aggressive department over here and we thank you for your thank you for all you do and i hope i know we'll see you on the sidelines i too am thinking i'm almost it is time to almost say i'm not saying it yet but thinking about it but anyway, it is a challenge for to run a department and we all understand that and so we thank you thank you for all you do. >> next we'll have the advisory council report. >> good morning commissioner president james and executive director and senior advisory met on october 21st our the first
8:32 pm
order of business was to get our first member at the table and had a presentation by ms. libby and bill on the dignity fund did an excellent job gave an overview of the fund as that fund continues to shape itself they'll come back to the advisory committee to do another presentation. >> our membership committee is always active in asking making the ask we have potential folks out there but again, don't want to say anything fill it gets taking care of i get the node from the secretary the transportation committee meet at the center we are doing our focus on the next 4 trainings on
8:33 pm
the elderly abuse a wonderful panel we were filled within a week all the seats were taken our next presentation will be in january and i believe that will be thank you institute on aging but dos staff person mr. rick who is doing an excellent job of finding speakers and a placed if so still under negotiation hopefully, we'll have something in january. >> as our site visits we're continuing those and an ask and commitment from the council members to go out and do the site visits and important to report back to the commission on what we're doing and seeing so that is in process. >> and i believe last but not least we're the siresy council a
8:34 pm
planning and celebration a celebration for a dear friend not a good by but until the next time that is for ms. ann executive director ann at our december advisory council meeting and we'll be letting all the commissioners know we'd like for you to come if you can just to say until the next time never a good by that's my report i'll be remiss the advisory council members thank you for the opportunity to go to an event that was done by the village project which is under the leadership of ms. adrian williams to honor a executive commissioner president james mrs. james is an active community person and the village
8:35 pm
project wanted to say thank you and honor mrs. james for all her hard work on and off the commission a staunch reporter and advocate do the right thing for everyone and she was honored for that and the council folks that went to that so thank you that concludes my report. >> and thank you, mr. insight and to the advisory do you only u council for the roses it brightened up my hallway i had to move everything out of the way thank you. >> thank you. >> next is the joint legislative committee report. >> good morning this will be a very horticulture report as we didn't have a joint legislative committee meeting last month i
8:36 pm
shared the chairperson's position with commissioner sims and both of us were out of the town at the request of the commissioner president james at our september meeting we're going to address how we handle that in the future so have something to report in december if not january how we handle when both the co-chairs are out of town and commissioner president james request commissioner sims gave a report the legislative report about 3 bills that were signed no change expiate one that is the testifying that legislation will establish a tsf they need non-state organizations to provide the administrative
8:37 pm
support for the relative to the challenges basz faced by family caregivers and offer opportunity for the caregiver support and the services and supports available inform caregivers and to make policy recommendations so we'll keep you posted throughout 2015 and they c s l their bills to nine hundred and 2 the california senior legislator has begun work on the 2015 legislative agenda they're not meeting so they're working in small tsf they've sent that information out in january the new legislative session we may not have much to report at the december meeting we will indefinite has r as we head into 2016 a new list of bills some are coming back into the 2 year
8:38 pm
session one of them a heads-up one bill one proposed legislation that will include apparently funding for the california state legislator their fund currently with the tax form check off so i'll have that on my radar to keep you posted as well. >> any questions. >> thank you. >> next will be the tax report. >> no, i'm sorry long term care. >> for the coordinating councilmember. >> morning i'm sandy a member of the long term care council in october no meeting because we celebrated our 10 year anniversary for the council with a party for a purpose we had on
8:39 pm
october 23rd. >> brigitte. >> excuse me. my understanding is that kathy will give you an overview of the october 23rd party thank you. >> (laughter). >> hi, good morning. >> yeah. >> we can definitely do it together i'm sure about the confusion good morning. i'm kathy the senior division director in san francisco and a member of the long term coordinating you council i'm going to give a report on the party with a purpose on october 23, 1230, to
8:40 pm
330, three hundred and 50 people registered we were happy they didn't show up at once it was a full house and the purpose was to celebrate the 10 anniversary the long term council that was started in mayor newsom decided to feature the friendly sf a very active workshop i co-chaired the workshop with mega professor at the usf school of nursing and her student and we've been leading as a workshop for 4 years 23 years ago the mayor mayor ed lee signed a letter for us to be part of health, age friendly cities and became a member of ar p liveable
8:41 pm
communities and the first large city to join about network and significantly we're the only city in the country to have disability friendly that's great and now in the process of completing and asset based needs assessment that involved it seniors and people with disabilities at all phases of the project and going to do as required we'll develop a plan and the party was sort of a coming out event for us we've had smaller events and presentation and focus groups leading up to it but this large event to so what we've done various people from the city if foundations were there and nonprofits, government departments be and lots of advocates and seniors with
8:42 pm
disability it began is a distance generate they're an enter generational from the city of san francisco they were started by the time the event start people were you part of party a great oscar pistorius i present a short slide show explaining our asset based approach and looking at all the 8 main which include outdoor spaces in building and transportation and housing, social participation inspector and inclusion signify praerpts and community and health services and community and information those are the areas we're saving what is working and where are gaps and added a new domain technology our keynote speaker was joven
8:43 pm
came out at no cost and spoke on setting san francisco on fire he has been involved in this effort for a decade a few highlights i mentioned that while some boomers have - this generation includes more poor people the average boomers takes less than 5 thousand assets not annual income including housing hours for the rest of their lives and let us know that some people maternity but the millions have surpassed the boomers in the largest demographic group when the burnlz are in their 80s memorials will be turning 65 so something we need to look at how
8:44 pm
we'll meet those needs he talked about why those demographics why people don't care about aging the ceo's of 8 amp organizations ar p a come together to figure out what we can do together they can't do it alone how to change the americans think about aging this will be important how that move forward and finished about the importance of age friendly community confirming we were the first in the country to add date we broke into 4 small groups health and long term support and technology and social participation and then each group came back with at least one actionable plan that was put both the new planning phase we then turned over the state to
8:45 pm
the long term coordinating council sid i didn't koffman and others who spoke about the successes of the council over the past 10 years and presented the first award to tom nolan for free muni for seniors and people with disabilities this was a great moment and that was a reception following the response was probation officer many people signed up to be involved and picked duo makes sense on a final note we tried to be as assessable for everyone for people with disabilities with language and culture capacity a lot of help from the mayor's office on disability as well as a large number of party planners and rick and jessica as part of foundation that helped to support this event i want to say special thanks to ann for your support on the i want to give a
8:46 pm
shout out e this would not have happened so thank you very, very much. >> thank you. any questions no, thank you. >> next is the tax report kathy. >> take the sacramento two day meeting of representatives of the advisory committee no california has been having quarterly meetings this year no report from the last our next meeting is december 1st and second. >> so that's the first wednesday in december our december is our second a little reminder that the staff of the state commission sets up those meetings and is there throughout the two days of meetings so if you ever have
8:47 pm
something to take up to them or questions it will be easy for me to assist you i'll be glad to do that. >> thank you. >> next is the case report. >> good morning, commissioners ann patty with the catholic charities case had a meeting in october we were able to start refinancing our new advocacy we're looking at next year's budget process already and we were lucky to have ann and sherry reign come up and talk about the division moving forward what we've been through and looking for in the future and able to honor ann for her years of service that was good to have those strong women in the room and honor ann we will definitely miss her
8:48 pm
i next meeting is november 9th we'll fine lists our program for december and going to have a presentation from an organization let build for k9 companions so we're talking about that december is our annual holiday events at the sugar lounge december 14th from 4 to 6 and have fun with a white elephant get that treasure and regift it and find it is special new home a lot of gift stealing a great way to network and people getting together and recognizing what we do and the services we provide that's my report. >> thank you. >> okay. next h program
8:49 pm
performance on the seniors and young adults with sdalts disability bryan. >> good morning, commissioners and others i'm the program analyst a give you a little bit of background at the april 2015 commission the commission approved a new contract for funding for a new type of program a housing subsidy project programming to be administrative code by the q known as aids housing alliance this was identified seniors with disabilities a doctor in income and without this program would be evicted through the use of a housing subsidy payment to help with rent the idea of eviction is prevented and younger adults are stabilized and kept in their
8:50 pm
housing, of course, the participates in this program go to rigorous extensive ongoing participation in the program as i mentioned this was new to dos and the commission at that time that was presented the commissions ask for an update as the program was upcoming so today i've asked bryan to come in and talk to the commission on an update how the program is going with that said, is bryan here. >> hello commissioners, thank you for having us back it is gone by really quickly for or you're here again all right. so i want to give you an update on the process we're making
8:51 pm
we're fully enrolled in a subsidy program and - there we go. >> so here you'll see the age distribution for the people that we've enrolled in the program we range from 25 years old to 97 is our oldest enroll yes. we've got one 90 years old and that is gratifying our largest group is 50 to 59 let's see - the gender breakdown is 26 female and 66 percent meal
8:52 pm
and 8 percent transgender that is equally distributed between male to female and female to male transgender. >> race wear 23 percent african-american, 61 percent caucasian, 10 percent first nation and 10 percent asian pacific islanders and under ethnicity 10 percent hispanic latino and 90 percent not hispanic latino. >> the subsidy range is as low as 200 and $46 and the maximum amount is $1,200 with the average which when i modeled it out 8 hundred bucks we're
8:53 pm
getting close. >> our average rent is one thousand $34 with the average income of enreels $893 our ratio is one hundred and 8 percent the average person their rent exceeded their income and without that that subsidy they would have lost their housing we had a pilot working with the mayor's office of housing and community development to help identify certificate of preference holders or ellis act evictions counselors who have been unable to execute their excuse me. their preferences they lack sufficient income so 11 percent of the people we enrolled in the subsidy are
8:54 pm
certificate of preference holders or local eviction i'm grateful a family for preference for a certificate of preference holder for 40 or 50 years and finally be able to change the way we distribute access to rental assistance in the city so that we really, time it with access to housing what we have a system that is broken that if you have a section 8 certify be on the list you're on the list for 15 or 17 years you get our subsidy and no housing in the market to execute it if or so the only option to apply more affordable housing so you sit on a wait list for years and then loss the subsidy by the time the income it up the system is broken this is a way to look at
8:55 pm
creative ways to see the systems coordinated better it seems to be working. >> and then we'll have a total of 13 agrees enrolling into the subsidys we've built an online portal when someone comes to them their log in and do the referral the screening and referral right there they scan the proof of income and the documents and just drag and drop it into the portal we contact those people and set up the in take and enroll them we've enroll people in as little as twenty-four hours that seems to be working. >> that is the highlights any
8:56 pm
questions. >> yes. i have one question what about more or less the disabled that may have children. >> there are no restrictions. >> are there restrictions on that. >> no, no we don't have a restriction against children in the home for those subsidies overwhelmingly we're talking about simple adults. >> most of single adults but no restrictions if they have children. >> not at all. >> any other questions? >> okay thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> thank you. >> we got a couple of our participants that want to come up and say hi. >> i'm unprepared but hi, good
8:57 pm
morning i've been a resident of san francisco since 198 percent 2 before any life was stable and then became unstable my rent is one thousand $55 a month i can't go to have a cup of coffee mr. bryan i met and during this i was thinking of ending my life this is the way that seniors were going to be but those things stopped after i met him they've subsidize my rent and now thinking of ending my life i have not thank you. >> to bryan. >> thank you for sharing. >> i'm david not a very good public speaker i'm 59 i have a
8:58 pm
severe case of p t s d from a child abuse survivor i'm west portal enough to work part time in freelance but not because of the p t s d comes and goes and shows up at any moment from the subsidy from aids housing i live comfortably with food on the table with my part time income and if that weren't for aids housing i don't know might be on some island somewhere i want other people to have what i have not live observe the streets with and choosing within their rents and food they should have what i have we should take care of more people. >> thank you. >> is there any other business
8:59 pm
at this time new business for discussion only correlation presentation sandra i didn't moore thank you. >> now. >> good morning commission and ann and at this time i want to thank ann pubically for her blifrp being the head of our department thank you, ann we'll miss you i'm here commissioners to give you an overview of the dignity fund cooperation that is a coalition of nonprofit and representatives from the ada field and the younger disability aging field it came together to look at this issue what is golden going on in san francisco san francisco has the largest population of seniors in any city in california they together with those over 18-years old with disability comprise 25
9:00 pm
percent of san francisco's current residence those 200 thousand residents represent a difference immunities of people a rich mixture of ethnicity and gender and sexual orientation whether loshlth residents they've help to build this city with culture and history nearly 2/3rd's of older residents lack the basic o basic economic security that displace will continue to grow because the elaborately cost of living and the growing number of seniors and adults with sdablths needing look at of pope hope to stay in their homes the dignity fund coalition was put together to look at this to help seniors and adults with
9:01 pm
disabilities to get support in a larger way than we have been in the last few years we did we are in discussion this is a work in process commissioners so this will be we'll come back to you give you an update where this is going going but the goal to come up with a ballot initiative for november of 2016 and this will be a charter amendment the chapter amendment requires 50 percent because one of the voters to support and this the question that was put in a poll we took we did a poll prior to coming to this ascertainment and that poll showed that over 69 to 74 percent of people registered voters will support of the concept of setting aside 2
9:02 pm
percent of property tax to be allocated toward senior services and services for adults with disabilities as you may know this concept of set aside is controversial because most elected officials do not support the idea of taking away the authority of the budget of the particular city and so with this particular concept we've been going to the different supervisors we have 5 supervisors who are supportive of this concept we would like our goal to get 11 supervisors to support the concept and the mayor is supporting this concept we're talking with the mayor's representatives in the department that represent the department of aging & adult services about this whole direction and so we have a lot of work to do ahead a lot of community
9:03 pm
organizes at the grassroots level as you may know this is a because it is a ballot initiative it takes - it is the issue of getting the voters to support it so i wanted to also let you know that this particular fund would support funding for community-based long term services this is not include institutional care serves as laguna honda or san francisco general hospital many of the advocates of aging & adult services for over 25 years has been pushing the concept of community-based care and having people age in place in our homes and part-time and neighborhoods as long as possible without
9:04 pm
institutionalized so serves as home and community long term support and food and nutrition and consumer and caregiver education and empowerment self-advocacy and legal services program and health and wellness and the targeted services and support and new areas such as alzheimer's care, respite care and caregiver support so those are some of the categories that would be included in the funding from this dignity fund and the other aspect i wanted to direct your attention is that in terms of the relationship to you as commissioners you as a commission would therefore because the funds go through our department therefore our
9:05 pm
commission would be overseeing that fund at the same time, we're recommending what we call a governance and overview committee that is appointees from the mayor and the board of supervisors to also oversee this implementation of the fund and administration of the fund as i mentioned this fund b will go introduce the department of aging & adult services therefore your budget b will increase quite a bit f if in place today, the fiscal year 2018 we would have added $29 million to your base budget to give you an idea so that as i said is a major policy direction for the city and county of san francisco and we will continue to give you update as we continue to
9:06 pm
organize towards this if you have any questions i'll be happy to to try to answer them. >> not at this time it is a major policy change and we need to look at make sure we are in touch with all parts of community community because it - people are concerned about the tax praishg and what have you. >> commissioners this is no new tax it is setting aside 2 percent of partitioning that come in every year. >> oh. >> to set aside 4 funding for seniors and adults with disabilities. >> you're right commission. >> you were talking about all
9:07 pm
aspects the city because there are part of our city who also have a stereotype of seniors that seniors are well-off and fine they don't need a lot of happen there's that prospective we have to do a lot of community awareness and a lot of outreach to go into every single neighborhood all the different advocacy groups right now we have 25 he different organizations that are supporting this concept and that's going to increase, of course, because we plan to add more and more as we go. >> thank you. >> any comments from - thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay other new business we've removed the mayor's office of housing and community development and the demonstration programs has been removed we were down to
9:08 pm
announcements we're moving to the last page under announcements. >> are there any announcements at this time. >> any announcements hearing none public comment? any public comment? at this time? >> mississippi any public comment? hearing none can i have a motion? >> to adjourn. >> okay. we move we adjourn. >> thank you
9:09 pm
>> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an
9:10 pm
individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our
9:11 pm
to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz
9:12 pm
and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give >> welcome everybody to a special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance commission for november 9th, 2015. i'm thank you, charles crem nack and jennifer low from san francisco geof and the clerk of the committee, ms. wong. do we have any announcements. >> please science any carolinas and electronic devices and documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. thank you. >> could you call items 1-4.
9:13 pm
>> item 4, resolution adopting findings under the california environment quality act and its guidelines including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring and reporting program and a statement of overriding considerations, in connection with the development of the golden state warriors event center and mixed-use development at miss bay south blocks 29 to 3 and mission bay south redevelopment plan. item 2, ordinance amending the administrative code to establish a fund to pay for the city services and capital improvements addressing transportation and other needs of the community in connection with the events at the golden state warriors event center and mixed-use project. >> item 3, ordinance delegating to the director of public works the authority to accept required public improvements related to the development of the golden state warriors event center and
9:14 pm
mixed-use development pursuant to the mission bay south redevelopment plan. and item 4, ordinance ordering the summery vacation of four easements for water line, sanitary sewer and/or stormwater purpose and two offers of dedication for the portions of assessor's black no. 8722, lot nos. 1 and 8 within the mission bay south redevelopment plan for the golden state warriors event center and mixed-use development of mission bay south blocks 29-32. >> thank you madame clerk and thank you everyone for beinging here and normally we meet on wednesdays because of timing concerns and veterans day falls this wednesday we will not be meeting this wednesday. so i want to thank everyone for coming here and we're here to consider a number of items related to the proposed golden state warrior project and look forward to getting moving. i would like to call mr. vander water to speak on the items. >> thank you, good afternoon. supervisors. chair farrell, madam vander water in the office of
9:15 pm
workforce development. we have four items for your consideration. first adoption of ceqa monitoring requirements at the ocii commission and board and you planning commission. so we don't have a separate presentation prepared for that. i will walk you through the creation of the mission bay transportation improvement fund, and then barbara moyer from the mission bay task force will wrap up with items 3 and 4. before i do that i wanted to give the project sponsor an opportunity to say a few words and invite rick welts, president and chief operating officer of the warriors >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm president and chief operating officer of the golden state warriors and honored to be in front you today. since we piveted the mission bay a year-and-a-half ago we
9:16 pm
had over 60 community meetings including 11 meetings with the mission bay cac, and numerous meetings with the dog patch potrero and south bay neighborhoods, the ucsf, and obviously the mission bay biotech community. through this process i'm pleased to say that our support has been just nothing short of incredible. this is best evidenced by the overwhelming turnouts we had last week in the unanimous votes at ocii, planning and mta. along with that strong support from the first day, we started this project, we also heard time and time again concerns from the community, and especially from ucsf about transportation in the neighborhood. we feel like we have gone a long way to addressing those concerns through our recent agreement with the ucsf negotiated by chancellor's office and barb french. that addresses hospital and local access and includes
9:17 pm
capping of events when the giants are also playing. the ordinance before you is last most critical piece of this puzzle, the means to ensure there is ongoing funding for the transportation services that will be there for the entire neighborhood. the warriors are in strong support for this measure. we urge to you move it forward, thank you. >> thank you, mr. welts. >> the clerk mentioned the use of the four action items before you. i think the most substantive item is item 2, the ordinance establishing the fund, and we'll spend the bulk of our presentation walking through its mechanics. before we do so, as mr. welts mentioned we have been having this conversation for about 18 months in the community, since the warrior moved to mission
9:18 pm
bay and for context-setting it's sites 29 through 32 in mission bay redevelopment project area, mission bay south, excuse me. which they purchased privately from sales force, and that transaction just completed a number of weeks ago. it is a 100% privately funded site acquisition, and construction. there is no city funding within the curb of the site. on-site at the proposal is for 18,000-seat arena. about 580,000 gross square feet of office, and up to 125 gross square feet of retail. it's entirely within the mission bay height limits of 160'. there are 950 parking stalls on-site, and as part of the purchase, acquired the rights to 132 spaces across the street at 450 south street. this is an existing garage to the north of the site plan. and there are 3.2 acres of on-site open space, most
9:19 pm
notably 1-acre plaza off the 3rd street which will be the primary entry from transit and 3rd. this gives you a sense of the level of activity we anticipate at the arena, in addition, to the 41 regular home season games, the tallest bar there, and up to 3 preseason games and of course, nba finals every year in san francisco. we have a number of concerts, other rentals, family shows, and other events at the arena. the capacity again of 18,000 will likely be realized during some of those peak events, the center stage configuration concerts, and postseason games. but due to the nature of the smaller events, the convention events, the theater events and disney on ice type of family shows the average attendance is
9:20 pm
9300 as projected by the eir. a couple of quick visuals. a view of the mid-rise office towers seen from 3rd and south street. this will be the primary site from the new expanded platform, from the t3, the primary access from transit. you walk into the site from the northwest corner. you will come diagonally into that one-acre plaza about the same size as the elevated portion of the union square. and into your first real view of the arena in the distance and the primary entrance. if you recall from the site design you can go around the perimeter to the terry francois side of the water. we had a lot of time in the mission bay and in the community, we have met
9:21 pm
with a number of primary stakeholders, and that included the neighborhoods, the businesses, the hospital, some of the advocacy organizations and that culminated just last month with a number of very critical endorsements. one on october 6th the official endorsement there the university of california, san francisco mission bay and later that week unanimous approval of the design from the mission bay citizens advisory committee. and october 20th, a letter from the life sciences community officially endorsing the project as well. we then went into a series of approvals. unanimously certificated by the office of community investment and infrastructure and the sfmta board. last thursday the planning commission unanimously approved the sign view and ceqa findings
9:22 pm
and mmrp that is before you today. just before we get into the financials, a big topic in the community is transportation. there is a number of very high-profile transportation improvements that you are not doubt aware of, completion of the central subway, the next phase of the t-3rd and fillmore transit priority project, a preferential street on 16th street, electrification of caltrain and ferry ferminal expansion and multi-billion dollar investments coming to san francisco irrespective of the project proposal. sitting on top of that are a number of specific improvements to the site. so once the arena is open for business, we will be decreasing the headways, the time between trains on the
9:23 pm
t-third and adding longer trains. it's currently one-car trains and if you have experience going to the meetings, the great door-to-door service from city hall, but not on a real regular frequency and we'll be addressing that as part of this. purchasing seimens light-rail vehicles, allowing them to go to 2-car train and much higher frequency. we're also adding special event shuttles on 16th street into the regional transit commencings at transbay and terminal building and van ness brt and regional collections and working with our regional partners at bart, at weta, golden gate and caltrain and sam trains. there is a variance in the project to create a new center platform. so when you go to
9:24 pm
the giant's game and go to the central boarding platform, which has the advantage of being both longer and wider and serving both trains in either direction. in addition to transit supply, we have a lot of traffic management. these stars on the map show proposed locations for parking control officers, the mta uniforms that are flushing traffic in the peak directions. there are a couple of colors that may not show well on the screen, including those we analyzed in the eir and those added and a couple of critical ones to the conversations with the neighborhood and hospital to separate destinations. so if you are coming to the arena and looking for parking, you do so on the arterial streets like mariposa and 16th and do not
9:25 pm
interrupt the traffic along the hospital and we'll be diverting the traffic to do that. there is also an on-site management center, much like at at&t park with closed circuit tv and contacts to deploy as necessary if we get an event that draws from one direction geographically more than another and we can shift accordingly. so now into the financials. there is two elements to any financials, one is the one-time upfront capital costs and the other is the operating. on the capital side, we're proposing to purchase four of the light-rail vehicles, to install crassover crossover tracks allowing downstream accessibility to expand the platform as we described and augment powers to train can idle preand post events,
9:26 pm
including when there is an event at at&t park. installing signals, changeable message signs and closed circuit court tvs and upgrating the network. the total cost is over $55 million in 2014 dollars, just so we're consistent with all of our sources and uses. and our projections have one-time project-generated sources of about $25.4 million from the real property tax transfer tax that our assessor received and construction-related taxes leaving a balance just shy of $30 million that we're in active discussions with the controller's office to figure out how to finance those costs. on the one-time side, on the source's side, we contracted with economic and planning systems, the same consultant who did the fiscal feasibility for the original site at piers
9:27 pm
30-31 and updated for mission day and instructed them to be accurate, but conservative in their estimates. by that, i mean, if there is a range of revenues, on any of these particular line items, choose the lower end and be conservative about what you think the project will generate? we also then had keyser marston review these and she'd made sure our budget analyst was heavily involved. the result of that was $14.1 million as shown in line item here. on the uses side, taking the $14.1 and break it down into component parts there is an element mandated by the ad min code and voters to go to dedicated and restrict sources,
9:28 pm
-- the tax measures total $ 2.9 million. operating costs are largely transportation as you saw with transportation augments and traffic management, the parking control officers, totals about $6.1. of the $6.1, $5.1 million is dedicated to the sfmta just less than a million is for the sf police department for added foot patrols in the neighborhood surrounding the site, not on-site. and some extra funds for the department of public works for street cleaning services in the neighborhood. the warriors pay into the mission bay management corporation. and to mission bay parks, that maintain the streets, sidewalks and parks in the neighborhood. this is sort of an added backstop measure during events, to make sure that there are no neighborhood impacts as people
9:29 pm
leave the site. we mentioned the $55 million in one-time capital needs. the delta that we would look to finance results in an annual payment of $2.7 million to cover those capital costs. and that leaves two items. one is a dual event fund and all of our conversations in the neighborhood with the hospital, with the biotech community, a lot of concern was transportation, and specifically peak condition transportation. so what happens when there is a playoff game at one of the sites and a concert at the other? or there is a lot of activity in the neighborhood and keep in mind, baseball and basketball are very complimentary, that world series just completed and nba season just began, so there is very little overlap between the two. in those conditions we have created a dual event fund that
9:30 pm
makes additional funds available to the director of transportation, who is here today, to put into service extra transit, extra parking control, other services to make sure that the flow of traffic gets to where it needs to go. and we'll talk in a minute about the administration of those funds. that leaves a remaining balance of the $14.1 of $1.5 million. we have language in the transportation improvement fund that if conditions even despite all of our efforts in the project description with the million dollar dual event reserve result in significant delay and we measure a couple of routes from the neighborhood out to the regional collections up 16th, down 3rd, up to the bridge. if that gets to be a significant delay, there can be access to these funds. our hope is that we never reach that point, and if so, then we would be generating $2.9 million to our dedicated and restricted city funds and another $1.5 million to the
9:31 pm
remaining balance for a total of $4.4 per year. these are all funds that do not exist today that are all generated by the arena. and this would create a condition where we would put those funds into a controller's reserve account. it's still subject to annual appropriations by the board. we do not have a development agreement or charter-mandate, so it's subject to the annual appropriations, but it's a clear signaling of our intentions to fully fund all of the services to serve this arena in a way that does not deprive service elsewhere in the city. it was very important that we had enough parking control officers to serve the site bringing people off of their existing beats. subject to a maximum annual deposit. so the fiscal
9:32 pm
feasibility analysis is our estimate for today, but in the year of first operation, and at least every five years thereafter, or more if determined necessary by the controller, the controller's office would estimate that maximum fund, take 90% of that and put it into this controller's reserve. so 10% again available for discretionary general fund use. and then create this $1 million dual event reserve. there is built in public review and accountability, if in a future year, a future mayor, or board of supervisors, appropriates less than the amount required to fully fund these services, it triggers a series of public hearings. so that we make that very transparent. we recognize there could be conditions where economics dictate a change of policy direction, but we, absent any of those changes want to make sure those funds are fully
9:33 pm
ascribed in the controller's reserve. as part of the fund that creates a five-member advisory committee. to advise the board the mta, the public works department, the police department, and other decision-makers on the use of monies in the fund this. is both annual budget request, as well as uses of that $1 million dual event reserve. those five representatives include designee from the golden state warriors owner, a designee from the sucf and one a resident from the dog patch potrero neighborhood and the other is a business from the mission bay dog patch, potrero and one if not all have to be members of the transportation coordination committee, an existing committee that grew out of the creation of at&t park. and has been serving for the last 15 years or so as the
9:34 pm
central body for coordination of events and has membership from the public, private, resident interests of the neighborhood and the 5th street is a representative of the district supervisor. so these five representatives would make recommendations to the mta on the use of the funds and doing this in full transparency in a way that could we both serving events at the event, but protecting the interests of the hospital, the biotech community and the neighborhood. with that i would turn it over to barbara and we're happy to take questions and comments >> thank you, mr. vander water.
9:35 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors, i'm barbara moy with the department of public works. what you have before you is first a request to delegate authority for the acceptance of public infrastructure to the director of public works, as well as a delegation of authority to accept easements, offers of easements and dedications to the director of the department of real estate. very straightforward. to give you some background, in 1998 the board of supervisors adopted the mission bay redevelopment plan, and mission bay subdivision code. the redevelopment agency entered into an owner participation agreement which outlined master developer's obligations to build public infrastructure and that they would dedicate the public infrastructure and land for acceptance bit board of supervisors for the city operation and maintenance.
9:36 pm
public infrastructure includes lights, underground utilities, et cetera to service private development. the configuration for the land foyer mission bay was established in 1998 by the board when it approved the final transfer map, including blocks 29 through 32, which is the actual area that we have in question right now. the project is located within the mission bay south redevelopment plan, and is bounded by 3rd street, south street, terry francois boulevard and 16th street. as discussed about mr. vander water, ocii certified the sf eir and public works has adopted findings. the developer [spha-eupbtd/] application for the tentative map for the project in march of 2015. the application is being processed in accordance with the mission bay subdivision code. after action on tentative final map the board of supervisors will be asked to approve a final map, public improvement
9:37 pm
agreement. after approval of the street improvement permit, the public works will inspect the work to ensure that the work is in compliance with the improvement plans and specifications in it and if appropriate, determine that the project is complete. the final step is accept the public infrastructure by the board of supervisors. the request today is to delegate the acceptance of the public infrastructure to the director of public works and grant the director of property the authority upon director of public works' determination of completion to accept, record grant deeds and easements. i'd be happy to address any questions that you might have. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions at this time? much appreciated. mr. vander water, why don't we go to our budget analyst report first. mr. rose. >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page 7 of our report, we note
9:38 pm
that the sfmta's estimated cost of purchase four new light-rail vehicles and make other transportation improvements to accommodate the warrior's projects has been state $55.3 million. estimated revenues generated by the warriors $25.4 million, $previously stated revenue shortfall that is shown in table 2 on page 8 of our report. according to the sfmta, the estimated revenue shortfall of that $29.9 million for the transit improvements for the warriors' project will be financed through the sale of sfmta revenue bonds or other sources and annual debt service projected to be paid by revenue generation from the warrior's project, shown on page 9 of the
9:39 pm
report. the sfmta expenditures for transit services to the project will be paid by fare and parking revenues generated by these services, and the mission bay transportation improvement fund will pay for sfmta service to the warrior's project not covered by the fare and parking revenues and the sfpd, the police department -- city department's estimated annual expenditures to provide services to the warrior's project are $10.1 million and will be fund by an estimated $11.6 million in revenues generated by wattior's project and results in estimated net revenues of $1.5 million, and that is shown on table 3 again on page 9 of our report. on page 10 of our report, we note under the proposed ordinance the general funds contribution to the mission bay
9:40 pm
transportation improvement fund is capped at 90% of revenues generated by the project and ocii's system, economic and planning systems attributed to the warrior's project, generated off-site -- regarding that off-site revenues we state on page 11 of our report that the budget and legislative analyst notes that they can be be directly attributed to the warrior's project. it's noticeble to poverify if changes in hotel occupancy are due solely to visitors who come to san francisco specifically to attend warrior's game or other events at the proposed events center. such increases tax revenues might be attributable to visitors to san francisco who do not attend events at the warrior's project. any methodology to attribute hotel and gross receipts to the
9:41 pm
warrior's project is based on assumptions and not actually accounting of tax receipts and therefore, we do not include those off-site tax revenues estimated to be $1,709,165 and that is shown in the table 3 estimates on page 9 of our report. so our recommendation, supervisors, are on the bottom of page 11 of our report, no. 1 we recommend that you amend the proposed ordinance to specify that if the annual cap of 90% of general fund revenues from the project site and events at the events center insufficient to cover sfmta's expenditures for transportation services to the warrior's project, then the warriors will be responsible to provide the additional transportation services to comply with the eir mitigation measures. secondly we recommend that amend the proposed ordinance to specify that only tax revenues on-site by the warrior's project are included in the
9:42 pm
controller's estimates of the general fund generated for the purpose of calculating the annual fund contribution to the transportation improvement fund and we recommend that you approve this ordinance as recommended. we would be happy to responds to questions. thank you, mr. rose. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i'm wondering based on mr. rose's second recommendation about revenues generated off-site if perhaps someone can speak to exactly how the methodology was completed? i know that based on mr. rose's report retail and office were not included, but if you could speak to the recommendation in further detail, that would be great? >> sure. the supervisor through the chair, office of economic and workforce development, the fiscal feasibility that keyser marston peer-review and the controller concurred with it
9:43 pm
conservative estimates on and off-site. it does not include revenues generated by the tenants of the two office buildings. it does not include sales of the retail that is on-site, but outside of the arena. and where there is off-site spending on parking tax, on gross receipts, on retail, on hotel tax, we have explicitly conservative assumptions. the economic model that our controller uses and the consultant uses and common across the country in planned uses similar types of methodologies, in terms of estimating these funds. and we wanted to make sure we weren't counting things, like somebody who is already visiting san francisco on holiday, and happens to go to an event, or somebody who rents a hotel room in san francisco, that displaces somebody who would be coming to rent the same hotel room for a different event. so we expressly cut the
9:44 pm
assumptions of those out, so that we have a very conservative estimate. we spent a lot of time discussing this, in part because san francisco is blessed with high occupancy of its hotel rooms. they are about the 80-86% occupancy at any given time, but the cost per room night has gone up so much in the last several years. so that we can generate a fair amount of hotel tax on a very small number of rooms. so we are prepared to make some amendments. we have had some conversations since the introduction of the ordinance today to expressly call out some of the neighborhood membership on the advisory committee as presented here today. and also, to separately line item, as part of the controller's estimates of revenues generated both on-site and separately listed those generated off-site. so we can fully estimate these. they are estimatable and invite our
9:45 pm
controller's office or our city attorney's office to add any particular details >> real quick, colleagues, those amendments that will vander water mentioned are reflected in the amendments i distributed earlier. there are some technical amendments solely proposed after public comment today to reflect the neighborhood concerns >> i have one small detail that the city attorney has to hand to you as well. >> okay. >> i guess, chair farrell, members of the committee, budget analyst office and to make sure what our recommendation is and why it's important. we're not actually weighing in on the fiscal financial analysis. our concern was actual general fund revenues are allocated each year to this fund. and as you will see from our estimates, we actually estimated that direct general fund revenues would, in fact, be sufficient to cover the estimated costs of this project. we also had concerns that once
9:46 pm
you start using indirect revenues that aren't -- where there is no actually direct accounting for those revenues could not accurately state those attributable to the warriors and thought it was prudent to recommendation direct revenues generated by the project. which can be calculated based on actual tax receipts. i do want to point out when we also brought our report, there already were some differences from the eps estimate, the most significant one transfer take came in at $3.9 million. so once you are doing those kind of estimates it's really better to have the actual numbers and not the assumed number for the purposes of the fund. >> appreciate that commentary and we can certainly have that policy discussion. mr. rosenfield, if you could touch upon your office's opinions and we had a
9:47 pm
conversation about whether this is subject to annual appropriation so we can handle it that way at the board anyway. >> good morning, ben rosenfield, controller. i will start by pointing out that what mr. rose is saying is correct here, of course, that this will fundamentally involve a projection. but our office would need to make in future years the extent the board adopts this ordinance. we do believe though and do routinely make estimates of these sorts of impacts for items that come before you for consideration. and so we do think while we can't directly account in the same way we can for property tax revenue, we can nonetheless reasonably estimate and reasonably project these indirect revenues that would be generated by the project. we have peer-reviewed the economic impact reports that are before you today. we would envision refining our estimates and our methodology to the extent you adopt this ordinance in future years. obviously once the center
9:48 pm
opens, for example, we have a lot more information upon which to base future projections for subsequent cycles that are envisioned here. for example, one can routinely use intercept surveys and other things where you survey attendees at an event, in a statistically meaningful sample to arrive at what portions may be staying in hotels, for example? so we do think we can reasonably estimate that, but as mr. rose said it really will be an estimate. of course each year you adopt $9 billion budget which is fundamentally based on reasonable estimates as well. we can individually line item the estimate of direct revenue and indirect revenues that we're talking about. and of course, nothing here changes the fundamental ability of the mayor and board of supervisors to not appropriate those funds to the fund in a given fiscal year to the extent
9:49 pm
that you so desire. this is not fundamentally changing the appropriation process that is envisioned in our charter. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions for supervisor tang? >> thank you. on another topic, i just wanted to -- i don't know if it's mr. vander water or someone else from sfmta, just to talk about the public transportation aspect of the project? i know obviously there is alot of excitement about the warriors come back to san francisco, but real concern expressed by the residents on west side of the city, large events happening on the other side of town, there are impacts in terms of transportation to residents. so in mr. rose's report it mentioned with the additional purchases and some of the improvements made at transportation it would
9:50 pm
decrease time between trains from 9 to 8 minute and on paper sounds very little, but to speak to the overall pacts to transportation, given some of the changes you will be making? >> thank you. good afternoon, chair farrell, members of the committee, ed reiskin, director of transportation. i will give you a high-level view how we approach this. really the essential task here, as we went about this was to figure out how to serve the development of the project and the various array of events that it would be bringing to the mission bay neighborhood. but to do so in a way that would not adversely impact the immediate vicinity, particularly ucsf and there was a lot of work done with ucsf, and their hospitals in the mission bay area.
9:51 pm
the other stakeholders in mission bay and importantly the residents of the area, mission bay dog patch/potrero in particular. so the transportation plan we developed was meant to serve the project, but without adverse impact elsewhere in the system. and more broadly, what we endeavored to do was ensure that both the service plan, and the financial plan were such that they would not adversely affect our operation, muni operations in particular. or our operating or capital budget. so that the service plan that was defined and the reason that we require additional railcars, require the crossovers, require the improvements to the boarding platform was expressly for that particular so we wouldn't adversely impact the rest of muni, particularly when events are happening, when the event
9:52 pm
coincide peak hours so we couldn't adversely impact the peak hours. that is the big-picture, if you want more detail, happy to have peter albert come and fill in. >> thank you director reiskin. mr. albert. >> thank you, supervisors. we'll go to the graphic to the screen. adam talked about this slide here that you saw here this.
9:53 pm
was really important for all of the thinking and community outreach that we put into developing this plan. the reason this baseline slide is important because people have the strong experience every day of deficiencis in the mission bay area for transportation. we wanted to make sure we were working from the baseline that is relevant to the opening of the warrior's arena. this represents all the investments happening even if we weren't building the arena. on the background of this, we layer that. and this is what constitutes those extra costs for service for investment that help to make the warrior's plan something to accommodate the crowds, whether it's a big crowd or small crowd. we developed a nimble enough plan that looks at a smaller number of extra buses, a smaller number of extra light-rail vehicles, but can size up to the fullest. event. what we see here is the transportation planners and engineers looking at the network that we know and
9:54 pm
looking at the network that we'll have and figuring out how to still make it work for the neighborhood as a whole. there would be overcrowding on key lines unless we augmented the van ness corridor, touching to the fillmore street corridor and 16th street. that helps hit the bart station at 16th. that helps muni metro and a big number of extra riders on the t-third and also reduced the impact at any one bart station. what is so important is the regional transportation access that makes it work. the second corridor is the purrle one, the central subway, at a pretty robust frequency with 3.5 minute headways. we would need more going into even hour service. so we show
9:55 pm
shuttles using the t-third track into the evening hours. now that was the riders transferreding at powell street, keeping the regional to local connection alive. the third line show what is similar to using at&t transit today, the green line is an service that runs along t-third to the caltrain station and the central subway does too and puts riders at embarcadero. so unlike at&t park which puts disproportionate amount at embarcadero, we have people distributed whether they want to go north and south and include the extra yellow line. a bus shuttle to make sure that
9:56 pm
we are have an experience, that one, doesn't take buses out of other parts of town and hits the regional transit hubs that matter, ferry and transbay terminal. so that is the color diagram for the numbers that show a minimal or no impact on existing service, but to make sure we're accommodating the warriors to the point it's comfortable enough that people want to take transit again the next day. >> thank you, mr. albert. supervisor mar. >> thank you, mr. reiskin and mr. albert for the bigger-picture overview. i just had a couple of questions. so the four light-rail vehicles as part of the funds, how did you come up with that is the need? and where would those four light-rail vehicles go? >> peter albert again from mta. we did an analysis using the same methodology done for the muni forward plan and making sure we were consistent
9:57 pm
measuring apples with apples and oranges with oranges. we know it allows us to look at overcrowding factor that we consider unacceptable. there is say aye point that people don't choose that option or that option bypasses them because it's over crowded. we took advantage of existing capacity. the beauty where this arena is vis-a-vis the timeline, reverse commute in the evening. so taking advantage of the streetcars coming to downtown at the time that we have empty seats. that way we can put people in those seats and taking those into consideration, we didn't need 12 or 9, but needed 4 and still stabilizing the overcrowding factor that would be considered unacceptable. >> we're talking about 8,000 to 9,000 people that was said earlier that would attend a concert or warrior's game and the four light-rail vehicles
9:58 pm
plus special shuttles and that elaborate plan will ensure that that lrvs and different transportation vehicles aren't pulled from different neighborhoods and that is fully going to support the 9:00 people 9,000 people you are saying. >> that is correct. we're designing for what we call the most impacted scenario. the diagram on the computer shows some event gets up to 17,000 attendees a day. we figured how many of those might be driving? we want to be conservative, because if we are underestimating we would get into a problem. we also assigned another occupants per vehicle to make sure it's realistic and also recognized how many people walk and bike. we're able to take the mode splits and worked with a mode split of more -- between a third and 40% of transit mode split and also know that a lot
9:59 pm
of people walk to regional transit. bart is a pretty long walk, but it's walking destination to caltrain. so these are the sort of multi-modal analysiss that are helping us come together. as adam said, the average attendance is closer to 9,000, but we design for the 17,000. because it is the point where people -- first of all, it's the warrior's arena and we know they are popular and will bring people back, but that is how we tested our system. what we really wanted to do was make sure we're smart enough to fluctuate down to the service and not run the more expensive 17,000 arena attendance. >> i had a question on the fund for the pcos, parking control officers. how much is that and how did you estimate that need? >> what we have is a pretty
10:00 pm
elaborate spreadsheet and we could certainly bring it together, but we did a careful analysis of everything mta that included the bus operators. it included maintaining the buses and including light-rail operators and maintenance and crossover tracks. the pcos do have a cost. we worked closely with our manager of safety who knows how to handle special events. we learned a tremendous amount from america's cup and we learned a tremendous amount of what we could do more around at&t park and have as many pcos for the warriors as at&t park cha has which has almost twice as many people going to an event. you see it's not the same every time because we have to make sure we don't burn people out. one would be an unmanaged high-level series of events without respite for


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