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tv   Special Joint LAF Co BOS Public Safety Committee 121115  SFGTV  December 14, 2015 11:15am-1:31pm PST

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people in san francisco and over lafco our cleanpowersf program also they've proposed a new fee for the exit fee for the power electrical power from pg&e when people customers go into the cleanpowersf program the proposed fee is called the what is is called mr. fried actually trying to draw that up. >> you're talking about the exit fee. >> yes. >> the public charge in different power charge in different adjustments. >> the power charge in different adjustments. >> correct yes. >> so the impact of those two fees own the program for cleanpowersf would reduce the funds we have available for
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build out and could make our program less competitive with pg&e and preventing us from the robust roll out and less funds to do build out this is a direct attack against our cleanpowersf power program two resolutions to say ask the california public utilities commission not to approve those increases that is dramatic two increases for the residents i think that is important to talk about some of the things going on behind the scenes that's been going on earlier this year we put on two measures on the ballot the lafco and city put on proposition h that was really about move forward with our cleanpowersf program and have a clear statement about what kind of
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energy we're producing the iuoe under stern have put out their own version of the property g do undermine our effort would be they realized that the city was probable going to prevail on our measure that would not be good for them and their measure would lose and it very well well, did to you make sure they're not attacking our measure and stern from i b w worked very much to try at one end promote the measure he was going to try toy kill prop g earlier this week, i was tarnishing to mr. stern he
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said the energy fee that is working its way to the public utilities commission was all but settled our resolution before us today regarding the metering was really not important anywhere i don't believe that is true and talking with lafco jason fried sdrook interest the california public utilities commission has not made a decision on the net energy metering and talking to a liaison who is here in 9 puc who's name a cody he said the decision is not made either so here's what howard stern told me are signed the metering decision is pretty much set nothing it
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changing and i don't believe that is for what i've been hearing that is true things are locked up between ibw and the california public utilities commission to present and let us know what we have before us. >> sure jason fried executive director for lafco on those matters i've invited speakers if a statewide level and have presentations on each of the items into a local level how it impacts san francisco directly so we will take them in the order on the agenda and our presenter from solar to present followed by a receptionist in the san francisco environmental department talking about the impact the lafco and the pc i a
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and having lean energy present on a statewide prospective and have the sfpuc how to impacts us with that, i'll call of sue huh-uh h h sue is an do the presentation and the next presenter after that. >> convalescent committee members thank you. i am supposed to say sfgovtv goes to the power point so, yeah i'm susan the west coast with go solar a nonprofit advocacy organization that is working around the country to bring solar into the mainstream about the efforts to slow down the rooftop by attacking and
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policy called net meters we're in the middle of the debate the commission has not made a determination i could talk about this topic for many hours but keep it to 5 minutes as a context to start important to note we're reilly in the midst of a rooftop innovation in san francisco we serve 3 percent of big incurs demand the average price has dropped by more than half by 2009 and tripled the solar on the rooftop since 2011 and seeing 2/3rd's of the rooftop solar installation happening in lshgsz neighborhoods it is good news for the state but prompting a backlash that seize it as a
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threat is their directly attacking net meters not only in california but dozens of other states across the country an explanation of what net metering and simple method for crediting people so when a roosevelt is producing more energy than the confers needed it get sent back the grid owe the skpz sell it so the metering makes sure that the similar customers get credit it allows their meters to roll backwards and give us full retail credit for kilowatt for the clean they're paying the utility when necessary buy the hours so legislationer passed it
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in the early 2000 and have it in place across the country but in 2013 in response from the utility the legislator passed a law that told the commission by the end of this year determine what the net goals should be when they reach a 5 percent cap what 5 percent of the peak demand is served by the rooftop solar and pg&e will hit that cap around the middle of next year and so all 3 of the utilities as a proceeding in the puc have submitted proposals to end that 3450er9 and drastically reduce the solar bill saves and each utility proposed a different proposal but at pg&e they have a host of different proposed changing reduce the bill by more
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50 percent that ends the metering you get the same credit for what is returned to the grid and on top of to add a 3 there's per kilowatt monthly demand charge it is pegged to the maximum demand that a customer buys from the utilities so it is hard for residential customers to predict we see anywhere in the country the utility has levied levied a demand charge the customers don't know their maximum demand will be and it is difficult charge to manage more them as well to pg&e is proposed to disallow rolling over the bill credit that is part of our net metering structure and they've made other proposals i'll not get into detail but you know it is essentially if pg&e proposal was adopted by the puc it will
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drastically reduce the savings to the customers and dramatically slow down continued solar growth and so you can all utilities they've proposed this combination of reduced to credit for exported clean energy and add fees on top of that for solar customers so you might be wondering you know how which of that is impacting the solar customers bill in pg&e territory and that gets complicate because it matters what the customers demand and the size of solar ray and so on we crunched the numbers in an analysis to the puc look at an average residential scloo solar customer in fresno a hot spot for the
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state right now this graph shows a customer who is under net meters the status quo and have got solar with a no down payment even though up as many solar customers do on net metering the customer saves over 20 percent a month before they got solar but pg&e's process is adopted by the puc the savings go down to 3 percent you're talking about a decline of more than 80 percent in solar savings to customer under the pg&e proposal compared with net meters so you know in response to those attacks from the utilities we've got a number of pro solar voices including my organization is advocates for the preservation
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of net metering and for californian not make it more expensive for low and middle-income and an out power of the preserve more comments as in the puc has seen on any issue we have a very broad coalition of voices from city government to save organizations not only organizations urging the commissions not to adopt but stick with the metering so where we are in the process raw the c puc about issue their appropriately decision and another a round of applause do comment and thirty days before they adopt a final decision
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won't happen until middle january so definitely time for the city to weigh in and definitely think that is a great idea if they decide to do so i'll stop there for any questions. >> from our last comments were nothing is definitely soda up. >> the proposal has not been issued so - >> by no means decided. >> so permanently no decision on the proposed decision. >> no proposed decision out yet. >> and the proposed decision public input and we get to see that public input can influence what comes out in the final. >> exactly often changes between the changes and the. >> you've answers my next question. >> how common is that.
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>> it is quite common the commission seize heavy lobbying by stakeholders who want to make changes so, you know, i think in this issue that's been so important to the public and controversial i think there is absolutely more time to look at this from the commission. >> thank you. >> commissioner crews. >> thank you so much for your presentation it is remarkable that the different solar customers in fresno 0 no will see to have the net metering changed do you have numbers for san francisco. >> unfortunately, i took this out of an analysis earlier this year i think that the results will look not too much different than san francisco but fresno
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customers buy more energy so probable the impact on savings would be somewhat less in san francisco but still looking at pg&e proposal adopted a severe reduction in savings all throughout pg&e territory. >> i more example friends that bought a house looking to add solar panels and people that are you know financing their solar panels and they're looking for the cost association the cost savings association with the build in order to pay for the solar installation do we see them going underwater with solar panels. >> one thing to note the puc potential of net mooefrt will apply for customers that go solar in the future after the
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utility hits the 5 percent cap if i have solar the commission says you get to keep the program for 20 years and move over 0 the new program is the puc is you know they're seeking to provide certainty so if you're under the current rules you'll stick with the rules the question what are the rules for the future customers. >> right so people who before all of this financeing you know flexibility is offered to go solar people that went green early on are going to stop being the seeing the benefits. >> yeah. for current customers and customers went solar in the early days when is serve years ago they will see good savings but this is going to throw you
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know a possible big change in added fees for solar customers and create communication in the market for customers that have solar and those going solar if you look at a whole bunch of confusing fees and demand charges it is really going to put a chill on the market from the simple system of solar to a complex and that's one of the reasons we've urged the puc we have a program that works well, we're macro solar affordability to ordinary californians now is it so not the time to change could you say but to maintain this program and keep reaping all the benefits. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner campos.
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>> what is the what could possible be the rational by the utilities for what they're proposing we'll open this up for public comment what are they saying trying to understand. >> the one side. >> yeah. can anyone keep a straight fast, no pun intend. >> as i've said i think their ulterior motivates on in their part the argument making sure that all customers including the solar customers pay their fair share for the grid what is the fixed costs every customer should be paying pg&e incentive to have their rate basis is the idea is we're moving into a
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future with a distributed grids customers will provide clean green choices the idea not for the utilities to build out the expensive grid and require the customers to pay for it ever they don't need it yeah pg&e argument has been around solar customers shouldn't be allowed to zero out their bill and not pay towards the sgridz the fact solar customers pay not zeroing out they're bill they're paying their fair share. >> okay. thank you commissioner mar. >> thank you for the presentation i just wanted to add my $0.02 he feel pg&e's out arraign and the other utilities out arraign forecast it
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disincentivizes but grad glad you made it clear i have a question i'm not sure you can answer may cal or other from the department of the environment but in the materials it says about 5 thousand san francisco homes we know of have solar installations or 5 thousand solar installations around san francisco that that are similar 10.5 megawatts do i know how is are low and you mentioned solar in homes is expanding to more low income and middle-income homes. >> i don't know that offhand i know there was recently a report that look at the average incomes of the zip codes for solar being installed over the last 5 years a distinct move from solar in
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higher income neighborhoods i don't know what the politician for the solar already installed by the across the country as the costs come down most of the installations with disconnecting of in case of less than 70 thousands or less. >> maybe cal knows about the 5 thousand installations are we seeing an increase in the lower and middle-income homes. >> thank you commissioner, i can't answer that question but certainly try to get an answer for you. >> to finish up my political $0.02 pg&e's actions are outrageous bus the climate submit and the protests around the woodland is out praejz what
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is happening around the public utilities commission. >> thank you commissioner mar and sir, thank you for your presentation so i have two maybe hear public comment or an explanation of the changes from mr. fried's and public comment. >> before we do that we have cal has a quick presentation how to impacts california before we get there. >> commissioners, thank you very much i said to painted a picture of a larger picture we're electrifying our electric vehicles moving away from natural gas to electrify our spaces heating we need more electricity resources and we the more we have in house in san francisco the better off we are what is proposed with the net metering is more difficult part
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of the charge of the department of the environment to think about green house gas emissions so i want to point out that the pucs our puc sfpuc go solar with the metering has installed the 7 hundreds plus solar installations in addition those are providing about 23 megawatts of capacity the late number and want to make the point we've been employing people prosecute disadvantaged community in those programs as well as installing solar throughout the city including the southeast and other parts of city that are lower income and finally the point i think not been in the comments before those improve the reliance we're working on a project to provide batteries and
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scombrrg storage to back up the systems when we have a major broad-based quarter we have resources that will come from rooftop solar not a solar installation in the valley the more we can do to put the solar on our rooftops that improve our conditions here thank you. >> thank you. >> so chair avalos to have public safety and neighborhood chair wiener to take the a good deal of and read in the amendments those amendments are a quick synopsis they are clarifying and clearing up up a few things we've produced that and gotten feedback from go solar about technical changes that are necessary we took the comments and your staff he
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provided edits and something that the public safety committee tapes not a lafco item i'll get into that at the ends the difference and what the public safety neighborhood services committee and after reading those amendments sgoerd and then we should if you want to get public comment on this item or have a presentation on the pc i a i'll yield. >> do pc i a read the comments or do the presentation all the stuff together. >> if you like. >> i'm not clear what i have. >> maybe. >> so i would do at this point call up shawn and she'll do the presentation on the pc i a and
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have sfpuc do that and the amendments then. >> okay. >> thank you he everybody nice to be here i'm shawn with lean energy jason can you help me with queuing up those slides. >> super. >> thank you. >> before i get started into this topic i think that will be helpful to set context and let you i know i was asked to give a 5 minute presentation high-level and brief i'll be happy to answer any questions but what is the definition of this power charge in different adjustments this is a long term form f 50 an exit fee it is also categorized as a departing low charge an
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annual calculations based on the advantageing the pacific gas & electric has engaged in or entered into on behalf of the customers and so in order to keep the fundamental rate payers whole you have to pay a departing low charge for the case of community choices aggregation or cleanpowersf and want to be clear at this point we are not disallowing the need for a low charge we understand that is an obligation in particular not necessarily so much of the utility but the fundamental ratepayer is not unduly impacted by the departing load has to do with with the way the p kay is calculated and the
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mitigation strategies to handle some of these more intense rates we see proposed this year with that, we'll sort of recap what we see as the owner currently before the c puc. 2016 it is scheduled to go up nearly 100 percent in cleanpowersf case actually a little bit over 100 percent this is the highest in history so it is unprecedented that estimates or calculates out to 2 point 3 cent and kilowatt hour the communities have to add into the generation rate to for the wholesale power rates from the market in order to then come up with a full rate at the end of the day needs to be competitive with pg&e you can imagine a 2
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pointed 3 kilowatt hour charge is actually pretty hefty charge but this means for cleanpowersf is a potential hit of $8.4 million in 2016 that is just for a partial year and only for phase one customers you have you're rolling out a modest phase if i look at 24 over the course of the program actually a potential for a much larger financial hit going forward peninsula clean energy the ambulance in san mateo that is $40 million in 2016 and that is also 2307 for the phase one program and the pc i a has a hard hits on care customers they rely on programs that help them meet in their olympics low income customers that are undial
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burdened by 100 percent increase in the fee per it also reduces cleanpowersf and other cia ability for the clean power this is something to have into our rates it effects our revenues and the ability to have the excess revenue and definitely creates uncertainty in the marketplace we believe the effect is anticompetitive it is essentially contrary to save policy the policy requires corporation from the utilities 19 it also requires the urban bundled customer is made whole but some things in the calculations that satisfied both needs the other issue at hand the calculations are done in a black box manner commissioner last week knowledgeed how calibrated
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those calculations are the costs in ass not to my knowledge uh-huh annual calculations are unknown because of the cost information was not available to 9 parties our question what are the assumptions underlying and what is in this quote quotes black box it spits out a fee that potentially approved by the c puc we know undermines the california public utilities commission go credibility of the end result that brings us here today to a number of remedies that have been proposed we are hopeful an additional decision to the proposed decision before the puc potentially schedule to be heard on december 17th and
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potentially defer a final decisions into january giving me additional time for mitigations to be povrnl considered >> one of those to increase transparency and craigslist by conducting and third party audio and verification of the calculation and more importantly the assumptions underlying those calculations what are the contract that are going into this black box and spitting out this number we don't know what is going into that we that will be helpful for the puc to have the third party verifies they're given comfort they're about to approve is valid the second mitigation that has been suggested is to consider a balancing or smoothly account to mitigate those types rates as i mentioned this is unprecedented doing so will is an annual came
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it could be 15ers or 50 percent but something that provides some relief with the ability to amnesties the balance of those over a period of time so you have a smoothly effect and not have this hit on rates the figure out is to request to open a preceding at the sfpuc other issues about the exit fee including a potential very visiting obvious iuoe circulations u calculations work the memories and the policy behind that as well as how long does the p ccii kay cia we don't see a - they're no longer able to procure but monopoly has been defined so those are the
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remedies that lean as suggested and many others that have merging with the commissioners we don't know for sure there is relief for the 2016 fee some indication of a willingness to engage if the structural fixed to the p cia that is a step in the right direction if you can join us for to press conference next thursday december 17th prior to the commission hearing we'd love to have supervisor avalos or anyone else a number of local officials to talk about the impact of the p cia on their program and the program going forward so with that, i the finish my remarks and i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you for your presentation and thank you as
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well for the invitation actually, i will not been able to make that i have my kids i take it school at it time in the morning but well, my fellow commissioners to be able to go if theirable. >> thank you. >> and work with jason fried to see which one of us can be inherited over to the press conference. >> very good thank you. >> okay commissioner mar you're name is the only the roster okay. >> commission. >> thank you. i have one question. >> it was a great presentation thank you. i thinks that is very complicated and to stay within the timeframe was high-level going back to one statement you said you thought
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no relief in sight what do you mean that pg&e is not required to procure energy on behalf of the p cia how did it play into the p cia a continual charge. >> as far it's been a continual charge ongoing discussions when a when does it at the end pg&e entered into a contract maybe 25 to thirty years at what point is there a cross over between that timeframe when the p cia halls procedure the power on behalf of the parties and is obligation to pay the load theoretically it should be wrenching down over time and go away at some point some said it should go away
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after the first year it is not feasible but after 10 years they have the ability to go on the market and sell the contract the p cia is calculated on the benchmark price and what they cracked for we want to make sure we are innovate liable for the loads and the calculations is fair and that there is in no way a double dipping or making money and turning to and chair mar us. >> forgive me if i'm new to understanding p cia it is a dual component there's a something that the ratepayer pays and the p cia pays isn't that correct.
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>> yes. but the way it works the cca agency scombetsdz the p cia charge so ultimately it is bundled into the overall rate for the customer. >> so the customer doesn't get this you know thanks for leaving you owe us x amount of dollars it's rolled into the future bills with cleanpowersf. >> yes. >> if i understood you correctly but the bottom line in other words, for the program whether it is cleanpowersf or lean clean energy for them to retain competitive they have to take into account the generation layer in the exist fee and the administrative costs and come
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out hopefully competitive to pg&e and this year we know for sure for example, lean energy will be more expensive. >> thank you. i understand it but thank you for clarifying it thank you so much. >> any other and colleagues, any other questions okay. anything from staff? ms. harold >> good afternoon barbara hale assistants general manager for powell at the san francisco puc thanks. taking the time to review and lean and marshall for reviewing the p cia since for the last couple of weeks we've been pulsing over how to reset our cleanpowersf plan to in the event if pg&e is
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successful in their request at the california public utilities commission our commission on december 8th adopted a resolution similar to the resolution bra you today it rejects or urges the california public utilities commission to reject the proposal pg&e offends it ports it asks the puc to support the ultimate resolution as ms. marshall described that helps mitigate the impact of the p cia request ton cca programs and p cia customers and finally the sfpuc urged the p cia to reexamine the calculation method and the application to
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cleanpowersf program and other cca programs in state law requires that the investor on collect this fee to maintain the differences for the remaining customers to other domineers departing the san francisco public utilities commission it in challenge it san franciscans san francisco is made up of bundled customers and you know customers that will join the cca program we need to keep both the ratepayer groups incomes and we're asking the california public utilities commission to do the same they should be keeping in mind the bundled customers by the but the cca customers it is not at all unusual for the california public utilities commission to
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apply it's practice on a rate making issue and see the result oh, that is has a heavier impact on customers and rate payers than we think is appropriate quarry moderate that the puc resolution requests them here and the resolution bra requests the california public utilities commission to do to moderate the impact we've spent sometime today, i spent time talking with california public utilities commission staff i think that the issue one of the issues that is most troubling ms. marshall be mentioned it pg&e the proceedings that pg&e's asking for making in request is a proceeding that started back in june of this year parties had an opportunity to review the materials, to put
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their point of view on the formal records on november 5th is when pg&e changed their request to make it a more dramatic higher than previously requested in june that was november 5th, november 13th shortly after the assigned administrative law judge grantdz pg&e request when we look back then on the filings the filing that pg&e made on november 5th i have with me going to the transparency issue this is a filing that pg&e made with tremendous amount of redictated we cannot see >> a this is a more than a tremendous amount of redacting. >> we can't see the calculation so part of what we're asking the california public utilities commission to
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pause look at the real calculations here make sure that they understand it can and moderate the impact on our customers and going forward look to see how can we assess a charge that protects bundled customers and didn't unfairly hits the cleanpowersf and other cca customers commissioner crews. >> you were asking a question specifically how to affect cleanpowersf customers like other ccas we're doing when we are proposing rates for the cleanpowersf program as we're trying to make sure that customers will be neutral to whether you you know on a bill basis to whether they're in the cleanpowersf program or in the pg&e program we know that pg&e is going to include on the
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cleanpowersf customer will include on their charges page the exit fee times the kilowatt hours a separate charge each customer will see we've tried to do in setting our generation rate to take that how far take into account it means we have to be 25 percent cheaper in our our electrical supply has to be 25 percent what we were cheaper in other words, to be cheaper pg&e so we're when ms. marshall said we're amending that we're saying you're costs have to be cheaper by the cost of the p cia in order for our customers to have no bill impact by joining our program. >> okay. >> so that i think this is i'll stop there and take any
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questions you may have thank you. >> thank you very much i don't see other questions so why not go ahead and hear from our director jason fried. >> i want to do a quick summary and giving us an understanding from the board of supervisors you know we have a couple of resolution in front of you i understand technical amendment to the resolutions today and that's a good way for the board of supervisors to go that is best if they do it set up a committee report so go in front of the the board of supervisors on tuesday and they vote prior internal revenue to the meeting the c puc especially from the skraik from a lafco prospective looking for the final reductions on the letter
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writing side and things like that lafco what about more nimble and support what the sfpuc and lean is doing stone the p cia and support what the department of environment and the go solar and other net merchant we'll be taking part that's little directions i'll be encouraging to give the instructions when 33 these 24e7kz occur between the merge and draft letters the chair then reviewed them and gives the final sign off that's generally, the way it is downey done in a supervisor has a on or about we'll incorporate you into 0 that loop but draft the letters with the chair giving final approval with the lafco i'll recommend at this point and still, of course, have to have
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public comment on those two items actually. >> great so why not do public comment first actually what we have before us a technical amendment i passed out to my colleagues adding a few words here and tloo there to see the expectations of the california public utilities commission could be just changes in the title that referenced to solar customers and changing language that go helps to clarify around the net energy metering and it is really minor changes here and there on the second one around the power charge and different adjustments adding a line that jason fried discussed a therefore, be it resolved and this is not
12:04 pm
underlined by the board of supervisors directs the clerk of the board to transmit copies to the california public utilities commission and the san francisco's representatives of the legislator that's the last on the line that of that the power charging adjustment resolution that's new okay. so we can decide to bring those we'll vote on those amendments or the public safety neighborhood services committee will vote on those amendments after public comment let's go to public comment. >> good evening commissioners eric brooks with the san francisco green party and the local grassroots i come forward with the clean power advocates and are for the energy choice
12:05 pm
that hepatitis to lead the charge in sacramento to stop bad bills that will undermine community choice so i'll just stick to the exit fee the plaintiff cia fee because of limit time i lean has done a great job of calling your attention and dust kicked up and getting public comment unprecedented public comment to the commission on this but i would kick it up a notch we have a number this p cia charge was happening and now a situation where there are 40 the last number i saw 40 city and counties cities and/or county pursuing the choice and la that county is pursuing 20 or more so
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pg&e and the other utilities know full well the market is drastically changing and a lot of the services territory will be taken over by community choice program what the p cia i'll call you to ask for it to be rapidly changed it is left the the way it is it sets up a situation where corps like pg&e not only the choice program will stand up to the territory can sign up for 20 and thirty years knowing the next year x number of customers and those customers will be dinged in perpetuity for the 20 and thirty year contracted so this is -
12:07 pm
>> hi a point of order we should get double the times i'm jed i co-coordinator and spent time on the board a party to the puc and definitely involved in the p cia we've worked on the deconstruction of fossil fuel and provide a healthy future not without turning on the clean power those issues are extremely critical a climate crisis we need more 5 percent of residents to have solar on their roof and heard from the gentleman about the resilient so it benefits everyone and the only party is
12:08 pm
the corporation that didn't benefit that wear discussing as far as the puc i'll make sfpuc and make the comments again, the pentagon proposal is to instill fear statewide and effect the public policy that by g a dictionary dispensation is economic terry recidivism a hostage taking with 8 and a half millions pictures rotted away from us money from the peninsula it is unacceptable the public didn't have a big role with the san francisco public works i'll urge to get involved with the c puc supervisors to move the pools actually this hearing an is 17
12:09 pm
despite all the feedback they've heard the p cia charge patrol is still it on the consent calendar this is the level of respect for the process we have over there this 8 and a half million dollars is real money we'll have here on behalf of the appellant. >> do you have imagine to add. >> yes. thank you. >> we heard from the sfpuc hearing they'll been losing be potentially 8 and a half million dollars in this the plaintiff cia increase goes through we've think thinking how to use this money back into the promissory note program we tell them the mask of the community choices going devotes this is is transfer of wealth and for money for build outs going instead to a maneuver in a conceptual way
12:10 pm
it is poor planning by this year corporation to be back stomped by the public not happening in any other industry i'll back up under brooks we need to look at the blunt of this but the funding of the p cia thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> dashing through the snow in a solar powder slay over the city hills we go green power all the way. >> bells are again to ring keeping spirits bright and bright i hope the item turn out right hope that goes well and hope it is swell and hope it sells oh, what fun to ride in a solar powder sleigh offering oh, no
12:11 pm
place like solar and green be able for the holidays and no matter how far away you room if you want to be economical in many ways for the holidays it great powder energy way to go . >> (clapping.). >> well, i guessed that is taking my green ride to a whole new level is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed and i think this is where the public safety neighborhood services can take over. >> chair avalos any questions
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about the amendments can we adopt the amendments for the net metering item without objection. >> and thank you let me say two different items before us and if no questions we've heard public comment can we. >> the new on the power charge on the adjustment resolution that you combined asking the board to send a letter to the california public utilities commission and to our representative that serves the city for this c puc not only a lafco motion but for the public safety committee and it this is for the public safety committee. >> so for the p cia can we accept that amendment without objection great on both items support 0 those with the with a positive recommendation.
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>> look forward as a committee report. >> so moved. >> and moved to the full board of supervisors on tuesday december 15th and doing that without objection thank you. >> back to the chair avalos. >> other items for the safety committee or close that one out so we can adjourn the public safety committee and go on to the lafco. >> any other business before the public safety committee. >> there's no further business. >> we'll conclude that public safety and mr. chair they need to witch over to lafco. >> okay. we'll pause a switc >> okay. we'll pause a
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minute. >> sfgovtv is really. >> very good and so those items are open on our lafco agenda jason fried. >> they're open on the lafco staff 80 so we have it read into the record to take part in the letter writing campaigns and to work with the chair to get those letters done in a timely fashion. >> okay commissioner crews. >> i wanted to make the motion to have the staff to write the letters on both matters please. >> okay. thank you
12:15 pm
and i think that's a motion and seconded by commissioner mar and take that without objection i'll work with jason fried on working on the letter. >> okay thank you very much and let's go to our item number 3. >> item 3 the approval the lafco minutes from the october 23, 2015, with the san francisco public utilities commission. >> colleagues, any questions or comments on the minutes okay let's go on to. this is related to our minutes so no members of the public we'll public comment is closed. and item 4 >> you need to take a motion to approve the minutes. >> so moved. >> okay thank you and seconded by commissioner mar and we'll take that without objection.
12:16 pm
>> item 4 the community activities report for a report on the clean power and b status on the california public utilities commission. >> okay ms. hal welcome. >> the general manager for power at the san francisco public utilities commission i wanted to provide an update if i may how we're doing with the clean power program marching towards launch on the november 10th we made a presentation to the commission that dooementd the business plan the reflex that we were facing and our strategies for mitigating those risks the revisions relief talked about the p cia we reran our model and looked at the stability of the program we on the 10 were able to an november 10th able to
12:17 pm
inform our commission it looks like a 8 percent operating margin that we'll be funding an operating reserve we'll funding a rate stabilization and providing a gastroproduct with very a good basis of financial so we'll be able to grow the program and ultimately get a credit rating more sufficiently reinvest and along the changes that pg&e is asking for in the administrative law judges is saying yes and we ran the fingers it shrinks with the new numbers and funding an operating reserve no longerable if edging
12:18 pm
successful no longer able to fund rate stabilization reserve the importance of the reserve having that reserve allows us a returning give us an account we can turn to for contingencies like a change in the p cia we'll not have to immediately pass those costs onto the customers but absorb them until the next opportunity to adjust our underlying costs so that cushion having that lost that cushion is concerting we made the presentation to our commission of the changes on the 8 of december we are still moving forward their comfortable with that we are watch a number of factors the pg&e change being one that is was the one more
12:19 pm
impactful between now and the first of the year or the first week the first of the year of the new year we'll be getting a price refresh from our suppliers and hoping to see those costs come down and we are going to finalize the negotiations with those bidders 3 active bid option one bidders we're talking about with two active specified renewable projects we expect to finalize those over the next two weeks and have the pg&e raised come in on january 1st, we'll know what the rate is we're competing against the generation and the p cia not only will we expect to be acted think or defenders by the commission on
12:20 pm
the 17 of december; right? on january 1st pg&e is scheduled to publish new rates based on a number of decisions the california public utilities commission is making is on january 1st, we'll have a new rate we'll have a calculator on what the p cia is and able to do the math to fourth we know what our costs say we have the best and finally over from our suppliers and know what pg&e rate is costs are on the plaintiff cia and able to say okay. can we cover our costs and including funding and operating reserves at a rate that is .25 percent less than the rates pg&e is charging today, if we are able to say
12:21 pm
yes, we'll continue on our large number path in not at this point that's when we pittsburgh hit the pause bottom in between and then continuing to work on refinancing the numbers looking at and ooefg what sort of a mitigating factors we might be able to recommend to our commission if we do finds ourselves on the pause path also known as to the launch path wear expecting to be on the launch path blue in the expectation we're wrong so our schedule remains the same. >> just i'm going to pause you right now. >> yes. >> what do you mean if we were to pause what will the range looked like and the time i understand you have to look at
12:22 pm
contingencies i'm not what that means illegally how our program is considered by the california public utilities commission but in terms of their decision making but i get nervous when i hear the word pause it feels like all the work you've done and the puc has done could seriously be a waste of time so, please let me know what you mean by pause. >> to what i mean by pause staff has been given direction to launch this program assuming we're able to over service at a rate that is affordable they've defined affordable as being a rate that is zero 25 below pg&e. >> i heard that.
12:23 pm
>> yes. and so we will know what pg&e's recreate is on january 1st, we'll know we've been estimating our costs; right? using the bids we've received from the suppliers those - the approach we're taking consistent with outing how things work in the electrical market they've over us a best and final price wherever we ask for that we will when we know in the pg&e rates are that supply is 70 percent of our costs of the overall operation of the program is it it is a fundamental piece of our cost pie reporting or; right? once we know what the actual supply costs are and the actual pg&e rate then we'll be able to judge
12:24 pm
when a whether we meet the affordability yeah. our costs below can we offer services as 25 below pemgz and recover our costs. >> we'll ton do so if he can we'll got rid of if not the question about the pause part. >> okay. >> is that like a pause that is - >> - >> a better rate if pg&e. >> what i mean us looking at i know we've not been able to change pg&e rate quickly; right? that's a long term advocacy efforts but we'll be looking at with the pause what are some of the other tools we have available to modify the cost of
12:25 pm
our program we for example, have a target power content our green offering of 35 percent if we're not able to launch the program not meeting the cost benchmark consider reducing the 35 to 240 we'll be in compliance with stating an option that lowers our operating costs we could look at it and we're 86 looking at modifying the mix of customers that independence the receive stream eco system a mexico of customers that have more business than residential that might provide us with a revenue stream that allows us to afford to provide the service at that you know extensively
12:26 pm
affordability. >> i have a lot of resistant it is down the pathway of paws i'm worried about that i have a lot of questions i feel like it is a slippery slope to start talking about what the pause i was not contemplating that right now. >> i'm trying to demonstrate to you that we, keep is short. >> what. >> if we're not successful with our advocacy at p puc if the costs coin higher are reprepared and thinking that is, yes we are. >> i. >> now is not the time to
12:27 pm
discuss that. >> i would rather do is that closed session. >> commissioner crews. >> i have a question on timing if we should have a pause to reevaluate to configure the program to still lead with affordability what can that mean in terms of launch date? >> we're telegraph hill knowing to minimize the launch date we need to begin the opt out process in mid-january to stay on our path of the lauven in march so any dwla on that in january would cause a delay in the actual start of program and
12:28 pm
again, we're not expecting to be there but i just want to assure you, we are prep and thinking it through if we find ourselves put in that position. >> thank you. >> director fried. >> jason fried exclusive officer i don't want to jump go into a hornet's nest but what is the worse case scenario they have not yielded participated and right now their staff is foouth kwhaepd in pg&e they like to mess with san francisco what if pg&e is figuring out a way to come in cheaper we've testify grafted not higher than per diem and so they're trying to figure out what happens in those cases there is not a pause in the
12:29 pm
program i do feel that the staff and everything they're working towards getting getting the launch they're doing their due diligence to anticipate if pg&e 2r50iz to mess with us and put a price out there thereless lower than other anticipated lake the p cias charge they mess with our finances you know with feed to is have a discussion the financial needs to be there i will or know they've been ward's on the avenues what occurs the one benefit we have pg&e is getting a lower price we should be getting a lower price for any contact wire mirroring the market in pg&e is laboratory lover our hopes are contracting will be lover it therefore we'll
12:30 pm
oath set and we'll get a launch i see the work their staff is doing internally everything is full steam heads but calm the nerves no one is expecting a pause the staff is part of their commission wanting to make sure that he everyone is on board from a financial stand point commission said he's happy with the work they've done all the worst case scenarios they've been able to deal with any worst case scenario and they're continuing to go down that pact one thing i wanted to highlight i don't see a pause not any their staff is foouth how not to be a pause in the program and i heap that one january comes around we'll see the program moving forward. >> yes. i don't want to cast anything on the puc staff but
12:31 pm
get freaked out there isn't a lot of carol about what decisions will be in the california public utilities commission that makes we worried i am concerned about this giving air to what where we are right now is that doesn't make us feel like we are doubtful but other people maybe a closed session discussing the matters or rather than having it you know before us - >> i think it make sense to talk about it pubically as well that is my concern. >> i agree with you completely and each of the elements eave heard this outside the chambers i ask the same questions i think we are working on the same path
12:32 pm
to move forward we can and have our agenda when mergers are the next lafco will be after all the decisions are made but try to schedule a meeting in january if something needs to be scheduled or right after the holidays if i want to have it closed session and staff can have the meeting with each personal individuals. >> let's have a meeting in between and then. >> why not move to public comment any public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners again eric brooks with all the groups i've mentioned previously those are in the various capacities is just to we had a pretty good meeting with staff last monday and they kind of reassured us to
12:33 pm
the extent that breeding e director fried did it looks like the price of renewables is going do you think that's what your hearing so the likelihood of a pause is pretty unlikely, however, it i would also agree with the notation of the having lafco and the board of supervisors ready to have lafco ready to have a special meeting in january and the supervisors ready to act in case pg&e plays games to the board of supervisors can pass whatever legislation to undermine those pg&e games and keep the 0 program on track so - at the puc meeting on tuesday advocates cleanpowersf advocates and outlets whoirldz supports the
12:34 pm
commission decision to go ahead and vote for their package and their business model moving forward and we think that the things look good but be prepared for january in case of the games one quibble in the business plan staffed agreed to sit and pleading will be involved the frontalss for what the build out starts in the best plan are 2020 and enernex is sooner that that basic where we do it sooner hinlz on the financing so that's little with an thing to should tell with staff to get the build out started within a year - >> thank you. >> thanks jed from 350 sf
12:35 pm
again, we had a good meeting with staff and i think the sfpuc meeting on tuesday was a positive one i just really wanted to give from an outside prospective kind of back up with director fried said you know the sfpuc staff is under pressure from their commission from members of the commission to really look at the worst of the worst and protect basically the rest of the power enterprise that could happen to clean power i think that it is important to keep an eye on on the fact that puc really potentially taking more direct measures to halt the launch of this program than
12:36 pm
previously but i think at this point the way for us to move forward is to hopefully do this together outside organizations the board of supervisors, lafco and the sfpuc to basically move forward as a city tee help undermine what the correspondence of the regulated monopoly might be don't go certainly they can watch those meetings and everything is out in public verse the redacted record we say early i expect when the rates come out in january they'll specifically be geared to take a loss for a short time to gain a competitive interest in other community choice programs we can't do anything about that but work together to be trickier and dirtier than they are for a
12:37 pm
future i want to back up the sfpuc staff the 8 and a half millions of they're required tee account for how this money is distributed because of the commissions request and despite this large hit they maintained to their commission they were very certain to move forward albeit it with a smaller margin and reserves than they like we back up them in getting positive and focused on doing this question agree this is happening no matter what they throw at us we'd like to collectively surpass that thank you. >> thank you very much. >> just a corrections on our public comment it was tremendously redacted and also i agree i do in my
12:38 pm
comments to ms. hailey said a tremendous amount of work your staff has done and don't want to lose sight of that so this is an informational item next item. >> item number 52016 lafco meeting schedule. >> director fried. >> executive director jason fried in the package the proposed dates for 2016 how we distributed how we came across for it to o thousands meeting you have the schedule in front of make a motion to accept that schedule and put that in as our regulating schedule meeting we may have a joint meeting but for the calendar 2016 when we were we'll be meeting.
12:39 pm
>> before that go into public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak and public comment is closed. and a motion from commissioner crews you want to an our schedule. >> i think i tediously director fried i'll not be here in february i'll be traveling for the moss month. >> okay. >> everyone else okay with the schedule can i get a motion from - motion from commissioner lindo commissioner lindo can't make a motion. >> the motion by chair wiener and commissioner campos without objection thanks for making the motion though. >> next item. >> and item 6 executive director's report status update with the city and county of san francisco can do to increase the
12:40 pm
voter turnout. >> so jason fried our executive director office and also thank for the commission we'll have those in february for the utilities itself for the report we're continuing to move forward with enrique the intern has been reaching utilities to the academics we have a meeting schedule next week with the department of the elections that john is interest we'll ask him perspectives and we're starting to reach out the community groups we're continuing to be in the raven phase my hope by the middle of january had all the meetings we need to have and drafting and reporting so at some point you know ends of january beginning of february timeframe we'll have a rotator and put it out there
12:41 pm
commissioner crews you want to look at the drafting process we'll don't we we can and i'll avoid all in one big blast i know you have that request and his own that request once more in depth and if any other commission wanted to hair the draft it is very early draft we'll have but i'll be happy to to share what we have that's all i have on the study itself and the only thing january is normally the election of chair and having to keep in mind for anyone that wants to stay in their positions within the bodies as far as chair or vice chair those happen in january that's all. >> commissioner crews. >> i have a consecutive statement slash question for
12:42 pm
director fried. >> i in terms of of the report voter turnout i want to reiterate i want to make sure that our research is reaching out to the youth commission to go talk about the vote. >> yes. we've talked about i pefrm sad with the youth to talk about that. >> super thank you commissioner londo. >> i've been receiving the nominees and know that is not always easy we'll continuing having the e-mails trying to at the time set up the meeting. >> i maybe coming to some of you the most responsive if you have a relationship with that
12:43 pm
that group i'll come to you to get those meetings acceset up t you. i'll let him know that. >> between the last meeting and this meeting i preenrolled for super green for cleanpowersf and founded a it was very easy to do less than 5 minutes so i'm my office is putting out information a newsletter how to sign up and if people can talk about the program it goes a long way i know that commissioner crews has a whole stack of packet and been swell at getting that out don't our part that would be helpful. >> director fried. >> i've been helping the puc to do the community meeting
12:44 pm
you're correct 50 percent signed up for super green it was very easy to do so people should be encouraging all the commissioners office and commissioner crews got the cd what a bunch the low log these i'll be happy to to work with the puc to get you that information. >> great on the executive officer's report we'll open up for public comment. >> eric brooks again with all those groups good afternoon, commissioners and first on the last point that was raised and to the public that will hopeful watching this hearing we build that cleanpowersf is definitely going to start in april of next year things are looking pretty good and you caprice enroll for
12:45 pm
the program it will be lower price than pg&e or a few bucks for more for 100 percent as the chair said and to the public you do that easy go to that is one word and get our energy if the city not pg&e i want to raise and point what happened in the november 3rd election really made a powerful statement about process we need to include in how we educate ventilators in the last election for mayor 3 of the campaigns purposing ran together as a bloc-vote 1, 2, 3 for us in the process of their purposing running together they did a lot of education to the voters on
12:46 pm
how and why to do that that is the first time it any candidate in san francisco if you look at the previous election and this election how rank worked out both mayoral it was profound a lot more voters knew and properly transferred their votes to candidates and resulted in one of the candidates getting 33 percent of the veto a providence defensive than the last election which was none of that candidates getting much at all to let's - >> thank you. >> ted long time san franciscan who's regularly baffled in and december gusted by our low voter
12:47 pm
turnout when people have dying around the world to have a stake in the future i think unfortunately, our society is convenience space i did a lot of data analysis on this election for a campaign that plain clothes officers mentioned and ink we have under half the registered voters vote when you take the eligible they could vote you can't force the horse to drink to water but lead the horse are better to water i hope we're looking all mail ballots and there's rank choice voting education unfortunately, i see the ads on muni permanent the only person that looks up at that in trying to educate peep
12:48 pm
in the election voting in this cycle the goal was to say eye rate voice e choice voting how you oozed use it and trying to clear up misconceptions the departments have spent millions of our money trying to clear up those campaigns as well intended they're not penetrating so increasing the turn out helps but when people feel like not only the 39 proscriptions they don't understand they don't understand how to vote for their choice no further so rank choice is great should encourage people to vote thanks for the education thank you. >> seeing no other members of
12:49 pm
the public coming down public comment is closed. >> general public comment is now open and seeing no member of the public general public comment is closed. and next item. >> >> item 8 future agenda items. >> colleagues, any future agenda items any public comment? and seeing none the future agenda items are closed public comment and adjournment. >> we're adjourns behalf of a
12:50 pm
the staff at st. anthonys it is great to have your here this morning.
12:51 pm
[applause] >> here at st. anteanys work with people who are homeless and those on the virj of becomes homeless and what we have sheen more aunch unforch-footly than not is people that feel isolated and excluded so very happy to see when the mayor has something to say about the homeless pop ylgds he comes to the tenderloin and st. ancyanys. we insisted those we serve the homeless in particular are not the problem, they are brothers and sisters. the problem has to boo with us and the way we structure our liferb jz cities and thijsss like that see great to see when we want to do something about homelessness the mayor is coming forward and making good proposals for
12:52 pm
how we can solve our problem, not fix the homeless. >> [applause] >> there are a lot of people here working for years on that problem. it is a problem for the whole community but it is also one we need to thitsy to step forward to help us do so we welcome the mayor in his remarks today. without further ado, i would like to recognize a couple people here that have come and been long involved ing these issue. angela alota is here today. from the san francisco interfaith counsel we have mikem pops and rita chimal. supervisor marc farrell is here. supervisor jewel jewel yechristensen and all the
12:53 pm
department heads here of the city and all the community based organizations that are represent. thank you for coming and welcome to st. anthony's >> good morning everyone. thank you all for being here. let me begin with just comment about some things that have occurred in the last 48 hours that i know are on peoples minds and want to address that right off before i get fl to had body of the speech. but i want to start out with some words about the officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the bay view and rutted in the death of a man. let me first say
12:54 pm
that any time, any time, there is a officer involved shooting i take that extremely seriously and so does our chief. i have seen the video too you know, you look at the video and you just-before my words came out, we were yelling drop the dam knife. i already spoken to the chief and there will be a thorough and transparent investigation of this incident without delay and know the public deserves this and expect it and i expect it as well and will make sure the community knows all the details about this. i also want to take a moment of silence with all of you to remember the victims of the tragic and sensely shootings in san dern bernardino yesterday.
12:55 pm
our thoughts are with the victims and families and the people of san francisco grieve with them. but you know, you know what they really deserve? those families deserve action. deserve the congress that will stop this madness, stop and by enacting sensible limit ozen deadly fire arms and they need to do that now. [applause] we cannot just accept this. we cannot just accept this. thank you. thank you. and again, good morning everybody and thank you for being here. first again i want to say thank you to the [inaudible] and barry for hosting us this morningism barry you
12:56 pm
and the staff for helping the needy and velinable throughout the city is a inspiration to me and it is never tiring to cut turkey with you bury. i also want to say thank you to our elected and appointed officials and community leaders and pleny of the non-profits providers are here this morning, thank you for joinsing us today. i'm very proud for being reelected your mayor. this is a wonderful city and want to say thank you to the voters of san francisco who believe in our solutions oriented and collaborative approach to solving problems and have asked us to return to do more. thaupg for placing your trust in me for the next 4 years. this is the greatest city in the world and i'm honored and humbleed as the mayor to
12:57 pm
serve another term. you know, i often said and will continue saying i love the city, i love it as much of any of you and also with you. i love that we never run from the challenges. we confront them with our progressive optimism and something that has come to define our city in all of us. we tackleed a whole lot this last 5 years and some the most complicated and intractable challenges remain and i ran for a second term so we can work on them together. foremost among the challenges wrun we struggled with for decades is homelessness. let there be more doubt, the collective best effort like service providers like all you in the room today have certainly made a
12:58 pm
difference. i know that because i have been paying a attention to this for many years. while i may be a little silent sometimes, i watch, i talk to people, i engage and once in a while i might be lucky enough to hand out a key. you are the ones, everyone in the room, you are the ones giving the hor heroic rfts at front line staff on a midnight shift at the shet ers and do the outreach and are case managers with a challenging loud. or you may be the one cleaning up the streets so people might have a cleaner street to be on because that is the only place they have. the best evidence of all of the work collaboratively is the
12:59 pm
over 20,000 formally homeless people living indoors. living independently and with the social and emotional support that they need and that the needs that are met with our city services or they might be back in their home towns. but, despite this we haven't eliminated homelessness. as we house and serve thousands, they are replaced by new thousands. people, people who fall in homelessness here, people sent from other states or people who arrive every day seeking a better life in our city. as a result we continue to have people living on the street, under the freeway, in tents on the sidewalk and some even without tents. all
1:00 pm
together, more than 3500 people are street homeless in san francisco. human beings. human beings with hopes, with fears, susceptible to cold and rainy weather. human being who deserve or compassion. we know there are nearly the same number of people without homes that are living in our shelter, treatment programs or temporary situations. friends , this isn't a healthy way to live, you know that and i know that, especially if children are a part of that family. it is not just a growing problem here in san francisco by the way and we all know that as well. major cities across our country, la, new york, honolulu, seattle and more and the state and federal governments offer us too little
1:01 pm
assistance. that's why next week i'll join at least 5 other mayors on the west coast and our federal government representatives to explore federal funding opportunities and policy changes in the area of homelessness. i know we look at the streets sometimes and the encampments and the depth and complexity the problem jz to some it all might feel hopeless, but as your may frr the next 4 years i'm optimistic because today in san francisco all of the ingreedgents of success are here to end homeless for thousands of our fellow citizens. thanks to a historically strong economy we do have resources. we certainly have creativity and know we got the passion. for our serviceers providers
1:02 pm
and city staff, we have the energy that is required. we have public support to try new more effective approaches. but you know what is missing? what is missing is the ingredient lacking for generations, it is what we call, real cooperation. we can't solve street homelessness, but it will if we want to , it will require cooperation. we have seen this cooperation at the place called, the navigation center at 1950 mission street. when community providers work with city departments, when the private sector in the surrounding community all come together with us, we actually are creating a national model for ending homelessness. so, next year we are going to
1:03 pm
do something bold that skills up the cooperation and coordination this requires and we see at the navigation center all of that happening across the board on homelessness. i will call apauss all the departments to work together with our community based organizations, advocate and national expert to ert change and reform or government and other, and will create a department with a mission to end homelessness here in san francisco. [applause] i begin by not just making-i know people have worked on this for years and want to acknowledge first the great work of our past mayors, feinstein and agnos, mayor jordan and
1:04 pm
willie brown, of course gaveen newsome. i want to build on each of their legacies for addressing homelessness. of course our former supervisor alota talks about passion. she dedicated a life time to the work and want to say thank you for being here and thank you for being a trusted advisor and advocate and one that reminds everybody we got to get to better solutions. i want to also acknowledge the good work of our former supervisor bevan dufty and director of hope for the last years for tireless work with service providers and client to move people into better lives. i learned a lot with bevan, but i felt his passion avenue day he has been on the job. and today, building on the work that came
1:05 pm
before we begin a new agency, a agency with a budget and mandate to solve homelessness. we'll bring together under one roof the multitude of homeless outreach, housing, shelter and supportive services that exist across many different departments. over the last 20 years, we increased our spending on homelessness because the crisis got worse. but because we didn't have a central department for homelessness we layered program upon program across a dozen different department said and then we expected the better outcome. no one agencyies mission was homelessness and today we fix that. with greater coordination we expect better results, more efficiencys and deep er accountability. to make this new department a realty
1:06 pm
next year i'll be calling upon the leadership of barbarager seea director of public ehealth, trent roar director of human sunchss and [inaudible] director of hope. together we have aurltd r already implemented some the most forward thinking progressive homeless policies in the country. we created the nations first navigation center, which is just 9 months that we have successfully moved more than 250 people off the streets into healthier settings. great progress towards ending chronic veterans homelessness is done these last few years tackling family homelessness we made great progess. a new investment in supportive housing of 29,000,000 this year. i want to saw they think to
1:07 pm
tren, barbara and sam and all your team said for pourer your hearts in this work and thank you for joins forces with us to take it to the next level vlt i want to say a special thank you to public works. i know that department . you kept our streets and have done your best and for always having a positive interaction with the homeless people and compassion and thank you for taking on the smelliest dirtgist jobs in town. i also want to say thank you to all of the people who are own single room occupancy hotels in the city thmpt hotels that are cooperating and working with us to make these units available for people transitioning out of homelessness. that is stock of housing. we never thought through our past loousts and insistence to
1:08 pm
get code enforcement, we didn't realize how valuable they are to us and a valuable assess they can be. i know some people will say, a department to solve homlessness mayor. 93 eve. we can't solve homelessness in san francisco. i know that will will be peoples comments. i say we will end homelessness every every single day for @ least one person. for at least one family. for at least a veteran every single day. i know because i have felt the power of giving keys to people exactly in those situations. we will end it for every 1 for every day for someone who suffers on our
1:09 pm
street. that is what the purpose of creating this department is about. i want a staff at this new department, each person on the staff will come to work every morning with a single minded focus on ending homelessness for people on the streets. i want the measure of the work of this department and my office to be answering this question, what did i do to end homelessness on our city streets today and what did i do to give people a stable shelter, a home and a path to a healthier life. that is what i want them to ask themselves every single day. i want that to be the question that they ask of themselves. you know, ending homelessness in a very simple way is a matter of priorities. to get there we have to double down on programs that truly work. we have to coordinate with partners,
1:10 pm
federal, state and other cities. we have to share and do the best practices and we have to also share our challenges with each other. and you know, i always am focused and concerned about congress and as you know, congress is largely abandoned homelessness in the country and we in san francisco can't wait frathe politics of waug wash dc to arrive, we have tolead and we lead with values. our san francisco values. that is what being a san franciscan is all about, isn't it? it is our values. to be fully able to achieve this vision i'm inviting a group of national experts to advise how to create and set the mandate for this new department. i have spoken to president obamas point person on homelessness, matthew
1:11 pm
dorty and he agreed to come out and advise and has the expertise of looking at programs across the country to see what works. we want to be egressive on this but want to be practical at the same time. how will we define sausking street homelessness? what are the investments we are making and how can we double down on this? is there something that we can be doing that we are not already doing? i aults want to invite the local homeless coordinating board to serve as a formal advisory body during the process. we convened san franciscos best and brightest on that commission and definitely need your input. i invite all of you here, every one of you, the people working hard every day day in and out to join in defining the new effort as well because i'll present this plan with the
1:12 pm
budget this coming year. foremost among the efforts of the department are expanding the successful navigation center program. we learned that by removing barrier tooz entry into the shelter program and pairing ever navigation center with a housing exist we are making a difference. we already committed the funding in the budget this year to double our capacity at the navigation center and the department will significantly increase to this model. we'll coordinate outreach and build more centers and secure more housing exists. certainly this requires serious funding. since i took office we have spent all most 100 mil yen more every year on homeless services and housing and my commitment today is this, to never let our
1:13 pm
city slip backwards on our funding priorities. that means movering forward we'll spend at threes 250 million a year on outreach and housing for 10s of thousands of people. we know success isn't mesered by how much money we spend, you know that. accountability matters. we are measured by the number of human beings we lep off our streets and into a better life and by conditions on our streets also improving at the same time. so, i'm setting a ambishish but i believe an achievable goal for the second term. by the time i leave office we will move at least 8 thousand people out of homelessness and we'll remove them out of homelessness forever.
1:14 pm
[applause] and we'll build a system that ends a persons homelessness before it becomes chronic. that is another thing we learned from the navigation center and we'll do this and achieve this all together. we'll do this by housing families, veterans long term homeless to homeward bound program and long term care for the seriously mentally ill. i also need cooperation for the private sector and philanthropic partner tooz participate as well. i already started conversation with san francisco's business leaders on this particular goal. business leaders, big and small, about a multi-year partnership to add additional navigation centers to the cities portfolio. to them across the
1:15 pm
board i say thank you and begin by saying a personal thank you to our first anonymous private donor to the the first navigation center. i'm excited for our partnerships to develop more in the coming months just like the way we started our first navigation center. it was a partnership with faith and funding sources and community in the mission and then everybody else. we need more partnership models like our effort to end family homelessness in the elementary schools which is the focus of [inaudible] 2 great civic leaders. no less different than our technology leaders like nob nub who also became a partner to end veterans homelessness by funding a viable new housing for them in mission bay. letting people live on our
1:16 pm
streets exposed to violence and whether that isn't compassion. it isn't healthy, it isn't safe and it does want represent who we are as san francisco and it is not our san francisco values. you know, i'm also proud of our city coming together over something that used to be controversial and i'm talking about lauras law. thank you for visor marc farrell, thank you for your leadership in this effort on a issue that used to divide a lot of us, now it units us with a comma causs because we are figuring it out. since we launched our consensus program just last month we have already received 28 referals from ern concerned family members
1:17 pm
and service providers. some of the most severely mentally ill they are finally getting help. laura's law is one the many compassionate programs we should be doing in partnership with our courts and district attorney and justice system. san francisco values means we won't lock people up or persecute them just for being mentally ill. that won't happen and won't happen as long as i'm mayor, but we can use the resources our justice system to make sure people are getting better heltier outcomes. i want to challenge the courts, our public defender and district attorney and health provider tooz come together in the same spirit of collaboration that i proposed today. coming together with your diverse responsibilities and your legal mandates to better serve those
1:18 pm
desperately in need of our help because i will challenge you with the same outcome i'm calling upon everyone else. let's talk about not just our legal mandates, lets also talk about outcomes for people. [applause] it is not compassionate and you will agree with me on this to let people suffer silently, to medicate with drugs and call and live an unhealthy life on our streets, that is not compassion and we are empowered to help the seriously mentally ill people but first have to agree to coperate. in a new year i'll invite all our gurchlt stakeholders and mental health and criminal justice to convene with me. i bring this group together to get past the reasons we cannot do
1:19 pm
things and figure out a way we can do it. let's say for example, you take this program, some of you in the room know what the 51/50 program is. it is a program with people in personal crisis and danger to themselves we take them to the hospital for 72 hours, but you know what is the challenging part of that 51/50 program? once they come out they go right back on the streets and into the same unhealthy situation that they were literally 48 hours ago. we pulled them out and bring them right back in. that is 51/50. let's redesignthality program for a better outcome, a sustained outcome for those individuals. let's redesign conservativeship programs to serve the intended populations while
1:20 pm
respecting their civil liberty. we can have a better outcome on that as well. the seriously mentally ill deserve our best efforts. it is complicated and that's why we take that challenge up. as we focus on getting people into healthier settings, we also need to refocus on the people who are not homeless. the people who prey on our homeless. drug dealers who target the addicted and mentally ill contributing to serious health problems. i'm calling y i am calling for stepped up enforcement for predatory drug dealing around our navigation centers and shelter and homeless service locations and every place we house our homeless. [applause] we need to clean up drug
1:21 pm
dealing around the buildings where homeless people are trying to clean up their lives. we are not criminalizing drug addictions, we are enforcing existing laws to protect the most vulnerable. i want to thank supervisor and president of the board of supervisors president london breed for being a leader on the reforms. she is a strong voice the quality of life and reforming our treatment of the mentally ill. that's why friend i am optimistic. a new department, ambitious goal, a will in our city to succeed on this. we can make homelessness rare. we can make it brief. we can make it a one time event in peoples lives. we can move at least 8 thousand people out of
1:22 pm
homelessness forever. for too long deeply held and ideological differences divided all of us. some say we are not tough enough. others say we are not compalgzinate enough. some say we spend too much money and others say we haven't spent enough it is time to reconcile these disagroogruments not to set them aside but work through them. if we can cooperate to solve homelessness the sky is the limit on what else we can achieve together. i want to say to you again, we can end homelessness for each individual that we touch, for each family, for each child, we can do that for them. that's what we can define as ending homelessness. if we do it together, we will have demonstrated that collaboration and
1:23 pm
cooperation is the best way to move forward. so, i want to end by saying thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to me. i'm excited to work with you, this will give a struck chur to work effectively with all of us. we can do better and will do better, i'm excited and we are san francisco. thank you very much. [applause]
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
>> self-planning works to preserve and enhance the city what kind hispanic the environment in a variety of ways overhead plans to fwied other departments to open space and land use an urban design and a variety of other matters related
1:26 pm
to the physical urban environment planning projects include implementing code change or designing plaza or parks projects can be broad as proipd on overhead neighborhood planning effort typically include public involvement depending on the subject a new lot or effect or be active in the final process lots of people are troubled by they're moving loss of they're of what we preserve to be they're moving mid block or rear yard open space. >> one way to be involved attend a meeting to go it gives us and the neighbors to learn and participate dribble in future improvements meetings often take the form of
1:27 pm
open houses or focus groups or other stinks that allows you or your neighbors to provide feedback and ask questions the best way to insure you'll be alerted the community meetings sign up for the notification on the website by signing up using you'll receive the notifications of existing request the specific neighborhood or project type if you're language is a disability accomodation please call us 72 hours before the event over the events staff will receive the input and publish the results on the website the notifications bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for
1:28 pm
our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone takes this so be proud of taking ann
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