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tv   Police Commission 12915  SFGTV  January 1, 2016 12:10am-4:41am PST

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. please turn off your electronic devices as they interfere with the equipment in the room. please rise for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> president, loftus, i would like to call roll. >> commission president loftus, commission president turman,
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commission marshall, commissioner dejesus, commissioner hwang is excused, commissioner mazzucco, commissioner melara. and with us is greg chief suhr and office of complaint joyce hicks. >> thank you, i would like to welcome everyone to our meeting tonight. we have an incredible crowd of people who have come to the commission tonight. we want to hear your thoughts and feelings. we want to hear everyone. in the north light court, there are other people who want to be heard. the sheriff's department is going to be coordinating that process. i want to let you know that it is my goal that we get to hear from everyone. it will take all of our participation to get to do that. based on the number of people and the long agenda that we have, it
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will be 2 minutes per person. byway for folks who don't normally come to the police commission. we will go over our agenda. you probably have noted that there is an item on discussion for use of force. we will have that discussion and we'll have the opportunity to hear public comment. it is important that we actually get a chance to hear from everyone. please call the first line item. item 1. consent calendar. sf ptsd/occ document protocol quarterly report 3 quarter 2015. status report on general orders policy proposals third quarter 2015,
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request of the chief of please to accept donation of $300 to go towards the central station as youth engagement program. >> can i have a motion? >> motion and second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? next item. general public comment. city clerk: the public snout welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or occ
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personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public, but may provide a brief response. you have 2 minutes. public speaker: good evening, this is an inquiry for the purpose of determining the appropriate time to raise issues regarding alex nieto, mario woods and the whole lot of other people who have been affected by the police killings here in san francisco can that be raised at another time. >> general public comment. go ahead. public speaker: good evening, commissioners, i believe the time needs to start now. >> please start the time now. proceed. >> good evening, commissioners, good evening chief, good evening to the people of san francisco.
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martin del campo, executive committee san francisco labor council. i rise for the purpose of exercising constitutional rights regarding the airing of grievances. i chose the place because there is not another place to do so. the recent killings have to be placed in the context. the context is what has been happening on the issue of police killings at the board of supervisors, at the mayor's, at the dcc, the failure of leadership and why any discussion tonight that is not adequate is just not getting to the problem. i submit that the problem is clear, we have a problem with the laws that are
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so broadly established that permit the use of weapons inexcessively. and that's the first thing that any commission needs to do. the second biggest problem we have is the culture of the police department and that must be addressed. the basis of my statement is the following. what we have is a police association that bullies the board of supervisors. it's a matter of public record that says that the board of supervisors can't talk about alex nieto which now results in the anger that we witness outside. so i don't appeal, i air on the grievances that this discussion so little so late is inadequate and in
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insult. if we can close to dear to -- door to hear the speakers. good evening, mr. washington. public speaker: unfortunately we are here today, not only san francisco, you see people all over the country, they are going to shine on san francisco like never before. god works in mysterious ways. i'm not pointing the finger at anybody. i have known the chief for many years, i have known the mayor. i'm not here to impress bushth to impress on you all and the country and the world to know, we in san francisco, are in a black state of emergency.
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we have been for a number of years. i'm the only african american media person out with the migration. there is a few people there. let me go on. because of a tape that fred blackwell turned over to the human rights commission on why blacks were leaving and one was the relationship of the police department. now, that's not only here in san francisco. it's all over. all over the world. so the thing about it is, i'm thinking and hoping and praying throughout this process we can have a real sit down and talk about policing. i'm out stuck in the migration trying to put the black people together. i have a task that is unreal. only god can lead me. i don't need your permission. i'm on a mission. i have to get
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my black community leaders together. with guided leadership, failed efforts and undermining our community that could be tolerated from this point out. my name is ace and i'm on this case. i hope you know chief and i hope we can talk about police relationships after the smoke clears. >> thank you, mr. washington. >> you're welcome. public speaker: good evening. you know something, you all have blood on your hands, everyone of you police commission. how many times did we talk about him. i stood out there with greg suhr and talked about the taser and taser. we might give it to you but you have to have a defibrillators with you
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and cpr techniques. we have a young man that is dead right now. had those officers had a taser, he would be here. he might be doing some time for another stabbing. it's on your hands many don't blame greg suhr, d. a., it's you people. you have to own up for what you did. i hope it feels good. public speaker: good evening. i don't have a long conversation. i came today. i went to the community meeting. you are -- you know i have watched this movie where black people are killed all the time all over this country. my question is and i know chief suhr. i'm not going to say i don't like him. if we are going to change --
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anyway, my question is what are you going to do about this? all of this talk. we are not getting anything done. i want to know if there is anything going to be done. otherwise we are wasting our time. there is not being done about the others. i was a young man when they killed a black man, shot him in the back without a cause. there is nothing to the police officer. now we have another case. the killing, a black man shooting him 26 times and now we all up in arms about it like it's something new and look at what just happened in chicago and all over this country. i want to know in san francisco what are you going to do about this in what are you going to do about it.
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if you are going to do something, chief, tell us what it is. i mean what can anyone in this room say that can change it. you can't change the circumstances. so i say to the board and i say to all of you if you are not going to do anything about it, it's just a rerun with treadmilling. if that's all it is, i'm going home because it don't make sense to be with this. we are going to beat up on the chief and get another chief that is a member of the klu klux klan. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir, thank you for your comments. thank you, sir. >> so we can provide a brief response and given those questions, i want to indicate that based on the agenda tonight the chief is going over
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the steps that this department has taken and this commission is going to begin the discussion of dgo on the use of force. >> wouldn't it make sense to call a meeting with all of us to say, look, we decided to do this about it. so this ain't nothing but a charade. black people get killed every hour. this is nothing but madness. i think there is a proper person to ask you, commissioners, to ask the chief what you are going to do. >> thank you. next speaker.
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public speaker: bishop king. we witnessed an assassination, a hate crime and straight up murder many i think the law already speaks to what we do to murderers. we arrest them and convict them and send them to prison. chief suhr is being demanded of this community to step down in a noble way without putting pressure on the mayor with his own problems. there is no justification in sight that we need to see this man needed to be executed. 10-12 officers can't talk a man to put a knife down. 10-12 officers that couldn't talk this person to put a knife down.
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we don't want to talk about tasers and shields. what has happened has to be answered in a forthright way. if the chief continues to defend the right to murder and kill and slaughter with people on the street under his command, then he becomes the coconspirator to murder. anybody else here in this commission that is going to justify, defend, murderers on the street then you are contributing to that. as the african american relation board we have policies that will deal with this kind of stuff, but the administration before you thought that we needed to disengage them. i would ask the question where is your personally hand picked advisory board and what did this do to factor
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in to keep this racial thing from happening. >> understand we are a policy board. understanding that we are a policy board, what does the african american community relations board that you say represent, what do you want to see us do? >> we would like you to move with your full power recommendation of the chief to step down in a very noble way. we would like those officers that are on leave that they be suspended of pay and to take away that whole idea that if you want a vacation all you have to do is kill a black man and go on administrative leave. we want their pay suspended and we also want to see them arrested. if you don't have that power, we would ask this board to recommend to the chief that he have or the d. a. have those
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men -- arrested and booked for murder. we would also like to see the videos from the case on third street. kenneth hardy videos that's been held in hostage need to be released so we can see what happened on third street when that young man was killed. we would also like this commission to entertain the reengaging the african american police community relations board. not an advisory board, but a relationship with the police department as a bridge from the community to the police department. >> thank you, bishop king.
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we are going to change the mic out. it looks like there is some technical difficulties. >> i believe there is a technical issue. is the volume all the way up.
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>> chairman, susan loftus. to all the commissioners, chief suhr, ladies and gentlemen, my name is brown, president of the san francisco branch of the national association for the advancement of colored people and i
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have been pastor at baptist church for 40 years. i rose to say join russel says , wants to every man and nation comes a moment to decide in the strife of truth and falsehood for the good are evil side. my friends tonight should be for this commission and this entire city. not a time to debate, but a time to decide to do the right thing. that right thing might be for you to respectfully consider is no. 1.
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follow the program. that naacp presented to you over a year ago, and unfortunately has not been acted on. didn't even follow through on the admonition. just do it. what do you need to do? not to get seals when you have persons who unfortunately don't have sense. the sense to know what to do. >> thank you, sir. >> with tasers. >> please let the next speaker talk. >> reverend brown, i would like
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to hear further your thoughts on this issue. >> i would like to hear your further comments on the three point plan and other discussion. >> three point plan on cultural relevancy training for all cadets, and for all officers in this police department. that would involve people not just talking theoretically from just a left brain approach, but also
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talking left brain right brain with persons from this community. from history and the compassion to come to that academy and sit with the officers as was done during the days of mayor willie brown and chief sanders were leading this department. we did a great thing. we need to put that back into action. let the people come so that these officers will know that we are human. we are not a threat we are god's children and they don't need to be scared of us and we don't need to be scared of them when they show they have respect for our people.
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no. 2, it was referenced earlier by our bishop king that we need not just respect we need to have to hear from the chief that our king mentioned earlier. not to be in the department or ego trip or power trip, but a board that has teeth that sits with the chief that communicates with this commission an we are acting on a crisis and
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we'll always move on a positive preventative measure. i plead with you all tonight. let us act like san francisco knows how to do it. we claim to be a liberal aggressive city. let us not live a lie. let us become truthful expressions of love, of justice, fair play, equality of opportunity and when we do that, we will not have to come back here again to take up your time to say the same old thing that we have been saying for a long time. finally, just do it. make a vigorous effort to go across
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this country and recruit able confident compassion persons who happen to be african americans, latinos, for god knows there are others in the land who should be given a fair chance when we do this, when we smile, we'll be able to embrace each other and we'll be able to say, look what we did for the betterment of our city and when we do that, no more blood will be spilled in this city, but we will have our young men in jobs, in school, at home, in their places of sacred worship living in people's conscious and goodwill. i thank you for your time. let's
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just do it. >> thank you, reverend brown. next speaker. good evening, ms. brown and welcome. >> my name is paula brown. as i come here every wednesday to the police commission concerning my son. i would like to use the overhead. this is my son. aubrey abrakasa. to this day his case has not been solved. it's been 9 years. next year it will be a decade. the perpetrators are
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still running the street. the former mayor said i know who killed your son, the d. a. knows who killed your son, and the police know who killed your son. after this, nothing was done. all i'm left with is my son laying in a cascade and a mother crying over his body. ideal with this daily. i die daily. i don't fight for only my child but all of these other unsolved cases of 81 men that have been murdered in san francisco. it needs to be solved so mothers like myself can be healed. this is what i'm left with my son that i don't have anymore. lifeless on a gurney. it's not
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like i can go have another one. i want my case solved so mothers like me can be healed. chief suhr, i don't have a problem. i think you should stay here on the battlefield to continue to fight for us. that's what i feel. all of this other stuff, i'm not understanding it. i don't agree with mario being murdered. he needs justice. hopefully accountable for another young man. mothers, think about the mothers that are dying due to the police officers. think about the mothers. if there is anyone here with information on this murder. there is an anonymous tip line. good evening and welcome. public speaker: hello, i'm here today. i have never been to one of these things. i have never been involved in these kinds of things. my
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grandfather was one of the first black police officers in san francisco. he was a goodman who did his job well. when he passed many people showed up to his funeral to pay respects. that's what i'm thinking of. chief is is you -- chief suhr is rotten scandal, it's cost millions of dollars, there is countless murders with people of color when they are suspect when they are actually victims. it needs to stop. black people are still here, we maybe less than 6% but we are still here and it's time for to you treat us with dignity and respect. i have been a victim of a crime and treated as if i were the suspect and told by the officer are you sure you want to file these charges, there are
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cameras and when i seen the report he said she's very sexual in nature. this is your police department that sends racist text at a kills people of color and steals from people and mocks people as they demand justice for black people and say that black lives matter. you should not be leading this police department, you should be fired, chief suhr. >> you can file with the office of complaints. >> public speaker: i have lived here all of my life.
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you can see that i'm a believer in this city, but what i don't understand is is why would you do something like start a meeting by telling me to stand up and say i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to that republic for which it stands one nation under god and i'm not included as one of that people in that nation. and that justice for all means justice for me and everybody else in this room. it's not centered around one group or one individual. i love this city. i'm a vietnam vet. i fought for this city, i love this city, but i can't stand to watch. that boy could have been my grandson. i'm 68 years old. the next one could be my great grandson.
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i can't continue to sit here and watch them be brutalized you have to do one little thing and that's to create no more harm. that's not that hard to do when you actually when you look at the person across from you and say that's my child and ask yourself the question would i do this to my own. i pledge allegiance to the flag i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. good evening and welcome.
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public speaker: good evening, commissioners, chief, members of the audience on both sides of the aisle.xc my name is lonnie fitch. i lost but i'm still being used. what you hear is a cry from citizens of san francisco before asking for loretta a lynch to come from capitol hill to assist. training has gotten in the way. some police has been using a frivolous approach when dealing with the general public. i'm asking mayor ed lee to look at use the spaghetti approach before his next 4-year term begins. by not @including police chief greg suhr and fire chief joanne hayes white to the city payroll. they are not elected officials. i'm asking mayor lee
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to look closely to the spaghetti thrown on the walls for the last 3 years by the san francisco police department and fire department to all standards not being used followed by a pattern of conclusion. misconduct, unsolved racial and defines on the public. the mayor must use the same approach. tear down the whole and rebuild. i say solidify and become concrete. you have been given the iron fist and the velvet glove. meanwhile there needs to be 5,000 signatures to be attached to this affidavit so it can be placed on the mayor's desk. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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public speaker: hello, my name is michael pe trellis, mayor lee get out of city hall, come to the community for town hall meetings. my second item is about the report from occ. there vywere six sustained complaints and not one officer is named. you received a report without one officers name disclosed in what they did. they were reprimanded in writing and i have no idea who they are. the problem here when we file complaints with the occ is police privilege. police privilege is when the police are
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given confidentiality rights that prevent joyce hicks and the occ from telling us who on the police force have sustained the complaints. you have to start disclosing names. my third item is, the police chief released hi calendar to me. here is the police chief calendar laid out. tells me when he meets and how long and where he meets with people. it's a great document, chief. you e-mailed me yesterday and said this calendar of yours will not appear on your website. you need to understand community policing starts with real transparency. that means for the $300,000 you are paid, you are giving them
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loaders as your calendar on your website. everyday people should read your calendar. >> thank you, mr. pe trellis. next speaker. public speaker: good evening, my name is maddie scott, executive director for healing foundation in our nation. president chapter four, brady campaign and president for the san francisco chapter of mothers in charge. i stand here on behalf of glinda woods and as a mother. i'm stand here on her behalf because she's not here to speak. i know we are angry and we want solutions and that's what we all came here for. my goal is
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to help gunda lynn woods, i think the commissioner should take into consideration. i have spoken to chief suhr about it and san francisco that this we need to pay for. question need to help her lay her son to rest peaceful and move forward on our agenda about better policing and about sensitivity training and a lot of things that will help us as citizens of this city and citizens of the cc. yes, i think we can work this out in the community. i'm angry but i want to challenge my anger in the right direction. working with all of us. this is about all of us or none of us. it doesn't look good in san francisco when you have the killing of alex nieto,
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gush and kenneth junior and now mr. woods. it took me back after we lost all of those lives. we have to look at that as a city. we don't want to talk about it, but we need to. there is something wrong here an i know we can fix it. thank you for your comments. next speaker. public speaker: hi, my name is arlene ire son. i have been living in san francisco and paying taxes on my house for 30 years and part of operation ghetto storm which some of you may have heard of as the every 28-hour report. this is a report that is just found and
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itemized 313 killings of black people by police in 2012. one every eight hours. what i'm saying as a mother of two black sons who have each been brutalized by police since they were 9 years old. is suhr is not the first chief to protect the police union. his tone deafness is exemplar by within hours of mario being murdered by a firing squad while dylann roof and the killer in colorado could somehow be captured without a scar.
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>> can we keep the door closed so we are able to hear the speaker, please. can we stop her time? please stop. thank you. this is your fault for not preparing. >> how could you possibly have a hearing? they are white
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supremacist. there is no reason to have them on the force still. there has to be a policy to deal with this systemic problem. next speaker, please. good evening and welcome. public speaker: i apology that people heard this comment on the news. i feel like i need to reiterate it this evening. this picture taken less than minutes before mario was shot, i
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believe demonstrates without any doubt that there was no reason for mario to be shot. you had nine cops there an injured man who after hit with bean bags, pepper sprayed and you have nine cops there and they couldn't figure out how to get this man handcuffed without killing him. this is absurd. from this picture, the chief showed up with one second of video that demonstrated that mario lunged with a 4-inch knife. i don't care if mario lunged at everyone of these police officers. they were not authorized to
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shoot him. they should have had non-lethal weapons. the cops in the middle near the tree when mario slipped he did something completely stupid. he moved around in front of him and got closer to him. the only alternative would have been since the guy had not given up the knife since he obviously wasn't completely there. the only thing he had in his hand was the gun. the only outcome of that scenario as he got closer to mario, he's going to have to shoot him. on the other cops shoot him. >> thank you for your comments. >> i want to remind everybody
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the goal is to hear from everybody. any conduct that disrupts our ability to hear everybody -- i want to remind you, your conduct is interrupting our ability to hear from everybody. thank you. i would like to hear from the next speaker. next speaker. guys, we really want to hear from everybody. i hear you and i want to hear from everybody. i hear you. i don't want to have to -- thank you. i don't want to have to recess this meeting. thank you. thank you. next speaker. thank you.
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>> next speaker. next speaker, please. >> he's here to stand in solidarity with the community. sf preponderance pd is
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unaccountable. sf p.d. is systemic. sf p.d. is seeping in racism. the failure to release crime statistics, rape kits, prevent whistle blower retaliation and failure to release sting operation and the failure to create a culture of integrity that would prohibit officers from joking about killing unarmed civilians over coffee and donuts caught on video. the culture of a union that is determined to bully leaders and anyone that might disagree. the culture of killing mentally ill
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citizens instead of crisis intervention. we must hold chief suhr accountable as gary and the mayor. we must hold chief greg suhr and mayor ed lee accountable. 70% of the officers do not live in san francisco and chief suhr doesn't see this as a problem. he asks which side are you on sf p.d. and the police commission. the league of voters is on the community side and the community demands that chief suhr go. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good evening mr. lacy, welcome. public speaker: good evening.
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my name is lacy. here representing the family of mr. woods. i'm not here to comment on the federal courts due to the unlawful and wrongful shooting and killing of mario woods. what i'm here to talk about this board and commission. one is to set policy. i understand the commission has the advice and suggestions by the mayor that you revisit the issue of the use of force by the san francisco police department. i urge you to reach out to parties such as myself and others in the community who are present here today. i am here to talk more about the second function of this body which is to offer discipline that have abused the mighty power and authority that we have given them. right now mario woods'
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body lays with 21 bullet holes, 21 in his body because of and egregiously, egregious force. chief suhr is to step down. i'm not here to tell you that needs to happen to rectify the wrong that has been done then this commission needs to take the authority and stance to do so. but definitely what needs to happen is the officers who were involved in this perpetration of injustice need to be held to full count of law. that's what your job is. i'm going to do my job in the courts. you do your job here.
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public speaker: i come here tonight because the number of things it's not just the police department chief suhr, it's the whole san francisco period. i just found out today that a home girl of mine was murdered who was wheelchair bound in the alley, a dark alley and it hasn't been any mention of it. this is the young woman, this is the older woman murdered clothes
1:03 am
ripped off her and i had to hear it in the streets. it's the same thing that's going on with our community. it ain't just the police killings, there is no solving of anything dealing with black folks. we have black on black crime that have not been solved. we have mothers that are grieving for over 20 years. over 20 years because nobody can find out who killed their children.
1:04 am
not all of it because we have gang violence. >> thank you, sir for your comments. thank you. thank you, sir. next speaker, please? public speaker: good evening,
1:05 am
ma'am. >> i'm woods grandmother. i have contemplated, i have prayed. i don't understand how a knife take all those officers to shoot him down. i don't understand that. i don't understand, and it's breaking our heart. i'm asking the chief of police to resign. i'm asking for the five officers that did this to him sensely.
1:06 am
it only takes one bullet to kill anybody. one bullet, not 22, 25. they are trying to keep up with chicago. i heard a kid tell his mother, i'm not going to police because they are killing people. that's ridiculous. they are supposed to be civil service. they are supposed to protect for us. now, that's what i want. i want you to resign and the five officers that did this, i want their job and be brought a bunch of charges because it was senseless. >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker. public speaker: my name is deandre with the incarceration efforts.
1:07 am
their lives don't matter, but it does to many of us. i will be goddamned if i'm going to be a good german to say it doesn't happen and say it won't happen to me. as german, what happened when that war ended. people are just as guilty when they gassed the jews. yes, sir, you should be fired, the officers should be fired. you are a murderer. you need to be tried and convicted of murder. these are basically to take his murder and turn it around and allow them to do even more. tasers, batons kill people.
1:08 am
they could not take down a man without shooting him. that's the point. it's open season on black and latinos. no matter what they have for weapons, they are going to end up shooting people. this has to stop, these meetings have to stop, hash tags have to stop and i say with a we need to do is is take this to the streets. take the example from ferguson and chicago and let's show them what san francisco really is, but beneath the facade of this liberal city is a cesspool with racist tactics attack and all of this other stuff. we have to shut it down. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good evening. i wish i did not have to come tonight. i'm not sure that you have already heard it loud and clear. it's time for transparency. remember maria cohen and london breed saying that san francisco is not ferguson. san francisco with worse than ferguson with all the killings we've had this year. it's time for this commission to actively diligently look at policy and procedures that are being violated about the lives, the lies that we hear. the community that is deeply insulted. those lives are insulting our intelligence. we are going to hear from
1:10 am
mario's organizing community forming in bayview. it's longer review and it's going to be nationwide very soon. you see that new yorker is picking up a couple of fines. yes, i'm asking for your resignation, chief. i'm asking for ed lee to resign or do his job and asking to examine her position now, the statement made and the kind of support she's going to give to the people. thank you. public speaker: good evening. i'm speaking for san francisco. how do
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you feel being part of the most genocide city in the united states. how is it this population shrunk to 3% which is 56%. that statistic is the epitome of the united states. united states is the epitome of locking black people up. of killing black people. you have to make a viable change now because of prop 47, we have hundreds of millions that can come down. you have the resource to go to disfranchise areas to housing. if you look like me, you don't deserve it. you have individuals that look like me should be on the police force. if you have so much problems with the police force, change it. wipe everybody out. i know in another city in new york when they had a killing just like this, the police stopped patrolling in the
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neighborhoods and every disfranchised neighborhood, there was not one 911 call, not one robbery, not one crime. that's a bigger city. this city is getting ready to blow up. when it blows up, how do you feel? how do you feel when you walk down the street and so many homeless is there. you make 3,000$3,000. how do you make this. my organization is is all of us or none. we are right down the block. i will personally come meet with everyone of you if you decide to make a change. we've been over here helping with legal services for the last 37 years. all of us have been for the last decade helping the poor and disenfranchised. i implore you to take that money and do
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some viable programs. please place it with somebody. >> thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please. >> what i want to address is the fact that as you can all see our
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community is broken, our hearts are broken. the travesty that has happened is very personal. so, what i want to talk about is an opportunity for the community to come together with this commission as well as the police department. i believe we need to really sit down and be conscientious as ms. brown stated to go into academy and do the sensitivity training and allow our community leaders to establish a trust relationship with the heads of the precinct. we also need to empower the d. a.'s office throughout the neighborhood courts to bring a viable court system to the bayview. these neighborhood courts will work all over the city, but we have
1:15 am
never been able to get it to work in the bayview. what that means is you have community members on those panels when you have complacent occur in the community as well as particular officers that you may have problems with and lastly we also need to do a recruitment of actual persons who are interested in being in the department and also to begin to mend the broken relationship because at the end of the day, we have to have someone to come there to be there for us. the duty of the police officer is to protect and serve. that's what we want. we want protection, service and we want the officers to also know that the community will wrap our arms around you as well. we want you to go home to your family members, but at the same time we need you to value the citizens that you
1:16 am
are assigned. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you for your comments. >> public speaker: any other name is frank williams director of the program. i'm here for two reasons. one is to say to my elders who have been in these different positions for many years and part of our status quo need to step down themselves. we have a gang of youngster out here whose voices are not being heard and former incarcerated as well. we are working to build a leadership in this town. we went from 1989 to 3%. the
1:17 am
problem isn't just with the chief. the problem with the mayor and the problem with some appoint ees of the mayor and moving out of their homes and justify the increase over the last 3 years that came into this town and our people are leaving this town and they can't afford this rent. that man was executed. i want to say a gunshot and a black male hit the concrete like a sack of potatoes. people were startled and people were scurrying and some people were running from the scene, the scene
1:18 am
where that crime took place. the scene, the scene, the scene where that young black male met his fate. he met his maker calls that young black male to lose his life. a misplaced hatred and leaves the family to question, why, my baby. a mother cries. why those that gather around question god, question ourselves. why did this even happen trying to justify a police running in front of that man and they are going to say he launched at that man. >> thank you, sir. thank you.
1:19 am
public speaker: good evening, first of all, my position is i'm a soldier of the cross. my position is i'm a deacon. my name is wade. i'm here to present solutions. i have prayed, i have asked the lord to lay on my heart how we can eliminate this senseless killing of these young black young men. five solutions, short and sweet and to the point. the damage has been done.
1:20 am
now we need solutions. solution no. 1. the implementation of a black police chief. no. 2, hiring and balancing the number of black police to the equal number of white police. no. 3, and every predominantly black community there should always be one black officer with one white police officer. there should never be two white officers paired up in a black community. no. 4, this is with changes of procedures and policies which is long over due. no. 4, the only time a police officer should use lethal force and allow to shoot above the waist only when confronted in any type of firearm so
1:21 am
there is a gun, cross bow and arrow shotgun, last but not least, this mainly should be changed. solution no. 5, any hand held weapon such as a sword, machete, hatchet, axe, knife, club, baseball bat, rocks, bottles or hand forced object that are not dangerous or lethal danger in the category of a firearm, it would be mandatory that police shoot only below the waist preferably below the knees and legs. that's what it should be. >> thank you, sir.
1:22 am
>> deadly force should be used when a person has a firearm. after that the person should be shot only below the waist. >> we got it. you can give that to our secretary. thank you. >> good evening, welcome. public speaker: good evening. my name is alfred robinson. i'm a retired san francisco police officer. i was born and raised in san francisco. i am a deacon at third baptist church. pastor dowell is my pastor. i came to the police commission hearing to express my concern for the use of deadly force by five police officers against a black man carrying a steak knife. several officers approached woods concerning the alleged assault
1:23 am
at approximately 4:30 based on a complaint by a man at san francisco general hospital. now that woods is deceased, we don't know if he was defending himself against the person who he stabbed. we have no information on what occurred during that assault. after being based on what was reported in the newspaper by chief suhr after the officers used a beanbag arrest -- car triple -- cartridges and used a
1:24 am
high power beanbag and mr. woods fell to his knees. i don't understand how you can have over six officers surrounding a person whose on his knees and they can not apprehend him. every officer is issued a 24-inch baton. >> thank you, mr. robinson. we have to treat everybody the same and give everybody 2 minutes. >> my name is andrea robinson. i'm a teacher. i'm an sf teacher. my issue is i teach in the
1:25 am
communities that we serve and my students have fear and that's not okay. if i'm standing here as an educator telling my students that it's necessary to get their education for what hope? they don't have hope if they are looking at people who are supposed to protect them. so my question is how is the additional discharging of weapons justified and what is the justification of shooting him over 20 times once he was already on the ground. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker? >> good evening, pastor mcbride, welcome. public speaker: pastor mcbride, pico california. i understand it is tactics and strategies for policing. you must understand that we are not at
1:26 am
a moment right now where policies and practices are going to answer where people are. chief suhr, you have lost the trust and faith of the community regardless as to how anyone feels about that. it has been lost and we must understand that even though black people in san francisco only make-up 3% of the population, we all know that the police only have contact on a regular basis with 3- 6% of the population where usually the majority of that population is 70-80% black and brown people. so the trust that you need to police in the city is not with it's white residents. it is with the black residents and the trust has been lost. there is a lot of policies and practices that need to be put in place that can help to think about
1:27 am
police legitimacy, procedural justice, tactics around the mentally ill. until you get the trust of the community which means chief, you have to go. and here is the last thing i'm going to say to this commission, you cannot ask anybody in this city to be peaceful until san francisco police department is peaceful. you can't ask young people to be peaceful until the department is going to be peaceful. when we were raised sit ting in the class with dr. marshall, he talked about the commandments and the hood that we needed to apply to reduce violence. well, there is some commandments that san francisco people have. we challenge these commandments that say you shall be able to kill a black person when they don't comply. we reject the commandment that
1:28 am
says if you are mental ill and homeless, you are going to die on the street. chief, it is time for to you resign. i say to the commission, the worst that you need to do around the practices, around the policies, around the training to restore legitimacy, that cannot begin until you get to a place of trust. i close with this: if you don't want any people to get hurt in this city, somebody, i recognize the choice is not with you all, but you are going to have to use your relation at equity to get justice for mario woods, justice for the community. i implore to ask the commission to do what is right. >> good evening, sir and
1:29 am
welcome. public speaker: i'm here to speak for mario woods. the stuff going on today has been going on for a very very long time. my father was killed by a san francisco police officer in 1972 which is now retired. he's at home living and my father is dead. a couple years ago, i was shot at 4-6 times by the sf p.d., case no. 95010463. i was shot by police 46 times and 19 bullets hit my car and by the grace of god, i didn't get touched. what they did is they covered it up and it's done. there is nothing else being done about it. i'm here today because that could have happened to me. i could be dead today. you know, i could be dead because they shot at me.
1:30 am
aaron williams, he got killed on the dirt bike. so something needs to be done and these officers need to be prosecuted. if you can please write down this number please. because you know what happened, i got pulled over in my vehicle a couple years ago. the case no. 950166403. the officer pulled me over because the person in my car didn't have his seat belt on. one of the officers that responded, he came up to me and stuck his hand out to me to shake my hand. i
1:31 am
looked at his badge. his name tag. you know what he told me. he said i apologized. i could have took your life because he shot at me 21 times. that means he unloaded his handgun and still was shooting at me. >> i'm asking for a representative from the office of citizens complaints to meet with you so he can follow up. thank you, sir. next speaker? public speaker: how are you doing. any other name is gary busier, an educator. i work with the young people here. the day that mario woods was killed i was working and running a class 5 minutes away from the scene. my
1:32 am
question is how can you look at a mother in her face after her son has been shot 25 times by 6-10 officers and call it not even looking at his race, not even looking at his mental status, not even looking at the community but filing that protocol. she has to bury that man. when he was trying to walk away from a situation. i don't know what people's problem is around mental instability. first of all, chief suhr is, you need to go before we force mayor ed lee to push you out. after that, we need to charge these officers with murder. he did not need to lose his life. i'm a young black man born in america and born and raised in the bay
1:33 am
area. i work inside the community. i have been shot at by the police. how am i supposed to talk to my students. i have a student outside who is 15 years old, a freshman that i work with everyday. how can i tell him that he's safe in his community when he has bodies like him laying on the floor? if we can't get justice here we'll take it to the d. a.. if the d. a. can't talk to us, we'll go up and find out what we can do to start a movement to clean up this situation. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, sir and welcome. public speaker: good evening. i'm uncle bobby, the uncle of officer grant. i am sickened by what i have seen and
1:34 am
this is for chief suhr. chief g of the police resigned. chief lee of the sanford police department, the one responsible for trayvon martin, resigned. chief lee who used to be in baltimore. chief thomas out of ferguson resigned. the chicago chief is going to resign this system, the very foundation of this country is imaging on black lives matter. for a person sitting in your seat, i want you to know you are going to be responsible for a major unrest that is going to take place because of you. that was an execution. never in this country have we seen on video how officers have conducted themselves on an arrest.
1:35 am
what's happening right here is getting ready to spread. i suggest to you to resign. to make yourself look good before we run you out of here. the commission, you have a responsibility to not give him them tasers. this is behind to give him the tasers so he doesn't have to deal with it. my nephew was murdered. i'm angry. we have a community that is outraged. pay attention. when i say this system is hemorrhaging on black lives matter, you are going to be accountable if you fail to do your job right. >> thank you, sir. next speaker.
1:36 am
public speaker: i will tell you what, there is nothing new under the sun. okay. you all have been doing this for a long time since the beginning of this country since this country started. we are tired of it. i will tell you one thing that's changed is technology. now we have see what you are doing. when you are doing it. we can see it and everybody see's it, the whole world seen it and you are accountable for it. i'm not going to come here and tell you to fire him, but he does need to get fired. i'm not going to tell you to fire him. i'm not going to come here and ask you for justice. i'm going to tell you justice is coming for you. >> next speaker. good evening sir is, and welcome. public speaker: i'm a family member of mario woods. this is my cousin. i want you to all look at him.
1:37 am
he's a person. he's a person like you. he deserves to be breathing right now. greg, chief suhr, we are asking you to resign. this is what we want. you lied to my aunty and a person that rides in a car with a murderer, what is he, an accomplice, that's what you are. you are the head of it. if you feel this is right, you deserve what happens, not my cousin. we have six names. we are asking to you release the names of all officers involved. we are asking to you give my aunty a personal apology. i want you to apologize to her. she didn't know that was her son on the ground and nobody cared about it. you need to pay for his funeral and i know chief, you need to do him right. i want a federal investigation
1:38 am
iechl -- i know you guys don't investigate yourself many we want all five officers to be charged. ed lee is going to get his, marshall, nobody spoke on you. i believed on you when i was on the boys including. i grew up looking at you. i'm sick of looking at you. every time i come to one of your public meetings. you look so bored. i'm sick of looking at your [bleep] face. public speaker: good evening, my name is charles grace. i'm with the
1:39 am
united coalition. 12 years to be exact down in third street where the chief was the captain there. we don't understand a lot of things that go on. as far as the grass roots people because i think that's a problem with the middle class african americans speaking for the grass roots, people that are out in the struggle and it needs to stop. we need to have a voice too. it's always those angry black guys stirring up more mess. and everything getting buried, swept under the rug.. we don't hear nothing else like the man shot out in front of the opera house. we started a concerned citizens committee. we knocked on doors, the mayor wouldn't respond to us.
1:40 am
nobody responds. if we are going to get something done, you have to hear from the people that's in the struggle. the grass roots people that's been in the trenches doing the work. that's all i say. you know, it's got to be some kind of dialogue that we can create that we can publically get some understanding on what's going on in our community. until we do, it's going to always continue to be the same. it will be swept under the rug 5-6 more years go by, maybe not even that nowadays the way it's going. african american males are being shot in the streets, cold blooded, murdered. like i said, i remember when wendy brought mario home as a little baby. you know, just like a lot of the african american males that struggle today.
1:41 am
then all of a sudden it's mental health issues and all of these different issues but he started out as somebody's child. we need to resolve all of this stuff by talking to some of the people out on the streets that understand what's going on to help the situation. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good evening, sir and welcome. >> my name is daniel garcia, brother of mark garcia at the officer that was charged where my brother was murdered at. you need to stop disrespecting the community. my family is 4
1:42 am
generations here all the way to the bloody strike of '34. these protocols, why you new rules and training, they are not following it. the seven officers that were involved, didn't follow it. they were charged by the occ. nine violations of their general order in the protocols. and you know what happens, your mayor brown told the occ if they don't drop the charges, she's fired. so my brothers case, they got away with murder. don't let this man get away with murder again. justice, for mario woods and all the people that this man murdered.
1:43 am
>> next speaker, please. public speaker: my name is frank lara. a teacher in the mission. i remember these meetings and we get stuck trying to talk to the people in the mission. with the people watching at home and people are watching this over and over. this is really important. one of the commissioners here, thomas, when we are were doing the andy lopez case and getting fired up, he said you need to respect chief suhr to see how
1:44 am
independent it is. we saw it with eddie lopez with 40 bullets in his back and with lopez who seemed to have a big machete in his hand and got shot six times in the back, the same thing with this case. the reason why we need to do that because they are going to funnel this through a process. they are going to tell us that's the process. it doesn't matter how high it goes, it's all corrupt. they have all been placed that way. you at home have to see. i'm a teacher on the executive board. i can't keep talking about equality in the classroom and that you are going to provide a better world because that boy, 26-year-old made the decision that we tell our little children to make, pull away from a situation. pull away. and what did they do? they executed him. you at home you have to
1:45 am
make a decision. all the cops here in san francisco makeover $100,000. look it up. we used to organize from muni over $100,000. the chief makes over $350,000. you can't hire a teacher. you at home have to make the choice. if you are a nurse, you are union, if you are an nurse and fighting the union rights. think about who these people are bringing. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. good evening, ma'am and
1:46 am
welcome. public speaker: my name is jeannie demayo. i have an african american son. i just want to say that i feared for him growing up everyday. he's had encounters with the police. he's been roughed up. he does not respect the police department. he would never call you unless something happened to his children. his friends do not respect the police. i do not respect the police. when i was in college, i had a professor at san francisco state and he said to use words and to communicate effectively it
1:47 am
took a very high minded person. i worked all day like most of these people here and i stood outside. i take care of older adults and i came here because when i seen that video, my son showed me before i went to bed, it made me puke. and i fear for my son, i fear for my relatives and i fear for some of the black men that live in san francisco. it was an execution, trust me. i have been around the block and you will not go to heaven.
1:48 am
>> good evening, ma'am and welcome. public speaker: i represent the black lives in san francisco. several of my family members have died from cancer in hunters point. we are here to demand justice for mario woods and charge the city of san francisco with genocide. you have people out in the hall and not here for public comment, that is a crime. it is public comment and the community is grieving. what you are doing by is by keeping these people outside like they are animals and this is a zhao it is
1:49 am
i'm sure your family members in this country >> you pay respect to the people of color and the people by being silent you are being complacent. you can't accept a paycheck >> you forget that these people are human beings. i have to walk through the backdoor like an airport screening because we are here grieving for a black
1:50 am
man's life. for you guys you felt you had to screen us and wand us down with metal detecters. you assume the worst of black people and that's a problem. racism is a disease, all of your minds is rotting the minds of the entire police department. the entire city of san francisco. it's unjust. i'm angry and sad. it's evil. this is evil that's happening here in this country. >> can we let the sheriff's department there are more seats. next speaker.
1:51 am
public speaker: my name is regina callaway. completely gentrified community. i'm here because i'm angry, frustrated and i'm looking among these faces and seeing faces that are asleep and this is not the last time. we need you to wake up, mr. julius. chief suhr, why do you train your officers to fear blackness. because it's clearly a racial issue. when we have an incident of a white man who waved a knife at you guys, spell your police car and took oun a high speed chase and he's not dead. but you see a man named mario going through a mental moment and all ahe neede was help and you didn't give him help. you killed him. you shot him over 25 times. this is a crime. we are supposed
1:52 am
to be that police are supposed to protect us. police slammed my pregnant sister. how do you believe we are supposed to trust police. we have homeless women having babies on sixth street. we are spending money wasting on you and you are not doing your job. this mother needs justice. we have our demands. we want you fired, we want you to pay for this funeral. the funeral she wants it to be $29,000 that she wants trt -- from the city to bury her son from a proper burial. you need to pay for that. because you are a reflection of the community. we appoint you and you need to bring justice for us and it's not happening. it's disgusting and sick that san francisco only has 3% of black people.
1:53 am
that makes no sense and we built this city. you set us up in the bayview to get all of those toxins and you want to bring in this new community. it says nothing about the community. it was all to protect the income and residents coming in here and crime has been going down. you don't care about us and you want to over police our community and put us in danger when you know that police brutality has been going on. i can look at your faces and see no compassion. >> thank you, mam. thank you informfor your comments. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you.
1:54 am
thank you. ma'am, thank you very much. thank you for your time. >> we have to apply the same rules to everybody. we have to apply the same rules. thank you. next speaker, please. good evening and welcome. public speaker: you know why you all got jobs? do you know where the police came from? they started out as slave patrols. they gave white vigilantes and free men. you are all unnecessary. we don't need you. all of this money you are spending, we don't need you. so let me give you a little
1:55 am
notice. i wish i had a piece of paper to serve you notice. you are fired. you are done and we are coming for the rest of you all. we don't need you. i would suggest maybe you join a job corp, get some job training. this is done. this is over. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: hi, i was born in san francisco. there is a clear list of demands. clearly they want you fired, sir. they want an apology, they want you to pay for the funeral. it makes sense. you are doing your ancestors proud. they have been getting away with murder for years. i know that you are proud of your heritage and where you come from. you are sitting here.
1:56 am
>> ma'am, you have to address the entire commission. >> i will address everybody. you are all elected officials. i understand, you sit at the mercy of a white supremacy systemic situation. you are at the mercy of the system. you don't have much power either. you just have titles. god bless you, because the justice that mario woods needs is in the lord's hands. god bless you. >> next speaker? good evening and welcome. public speaker: thank you. my name is david carlos. i want to recite a few names. nieto carlos lopez perez and now mario woods. is this a pattern in practice of extra judicial killings in san francisco? that's what we need to ask ourselves. san francisco is an exceptional
1:57 am
city, liberal tolerance, free spirited except for the police department. have there been any discussions among you, members of the commission. has there been any outrage, any shame. policy and practice are what you guys are here to do, but you also by virtue of the fact that you have your positions, you have a moral duty i think if the system is corrupt and you cannot change it, you have a moral duty to resign yourself in protest. we have a police leadership argues that tasers as if it's responsible for or blamed for deaths. we don't want the higher tech
1:58 am
forms of violence over the lower forms of violence. we need new leadership to deescalate to military -- and this is a shrinking black and latino population. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> from the cofounder of the project and i'm based in oakland here supporting san francisco. after mario was murdered, executed in broad daylight in your city, i asked myself, how long. i posted on facebook as a matter of fact. how long is it going to take the chief to come out to tell the
1:59 am
community we didn't see what we thought we saw in the video in how long is it going to take to understand the circumstances of that murder. that's the take. that's what happens every time. we see what happens and you tell us that we are not intelligent enough to under that we saw a black man gunned down execution style in broad daylight in the streets of san francisco and somehow you think that talking to us like we are children who have not been examining watching studying in your study for hundreds of year as we figure out how to tear it down. you continue to talk to us like children and you are inciting the rage of the people. it's coming, the san francisco from baltimore to atlanta, there is a movement sweeping this country and we are not going to stop until you stop killing us we will continue to
2:00 am
shut it down, interrupt your business as usual and interrupt your election cycle. i have news for you, chief suhr. we are going to continue until you resign or until you all have the courage to fire him. oakland will be here every time. next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: you all might think i'm a little kid by saying this to you all but you are doing wrong by not letting people who have low income get hurt for what you all think they had or what they wanted to do. like, you all have no right to say that we as people should not have equal rights for white people or black people. we should have equal together. you should ge
2:01 am
fired. you know he should get fired. if he shot your kid in there. would you be crying? that's all i have got to say. think about it in your head. >> next speaker? good evening and welcome. public speaker: this is my mario woods. i'm his aunty. i'm andrea williams. i'm an educator. i come to you as a black woman that is an aunty, a sister, a daughter. i educate black boys and girls at balboa high school. i'm alumni of balance boa -- balboa high school. balboa is here for mario. i
2:02 am
have four nephews. what you see is not a threat. this is a young man. excuse me, he's 14. he's a boy. don't make our boys out to be men. because when i met you, you said i can call you that. officer is suhr, chief suhr. you said no, call me greg. when i me you, when we invited you to speak out at our martin @?luther king jr. celebration last january, you spoke hope into our boys. you said that we could believe in the fact that the system is going to be better if we do the part of assuring that our students are going to school, ensure that they come from good
2:03 am
homes, ensure that they come from a good description. you shook my hand. you offered jobs to my boys and girls. we had a personal conversation. when i look at you and i don't see an -- emotion. i thought i was speaking to someone who understood the struggle in san francisco, but yet i see you as a perp. public speaker: we are livid. you are putting us in a situation where we don't have to teach about social justice, what you are doing is
2:04 am
radicalsing them. they are coming to me and expecting people like me and ms. wirms -- williams and the beautiful faces and allies in this room to give them answers. i'm telling you, i'm running out of things to tell them, i'm running out of reasons to tell them about this system. we are ready to resist this. not in the sense of student resistance. i know you are not afraid of them because you don't see them as taxpayers yet. increasingly adults are able to resist this in ways we are working with the workforce. as a filipino, that is your job as another person of color with relative privilege by the luck of the draw that you might be lighter or people might see you slightly
2:05 am
differently. it's your job to put your voice on the line and be in solidarity with black people. if you are not righting for black people you are dealing with something you have not dealt with yourself. moreover you should not be blood related to a black person to understand that mario woods regardless of his background deserves the same benefit of the doubt that these white boys who shoot up schools at planned parenthood get every single time. sometimes it's possible to get -- they can get a rubber bullet. yet they can't be brought in peacefully by a backup of professionals whose tax money my money is going to. >> thank you for your time. >> i don't want my money.
2:06 am
>> thank you, ma'am. next speaker. >> thank you. we have to give everybody the same amount of time. it's based on the rules . i have to be fair to everybody. next speaker. thank you. next speaker. good evening, sir and welcome. public speaker: good evening. i'm a close friend of the family. i grew up with mario a few
2:07 am
blocks away. i have a couple of questions. one, do you believe mario woods deserved to die? two, what do you believe your police force could have done differently to prevent his murder? feel free any of you to answer because most of you, chief, you have been silent all night. >> i'm sorry, the public comment piece, we are here to listen to you. it's not a question and answer. that is the rules as they are designed. go ahead. >> i have this to say and then i will go. i have this to say and then i will go. growing up in bayview hunters point there is a fraction of a relationship. you have the chance to somewhat
2:08 am
rectify the situation by firing chief suhr and the officers involved with the shooting. if not, if nothing happens, if i see no action happen, if the community see's nothing happen as a result of this, then may the blood of mario rest in your hands and may the uprising that ensues be in your hands as well. >> next speaker, good evening and welcome. public speaker: san francisco is guilty of genocide on murder grounds. greg suhr, you are the key enforcer of genocide and you need to go. however, we will bring that charge to the united nations. we will also bring to the d. a. and attorney general genocide for what killed mario
2:09 am
woods. this is the body that elected this killer. this body is be holding to us to remove him from power like the people demand right now. we will call for the dissolution of this body for violating the laws of this state by refusing the public access to public meeting that is in their interest. furthermore we call for the recall for those screaming for justice. as said, there will be no peace anymore. greg suhr, your day has passed. you can make whatever face you want because you know what i have said is true. your days are numbered. you are gone. we are putting you on notice. you are gone. any sick of looking body or
2:10 am
politician -- we will not stop until that is achieved. all of these people of this community deserve a better city that deserve an end to this genocide and terrorism. we are not going to ask you or beg for it. we are going to [bleep] take it. >> looks like we lost part of the mic there. public speaker:
2:11 am
>> you have seen the whole world on our [bleep]. he needs some funding. explain that to the community. got that? >> thank you. next speaker, please. public speaker: my name -- my son was murdered with the quadruple homicide 11
2:12 am
months ago. the four young men in the car. this man was trying to cash his check working at ben ihanas restaurant. four boys massacred, no arrest. 11 months later. not even one dime is put on their case even for a reward. then the lowlife -- this boy was shot down. you say it was justifiable prior to all the boys massacred in the city. you are saying that is justifiable. what do you thing -- think that we are supposed to do. the blood is on your hands. when did you think we were not going to rise to the occasion. my son was a member of the boys
2:13 am
club. you were saying that you were going to be at my son's memorial service. you were not there. this is a backup of political rhetoric. we come to this office every other wednesday. we come constantly to your face and you do nothing about it. you sit here and play games like you are supposed to be helping us and you are not giving us any justice, any comfort. i have not gotten a phone from the mayor. but yet you are going to give a plaque to katie steiner that said she was murdered on san francisco public streets. well, what about all of these black boys murdered in this city and you have not even acknowledged. what about all the mothers that are crying out for justice and what about
2:14 am
you have your investigative team all of these unsolved homicides. you are shooting them. this butter knife. then all of these children. public speaker: next speaker, please. thank you. next speaker please. we have to apply the rules fairly to everyone. next speaker. thank you, ma'am.
2:15 am
>> next speaker. we have to respect everybody's time here. next speaker, please. your time is done. if
2:16 am
someone is disrupting the meeting, i'm going to have to go into a recess. i don't want to do that. next speaker, please. i'm sorry, ma'am. we have to respect the rules here. sheriff deputies step back. this meeting >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm asking for everyone's cooperation to ensure that this meeting can run smoothly because as i said at the beginning, it is my
2:17 am
commitment that this commission and this department hear from everyone who is here tonight. two minutes per person. i do want to reiterate when folks are asked to stop after two minutes it is because there is a law that requires us to give the same amount of time to everyone. we ask for your cooperation and hope we don't disrupt public comment again and we don't have to adjourn the meeting. we have to run the meeting. disruptive comment is not going to help us. public speaker: i'm going to start by saying to let those people in the public hearing. we have rights. i would like to congratulate you for not being elected as chief.
2:18 am
last year i was protesting alex nieto's death. did anything change? no. you need to protect the lives of the youth. i don't want to see a man being executed in public. nobody wants to see that. it's completely unacceptable. the police need to be retrained. this system is systemic racism to the core. you are creating a hostile atmosphere outside because you are taking away their rights. thur breaking -- you are breaking the law. there is empty seats. it's unacceptable. you have to let them in at some point. greg suhr, i was brought up
2:19 am
here and taught to respect the police. but what i have witnessed throughout my life 20 years has not backed up what i have been taught. they need to retrain police. they need to know how to deal with mental illness. that is an issue that city hall has been lacking to deal with. if you don't know how to help them, back away from the situation. do not become a mob, a gang which you have all of your guns pointed at his face. what do you think is going to happen, really? it's called human behavior. did you go to college, did you go to psychology classes. you need to learn about people going through issues like this. public speaker: my name is lee
2:20 am
stack -- this past april, the sf p.d. beat up my kid who is black. because the occ is powerless to discipline and the only recourse is a civil lawsuit. i never knew to have to talk to my son when he was growing up. it is not right that african american and latino children must have a talk with their children to keep them safe from law enforcement, excessive force and racial profiling. i did everything in my power to give my son opportunity including into going into huge debt to give him a college education. when my son was coming home this april, the sf p.d. traumatized us and had a major impact on our lives. i'm
2:21 am
hoping with exposure things will change here and it has to stop to heal. al alameda man beat a person and the sf p.d. looked on and now mario is killed by sf p.d. something needs to change. it's tragic that black lives don't matter in san francisco. racial profiling has to stop now. excessive use of police force in the community against color has to stop. the lack of police accountability has to stop and mass incarceration has to stop. we need to repeal. police officer bill of rights, that shields violent cops from prosecution and keeps them on the street. we need to retrain sf p.d.. >> thank you for your comments.
2:22 am
next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: good evening, my name is oscar salinas. i represent for alex nieto. i come to represent the family of alex nieto. his father and mother could not be here tonight. we are here again for another murder in the city of san francisco. we are tired of it. you killed our brother alex nieto in march 2014, you killed our brother mark perez this year of february. we are tired. i have seen the training of the police academy. i seen how you deescalate somebody with a knife, why is it not being used? i don't understand that part. we are tired of seeing this. we are not going to put with this anymore. and again, i tell you, in the past year 1/2, i myself have learned a
2:23 am
lot of legal things and we have legal teams now. we are now right now sf st #r in federal court with greg suhr's officers. you have to answer questions. a few days ago in london there was a man with a knife, a machete, no guns were used to deescalate that. why is that not happening here? there would be less black dead men and latinos in this city if it were not for that. think about it. if it were your child who has some sort of issue that is something you go to, the mental capacity of somebody. you use that against alex nieto and you will use that against mario woods again. you cannot do that. you have to sit up here and rethink
2:24 am
this. we need new leadership. we have to start from the top. we are done with this. you have made the latino community and black community unified now. we are strong and we will not stop. public speaker: i came mostly to help my daughter speak. she is the future of san francisco and she has a lot to say. they are afraid of the police these days. >> hello, my name is ashley. i'm 8 years old. i go to school
2:25 am
at diablo. i really wish for police violence to end. police are making rules how they get to do whatever they want though they know murder of african americans are illegal. they should go to prison themselves, right? here is a true story of oscar grant and ten cops surrounded him. one of them shot him at the house and he never came back. it's our chance to win this protest. stick up and it will happen. chief suhr needs to go. have a happy vote.
2:26 am
>> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm here again tonight. what i hate more than anything where i saw john lennon was shot. guns are something we all have to live with i guess. but in norway there is no guns. we do not need them. i saw john lennon, the first time. the monterey pop festival. he wasn't supposed to be there but he was anyway. i got to see him. and i won't see him again. now, as far as violence, i'm always faced with violence on the street. there was a situation where a man was trying to stab somebody on a
2:27 am
muni bus and the muni drivers shut the door and the knife was still and so i followed him around. and i got to a meter maid and i said, this guy's got a knife and he's being searched for it right now. he ran up to the meter maid and said this guy is crazy and he's standing there with the knife. the meter maids have nothing to protect themselves with. they need to have a camera so everything is filmed. so if he does use that taser, it is being videoed and there is discretion at what's going on. but we need something other than guns. it's a hard life that we live here. i thank you for being here, you know. police have to do the right thing. this is wrong because see that
2:28 am
bicycle stood between me and the knife. like they say a shield better than a gun. anything. and to unload the gun, a revolver. at least give some kind of discretion. we need to get rid of. >> thank you, sir. >> public speaker: hello, my name is reginald. i live in the tenderloin. i want to say the way police are handling stuff is deplorable especially in the black community, especially in the hispanic community. we have been treated like trash, talked down, looked down upon, thrown at.
2:29 am
thrown to the ground and beaten. this man got shot 21 times. now this man had a knife going away from the police. what gives the police the right to think they can move in on him. 21 gun salute? i don't think so. the man there who is backing them all up he is just as corrupt as they are because he's allowing it. he's supposed to be the chief and he's obeying them, not obeying him. he's not the police. he's acting like the police. he's in uniform. we have a problem. we have to stop this nonsense. all of you people sitting behind your desk with all your names written down, big deal. when it comes down to it, you are not doing your job either. how should we do it and when we should speak and shut us up when you don't
2:30 am
want to hear no more. let me tell you, it is not the end, you are not shutting me up. you are wrong, period. mayor lee is wrong, period. everything is happening to the poor people that should not be happening. guess who is watching you. you might not believe in him but it's jesus. those men's deaths are on your hands. >> thank you, sir.
2:31 am
>> we want to hear from everyone. next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: first of all i would like to say commissioners, if you are typing on your cell phones, we can see it so stop that. second of all i have this from
2:32 am
the family that itemize the burial information. >> give it to the secretary. >> i'm going to repeat what everybody else said. the last time i was here with the texting scanned dal. no. 1 release the names of the officer, no. 2, apologize to the mother, totally disrespectful. pay for the funeral. i don't think it's fair to do a firing squad on someone and expect the family to pay for it. it's disgusting. the fourth one is to fire chief suhr. as you can see the community has no faith anymore. then we need an independent external investigation in addition to an
2:33 am
independent federal investigation. you cannot investigate yourself. and finally i think this is a no brainer, you need to fire the officers that discharged their weapons. training is not going to solve this. we've had problems. i really really encourage you to listen to the community because we are not going to stop. >> thank you. next speaker. public speaker: my name is felicia jones. first i would like to say that it's really sad that these meetings are just routine. and this is not my first time for many of the people of the public, this is their first time being at a commission meeting. this is routine. you want to hear from us, but
2:34 am
when are we going to be able to have dialogue where we can sit in a room that you first of all would trust us enough to be intelligent enough to carry out dialogue. the second thing is that the whole issue here is bigger than mario woods, and it started way back but i'm going to start in 1982 with the war on drugs as the campaign when it was to criminalize young black men around drugs and the decriminalization of black men. when i watch the video that the only way one can shoot another human being 26 times. i know someone is saying 15 times, 16 times. i believe it actually hit his body 26 bñtime. when you look at another human
2:35 am
being as being worthless nothing to cpth world. so, again, you have to begin to say something and have dialogue with the cx communcyy. chief suhr, during the racial text i talked to you and told you that you owed the community an apology and you should have come out to the community and apologized and you never did. until you respect black and brown people we will be here. but i think we are ready to do something else now. i think the people are ready to unite. we can be like the people of chicago. >> thank you for your comments, ma'am. thank you. public speaker: robert chew.
2:36 am
i'm ashamed the city i have lived at all my life. i didn't expect to walk through a memorial. if this is supposed to be a public meeting to the public to hoping to change, why are we not having it in a bigger location. why is this in a court house. why don't we have it in a place where people can come and speak and have constructive dialogue. i'm not here for that. what i'm here for post pca 32. once i get a copy of the training manual, i would like to know. alex nieto, i was crushed and while i was sitting in a cafe and another person got shot, i knew it wasn't going to be justified. i'm not here to attack, i'm saying that maybe pc 32 needs to be updated.
2:37 am
most is version 3 and 4. this is absurd. a person with a knife at close range, it would have been a different situation. he got shot by police who are supposed to serve and protect. it doesn't say deescalation on this page at all. i don't know what your deescalation. what i saw when i saw the video when i saw the cafe that night i saw that it was animalistic, the beanbag brought the person down to his knees. why didn't you continue to use the beanbags. he's dead, he's acting disabled. why don't we shoot more bean bags. know, let's rifrt to guns. in england, they did not use
2:38 am
guns. >> good evening, welcome. public speaker: my name is james. first i want to say thank you for taking public comment and sticking with our democratic process that we have here. i know it's difficult for you . last week, i watched two
2:39 am
disturbing videos. the first was a cellphone video of mario woods being shot and killed by a group of sfpd officers while standing against the wall. the second was even more disturbing and the reason that i'm here tonight. in the video i watched chief suhr only hours after the shooting explain how the officers involved have followed procedure which justified the killing. and that saddened me, that angered me. the grotesque comedy of those two videos makes it very clear that the entire system is brought to the core. and i call on you, the police commission to act. you are an integral part of that system that killed
2:40 am
mario. you have the power to fix it. you heard the community demands here tonight and i urge you to listen to them, take them seriously and do something because if you don't, the blood of sfpd's next victim will be on your hands. thank you. public speaker: good evening, i'm pastor mcneil of the baptist church. i'm here tonight to speak on the behalf of justice for mario woods. last year we met with the police commission during the ferguson incident. at that time chief suhr assured us that san francisco would not be a
2:41 am
ferguson. that was last august. that was when michael brown was murdered by a police officer while unarmed. now, we have a killing in san francisco by police of a young man with a steak knife. lethal force for a minor incident. and tasers are not the answer. i'm a retired peace officer, 30 years. worked as parole agent. carried a weapon. first we had the 38 and 9-millimeter, automatic. in 30 years i never had to shoot or pull a weapon on any of my felons. i worked with some police officers that were rogue officers and i had to
2:42 am
sometimes intervene. i know that's not good as a peace officer. but we have to take vicarious responsibilities as leaders. if we have people that are working for us, that are in violation, we need to just let the facts fall and let the results be justice. right is right and wrong is wrong. we need new leadership. thank you. >> sir, may i ask you a question. just as a follow up. you said there were times when you had to intervene? >> yes, sir. >> can you tell me the nature of that intervention? >> at the time we intervened we had to arrest suspects and some of the officers were overly aggressive and one incident where the officer took
2:43 am
his pistol and he took it to his ear and he said breathe mother -- if -- i'm not going to let you put my job in jeopardy nor am i going to sit by and by the way, the officer just by chance were white and the victims were black. >> you did that as an officer intervening with another officer? >> yes, sir. >> thank you. >> yes, sir, not once, but a few times. 30 years. yes, sir. >> thank you. public speaker: good evening. my name is reverend daniel --
2:44 am
i'm standing here at the birthplace of the united nations and 70 years after the birth of the united nations you have committed a grave human rights violation. where some might call what happened last week an officer involved shooting, the international community through the united nations would call that an execution and arbitrary punishment and judicial killing. i know tasers are seen as non-lethal alternative. this is a fantasy and a lie. let me read to you a search i did called taser used on genitals. cop shoots six times with taser on genitals. taser manufactures recommend use on genitals. man tasers in
2:45 am
genitals by police and cops burn genital tasers in front of family. police sodomize man with taser. it says to aim lower because you won't shoot him in the heart and they won't go into cardiac arrest and if you do it in the penis, it's going to sterilize anyone of you all there. that's a human rights violation. i'm not going to ask you to resign. that's up to your constituents to do that. the taser is not a panacea because there is ample evidence and investigation shows that cops torture you are with a taser, kill with
2:46 am
a taser and if that doesn't work they will shoot him with a real gun. thank you. public speaker: good evening. my name is elizabeth young. i grew up in a white and black and international neighborhood. let me tell you i learned at a very very young age never to trust the police. the police in my city as now here in san francisco killed six african american males including a six-year-old boy who they said stop and he got scared and ran.
2:47 am
all of these people were unarmed. i have no trustor confidence in any police force in the united states of america. i do not. the only way i might become friendly to the police if they are unarmed, if they live in the neighborhoods that they are supposed to police and that they earn the same amount of money that the people do who live in their neighborhoods. the san francisco police force, police officers over $100,000 a year who do not have to live in the city. that is a crime against the citizens of this city who work blood sweat and tears to build this town to make communities, to raise their children to take care of their elderly. it's a crime against humanity. these people have to go. they have to be unarmed and of course greg suhr, you have no right to represent anybody in this city.
2:48 am
you should resign. at least should resign. you all should resign. >> thank you. public speaker: i forgot to ask you a question. in the video i saw, there was a young lady bleeding to him. i'm not wore eed about her video but her whereabouts, does the police know where she was that was asking him. did she get shot by bullets. was anyone else injured at that time. you are not going to respond. i understand. fyi, like we said clearly before, with mental health, you need training. everybody needs training to deal with a lot of situations. like i said i am very concerned about where that lady is.
2:49 am
i feel like she's being a secret at this point in time. once again, i said i'm not worried about her video but she was so close to that situation and i'm worried about her whereabouts. >> thank you. next speaker. public speaker: my name is brad shapen. i was born and raised in iowa, moved to boston for graduate school in clinical psychology. i have been lucky to be around mental health professionals doing a lot of amazing research around bias, racism, home ophobia, transphobia and violence. in san francisco and the united states we have a fundamental understanding of what to do
2:50 am
with anger. i also think we have a fundamental misunderstanding of what racism is. i don't know if anyone up here can answer a question, but can i ask you what racism means to you? you can't answer questions. >> yeah, it's the rules. >> okay. can i also ask, i guess it's a rhetorical question. why the police department is not working in an evidence based manner in a city that has some of the most famous clinical psychologist and researchers who understand what to do with anger. there are black and brown researchers who would love to have a conversation with you in clinical psychology who can also help out. can someone
2:51 am
contact those people, will they be contacting those people? >> if you want information with the mental health working group, there is a group of clinicians in san francisco and the number of folks who do that work. >> i think we need to be consulting with them a little bit more. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: hello, my name is nani clay. a community organizer and former vice-president for the lgbt democratic club. the reason i'm former vp for political affairs is because we had a disagreement. my board thought that our progressive sheriff shouldn't be sheriff
2:52 am
again. now, i stood up and i stood with the people and i shouted and i yelled and screamed and blacked out on everybody. right now, you've got the people standing outside of that door and we need to be heard. i'm not naive enough to believe that me standing here or anyone of us given 2 minutes of comments is going to solve the problem. but these are dark time s for san francisco. we need law enforcement reform. not just one officer, one chief, we need total law enforcement reform. we need to look at not only training, but also accountability and transparency. i echo what everyone said in terms of what their demands are but pretending the system is going to work is a real problem.
2:53 am
everyone should be very uncomfortable right now because we come to the moment where we are forced another day to see another black man shot and killed. we can't do this anymore. we can't keep coming here and pretending that it's working. it's not working. and i urge everyone here to please pay attention and i want you to know that we were shouting out there because we have to because we are desperate and we will stop shouting when you stop shooting. public speaker: i live in the mission and i have seen plenty of police brutality. i'm with the coalition. i want to say first that greg suhr, you need to resign and so does mayor lee because i have been too many times
2:54 am
before you in hearings like this and the rest of the commission to talk among hundreds of people to demand justice and nothing happens and federal investigation after federal investigation takes place and of course there is human rights violation but no cop ever goes to prison. the only change was ferguson and i was there for two weekends and i also got shot by a rubber bullet. in ferguson 3 hours before curfew and we were brutally beaten and fired with hundreds of rubber bullets and teargas for peacefully fighting and the people were fighting for months there and started to break up this whole epidemic crisis murder of klu klux klan by cops in the country and san
2:55 am
francisco. the others that worked for us is the investigators in chicago, the two independent journalist who have released that video and exposed the mayor and police chief that was fired and we are not done either. i will say this, fire chief suhr and ed lee, you need to step down. that man was trapped and he was walking forward and that cop stepped in front of him and gunned him down. he had no way to get away from you all. >> thank you, next speaker. good evening and welcome. public speaker: first of all let me say the reason i'm in this get up because i'm deathly afraid of police and i'm a white person. i have post traumatic stress
2:56 am
disorder and i get money from the government for it. okay. let me tell you something, you see how white i am. i was on the news the other morning at this gentlemen's church. i live in a very affluent white community where there are no black people. i was asked by my boss why was i there? that's another reason why i'm in this costume. i don't want to lose my job because i live in such a racist community burling game california. i'm 6 years out of the system, okay. i used to hang out in oakland at the silver dollar hotel, i was a crack head whore. i never got in trouble. i used to have a bb gun and i walked around and saying i was going to kill everybody.
2:57 am
i was drunk. i never got shot. when i was in jail for three felonies, i had a firearm, they merely walked in and put handcuffs on me and didn't ask me where the gun was until they put me in the squad car, until they said ms. where is the gun? i didn't get shot or man handled. i have survivors guilt. i'm tired of turning on my social media and seeing lynching. get the [bleep] out of here. they are doing what they are doing to the palestinians putting knives on people, pulling guns. get out of israel. this is damn terrorism.
2:58 am
>> thank you, ma'am. can we let others speak. public speaker: good evening, commissioners. this is very different than the last time when i was here. i'm reflecting back on when the young people played the video for you and i don't know if you remember the video said at the beginning, before it started it said something to the effect that the police are the largest gang in
2:59 am
the city, right? and i think that it's easy to get kind of caught up in group things and the conversation around what is a gang and what a gang looks like. i'm just hoping as we go through all of this and you are able to move beyond public comment and move into conversations around use of force and that we don't forget that there are still other issues and things that need to be happening and that we remember that there are parallel paths that need to be happening and definitely things that need to happen immediately and conversation about long-term. i want to make sure that we do all of this because tonight was crazy in the hall way and the ability to get folks in and that we don't forget the voice of young people and we don't forget who
3:00 am
don't always get their voices heard. people come on their behalf and always come to say what's happening and the folks living it don't get their voices heard. as you move forward that you don't forget about the young people that already came before you and the recommendations because i don't know if you remember that they actually asked and were having conversations with you about deescalation. they couldn't find the word "deescalation" but they were saying, what can we dough and we need to make sure to empower the young people. >> thank you, ms. davis. next speaker. public speaker: hello, i'm probably the youngest at this mic. i'm 15 years old. every child is born blind. you are taught
3:01 am
to hate. you are not born to hate. i see my skin color, i feel it. you can look at me how you want to. i feel this pressure everyday. i go to the store i get followed. i'm only 15 to see this injustice in these streets, my brothers, uncle, everybody died in this street from sfpd. i lost an uncle. i was 1 years old. my mom came crying with blood on her shirt. my uncle got shot. seven bullets in his chest, one to his head. as a one-year-old when you see that, it's not easy to forget that. i'm only 15. i'm the next generation. for you all to hear it from me, look to me in
3:02 am
my face. you don't have the same color as me. i'm going to leave it at that. >> that was my student. mario was, let me correct that, was my coworker's cousin. she saw the video and mom saw the video before they even now that was their relative. imagine how heartbreaking it was to find that out. alex nieto was my former student's brother. my other student was shot and killed running q[qçqçq[q[q[q[from polix i'm only 40 years old. that is way too many. there is not enough room on the sidewalk for all xexexethe name
3:03 am
if mario would have been me, i would have been alive. that's the bottom line. if i was holding that knife, i would be an alive. that's the problem. black lives does not matter, but it does. but this society continues to show us that it doesn't because trust, if that would have happen to people identified as jewish as myself, this would have been over. this has been happening for hundreds of year. if you don't understand where the rage comes from, it's time to read the history books. some of you know it because it's part of your history. this has been passing since before the middle passage overseer officer, maybe listen to it. police are the terrorist right now. they are terrorizing and they have been black and brown communities. it's got to stop. so how? good evening
3:04 am
and welcome. >> public speaker: good evening, i work with the antipolice terror project. i was born in this city and disgusted by what is going on right now. i want to talk to you about two things, terrorism and training. greg suhr is going to show that you video and you all watched it. he's going to tell you in that video that you see officers afraid for their life. he's going to tell you in the video that you see someone refusing to cooperate and they are doing this according to training. this is incompatible. someone who is scared to the core of their training. the only person terrorized is mario wood. the officers in a firing line. that is training. they are trained to do that.
3:05 am
they act according to the training that greg suhr gave them like he gave them their diplomas. that's a firing squad. you are going to tell me someone is scared, aiming at a man shot with a beanbag. terror. who is the terror izer. people that -- terrorize do not always comply immediately because they are --
3:06 am
terrorize public speaker: hi, i recognize you. i definitely recognize suzy loftus. i remember you all sitting there like you didn't understand what happened and you didn't know if maybe he had stolen somebody's bike. the dude getting his bike stolen t dude disappeared. the same thing with mario wood. that dude disappeared and i also remember you where we said we don't want police. you returned shane evans
3:07 am
mother, you sat there and your pace turned red. you let these people kill us. you hired all of these [bleep] people. you tell them he didn't of wifi at the fire houses. you sit there and demand more cops. did you know that sfpd want drones even though they were banned from getting drones several years ago and you sit there again acting like you are so sad. don't look at my face acting like you give a [bleep] what i'm saying. you don't give a [bleep]. you all put that money in the community to kill us. don't act like he didn't die in his neighborhood and building that he was getting evicted
3:08 am
from for $3400 a month. mario would die on the streets. genetic facing -- gentrification is violence. you killed us with your actions. public speaker: because i am white, everyday i'm able to go out in the streets and be a bad bad man. i can do whatever [bleep] i want. because i'm white because i'm going to say [bleep] [bleep].
3:09 am
i'm here to talk to you because i'm white. i smoke a blitz outside. you don't care. white boy. i'm one of these people. all right. my name is is jacob and i grew up in maryland. i'm new here. i traveled and i saw all sorts of shit from baltimore. i'm from bayview. now, listen up, usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. they just cry over their condition, but when they get angry, they bring about change. nobody can give you freedom or equality or justice. if you are a man
3:10 am
take it. truth is on the side of the oppressed. you can't separate peace from freedom. be peaceful, be courteous. obey the law. respect everyone but if someone puts a hand on you, respect the cemetery. if you join the people outside, you are going to lose your job. maybe your grandkids would want to sit on your lap 1 day because they don't right now. all of you are going to burn in whatever figurative hell you are going to burn in. the dirt you would make would not bring flowers to life.
3:11 am
public speaker: hello, i sat for 2 hours just now just watching live stream, you greg suhr have not changed your facial expression once on tv. all of you have sat here just looking bored, bored. you guys are getting paid for this right now. my community is right here behind me. my 12-year-old sister is scared. she is scared of me just leaving the house just now to come and speak because she thinks that i can be the next person. greg suhr, i remember you came to my high school when you said we
3:12 am
can be officers that we are in the community to serve. community, like mario woods, alex nieto that are now gone. they are gone. do you know how much that hurts? they are gone. they are people just like me, brown skin. you will never understand that because you are white. you are white. and before i never hated the cops. i had so much love for cops. before i was exposed to all of this, all of this racism, all of this police brutality. i have grown up in my life seeing more death and negativity about cops. my sister is in that line. she knows more negativity about cops. is this what you really want our next
3:13 am
generation to hate cops? public speaker: i'm here today because i have an 18-year-old son. i grew up in san francisco. i'm scared to let my son walk the streets. i really am. it's a shame. i'm actually sending my son back to college because i don't want my son here. if something happens to my son it's going to kill me. i have friends that are police officers. there are good police officers out here. what i can't understand and my cousin made a very good point the other night. you don't need training to have morals. i have stood in front of people with guns before trying to kill people. i have stood in front of police
3:14 am
pointing the gun at me before because i'm out in the community trying to do something and trying to help everybody out. we have to come up with some type of resolution for everyone. we have all seen what slavery does. someone said ptsd. we all have it. you've got kids, i have kids. i'm trying to help other kids get it together and help them get to school and get jobs. this does not look good for san francisco. you have good people on the force. we need good people that are going to come out to the community and get out sidewalk with us and come talk to us and listen to what we have to say. i care about your kids like i care about mine. i care about everybody's child. dp we
3:15 am
can't get on this platform where we are putting this first, then this whole city is going to burn in hell. >> jermaine, come back here. >> i will talk to you. i love you. we are going to turn this around. we love you, man. public speaker: i don't know what that was, joe marshall. it was my turn. i go by equip. i lived in san francisco and i witnessed a lot of brutality. it's time for justice with alex nieto and mario woods.
3:16 am
i would texting my friend he said chief suhr is a good guy. he would sit with my grandpa. i'm hoping that's real. it's not too late to change. even if you step down, you on the side and listen, if you step down especially and talk with the people and understand it you work for a corrupt organization. that's the bottom line. i feel the good cop because we know the people personally. you might be a good person. but you have no compassion in your heart if you understand what's going on and want to understand the people. you might have worked hard to get to that position but it nothing different than what people are going through right now. i know you can relate. just like mario woods needed help. that's all he needed. he didn't
3:17 am
need to get shot up like that 25 times. it's never too late. you can sfep down man with the people and walk with us, brother. you really could. it would make a world of difference, but until then you should be ashamed of yourselves. public speaker: any -- my name is max and i was born and raised in san francisco. i myself have experienced police brutality with the police department and how i know the system doesn't work is because there are people i grew up with in this city who have become police officers and these are not the kind of people i want to be police officers. not to say all police officers are bad. i mean just like humanity,
3:18 am
there is good people and bad people everywhere. but the thing is, the police need to be held to a higher standard. you know. they carry guns. they are here to protect and serve the public. they really need, there needs to be a hiring process to screen the psychological backgrounds of the people who apply and somehow feel like determine what their morality is. i know a lot of police officers. a lot of people i grew up with are on the force now and these are not people i trust to be police officers and people i trust to be policing my community. a lot of these people are naive, uneducated, racist and these are not the people, sexist,
3:19 am
misogynistic and these are different people who are hiring people. there needs to be a screening process where we hold people to a higher standard. it's just ridiculous. public speaker: good evening. my name is paula robles. stop killing people. in the same week i was in two protest and funeral for a woman killed in the mission and for mario woods. stop killing our people. i am in the tepid -- tenderloin in the communities. instead of paying you guys, with should use the must -- money in a better way. we need your support.
3:20 am
i don't think we need you. public speaker: i actually had left and was i have been here. i felt enough had been said and i know enough great things have been said, but like everybody else, i'm so affected by this and because i see it as so unnecessary. i have to say something just so i can live with myself. i have got a boy 26, not much different than mario woods. maybe in some ways. maybe he's had a better way to go, but i know in certain situations because i have been
3:21 am
-- i'm 72 and i have been black all my 72, i think. because of that i know my son has suffered the same end and he's a good dude. he's a goodman. but i know how it works. i have been in the military. i have played ball all my life and i know the police and the jock mentality. the reality is chief and members that in 2015, if the only way that we can deal with someone who is unresponsive to commands, who knows why. being unresponsive should not result in a death sentence. the only way that we can deal with someone whose posture is benign. his poster was benign. it was his posture was not threatening. the knife may have been considered a threat but it was not an
3:22 am
imminent threat of danger. if the only way in 2015 we can deal with that is through death and then 16-25 shots. if you are stopping the so-called threat when he's shot and hits the ground he's no longer a threat. why would you keep shooting. hold on. don't take my time. except and this is why we've been talking about sensitivity training not by police trainers but by people who do that for a living because the only reason you would do that is because you do not recognize that young man's humanity. even when i break the law, i'm still a human being and i still deserve passion and compassion, man. that's the only way we are going to change this culture. i say this on the cops behalf. don't get so carried away
3:23 am
because even when we dealt with those police text, if you dealt with every department in the city, you would find the same text except the cops have gone and operate under the color of authority because black people are marginalized in this town. god knows we shouldn't have to come here again for this. thank you. public speaker: i grew up in the deep south. in that deep south i saw a lot of things i didn't like. i went to college and ended up here thinking it was better and it was better for me. but in all honesty it was never hard for me. but i will tell you this, it
3:24 am
affected my father. my father is african american. he's afraid to come to this city. he lives in louisiana. you may believe chief that in holding that position and not doing the right thing by the victim, you are complicit in his murder and it breaks my heart. i now fear that because of your police force on this television knows that i'm black that i'm no longer safe. i see you looking at me, sir, but do you hear me? so i'm asking you. i'm not asking, i'm not demanding that you be fired. i'm asking that you do the right thing and stop people and start demanding to be fired. i'm asking this commission to realize that after all the grief and heartache and
3:25 am
loss of life, that what you have done in the past it's not doing anything and not healing anything. subpoenas as much as -- you demand a quorum, mr. mazzucco, if you don't do the right thing now you are no better than than the cops in mississippi and the cops in selma. public speaker: good evening, president. my name is linda maldonado and i'm part of the harvey milk club executive board. i'm not very good with public speaking but once i saw mario woods video, i was triggered
3:26 am
personally to come out here and speak. i went about 5 years ago i was in the standard post police academy and i, you know i went to the training. i was at the top of my class and just my experience is there with the higher, the people that were in the academy themselves were not people i would ever want on the police force. i would say about maybe 30% were good people and the rest had several types of biases whether it be sexist or classist or racist. and there was an incident in which we were talking about police tactics and there was a specific video that had a guy that was hunched over and surrounded by police officers about 15
3:27 am
of them of all sides and he was hunched over and essentially the guy showed what was a flip flop and then bullets came out from everywhere. when i saw that video i couldn't be a part of that system. although i graduated at the top of my class. i can't be complicit in that system and i don't know how you guys can even sit there and say that tactically that is the right thing to do. you could have secured the scene, you could have contained the scene in a different way. next speaker.
3:28 am
public speaker: i was waiting for everybody to end. you know i have been coming here for 15 years talking about police accountability and reconstructing the san francisco police department. what we have to be clear of is so sad that all the documents, all the meetings in bayview hunters point begging this commission, as well as supervisors all the way throughout state of california we need to do something not only totally different. but if we keep allowing this to happen, you are watching the city go up in smoke. the people are angry. and that's the bottom line. the only way you can speak to that anger is you have to do something historic. this is a no brainer chief suhr. this is not personally to you.
3:29 am
resign, remove yourself. that is the best move to make. no. 1. no. 2, as a commission, let's face it, the commission has to do way better than this if you want the trust of san francisco. i have been seeing for five straight years the department of justice needs to come into this city and help you guys because how can you help yourself when you have political favors, we have scared to death supervisors, we have scared to death people who work in the mayor's office and people who cap late capitulate as -- reverends and pastors. c'mon you guys, if at the end of the day people are warning you, you don't want do see anarchy in this city and we haven't called for it yet, but
3:30 am
at a certain point an eye for an eye, if you keep killing black people, white people are going to die in this city. >> thank you, sir.
3:31 am
>> ma'am, you have already spoken. >> if there is further public comment you can stand up over here. you only have one at some
3:32 am
point. i'm enforcing rules. so there is a representative from the officers citizen complaints that can talk to you. the deputy director can speak to you. thank you. >> next speaker, please?
3:33 am
>> i feel your suffering. i'm with you and we've had enough. i'm not even talking to them. i'm talking to you and the people out there wherever the cameras are. my name is melissa, educator, activist with black
3:34 am
lives matter and people's education movement. enough, enough, enough, enough is enough enough is. i have got some things i want to say but i'm just wondering -- i'm wondering how many of these injuries. this whole country, this whole country is a lie. manifest destiny -- that's called communist.
3:35 am
disorder has been spread for centuries and what did they do when they stole the land? they enslaved people. i'm not talking about traditional slavery. this is twisted shit and they hung us. they had parties. this is our history, but we also have a history as a people . we suffered, we struggled and now we are saying enough is enough. there are people rising up around the world. it's not just san francisco. now is the time. now is the time. >> thank you. good evening and
3:36 am
welcome. public speaker: well in the video it seems like they surrounded and trapped him and then they started shooting. you have batons. i'm wondering why they didn't use the riot gear to compress it so he would actually be -- it's like you
3:37 am
are shooting a bunch of rounds but it's like you miss 80% of the time. so as you said he was going to do something about legislation. the question is when do we get a draft? i mean months, years, do you count by how many people die? when do we get this draft? and the other problem is, you see all of these incidents happening all around the country. why do we have to wait now until someone dies in san francisco before anybody is trying to be proactive and
3:38 am
do something. i'm from north chicago, illinois. the pleasant just tasered somebody 11 times. and they are paying $3 million. the police are using the tasers as a torture device. they are not using it to apprehend people. how much time do i have, mr. marshall. >> i'm not supposed to answer questions. we want to start the process tonight. the thing was to hear everybody and to answer questions for you. we'll do that when we finish with public comment. >> i'm here with the sunshine ordinance. you do have the right to respond not during my public comment time, but after and the sunshine ordinance says that you can exchange
3:39 am
information except to make it a dialogue or agendaizing it. so what's your response. >> i gave you my response. >> my time is up. anybody else here to speak? how much longer, mr. marshall? >> once public comment is done. the commission will begin to respond to your question. >> i'm the last speaker. >> we have to officially stop public comment and then begin. just be patient a little longer. thank you. your comments. public speaker: good evening my name
3:40 am
is deedra smith. we in bayview have been asking for a long time for community police. in the past we've had the officers that if something happened late jameson just to name a few, if something happened in our community they would contact the parent or someone to let them know what is happening and what is going on. they stayed engaged in the community. the officers that we have now don't even know us. are they concerned to know who we are? we are not sure. we have asked commander o'sullivan who i know for a fact is definitely community but now he has moved to a different status and so he is not with us as much as he used to be. i think it's unfair what happened to that young man because it didn't have to happen.
3:41 am
they had other opportunities of calling the dogs, they had other opportunities to continue to shoot that young man with them bean bags since we don't have the tasers, but they didn't even take that into consideration. whoever the individual was that gave the officers that okay, he must be from the military. we are not the military like they did in oakland. that's what we are not. all i'm asking is for them to start looking at us having community policemen again. bring slade back in, bring jamison back in to train these individuals in the communities now. thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is
3:42 am
closed. >> colleagues, we heard a lot tonight and i think before we proceed just like business as usual, i think i'm going to exercise my discretion as chair and start with the items 3a and the discussion of this department's use of force. i want to say this: i want to say in the wake of last week's officer involved shooting of mario woods, we have seen the video. we have had conversations about what that video meant to us. what we saw, what we didn't see, what we wish we had seen.
3:43 am
now, as we speak there are three investigations into this shooting. one by the sfpd, one by the d. a. and one by the officers citizens complaints. it is essential that these investigations are complete and thorough. and i for one will not prejudge an investigation, but we as a commission are not waiting to have a conversation about the use of force in the san francisco police department. we are starting this conversation tonight for one reason and we are heard it tonight over and over and over again, and i have heard it from my neighbors, from my friends, from my colleagues, from elected officials that viewing that video has rattled the trust
3:44 am
that in particular people in the african american community have in this police department. i have also had people tell me that suzy, as much as you want to talk about policy and what can be done has nothing to do with the way i feel about that video. people feel different things. we've heard a lot about it tonight but they feel they wish it ended differently. there is a large paradigm shift that is happening this this country around policing and a lot of it has to do with the use of force. it is a question about how the department is training it's officers on handling conflict and what tools they have. because of that, tonight we are having an initial discussion on the current policies for use of force. it is the policy that current governance the department. i have asked the chief to
3:45 am
update us on the current policy, what other departmental orders related to the use of force and any bulletins he has issued. i have also had conversation with the executive research forum to get outside technical assistance in reviewing the use of force policy and identifying best practices from across the country that we can use here in san francisco. the department will update you on a program that they are involved in around reexamining the use of force and i think that is very promising, but i do want to say that tonight was about listening and the coming months will be about action and tonight we begin. colleagues i invite any of you to say anything before i ask the chief
3:46 am
to give his report. >> dr. marshall? >> so, that thing was terrible, man. that thing was really bad. i wanted for me who works with young people all the time that was really painful. >> we can't hear you. >> i'm sorry, i'm trying not to yell. i'm hurt. anyway. i'm just saying it was really really bad. i point to jermaine, you and i have been together a long time and that's the last thing i wanted to see. we work so hard to close the
3:47 am
gap and that is all that was done just like that. i'm sorry for everybody. i said on the news, i said this from the beginning when you look at that whole thing and this is me personally, it didn't make any sense. it just didn't make any sense. we've got to make sense. we've got to make sense. and basically my thoughts were no. is 1 could we have done something else and if we didn't, why didn't we? if we couldn't have done something else we have to change the policy so we can. the two things that didn't make obviously, well for me didn't make sense and i have said this and i continue to say it because this is a first thing i want to look at as we begin to change the way that we
3:48 am
do business is the first thing was and i think he had a knife. so why were we using gun policies and tactics with a knife, no. 1. no. 2, is the whole notion of support fire. does everyone know what i mean? when one officer shoots. i don't get that? let me finish. it's my turn, okay? i don't get that? so those are two glaring issues, problems, it looks like we have a one size fits all thing and you can't have a one size fits all thing. the only way i know how to do
3:49 am
and i know what we can do is change the way we operate. we can change procedures, we can change policies, we can do something about training and do something so what you saw happen doesn't happen again. that's going to take time. it's not going to be easy. and sometimes, this is really the hard thing to say, an unfortunate incident like that points out all the gaps in the policies and procedures that we have. we got to go to a deescalation mind-set. we have to build in all of those things so that those things what you saw doesn't happen. i personally have buried too many kids. that's why i started what i do.
3:50 am
that's why i'm so glad to save him because he was on his way there. i don't want my kids being shot by anybody. i don't like community violence, i don't like police violence. so i said we'll change it. we are going to start the process. what i try to tell people, it takes time. it takes time. we are not going to be able to give you a time line tonight but we are going to put the thing m motion and we are going to give you feedback. we have to do the best practices and we have to find out what everybody else is doing. we have to see. when we get it back, we'll let you look at it and let you say if it's a good idea or not a good idea. change is going to come because it has to come because of that young man.
3:51 am
>> commissioner dejesus? >> so i looked at this video and we have to reflect how we are going to go forward from this tragedy and how we are going to improve police performance and i think it's simplistic to say we needed a taser and been done with this. i think we can echo tonight that the department with tasers to panacea is a problem. i have to point out that's interesting again that they want to get tasers when everyone else is getting out of tasers. taseers are the one that actually kills people when it's used in the manner. if you recall you cannot shoot someone in the head or the chest. there is a 3-inch prong.
3:52 am
one in a liability issue, if you tase someone you have to tase them in the leg or the back. they are saying why didn't they shoot in the leg or the back. taseers is not going to answer that question. what we need to do is listen to what the community is saying. they brought some really good points and we need to reflect on the points they brought and we should analyze the situation and see what the response is. what i heard at the community meeting and here tonight, the inquiries is how many years of experience did the officers have at the scene. what i heard is two officers had 5 years experience. that's something we should be looking into in terms of tactics and how we partner our officers up. the other issue that the community mentioned were is bayview use
3:53 am
for training ground as training for the community. yes it is. maybe we need to reevaluate that in terms of -- see if that's having an adverse impact in the community and that needs to change. we are taking a hard look at these questions and keep in mind and analyze and see if this is the best practices for our community. so maybe that needs to be reevaluated. one change i saw in the articles is the officers don't have any tools. they have a baton. they have shields and so before we jump to say that we need tasers there are other tools in the arsenal. one of the things that people have brought up and one of the things i know
3:54 am
we talked about before in front of this commission is how you set yourself or how you position yourself. in moving cars, officers are not to put themselves in a position to use lethal force. you don't stand in front of a police car. i'm not sure, i was not there, but whether it's a tactical and the way they operate is a tactical decision to look at and see if we can improve that in the future. and in terms of experience and training, i mean, you see officers surrounding the individual and closing in on it. i understand the cit officer was present but one of the ways to deescalate is to step back and take a moment and give people time to
3:55 am
breathe and also assess the situation. you wonder in terms of examining that to what commissioner marshall said was there someone in charge there that they were handling it and why did, i guess one of the questions the community had is why did all officers had to discharge their weapon at the same time. was there any of the commands. i know there are other issues going on. i know this was 4:30 p.m. and people at the bus stop and a lot of other concerns going on. even though i don't want to second guess this, this is a tactical decision and we need to see what we can do and how could it have gone better and there needs to be more training. this is something we need to look at and try resolve going forward. but i certainly don't think tasers are the answer especially when tasers can do a lot of harm and it just raises the concern of where these tasers
3:56 am
are going to be used and what community are they going to be used on. so we need to look at the use of force and attack -- tactical use of force. what is still in our use of force procedure is the choke hold which has been outlawed. it's called the carotid restraint. >> thank you, commissioner. vice-president turman? >> i agree 100 percent with a lot of what with commissioner marshall said here tonight. of course i am
3:57 am
disturbed by this action. i'm disturbed by this shooting. of course i have feelings about it. of course i have emotions and of course i care what this community thinks. i don't have a son but my mother has three black sons. any mother, any parent would care, any mother with a child would care. i am deeply concerned about the state of policing all over this country and particularly here in san francisco. our use of force policy has to be examined and it just can't be us looking at it. i'm glad that president loftus says
3:58 am
justice, a third party but we need to go a little bit further. commissioner dejesus raises a more important point when she points out that there are things such as choke hold that is in our policy that needs to be reviewed and we need to guard against anything like this happening again. i don't understand how the presence of ci t did not lead to a better escalation scenario. i think looking at the video there is a lack of common sense that should accompany the policy. i don't
3:59 am
understand this situation. i'm used to policing as someone working with law enforcement we owe the community better. we should dough -- do better and that starts tonight. >> anything else before we ask the chief? >> we need to move on. >> just briefly i heard my fellow commissioners. i too have seen the video and i have already heard from the community tonight. there was a strong showing from the community and that i appreciate and there was a comment made by the commissioners looking stoic or not paying attention. unfortunately we are here to listen. that's what we are trying to do and hear what you have to say. for all of you that came
4:00 am
tonight, thank you. as a commissioner, >> we shouldn't comment on what took place on that video if we are going to pass judgment later on when reviewing an officer involved shooting. we can take a look at what we have. what do we have in our policies and procedures, what can we do to make it better. what are our best practices. that's our job and we need to look at that. we looked at the use of force twice with the issue myself with commissioners, we have looked
4:01 am
at the use of tasers and seeing if there is anything better out there. what took place is a tragedy in the community. with that we should move forward and take a look at what's the best practices. hearing from president loftus, an excellent idea. let's see if there is something that we can do better with our use of force continuum. let's do it. it's what we as members do in the community. let's start that process. >> excuse me one of things that we would like for to you think about is is is is if you want to have a
4:02 am
dialogue with the people in the commission. you need to look at that seriously and consider that we are here to listen. we are not here to pass judgment until we have a plan in place and decide what this department needs to do at this time we are not discussing any specific strategy. nothing has been put on the table. so i would like to move forward and begin to look at those possibilities. thank you. cheer is -- chief suhr? >> yes, i too saw the video. i
4:03 am
found it upsetting. i don't know that i talked to anybody that didn't find the video upsetting. there are three independent investigations going forward. one by our hospitalized division that looks at all officer involved shootings, one by the district attorney's office and one by the office of citizens complaints. those investigations are going forward. when i gave the update at the town hall , i gave the facts as i know them to that point and when officers are allowed to use lethal force. that's where we are on the investigations going forward. there has been some conversation today that i should apologize to mrs. woods that happened. i have talked to her and i
4:04 am
apologized for the loss of her son. i was actually contacted that night by a community member with her at the time she didn't know and we were able to connect her with the homicide division and i apologized to her too about that procedure that it wasn't and sadly hasn't been good before. so we are looking to making that a better thing where anybody at the scene would have a better number to contact. that said, i have been in meetings with the commission and the mayor about what to do immediately to try and avoid a repeat of this. we have done some things. i was on a conference call this morning with a group back east of 30 police departments that will be working on reengineering on training police on the use of force adapting a model
4:05 am
used in scotland. you saw that in a train station spoke of tonight of a person in the middle east stabbed two of them and the london police department was able to subdue that subject with use of a device some people calling it a taser. that worked and that person is alive. if that same exact situation happened here had san francisco, that would have resulted in lethal force because we don't have conductive energy devices. i know that's a whole other discussion. we will work with this group to work on officer, everything to protect the sanctity of life while protecting officer's safety at the same time, critical decision making, the national
4:06 am
model, proportionality with fire, how that should work, tactical communication skills, time and distance strategies. we have a strategy in place here in san francisco when an edge person in crisis is only in danger to himself. some of those events have gone overnight and been resolved peacefully. i think someone brought up here that we need to come up with an active edge weapon/other weapon strategy that is different from an active shooter strategy. we have identified shields that are used in scotland. however contentious it would be, i would ask the commission to pick up the discussion we left on in april of 2013 with regard to a pilot. this time i don't think it's as has been
4:07 am
pointed out by mental health professionals have a device used as a special weapon that only our police that get the additional training uses like our tactical division or specialist. there was a specialist at the scene this day so there would have been one on scene. i think that's the discussion that we need to have because it does put something between the beanbag gun of what we have ordered almost doubling the content. we have ordering for additional non-lethal round. so again why didn't we just keep using non-lethal rounds. we need to get that amination -- we have the best training in the department in the country and
4:08 am
we are the only department in the country that require every academy graduate to be is certified and they get deescalation training and firing training in the academy and that will continue to grow. what we have done immediately, we've already given new instruction to our range qualification and install deescalation. a deescalation portion prior to the officers going to the range. we've created more pause to slow everything down because again the support fire is something that is concerning. we are also now able to discourage the threat so the officers would know when they should stop. again the different bulletins we put
4:09 am
out like responding to persons in crisis, trying to avoid the unlawful shooting like this one would be and addressing any officers that might shoot at vehicles. so, again, a lot of things in motion already. a lot of things will unfold in the next 30 days. this group engineering on police use of force will have this completed by the end of january so all police departments around the country can thank -- turn from the culture of using police force and now we can talk about our own use of force general order which no commission has sought to reopen. since i'm looking at the date of october 1995. to that end, i will read the
4:10 am
very first page of the policy. the policy of the san francisco police department to accomplish the police mission with the highest regard as possible with the minimal reliance upon the use of physical force. the use of physical force shall be restricted to circumstances authorized by law and minimal necessary to accomplish the police task. b. officers are confronted with situations where control must be exercised, control maybe achieved or advised where the use of reasonable force, force can not be used unless other alternatives are exhaustive or clearly effective under certain circumstances. officers permitted to use whatever force
4:11 am
is reasonable and necessary to protect themselves but no more. the purpose of this policy is not to restrict from the use of force to protect themselves from other guidelines of the force to be used and excessive circumstances officers should use any force reasonably necessary to protect themselves and must be able to articulate the reasons for implementing such force. this order is the governing general order and seven orders including this order that touch on matters of force additionally there are 3-unit orders that need to be considered about incorporated general order and 14 active department bull tins that also modify this general order things like officers are prohibited from
4:12 am
shooting a person using lethal force on a person in crisis that is only a danger to themselves. i bring up i know as controversial as the device, that in embarcadero and there was a conversation that we don't have enough trained officers and no at the scene, there should have been another officer. all of those things were there last wednesday night and none of them worked in that instance. so, to that end, i think in fairness to the officers, a very restrictive policy that would only allow them to use the
4:13 am
conductive energy device as an alternative to lethal force of the continuum to those officers that give them the training with regard to use in any weapon in situations officers should be able to call for them so we never have a repeat of anything close to what happened last wednesday. >> thank you, chief. i would add that there is in the pipeline officer training and that is working it's way up and very relevant because it speaks to the direction around deescalation. >> i did forget one thing. i did have conversation with people in this room to discuss cultural competency training at the academy that would involve members of the community. we do do a lot of cultural competency. we have a racial profiling
4:14 am
class that reverend brown brought up that we brought back in january and we've gone through quite a bit of implicit bias training and attended procedural justice classes. all of these are planned to go forward for all members going forward into 2016 the help of the community. >> chief, i did read and i'm going to ask the commission to puts this up in our website. training and the perf report. chief, can you speak to the department's effort that the department is going to be a pilot site. if you can talk about that a little bit and i want to highlight some things that perf has already said. >> so, myself and the commanding officer and the training division as well as lieutenant mario molina
4:15 am
who is the officer in charge of our crisis intervention training will be traveling back to washington d.c. in january on a 2-day working group and going back again at the end of january to finalize this is a top priority for all of laughed in -- law enforcement in the country to get this change in police culture to go towards deescalation and other alternatives to lethal force so as was spoken to earlier that really the only time that a firearm would come into play would be when we were dealing with a person with a firearm. >> i just want to read a section from this report because we are squarely from a conversation. this report was a perf from an executive research form convening from sheriff's across the country. the report says there is a growing recognition in the policing proefgs
4:16 am
profession that a review of an officers use of force solely for the use of force, instead saying the review should led up to the incident and officers should be able to deescalate to whatever point reached use of force is necessary. that's why people wonder why did that officer shoot a homeless man because he had a knife. why couldn't they tase him or pepper spray him or wait it out. they didn't have to kill him. police are increasingly recognizing this and considering when considering use of force. the reason i say that is to --
4:17 am
credential perf and significant chief that you have committed the department to this and i think it's very promising. i will share this with all the commissioners and make sure it's available on our website. what i propose, colleagues because we all went through a process with creating a body camera policy is to suggest we are dark for the remainder of december. we reconvene in january. there is a number of bulletins and things need to be put together as a starting point. i also would like the experts from perf to advise on behalf of the commission, the department in revising that and i would like to set a tentative goal which dr. marshall usually says is unreasonable. but at the end of january for that
4:18 am
process to come back to the commission for next steps which would include community input before it's finally adopted to give some structure to the process would be my suggestion colleague. i'm certainly open to suggestions. commissioner dejesus. >> i'm okay with that. i do have a problem with the draft before we have the community involvement. >> i do have concerns about that. i think it's better to have
4:19 am
>> other commissioners? >> i think the timeline is reasonable. with reference to this use of force, there is different documents that need to be put in place and we need to look through the experts including perf what other level can we put in there and we have supervisor browns we can streak -- stream line this process a bit. >> my big concern of course all of our big concerns. i have to expect a draft that was looking very different from the current way we do things. i just we
4:20 am
did that report i'm very confident that the draft we put together looks very different from the way we've been operating and we'll shore up and i could be wrong. you know, if it's not then we probably won't accept it. shore up the glaring i think glaring deficiencies in the way we are currently doing things. in many ways we've been lucky. this points that we have to do something quickly and do it well and i believe it's going to happen. if it's not like that, then we just won't accept it. >> thank you, doctor marshall. commissioner dejesus. >> one of the things you mentioned this 14 bulletin that modifies this
4:21 am
order that should also be made to commissioners available to review that to compare to the draft in january. >> i can make sure you have that in your next packet. >> that was going to be my primary comment. i think you are right on giving us information a year ago. we certainly took in a lot of input, not just tonight but from the naacp meeting and the community meeting last week. let's get to drafting and let's get something out there and get to this sooner rather than later. >> i thank you vice-president turman. i understand commissioner dejesus where a first draft makes you feel you are committed to it and i appreciate the point that you are making and there is an urgency now and this commission has shown that we have the ability to set policy and working in collaboration with the community and as a
4:22 am
first step, chief suhr, if you and the department can do this work, we will bring in perf and work out those details and certainly layout a community process that again will be worthy of how significant a shift this will be for this department. colleagues anything further? >> let me just say for me, this is not an us against them thing. police, i'm trying to be cool. we are in the community, okay? this is not us against them. that kid means as much to me as jermaine and any other kid i have worked with. that's the way we feel. if we can do, do whatever you have to do. this is not us against them. that will help us move this thing forward. i have to say that. be very clear about that.
4:23 am
all of us are feeling this. let's get that straight. i'm saying that for joe marshall. all of us are feeling this. wait a minute. i have got the floor. it's not us against them. none of us like this. and we are going to move forward so that we can do our best not to have this happen again. >> one thing i do think is important to say is that four of us are appointed by the mayor, three of us are appointed by board of supervisors. we all have terms that expire. there is a public process where you can weigh in on-the-job that we've done and whether or not we are entitled to another term. that's the way this process works. >> we are not voted in. we are
4:24 am
appointed. >> anything further on this matter? okay. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to, i'm going to move back into agenda to go back to where we were. i did move this out of order. sergeant, please call the next item. city clerk: item 3, reports and announcements, review of recent activities, status update regarding social media policy, presentation redepartment general order. >> given the late hour. i will leave it up to you whether you want to offer up these reports. >> president loftus, i will not be present at your next meeting so the
4:25 am
next time i will be able to give these reports would be at just the first meeting in january. >> that is our next meeting m january. >> if i could speak briefly and the rest of the report we can defer until january. i just wanted to say as a director of the officer of citizen complaints in an officer involved shooting. i too am a mother of an african american son and one in another county has been subject to less than gracious treatment by a member of a sheriff's department. and i have made it my
4:26 am
obligations to give my son the talk. however, and i as i should say as others on this diose am disturbed by this video as well. how ever i am charged with the officers on complaints to deal with fair and impartial investigation so i cannot prejudge and my staff cannot prejudge complaints filed by civilians whether they be a neglect -- iv duty or an officer involved in the shooting of a death of an individual. the officers
4:27 am
have complaints from the death of mario woods and we will investigate those complaints fairly and impartially. and we have already assigned staff to do so and we will be providing full resources to do this very very serious task. in addition to our job of investigating complaints, the oc c has also charged pursuant to charter section 4.127 with making policy recommendations to the police department to the police commission that would serve to enhance community and police relations to that end our office too will have involved in reviewing proposed changes to the department's use of force policies. moving on then to some recent
4:28 am
activities that are relevant. last tuesday, mayor lee did meet with department heads and advised us that due to the retirement fund expenses each general fund department would need to provide a 1.5% budget reduction. when we submit our budget next year. the police commission is aware that office of citizens complaint has struggled with not being able to fill vacancies due to budget shortfalls. the occ target for reduction is $64,000 for $128,000 additionally. i have been advised by the budget office that the occ office must
4:29 am
hold totaling $364,000. i will be meeting with the mayor's budget director with the heightened expectations of the occ in light of these recent tragedies and in light of the communities expectations of over sight not only with regard to investigations and policies as well. i will keep the commission informed of our progress. >> thank you. any questions for director hicks. sergeant please call next item. >> item 3 c commission reports, commission president's reports. commitment announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. >> colleagues, we've flagged already
4:30 am
for the end of january a discussion. so commission secretary if you can mark out that date for us. we still maintain a need to have a discussion about the social media policy. in that i would include what the department ace policy is around the release of mugshots many a question that we've been asked. anything further, colleagues? >> can i have a clarification, the third commission meeting of the month is the community meeting and we are in the tenderloin. that would be the last meeting in january. did you want to put back the draft on the second or did you want to move it? >> can we see if we can move our community meeting to be in the tenderloin on the 15th so it gives us more time. we are looking for folks
4:31 am
following at home january 13th, the first two wednesday at the month were in city hall and the fourth wednesday we are dark. we are doing a little scheduling in realtime. to give the amount of time if we can be back at city hall on the 20th but tenderloin on the 13th. i know the captain has been very accommodating. >> for people in the audience, the next meeting will be the first week in january, 6, 2016 at city hall beginning at 5:30. >> i'm going to be out of the country on the 20th. i would ask you to select a different date so we can all be here and participate in this discussion. >> i would love for all of us to be here and participate in the discussion. i actually can pick a date. that's my job. so i would like for you to be able to be here. let's do this. chief,
4:32 am
do you have a sense, i know we talked about this. is the 13th too soon. i just, i want to pick a date and meet it. commissioner dejesus is out of the country and in order to accommodate that, do we need to move it to february? >> i think that would be best. january 13th is one of the dates for the reengineering. we'll all be in washington d.c. and since they are planning on finishing. we are planning on finishing our work for january 29th. we can incorporate it for whatever comes of that curriculum into the use of the use of force policy would give us the most forward thinking policy. >> in light of that let's set february for the target to come back and work with perf on behalf of the commission. >> yes. >> okay.
4:33 am
great. thank you for clarifying that, sergeant kilshaw. anything further on this matter, colleagues? okay. we'll now have public comment on items 3a-d. >> basically on what you just heard. do you have any public comment on it right now. >> i'm wondering what letters will go out regarding information and when do you think you will get those type of documents back because i'm sure some of that information is online. how many different policies and procedures do you believe you will have when you come back into session on january 16? th? >> so, thank you. i will
4:34 am
briefly respond that what i will direct the commissioner secretary to do is we have a body camera page on our commission website. we can have a use of force page, current use of force as well as the information and that will be available on the website. when a draft policy is is provided to this commission it will be put on the website so everyone can follow that discussion. we will be back on january 6th, and we will have the discussion as we said of the draft policy on february 3rd. >> i would just like to add for you to consider bringing in a negotiator for these issues for your intervention by
4:35 am
having a negotiator public is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 4, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 6 below closed session public comment on vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session. >> is there any public comment on item 6 closed session. >> i think the sunshine ordinance allows for a brief description for what the closed session is about not excessively like names but what's the closed session about? >> so i will again provide a brief response on what is able to be responded is available on the public agenda. it's indicating what we will be dealing with tonight with the
4:36 am
information that we precluded by law from sharing. i will also indicate that we go into closed session for matters that have to do with personal litigation and matters that we can't go into in public session. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 5. vote on whether to hold item of in closed session including vote on whether to is an assert the attorney-client privilege with regard to item 6:00 a.m. san francisco administrative code. >> colleagues, do i have a vote on whether to hold item 6 in closed session. >> so
4:37 am
>> we are back in open session. president loftus, you still have a quorum. >> thank you, sergeant. please call the next line item. >> item 7, vote to disclose nr: "all discussion on item 6 held in closed session. >> do i have a motion not to disclose. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? motion passes. sergeant please call our next item. item 8 adjournment, action item. >> colleagues do i have a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
4:38 am
>> we are the ones making the changes by partnering with businesses by partnering with the government we have friends with hsa bearing with the duthd we're grateful for everyone san francisco of you take the day off work to do something for the neighbors experience homelessness that is much more than people sleeping on the street but people don't live the life they want i'm excited to introduce mayor ed lee if a coffee shop walking down a street and him standing there
4:39 am
for minutes shaking that person's hands and that's the type of leadership san francisco needs so welcome as we always do our wonderful mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you. >> good morning, everyone. >> morning. >> all right. how do you like being in san francisco >> yeah. >> this is a great place love it a lot of people love this place and come to the city things happen to them and we find them many of them on our streets we need to help them our project homeless connect is a huge examination thank you to kera but most important we know that our city can't help our homeless by government we can do
4:40 am
a lot before i fulfill i'll say this we can never do better job without the volunteers like all of you thank you for coming out today and helping out our homeless (clapping.) get all the services they need i understand the hotel council is in the room thank you hotel council i understand the grassroots gay foundation is here thank you . >> (clapping.) >> so many other companies and corporations and employees and residents and folks that time to help out you've got the big heart you're city is famous for the big heart tony bennett says you're reflective of that today is providing another touch another welcome hair cut, some services, maybe some teeth


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