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tv   Planning Commission 111915  SFGTV  November 28, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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assess a fee on this project at this time unless staff can tells you that the nuking analysis has been done i would say in central soma or other plans the city is certainly do the nexus study. >> it is a core of any question i'm not suggesting to amend the process had a nexus study is required i'm talking about policy the area is transforming with the specific boundaries to south of market, etc. i think that would be timely for the planning department to gather the other part of city family to discuss value added to the nuking by which we'll consider had a fees we're las vegasing i appreciate that a small core the forward leading thought as i said, i. in support of this what project
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does and delivers in terms of the hpc. >> commissioner richards. >> a point of clarification on commissioner moore's comments from retail to office no fee. >> correct the way our counter fees work they receive a change of use credit they basically get a credit for their existing use and most of the typical fees that apply to this project like or tsf the retail component is a hire you basically pay a higher amount so going from retailed to office they don't they're not a fee that the city basically applies. >> the difference is less. >> correct. >> maybe a point i have taken this note down is there a place where there is a schedule of fees in one place i can be directed to understand this.
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>> the best place the dbi registry where the fees are indexes but we have a case 23.3 the eastern neighborhoods change of fee if you like give me a call. >> the one - and the dbi registration. >> one other question a formula retail use ms. rogers discussions and you this will not require a requesting you. >> correct within the eastern neighborhoods district if a formula retail use were to come into the retail says that a cu will be required. >> commissioner johnson. >> thanks very much just really quick i will be supporting commissioner moore's comment from the central soma and this is not the only
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opportunity commissioner antonini i think r he rhetorical question like two blocks away from this one it is possible that we might have the discussion i'll round it off we're talking about is whether or not we need differentiate within dispenses he intensity the soma after a lot of the industry went away those are low density and many of them retail and pdrs but certainly ones higher in density be maybe a more of a conversation appreciate having that as well. >> common core. >> i assume a motion i hear a lot of. >> there is a motion and it's been seconded. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. just in keeping with that through it didn't speak to the impact fees the check list
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goes through the possible impacts and nun none of them are significant and is public housing logical resources and land use and mr. haney fails underneath the eastern neighborhoods pdr so that kind of answers a little bit of that i guess. >> commissioners a motion seconded to approve with conditions. >> commissioner antonini oar commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes he unanimously 6 duo to zero commissioners that places you under our discretionary review calendar for item 15 on the case at ann district attorney street an abbreviated discretionary
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review. >> good evening. i'm david lindsey of department staff this is a request for discretionary review of a project that proposed vertical and horizon to a second story single-family homes on ann district attorney street between 45 and 46 avenues in the outer richard the proposed third story sixth district from the existing front wall to the existing rear wall the proposed emotion and guess will extend beyond the day and night and first and suzy loftus a 10 foot beyond the rear addition at the first and second story it includes the major remodel and exterior modifications the subject property is one is of 6 single-family homes conducted in the 1920s both
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corners chooshd by larger buildings the massing the 2 of the 6 single-family homes have been altered two doors to the east has a setback third story and the house to the etc. of the subject property extends to the front and rear thirty wide by 90 feet deep in the rh1 district the rear property line abuts the side and rear yard of the property that fronts on 46 after the exist front yard is thirty feats and the proposed depth is 22 feet the dr requester is many is mona the owner on ann district attorney street east of the
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subject property many 134 west concerns with the property according to the dr application she has concerned with the single-family homes will be converted to 3 united without adequate parking and a concern that the proposed massing and occupancy are greater than those of surrounding houses the project is originally submitted significantly larger than the project and the residential design team reviewed the project twice and have comments that result in reduction of the height prior to the neighborhood notification being initialed the rdt reviewed the project in the advisory committee of dr requester the rdt found the project is appropriately designed through the use of setbacks that provides the spagsz to protect light and air and including the
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dr requesters house while the enlarged subject building provides generous space not units they requested a modification to the proposed windows on the front facade the modifications have been made does for the create or and staff asked to take dr and approve the project. >> thank you dr requester you have the first 5 minutes. >> thank you for having us here to review this project
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i believe this project will negatively impact the characterizations of this neighborhood and street for the following reasons the owners proposed to build the 3 story building 4 stories in the whether or not 2 appears the owners will build a 3 unit building each underscore is designed to be a stand alone residents and not modified to the entrance this is designed to be a 6 bedroom project allowing a one car parking space for project this size will negatively impact the parking on our street there is not sufficient parking on this street to sort of a structure of this magnitude we're built on a steep hillside the structure has a greater massing on the streets the mass and magnitude of this home can
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compromise the foundation especially those with the zero lot lines currently, we have to retaining walls on the home one retaining wall below the houses and one at the rear lot line i believe this was the support to our homes as a result of being built on sand in the richmond district will the city require an engineering report and a geological survey to make sure our properties are safe i currently have solar panels on my roof the fourth story will block the solar energy to my home please review the solar act of 1978 that applies to us you
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can't block sunlight i provide extra copies the ear extension of the fourth floor will interrupt our private enjoyment and comfort women the views and light it will effect our quality of life for a joining property owners who have lived on this block for almost 50 years all setback this strictly be observed our way we share with the owner is a second means of egging regress these buildings were built 90 years this will not augment it with light could cause harm or injury for people attempting to leave the premises and create drainage and needing problems if this is higher -
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they want to split the walkway and make their homes higher so maybe drainages and flooding problems going into our property the home on the west side share a common wall what will the damage be to her home and mine as a result a modestly this i want to ask for a continuance to have additional wanted to confer with our neighbors and their architects and possible forum with the planning association for the richard or richmond district a nonprofit organization we vice president had a chance to have a friendly exchange or dialogue with those folks they just have not made themselves and their architects available to go through the blueprints and answer any questions we've had
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thank you for considering our case. >> okay. thank you. >> we're now going to call speakers no support of dr requester. >> i have extra materials. >> okay leave it on the bench right there calling speakers in supportive dr requester. >> good evening thank you for allowing us to be here i'm sandy i'm the neighbor who has the common wall with my neighbor those houses are unique it is just that one block on ann district attorney between 46 and 45 on think south side from the bridge of the hill in 1928 they were built and a duplex style
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they have a reverse plan with a beautiful view the bedrooms on the street side and have a reverse floor plan but we have that darn common wall to that like siamese twins one the twins will be really big my concern for the integrity of my house i want to make sure that the city really keeps an eye i'm sure my neighborhood doesn't want the retaining wall to crack and fall in on him to the address he talked to the architect he wasn't too sure about the retaining wall we need to have smart people in there and also i'm going to lose the lighted from the front of the
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house facing east because of penthouse and in the back of my house the extension of the footprint come out an additional 8 feet that blocks with the whole morning sun on any deck and master bedroom just comes past my deck i'm going to have this big house right there and windows are on that side i can touch the person in that house so i have no privacy people on that side have windows looking into my master bedroom so you know, i want you to know there is more to this that's been satisfactorily looked at with i've lived there 45 thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> >> good evening, commissioners i've lived in the neighborhood since april of 2011 across the street my husband and i moved there with my daughter of 4 in the character of that street oh, part of problem when those folks starred this project no communication with the neighborhood at all there was the notice and an additional meeting but it was very acrimonious no questions answers the initial plan 6 thousand square feet home it is ridiculous if in neighborhoods nothing like it anywhere nearby and since then a couple of meetings no questions and no attempt to integrate what is a otherwise end together neighborhood i too have concerns about the house in that that is a 6 bedroom house that seems out of
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character with the existing there i believe that the current plan called for a 35 foot home it is reduced from 65 but much more on the houses i live across the street in a home that is a bit over 2 thousand square feet one of the larger homes in that street and one that is 35 hundred secret a out of step the other concern i have this is i apologize a little bit late to the game i have one copy i can hand out we had an architect review the plans and it seems to me according to this architect that the plans don't actually match of u up to the permit some of the addition is wrong on the plan and didn't match the permits by in some cases even as much as a foot excuse me. so again, it
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is an example of not knowing exactly what is happening with this home and finally simple like to make the point to address the precedence in the neighborhood there is a corner unit this is 3 stories high that payroll was built angle supra floor in violation of permit and payroll the only penalty assessed was that the owner couldn't rent the top floor for one year in addition to the house that was mentioned there was an additional done to that house done illegal they built it and i want to point out that some of the as opposed precedence for building a structure so big in the neighborhood is dubious at by itself thank you for your time.
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>> good evening my name is scott i own the house next door a contractor in san francisco the one aspect that has not been discussed this is a hill there's a huge retaining wall behind the house 25 feet and four homes essentially this lot is not buildable they're looking to push the envelope no analysis on the retaining walls that are behind there one of the retaining walls is part of on existing house below any problems during construction or earthquake there could be possible problems there needed to be an analysis i want to see that pushed where we can do those plans are no engineering so we don't know what will
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happen with the build normally you push those plans you approve e.r. not it goes to engineering and the engineers will redo it if he decides to do a huge process what will happen how much will they disturb the soils and also the neighbor sandra has a continuous response time behind her house they'll cuz cutie am looking at those plans not bids those without structural plans it is a language of destruction right now only a concept to approve this i'm sure that the architects concepts you're leaving out most of details i'm against it more thoughtful and analysis last week anyone any
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architect will tell you the thing. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi commissioners i'm kathy lengthy live on ann district attorney i've lived there for 25 years i really am here to support my neighbors who are more directly effects by those projects this particular project because of all the things that have been raised the side issues and the significant hill, the lack of dialogue we've tried to have meetings we've gotten no answers i would agree those are conceptual plans with engineering needs to be computed into this
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and really please allow us to have the time to really look at this project and for the experts to make their comments so that done in a fashion that didn't destroy other people's proposals their light and view and solar panels thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is ernest i live on ann district attorney streza st. >> i've concerned we've had too much traffic on the road we live on a hill people like to park up
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and down anza street and concerned about the precedence this project will set expanding the footprint of the house of a house that's going to encourage the robbery of the project throughout the richmond thank you. >> you want to say something. >> great thank you. >> thank you. any additional speakers in support of dr requester not seeing any, property owner project sponsor you have 5 minutes. >> i'm amy lee here representing the project sponsor michelle lee we'd like to be speaking brown-bag as well as and lisa and paul residing in the residence currently, the project sponsor is seeking to renovate a
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single-family homes to reconfigure the homes for the parents mobility this provides age additional 60 square feet there are 3 primary concerns of the requester not sure where the thought of or concern of adrc the additional units has come about we're looking to renovate a home where she can accommodate not only here parents but future parents in the single-family homes with an additional of a master bedroom at the thirst level it is a full third level with a massing of the setback requirements on this level i think the previous plan the original plans were submitted by the architect i might have lead to confusion miss labeling the
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rooms that perhaps in the living room her father will stay and use it as a bedroom we've substantially corrected the plans to make sure it shows accurate labeling of the rooms looking to provide for an overall 4 bedroom home the second concern this project will increase the mass and this is incorrect the footprint we're proposing is the same depth to anza i believe is the requesters address and this height and it matches east of this property the restoration the names doesn't propose any occupancy of the renovation will add square footage to a single-family and in addition in our packet as you can see the aerial photo one as well as the photo two it shows the neighbor properties this is
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a much smaller home the neighboring properties have expend extended their properties significantly as well and the third particular concern a mason's that michelle lee was a foreign national willal and trying to profit from this project it is incorrect mission bay is a citizen who emigrated here and graduated from uc berkley she's assigned to work in asian as well as san francisco maybe that's the my understanding but this is an investment and a permanent home for the parents and future family we had many meetings with the neighbors i believe in our packet there's been most recently a fourth meeting on september 29, 2015, when i came on board amuses e-mails and
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numerous opportunities for discussions and micro tried to address the concerns some confusion request language and inability to explain the project in meeting with the neighborhoods in september the overall concern the neighbors in the parts previooposition didn' follow the planning code and didn't seek any permitting process so they were concerned for us to make sure we make sure of the permitting requirements and to that end ms. lee has been working since be late 2012 she purchased this in 2011 and made steps with her first draft in 2012 was a plan that the architect showed what she could do maximum capacity and made
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changes to comply with the guidelines and the building code and we've got a second architect and replaced the previous one and in addition 3 planners assigned and reviewed by the residential design 3 times i'm surprised at the opposition we'll deal with the structural concerns and absolutely marshall make sure with the planning department we have a engineering and make sure that will be done in a way that preserves the integrity of the neighbors. >> thank you calling the speakers in support and jonas offer a little bit of clarification there are speakers that are part of project team. >> on this those speakers can speak in support of project not part of team the project sponsor
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didn't get 3 minutes anybody they've hired to work on the project as much as the architect not afforded 3 minutes. >> she can make her comments under rebuttal. >> okay. thank you dr requester you have a two minute rebuttal. >> if you choose. >> okay. so project sponsor you have 2 minute rebuttal. >> good evening commissioner and oh, my dear neighbors i'm the property owner michelle
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after thirty something years living in richard or responding i have my preliminary residence when i was young i went to washington high and graduated from uc berkley any current job i'm working on requires me to travel to do my work i always been hoping to have a home for my elderly parents my future family and myself. >> right after i bought this home for my parents and myself i started the planning process this planning process in the last 3 years has not been easy for me i want to insure what we're doing is in compliance with the planning and with blamd and also that counts plan be in harmony
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with my dear neighbor so we have a total of four neighbor meeting in the past 34 years the intent is to make sure that the black and white plan they're looking at they understand it and address any of the concerns however, many actually most of questions being raised are from imagination not the black and white that is shown it is easy if we have a 3 unit or these are not the intent not easy to answer the questions that is not from the reality and then. >> thank you, ma'am, your
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time is up. >> the commissioners may have additional questions okay. the public hearings is closed as commissioner moore. >> i want knowledge the applicant it is sobering to hear i've not heard this that makes me uncomfortable i think one of the reasons why this project is potentially not fully understood in the way it is written mr. lynn 61cy i have to ask the project in terms of the middle guidelines those are leaves out an important part to which we're asking for i have to ask about other cases and we're behind the projects coming forward in a critical dr people need to understand the relationship between the existing and the proposed
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project having said that, the issues in the dr given that this project will be reviewed by dbi and all the standards for for soils and structural and rvlts effect on the joining foundation is not what this commission considers in a dr if this project only come forward with a slightly perhaps more informed drawings a little bit sketchy not drawn with the kind of information that registered architect will brick forward to show e but that aside the project is within the code and the project is indeed approvalable the only question i have kind of like really stretching it perhaps i'd like
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some feedback did the design review - i don't want to raise suspensions. >> we did review this not only through the residential design team at staff level but we have guidelines for review what we call ground floor rings for the very reason that sort of scouting out for potential illegal units so we have concern requirement they have to meet
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one of these an open staircase we have that and we also limit we look at the bathrooms and wet bars in this case in their providing a full bathroom and no wet bar we allow one or the other from an assess point of view if you want to see this is potentially independent assess from the outside but not beyond raising the questions i possible see and trust this indeed is suggested for its purchase as it is prepared and for that reason i can't see that the issues raised with the dr requester rise to level we'll consider to deny this project so it is not
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there so i have to move to approve that project not take dr is it possible including what i see here. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i have similar concerns with the ground floor maybe the project sponsor can answer some of my questions this is the garage that is it looks like you're not get too much
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here. >> a more open living she - he may not sleep in the bedroom downstairs but in the family room so we really were mindful the ailing parents monitoring that looks at more open and in particular this is michelle hopes to find a husband and at some point wants separation from her in-laws. >> this is fine the new master and two bedrooms for potential children on the main floor but i think if that that bathroom were
12:38 am
set back it would. >> we can look at that. >> less constrained in the front and don't need a really long walk into the closest. >> her parents have a lot of stuff to keep together but we will look at that. >> that's the original thing other than it is reasonable. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i personally can't participate in telling other people how to live that is it is what it is but we're tdr interested in the project and it's approval it to code and the issue that i raised regarding using it as a separate unit or potentially using it has been vetted by the department of the standards to use i'm prepared to move to approve approve the project as is because i can't
12:39 am
tell people how to live. >> commissioner richards and i want to echo about the 3-d drawings that really, really helps i strong encourage it. >> from what i understand from talking with the architects it produces a 3-d drawing as a the other project sponsor before us if you do that i'll appreciate it. >> commissioner antonini. >> to staff that was no feeling any light and air impediments. >> commissioners we did look at that as art of residential design team residential building between the dr requester and the subject building 3 feet 8 inches or of inches to the east and the
12:40 am
project sorry the dr requester has a setback along there side property lines so the project is setback from the vertical addition and even with the rear wall at horizon maintenance the setback on the east side and actually includes a 5 foot setback on the east you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a motion hates that's been second. >> on that motions approval of the project. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and place us on general public comment which i have in speaker cards. >> okay general public comment
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this evening. >> can i ask that mr. anton is renamed rather than mr. lee. >> yeah. whatever it was fortunately. >> it's a glitch in the old monitor. >> on our monitor commissioner antonini read mr. download i didn't and okay. no public comment the meeting is adjourned thank good morning, everyone.
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name is ed reiskin, director of transportation here in san francisco. which among other things gives me the great honor of operating our transit system, muni which is one of the busiest transit systems in the country. and one that is really important for san francisco. it's how a lot of san franciscans get to work and to school and around the city and how a lot of folks who visit the city and a lot of people who work in the city get around in the city. it's a really important part of san francisco. we are always working for ways to make a better experience for our riders. we are really excited to be here today. let's talk about the launch of our muni mobile and we are
12:43 am
already seeing the benefits. without further a do, mayor lee was planning to be here but unable to attend unfortunately but we are happy to have ben mattranga. please join me in welcoming him. >> thank you. mayor ed lee was unable to make it but he's very excited about this. we live in a very busy city and we need a great transit system. this is about choice, this is about giving folks more options, more choices for how to get on transit and have that customer experience. thank you for coming out. i did today from city hall take
12:44 am
muni mobile and have about another 60 minutes to get back to city hall. thank you all for coming out and make sure you download the app and use it. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, ben, as you know the mayor has coming together with city departments and to embrace innovation that is going to add value and service and this is the epitome that embraces innovation and bring positive value and there is a lot of innovation that will question whether or not that brings value and muni mobile. great improvement benefit to our riders. we were only able to do things like the launch of muni mobile, of bringing technology and other improvements to this system when we have the leadership and support of our board of directors. i'm pleased to say for this and for every other positive thing we
12:45 am
are doing for muni, we have tremendous support and leadership and guidance and direction from our board of directors. i'm very happy to have both the chairman of the board and our vice-chair here to say a few words. please join me in welcoming the chairman of the board tom nolan. >> ben, i will try to cut it down to less than an hour so you can make it back on time. the board of directors is presiding over a very complex agency. we look at all kinds of ways to make the system more reliable, faster and more convenience for everybody that uses the system. there is more than 7,000 a day. this is really a great benefit for tourist and occasional users. i'm very excited about this and look forward to seeing it a big success in a short time. >> thank you, cheryl brinkman, vice-chair of board of directors. i think this is going to be a great advantage for our riders both
12:46 am
regular and casual. i know when i travel, that's what i look for is what is there to help me use the transit system of the city that i'm visiting. i know visitors are going to flock to this. thank you for being here. [ applause ] >> thank you, so, what is muni mobile? right now we basically have two ways for people to pay for their fare on muni. we have cash and the clipper card. the clipper card has been a wonderful benefit for our riders and used well by our more frequent riders. it's a card that stores cash and passes. a very easy way to pay and nearly half of the people who ride muni now, nearly half of the trips are paid for with a clipper card. so it's really been, when the people who use it love it and it's been a great advance for
12:47 am
regular muni riders. that said, we still have about half of the riders who are still paying cash. these are folks who are fumbling for change and dollar bills when they get on the bus or the train they are stuffing their dollar bills in the fare box which is both an inconvenience for those folks and it also takes time. the whole muni system is slowed as people are digging for change and stuffing the dollar bills and coins into fare box and there is cost for us because we have to process that cash. we have people running around emptying those fare boxes and counting the money and moving the money to the bank. there is a lot of logistics and cost associated with that. what muni mobile does is for those who don't have a clipper card and those who choose not to and maybe because
12:48 am
they don't ride muni often enough or maybe they are visiting. what it will enable people to do is use their smartphones. most people have a smartphone. they download an app from the android store or apple store. it's a free app. it's developed by globe sherpa to bring muni mobile to our riders. you will see how easily they will say what kind of rider they are, a regular fare, senior, youth, disabled fare, what kind of ticket they want and they associate it with a credit card or pay pal because not everybody has a credit card and they pay with their phone. it's a flash pass. they don't have to touch the clipper reader.
12:49 am
it's not paper. it's on your device. it's secure. it has significant security protocols to make sure nobody is going to be able to hack into your phone. it's safe and easy for our fare inspectors or station agents or operators to see. there is animation that you will see in the demonstration that let's them know it's a live ticket and not just a screen shot. it will make it that much easier for the folks who don't have clipper cards to be able to avail themselves of modern technology to make it easier for them to get on our vehicles. it's good for us but most of all great for our riders. i wanted to acknowledge that. i want to acknowledge john, our director. his folks that are trying to keep the buses and trains moving and the fair boxes maintained. so anything we can do for them to get
12:50 am
less cash on the system is good for the system and the riders. i want to acknowledge sue, our communications director and her folks are working hard to make sure our riders know about this and use it well and know they have options. as ben said, the more options we can give to our riders the better. and mr. fox, our chief performance officer. our main driver on this project from inception to getting a beta test out which has been running the beta test for a number of weeks now to getting to the point where we are launching this today. with that, now that you've heard about it, we want to give you an opportunity to see it and the person that is best able to show it to you is the chief executive officer of globe sherp a. again the firm that we partnered with. please join me in we canning
12:51 am
glen sherpa, [ applause ] >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. i will keep my remarks brief so we can jump no -- into a demo. i couldn't be more proud with the partnership with the mta staff to make muni mobile a reality. i want to give a shout out to the ambassadors and all of those that made this possible. we are going to make it the best that it possibly can be and we really appreciate that. muni mobile is incredible. it's the leading technology in the capital of the world. for us innovation is about simplicity about buying a ticket securely and quickly at the palm of your hands with this phone. i will jump right in and show you a little bit about this. as you are watching this, i
12:52 am
want you to think about mobile not just being here for the day but long-term. this is going to allow us to add new features in san francisco. in the coming months you will see increased functionality like spanish language support, cantonese language support and enhancement for accessibility for vision impaired riders and that sort of thing. muni mobile is more than just about buying a ticket, but about making it easy to get to the places that matter. with that, let's walk through the basic experience. i will start from the beginning. i open my transit application and i will select muni mobile. am i in the way, by the way, is this okay from where i'm standing?
12:53 am
all right. i'm standing to the side. we can do this again if i'm in the way. okay, all right. basically muni mobile is as simple as buying and using a ticket. all i have to do is come into what we call a navigation drawer where i see my options laid out very clearly. by selecting buy tickets i'm drawn to a selection menu where i address two easy steps. i select what kind of driver i am. i'm an adult and we can have reduced patrons, senior, disabled. i select regular adult and select the fare that makes sense for me. you can see we have the muni bus in rail fare all the way to bus pass fare.
12:54 am
you notice when i select fare it pops up in the cart. globe sherpa utilizes the cart. all i have to do is checkout. in this case i have been using pay pal. my preferred account. thank you to pay pal for their support. i appreciate it. these guys rock. as you can see i have got my visa card and i checkout with pay pal and the app tells me it's purchasing on the fly. this will go in realtime to the back office to purchase the ticket and here we are with the regular adult cable car fare. so you can see i have been purchasing quite a few throughout the day. here is my regular cable car fare and when i'm ready to get on the cable car, i select that fare. it asks me are you sure? let's do it. i use the ticket and this
12:55 am
launches my ticket. this is the version of the digital ticket on muni mobile. applause is welcome. thank you. [ applause ] >> so what's beautiful about mobile ticketing is it's fun and exciting and beautiful and add ed mentioned this is a highly secured system. as the animation shows this isn't just a picture, it's a screen shot. by tapping my phone you see the color change components on the tickets. this isn't a rerecording of the animated ticket. likewise you can see my fare at the bottom corner and a blinking expiration time stamp. we take a level approach to security to ensure this is a valid fare. once i'm done, all of my tickets live in the my tickets screen of the app where i can come back and use
12:56 am
the ticket again. if i wanted to hop on within the expiration time, i simply relaunch and there it is. the great thing about mobile ticketing is you can purchase tickets in advance so you don't have to think about it. you can store it for future use. one thing, if i'm talking too much, give me one of these. one feature we care about is that transit is a social experience. we know people ride together. if you click multiple riders. i can use two tickets and use them together so my friend and i can travel as a group using just my one phone. [ applause ] >> you will notice a lot of people have asked the question, there is a little code in the bottom right hand corner, a qr code or quick response code. this is a security measure that
12:57 am
global uses to ensure high security. payment officers will be equipped with a special device, an app that allows them to scan, decrip and see the qr code. it's a way to make sure the ticket is in fact valid. let's go in and we'll show you a couple of the other features here. if we go back to the navigation drawer. we have handy tool that lends us to the mta trip site. i can see the arrival time and when my bus is coming and when it will arrive. that's the beauty. you use buy ticket, use ticket. that's where we are. all right. so one last feature. this matters for people who want to keep track of their purchases. if you click on the bottom at my account, you see the profile here. i can manage my password. i can
12:58 am
come into my billing information and any of those pieces but very importantly i can look at my transaction history. in the case that i can requisition my purchase with my employer, this is a great feature where i can come in and see just what i bought. another piece and i will wrap, there is also a website for muni mobile. i will encourage everyone to visit it. on your mobile you can purchase from your home computer and it will show up on your device. for people who have fast fingers, boom, you can do it that way. i will stop there. ed, anything else? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's pretty impressive. i want to thank matt particularly for the $7 he spent on the muni fare that i don't think he's going to use. that's more revenue for us. a couple things, he didn't show
12:59 am
you the actual setting up up the account. he had his visa card, he didn't show us his number and his pay pal account. when i downloaded the app, i went to the android store and download td app and the entire experience took me about 15 seconds. for a teenager that maybe 10 seconds. it's really really easy to use which is phenomenal. it also works for paratransit. it shows you the type of rider you are. at the bottom is access, which is our paratransit service. it not only works for buses and trains but for paratransit fare as well. i think the multiple tickets on one screen is phenomenal. particularly for visitors. there is a lot of visitors and
1:00 am
parents and teenagers. if you are buying fares for the whole family. another great feature. we are very excited about this launch. we think it's going to be a great thing for our riders. i want to thank you all for getting the word out because we want our people to avail ourselves of this. are you buying more tickets? >> no, my grandparents were calling me. >> okay. keep buying tickets. that's it. i think we are going to stop there. and maybe i will ask travis to come up in case anybody has a difficult question. thank you very much. if anybody has any questions, now is the time.


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